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    The Hollidaysburg Slave Case.
A bill wit,
tu, of Virg
troducticl itito the Legislt•
t in reference to
i .lividual who late
,'.i• in folli.
d .nrg, • it before
the Blair County Uinta fn• trial, in pursu.
an, of the bonds he had given, and it as•
sumer! on the part of Virginia to pay all
liabilities thereof, and provided I,r retalia
tii.a on Pennsylvania for thus carrying. out
her lows. The thing was in its nature 90
absurd that we did n 1000 proper to ores.
py any ;pace of nor columns with it, last
week. belied p 't that it could
beco,iie of a m nonce. No did net
hover• • fill event of pro
ski very L In a modified shape
this b;il ha • • , a the thaa3e of Repre
yes. lot pia of the orilinal 101 l
prowling for calling out the military in a
certain contingency is omitted, but it is
provided that all money raid by Virginia
on behalf of Parsons, shall he demanded
of Pennsylvania, and in case the latter im
prisons Parsons. and r.fuse to release him,
the Governor of Virginia shall immediate
ly convene the Legislature. But this Is
not•tlto worst, as the provisions of the bill
are toad,: applicable in future to all similar
In view of sock provisions no these, our
reader, will probably think that till's ca.,
was one in whica a citizen of Virginia 1..;
ally sought to recover his fugitive slave.--
Not so. The a4l of the law was not nt all
invoked. A negro was seized without war
rant, so far as appeared at the time, and it
looked as though the kidnappers intended
to carry him off into Virginia without any
form of law. Be was known as an old re•
sident of [Fair County, nod was not ti,,
slave of any of the persms who had seized
him. In fact, it is quite cletr, that if Mr.
Parsons had not proceeded illegally, th , re
could be no charge of kidnapping acjunst
him. Feeling in great danger of pani.-h
-most for the offence, he, or some friends
for him has thus sought the protection of
It is natural enough for a ram) in such a
scrape to seek to extricate himself. 'Put,
what can be thought of the State of Vir
ginia, which can voluntarily take up suoh
a cause, and on it seek to get up a serious
embroilment with a sister State No
doubt these Virginian legislators fancy frtin
the pusillanimous conduct of Pennsylvania
authorities in other difficulties of the kind;
thatalittla-hectoring• will cause the latter.
,i. but we are unwilling to believe it --
•l9to act just adopted by the Virginia Leg
i ,lature exceeds any thing of recent date
C.,r unblushing effrontery and reckless iin
utince. It is worse than any movement
ever attempted by the abolition fanatics of
New Englaiid, and it is one of the natural
results of the crazy teaching of the fanati
cal southern newspapers. If submitted
to, it will leave every colored man, woman
arid child in Pennsylva,li entirely at the
rnercy r pl Virginia kidnappers. In fact, it
trill bdrtiving the hitter a carte blaiehelo
seize and enslave our free colored popula
tion at any moment they may see proper.
For. if We cannot pills!) these people when
caught, without danger of a collision of
St des, what is to prevent their continued
idna pping operations ? Let us hope that
in the present instance Pennsylvania will ,
not ie:nominiously surrender her rights un-'
der duress.
7 ,'",7Since the above was is typo, we
have 'curled by a telegraphic despatch
that Par,ons has have acquitted.
HORACE GREELEY wanes to the Tribune en
accow,t of nusi's mine. k upon him, and the
llonoraio Flom Arkausas dses it make much
It). his !notion. Greeley says :---"I have heard
since 1 caste here 11, good deal ()rifle .prsonal
vi..lcure to whiah I was expose], but only one
imin has match me till tteday, and
ten: yr, drools that 11110.: n poor fist of
it." As to the eause of provocation, Greeley
inti , ri that it is to 1,0 lttwol its his strictures in
Monday's rib,rd,r, on /1, T's attempt to drive
Mr. 11:,:,0:3 oat of the field a; a candidate for
Sptalmr, hr patt , ing nall.
the pro,ont csttnlitlates , isr, • . ~ , ,1 s,
tholl;..fht that n moon s t mos.
cisl 1 certainly think to, it, of it. now
that 1 h a ve ?Lad° the 004, iistitnoo of its oa
th.," In conclusion, be thus explains his
iwestone this is not the last outrage to
which lamto he subjected. I come here with
a clear understanding' that it was about an e•
ven chance whether I should or should not be
all need to go home alive ; for my business
here is to unmask hypocracy, defeat, treachery
and rebuke meanness, and these are not dainty
employments even in smoother 6111,300,', ours.
but I shall stay hero just 8,, long as.l think
proper, using groat plainness of sp••••ch ' but,
endeavoring to treat all teen justly and faith
fully. I may often judge harshly, and even
be mistaken ns to facts, but I shall elaays bil
ready to correct my mistakes end to amend
shy judgments. 1 shall .1,7 no wmapuuo and
engage in no brawls • but if rolfinas way lay
and assail me I shaft certainly nut ran, and,
so far as able, 1 shall defend myself. H. G.
STATE ARSENAL Gene,.—We learn front
the Harrisburg Mcyraph that the Grand Jury
of Dam hin County, in the case of James A.
Dente and Aaron Coburn, have found two bills
against the defendants, the first of ',Well in the
first count charges Drone with larceny of rifles
end inuslicts to the amount of $2,025, and Co
burn with being accessory to arid larceny be.
tore the tact, The second count charges Co
horn intone with receiving the property refeired
to. !wowing it to have been stolen. The other
indictments is against both for a compiracy to
appropriate to their own use tholiroperty of the
Cunt n, wealth. On Wednesday afternoon
Mr. Coburn came into court, and through his
counsel, Mr. Fisher, asked for the continuance
of the case, on account of the absence of a ma
teriel witness. The Court continued the case
upon this ground, and ordered the defendant to
enter i trio a recognizance in the SUM of $2,500
to appear at the April session. Mr. Coburn
ovu the requisite security, and was discharged.
The other defendant remains is jail.
IVAsniNaroN, Jan. 28, 1853,
In the F. •S. Senate, to day, Win. Bigler,
Senator deet from Penn,ylvanin, was qualitied
and too', his !teat. Case zublre3se,l the Sen
ate on the suide,t of Central American uirairs,
arguing, in reply to the National Bilelli;reer,
that "the ship of State was on its true coarse,
and the pilot didog• his duty." He strongly de.
pounced the positions assumed by the British
Government. Mr. Clayton corroborated the
statement of Mr. Cass, In regard to Great Bri
tain being thereat ruler of the Nlosquito Terri
tory. Mr. Cannier also denounced the Coltish
construction of the Claytan•Bnlwer treaty.
Mr. Seward obtained the floor and tho sub.
jet was then postponed. The Senate adjourn
, , 1 until Thursday.
Is the 'lonic of Representatives, a resolution
olferr,d by Mr. Leiter, for the election of a
Speaker by a plurality vote, was tabled by a
vote 0: I 0 to 100. Mr. Tyson submitted are.
solution fur the election of a Speaker by a ph,
rality vote, nod giving the candidates receiving
not less than 25 votes the appointment of the
Standing Committees in proportion to their re
lative strength, which was rejected. Mr. Camp
bell, of Ohio, !node a personal explanation, de
nying charzes of treachery to the 11,publican
;may, made in a letter by his colleague, Mr.
Wade. Messrs. Thoringtonand Dunn &noun.
ced the action of Mr. Wade, and the latter de
li:nded himself. Thu 'louse then proceeded to
iior ballot, which resulted as follows:
. ,d,3 97; Orr 67 ; Fuller 35; Pennington 3 ;
t• 4. Thera being no choice, the
i adjourned..
WASIIINOTON, Jan. 20, 1856.
Congress did little of interest yesterday. The
Semite WOO not in 3053/011. 111 the HOU., Mr.
Underwood allured a resolution that every
tumnber be voted t'or in his turn fur Speaker,
but said that he would not press its coosidera.
Lion until today. Mr. Crawford gave notice
that today he will move to elect a Spoaket by
States, each State delegation cawing but one
vote. Mr. A. K. Mar:A:ill mound a resolution,
icing the withdrawal ol the present can
dtdateg ; but after a brief debate, ho withdrew
it. A bn:lot wns had, and Mr. Banks receivrl
9;.) votes, Mr. Orr 69, Mr. Fuller 31, anti scab .
tering s. Necessary to a choice ltnl. Aft, r further unimportant proceedings, the
lion, adjourned.
Tue caucus of Democratic members of the
D. S. Senate has nominsted the Washington
Union newspaper as the party candidate fur
~,:note printer.
A violent assault was made yesterday, at
the National Capitol, by a member of Congress
from Arkansas, named Rust, upon 11,race
o reely, the editor of the New York Tribune,
in consequence of rouse strictures on Mr. Rust's
Congressional proposition, which appeared in
a Washington letter in the Tribune. Mr. Greet.
ly was struck several times on the head with a
WASHINGTON, Jan. 30, 1856.
The U, S. Senate wee in session lo day, In
the House of Representatives, Mr. Crawford
offered a resolution providing for the election
of a Speaker by States, each State casting one
vote, which was laid on the table—yeas 130,
nays 72. Mr. Clingtrian offered a resolution
providing for the election of a Speaker by a
plurality vote, if there should be no choice
made during the next three trials, viva root.—
This was debated at great length. A motion
to lay the resolution on the table was lost by a
tie vote. After some further debate, the quo,.
Lion upon the resolution was taken, and it was
lost. The termination of the contest for Speak.
er is considered farther elf than ever. Several
Democrats voted with the Republicans (or the
resolution of Mr. Cliugtnun.
• WsstitNGTON, Jam 31, 1856.
_ . _
In the O. S. Senate, to-nay, the most inter .
esting proceeding was the election of printer,
On the first ballot there was no choice, Nichol.
son, Washington Union, receiving but 23 votes
when 27 were required. A fter three additional
ballots, Nicholson received 29 votes, Tucker 8,
scattering 15, and Nicholson was thereupon de
clared duly elected. Mr. Seward having the
floor, addressed the Senate upon the subject of
Central American affairs, and the Senate then
adjourned till Monday.
In the House of Representatives, Mr. Cox
submitted a preamble and resolution, proposing
that members waive some of their political prin.
ciples to secure an organization—first voting
for Mr. Orr, and if ho was not elected, then for
Fuller, inviting all conservative men to unite
in this arrangement. This gave rise to a long
debate in which it was apparent that there was
no harmony between the Americans and the
Democrats, and the resolution was rejected—
yeas 30, nays 176. Mr. Hickman offered a re
solution to elect by a plurality A motion to
lay this on the table was negatived by one ma-
jority. Mr. Trippe submitted a substitute de.
Oaring Ur. Smith, of Virginia, the Speaker.—
A motion to lay on the table was negatived—
yeas 84, nays 132. Mr. Trippe'a substitute
was then rejected—yeas 100, nays 110. The
question pending on Mr. Hickman's resolution,
the House adjourned.
The iminination of Mr. Dallas as minister to
England, was submitted :o the Senate to-day.
A, effort was made to procure its immediate
ec,,firtrmtion in Execatire session, bum it was
lairl over till the next meeting as unanimous
cuo,ent was necessary to talcs it up, and there
was one objector. This delay does not signify
any doubt as to the ultimate confirmation.
It is probable that Mr. Francis Markoe, for
a long time engaged in the Department of
State, and an old friend of Mr. Dallas's, will be
selected as le Secretary of Legation at Lyn
The proceedings in the House today seem to
offer more encouragement for the adoption of
the plurality rule. It is, however, possible that
the Southern Americans, fearing the effect,
may be of a different temper to-morrow, hut
the prevailing opinion now is that there will be
au early organization.
It was reported at Washington today that,
but for Walker's revolution in Nicaragua, a
treaty would have been made between that
State and Great Britain touching the question
must important to the latter power as regards
Central A tneriee.
Aceordimt M
ton, Sweden has rem n•ud ii import nnd ex.
port duty front iron.
WASIIINGTON, huh. 1, 1856,
The S. Senate was nut in seatti, to ,lay.
In the a metier to adopt the plurality
resolution watt negatived—yeas 1f4. , . nays 110,
M. Jones, Or Tennessee, then proposed a moo
declaring Mr. Oliver, of Blissouri, elec
ted :vont:cr. Laid nn the table bifftmaj:trity.
iehrit (inbred A resolution for a coufer-
Mes.irs. 0,4, Fuller, and E,tults,
to ft 'far; the name of ataital , l4.:crtmlidato for
Speaker. Laid On the table by 26
Li.,ley I , fraed a re5:,.,11;,,a de(larine Mr.
Porter, of Missouri, Speaker. Tabled by 'it;
majority. Mr. Bail todnnitted a remlutioh de.
elaritur ; 1.
resolution acclav,,,4 Ailwa, of S.
I,or. After the 'eulliag D: the rell,Mr. Whitney
changpl his vote, v.; he understood it would ef
fect atoleet!..u, maid great exelitneat. Bat
the vote stood,"yeas 103, nays 110, and the
;louse adjourned.
The L. S. Trea6nrer . reports that tho net
amount in the Treasury, u.Mjeet to draft, on the
28th of January was $24,081,550.
Feb. 2,1 S SG,
The long struggle in congress i. over and
the organization Of the. House has been effected
by the election of Mr. Banks, by a vote of 103
to 100. This is the result of two months' labor
and the expenditure of two hundred thousand
dollars. The contest, trifling as it was, has not
been without its good results. Party distinc.
riots have been tolerably well drawn, ant it is
seen that faction, however rampant, is power
less of itself. At any moment, any of the ele
ments which seek to disturb the harmotty and
peace of the country, may be controlled and
kept in check. With this fact established, ul
tra opinions will have but little force, and ultra
measures but little chance of adoption. Legis
lation will not be of a sectional character, but
must partake of the characteristic of general
goal, embracing all sections of the country and
protnutive of the interests rprd wegare of the
nation. With this result, the expenditure of so
many wcekr in the mere act of organization,
will be regretted by the people, however
they may dislike the precedent and condemn
the principal. Their judgment upon the sub
ject has yet to be passed at the ballot box, the
.ly tribunal in the !voids elan intelligent peo.
pie, that eso destroy faction and avert revula.
Pennsylvania Legislature,
11A tuuHuvaG, Jan. 29, 851;
In the Pennsylvania Le,gisleture, yesterday
the Senate passed it bill relative to the Shaw!
uee Ire l'outrAny. w.. 1 the bill to incorporate
the (tn..- r t uupauy of Philadelphia,
passed s.,:uud ••,.. dirk Mr. Crabb read u hill
to .c.xteadAut chatter .at gat'udeAL outicioYder
of Representatives, bills were poised to incur
potato the Uniontown Railroad, Hanover and
South W hitehall Bridge. Duncannon, Landis
burg, and Broad-Top Railroad, Navigation
Railroad, and the Condersport, Portage nod
Allegheny Railroad Companies, besides various
private and local bills. A long debate tool,
place on the till to provide for fencing railroad
. a...111FM1110, Jan. 20, 1856.
In the State Senate, the Committee on Vice
and Immorality tepurted hack the bill to repeal
the Restraining Liquor Law, with a negative
recommendation. A motion to refer the bill to
a select committee was lost—yeas 14, nays 18.
A vain effort was then made to take up the
Hon,e bill upon the same satinet. A bill to
incorporate the Lehanaa Valley Railroad Com
pany was token amended by striking out
the tonnage tax, and posed.
In tho llon,e, the bill to provido for fencing
railroads and the better protection of life and
property woo priced
The following bills, among °then, were read
in place :—A bill relative to libels; to extend
the jurisdiction of Com to in' cases of divorce:
to incorporate the Augusta Coal and Improve.
meat Company; to incorporate Harrisburg into
a city; a further supplement to the act to en.
courage thu man.eieture of iron with coke nod
mineral coal; a bill relative to the Cams:Nutt
and Foglesvillo railroad company ; a supple
mote to the act incorporating the Willmsbaerc
coal compa ny.
HARRISBURG, Jan, 31, 1853.
Is the State Senate, a motion to take up 41to
Mune bill to repeal the Re4cdning Liquor
' Law was lost. Mr. Wilkins' repeal bill was ta
ken up in Committee of the Whole, and alter
some debate the committee arose and asked
leave to sit again. The motion to take up the
House bill wan then renewed, and debated at
great length, and finally negatived by what is
considered a test vote--yeas 12, nays 20. On
motion of Mr. Price, the bill was made the or.
der of the day for Wednesday next—yeas 19
nays 10. Bills were then panned as follows:
The act to incorporate the Academy of Music
one relative to Collectors of State and County
taxes: one relative to the revival of judgments ;
to authorize the American Steamship Co to
wind up its atlitirn, and others of less impor•
tan co.
In the House, the bill to incorporato the
Reading and Lehigh Railroad Company was
reported hack with amendments. A large nun,
bee of bills were reported from Committees. A
resolution was adopted, asking for certain in-
formation in ' , gen' to the engineering depart
meat of the State Works. The jobit resolution
fixing a day for liaal tidiOUrnMent, wan postpo
ned until the first Monday in March.
HARIUSBURO, Feb 1, 1856.
In the State Senate, Mr. N. B. Browne pro
swami the removstrauce of Pa4smore William
son against the House bill, changing the venue
of the suit instituted by him against 'Judge
Kano from Delaware county to Philadelphia
city. The amendments of the }louse to the
supplement to the Lebanon Valley Railroad
were concurred in, and the bill vow only awaits
the approval of the Governor. Atter some
confirming the nominations of the Governor
for Trustees of the State Lunatic Hospital, the
Senate adjourned.
In t!,O hon., additional
nn,hcr ,ttn•lennt-nt-nrul, went electntl.
Litarion bill ‘7113 then ertn
tiered and dohatt.ti at leu,. ,L.,1 !
with atnololsno,t,
- I,'',:ortigit . .?.:.i cW.,.
Ai; E A;.
AFFAtIcA 'NOE (IMES , . 4.
Y. 1,
l um on the 13th,
an‘l the i;,, , , ~,h.
The L IluG touch at Southampton
on her 1,...,ag0 home.
The Bel:_ferinie salted on the 11th from Ply
The news is important as indicative of an
earl: peace.
The Vienna correspondent of the London
Times. telegraphs under date of Wcthiesday the
IGih, 10 A. M., that Prussia ha, uue ,e liti Heal
lr accepted iho propositions of the
I'hfe is reported authantic.
The noire enwed an immense sensation.—
The funds ruse three per cent., Cott , nt a far.
thing, and n panic ensued in' the other tuar•
The next day tho English government pub
lished a despatch from Minister Seymour, at
St. Petersburg, as follows:-..-"Russia ugrees
to aeoept the proposals as a basis of negutla
qualified announcement curbed the 4.u•
eitement, and the alarmists Lewin to fear
Russia merely wants to gain tin, i.:• dueop
tire negotiations,
Meantime, the Itouti remain stt,•l 2 us pee
vious to the above announce meat.
'rho Vienna papers 1,1 ; rt
serious and alarming. 1111 , i L•.'
oftho Alwrian 1::1, I,
I‘, (pit St. PVterSilllrg : and the
Lissy ordered to quit Vienna.
The actual facts are, that Count Ness -)rode,
upon being handed the Austrian and Allldti
not was inthrined by Count listerhazv that he
was not authorized to enter into ilisoussion,
bat if the note was not accepted unconditional
ly before the 18, he and all must leave Peter.,
Intrg, To prevent this, Ne.;aelrodc (sunlit toil
e;ned with Vienna direct, nil Prince (lorts
clittlsofi, at Vienna hod a tall: with Count Boot
in which the former produced a meow:troll], n
expressing the gentwal inclination of llns,ia
to negotiate., but proposing certain ult. :mt.
C:.11. t Buul receiv: ..11.2 iluciulluut, but, iit
nari.. it slid c, 1. utleolulitional
1141 1, . ~ a lOllB, Austria 0:114
t I Ur. re 11 CO Of I
ail LI . 1: 4 t r
sin li , l 1. • h.. • Ih,. th,
I:tv,,, ~41. I • . .
t •., !Au . .
ann..! , u of , 1.
lira :NA I. on
(Akira at Viol 1 I• •
prehension ; ,
Lace stn: 1' . ~ .gotiate on
the tern' .1.
Theme in 1.,.C.C0ig of 1 ^ feont the
LATE Dincovtativ.a.—The . ,
nppears to have been clivul7ing more trt-as:aa,
of late than ever before. The anhjoined diieo•
veries fire noted he !he I,:an,r;
A coal field lot:: h. , : ' • r
thirty MiiPA •;1,,
it iS ufa 1 i • ' • • .._knee of inn
proving o :11/ .1 ,
New spring's have bo:ot men; from
the old tni,sitm of Soleded. t the ,priina
iv of medicinal power, tin 1 i : 1 1 . !, ,
dy eit'ionit bear it. 'I 1, ' I
thinks tbi4 it t:: 1 ,:. o • ,• .
Nunn., •
and upon ! : lit t. babe
that will, the o, fro t:
ny S l'eal/Vt St theta aut „: •
will be opened. _
SC 11001. MASTER OP ova I:. r. 10.—
' When our republic rose, Noah ~e caine
• its selmohmaster. There 1.1 never berm a
groat nation with a univemml langlnl,o
dialects. The lierkshireman (=met uaw talk
with a man from Cornwall. The penis:int of
the Liguariau Appeniues, drives his golk inrne
at evening, over hills that look down on As:
provinces, none of whose dialects hr eon speak.
Here, five thosand miles chun:re not the ,oentl
an word. Around every tire,ide, Owl limn
every tribune, in every field of labor and every
factory of toil, is heard the same ton:.:no. We
owe it: to Webster. Ito has done for us more
than Alfred !'tir Englaud, or Cadmus fir Greece.
Flia books have educated tbroe e,..,,1ti5.
Thoy are forever multiplying his innumerable
army of thinkers, who will transmit his 1111111 a
from age to age.—Chimees• at no
QUAINT AND CURIOVS—A Ming the quaint
and curious correspondence almost daily r.i•
reined at the Cosmopolitan office in this city,
w e have been shown the following from a ge
nius out west I To the inquiry propounded
hint by the Circular of the Association, de
manding—how many papers published in your
place—population ..tsc 7" the reply,was:—
"i\o papers published Lere because the peo
ple cant rend.' Thu population is as Mllaws
Irish, ' lee
Amsterdam Dutch, 175 .
Other Lath Dutch, 80 •
White men,
There were formerly eight white men, but
your humble servant has vacated the ranche
and pitched Lis tent nt blie, rol l'oh,t lulu, if
he can aid the Cosmopolitan in a moral or to
ligious way command him.—Santlits/y
GOVERNOR SUARNt; is now violently de
nounced by thu "Border Bunions" :old all their
newspaper organs, fir making pence with the
people of Lawrence during the lam outbreak.
f hey preress to consider thu term. 4 of the tree.
ty as outrageous and insultin4. The truth up.
pence to be that, when the Governor reached
Lawrence and listened to the statements of the
Rrce•Soilers, ho. found that he had bees ogre•
giously deceived by the Border ltaflians , and
no did not hesitate to do the best he could, by
snaking peace upon such terms as he thought
likely to satisfy both parties.
A STRANGE SUICIDE was commtted in the city
of Leeds, England, recently, by a man in the
prime of life, whose appearance betokened par.
erty and misery. He wont into an inn, took
a pipe, and alter hitting moodily by the lire fur
ten minutes, put the cud of a poker into the
since. When it became red hot he took it
out, and deliberately put the hot end down
his throat. The persons present caught held
of him and seized the poker, but mold not no.
til he bad burned his throat and mouth so bad.
ly N tl.tause big onbaequent dgitb,
The tit, nio'n .
erten h0te1..., tout, ;,
LT; .1.
f lA, !MCI
:1,41 . ,11.1.;V to rho ann. t .not re•
hy ;he ,:on;sty T"
Ili 1.0 3 01114010 r ,
sober and 1.. pay lit
; • ;;.1 filllll li.r n lice.; . ;oat 1,1;,. to
; •
bhall 1,0 rate n aenurnt : to t.t, e'
Lion or the retool of ;
ueettpied .
where the reut...l is ;; ;;; ;
wh,,th the reat.ll i b. twe......;3;,. , 1;',1,..,1 .10,1.04 y.
tent wii,re the rental is betwere
. noun
; ;;; belAvecii MOO nod tinon; SOn.t,
be; alai
:cod ti - ,11,/ on.] I ;
t:;,:tT) Oct I ,- , 50i1; ,ofl, ••
5 . 1, altti ; the notnt in
Sionintit tier: Coat 0•
nit, nod malt I.
. ,111111., ntnnllnra • ;i.e.,
,L and :fith l,n ; ; la.; ta.
they la. 1;1ar...1
a; the : 111,161,1,1.
l'o, 111. t
t!. -
(1 • I
F1011.,ft:Oil to 1. II 11'11'111,0H :111.1
111,:l1 1111001,, 1.1..1 10
. 1 he lICL , IISC t.) Slly I. '.!l
91111111144. allthOri 4 e t ' I .
1.0 L.C.1 , 21 . : /1,1 •
g tf Vi, o.' I •.
. . . .
h PA,
ii~ir I
and tlio ant or I of I -
viae.l that nu !Icel.?. or :tny rn,
t,l shall bu he:caline grnn,,,(l n
the yr..,vi,ion.; this
s!ow hi bHieve wolidevkil
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T Ott or stolen out of an .I.'ioa ti letterl jwritten by the stiliscriher, dated :Mtn Ortola,,
1855, directed to Itlrs..)fary Ann Steven,
!Moldova., Blair Co., Pa. Pat into the Po , t
ailee in Baltimore, Md., paid fut at the wind,
and according to the letter Way Bill, 01.111
to have been the only letter from Baltimor, in _
the mail of 9.7 th, ter that Moie, and ,
by tic rustmaster at IVilliamilatra.• . .11tis letter
Colltitiiked three twenty dollar notes unlit, Bald.
or Commerce, all dated 2,1 April, 15.07,, letter frill,l
A. No. 464-2811-274 ; now it I, proki , do
that these aro the first three note: of the Dank t , , t ,„1,,
of Connnerce of that denomination that ever
were in that 'part of Pennsylvania, „,,„,i
Leon passed oil to any person who 1,11 !.h . t , 1110
any Information that will lead to the ennviotiqn
of the their, or the recovery of die immey, the ;"tl., i'•
above reward will ho paid. Addreat th e un d er . on aim,
signed, or call on Henry Reigart I%'illiamsliltrg
or Jot. hI. Stevens, reterslatrg. praseid, I
No. 130, Lombard St., Baltimore.
Veb. G, 18411.-3 t.
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