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$!.:113!,ii, 70r , F11F1 ' t
#*- '
X-C.A\W \ lO : 4 2 .
7 It‘NANWN '4\
- -71
Wedneaday,norning, Oct. -I, ISA.
CIRCUL4TION - 1 - 000.
James Pollock, or Nortlininl,crlatta co.
. .
George Darsie, or Allegheny Co.
JUDGE OF 'CITE st - ruEmE coußT,'
Daniel M. smyser, or Montgomery co,
John !Edie,,of Somerset County.
James Maguire, Huntingdon County
George W. Smith, Muir County.
John W. Mat tern. Thimble , lon.
Henry Glazier, Iluntingilon.
Richardson Read, Cassville.
DlREcron OF"ruE 200 R,
J. At. Shade, Dublin township.
Perry Ignore, Muni, township,
67'Y. It. PALMER, the American Newsps
i, ,%geiit. eINI.v ‘1,..1101111 AnENT inr
!hi; paper in the cities or Boston, Nor-York sail
Philadelphia, mid iv dada • empowered to take ail
scrtininients and subscriptions at the rates as re
quired hr us. Ills receipts will he regarded on
payments. 11,- flies OTC—BOSTON, SCollay'S
nOiiihilig; X. YOUR. 'fribune Buildings. l'iirt-t
-rim.olllA, N. \V. corner of Third and Chestnut
Agents for the Jotirnal.
The ildlowiter persons we have appointed Aventa
Cro the liuNrim.tiox Jor tis i„ who are author
ized to receive and receipt l'or paid I/ii sob
awl to take the entice cct TICW subseri
liec, at our published prince.
. . .
- .
We do this for the convenience of our subscri.
hers !icing at a distance from Iluntingdon.
.10110 W. THOMPSON, EMI., IlUlliiLlySsUrg,
SAnCy.l. (10E0, East Darn,
Guttutat \V. ComtEmus, Shirley township,
111,xac 14.1.000, Clay township.
DAVID ETNltte, Cromwell township.
Dr..l. P. isucolt, Penn township,
.1. WAIMIIAM 'MATTERN, Franklin township,
S tarn, STErrity, Jackson township,
Jon. WArsoo, Brady township,
11oi;ras Blws, Springfield township,
Wm. Uric:Hiss:us, Esq.. tp., •
I..l)‘"Al•ns ISrud}• township,
Wurrrlituu, Petersburg,
HENRY Ni:,,, NVest Barrer.
.Mac: 11m.snActi, Waterstrcet.
Maj. Cn %IMES MICKLEY. Tod township,
tit:moat Wll.soN. ' l'll township,
JAMES Cr..otl, Birinintthatn.
NATuAOO.I. Esq.. Spruce Creek.
11 j. W. Mown:, '
11. F. IV en, Union hirtien.
0t,,e,, Union township.
SYmrct. Fi,inklin township.
DAVID Act - tat:oT, K.'l., Todd township.
A few l oa d s or wool) at the Journal
New «Advertisements,
We would direct the attention of our mar•
chants and others to the extensive Bedding
unit Carpet Warehouse of Reeve L. Knight,
148 south second street, Philadelphia, where
they may be supplied with anything in his line
on the most reasonable terms, see advertise•
meat. See Auditor's Notices. Teachers \Ven
ted. Joseph Carter's notice for a divorce.—
Noticeto School Directors and Teachers, &c.
The "Leal" of the Globe,
The literary hyena is an artful animal, and
would be quite an acquisition to Burnum's
collection. As a critic he takes all the license
of the wet. We asked him to define his word
LEAL and he refers us to Noah Webster's
definition. Now that was cunning. We knew
as well us he did, Webster's definition, on the
authority of .1 a m iesort, and therefore did not ask
far that, but the Globe's definition. lu Scot
tish (a language we slid net think an Anteri•
can preferred to the pure English,) leak means
faithful, true. Thu word true would take up
no more room than lea!, "The land of the
leak is the place .of the faithful, Heaven.”—
ThiM the literary hyena was telling his learned
readers, in the Scottish dialect, that the "faith
ful, true - -"the Ileaven"—had been
assassinated, battered, burglar Ell, ravished
and murdered by the bungling typesetters in
the Journrl ollice! Vile wretches! This is
us clear as mud.
The above affecting circumstance has given
occasion ta the following beautiful and pathetic
stanzas from our Imp, to whom we have given
over this whole subject :
Queen Victoria's ravished subjects,
btattered and killed in the "land of the lea],"
ll send all those rascally type:setterd .
With the h yena to the Dell!
fig.,. We nutilied the public sumo time ago,
flint we would not • publish any anonymous
communications in the Journal. The lust one
we received is. a " selection for the Journal,"
by Miss M. A. S., of Porter township. It
would be better to send the original, as the
copy she sent to us is full of grammatical errors,
and would not pay for the trouble of correcting.
All communications must be accompanied by
the real name and addles or the author.
ter Decent reople will not expect that we
than come down to the level of the "Standing.
8tono" and "G10b,," and answer their Bit
lingva:e of last week.
Ems.. The bop; of the
may hare another indictment fur Libel to
Oct. next court, if they do nut learn a little
discretion. The one now pending against theta
appears to have made them more recklus.
Manner of Voting.
The manner or voting this Call will be for
Governor, Canal Commissioner, and the Lis•
r et and County omens, on one slip of paper,
Su prime Judge on another, and fur or against
a prohibitory law, on another.
CrahanC4 A Inc dean Monthly Nt.t7azitto
for O•tuber, ism our table. Ai:l - usual it is ill.
fed with the choked prone, poet Ty, and romance.
to in deservedly popular. and will continuo to
be read by scores of ntlinintr,
Par 11011. Ja1111:3 Cooper, Very
Spill IL Cilaiieflge to Morton rMichael, fur
so., strictures on the Sunbury and Erie Rail•
road in the North American. Mr. M'Miehael
very properly declined the be shot
The New World.
When a great and truly magnificent work is
presented to the people, uric that is tlesigliettto.
he lasting, and combines the perfection of art
and methanical skill, und,contains a graphic,
we.ll-wt•itten and extended record of the most
glorious history the world has over seen, it most
Certainly deserves no more than passing notice
from the AMerican press.
Thin work, of which We have been allowed a
look at the proof-sheets, is wponderous volume.
containing nearly eleven hundred largo royal
Pro pages, and is just the size a man wants to
occupy an important position in his library ;
for what American's library is perlhet without
the most splendid edition of his country's his•
tory that he can obtain?
We need not enter upon any extended nc•
count of what this work embraces; suffice it to
say that it contains the most extended history
of every portion of the Western Hemisphere,
brought down to the present month, ever pub
fished before. We cannot, however, forbear to
mention the spirited manner in which the au
thor has depicted the stirring scenes of the
lievolution, mod with what a master hand he
has traced the annals of all the political parties
to the present time.
Wet are roll pleased with pictures, and it can
niot be denied tloat, the life like delineation of
ineidynts are among the most important rcqui•
sites to a volume or theory.
The publishers iu regard to this we believe
have exceeded :my thing ever behave attempted
in this country. They have corbduly introdu
ced in this work the most numerous and beau•l
tirel set of illustrations we have ever had the
pleasure of reviewing.
The engravings are from designs by those
fur-famed artists, Barley, Billings, Wallin and
Dtepler, and elegantly colored with from live
to nine dilrerent tint., true to nature. so as to
impart, a dos,: resenditance to %veil-finished
'paintings. This the publi,her, are mudded to
do by their patent coloring mate line widiout
ext charge.
Thu tvork print e d on an extra ttnnliit c.
paper, awl bonad in catlmshed morocco, sprin;
back and machln edgo.
It cannut foil of " having the most Cxtensive:ial,
ol any historical work ow published in tln
United Stato.
I)ArTUN k W ENT WORTH, Bt3 IVasilingion
Buton, rare the publi,,lier.4.--.l6bm.
[Copies or the elewe work will be sent ti
those tailors who publish the sil)ore noticed
Ate`" The New York Musical Review !lir
Sept. '2l , th in at hand. containing the usual
amount and variety of new tannic and read
ing natter. This paper has Required the lead.
ing position mining musionl journals, having
now at least twice an many subscribers as any
caber musical periodical in the world. Tim
publishers announce that back numbers. of the
ilerior are et:haunted, and that they commence
a new series with the first :math, in ()ember,
with which new subscribers may commence.—
We do nut see how any member of a choir or
any one who sings or plays ever so little, can
afford to be without the Review, which furnish
es a constant supply or the best new musie. nn
well as reading matter. It 13 llnly otio rinllur
per annutn.—MAsux, Baorntats, Yelt .
are its publishers.
James Maguire—The Tricks of his Ens.
miss—The Duty of tits Whigs.
A !also rumor• to the effect that Juries Ma
guire, the nil , nominee for a seat in the
Legislature, intends todeeline the nomination,
has been industriously circulated through the
county. This rumor is unfair and cowardly
as it is false. Mr. Maguire has no intention to
leave the field, but intends to bear aloft the
Whig banner to triumph or to the noble defeat.
But, by whom, and tbr what end, is this re
port circulated? There is a cabal of 11•hlgs
in this borough, forming the nucleus of Know
Nothingisin of the county, who, tailing in their
oft repeated attempts to "rule or ruin" the
Whig party of this county, bare at. last, turned
in with the new set of disorgunimrs who base
not inappropriately taken the name of Know
Nothings, with a hope that they nuty at length
succeed with the "ruin" part of their motto.—
These 'men opposed the nomination of Mr.
Maguire—they exerted all their influence and
cunning to defeat leis nomination—bat wen ,
unsuccessful. Had they been loyal Whigs, its
they pretended to he, they would have bowed
in submission to the will of the majority of the
'tarty. But, instead of thus bowing, they re•
belled, and aided by a few designing locolbeos
of the same borough, they called another Con
vention, and under the specious name of '•iu
depeu:lenta" nominated John Scutt, Esti., in
the hope of defeating James Maguire. This,
however, still does not satisfy the cabal who
cling to the skirts of the Whig party. Having
become the head men of the Know Nothings,
they clainted one of their own society for As
sembly, and urged George Leas in that Con
vention as J. S Stewart, Esq., had been orgcti
in the Whig Convention, but without success;
and the disappointment of the Know Nothing
interest which appears to be pulling, all the
wires, is one cause why the "Independent"
ticket was a still-horn afikir so tau• as the nom
illation of Assembly was concerned. These
enemies of Mr. Maguire, becoming desperate
by their double defeat, have circulated the re
port flint he intends to Make till inglorious
retreat from the field. This is their,last resort
to defeat him, and in but is paving of the way
fin• a new matt. who will, if announced as a
candidate at all be termed a "volnuteer," or
the "people's candidate" or some other pope
tar slap trap name, just Ito John Scott, Esq., is
called an "Independent" Candidate. Anything
to hoodwink the voters and obtain office by
false pretences.
Now we caution the Whigs of this county
and of this district to he on theirguard. Stand
firm. Ile not led astray by false teachers nod
new faligled notions. Hold litst to the IVhig
faith. It is a glorions cause for which you
have long battled, and the prize is now with
in your reach If you have been lid am ray
evil," we co.:el you to retrace your steps et
once and forever. and ha,teu ()gain to the Whig
camp whose light is set high "upon a candle.
stick,' and "gives light tin all." Whatever
plausible theory or argument or inducement
may have led you thus away, stop and think !
Is it lot but a Own fur &lice hunters to raise
themselves to posts which have long eluded
their grasp? Is it not a se , ,t a:wicks/ion
a cowolip Jbr political inopmes, and therefore
worse than any of the secret associations in
their worst days? if CAtholicism is a curse
loam country. and if tine holding of offices by
foreigners is an evil why net arraign them be-
fore the forum of reasim ? Are these not liar
snbjetts fur argument—for ? Why then,
should they be debated in dumb language and
inn the datknesd of midnight. at the skim: of
po:Palice and proscription ?
Whigs, stick to the Whig ticket, you have
nothing to make, but every thing to loose by
any other course. Why should pen throw away
a ulember and other officers when you have it
in your power to elect your whole ticket, and
when your opponents never yield an Mike to
the Whigs as long as they can retains it for
I'. S. Since writing. the above, C verge Leas
has hemp announced as a candidate tin- Assent.
My, This is the same man who was urged by
the Know Nothings in the Convention that
styled themselves "independents." We infer
from this soUtary announcement that the Know
Nothings have their other candidates upon the
lndcpctident ticket—and that John Ander
sen's man is not their man.
John W. Matters' Esq. Slandered.
Soon otter the "ludepenTlent:' ticket was'
formed, it was insinuated that John W. Mat
tern, the Whig nominee for Prothotmta ry,.was
not honest. This like the rumor of Mr. Ma
guiru's deolination is a base jiibrienlion—a slab
in the dark. No man's character honesty,
in Huntingdon county, is &inn- than that of
Mr. Matter.- The slander no denht originated
like the chelire brought Jacob
six years ago, when he wan the opponent of
Mr. Campbell Ilw Itegister and llecor4er. Mr.
Miller being appointed by the Sahli:Ulf AASSCi
sties to invite boat-men to church, walked up
and down the canal and stood at places COM
untie ling a view of passing boats. A shop
keeper in that vicinity, was told that Mr. Miller
was watching to inform on him it' he sat/ any
Nunday—and poor Holfright voted
fur .11,1 or aunpbell's brother against his dent
uer,diu friend, it'll, Mr. Mattern is
slandered tae the purpose of letving a Know
Nedung Prothonotary. 0 shame where i, thy
Pooplo of Pennsylvania.
!lc:twilit:et . , that James Pollock 1h: fluids and
and upholds a O.IIII,IUUND rot.t•
sorfri . V--a society that 6littlis the light of
hear., whose deeds :Ire cvil, and win: seek
darkness rather than light, and who front
the Nee of honest men, :In, the criminal flees
true justice I
So'says the pcmorraGe noion, one of Coy.
Bigler's organs at limeklmeg. Its statement
meat either Ito true ur false. It it he. true
then its editor must be guilty of an act, in
supporting Ilenry S. Mutt, the Low Fora can
didate f i n Canal Commissioner, who is a Know
Nothing, and the candidate of the Order,
which no honest man could he. Taking, the
editor ut his own word, it is clear that he is
not hottest in the uhjections width he urges
tt,t:liiist judge Potluck's election, or he would
not support, Col. Mott, who is known to him to
lie a Know Nothing. It is to be hoped nu
ldgs will be thou gulled and and humbugged
by the staid demagogues of Loco Pocoism.
11'hum those Loco Focus who are so clamorous
against KUM', Nothings once abandon those of
their candidates belonging to the Order, it will
Ito time entmgh for the 11'higs to do the same
thing. Until then, let them remain to their
own orgailization, and nut lend a b ate :lees to
elect tie into Foto candidates, Know Nutt,
inga and all.
Beware of Whig Trickery.
The Know Nothing Whigs of Philadelphia
are sending agents into every election district
in th State to open Lodges. As
the oaths of these secret conspirators bind them
to tow us at majority ot• the Lodge shall deter•
uo•e is always taken to organize thorn
under Whig control, so that they mny have the
entire cumin:and of all the Democratic votes
they con persuade, by any pretext, to come
into tlw Association. Are the Democrats
wt:ling to sell themselves and their principles
thus blindly into the hands of their ancient
Pntlcrali,st enemies? We trust not.
We copy the above Iron a Loeofoco cotem
porary in the interior of the State as another
bold and impudent swindle now tiling attemp
ted to he carried Out iu this Stitt, to beep 1.0-enfocoisin
enfocoisin in the ascendancy. Knowing Henry
S. Mott to be the Know Nothing candidate for
Canal Commissioner, and yet adhering to hint
11, the nominee of the Locefoco party, should
Jot close their columns against all assaults
tryon the Know Nothings. If the Order were
uur:er the control of Whigs, it would nut he
very likely that they would thus exert then,
selves ter .Mr. Motes benefit. The very fact of
it udoptltx Mr. Mott as its candidate is, in
itself; a triumphant vindication of the loft,
nuns lidschootl charged against the Whigs in
the above en tract, and shows that Locofecoism
has quite as much connection with, and influ
ence in moulding its operations, as have the
Roman Catholics in Office.
The frequent elevation of Roman Catholics
(ace by the so called "Democracy" shows
how strongly they sympathize with that partic
ular class, and demonstrates conclusively the
bargain and sale that exists between the Dem.
ocratie party and the Jesuits. James Camp
bell, a Jesuit, is Postmaster fleneral. Taney.
a Roman Catholic, is Chief Justice of the Uni
ted States,
Guthrie, Secretary of the Treas.
ry, and M'Clelland, Sect: Lary of the Interior,
are said to be Roman Catholics. The Lazaret.
to Physician at Philadelphia, and the Flourin•
specter at Pittsburg, appointed by Gov. Bigler,
are both Homan Catholics. A large proportion
of the Postmasters in the Union are Roma.
Catholics. The Presidents of all the Demo .
erotic State Ceimations held in Pennsylvania
since the election of Doe. Bigler, bane been
Roman Catholics. A Wilkesbarre puller pub
lishes the names of a number of Postmasters in
that county, all liotuim Catholics; and the
Democratic Convention nominated Thomas
Collins, a Roman Catholic, tar Register. Did
all this happen by mere accident? Does it
nut bear upon its face the evidence of corrupt
bargaining with the Roman Catholic Jesuits. to
secure the influence of the Priests in favor of
the Democratic parte ? Those demagogues
talk about "sympathy (hr foreigners;" but every
intelligent observer must see that (heir "sympa
thy" i s confined exelusively L',,ota
of fomigucra hnung oitko iu thi 4 collo ry. niar
cod qfer , •cy tenure Roman Calludirm !
And win is this ? We reply, the elevation of
this class of foreigners to oilier, is
but a rottsumation of the bargain and sale he•
tureen he Democratic leaders tool the Roman
Catholic church, by which the cotes of the lat•
ter are secured, colonue, to the former! These
filets furnish fund for reflection for Poteatants,
whether native or adopted.—.lf raing i raid.
Democracy vo. Know Nothings.
The Democracy, for the purpose of securing
the Catholic vote, arc jest now exhibiting,
where it snits their purpose, relentless hostility
to such of their employees, as are suspected of
being attached to any of the secret American
organizations. They recently dismissed about
a dozen pf the American hnndS in the Phila
delphia Mint, and supplied their places with
foreign Irish Catholics, and below we give an
instance of their proscription, under the imine
dime eye of President Pierce. It' report speaks
true, this same Democratic party is just now
supporting at least one member of the proseri.
bed order on the State ticket, and two to four
candidates on nearly every county ticket in the
Commonwealth; and three of their orators at
the recent mass meeting in Philadelphia are
said to have been .members in good standing.—
'All things to all men,' is the doctrine of these
tricksters, and success is Pennsylvania by any
111C11118,-their creed. The voters of the old
Keystone, will "make a note on't."
Tiiv. Four:nix .ex•rt-Aweetu.tx Pan7y.—The
movements of the. Democrats, with their fot•-
eigu allies, the Irish Catholics, are rapidly de
veloping themselves. War is openly proclaim
ed against all Who dare stand in OpialSiliOa to
the craft of Rome, while it works to undermine
our institutions ! It appears that Mr. Borland,
a clerk in the office of the Jljutant General,
had been dismissed by Jefferson Davis, on the
groan,' that he ups a Know Nothing, and had.
voted tier the Know Nothing candidate for May
or at — Washington- This is a new and bold
tyranny ! As the New York Hach/ says, "the
only charge that has been seriously made
agaitist the Know Nothings was on account of
tileir unconstitutional proscription to a large
class of our citizens who had the misfortune to
be born abroad, and had they merely attempted
to repress the riotous conduct of tbreignent, or
curtail the political influence or tbreign socie
ties of men calling themselves Irishmen or Ger
i thane, and yet assuming to exercise the rights
of Americans, no one but those againSt whom
their were directed would have found
much fault; but now we find the government
pursuing a precisely similar caurse ; the only
difference between it and the Know Nothings
being that while they proscribe foreigners, Mr.
Pierce proscribes Americans. It must hence
fin•th be understood that 110 man, holding office
under government, is allowed to hold A Illerieall
Se.tailaelliS, or pathos American doctrine, wi
der pain at !nay he um Irishman,
ur u German or, Englishman, or a French-
Man, ;oat i t s hold this original nationality
without jeopardising his office bat if he but
whipers a word ',reference tOr his own country
men, he is marked fin• slaughter at once, and
the axe Mlle accord ingby.— irrithary
Loco Foco Revolt.
There is a revolt it the Loos Peen pally of
the Lozerne District. Wynniii..; county will
not,sitpport Col. Wri:rhi ibt• remlection, if we
may Judge of the matter by the North Brandt
Democrat. The Colonel's name is nut at the
head of its ticket, and it says:
.Yentiantion ji,r Con fires,—"The emigres.
sional nomination Ibir this District was mode at
Wilkes• Barre ea the 11th and is the 8,
lectiou that wits inade, it easiest be disguised
that great nijustice his been done, not only to
Wyoming county, but to the Democratic party
to Congmssional
Now it is conceded be all, that, bad Yr.
Little been nominated by the Conference he
would receive the whole Denne:retic vote of the
District. Breaches in the Democratic organi
zation would have been healed, • party dissen
tious forgotten, turd the whole arty would have
rallied to the support of the whole ticket. Xe
one pretends that such will lie the result ash,
present nomination. No one is so blind as to
bops it. Was it right to lust, sight of this
great object ? Was'it right again to hurl a
fire brand into our ranks, silica pern,Ct 1111101 L
and harmony could have been restored by a
word, and by suit act of situp], justice? Every
honest Democrat who regards the welfare, and
cherishes the great interests of his party, will
answer no! and scorn thus blind IIOVOtiOiI to
the thanklemr thlitayouue which plum them
again itt jeopardy."
Pattern Officers.
Ou• Luca.° State °dicers seem to think
that the only duties their Mikes require of
theta is to bleed the taxpayers. They attend
very little indeed to their legitimate duties. A
Harrisburg paper thus Imams one of them:
The Surveyor General.
This officer, has not been visible in Harris
burg for some months, and nothing is known
as to his exact whereabouts. The question 13
repeatedly asked, '•where is 13rawley ?" and
echo answers, "where?' , From the time of his
re-election up to the present hour, he has to•
tally neglected his official duties. It is rumor•
etl, too, that in Mt. lirawley's absence rascally
outrages have been perpetrated by interlopers
who have beeti admitted to the office and given
free access to the private papers and
ments. if the rumors in circulation be true,
the Surveyor General's office is little less than
a swiadthig shop, anti scores of lamd•holders in
the State have been ruined by the rasealities
perpetrated there, whether by and with the ad
vice and consent of the bleed or the Depart.
ment, remains to beseen. Mr. Brawley haying
abandoned all personal supervision of the of
lice, justice to the State requires that he should
resign and give the people an opportunity of
electing a limn who will give his attention to
the office, and keep out interlopers and swind
lers. We shall ream• to this subject again, and
then "let the galled jades wince."
The Newspaper.
How lonesome the fireside where there is no
'newspaper! Ask the latest news, good stories,
the useruklessons, and wity sayings ut the news
paper—ask any man Its value. Let him he
deprived of it a rew weeks, and then asked to
put ant estimate upon it. Will he say that two
ur three dollars are too much. No, au—he
will esteem it one of his greatest treasures, and
value it accordingly.
We were led to these reflections the other
day by au industrious, worthy mu., who rolled
at °motile() to sujoscribe for a paper. Said he,
"I was taking it, but tunes were sober d, 1 paid
up and quit; but I cannot get along without it.
I culled to see if I could get it on credit until
spring, lin. I must hare it on some terms—l
would not be without it for ten dollars."
Of course we plac.,l his mune upon our list
with groat cheerfulness. Such men arc the
bestsubscribers in the world, (exeept those
who pay down.) They will 'always pay at the
time it falls fill,.
Every tinnily ought to have a paper; it is a
duty they owe to th, r Aildren, if nothing else,
who wishes their 1 , •,; to grow up in perfect
ignorance in order save the price of a news•
Won't Write any More Letters.
A doubting Locotoco, uho don't uppour to
~~`o t'iç n lifllint is .
Wreck of the Steamship City of
• - - - •
PAssi,x(mits AND eItKW Al.l. SAVED.
Caryl, Lattdrrl iaa Damaged N/a(r,
[SIr. Samuel Smith, agent of the Philadel
phia and I,i,erpoul Siennship Lieu, has reeei.
ved the tellowiagAlespitteh
Sept. 21.
The steamer City of Philadelphia was union.
ded near Cape Race. Newfoundland,' on the 7th
inst. The cargo is landing in a danusged.con
dition. One hundred paasengersnre just land
ing hero in the steamer from St. Johns.
The vessel will he a total los.,
The new screw steamship City of Philade!.
phis, Capt. Leitch, which left Liverpool on the
:tOth of August, on her first trip for Philadel
phia, was stranded off Cttpu Race on the 7th
The passengers and crew wore all saved, and
340 uf them arrived here this morning; the
rest remained at Bt. John, Newfoundland,
awaiting a ennveyenee.
The iiargu loring lauded hi ti damaged
The vessel, it was thought, would prove a to.
tnl loss,,
At the time of the disaster they were I.ght
days awl a few hours out from Liverpool. •
Sa 7 OND
Sept. :N.-10 o'clock, I'. M.
The steamer City of Philadelphia was at the
time of the disaster, manning at ten knots per
hour. At 11 o'clock, P. M., night very dark
and raining, the ship struck an Cape Race.—
Immediately she M. backed oft and ran
aground in Chance Cove, seven miles and a
half north of Cape llace, where she now lies in
three fathoms water, with a lerge hole in her
bottom. The water CD,ue in rapid)), after.she
strudk, and extinguished the tiros in the furna
ces before she grounded.
Her cargo ia - valotal at :-C60,000. All in the
lower hold it damaged to a greater or lest ex
tea t.
The Telegraph Company's steuincr took off
the passdngers and landed them safely nt
.lohns, after which she returned to the Phila.
delphia to render :133iAtailee in saving luggage.
cargo, the.
The above :ire all the facts in relation to this
unfortunate occurrence that Inv! readied the
Agent in this city.
Arrival of the Alps at Boston.
The Crimea Expedition—Return of the
French Troops from the Baltic--The
Austrians in Bucharest.
BosTux, Sept.2B.—The Cunard screw steam
ship Alps, arrived at this isol this it - turning,
from Liverpool, when, she sailed on the 13th
inst. Her liens is Four days ham' than previous
ad v ices.
The steamer America arrived at Liverpool
on the 11th inst.
There is nu news of importance flow the
sent of sou r.
From the Black Sea,
Therein nothing authentic in regard to the
sailing or the expedition to Crimea. The ar
mament was to rendezvous it Min.:hits on the
2d. Should this have taken place, it is limita
ble that the whole convoy sailed on the
The vessels composing it 711111111 i to Ue than
403, besides pontoon beats unit rails. Suppo
sing that 110 dehty oceorrel the expedition
might be expected to reach the Russian shores
on the Oth. when the day ur taunting would de
pend on circumstances.
The Marie,
The total deotruelit, et the forts of Bt.:,
send, awl the departure et the Freach truops
for I'r:u u •e. t, wodirmed.
'rho Baltic fleet had gone front Ledstind to
(lennal Baragnay had gone to
The Dannho,
Count (or mini entered 'lnch:mit on the Uth,
at the hold or four thousand Austrian troops.
Movements of the Autrians,
Hy the Ist of September the Russians cots.
pletely evacuated Unita., and Ibrail. The nav
igation of the Danube is now free.
General Krasenstern had ordered the inhab•
ilium; of Odessn to reduce that city to 1141, it'
the allies should attempt to take it, and then
redrew Mirospol. The pmelamation concludes
thus -Wu Loth.e who rosin baind or at
tempt to extinguish the
From Asia.
Accounk from Erz,roool to the 17th tilt, :
any that the Ito,sittii hat•in.; ab:oolooeil Baja
zid, the place *IN occupied by the Turks.
Austria's Position.
Althon.zh Austria ilmir not consider the re
jection .the tour conditions by Russia as it
easum WU, still she !otitis an the goarantees de
mutated by the Western Powers us the only
basis for the conclusion of a durable peace ;
and she will, at the none time that she main
tains an armed neutrality, neglect on upper
utility fly urging Russia to accept the wadi
;ions proposed.
Return of the RllSiSiall Minister at
VII.:XNA, Saturday, Sept. 9th.—Count Mem.
dorif had true to the Czar letters for
his recall and he was about to return to St.
Mr. Soule has written the following letter to
the Diario Espanol, under date of Madrid, A ug.
it.—The tone and character of the article
referring to ine in your columns, Then:day, in
dicate ton clearly the influence which inspired,
it not to deserve front me the honor du reply.
1 absented myself front Madrid became such
was my pleasure, being tiecouentbh• to no on e
for my acts or conduct. The fear of being in.
suited or mewed by persons to whom my pros.
taco might be disagreeable, would never cause
me to abandna my post.
1 (toil neither the sneer• of impertinent fel
lows nor the dagger of hired assassins. Above
all, sir, Ido not fear the people. The people
respect what is minded to respect, and only
stigmatize the wretches who flatter cod de
ceive tin.. The people fight but ar•e not as
'•With regard to the licrlittions insinuations
with which your article abounds, they are be
neath my contempt. 1 give you' the merit or
the varnish with which you have glossed them
over, and to those who dictated them the in
finity of their invention..
* I inn, ERE% Suet.[:.
The Artful Dodger.
The locofeco papers are ht cestacies over
the letter of HENRY S. MUTT, their candidate
for Canal Commissioner, which they call a de•
Mal of his connection with the Know Nothings.
The Lancaster Examiner copies the letter, and
says ;
But it will be observed, this declaimer was
withheld until AFTER .JG•. Molt had
received the nomination of ihe KUOIV Nothings
as their candidate.
It is now proclaimed by members of the or
der dint Mr. Mott is a member, and that under
no other circumstances enuld he have proeured
the nomination: l lit disclaimer, they say, id
a mero evasion, or 10111111 e, to gull outsiders,
but the initiated know bell,:
* *
Mr Know Nothinglriends say. they knme
he is deceiving , the democracy. 'Then we ask,
is that ties who wilfully, deliberately, nod sol.
tat i 4 to his old friends, soil is wilfully
Those ae l eninted with Mr. ! !din
to belong to the linelettiondlicl.•r ned
hell wing of the Democratic
the Anson candidate of the most nitr.t m m
tint wiou•-•l.flosia oilt
at. nnl adhered to till Ilk numinnti , ni 1,1.4
effeeted. Di; election is more 111 1,01,1.11 10
that division of the party—embracing n!! the
foreigners and Catbolics . —thno that of
himself: ns with Mmt and llnpkins in the hoard.
the public works will remain melee the c‘onrol
of the sumo env, These nee furl../ which
tiny one eon verify tia himself. by applying to
those well informed in the miter. With Mr.
l‘fott in the board, we do not look litY env im
provement in the management of the pult!i..
works—there is nothing in his past history to
encourage the hope that he would look upon
them no designed for aught else than to main
tain the supremacy of the Demoerntic party:—
As 11 member of the Legislature he.watt noted
for his extreme partizan cour:•co—ueve• voting
upon a question on its merits+, but on its dem
ocracy. We do not recollect of a single in
stance in which be row, above the dead level
of a party hack.
The Way it was Done,
The following, choice extracts will show th
terms on which Nothern votes were seemed for
the. Nebraska infamy, by the rational (lovers•
lie peupl
Bigler sustains the Administration, as well as
the fraudulent and iniquitous measure to which
it refers :
"A Iti,ASTING or the
Franklin, Pickaway and Licking district, DIM,
is a candidate for remleetion to eimgress--the
regular nominee of the Nebraska IJentocrner.
The Columbus Jottrmd, by cane or helping hint
along, publishes the followitv extracts Crum
two letters written to a gentleman of the Dem
ocratic patty in the district:"
1, j 'Washington, Mardi I SIM.
. .
* •• "I admit that tl a • Nebrimlot
bill is as unfortunate affair tiir the Democracy
oldie North. It may I clawed so that I
eau vote fur it:' E. 11. OLDS.
I . No. 2.1 Washington. May 2ii, 193 1.
. " * "It is now morally certain
that the Nebraska all will pass. I tlnt itn It
position to (141,. a J;lrelr At' (I Bow
would you like a Judgeship? This is a private
nuttier between you and I, and no one need be
the wiser." E. B. OLDS.
County Commissioner.
Ma. EDITOR it known to the voters of
Huntingdon county' awl especially to those of
the lower entl, that care must ho taken, at our
next election, to rote fur a eunnv l'ununis,inn
er, who in the southern en.l of the county.
Mr. of Union luwie.hip, gm., not or out
Board td.: ihll, ,unl )Ir. of Franklin,
and 'Mi.. ri•lnift in
the Board.
It is important that the interest , f evt•ry
part, of the county should be represeeted ie the
County Board. Itlithardson head,
11/W1181144 is now the !oily candidate before the
people trout the lower end el the
Should he be In haled, all the eounty south 01111
east of West township, would be without 11. Wlll
in 010 Board. Mr. bead is a true man, holiest
and capable. I 110 not WWI to say one word
agniust :11r. Nei!: his opponent, but West town•
ship has ,1,1” (i , fii I/U . 4 . 401i,, and to give
her (no members in the Boyd by electing Mr.
Nell; would be unfair stall unwi,. Will the
people tutentl to this 'natter, and avoid the
clam,: sari! a eontiageuey? A. hint is
. .;~~'j('j.
'Fi, KET.—It In:l,z he Admitted
that the Whigs Luca liee i exceedingly tertitnitte
in the selection or caielitlates litr State enter.
With all their shill in the way et' raising. raise
i.e., Democratic politieittim hare iittC been
able to pre:tent a single item worthy of notice
against the character ur qualiti cations Or either
of the en litlates 011 the 11' big State ticket.
—Daily .I . ow .t.
Octo:Jor 4, 1854,
11.1111 . prr blii
lied Wheat. pei . !in.,. •
%VIC. !Per bit.
Rye. per htt
. .
- .
Corn, per laa 511
Oats. per ha 51)
nay, per It' D 50
Batter, per lb., lBl
Lard, per Ih., I2
Eggs, per thin.,
PH LI D 1.111 LI, Oct. ll.—The Flour mar
ket eontinues excessively dull and sales are on
ly in small lots for the supply of the 11011 M trade
at 5500,25 tor gold retailing and extra brands.
Shiliping brands are notniindly held at our low.
est figure, but there is nothing doing. Corn
Meal and live Flour are quiet—a small sale of
the former 'us made at tit per hill.'
Groin—There is not much Wheat Wieling,
nod the market. continues very dull. Soles of
20,3000 bushels only were reporsed. at til,2o(at
1,00 per Ist., for fair and priest nod 51,70
for prison white. Rye is source “1 51,142,1,19.
Carts is dull, und 1 cent per be., loss,r—about
MO lot., good Southern yellow brought ets.,
and 1000 be., fair quality 00 cent, Oats are
less emir s , at. 5 ff. 33 cents lin. Smither,
On the 28th September, by the Rev. Samuel
Philips, JA:et:s ENTRIKEN, Esq., or Coffee lion,
liuntingtlon county, Pa., to .Visa Euz.orrn
SHIRLEY, of Kalamazoo, Bedford county, Pa.
On the 14th September, by the 11ev. X.
S. Buckingham. Mr.•rs ATHERTON to
Miss C. E. AASIf, nil of Alexandria.
On t 1,.• t inst., WILLIAM GOOD:AX, aged
17 yea,.
On ill, 21,1 instant. in Cassellle. Huntingdon
county Mrs. 1,017151 lI.IIENDERSON, con
sort at James llenderson, Esq., aged 37 years
and one day. She was hopefully converted to
(Ind about 17 years ago, through the instru
mentality of the Gospel. Sub:mild:tidy she
united herself to the Methodist Protestant
church, in which relation she remained a
worthy and an :remit:dile member until Hint
whom she loved sate proper in flis wisdom to
transplant be• to a more blissful and congenial
clime. ITrr affliction was protracted aid
were; many times suffering 'teddy from weak
ness and an annoying cough, which always at
tends pulmonary disease. Mrs. 'Henderson
was beloved and respeetel by her friends, and
all with whom site had any intercourse. She
submitted and bore her afflictions with true
Christian fortitude nail resignation, feeling as
she expressed herself, that when this house of
the tabernacle is dissolved, that site had ano
ther building—a house not made with hands—
eternal in the kingdom of Heaven—
Where not a Wave of trouble rolls
Across my peaceful breast."
In lien affliction site frequently gave tiller.
•. t ro!, etc irt in:fly to 1: o•
trl!in Lim ;dai ivn, going Immo. end repteumf
!'ll,i her in 'Heaven. She then nil
her eltildrcrt to love and obedience,
aml t., mere her above in glory, and her frient4
to acquaints toms were retorted to fitithfal
iii, in the service Or CO. awl to prepare for
that solmnn hear that awn't.4 all the living, evin
clog deep intere,t for those who were uncon
verted, and leireibly impressing on their minds'
the importance of religion. And when dewy
drops were gathering upon her marble brow.
and it was evident that. she win, Omit to leave
IN, she was asked bole it was with Ler. She
promptly replyed " that Olives well, hallelujah,
I shall soon get home, tilt death, where is thy
sting! oh. grave where is thy victory." In
short his death was pc:IMM. happy nail trium
phant. She has left it husband and five chil
dren to mourn their irreparable Into. Butt
white they sorrow it is not as those who have
no Impe. being comforted with the consoling
reflection that, their loss is her intiniie nod eter
nal gain. The coil of the upright i= perteentol
no wonder we wish to die—that the close of
Har with es may he like theirs. 1. S.
11.11.11 .7 1(Ei L 1011
Nuc,•,... t 4• It"nr . yla.
Bedding - and Carpet
No. 14S South Seeand
VIVI: SI:1,1.1. rum,
IVliere lie keep.: viii-I ily nn linnil o wisort.-
ment of every nil kin in liis line of liminegs.
Feathers. reatiter Iteds.
lulled Coro 1 , ,51! and Sfrall ,
.11,171RES.N * E. , .
/e ! ror;,. Ilown
Carpolint , t. Oil ClolPc, Canton Matliwzg,
C000:\ find sooni,th Flnnr and Stair
Ilearth 11 , , , ,..1104,
wltieli lie respectfully invites the attention
or purchasers. [Oct. 4. 'a4.-1 v.
Tub: undorsiined enditor. upoointed 1,1. the.
Orphans Court of di...-
tribute the hulnnre in file 11111111 , "r •l ob o
ere,q,v,l) edininktretor or David 11'00,14.
hereby eivos notice to 11111.1 . 1..1,1,111:ti
ill` will Irani 1 . , the inn- d ose tanking said
distribution. on Saturday the -111, NOVOIT,
h er n ex t, j,l two , :11., et his otlire in
the Lorinigh or ihmtingthm. n ben end whet e ult
pct sous interesied luny attend.
Joilx nI,EI),
Det. 4, IS:A.-4f.
THE nnolersigned auditor appointed by the
C/rithans Court Huntingdon eounty to distill.,
toe the babinee in the botols or John Gratin,.
adittr. dee - d rho,
rutiflril t" rcrrirr th,
I" oil per , on, interested that he will attend tln•
the infringe:o nl'inak btu said distribution. on Fr;-
.hiy the 1111 day or Nnventher next, at oar 11 . (,1 1 / 1 •k
P. M., itt hi, olliee in the liorounh or ibintin4".
don, when and where all parson,. intereqed way
)01. 1554 -41.
Atifirrows NOTIt'E.
1:•tat;: Leotiarl, eleceasetl.
aa,:ersi,med nadito,, app,,intml by fl,
t..photC , ( 'must liantiaolan County. a•eer
ir agniast the real c-toto, or
andi to amkt,li.tribatioa
the atinmat or the ,Ilaation orsaid re:11 crate.
to awl the heir: le,al i•eptc-vntativt,
or saia that parpo , at hi ,
t)llive, in Coe;J, r,l . 1:m1611,40a, Hay
lletaher 1854. at ono ~'eloek, P. M. at
\vltitth tin, all poi,tali 111 V requir,l t., pre4eta.
la.1;a1, sae!' .m1144,1,01' 110,11Teti
6'olll I,llllllg 11111/1 . a .i1:1, 01
A. IV. 1A .. .N1:MC . 1%
A tul i tor,
(lct. 4,1351.-4 t
Teachery Wanted
E rl,ool tlirrrrnt of ilrotty
to employ FI VE to mkt, Hotruo
rif the politic ',hid.; in the Dirtrictoiir st term
months, to commence on the lot of No
vember next. One Toucher in needed, onalilicil
to tench the Uerman, in cOnnet tit.' with the
The County Superintendent, will give public,
imiive of the time, he will fl tetul ill t he ilidrier
to examine npplieunts who have not reeeivr.l
their cerlitivoles heretofore. The DireetON will
he present end re, else applications at that or any
other iiine.
• • 2,0•1
• • .2,10
Rc order of the Board.
11. 1.. Mel:Alain% Sec'y
Oct. 4, 1:54.-3N.
I:tititiat;nl(tit County tot.
Commonwealth or l'en.ylvania, to More
Corte, ,ii county. Greeting:
Iftrcas, Cartite, did on the 2 1 It tiny
ot Feb,mcy, prciM• hi.n petition to the
'1%9 I',,'" toot Judge or
the Coort or Common lie, of the county or
Huntingdon. it: vacation. praying tltet for ver•
ten comes therein set forth, lie might Ito divorced
from the hoods of matrimony entered him with
the said Mary Carter. We do therefore com
mand yon the snit! 51nry Curter, no you wore be
fore commanded, that setting aside all other bu
and i t:z e n c , whatsoever, you he and ap
pear in your proper person before our Judges at
Iluntingdon. at 0 court or Common Pleas there
to lie held Mr the snid county. on the settend
'Afttittlay of Novemher, A. D. 874, the
petition or 111101 of the said C:11 . 101 . , 41111
to thew came it . toty you havo. why the said
Jomph ('itylvr year husband should not be di
vorced from the bonds or matrimony, cgreeahly
to the net of General Assembly in such meat
made and provided. And hereof you nre not to
fail. Witness the lion. George 'raylor,
Prc.itletit of our said court, et }lnn tinplun this
20th day of .Attlrtt , t, A. I). 1854.
Sh'irs Gllice, Get. 4. '54.-4t.•
Notice to School Dirootore and
The School Directors of the following na
med School Districts, are hereby notified that
1 will meet them its designated, to the inttpolo
of examiningteachers and granting certificates:
(let. lilt nt Orhisonet, toexamiaz .I)PlicautH
for the schools of Cromwell district.
Om. llth at Said:More, to examine appli•
cants for the schools of Barret, district.
Oct. IYth at Ennisville, to examine appli.
cants for the schools of Jackson district.
Oct. 14th at Corllin's School House to cx.
amine applicants for the schools of Union dis•
Oct. 16th nt Mill Creek, to examine appli•
cants for the schools of Brady district.
Oet. 18th at Shirleymbartr. to examine appli.
cants for the school,: of Shirley district.
Oct. 19th at Shade Cap, to examine
cants fur the sehooLior Dublin and Tell dirt to.
Oct. 21Ft at Scottsville, to examine appli
cants foe the schools of Clay aid Springfield
Oct.. 23n1 at Cassville. to examine appli•
eantsfor jiat svlinolsnreass and Tull distrteL.
, ..—..—.
Oct. 25th at 'larklesinirg, to examine appli
cants tin• the schools or Penn and Hopewell
Oct. Dith nt MeConnelstown. to examine ap•
pliennts for the schools or Welker districts.
N. 11.- 2 l'ho,e districts which have neglected
to make out their yearly report wool conlia
favor by attending to it. immediately.
Teachers may be examined at any time by
presenting Certificates of good moral ehuracter
front the Board of Directors or the District in
which they are applying.
Copies or the School Laws and decisions, can
he furishetLtn Directors by culling at the Wilco
of Fisher and Willi:tins., on Hill street, m• at
my residence on .11,t11;11 street, in the bowed)
of Hindi:tulip,