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B. &W. SNARE inform the public that they
have just returned from the eastern cities with a
large and splendid assortment of
for men and boys, consisting of Black, Brown,
Drab and Blue Overcoats; Black and Blue Dress
and Frock Coats; black satin and figured Tests;
ceasimere and cassinot pants; shirts, suspenders,
drawers, socks, &c. ALSO,
New York flats and Boston Boots;
trunks, carpet bags, umbrellas, mines, &c.; all of
which were purchased extremely low for cash,
which will enable us to sell much lower than
merchants who buy on credit. We will, as here
tofore, seU very cheap for cash
B. & W. SNARE.
Sept. 18, 1851.-3 m.
Camille Seminary
The Stockholders, as well as those feeling an
interest in the establishment of an Institution of
learning in Cassville under the Sanction of the
Methodist Church, are invited to attend a meet
ing for said purpose to he held in the M. E.
Church, in Cassville, at 10 o'clock, on Saturday
the 11th day of October, at which time measures
will be adopted to procure a Charter fo • In
GEO. W. SPEER t'y.
Sept. 18, 1851.-It.
pupuince of an Order of the Orptillies Court
mitingdon County will be exposed to public
Sale on the' premises on Wednesday the 15th day
of October next, 1851, the following Real Estate,
late of Samuel Zang, of Walker townpljp, deed.
A certain Real Property, situated in Walker
township, in said county, about three miles from
the Borough of Huntingdon surveyed on a War
rant granted to William k. Patton, adjoining
land of Benjimon K. Morgan, James Simpson
and other land of the said William M. Patton,
aa Glil CD ~4a. CtilM. L..W M
neat measure, about thirty -acres of which are
cleared, having thereon n small log house and
barn, and a number of tiles bearing excellent
fruit of different kinds.
Terins- - -thie third of the purchase money to he
paid on confirmation of the sale, one tided in one
year thereafter with interest, and the remaining
third at and intraddiately after the death of the
widow of said deed., the interest of the said
third payment, to he paid to the said widow, an
nually and regalativ during her life, the whole to
he secured by the lionds and Mortgage of the pur
Sale to commence nt 10 o'clock A.M. of said
day, attendance will be wen fly
JACOB MILIA?,11, Trustee.
_ _
Sept. 18, 1851.-4 t.
Valuable Real Esfait
In persnanee of an order of the Ophan'S
of Huntingdon County will be exposed to Public
Sale, on the premises, on Thursday the 16th day
of October next, 1851' the undivided_ interest (W
-ing the one third) of Araheli Vanderander, a mi
nor child of Abraham Vandevander, late of Bra
dy Township, dee'd._in the following real estate,
viz : . _
A certain plantation situate on both sides of
the Pennsylvania Canal, and of the Pennsylvania
Rail lined, about seven miles East of the Borough
of Huntingdon, and two miles East of the Village
of Mill Creek, in Brady Township, `hounded by •
lands of Gen. James Irvin on the East, the Ju
niata river on tits south, land of JaMes Entrekin
on the West, and Mud of Andrew Wise, on the
North, Containing about Two hundred Acres,
more or less, having thereon a two story log House
and Kitchen, a large frame barn, with stone
stabling underneath, a Waggon Shed and Corn
-Cribs.a Stone Spring-house, a'snioke and drying
house, a Cider Mill and press, ind other improve
ments. About seventy acres of this land is clear
ed, and in a good state of etiltivation, and a con
siderable portion of the residue is well timbered.
TERMS OF SALE.--Ono third of the pur
chase money to he paid on the Confirmation of
the sale. One third thereof in one year there
after, with interest, and the remaining one third
at and immediately alter the death of the widow
of said dee'd. the interest of which third pay
ment to be paid to the said widow, annually and
regularly during her life,—the whole to be se
cured by the Bonds and Mortgage of the pur
chaser. Sulu to amnience at in o'clock A. M.
of said day, attendance will be given by
N. B, At the same time and place, the interest
of the andersignedOlio widow and other heirs of
suid deed. will be exposed to Side, upon the terms
above stated, Ana (OM Confirmation of the said
Minors interest we Rill join with the said Guar
dian iu a Deed, conveying the Witule of said
Sept. 18, 1851.-3 t
To the heirs and legal representatives of Leon,
and Steffy, deed. Take notice, that at ap Or
phan's Court held at Huntingdon and for the
County of Huntingdon, the second Monday, of
August, 1851, on motion of Thomas P. Camp
-1,01, Esq., the Court granted a rule on the heirs
...el legal representatives of Leonard Steffey,
dee'd., to come into court the second Monday of
november Term next and accept or ref use to take
the real estate of said dec'd at the valuation
thereof to wit: $2,482 58 for the mansion tract,
and $893 20 for the unimproved tract, or then
and theta to show cause if any you have why the
same should not he said. Titis is therefore notice
to all interested to attend nt the time and place
above designated if von think proper.
Wlll. 13. MEIGLEH, Sheri".
Sheriff's Office, Sept. 18, 1851.-3 t.
To the heirs and legal representatives of John
Simpson, deed., take notice that at an Orphan's
Court hold at Huntingdon in anti (hr the County
of Huntingdon, the second Monday, 11111 day of
Angust, 1851, on motion of William I'. ()Onset*,
Esq., the Court granted a rule on the heirs tied
legal representatives of John Simpson ' dee' d., to
come into court the second Monday of
Term next and accept or refuse to take the real
estate or said dee'd., at the valuation thereof, or
then and there to show cause if env you have why
the seine should not be sold. This is therefore
notice to all interested to attend at the time and
place above designated if they think proper.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sherif
Sheriff's Office, Sept. 18, 1851.-4 t.
WVWILL he exposed to Ptddie Sale, on the prcm
ises on Friday the 3(1,41 of Oel,,ber next,
that well known FARM, situated a half-mild from
the Burnt Cabins, Huntingdon County, Pa., con
taining 300 Acres of LAND, the greater part
of which is Limestone. There are about 2:19
Acres cleared, - under good•Fcmie and a high Sint&
of cultivation t the reitmiuder is well Timbera—
The improvrno !as are TWO HOUSES, WV
. Maras, 4 hirrie Wagon Shed, Corn Crib and Stable.
The Farni is well watered by a number of never
failing Springs, over one of which, near the Man
sion House, is.erected a large and commodious
and ' Wash House. There is also a TEN
ANT HOUSE on the premises, an excellent Apple
Orchard and a variety of other Fruit.
Cr Sale to Commence at 10 o'clock on said
day, when the terms will be made known bb
Sept.lB, 1851.] JOHN SPITZER
Orphan's Court Sale.
In Moslem. of an Order of the Orphan's Court
of Huntingdon County, the undersigned us Guar
dian of the minor children of Samuel N. Wharton
deed., will mipbse io sole at public outcry on the
premises, on Saturday the 1 Ith day of October
next at I o'clock I'. M their interest in a lot of
ground situated in the village of Orbisonia in the
township of Croniwell in Enid county, fronting 50
feet on Cromwell street extendeng in depth 140
feet to nu alley, adjoining a lot of William Smith
on the north west, and an alley on the south cast,
being numbered 22 in the recorded plan of said
village, and having thereon a frame plastered
house, olio and a half stories high, and a frame
Terms of sale—Otis third of the purchase mon
ey to he paid on the confirmation of the sale—
one third in one ydar thereafter wills interest, and
the remaining third nt the death of the widow, the
interest thereof to be paid to her regularly during
her life, and to ho secured by the Bonds and
Mortgage of the purchaser.
Sept. 18, 1851.—ts.
a , To the heirs and legal representatives of James
Ross det'd, late of Brady township, Huntingdon
County. ItLpu suet of a writ of partitimi or
valuation inns t of the Orphan's Court of
Huntingdon C y, I will hold an Inquest on the
premises on dipy, the 29th day of Octo
ber next, to make Mil i ion or valuation of the
real estate of said deed., according to not of the
general assembly iu such cases made and provi
led when /Ind where you may attend.
• WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sher(g.
Sheriff's °Mee, Sept. 18, 1051.—1 t
FRESH .A11111T4.,U,
Market Square, Huntingdon, Pa.
J M. informs the public generally that he
has just received, and is opining, a large and
well selected stock of
of the finest and cheapest ever brought to Hun
tingdon, consisting of every variety of
Of all descriptions and of the newest styles,
consisting in part of
Ginghams, Calicoes, Barnes, Lawns Silks,
Mullins, Checks, Linens, Oil Lawns,
Linen Diapers, Bonnets of the latest styles,
Gloves, Ribbons, Laces, Handker
chiefs, and everything in the no
tion line.
Embracing Cloths, Casimeres, Satinets, Ken.
lucky Jeans, &c,
He has also on hand a Very large and general
assortment of
Together with all kinds of Goods generally
kept in a country store.
A word to the wise, and my friends in par
ticular—cull and see me before purchasing
else Where, as I am determined to give bar.,
reniPmbrr M AGUI RE'S Cheap
Store, in Market Square, Huntingdon.
Sept. 11, 1851.
astute of Samuel Steel, Esq., deed.
Last Notice.
All persons indebted to the estate of Samuel
Steel, Esq., late of the Borough of Hunthalon,
deed., are requested to make payment in Ail
of the (doling respectively lve from them on or be
fore the second Monday of November next.
Persons negleetiug to comply with the above
notice need not expect any further indulgence.
Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned appointed by the Orphan's
Court to distribute the proceeds of the Sale of the
Real Estate of James Carothers, late of the Bor
ough of Shirleyshurg, deceased, to and amongst
those entitled to receive the same, will attend
for that tairpose nt his rosiden4e in the Borough
of Huntingdon on Wednesday the first day of
October A I) 1851, nt 10 o'clock A. M, when
and where all persona Interested can attend
Sept. 4, 1851.-4t.'
Take this method of informing the piddle that
the,' are now receiving and are prepared to fur
with et'ersthing else connected with a well regu
lated Eating llouse.
We are determined to spare Ito eßbrts to matte
our establishment an agreeable place or resort.
Our stock of
if, unrivalled. IVe wish every person to givens a
call, when, we are certain, we shall have the ex
treme pleasure of having them "come again, and
again." F. & C. SNYDER.
Sept. 4, 1851.—tf.
SSPOONS of the latest patterns can ho
1-7 lnul at
L. Snare's Jewelry Store,
I.ORTE MONNAIES-8 or 10 different kinds;
. from 25 cents to 3 dollars at
Scott's Cheap Jewelry Store.
X i 11 )I.T-111S and Fifty cents tbr the largest
I'Uuhl Pearils, at
Ed. Snare's .Jewelry Store.
To the Creditors of William 1'ollocl.•
All persons interested arc hereby notified that
the final trust Account of .1/avid Burkot and
William B. Leas, surviving n,signeea of William
Pollock formerly of Cromwell township, Hunting
don county, lies been filed in the office of the
Prothonotary bf the Court of Common Pleas of
said Coutity, and that the same will he presented to
the said Cohrt oh the second Monday of Novem
ber neftt, for confirMation ; at which than the
same will he allowed by the said Court, unless
cause be shown why it should not be allowed.
• T. H. CREMER, Prothonotary.
Sept. 11, 1851.-3 t
Ophan's Court Sale.
By virtue of nn order of the Orphan's Court of
Huntingdon County, the Subscriber, Guardian of
the Minor Children of William Ward, late of
Walker township, deed., will expose to sale on
Thursday October 30, 1851,
A Lot of Ground,
Late the property of said deceased, situate in
the borough of Huntingdon; being part of lots
No 84 and 85 in the plan of the town of Hunting
don, haring thereon erected a
and Fi*turts, and a FRAME DWELLING
HOUSE Mid twb tenements.
TERMS OF SALE.—One third of the pur
chase money to ho paid upon Confirmation of
sale, and the residue in two equal annual pay
mcnts,with interest from Confirmation.
bark of Orphan's Court.
. . •
Sept. 11, 1851.—ts.
Thti seniiannital exhibition by the students of
Milnwood Academy will take place on Wednes
day the 94th of Sel)tember ait I o'clock I' M.—
The parents guardians and friends of the students,
and all intereted in the instruction, or in the cause
of education generally, are respectfully invited to
Our next Session commences regularly on
Wednesday, November the sth. It is desirable
that students come before Wednesday as it is our
rule to begin the exercises of the schudi particularly
ot, thin day.
The subscriber would niso announce to the pub
lic that arrangements will be made to supply the
vacancy occasioned by the decease of his brother
and associate principal, before the commencement
of the next term; and that no droner expense will
be spared to inal:c the Institution worthy the pat
ronage and confidence now enjoyed and which it
is hoped, Will continue to be extended with undi
minished liberality. The Itoarding-house will
he under the immediate management of Mr. Sam
uel Campbell, fur several sessions a teacher in the
Institution, and his amiable and excellent lady.
Parents may be assured that every attention will
he paid to the health and morals of their sons, as
wtll as to their that
iutellectuat improvement, and
eer theility will be atiorded fur their personal
comfort had conveniace. • *
J. 11. W. MeGINNES,
Sept. 11, 1851.-3 t. •
Will be sold at public sale on Thursday, the
9.5 th of September, 1851, ut Paradise Furnace,
Tod township, lluntingdon county, the following
furnace property, to wit:
- . .
8 Mules, 0 Horsesi 14 sets of horse and mule
gears, f six home wagons, 4 ore beds, 2 real
beds, 75 coal baskets, 24 ore boxes, 2 iron
coal barrows. 1 wooden do., 1 ore barrow,
a lot of Fornme Bars end tools, 2 iron
Twueyrs. G log chains, 3 patent Mitring
boxes, 4 feed chests, 3 teed troughs,
2 jerk screws, 12 barrels of tar,
picks, maddoeks, shovels, and
spades, two tons Ober-iron, and a va-
rie:ty ofothor flinuied tools not coumcr•
nted: ALSO, at the snmil time and place,
consisting , of brond cloths, cassimers, satti
nets, flannels, vestings, ginghams, calicos, &c. &e.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M., when
duo attendance and a reasonable credit will be
given by
Sept. 11, 1891.
Auditor's Notice.
'l'llc undersigned auditor appointed by the Or
phan's Court of the County of Huntingdon to
marshal the assets in the hands of Wilson Stewart
and Edwin J. Adntinistratom of the c-tate
of Juhit Bruce, late of West township, in said
county, dee'd., and distribute the same amongst
the creditors of said deed., hereby gives notice
to all persons interested, that he will attend Par
the purpose ut making said distribution on Sat
urdav the 27th last, at eleven o'clock, A. M. at
the dwelling house of the undersigned in said
township, when and where all persons interested
may attend if they think proper.
Sept. 4,1851.-4 t.•
ELLUL (; )
&ILO - tw*a.M2.;..E.latal.S.2.W.
The subscriber has, by extreme exertion, and
with the assistance of a few friends, at last Elle , .
seeded in opening an assortment of
in till! formerly occupied by Dr. 11. K. Neff
and Brother, one door east of Mr. Livingston's
Hotel, in the borough of Iluiningdon, where he
offers fur sale a great variety of the above articles
at very low prices.
Clucks, Watches and Jewellry will be repaired
in the very best manner, all of which he . will war -
rant for one year.
tic hopes,.by xclling nt low prices and paying
strict attention to business, to merit a libera
share of public patronage.
Illinting,lon, Aug. 14, 11351.—tf.
, ;:S away entirely with that laborious task
of robbing the Clothes upon the washboard.
It contains no ingredients whatever, injurious to
the finest !nitric or the flesh. The proprietors
wish every one to giVe it a trial, and if it does not
prove to be as recommended, the money, in every
such ease, will he refunded. Full directions ac
company each bottle. Retail price 121 Cents per
Bottle, sufficient to do two ordinary washings,
and saving the Clothes, more by not rubbing them,
than the cost of of six . bottles—besides venturing
stains of fruit, &c., if there be any, and dm time
and labor sayed.
Prepared only by I. I'. HOYT & CO..
. .
J. Campbell Boggs, Shirleysburg, Agent for
Ilnatingdon Connty. All orders received by hint
wholesale or retail, will be promptly attended to.
B OOKS and SI'ATIONAIIY of all kinds at
El. Snare's Store.
11.11 4_411A•
B Y virtu,: of authority conferred by a special
act of Assembly, 1 will expose to public sale
Thursday, 6th November, 1851;
upon the premises, in West township, Hunting
don county, the form of the late Andrew Newell,
dec . d. ' situate about six miles from the Pennsyl
vania Canal and Railroad, a short distance from
the public rood loading from Huntingdon to Belle
fonte, and in the immediate neighborhood of
Moore's mid Neff's Mills. It contains
Sla 40, CD3 Ll - 2.
and allowance, about 40 acres of which is wood
land and Well timbered, and is one of the hest
wheat farms in the valley of Shavers Creek. The
improvements are a large BANK BARN 100 feet
long b y 40 feet deep, a large two story DWEL
LING HOUSE, both nearly new, end a large
Orchard oeexcellent fruit trees. There are about
30 acres of meadow; there is water in almost every
field. and the whole limn is in a good state of
cultivation, mid antler good &rice.
Its vicinity to market, to school, to place of war
ship, to nubile roads, and to mills, its improve
ments, and the quality of the land, render it one
of flit most desirable farms now before the public
for sale.
Terms (which will be easy) made known on
day of 1.11.
Sept. .1, 1651.
N. B. Any information desired will be given
by the Executrix on the premises, or by William
Dorris, or John Scott Estes., of Huntingdon.
Silks, Itibbonds & Millinery Goods,
_ _
No 45 South Second Street,
AHE now prepared to otter their customers and
the trade generally, a very large and hand
some assurtment or
Bonnet Sating, of all colors,
Corded and Plain Velvets, of all colors.
Fate) , Bonnet nod Cap Ribbons,
Paris Fancy Feathers,
French and Americas Flowers, &e. &e
evildoing themselves exclusively to this branch
of the olc and impo•tin/ the loge part of their
stock enables them to eller an assortment unsur
passed in extent and variety, which will be sold at
the lowest priecs.
Sept, 4, 1851.-4t.'
Auditor's Notice. *,..
l o s
The undersigned auditor appoint distriliure
the balance of looney in the hit f Blair &
Madden's assignees among the erei i ors will at
tend fbi that laureate at his office in the Bor
ough of liiintiugdon, on Tuesday the 2nd day of
October next. at ten o'clock A. M.
Sepl4, 1551.-40
▪ UT,ISENT to an Act of the General Assent
• Lb, o f the f:lommouwealth of Pennsylvania,
entitled " An net, reft:!ing to the elptious of this
Commonwealth," approved ;!.c curdled day of'd uly
A.D. 1639, 1, WM. B. zeIGLER ; nigh Roth , '
'of the county of Huntin;thm, in the St,ati ;,‘frenn
sylvania, do hereby make known and give noiL ,
to the electors of the comity aforesaid, that a Gen
eral Election will he held in said county of Hun
tingdon, on the SECOND TUESDAY (14th day)
OP OCTOBER, 1851, at which tune State and
County officers, as follows, will be elected
ON; PELSON to fill the ofliee of Governer of
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
ONE PERSON to fill the office of Canal Commis
4ioncr of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
FIVE PERSONS to fill the offices of Supreme
Judges of the Commonwealth of PCTIRSyIVaIIiO.
ONE PERSON to fill the office of President Judge
in the di , triet composed of the counties of Hun
tingdon, Blair and Cambria.
Two rEnsois to fill the office of Associate
.Ju1,..; - es of I unti ngdon county:
Tao rtmsos to represent the counties of
lknntingdon and Blair in the House of Zepr,,en
naives of the Commonwealth of _Pennsylvania.
nmsos to fill the office of Prothonotary
of the county of Huntingdon.
ONE PERSON to till the office of liegi , tur end
I:evoiller of the county of lluntngdon.
11NE rayon to till the (Alice of Trea,urer of
the county of it tintitiplon.
Two rEitsoNs to fill the office of cotinty Corn
misgioners fur the county of Huntingdon.
ONE MESON to fill the utile° of Coroner for the
count• of Huntingdon.
ONE PERSON to fill the office of Auditor fur the
county of Huntingdon.
Tnium Pt ...sons to fill the office of Directors of
the Pour fur the county of Huntingdon.
In pursuance of said Act, I also hereby make
known and give notice, that the places of bolding
the aforesaid general election in the several elec
tion diStriets within thcsaid county, are as 'Mows :
Ist district, composed of Henderson township,
and ull thnt of Walker township not in the
16th district, at the Court Ho use in the Borough
of Huntingdon.
2d district, composed of Dublin township, at the
house of Mathew Taylor, in said township.
district, composed of en much of Warriors
mark township s is not included in the 19th dis
trict, at the school house adjoining the town of
4th distret, composed of the township of Ilope
well, at the School Homo at 'lough and Ready
Furnace in said township:
sth district, composed of the township of Barree,
at the house of James Livingston (formerly John
Harper), in the town of smilsbury, in said tp.
6th district, composed of the township of Shirley,
at the house of D. Frillier, in Shirleysburg..
7th district, composed of Potter a n d Walker
townships, and so mach of West township as is hi
eluded in the following boundaries, to wit begin
ning at the south-west corner of Tobias Caufbmn's
farm on the bind. of the little Juniata river, at the
lower end of Jackson's narrows, thence in a north
easterly direction to the most Southernly part of the
fiu•m owned by Michael Maguire, thence 1101111 40
degreeS West 10 the top of lassey's mountain, to
intersect the lino of Franklin township, thence
along said lino to little •Juniata river, thence down
the same to the place of beginning, nt the public
school house opposite the Merman Ref. Church,
in die borough or Alexandria.
Bth district, composed of the township of Frank
lin, at the house of Jacob Mattem now occupied
by Geo. W. Matteru, in said township.
9th district, composed of Tell township, tit the
Union School House, near the Union Meeting
House, in said township.
10th district, compo.ed of Springfield township,
at the school house near Hugh Madden's in said
11th district, Composed of Union tp., nt the
school house tieur Ezekial Corbin's in snit' town-
12th district, compni,ed of Brady, township, at
the mill of Janie! Lane, in said tp.
113111 district, composed of Morris township, itt
tie het, now occupied hy Abraham Moyer, (Inn
keeper.) late Alex. ',envy, Jr., in the village of
Wotendreet, in said township.
14th district, composed of that part of West tp.,
not included in the 7th district, at the public school
house on the farm now owned by Miles Lewis,
(formerly owned by James Menlo,) in said tp.
15th district, composed of that part of Walker
township lying southwest of a Ifpe commencing
opposite David Carliiii's !mime, at the Union tp.,
lino, thence in a straight line, including said Cor
bin's house to the corner of Porter towliship, on
the fruntingden and Wdodcoek valley mad; at the
house of Jacob Magahy, tp.
_ _
I6th district, composed ofthe towlishin Of Tod,
at the Green School House in said tp. •
17th district, coninosed of that part of West tp.,
on the south-cast side Of WaiTiorridgt, beginning
at the line of West and Rendersini townships, at
the toot of said Ridge, to the line of Barrett town
ship, thence by the divisiOn liuc Of.llitrree and
West townships to the sumriiit of Stoic mountain,
to intersect the line of liendersi mil West town
ships, thence by said line to place of Liinning. at
the house now occupied by Benjamin torhie, on
Murry's Run.
18th district, composed of Cromaell tp., at the
house now occupied by David Endre, Orbisonia,
19th district, composed of the Borough of Bir
mingham, with the several tracts of land near to
and attached to the same, 110 W owned and occupi
ed by Thos. M. Owens, Joins K. M'Caliati, A.
Roberson, John Gensimer and Win. Gensimer,
situate in the township of Warriorsmark, at the
public school house in said Borough.
20th district, composed of Cates township at the
public school house in Cassville, in said tp.
21st district composed of Jackson township, at
the house of Robert Barr, now occupied by John
Hirst, at MeAleavy's Fort, in said tp.
211 district, composed of Clav township, at the
house of Joshua Shore, at the 'three Springs, in
said township. •
23d district, composed of Penn Township, at the
school house on the farm of Jacob Drumbaugli, in
said townsbp.
I also make known and give notice, as in and
17 the 13th section of the the aforesaid net I tau di
ihrticied, " that every person, excepting justices of
the peace, who shall hold any office or appOintmet
of profit or trust under the government of the U.
States, or of this State, or Of any city or incorpo
rated district, whether a commissioned officer or
agent, who is or shall be employed under the le
gislative, executive, or the judiciary department
of this tate, or of the U. States, or any city or
incorporated district, and also, that every member
of Congress and of the State Legislature, and of
the select or common council of any city, com
missioners of anY incorporased district, is by late
Incapable of holding or exercising at the same
I time, the office or appointment of judge, inspector
or clerk of any election of this Commonwealth,
and that no inspector, judge, or other officer of any
such election, shall be then eligible to any office
to be then voted for."
Also, that in the 14th section of the act of As
sembly entitled " Act relating to executions and for
other purposes," approved April 16, 1840, it is en
acted that the aforesaid 13th section " shall not be
construed as to prevent any militia officer or bor
ough officer front serving as judge, inspector, Ili
clerk, or any general of special election in this
Pursuant to the provisions contained in the 67th
section in the net aforesaid, the judges of the afore
said districts shall respectively take charge of the
certificate or return of the election of their respect
tive districts, and produce them at a meeting of
one judge from .eateihilistriet, at the Court House
in the Borough of Iruntingdon, on the third day
after the do , of the election, lacing for the present
year on FRIDAY, the 17th Of October next, then
od there to do and perform the duties - rertmied
by lauf said judges. Also, taut whcr6 a judge
by sickness an' unavoidable accident, is unable to
attend said meeting' et ttlges, then the certificate
of return ailiresaid shat taken charge of by one
of the inspectors or clerks of' the election of said
district, and shall do and perform :lie ditties re
quired of said judge unable to attend.
Also, in the Gist section of said, net it is enact
ed that "every general' and special election shall
he opened between the hours of eight and ten in
the fOrenoon, and shall continue without interrup
thin or udjournment until seven o'clock in the
evening when the polls shall be closed."
Given under My howl at Huntingann the 4th any
of September, 1851, and of the Independence of
the United States the set•otltby-fifth.
WM. B. ZEIGLER, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Huntingdon, ?
September 4, 1851. 5
M. & J. AI. ROVE.
25 . , 01 N. Thin! St., 3d door• below Race,
00,000 Corn Brooms,Boo doz. Painted Buckets,
500 nests Cedar Tuhs, GOO Cedar Churns, 400
boxes Clothes Pins, 800 nests Willow Baskets.—
Also, every description of Bristle Brushes, Mats,
Eastern, Cedar, Wood, and Willow Ware at the
lowest mantacturors' cash prices.
N. B.—Orders okomptly filled.
August 28, 1851.
Administrator's Notice.
L•'stnto of Joseph Parsons, late of Tell Township,
LETTERS of Administration having been
greeted to the undersigned on the above estate,
all persons having claims against the estate of said
deceased are requested to present their accounts
properly authenticated for settlement, and all per
sons indebted to said estate will make payment
without delay.
Sept. 4,1831.-6 t
work chiefly on bodies and wheels. Address the
subscriber, ut Alexandrin, Huntingdon co. Pa.
Aug. 28, 1851.
Encampment of the 4th Itrigade.
At a meeting of the officers (Atha 4tll Brigade
14th Division, held in Huntingdon, August I.lth
it was
Resolved, To hold no encamp:neat at Ruining
don conimeoCug nu Wednesday the Bth day of
October, to continuo three clays, and that the
military of the State ho incited to participle.
The following committee of arrange:befits was
Brig. Gen. Geo. W. Speer, Brig. Inspector
Jtt,., 0. Lightner, Capt. 11. C. McGill, Capt.
Crotsiei• Capt. J. 0. Sharrer, Lieut. 'Lewis,
Lieut. Vecker, Muj. Chas. Mickley, Adjt. A. IV.
Clurk.u, Lieut. Murry, Lieut. Bout, Lieut.
Suigert, Lieut. Snare, Lica. lleeter.
T llE fittest fast color.' 12 } cent Lawns for sale
by J. 6. II: Saxton.
May 29, 51.
ASplendid assortment of tmlios Slippers for
'solo by d• IV. Saxton.
May 29,'51.
rrilili best assortment of Hardware in town, for
sale by J. ik 1V Saxton.
Hay 29.'31.
Shade Gap, Ilinatingdon County, l'o.
Rev. J. Y. Mclitursa ' A. Principal and
Prolf`Pssur of Natural and Moral MOMS.
J. 11. W. McOnfraf, A. M., Professor of
Dr. ItleKssgur, A. 8., Professor of Mathe
Conne embraces all the
1 Branches necessary to prepare young men
either for the Higher Classes in College, or for
the duties of a profession and the active business
of Life.
- The Academy Buildings are new, commodious
and id every way adapted to 'the ,accommodation
of a large number of Students. The lotion is
distingtiiihed.ibr•its healthfulness inid the moral
and religidtis•ehartptor of its suvroudding com
munity. The year is divided into two sessions of
VI re stoarns'each. The Winter Session cent ,
mencing on the lot Wdilneigay of 'ffisvembie anti
the Summer Session on the last Wednesday y
Orthography, Reading and Writing,• • •
Arithmetic Geography, Grammar,
Mathemutica, Greek and Latin Lan
French and German, each (addition
nl charge,) 5,00
Boarding, exclusive of . fuel and lights $1,37i
per week. •
The whole expenses for a Session, inclusive of
Tuitivri, Washing, Fuel, &c., do not amount
to over $5O, and with economy, less.
Ur The subscriber, encouraged by the liberal
patronage ho has already received, would repeat
that he is determined to spare no effort in making
the Institution under his care, one that will com
mend itself to all parents and guardians who de
sire to give their Sons and wards thorough pre
paritory education without exposing them to the
contaminating and immoral influences that exist
in more populous communities.
Itir The place is easy of access, being on the
Stage route that connects Chambersburg with the
Central Railroad at Drake's Ferry.
Gir For reference or further particulars ad
dress J. Y. McGINICES.
Shade Cap, Pa., July 31, 1851-4 in
Philadelphia Medical House,
N. 11. Corner of Third and 17idon Streets,
Between Spruce and Pine Streets
VII"fEEN yearsef extensive Mid uninterrupted
I. practice spent in UHF city have rendered Dr.
K. the most expert and successful practitioner
fitr and near, hi the treatment of all diseases of a
private naitire. Persons afflicted with ulcers up
on the ',Oily, throat, or legs, paini in the head or
bones, mercurial rheumatism, strictures, gravel,
disease arising lions youthful excesses or impuri
ties of the blood, whereby the constitution has be
come enfeebled, are all treated with success.
He who places himself under the care of Dr.
may religiously confide in his honor as a gen
tleman, and confidently rely upon his skill as a
Young Men who have injured themselves by a
certain practice indulged in—a habit frequently
learned from evil companions or at school—the ef
fect of which are nightly felt, even when asleep,
and destroy both mind and body, should apply
immediately. Weakness and constitutional de
bility, loss of muscular energy, physical lassitude
and general prostration, irritability and all ner
vous affections, indigestion, sluggishness of the
liver, and every disease in any way connected
with the. disorder of the procreative functions cur
ed, and , fitll.oo„or restored.
A ligoraus a Premature Death.
Kinkilin on self Prescrettiicin. Only 25 cents.
. . . _
This Book just published is filled with useful
on the infirmities and diseases of the
Generative Organs. It addresses itself alike to
r;. , UTII MANHOOD and OLD AGE, and
should be read by all.
The valuti!de advice and impressive warning it
gives, will pr e ve n t veers of misery and suffering
and save annually thousands of lives. •
Parents by reading it will learn how to prevent
the destruction of their children.
•.. A remittance of 25 cents enclosed in a let
ter, addressed to DR. KINKELIN, N. W. corner
of Third and Union streets, between Spruce and
Pine, Philadelphia, will ensure a book, under en
velope; per return of mail.
. .
Persons et a distance may address Dr. K. by
letter, (host-paid,) and be cured at home.
Peeling. 'of Medicines, fun
warded, by sending a remittance, end put up be.
cure from damage or curiosity.
Notice of Adutinistratiott.
Estate brJ(IIIN SHEEDER, of . Tod Township,
lluntingdoti county, deed.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters of Ad
ministration on the above named estate
have been this day granted by the Register of
Huntingdon county to the subscribers,—all
persons having elaims'against the estate of said
decedent are requested to make known the same
to the undersigned. without delay and those in
debted to said estate will make immediate pay
ment to the same. .
August 7,1851.-6 t. • • •
The accounts of the late James Clark
for advertising and job work, have been
put into. the hands of the undesigned for
collection. Therefore persons who are in
debted for such work, or whose accounts
are unsettled, will please call and make
settlement with the undersigned at his
Office in Huntingdon.
P. S. All monies due said Clark for
sttbscriptions to the "Journal" are to be
paid to Alrin. IL Peightal; the present pro
priotor, he having purchased the mine: •
Huntingdon July 17 'sl] W. P. O.
Tliehindemigned, Assignees of Daniel Protsman
of liiceonnelstown, under a deed of voluntary all
sigmuent for the benefit of creditors, request as
persons indebted is any measure to said Protsmen
to make immediate payment, and those having
claims to present them for settlement.
.11/HN B. GIVEN,
Assignees cennue[Mown.
N. 1.1.—W0 will sell at ,publ4: M
sale in McCon.
nelstown on Saturday 30th Augase, at one o'clock
P. M. 113 sides of Spanish sole leather.
August 21, 1831.
A BegatMal lot of Parasols f0 . r 1.7. 1e w 1 . : y sexion,
May 29, 51,
ONE first rate 4 octave, harp bland BIEL()
1/EaN for sale at
Sept 11.1831