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    For the Huntingdon Journal.
Mount UniOri Encampment ,
_ _
, k
Ma. EDITOR.-After what has appeared in the
Ledger, of the 21st inst., in regard to a military
encampment, recently held at Mt. Union, in this
County, I deem it my duty, as a member of one of
the companies composing the encampment, to
make a statement of facts relative to the matter,
lest by our hitherto silence, and what has emana
ted from the pens of one or two individuals with
prejudiced minds, an unfavorable impression may
be produced in the minds of the community.
'rho encampment it is tree, comparatively speak
ing, was small, only four companies being in at
tendance, but this circumstance had no tendency
to frustrate the object of our assemblage. The
military rules and regulations of soldiers quartered
',II such occasions, were strictly observed and en
liseed. And systematic battalion exercise was
had every &yet regular hours, in connection with
which there was daily company drill. So that, as
regards acquisition of knowledge in military sci
once, I think ho' Soldier-returned home dissatisfied. I I
The greatest good feeling pervaded the entire
bounds, anti no disorderly conduct was exhibited
at any time. When on duty, every member was
orderly and attentive, and all the officers 'faithfully
discharged their duty. A goodly number of the
,oldiers boarded themselves in their tents; the rest
boarded at Mr. Hollidal's Hotel, a few steps from
the ground. But all were required to lodge in
their tents, without reference either to rank or
standing. This gave us a faint idea of a soldier's
life, but it appealed to be perfectly congenial with
the feelings of all. But notwithstanding the rigid
ity and exactness of the rules by which we were
governed, I never saw a set of men whet enjoyed
themselves more, on any occasion, than did the
soldiers of our recent encampment.
Our next encampment will occur at this place,
sometime during the coming Spring, when a great
number of companies will be present; and if the
writer of the Ledger can make it convenient to at
tend, we certainly will not overlook hint in the
presentation of our arms, in honor of the very high
reputation he has acquired in our section of the
country, by his recent effort in our behalf. All
the author said is a tissue of lies. There were no
companies present uniformed as ho described them.
True, we are not dandies, nor city gentlemen, but
we are honest and work for our living.
Huntingdon, Oct. 25, 1850. • s. e. 0.
A New STATE.—The Green Bay Advocate
says that the people of the Upper Peninsula of
Michigan are agitating the project of separation
from the State, awl the formation of a new State.
On the 24th inst., in this place, by the Rev. L.
P. Hawes, Rev. GEORGE ELLIOTT, Pastor of the
Presbyterian church, in Alexandria, to Miss MAR
GARET A. Minix,
At ihnTislinrg, on the 20th inst., Rec. J. H.
Coit, Mr. ELISHA PECK, of Tioga county, to
Miss REBECCA UARRETSON, of York county.
On the 17th inst., by Bev. J. F. Mesick, Trrrs
TAYLOR Won Tit, Esq., Editor of the "Lebanon
Courier," to Miss MARY ELLEN, daughter of Dr.
J. W. Wiestling, of Harrisburg.
[We congratulate friend' WORTH on the above
happy event, and give him a most cordial welcome
into the ranks of married blessedness. We may
also congratulate the citizens of Lebanon on the
hope they may now reasonably entertain of an in
r Mtn of I Vora in their most worthy little county.]
At Duncan's Island, of Consumption, on the
20th inst., Mrs. ELIZABETH DUNCAN, wife of Dr.
Thomas Duncan, in the 27th year of her age.
[How true it is, that "afflictions never come
singly." But a few months since, death entered
the family of Dr. Duncan, and his widowed mother
was taken from him; soon after, he followed his
four children to their last lonely resting place, and
now we are called upon to record this last and
heaviest affliction. In the midst of his sore afflic
tions, however, the grief-stricken husband has the
sweet consolation of knowing, that though the cold
winds sweep unfeelingly over the lonely resting
places of the loved and lost, their happy spirits
have soared aloft to a better world, where "the
weary arc at rest," and where they will tune-their
golden harps, and forever sing praises to Dim
who is "the fairest among ten thousand."
Philadelphia Bates of Discount.
Philadelphia Banks • • par Lebanon, par
Pittsburg, par Chinn bersburg,
Germantown Pat t icttysburg,
Chester County, • • • • par Middleton,
Delaware County, • • • par Carlisle,
Montgomery Co., • • • pan! larrisburg
Northumberland •• • • piu'llunesdale, 11
Col. Bridge Co, • • • •parl Wyoming par
Reading par Erie Bank, I
lancaster, par,' Waynesburg,
Doylestown par Schuylkill Haven, • • • par
Easton purl West Branch par
Bucks County, par Belief Notes . 11
Bwnsville part " " new Issue • 1
Pottsville pan , State Scrip,
Washington, 4 Pittsburg City Scrip • • 10
York, :, . Allegheny City, 25
Danville, pari Allegheny County,• • • 20
New Counterfeit.
Lancaster Bank Pa,-s's, Relief, new issue.—
The engraving is pretty fair and the general ap
pearance of the note, with the exception of the pa
per which looks as if varnished, quite good. They
may however, be easily detected by observing that
some of the letters of — Lancaster" touch the flow
ers around the medallion at the left of the vignette,
whilst in the genuine there is a considerableapace
between all the letters anti the medallion. The
letters in the names of the Engravers are not all
of the same size iu the counterfeits.
Farmers' Bank of Lancaster, Lancaster, Pa,-2's
Roliot May be detected by noticing that the "o"
at termination of "C 0.," m name of Engravers,
nearly touches the "N" commencing New York on
the bad note, whereas in the genuine the two let
ters are some distance apart.
PHILADELPHIA, Oct 26, 1850.
The Flour market is quiet. A sale of 1000
bbls. a good brand, tit $4,87i and 200 bbls. west
ern at same price. Sides to Ihe trade for $4,87 a
$5, for continuo and select brands, and $2,25 a
$5,50 fur extra. In Rye Flour and Corn Meal no
transactions hate been reported.
Grain--There is but a limited amount of Wheat
oftbring, and prices steady; sales of prime Red at
61,05, and White at $1,12 per bush. Rye scarce
—we quota Southern at 68 a 69 eta. Corn is
scarce, and sales of Yellow have been made at 65
cents, at which price it is in demand. Oata dull
at former rates-41 to 42 cts.
Fins llf COLIIMIIii.—A fire broke out in Co
lumbia, Pa., on Saturday afternoon, in a stable at
the rear of the Columbia Batik. Seven or eight
stables were burned. The Lancaster firemen went
to their assistance. The fire was the work of an
TUNNELLING THE ALPS.—A Turin letter to the
editor of the London times, says; "I am told that
the great project of piercing the Mount Cenis for
a monster tunnel, has been abandoned, and that a
new line, connecting Liaise with the subsisting
railroad from Genoa to Turin Is under consider
MISS MARY A. MILLER, respectfully an
nounces to the Ladies of Huntingdon, that
she has just returned from the city with a splendid
assortment of MILLINERY GOODS and FAN
CY ARTICLES, of the very latest, richest and
most fashionable styles. She invites the Ladies
to call and examine her beautiful and fashionable
BONNETS, and TRIMMINGS, and splendid as
sortment of FANCY GOODS, as front the extent
and variety of her stock, she feels confident of be
ing able to please, both as to quality and price.
ried on in all its various branches, and all orders
will be thankfully received and attended to with
Huntingdon, Oct. 29, 1850.-3 t.
HAVING located in Huntingdon, offers his pro
fessional verviees to the citizens of the town
and vicinity. Office in the new brick row, oppo
site Dr. Henderson's.
Oct. 20, 1850.—at.
"Music Hath Charms."
;IMITH has just received, at the Huntingdon
Book Store, a choice assortment of MUSIC
TARS, with Preceptors. These instruments are
of a superior quality, am! produce a "concord of
sweet sounds' , that hill upon the ear
"Like the sweet south upon a bank of violets,
Stealing and giving odor."
Oct. 29, 1850.
FOR fear you will be crushed by the avalanche
of Fall and winter Goods which J.
& W. SAXTON have just received and opened
for public inspection and purchase, at their store
in Huntingdon, so celebrated for their cheapness
and variety. The crowds assembling at their
store daily, are only equalled by the numbers
nightly rushing for seats at a Jenny Lind
Concert I We have better and cheaper
Goods than can be found at any other establish
ment in the country. If you don't believe this
assertion, "just drop in, you won't intrude,"
and verify it by examining qualities and prices.
To enumerate in detail all the articles we have
for sale. would occupy too much space in the
paper, to the exclusion of "marriages," always
so interesting to the fairer portion of our nu
merous customers. We will mention but a few.
We have For the Ladies, (first in our es
teem, and "first in the hearts of their country
men,") Long Shawls, Thibet Shawls, Silks,
French Merino, Alpacas, Bonnet Ribbon, Cash
mere de Lanes, Jenny Lind Cloth, Ladies' and
Children's M u ffs, &c. &c. with every desirable
article of DRESS GOODS.
B7* - The Ladies will not forget that their de
partment is confined to the store on the corner,
opposite Coats' Hotel.
A splendid assortment of the above article.
FRESH GROCERIES, of which we have the
very best, and will sell at a very small advance
on cost. Just call and examine ter yourselves.
a great many other articles too numerous to
mention, all of which will be sold low for cash
or country produce.
3" We will receive and store Grain, also,
and pay the highest market prices, and it is ad
mitted by all to be the most convenient place to
unload Grain in and about town.
J. &. W. SAXTON.
Huntingdon, Oct. 29, 1820.
SALT AND PLASTER for ante by J. Sr W.
SAXTON. [Oct. 29, 1830.
ACAMPBELL, Land Agent at Lasalle, II
• linois, has opened a general Land Agency for
Middle and Northern Illinois, and Southern Wis
consin, where he will attend to the purchase and
sale of Improved and Unimproved Lands, payment
of Taxes, Location of Mexican Land Warrants,
making selections for those who may he entitled to
Bounty Lands under the late act of Congress, and
generally to all business connected with a general
Land Agency. .
Having completed arrangements whereby per
sons wishing - to procure lands in this fertile and
rapidly improving portion of the West, can do so
at the minimum price of $1,25 per acre, without
the expense and risk of travelling there, any per
son who may pay to my Agent, James Maguire,
at Huntingdon, the sum of two hundred dollars,
will have one quarter section (160 acres) entered
in their name, (or as they may direct) for which
they will receive the patent from the general Laud
Of#ce at Washington city, in their name, clear of
all charges.
According to existing laws those lands are not tax
able for 5 years from the date of the entry. Sat
isfactory security will be given for all performances
an my part, Lind' for the retimtling of the amount
of the purchase, with 6 per cent., at the expiration
of five years, to any person who may then be dis
satisfied with the location.
The canal from Chicago to Lasalle, at the head
of Steam-boat Navigation on the Illinois River,
the Railroad from Chicago to Galena, which is
now in process of construction, and the Railroad
from Chicago to Rock Island, on the Mississippi
river, now completed to Aurora, some 30 miles
west of Chicago, will pass through this country
front East to West, and the great Central Raiiroad
from Galena to the mouth of the Ohio river, pass
es through it from North to South, for the con
struction of which the late Congress appropriated
a large amount of lend, thereby securing, beyond
doubt, its speedy completion ; and there is no doubt
in the mind of any person well informed upon the
subject, but Chicago will be connected with all the
Atlantic Cities by Railroad, in the course of from
two to four years from this time, thereby enabling
thmilies to emigrate to this country in the short
space of from three to four days, from any portion
of the East, without the riskof travelling by steam
boat. Persons wishing to procure desirable homes
for themselves and families, will do well to make
application soon, as the amount of public lands is
limited, and is being taken up tepidly by actual
Any information desired, can be obtained from
ISAAC FISHER, Esq., Huntingdon, Pa.
KESSLER & BROTHER, Mill Creek, Huntingdon
County, Pa.
ALtotrum & DORBRY, Huntingdon, Pa.
S. S. BLAIR, Esq., Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Letters connected with the business may be
addressed to A. CAMPBELL, Peru I'. 0. La
salle Co., Illinois.
Oct. 29, 1850.-3 m.
VARIETY of articles too numerous to men
tion for sale at Cunntlighalls's Grocery and
sontectionary "Head Quarters."
WINE for invalids, for sale by
ct. 1, MO. R. W. SMITH.
Administrator's Notice.
P.TTERSoi Administration have been grant
ed to the undersigned, upon the Estate of
Peter Showalter, sr. late of Penn township,Hun
tingdon county, dec'd. All persons knowing
themselves indebted are requested to make pay
ment immediately, and those having claims will
present them, properly authenticated, for set
A8'.31., STATES,
Oct. 29, 1850.-9 t.—pd. Administrators.
Administrator's Notice.
LETTERS of Administration have been gran
ted-1-4 to the undersigned upon the estate of
ANDREW M'NEAL, late of Morris township,
deceased. All persons knowing themselves in
debted are requeQted to make immediate pay
ment, and those having claims will present them
properly authenticated for settlement,
Oct. 22, 1850.—pd. ; Administrators.
Valuable Property at Private bale.
TIDE subscriber will sell his farm at private
sale, situated in Kishaeoquillas valley, about
three miles
. west of A Ilenville, adjoining lands
of C. &Daniel Yoder, Samuel King and °there.,
containing 142 acres, about 125 acres of which
is cleared, and in a good state of cultivation.—
The remainder is well tinibered. The improve
ments are a large two story Stene House, good
Log Barn, good Spring at .the door, good Spring
House, and all other necessary out-buildings.—
A first rate Apple Orchard of choice fruit, and
only six miles from the Pa. Canal and Central
Railroad. This farm is laid off in fifteen fields,
with running, water in every field, and a running
stream through the barn yard. This farm will
be sold rens), able, as the subscriber is desirous
of emigrating to the wes..
Oct. 22, 1850. JOSEPH MUSSER.
BY virtue of sundry writs of Vend. Ex. to me
directed, will be exposed to sale on Monday
the 11th day of November next, at 10 o'clock,
A. M,, at the Court House, in the Borough of
Huntingdon, at public out-cry, the following de
scribed property, viz:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land situate
in Jackson township, Huntingdon county, con
taining about 100 acres, more or less, adjoining
lands of Henry Shunkwiler, John and William
Smith, and others, having a two story log house
and log barn thereon erected, from 40 to 60 a
cres cleared, some fruit trees on the premises.
I Seized, taker in execution, and to be sold as the
property of John Beightal.
ALSO—AII that certain tract or parcel of land
lying on Stone Mountain, in Jackson township,
containing 437 acres, more or less, adjoining
lands of Kobert Cummins and others warranted
in the name of Jonathan Priestly, having no in,
provement thereon. Seized, taken in execution
and to be sold as the property of F. A. Jen
ALSO—AII defendant's right, title and inter
est, in and to all that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land situate in I3arree township, Hunt
ingdon county, containing about 100 acres more
or less, adjoining lands of Alexander Livingston,
Joshua Greer and others, having thereon erected
a small log house, log horn, having about 00 or
60 acres cleared. Seized, taken in execution,
and to be sold as the property of John Living
ALSO—AII thatcertain parcel or tract of land
situate in West township, containing about 150
acres more or less, adjoining Janus of John Stry
ker, John Neff, and others, having thereon erect
ed a two story brick dwelling house, frame barn,
about 110 acres cleared, a good young apple or
chard on the premises. Also, all that certain
parcel or tract of land situate in West township
adjoining lands of Mark M'Donald, Robt, Moore
and others, having thereon erected a two story
frame dwelling house, barn, part cleared, being
the same tract of land purchased by defendant
from John Lang. Also, all that certain tract of
unseated land situate in West township, lying
along Tussey Mountain, adjoining Dorsey's
heirs, John Land and others. Also, all that
certain unseated tract of land situate in
Huntingdon county, containing 300 acres,
lying along Tussey Mountain, adjoining the a
bove mentioned tract and others. Also, one
other tract of unseated land situate in
containing about 200 acres, lying along
Tussey Mountain, adjoining the above mention
ed tract and others. Seized, taken in execution,
and to be sold as the property of Edwin F. Sho
ALSO—AII that certain piece or lot of ground
situate in Tod township, Huntingdon county,
containing 15 acres more or less, adjoining lands
of Edward Anderson, Henry Roods having there
on erected a two story log house, store house
and frame stable, all cleared. Also, 150 acres
of unseated land situate in same township, ad
joining lands of Philip I3arnitt, Jesse Cook and
David Blair,Esq. Seized, taken in execution,
and to be ld as the property of John P. Baker.
ALSO—By virtue of a writ of Fieri Farina,
will be sold on the day aforesaid, a tract of un
seated land, in Jackson or Barree township, sur
veyed inisame of John Wright, containing 401
acres, adjoining Jonathan Priestly, Jonathan
Austin and others. Seized, taken in execution,
and to be sold as the property of Proctor Cad
willader, Mitch., Cadwallader, and Anna
Maria Cadwallader, heirs of the late John Cad
wallader, dec'd.
- -
ALSO—AII the right, title and interest of
John Wood in and to that certain lot of ground
situate in the Borough or Birmingham, Warriors
mark township, Huntingdon county, adjoining
lot of Jacob Yeager, fronting on Tyrone street,
66 feet and running back 166 feet to Vineyard
alley, being No. 18 on the plan of said Borough,
having a one and a half story frame plastered
dwelling house thereon erected.
M. CROWNOVER, Sheriff.
Oct. 22, 1830.-4 s.
W HEREAS by a precept to me directed, dated
at Huntingdon, the 24th day of Aug. A.
D. 1850, under the hands and seals of the Hon.
George Taylor, President of the Court of Com
mon Please, Oyer and Terminer, and general
jail deliver{' of the 20th judicial district of Penn
sylvania composed of Huntingdon, Blair and
Cambria, and the Hon. James Gwin and John
Stewart, his associates, Judges of the county of
Huntingdon, justices assigned, appointed, to hear
try and determine all and every indictments made
or taken for or concerning all crimes, which by
the laws of the State are made capital or felonies
of death - and other offences, crimes and misde
meanors, which have been or shall hereafter be
committed or perpetrated fur crimes aforesaid
—.l am commanded to make public proclamation
throughout my whole baliwick that a Court of
Oyer and Terminer, of Common Please and-
Quarter Sessions, will be held at the Court
blouse in the borough of Huntingdon, on the
second Monday (and 11th day) of November
next, and those who will prosecute the said pris
oners be then and there to prosecute them as it
shall be just, and that all Justices of the Peace.
Coronors and Constables within said county be
then and there in their proper persons, at 10
o'clock, A. M. of said day, with their records,
inquisitions, examinations and remembrances,
to do those things which to their offices respect
fully appertain.
Dated at Huntingdon the 12th day of October in
the year of our Lord 1850, and the 74th year
of American Independence.
October 22, 1820.
W unricss, bye precept to me directed by the
Judges of the Common Pleas of the coon•
ty of Huntingdon, bearing test, the 24th of Aug.,
1830, 1 am commanded to make Public Procla
mation throughout my whole baliwiek, •hat a
court of Common Pleas, will be held at the Court
House in the borough of Huntingdon, on the
Monday (and 18th day) of Nov., A. D., 1850,
for the trial of all issues in said Court, which
remains undetermined before the said Judges,
when and whom all jurors, witnesses nod sutl
ers, in the trial oral{ inane are required.
Dated at Huntingdon the 12th of October, in the
year of our Lord 1850, and the 74th year of
American Independence.
M. CItOWNOVI:Is, Sheriff.
• October 22, 1850.
.•Now the, burly burly's done )
Now the battle's lost and won."
THE"noise and contusion" attendant 'iron
the election, having subsided, the public
will now have time to visit the PEOPLE'S
CHEAP CLOTHING STORE, which has just
been supplied with the largest, most beautiful,
aiid cheapest assortment ot READY MADE
CLOTHIMi ever brought to Huntingdon,
coneisting in part of Dress and Frock Coats,
Overcoats and Cloaks Sack Coats, Pants and
Vests of the latest an d richest putterns. The
remarkably LOW PRICES at which Clothing
can and will be sold at the People's Cheap Store,
cannot fail to 'Menet purchasers.
every variety of Shirts, Collars, Suspenders,
Hosiery, Caps, Umbrellas, Flannel Skirts and
Drawers, Handkerchiefs, Gloves &c. &c.
REGULAR CUSTOM WORleattended to as
usual. A large assortment of beautiful Cloths,
Cassimeres and Vestings constantly on hand, at
the PEOPLE'S CHEAP STORE, which will
be made up to order, at short notice, and in the
very best style of workmanship.
GREAT INDUCEMENTS are offered to
purchasers. Those who visit SNYDER'S estab
lishment, and examine his magnificent stork of
Goods for the Fall and Winter Trade, will be
convinced that it is the interest of every man,
who studies E; onomy, or.who values his appear
ance in society, to purchase his Clothing ut the
0 come, caine away,
No longer delay,
'Tis time to prepare for the Fall.
Some thick clothing buy,
For cool weather is nigh,
So repair to Ss YDEIt'S Cheap Hall!
Good Clothing you'll find,
That's just to your mind,
And CHEAP as good Clothing can be.
Then come one and all,
To the People's Cheap llall,
And purchase good clothing of one.
Huntingdon, Oct. 15, 1850.
Rev. J. Y. APGintte.g, A. 211., unit J. 11. Ir.
IPPGinnes, A. M., Principals. The Winter
Session will commence on the first Wednesday
of November, 1850, to continue five mouths.—
The course of instruction embraces all the
branches necessary to prepare young men either
for the higher classes in College, or for the stu
dies of a profession, and the active business of
life. The Academy building is new, commo
dious, and in every way adapted to the accom
modation ot a large number of boarders... The
location is distinguished for its healthfulness,
and the moral and religious character of the sur
rounding community. It is easy of access, be
ing on the stage route connecting Chambersburg
with the Central Railroad, at Drake's Ferry.
TEEMS PER SESSION,— For Orthography,
Reading and Writing, $5; Arithmetic, Geogra
phy, Grammar, Composition, Natural Philoso
phy, Astronomy, Physiology, Chemistry, &c.,
$8; Mathematics,
Greek and Latin languages,
$l2; French and German, each $5. Boarding,
exclusive of fuel and light, $1,25 per week.—
For reference, or further particulars, address
Shade Gap, Oct. 15, 1850.
NOTICE is hereby given to ail persons concer•
ned, that the following named persons have
settled their accounts in the Register's Office
at Huntingdon, and that the said accounts will
be presented for confirmation and allowance at
an Orphan's Court, to be held at Huntin. don,
in and for the county of Huntingdon,. Wednes
day the 13th, day of November next, to wig:
1. Isaac Moreland, administrator oh Thomas
Moreland, late of Springfield township, dec'd.
2. James Chamberlain, administrator of Mar
tin Gates, late of Franklin township, dec'd.
3. James Gillam, administrator of Dr. John
Rankin, late of Barree township, deed.
-I. James Stewart .d George Wilson, admin
istrators of David Jackson, late of Jackson town
ship dec'd.
5. Joseph Park and william Crotsly, adminis
trators of John Miller, late of Cass township,
6. John Owens, Esq.,administrator of David
Garrett, late of the orough of Birmingham
7. Daniel Massey, administrator of Mathias
Lightner, late of Barree township, dee'd.
8. William Mitchell, administrator of James
Mitchell, late of 'l' ell township, ilec'd.
9. James S. Reed, administrator of James
Ramsey, late of the Borough of Alexandria
M. F. CAMPBELL, Register,
Resisters office,
Hul'aingdon, Oct. 15, 1850
GEORGE GWIN has just received and
opened the largest and most splendid assort
offered to the people of Huntingdon coi , ..ity, and
is prepared to sell at such remar n gably LOW
PRICES as must induce everv; i ody to buy.
His stock has been setcteCl with great care,
with a view to cheaimess and good quality, and
comprises, in ;:art, Cloths of all kinds, French,
Belgian airl4 Fancy cassimeres, Kentucky Jeans,
Ore,, , en and Tweed cloths, Vestings, Flannels,
and Drillings, and a variety of cotton goods for
summer wear; Mouslin de Laines, Alpaccas,
French Lawns and Scarfs, Shawls and Handker
chieis, Merinos, Calicoes of the newest styles
and at low prices, Earlston, French, Scotch and
Domestic Ginghams and Balzorines, French and
Irish Linens, Bed Tickings, Muslins, Sheetings,
&c. Having heretofore been honored by a large
patronage irom the Ladies ' he hiss procured the
most elegant assortment of Lathes' Dress Goods
ever brought to the interior 01 the State. Also
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Groceries, Queens
ware, and a great variety of goods of all kinds.
In short he is prepared to offer Or-at Bargains
to those who favor him with their custom. All
are invited to call and judge for themselves.—
It affords him pleasure to exhibit his goods at
all times.
C1(7" All kinds of country produce taken in
exchange for goods.
0rt.15, -1850
Nrzasnumg, HUNTINGDON C 01,3 Y.
August 13, :6g0,-2m.
REMAININO in the Post Office, et Hunting.
don, October let, 1850.
A Lott Mrs Nancy
Ayres Miss J. B. Loydd Miss Mary A
Ayres Miss Site DI
Artist Daguerrean Mahoney John 2
13 Matthew George
Burnside Col. Jas. Montgomery Mr
Bond Mrs. Ann M. M'Cue John 3
Bugg Elizabeth M'Calie Wm
Bale Washington M'Corkell Alex
Bullock Jacob Muudorl Win
Brady Miss Amv 2 Morningstar Adam
Birckhead Sand. J. M'Cue Adam
Baum Jno. Moyer Mr
C WDonnell James
Cowden Chas. 2 Montgomery Henry L
Corbin Jo,. Marshall Wesley
Cronin Jim. Miller Miss Mary A
Canfort Jesse M'Kalip Hobert
Campbell Robert E. Ma eruken Joseph
elMell Mr. D. M'Miller Joseph
Curilloy Mary Jane Martin Josepha
(.' happel John. Myna' Wm
Calebs Mr. Miller li E
Curbit Michael N P
Cox Mr. Norton E A
Coleburn Win. Pierce J A
Conway Wm. Q U
11) Quin Edusard 2
Davenport Win. Esq. ]tourk William
Donne! C. W. 0. Thus di Campbell
Denniston John T 14
Dutly James Shepherd John
Duff Col I) 2 Sankey James
I Mugherty John Schwier Margret
Dunne 'llamas Stern Jacob
Dooley Thomas Shedaker E 0
F Storolmtin Louisa
Fetterly Jacob Sourer C G 2
Faireheld Rev Edward Smith Patrick
Farrell llryan, Smith Lient Adam
Foster James Smith Sarah J
Hotel Henry Stitzer Wm 3
Flvntt Julia Stewart Alex
G Slienefelt Abraham
Waspy. Margaret Stiles Miss Frances E
Gill John I) Spam& S L
Green John A Stewart John
Glasgo B F Mil Stewart Mary
Good James S Smiley John
Grille)* Patrick Stottllbr lance
Llitspy Elizabeth Scofield Natlum
Goodin' E 11_ Ilurtzman Wm
Snyder Louis
Iloist John Savage Catharine
Iligl.t Mrs Mary Stoneliraker Wm.
Hodges John Scott George
1 Itunpshire N Scott .1 11
Ilanimel James 2 Starks Miss Margaret
Harris Eli Stitz It
Hawn Michael Sweeter James
Harris Wellington 2 Scallcv Bymard
Ilaclin Frazer Copt Shive Miss Mary Jane
Ilatchison James Sterns Samuel
harper John I, Stitt Alexander
I tarter Frederick T
llires Mi,s Ma•y Thomas Wm
Haley John Thompson John
I Tisdale Charles
Irvin James Taylor Isaac
J Trever Mrs, Ann
Jane David Thomas J E
Jackson Mrs Jane Town John
loses Jesse V
Johnston Dan J Vandyke Henry
If W
Kirts Josiah Worthier Michael
Krug Michael Wolverton Chas
Kingman II J Walsh Ilvv J
Keyser John S White Miss Ell en m
Kinney John It Walls John 2
Kemp Miss Mary 2 Well I/r Francis
Kelly Janes IV illiams Curlott
Keller John Walters Harvey
Kurtz Jacob Wood It \V
Kepler& Stiver When Jacob
L Warfel Harriet
Leg,•rever Jacob Wall Rebecca
Lightner J G Wittman J (I
Persons enquiring for letters on the above list
will please say they are advertised.
civ 'Two cents in addition to the regular post.
age charged an advertised letters.
Oct. 15, 1850.—dt.
Who is the Owner ?
CA ME to the premises of the subscriber, about
the last of August, a RED STEER, with a
few white spots on his face, supposed to be about
three years old. The owner is requested to call,
prove propety, pay charges, and take it away.
Oct. 15, 1850.-3 t. REUBEN DUFF.
Auditor's Notice.
THE undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Orphans' Court of the county of Hunting
don, to distribute the balance in the humid of
Anti Tolley, surviving Administrator of the Es
tate of SAMUEL MYTON, lute of West town
ship, deed., also the balance in the hands of
William Myton, Samuel Myton and Jas. Stew
art, Administrators of JOHN W. MYTON, de
ceased, (who was, in his life-time, one of the
Administrators of the said Samuel Myton, de
reased,) belonging to the estate of the said Sam
uel Myton, dec'd., amongst those entitled to
receive the same, hereby gives notice that be
will attend l'or the purpose above mentioned, on
FRIDAY, the lAt day of November new, at his
ofliee in the Borough of Huntingdon, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon of said day, when and where all
persons interested may attend if they think pro
per. JOHN REED, Auditor.
Oct. 1,1830.-5 t
Auditor's Notice,
Z EE undersigned Auditor, uPP.;:ated by the
Orphans Coutt of Uuntinl;imil county, to
distribute the balance in tie:, ', nin th ; o f John fJjest
Administrator of the listate of ELIZA fIEI Et
WILSON, lute of '..;arree township, in the coun
ty of deceased, amongst those en
titled to receive the same, hereby gives notice
that :in will attend, Mr the purpose above men
,owned, at his office in the borough of Hunting
don, on Saturday the day of November next,
at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day, when
and where all persons interested spay attend if
they think proper.
. . JOHN REED, Auditor,
Oct. 1, 1850.—.5t.
School Teachers Wanted.
Five School Teachers, to teach the Public
Schools of Union Township. Applicants are re
quired to teach all brunches of English education
commonly taught in country schools. Application
to be made to the undersigned, on or before the
first of November.
WM. PHEASANT, President,
Of Board of school Directors.
Union Township, Oct. 15, 1850.-3 t.
Six Cents Reward!
R AN away from the subscriber, in Peters
burg, Huntingdon county, on the 2ith of
August, a Mulatto Servant Girl, named Harriet
Magraw. She is about 15 years of age, rather
tall and good looking. All persons are warned
against harboring said runaway. The above re
ward will be paid to any person who will de-'
liver her to me again.
Petersburg, Oct. 15, 1850.-3 t.---pl.
State Mutual Wire Insurance Co. of
Ihnutsuirno, PA.
Office at the Huntingdon Book Store.
July 23, 1830. Authorized Apra
, cra4ll, 7-
, "
1~ 4
Ahead of all others wigs 11ew Clothing!
T HE undersigned have just received and are
now opening the largest and most splendid
assortment of P ALL AND WINTER CLOTH
ING ever brought to Huntingdon. Our new
stock consists of black, blue, green and hi ow:i
Frock and Dress Coats, from $0 to $l2, we, t.
more money ; black, brown, drab and bine I •
Coats and Sack Coats, iron $2,50 to isl,2.
$l5; a fine assortment of Business e. .
Jackets, black Satin and Figured V • • •
mere and eassmet Pants. Sh.rts,
Gloves, Stocks, Trunks and Carpet 1;ao,, all 0
which will be sold at auction prices.
Mao, the latest styles of NEW YORK HATS
and BOSTON BOOTS, the superior quality and
low prices Cl MM.!) have astonished the world,
dumb forrnlrd Queen Victoria, and brought
Kirgs off their Thrones to purchase from
Purchasers should BE WA RE OF IMPOSTERS
who ask five prices ro their clothing, aril who
allow themselves to be beat down to two prices.
Such a system is certainly not in accordance
with fair dealing, and will not be practised at
the Hall of Fashion, ns leng as purchasers are
opposed to the "five price" system.
The HAr.s. or EssnioN has, after an existence
of three years. won a character for selling good
and fashionable clothing Cll. r, and it will en
deavor to keep up that character, by selling at
Sept. 3 1850.-3 m. B. &W. SNARE.
AT oapHANs , couar SALE.
RI Y virtue elan order of the Or plian7s Court of
17 Huntingdon county, there will be'exposed to
public sale, on the premises, at 1 o'clock, on
Friday, November 141, 1850, A TRACT OF WELL
ceurivATEu LAND, late the estate of Anthony j.
Stewart, (We'll., situate in Morris township,
Huntingdon county, one mile west rum Water
street, (formerly known as the Squire pro 11 pie
perty,) containing l!ig Acorn, be the same n,ore
or less, adjoining lands of William Hilemen, Su
sannah Harnish, Adam Focht, uml others; hav
ing thereon a two story house, log barn, and
other small buildings, orchard of fruit trees, and
several strong springs of limestone water.
It is a valuable and desirable property, being
of the best quality of limestone soil and hand
somely situated.
TRILAIS ne SALE -One third of the purchase
money to be paid upon confirmation of the sale,
the balance in two equal annual payments with
interest from the confirmation of sale, to be se
cured by bands and mirtgages of the purchaser.
By order of the Court,
31. F. Cniartiant, Clesk.
Sept. 24, 1830
Philadelphia Watch and Jewelry Store, No.
X 53, North fhird Street.
Gold Lever Witiehes, full jeweled, 19 caret
eases, $3O and over ; Silver Lever Watches. kill
jeweled, $l6 and over;
Silver Lepine,kwel,d,
$ll and over; Silver Quartier Watches, $5 to
$10; Gold Pencils, $1 to $l2; Geld Pencils,
warranted, $1 and over.
Breast Pins, Finger Rings, and every des
cription of Jewelry in like provort:on. He
would wish to inform his friends in Huntingdon
county. that he has enlarged his establishment,
and greatly increased his already extensive stock
of good, which he now offers for sale at such
prices that will strike terror to all competitors.
Call and see me; I will charge you nothing for
looking. Don't forget the RED SIGN, six doors
North of our friend Hirst's City Hotel.
. 55, tVo , th Third Street.
Philadelphia, Sept. 17, 1850.
TOIIN STONE & SONS, importers and deal
ers in Silks, Ribbon.; and Mlllnery Goods,
No. Ci &mat Second Street, Plaltutelphia.—
Have received by late arrivals from France, a
large and very desirable assortment of FALL
MILLINERY GOODS, among which will be
Bonnet Velvets of all colors in variety of prices
Satins , t
Corded Velvets , t as u
• •
. _.„ ••
Figured, water'd and corded Bonnet Goods.
Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, a large assortincht.
French and Ameri,un
Laces, Bonnet Tabs, CtoWns, Brickrnms;
&c., togetl , er with a splendid assortment of Par
is Fanny Feathers.
The above goods were selected by one of the
firm in France, and will be sold at the very
lowest market prices.
Phil:lda., Sept. 17, I' vr0 lin
Valuable Pl:,ilerly at PUblle Sale.
'llE subscribers Will sell at public sale, on tiie, on Thursday the 71k day of Nov
next, at 1 O ' clock, P.JM.aTractnt Land, contain
ing "°iacres, more or IeSS, situate and lying in
l'enn Township, Huntingdon county, adjoining
Lords of .fohn & Benjarnin (drove, lands of Jane
Steel awl others, about On acres of which is
cleared and in a griod state of eultivatioi:, the
buildings thereon erected ore a 4,oud two story
Log Dwelling IlMise, well finished, Log Dank
&c. There is also a good apple orchard
on the premises, no excellent spring of never
failing water near the house, and the tract gen
erally. is well supplied With water. The said
tract of land is owned by the estate of Samuel
Steel and jane Steel jointly. The said Jane
Steel will attend on the day of sale herself, or
by her agent, James Entrekin, Esq., for the
purpose of ratifying and confirming sale of said
land. TEsms.—.-One third of the purchase mo
ney to b. paid on etinfirmation of sale ; the oth
er, two thirds to be paid in yearly payments of
five hundred dollars each, with interest thereon
from etinfamation of sale, to be paid annually.
Payments to be secured by bond and mortgage
df purchaser. JAMES GIVIN,
Er'r3. ,Yamuel
Sept. 17, 1810.—ts.
Mr guile It
issolution of Partnership.
T HE. partnership heretofore existing between
Elijah C. Gillairt Kt Wm. J. Franks, in tho
Mercantile business, in Saulshure, Baru, town
ship, Hunt. en., was dissolved by mutual con
sent on the Ltd day of September, MO. The
books and accounts are lett in the hands of Wm.
J. Franks, at the otil stand, where all indebted
are requested to call and settle immediately.
Sept. 21, 1850.-34.
NNOTICE is hereby given that the books, notes
and unsettl,l accounts of tha subscribers
are in the hands nf p %v v ., sNAR, 17,: q ., of Hun
tingdon, fur settlement. All persons interested
will please call at his office without delay, and
thereby save posts.
Sept. 17 1 1810.-31.—pt.