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    toutageous effects of A Mother's Fear.
First impressions made on the fears
of a child, are as apt to be enduring as
first impressions of any other kind.
Hence the mischief of frightful nurse
ry tales. Wirt, in his recollections of
his first ten years, thus describes the
lasting effect of his childish sympathy
with his mother's fear :
On the evening that 1 am speaking
of, there was one of the most violent
thunder storms 1 have ever witnessed.
My aunt got down her bible and began
to read aloud. As the storm increased
she read louder and louder. My Moth
er was exceedingly frightened. She
was one of the most tender and affec
tionate of beings but she had the titn
idity of her sex in an extreme degree—
and, indeed, this storm was enough to
appal the stotttest heart.—One flash of
lightning struck a tree in the yard, and
ripped off a large splinter, which it
drove towards us. My mother shriek
ed aloud, flew behind the door and took
me wiilt her. My aunt remained firm
in her seat, and noticed the peal in no
other way thdn by the increased energy
of her voice. This was the first thun
der storm 1 remember. 1 never got over
my mother's contageous terror until I
became a man. Even then, and even
yet, I am rendered much more uneasy
by it thunder storm than, I believe, 1
should have been if my mother had, on
that occasion, displayed the firmness of
my aunt. 1 could not have been more
than five or six years old when this hap
pened. The incident and its effect on
me show the necessity of commanding
our fears before our children."
The Perils of Falsehood.
In the beautiful language of an emi
nent writer—" When once a conceal
ment or deceit has been practised in mat
ters n here all should be fair and open as the
day—confidence can never be restored
any more than you can restore the
white bloom to the grape or plum which
you have once pressed in your hand."
How true is this! and what a neglected
truth by a great portion of mankind.—
Falsehood is not only one of the most
humiliating vices, but sooner or later
leads to more serious crimes. With
partners in trade, with partners in life
with frends, with lovers, how impor
tant is confidence! How essential that
all guile and hypocrisy should be guar
ded against, in the intercourse between
such parties ! llow much misery would
be avoided in the history of many lives
had truth and sincerity been guiding
and controlling motives, instead of pre
varication anedeceit. "Any vice," said
a parent in our hearing a few days since
"any vice, at least among the frailties
of a milder character, but falsehood.—
Far better that my child should commit
an error and do an error and confess it,
than escape the penalty, however severe
by falsehood and hypocrisy. Let me
know the worst, and a remedy may pos•
sibly be applied. But keep me in the
dark—let me be misled or deceived, and
it is impossible to tell what unprepared
hour a crushing blow—an overwhelming
exposure—may come."
THE FIRESIDE.—Wearied with the
fatigues, or, what is worse, the imperti
nences of the day, how pleasant it is to
retreat to one's own hearth. Disguise
and restraint are here laid aside, and
the soul as well as the body, if tolerably
well formed, always appears more beau
tiful in dishabille. The quintessence
of earthly happiness, which, in warmer
climates, was expressed by sitting un
der one's own vine, is here more sensi
bly felt by one's fireside. There is
something in the tempers of the English
which the fire softens, as it does the
metal, and renders fit for use. How of
ten has a room full of visitants been un
able to furnish out an hour's conversa
tion for no other reason but that they
were seated in stately order at long-an
gled distance from the fire. Bring the
same assembly into a cozy semi-circle
round the grate, and they prove wonder
fully good company. Tell us not of the
convivial bottle, with its riotous folly
and fevered worshippers ; but commend
us to the cheerful household fire, the
altar of freedom and the focus of hap
GOOD HUMOR is the clear, blue sky of
the soul, on which every star of talent
will shine more clearly, and the sun of
genius encounter no vapors in his pas
sage. It is the most exquisite beauty of
tine face—a redeeming grace in a
homely one. It is like the green in the
landscape—harmonizing with every col
or, mellowing the glories of the bright,
and softening the hue of the dark; or
like a flute in a full concert of instru
ments, a sound not at first discovered by
the ear, yet filling up the breaks in the
concord with its deep melody.
MATRimosv.—When a young trades
man in Holland or Germany goes a
courting, the first question the young
woman asks of him is—
"Are you able to pay the charges'?"
That is to say in English, arc you able
to keep a wife when you have got her 1
What a world of misery it would prevent
if the young women of all countries
would stick to the wisdom of that ques
tion! -'Marriage is not made of mush
rooms, but of good round cakes," is one
of the pithy sayings by which our an
cestors conveyed the sums rule of pru
[O..A tradesmen wrote to a hard cus
tomer as follows :
"Sir, your bill for dry-goods has been
standing a long time, by settling it you
will much oblige, Yours, &c., T. S."
To which he received the following
laconic reply :
"Mr. S , when the bill you
speak of is tired of standing let it sit
Yours, G. I."
—ln a letter dated Voris, 14th ult., Mons, Gail
larded, writing to the Courier des Etats Unis,
gives the following startling report, which we
have not seen mentioned elsewhere : "The
steamer Tartar, which has arrived at Toulon
from Civita-Vecchia, has brought intelligence
of a revolution having broke out at Naples, in
which the King, Ferdinand, was killed by the
people. Such an event would change the face
of atlbirs in Italy ; but the news has not been
confirmed from other sources, and it bears but
slight appearance of truth. However, as times
go, the impossible is now quite possible."
It. C. 1111'Gill!and W. Si. Zeigief.
lil - IE subscribers have now started, and will
have on hand a general assortment of cast
ings, consisting of Cooking Stoves, Air-tight,
Parlor, 'Pen-plate, Wood and Coal stoves—all
of which are new patterns not before introduced
into this section of country. Also, a Variety of
Plough patterns of the kinds cow in use. A
general assortme.,t of Hollow-ware castings, con
slating of Kettles, hutch Ovens, Skillets, Pans,
&c., &c. Miscellaneous articles, such as Wag
on Boxes, Sled and Sleigh Solos, Smoothing
Irons, hoeing Mill and Forgo castings,
e dow Grates for cellars, Isintles and sills for hos,
ses, Seals Weights and Water Pipes ; also Sweg
Anvils and illandrels for Blacksmiths, made to
order on the shortest notice. We will sell eve
ry article its our line on the most reasonable
terms for Cash, and will take all kinds of coun
try produce and old metal its exchange for cast
ings. The Foundry is situated wt the Southern
mid of Huntingdon, along the canal, where one
of them can always be found, or at the Tin and
Stove shop of W. lit Zeigler, North East cor
ner of Market Square in Huntingdon. One of
them being a practical Moulder, and experienc
ed in the business, feels confident that they will
render satisfaction to all who may favor them
with a call. R. C. McGII,L,
Huntingdon, Oct. 2, 1849-Gm.
To Farmers and Others.
Philip L. Fox Esq. is duly authorized to con
tract, as agent of the company, for the delivery
on the line of the Penn. Rail Road, of all the
cross ties that may be required, betweed Hunt
ingdon and the upper Tyrone forge.
Persons disposed to furnish ties in small or
large qnantities, are requested to confer with
him upon the subject—by letter directed to
Huntingdon, or by personal interview.
Chif Engineer
Penna. R. R. Co.
Oct. 2.1 d 1319-1 me.
Executors' Notice.
Estate of C./1771.11RLVE .dUR.RND,
late of aforris township, dec'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that letterstestamen
tary have been granted to the undersigned ontho
notate of Catharine A urand, late of Morris
township,deceased. Persons knowing themselves
indebted willcome forward and make payment;
all thosehaving claims willpresentthcm duly au
October 16, 1849.] Executor.
Andlior's Notice
THE undersigned auditors, by the
Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon county,
to distribute the proceeds of the Sheriff's sale
of the property of William Johnston amongst
those entitled thereto, hereby give notice that
they will attend for that purpose, on Saturday
the 10th ,lay of Noventher next, at 1 o'clock in
the afternoon, at the Prothonotary's office in
Huntingdon, when and where all persons inter
ested can attend if they think proper.
October It, 18.10. Auditors.
Leaves have their time to fall,
And IloWers to wither at the north winds breath,
And stars to set; Unt all—
Thou halt all seasons for thine own, 0, Death I
CatinTl 301 Orsiantentin
T H tri . at s t lb e s y cr4) v e e rs
ju t s v t is r l e i c t o o ive it d if, f t i r o tn in theblic
phia, a large stork of the
Pure White American Marble;
and are prepared to execute any orders for
Tomb Stones, &c., in the neatest and most
workmanlike manner, and on the shortest notice.
Persons wishing to procure stones &c., will
make application to A. W. KINNEY, only trav
elling agent, or address KINNEY & SELLER,
Williamsburg, Pa.
Williamsburg, Oct 16,18.19—nm.
Estate of JaiIIES ILIMSEY, late of
the borough of Jilesandria, Hunting
don county, deceased.
voTicß is hereby given that Letters of
..LN Administration on said estate have been
granted to the undersigned. All persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make im
mediate payment and those having claims or de
mands against the same to present them duly
authenticated for settlement to
Deli 9,1849-6t.1 Administrator.
lilol2 the Intellectual and Moral trainin g of
young persons and children of both sexes,
kept by J. A. HALL, in the new Academy
buildin g , Huntingdon, Pa.
The fall session will commence on MONDAY,
THn BTH DAY ON Omni., iksT. For par
ticulars apply to the Teacher.
He, John Peebles, James Steel, Esq., Dr. A.
M. Henderson, Mr. James Maguire, Maj. W.
B. Zeigler, lbw , John Kerr, Maj. 1). McMur
brie, Hon. Jeorgo Taylor ; sod James Clark.
THE subscriber has just reclTveiirom
delphia, another choice lot of GOLD AND
SILVER WATCHES, which makes his assort
ment again complete. If you want a good watch
et the very lowest price,now is your time.
July 17, 1840, J. I'. buorr.
WorstlelPs Vegetable Restorative Pills
HAVE been gradually but surely coming into
favor, among the families of this Country for
some years past. They have done this entirely
through their great worth no a FAMILY MED
ICINE:. Agencies have been appointed but no
pulling and humbug such as is resorted to by
quacks to sell their medicine has been done.
The pills are of foil sale and have and will
continue to be sold by all the principle store
keepers. The proprietors chirp for their Medi
tine the following advantages willr all others—
viz: They aro PURELY VEGETABLE.—
operation is FREE from all PAIN. They can
be used with EQUAL BENEFIT by theyoung
Their efficiency in Fevers, Ague, Headaches,
Habitual Costiveness, Dyspepsia, Cholera Mor
bus, &c.. has been proVeh upon thousands.—
They are a Ceitsih Cure for Worms. The pro
prietors pdsates a certificate from a gentleman in
St. Louts who was cured of a TAPE WORM by
the use of them. Try them they willnot fail.
Travelling agent for the State of Penney Iva
nia—CitANLES 1. AIME, For sale, price 25
cents a boa containing FIFTY PILLS, withfull
directions by the following agents in Huntingdon
Thomas Read & Son. Huntingdon.
Thomas E. Orbison, Orbisonia.
J. M. Lindsey, Hollidaysburg, Blair Co.
A. WEEKS & Co.
Proprietors, Laboratory N 0.141. Chesnut street
Jantraty 23,1849-Iy.
Juniata Cabinet TVlanufacturing
Respectfully begs leave to inform his friends
and customers and the public generally ,that ho
has built a large and commodious shop immedi
ately in the rear of the public house of John
Whittaker, Sr., on the bank between the river
and canal, where he will constantly keep on
hand furniture of all kinds, of the best quality,
embracing all descriptions, kinds, styles and vu.
rieties of parlor, medium and plain household
furniture, which will in offered for sale at the
In order to accotinnotinte the public with all
kinds of work In his line of husiness, ho has
just supplied himself with a largo lot of the
bast quality of Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Poplar,
and all kinds of Veneering of the most popular
fashion. He will offer neither botched or half
finished work for sale, and will at all times sub
mit his work to the most rigid inspection.
Merchants, Professional men, Farmers, Me
chanics, Hotel Proprietors, Laboring men—all,
are invited to call and examine his furniture, be
' fore purchasing elsewhere. "Seeing is believ
Coffins will be mode on the shortest notice, of
either Cherry, Walnut or Poplar, as may be de
sired, and funerals attended.
Ho flutters himvelf that by industry and close
attention to hisbusiness, he will be able toplease
all who may give him a call.
Old furniture will at all times be repaired in
the neatest and most durable manner, at low
rates. All kinds of country produce will be ta
ken in exchange for furniture, repairing, &c.
Huntingdon, May 29, 1849.
ilgent for the sale of Southworth Manu
faceuting Cu's We icing Papers.
Whorehouse No. 3 - Minor St.
100 cases of the above superior Papers now in
store, and for sale to tho trade at the lowest
market prices, consisting in part of
thick Flat Caps, 12, 14, 16, and 16 lbs..
blue and white.
Superfine Medium and Demi Writings, blue
and white.
Extra super and superfine Folio Posts, blue and
white. plain and ruled. .
Suporfino Commercial Posts, blue end white,
plain end ruled..
Extra super Linen Note Papers, plain and
Superfine and fine Bill Papers, long and broad.
Superfine and fine Counting-House Caps and
Posts, blue and white.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, plain
and ruled, blur and white.
Extra super Congress Caps and Letters, gilt.
Superfine Sermon Caps and Posts.
Superfine blue linen thin Letters.
Extra super Bath Posts, blue end white, plain
and ruled.
Embroidered Note Papers and Envelopes.
"Lawyer's" Brief Papers.
Superfine and tine Caps and l'osts, ruled and
plain, blue and white, various qualitlca and pri
Also, 1000 reams white and assorted Shoe Pa
pers, Bonnet Boards, white and assorted Tissue,
Tea, Wrapping, Envelope, assorted and blue Me
diums, Cap wrappers, Hardware Papers, &c.
July 10, 1849.-6 m.
Wake up, Citizens S Wake up I
Wonderful Reduction in the Prices of ,
Clothing at the Hall of Fashion ! ! '
Does not produce an excitement equal to that
of cheap Ready-made Clothing now opening at
the , HMI of Fashion.' by H. & W. SNARE,
corner Room of Snare's Row, opposite John
Whittaker's Tavern.
Thankful for past favors, we respectfully in
errs our customers and the public generally that
we have just received and are now opening a
splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Clothing,
Our stock consists of fine black French Dress
and Frock Coats, Drab French, Beaver and
Mackanaty Over-coats, Tagliona and black cloth
Sacks, Cloaks of all kinds, Business Coats, Pea
Jackets, &c.
A fine assortment of cassimere Pants, consist•
ing of fine black, medium, fancy French of dif
ferent styles—and cassinets, A great variety of
Vests, such on line satin, silk velvet, plaid, cash
mere, &c. Pine Shirts front $l.OO to 2.50.
Woolen and Cotton, knit under Shirts, Drawers
and Stockings. Bosoms, collars, French and
other Suspenders. A fine assvortznent of boy's
Netvstyles of Hots and Cope, Boots & Shoes,
Umbrellas, &r., in fact every thing usually kept
in Ready-made Clothing Stores, and of oolitic.
calculated to please and accommodate the puhltc.
If you wish to keep up with the times and
fashions, call at the "Hall of Fashion."
B. & W. SNARE.
Huntingdon, Sept, IS, 1849.
PM: California Gold wedding tines for sale
Oct. 30, 1519.
/THANKFUL to the citizens of Huntingdon
I and its vicinity tor their increased custom,
we again request their company to view our large
and splendid assortment of
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Toilet Sets, and tin
gle pieces, eithea of Olasa, China, or Stone
Ware, sold in quantities to suit purchasers, for
less than they can be had elsewhere—
In greater variety than ever before offtred in the
FANCY CHINA in great variety very cheap.
We would invite any person visiting the
city to call and see us—they will at least be plea
sed to walk around our beautiful store, and to
view the finest china and the cheapest the weal
Very respectfully,
M. 219 Chestnut Street.
Philtt. Sep. 25, 1849.—1 y.
Broom dc Wooden-ware Store,
No. 63 North Third Street,
ERS in all kinds of Brooms, Brushes,
Cedar-ware, willow and Preneh has ,
kets, shoe and wall Brushes, Dus
ters, Scrubs, Mats, Blacking
Eastern-made Wooden-ware
of every description, &c.
at the lowest market prices.
Cash paid for Broom-corn at the factory:
Sept. 11th 1849.
Will Fever, Dural3 AO e:lnter
anittent & Remittent -Fevers &
; all the •various _forms
9 f
, r-,-, =-- Bilious Diseases ------•-
b,, ' ' C'= If R E D -------- 0.
.- I , • oso- ' ' lito
v, , ,, s . . • . i
This excellent compound, which never fail
in the ewe. of Fever and Ague, is for sale by tire
proprietor's agents, T. READ & SON, Hunt
ingdon ; L. 0. KESSLER, Mill Creek.
me, Doctor I What is the cause of this sallow
complexion, jaundiced eye, depression of spirits,
pain in the side and shoulder, weariness of body,
bitter taste in the mouth? Such is the inquiry,
and such the symptoms of many a sufferer! It
is the liver which is diseased, and the Cholagogue
is the remedy always successful in curing It.
Try it, and judge for yourself. For sale by
above named agents.
I am to be tortured from day to day with this
horrible Ague, exclaims the poor sufferer whose
lite has become a burden from the racking parox
ysms of an intermittent, and whose confidence
in human aid is destroyed by the failure of rem.
edies to produce the promised relief. Such has
been the situation of thousands who are now
rejoicing in all the blessings of health from the
use of ]Jr. Osgood's India Cholagoguo. In no
instance does it fail to effect a speedy and perma
nent cure. For sale by above named agents.
"How few who think aright among the thinking
How many never think, but only think they do."
in the above exclamation is on no subject more
fully exemplified than on that of health. But
few gave it a single thought, and fewer still re.
fleet upon it with the observation and good sense
which matters of minor consequence receive.
As observation teaches the tact that Dr. Osgood's
India Cholagogue is a never failing remedy in
Fever and Ague, good muse would surely indi•
cats its prompt and immediate ass. For sale by
the above named agents.
June 26, 1849.
rIMIE subscriber respectfully announces to the
I public that he Is prepared to do work of all
kinds connected with the Foundry business, in
the best manner, and on the most reasonable
He has constantly on hand wagon boxes,
ploughs and plough castings, hollow ware, and
stoves of various kinds and sizes. l'he cooking
storeswhich he manufactu res are inferior to none
in the country, and are warranted to perform
the various operations of cooking and baking in
a manner equal to any, and superior to most.—
He has these stoves calculated for either wood
or coal. He has lately procured patterns for
wood and parlor stoves, which for beauty end
excellence cannot be excelled. Also, stoves for
officer, shops, &c., such as egg stoves, cannon
stoves, and others. He invites persons desirous
of purchasing to give him a call, as he is deter ,
mined to sell as good an article and at as low
prices as can be obtained at any other place.
May 8, 1846-Iy.
Tf'holesale Boot, Shoe and Bonnet Ware
No. 136 North 3d St., (opposite the Eagle Hotel)
T now receiving about 3000 CASES Frinsit
I FALL Goon., direct from the Manufacturers,
—such as Mmvs and Boys 'Faux Kir and CALe
BOOTS and BROGANS, with a great variety of
and Eastern Manufacture. This stock is got up
expressly for country trade and will ho sold
MEnciti,Ts aro invited to call and examine.
August 21, 1849-3 m.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of JOHN BORS7', late of West
township, Huntingdon Co., dcc'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad.
ministration on said estate have been greet
ed to the undersigned. All persons indebted to
said estate ore requested to make immediate pay.
meat, uud those havingelanns or demands against
the same to present them duly authenticated tar
Ott. 2,180-6 t, Adminiutratur.
The Girard Life insurance Annuity and
Trust Company of Phhiladelphia.
Office No. 159 Chestnut Street.
Capital $300,000,
CION'FINUE to make Insurancee on Lives on
aJ the moot favorable terms, receive and execute
Trusts and receive deposits on interest,
The Capital being paid up and invested, to
gether with accumulated premium fond, affords
a perfect security to to the insured. The pre-
mann may be paid in yearly, half yearly, or
quarterly payments.
The Company add a BONUS at stated peri
ods to the insurances for life. This pldn of in
surance is the most approved of, and is more
generally in use, than any other in Great Britain,
(where the subject is beat understood by the peo
ple, end where they have had the longest expe
rience,) as appears from the fact, that out of 117
Life insurance Companies there, of all kinds, 87
are on this plan.
The first 1 . 101 , 1 US was appropriated in Decem
ber 1844, amounting to 10 per cent. on the sum
insured under the oldest policies ; to 8 3-4 per
cent., 7 1-2 per cent., &c. &c. on others, in pro
portion to the time of standing, making an addi
tion of $100; $87,50; $75, &c. &c. Id every
1,000, originally insured, which is an average of
more than SO per cent. on the premiums !mid,
and without increasing the annual payment of
the company.
I ho operation of the BONUS will be seen by
the following exemple6 from the Life Insurance
Register of the Company. thou:
Insured. Bonus or bonus payable
Addition at the party's
No. 58
r 1,100,00
;1,000 $lOO.OO
2,500 250,00
4,000 400,00
2.000 175.00
5,000 437,50
Pamphlets oontaining the table of rates, and
explanations of the subject ; forms of application
and further information can be had at the office,
gratis, in person or by letter, addressed to the
President or Actuary.
B W. HA RES, President.
JNO. P. JAMES, Actuary.
May 8, 1849.-Iy
Wholesale and Retail
No. 233 Marta St., above Seventh, Soutk
A LTHOUGH we can scarcely estimate the
II value of Time commercially, yet by calling
et the above establishment, JAMES BARBER
Will furnish his friends, among whom heincludes
all who duly appreciate its fleetness, with a beau
tiful and perfect INnr, for marking its progress,
of whose value they can judge.
His extensive stock on hand, bonslantly chan
ging in conformity to the improvements in taste
and style of patern and workmanship, consists of
Eight-day and Thirty-hour brass COUNTING
CLocos, French, Gothic and other fancy styles,
as well as Wain, which from his extensive con
nection and correspondence with the manufactu
rers he finds he can put at 010 LOWEST CASH FIG
URE in any quantity from one to a thousand, of
which he will warrant the accuracy.
Clocks repaired and warranted—clock trim
mingson hand. Call and see me among them.
JAMES BARBER, 2:38 Market St.
Phila., August 28, 1819.
Manufactory of Pocket Books, etc.
No. .52 Chesnut St., above Second,
rrHE subscriber respectfully solicits public at
tention to his superior and tasteful stock of
Pocket Books, Pocket Knives,
Banker's Cases, and other fine cutlery.
Bill Hooks, Gold Pens and Pencils.
Dressing Cases, Seger cases,
Card eases, Chess Men,
Port Monaics, Back Gammon Boards,
Purses, Dominoes, &c.
His assortment consists of the most fashiona
ble and modern styles, of the finest quality and
excellent workmanship embracing every desira
ble fancy plum, which he will at all times be
prepared to exhibit and furnish wholesale or re
tail on the most pleasing terms.
ay - Purchasers who desire to furnish Them
selves with articles of the best quality will consult
their own interests by calling at this establish
ment. F. 1 - I. SMITH,
Pocket Book Manufacturer,
Aug. 28, 1849.—Gm. 52i Chesnut st
Female Boarding and Day School.
1118 School is now ,in successful operation.
1 The Rev. least . , W. Wenn, Pastor of the
Spruce Creek and Birmingham Presbyterian
g e r get: female ' a e ci a l c m h M a ss ist edse A b 3'
worthyit I' tr
This School is located in the borough of Bir
mingham, county of Huntingdon, Pa., one of
the most healthy villages east of the A Ilegheny
mountain. The course of instruction is full and
thorough, embracing all the English branches
nasally taught in SelectSehools. It will be con
ducted on Christian principles. The Bible to
he the text book. Parents and guardians who
attach any value to the religious training of their
children and wards will fond this school worthy
of their patronage. The Pupils may board with
the Principal. and will be treated as members of
his family. Tuition and board will be moiler
ate. For further particulars apply tc the Prin
cipal or to any of the undersigned, who earnest
ly recommend his school to the patronage of the
public. Tho second quarter of the present term
will commence on the seventeenth day of July
John Owen., W. Caldwell,
John (luaus, Goo. Guyer, Bey,
John K. &Peahen, James Clarke,
Thomas M. Owens, 8.8. Dewey,
James Bell.
Birmingham, Aug. 21,1840.
Wanld respectfully inform his old friends and
the Public generally that ho has resumed busi
ness as I'iIERCHAN'I"PAILOR, in the room
next door to C. Colas' Hotel, foimerly occupied
by the Globe Printing office, Huntingdon, Pa.
He has just received from Philadelphia a
splendid assortment of CLOTHS, CASSI
MERS and VESTINGS of the best finish which
he ie prepared to make up to order at prices that
cannot fail to suit the views of all. A perfect
fit will in all cases ho guaranteed.
Work will also be c done for those who profer
purchasing their cloth elsewhere.
May 1, 1819.
&c., &c., PLC
This medicine is an excellent tonic. It im
parts health and vigor to the digestive organs and
thus strengthens the whole system. Hence it is
just the thing for Spring, when so ninny need
something strengthening. Let every ono read
the following cases, and if you have one or more
symptoms like those mentioned, don't fail to try
this invaluable Medicine.
Scs•cre Case ofDyspepsia.
From R. P. STOW ; Esq., ✓lost. Cler k
U. S. House Representatives.
WASHINGTON, D. C.,June 15,1840.
Dn. (Ito. B. II irons--bear Sir—l feel it not
only a pleacure, but a duty, to make known to
you and to the public, (if you desire it,) the sur
prising effects of the Oxygenated I3itters," in
relieving me from that most discouraging dim ,
der, Dyspepsia. I hate been afflicted for about
seventeen years with the usual attendant symp
toms, vie: constipation of the bowels, headache ;
pain in the chest, flatulence, acidity of the stout
ash, and severe nausea; and fur months at a time
nut the least particle of moisture would appear
on the surface of ihe chest or limbs, and most
of the time I was ettremcly bilious, I have used
various remedies, have been strict is my diet,
have been dosed with calomel and emetics day
after day by physicians, but all to no gord put.
pose. Hearing of the wonderful effects of (hi
Oxygenated Bitters," in the cure of Dyspepsia,
I procured some as a last resort, have used foul
bottles of the medicii e, and find the bad synth •
toms all restored, and myself once more in tll7 ,
enjoyment of health. None but the Dyspeptic
sufferer, who has felt all the horrors of the dis.
ease, tan at all appreciate the value of the medi
eine. I moat sincerely hope that all will make
trial of the medicine, and with rue be able to re
joice in the return of health.
Lady Cared of Neora
From Rev. 2110.41d1S KIDDER, of
Wirllison, Vt.,Aug.8,1846.
Dean Si n :—lt gives me great pleasure to in
form you ihat the " Oxygenated Bitters," with
which you furnished my wife, has wrought a
cure in her cave. About two years since, my
wife was violently attacked with neuralgia int
the face, through the chest, in the wrists and
ankles. So violent was the disease, added to a
general derangement of the female system, that
her strength was completely prostrated, her flesh
wasted, and she rendered miserable indeed. I
feel grateful for the restoration oilier health, and
in duty bound to give publicity to the above
facts, that others similarly afflicted may know
whero to seek for cure. Truly your friend,
Front Hon. MYRON" L.dWREXCE,
of' Mass.
"For some twenty years I had suffered severe
ly from !tumoral Asthma. I was compelled to
sit up one-third of tic night, and the rest of the
time toy sleep was interrupted by violent fits of
Coughing and great inflict By of breathing. In
all toy attendance upon our courts I never went
to bed in Northampton in twenty years but twice, i
and then was compelled to get up. Now I lif4
in bed without difficulty, and sleep soundly.
took the "Oxygenated Bitters," according to
directions. The violent symptoms immediately
abated, and perseverance in the use of tl c I enn
etly has removed all its troublesome consequen
ces. Fite value of such a remedy is incalculable,
and I hope its virtues may be widely diffused and
its beneficent agency extensively employed."
GREEN & FLETCHER, General Agents, No. 26,
South Sixth St, Philadelphia.
Sold wholesale and retail by Tnomes IlnAn
Sins, Huntingdon, Pa.
i i ricc—sl.oo per bottle: six bottles
for $5,00.
May 8, 1849.
'tenet ia n Blind IllanuftiCturer,
Sign of the Golden Eagle, .I''o. 139 &
143 South 2d Strut, below Dock St.,
TjEEPS always on hand a large and fashion.
11 able assortment of WIDE and NARROW
BLAT WINDOW BLINDS, manufactured in the
hest manner, of the best materials, and at the
lowest cash prices.
Having refitted and enlarged his establiehment,
he is prepared to complete orders to any amount
at the shortest notice,
Constantly on hand an assortment of
Olaitonting jrnyuftttre
of every variety, manufactured expressly for his
own sales, and purchasers may therefore rely on
a good article.
i7' (Ipen in the evening.
Orders from a distance packed carefully, and
sent free of porterage, to any part of the city.
Philadelphia, Aug. 21, 1849-Iy.
Commission Merchants,
7 0 1 1 31. 1 n011
Teas, Se gars, ‘Ve.
.No, 11 Walnut Street,
cO . - Consignments of Western and Soulhour
Produce solicited.C:o
Juno 12, 1.42.
Tllll Subscriber will offer at public sale of
the Court House, on WEDNESDAY THE 15t11'
1)0Y or NOVEMBER More, at 1 o'clock P. M.,
the House and Lot upon which she resides, sit
uate at the west end of llill street in the borough
of puntingdon.
The Lot fronts 75 feet on Hill street. The
improvements consist of a large two story Mick
house with a basement story, stabling and all
necessary out buildings ; and are such as to rea
der the propel ty a convenient and comfortable
place of residence.
TEIII,I will be made known at the sale, nr
may be learned in the mean time, by application
to George Taylor.
Huntingdon, October 16, 1849.
() F all kinds, very elioap, for sale at the Storrs
of UEO. (I IN,
Oct. 16,1818,