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'rhe "Hu:m..n:4 JOURNAL" 19 at
the following rates, viz t $1,73 a yearAf paid
in advance ; $2,00 if paid during the year, and
$2,50 if not paid until after the expiration Of
the year. The above terms to be adhered td in
all cases.
'No subscription taken for less tliart yiz rrinhihs,
and ho paper discontinued until all arrrayages
are paid, unless at the option of the plitiliithet.
Whig County Ticket.
A. K. CORNTIC, of Huntingdon.
JOHN A. DOYLE, of Shirley.
THOMAS FISHER, of Huntingdon.
u:r . large amount of our space is taken up
this week with the proceedings of public meet
ings, County Conventions, and the doings in
Coutt. As the people of the cdmitt leak for
an actotint df all politic tratisattidna 01 their
County Paper, no apology is necessary fdr the
space thus occupied.
U Those of our patrons who kindly fur
nished us with the means of meeting some of
our pecuniary engagements during the past
lreek, will please accept our hearty thanks.
tr:ir On motion 'of Wm. P. Orbisen, Esq:i
(ho. W. W.t.reo'N vas admitted, On Tifesdriy
last, to practice hi the several Courts df
Foaciort Nicws.—We know that our readers
will, one and all, rejoice dt the gratifying intel
ligence contained in the foreign news given in
another column, that the Patriots of Hungary
have been completely successful, in several
battles, doirist the combined hordes of Russia
and Austria. May their suchesses continue,
until their independence shalt be nekriUwledged.
The Woverh
The attendance at our Court last week Was
large. The entire week was occupied in the
trial of criminal causes, an account of which
Will be found in another column. Henry Ilelf
right, whose arrest we noticed some time since,
on the charge of stabbing his brother, George
He!fright, with a pitch-fork, resulting in his
death, was acquitted: Thecae() was carefully
investigated, and all the evidence clearly pro.
veil that Henry acted on 4he detensiiei and that
George received the fatal wound while violently
attacking Henry's house, attempting to enter,
and threatening Henry that he would kill him:
Messrs. Stewart and Orbison cohddcted the
prosecution, and Messrs. Campbell, Scott arid
Benedict, the defence:'
State Convention.rwhig Candidate
for Canal Cotnniissloner.
The Whig State Convention which met at
Harrisburg on Wednesday last, unanimously
nominated HENRY M. FULLER, of Lourne
county, as the Whig candidate for Canal Com
` missioner. The selection is a goad one, and
the unanimity with which the nomination was
made is a gratifying indication that the Whip
intend to present an unbroken front in the pres
ent contest. Sraking of the nominee, the Pa.
Intelligencer says :
Mr. Fuller is a resident of Luzerne county.
He is a man of fine talents, courteous and gen
tlemanly demeanor, of winning and popular
manners, and commands the respect and esteem
of all who know him. He is a fluent and able
public speaker, is well acquainted with the
' wants and interests of the State, has business
qualifications of the first order, and will make
one of the best Canal Commissioners the State
ever had. We say will, because we believe
the people understand their interests, and in
tend to elect him to the important office for
which he is nominated. His popularity at home,
where he is known, may be estimated from the
fact, that he was elected to the Legislature last
fall by the people of Luzerne county, which has
usually given a Locofoco majority of from eight
hundred to one thousand, fly a majority of al
most four:ma hundred rote.,! His career in
the Legislature Was marked by great ability and
rare tact, and Won him the esteem and applause
of his constituents, and of all who have had the
pleasure of observing his course: lie is now
one of the ablest and most popular Inns In the
northern region of the State. His electittit as
Canal Commissioner will be an honor to the
CO'rrimonwealth, and will redound to her Vest
We are unable to publish the proceedings' of
the Convention for want of room. The Con ,
vention passed resolutions wrprobatory of the
Nationat and State administrations, laudatory Of
Mr. Secretary MEacocrii and Senator COOPER;
reiterated the doctrine of tfrotection to Penn
sylvania interests and her stollen Of coal and
iron ; declared that slavery was en infraction
upon human rights,. end that while the compro
mires of the Constitution should be respected,
that its further extension* should be reeirted;
pnssed a deserved compliment to the energy
and business tact of Mr. BALL, the Sfate Treas•
inert approved of the Ten Hour Law and erec
ting of Judges by the people. Strong resolutions
of encouragement to Hungary, and of regret at
the fate of Rome, were also adopted.
Mr. Robert W. Middleton, fomerly
editor of the Lancaster Examiner, and
other papers, has been appointed to a
Clerkship in the Treasury Department
at Washington.
Our Ticket.
The Ticket formed by the Whig County Con.
vention on Wednesday afternoon last, will bo
found at the head of our paper. It needs no 1
high wrought eulogy at our hands. Every man
upon it is eminently worthy of the support of
the Whig party of Huntingdon county. As we
remarked previous to the meeting of the Con
vention, from the material presented, it was
impossible to form a bad Ticket.
A. K. CORNYN, Esq., is re-nominated for
the Assembly: And It will tie seen by the pro
ceedifige, &him Convetitibn paid him the high
I but deserved cOmpliniefit of a unanimous re
nOttlinatibn: in doing so, we believe the defe
r gates faithfUlly represented the wishes of the
people. fife man stood higher or had more in
flbence in the last legislature, than the talented
thember s from Huntingdon. His speeches were
I not many, but when he did address the House,
he invariably received the marked attention of
the members, and never failed to make an im
pression. During the ninety-nine days of the
session, Mr. Cornyn was
,710 i absent frees his
past 0716 Sit!, a flay ! This is an important fact
1 in his favor, and one that we know will be ap
preciated by the intelligent freemen of Hunting
don county, when they again assemble at the
polls. The employer never fails, in his pri
vate business, to appreciate industry and appli
cation in those whom he employs, and so too
with communities. In the passage of sUch pub
lic measures as the interests of ,the State and
People demanded, Mr. C. always took an active
and efficient Part. And Men of all parties
agree that no man could have been more atten
tive to the local buliitess of his immediate con
stituents. As every one should do who fills a
public office, Mr. Cornyn attended to the busi
ness of his constituents of all parties with equal
promptness and fidelity. In short, Mr. Cornyn
has proved himself an able, faithful and efficient
representative of Huntingdon county, and the
People know it, and will return him to Harris
burg by an increased majority.
Lieut. JOHN A. DOYLE, of Shirley, is the
candidate for Treasurer. This is an admirable
selection, both as regards location and the nom
inee. The lower end deserved to have a can
didate on the Ticket, and Mr. D. is every way
worthy of the compliment paid him. Lieut.
Defyle is a yoiing Man of line business qualifi
cations and unblemished moral character. He
is one of the brave spirits who volunteered in
the war with Mexico. lle went out as a Third
Lieutenant under the lamented Capt. Caldwell,
and returned at the close of the war as First
Lieutenant. He was in the battles at the city
of Mexico, and in common with the Pa. Volun
teers generally, behaved with great gallantry.
And what is perhaps as creditable to him as any
thing we ceuld mention, is, that he returned to
his friends unimpaired in his moral character.—
That he will make an obliging and efficient offi
cer, we hate the strongest assurance; and that
he will be trianpliatitly elected we dd not en
tertain a doubt.
ISAAC PEIOHTAL, the candidate for Coca•
ty Commissioner is an intelligent Farmer of
Penn township. He is a man of sound judg
and correct principles and notions.—
Among his neighbors, he enjoys an enviable
popularity. He is a man who has always taken
gdod care of his own business, and will be
equally vigilant and faithful in taking charge of
the affkits of the county. His ntrminaiiiin is a
deserved compliment to the German Farmers of
Woodcock Valley and the countygendrally, and
will, we know, be appreciated by them at the
THOMAS FISHER of this place is the cul
-1 didate for Auditor. Mr. F. is so well and fa
vorably known to the People of this county,
that it seems superfluous for us to say one word
about him. We will simply remark that he
was nominated with entire reference to having
the accounts of the county carefully audited, as
he enjoys the reputation of being one of the
most correct accountants and best business men
in the county. And although the office, pe
cuniarily, is worth nothing, the nomination is
highly creditable to him.
Such, Whige of Huntingdon cotrnty, is bilt a
brief description of the excellent and ittitiCep.:
tionable County Ticket presented for year sitp;
port. We never knew a Ticket meet with score
universal favdr. That you will turn out in your
strength in October and triumphantly elect ev
ery man upon it, we do not entertain a doubt.—
Your duty as Whigs and interests as citizens of
the county, calls upon you to do so.
The proceedings of the Whig County Meet
ing, held in the Court House on Wednesday eve
ning last, will be found in another column.—
The attendance was large and the best spirit
pervaded all present. The speeches of itlessrs.
CORNYN and BLAIR were listened to with great
attention and marked approbation. The reser ,
lotions breathe the proper spirit, and were re
ceived with great applause by the meeting.—
We can assure our friends abroad that the cam
paign has opened in Huntingdon county most
auspiciously for the Whig cause. The admin
istrations of TAYLOR and JOHNSTON are exceed
ingly popular with the People, and the devotion
to I Whig principles never was more strikingly
Manifest among us. Pula.6a and the Whig
County Ticket will be well sustained in Octo
ImeoPaco to6NTY TICIICKT.Our Locofoco
friends met in the upper room of the Court
House on Wednesday evening last, and nomina
ted the following ticket :
Asesnsb/y—DAvroDuri. Treasurer:—JAcon
Aildiior,loll . N CAUL
The Elections.
The returns of the late elections come in so
slowly, that we are as yet unable to give the
exact result in the several states: fn' Tennes
see it is thought the Locos have gained but one
member of Congress. In Alabama the Whigs
gain one. In North Carolina, the representa
tion stands as before, the gallant staniy being
elected. In Indiana and Kentucky we are at
yet unable to gay how the account stands, as
the reports are conflicting.
Gen. Taylor In Pennsylvania
Our space will not allow us to give even an
abstract of the accounts which fill our exchan
ges, of the enthusiasm with which the People
of Pennsylvania gitet Pvn. Taylor at every
point on his route. His reception everywhere,
is the most enthusiasticsever given to a public
Mali. The hearts of his countrymen are with
file old Hero, on account of his long and glori
ous services, and his appearance among them,
seems to fairly intoxicate them with delight.
We last week noticed Gen. Taylor's recep
tion at Baltimore. On Friday the 10th instant
he arrived in Pennsylvania, and was met at the
State Line by Gov. Joussvors and a committee
of citizens of York county. He was handed
over to the Governor and the Committee at the
line, by COLEMAN YELLOT, Esq., of Baltimore,
on behalf of the President and Directors of the
Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad Company,
who adkessed the Governor on the occasion in
the following brief and appropriate remarks:
GOVERNOR t---We come from Maryland, hon
kored with a pleasant duty. We come to intro
duce to you and the citizens of your State,a dis
tinguished visitor. We are sure he will be re-
I ceived with the respect due to the President of
I our common country, and with the gratitude
' merited by the brave soldier whose gallant deeds
have covered the American name with honor
and glory. Governor, we now surrender to the
hospitalities of the Keystone State, General
To which Gov. JOHNSTON replied in thq fol.
lowing terms
MR. PRESIDENT I-As the honored organ of
the citizens of this Commonwealth, it affords
me unfeigned pleasure to cordially welcome you
within our borders. In their name, and speak
ing their sentiments, I tender to you the hospi
talities of the State, To you, it must be a
source of gratification, and a measure dictated
by a proper regard for your health, to leave,
for a brief period, the desk of official duty—the
cares, the anxieties, and labors incident to your
responsible station, and to forget, amidst the
happy countenances of an honest and industri
ous people, the perplexities of public office.—
To ,u, the presence of the Chief Executive
officer of the National Government, in whom
are reposed in connection with other branches
thereof, the peace, the honor, the dignity, the
public faith and public justice of the country,
and the prosperity of the citizerrreaffords an
opportunity of manifesting our devotion to the
sacred cause of Freedom, in our undissembled
respect to the most exalted officer of the Re
public. Although your fame as a military com
mander, extends to the furthermost corners of
the earth, and will endure so long as heroic
courage, tempered with humanity, is consider
ed a virtue; we see you on this occasion, cloth
ed in a still nobler character; wreathed with a
brighter diadem—the recipient of a people's
love and admiration;—as the supreme officer of
the only free Government of the age. Viewing
you in this aspect, we have raised no arches to
military merit,—prepared no laurels fora hero's
brow,—sounded no trumpet to herald a con
queror's approach ;—but we have met you as
citizens who love their country without party
distinctions, to honor your peaceful virtues and
your public character, and to open to our homes
and firesides a free passage for our distinguished
In passing through our ancient Common-
Wealth ; traversing our vallies And our moan
tains,= in glancing at the exhaustless re'-
sources of industry and wealth, in the agtictd
tural, manufacturing, and mineral departments
of the country; in travelling through our towns
; and villages, and witnessing the occupations of
' our people, you cannot fail to obsenitthe sour
ces of our prosperity, and the means calculated
to encourage them. In mingling in social in
tercourse with us, receiving our congratulations
; and partaking of our hospitalities, you teach the
; true principle of equality on which our,govern
ment is founded, and leave behind you a salutary
pride for our free institutions. To us, theta
! fore, as to yourself, your visit will be of lasting
; benefit.
Reiterating . the gratification of our citizens at
ythir preienee among them, I cordially welcome
ydu to our hearts iitid Our homes.
President Taylor, etiidently from the impulse
of the moment, and with earnest sincerity, ie.
replied to this greeting as fellows
- -
GOVERNOR am deeflY thankful fBr
kind reception which you have extended ic; Me.
I am also grateful to my Marylarid friends, for
the hospitalities I have received at their hands.
Travelling as I do, for the sole purpose of ob
taining a more intimate knowledge of the various
sections of our Union, of their various.pursults
and interests, the kindness with which I have
been, every where, received by my fellow coon
trym'eti, has been to me peculiarly gratifying.
I haVe been heretofore honored by the confi
dence of Permsylvania. 1 feel great pleasure in
now mingling. with her people ; and I pledge
myself to endeavor to sLow , by rely future con
duct, that the confidence of the Keystone State
has not been misplaced.
The President and party dined at York, and
then proceeded on to Lancaster, pausing at the
small towns, and arrived at Harristurg On Sat
ntdaY afteYnonYi.
On Monday morning, at seven o'clock, in
company with Gov. Johnston, and a Committee
from Carlisle, the President took passage on
the Cumberland Valley railroad fur Bedford
1 Springs, and thence to Pittsburg, and the
Gets. Taylor exert' there expressed' himself
highly delighted with his cordial reception, fre
quently giving assurances that Pennsylvania
should not be deceived in his public course.
BEDiORD, A6gthit 16.
Gen. Taylor, Prssident of the United Stales,
accompanied by W. F. Johnston, Governor of
Pennsylvania, and suite, arrived here yesterday,
about noon. They were escorted by hundreds
of our citizens, and the General was received
with the most unbounded enthusiasth.
The General, with his suite, dined in town,
and after spending a few hours, which he devo
ted to the reception of visiters, he went to the
Springs, where he spent the night. '
His health has considerably improved, and
he looks in fine spirits.
The illustrious guests left early this morning
for Somerset.
AxxxsT.—Deputy Sheriff Moore, of Blair
county, arrested Johnston McKee at Duncan's
Island on Wednesday last, for passing counter
feit money in Blair and Cambria counties. Tho
notes were of tho denomination of $5, on the
Fiankfin Bank of Baltimore, Western Bank ;
Baltimore, acid a New Jersey Bank. Some of
the Fianklift Bank have been circulated in this
place, and tte Well calculated to deceive. It
would, theiefOte, be well for dealers and others
to examine carefully before receiving such.—
.on his way clown, spent a day or two
here, and left this on Monday in the down pack.
et. The =bunt passed is said to be large.—
sto tem Ga to.
Democratic Whig
Pursuant to the call of the Whig County Com
mittee; the delegates from the several townships
and borenghs of Huntingdon County, elected to
nominate a Whig County Ticket, assembled in
the upper room of the Court House, on Wed
nesday afternoon, (12th inst.) at 2 o'clock;
On motion, the Convention was organised by
appointing JOHN VAN VLIET, of Ho'pew/ell,
President, and Anon. STawmur, of Jackson,
Vice,Ptasidont. Inn. B. Zeiler And D. O.
Stetur;rt, Sectotttriesi
The districts were then called whir and the
following gontlemepresented their credentials
and took their.gateiiin the Convention.
14,arree—James Gillam, Peter LivingstOn.
Brady—E. L. Plowman, James McCracken.
Cromwell—R. 13. Wigton, James Harper.
Cass—Amon Loveall, A. Smith.
Clay—John B. Logan, John Runk.
Dublin—Brice Blair.
Franklin—James Travis, Christian Wigton.
Henderson—A. Allison, John Morrison.
Hopewell—David Irons, John Van Vliet.
Jackson—Alex. Stewart, John T. Lee.
Morris—Robert Kinkead, C. Weight.
Porter—?ohn Iluyett, A. Christy.
Penn—A. Neff, J. P. Ashcom.
Shirley—Join, Morrison, Benj. Leas.
Springfield—Robert Madden, J. Brown.
Tod—David Aurandt, James Snare.
Union—B. G. Glassgow i _Orlando Salsbury.
West—Samuel Ewing, Matthew Stewart.
Walker—Thos. A. McCohan, Jos. Douglass.
Murrays Run—Eli Harris, Geo. Miller.
Birmingham—John Baker, J. K. McCohan.
Alexandria—J. N. Swoope, D. 0. Stewart.
Shirleysburg—James Ramsey, J. G. Doyle.
Petersburg—Jos. Stephens, John Beaty.
Iluntingdon—Wm. Rothrock, W. B. Zeigler.
On motion, the Convention then proceeded to
nominate candidates to be supported for the sev
eral offices.
The name of no other gentleman being pre•
nested to the Convention, it was, on motion of
lissoltmd t That Col. A. K. CORNYN be and
he is hereby unanimously re-nominated as the
Whig candidate for Assembly.
This resolution was adopted by acclamation.
County Treasurer :
John A. Doyle,
H. K. Neff;
Daniel Africa,
Samuel R. Stevens,
JOHN A. DOYLE having received a major
ity of all the votes was declared duly cornice.
County Commissioner
:rag. Alexander, 5
Isaac Peightal, 28
Henry McCracken,l2
John Flenner, 2
ISAAC PEIGHTAL having received a ma•
jority of all the votes, was declared duly norni•
County Auditor
Thos. Fishsr,
James Travis,
THOS. FISHER having received a majority
of au the votes, was declared duly nominated.
Whig County Central Committee.
On motion, the Convention proceeded to ap
point the following Central Committee, to serve
for the ensuing year, viz :
WM. Rozuttoca.
J. K. MCCAIIAN then addressed the Conven
tion in a brief speech relative to the ditty and
important principles of the Whig party, and
concluded by offering the following resolution,
which was unanimously adopted
Resolved, That the members of the Conven
tion pledge themselves to use their best exer
tions to secure the election of the WHOLE
TICKET this day nominated.
The President then returned his thanks to
the Convention for the honor conferred upon
him, and the good Wet which had marked its
On motion, adjourned sine die.
Nobody did it.
It seems, says the Washington kepi/We, that
nobody has plundered the Treaisry in 22r. Den
by's case, and yet there are $135;600 gone.—
Mr. Denby is not to bleme— , -of.course not ; for
thenth he is "technically" liable, he never re
ceived fire' rticfriek. Mr. Osborne is not to blame
—for though he had the money, he had also the
privilege of Osculating with it (!) and it has
all gone to the receptacle of things lost upon
earth, though a diruient is hinted at for
the benefit of the United States. Judge Mason
is not implicated, though he was Secretary of
the Navy, and Mr. Denby was his temporary
agent at Marseilles, receiving a commission of
41 per cent, on his advances and on his die
hursenientt, as 'Ye learn from the Blue Book.—
Bet this large commission was not enough for
one 6f the elite of the distinguished Democrats
of Richmond. In addition to that commission,
it seems that it was a part of the bargain that
Mr. Denby, or, what is the same thing, Mr. D's
agent should have the privilege of venturing all
his Government deposites in commercial specu
Now, so far from their king nd&ody impli
cated in this transaction', w•e contend that each
and all of these gentlemen are implicated:
CosimaNnAnr.n.—While the Locofoco dele
gates were ballotting for candidates the other
evening, one of them slipped up to the tittle and
made two marks opposite the name of one of his
favorite candidates ! This was eihibiting an
anxiety for the formation of a goof tickef, which
ie no doubt highly appreciated by his party
friends. We mention no name, as we do not de
sire to make the gentleman unduly popular!
Annals Courirr.—The Whigs of this county
have nominated Daniel M. Smyser, Esq., as
their candidate for the State Assembly. This
is an admirable selection, and we record it with
unfeigned delight. Mr. Smyser is as true a
Whig as breathes; he is honorable and frank in
all his transactions, and withall one of the
strongest men, intellectually, in the interior of
the State.
• ' -
_ •
Old Huntingdon again in the Field!
Pursuant to previous notice, a large and en-
Ihnsiastic concourse of the Whigs of Hunting
don county, assembled in the Court House on
th 6 eyeing er the 15th instant. The Meeting
was organized by, appointing
JAMES GILL AM, President.
PtTea CrItrMAN, JAS. Cotner., Join VAN
HAwV, S. 'Cartes-, S. P. WAI.I.ACE, and W.I.
RoTurtoctc, Vice Nerfidents,
~ .
lof 1 a lr. ifratsoi 1, .T. B. Logan. Dania 71 - hi t
. .
taker and David Irons, Secretaries.
On motion of A. W. BENEDICT, Ent:, a cam
mittee of fifteen Were appointed t6' draft d pre
amble and resolutions, expressive of the sense
of the meeting, as follows t
A. W. Benedict, Jas. Clark, TY: Blair, IL
Kinkead, Geo. 811118011, W. Hampson, A. Love
all, B. Leas, E. B. Orbison, A. McClure, B.
Blair, J. S. Read,Jecob Gherett, Geo. W. Whit
taker and Col. J. Stever.
During the absence of the committee, Col.
A. K. CORNYN was called upon, and addressed
the meeting in his usual forcible, eloquent and
argumentative style. His remarks were listen
ed to with great attention, and marked appro
bation by the meeting.
The Committee having returned, reported
through its chairman, A. W. Benedict, Esq.,
the following preamble and resolutions, which
were adopted by acclamation. During the read
ing of the resolutions, the chairman was fre
quently interrupted by applause:
As Is our custom, and privilege, we the
Whigs of Old Iluntingdon, have again met in
County Meeting to express our views and wishes
in regard to the "Measures and Men," that wo
rely upon, to secure the interests of the People,
and that all may know them, it is
Resolved, That there is great cause for the
Whigs to rejoice that better days hive dawned
upon our land. General ZACHARY TAYLOR
—the brave, the faithful, the patriotic, the good ;
villified, slandered, abused, and hated by the
base and vicious; has proven that he is above
and beyond their malignity. His selection of a
Cabinet Council—his unyielding attachment to,
& love of right-his purity of purpose-his social in
tot course with the people--his warm attachment
to their interest; and his bold and public avowal
of his determination to stand by our glorious
Constitution, and labor to strengthen its bond
by the recommendation of such laws as shall
protect our own industry—improve our rivers
and harbors—and make our currency and credit
' sound and permanent—all show that we were
not deceived. Our confidence in, and love for
the brave old hero and sage, is consequently
not only undiminished but increased.
Resolved, That in WM. M. MEREDI3 ! ,
Pennsylvania's representative in the Cabinet,
we have all that should excite our pride—the
best evidence of the President's wisdom nod
purity of purpose, and a sure guarantee that
our interests will be cared for and secured.
Resolved, That we are proud to say that the
present National administration t tiros out well.
Nevertheless much remains to be done, and we
trust that the party whose motto is, "to the
victors belong the spoils," shall know and feel
the truth, beauty, and justice of their maxim.
Resolved, That the whinings and griefs of
the "old Political Rats," because they have
been scared from the public crib, shows that
long privileges have not only made them proud,
but insolent ; end should convince the people,
I that the change was demanded for their own
Resolved, That the large defalcations of so
many of the broken hearted patriots, who have
been 'moved by the present Adrninistration
proves that their grief, as well as hatrediarises
from the fact, that they have been detected and
exposed; and we earnestly trust that the /I,l'-
1 nfinistration will not cease its purifying process,
until that dear, tender-hearted old man, Father
Ritchie, shall have wept over the last of his
Resolved, The wholesole assaults of the Loco
Foco press upon Gen. TAYLOR—their unmeas
ured falsehood and malignity—from the pimps
and parasites of party, from Forney down to
Bowman and Richie, deserve, and will receive
from the people, a marked rebuke.
Resolved, That the experience of every day
demonstrates the justice and necessity of a
Tariff to protect the labour and industry Of our
Country, and demands a repeal of the free-trade
law of 1816, and the re-enactment of the Tariff
of 15.12.
Resolved, That now, as heretofore, we de
clare our steady and uniform support of the
principle that Slavery in the United States
should be confined and restricted to the limits
circumscribed to it in the otigitial compact of
the Union.
Resolved, That the present Executive of our
State, WM. F. JOHNSTON, has more that
sustained the most ardent wishes of his most
partial friends ; and the bold and fearless, as
well as wise and prudent course pursued by him,
in relation to the ~ nn,igned /W/3" is proof,
alone, if we hail no other, that he can neither
be duped or scared into measures which do not
meet his apProtation.—His zealous d'arts to
i l secure for our State some system which shell
promise the eventual payment of the State debt,
and relieving of the people from taxation, shows
1 how wisely and how well he labors to establish
some substantial and lasting good. His earnest
desire to deserve and receive the co-operating
influence of the people—this industrious classes
-=- , to father the interests of our Commonwealth ;
gives us the assurance that his election was the
guarantee that there ie ~ a good time coming."
/ssayed, That GIDEON J. BALL, State
Treasurer, by Isis untiring Zee, energy and abil
ity, has won his way to public favor, despite
the contemptible attacks of those who hate be
cause they cannot emulate his conduct,—and
we are gratified to know that he will give to
the people the evidenCe of his fidelity, while
his enemies have learned that they have got
more than was contracted for ; and his payment
of the State interest in specie or its equivalent
is the dawn of a new era in Pennsylvania's pros
Resolved, That the corruption and peculation,
now admitted to have existed upon the public
improvements,should warn the people that if
again permittd to rule unwatcheil, the plunder
of the past will sink into insignificance, when
compared with the improvements this progres
sive party will introduce into the science of
office touting!
Resolved, That our delegates to the County
Convention deserve our thanks for their labors
of this day, and we pledge ourselves to manifest
our gratitude by a united; zealous, and untiring
effort to secure the election of the Timm., and
the WHOLE TICKET, this day nominated.
Resulted, That our sympathies ate deeply
enlisted with the Ilungarians in their manly
struggle for freedom; our hope is they play be
successful, and our prayer is that the God of
battles may speed them and their came.
The resolutions were unanimously adopted.
D. &ma, Esq., was called upon and ad..
drEssed the meeting for a short time in a speech
characterized by sound reasoning and good
On motion, resolved, That the above proceed..
ings be published in tte Huntingdon Journal,
and in the Whig papers of Harrisburg.
On motion, the meeting then adjourned.
[Signal by the officers.].
Court of Quarter Sessions.
Commons:malt h s e. Ilfirhoel Moran..-Indict-
went for assault and battery. Defendant plead
ed guilty and submitted. Sentenced to pay d
fine of $5,00, costs of prosecution, and to be im
prisoned for three weeks.
Commootooolth cc. Hugh L. Cook.
merit for keeping a tippling hoitse. Verdict
guilty. Senience, thnt defendant poi a fine of
$35,00 and costs of prosecution.
Co :ninon Wealth vs. John Nelson. Indietmeni
for keeping a tippl ing house. Defendant plead
ed guilty arid subrniited. Fined $20,00 and.
CrnMo7liDeanh t • a. Win. Laird. Indictment
for heeP n ing a tippling house. Yeidiet, guilty.
Sentenced to pay a fine of $35,06 tfil coats.
Commonwealth vs. William Buchanan. In;
dictment for an assault and battery. Verdict;
guilty. Fined $20,00 and coats of prosecution.
Commonwealth em. Margaret Plowman. In;
dictment for assault and battery. YerdiCt;
guilty. Sentenced to pay a fine of $5,00 and
Commonwealth vs. David Adeson.
meat for an assault, &c. Verdict, guilty. Sen
tence, that defendant pay a line of $5,00 costs
of prosecution, and be imprisoned in the county
jail for three weeks.
Commonwealth. vs. Christopher Here. In
dictment for larceny. Verdict, guilty. Sen
tenced to pay a fine of $l,OO and the costs of
prosecution, and to be imprisoned in the West
ern Penitentiary for one year.
Commonwealth vs. George Fleming. Indict
ment for rescue and obstructing the administra: -
tion of jnstice, Verdict, guilty. Fined $lO,OO .
and costs of prosecution.
Commonwealth is. Henry Helfright.
dictmen: for manslaughter. Verdict, not guilty:
Commonwealth vs. .Tames Kelly, Thomas O'_
Harry, James Barret, and James Malos4y.—
Indictment fora riot. Verdict, all the defen
dants guilty except James filalarky. Sentenced'
to pay a fine of $5,00 each, and the costa of
Besides the above, there were a number of
bills ignored by - the Grand Jury ; and three
surety of Vie peace cases disposed of by the.
The Court of Quarter Sessions contin
ued the whole week and there was an unusual
amount of business disposed of. This week:
the Court sit for the purpose of disposing of
civil cases on the Argument List.
Huntingdon County Medical Cow ,
Ift,rmaDort, August 14, 1849.
Pursuant to previous notice, a meeting of the
Physisians of the County of Huntingdon, took,
place in the Sold; of Temperance Hall, at :1 o'-
clock P. M., for the purpose of organizing at
County Medical Society, when
Dr. M. Stewart called the meeting to order,
atd moved that Dr. John McCullough he called
to the chair,
which was unanimously agreed to.
Dr. H. Orlady then nominated Dr. W. Swoope
Vice President, and Dr. Stewart Secretary,
which was agreed to.
On motion of Dr. Miller, a committee of firs
was appointed to nominate regular officers for
the year, when Drs. Miller, Orlady, J. P. Dor
sey, McVey and Neff; were appointed that com
hiving the absence of the committee, Dr.
Stewatt Offered the following preamble and res
olfitions, which were unanimously adopted :
Whereas; The extension of knowledge upon•
all subjects pertaining to the 'healing art, and
the improvement of the capacities of those to
whose skill and attention the sufferimr, C01111:01-
nity is necessarily entrusted, are matters of tho
deepest interest to the public—We, therefore, a
large portion of the medical faculty of the cowl=
ty, believing that these objects may be greatly
promo's? by a systematic organization of the
members of the profession ; therefore,
Resolved, That this Convention new proceed'
to the organization of a County Medical Su-
ciet y -
Resolved, That the name of this society' be
the 4, Huntingdon County Medical Society.'
On motion of Dr. John P. Dorsey, Re.vetesti,
That a Committee of five be appointed to draft
a Constitution and Bye-laws for this Society, tn.
be reported at the next meeting, which motion
was agreed to, and the Chair appointed Dr.'. J.
P. Dorsey, H. Orlady, Stewart, Miller and .1.
H. Dorsey, said committee.
On motion of Dr. McVey, Rssoired that a
Committee of three be appointed to draft a Fee
Bill, to be reported at the next meeting,
agreed to, and Drs. McCiilloch, Laden and
Swoope, were appointed said CoMmittee.
Dr. Miller, from the Committee to nominate
officers for the permanent organization of the
Society, reported the following : ,
President, Dr. JOHN NI'CULLOUGH ; Vice
Presidents, Drs. Limas Swoons, Mssszy, Grec.
MILL, and Dii.r.ze;; Secretaries Drs. lleudo, ,,
son, and Stewart. t ' Treasurer Dr. 11. K. Neff.
On motion of 1;r. M. Orlady, the report of'
the Committee was unanimously adopted.
Dr. 'Alden then moved that Drs. Henderson
and Miller be appointed each to deliver an ad
dress before this society at its next meeting,
which was agreed to.
On motion of Dr. 1. P. Dorsey, Rosolred,
That this Convention ntfw adjourn to meet at
this place, on the first Tuesday of the Novena
lber Court, which wi t s agreed to.
M. STEWART, ' Sec , ye.
The following State Central Committee wa•
appointed by the recent State Convention s
George H. Hart, James Traquair,
thomas W. Duffield, Joshua P. Eyre;
Caleb N. Taylor, Sam'l B. Thefts,
Nathaniel RifMaker, Isaac Bertolet,
Henry D. Maxwell, S. D. Lewis,
M. C. Mercur, James Moore, jr.
John C. kunkel, Wm. R. Morris,
Simon Oyster, M. Swartzweider,
Jacob Crisswell, Francis Jordan,
John Allison, J. Stewart Riddle ;
Sam'l P. Johnson, Wm. T. Sande.,
Alexander Franklin W. F. Murray,
Humphrey (1. Hill, John M. Coleman':