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The "Ruxcixnnos ,TOURNAL" is published at
the follow ink, rates, viz : $1,75 a year, if paid
advanceadven , ; ' St',oo if pool during the year,and
F,t2,50 if not paid until after the expiration of
the year. The above terms to be adhered to in
all cases.
'els than six months,
No subscription taken for
and no pap r discontinued - until all arrearages
arc paid, unless at the option of the publisher.
Ilooyer , s Ink.
far sale at this offiee.
Our Paper.
A press of job work, which could not be de
layed beyond Monday last, and to complete
wllich required the moat industrious application
of ell hands, is our apology for issuing but u
half oheet thia week. This also accounts for
the small amount of reading matter which we
give: Our hurry is now over, and we shall
hereafter he able to go on as usual.
Exciting News,
Under the head of by Telegraph,"
will be found an account of a molt appalling and
destructive flee in St. Louis, threatened inunda
tion' of New Orleans, spread of the Cholera,
&c., to which we invite attention. Al
though we have not had time to give our read
ers much news hi this raper, what we do give
is truly of an exciting character.
Goon THINGS:—Every body who wants good
things—fhat are good things, can be gratified to
their hearts content by dropping into LOUIS
SCHNEIDER'S confectionary. His Candies
are•fresh and hie ICE CREAM can't be beat. We
speak of that "which we do bnow,"—having
frequently tasted.
Boolcs !—The attention of Merchants and
others visiting Philadelphia. is invited to the
advertisement of " Appleton's Great Central
Book Store." Ills assortment is good and prices
Hon. R. T. Conrad has been appointed
Deputy Surveyor of the Port of Philadelphia.—
This is an excellent selection. The promotion
of such man as Mr. Conrad affords us real pleas-
Appointments by the Postmaster
Psrsa C. Sworn's, has been appointed Post
master at this place, in the place of F. B. WAL
LACH. Although several other very worthy and
deserving gentlemen were also applicants for
this office, we hazard nothing in saying that the
appointment is a good one, and will give very satisfaction to the citizens.
Of the retiring Postmaster, Mr. WALLACE,
it is but justice to say, he was an accommoda
ting and faithful public officer. Since our con
neCtion With this press, he has unifOrmly treat
ed ui in the most gentlemanly and accommoda
ting manner. He therefore has our beat wishes
far success and prosperity in whatever calling
he may hereafter embark.
L. 0. KESSLER has been appointed Postmas
ter at Mill Creek, in the place of Wm. Buchan
an. This is also an excellent selection.
co— A. J. JONES has been appointed Post
master at Harrisburg. Mr. Jones has always
been an active and efficient Whig, and we there
fore congratulate him on his success. Give us
your Et:r friend Jones ; suppose you subscribe
for the 6. Huntingdon Journal," and pay in ad
vance. What say you I You will, eh I Good!
The Cholera.
This alarming disease is still raging in the
South and South West. It is also reported to
have commenced its ravages in New York.
{1 The Washington Examiner has been
much enlarged and improved. Barring its pol
itics, the Examiner is a well conducted paper.
Hugh Maxwell has been appointed Collector
at New York; Ex-Mayor Brady, Post Master,
and Ex• Governor Young, Sub-Treasurer—all
gentlemen of high character and well known
devotion to the Whig cause.
New York Riot.
This disgraceful affair, owing to the vigilance,
and praiseworthy determination of the authori
tis, was quelled witi,out any further loss of life
than stated in our last. Mobs should always
be dealt with in the most summary manner.
Cr" T. T. Woaru, Esq., editor of the Leb
anon Courier, has been appointed Postmaster at
Lebanon. We know of none more worthy than
our friend of the Courier.
Recent Appointments
The appointments lately made in Philadelphia
are spoken of by the Evening Bulletin, a neutral
paper, as excellent and altogether fit to be made.
" The selection of Mr. Lewis" (as Collector)
says the Bulletin, " is an eminently wise one."
His appointment is declared to be one "directly
complimentary to the mercantile interest and to
Philadelphia," and will," the Bulletin adds,
" we feel confident, ultimately prove as popular
Of Mr. Warm, appointed to the Post Office, I NEW ORLEANS.
it is said to illustrate the truly democratic char- I BALTIMORE, May 18.
actor of our institutions. This gentlemen, cce The New Orleans Delta of the 11th
learn entered the Post Office at Philivlelphi;, inst. received this evening, gives further
when but a lad, and rose gradually to the raid, particulars of the various crevasses in
of chief clerk, which he has held for eight years, the levee, by which the city is threat
solely in consequence of his industry, ability , reed with inundation. The water has
and trustworthiness. " Affable in his manners, couinnenced rushing through the upper
says the Bulletin," and of the Strictest integrity, crevasse, mid although 600 men ore nt
his appointthent cannot but render general sat 2 work endeavoring to block up the gap,
israction." ! the prospect is very discouraging.
In addition, ice would say, lie appointments The Picayune says that three hundred
us all right, 6 , , j' , O•. Let the machine work on ! , mot, armed to the teeth, were stationed
NEWS MT TZLZGRAPIE. Int the new canal, to prevent the residents Tate Wons oats BRAVELY os.—A large corn- \
---• ------ of the second Municipality from making I bar of important appointments were made at
[Correspondence of the Public Ledger.]
further breaches on the embankment, in Washington during the lost week. 'The puri-
order to direct the course of the tnrrent. f
Loss Estimated at Five Millions of ying process will soon be completed, and the
Dollars i I A row is apprehended. government will then be entirely in honest
St. Louis, May lg.' The crevasse below the city nt the Whig hands. Hurrah for old Lack !
F.nglish Turn also threatens to overflow
Our city was the scene last night of one of the i
most . destructive fires that ever accused in the the third Alunicipality. Three hundred
West. A fire broke out about ten o'clock on men are stationed there, and are doing
boar,ti , f the steamboat St. Cloud, lying at ilia their utmost to avert the threatened evil. In Williamsburg, Ma t h- c h onnty , ,ol\lred nmn,r,
last, by the Rev.. Mr. lig tmyr Air. E
head of the levee, and the flames were almost
instantaneously communicated to the. Edward
The burning boats were cut from their moor
ings and floated down the levee, setting fire to
that place.
' On the 3d inst., by the Rev. 11. Heckerman, ,
PITTSBURG, May 18. Mr. Jane., Iluzart to Miss Canton 'NE Gsuarsir,
such boats as were onside to get out. The annual sermon before the Genes- both of Trough Creole valley.
al'Assetnbly of the (Old Sbhool) Pres- On Thursday 17th inst., by the Rev. David',
A strong wind prevailing, the boats 'almost the Williams, Mr. WILLIAM D. llssr.vr of Mount I
byterian Church, was delivered by the ,
Scans length of the Lev, soon presented a sot- Union, and Miss S's J. DOYL3C, of Shirley.
hl sheet of flame. By this time nearly the whole Rev. Dr. McGill, the Moderator of the
burg, Huntingdon county.
city became aronsed,and the utmost consternation last Assembly. The Rev. Dr. Murray,
prevailed. ofElizabethtown, New Jersey, was elect- i Orphans , Court Saks.
The heat from the burning boats set the buil- 11)Y virtue of an order cribs Orphnns' Court,
ed Moderator to-day.
dings fronting on the Levee on fire, the flames 1 will be exposed to sale by public vendee or•
communicated at the lowest street, the very heart Letters from the General Presbytery
~ ‘, outcry on the premises, on
of the business portion of the city—and extol- of Maine, and other places, against sia-
ding from Locust street for three-quaters of a very, were read and referred, but little'' dalutdaYi 16th clay .of June next,
Imile down the Levee, reaching back . far as
discussion of the subject taking place a cerntin tract or pareal of Lime.stotze Le di.
Second street. Within these bonds nearly every s lace. P
in West township, Huntingdon county, •
building is in ruins. To attempt to give par- I
nilinining lands of Thomas Stewart. James and
titulars in the midst a the excitement that now i Destructive Fire in Milwaukte.
prevails, is utterly impossible. Mir.wstristr., May 17-6 P. M. con ic i n i n ,
TllOOl/18 If 01111S11, -----. Al 010110 ii, end others, )
The St. Loos Republican office, with eaten- A fire broke oat this morning,, between 3 and
7 ) dta ''''N ' 1.12 s, cn 1. - -435
sive materials and machinery, was entirely de- 4 o'clock, in the buildinga occupied by W. Ilan- - `-''''
stroyed, [Mr. Chambers, one of the proprie- kips as a planing and stave manufactory. and be the same more or less, on which is erected a
tors of the Republican, is now in Washington from the combustible nature of the material's on story and ha'f log house, cabin barn and about
City.] the premises, the building, together with the 40 acres cleaved thereon, with a good orchard
The offices of the New E ra , the People's Or- store of David Moore and the livery stable of S. and a good spring of limestone tenter, lute the
gnu, St. Louis Reville, and Angier d e s weetern, , Davis, w a s consumed before the engines reached estate of henry Whi teed, d eed.
shared a simalar fate. Some of them hots-ever, ! the ground. TERMS: Ono third of the purchase money
saved a great portion of their materials. I The lire spread with great rapidity and corn- Ito be paid on contirmat:on of the sale arid the
The lliiuking Houses ofsjte M es s rs . Benbight, municated to Ludresidueington's brick building, ore,,- residuein two equal annual payments, with in-
J. J. Anderson, Preslorry& Co., Clark& Bro.'s, ' pied by the Sentinel and Gazette offices the
tarsal, to Ire secured by the bonds mid mortgage
Nesbitt & Co., E. P. Tesson, and the Telegraph house of Mr. Hankins, (who lost everything
' f lit: r mehoser. M. F. CAMPBELL,
office, were entirely destroyed. The operators and had no insurance,) the extensive buildings of' ' ' •
in the Telegraph office subsequently removed Doyl e & Moore,(who lost their stages, wagon, Attendance
to the opposite side of the river. ! shop, barn, blacksmith shop, four post coaches THOMAS STE WART,
The vaults of the different banking houses, an d e l' their stock.) Their loss is about $B,OOO
however, are supposed to lie secure. —on insurance. May 22, 1849.
The followinksteamboats, together with their The loss of S. P. Davis is about ssooo—insu-
I ca r g oes, were totally destroyed:—White Cloud, ' red for $lOOO. All the buildings from the cor- LOIS OF GOOD THINGS ! !
Edward Bates, Bell Isle, Taglioni, Boreas, No. nor to Ludingston's on the west side of Water
3, Agrypean, Eagle, Sarah, Kit Carson, Mon - 'street, are destroyed, except Metcalf's market
took, 'I . imour, Acadia, Alanneltike, Prairie State, and the saddlery shop of G. Dyer. The fire is, --
Eudora, St. Peter, Red Wing, Alexander Ham- supposed to have been the work of an incendia- 1 IL otifo *tit Itritler,
ilton, Martha, Eliza Stewart, Mandan, Gen. rv. The total loss is between $50,000 and I
Brooke end Frolic. A number of barges and 1;60,000. Thankfill for past favors, most respectfully in
wood boats were also burned.
1 forms the citizens of Huntingdon and its skin-
The burnt district embraces almost all the More News from the Gold Region. ity, Oita he has nisde every arrangement nee.-
business portion of the city. The merchants : : miry to supply all who may
. favor Ilia with a
mostly had on hand very heavy stocks of goods. ' 13osToN Alay 18.
' cell, the most choice varieties o f
There wns very little moveable property saved. I Letters received here from San Fran
nie loss is estimated at fire millions of dot- i eiseo furnish the following additional 1 - 1021- - 01 Zar- 1.3 . 1 : 23,- Ni.
lore. How much is insured it is impossible to • it • . I Confectionaries, Cakes, Fruits and Nuts.
i intelligence .
state at this time. I His privnto rooms are fitted up in a hnndsome
1 There were 28 vessels in port, among I
which will makethem a comfortable resort
' which wet. one American, the Tasso, • for Ladies and Gentlemen.
from Valparaiso. I Parties can be furnished on the shortest notice
Emigration to the mines had coin- with Ire Cream, Conftictionarica, ail kinds of
menced in earliest. There were about' Cakes and Fruits.
thirty-five hundred persons at Valparai- I Huntingdon, May 22, 1849.
so, and five hundred at Talcapsino,
awaiting an opportunity to go to the gold
The Ovoflota at JV'etv Orlelits7Great !
Conste;:nation among the Inhabitants
—The People taking Refuge in Boats—
Immense Destruction of Prope7 ty.—
The Southern mail of this evening brings New
Orleans papers of the 10th. The crevasse in
the levee above New Orleans, has increased,
and the water defies all efforts to stop its pro
poss.—The water was rushing down through
the Second Municipality to the new canal. The
inhabitants were escaping in boats. The whole
of the Fauburg St. Mary is partially inundated.
Nothing can equal the consternation visible
among the inhabitants in the leading streets in
that quarter. In Tahonpitoulas, Magazine, and
Camp streets, the inhabitants arc moving off in
a body, on with a few exceptions, scarcely at
tempting to save their property.
The whole scene is represented as being aw
ful and sublime in the extreme. The roar of the
waters can be heard for miles. In the first and
third municipalities the greatest alarm prevails,
fearing that - the whole city will be inundated.
Some idea may be formed of the loss thus far,
from the fact that 2500 Mid of sugar have been
NEW Yona, May 17
It now seems to be conceded that the cholera'
is in our midst—whether in a malignant and ep
idemic form, a few weeks will determine. Six
cases occured yesterday, in the Sixth Ward,
(mentioned in the morning papers.) Of this
number five have died
Money is plenty under the influence of the
foreign news. Li. S.,securities and Penesylva
nia s's hove advanced. Fancy stocks are down
—attributed to the cholera reports.
NEW YORK, May la
Three more new cases of dhole - ra wore l
reported this morning, causing much ex- i
citement in the neighborhood where they
occurred, and threats were made to burn
the houses in which the malady is said
to be located unless the sick are remov
ed. The police are in attendance to
prevent mischief. The inhabitants are
sprinkling lime in the streets to prevent
the spreading of the contagion.
The sanitary committee, at n meeting
held this afternoon, pronounce the dis
ease not to be the Asiatic cholera, but
merely cases of diarrhcca aggravated by
the neglect and exposure of those at-
I tacked.
The sinking of the steamer Empire, of
Troy, by collision with the schooner No
ah Brown, opposite Newburgh last night,
has caused much sensation. The steam
ers Rip Van Winkle and Hudson suc
ceeded in rescuing all the passengers
save three. The steamer sunk imme
diately to the hurricane deck, and alarge
number of ladies in the cabin could only
be got out by holes cut in the deck.—
The scene in the cabin was of the most
frightful character, mothers were calling
for their children, and wives for their
husbands. Whilt cutting through the
decks, a lady was accidentally killed by
a blow with an axe.
regions., i
It was thought that the steamship Cal- ;
ifornia would be able to leave about the
28th, manned by amateur sailors, con
sisting of such persons as arc anxious to
get home with gold dust—the result of
their labors.
The agent of the steamer offered reg- •
I 'liar sailors $2OO per mouth, which was
i refused. W. ,
The Nashville Whig says—The "lamenta
tions". of many of the Loco-foco press on the
one hand and their fierce attacks ou Gen. Tay
lor on the other, ((or the few removals he has
yet made,) show what they consider the greatest
Democratic principle. You may beiit them in
the elections and they will take it very kindly.
Defeat any measure, however dear they may
profess to hold it, and it is all well enough, if
you will just let them hold the offices. But
pull one of their office-holders loose from the
public teat, and a7spontanemis howl of ;amen
teflon will tic sent forth from all parts of the
Union. It seems that the idea of as to the vic
tors belong the spoils," has become the great
one idea with them. Touch their pockets by
removing a• few of them from office, and they
become as venomous as vipers, and strike right
and left like an irritated blind rattlesnake in the
A NOTIIER MAarya.—John T. Fenton has
been convicted of robbing the Post Office at
Winchester, ''a., and sentenced to .1 years' im
The late Locofoco Navy Agent at Wash
ington, is a defaulter to the tune of $50,000 !
That's the way Locofoco office-holders feather
their nests ! Old Zack ought to be ashamed of
himself for proscrtbing such honest Locofoco
Officers !
WILLIAM H. MacyELL, Esq., a brother of
the Irish patriot and exile, has been appointed
a Clerk in the Home Department, by Mr. See-
retary Ewing
CANADA.-There was another outbreak in
Montreal last Wednesday. An attack was made
upon the Hotel where the Governor,General and
the ministers were dining. The troops were
ordered out, and the mob dispersed, after doing
what mischief they could.
Rica.—Father Ritchie, speaking of what he
calls the operations of the guillotine, says that
"the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the
church." To which Prentice replies, that it
must be a precious "church" that springs from
such rascally blood as circulates in the vent of
the mass of the ejected placemen of Polk's ad
Err Mrs. John Quincy Adams still lies in a
very critical state at Washington. She is coher
ing under a paralytic stroke, with which she
was attacked a couple of weeks since. The
left side is said to be entirely dead.
Sabbath morning lest, the youngest son
of Mr. James McKinley, jr., of this place,
aged 18 months, almost lost its life by
the eating 'of camphor. 'the child had
gotten hold of a bottle which contained
several lumps of Camphor, and swallow
ed a portion of them before attention
was directed to What it was doing. In
a few minutes it was thrown into spasms.
A physician was immediately called in,
who by assidions attention restored the
child to health.—Washiiigten
164 Chesnut Street,
Corner of Seventh, Swazues Buildings,
KNOWING the wants of the com
munity, the Proprietor of this es
tablishment has fitted up a store in the
most elegant manner, having due regard
to the comfort of his customers, so that
every stranger visiting his Book Store,
may feel entirely at home.
or Books is classified according to the
various Departments of Literature, so
that visitors can find the books they are
in search of for themselves. Buying
his• stock for the most part at the Atm
'HON SALES, and being connected with
in this country, besides publishing large
ly himself, enables him to sell ALL Boons
than any other house of a similar char
acter on this continent. His facilities
for the IMPORTATION of Books from
rope are unsurpassed, having a branch
of his Establishment in London, where
orders of private gentlemen arc careful
ly executed and forwarded to this Coun
try by every STEAMER and PACKET.
of Books with the prices attached is is
sued quarterly, containing Lists of New
Additions made to his large collection,
which are in all cases for sale at the
from 25 to 75 per cent. below Piih.
lishers' Prices. Thus in buying even a
few books, quite a considerable amount
is saved.
As a still further
to strangers visiting the city, every one
who purchases One. Dollar's worth of
Books, will receive a copy of the
18mo volume, the price of which is 25
117. The limits pf this advertisement
are too confined to enumerate the prices
of any of the Books, or to give even a
faint idea of the immense advantages to
be derived from purchasing at the Great
Central Cheap Book-store, but let ull who
are in search of Books send for a Cata
logue, and buy the Books they are in
wont of, and when visiting the city, give
' Appleton one call, and you will be sure
to call again.
in all Its branches, furnished at the
„,l,.:,n: o.rp : :imoo t teDi l i tt, e ,ii y . E n as.j, t ; e st
~ps i tre lp dl . i sk o t e h
ce tt ow s n y i: l tt , : a : t if. e : x li t g. t e elZ aa y i.
est Prices. The Initials of those purcha
sing Letter and Note Paper, neatly Administrator's Notice.
stamped in the corner without charge. Estate of JOLLV DE./I.A”, late of Porter
GOODS 'for Ladies and Orders for any article may be sent by township, deceased.
tlemen; READY-hi XDU CLOTHING, Bon
mail, addressed to the Proprietor, and NTOTICE is hereby given thatletters of admim ' nets, Hats. Cape, Hoots and Shoes, Hardware,
the directions in all cases will be fully IN istration have been granted In the undersign- Grocerres,&e., &e. In short,the " etm teees ,
carried out, with great punctuality arid cd, on the estate of JOHN DEAN, late of CORNER" continues to he the
Porte, township, Huntingdon county. All per- ,
where every thing and AU .
! . i : n t n is w in . tl . c . b e ted to said estate are requested to make '
at t invment and those havingclaims or' b e had, bat e , ai g i d e b,, ar ,,, 4,, ° n l T: n en b t o l: ro c c a u n
pai o d. rders for Catalogues should be
' demands against l the ' some to present theta duly red elsewhere. Their motto is " Quick Bakst
and, authenticated for settlement. and Small Profits." All wile dtekre to supply
Bookseller, G P E n ° blis S lier A ,
P h
it P p L e E r t i e r O , , i
Statiotitek, 164 Cha'nut St., turner of : WILLIAM •GRAFFIUS, themselves with good geode, at low•pneea, will
&tithe*, 'Sim:tines iltatliihg. 1 Administrator. give them a call.
May 23, 1849.-3 m. ; April 17, ism, i March 27, 1549.
Administrators' Notit ea
Estate of W LLI.d.II WARD, late of
Walker township, decid.
NOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad
ministration on said Estate, been granted to
the understened, Poisons indebted to. the same,
are requested to make pay nidnt.ehd those having
claims or demands against the snore, to present
theta duly'authenticated far settler...rd.
May 22, 1849,
New Goods ! New Goods 1
H Azp en j d u i s d t
. I ,, .e . c o e i i t % i i n e e d ii n t n o d f are now opening a
-- •
Their stock has been selected with great care,
and at lower prices than those who purchased
earlier, and comprises n general variety of every
thing called far by the public. They have a
beautiful variety of LADIES and GENTLE
MEN'S Dress Goods, of the very latest styles,
which for quality and cheapness cannot be sur
passed. In addition to their large stock of Dry
Goods, Itousekeepers can be stippled with
Fresh , Groceries,
of a superior quality, very cheap; fltrdware,
Queonscvnte, &c., &c.
They invite the public to cull and examine
their stock. They make no charge for showing
their Goods. .
May I, 1840.
Has received and is now openings aplontlid
stock , of Spring, and Summer Goode, among
which ma) be found every variety of
Ladies' and Gentlemons' Dress Goods,
in pact, Cloths of all kinds, French, Belgian
and Fancy Cassimers, Kentucky Jenne, Croton,
Oregon and Tweed C ; Vestings, Flannels
and Drillings, and a variety of Cotton Goods for
summer wear; Mouslin de Laincs, French
Lawns and Scads, Shawls and Handkerchiefs,
Alpacas, Mermoes, a large assortment of Cali
coes of the newest styles, and at low prices,
Es• Won, French, Scotch and Domestic Ging
ham and Balzorines, French and Irish Linens
and Checks, Bed Tickings, Munlina and sheet
ings, &c.
Boots, Shoes; Hats and Caps, Groceries,
Hardware, Quecnsw•are, &c.,
will, a great variety of goods of all kinds. -
The above stock of Goods having:been selec
ted will, great core, and purehared at reduced
prices.for Gash,f um enabled to offer
Great Bargains,
and hope all who want will at least examine my
stock before purchasing f`IFCIN here, or I am de
termined to Pell on on terms as any
011 C in Pennsylvania. Please call raid see any
Goods,. at, affords no pleasure to show them
at all timer.
All kinde of Country Produce taken in ex
change for Om&
March 81, 1849.
Books ! Books !
Persons de.irous of purchasing BOOKS of
almost any description, can he supplied al cll!,
prices, by leaving their orders with the subset'.
her. All orders will meet with prompt attention.
May 8, 184 9.
THE undersigned will, in pursunnte of an or
der of Court, offer for WC us the property
of Alexander Gwin, deo'd., at public ventlue on
TUESDAY, 12th day of Juno next, t the Court
House in Huntingdon, a certain Lot of ground
in the Borough of Huntingdon, on the south
west -corner of Allegheny and Path Streets,
numbered 117 in the plan of said borough, and
having thereon a two-story briekdvvelling house,
with n stable, &c. Also the undivided third
part of a trite'. of land, situate on the Raysiown
Bret gh of the Juniata River in Hopewell town-
Alp, Huntingdon counly,contnining 227 acres,
more or less, having a- house and barn thereon.
Terms of Sale : One half of the purchase mo
ney to be paid on confirmation of ill, sale, and
the residue in one year thereafter with interest,
to be secured by bond and mortgaire.
:My 1., 1949. Adm's.
Great Slaughter of fligh Prices!
The 'row') in Connnotion !
Nobody lidlvd, ,:everal Had:
Iv WW'otu !
Tlrve the sathfsel ion to announce to the cit.
inane of 11 untingdon rind the neighboring coun
try dill they have jtw received Irvin the eastetn
cities, n splendid stock of new
v..biA have been eeleciud with greet vele. Our
s.tock consiFis of all the ,I If, of
BOOTS, 1.-110 E, and I lATS of all kinds.—
Hard ware. Queensware, Groceries,
We invite all to give us a call, as we take
pleasure in showing our Goode.
Thankful for past favors, we hope by strict
attention to businrss to receive a liberal share
of public patronage.
Huntingdon, April 3, 1849.
Cot. JOHN STEVER, of Cass township'
Huntingdon county, will be supported at the
ensuing election for BRIGADE INSPECTOR,
April 10, 1040.
WorstlelPs Vegetable Restorative Pills
fa b milies of
ou coming ntry in fo lo r
They have done this entirely
at worth n FAMILY MED
ppointed but no
I l i .. ; 71: I o N :A: E Y4Vhr . : rri
A l:".; g prel c lang' i on : . e tg: e s have been
puffing and humbug snch an is resorted to by
quacks to sell their Medicine has been done.
The pills are offered fie sale and hare and will
continue to he sold by all the pi ineiple store
keepers. The proprietors claim for their Medi
cine the following advantages over all others—
viz: They aro' 'PURELY VEGETABLE,--
rv,erntion in FREE from all PAIN'. They ewe
be used with EQUAL. BENEFIT by they Ming
est INFAN I . and the STRONGEST MAN—
I Their efficiency in Fevers, Ague, Headaches,
Habitual Costiveness, Dyspepsia, Cholera Mar
! bus, &c.. has been proven upon thousands.—
. They. area Certain Cure for Worms. The pro
, pi ietors possess a certificate from a gentleman .in
St. Loos who was cured of a TAPE WORM by
the eve of there. Try them they will not fail.
Travelling agent for the State of Pennsytta
niti-s—CirmiLLs P. Amer. For role., price, 25
cows a box containing FIFTY PILLS, with full
1 directions by the following agents in Huntingdon
. _ .
'lsbomawiteed & Son. Huntingdon.
Thomas E. Orbison, Orhisonis.
.1. M. Lindsey, Hollidaysburg., P lair Co.
A. WEEKS .& Co.
Proprietors, Laboratory No. 141 C4reonut street,
January 23, 1849-1 y
MAKES this method of informing her old c‘is
1. turners end the public generally flint he
hos leased the large end commodious hnuee on
Allegheny street, Huntingeon, Pa., known ns
occupied for seem; years by Mrs. E. Clarke,
and lately by John M arks, as a public !tattoo.—
She will be found thrto on and after the Ist of
April, 1849, prepared to accommodate all who
may favor her with a call in a manner that Cale
not be outputted by any other house in the
will always be furnished with ihe very best that
the market will afford. In short, nothing will
be left undone that will in any wiry add to ilia
comfort of her customer., na she is determined
not .o be beat.
The location of the °Mansion House" is de
cidedly the best in the borough; the rooms ore
large, will be well furnished, end made comfort.
able in every particular.
Regular boarders will be accommodated at
moderate prices.
March 20,1849.
rpm subscribers, residents of Shade
I Gap, Huntingdon county, Pa., beg
leave to inform their friends and the pub
lie generally, that they have established
at the place above mentioned, a BOARD
ING SCHOOL for the education of
young men.
The course of instruction comprises,
in addition to the usual branches of a
common English education: Philosophy,
Mathematics, and the Latin and Greek
languages. The location is distinguished
for its healthfulness and the moral and
religious character of the surrounding
community Every attention will be
paid to the health and morals of the pu
pils as well as to their mental training
and advancement in scientific knowl
edge, nnd every facility will be-afforded
for their personal comfort and corn•eni
ence. The year is divided into two sen
t sions of five months each ; the winter
session commencing on the Ist of No
vember, and the Summer session com•
mencing on the 23rd of April.
Terms per Session :—For Orthegra
phy, Reading and Writing, $5. Arith
metic, Geography, Grammer, Philoso
phy, Ilistory and composition, sB.
Mathematics, Greek and Latin lan
guages, $ Boarding, exclusive of
fuel and light, .2:i per week. Instruc
tion given in French and German, at an
additional charge. The subscribers, en
couraged by the liberal patronage which
they have already received, would re
peat, that they are determined to spare
no effort in making the Institution one
that will commend itself to all parents
who desire to give their sons a thorough
preparatory education, without expo
sing them to the contaminating and im
moral influences that exist in more pop
ulous communities. For reference or
further particulars2iddress
J. 11. W. McGINNES.
Shade Gap, March 13, 1819.
Executors' Notice
Estate of .IRCHIB.ILD S'l'll'7', late
of Dublin township, doe'd.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters testamen
tary hove been granted to the undersigned on the
estate of Archibald Stitt, late of Dublin
township, deceased. Persons knowing themselves
indebted will come forwardand malty payment; and
all those having claims will present them duly au
thenticated for settle ITI e n t .
April 17, 1849.
The " old Loeowt Corner”
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richer, XVIc2/Zurtrio dd. co.,
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