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    Rules tot b u siness Men.
Take advantage of moderate facili
ties' and accomplish ns much in a sin
gle day, as acquired weeks, months or
years, formerly
Use the means ; they are open to
Don't depend upon your own lungs
u!one—use the lunge of the Press.
Mike it known that you are prepared
to do business.
Confess ignorance on subjects in
which you are uninformed : live and
Be silent when a fool prates —he
will cease the sooner : you cannot gain
by converse.
Be °shamed of nothing-but your own
He who arms his intent with virtue
is invincible.
Let the business of others alone, and
attend to your own.
Don't buy what you don't want—use
every hour to the best advantage, and
study even to make leisure hours use
Find recreation in looking after your
business, and your business will not be
neglected, in looking after recreation.
Buy fair—sell fair—and take care of
the profit..
Should misfortune overtake you, re.
trench—work harder—hut never 'fly
the track—confront difficulties with
unflinching perseverance—should you
then fail you will be honored, but shrink
and you will be de.pised.
Be civil and obliging to all—it costs
nothing and is worth much.
Rest satisfied with doing well, and
leave others to talk as they will.
Never complain of being ill used.
Sell at stnall profits—for cash—and
make it known through newspapers.—
V. B. Palmer's business man's .11ma
A Cute Yankee,
Some time since, a slab sided mortal
from down East, who looked es if he
had passed through a shingle mill, call
ed at a respectable establishment in
Philadelphia, and inquired.
"Is this Burlap, Jean & Co's store."
.. Yes Sir."
4. Well then, I reckon I owe you a
small bill."
What name sir."
4 . Zerubable Snooks."
After overhauling the ledger, Zura
belle was assured it could not be him,
as his name was trot on the books.
4, A darned pretty way to keep 'em
then ! I guess if a man owed me a
matter of three hundred dnlliirq I ...Id
ten the nate without looking. However
I don't want to cheat you. I know this
is the place. Just give me a receipt
for two hundred and twenty-five dollail
and fifteen cents."
.4 Never mind the cents, Mr Snooks,
here's your receipt for the dollars."
Mighty careless you be of small
matters. -One hundred cents make a
dollar where 1 came from, fifteen cents
aint to be sneezed at.—Gnnd morning."
M sssrs. Burlap, Jean & Co. were elec
trified nt the honesty of the down Fast
,er.. and would not let him tro so readily.
They insisted on hie purchasing n bill
of, goods,
but Zernbable was unwilling.
"It was darned hard to pay for them,"
he said, "he'd been all winter raising
that," But to their•grent gratification„
they succeeded in securing so good a
customer, by selling him a bill of a
thousand dollars, for six months.
When the time of payment had ar
rived, and n note of ,the demand was
forwarded to the address of the down
easter, the letter remained unanswered.
The account was sent to a limb of the
law, resident in the town from whii•h he
hailed, and the next mail brought Bar.
hip, 'Jean & Co., the agreeable intelli
gence, that no such man as Zerubnble
Snooks ever lived there.
Nov. FELTON, of Cambridge Univer
sity, corrects a statement as to his hav
ing been bitten by a mad dog, in a note
to the Transcript, closing thus:—
Having satisfied myself that he had
not drawn blood, I did not experience
the smallest anxiety. The poor beast
has doubtless fallen a victim to "public
sentiment".ere this:
"The man recovered from the bite,
The Dog it was that died."
Very sincerely, but not rabidly yours,
rg." An old Man," complains that
boy a come to see bib darters, but say no
thing about marrying them—this he
does not lilte--he says, "gals must get
husbands when they are young, if ever
they gat them 1" and therefore, " those
. fellers who have no notion of being mar
ried, have no business to take up the
gals' time for nothing, and thereby keep
better boys away.''
by the name of Alvord, left this city
and a wife 21 years ago, and event to
South America. His wife married again,
supposing that he was dead. Her sec•
and husband died, and she married
again. She lives with her third husband
in this city at the present time. • Last
week her first husband returned, safe
and_sound.-11artford Times.
ED- A robustious countryman meet
ing a physician, ran to bide behind a
well ; being asked the cause be replied,
'•lt is so long since I have been sick,
that I am ashamed to look a physician
in the fate:"
Groat Economy in Eindling rims.
riIHE attention of nuttily Merchanta,
.t and Dealer. generally. ant fatndiee are
reepect fully invited to a componition called
an article much needed and in demand from all
quoricre. From CENTS wil supply 011 e lire ov
cry day' for 6 intillia. It in neatly done up in
pwkagea, each containing 24 cnkce—eachcake
10 inchea rquare.—one of which inntanialiconely
taking lire from contact with a lighted match will
iguite Charcoal. Wood rind Biiuminctra Cyril,
end with one-fourth the ordinaty quantity of
, wood or charcoal will k; tulle the A othroritc.
For sale. Wholesale nod RP.IoII, nt thy KIND.
LING DEPOT,Nu. 149 south 2nd street, Phil•
add Olin. J. W. GRAY.
Feb. 13, 1848-11 n.
Auditor's Notice
NOTICE is hereby given to all persons inter
ested, that tire undersigned was appointed by the
Orphans Court of I luntingdon county, at Janu
ary term last. auditor to apportion the balance in
the handsof the administrators oft amen' Myton,
late of West township in a , id county deceased.
and that he will attend to the duties of his mid
appointment on Saturday the 10th day of March
next, at his Office in the borough of I luntingdon,
at ten o'clock A . NI. amid elan ; when entrWhere
all persons interested ere notified to attend.
JOHN REED, Auditor.
Feb IS, 1849.
Administrators' Notice,
.4 L EXANDER A7oJr.r.
Estate of
GOMERY, late of West towns/tip,
NOTICE is hereby gin that Letters of Ad
ministration on said Estote. hone been grunted to
the undersigned, Persons indebted to the same,
are requested to make payment and those hiving
claims nt demands against the some, to present
them dilly authentiest,;d f or settlement.
Feb. 20, 1849. [Administrators.
Executors , Notice.
LETTERS testamentary having been
granted to the undersigned on the estate
of Matthew Garner, late of Penn town
ship, in the county of Huntingdon, de
ceased, all persons indebted to said es
tate are hereby notified to call and make
payinent,.and all persons having claims
against the same are requested to pre
sent them duly authenticated for settle
ment to the subscribers.
Penn twp.,feb27•pd
Executors' Notice.
Estate of JOILIV .41ce RENEY, late
of Henderson township, deed.
NOTICE is hereby given that letters testamen
tary have been granted to the undersigned on the
estate of John Mc artney, late of Henderson
township, deceased. Persons knowing thmnselves
indebted will come forwardand make payment;and
all those having claims will present them duly au
thenticated fursettlenirnt.
• WoradelPs Vegetable Restorative Pills
A o
fa v v E .
r be a e m n os a i
g r a t d h u e a f l a l
i y ir • :vt e. s o n f r t el h r s c c o o m u i , i t g ry i n fo t
some years past They have done this entirely
through their great worth as a FAMILY MI D
IANE. Agencies have been appointed but no
puffing and humbug sneh as is resorted to by
quotas to sell their medicine has been done.
The pills are offered fur sale and hove and will
continue to he sold by all the p• inciple store
keepers. The proprietors claim for their Medi
cine the folluWing .Ivaningee over all others—
viz: are PURELY Vt GETA
o . caution in FREE from all PAIN. They eon
be used with EQCAI. ENEFIT by theyoeng
Their efficiency in Fevers, Ague, Headaches,
Habitual Costiveness, Dyspepsia, Cholera Mor
ten; &c.. has been proven upon thousands.—
They area Certain Cure for Worms. The pm
prieiora possess a certificate from agentlemen in
St. Louts who was cured of a TAPE W OR ti by
the use of them. Try them they will not fell.
Travelling agent for the Store of Pennsylva
nie—' nAnctis P. Anne. For sole. price 25
cents a box containing FIFTY PILLS, with full
direction. by the following agents in Huntingdon
Timm.. Read & Son. Huntingdon.
Thorne. E. Orhison, Otbieonia.
1. M. Lindsey, Hotlidayeburg. Hair Co
A. WEEKS & Co.
Proprietors, Laboratory No. 141 Chesnut street,
January 23. 1849—:y
rpHE undersigned offers for rent that valuable
1 farm (being part of a tract of land purcha
sed from the heirs of Henry Swoope,) and ad
join; lands of the heirs of ElizaSwoope Wharton,
adjoining McConnellstown, lands of Frederick
Lissinger, Daniel Buchwalter, and others, con
205 Acres,
between 145 and 150 acres of which are cleared,
and between 45 and 50 acres meadow land—the
balance woodland. On said tract of land is sit
uated a
Grlid Mill,
Saw Mill, Dwelling House and Bank Barn, and
is about 5 miles from the borough of Hunting
don and the Penn's. RaiWoad and Canal. Per
sona wishing to rent' can obtain any information
by applying to the undersigned, residing in
Walker township, about emiles from the prop
Dec. 19, ISIS
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers in the butchering business, was
dissolved by mutual consent on Thursday 23d
of January, 1819. All persons having unsettled
accounts are requested to call immediately and
settle the same.
Grayaport, Jan. 30, 1849—pd.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of J...I.ArE B✓IRR, late of Jack
son township, dec'd.
\TOTICE is hereby given that Letters of Ad.
iN mihistration have been granted to the uhtler.
signed on said estate. Persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate payment,
and those hating Maims or dementia against the
name to present thorn duly authenticated for set
tlement to JOHN HARR,
Feb. !1,1943—pd. .4 tins i , tistra I or.
rislier, 1111 , 1111urtrie &
Hove just received n further addition to their
Fall and \\ inter stock of Goads, consisting of
everything useful and ornamental. 811swls of'.
all kinds and all prices: Muslin do ',sins at 10
ris per d ; Calicoes at 3 and 4 eta ; Muslins,
bleached and unbleached, at 3 cis, raid yard wide
at 6 els; 1. ashmoires, Ginghants, &c; Water
proof and other Boots for men and boys. Shoes
of all kinds, Buffalo socks, glint shoes, Fin Mo
lasses, Ready-made t lathing. Buts and Caps,
Trunks, Valises, Blankets, &c., &c., cheaper
than ever!
Huntingdon. Dec. 5. 1848.
P. M.
FELLOW' CITIZEN,:-At the solicitation of
many friends, I offer myself us candidate for
at the ensuing election. I resilectfully solicit
your suffraees, and if elected, promise to dis
charge the duties of the office faithfully—and I
trust to the satisfaction of the Brigade.
Your Fellow Citizen, JAMES CLINGER.
Pine Grove Mills,
Centre county, Jan. 9, 1819 I
~J'CD zta
Of Partition and Valuation of the Real
Eestate of JOHN .IIILLER, late of
Union township, Huntingdon
County, deceased.
. . • . _ .
„ .
THE heirs and legal representatives of the
said John %tiller. deceased. viz: Christian
Miller,John Mi ler, Matthew Miller, and Han
nan Dell now intermarried with Michael Dell,
are hereby notifled that by virtue of a Writ of
Partition o Valuation, issued to me out of the
firphr•ns' Court of Huntingdon County. I will
hold an inquisition on the Real Estate t f said de
ceased, viz: o Tract of Land situate in Union
township, Huntingdon county, • ontaining 339
acres and allowance, on TUESDAY, MARCH
13th, 19 .19,0 n the premises. when and where all
interested can attend if they think proper.
Jan. 31.1849-4 r
Sheldrake's Allegheny House,
No. 280 Market Street, above Eighth,
. (South sid_e_ 2 )
rpHis large and splendid lintel has baton fur
-1 niched with entire new furniture. The bar
Room is the largest in Philadelphia. The Par
lors and rtitting-ltrioms are entirely separated
front the noise and bustle, consequent to the ar- 1
rival and departure of cars. The Portico en
the whole front of the house, affords a
cool retreat in warm weather, and a splendid
view of the greatest thoroughfare in the City.
The Lodging Rooms are welt furnished. The
T !
able as well provided for as at any other Octet,
with every attention of the manapets to make it t
the best Hotel for Merchants and 'lushly. Men : Have just received direct front the Eastern Cities,
during Air stay in the City. The terms w i ll and are .w opening a splendid a ssortment of
be one dollar per day, On the arrival of the NEW AND C EAP GOODS,
Cara from the West, a Porter will be in attend
anceof to convey baggage , &c. to the Hotel, which consist el
is adjoining the depot. I) 7. 'Y'-1 0 0 12 1 N,
Feb. 13, 1819— 6m.
Suited to Ladies and Gentlemen's wear, including
Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Cloths. Ca zi ni . e .i r , s . ,. i Sa i t e t r i e i . ictt ) s, V: i ii r t , i ( n . g2 i i i t i ts i B ot at :
Notice is hereby given that the SEV. i b t A ne l . l ,l h isigh u tthis l , " ,
alic ' oes, Check;.Showlso&c.
ENTH INSTALLMENT of FIVE Dot- 1 We have also a handsome assortment of
LVRS per share on the Capital stock of ,
this company is required to be paid on •
or before the Ist day ofJantatry next ; CLOTHING.
'rite eighth instalment of five dollars per' , . . . , , ,
They would also invite attention t °the] rstocu o
share on or before the 2d day of March
—Tito ninth instalment of five dollars , GIt()CEIIt I E S ,
per share on or before the Ist day of i s ugars _ 5, 6 and 8 cents per pound—
May, and the tenth instalment of five i Molasses, from 371: to 10 emits per
dollars per share on or before the Ist day . gallon ; and every other article usually
of July next, nt the office of Miles & kept in it Grocery Store, at equally
Payments will be received of one• or low prices.
Boots, Shoos, flats and Caps,
more instalments, or the Stock may be Hardware and Cutlery, hi., Glass and Queens
paid in full, at the option of the Stock. ware,Drugs, Medicines. Dye Stuffs, &c.
holders, and interest will be allowed I Alt of which willbe sold at very reduced prices.
from date of payment. The Ladies and Gentlemen are requested to call
Instalments not paid punctually „Hi, and examine these Coeds.. they cannot fail to
please all both as regards style and prtre. -
he subject to the penalty of one per
cent per month, as required by law. DORSEY MAGUIRE
GEORGE V. BACON Treas. In the store room formerly oecuitied by Jacob
Miller, opposite the, residence of Judge Gwin,
Dec. 12, 1848. Suntinmion,
Administrator's Notice. [re' All kinds of Country Produce ta
iw ken in exchange for goods. [Sept. 26
David) dec'd, late of Jackson township,
Huntingdon county.
\FOTICE is herehy given that letters of Ad
-1.,t ministration on said estate hive been grant
ed to the undersigned. All persons indebted to
said estate are requested to make immediate pay
inent.ond those having claims or demands against
the same to present them duly authenticated for
settlement to GEORGE OLIVER.
Atim'r, Oliver township, Mifflin county
Jan. 31, 1949—Gt.-pd.
Estate of cassixD I? Le EC H, late
of Union township, Huntingdon county.
/COTICE is hereby given that Letters of M
IN ministration on said estate have been grrnt
ed to the undersigned. All persona indebted to
said estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment, and those havingelaims ordema ids against
the same to present them duly authenticated for
settlement to MOttli.i WOOPE,
Adinini.tra tor.
Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned, appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon
county, to appropriate the proceeds of
the Sheriff's Sale of the real estate of
Henry Dopp, hereby gives notice to all
persons interested in said appropriation,
that he will attend for that purpose, at
his office, in Huntingdon, on Friday the
Gth day of April next, at 1 o'clock,
Feb. 27.1819. . Auditor.
Ao. 63 orth Third .street,
011 C door above Areh,nasi side, '
Manufacturers& Wholesale Dealers in allk inds
or Brooms, Brushes', Buckets, Ceder Ware.—
Willow and French Baskets, Shoe and Wall
Biushe , g,Sel übs, Dusters, Mats, Blacking, East
ern-made \Wooden•ware of every deseription,&e.
&c., at the lowest market prices.
March /,'4B.
The undersigned announce. to the citizens n
Huntingdon County, that he ban just opened in
the borough of LKWISTOWN, a new HAT
MANUFACTORY, where he in pre
pared to make every variety of Hots in, mit of the bent materials such an
MPOOL 4 tito. The business of manufacturing is
conducted by and under his own personal super
vision, and his long experience in the business in
the best establishments of 'be country marmite
hint in guaranteeing to all who may purchniut
from him good trobittoutial and highly finished
Our Omishiri ads shall not he forgotten in the
efforts we shall put forth to 'noel the wants of the
commurity, ,in out line of business, and he will
he ready to answer their calls at prices that must
and nil others who may desire to purchase ants.
his establishment riffords superior inducements,
both no regards qualiiy nod price, which shall be
of such a character ns to I. ave no room for grum
bling. We the eforo invite every body, of every
distinction of. party or sect, to roll and examine
our stock; which is tho la gent nod best assorted one
that has ever hens introduced here.
N. B. flute of my innnufaei ure can be hnd
at retail at the store of WM. STEWART, in
Huntingdon Borough._
Lewistown, t3epl. 6, 11,48.
IF want to get the worth of your money then
where you will and the I trgesl, heat, and cheap
est a4sorttn •nt of Goods, that the town can pro
duce;and that. too. et such low prices that all
who purchase are fully satisfied t .et our motto
i 4 trite," A quick Six-pence is better than aslow
shilling." -
Huntingdon, Oct. 17, 1848.
Inform the public that they have received
splendid and extensive . assotiment of
all kinds of
which they ore determined io sell at prices to
suit, atL. They invite the public to call and ex
amine their Goods.
Huntingdon, Nov. 21, 1848.
Circlet Reduction be Prices
Magnetic Telegraph Outdone!
Likenesses taken in a " [cede less than no time."
THE undersigned begs leave most respectfully
to announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of
Huntingdon and vicinity, that he has proenred
an improved Daguerreotype Apparatus, which
he has located at the Court House in this place,
where he can be found at all times prepared to
wait upon any of his friends who may favor
him with a call. W. I'. WILSON.
Jan. 9, 1819.•
x. NErr di. BRO.,
Invite the attention of the eitisens of Hunting
don and persons visiting this place during the
present Court to their immense stock of
.1 9
:ewelry, and Fancy Articles
_ -
Just received at their store in MARKET SQUARE,
One door east of the Exchange Hotel. They
will sell
Full jewelled Gold Levers, 18
_Perot, hunting
case, for $OO 00
gold levers, 18 caret, single case, 30 00
Gold Lepine, finest quality, 25 00
Silver Levers, from $l2 to 40 00
~ Lepines Btols 00
Verge Watches 1 to 10 00
Fight day brass Clocks it to 6 00
30 hour ~ ~ 3to 400
Areordeons, 1 to 18 00
Gold Pencils, ' 1 50 to 0 00
4 , Pens, 1 00 to 2 50
Gold Miniature Frames, 4 00 to 10 00
All kinds of Jewelry 20 per cent lower than
We are thankful for patronage heretofore re
ceived, and would solicit all persons desirous of
purchasing any thing in our line to give us a
N. B. Clocks, Watches and Jewelry repair•
ea :tad warranted.
Huntingdon, Nov. 14, 1803.
AIN 6 - ii :44:*,
&c., &c., &c.
S'i 441° s § 41.
Mr nLnu 31Afi itaxn TIII; if you have got
Oent'l roia of Awritm or soli. from gimorol
linty. or uhy complaint resulting from , derange
ment of the stomach. You • «•ould' give it good
dual to get well, woultrnt you I Then just give
LITTLE, and try Green's Oxygenated Bitters.
Its justthe thing ('or you. The Doctor discover
ed this medicine only after long and careful study
—to cure a friend too—not to inakemioney out of
it. Look at the evidence of its• efficacy and you
will hesatisfied.
lion. AITHON LLWIIENCE cured of Aornnt.
BEi.cuiu•rowv, March 16, 1849
Dn. GRUEN K-1 take greet pleasure in inform
ing foil of the elrects of the Medicine celled t tx•
ygenated Bitters you had the kir.dnr•ss to send
toe. For sortie twenty years I had suffered lie
vorely from humored Asthma. I was compelled
to sit up one third of the night; without going to
b u d 0 1 ail; and the reot of the time my bleep MS
interrupted by violent fits of coughing and grout
difficulty of breathing. In all my attendance
upon our courtel never went to bed in Northamp
ton in twenty yeeis but twice, and then was coin %
pelted to get up . . Nnw I lie iu bed without diffi
culty, and sleep sound .y. I took your medicine
according to directions. The violent symptoms
immediately abated, and pere,vel mice in the ur,e
of the remedy has removed ell its troublesome
COIIMIIIPIICCS. TllO value of such a remedy i•-
incalcultilde. and I hope its virtues lorry be wide•
iy diffused and its benilicent agerrcy extensively
omp. oy !d
RespectfuUy yours. •
Pn. June 10, 1848
Nte.rei. Collier & Bro.
Gentlemnn—ln reply to your note as to the
effect of the 0 xygenrited Bitters in toy case. I
would say, that I have been afflicted with Dyspep
sia about six years, and have tried limy known
remedies, but obtained no relief untila friend
recommended the Oxygenated Bitters. • • • •
I was flatly induced to procure two bottler of
you, nod I hnd not taken hell a bottle before I
felt its Oracle upo I toy system , anti after the uar
itt the second bottle, I found myse.f in a state of
health as unexpected ns it was. gratifying. To
the afflicted I have no hehiintion ill remintinend
mg the Bittern, as superior to any tnedieine I
have ever heard of for the cu re of Dyspepeia.
Very Respectfully yours,
The following Certificates have re
cently been received;
WAVIINGTON, D. C., June :0, 1846.
Honing inadr use of the, 'Oxygenated Bitters"
prepared by Dr. Geo-13. Green. of A 1 indsur, Vt ,
nd from knowledge nlanined of their ellicady in
other cases. we cheerfully recommend them to the
public, believing that they will fully•sustain the
recommendation of the Proprietor. 1\ e hope
that this valuable remedy may be so generally dif
fused tint:mahout the country that it may be tic.
cessible to all the afflicted.
SAMUEL PHELPS, U. S. Senators front
WM. UPHAM, - S Vermont.
JAMES F. Simmolis, U. S. Senator from
Rhode 'eland.
J. 'l'. MOREHEAD; U. S. Senator and for
merly Governor of Kentucky.
L. H. Aasor.o, Member of Congress and
formerly Governor of R. I.
Wm. WOODBRIDGE, U. S. Senator and
formerly Governor of Michigan.
M. L. MAR CI N, Delegate inn CollgrCSBflo7ll
Wisconsin Territory.
From the lion. Sown,. FMT. Member of Con.
greys from Vermont.
Gil Env & i.xTen mt. General Agents, No. 2G,
South -ixth St, Philadelphia. -
Sold wholesale and retail by 'nom,. HEAD EC
S,N, Huntingdon, Pa.
Price-141.00 per bottic: six bottles
for $5.00.
August 15. 1848.
gnus Popular I louse has recently undergone a
t ',wrangle repair, and been furnisher/ toi/h
entire new fared, ure, of the best quelhy. Mem
bers of the Legislature and others, visiting the
Sent of Government, will find it y very denirable
stopping place,
ar Charges nnelernln.
m. 'l. SANDERS,.4gcnt
IliulYarrieburg, 14, 1848-6 m.
Clothing for Men and Boys.
Has received at biz; old Stand in Main Street,
Huntingdon, a new, and large assortment iii
of all sizes to suit men and boys, consisting o.
the most ftishionttble Dress Pauttr?onn,
and Vests, made of the best and finest 170,
Ca.r•eiaunre.,, and Calulleil, And an equal a,-
sortment of plain and substantial materials.
suited for ille every day business of all
He has a FULL essna•ratesT of every size and
kind, and he will sell'
• as Cheap as Mc Chcaptse.
He only wants a small living profit; and he in
vites all who wish to purchase to see his Goods,
before purchasing elsewhere.
Tayloring. is his trade, and hi knows twilit he
says when he says he can and will accommodate
all who call, on terms to suit. He also continues
and has an extensive assortment of Cloths, Cas
simeres, Cassinetts and Vestings, which he will
sell and make up to suit any and every body,
cheap and well. He is determined to leave
No ItoonY for Grumbling!
A SPLENDID assortment of Amer--
can Cottage, Cast . Iron, Air Tight,
Parlor, Coal and wood Stovea, Russia
Iron Stoves, Fancy 6 Plate, Parlor Radi
ators, &c., &e., for sale by
lohnlicott, jr.,
A TTORNEY AT LA W,Huntingdon,Po.—
/ - 1 Has removed hisolßee to the middle room of
. Bnare's RoW,"directlyoppositt Fisher M'Mur
trie's store where he will attend with promptness
and fidelity to all business with which he may be
ontreeeetlin Huctingdon ortite adjcriningeounti.
" Encourage your Own"
[Cabinet Piare Rlantifaclorl,
J. n. & D. WIIITTA.2ZER,
W " ii l :l l „', l) ,.:Tr " ti t i l c ' i c , '" fr r i l ond ' s of an " d 'i t ' he me p t u h ti o l t i l c o a f t
large that they COD ilillC to carry on the
business,. at their old stand, one door curt of tiro
dwelling house of J. G. Miles. Esq., anti . directly
opposite the Printing 011ico of the • Huntingdon ,
Journal," where they will he pleased to furnish
those who rosy fst - , them with their (mon., with
all articles in their line on the most rrasonallo
terms. Haring supplied themse sea with a eery
' large and superior stock of skiff. they have )1,
hesitation in assuring the Public that they CGI ,
furnish work, which, for cheapness, beauty' and ,
dumbility,connot be surpassed b y any other show
. in the county.
They will keep constaiilly on hand, and ma.o
to order,
Card s Tables, Bedsteads, Centre - Tables,
Cupboards, Stands, Dottgh Troughs,
Wash Stands, Wardrobes, Secretaries,
Breakfast Tables, Pcdestals,&.c.
Ohl furniture repaired at the very shortest no
tice. C on-r made and funerals ettrnded,either
in town or country, lit the shortest notiee. They
keen a Hoarse for the accorninedotion of their cup
Gram of all kinds will ba token in choke
fur furniture and work.
Tlintiltfullor the veryliberolpotronoge otelure
extended to them, they nsoure the public that PM
ell;)rtif will be spared oh their part to deseriT n con
tinuaneentid increase of public patronage.
may 2, 1848-tf.
DR.LE Rotes
I r egellable tisiVcre.sai itillro,
The only known Atedicille that at the same
time purges, purifies and strengthens
the system. _ _ _
Losnox,July 7,1•846.
T IR. LE ROV'S l'illEara a new medicine which
1.1 has just appeared,and iafuet taking the plum,
of all others of the eater, class. Therm pills ar,
composed of many ingredients, but the two pi Mei
pal ones are riaraaparilla and Wild Cherry, so (wi
red that they act together; the ono, through it
admixture with other substances ; purifying did
purging., while the other is strengthening the s)
tem. 'l'llllB that, pills are al the same time len . ic
ur.rl oprrning; a desideratum I clig and eitge'rly
sought for by medical men, but never before di.
eructed. In other wordathey do the work of me
medicines, and do it much better than any Into toe
know of; for they relative nothing from the sysreni
but the impurities; so that while they puilte they
strengthen; and hence they cause no debilitation,
and ore followed by no re-action. Dr. re Roy's.
pillshave a wonderful influence on the blood; they
not only purify without weakening it ; but they re—
movo all noxious particles from the chyle befot,it
is converted into fluid, end thus make int! tire
blood an utter impossibility. Adhere is nrr ti lor
itationtso there kr no nausea or sickness rate ntlirtg
the operationa of this most excellent of medic no
n hick !truer strains or tortures the digestive fort -
tions,buteauses then, to work in a perfectly natur
al manner; and hence personxtalring dun) do not
become pale and emaciated, but the contrary ; r,n.
while it is the proprr - ty of the Sarsaparilla. naiad
as it is with other ingredients, to removed' that is
foreign and impure, it is equally the property or
the Wild Cherry to retain all that is natural urn
sound; and hence a robust Mate of health is the
certain.rati It of their united operations.
az' ' , Price 25 Cel,ft pet 110 X.
AGENTS.—T. Raid & Sun, Swoop: &
Hen, Huntingdon ; W. W. Buchnnun; hlilliki
nod ljessier. ; S. Hatfield & ithm,Juni
utu trim IVorks; Porter & Bucher, IfliSiire &
8;voope, H. C.. Walker, is; G. H .Bteincr
Witersi rect.
Washington Gallery of Divert nlypes,
No. 1 Nora ScconerStrect, Ir. carper
C' Iluarlill Strret,
er HE Lilcenesses taken and beautifully colored
at this well known eatublishment for ows AO).
Lan, fko universally conceded to be EqUAL L iII ev
ery respect to ass in the city. Piettireipuhen
equally well in cloudy and clear weather. A
large assortment of NI rnat. LIi,NA and Loci,' Ft 14
on hand, from $2 to $5, including the pictur..
The subscribers respectfully invite the citintim
of Huntingdon County, to call and email? six
cimens of the latest improvenit tits in than of
Daguerreotyping, which will be exhibited chew
fully and without'chit gr.
T. Lkt..T. C. TENNENT.
4; 1848
Nos. 32 and 33 Arcade. and 8} North Third St.,
(lOUNTRY erchants can save from 10 to 15
kj per cent by ',motioning at the above stores
By imparting my own goods, paring,bu t t little
rent, and living economically, it is plain I con un
dersell those who purehaee their goods brie, pay
high rents, and Ike like princes.
Constantly on band, a largo assortment of Pen
sad Pocket Knives Scissors and Razors. Table
Ki,:v,s and Forks, in Ivory, Stag, Buffalo, Bone
and Wood handles; Carvers and Forks, Steels_
&e. Butcher Knives, Dirks, Bowie Knives, Re--
vol,in g and Plain- Pistols, &e. Just reeeived.
large stock of Rodgers' owl Wostenholm's fin,
Pen and Congress Knives.
Also, a largo auortment of Accordeona, 4e..
&c. Al6O, Fino Engliah Twist and German.
Guns. 301-IN M, COLEMAN.
Crowell's/tom & Molter,
No. 11. Walnut Street, Philadelphia,
Wine, Liquor and General Commission
_ ....—.. . •
ITTINE'A, Brandies, Gin, — and Champaipne
-NY *different brands imported direct, and stri.d . on
accommodating terms to Country Dealers. Qnal -
Wes and proof of Liquor. wrrranted.
Philadelphia. June 20 , 1840.
The subscriber is forced once more to cal
upon his friends and patrons and ask tbeSl tv
come and pay off their accounts. Necemity
alone induces him to call upon them again at
present, and necessity alone does dictate hitri
hand over to the proper officer all accounts ' that
may remain unpaid or unsettled by the lit
of February 1849 for collection.
Oct. ;-Bth 111148. I. B. Tarinitt