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    the terms concluded in a short time al- i [From the Berk*, & Schuylkill Journal.] 1 NE \•'," lialarsuins.—ln the State of New LATEST ARRIVAL or
terwards. Information received through Great Ili ewti !..-Sainita Anna's l Hampshire, onlionday, resolutions were'
source soree has always been found to be Lassil Proclamation ! introduced to repeal all clauses of the 'pP[t.!l,: A ., AM. r
reliable. n Hi ,
we have the sntisfaction of laying be- corporation law of the State, which ex- t-- P': 1 1 tk?, U
Commodore Perry hits sailetwith his fore our readers this morning in oo'rance i eluded individual liability, and calling 1"j-' THE STORE OP
squadron for Tolitiseo. The *Mexicana o f all our- cotemporaries, Oen. Santa for a law v..hich aliceild grant to Thomas
appear deterniined to station troops W. Dorr, of Rhode island, all the rights
ii A - s t t i i ' 1 'EL 11ILLIKEN,
A„„a, last proclamation to the " man.-
along the banks of the river, and fire i ,„a,,,,„, m ex i caa ant i c - m a , It ii: oiTe and privileges of a citizen of that State.
'IP." the h , loildroit as they go our, The lof the most extraordinary documents Col. Doniphan and several companies
enemy: llos Lao tilotisitlid good troops, liiiat leas yet „,,,„„„, ca t i.„ 0 „-, 0, a C an „„,„
while Com. Perry has but one thousand Ider-iii-Citief of the Mexican forces, nip, cf his regiment reached N. Orleans on j T Alf now receiving an entire ugly steel of SP RING .I.ID SI . .11 :11 E B Goons;
troops and marines to opppose to this : will create an . immense seetattimgh , - :he 15111 inst. from Brazos in the ship ..1. being by far the best assortment brought to this place. AMong Which will be
force. - I only in this country an d Mexico, ,1...1 !lepublic. The dates are tip to the g lOth found .. ..
The Nlntanioras flag of the oth inst. • CLOTHS 4. C ./IS I X El'S , .711 US LI.N'S 4' TIC KI.A . G.S,
i throughout the eivicized world I
--one day later, but there is nothing F1..:1 X.','ELS 4. DELL LIA''GS, •
C.' lIBRFI Las 4.. P. 4 IMSOLS,
gives the particulars of the wreck of the ' S A NT A -
ANNA'S LASI PROCLAMA.- new from Gen. Taylor. /./.\'/..h.l 'S A- CH EC KS, C ; , 1 LIC OS 4. GLIM; 11.1.115.
brig Alobile, bound to the Brazos from !'ION,
Nett' York, with 180 troops; part of them DEW Ditoes.—Why„ uncle Dewlittle, ilraid and Sirs{{' Bonnets and PalinLeal* and Fur 1101 s
..11Iexicans :—The bulletins from the I .
were saved by tl,e sclioonerilladonna, of 1 • how dew vou drw ! Dew come in and
seat of war have already informed you . • : . ,
Philadelphia, which has since arrived at I r tal_while_d . eiv how :Jews aunt 61,0 C ERI ES, 11,1 R DIV./ I RE, GUI E.A'SW.IIII DRUGS, P.ll. l l'7'S
'of our reverses! Matainoras, Monterey • i ; ( ; . s _ t •
_U ~ • ?
the Brazos, Gen. 'lttylor is not to ad - OILS .I.VD GL.ISSW,IRE.
Saltine, V era. C ruz, Jalapa, Perote, and "arebut is she dewing
Hannah dew I an • h ,
vance on San Luis. Gen. Scott has re- • now, and dew tell us all about the news.
other Mexican towns, have been wreste d • LP1.1.0/3(h.24 Z. - P s -3 0.0.1 U.I. tiaLtia Cal CtEa.D. Cs a ;
quired seven of Taylor's ten regi - Come dew set up to the table end dew as .
from us by our ruthless northern inva-
the dew; • dew help youself, and dew talk With a large and fine variety of Goods of all kinds.
merits to join lihn by the way of Vera
tors, and the plains of Buena Vista and '"e ew, Please call and examine my stock, as I am deterniin'ed to sell my goods oil
Cruk. L i e ,. ' some, and thrui not make me dew all the
Sierra Gordo art; yet reeking with A ...- as reasonable terms its any one in Huntingdon comity.
it is thought, however ; that there Will talking, for . ] shan't dew it. Now dew The highest price paid in CASH for II HE.lll',lll'.E, 0..4TS ball -V . , FLOL' 14
[Front the N. 0. Commercial Tittles.] be Some skirmishing between Monterey !,can
. 6lood ! The enemy is now hasten -
say something dew.
A TTACK ON THE TRAIN.—We learn and Catruirgo, OS Urrea is ill dint Vie ill- turn . . ' , . " 1 ' ~ „ _ 4 , CL()I ,.. EREED and F L,I XSE ED.
the Capital, and unless the National Con- Butter, E,2,Ts, Lard, Bacon, Soot', Beeswax, Boards, Wool, ke:, taken lit eachange
Out the whole of the immense train un- it with four thousand cavalry. l'he Olarktis.
gress furnish me with large increased for Goods. SA AI UEL MILLIKEN:
Her the escort of Col. Mclntosh and 800 , A letter from iMonterey dated June . PinhaanhrinA, June 30, 1847.
o f supplies of awn and money to repel the . • Petersburg., Pa., May 19, 18-17.
Men, proceeding onward to the head- Ist, states that Lieutenant Alalian,
advancing . foe, this great and glorious
quarters of Gen. Scott, were attacked by Philadelphia ; recently wounded in a
empire will soon cease to exist, and
a guerilla party at a point just fifteen duel, was not expected to recover.
!Mexico be blotted out forever from the
Miles beyond Santa Fe, a village eight : ---------
miles from Vera Cruz, The Moment the FROM THE ARMY OF GENERAL TAYLOR. - list of Independent Republics, and be
part and parcel of a government
attack was made on the head of the train i From the Brazos by the arrival or the ' come
. Which every patriotic Mexican loathes
the dragoons charged on the enemy and . Telegraph our news is later.
dispersed them. After the lapse of a! From the Flag of the 7th inst, we learn and abhors 1
.1! extrans To arms! All is not lost !
very short time, the Alexienns again ' that Col. Doniphan, with a portion of hisl
,One decisive blow will yet turn tl:e scale
made their appearance in seemingly , command, passed down the Rio Grande .
in our favor ! Although the perfidious
overwhelming numbers, at least 17 or on the sth inst. The flag thus speaks of i'
1 TAYLOR is ravaging our northern border,
1800 strong, and opened a fire on sever-
,them :
and the blood-thirsty SCOTT is laying l'.A ' \\/- Y( IRK
'al points' at once. Here a considerable The unshorn beards and goat and dear
, waste our eastern Departments, 1 am
number of pack mules fell into the hands skin clothes of Many of them reminded
well assured that they Tack the con turn- ,
_.... IN •
'of the foe, from the extended line which ' its of it description the have read of the
dull, II , with sa 1 c r,a s n a g t $ 1, r . ° 5 11 0 ) 121 1.1
had to be kept up, on the march, owing inhabitants of the Rusian Empire. They ore true. * 11 1 , 1 10, t °,l' there ° w"Gm' e rnmmt ! . s7 ' t u o l - 97 1 evia d :. 'i rli d ua i n a s a mid"l"
c i 1. 7 r.. t 1 kiDELP HI A! '•
1„ ) „,.,
,_ that the President of the United States, a ~."
to the narrow defiles through which the stopped in town a couple of The recently constructed
train was passing. Colonel Donipban is a stout ; rough-feil
' Signor Pohn, views their triumphal- iNIO.DEL OF NEW YORK, 1
ress with the most intensegsaloa -:/ PITTSIII'IIn June ',..i.1.• IN CARVED WOOD,
Colonel Mclntosh after a rather se- tured, good natured looking sort of a 1 - ' ,4, 2
:tittl al a ria,as being caleidated to Increase • The demand for fl our is still falling cif, Sales 1. BY E. PORTER BELDEN,
*ere contest, beat off the assailants, and man. Ile brought alfalfa with flint Clark's
Is now on exhibition for a short time at ilia
then fortified himself behind his wagons batterry, and tee pieces of carmen cap- Iheir popularity with the vnitclals of the have been made at , 5,4 50, but there are more set-' ,
. ,
.. to lore than htlyt•rs, even at that rate. Stiles of red
Nttrtli and ultimately elevate TIII ,, iV•SE \IDLY BUILDING,
deeming it imprudent to continue on tared at Sacratnento. The sick, Zac., Wheat 80; yellow Corn /15; Oats 2s; Eye 45;
11n., star iit now occupies! Wli ife. ,1114.1, Cill'llel. 6 . 1 . Tenth and Chesnut streets,
without a reinforcement, particularly re- forty or fifty wagons, with several Mtn- 1 1 lii , kcy "5 to “7 • R y e tiou'ia
.: e e cotnmencement of hostilities Lc amPHILADELPHIA.
quiring artillery. - An express reached tired mules, were turned over to the guar-
the city tin Monday, the 7th inst., in the ter-master.
his party in the Congress of the States. BALTIMORE, June, 9.5. The esprnses of transporting and fitting tip this
::we never suffered an opportunity to , immense work at ench place is se great, that its
evening and and on Tuesday morning, Gen. ' The volunteers are returning from rates :woo bbls Howard street Flour ;it ';' , C, 50,
C'adwalader marched to his relief, with Gen. Taylor with great rapidity. This notice is therefore given to those inhabitants
energies and detracting from their anti- : sale, corn ','cut at al aa.
a section detailed from the Howitzer this he is left without any of his volt'', of this vicinity who will be soon visiting Philadel
.llD.7lll..\*lSTß,l7'oll 'S JVOT I C 1...%
batterry, 10 guns attached to the Volti- reefs who fought under him at 13uenit il ary reputation, I have repeatedly recei- , t r.4 .ales 11s , d . killcat . nt 1 ES !..5, 1 EI , :
, ..ales of .... el.c , n ( ern and tt lete at so to ssets. ' . . - '
phia that they may letve an opportunity of seeing ,
t cd at the hands of the Atlininistrinion
gggggg‘gg...ggggg _,__, agggggggg , what is universally acknowledged the greatest „,
gear regiment, under Lieuts. 13Inkely V istas
~.. - ...- _ .. . _ _.._... rarty of that government. the most fiat- i X1ii7333, : piece of art and mechanical skill over produced iti, J" , state of Elizabeth Brother! ine, late of
and Cochrane; four coinpunies I lth re- i , .
giment, under Col: Ramsey ; onecompa- I Terrible Thunder Florio- -Three i'.ggs,.: nging tokens of amity and good will ! !
. At her residence , in !Pest township, on ibis country. . I the borough of Hy nti agdon , deed.
buy of the 9th and one of the 7th Infantry i Eilied by Ligittenints. it. is known to you that through the sae- • the 18111 instant, .Mrs. Eiaz •• ' '
A tiETII ....,MITH • l'hi, taotlel is a perf . cctfuc•sitnik of the Metrop- !7 \
• ohs, and all things therein, to the minutest details , 1 . 4 „ i f • -- • •
TCITICE is heretic , Cisco,that Loiters f A f..
o , t
isl interference and by the gracious , consbrt, of
_lir. Jacob Smith, dec'd, agedintafation . have seen granted to mine usioer-
Alleys P 1., 1 I'd llf era ' ' •
and company K. of 3d Dragoons. liven- i The house of Mr. Williarn :Matthews. ' g ineitaliter Streets and
s / 5 I .c '- ' , tolled on th • said •t• t • All - •
• nerrinsaitin of His Excellency Signor 61
ty wagons accompanied. : No. ‘2B Wilder street, just north of tle ~ ~_ , „.. _ . , ~ ...., a.. , ,
.. 7 , , y ear s and 10 months. 111otisco,18t,e1. flu t-Builling, Elevations and De- signed " ate ' . ' 8 '' '.•
,5 , 1,1N.4 , t.. , L•,:\ist!...l) %%I 111 A H gmomirowsommaronsavomrse,wevriwromoaseavowscroosa-, ' pres.:bms, Om Shippi ng , st eam b oa t, whar,s, ~,out,
er tizr:t i lueste;l:an n kt. , • wniednite pay
The Mexicans are said to be posted Tinntwanda Railroad ; was strtiek le- ....:: ' • : ,resent them
in .considerable strength, in the vicinity lightnints. on Monday night, the fluid en- - 1 i t t ,
I.o' .Inderitteatett irr i s n eltlement. %''
of the National Bridge, (Puente Nation- , teeing the chimney on the gable* end of ~ - '''' '... ` Herius °I " 1 • .-. '''.- , • , , ,iti ,(I riumur Iv., .... I graph. Door Yards, Fences, Trecß, Lumber and , •
I‘o - 4, - rutilit. I Yards, Awnioss T P - P
, . tamp °Ms, avements,antt '•
,-, pas, through the U. .'. I.dockading J. sat wlll.l. ST.Eava RT.
al,) close to which the train is entrench- . the house, and thence passing down the ' '`.) even the smallest objects in the city. By inspect- I
fle d THE undersigned take this method of I Admr's,
ed. They are determined to dispute the' stove-pipe, through the opening in the I "• - 'q uali " ) :', in i the j (i i nil ' entl ; :dexico i - •• - ' ' ina this Model a person can point out any object in ' _
of this Republic ~ _ informing their friends and the pub
passage with us. General Cadwalader,' stove door. In consequence of the ' a " umo ie 2ns'c'eneY ' New York, us well as if I were Molting upon rho I Auditor's Notick,
• and take command of your army ! N ,
or he generally, that the fo lowing enumerated articles, l
on his junction with Col. Mclntosh, will • warmth of the night, the feather bed s s :dior with all mintier of work e ' "'nal cite.
' rpm: Undersigned,
Auditor app o i n ted by il i a'
is this all :—I am further indebted to his i Phis work has Seen prepared at an expense of , I o vert of C oninwt , p leas or it . ,
be at the head of about 150'3 Strong, and had been rentovetl to the floor, near the t heir business, will be disposed o f t P ti rt t a i r u gs ' g s e t ' ' untingt.orr
His Excellency for the sum of THREE county, to distribute the proceeds of the Sheriff's
he has declared that he shall soon be ' stove, and on which Mr. Matthews, his and Made up to order in ti workailike and ;I'''. over
'ON'S OF DOLL 1.1? S c •hich h as *29.000' sale of the real estate of George P. Stover, late ot
bible to clear the road of those depereda- , wife, and daughter Sophia, a little girl ' - - i••••-, t proved style, very cheap, for cash or country pro•
materially a ssisted me in carrying. on duce. All that, is necessary for those who wish to
w : r t d r o s r in i, prgress for more than a year, and up- - ,. . , lle t hen i: y ec. t d owzktp, Hunti l ngdon e now Blair)
does, the guerrillas. Although the About 10 years of age, lay sleeping. As
the war ! `anch
~7 1If i i ) :3: n n t i i n I tokens of 1:eu5aienczi..:,1;11.,,,,,,,1,
m1 n i, ,1,; ,, ,; , ,,i,1. im, their line of
struction. Thicee"t"vnersenvretri:tesioni rzd hig in he i . ts t lo s t . i .:
gives ty . .. t l ice
rho ilatt ' e l r i i i d er to d t ' lTe " th i t i t e i r e e s i ri l l
name is not given, there is little doubt the fluid left the stove, it passed (Brea
of the Mexicans being under the cum- ly across the bed, killing. the litishand
c ," l- AN ': A C. i i ''''" . li t l e "gust head Three doors west o 1 D ° u P o . toil Jewelr ul' both American and European. Their names have said appointment on Thursday the Sth day of July
, t the extenn party' in the United next, at 1 o'clock I'. M., at the oflite of Davit(
nand of Padre Jarueta the Spaniard of and wife instantly ; and then made its toil i
~, ,,, , , , ,a , fr ,, , ,ii,... ..• ' been already given to the public. Over the Model
State , , tti . the Numb , wt'l I trust , be a^ e j Blair, Esq., in the borough 6f Huntingdon, when
whose exploits we have already spoken ; way tht.ough the side of the house. The dail y ' • ' '' WI ti , ll' , •• •il • . ' a is ""
iero lc 1•u In. can at a tunes be accommate
i b ythe tivian.iniinous
appreciate( . g , ramp, il; Sl3 CA NOVI' and where ell persons interested tail attend if 11,4
in these eolutnns . The exact sum in , aughter lived until about :3 o'clock, vo
Mexican rsition as they intuit ever be • with 1 think prom. JOHN REED, Autlittir.
specie, conveyed by this train, is $:350- : tinting considerable blood at different la r d 1 . • . lied and Oak Sole Leather, Skirting, Of Cah , cd&Ornrzinental Work, in .Gothic I ji316:',17-4t.
,e ) , y i r me in gratetui remembrance.
000. There is no atithentie intelligence'. times, but leaving no perceivable lulu-' ' Harness mind Bridle Leather Upper .firchitecture, nearly 15 fret h t
,i . , , I I !
.1 . sten v : In the alarming crisis that
of the loss sustained by either party, in ries upon her body. The parents were 1 Leather, Call't,liiiis, Spanish and Forming compartment. in which is represented i
t has arisen it becomes every true p atriot
this eneottuter. Dr. Barney, brother of slightly burned. Another daughter, Country Kips and Sheepskins. A C'OLLECT/ON (Jr all. PAINTINGS,
I final Lot 114 rove to his Fs- •
the Colonel, it is said, received a mils- Emma, slept ill the :elate bed, or beside () ' tan ' - . ' • P ' •'• . Asse, a first rate quality' of i Of the lead in..; Bushass Establishments
cellency, Shsnor Polk, and others of his : BOOTS of lie Cliy !
ket ball in the leg, which was, however, ' it, and escaped uninjured.
•t r who have stool by us thus far
- but a flesh wound. ' I
The two sons of Mr. Matthews slept 3 ' i r , and Hours of Exhibition from 9a. ,1., to 10 I, M.
tint we •tre tvtirthis of the . dietinguish-
HORSE ROBIIERRY.—A daring robbery in the chamber above, and being awaken- eel e * ' - - ' I -,
S II OE S, Admittance 25 cents. Season Tickets 50 Cents
I ettilqideration " with which they havel
of some forty or fi fty horses and •nitiles ed by the shock, culled to their parents, ` ' - Assal . .Children ander 12 years of age half price. .
", been pleased to regard its, Let 'us go ! wa tit„ .„. ,
.e .. ga i ts g -, for ,Ilea, ft omen Tag wag , • • •
Id exhibited throughout the country
is said to have been perpetrated by the but received no answer. They iinnte , .
rth again to repel the invaders and at :-'!• and Children or under ii . - . ul tile Mat or and e 111111U;I
/ ..1, b./Belli/II /1.1
Mexicans on the stli instant, close to the diately ran down stairs and discovered f . n '
the same time hinnble those proud and aa" . all qualities and Carnet...o,f the cii,, of New I' , ,rice
walls of the city. Company K, 3d dra- the bed on fire. On extinguishing the , ' ' .
:s • arrogant leaders Scott and Taylor—who pr i c e s.
goons, went in pursuit the next day, and flames they found their parents lifeless. -, •7 1 ' • •, i J. , 'l'l I . • rill ~ • PrOPOSRIS
~, (7, ~,, the most j 0 ,,,,„„6, e poetica l . ,ry also continuo to car, Oil in 11.. its Val lOUS
after remaining out scouring the coon- —Rush , aldv. branches, S:\DOLE and llatt- Alt 711.1. be received I,v! the committee for mind
opponents of our distinguished N orthern :,.,,_ ..^.
~..i . ..,.,3
i h a . ,. . \ v • •
trli until the fo ll owing morning, the 7th I ig, and are read y to ' purpose, between this time and Monday
I ally, (Signor PeLK) its they have shown •.•'''Fl. I N *tittlis heir ' elute! ters v'tl ll ! sth July next, for building a
instant, returned and reported they ' themselves to be the worst enemies of •" -i 4fßa.i*.e'se,J,, o f t T riu ,k s , V 1 ,,h,,,,, (.' "
satv no vestige of the enemy. ...Tel , Presbyterian church, •
Mexico ! , Last', Plu,tll, llogskin and 'rub:side-saddles, (from lin the horouglt a Alexandria. Pr usals will be
Garrison of Veto C2ll Z.--We have •
.I(es/cans I I hate dedicated my life • the el:earat to the best.) \
•'-'•'''''. Shutt' Saddle , ' received either for the clone building or tor
been informed that the number of troopsparts
to the service of my country, and if she 'of nil ""I' , Wa el.>" l . ."a Coina g e. 11 . 1 ""' ,136- lof it, stparately. More particular information may
at Vera Cruz, sinee the departure of falls I fall with her ! I cannot live and • dies, ' - '" 11 ""' Whi r"' ("'' he had I,y application to the undersigned at any
Gen. Cadwalader ; has been reduced to ! 111 of which will be disposed of el .I('''T for ' time before Bahl day, upon which the wo k will b
sed her prostrate ! With the small rein- .
so low a figure as to give rise to some rip, i cad, or nun kind of country produce. The Melt- I
let to the lowest and bast bidder sr bidde rs, jwi "
nroit of the Artily who are yet true to : cot price, in tra d e,'
given for beef hides, calf hides, I
prehensions for the safety of the city, inFor rho Committee, D. HODTZ,
the country, Igo forth a g ain to meet our i • hark , Ac. .1. J. &A. H. BUMHAL4.III.
case of an attack, by any thing like the 0. 0.131701-lE:ft
detestable rotators, resolved to conquer . j.'', , 3' 47 - 6 .n. 1. GRAFIIrs.
number said to be under Pedro Jarueta, • in • ••• • - • •-•
or perish in the attempt ! I appeal to
There were not more than forty men fit yell, perhaps for the lent time, and call
for duty in the Castle of San Juan de upon you to follow mite for a last desper-
Ulloa when the Massachusetts left. ate efibrt ! Let our watchword be "Pohl:
The, issue cannot be doubtful ! The ter•
roe-strielcen enemy will fall an easy prey
to our valor, and their bones be left to
bleach and whiten on time plains of Mex
ico !
Attack on a large train by auer-
The N. 0. papers of the. 17111 contain
lonic late news from Vera Cruz, brought
by the steamship Massachusetts.
The Massachusetts brings over
sick and wounded soldiers, under charge
of ])r. Tudor.
'rho vowito is represented as on the
increase at Vera Cruz. We regret ex
tremely to say that Paymaster Bus.
worth, who sailed from New Orleans i
only on the 18th ult., has since sickened
and died of the vomit° in Vera Cruz.
Quite the most important intelligence
brought by this arrival, relates to an at
tack upon a large train by the Mexican
guerillas, Which has been partially sue , .
[Crum the Public Ledger.]
The New Orleans papers give addi
tional details of the attack upon the train,
Our loss is now stated to be only five to
seven killed. A most desperate charge
was made upon a portion of the wagons
carrying ainunition, probably mistaking
the powder kegs for specie kegs.
An old Priest of great distinction at
Alvarado; received a letter on the Bth
inst. from his brother in the city of Mex
ico, to the effect that Herrera's election
was to take place on the 20th June, and
would by supported by the United
Church party, deciding the issue as to
peace or a continuance of the war.
The letter declared that the continua
tion of the struggle would be the down
fall of the church, and it therefore be
hooves them to unite with the peace par
ty and put an end to the war. That im
mediately on Ilerreta's election, a duds
s ion in favor of the propositions of peace
vigil be made to our (lovernment, and
Stirgeon Chamberlain, in tt recent letter
to the editor of the Sunday News, re
lates the following incident, as illustra
tive of the power and influence of Gen.
Taylor over the troops under his com
mand. During the retreat of the Indi
anians, Gen. Taylor ; riding up to the
rear of the retiring regiment, thus ad
dressed them:
" Men—soldiers—fellow-countrymen
—I fought for you and our country be
fore you were born. 1 fought for yijll
when you were boys. I have fought for
you since you were men. Now I want
you to fight a little while for me. Will
you do it?"
"Huzza for old Zack! Turn out!—
To the death for old Zack!" was shout
ed by more than two hundred of the gal
lant fellows, (for such they subsequent
ly proved themselves) who immediate
ly rallied under an officer, and fought
bravely during the rest of the engage
A Baptist preacher named Ward I State. Perry was his political friend and
eloped from Ebensburg, in this State, a family physician, and had succeeded in
few days seince, with a Miss Sarah I seducing the wife of Col. W. The atfair
Mills, the daughter of the gentleman
with whom he boarded. He had resided created intense excitement, and an ex
there about a year, and is said to have a amination of the facts has resulted in
wife and children in Baltimore! I the full acquittal of Col. Winston. The
Verdict was received by a crowded
court room with loud demonstration of
THAT PASS.—AII great events become
the subjects of poetry, and Polk's "pass
in" is thus immortalized in the Troy
Whig :
Pass our welt-beloved cousin,
Santa Anna, if he wishes,
With his sniff, (.y twice a dozen,)
Through our fleet at Sacriticios.
Pass his suite, both Don and Donna,
Piquipage and servant folk;
We've the hotter, Captain Comm..,
'l'o remain, Votirs, I. K. P—t:.
Gad and Liberty !
member of the Alabama legislature, was
shot dead lately at Gainesville, by Col.
Winston, President of the Senate of that
-WC learn from the Cumberland Moun
taineer, that the extensive works of the
Mount Sat age Company arc perfectly
idle, work being entirely suspended.—
The cause is said to be the continued in
ability of the company to satisfy debts
due the workmen.
FLOUR. & Nil:AL.—Holders of Flour arc asking
S 7, at which occasional sales are made—the mar
ket dull. Rye Pinar is worth SSA, and Corn Meal
1"41 a $4 31, with sales.
We notice sales of about 3000 bush
els red Wheat at $l3, and 0000 bushels good white
at $1 GO asl 01. Corn, Prima yellow, 94 a 95
cents, and dull. Nu sales of R. reported. Oats,
—Penna. 50e. and Southern 45 a 46.
NE IV Yorac, June
Flour has declined to-day. Extensive sales of
!1:11C teen made at ';7 as 7 06; WeNt
em $7, and mane Nrielligan in had order, at $6,-
87. k. Many large holders refuse to sell at present
. .
N. li.—Two apprentices will bo tiken at the
Mamc esiablkiniielit it application be made 8.11.
.4 olive (a C out ',wave's,
T)ROPOSA LS will be received for the
I caking of five miles of the Spruce
Irk and Wolersireet I . urniilke Road, at the
mouth of Spruce creek, on Wednesday, the 7th
July next. ft will be let in quarter mile sections,
and required to be commetced on or Mine the
ir s t of August next, and to he completed on or
before the first of December follouing.
Piano and specifications of the work will be ex
hibited at the time and place of letting. Security
will hr required of contractors for their performance.
IJy order of the Dom d,
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
r 1 ,111: Third Installment of Five Dollars per share,
1 upon the Capital Stock of the Pennsylvania
BM!road company, is requested to be paid, on or
before the first day of July next. Stockholders in j NAIMIIN di, COALE,
Huntingdon and the vicinity, will please pay to the .s.
AgetiVi of the Company in Iluntingdon, Mersrs, I Flour, Produce and General Commission
Miles and Dorris. I I Merchants,
By artier of the Dowd, ! lin. ln, Smith's Wharf, BALTIMORE,
(i BOBGE Ir. BACON, 'Treasurer.: / AFTER their services to the Merchants and Far-
Philadelphia, dune 18,1847, 3 1. 4 I mars of the Susquehanna end Juniata nettles
for the sale of Flour, Grain, and Produce generally,
Auditor's Notice. , in the Baltimore Market, end f. out their extensive
linlE undersigned, Auditor oppointed by tha acquaintance among purchasers and shippers, can
1 Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon ' safely warrant satisfactory sales.
county, to distribute the Wetter) iti the hands of ! Correspondents will be kept constantly advised
the Slenderising from the sale of the personal of the state of the Markets. &c.
property of Jos. Ennis, hereby gives notice to all Eder to Messrs. Win. Wilson & Son., •' 131
persons interested in raid distribution, that ho will ; laaac Reynolds & Son, t
unmet fur that purpose at his taco in Huntingdon, ! Pat idson & Saunders, r c
Oit Th„,,,y the sth day of duly next, at 10 lloynalds & Smith, J ;7;
o'clock, A. M. GEO. 'l' 41'1.01t, aiel Mc..., Tingle, CAI, ell & Engli:.l., ° ad,
juoc 2, 97.111 A Milo o.4ri t i, ~,, In •!ui,
Alexandria, Juno 16, 1R 3'L
rpi-!I; subscriber, of the late fi riu of
1 Buck & Moore, takes this method
of intbrming his friends and the. public in general,
that he has bought out the interest of S. L. Buck,
at the old established CLOTHING STAND,
254, MARKET S.rit ELT, Po it, I. rxtA.andis now
prepared to furnish all kinds of Ready-made,
CLOTHING, ut prices which cannot but secure
to him the patronage or all who desire to purchase
cheap clothing. I have splendid French Cloth
Dress and Frock Coats, from $5.50 to $18; do.
Pante from 75 touts to $6; Vests, loom 621 crusts
to $.l; suit of summer clothing for $2.25. Also,
all kinds of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods at ex
tremely low prices.
Wholesale dealers in Clothing would do well to
call at the store of JOSEPH J. MOORE,
234 Market street, Philadelphia.
I 1 , . P. PI Ror MAN
PEROT & ziorrnTArer
Aimi - 74/49/
Produce and General Commission
:10.79. North I . 76arves, below Vine St.. Phihula.,
.t}E jii•eparcd to receive all kiiids of
produce on Consignment, on sebie►t
they will make liberal advances, when required.—
'Phey trust, with their knowledge of, and attention
to business, they will receive a share of the patron
age of Merchants • Millers, and others. They ic
ier to
Dutilh & Ilerephrive.
Platt, Halhogshead & Co., I
f.ea, Brinker & Co.,
F. & W. ti. Perot,
Sinith, Brothers & Co., I
'l'. C. Rockhill,
1. & J. Milliken,
Dr. J. B. Aril,
Saintiel Milliken,
P.J. Boffin:in,
Philadelphia, A pril 11. 131 f— Giri
Auditors' Notice,
rpHE undersigned, Auditors appointe4 by the
1 Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon coun , .
ty, to distribute the proceeds or the ..-lierits sale of,
the Veal Estate of James R. Johnston, hereby
gives notice that they will meet, for that purpose,
at the dike of (tea. Taylor, iu Huntingdon, on
Friday, the 0111 day of July nest , at 10 o'cl ck.
A. M.; when, and where all persons interested iR
said distribution arc riddled to attend.
A udir;,re.
june 4, 47-11.]
To the Citizens of lineiting.
don County.'S CORDIAL CM37,I7NA
TIVE, is the best and Meat eettain
minedy for Diarrha , a, Dysentery, t. , untmer Come
plaints, and all similar alliictione of the Stomach
and !towels, ever offered to the afflicted. It is equal
ly adapted for Adults as well as Children : anti
Mothers will find it the best rentedy to allay the ir
ratahillty add fretfulness censer) nen t Tee' n
q iii
children. It removes speedily Wind Cholie, and
restores in all cares the morbid secretions of the
.Vonitrek & ilurec/s, the proximate causes of the
above diaceaes. It contains nothing injurioue to
the moat tender infant, is remarkable pleasant to the
taste mid no family should ever be wahout it. The
Diseases to which it is applirahle, are hat few, yet
exceedingly prevalent, and ellen lamentably feta
to the young, there being not leas than seventy
thousand dying annually, with derangements of the
Istionuch and bowels. !'arenas think of thin, and
I remember also, that in every case where the cord's(
fails. your money Will he returned. Read the fol
lowing voluntary testimony :
LANCASTER CO. Naville, D. e. 11, 1847.
Dn. ICIMLEII.—Sono Hine Past summer your
agent left me some of your. Intent cordial & Car
minative, urging me to try it. It ao Happened that I
had a case: a child about six months old, whoai
stomach and bowels were in a very disordered con
()Won, tanned by a deficiency of its Mothers Milk.
The child was a mere skeleton: there Yves touch
Tomlin'', Times:nue and constant evacuations. r
administered every medicine [could think of, with
but a slight alleviation of the complaint. I then'
thought of giving your medicine ti trial, ren a med.
ring with small doses ; / norm however perceived
the child could hear a fall dose on recommended in
directions: before it had taken half a bottle the
stomach and bowels had recovered their natural
tone, every other bad symptom yielded, and the
child improved very rapidly.
I have no hesitation in saying that your ',tern.
elite is the very best fir the above consplaints-
I have administered in a 21
./yeaeepeact ice. r
Very Respectfully, your friend,
H. B, LIOW 111 AISI. M.D.
Prepared, cor. ail & South street, Phila. For
tole by J. N,Prowell, and Jones Simonton, I I un.
tingdon, and by Druggi,t, and merchant, through~
out the county.
jun,: 7,47.6 m,