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Extraordinary Session of the Mexican
Congress—Offer of Mediation by the
British Minister—Rumored arrival of
Gen. Taylor at San Luis—Reported
Revolution in the City of Mexico
against Santa linna.
I transmit the following additional
Mexican intelligence contained in the
New Orleans papers of the 6th inst.
Upon the receipt of the news of the
defeat at Cerro Gordo, the Mexican Con
gress held an extraordinary session, at
which a decree was passed, dictating to
all Mexicans the importance of carrying
on the war, and defending the nationality
of the republic. It also prohibits the
Executive from making peace With the
United States, or concluding negotia
tions with foreign powers disposing of
any part of the territories.
The decree pronounces all to be trai=
tors, whether private persons or public
tinctionaries, who make any treaty with
the United States, and declares such
treaty to be null and void.
A permanent committee is to be in
. stalled, should Congress find it impossi
sible to continue its sessions. On this
committee is to devolve the whole duties
of the government counsel, and appoint,
in case of vacancy, a temporary Execu
The power of the committee to cease
at the conclusion of the war.
There were more than eighty mem
bers of Congress present at this extra
ordinary meeting, and great unanimity
The Picayue has a letters from Jalapa,
dated 25th, 26th and 28th April, Vera
Cruz of the 29th.
Gen. Worth was still at Perote, with
2500 men. He had advanced one bri
gade with its battery, to enlarge the cir
cuit of supplies.
The arrival of the diligence at Vera
Cruz from Jalapa, on the 28th, brought
, the intelligence that Mr. Bankliead, the
British Minister, had offered mediation,
and Congress was acting upon the pro
It was repbrted that a strong party in
favor of peace had formed at the etipital.
A few light breastworks had been
thrown up in the vicinity of the city of
but nothing like a regular de
fence had been undertaken. The citi
zens seemed to be stupified by the suc
cessive defeats of their troops.
Santa Anna had written to the Gov
ernment from Orizaba, that he had 1500
men, and Wanted reinforcements and
money. His demands were, however nu
heedcd, and the government and people
appear to have lost all confidence in him.
The Puebla paper of the 24th declares
that a party of Mexicans headed by
Rejon and Gomez Rajas, had determin
ed to sell the Republic to the American
By an express arrived at Vera Crnz,
on the 29th, information had been re
ceived that Lieut. Dixon, in command of
a detachment of 102 convalescent sol
diers, on their way to Jalapa, had been
attacked by 300 Mexicans,
A wagon train has also been captured,
and fears are entertained for another.
It was rumored that Gen. Taylor had
I arrived at San Luis, but not that lie had
Aliken that city.
It was also reported that the Mexicans
1, intended leaving the roads entirely free
from Jalapa to Puebla, but entombing
themselves in the latter place.
A revolution is said to have broken
out in the city of Mexico against Santa
The Mexican aceounts of the battle of
Cerro Gordo says that Santa Anna sus
tained himself with 6000 against 14,000
and finally being entirely surrounded,
en'. his way through the Yankees with a
column of the fourth infantry.
The Mexicans admit that two of their
t; Generals were killed, but Gen. Scott's
: loss is put down at four thousand, killed
two thousand, and as many wounded.
General Sales has issued a proclama ,
tine, declaring that he was empowered
to raise a guerilla corps, and calls on all
good Mexicans to join his standard.
Gen. Taylor—Assassination of 24 Mexicans
. —Endeavot to ascertain the Guilty.
The Schooner Heroine arrived at New
. Orleans on the 29th ultimo, from the
Brazos. The Delta contains a letter
dated Monterey, April 4th, from which
we make the following extracts :
" Three days ago the Alcade and
Priest of a small town some twenty miles
distant, on the road to China ; catne in
and reported to Gen. Taylor the murder
of twenty-four Mexicans, at Gualopa, a
P.. small rancho, about six miles from Re
mus. The murder was committed ; they
say, by a party of Americans numbering
about twenty, and was done in the night.
The murdered then were first made pri.
goners tied, and afterwards all shot
through their heads. The murder is
said to have Wen eorrintitted on the 28th
of March. On that night a train of loa
--7- ded wagons, escorted by two hundred
infantry and about the same number of
horse, under command of Col. Mitchell,
~ of the first Ohio Regiment ; encamped at
Marin, which is about 5 miles from the
scene of the murder. The mounted men
were composed of United States Dia
, goons and Texas Rangers, under the
, command of Capt. Graham, of the 2d
' Dragoons. Suspicion rests on some
part of this corpsy though no clue as yet
has been found to discover the guilty.
The officers in command—gentlemen;
and rigid deciplinarians—are using eve
ry means in their power to investigate
the matter.
Gen. Taylor has got his steam up Oh
the subject, and is determined to haVe
hung emery one, who it can be proved,
has taken any part in the murder. The
town where these men were killed is but
a few miles from the place where the
large train was captured and so many
wagoners massacred on the 22d Feb'ry.
Some fifteen dr twenty of the wagoners
who escaped from the massacre came
up in the last train, yet there is no evi
dence that they were engaged in the
Gualopa murder.
I passed over the place of the massa
cre of the 22d Ferbruary, a few days
ago, and the scene is truly the most
horrid and revolting that 1 ever witness
ed. The remains of the murdered men,
yet unburied, stripped of every particle
of clothing, lay upon the plains, their
flesh devoured by Mexican wolves and
buzzards, and their bones bleached in
the sun.
The train was a very large and valua
ble one, and stretched out from three to
four Chiles in length. The attack was
made upon the escort, who were in the
advance, by a large body of Lancers.—
The escort, forty men, under Lieut. Bar
bour, of the Kentucky Legion, were all
taken prisoners; and are now in posses
sion of Urrea. The Lancers charged
clown the train, and lanced withtlut Mer
cy the wagoners as they ran for their
lives in the chapparel. More than three
fourths of then, it is thought; were
killed, and their bodies shockingly mu
tilated and disfigured.
Urrea, by last accounts, was at Lina:
res, expecting reinforcements. It is
t'uniored that he has four pieceF,of artil-
Cry With him. Marin, Ceralvo, Mier, and
China be garfisoned by our troops,
which will render bur ctimitianications
with Camargo entirety safe, The troops
here are in excellent health and eon.
The number of regiments whose year
will expire in May or June, now in Gen.
Taylor's column,
is thirteen. How their
places are to be filled I cannot devise—
perhaps you can inform us."
By the Baltimore papers of Friday,l kraal a Whig Pour.
we have the important intelligence of Must ThofigirMrtlly Joke.
the rapid advance df Gem Seam towards
the city of Alexidth This great Chief- The barque Spartan, Cap t. J. Miller,
recently arrived at New London froth a
tart pushes on Without stop or falter ; the w h a li ng an d Sealing expedition to the
destruetite storm Of Cerro Gordo de- North Pacific, after an absence of about
lays ridt it day nor an hdur his ofiward three years, and was boarded oft Mon;
tanck a lot-boat. It the
march ; With it boldness and energy; and
; Captainby pi
is a stiff Democrat seems,
and that
a masterly activity beyond all parallel, ; sailed from home in September, 1844,
he has passed through the considerable and not having heard a word since, he
town of Jalapa; traversed the dangerous was eager to learn the news, particularly
and difficult road thirty miles beyond, ; the result,cif the, then pending Presiden
and appears with the old Vanguard of . tint eleCtion.. the Commander of the
being of a wa re.
the army, under the gallant Worth, be- i plied, " Well; C M somewh y
Was at b e yelecteda
fore the far-famed castle of Perote: bare majority."
Both these places surrendered at the "The mischief he was!" cried the
first summons, and without the firing of , sea-captain, "1 am sorry for that. Of
a single gun—Jalapa on the 20th and ; twentysthree men and boys on board; we
Perote on the 22d of April. Perote is I have but two Whigs, and if I'd kridUrii
36 miles beyond Jalapa, 108 from Vera their pesky politics they might haVe
Cruz, and 170 from the city of Mexico. staid at home. But, do tell—how do
Gen. Twiggs had followed the retreat- things go on 1" •
ing Mexicans, on the 19th, from the "0, first rate ; the Tariff of 1842 is
Cerro Gordo to within a few miles of repealed, and another made which just
Jalapa, when all traces of them, as a suits England:"
body, disappeared, and he encamped for "There, boys! didn't I tell you, that
the night, within three miles of the townlthe Whigs was the British, pliftyl DO
that evening, and entered and took pos. I you not remember their flags and bun=
session of it early the next morning. tiers, Clay and the Tariff of 18421'
Santa Anna did not pass through Jo- 0 the cussed, lieing British Whigs I"
laps but, in company with Ampudia and " But, we have annexed Texas to the
Torrejon; turned off to the left at his Union, and it is now a State in full corn.
hacienda, and halted far the night at the munion."
"nine mile pass," which was being for. I " You don't say so ! But slavery is
tified i but which on second considera- excluded of course."
tion, it Wag deemed prudent to evacuate. " Not so—the blessed institution'
• The latest accounts left the Mexican exists in all its enlightening and benifi-
General at Grizaba, a little town at the cent influences."
foot of the mountain of that rainfte i IVith "Didn't I always say that the Whigs
about 6,000 men of the fugatiVe from is opposed to Liberty 1 Tolerate Slave.
Cerro Gordo: It is said that the feeling ; ry The they do ! I knowed the
against him, excited by the disastrous Whigs couldn't get into power
issue of the battle of the 19th; is so Iwithout bringing some calamity on the
strong that he will not dare to return to ' country: What next V'
the city until success shall brown his "President Clay (without consulting
efforts to redeem his thousand promises Congress, then in session) Ordered the
to his deluded countrymen. On the day army to advance to the del Norte; the
before the battle he boasted very mud/ inmost limit claimed (in dispute) as a
in Jalapa that he would not only whip part of Texas—collisions ensued—blood
the Americana, but that he would never was shed—battles followed—and we are
Call off his men from the pursuit until he now in the midst of a hot, bloody war
had driven them into the sea. Cerro with Mexico:"
Gordo, lie said; was intended by nature "Horror! you don't Say dot"
as a defence against all those who at- "Congress has just adjourned, after
temped to overrun the republic, and if warranting a National Debt of thirty
the Americans were not beaten back millions, in addition to thirty millions
from that point, it tvould be useless to before incurred, and placing at Clay's
oppose further obstacles to their advance disposal near seventy thousand men.—
Gen: Worth, with the advance of the The appropriations of this session are
army, appeared before Perote at 11 nearly sixty millions of dollars !"
o'clock, on the morning of the 22d, and " k urious ! You stick daggers in me.
found it evacuated by the enemy, who 0 liberty ! 0 justice! All this comes
had left an officer behind to surrender it of Whig domination. What a mountain
in form: An immense number of small of tt'oes has the success of that party
arms, the big guns of the castle and city, rolled upon my country. Loose all sail,
and munition Were taken possession of. boys If the democracy had succeeded,.
It wasScoit's intention to push on all WOW have been in peace and pros
towards was_
where, it was thought, poritjr: Crowd every stitch of canvass !
the enemy would make another stand: Why did we sail before the election 1—
Immediately after the battle of the Hurrah; boys to the ballot boxes—join
19th, the Mexican prisoners, who were the people with true hearts and strong
paroled commenced wending theit way hands—turn out these Men ! upset them !
to their different homes. From the foot there must be a united rally to save the
of Cerro Gordo to Santtt Atitlit'S haci
enda, the roadside was llhed with the
dead Mexicans Mid horses, who lay
scattered Id Mll directions.
Our ldss at Cerro Gordo is now stated
to be about 350 in killed and wounded.
din. Shields was still living on the 22d,
and some hopes were entertained of his
Active preparations were being made
in the Capital to oppose the progress of
our arms. Resolutions had passed Con
gress calling on all dapable of bearing
arms to enroll themselves Without delay.
The " Guerilla" system had been deter
mined on, and the most prominent 136r
sons in the city had already commenced
forming bodies of men for that species
of warfare. It was also proposed to re
move the sessions of Congress to softie
more secure city. _
Rumors were prevalent at Jalapa
and Perote that the command of the
Mexican forces Had been taken from
Santa Anna, and given to dandlizo:—
An American Naval Victory.
The U. S. transport schooner, Gen.
Patterson, arrived at New Orleans on
the 2d of May, with later news from the
seat df War. The transport left Vera
Cruz on the 24th ult.
The New Orleans Delta gives the
gratifying intelligence of still another
glorious victory achieved by the Affieri
can arms in Mexico, and of the capture
of Tuspan by the gallant squadron under
Commodore Perry.
The Gen: Patterson fell in with Com.
Perry 3 s squadron on its return from the
Tuspan expedition on the 24th ult.,
twenty-fit'e miles north tlf Vera Cruz.—
She Was boarded by tin officer from the
United States stearner Scorpion; who
placed letters in the hands of daptnin
Jackson; and infortiled him that od the
19th ult.; tustiaii had been taken, after
a fierce and deteriiiined Ojifittsition on
the part
,of the Mexican troops:
The Mexicans, after a desperate sting;
ale ; finding; that; notWithstandffig their
most stretiuOils exertions, till fesistande
would be vain; spiked all the guns, razed
the defence of the place; and then aban
doned it.
In the engagement four men were
killed, and fourteen wounded on our
side, among them were four officers, viz :
Capt. Tatnall, slightly ; Lieut. Parker,
severely; Lieut. Hartstein and Passed
Midshipman Lowndes, both slightly.
country from this stupendous course of
fraud, and stupidity leading to ruin !"
What happened when the good Capt.
Miller arrived at New London—got his
eyes open, and learned that it was his
Bull gored our Ox, the New Londo n
Spectator has yet to inform us.
O The Albany Evening Journal says
that General Scott gave Santa Anna a
"hasty plate of soup at Cerro Gordo;
and if he had not been served with fleet
horses he would also have honored him
with a "fire in the rear !"
A MEXICAN CATnEurtiii.:=The Cath;
Ora at Piiebla, Mexico, is magnificent
ly ornadiented. The chandeliers and
ldtiips Whieh adcirii it; are of Massive
gold and silver. The building was com
pleted in 1808, and is said to have cost
$6,000,000. There are ten 6lipels,at;
tached td richly decorated. Be;
Sides thib, there dre several churches 8f
Magnitude and great wealth."
07 4 The three companies of
vania volunteers which here detained at
Lobos On account of the small pox; hale
arrived at Vera Cruz: No deaths had
occurred; arid the men *ere quite Well;
the small pox having disappeared.
Saturday, we learn that a lad by the
name of Burtis, was picking up bits of
boards below the Falls; flir the purpose
of making a hen coop; As he, was
walking along with a piece Of siditig;
half an inch thick, upon his head; some
boy on the bank; more than d hutldred
feet above him, threw a small stone, a
mere pebble, which in its downward
course struck the board on the lad's
head, splitting it and fracturing his
skull. Our informant tells us that it is
expected the lad will recover.—Cleve
land Herald.
The Market s,
May 14, 1847.
Ormun Argil MtAL—Prices since Tuesday
lldbh varied bin little abil the sales for export have
been lb the extent Of 10,000 brls at $7,875 a 8,
and extra at $8 a 8,12 h, nbarlY fill it $B. The
market closes quiet at $8 to-day, and but littlb for
sale. Rye Flour is scarce and in request;. vales at
$5,25 per brl. Corn Meal sells very freely et $5
der hrl;
GRAlN—*heat is in brisk dediand aiid Oka
continue advancing; sales of 20,000 bushels at
$1,77 a 1,78 for good Peoria red, and $1,83 a 1,85
for white. Rye—Sales at $1 to 1,03 per bushel.
orn— Sales 10,000 bushels Penn's yellow at $1.03
to 1.05, by weight. Oats are wanted at 52 a 52i
chi for Southern.
On the 11th inst:i by the Rev. ,
Gear} Mr: TficisiAs MeWail Of Mifflin
Couiity; to Miss MARY ANN DECKER of
this place.
WILL b:frettheie"d
r b o y u
a t h
h e
of unders i gned, uii,ingt be-
tween title tittle and the first day of June, for the
making of a close board knee (ihe inaierfals to be
furnished) on built sides of a public alley lb be
opened from Smith to Charles street, in said be ,
rough. The said fence to he five feet high, made
with good Locust poets, and good inch while pine
boards; the whole fence to be, in length, about 200
rods. The materials to be all ready before the lot
of October, Proposals may ho for making the
fence in a single square, or for the whole.
More particular information may be had by ap.
plication to the undersigned, aey time before the
Is! day of .tune, on which day the work will be
let to the fewest and hest fridder,o'r bidders;
Chief Burgesa.
Mayl9-11. Assistant Burgesses.
91HE subscriber, of the late firm of
Buck & Moore, takes this method
of informing his friends and the public in general,
that he has Imught out the interest of S. L. Buck,
at the old established CLOTHING STAND, No.
prepared to itunigh all kinds of Heady-made
CLOTHING, at prices which cannot but secure
to hint the patronage of all who desire to purchase
cheap clothing. I have splendid French Cloth
Dress and Frock Coats, from $5.50 to $18; do.
Pants from 75 cents to $6 ; Vicele, hartl 62} cents
to $4 ; suit of summer clothing for $2.25. Also,
all kinds of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods at ex
tremely low prices.
holesale dealers in Clothing would , do WOW
call at the store of JOSEHH J: 51 ()RE;
254 Market street, Philadelphia.
Flour, Produce and General Commission
No. 116, Smith's Wharf, BALTIMORE,
OFFER their services to the Merchants and Par-
Mmrbor the hesqoehanna and Juniata vallies
for the safe of Flodr, Gitlin', and Produce generally,
in the Baltimore Market, and f Urn their extensive
acquaintante arhong potchaserri and shippers, can
safely warrant satisfactory Wad.
Correspondents will be kept constantly advised
bf the state of the M3rkets &c.
Refer to Mesta. W rn.Wiison &,So., 13: 1
bum Reynolds & Son,
Davidson & Sounder., g
Reynolds & Smith, ,T,
and Mews. Tineiy, Caldwell & English, Phila.
delphia. [may 19-2 m.
LETTERS of administration haiing
been granted to the subscribers
upon the estate of John Miller, late of
Cass township, deceased., all persons
ha*ing claims against the said estate
are hereby requested to present them,
without delay, proiSerly authenticated,
for settlement; and all persons indebted
to the estate, are notified to make imme
diate payment:
my !Mt] Admre.
AM now receiving an eniire hewstbek of SPRING 4.1 VD S 01:11 id? GOODS,
being by far the best assortment brought to this place. Among which 'will be
LINENS 4. CHECKS, camcos 4. GINGH.d.MS:
Braid and Straw Bonnets and Palm Letirand Far Hale;
OILS aND GLasstkwßE:
I:Pamtstrcka- ii , uciastina =Enda M3esaa'a a ;
With a large and fine variety of Goods of all kinds.
Please call and examine my stock, as I am deterrniraid to sell my goods on
a§ reasonable terms as any one in Huntingdon county.
The higheiif price paid in CASH, for WHEJIT, RYE, OJITS CORN, FLOUR;
Butter, Eggs; Laid; Bacbn, Sbap, Beeswax, Boards, Wool, ere., takeri exChang
Petersburg; May 10; 1847.
Aioditor s 'Mice.
A" peretohs iiiierested tire hereby noti fi ed, that
• •
the undersigned , appointed an Abditor by the
Court of COMmon Pleas of Huntingdon county,
id drcide do eiceptions filed to the trilat account
of Jacob Shoblifelt, committee of theitereon and
estate of Joilh ehoenfelt, a lunatic, dttend for
that purpose,dt his o ffi ce, in the borough,of Hunt
ingdon, on Wedhbaday, the 30th day of Juiie nett,
di 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day.
, J. SE WEL STE WART, A udittir.
Pennsylvania, Huntingdon County, to wit :
onbi is herely given to all interested
in the estate df :times Entrekin,
Esq., Jeer:dried, ue heirs, relailves, hat of kin, de-
visees, legateeS dr eiteciitors, that ih the Matter of
the:appeal Of William. Entrekin, froth the Debree
of the Register df said cOurity, admitting the Will
of the said James Entrekin, Esq., to Probate—an
issue, DEVISAVIT VEL sow, has been directed by
the Registers' Court to the Court of Common
Pleas of said county. wherein James Entrekin and
James Steel, Erq'rs. s e plaintiff's and William
Entrekin is defendant; and that the said issue will
be tried before the Court of Common Pleas, and a
Jury of the scid county, on the third Monday (16th
dot) of August, 1847, when and where all Or;
sand interested, may attend and make thaniseldes
patties 1011E3 satire:
Mays-61. MCO B MILLER, Register.
Blacksmith Wanted,
steady employment, at good wages,
by applying at Paradise Furnace, Tod
Township, Huntingdon county. Fdr
further information app ly office,
or at the Furnace: 1'; ; DEWEES,
tray 1 q• 3t:
s DMlNlSTimmies .NOTICE.
Estate of Hannah Ditzworth, late of Jack
son township, deceased.
oTICE in hereby given, that Letters of Ad
.ll ministration have been granted to the under
signed on the said estate. All persons indebted
to said estate aro requested to make immediate pay
ment, and persons having claims will peseta them
dul y y authenticated for settlement.
apr27-6tl JAMtS OILLAM, Adiitr.
HE office of the Deputy Surveyor for the conn
tyy of Huntingdon, is removed to the borough
of Huntingdon, where letters (post paid) on busi
nes will be duly attended to. Office in Washing
ton at. SAML. CALDWELL, D. S.
epr2 I-4 ros
Produce aid Cierieral COmmission
No. 79, North Wharves, below Vine St., Wadi.,
A RE prepared to receive all kinds of
t 1 produce on Consignment, on which
they will make liberal advances, when required.—
They trust, with their knowledge of, and attention
to businesti, they will receive a share of the patron
age of Merchants, Millers, and others. They re
fer to
Dutilll & Humphreys,
Platt, Hollingshead & Co.,
• •
Lea, Butiker &
F. & W. S. Perot,
Smith, Brothers & Co.,
T. C. Rockhill,
J. & J. Milliken,
Francis McCoy,
Dr. J. B. Ant, ILewistown.
Samuel Milliken,
F. J. Hoffman,
Philadelphia, April 14. 1847-8 m
DY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of
Huntingdon county, will he exposed to sale by
public voodoo or outciy, the premises, on SAT
URDAY, 15th day of May next, at 2 o'clock, P.'
M., all that certain tnessuage, pla'ntation, or tract
of land situate in Springfield township, in said
county, bounded by land of George Taylor on the
east, Mr. Cremer on the north, Elisha S.Greene on
the west, and William Taylor on the south, con
taining 136 acres, more or less, with the ap
ens pdrtenancee, &c., with improvements and
'the necessary buildings thereon made and
To he sold as the properiy of Jdcob Baker, late
of Springfield township, deed.
Terms of Sale—One-third of the 0044 mo
nay to be pale CM the confirdation or sale ; one
third within one year with interest; and the residue
at and immediately after the death of the widow of
said deceased—the interest of said residue to be
annually and regularly ,paid to said widow during
her natural life, and the whole to be secured by
the bonds and Mortgage of the purchaser.
Attendance will he given on the day of sale, and
the pioPeifY shown in the meantime, by
apr21.411 Acting Admr.
.new !Watches and Jewelry.
UST received from Philadelphia a fine assort
Also, a splendid stock of well selected JEWEL
RY. CO' Diamond pointed Gold pens, Gold pen.
tile, etc.] H. K. NEFF de BRO.
I HE undersigned will expose to sale on the pro•
mtses, on Tuesday, 15th day of Sone
. a first rate tract of •IM ESTONP LAN pi :
situate in Tell township, Huntingdon county, ad.
joining lands of John Gooshotn, George Gooshorn;
William GoUshinn and Nicholas Gooshorn; con
taining 101, Acres more or less, wiih about
one intndied,and twenty - five acres cleared . thereon.
There are octil, Im provements on the above tract ,
the fences betriA tp good repair, and the cleared
land in a goa state of cultivation. The State
road passes Through the same, and other public
roads; there are alsd Upen The said tract. first rate
mill and saw mill seats, end several springs of the
finest lirlia4tope water.
Thie dale ti opportunity to 9yte de.
airing it possess themselves of a fine farm to ac•
commodate themselves. ,
, ,
The terms of sale will he made known on tbd
day of sale by the subscribers.
Assignees of C. Conti:
aprl 4-19)
011 HAls . r'S COURT S&LE,
yuILL be sold, by order of the Orphan's Court
II of Huntingdon county, on the premises;
on Thursday, the lot day of July, 1847, as the
property of Mathew 'l'. May, late of Mifflin coun
ty, decd., the lot of ground containing 11 acres of
ground, more or lee., called the Tan-yard, ip
ree township, Huntingdon county; with a Dwell
ing House, Tan Yard, ttltefile and Pater improve
ments thereon erectbd, dntY adjoining lands of Wrri
Oaks and Jo'sish Cunningham.
Terths of Sale—One-half on coffflunation of the
sale; the oilier half in orb year ihereafter, to be
scoured by bohd . and mortgage of the trarchaact..
Thy pu cheap money to remain a lien on the pre-
Migcs until the whale Anil be . .
The sale to commence at 12 o'clock, at the
dwelling house, when and where attendance will
be given by Joshua Morrison, guardian of the mi
nor children of Mathew T. May, decd. By ordei
of the 0. C. JACOB MILLER, CIL
are4kl3Priiik Ana klummei ittelqeine:
TTANCE'S Sarsaparilla Vegetable
11 Blood Pills, for purifying the blood:
BALTIMORE, July 29, 1843.
This is to certify, that I was afflicted
With a violent pain iii the tweak and
right arm, which I sujipoSe proceeded
from the impure state of my blobd.
was recommended t4.take }Tunic's Sar
saparilla of Blood pills, and after taking
one box, jhe pain was entirely removed
from my bMast and arm: I found . them
gentle' in their . OpeTittioti, and
would recotrimend them to every person
in want of a mild purgative. Parma
DOCITE 7 Noi 23 Conway street, betweed
oward and Eitiaw.
In purcaasing these pills let me add
one word of caution. Always ask for
Hance's pills, and purchase of none but
those advertised ns agents, and if con:
venient, call and see the in.sPrieter
himself. For sale by Seth S. Hane,
108 Baltimore st. and corner of Charles
and Pratt sts., Baltimore. Price 25 cts.
per box, of fifty pills each, for Hance's
[ genuine pills u or 5 for $l. Enovl§y
Aniwrs—T. Redd & Son; Hunting:
don; Moore & Swoope, Alexandria; A.
0. Brown,Shirleysburg ; W. W. Buch
anan, Mil Creek; Spencer & Flood,Wil
- RANCE'S Compound Sy rup
. ?if Hors-
Li hound, for the cure of couilikc'olds,*
consumption, spitting Of blood, paid in'
the side and breast, bronchitis, croup,
and all diseases arising from a diger;
dered condition bf the lungs or neglect;
ed cold: The following sonnet was ad:
dressed to the proprietor by a young
Iti(Py who *as cured of Consumption:
Ho! ye who pant with failing breath,
And pine away and die ;
Hance shall "put away" Tour death,*
And light anew your eye.
Ho* sweet it melts upon the tongue,
Ho* grateful to the breast !
A glorious theme for poet's song,
Soothing his cough to rest.
Hance ! favored of the God's, art thou;
A blessing to thy rage,
Let laurels flourish on thy brow,
And wealth those laurels grace.
When heroes are forgotten; kings
Defunct ; teased to rain ;
Glory, for thee ; shall flap her wings, -
Thou conquerer of pain.
Price 50 eta. per bottle, or 6, bm'iles
'for *2 50. Prepared and sold by Seth
S.. Hence, 108 Baltimore st., and corner
ehdrles and Pratt eta. [fiovlBy
AGENTS—T. Read & Son, kuntingdoni'
Moor© & Swoope, AlexaUdria ; Spencer
& FlOOd; Williainsbprg W. W. Bach:
anan, Mill Creek ; A. 0. Browne; Shill