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DIED: At his residence, in this bdrongh, at
IS o'clock this morning, Mr. BENJAMIN ARMI.
TAUS, aged 77 years.
Tho subscriber hereby requests all persons in
debted to him for subscription, printing, or adver
tising, to call at his office and settle, previous to the
24th day of January next. All unsettled accounts
will then be placed in the hands of a Justice of the
Peace for collection.
Huntingdon, Dec. 17, 1845.—td.
LAW PARTNERSHIP, 5 8ELita & :1100ta.
Thomas P. Campbell and William J.
Jacobs having associated themselves togeth
er in the practice of the law, 'Minim the
publir; that they will attend to,nll . business
entrusted to them in Mo, live of • pro
fesSicim in liuntingdom,•Mifflin anti Centre
counties, with care and fidelity.
Their office is the same occupied by
Thos. P. Campbell for many years past,
next door to the office of Gen. 4. J.
son, and opposite the residence of William
Orbison, Esq. " •
Huntingdon Dec. '17,1845.
"Yankee 3untper" Ton , Bale.
TWO gentlemen from "Blair County"
respectfully inform the citizens of Hun,
tingdon that they will dispose of a very val
uable "Jumper" whidh they have left at the
"Kagle Hotel," in this borough. at _which_
place persona wishing to purchase can
and examine for themselvds. There is
ncithing about this (at the present) useful
article, which can be objected to by any
gentleman, however derhocratic he may be
in his notions. It is "neat but not gaudy."
A great bargain may be expected, by call
ing on - GEO. JACKSON,
Dec. 17, 1845. Agent fur Proprietors.
Orphans' Court Sale.
41) Y vi r tue of an Order of the Orphan's
Court of Huntingdon county, will be
exposed to public sale on
Thursday the Bth of January,
at the house of J k NIES M'MURTRIE,
Inn-keeper, in West township, EIGHT
TRACTS of Unseated Land, late the pro
perty of Jacob K. Neff, dec'd, situate in
said township, one containinf 400 hundred
acres, surveyed on a warrant in the name of
Henry Canan : One containing 400 acres,
surveyed on '4 warrant in the name of David
Stewart : One containing 400 acres, survey-
One containing 400 acres, surveyed on it
warrant in the name of ugh Johnston:
ed on a warrant in the name of A. Johnston:
One containing 400 acres, surveyed on a
warrant in the name of ,ftenry West: One
containing 400 acres, surveyed on a warrant
in the name of Thomas McCune': One
containing 420 acres, surveyed on a warrant
in Ae name of James Dean, and one con
tai fg 400 acres, surveyed on a warrant in
the name of John Adams. , ,
TERAIS:=Otte halt of the purchase mo
ney to be paid .on the confirmation of the
sales, respectively, and the residue within
ont year thereafter, with interest, to be se
,Cured by the bond and mortgage of the pur
By the Court, JOHN REED,
Attendance given by JOHN NEFF,
Dec. 17, IB4s—ts. Executor.
Auditor's Notice.
. .
The undersigned, appointed by the Or
phans' Court o( Huutingdon county, to
examine and decide upon the exceptions
to the account of Henry Miller, Executor
of Martha Ker, deceased, will attend for
that purpose,, at. the Register's Office, in
"The borough of Huutingdun on Thursday,
the tip ot 4 ;January, at 1 o'clock P. M.
Die. 17, 3OIII t T REED, Auditor.
Auditor's Notice.
The undersigned : ippointed Au4or, to
the inatter.of the Administration' , account
of Aaron Burns dec'd.. who was adminis
trator of the estate of Abraham Yager,
dec'd, to distribtite the 'baliiiice appearing
on the sanii, to those legally, entitled
'thereto, givei notice Olathe wilfettend
'to the same st the Begister's
: Office, in
the borough of Huntingdon, on Friday
the 9th day of January neat, at o'clock
P. M. JACOB M4LLER, Auditor.
Dec. 17, 1845-4 t.
Strict Steel's'.
. _
td AME to the residence of the subscriber
in Waryiorsniark township, on the
first day of Dec., 1845, 2 steers; the one
is a pale red with .a white face, the other a
red brindle, supposed to be 3 years old last
spring. The owner is requested to come
forward, prove property and take them
away, otherwise they will. be disposed of
according to law . . JOHN BECK.
Dec. 17, 1845.
To the honorable the J6tlges of the Court
of Quarte'r SesaiOns of the Peace, of
the Countycf Huntingdon. The peti
tion of Christian Coats Respectfully
That he is still provided with house :torn,
stabling, liquors, and all the necessary
accommodations fur keeping a. house of
public entertainment, at his old Stand,
(the Franklin House) in the borough of
Huntingdon, in said county. He there•
fore prays your llonors to grunt him a
License to continue to keep a house of
public entertainment at the said place for
the current ensuing year. And, as in
duty bound, will ever pray.
c. cou•rs ,
We the undersigned, citizens of the
borough of Huntingdon, do hereby certify
that the above Petitioner, Christian Coots,
IS a man of good repute for honesty and
temperance, and is Well provided with
house room and conveniences for the ac-
Comnioilatinn of strangers and travellers,
and that the Inn or Tavern proposed to
be kept is necessary to accommodate the
public and entertain strangers and trav
Jacob Africa 1. Williainson
Chas. A. Newihghlin W. S. Hildebrand
James Saxton, jr. A. A.?3initii .
W. A. Saxton Christian Long
Willi4m Couch Samuel Steel
DaVitl Weston E. M. Junes
ll'illiatn Rothrock
fly virtue of sundry writs of Vendi
tioni Exponas, Levari Facias, and
Firri Faciam, to me directed, Will
pose to public sale, at the Court House
dote• iu the borough of 'Huntingdon, on
Monday, the 12th January, 1846, the fol.
lowing described Real Estate; and contin
ue the same from day to day until all is
sold. - The terms of the sateare cash, and
no!sale will be'final unless the money be
paid at the time, viz:
All those, two certain. Jots, pieces or
parcels of ground situate On the west side
of NVater street in the town of Cassville,
Huntrngdon county, containing about four
acres or thereabouts, adjoining Mary Mc-
Cmdle on the.south, Lewis Stever on the
weed, and David Steve:- on the north; hay
itik/a stone (livening house and a frame
stable thereon erected.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of Jacob M. Cover.
All those two adjoining lots of ground
situate un the north side or Juniata street
in the borough of Hollidaysburg, fronting
each 60 feet on said street and extending
tiabk at right angles to - same 160 feet to
Bank alley; said lots being numbered 155
and 156 in the recorded platy of said bo
rough—No. 156 being a corner lot, and
on the korner of
.Juniata and Penn'a.
streets. 'On said lots are erected the
Hollidaysburg Foundry, Casting House,
a two story brick house, an oflice build
ing, and 'a frame building used in connec
tioit with the Foundry—together with all
the machinery and fixtitres belonging to
and attached to the freehold.
Seized, taken in 'execution, and to be
sold as the property of Geo. R. McFar
lane, Michael C. 'Par.t3er, and Albert J.
Garber, lately trailing under the firm of
McFarlane, •Garber Co.
The one undivided nalf part of a tract
of tidtber land situate in the township of
Cromwell, in the county of Huntingdon,
containing in all one hundred and sixty
acres, surveyed in the name of Joseph
Grubb, adjoining lands of Alvah Chilcoat,
John Rutter and James M. Bell, Esq.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of George Cornelius
and Peter Cornelius or either or both of
All that certain tract, piece or parcel
of land situate in the township of Barree,
in the county of Huntingdon, about one
hundred acres be the same mare or less,
adjOininglands of George Bell, Dr. Mor
decai Masse a Niers, about 40 acres
Of which ahaving thereon
erected a cabin house and barn.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of William Hutchi
son, deed., now in the hands Of his Ex
ecutors. . ,
All that tract, piece or parcel of land,
situate on the Juniata River about el
miles beloW
,the borough of Huntingdon,
in Henderson avirship, adjoining other
lands of defenMt, lands of Jacob Fock
ler, and others, lying on both Sides of the
Juniata canal, and on both sides of tia
Turnpike road, containing, about 184
acres, be the same more or less, about 150
acres of which are cleared . and in good
cultivation, having Theron erected a log
dwelling house 1,1 stories high, and two
Aoldile lug barns, and other out buildings
and iniprovetnents.—Said tract of land
has two apple orchards, and a good spring
of water thereon.
Also--A tract, piece or parcel of ridge
land, composed 'of:two adjoining surveys,
situate in Henderson township, adjoining
the last described tract, land of Jacob
Pushier, Rupert, and others, con
taining:in all about 22 acres, be the same
more or less, about So acres or which are
cleared, alit! a dwelling house stories
high thereon erected.. _ _
that certain lot of ground,
situate on the corner, of gill . and Bath
streets in. the borough of Huntingdon,
numbered 95 in the town plot of said
borough, fronting st) feet on Hill street,
and 185 feet back along Bath street to
Washington street, having thereon erect
ed a large two story stone'dwelling house
and-kitchen and aframe warehouse and
stable. . _
. .
Seized, taken in execution,- and to be
sold as the property of Jacob Miller.
All that tract, piece, Or parcel of land
situate in the township. of Snyder, in
Huntingtinn county, containing 53. acres
and 12:0 perches, anti allowance, On the
hank of the little Juniata .River, and ad
joining lands of Lyon, Short), & Co.—,
William Caldwell and. others—havin3
thereon erected a two story lug dwelling
house, a frame barn and a frame fulling
mill, about--acres of WhiCh are cleared.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of Moses Robeson,
at suit of John W. Miller.
All that small piece, parcel or tract of
land situate in Jackson township, in the
county of Huntingdon, purchased by the
defendant from Jno. P. Stewart, contain•
jug about 60 acres, be the same more or
less, adjoining lands of Robert Stewart,
Esq., IVilliam flays, William Porter, and
others, about 2.5 or SO acres of which are
cleared and cultivated, with a small log
dwelling house and a log stable thereon
Seiicd, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of William Musser.
. . .
All that certain lot of ground situate
in the borough of Williamiiburg, Hun.
tingdon count•, numbered 94 in the plot
of said borough, fronting 50 feet on the
North East side of Front street, and ex
tending back, 175 feet to an alley, boun
ded on the East by Lot No. 35, and on
the West by a lot of Joseph Higgins,
having a two story brick house and
frame back building thereon erected.
Also —Lot NO. 35 in the plot of said
town of Williamsburg, adjoining the
above described Lot No. 34, and fronting
50 feet on 'Front street, and running back
175 feet !o an alley,;bountled on the East
by a lot of A. Patterson, and on the West'
by Lot No. 34—having two frame dwel
ling hiluses one and a half stories high
thereon erected. . -
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold 'as the'peoperty of William Southwell,
with notice to Adam Womer and Henry
Schwartz, terre-tenants. The said two
last described Lots will also be sold as
the property of 'George Knoelller, dec'd,
in the hands of his Executor s , by 'virtue
of two writs against said Executor in my
All that certain part of a tract of land
situate in Barree township, Huntingdon
county, adjoining lands of -Hitz
worth, H. Alexander and others, contain
ing severity• two acres and one hundred
and forty• seven perches, (Being part of
a tract of land which Gen. William Mc-
Aleavy, by deed dated the sth day of Sep
tember, A. 1). 1820, conveyed to %Vit.,
ham • McAleavy, and the said William
McAleavy by deed dated 21st April,
1841, conveyed the same to David McAl.
eavy,) together with the hereditaments
and appurtenances.
'Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of David McAleavy
S 0 ,
Two certain adjoining lots of ground
situate in the Bor ough of Hollidaysburg.
numbered & 252 in the town plot of
said borough, being each'6o feet in Front
on Mulberry street, and extending back
170 feet to Strawberry alley—having
thereon erected a large one story brick
building, known as St. MarY's Catholic
'Church of ficillidaysbur6. „
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property tirthe Catholic Church
of Hollidaysburg, in the hand§ 'of the
building committe.
All that lot or small parcel. (gland sit
uate in the township of Jacksert, in Hun
tingdon county, containing about Eleven
acres, be the same more or less, about
seven or eight acres of which are cleared,
adjoinit , lands of George Steffy, -George
Riter, John Stem, and others, with a two
story Irame tavern-house and a barn
'thereon erected.
Seized, taken in execution, and - to be
sold as the property of Samuel Stab,.
, • • ALSO,
All that certain Lot of ground in the
town of buncansville in the county of
;Huntingdoh, ,. containing about 60 feet in
'front on the Turnpike Road, and running
back along the Bedford .Road, 160 feet,
more or less, to the 'Portage Rail Road—
having thereon erected a large two story
frame tavern house and kitchen and a
frame stable.
. ~
Seized, tilcen in execution, :and. to be
sold as the property of Michael Tholtpscin.
. .
A tract of land
.situate on the waters
of Stone creel:, in Henderson township,
near the Warm Springs, ..containing 69
acres,l. , out, 40 acres of which,ire clear
ed, some of which is meadow land. Said
land adjoins Henry White, William Mc-
Diva, David Newingham's heirs, and is
the same land which Jacob White died
seized o—hairing a two story log weath
er-boarded house, a log barn and other
bui)dings thereon erected.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of George Smith.
. •
All that c e rta i n two story building sit
uate on a lot of ground in the town of
Graysville, in Franklin township, in nun
tingdon county, adjoining lands of Ew
ing & Travis, containing one acre and
one eighth of an acre of ground—said
building being a frame house 30 feet in
front and extending back 0 feet with a
kitchen thereto attached 12 by 15 feet,
with the appurtenances. .
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of John Stover, own
er or reputed owner.
A. lot of about seven acres of cleared
land, situote in Blair. township, on the
northerly side of the Turnpike Road be•
tween Hollidaysburg and Duncansville,
bounded on the North and East by:lands
of John AlcCahan, on the South by the
Turnpike Road, and on the. West by the
town of Nitaltersburg— having thereon
erected a two story brick house and kitch
en and a frame stable,
Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the prOPerty of John B. Buchan•
an and George Buchanan.
Sheriff's Office, Huntingdon, Dec. 17, 1845.
Having re
ititned •to Huntingdon county, has re-corif
menced thepractice of LAW in the Borough
of Huntingdon, where he will carefully at
tend to all business entrusted to his care.—
He will be found at all times by those who
may call upon him, at his office With Isaac
Fisher, Esq., adjoining the store of '1 hoe.
Read & Son, near the Diamond.
Huntingdon, April 30, 1843.
AT:MI=3a ha' LAM%
Office in Main street, three doors west
of 4r. Buoy's.Jewelrp stablishment.
Edit-wiry 1.1, 1843.--tf,
• 1-4"LBA. r•
0 v'''lo3li;
• - 7 • •
'Diseases of tho 'Lung's and Breast.
It has eared thousands upon thdusands—
of all classes-4n cases of the most danger
ously consumptive character; and physi
cians of the greatest eminence throughout
our whole country now unhesitatingly re
commend it as
• Mentl. SANFORD & PARR—Dear Sirs:—
With regard to Dr. Wistar's Bilsam of Wild
Cherry, for which you are wholesale agents,
we have sold, since last October, eighty
tw o bottles at retail, and have heard from
a great portion cf them as producing the
debited effect.
Several important cases In this vicinity,
which came under our personal knowledge
have been cured!—where other• remedies
have been tried for:yeara without effect.
In fact, we think it one of the most inval
remedies for consumption of the lungs
and all other complaints fur which it is re
commended; and do thhik, that the suffer
ing of the afflicteerdemand that .you should
give it a general circulation, and make its
virtuqs known. Yours,
WEAGLY & KNEPPER, Druggists,
Wooster, 0., May 20, 1843.
[Fromlhe Cincianaiii Daily Times of
Allay 3044 1848..
"Motor's Balaanz of Wild Cherry.—We
should judge from Messrs. Weagely &
Knepper's letter, published this day among
our advertisements, that this popular rem
edy for coughs, lung complaints, and dis
eases of the breast generally, was really a
valuable medicine, and worthy of serious
attention from the public. We are infored
by the wholesale agents, that they are al
most daily receiving similar letttrs from all
parts of the West.
We would advise our 'readers Who are
laboring under an affection of the lungs, to
make immediate trial of 'this truly excel
lent medicine. The most intelligent and
respectable families of our city have adopt
ed it as a favorite family medicine ; and
persons predisposed to consumption who
have used it, speak in the highest terms of
its efficacy."
aj- Read the fulloi . •iing from Dr. Jacob
Hoffman, aphySician of extensive practice
in.Huntingdon county :
Dear Sir:—l procured one bottle of Dr.
Wistar's Balsam. of Wild Cherry, from
Thomas Read, Esq. , of this place, and tried
it in a case of obstinate Asthma on a child
of Paul Schw,eble, in which many other
remedies had been tried without any relief.
The BalsaTh gave sudden relief, and in my
opinion the child is effectually cured by its
use. Yours etc:: '
Dec, 23, 1841. •
al. It is unnecessary to remind all who
would get the true article, to inquire partic
uhg'•!v for ..Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Chu ery,",and take nothing else.
Price one dollar per bottle.
For sale in Cincinnati, by
General Agents.
Also, by Thomas Reed & Son, Hunting
don • Mrs. Mary Orr, Hollidaysburg; Gem
mill Porter, Alexandria.
Dec. 17, 1845.
Orphans' Court Bale.
Y virtue of an alias order of the
. ..Orphans' Court of Huntingdon coon
to, Will be exposed to sale, by public ven
due or outcry, on the premises, on
hursdaY the Bth of January, 1846,
as the property of John Scullin, tlec'd, a
lot of ground with a large and commodi
ous •,
Tairinßwl AMUSE,
thereon erected, two stories high, part
log and weather-boarded and part frame,
situate in the borough of ,
. Petersburg,
in said county, now occupied as a public
house by Mrs. Mary Scullin. Also parts
of two other lots in: said borough, on
which are erected. a large frame stable,
and a small log stable, apptirle`nant to
the tavern stand..
TERMS OV SALE :—One half of the
purchase money to be paid on,the confim
ation of the sale, And the residue in two
equal annual payments thereafter, with
interest, to be secured by the bonds and
mortgaged the purchaser._ Dy the. Court,
0: Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, P.
M. of said day. Attendance will be giv JOHN M'CULLOCH,
Dec. 10, 1845.
CAME to the residence of the subscri
ber, in Warriorsmatk toivnahip, about the
28111 of Novernbr last, a red and white
spotted steer, supposed to be.about four
years old. The owner is requested to
come forward, prove property,. pay char
ges and take him away, otherwise he will
be disposed of according to law.
•• • • DAVID BECK.
6th, 1845.
Bridle Proposals.
THE undersigned, Commissioners of
Huntingdon county will meet at the house
of Conrad Snare in Ilopewell township.
on ‘Vednesday the I;th clay of Deem.
ber, to receive proposals for building a
Bridge across the Raystown Br e snceof
the Juniata river, where the public road
from Trough Creek yalley and Mary Ann
Furnace and Mary Ann .Forge strikes the
said river, at or near the house of the said
Conrad Snare, in Hopewell township.
The plan and specifications will be es ;
hibtled un that day, or can be seen at any
time in the Commissioners' office.
Comint's Office, Nov, 16, 1815--3 t,
Auditor's Notice.
THE undersigned Auditor, appointed
by the O rphans '
. Court of Huntingdon co.,
to hear tUe., the exeeptious filed to the
account of .Alexander, Executor of
the last will of William Scott, late of
Tell township decd., will mfend for that
purpose at his, office in Huntingdon on
Friday the t:h day, of January next, at
one o'clock P. M., and where all persons
interested may attend. •
GEO. TAYLOR, Auditor.
Huntingdon, Dec. 9, 1845.
'CAME to the residence of the subscri
ber, in \Varriorsmark township, about the
15th day of November last, 4 strays, one
Red cow, with some white about her head,
and a Red Heiffer, with a Bell. on ; also
two Red Steers, one of them having his
right ear marked, the other a mooley.—
The owner or owners, are requested to
come forward, prove property, pay all
charges, and take them away, otherwise
they will be diposed ofaccording to law.
Dec. 1, 1845—St.
To all wkOm it may Concerti
NoTicF is .hereby given that:the ac•
count of Wifliant Black, Committee of
the person and Estate of Christopher
Black, el Allegheny township, a Lunatic,
has been filed in my office ned. Wlll 'm
presented to the Judges of fha Court of
Common Pleas, 'of the county •ot Hun•
tingdun, on the second Monday of Janus
;try next for confirmation, & will be then
Confirmed and allowed if no sufficient
cause be shown to the contrary.
3 A MES STEEL, contrary. .
Proty's Office, liunting.
don, Dec. 5,1845.-4 M $
Two Stray Cows,
W47(MAME, to the residence of the. subscriber
residing in Union township, about the
first of August last. One is a red cow with
a white belly and a star on the forehead,
supposed to be about fifteen years old ; the
other is a red cow bordering on brown, with
a white belly, a white streak along the back
and supposed to be about twelve years old,
the horns of both turning up. There is no
marks on the ears.
The owner or owners are requested to
come forward, prove property, pay charges
and take them away.
Nov. 19, 1845.
The undersigned Executor of the estate
of Jacob Mouth, dec'd, will offer at public
Ou Thursday the 27th day of Noaember
inst., all that certain tract, piece, or parcel
of land lying and being situate in Tod town
Alp, Huntingdon county, containing 250
acres, more or less, adjoing;latids of Sam
uel McLain, deed, and Joseph Martin, on
which Johnny Hunch resides, there Is a good
[llll premises,ond also a good BARN,
ORCHARD ' • And four, good
on, about one huudred acre.; of land cleared
twenty-five of first rate Meadow, and about
one hundred that can be made bitameadow
all in one body. Sale to commence at 10
o'clock A. M• of said day. Attendance
will be given by
.Nov. 5, 1845—ts.
1 To the Honorable Jl. S, Wilson, Presi
dent, and his Associates, Judges of the
court of Quarter Sessions of the,Peace
for the County of Huntingdon„ a: Jan
uary Sessions 1846, Ihc Petition of
David Etnire, respectfully skewetia
' That your Petitioner_ occupies a commo
dious House, situated in the town of Or
bisonia, in Cromwell township, on the
road leading from Drake's Ferry toCham
bersburg, which ,is well calculated : for a
Public. House of Entertainment, and from
its neighborhood and situation, is suitable
as well as necessary for the accommoda
tion of the public, and the entertainment
of strangers and travellers. .
That he is well provided with stabling
for horses, and all conveniences necessary
for the entertainment of strangers and
travellers : He therefore respectfully
prays the Court to grant him a License to
keep an Inn, or a Public House of En
tertainment there : And your petitioner
will pray, Ste. . DAVID ETNIRE.
WE, the undersigned, citizens of Crom
well township, county aforesaid, being
personally acquainted with Davit! Etnire,
the above named Petitioner, and also hav
ing a knowledge of the licmse for which
the license is prayed, do hereby certify
that such house is necessary to accommo
date the public and entertain strangers
or travellers; that he is a person of good
report for honesty asil temperance, and
that he is well provided with house retiin
and conveniences for the lodging !lel tic
commotlat!,on of strangers and travellers.
We theret'ore beg leave to recommend
him for a, License, agreeably to his Peti
Druid Burket, • Samuel N. Wharton,
Peter Ripple, James Morgan,
Daniel J. Logan, Samuel Grove,
Andrew Hegie, Samuel Erwin,
Simon Gratz, Enos McMullen,
John Rutter, Samuel Book, •
George Swartz, Joseph Coiighenower,
John Laird, James Colegate,
Wm. Gilliland, Joseph Cornelius,
Benjamin Cornelius, Frederick Hernan,
George Calegate.
Xagiiiff - fxszEß,
ATTORNEY AT LAW.-=Has removed to
Huntingdon, with the intention of making it
the Mace of his future residence, and will
attend to such legal business as may be.en
trusted to him. Dec. 20, 1843.
attorney at Lam.--:attends to practice in
the Orphans' Court, Stating. Adniinistra
tors accovits, arivening, &c.—Office in
Dimond, three doors East of the Ex
change Hotel," fe1321.3, '44.
• Valuable Real Estate at Or
phans' Court Sate.
Y virtue of an order of the Orphans'
ail Court of Huntingdon county, x ill be
exposed to public sale on the premises,
a tract of excellent land situate in "Wou,l
cock Valley," Hopewell township, Hunting
don county, late the estate of William Elder,
dec'il, acjoining lands of James Entrekiii.
dec'd, on the South,Tussey's ;Mountain on
the West, Christian Weaver on the North,
anti others.--containing about
4 4 1 0 ACRES,
he the. same more or less, having TW 0
DWELLIN,G HOUSES thereon erected.
and a large quantity of cleared land, part
of which is excellent meadow land.
The above tract of land offers the best
inducements to purchasers, of any that have
lately been offered. Thefe - is' none better
suited for a grazing farth iii the county—
, whilst there is ars° a sufficiendy. of the hest
wheat land Upon it. It is sithared in the
heart of one of the best Valley's in'the coun
ty, and is near one of the largest iron estab
lishments in Bedford coo: ty.
TERMS.—One third of the purchase
money to be paid in hand at confirmittion of
sale, and the residue in two equal
paymetits thereafter, with inter, st, -to 1,.;
secured by the bond and incirtgage of th,:
purchaser. By the Codtt,
• JOHN REED, Clerk.
Attendance given by DAVID SN Alt F.,
Huntingdon Nov. 56, 1845.—t5.
W ILI, Sell the above farm, situEte about
one mile from the borough of Hollidays
burg, the contemplated seat of justice Inc
'Blair County. T hetrltetcontains 2'.!8
,has a splendid Bank Barn, Dwelling House,
Orchard, &c. thereon, and the farm land
in the highest state of cultivation. Price,
$50.00 pet,acre—one half in (land, the other
in two annul payments. For 'farther par
ticulars apply to my son James in the neigh
borhood of the farm. . _
N. 8.--I will sell the "Miller" Farm,
two and a half miles below Huntingdon,
containing :350 acres, for $lBOOO, and give
an indispulabte title. There is a specu
lation of $4OOO In This properly at the
above price
Nov. 26, 1845
Farm and Mill tbr Sale
. .
-THE subscriber will offer at public sale,
on the'prelnises, on Saturday, the 20th day
of December, at 1 o'elock P. M., the prop
erty on which he • now resides, situate hi
Porter township, about a mile and a half
from tire borough of Huntingdon. There is
about 700 acres of land belonging to said
property, about 75 acres of which Is cleared
and in a good state of cultivation, with an
apple orchard of 80 trees thereon. The
improvements are situate on the Juniata
river and consist of a frame
with : t . wo pair of 'French burs and une pair
of country stones; a
OM& ....eattn.a o • •
a neW fiame and weatherboarded dwelling
house, tivo stories high, a jog stable and
other necessary out buildings. The water
power is excellent, perhaps not surpassed
by any in the state; and the wood hind bor
ders on the "Big Dam," and is well
ed. :There arc three quarries , ef excellent
lime-stone on the premises, and a lime• kilts
on,the i border of the Pennsylvania canal:
TEI half of the purchase mo
ney to be paid in hand, and residue Ni
two equal annual payments, .to be secured by
the bonds and mortgage of Me purchaser.
Nov. 26, 1845.
Grocery Store;
In the 3d street north of the Canal, 2 doors
west from Mr. H. Glazier and adjoin
g the residente of his Father.,
THEuntlertignecl respectfully informs
the citizens of the borough and county of
Huntingdon, and the public generally, tha t
b' is now opening a general assortment ct
'Groceries and Confectionaries; comprising
' in part, Coffee, Sugar, Tea, Spices, Sugar
awl Water Crackers, Pick Nicks, Almonds.
Raisins, Mackerel, Herring, & c. &c. Also,
Tobacco of the most approved brand=; best.
Spanish, half-Spanish and Atnerican Segars,
wholesale and retail, to suit purchasers.
Together with a variety' f articles, too nw.
' merous to be inserted, • AU which he offer:;
for sale on reasonable terms for cash, or in
exchange for proitice at fair prices.
Agent fur the Proprietor.
Huntingdon, Nov. 12, 1845.
patent Coo11.111i; Stove.
_ ,41p111' SIDE UP!!
. _
WOULD respectfully inform the pub
• lic; that I shall continue as heretofore',
to not as Agent for the sale and delivery of
the justly celebrated Hathaway Cooking
Stove, manufacturnd by A. B. Long 8c Co.,
who have at a heavy expense secured the
exclusive right of Patentee of Huntingdon
and other counties. _
No bombastic eulogy is deemed essential
to add to the arready acquired celebrity of
this stove. It is necessary, however, to ob
serve that , the high reputation this stove has
gained by practical use, has induced the man
, ufrcturers of other and inferior articles, to
borrow (not to.use a harsher term) the naive
of HATHAWAY, and' prefix it to all TM ,
• proved," in order to make their inferior
trash go eras genuine, and thereby impose
upon the public. 1, myself, sell : the only
REAL HATHAWAY stove that is or can
be sold in this county, and,4thild therefore
admonish the public against. the imposition
above alluded to. lam happy in being able
' to say, confidently, that during the last three
or four yetrs, in which I have been con
stantly dealing in and putting up these stoves,
I have' found them to give universal and
unbounded satisfaction. Any communica
tion in relation to stoves addressed to me at
Lewistown, Mifflin county, (my place a
residence) will meet with tae earliest posl
ble attention.
I?' A few good sound hones will be tnlu.n
in exchange for stoves.
Lewistown, Minn Co., ?Sr, t 9: 1"1,
J:M c.