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Uttntingqini, Oct. I, I 845.
aj. V. B. PALMER, Esq., is authorized to act
as Agent for this patier, to procure subscription. and
advertisements in Philadelphia, New York, Balti
more a..d Boston- •
Philadelphia—Nurbliet 59 Pine street.
Baltimore-9; E. corner of Baltimore and Cal
vert streets.
New York—Number 160 Naseau etreet.
Boston—Num* 16 !kite street:
Philadelphia, Sept. 17.
Wu6ATFLouS , per bbl. - - - $4 50
Itric MEAL, , . dO. - - 3 25
CORN do. do.
WitzAT,ptimeVebna. per bush. - - 94
RYE do. - - 62
'Conti, yellow, do. - - - so
OATS, do. - - :2
. Baltimore, Sept. 17.
WHEAT FLOUR, per bbl. - - - $4 37i
WHEAT, per btiali
CORN, yellow, do.
ltym„ do,
- - - 62
*336015 - ,
"Here the girls aiui here the tbi~ow
Always cait.theit earliest glance,
And, with sniileleaktece considet
If they, too, Woictitana a cha'nce
To make son* ateVer yellow novnLi
In bliss, and Ofteii trinsae."
MARRIED—By tile Itev. 1. S. Lei, On Thuvi•
day the 25th ult., Mil WIIVAM HAZZARD,
to Mies ELIZA BOWERS both, of this borough.
osrrvaa*. aicoi
From DEATH no age nor no condition save,
As goes the froemah, so departs the slave,
The chieftain's palace and'the peasaht's bodrer,
Alilv are ravished by his haughty power.
DIED—In Warrioremark township, on the 5tH
ult., ANDREW ROBESON, aged 83 years.
On the 25th ult., in Antes township, Mre. SA-
RAH BUYER, aged 77 years eleven months and
thirteen days.
..Thou art gone to the grave; and its mansion for
Perhaps thy tried spirit in doubt linger'd long;
But the sun-shine of Heaven bemired bright on thy
And the song which thou haunt was the sera
phim's song.
Thou art gone to the grave,—but 'twero *rong to
deplore thee,
When God was thy ransom, thy gliardinh, thy
tie gave thee, He took thee, and soon *ill restore
Whereeath no sting, since ihe Saviour hath
Calvin Blythe.
NWILL practice in the several Courts ot
VW the City and Cotinty of Philadel-
His office i 9 at No. 5 . 5. Smith P oti writ St.;
between Chesndt and Walnut streets.
Philadeldhia; Oct. 1, 1845.
The undersigned', Auditor appointed
by'the Orphan§ .COurt of the county of
Huntingdon', to apportion the asset§ in the
bands ot Satnuel,Caldwell J acob
strator) of the E4tate of Cutler,
late of Antes township in Said; county,
dec'd, hereby gives notice to, all persons
Interested, that he will attend to the du
ties ot his Said aptiOintnient, at ,the Reg
ister's office of said county; on Friday, the
Slat day of October, next, at o'clock P
JOHN REED, Auditor.
October 1,1845-4 t.
Anditors's Notice.
The undersigned; Auditor appointed by
the Orphans' Court of Huntingdon county
to apportion and distribirte the meta in
the hands . of John Love, Administrator of
ihe Estate .of Asaph Fagan, Jr., late. of
Barree itiwnslitP
,in said county, dec'd,
hereby giiei ilo tice to all persons inter
hated that he will attend to the duties of
his slid appobitmeht, at the Register's
effice County, on Saturday the Ist
day of Ndvembee next, at 2 c'cluck r.
JOHN REED, Auditor:
October 1, 1g45-4t.
Notice to Ckditor.e.
. *Mice is hereby given to all perions
Weretted, that the actoilnts of James
CoAnti• ttuitee of Joseph ,Kettip, Esq.
Jefeniiali Cunningham; Esq:, under
tiolutitary assi,ghriietsta, have been fi led in
the of fi ce, ,or tho „Prothonotary of the
Court or Cumnion Pleas df the county of
Huntingdon' ' and that laid accdunts will
be allowed by the said Cotirt, at, a Clink of
Common Pleas to be held at at,
in -and for said county; on the gecohd
Monday of Novembef next, Unleis cause
be shown why said accounts Should not be
nllovied. ,
" Hollidaysburg Register" will please
insert tdl Court and charge Assignee.
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran
Church, Sinking Valley.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
was made in writing at August term last
past, to the Court of Common Pleas of
Huntingdon county, by a Committe ap
pointed by the members of said Lutheran
Church, praying fur a Charter of Incorpo
ration for said Church; therefore all per.
suns Interested are hereby notified that if
no sufficient reason is shown to the con•
trary, the said Court will at their next
regular term of said Court ; to wit: on the
Second Monday of November next grant
said Charter of incorporation, agreeably
to the prayer of said applicants.
„Prothonotary's Office, Hun- •
ttngtlon, October 1,1845-3 t. 3
l,`;, ILL be again offered at public sale
"/ on Saturday, the Ist of November
next, on the premises, that well known tract
of land situate in Porter township, Hunting
don county, Pa., nn the waters of the little
Juniata River, known as the Property of
Israel Cryder, deceased, bounded' by lands
of Conrad Bucher, Geo. Hyle, dec d, and
others, containing about THREE HUNDRED
AND TWENTY-FillE ACRES of first rate land,
about 220 acres of which are cleared. The
improvements are a large and commodious
two Story dwelling house, and a
II - U .
good stohe barn of a large size:
Also, a Wagon shed and other
out buildings.
The Proyiej.plse contains two large or
chards of fruit trees, and a first
9 •
rate.cider Mill, and several springs
of-pxcellent liipestone water.
There is also erected on the
same iii•oilerty a Woolen Factory or Fulling
Mill,. with all the, .necessary :implements,
which said Factory, together. with about 25
acres of land adjoining, the same, will be
sold separate from the other property, and
the balance will he sold to suit purchasers.
The terms will be made known on the day
of the sale •by the undersigned, residing un
said property. , • .
DANIEL chtDER, • 3 Ex'rs .
Oct. 1, 1845:
Estate of andreibesina;
late of Warriormark townshift„ . Huntingdon
county deceased.
lOTICE is hereby given, that petters'
testamentary on the last will and tes
tament of said deceased have beeb granted
M the subscribers. All persons therefore
indebted to the estate ofsaid deceased, are
for settlement, to
JACOB VANTRI4 Esq., /E . e r i,
Oct: 1,1845.
Administrator's Notice.
ETTERS of Administration having this
J day been granted to the undersigned,
on the estate 9f John Omen, late of Clay
TownsliiP, in the cOunty of HuntingdoO de
ceased, all per Sons having claims against said
estate are requested to present theta, duly
authenticated, for settlement; and all per
sons indebted will please make payment
without delay, to
graHE subscriber would hereby inform the
44 public, that he has p urchased the fol
lowing property, sold at Sheriff's sale, Sep
tember 27, 1845, as the property of Christian
Weaver, viz :
9 head of sheep ; 8 Hogs ; 10 Plgs, 1
man's saddle; 10 acre cif grain in the ground;
3 acres of buck Wheat; 1 copper kettle; 1
grindstone i lot 'of clover-seed; 1 spring
calf; 1 lot of boards; 1 iron kettle; 1 bee
The undersigned has left the above arti
cles in the possession of Christian Weaver,
until he sees proper to take them away, and
would therefore caution all persiins from
meddling with the smile.
Hopewell Township, Oct. 1, 1845.
We recommend to all our friends visit
ing the city to call at the Pekin Company's
Store, and lay in a supply of th'eti• deli.
cious Teas.
Between Market am) Chestnut,
Have constantly on hand, and for sale,
Wholesale and Retail,
/teelin:ling to the quality, than they can
be bougilt for at any other establishment
in the city.
O TitAs, exclusively, are sold at this
house, and several varieties which can
not be obtained elsewhere. Any Teas
which do not give entire satisfaction can
be returnbd.atiii exchanged, or the money
will be refunded. ,
The citizens of Huntingdon tininty
are respectfully irlviteAl to give WI a Bail,
G. t 3. ZEIBER,
Agent for the. Pekin 'lea Company:
October 1,1845.—1 y.
No. 292 MARKET Street, Pleiladdihia
THE subscriber has now on hand one
of the most extensive and beautiful as
ever ()tiered for sale in the Philadelphia
market. , The Garments are all cut in the
most ilishikiroble manner, and for work
manship and quality of material cahnot
be surpassed.
M. TitA cern OLD PIONEER LINE, 292
Market street; where you wilt be sure of
getting great bargains, as he is determin
ed not to bg, undersold by any of his
ceMpetitors. He buys and ielli altogether
for CASH, consequentl y he can sell great
er bargains thati th6sevilko buy on credit:
October 1,1845.-3 m. x 92 Market at.
In pursuance of ttie last will an , ' testament
of John Stewart, Sen., late of Jackson tp.,
dec'd. there will be exposed to sale, on the
premises, on
day o f
Friday the 3d day of October next,
a tract, piece; or parcel,of land, situate
the Laurel Run, in said township, iontam
mere or less, about half limestone and half
mountain land, about 80 acres of which is
cleared, with a two story LOG HOUSE
and a log barn. [unfinished j thereon erect
ed—late the estate of said deceasrd.
TERMS: Twenty-five hundred dollars
of the purchase money to be paid in hand,
and the balance in one year, to be secured
by the bond and mortgage of the purchaser.
- . . JOHN Si EWART, Ex'r.
September 17; 1845-3 t.
L L be offered at public sale tin -
Tuesday 4th of November next, at
10 o'clock, A. M. on the premises,
containing about One Hundred 4cres, situ
ated in Tell township, Huntingdon county,
On the road leading from Concord to Shade
Gap. The improvements are a two-story
necessary out buildings, with a Spring of
never-failing Water convenient to the door.
The land is Patented, and of a good tjuality.
A portion of it is excel lent Meadow Land.
The prethises will be shown to any one .dis
posed to pUrchase by William Orr, Esq.,
living near said farm. . • .
The conditions of sale Will be made know ti
and an iddiiputable title given,, by. •,
Strasburg, Sept. 24, 1845.
Orphans' Conn ante;
By virtue of an order, of the Orphan's
Court of Huntingdon Count', there will be
exposed to sale by public vendue or outcry,
on the premises,
On Saturday, the 29 of Oct9ber n 611.,
at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, a certain Mes
suage and House and Lot of ground, situate
in the town of Smithfield, in Walker town
ship, numbered 1 in the plan of said town,
bounded on the south-west by the turnpike
road, adjoining lot of Catharine Elchelber
ger, or. the south, and Martin Flenner on the
north, containing about one acre and a quar
ter, with a two story log dwelling house and
kitchen, is shop, and a stable andshed
thereon erected, late the estate of Peter Huff
Sen., of said village, dec'd.
TERMS OF SALE :•;--.One halt of the
purchase money to be paid on confirmation
of the sale, and the residue within one year
thereafter, with, interest, to be secured by
the bond and mortgage of the purchaser.
By the Court, JOHN REED, Crit.
Attendance will be given by the under
• PETER I - lOFFM AN, Adm'r.
,aj For any information inquire of David
Att4b for the estate.
September 24, 1845.
. Orpbsiurs Court Bale.
BY Virtue of an older of the Orphan's
Court of Hnntinndon county there will be
expotied to sale by public vendee or outcry,
on the premises, on Saturday the ter day
of November next, at 1 o'clock in the af
ternoon, a certain niessuage, plantation, and
tract of land, situate in Tell township, Hun
tingdon county, hounded oh the north east
by land of John French; on the east by land
of Geo. Frenth, on the south east by /and of
William Muiser • oil the south iveSe,by land
now owned by William Harper; and on the
north west by land of Robert Blair, contain;-
ing about 300 Atltis, there or less, : about
fifty acre' of which are cleared and .cUltiva
ted, with a log dwelling house ,and Other
improvements thereon erected—late,. the
estate of Michael Trexler of Springfield tp.
deceased. _ •
TERMS OF SA LE .-One thitd of the
purchase money to be paid on confirmation
of the sale, one third within one yepr , there
after, with interest, and the remaining third
to be paid at nr immediately after the death
of Elizabeth Trexler, widow of said Intes
tate,—the interest of this residue or third
part, to be paid to the said widow annually
and regularly during her natural life, by the
poichaser—the whole to be secured by the
bond and mortgage of the pu rch ner,_
By the Co-urt
Attendance will be given, by the under
signed Trustee appointed by the Court to
make sale. . _
a*For any information inquire of David
Blair Att'y for the estate.
September 24, 1845.
Orphan's Court
BY virtue of an order of the Orphari ; S
CoUtt of Huntingdon 'county, there will be
exposed to sale or public vendue or outcry,
on the premises, opt Friday the Slot day of
October, next, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon,
a ceriain niessnage, plantation and tract of
land, situate itt Springfield toWnship, Hun
tingdon county, bounded by I ands of Geo.
Taylor„_on. the_ east, Mr. Crerher on the
north, Eliiiia S. Green on the West, and
Wm. Taylor oh the south, Containing 138
acres, more ot less with the improvements;
late the estate of Jacob Baket, Sr.; late of
said Township, deed:
TERMS OF SALE.= One Bait die Pht
chase money to be paid on the confirmation
of sale, and the residue within one year
thereafter, with interest, to be secured by
the bond and mortgage of the Purchaser.
By the Court- JOHN REED, Cl'k.
. . .
, .... —.
Attindance will be given by the under
signed. JACOB BAKER Adm , r
' Per any information enquire of David
Blatr,^Att'y for the estate.
September 24, 1845.
The undersigned, appointed by the Or
phan'S court of Huntingdon County to dis
tribute monies hi the hands of William Reed
Esq., AdMinistrator of the Estate of
Fovnwalt, late .of Morris township, de
ceased, hereby gives notice to all persons
interested in said distribution, that he will
attend for that purpose, at his house in the
Borough of Alexandria, on Saturday , the Ist
day of November next at 1 o'clock P. M.
, JOHN PORTER; Auditor.
Sept. 24, 1845-4 t _ -
Protection against Loss by Fire,
• THE Cumberland Valley Mutual Protec•
tion Company, incorporated by the Legisla
ture, and rapidly elltendlng its benefits, of
fer greater inducements on account of cheap
ness of insurance and certainty of payment
in case of Lod
.than any other Company or
mode of insurance known, except those in
corporated on the same principle. The terms
and privileges of members can be known
by calling on George Taylor, residing in
Huntingdon, the agent appointed by said
Company for Huntingdon county:
, • T. C. MILLER, Pres't.
White House, Sen. 24, 1a45.
One Cent Rewards
RAN away from the subscriber abotit the
last of august, an indented servant girl;
named Sarah Milli holland ,she is about eleven
years old, has a sullen, Cotinten
ance. She had on when she went away a
new dirk calico dress, pink bonnet, light
Monroe boots, and took with her some other
clothing. All persons are hereby forbid
harboring her as they will be prosecuted,
should they be discovered: Any person re
turning said Sarah, to the subscriber, on the
Warm Spring Road, 3i miles from Hunting.
don, shall receive the above reward but no
charges will be paid.
Sept. 24, 1845-3 t:
Orphans' Court Sale,
It virtue°Pan order of the Orphans'
tali Court of Huntingdon county, there
will be exposed to sale by public vendue or
outcry on the premises, on
SATURDAY, the 25th day of October next,
at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, two certain
Messuages, plantations and tracts of land
adjoining MT:onnellstown, and the lands of
Frederick Lissinger, Daniel Buckwater, the
heirs of Eliza Swoope Wharton, Isaac Stouf
fer, and others, containing
682 2-2 .11.oro . g•
lie the same more or less, about 200 acres of
Which are cleared and in a high state of
cultivatiort, with a IAVELLING'HOUSE
and BARN on each tract. There is also
a GRIST MILL and SAW MILL on one
of the said tracts, ~ ,
Pell of the above estate 3s laid out into
tour town lots in the village of
town. . _
.... , . . .
The aboi , z, property to be sold in whole
or in parcels, to suit purchaiers. . ,
John SwoopP, the other heir, being ofage,
will join in with the undersigned In making
title to the above premises. •
TerMs of sale will made known on the day
of sale, by _Dr. WILLIAM SWOOPE,
L Guardian of Henry W. Swoope.
Hy order of the Court,
.. JOHN REED, Cletk.
September IT, 1845—ts:
Orphans' Court Si k.
In pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
Court the following described Real testate,
Will be evposed atPublicSale,, on the prem.
ides, late the residence of Barton Deforest,
dec!d,, in Tod township rinfitingdon County,
On Thursday the 30th day of October next,
The one undivided half part of four adjoin
ing tracts of I.4nd, one surveyed in the name
of William Hooper—one in the name of
James Millen—one in the name of John
Miller—and one in the name of James Ran
kin, containing
Sixteen Hundred and S&Xen Acres,
and Sixty; our Perches and allowance be
the same more or less, adjoining lands of
Jacob Barnet. David Long, the, heirs of
John Taylor, and John Lowry and others
there being thereon two small separate Im
provements—and thereon erected a Log
House two and a half stories isigh, partly
finished— a cabin House—alarge Log Barn ;
about sixty acres cleared—there is also two
fine Apple orchards, and a fine Water Pow
er for a Mill or other Machinery--and a
vein of excellent Bituminous coal which
his been opened and partially worked on
the same. The Public Road leading from
James Entrekin's to Springfield township,
runs through the same.
Terns of &le:LT° be one half Cash
on the conflrination of the Sale, and the
residue within one year thereafter, to be se
cured by bonds and Mortgage of the pur
chaser. By the Court,
Attendance given on day of sale, by
• • Adm'r of Barton Deforrest, dec'd.
September 17,1845—t5.
Estate of WILLIAM ELDER, —
late of Hopewell township, deed.
Notice is hereby given, that letters of ad
ministration he bonh nor, upcn the said es
tate have been granted to, the undersigned.
All ipersons having claims demands
against the same are requested .to make
them known without delay, and all persons
indebted to make immediate vayment to
Huntingdon, Sept. 2, 1845.
To the Voters of Huntingdon
IVe take the liberty to .announce : to
of this place, will be voted for by ninny of
his fellow citizens,, for MEMBER. OF
TIVES. He is a true Jeltersoftian Demo:
crat, and an honest opponent of the divi
sion of the County, and it elected will
make a faithful representative.
Willitunsliui•g; Aug. 27, 1894.
Executors' Notice.
••-- - • -
Estate, of CONRAWFLECE, (late
of Tyrone Twp., Huntingdon county dec'd.)
VVOTICE is hereby given, that letters
All testamentary upon the. last will of said
dec'd haVe been granted to the undersigned.
All persOns indebted to said estate are ire
quested to make.imritediate payMent, and
those having claims or dpinahtis against the
same are requested td present them duly
authenticated for settlement to .;
DAVID FLECK, Jr../ r •
JACOB FLECK, Jr. ''' re 21 " 8
September 20,1845.--6 t.
Administrators Notice.
Este& gf. GEORGE RUDY, (late' of
Jacksoritwp,,) Huntingdori county, deed.
gap: ErrERS of adMinistration on the said
QM estate have been
,granted to the Under
signd. , All persons indebted to said
are equested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against it will pre
sent them properly authenticated forsettle
ment without delay, to
Jach,ion tp., Sept 17, 1845-6 t.
g. W. 3333N1M1C1T, ,
ATTORNEY AT LA 11/-Hutinironoli,
Pa.—Office at his old residence in Main
street, a few doors \Veit of the Court
House. A. W. EL will attend to any bu
siness entrusted to him in the several
courts of Huntinkdon and adjoining coun
ties. April 30, 1845.—tf.
.11220:21Illq ha° ILAITto
Offico in Main street, thrqe dpors . vest
of Mr. Buoy's JeWelty establishmeht.
February 14,1843.--ti.
ATtORNEY AT LAW—Huntingdon Pa.
Office in Main street, two doors East of
Mr. Adam Hall's Temperance House.
To School Directors.
Packages for the several Boards of School
Directors in the county have keen received
at this office. By order of Commr's
W. S. AFRICA, Cletk.
Huntingdon Tuly 9, 1844.
THE undersigned Merchants, Menu
• factures, Importers and Wholesale
Dealers of the City of Philadelphia, em
brace the ihedium of the Newspaper Press
of your section of country; to give you
the streets and nembers of our several es•
tablishments,, and eespeeitfully to invite
you to an examiriatioti of Our Vali and
Winter Btticks; Whith lire now full aftd
complete,,„ .
The superior excellence And giTai va
riety of our own City Nlanufacterei, - in
additiOh 'to full supplies Of Foreign and
Domestic Goods of every . description,
which Will be sold on terms and at prices
Which cannot fail to prove satisfactory,.
present the strongest iiiducements tbpur.
Importeri and Dealers hi Silk and Taniy
Dry Goods, and Fine French and Brit-
ish - Cloths, Cassimers and Vestings.
Ashlturst Remingth, 80 Market-at. be
low 3d.
Importers and, ,Dealers in Staple„
and Fancy dry Goods, Also, British,
French and American Phials, cassi-
Vestings, and Tailors' Tritn
J. Godley, Spry, 4- Co., 84 Market-si.
Importers of German Goods, and Par
.ehafjers of all kinds of Shipping Furs.
Win. Grime & Soirs, 60 S. Front, selow
Chestnut st
importerg and ktinufactures of Fancy
Furs; and Fur Caps, and Purchasers
of all.kitids of Shipping Furs.
Sofia, Brolhcrs, 86 Arch st. between knit
and 3d sts.
Manufactures snd Dealers in Ready-Made
Clothing of every grade.
Michael Tracy, 292 Market st.
Manufactu'ree of Shirts; Cbllare; and Bo-
some. . •
John Hodges, Sign of the Mammoth Shirt
Collar, 110 North Second Street.
Importers and Dealers in Foreign and Do.
mestic Hardware and Cutlery.
Dilworth $• Branson, 59 Market st.
. „
Welded WrOught Iron. Tubei for
motive, Marine and other Boiler Flues,
and all steam purposes.
Morris, Taslcer & Morris, Pascal Iron
Works, Warehouse,' S. E. corner of
Third and Walnut streets.
Agency for the Sale of ,Sot t4rark Man-
- ufac - turing Company's
,Superior Wri
ting Papers.
N. S. Lawrence, Agent, 3 Nlindr. street.
Importers of Jewelry, Watches, rine
Cutlery, Britannia, Plated and Silier
Wares. •
Dickson 4• Co., S. E. corner Market and
, .
Third streets.
John C. Farr, 112 Chestnut street,
J. 4. IV. L. !lard, 106 Chestnut street,
opposite Sanderson's Franklin House.
Manufactures of Silver Ware, and Deal.
ers in Plated and Britannia Wares for
liottehold use.
R. 4• W. If lson. S. W. corner sth and
Cherry Streets.
. _
Manufaatureg of Britannia, Block Tin,
and PeWie'r Ware. Also, Dealers in
ltilated SpooPS, Cdtiery; &c.
!tall, 4. Co.; iO4 North Third
etreeti belOw Race.,
Manufacturer of Silver and Bras s Stair
Rods and Cornice Poles'.
Edward Jones, corner of George and
Swanwick streets between Wtthitit and
Chtstnut, trtest bt Shill]:
, .
Importer of Toys ; Fancy . andSta ple Goods, Beads, BrusheS and Perfumery.
A. P. Ott Monrose, 16 South
,pourtli at.,
between Market and Chestnut.
Importers :of Tots,. Fancy and Staple
Goods, Perfumeries; Musical Instru
ments, Glass, Earthenware, Chihiware.
C. Arenfeldt & Co., 16 North i'ourth
Street, between Market and Arch [up
. . ,
Importers or Paris and London Fancy
Articles, .Brbsbes, Perfumery, Combs,
Soaps, StatiOnery, and articles for
Druggists`. Sales. .
R. & G. A Thigh!, 23 South Fourth st.
Importer and Manufacturer of Perfumery
Cosmetics, Fancy Soape and Dealer in
Fancy Goods.
Jules liuuel, 46 South Third street;
Chins,Queensware and Masi:
Edward Snowdon, 34 North Third strebt,
opposite the City Hotel.
Dentists and Manufactureri 'of Incorrup-
tible Teeth ; Plate, Pii , ot, Miler and
Guns Teeth; Gold and Tin Foil ;
Gold, Platina, and B ilver,Plate & Wire.
Ft ilkinson & Arinstning, 80 Arch street,
above Fourth, sbtath side.
Gold, Silver, anti Steel SPecta'cles, Math
ematical thstimtnenti, Walking Canes,
blicrocCpes and Spy Glasses.
IllcSaister 4- Co., 48 Chestnut Street.
Mano faCtnies of ,White Lead and other
Paints, and ,e 1 Chemicals, &c., and
Dealers in Druge, Medicines, Dye
Stuns, Oils, &c.
Int/anti & Brothei., 0 NOrth Front st.
Importers. and Dealers is Drugs, Dye
btutrs, Oils, Chemicals, Plate Glass, &c.
and Agents for Pure White lead and
Jersey Window Glass.
Cailipbelt & Fretlc , N. W. corner of
Tenth and Market streets,
Importers and • Dealers in Drugs, Med
icines, Dye Stull's, P a i n t s,Oils , 4-c.
Haskell Mirrick &Co., 45 North Front st.
Dr. D. Jayne, 8 South Third street, near
Market street,
Consulting. Physician,Druggist and Chem
ist and Proprietor of Rowandis Im
proved Tonic Mixture,"
.0c .
Dr. John A. Rotonnd. grad. Univ.. Office
and Drug Store, 29 North Second st.
Manufacturers of Umbrellas, Parasols.
Parasolettes, and Sun Shades.
William A. Drown 8,6-Market.street-.
Sleeper & Fenner, 126 Market at., south
;side, one door below FOurth street.
-Domestic and Foreign Dry Contra.
James M. Kennedy & Co.. 114 Market st.
Fire and Thief-Proof Cheats. Refrigera
tors, Water Coolers, Filters, Letter
Copying Presses, eec.
Oliver Evans, 15 Chesinilt street.
Venetian Blind Manufachlrer.
8..1, Williams, 12. North ;Mitt' gtreet a
tew doors aline Market.
Manufacturera and Deafeis in Matiessmi t
Bedding and Feathers.
Finley 4. Co., S. E. corner of Second;
and W alnut streets.
Hartley & Knight, 148 S. Second, 5 doors
above Spruce:
Dealer in Col(Wan's ./Eolian Pianolortee.
F. Perring, rps Cheitnnt it. S. E. cor
ner of Eighth.
Manufacturers of ComMcin and Fancy
Soaps, Mould and Dip Candles, etc.
Elijah & Cillies Dallett, 36 Market at.
Importer ;of French Artificial Flowers,
Feathers, Straw, Braid and Fanci
Bonneta, eta ! , and Wontiet Prairies;
Tips and Crowni.
R. Barton, 50 Chestnut street.
Manufactures of Sieves,Riddles, &men.,
and Wire Work inieneral.
Needles 4. &son, 54 N. front st. lido +
. Ilitles, Gil, and Leather.
WM. Musser & Co., 263 Market street:
Importer of Oranges, LeMoos,
Figs, Prunes, Currants, AlMonds and
.other Foreign Mts. .
Daniel P. Bossier, 27 South itliar; , e4.
Manufacturer of Fire Engines, of aft de
scriptions, warranted in all respects.
Joel Bates, 18 Drinker's Alley:
Marble and Mahtigany Match:—
John Eckstein & Co., Union Mills, Ridge
Road—Warehouse 84 Dock street.
ManUfacturer of Combs, Looking Classes
and Brushes, and Importer of French
and German Fancy (lends:
Thomas Burch; Jr., 183 Market Street.
Mar'infacturer and %Vholesale Dealer in
all kinds of BrooMs, Brushes and
Buckets, Cedar Ware, Clocks, Baskets,
Mats, Blacking, Eastern niade, Wooden
Ware, etc.
Manly Roioe, 63 North Tiiird street, One
door above Arch, east aide:
Cheap Publication and Periddiall Esti&
G. B. Zeiber, & Co:, 8 Ledge,i• Minding;
Third street, below Chesnut:
Boots and Slides.
Robert Palmer, 182 South SeCond street;
3 doors lit.tOw Union, west side:
Manutachirers add Beaters in all tinily of
Scales, Weights and Weighing Ms -
Chines. Also, Burden's Patent iiiiroe
Gray & Brother, 34 fialniit Wyk, lie.
low Second.
September it,. 1345-4 t:
..isiis4(ii;s , a 011ie.
~ THE several Assessors within tbe. County
of linntingdon will take, notice that b y the
sth section of the act of 12th June, 1640, re
lating to the elections of this Commonivealth,
they are required, on Monday, the 6th day
of October, to certify, sign and deliver, to
the County Commissioners; a hit of the
names and surnames of. the white freerato
and qualified voters, residing within their
respective townships—a copy of which list
they are required to hold and hand Over
without alteration or ,addition to one Of
inspectors of the election •of their proper
election district, on or before eight of the
o'clock, in the morning, of the second Tues
day of October Provided, that . where a
township has been divided in forming tin
election district ! or part of an electidit dii
, trict, the assessor shall make init; certify,
sign and deliver duplicate lists as aforesaid
of the white freemen and qualified voters
residing within each part of such divided
By order of the CoainiiSsioners.
Sep: 17, 1845.-It.
,Briage IPJ•npbs.
EALED Proposais„4 received bt
PP.d the • Undersigned, Commissioners of
Huntingdon County, at, the house of Mrs.
Denlinger in Frankstown, on the 10th day
of October, fur building ,two bridgeS, one
atress the Frankstoivn branch of the Juni
ata river, opposite, the dwelling hbuse of
Henry Miller, in Frankstown towniship, and
the other across the southern branch of the
Janiata river, at I,he pjace.Where the great
road leading from Hollidaysburg to the
Loop, crosses said branch; at or near the
farm of Daniel Brua; •in Frankstown and
Blair townships.
The plan and specifications can be seen
on the day of letting, or at any time, in
the possession o( Mr. Newry. Knox, at Newry.
, . Commissioners:
September 17, 1845—St.
is the Tune.
Tha t eubscriber hereby notifies all persohs indebtr
gd,to turn for subscription to the Huntingdon Jour
nal, and for jobbing, advertising, &c., that he de
eirta them to pay up as soon as the § find it con
venient to themselves to do no, if Oct sooner. All
who pay subscri p tions during or before the next
November court will be charged but $ 2.00 a year
—and those who delay beyond that time will be
compelled to pay according to the terms of the pa
per :82.50 a year. 'rhe undersigned published the
Journal 3 years and 6 months, ending the let of
July last, so that those who received the paper all
the while, and paid nothing yet, are required to pay
$7.60 if paid before the termination of the Novent
b.erCourt, or $8,75 if delayed beyond that period,
hkd those who have paid part will be charged the
balance in the same proportion.
September 10,1845
LANK BONDS—Judgment and Corn
mon—f, r sale at this office.