Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, October 12, 1844, Image 2

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Presidential Election.
PURSUAN to an act of the Gener
al Assembly of the Commonwealth
at Pennsylvania, entitled ''Ati act relating
to the elections of this Commonwealth,"
approved the second day of July, A. I).,
1839, I, JOHN SH AVER, High She' ittot
the cots: 1y of Iluotingdmi, in the State of
Pennsylvania, do hereby 'mike known and
give notice to the electors of the county
aforesaid, that an
Z3EI U. 4 VEI Z;;;W'
will be held ni the 'ant county of Hun
tingdon, on Friday the )at day of Some
#er 1944, at which time
Twent -sii Electors of
Prebidetil mid Vice President
are to be elected,
In pursuance of said act I also hereby
make known and give notice, that !lie
places of huldii g il.e tikes:till dee-
Iron in the several 'election districts
Within the said county of Huntingdon, are
tie follows, to wit:
Ist District composed, of part of HEN
DERSON township, west of the line be•
ginning at the Mifflin county line on the '
oum mit of Jack's mountain, thence west
is far as to include the lams owned by
Michael Speck and the heirs of James
Kelly to Mill Creek, thence up the said
it r reek to the West township line, thence
along said line to the line of Mlfilin county
and also u part of PORTER. township,
Ind all that part of WALKER township
got in the 201 h district, at the Court House
Wu the borough of Huntingdon.
2nd District, composed of DUBLIN
Winship, at the house of Matthew Tay
lor, Jr. in said township.
3+l District, composed of so much of
WARRIORSMARK township as is not
included in the 28th district, at the school.
house adjoining the town ut Warritos
4th District, composed of the township
of A the house of Jacob
sth District, composed of the township
of WOODBERRY and a part of MORRIS
at the house of Christian limit, in Wil
6th District, composed of the township
of HIN:ION. at the public school house
number 6, near the tarn► of John Lunge•
Decker. in said township.
7th Dist , ict, composed of the township
of HOPEWELL, at the house of David:
Simonton, in said township.
. .
Btl. District, composed of the township
of lIAItREE, at the house of James Liv•
ingston, (tormerly John Ilarper,) in the
town of Salisbury, in said township.
9th District, composed of the township
of SHIRLEY, at the house of David Fra•
ker, in Shirltysburg.
10th District, composed of the township
of ANTES, at the public school house on
the land of John Bell, in said township.
11th District, composed of POR ERR
and part of WALKER townships, and so
Much of wEsT township as is included
in the following boundaries, to wit: be•
ginning at the south-west corner of Tobias
Caufman's tarot on the hank of Little J u .
fiats. river, at the lower end of Jackson's
narrows, thence in a northeasterly direc•
lion to the most southerly part of the farm
owned by Michael Maguire, thence north
40° west to the trip of Tussey's mountain
to intersect the line of Franklin township,
thence along said line to Little Juniata
river, thence down the same to the place
of beginning, at the public school house in
the borough of Alexandria.
12th District composed of the township
of FRANKLIN, at the house or. Jacob
Mattern, now occupied by George W.
Menem, in said township.
13th District, compii.ed of TELL town•
ship, at the house now occupied by the
heirs of James McNeal, in said township.
14th District, composed of SPRING
FIELD township at the school house near
Hugh Madden's in said township.
15th District, composed of UNION
township, at the school house at or neat
Nathan Gres nland's, in said township.
16th District, composed of that part of
HENDERSON township not included in
the Ist district, at the public school house
in the village of Roxberry.
17th District, composed of TYRONE ,
township, including that part of said town
ship which was formerly attached to the
3rd election district, at the house of James
Crawford, in Tyrone township.
18th District, composed of MORRIS
township, at the house of Frederick Kuhn,
io said township.
19th District composed of that part of
WEST township not included in the 11th
district at the public school house on the
farm formerly owned by James Ennis, in
osid township,
90th District, composed of those parts
of the townships of HOPE WELL and
WALKER within the following bounds
riot, to wit : beginning at Ilartsock's Gap,
in 'Curse?s mountain, thence down Gard
ner's run, to as to include the house of
Matthew Garner, Isaac Bowers and Urn.
Brumbaugh: thence in a straight line
through Forshey's tiap to the Union town
ship lino, thence down the smite to El point
flignl9l4e Ottril Corbin!A, thence down on
a straight line, including the house nI Da•
v,d C.(rbin, to the corner of Porter mutt
on the Dunting(!on and Woodrock•
VAley road, thence ((long the said sumini!
to the place of beginning,'at the house tic
copied by J ,cob Magahy, in the village of
Nl:Ctin to , lsbu rg,
21st District, composed of that part of
the township of Union, now composing
the township of TOD, beginning on the
line of Bedford county where die line of
Springfield and Union townships meet,
thence by the line between the townships
to a point on said line, nearly opposite
John Cautman's, so as to include his farm,
thence by a straight line to Hopewell
township line at Forshey's Gap on Ter
race mountain, thence by the line of
Hopewell and Union townships to B-41.
ford county line, thence to said place of
beginning, at the house now occupied by
J. Henderson in said
22nd II Sttict, composed of that part of
W ES l' township on the south-east side of
arrior ridge, beginning at the line of
%1 est and Henderson township, at foot of
said ridge 10 the line of Barree township,
thence by the division line of Barree and
West townships to the summit of Stone
mountain, to intersect ;he line of Hentler
sull and West townships, thence by said
line to the place of beginning, at the house
now occupied by Beojantin Corbin, on
Slurry's Run.
23rd District, composed of CROM
%1 ELL township, at the house now occu
pied by David Et nire, in Orbisonia.
24111 District, c posed of the townsl4
of FRAKSTOWN, lit the public school
house in the borough of Fran kstown.
25th District, composed of the too nship
of BLA ER, at the school house, number
thtee, in the town of Newry, in said town
26th District, composed of the borough
of HOLLIDAYSBURG, at the brick
school house in said borough.
27th District, composed of the town of
GAYSPOR,T, at the school house in said
town where the borough elections are held.
28th District, composed of the bmough
of HIItdINGHAM, with the several
tracts of hind near to and attached to the
same, now owned or occupied by Thomas
M. Owens, John K. McCahan, Andrew
Robeson, John Guisemer, and William
Gaisemer, situate in the township of War
riorsmark. at the public school house in
said borough.
29.1 District, composed of the township
of SN V DER, at the Bald Eagle school
house in said township.
80th District, composed of the township
of CASS, at the public school house in
Cassville, in said township.
1 also make known and give notice, as
in and by the 13th section of the aforesaid
act 1 am directed " that every person ex
cepting justices of the peace, who shall
hold any office or appointment of profit or
trust under the government of the United
States, or of this State, or of any city or
incorporated distil/A, whether a moons
tone/I officer, or otherwise, a subordinate
officer, or agent who is or shall be, em
Oiled under the legislative, executive or
judiciary department of this State or of the
United States, or of any city or incorpora
ted district, and also, that every member
of Congress, and of the state Legislature,
and of the select Or cominon council of
any city, commissioners of any incorpora
ted disntcl, is by law incapable of hold
ing or exercising; at the same time, 41,e
office or appointment of judge, inspector
or clerk of any election of this Cooonon
wealth, and that no inspector judge, ur
other officer of any such election, shall by
eligible to any (Alice to be then voted
Also, that in the 4th section of the act
of Assembly, entitled An act relating to
execution's, and fur other purpo,o--," ap
proved April 1011' 1840, it is enacted that
the afore•aul 13 It section " shall not be so
construed, as to prevent any militia offi
cer or borough (officer, trout setving its
judge, inspector, or clerk, at any general
or special election in this commonwealth."
Firsuatit to the provisions contained nt
the 70111sectioon of the act aforesaid, the
Judges of the aforesaid district shall re.
spectively take charge of the cet title ite or
return oh the election to their respective
ilistrict4, anti prntiore them at a mertinu
done Judge• from each district, at the
Giurt House in the borough ot• Hunting
don, oh the third da) alter the day of
el rlin e , bring fir Ihr n ecpn vem • on
Monday, the 4th of November neat,
then and there to do and pet [tiro' the nu
ties required by law of said Judges.—
Also, that where a Judge by sickness or
unavoidable accident, is unable to attend
said meeting of Judges, then the earl ificate
or return aforesaid shall he taken (limpe
of by one of the Inspectors or Mt ks of
the election or said district, and shall do
and perform the duties required of said
Judge unable to at tend.
Also, that in the 61st section of said
act it is enacted that every generAl and
cperial election shrill he opened betweeti
the hours of eight and ten in the forenoon,
and shall continue without interruption to'
adjournment until seven o'clock in the
evening, when the polls shall be closed."
Given under my hand at Huntingdon, the
1 lth day of October, 1844, and of
the independence of the United States
the sixty-eighth
[God nave the Commonwealth.]
BLANK DEEDS, of an improved
fortn, for sale at this °thee.
I'D LANK BON DS to Constublt a for Stay
iaj c)f Execution, under the new law, just,
and for sale, a elits office:
LIST OF LE:ETERS remaining in the
P , st Office at Al, x th, I,t
44..hich if n,.t t. k n nut within three
ni..nths will be sent to the De partmcnt as
Ot.:,(1 levers.
Gitirad Nnwlan S mute!
Fiemiag Simple P.trter John
Edmiston David Piper D ;old
Grier Samuel N. Justice of the Peace
Hutchison Martha Run Jane
Holt Samuel Stewart John
Herrencane Jacob Shell S 'rah
Hirt John Snydi r 11. W. 2
lot nherg J.,cob Shell Margaret
Isenberg Enoch Spi k r Samuel
Lute Mary Vanrandt (?teurt,:e
K-rr Alt xamler S. Young G, o . B.
More & Maguire Wilso.l Ellen
ff John A.
Alexandria, Oct. 9, 1844
Orphan's' Court *Mc.
IT N purmuutce of tin order of the Orpfume
4a Court of Huntingdon county, tht re will
be exposed to public sale, ou the premises,
Sa , lirday the 12th day of October
next, at 1 o'clock P. M., all that certain
tract or parcel of land situate in Shirley
township, in the ceunty of Huntingdon ad
j doing holds of the heirs of Mj. Jon Shavtr
d S imuel Shaver, Andrew Pollock's
heirs and others, contaioin
178 ACRES,
more nr less, about 140 acres of which are
cleared. about twenty of which are meadow
—thereon erected a hArge log dwelling house.
a log barn, and a spring
' house, and two Apple ,!4Nr
;7 , ;''r z Orchards th-reon, late
:lie real estate 84 Col.
VVILi.iIII P. .t 1 •thwait, dec'd.
TERMS OF SALE.—One half of the
putchase money to be paid on confirmation
8,1 the sale, and the residue in one yeti
thereafter with interest, to be secured by
the bond anti mortgage of the purchaser.
' By the Court.
Attendance will be given at the time and
place of sale, by
August 21, 1844.—t5.
The subscriber, desirous of removing to the
West, will fir for Sale on the premises, in
Walker .ttiniship, on S iturday the 12th day
of October next, a tract of land contain
moo Al.asounaDalt a
70 of w liich are cleared, an in a good state
of cultivation, imder Ao,id fences, good tim
othy groan!, &c., situate two miles from
the town of McConnellsburg, and shout
five miles from the Ma (nigh of Huntimloo,
whereon Benjemin Oswalt now reVle,.—
Thvre are 70 good Api l besides Plumb
and Peach trees thereon. Also, a good
spring of water • and spring-house on the
same, a good sir dam Of water running thro'
the land, sufficient for a saw-mil:; also a
good seat-for the same—plenty of the b,st
white pine, and all sorts of the best qu liv
of caher timber—thereon erected it ml
we l
ing house 22 by 18 f•et, with a small kitch
en, and a barn 42 by 25 f , et.
Terms of sale made k ow on day of sale
Aug. 21, 1844.
Cheap Carpet Store
(On the cetsit plan,)
At No. 41 Strumbe , rli street, PleiludePa.
00 .riXaWle 00
The Rent of the subscribers in their pre
sent situation being very low, and their
terms CASH, they are enabled to sell at such
,w prices tint customers cannot fail to be
satisfied, aid they invite the people of Rou
ting, on vanity to call and examine their
stock, as they offer an excellent assortment,
Comprising :
Beau/qui Imperial, 3 ply,
Supe,,,c Ingrain. 1
Heavy Twilled Venitian.
line - Eael , sh ll orated, rlo. 5 ;
Plain St, iprd.
do. J Q
With a large stock of well seasoned floor
Oil Cloths, of all width., for Ho .nts, HUM,
1)001 . 1)lertS, i&c. Also, Furniture (hi Cloths.
twautiful Hearth ltue,s, Fable Corers, Floor
B.cize, It ig Carpets, Matting, Bcc.. Bcc.,
tngethet• with a tar gr stock of low priced
ligroin, Entry, and Stair Carpets. WHOI.K.-
SALE Olt RETAIL, sit the I , •wi at pric , a in the
No 41 Str when y Sweet, one (1111. i. abi re
Chesnut and 2nd street. Entrance also at
No. 50 South second stt•er'.
Philml,lphia, Svpt. 18, 1844.-2 m.
ESTR AY.—Came to the premises of the
subscriber in Canoe Valley, about the Bth
f September, a red and white steer suppo
sed to be about three years €.ld. rile own
er is requested to come fnrward• prov,
property, pay ch,rges and take him away,
the mist he will be dist), sed of accoreling
to law.
Octol , er 9, 1844.
ste)scriher will ffer far sale, at public yen
due, on the premise..., on
Saturday. the 26th October nPxl,
a lot of ground containing five acres, more
or less, situated in Antes township, Hunt
ingdon county, adj lands; of Abraham
Beyer and the villige ut Sharlottevide, with
a two story frame house and a frame stable
thereon erected.
Th•+ above property is well situated for a
public house lir for mechanical business.
Attendance will be liven and terms made
known on the day of sale, or previously,
upon inquiry.
Sept. 23, 1844.—ft.
I . IIE tindeNgned would re
;F spa ctiully infoi m the public
that he his commenced Oa
Saddle & Ilarnems
all its various branches,
in Market street, linotiogdom 3 doors west
of Buoy's Jewelry le.stablishment, where he
is prepared to accommodate all who may
favor him with their custom. He will k -ep
coneirintiv nit hand S NDDLES. BRIDLM,
By strict •ittention to business, he hopes to
receive a liberal share of public patromare.
i rr. All ki n d s o f g ra in, pink, and hides
t .ken in exclviiige for %yolk..
N. B. An apprentice wanted—application
shouid be made soon.
Huntingdon, July 1844.
iffitHE stib , crih ,, r will offer for sate, a
nn the ont
Saturday the 19th day of October next, „
spit'litlid Llllll sou ito in the tow,i,hip, o r
Porter in Hit itingdon county ; containing
®fie ca• Eric& as
of limestone Inid, about 200 acres id which,
is de •red, with a large two storied stone
house, with a basement story, awl a stone
kitchen; a stone b.tru 70 by 42 legit; and oth
er necessary at. buildings thereon erected;
als two excell,nt apple ot•chards.
The ab•we describ,tl fat m is abeat half
way betweot the horoagh of Petersbtvg man
A leX:fillinN. and is bowed, d n the one sid •
by the 1 oniata ltiver, and in sigotof the
P •ansylvania Canal.
Persons wishing further information may
address letters to the subscriber,postage paid
and they will be attended to.
Aug. 21, 1844.—t0.
Late of II e 4 toions'p. Huntingdon coun
ty. decease!.
SOT ICE is hereby given, that letters
testamentary upon the said estate h.tre
been granted to the undersigned. All per
sons ind,•bted to said estate are requerted to
m k • immediate payment, and those flaying
cl urns or demands against the same are re
quested to present them July authenticated
tut* settlement, to
September 4, 1844.
PROPER nr for sale in PETERsBURO
The subscriber will exp aie to public sale
on *atueday, the 2nd d y of November next,
a lot of ground situated in the borongh of
Petersburg, having a log house, a log stable
and an excellent well of water thereon.
Per sons wishing D. purchase may examine
the property and ascertain terms of sale by
calling on the subscriber.
5: pt. 25, 1844 —ts.
front the subscriber, hying in Petershurg,
Hohtingdon comity, Pa., on the 18th Sept.
1844, an itubmt 'd aupreutice, timed
_ .
aged about 14 years. The alune reward
will be given to ithy pm.n who will return
said apprentice to the subscriber, but no
further charges.
Sept. 25, 1844.
THE subscribers have removed their
Watch and Jewelry Store from No. 92
Market street, to
No. 106 ellE STNUT STREET,
above Third, opposite Sanderson's Frat,
flute, Poil nleiphi•t, where they hay,
pent d n assortm ot of rich goods, consis
nag t Fine Patent Lever, and other % atch
es, of th , h own importation, Slyer Spoons,
Folks, &e. , of their own make, Fine Brace
lets, lir,act Pins, Rings, Guard and Fob
Chair's, Miniature Cases, Gold Pencils,
Diamond pointed Pens, Fine• Pin Knives,
Sliver Suspender Buckles and Chains. PI .-
t e a Castors, Cake Baskets, Candle Sticks,
Tea Sets, Bcc.
Q 7 Watches and Clocks repaired.
J. & W. L. WARD,
106 Chesnut stre , -.1, opposite Sanderson'.
Franklin H , use.
Philadelphia, Aug. 21, 1844 —2mn.
William P. Erhardt's
Aro. 42 Noah Scrod street, rhaodel Ala
The sulisctiher resper,•fully informs his
patrons and dealers generally, that 1;:e has
rem.:ved his Cap Manor .curry, to the app. r
part nt the !minting No. 42 N. Sec..tul
street, bel-w Arch, (.•meaner through the
store,) where he manufactures Caps of
curry description HMI pattern, of the best
materials and woi kinanship. H
large assortment of C aps always n hand,
orders can besnliplied.:!t
August 21,11144.-2 mo.
FARM FOR SALE.-- The subscriber
will offer at public sale, on the premise.., on
Friday, the IBA d of October inst.,
that va tract ,4 land snate in West
township, abut threi , qn triers of a mile
above Mr. Jahn Nelrs Mill, on the little
Juniata river. containing 155 "cres, with the
usual allowance, having thereon erected
large two story log and frame house, well
finished, a bank barb, slid other necessary
outhuildhigs. There is an ..xckllent spring
f water across the road from the house,
mi! a good wall at the doer.
The land is of the hest gotif ty, Weil water.
e d slut! well impismed i attl it within 1 miles
of the Juniata Canal.
Any p..rson wisidog to procure a desirable
situ al will please call on Mr. Benj unit
Brub.,k r, who will show the property,
tuAke known terns. &c.
October• 2, 1844 —ts,
.7e . .a . aficzs , cs..
F ARMS FOlt SALE.—Four very supe
iior contiguous tracts 1.1 land, ailiiiaing
Penn's M..iitir in Gre n township,
county, Pennsylvania, comprising 1290 or
more antes.
The neighborhcod is one of' the best in the
county—the land is very fine—well adapted
to growing wheat - there is lime-stone and
coal in anundance on it. The proportion of
land now under cultivation is about one
third ; the remainder in woodland—timber
excellent—White oak, Hn k ,ry, &c. They
'id, (nit int ab. ut 12 miles from the canal, 8
mites front the county town of Indount, and
1 mile from the village of Greenville, mid
very convenient to mills, meeting-houses,
schools, &c.
There is a flourishing German Settlement
in the imtnediate neighborhood. These
Lands will be divided into Farms to suit
purchasers. The title is perfect and the
terms will be accommodating. Such an op
portunity of obt..ining a fine farm—on as
reastannle terms as the above will be offer
ed—seldom rears in Pennsylvania.
Apply to
Eb , nsbuN, Cambria co., Pa.
October 2. 1844 —3l.
'll% Viralititaft
Rtes of Discormt in Phikulelphia,
auks in ; PlCadelphia
Batik of N•alit Am e rica-
B ink of the Northerni;iberties - )ar
0 ink of Penn TiAriihliip - - par
Cornmorcial Rank of l'elin'a. . . p. i r & Mechanics' bank. • - pal*
K...tisington bank ' - - - par
richuyikill bank - - - - pal'
Mechanics' bank • . . . par
Phil .tlelphia hank - - - par
Southwark bank - - - pal'
klivsti.rii bal.k
- . - • par
M , 5 ion,nsinK hank - - - par
M indict arm,' ;iitd Mechanics' bank par
B ink of Poonsylvania - - - par
Giraf (I hank - - 10
Bank of the [Jutted States - 22
Country Danko.
Wink of Chester co. st chester par
B mit of Delaware co. Chest( r par
BwkofGermantown Germantown par
Bank of Montery co. Norristown par
ll .ylestown bank. Do) lestown pal
Easton Bank_ iston par
F u•mrrs' bk id Rucks co. Bristtil • jiar
Wo l k itf Northumberl'd Nituthumberland par
I - 1 liesdale bank Honesdale 11
Farmers' bk of Lanc. Lanc.ister 11
Lancaster• bank Lmcaster .4
Lancaster county bank Lancaster i
Rank .•f Pittsburg Pittsburg 4
M.•rch'ts' & Nlanuf. bk. Pittsbut g .4
Exchange bank Pittsburg
ll.i. do. branch of H.illidaysbnrg
Col'. bk & bridge co. Columbia I
Franklin batik Washington 11
M,,nongaliela bk of B. Brownsville 14
Farmers' bk of Reading Reading .4
Lebanon bank Lebanon 1
Bank of Middletown Middletown 1
Carlisle bank Carlisle 1
Erie hank Erie
Hulk of Chatubersburg Chambersburg 1
Wolk of Gettysburg Gettysburg 1
York book York
ilarrisburg bank Harrisburg 1
Miners' bk of Pottsville Pottsville I
B u.k of SitsquOutiont cn. Montrose 35
Farmers' & Drovers' bk Waynesborough 3
H tiik of Lewistown Lewistown 2
Wyoming bank Wilk,sbarre 2
Northampton bank Allentown no sale
Berks county bank Reading no sale
West Branch bank Williamsport 7
rowanda bank T. aranda noscle
Rates of Relief Notes.
North - rn Liberties. Dcla wart Cmmty,
mess' B.u,k of Bucks, Germantown par
AU others
MESEIMciIaCER.U . V . c.
" • r --- 1
out.D mo,t ri sit( ctially infirm the
citizens tif Huntingdon, and the
public in gemral, th:it he has commenced
the saddle and harness in king business in
all its various branches, in the shop former
ly occupied by Alex. M'Allister,
one door east of the "Pioneer Stage Stable"
and directly opposite Houck's blacksmith
shop, where he 'sins pared to accomnualate
all who may Nemr hint with the ir patronage.
lie will constantly kei p nit !mod
Harness, Sa thHI s. Bridles,
&c. . .
Repairing done on the shortest notice and
mast reasonable terms.
By a strict attention to hnsiness he hopes
to roceive a liberal share of work.
1-Intitingdon , M ,y 8. 1844.
No. 200 A/ R KEY' STREET,
( 6th St r.
i - IE stihse.vilier, thankful fnr the liberal
sapp,,rt of hii friends and the public
gearrallv. reTectially ms th. m that he
still conti,,u, at the ~h 1 established house,
where he will he pleased to accommalate
a llthase who favar him with their p manage.
Dec. 14, 1842. —tl.
Carrtage Manufactory
Tj 05F resp. ttully int , ,rins the citizens
444..1 of the I) , ,rough and ci unty 4,t
don, the public gen , ra'l,alid his 00l frionds
and ctist ,, m -I s in particutar. that he still
continues the
Coach Making Business
in all its various lira..clic %,at his old stitud,in
M iin street in the Inimugh of Huntingdon.
nearly (ipp...ite the 'Journal' printing office,
where lie has constantly on hand every
Coaches, Carrloges,
i maßuggies, Sleighs
which he will sell low fur cash or on reason
able terms.
All kinds of wink in his line made to or•
t% no tht shortest notice, in a
%nil all kinds of repairing done a ith neat
,esa and despatch.
Country produce will betaken in exchange
for work.
Any persms wishing to purchase are re
spectfully invited to call rod examine and
udge ffir themselves.
liuntingclon N0v.29, 1843,
A first rate Buggy, nearly new ; also a
'large, seven or eight years old, well cal
culated far saddle or harness; also a com•
plate set of H.trness. The Buvgy and•
ness will be sold separate, or with the H. roe,
to suit the purchaser or purchasers. The
whole will be sold law far cash, or on credit,
with approved security.
Apply at this office.
1 3 AS removed to Huntingdon, with the
inten.i:m of 'baking it the place of his future
residence, and will attend to such legal busi
ness Ramey be entrusted .to hire.
Dee. • Pal 1,44).
To Porfhaxtre-6.trarotitee.
1 ex undersigned tweet of the Pattentee g
of the Stove, The .Quern of the West.'
unJerstanding that the owns re, or th o se
concerned for them, of other and different
patent Co( king S,oves, have threatened to
bring suit against sill who purchase and use
—The Queen 'of the West." Nuu his i s
ur intotin i.ll and ev. ry person wh
purehasv and use said Stove that he s. 11 in/
demnify them from all costsor damage rote
any and all suits, brought by lies F
tees, or their agents. fur any infringme of
their patents. He gives this notice so .at
persons need sot be under any Iwo because
they have, while consulting their own inter
ests and convenience, secured the super for
oov:images of this .• Queen" not only of the
tVeat, but of the East.
July 24, 1844.
ZD azivrczb e
For hale by I. tilt Fl US St SUN. Alett
audrin, II uotioadma county,
cheap lor cit,h or country
produce at the
market pike.
The "Queen of the Went" is an Im
provement on Hathaway's celebrated
lint Air Stove. There lots never yet op ,
rpeued any plan of a Cooking Stove that
pohaes4es the advantages that this tin
A much lean quantity of fuel in re
cplired fur airy amount of cooking or be. ,
king by this cove than by any other.
Personn are requested to call and see
before they roirchase elsewhere.
July 3, 1844.
3 ./11•••••
.1.1LEX.1.1 Drum
U' W' Ic3 T:::) 133 TS"
IT)EiPIirrITULLY infiirtn the citisens
(.1 Huntingdon county, and the public
generally, that they continue to catty on
Coppr, Tin and Sheet tron Business
in all it's branches, in Ale xatedria. where
[hey manufacture and constai tly keep on
nand every desct iption of ware in their line;
mch as
New and Splendid Wood Stoves,
22, 24. 26, 28 and 30 inches long
R.9/)IA%'011 STOVES,
Neu) Cooking Stoves of all kinds. and
Also four sizes of Coal Stoves
411 kinds en castings done, fin• Fore es, Saw,.
:111(1 ThrrSiling-machines. Abu. WAG
WARE; of whicu is done in a workman.
like manner.
&k Copper, Dye, Wash, Fidler. Fr
serving, and lea Kyles,
,for sale,
wholoiale find rernii.
Persons favoring this establishment with
their cost' m may depend on having their
mvi••rs t xecuted with fidelity and despatch.
Old metal, copper, bras. and pewter to•
ken in exchange. Ala a wheat, rye, core
and oats taken at market price.
Alexandria, July 3 1844.
NOTICE.—The subscriber reapectrallk
requests all persons indebted to him for
work done at the old establishment, pre•
vii us to the lot of November last, to call an d*
settle their accounts without delay.
July 3. 1844.
itoritbrate Sounbrg.
Tux , u'tscrib r would respecthtllv inform
the cittz •its 01 Huntingdon and the adj
ito; counties, that he stil I coati nu. s to ear'
ry on business at the Rot kdale Foundry, on
l! lover Creek, two miles from Williams.
buig, where hr is prepared to execute all
orders in his line, of the best materials and
wtokinanship, and with promptness and di.
sp item.
He will keep constantly on hand stovesof •
every description, such as
Cooking, Ten Plate,
s'1 : 0VF,•;:
mums, rs, 1..110w V% are, and VVrly kind of
castings necessary for forges, mills or ma
clunery of any description ; wagon boxes of
all dr•criptions, &e., which can be had on
as Good terms as they Can be had at any
oth , r foundry in the county nr state.
Remember the Rock , htle F .tindry.
July 17, 1844.—ti.
Estate of Chas. M'Martrie,
[Late of Franklin towns/sip, decented.]
Notice is hereby given that letters of ad
ministration upon the said estate have been
granted to the undersigned. MI persona•
having claims or demands against the same
are regnested to make them known without
delay, and all persons indebted to make
mediate payment to
Aug. 14. 1844 —6t. Peterhlumt Bo r.
Office in Main street, three doors weld ,
of Mr. llooy's Jewelry eatablishinent.
February 14, 1843.-11.
The subscribers will offer at public saki
an the premises, on _ _
Saturday, the 2d of rovember next;.
a farm containing about 200 acres, situated
in West tiiwnship, Huntingdon county,
about 2 wiles lions the Canal Basin at Pe
tersburg, havin.; thereon erected a Grist
Mill, a Saw Mill, two dwelling houses--the
one ft awe and the other log ,two bank barns,,.
and other necessary outbuiloings, and ulna.
an excellent apple orchard then on.
The above is of the best quality of
stone land—inferior to none in the countryi
and has several first rate springs of never ,
filing water thereon.
Pi rows desiring t i purchase can see the
operty at any tune previous to the sale
by calling upon the subscribers, when the
terms of sale and all other information rela
tive to the property can also be ascertained, •
Sept. 2:5, 1044,44