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Irrkgclaritt of Mails. TTe are continually
annoyed by complaints fiom our numerous sub
scribers along the line of the Rail Road. They
say that they do not receive the "Democrat &
Sentinel" until the Tuesday or Wednesday after
publication. Now this is vexatious, but we pro
test against being charged with the blame: part
of our edition is always stricken off on Thursday
night, and the balance on Fiiday morning: they
are regularly mailed from the Ebensburg office,
and we cannot comprehend why it is that they
arc not received in time for distribution at every
office on the Rail Road by Saturday afternoon at
farthest. Thus far we have been able to trace
the delays or detentions to only one post office
Along the line of Rail Bead ; and to this office we
will turn our most earnest attention, unless the
abuse is speedily reformed.
A Good Commencement. President Pierce,
Queen Victoria, Emperor of Russia, King of Hoi
Sand, President Santa Anna, Emperor of Austria.
Pope of Rome, Emperor of China, King of Pen
mark, Queen of Spain, King of Belgium, Sultan
of Turkey, King of Prussia, King of Sweden, Em
peror of France, King of Sardinia, and, in fact,
portraits of all the principal rulers of the world, at
the present time, may be found in " Gleason's
Pictorial" for the present week, being number
one of a new volume. Besides the above, this
beautiful weekly contains quite a number of oth
er fine engravings such as New Year's festivals
in Germany, China. Algiers, and the West In
dies. Also a group of the New York Police, in
their new regulation unform chief, captain, pri
vates, etc. A Family Register ; Scenes in Tur
key ; A Turkish Lady at Home ; A Turkish Sol
dier ; A Turkish Fruit Vender ; A Turkish Po
liceman, etc. A number of excellent stories,
poems, etc.. by the best American authors, are
also to be found in the above number; and, to
crown all, the paper has come out in an entire
new dress being much beautified throughout.
Terms of the "Pictorial," ono subscriber, one
year, S3 00 ; two subscribers, one year, 5 00 ;
'four, S9 00 ; eight, 16 00. Single copies, at
bLx ccijts each, may be obtained at any of the
periodical depots thioughout the country.
Tub Map. Messrs. Doran and Storm are -still
progresssing with their beautiful map of our
Borough. The map will be ornamented with en
gravings of the residences of quite a number of
our citizens, which have been carefully taken by
Storm, as a neighbor witily remarks. We are
glad to hear that these gentlemen are receiving
substantial evidence of the regard in which they
are held in this community. Subscriptions to
the map still come in, and wc arc authorized to
announce that there is room for a few more.
Jcst the Paper for tour Familt.
commend to our readers the "American Union,"
an elegant Literary and National newspaper,
with a circulation of nearly 40,000 copies. It con
tains no advertisements, all its stories are com
fActe in a single number, and are American in
hcir character. It employs the most popular
American writers, and is in fact a paper for the
.American people. Terms, always in advance;
one copy one year, 2,00; on coby, two years,
?$X; four cobies, one yoar, S6.00; twelve cop
ies, 515,00; twenty copies, 20, with un extra copy
to any one uho gets vp a club. Specimen num
bers free. Address R. B. Fitts & Co., Boston,
Betcrxkd. We have learned that the Rev. II.
P. Gallagher has returned from a long absence in
the land of Gold ; he is said to be in fine health ;
doubtless many of our readers will have the plea
sure of conversing with him personally, to-day,
in Loretto.
Killed. Mr. Daniel Stull, of Richland Tp.
was killed on Friday last by a saw log which
rolled upon him from a sled he was attending.
Mr. S. was well known throughout our county as
an honest and industrious man. He leaves a
family and a large circle of friends to mourn his
New Advertisements. Executors Notice, by
E. Roberts Orphans' Court Sale, by J. R. Stull
--Orphans' Court Sale,' by John McMeel List
of Letters Executors Notice ,by Elizabeth Stultz
and Henry Buck Strayed or Stolen, by James
A. McGough List of Jurors.
r7 We have received the January number of
the Pennsylvania Farm Journal. This number
fully comes up to our expectation. Published b
J. M. Mcrrideth & Co., AVest Chester, Pa. One
dollar per single copy.
clear and pleasant to use. 'Warranted all it is
recommended or money paid back. Prepared
by H. G. O. Cary. Druggist and Chemist, Cleve
land Ohio, to -whom all orders should be addressed.
8ld by an authorized Agent in every town iu the
Stat. For sale by Fred. Kittcl, Ebensburg Ta.,
and by Hughes &. 'Wherry, Jefferson Pa.
Delay is dangerous neglect that cold and cough,
a few weeks, and the hope of recovery be lost to
you forever. Let not any pecuniary consideration
deter you from trying to save your life and health
white there is a chance. Consumption ia annually
sweeping off thousands to tbe tomb; no disease has
baffled the skill of the physician like it: no physi
cian, perhaps, has done more for the cause of suf
fering humanity than Dr. Wistar. An ounce of
prevevtative is worth a pound of cure, " therefore,
before your lungs become ulcerated, and so diseas
ed that no human means can save you from an
early grave, try in season, try at once, a medicine
which has been of such infinite value to thousands
--obtain a bottle of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry, take it, get another if necessary, persevere
in ussng it, until you have removed the disease en
tirely, which if neglected will terminate j our life.
Pulmonary Consumption has, until within a gew
years, been generally considered incurable, al
though many medical men of the highest standin g
among whom wo might mention Laenne and l is
friend Bayle both distinguished authors admit
that this dreadful disease may be cured, . even iu
its most advaced stages when the lungs are not com
pletely disorganized. The remedy which we now
offer, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, not only ema
nates from a regular Physician but has been well
tested in all the evmr,Tint fr.r which it ia rccom- '
mended, with entire success.
S advertisement.
. Ebensburg, Friday, Jan.
Flour per bbl.
Wheat per bush.
Rye, . ;
Potatoes, ".'-"'
Butter per lb.
Eggs, " doz.
Buckwheat per bush.
Hay per Ton,
Wood per cord.
Coal per bushel, .
Chcsnuts pr bushel,
6, 1853.
S7 25
1 25
Lumber Market,
FBr.xsBiT.G, Jan. G. 1853.
C idlings,
First Common,
Second "
Chair Plauk,
14,00 a
14,50 a
PiTTsnfR'i, Thursday, Jan. 5.
The market yesterday was generally very qui
et, and very few pales were reported. The wea
ther was clear and pleasant for the season.
Floitr The only sales wc heard of were 20
bbls.on the wharf at 5,80 for superfine, and 48
bbls. extra at 55,87 per bbl.
Grain- There were 250 bu. Corn (in cars)
sold on the wharf at 40c per bu. Oats are in de
mand at 40c; Wheat at ? 1,10 a 1,20 ; Rye 70 a
75 ; and Barley at 65c per bu.
Dried Fruit Sales 10 bbls. Apples at 1,06,
and 28 bu. Peaches at S1.C2 perbu.
Apples Sale of 20 bbls. from store at 51,75
per bbl.
Salt Sales 60 bbl. extra at $1,95, and 500
bbls. No 1 at SI 87 per bbl.
Rock Lrrb Sale of 3 bbls. 5c per bl.
Hat Sales 10 loads at the scales at 10 a 13
per ton.
Bitter Sale of 10 bbls. roll from store at 14c
per lb. Packed in hbls. and kegs is worth 12 a
124 per lb.
The J Cambria County Agricultural Soeicty, "
will meet at the Court-House, in Ebensburg, on
Saturday, January 14, 1851, at 2 o'clock P. M.
A. J. Rhey, Secretary.
Orphans Court Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court of
Cambria county, there w ill he exposed to pub
lic sale, on the premises,- on Monday the Cth day
of February next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., the following
valuable real estate of which Soluman Oster died
seized, vis :
The ono undivided haif part f f a czrtein pitce or
parcel of land, containing 49 ceres, be the same
more or less, situate near the Half way House, in
Sumnierhill township, Cambria county, having
thereon erected a Grift mill, and several small
shanties, hounded and described as follows, to wit:
Beginning at a spruce stump, a corner of Robert
Erwin, thence North SO deg. West 54 perches to a
post, thence North Co dep. East 0 perches to a
post, thence North lb deg. West 7 perches to a post
on railroad, thence up said road by its several
courses aud distances to the line of Alexander Car
lisle," thence by said line South 5 dep. West So
perches to a post, South 44 deg East 26 ps.
to a pest, thence .South f5 deg. West 12 perches to
a walnut, thence down the Goncmaugh by its sev
eral courses and distances to the public road, thence
by line of George Murray South 75 deg. East 2:1
perches to a post, thence South 1 drg.. West 20
perches to a sugar stump, thence South 45 deg.
East 3 perches te a post, thence by line of W illiam
Murray South 55 (leg. West 20 perches to a beech,
thence South 28$ deg. West 27 perches to a beech,
thence South 17 degs. 22 perches to a sugar,
thence South 70 dog. V'et 33A perches to the place
of beginning.
TlltMS OF.SALE. One third of the l.uroWu.
money to be paid on confirmation or me fcale, aua
th residue iu two equal annual payments thereaf
ter with interest to be secured by the judgment
bonds and mortgage of the j.-urohascr.
January C, 1854. Pit.
Executor's Xoticc.
LETTERS testamentary have been granted to the
subscriber, on the ts-nte of George Huberts,
late of Ebensburg, Cambria county, deceased; all
persons indebted to said estate are hereby notified
to settle the same without delay, and those having
claims to present them dul authenticated for set
tlement. EDWARD ROBERTS, Executor.
Jnnuary C, 1853.
-. ; Strayed or Stolen.
ITiROM the undersigned, iu Allegheny township,
. Cambria county, on Tuesday, December 20th
1853, one bay horse - aud one brown marc, the
horse iu tolerable working order, the mare low and
heavy made, and in good order, both with .. star
in tho forehead. Any information leading to their
recovery will be thankfully received.
J i wiv i T,.r.ntf-:ti
Jatuary G, 185.3.
Executors Aotlce.
VLL persons ' indebted to the estate of Adam
Stokz deceased are required to mnkc payment
without delay, and those holding claims against
said estate will present them duly authenticated to
the undersigned, Executors of thp last will and
testament of said deceased, at their' residence iu
Carrol township, Cambria county.
January C, 1854 Gt.
Mechanic Mannfact rer ana Inventor,
A new Volume of the
Is commenced about the 30th September, each
year, and is the; best paper for Mechanics and In
ventors published in the world.
Each volume contains 416 pages of most valua
ble rending matter, nnd is illustrated with over 500
tlThe SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN is a 'Weekly Jour
nal of the Arts, Sciences, and Mechanics, having
for iu object the advancement of the interests of
Mechanics, Manufacturers and Inventors.
Each number is illustrated with from five to ten
of new mechanical inventions, nearly all of the best
inventions which ore patented st Washington being
illustrated in the Scientific American. It also con
tains a weekly list of American patents; notices of
the progress of all mechanical and scientific im
provements; practical directions on the construc
tion, management, and use of all kinds of machin
ery, tools, &.O. &c.
It is printed with new type on beautiful paper,
and . being adapted to binding, the subscriber is
possessed, at the end of the year, of a large volume
of 416 pages illustrated with upwards of 600 me
chanical engravings. """'",
The Scientific American is the Repertory of Pat
ent Inventions ; a volume, each complete in itself
forms an Encyclopedia of the useful and entertain,
in". Tha Patent claims alone arc worth ten time
the subscription price to every inventor.
- One copy, for One Year . $2
Six Months : fl
. Five copies, for Six Months $4
Ten copies for " . $3
One year ' ; " $15
Fifteen copies 22
Twenty copies . " . 328
Southern and Weeera-anoncy taken at par for
Subscriptions, or Post Office Stamps taken at their
par value. -
Letters should be directed (post-paid) to
MUSS & CO., . ,
, ' 128 Fulton street, New York-
JDidrv 6. lfol,
Orphans' Court Sale.
BY virtue of an alias order of the Orphans' Court
of Cambria eounty, there will be exposed to
publie sale at the Court House in the Borough of
Ebensburg, on Monday the Cth day of February
next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., the following real estate
of which Rev. Terence McGirr died seized, viz :
All that certain pitce or pareel of land situate in
Cambria township, adjoining lands of Alexander
McYicker, David Brawley, aud others, containing
64 acres or thereabouts, of which there is about 30
acres cleared. -
A piece or parcel of land containing seven acaes
and seveuty-six perches, situate in Summerhill
township, beginning at a dead sugar, thence by
land in the name of Rolert Menus East 20 perches
to a post, thence Sonth 40 perches to a post, thence
West 20 perches to a post, thence North 40 perches
to the place of beginniug, being part of a larger
tract iti the name of Andrew Nelson.
TERMS OF SALE. one half f the purchase
money to be paid ou confirmation of the sale, nud
the residue iu oue year thereafter with interest
to be secured by the bond and mortgage 'f the
Januarv 0, 1853. St.
. j
fjpHE subscriber invites attention to his late styles j
1 of Hats, consisting of all the various descrip-
tions now worn, which cannot be excelled in Phil
adelphia elsewhere.
Country merchants will find it to tteir advantage
to purctnie ut litis establishment, ns our facilities
for manufacturing will enable ua to offer great in
ducement i to country merchants.
172 Market it., Philadelphia.
Deo-20, 1353.
THE subscribers offers to aell the fnrm ou which
they reside, situate in Carroll Township, Cam
bria county. Pa., containing one hundred acres, 70
of which is cleared and in a good state of cultiva
tion, there are on the premises a good hewed log
house, a good hewed log bank barn, a good young
orchard, a never failing spring of excellent water,
a good spring house and other necessary out build
ings. This property is convenient to roads the
plank road is within ono mile, nnd 3 miles from
Carrolltown and 7 miles north of Ebensburg. An
indisputable title will be given. This property
will be sold cheap as the owners are going to Cali
fornia. JAMES DICK.
Dec. CO, 135.3.
ixiox noise,
Ebensburg, Cambria Co., Pa.
frilE subscriber would respectfully inform his
I friends and the travelling public, that he has
leased the house formerly kept by Mrs. Mary 0.
Evans, and is prepared to nccommodnte a',1 who
may fnvor him with their custom. The establish
ment has been furnished with every convenience
that can be. Ilis rooms ere large nnd well venti
lated. His tabic will be supplied with the best the
market can afford. His bar will contain Liquors
of the best brands, nnd his stable is large. Tind at
tended by cartful and obliging hostlers.
Dec. 23, 1S53.
Attorney at Law,
Etenshurg, Cambria Co., Fa,
FF1CE a few doors above tho Ebensburg
Dec. SO, 1853.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
FFICE No. 3. "Colonaue Row'" near the Court
January 15, 1852.
VLL persons are cautioned not to purchase a
note given by me to Hugh A. McCoy, as he
has received alue for the same. -
Dec. 10, 1853. " ,
- - l 1 1 w - - 1 - 1 ? '
THE undersigned offers nt private sale the Farm
(known as the M'Coy Farm,) about 'X
miles North East of Ebensburg, adjoining lands of
Patrick Farrcn, John D. Jones and others, now in
the occipaiicy of R. R. Humphreys, containing one
hundred and sixty-eight acres and some perches,
about one hundred cleared and under good fence.
There arc erected thereou oue two story
Dwelling House,
A "nod Rank Barn, with convenient Sheds and
out Houses. There is a
CooI Orc-Iinud ,
of various Fruit Trees on the place. A good spring
of water convenient to the house, and a Fountain
Pump at the uo-.r Water in almost every field.
ALSO-rOue lot of ground with two small houses
erected thereon, nnd now in the occupancy of Mrs.
('. Humphreys, at the loot of Plane No. 5, A. 1.
R. Road.
8fe2?-An Indisputable title will be given for the
above property.
TERMS i-easouable.
Summit, Dec. C, 1853.
-. IiALl-lWl;lL, T. HELM, A. Ol'I'F.MlF.lMtB, I.. II. STE
J'lIKNS. 12. 9. Thompson, tllli
WHOLESALE Hat nnd Cap Manufacturers. Furs,
Straw Ooods and Hatters' Trimmings No. 173
Market Street, Philadelphia.
Dec. 9, 1853. . .
NITED STATES HOTEL, at the Rail R.oad
Depot, Harrisburg, Pa.
Dec. 9, 1853.
Formerly the Washington Hotel, Allegheny Street,
near the Diamond,
THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends
and the public generally that he has taken the
above old established stand and entirely refitted
and repaired it In such a manner as to rcuder it
second to no hotel in the country. The Bar has
been newly stocked with the best Wines, Liquors,
and Segars that could be purchased, and the Table
will at all times be supplied with the best the Mar
ket affords.
The RESTAURANT attached will at all times
contain all the delicacies that can be procured,
which will be served up ut all hours, on short no,
He respectfully asks the public to give him a
trial, fully assurcJ. that he can render satisfaction.
Dec. 0, 1853.
To all wlion It may Concern.
THE. subscribers having disposed of their stock
of Merchandize to Messrs. Shoemaker & Clark,
respectfully request of all persons having unsettled
accounts with them, to call and settle on or before
the first day of March next.
Lumber, Grain, and all kinds of country produce
will be taken for accounts, if delivered before the
time above stated.
Persons interested neglecting the above notice
cannot complain should their accounts be left in
the hands of other persons for collection.
Ebensburg, Dec. 21, 1853.
X. B. .Mr. Zahm of the firm has removed the
Books and Papers to the office of M. D. Mageban,
Esq., No. 2, Colonade Row, where he can be found
at any time. -
" . -' m:, z. k co. .
Pec. 2. 18CS.
THE undersigned would respectfully inform the
citiKiis of Cambria aud the adjoining coun
ties thatLe has commenced the Brewing in all its
branches it the HALF WAY HOUSE, in Summer
hill Towadup, Cambria County. He will all times
be in rcaJuess to supply hia customers fith Ale
Strong an? Lager BEER. '
Dec. J), "853. 3m.
I'rniiKylvaiila Rail Road.
17 ROM tnd after this date Passengers taking
seats iu the cars without tickets, at stations
where thre is a ticket office, will be charged teu
cents extrj. w. v. IVORY,
Agent Venn. R. R. Co.
Summit, July 28, 1S5.3 3'J.
A4attifc &, Co's rpits,
W.W. Ivory & Co., Agents,
-X7"i LL frward all pnekages of yooiis or money.
1 v dail; except Sunday, to all the principal j
cities in thct'nion, nud all towns on the Rail Road j
between PlLidelphht nnd Pittsburg. Drafts col- I
iecieu iron i. amornm. traits bold on Ireland j
England orscotland, from 1 upward. Mouey for
,r-ec nt, .... i
Summit, Sily 12 S, 1853 SO.
A Paper fcyour Family. New Series New At-
tractions Kew Typo.
THE I03IE JOl'RXAL, lor 1S5 I.
IN consejence of the great continually increas
ing denvid for this elegantly-printed, widely
circulated, tid universally popular Family News
paper, we kve, heretofore, been unable to furnish
the. back lnnbeis to only a very limited extent.
To avoid tls disappointment in future, we shall,
on the firsW January next, priut such an increas
ed edition i will enable us to supply new subscri
bers from lat date. Resides the original produc
tions of tie Editor the Foreign and Domestic I
Corrcspoienec of a large list of contributors the
sniee of te Earoncan Magazines the selections
of the mo interesting publications of the day the
brief uo-fls the piquaut stories the sparkling
wit nnd .fusing anecdote the news and gossip of
the Parism papers tho pcraoni.l sketches of pub
lic chambers the stirring scenes of the world we
live iu e chrouicle of the news for ladies the
fashions tnd fashionable gossip the facts and
outlines I news tho pick of English information
the wi -humor and patho of the times the es
says on 1, literature, society nnd morals, and the
usual vakty of careful choosings from the wilder
ness of kiglieh periodical literature, criticisms,
poetry, tc. several new and attractive features
nf reio.ikrtb'.e interest will enrich and give value
to the nw s.-.ies cf the work.
Terms For oue copy, $2 ; for three copies, 55,
or one cjy for three years, $5 always in ad-
Subsctbe without delay. Address,
107 Fulton St., N. V.
Sei rson, Cambria County, Pennijylvania,
JOIX Ilil AW LEY, Proprietor.
rtl HE Proprietor of this new Hotel would res
JL petfuily inform the public that ho has it
now opn, and ready for the accommodation of
guests.! No pains or expense hn been spared in
the furishing nr.d arranging of this House ; and
the bidding- itelf being new. commodious and
convenint, it will be found a pleasjiut place of so
journ f travellers and boarders.
HIS JAR will nt all times be supplied with the
best of Wines and Liquors, and HIS TABLE will
containfcvery delicacy tbe Market can afford. The
beds an; new and good, nnd the health, case and
comforfof his guests will be untiringly studied.
BOAltDERS will be tkcn Ly the week ou rca
sonabliterms. ftjAn ntteniive Ostler will nlwnys be in atten
dance, ind the Mabiiag will be found good.
Nov. s, 1853.
P.. n.Tflr.. S. BOBLBT9.
TTVELllG thankful to the citiret.s of Ehcnsburg
.1? nint vVinity lor tlieir ronrnr .trnnn,i 'ir
leave to xtate, that having bceu both East and West,
they haw purchase u Im-test nnd best stoW vf
that hasver been brought to the place, to which
they uowinvite the attention of the public.
Their ftot-k cwiisiats of, Sugars, Black and Green
Teas, C(fl'ee, Essmce of Coffee, Chocolate, Prepar
ed Coinj Durkee's Baking Powder, English and
America! Mustards, Crackers, Cheese. Fine nnd
coarse Silt. Palm, R isiu mid Castile 'Soaps. Can
dles, Floir. Bacon, Mackerel, Cod fish, Saliuou. uiid
Herring, Vinegar, Syrups and Molasses, Whiskey,
Brandy, Vine, Fluid, Alchohol, and oils. Tobacco
and Ciga!, of the choicest brands ;
and a gelcral assortment of Tub-, Buckets, Bas
kets,, Brushes. Window Glass. &.C., &c
ALSO, Every variety of DRIED FRUIT, such
as Citron", Prunes, Currants, Figs, Dates and Rai
sins; Jelles and Preserves;
nnd in fict, every thing that an epicure could de
sire. "'.',,,
Theyi will ever be happy to wait upon all who
may fara: them with their custom, ni;J feci satis
fied thottbey are enabled to sell
than anybther establishment in the place:
Ebensuirg, Nov. 25, lSSS.-rly.
Johnstown Marble Works,
One doer (forth of the corner of Main and Clinton
Streets, Johnstown' Pa.
MONUilENTS, Tomb., Grave Stones, Mantels,
Tabie, nnd Burenu tops, manufactured of the
most beauiiful and finest quality of foreign and do
mestic marble, always on hsnd aud made to order
as cheap at they cnu be purchased in the En-t, with
the addition of carriage. From long experience in
the business nnd strict attention thereto, he can as
sure the pijjlic that nil orders will be promptly at
tended to nd the work finished iu the best and most
handsome nanner, furnished to order and delivered
at any plact desired.
ALSO, Grindstones of various grits aud aises,
suitable for ku-mers and mechanics. Sold by whole
sale or rctad.
Purchasers ale invited to examine stock and pri
ces. Johutlown, Nov. 25, 1853. tf.
Jul ion's Monster Orchestra,
irHEREVER Jqlieu's name is known, the " A'afy
V Did Polka" has an unrivalled popularity.
There have been more copies of this piece sold, for
the short time it has been issued, than any other
musical composition ever published in America.
Christy's ' The Other Sidi cf Jordan," though it
bas not equaled i;i numbers the sale of the " Katy
pid," yet tbe demand for it is great, and is driving
out of markf t the mnny spurious copies purport
ing to be sung by Christy's Minstrel's. Ask for
Christy's " TAe difiirr Side of Jordan." It has an
illustrated title, and portrait of Earle H. Pierce, in
costume. AU others are spurious. Christy's new
Songs, " Old Times Come Again" by Charles Con
verse, " Sally Primer" and Juliut from Kentucky"
are having a glorious run. They are nightly sung
to crowded audiences, aud are universally sought
289 Broadway.
Dec. 0, 1853.
W. C. Illack,
RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of Holli
daysburg and vicinity that he will remain in
this place for a few weeks and holds himself in
readiness to manufacture Hair, Straw and Husk
Mstrassej and Lounge, nnd do the general up
holstering work of houses, such as hanging cur
tains, carpeting rooms, &c. He will also repair
Sofas, &C He femnd cither at the Exehaugo
Hotel or at " McFarland & Sen's Cbint Ware
Hollid.yshurg, Pec. 0, 13-r.S.
S. BELFORD, Surgeon Dtist, iaforu.
public that he has retitrued to Hollidavabut
and permanently located in the office he occunic'
during his late visit, (one door west of Hewit's
Store on Allegheny st.,) where he will be pleased
to attend to any operations in Lis profession. All
work done by him will be warranted.
Hollidaysburg, August 20, 1853.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.,
11 ii.l. practice in tne several courts of Cambria,
ana lluntincaon counties. r,imnn. ...,
consult and receive advice in their own language.
Office opposite the Court House. fo.Jr o;u
pied by U. T. tnluu, r.sq.
tbensburg, February .3, 1853 ly.
Attorney - "w Ebensburg, Fa.
-w-wtjli practice in the several Courts of Oam-
bria, Blair, and Huntingdon counties.
mfice on main street two doors west of the
store of Murray, Zahm & Co
x. a 1R-i
(iLoitta: 3i. ltr.ED,
Attorney at Lav, Ebensburg, Pa.
WILL practice in the several Courts of Cam
bria, Iudiana, and Westmoreland counties.
Office on Centre St., joining Ceu. M' Donald's dwell
ing. "Jan. 15, 1851. ly,
E. IHTrillXMlX, Jr.,
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.,
WILL practice iu the several Courts of Cam
bria, 1'1 air nnd Indiana counties. All pro
fessional business entrusted to his care will be
promptly nttended to
Office on Main street adjoininghis dwelling house.
Ebensburg, July 1, 1853 20-3m.
Geo. W. Todd, with
Carutli, Terrs' & Dew.
IMPORTERS r.nd Wholesale Jobbers in English,
ficrmnii nnd Demestij HARDWARE, C-uns,
Pistols, Waiters, ic.
151 Mahkei Steiet, between 4th & 5th, THIL
ADELP111A. Sept. 2, 1853.-3m.
Attorney at Law, Johnstown- Pa.
OFFICE on Clinton street, in the Second Story
of Good & Pershing's J-torc Room.
January CO, lftol ly.
31, HASSO.V,
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Pa.
OFFICK in the Court House, up stairs.
Aug. 24, 1853.
Attorney at Lew Johnstown, Fa.
OFFICE on Clinton Street, a few doors north of
the corner of Main and Clinton.
April 23, 1853.
X7-IIOLESALE dealers in Wise and I.r vart,
? V which they nre prepared to furnish cbvMptu
merchants and' hotel keepers. Warehouse L'08.
Market f-trett, Philadelphia, Pa.
Feb. 2, 1853 ly.
WHISKEY, White Lead,
sale by
Linseed Oil for
Attorney at Law, Johnstown, Pa.
OEFICE on Main street, two doors ast of the
Echo Office.
March 13, 1851. ly
rilHE highest price paid for wool at the stoie of
FFICE two doors West of Mnjor Thompson e
Attorney at law, Ebensburg, Pa.,
II'ILL practice in the several Courts of Cambria,
l Blair nnd Indiana counties.
Office, No. 4, " Colonnade Row," near the Court
Ebeu&burg, Aug. 19, 1853 ly.
Attorney at Law, Ebensburg, Fa.
OFFICE, No. "Colonnade Row," near the
Court House.
January 1, 1851. ly
Attorney at Law, Hollidaysbnrg, Pa.
WILL attend the several Courts of Cambria
county, ns heretofore. Oflice one door west
of IVni. McFarland's cabinet warcroom.
July 21, 1852, ly
Adamtj & Co.'s Express.
T B. CRAIG, nccnt will forward ull packages of
goods or money, daily except Sunday to all
principal cities in the Union, nnd nil the towns
he Railroad between Philadelphia and Pitts-
on the
333 KnrlUThlril t., lovr Calloivhlll,
Kast Side, lU!llrlplla.
HAS const.-.ntly on hand French Brandies. 1 Giu and a general assortment of F
ALSO. All kinds of American Spirits,
School Hooks,
assortment of BOOKS, such as are
A general
XX. u
cd in our common schools, for sale by
AVE constantly on hand a full assortment of
Teas, Wine?, Liquors and Groceries gcueral-
Tfo. 17 North Water Street, and
Ko. 10 North Delaware Avenue,
January 27, 1853.
Bushels of Beans, and 100 bushels of dried
I Vlvl Apples on hand and for sale at the foot
i h
of plane 4, A. P. R
July 8, lboZ.
. K. riFER.
Tills Way!
T7V"R the highest prices arc paid for hides, skins
JL. aud tanuer'o bark in either trade or cash by
David T. Storm,
Notary Public, Scrivener and Conveyancer,
ILL also attend to his duties as Justice. Le
gal instrumepts of writing, such as dee"9.
agreements, Foreign rower oi Attorney, c-,
drawn up accurately. Collections entrusted to
his care will receive Etrict attention.
May 13, 1852 30-tf.
LOOK HERE! Just received by the Pennsyl
vania Rail Road, and for sale hs J. Moore,
Grind Stones, Patent Backets, Brooms. Cheese,
Cotton Yarn, Clover Seed, and a large lot of Car.
pcnteri Toolt. April 1.
Westmoreland Co., Pa. :
JM. MARSHALL, having leased this commodi-
ons and popular Hotel, situated near the Pa.
R. T., invites a call from the travelling publie. The
establishment has undergone considerable repair,
and fiuiiihcd in tbe beet pvssiblo mannei. No
pains wiil be spared add te- the eorairtp'lo-'n-.
venience of its gut2,
Dec. 2, 1 f.
improved Extract of
ImilE original and only J
- JL the permanent cure of CJ"P ed t0 bo
sbycrfwo yz
Tcdki'.,e, when used according to direction.
Serofula STfgSZ Tumor,, Eruption,
of the SkK KrrBipclaa, Chronic Sore-Eyas,
Ringworm ,x Xetters, Scald Head ldie
umatism ,I'tensin the Doncsor JoiBts,
eld Sores ,nd Ulcers, Swelling
cf the GlanJs, Syphilis, case
f Kiduevi l ""r-'
ironi the use of Mercury,
Pain in the Side and Shoulders, Genera!
Debility, Dri-pr-y, Lumbago, Jaundice aud Costivs
ncss. Saline, Mich., Oct. C, 151.
Mr. Joi n T. Tark Dei.r Sir: It is with unut
terable feelings i.f gratitude that I am nl le, thr'
Ihe divine providence of God, m;d by the wonder
working agency of that excellent medicine, Guy
sott's Ve'low Dock nnd Sarsoparilln, to give you a
few symptoms cf my nliuost hopeless ense.
In the winter of 1850, I was attacked with a re
vere pain, which was gradually extending through
the whole right side and leg; at tl:e snne titne a
total prottrntioH of my physical system; also, ray
leg had shrunk to two thirds of its common pizc. - I
procured the attendance of a tkijlful practitioner.
j who pronounced my discuse one cf the worst forms
' of liver complaint. He said my case was one rot
i easily handled but jrepcribed IV.r me. I remained
UII'41 1 ills II vullut in uuiu A w.ia runruvt. . vvuiv.
pot help me. I then procured cf your ngent a
this palce. A- W. Peers, two bnttUa of Gnyrott's
Yellow Dock and Snrsnparilia, from which 1 re
ceived a vast aniouot of beneCt. After having ta
ken four bottles more I was ble ) pursve Bij bus
iness without any iucoiivegiencc, aud linve been
cince thnt time a well man, while but a short time
since 1 was con lined to my bad three-fourths of the
time; nnd I cannot ascribe the return of my health
to any other cause thin by the agency of thrt truly
valuably medicine, Cnysott a lellow Dock andSar-
The following letter is from a highly respectable
physician -ft ho enjoys an extensive practioc;
Navarre, Stalk co., O., Nov. 1 Sol .
Dr. John D. Talk Dear Sir: Dr. Guysott's
Extract of S-rxaparilln. This medcire hns been
prescribed by me for the lnt-t three years, with good
effect, in General Debility. Liver Compluint, Jaun
dice, Dytf ept?ia, Tronic and nervous dibeases. Ia
all femule complaints it certainly i uucc;uiled.
In the use of this medicine the patient constantly
pains strergthand vigor, a fact worthy of great con
sideration. It is pleasant to the taste and smell,
and can be used by persons with most delicate
stomachs. I am tweaking from experience, and to
the aftVictcd I adisc its use.
Wlsfer'M liaUam ul" Wild Clicrry.
Vr the inttant reatj arid rayid cure of Attliiiia, Ce
tumption, Co .', Colds, IJvari'tirsr, Crot'f,
onii all intordcrs of the I.uittji and
Wister's Balsam of Wild Cherry 1
Fvr Couyia. Cvlu, At'.hma, Croup. Influenza, Lrotir
ciiUit, Bleeding tf the Lunyt, J.'ifrcult Breath
ing, Liver Afee'icrt, I'uin or tfcahnetn tf
the Breast or .Side, A c., A e., $c.
In short, this Bi.lftimis peculiarly adapted to eta
ry disease of the Lungs and Liver, which is produ
ced by our ever-varying climutc,
Fifty Thousand Penoui
Die annually in England of Consumption. In the
New England States, the proportion iu one in four
or five. Ia Boston, probably one in four. In tbe
city of New York, sixty-seven died in jwo weeks
in December of this disease. It is Jess prevalent
in the more northern latitudes, as Russia, Canada,
and among the Alps of witz rlund, where tho
winters arc long and severe, end there are fewer
sudden changes. , ,
.u tuw.j -- . ia tut human
luiud than the oue which establishes on good
grounds the hope for prolonged existence, if the al
legations ef those who nre at least entitled to ve
racity may be believed, there is a preventive and a
The great Author of Nutuic has provided us
with a remedy for Counmpt&ii, and the diseases
i leading thereto which nre to fearfully common in
our country. Has lie lelt us to tin t relierirom
that fatal scourge by ransacking other laud! Ko,
the best. Nature's own remedy is at our hand. The
Wild Cherry and the Pine, furnish us wi;h a eure
where a cure is possible.
One of the most important diicovei ies of the age,
in ameliorating the condition of this large, class of
Buffering humanity is Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry, which hns been before the public some ten
yenrs. This valuable medicine wns first discover
ed aud introduced in the year 1S3B, since which
time its success hns constantly inerenncd the de
mand, until it has become one of, if not the mott
popular remedy for Consumption, In its recipient
stage ever known.
Another r-liyslcIan'K Testimony,
Mr. Fowlc Denr Sir : 1 could send you a d?en
certificates, strong and decisive, of the really san
ative effects of your valuable Balsam of Wild
Cherry, within the past twelve months, under my
owu supervision nnd direction. Indeed I know cf
few persons who have used it, comparatively, but
commend it in the strongest terms. A pa of
Asthma, the severest I ever saw, to which I was
called a month ngo, rviuced tho superiority of the. It lasted him Mx weeks, and the dyspiea
and suffering was dreadful; he sat up every night.
The gentleman told wc to give him fomcthirg t
lnftt him heme, (21 miles) so that he might see his
wife nnd child, and die in peace. I gave him one
bottle of balsam nnd four ounces of nyrp squills,
directing him to take teaspoonful doses of best
Bordeaux olive nil, when the difficulty of breathing
was greatest. Next day I forced his despondent
well, and made him take six bottles of Wistar's Bal
sam of Wild Cherry home with him as a present,
he having alledged that he had used so much ex
pensive medicines to no profit.. Last week Mr. A.
called nnd expressed his gratitude to me in the
warmest manner, said the medicine had aved his
life, paid his whole bill, nud took six bottles reore
and left my office for home, rejoicing.
Very respectfully vours,
WM. SA'AW. M. D.
Washington, Xorth CaroUun, A"g. 12.
Cannot le Discredited.
We annex a few statements from individa!s
well known in this vicinity ; the first of which is
from Alderman Perkins :
Boetrn, Febanry 3, 1S51.
Dr. S. VT. Fowle: Dear Sir Having lately had
occasion to try your celebrated remedy fcr coughs
and colds, V Istar's Balsam cf "Wild Cherry, which
I did with success, 1 cannot injustice to you with
hold my testimony in its favor. For several
1 had been suffering from the effects of Severe
cold, accompanied by a very sore tUo-t and sick
headache, which completely inenprx V.ted ire Ur
business. I had taken but a very er.:a r'oi of
a single bottle of this Balsam, when I eTrcrlcuood
relief. My cough was broken up at oner, aud my
lungs entirely relieved from the pressure which
had become so paiuful. I attribute the relief en
tirely to the goud effects of your Wild Cherrr, as I
tookno other medicine whatever. I cordially re-
commend it to .11 my rS''
Put up it fiur.l t bottles. 1 rtr OOtUC Sis
les for . told by
rf. J'. t .iun,
C incinnati, Ohio.
Northwest cornet Fourth aud Vslnttt streets
Entrance on Walnut Mrcct, to whom .1. order, must
be addressed. Murray Zahm & Co.
Moore Kepler John Ivory & So
Summit. Johnttcn & - Johnstown. . P. Ru;
Udiavia. .'. C Pv B'.iir.ri'!.
Auffiiat 10. IS, -lr