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Sirgtilar Eace cf Human Eeir-gs.
There are now in London two very singular hu
min beings, of a race which bus hitherto been
very little known to the civilized world. They
came from South Africa, where they are called
Earthmcn. They are totally distinct from nil
other known African races as much so as if
thy had been dropped upon this earth from a
no'ther planet. They are diminutive in siza
mere pygmies and unacquainted even with the
art of building huts. They shelter themselves
in caves and crevices of the earth ; when the?e
are wonting, they mike artifical scoopingson the
surface, which they line with leaves nnd cover
with branches. The Hottentots and Bushmen
arc the avowed enemies of the Earthmcn, and
when they will meet them will shoot them down
like vermin. The poor little defenceless Earth
men have no refuge hut in holes, trees, or thick
ets, and the tribe is fast verging to extinction.
Thev are a poor weak people one of Natures
freaks and destined not to perpetuate their
race. Tew colonists have seen them, nnu al
though it is known that a few still linger in the
mountains, these are rapidly dying away, nnd
will soon become a tradition cf an elfish afright
race cf old.
The two irusividu.ds ahove mentioned were
carried to England from the Cape of Good Hope
tw o or three years n-go, and have now become
domest-eatpd in an Eiielish ftimily. - The mom
in:r Chronic!?. f:um which we take these partic
ulars, describe these little Enrthmen aa a boy
and a girl, the former fourteen r.nd the latter
sixteen years of ace, and "crmplete little fairies''
in appearance. They 1 ny is three feet three
find n, half inches in he'phr, prtd the girl a trifle
ti:er. Their sliin is of the brightest nnd most
transparent bronze, and as smooth nnd polished
as marble. In form the little creatures arc per
fect their delicate limbs standing out in the
most graceful symetry. nn-1 every motion
etiuct with the untautrht eie of nature,
faces, though decidedly African in feature,
full of sweetness nnd good humor, with an
The are
pression of archness and intelligence.
They are named Martinis and Flora. In their
savage state they fed on locusts, and ant-egjrs
and such small gnnie as they could take. Till
they were carried to England they had no ideas
of GoJ or of nny supreme power. At present
they have been taught some cf the customs of
civilized life, and are nhle to speak little airs,
and the first of Earthmcn to play little airs
cn a piano.
Few sights are mre interesting to a thinking
person than that of the Inst of a race of human
beings on the point of beine blotted out from
the face of toe earth. The indhiduals in ques
tion seem to constitute, one of the most anoma
lous forms of our species that haveever yet been
trough t to the notice of the naturalist or the
ethnologists. It is to be hoped that further
light wiil be thrown on their history by scienti
fic researches. Botton Courier
'Silence in the Conrt"
A few years since, a certain sheriff of one of
the eastern cities of Massachusetts was rather
prone to napping after his good dinner, but wns
always ready at a moment's wnrningto preserve
"silence in the court." One summer day, win n
the weather was rather warm, and a prosy law
yer was streching out to an interminable length
a soporific argument upon a very stupid case,
the sheriff indulged in an unusally deep snooze.
Owing to the dryness of the case, there was
ecarcely any one present in the court-room he
Bides the judge, the jury, and the counsel enga
ged in the cause ; and as perfect quiet prevailed,
and there was no danger of his being required
to perform any of the functions of his office, the
sheriff napped the more soundly. He breathed
deeply and regularly as if hia til nnpr AA not dis
turb him. Gradually he breathed louder, but
the sound produced no other effect than to add
to the drowsiness of some of the unfortunate ju
rors, who were already inclined to slumber by
the dull sound of the lawyer's voice. Suddenly,
however, the worthy sheriff gave a loud snore
so loud that it awoke himself, and immediately
rising from his seat, before he had got his eye
well opened, he thundered his fist down on bie
desk, nnd called out in his deepest and most im
pressive tones, "Silence in court? His com
mand however, had just the contrary effect ;
for the. judge, jury, and all. joined in a hearty
laugh at the worthy sheriff, who thus reproved
his own nose for disturbing his slumbers. Nor
folk Co. Journal.
Singular Occurrence.
On Wednesday morning last, two little girls
the one a daughter of J. J. Keller, and the oth
er her cousin slept together in the- second sto
ry of the residence of Mr. Keller, in Franklin
Row, North Queen street. After getting out of
bed in the morning, as they were dressing them
selves, they discovered a snake in their bed.
They immediately hastened down stairs, very
much frightened, and gave an alarm. Mr. Kel
ler at first believed it a delusb n. but proceeded
to the room, where he discovered a black water
snake about 20 inches in length, snugly quar
tered in the bed. It had evidently been there
all night. He immediately killed the intruder.
How and when this snake reached the room
seems rojsterious, as the bouse is in good order,
and there are no trees near it or anything else
calculated to attract, or serve as a harbor for
eaakes. Lancaster Tribune.
Nick cibls. The young ladies of Damarisco
to, iu the State of Mains, have recently formed
themselves into a society for mutual improve
ment and protection. Among the resolutions
adopted at a regular meeting, we find the fol
lowing: "That we will receive the attentions of no "so
styled" young gentleman who has not learned
some business, or engaged in some steady em
ployment for a livelihood for it is apprehended
that after the bird is caught it may starve iu the
That we will promise marriage to no young
man who is in the habit of tippling, for we are
assured that his wife will come to want and his
children to bare feet.
That we will marry no young man who is not
a patron to his neighborhood paper, for we have
thus not orjly strong evidence of his want of in
telligence, but that he will prove too fctingy to
provide lor bis iarmiy, educate ms cnnuren, or
encourage institions of learniug in his own vi
X-The "State of Matrimony" has, at last,
been bounded and described by some out West
Student, who says :
It is one of the United States. It is bounded
by hugging and kissing on one side, and ladies
and babies on the other. Its chief productions
fure population, broom sticks and staying out late
o'nights. It was discovered by Adam and Eve,
while trying to find a north-west passage out of
Paradise. The climate is sultry till you pass
the tropies of house-keeking, when squally wea
ther sets in with such power as to keep all hands
cool as cucumbers. For the principal roads
leadine to this interesting State, consult the
first pair of blue eyes you run against.
The constitution of South Carolina for
bid the Governor from going out of the State
during his term of office, and for this reason
Gov. Manning writes that he will be prevented,
to hi3 extreme regrtt, from attending the Mays
tUIg Coavation-
The "MOUNTAIN SENTINEL" is publish
ed every Thursday morning, at One Dollar and
Fifty Certs per anntrm. if paid in advance or
within three months: after three months Two
Dollars will be charged.
ICo subscription will be taken for a shorter
period than six months ; and no paper will be
discontinued imfil all arrearages are paid. A
failure to notify a discontinuanc at the expira
tion of the term subscribed for, will be consid
ered as a new enprneement.
g, ADVERTISEMENTS will be inserted
at the following rates: 50 cents per square for
the first insertion; 75 cents for two insertions;
1 for three insertions ; and 25 cents per square
I r every subsequent insertion. A liberal reduc
tion made to those who advertise by the year.
All advertisements handed in must have the
proper number of insertions marked thereon,
or they will be published until forbidden, nnd
charged in accordance with the above terms.
Kn All letters and communications to insure
ttentiou must be post paid. A. J. RIIEY.
WHATEVER concerns the health nnd happi
II ness of a people is at all times of most val
uable importance. I take it for granted that
every person will do all in their power, to save
the lives of their children, and that every per
son will endeavor to promote their own health
at all sacrifices. I feel it to be my duty to sol
emnly assure you that u-orrtis, according to the
o- iiiiuns of the most celebrated Physicians, are
the piiuiary causes of a lnrpe majority of dise
ases to which children and adults are liable ; if
you have nn appetite continually changeable
from one kind of food to another. Bad Breath,
Pain in the Stomach, Picking nt the Nose. Hard
ness and Fullness of the Telly, Dry Couah,
Slow Fever, Pulse Irregular remember that all
these denotes trorms, and you should at once
apply the remedy :
Blobcnsacli's Worm Syrup.
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable substances,
being perfectly safe when taken, and can be
given to the most tender Infant with decided
beneficial effect, where Bowel Complaints and
Diarrhoea have made them weak and debilitated
the Tonic properties of my Worm Syrup are
such that it stands without nn equal in the cata
logue of medicines in giving tone and strength
to the Stomach, which makes it an Infallible
remedy for those afflicted with Ditpep.ia,be as
tonishing cures performed bv this Syrup after
Physicians have failed, is the best evidence of
its superior eihcacy over all others.
This is the most difficult Worm to destroy of
all that infest the human system, it grows to an
almost Indefinite length becoming so coiled and
fastened in the, Intestines and Stomach effecting
the Iieaith so sadly as to cause St. Vitus Dance,
FPs, &c, that those afflicted seldom if ever sus
t that it is Tape Worm hastening them to an
early grave. In order to destroy this Worm, a
very nergetic treatment must be pursued, it
would therefore be proper to take C or 8 of my
Liver Pills so as to remove all obstructions, that
the Worm Syrup may act direct upon the Worm,
which must be taken in doses of 2 Tablespoon
fulls 3 times a day these directions followed
have never been known to fail in curing the most
obstinate case of Tape Worm.
Hocensack's Liver Fills.
No part of the system is more liable to dis
ease than the Liver, it serving as a filterer to
purify the blood, or giving the proper secre
tion to the bile ; so that any wrong action of
the Liver effects the other important parts of
the system, and results variously, in Liver Com
plaint. JaundJoo, Lkj-epepoia, &c. We olioutj,
therefore, watch every symptom that might in
dicate a wrong action of the Liver. These Pills
being composed of Hoots 4" Plants furnished by
nature to heal the sick : Namely, 1st. An Ex
pectorant, which auguments the secretion from
the Pulmonary mucus membrane, or promotes
the discharge of secreted matter. 2nd. An Al
ternative, which changes in some inexplicable and
insensible manner the certain morbid action of
the system. 3rd. A Tonic, which gives tone and
strength to the nervous 6ystem, renewing health
and vigor to all parts of the body. 4tb, A Cath
artic, which acts in perfect harmony with the
other ingredients, and operating on the IJowel.,
and expelling the whole mass of corrupt nnd vi
tiated matter, and purifying the Blood, which
destroys disease aud restores health.
Yo will find these Pills an invaluable medicine
:n many complaints to which you are subject.
In obstructions either total or partial, they have
been found of estimable benefit, restoring their
functional arrangements to a healthy action
purifying the blood and other fluids so effectu,
ally to put to flight all complaints which may
arise from female irregularities, as headache,
giddiness, dimness of sight, pain in the side
back, &c.
None genuine unless signed J. N. Hobensack,
all others being base Imitation.
6gAgents wishing new supplies, and Store
Keepers desirous of becoming Agents must ad
dress the Proprietor, J. N. Hobensack, PhiUael
phia, Pa.
tor 6ale by Murray, Zabm & Co., and E.
Hughes, Ebensburg ; A. Durbin, Munstcr ; John
ston, Johnstown ; McCloskey, Summitville : E
noch Rees, six miles west of Ebensburg ; and
oy every respectaoie dealer in the State.
Peyser & McDowell, wuolesale agents, No.
140 Wood Street, Pittsburg, who will supply
agents ai me x ropnetors prices.
BPrice. each 25 cents 11
July 22, Ihb.
Ezcklel IlugiSics,
Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.
rTTr? i j j , .
r.AiiLci in staple ana iaucy ary coous trro-
ceries, wholesale and retail fish ; hardware
and cuttlcry ; guns, nails, bar-iron, sheet-iron
sheet-zinc, stoves of all kinds, stove-pipes and
shset-iron ware, tin ware, copper and brass
kettles, &c, &c.
Grain, wool, butter and other country produce
bought and sold.
A dealer in white pine, poplar, ash and cherry
lumber ; lumber always bought, and a large
quantity constantly on hand for sale.
Cash always paid for lumber cut to crder or
such as suits the present demand of the market.
A large lot of new goods as embraced in the
above list just received and more opening for
sale at the lowest market price.
September 23, 1852 49-tf.
Executor's JVodcc.
117' II ERE AS, letters testamentary have been
granted by the Register of Cambria coun
ty, on the last will and testament of Jane Ann
Hallegan, deceased, to the subscriber, residing
in Washington township, in said county, all per
sons indebted to said estate are requested to
maKe immediate payment, and those having
claims against said estate to present them duly
authenticated for payment.
JOSEPH NOEL, Executor.
May 26, 1853 3l-6t.pd.
Neatly and expeditiously executed at this Office.
A quick and positive Cure for Consumption, decline, asthma, spitting of blood night awenis,
husky throat, wasting of the flesh, bronciitis, coughs, colds, and all deseascs of the chest and
1U This celebrated preparation is pleasant to the taste, and is so speedy in its operations that pa
tients plainly feel its good effects in a few minutes after taking the first uose.
Hastings' Compound Syrup of JVnptlia
t i aa v,. m tun. kw ni..ii.inn5 of hntli homisDheres. to be a quick ana pos-
itive remedy fur arresting the formation of, tubercles on the lungs ; and removing those already
formed ; and also to be the speediest and most effective of all medicinal agents in the cure ofau-
other deseases of the thioat, chest and lungs, language cannot ta.iie3 ..1 ax..J-..,fer
Nantha Svrup in these diseases. It not ou!y cures them effectually, but it gives miinea:ate evi
dence of its ability to do so : for in a few minutes after the first dose has been taken, the patient
feels that a powerful agent is. in the system, strongly working for his good. Its operations arc
never delayed: rlt at once flies to, and attacks the root of the disease with an energy unknown to.
chher medicines ; and that disease must be deeply seated indeed which can resist its unrivalled
infiucuce. Hence it has frequently cured a painful cough in a day, which had defied other popu
lar remedies for a month ; and has removed difficulty of Lreathiug and pain in the throat aud
toest, in a few minutes, by the surprising energy of its action in clearing the passages of bile
and phlegm. It is believed that no person has given Hastings' Naphtha Syrup a trial, who has
not felt benefit from it, and acknowledge its virtues. And this conviction is further established
by the opinions of the London Launcet, London Medical Times, and most ether responsible pub
ications. devoted to the same interests. Until the appearance of the Naphtha Syrup, the medi
cal faculty had always regarded Consumption as an incurable disease, and the records of medical
science exhibited no authenticated case that weighed seriously against that opinion. Since Dr.
Hastings' discovery, however, of the new acd greatest property of Naphtha, when united with
other ingredients, nearly a thousand cases of absolute phthisics positively cured through i
agency, have been substantiated ; and this well established fact, in connection with a mass of ex
i.erimciits successfully made ot its virtues bv the ablest physicians cf Europe, clearly prove that
Hastings' Compound Syrup of Naptha isa positive cure for Consumption, even in its worst stages.
Three of the main causes of this property, of Naphtha have been discovered. They are its extra
ordinary sublet-, stringth, and pervasiveness ; lor the moment it is received into the system, it
extends itself throughout, making a passageof every pore, no matter how much clogged up they
may have previously been by foreign substances. Hence it operates cn the disetisd lungs by dis
lodgcing the particles of corruption i 11 the strength of its ascent to the upper regions of the frame
land thus producing through ventilation ; and hence it is a never failing remedy in Oppression of
the chest and difficulty iu breathing ; person thus affected, feeling after taking it, as if it had
forced a passage through some chaunel which their disease had "stopped up, and there-opening of
which was the only result necessary to the restoration of health. Such indeed, are the t,rcmj.t-
ness ot action and energy 01 Hastings isaphtha byrup, in all the diseases for which it
mended, that from the time they commence taking it patients know
an effect nenrhy the reverse of that which attends the earlier ute of every other krown medicinal
remedy. For Coughs, Colds, Sere Throat, Sight Sweats, Pains in the'Urtast, Pack, &c, spit
ting of blood, bilious and asthmatic Affections, it is also admitted to be the speediest and most
vigorous and eff ective lemedy extant : and its effect in all Asthmatic complaints is equally deci
sive and remarkable. Lassitude of the mind : flabbiness and wasting of the flesh ; and all dis
position to inactivity aud melancholy forebodings, are also quickly corrected by the Naphtha Sy
rup ; which, in a wonderful manner revives the spirits, corrected "by the flesh and muscles bra
ces the nerves and increases the weight. Thus, those who use it according to directions, gener
ally increase ita weight about a pound a week ; and may take it for no other purpose the
dissipation of melaucholy, or the increase of bodily strength. In fine, a single trial of Hastings'
Compound Syrup of Naptha, is all that is required to secure the confidence of patients, and cause
hein to forego all other remedies in its favor. The syrup is made tip in six cunce bottles, encl;
accompanied with a pamphlet, containing directions, certificates, &c. Price one dollar each, or
six bottles packed up in a box, and ready for transportation to any part of the world, can be had
for five dollars.
N. Hastings' Naphtha Syrup, being a very expensive preparation, cannot be left with
Agents on sale, or return, as is the case with the majority of the quac k nostrums f the day,
which cost little more than the price of the bottles. Persons who want it to sell again mutt pay
cash for it, with the usual commission off. Therefore patients who cannot obtain it in the place's
where they reside, should write to us direct for n supply, and we will forward it to them without
iit'iii v i i ikhi'h ii ii hi il iii:ri in nt riii r 11 mi 11
ftVfft Stnrt l.iiut rip iinv otlipr mru! rtT AAnriirnna All Lha.. . V 1 ..-.:..
me price, or me numoeroi ooines oruerea, una De a.rected to (J. V. CLICKEMiU & CO., No.
81 Darchiy Street, INew York, who are Dr. Hastings' general Agents for America.
Agent Frederick Kitten, .ebensburg,
December lb, lbo o-bni.
H A G i E T I C
This preparation is a powder compounded of
6tuce which could possibly injure man or domestic anii tals, and is devoid of any
odor. It has been examined by the medical facultv of France, ltussia, Sweden and
torn all of w hom umple testimony of its efficacy can be produced.
H A G fl mrf ILLS,
For the Destruction t iLa.TS and MICE, withjji fiva minutes after
Being thrown in. their vicinity.
Read the i'ullowiiig Letters :
New York, October l, ISoO.
I have made a chemictl examination of the Vegetable Powder prepared by Mr. Emanuel Lyon,
for the purpose of destroying inectd. I do not find it to contaiu anything deleterious to health,
or what might be considered poisonous to the human species ; but it is very destructive to insects,
whenever they are foreed to inhale the fine particles of dust occasioned bv throwing the Powder
forcibly in places where they frequent. JAMES ll. CHILTON, M. D. Chemist.
Ne-.v Yoek, Hospital, June 9, 18-XK
I have analized Emanuel Lyon's Magnetic Powders for the destruction of iusects, and certify
that it is entirely free from mineral or other corrosive poison. As the result of my examination
I would say that is a combination of various vegetable substances having n peculiar influence on
the insect kingdom, and that it may be used with perfect safety. In reference? to its utility, its
effects are astonishing. I belive it to be a skilfully prepared substauce by which a valuable re
sult is obtained, which does effect what Mr. Lyon savs, and is well deserving of public patronage.
LAWRENCE HEID, Professor of Chemistry.
Emanuel Ltox, Esq. New York Hosi-ital, June I, I830.
Dear Sir : It affords me great pleasure in stating that l have extensively used your
Powder for the destruction of Iusects of all kinds, (especially Ded Dugs and Roaches) and un
hesitatingly pronounce it the best and only article so effectual in its operation. I have also ex
perimented with your Pills, and find them equal in all respects with your st itements. Hoping
thut you may prosper, I remain your friend. JOHN L. ROOMS, Sup'nt. N. Y. Hospital.
Gibson IIocse, Cincinnati, October 9, 1850.
We procured from Mr. C. II. Meakings some of Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Pills's and cheer
fully certify as to its perfect efficacy in destroying Roaches and Rats within a few minutes after
its application. It is the most simple, yet perfect remedy we have ever seen.
I. K. & D. V. BENNETT.
New York, Irving House, April 21, 1849.
I have used Emanuel Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Pills for the destruction of Insects and Ver
min, and I have found the most happy result, and cheerfully recommend them to those who may
1 be troubled with these insects, as a sure method
DANIEL D. HOWARD, Proprietor Irving House.
We certify to the above.
COLEMAN & STETSON. Astor House. S. THAYER COZZENS, American Hotel
JONAS B. PHILIPS, Ass't District Attorney. PRESTON H. HODGES, Carlton House.
These articles received a premium at the Fair of the American Institute in 1848, and the high
est premium at the Fair of 1850.
miCE Lyon's Magnetic Powders, 25 cents per Flask ; Pills, 25 cents per Box.
All Orders must be addressed (post-paid) to C. V. CLICKENER & Co., General Agents, 81, Bar
clay street. New York.
Agent Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James Bell, Summit ; G. II. Muckerhide, Johnstown.
December 1G, 1852 8 Gin.
Cabinet H are Rooms,
Allegheny Street, Hollidayshurg, Pa.
WTould respectfully invite the attention of the
public to their superior stock of '
of every descriptio.n rurniture of all kinds
manufactured to order on the shortest notice.
All orders from a distance promptly attended
April 29, 1852.
A fresh arrival of Boots, Shoes, Summci
Hats, Caps, fancy Gimp nnd Florence Straw
Bonnets, Powder, Gun Caps, Shot, Lead. &c
received this day and for sale at the cheap store
June 26, 1851.
2000 pounds wool, butter, eggs wanted by
tvW (JUL Butter, and all kinds of Grain
V V taken in exchange for goods at
J. Moore's store.
The highest price paid for wool at the store
7 IIISKEY, White Lead, and Linseed Oi
for sale by J. 3Ioore.
40 Barrels Conemaugh Salt for sale by
J. Moore.
This Way!
For the highest prices are paid for hides
skins and tanner's bark in either trade or cash by
is xecom-
in nipri T.rnvuioi Trmv niti iiQ Trniirki r-. w i- -cr
P 0 W D E R S
Plants, Herbs, and Flowers, free from any sub-
Denmai k.
of destroying them.
Will be opened this week at the brick store
of. J. Moore, in Ebensburir, a ceneral assort
ment of cloths, cassimeres, satinetts, tweeds,
land a great variety of summer goods,
I Together w ith any quantity of prints, delaines,
jlawns, cashmeres, ginghams, lustres and other
'dress goodSi
and good assortment of hardware, queensware,
jsaddlery, clothing, stationary, drugs, &c, &c,
Persons wanting boots and shoes, hats and
'caps, or ready made clothing, will find it to their
advantage to call at the
ISricU Store.
Tha subscriber, thankful for past favors, ear
nestly requests his customers, and the public
generally to at least call and examine his stock;
and if he cannot suit every person in quality
land price it is not his fault. Produce and lum
ber of all kinds taken m exchange lor goods;
'and he also takes CASH when offered.
Ebensburg, April 28, 1851.
Davis & Lloyd,
Having formed a partnership in the
Would respectfully solicit the patronage of their
friends and the public generally.
Call and see us at ; b old etand of William
April 29, 1852.
For tb Cure f
To cure a coia, wtu and soreness f f
the body, take the CLeny Pectoral on going to
bed, aud wiap up var.n, to sweat during the
For a cold and cough, take it morning, noon,
and evening, ucerrding to directions cn the hot
tie, and the difficulty will soon be removed.
None will long suffer from this trouble when they
find it can be so readily cured. Persona afllitt
td with a seated coiv'-1, which breaks them of
i their rest at nitht, will find, bv t.-;
in t he . ner-
rv Pert rial on going to bed, they may be sure
' of sound, unbroken sleep, nuJ consequent:;,-
uiibrclicn s:eor. consequent', re-
freshing rest. Great relief from sr:fiVrii:g, nnd j
fin ultimate cure, is afforded to thuus-inds vhoj
are thus s f?:ictcJ, by th's invaluable remedy. J
From its :grc-c;ible effect in these cases, many
find thcmsolvts unwilling to forego its us-j Vtheu j
the r.cressity i- r it has ceased. .
From two eminent Vhv.-:cians i:i J
Fayfttkvii Lr, Ti.vk., April, Kith, !
S.r: Wc have srhen vourCheirv Pevt-Jil
nn extensive trial in our r 1, ana i.!:U it i
I surpnss eviry other remedy
we nave
ci ti;e rcsp:rarr,i v
dps. dm: Ml.
S this rLiried v i s
Tr s'ngers end public sj-'.rdce
;ril,,i,;,. r.s ,v U -..-'i'o:. r.n i'lA throiit. i.t-I
lungs, wiicn taKtn in srnan rjuaninies, u removes
all hoarseness iu a tVw hours, and wonderfully
incres's the j.owcr uii I flexibility of the voice.
Astha. is generally much lc'ievt j, and often
wholly cured by Cherry Pectoral. J'.ut there
are some Ciiscs so obstirmte as to yielded entire
ly to no inedicine. Cherry Pectoral wiil cuie
them, if they can be cured.
Pronehitis, or irritation of the throat and up
per portion of the lung-, may cured b taking
Cherry Pectoral in small snJ frequent dost s.
l tie oppress:on is so-;n relieves
Rev. Doct. Lansing, of L'rooklln, New Vcil:
states :
"I have seen the Cherry Pectoral cure s"c!
cases cf Asthma and I'.ronjhltis
me t'j
i believe it can
rare!- f.-il t core tho.-e discus s."
Give an en:vti? of antimony, to
For croup
i .
1 urge jiequCHt s ; t..r
il, until subdues the disease. If
taken in
season, it will not fail to cure.
ping couch may be broken ur and soon
cureu ny t!;c uso 01 t:ierr l'ectorai.
The influenza is sriee lil- removed by this re
medy. Numerous instances have been noiiL-c I
where whole families were y r-tt ettd from in y
serious consequences, while tli-.-Ir neighbors,
witliout the Cherry Pectoral, v. ere suit'erii. fixia
the disease.
Salf.m, Oo., 11th, June 1SZI.
Doct. J. C. Ayc-r :
I write 1 3 inform you cf the
truly remarkable effect of your Cherry PectoinI
in this place, and in mv own family. One vi
Ci.iugiiteis was
completely cured in three
Whooping Ci.uL, by takifg
uavs oi
f o .-tr.o-t.-1,l
it. Dr. .deans, one of o;ir very beit pfninians
freely states that he considers it the best remedy
we have for pulmonary diseases, and that he has
cured more cases of Croup with it thin ary
other medicine he ever administered.
Our clerg3 man of the Baptist Church says
that during the run or Influenza here this sea-1
son, he has 6oen cures from your medicine he
could scarcely have belh ved without seeing. j
Yours respectfully, J. D. SINCLAIR,
Deputy Postmaster.
Fi-)di the ulttuffniahril Pi-oftstor of
elifmlslry mid .Mnttila Mrdlta II -
,, 7: T li -r. 1 -
1 have lound the Cherry Pectoral, as its in-
gredients show, a powerful remedy for colds,
and coughs, and pulmonary diseases.
Pakkeu Ci.Kvt.LANi, M. V.
Brunswick. Me., Feb. 5. Si7.
Uii. V:lixti.e MOTT,
The wttlflv ecllrat rrt Prr.f, -6or of -mi--
Kirj- l lite .Medical Co!leSt KeW Vork
"It gives ine pleasure to certify the value und
cf 'Avers Cherry Pectoral,' which 1
consider peculiarly adapted to cure
Uie Turoat and Lungs.
Cures of severe diseases upon the Lunjs have
been eiieeted by Cherry Pectoral in suth ex
treme cases as warrant the belief that a remedy
has at length been found that can he d-.-rended
on to cure the s, Colds and Consmu;
which carry 'row our midst thousands -vei v
year. It is indeed a medicine to which the r.FHo
ted can look with confidence fer relkf. :a;d thev
should not fuil to avail themselves of it.
Practical and Analytical ClieuiUl,
Lu-.vkll, Mass.
Sold in Ebensburg by Fred. Kittell, and by
Druggists and Dealers in Medicine tvery where.
August VJ, 1852 41-Dni.
viriiH fc'mii cupiedbythe old firm, where he will be happy
' "'A A OI. to see his former patrons and as many new
This delightful aud popular article in the best ones as please to call. He receives regularly
preparation for the hair which long experience from Now York and Philadelphia the latest
and scientific research has produced, either as fashions and cannot be beaten either in lie
an article for the toilet, or its beneficial effects shape or fit of Coats, Pants or Vests, by any
iu all the diseases to which the human hair is other Tailor in the country. He respectfully
liable. It will impart to this roughest nnd coar- ask the public to give him a call, mid coa
sest hair the most beautiful appearance, entire- j tident his work will recommend itself,
ly cleansing it from all impurities. j E-ff-All kinds of country produce taken ia
iut wc assert mat it is tue best article
for the toilet of those who wish to retain the
hair in all its youthful
it must not be forgotten that iu all diseases of
the hair or scalp, such as the falling of the hair
dandruff, pimples, or sores on the scalp, &c, it
is, perhaps the article which has given decided
satisfaction in every instance where it has been
Its operation in case of baldness is peculiarly
active, so that, in numerous, where other reme
dies have been tried in vain, STORK'S CHEM
ICAL INVIGOllATORhas superseded the orna
ments of art, by reinstating, in full plentitude,
tho pirmancnt gifts and graces of nature. It
is possessed of a character wholly differing from
the Oils, Grease, Restoratives, &c, which are
now so numerously foisted on the public, under
the pretence of being newly discovered for bald
ness, gray hair, &c.
Story's Invigorator
has now been tested for 3 ears, and its eflicacv
has been proved by thousauds, Every year its
reputation nnd sales have increased, until more
of it is consumed annually than of any other
preparation for the hair ever offered to the Amer
icau public. It is compounded on 6trictly sci
entific principles, and the proprietor will stake
his reputaticn on its efficacy.
Its extraordinary cheapness places it within
the reach of the humblest family, and its con
ceded value insure it a place on the most luxu
rious toilet.
For sale by the proprietors price 25 cents.
C. P. AMET & CO,
120 Arch street, one door below Sixth.
For sale by Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg
Bell, Summit; G. Muckerhide Co., Johnstown'
December 16, 1So2 3-ly.
laSVElt COtlPloAI.VT,
tnd all
diseases r.r
isir.gfirm adis
crc'crc J liver or sto
mach, such ns constipa
tion, inward pike, fullness or
blood to the head, acidity of th
stomach, nausea, heart-burn. diCUp
f r food, fiinries-c orwnght in the stoat!
sour, sinking or fluttering at thirl
of the stomach, swimming of the head Luis,
nod and dllhcult breathing, fiiitter'!c
at the heart, choking or tuffoca
ting sensations when in a liv
ing posture, dimness of
vision, dots cr wels
before the sight
fever and
n the head or persj.irttier. rt
towns of the skin and eyes. jLin iu"'
the side, back, chest, limbs,
A.c, sudden flushes
f brat, burnirn- in tt. flt.
constant miaguiincs
OT cril and n-r nf
ui-presiicn c:
y ins. can lb ccectuail
!y cured tj
it tSie Gcrniau SUCfc-lti? fctiv.
120 Arch Street, Philadelphia.
ny prnrcr cvtr Hi abort din-use is not ,.tt.j
rui!hdig org other .oration i,' ,i
! : .V;.", asUie curt at!tet,in iiwj cutit of
'7 i-i ,,..v . ,V,
nr :
Tli'.se Plturs me worthy the attention of in
valids. Poiaossing great virtues in the ret'i.
. ... . . ' b -DUS
ii. on o. uinc-ises oi 11. e Liver un, l.w0.
i.AKi;;i.,; n.i Hide I seieLn
powers in went.
l .iiS t.f the digestive organs, tbey
V. certain an ! pleasant.
are v. i:l.;.l. ?
ih::tth:s medicine will euru f.ivnr fV?r-,'.:. .
and l s: cp:,i j. no one can doubt ni ter usirjr it as
stated. It acts specifically upon the FtumuJh hii
liver; ;': iz preferable, to c-iio.-in.-3 in c.7 Ulic-n
dix-ans the effect is immediate. Thev csn te
administered t frjcAr or inf.w.t with s.-ifety aci
reliable benefit at any time.
Lcok veil to the mark3 of tho Gensir.a
m 1 . t
iiiey nave t;je written si'nr.!urc r.f r
i JAlkMf.ii upm tne v. n
jMov:i iu the bottle, witho
I riou3.
it' vi
.1 i
:s 1:
v re
! For ?
.l S
t the Gertimn
el, et.'.' u -.r
v it-; v.-,;U:..:
-. -.
i below t'-isth, Philadelphia; v.n-l throi:-'i the c..;:i.
To cnfi!,lc
advai.tagti ci
.&.;:. l-j-l-
YA" s..Ic I V
burg; .'am cs
ill rinses cf invalids t.- er
their rrcat nvtorative t o
1 - ) Cfitts.
Pri-ih j-;..k Kit!
Bell, . u iij i i t ;
el Brv.jnrl.'t Lli n
G. 2iiucLe. liltf i
Co.. Jo-!!T5St.VV'l
l. :--b'r I.;.
i I..,
sab.-rbrr ad.-,rts tl.I
i ti:c-
! of retnr?;.
''i.'ic '.-'!:iT-
rx. ;!.. ti.,t
1 HO".V i.l ; 5
cf cvltv u-
il: ti.lll
; 1. s to 11 It
1 S ! ;
ii.-. ;'
t:;e no-
cu upon him, nn J lvr 5 !c
he has enlai-gcd his I u
' t u ii:!
constantly uii hand a large
ritty oi Ji.tu.ure, !cre
Pipe, Ihi
hc s, Luiu Due,''. 7V- ' h
v.hi.h he v.ili soil, whidt-sale or retail, J
any othtr establishment iu the couiitry.
lie is also prepared to manufacture Souti,:j
for houses, at the feborteEt notice, nmlcntbe
most reasonable terms. Merchants ctLua of l.urchafir.'r bills cf ware., are ns-
j pectfiilly invited to call, as he is prepan-d tv sell
i theru goods equally as cheap as tht-v can be hfd
either east or v.csf, aud a II trJers
u' u 10
Jlim promptly attended to
1 .-! j. 10.
Great il YClJ?ae;sf .
EN Ebensburg, at the varehouse of the ur.Jcr-
I signed who bus tn haul and will ze'.l at us
lowest pi ievs
oTi;tirr if (", r . r ' i . i-
' , . t" ' ' ' 'ut 7t eri.pete ; if
lt,jr'- complete : ronij-Icte C-oA-; the .Vrit- CV.-n-
.v'-vt C.ks Eavc-i;,: ; Dtlnrurc Cook ; Kty
I?'-"" L-mon Coal Burner, L'urlur stve : ILt
,Air, 00 ; Lir Loon- coal stove : 11 uf the K-
(test stle ,J piittein which cannot be excelled
! ! 11 1 t.l tr.T-r -., 1 v .
get to bring your wife along if you have note
brii g your lady-love.
Jcb Work of every description, done on the
shortest tm tice. Old eo-per and pew ler, tuka
in cxchaiige for v:;re.
The undersigrrcd hopes, by a strict sttentifL
to business, to receive u liberal share of public
patronage. GEORGE IlARiNC-lMB.
Ebensburg, July 8, It 32.
fHIIE undersigned informs hii customers that
i the firm of Byuon Johnston is dissolved
by mutual consent, and that the suUcriber stiil
1 exchange tor work.
April 29, 1S52 tf.
Wholesale and Xletail Dry Goods
THE Subscribers liave just received from tho
eastern cities, and are now offering for sale,
the largest and best selected stock of Goods
ever shown in this or the adjoining couuties, the
stock consists in part of Dry Goods, such as
French, English, and American, cloths, cassi
uiers. Satinets, Tweeds, pilot cloths, satin, Va
lencia and other vestinps, alipacas, mous-Je-lains,
bombazines, and ladies dress goods of
every description; shawls, handkerchiefs, scraps
cravats, tlbbets. ribons, gloves and hosiery of
all kinds, table linen drapers, crash, red, wLite
and yellow flannels, linsey, canton flannel, blan
kets and coverlets, hickory shirting, Irish liiien,
nnd white goods of every description ; lacesj
edgings, insertmgs, &c, &c. Hats, caps, Ron
nets, boots and shoes, hardware, queensware,
glassware, nails, flour and 6alt ; fish, nnd iron.
Also a splendid assortment of groceries, drugs,
paints and dye stuffs. All cf which we odVr
at lower prices than goods have ever been sold
in the country. All kinds of country product
lumber, railroad ties, rags, flaxseed, &c,
taken in exchange.
We will wholesale any of the above splend'd
selection of goods, to country merchants at city
I prices, putting only on a nominal figure
cover ircignt.
..... . rrr T V
4 Section 104, November 4, 1852.