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    Another Railroad Accident.
New York, May 10.
The emigrant train find New Toik express
train from Dunkirk, come in colision last even
ing on the Kamapo branch of the Erie Railroad.
Four brakesmen were fceriously injured, but
none of the passengers were hurt. The locomo
tive and baggage ears were smashed. It is re
ported that the emigrant train left the depot at
Jersey City an hour and a half before the
i..;ml,rln time-table, furnishinsr
only one conductor with it. The collision is de- j from one kind of food to another. Bad Breath,
eoribed as most frightful. The engines were Tain in the Stomach, Ticking at the Nose, Kard-..ninnlpto-r-.lpmolished.
One passcntrer car was ! ness and Fullness of the Belly, Dry Cough,
driven half through another. Farrel O. Garri-
son, bratesman on tne express irain, nau ma
left leg cut off and the other dreadfully crushed ;
he will die. James II. Van Vlcrt, a brakesman
on the Patterson train, had his thigh broken,
and was otherwise crushed ; his recovery is
doubtful. Henry J. Griffin, brakesman on the
emigrant train, had his right leg broken. J.
W. Orsad, baggage master on the Erie express
train, was badly hurt. A passenger unknown
had Lis leg broken. Many others were terribly
cut and bruised by being thrown among the
. A H l 1 ?
A great indignation meeting was held in Nor
walk yesterday in regard to the recent accident
emo: tocLatur;' remedy for those afflicted with Bepsu as
,r nront nation in order tonishing cures performed by this Syrup after
on the Railroad. A m
was adopted, calling for prompt action in order
to secure the safety of passengers.
Last Moments of Vice President King.
The Southern Republic has received from Mr.
F. K. Beck a kinsman of the Vice-President
a brief account of the last moments of Mr,
Tie wns r-uiot nnl rrsiTnod tol
the fate which, he had seen for sornetimea'waited !
evening, while a few friends were sitting around j
his bed-side, the only ones that he would allow ;
in his sick room, he suddenly remarked that he
vvaq dvinc The wntrhprs avnsp tn luMr fppt.
undcr'some excitement, when the Colonel said
"Be still make no noise let me die ninotlv "
IU refused to have the balance of his household J
notified of his dvinsr condition. His nhvsician !
came in and examined him. The Colonel said
to him ''Doctor, I am dying. It seems as
though I shall never get through with it. I am
dying very hard. Take the pillows from under
my head." The pillows were accordingly taken
from under his head ; but affording no relief, the
Doctor turned him from his back on his side,
when he died in a moment."
Examination of Attorneys.
The following racy examination of a candi
date for admission to the bar, is taken from a
Western law journal, and is decidedly a good
hit. The examiucr commences with:
"Do you smoke :
"1 do sir."
"Have you a epare cigar?"
,4'C3, sir," (extending a short six.)
'Now sir, what is the first duty of a lawyer?"
4To collect his fees."
rtight. What is the second ?"
'To increase the number of his clients."
"When does your position towards your client
""When making a bill of costs."
"Explain ?"
" they ocenpy the antagonistic position;
I assume the character of plaintiff and defend
ant." 4A suit decided, how do you stand with the
lawyer conducting the other side ?"
"Cheek by jowl."
-"Enough sir, you promise to become an orna
ment to your profession, and I wish you puccess.
Now are you aware of the duty you owe mc?"
"I am sir."
"Describe it?"
"It is to invite you to drink."
"But suppose I decline?"
(Candidate scratching his head.) "There is
no instance of the kind on record on the books'."
I cannot answer the question.
"You are right; and the confidence with which
you make an assertion, ehows that you have
read the law aVentively. Let's take a drink
and I will sign your certificate."
Model Locomotive.
The Philadelphia .JrarHJBavs: The Messrs.
Norris, of this city, have just completed, per
oraer oi tne u. s. uovernment, the model loco
motive Japan, with tender and passenger oar
complete, which, as a whole, is a most beautiful
specimen of American skill. The locomotive is
modeled after those on the Pennsylvania Rail
road, built by the same firm. Its entire weight,
wnu wooa ana water, is l,2iu lbs., and its ca
pacity is estimated at from 8 to 10 tons. A tri
al was made of it, yesterday on a circular track,
11 leet in diameter, and it worked most admi
rably, realizing in full the expectations formed
oi iu ine car is made of rosewood, and is fin
isned and furnished in the most beautiful man
ner, with crimson cushioned seats, and elegant
iy lined revolving backs. It is about 12 feet
long, and 4 high. The locomotive is the lar
gest and most complete model ever built in this
country or in Europe. It, with the car and ten
der, is intended as a present from our Govern
ment to the Emperor of Japan. Mr. Charles
Montgomery, for sometime in the employ of the
Messrs. Nonis, as an Engineer, is to go out with
mo uioueis, u japan, ior the purpose of work
ing the locomotive before His Majesty. Where
ever mey may go tney will be creditable to the
or rniladeJphia mechanics.
It is known as a fact in geology, that be
low the depth of thirty feet the earth becomei
regularly warmer as wo descend. On fin nvfi.
age, the increase is at the rate of one degree of
xuureuueis ior every nun loot. At the bottom
of the mines of Cornwall a depth of one thou-
Eiina two nunured leet the thermometer stands
at eighty-eight, equal to high summer heat. At
ims rate, rocKs and metals would be melted
iwcuiy mues Deiow the surface ; and down in
iue uuweis or tne eartn, several hundred miles
l, 1 i :u i - . . . '
m ucuj. niu i,e ten mousaud times hotter than
meiieu iron, is tbere that can wonder at
c-ttiiinjuancs, itucu aii tnings rest on a great
A Touch cf Nature.
A car, full of passengers, recently passed over
"eaiem ranroaa, m wLich occurred a sim
ple out toucning scene, worthy of record. One
of the passengers was a woman, carrying in her
arms a child who annoyed every one by its pet
ulance and cries. Mile after mile the passengers
bore the infliction of its noise, which rather in
creased than diminished, until at last it became
furious, and the passengers nearly so. There
were open complaints, and one man bhouted
'lake the child out.
The train etopped at a station, when an old
gentleman arose, and made the simrde Ktt.r,,. !
xuai me ramer or tne cuild had died recently
away from home ; that the mother had been on
i . .i . .... . .
a visit to ner friends, and had died while on the
visit; that Ler dead body was on board the train
ana mat tne cnild was in the arms of a woman
who was aetrauger toit. Itwascnongh. There
was a tear nearly in every eye, and all were mel
ted into pity and patience. All selfishness was
lost in thinking of the desolation of the poor lit
tle wanderer, who would have found a warm wel
comcia Lauds that a moment before would al
most have visittl it with a Uorr.SprtovfiM
Republican. ; 1 ?J
TfTIIATEVER concerns the health and hap pi
1 1 ness of a people is at all times of most val
uable importance. I take it for granted that
every person will do all in their power, to save
the lives of their children, and that every per
son will endeavor to promote their own health
at all sacrifices. I feel it to be my duty to sol
emnly assure you that worms, according to the
orinions of the most celebrated Thysiciaus, are
the primary causes or a large majority ui uioe
... .... . i. i t :
ases to which children and adults are liable ; if;
i ;f .nTtmnllv fhnntreable ;
vou have an appetite continually changeable
Slow Fever, Fulse Irregular remember that all
these denotes icorms, and you should at once
apply the remedy :
Ilobensack' Worm Syrup.
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable substances,
bein?r Tierfectlv sate when taken, and can be
eiven to the most tender Infant with decided
S5 - - s-t , I
beneficial effect, where Bowel Complaints and
Diarrha-a have made them weak and debilitated
the Tonic properties of my Worm Syrup are
such that it stands without an equal in the cata
logue of medicines in giving tone and strength
to the Stomach, which makes it an Infallible
Physicians have failed, is the best eviaence or
its'superior efficacy over all others.
This is the most difficult Worm to destroy of
all that infest the human system, it grows to an
almost Indefinite length becoming so coiled and!
fastened in the Intestines and Stomach effecting!
tue healtn so sadly as to cause &t. ltus Dance,
F' &c, that those afflicted seldom if ever sus
?ct tuat 11 1S lul'e orm Hastening mem to an
I early grave. Ju oracr to destroy this orm, a
I very cnersretic treatment must be pursued, it
would therefore be proper to take G or 8 of my
Liver Piils so as to remove all obstructions, that8ive and remarkable. Lassitude of the mind ;
the Worm Sj"ruP may act direct upon the Worm,
wLlcu mu?t be taken 111 doses of 2 Tablespoon-
fu,ls 3 times a day
these directions followed
have never been known to fail in curing the most
i obstinate case of Tape Worm.
Hobensack's Liver Pills.
No part of the system is more liable to dis
ease than the Liver, it serving as a filterer to
purify the blood, or giving the proper secre
tion to the bile ; so that any wrong action of
the Liver effects the other important parts of
the system, and results variously, in Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, &c. We should,
therefore, watch every symptom that might in
dicate a wrong Action of the Liver. These Pills
being composed of Roots Plants furnished by
nature to heal the sick : Namely, 1st, An Ex
pectorant, which auguments the secretion from
the Tulmonary mucus membrane, or promotes
the discharge of secreted matter. 2nd. An Al
ternative, which changes in some inexplicable and
insensible manner the certain morbid action of
the system. 3rd. A Tonic, which gives tone and
strength to the nervous system, renewing health
and vigor to all parts of the body. 4th, A Cath
artic, which acts in perfect harmony with the
other ingredients, and operating on the Bowels,
and expelling the whole mass of corrupt and vi
tiated matter, and purifying the Blood, which
destroys disease and restores health.
Yo will find these Pills an invaluable medicine
in many compiuUiio tu nicii juu arc oubjoet. -In
obstructions either total or partial, they have
been found of estimable benefit, restoring their
functional arrangements to a healthy action
pttrifyiug the blood and other fluids so effectu,
ally to put to flight all complaints which may
arise from female irregularities, as headache,
giddiness, dimness of eight, pain in the side
back, &c.
None genuine unless signed J. N. Ilobensack,
all others being base Imitation.
gfAgents wishing new supplies, and Store
Keepers desirous of becoming Agents must ad
dress the Proprietor, J. N. Ilobensack, Philadel
phia, Pa.
For sale by Murray, Zahm & Co., and E.
Hughes, Ebensburg ; A. Durbin, Munster : John
ston, Johnstown ; McCloskey, Summitville ; E
noch Rees, six miles west of Ebensburg ; and
by every respectable dealer in the State.
Keyser & McDowell, wholesale agents, No.
140 Wood Street, Pittsburg, who will supply
agents at the Proprietors prices.
E3L,Price, each 2o cents 1 !
July 22, 185.
Spleuclia Assortment ! Look Out
Summitville, Cambria county, have just received
iruuiew ioik, i nnaaeipuia and UalUmore,
large assortment of
men win be sold low for cash. We will sel
our goods at a les3 price than ever they have
been sold in this county, and will retail Goods
as cheap as they do in Philadelphia, but we want
to sen tnera tor cash, or something else as good
ah our goods will be sold at cash Drices. and
one month is the longest credit we will give, aut
()uu uiug accounts running a longer
viuiK, ue euargea interest irom that time.
These arc the terms, and we think if you call and
oee our gooas you will buy and save mrney, su
gars we win seii at cost and carriage, Coffee, at
a slight advance.
Our stock consists of a large assortment of
an sinus or gooas usually kept, among which
are Ladies' Cashmeres, de Lains and Merinoes
all wool, from GO cts, to $2 per yard ; the same
Kinas, nau cotton, Irom 10 to 35 cts.; Silk Warn
.liyacm, uuu an otuer Kinds 01 Dress Goods
we nave a spienaia lot or Knives and forks, 60
dozen, which we will sell very low. We call the
aitention ot everybody to our stock of
33:Jde-l i-t lolliin
Which was made to order, of the best rizps on.l
most fashionable goods. We have over two
thousand dollars worth of these frnodtj nr. A will
sell them cheaper than thev can b hm.rrht ;
any other place. The best kind of overcoats
from s;5.50 to 15 : nants for St2
Jackets and Sack coats, very cheap. A small
lot of fine black cassimer pants, and fine satin
and silk velvet vests, bousht in New Vnrt .;n
be sold a little cheaper than they can be bought
for in Philadelphia. 0
Our whole stock is of the btst orilMoo.v
ket. Wfi VOllt tn Cr.l 1 1,n.v -T . ..
, ouuu, ior we want the
money to pay for them. Come
- - - l V Hill
sell to you right at one .price to everybody
;r V44" vau vuy u cueap as jour beet Jews
nip urn tini.A 1 . , i . . . '
uut, one price, ana sen tor cash.
Summitville, Oct. 21, 1852 52-tf.
This Way!
ror iue lughest prices are paid for hides
UC( wuuei-3 DarK in either trade or cash by
v . JUUOllL.
irQ n r . ' uuuiuicr
uiiivui OI linnts KUnnc o
vjuua, inucy Uimn and Flrw.n O.
n U.-.-.J.. " -i A. - . uuaw
x unuer, uun caps, Shot, Lead, &
received this day and for salo at thechcansfo
cheap stor.
June 23, 1851.
A quick and positive Cure for Consumption, decline, asthma, spitting of blood, night sweats,
husky throat, wasting of the flesh, bronchitis, coughs, colds, and all deseases of the chest and j
lungs. - J
This celebrated preparation is pleasant to the taste, and is so speedy in its operations that pa-
tients plainly feel its good effects in a few minutes after taking the first dose.
Hastings' Compound Syrup of Xapllia !
Is now acknowledged by all the ablest physicians of both hemispheres, to be a quick and pos
itive remedy for arresting the formation of tnbercles on the lungs ; and removing those already
formed ; and also to be the speediest and most effective of all medicinal agents in the cure of all
other deseases of the thioat, chest and lungs. Language cannot express the value of Hastings
Naptha Syrup in these diseases. It not only cures them effectually, but it gives immediate evi-,
dence of its ability to do so ; "for in a few minutes after the first dose has been taken, the patient
feels that a powerful agent is in the system, strongly working for his good. Its operations are .
never delayed: It at once flies to, and attacks the root of the disease with an energy unknown to
chher medicines ; and that disease must be drfrdy seated indeed which can resist its unrivalled
influence. Hence it has frequently cured a paiM'ul cough in a day, which had defied other popu
lar remedies for a month ; and has removed difficulty of breathing and pain in the throat and
toest, in a few minutes, by the surprising energy of its action in clearing the passages of bile
and phlegm. It is believed that no peiejn has given Hastings' Naphtha Syrup a trial, who has
not felt benefit from it, and acknowledge its virtues. And this conviction is further established
by the opinions of the London Launcet, London Medical Times, and most other responsible pub
ications, devoted to the same interests Until the appearance of the Naphtha Syrup, the medi
cal faculty had always regarded Consumption as
science exhibited no authenticated case that weighed seriously against that opinion. Since Dr.
Hastings' discovery, however, of the new and
other ingredients, nearly a thousand cases of absolute phthisics positively cured through its
agency, have been substantiated ; and this well established fact, in connection with a mass of ex
periments successfully made of its virtues by the ablest physicians of Europe, clearly prove that
Hastings' Compound Syrup of Naptha isa positive cure for Consumption, even in its worst stages.
Three of the main causes of this propetty of Naphtha have been discovered. They are its extra
ordinary sublety, strength, and pervasiveness ; lor the moment it is received into the system, it
extends itself throughout, making a passage of every pore, no matter how much clogged up they
may have previously been by foreign substances. Hence it operates on the diseasd lungs by dis
lodgeing the particles of corruption in the strength of its ascent to the upper regions of the frame
land thus producing through ventilation ; and hence it is a never failing remedy in Oppression of
the chest and difficulty in breathing ; person thus affected, feeling alter taking it, as if it had
forced a passage through some channel which
which was the only result necessary to the restoration of health, buch indeed, are the prompt-
ness of action and energy of Hastings' Naphtha
mended, that from the time they commence taking it patients know ..;,,. , f",i, ,,. -.... ,.,
THAT IT IS CURING THEM ; affcuom, of .VilV-ji.Tov
rLC5f nFB1the f ""w V Tlk V5 -f Ciry, ,0th! f51! To singers and'public'Lpeakers this remedy is
remedy. For Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Pwght Sweats, Pains ;n the Ureast, Pack, &c, erit-! , ,i l 4i i
ti i l-t- i .i -- i i i , , -., cj invaluble, as by its action on the throat and
ting of blood, bilious and asthmatic Affections, it is also admitted to be the speediest and most., , , ,
vigorous and effective remedy extant; audits
position to inactivity and melancholy forebodings, are also quickly corrected by the Naphtha Sy- . ., 1 , ,. J , , r.
rup ; a wonderful manner revives the spirits, corrected by the flesh and muscles-bra- lAf,tll!l 13 P6'"" much relieved, and often
ces the nerves and increases the weight. Thus, those who use it according to directions, gener- wnou3r curKa - Herry lectoral. Jut there
ally increase its weight about a pound a week ; and may take it for no other purpose than the J1 SOme CSS?.S -S "itv t( .vitjded entire
dissipation of melancholy, or the increase of bodily strength. In fine, a single trial of Hastings' i Jj t0 n.f ""b u'T reCto,'al CU1C
Compound Syrup of Naptha, is all that is required to secure the confidence of patients, and cause V?' 1 can. ?.".rt . ,
hem to forego all other remedies in its favor. The svrup is made up in six ounce bottles, each "chilis, or irritation of the throat ar.d up
accompanied with a pamphlet, containing directions, 'certificates, &c. Price one dollar each, or f,?r Port'0" of ,the ,uf -ure-.l J.j taking
iv WH nn.L-,1 in n -r r.,,!. fr- ,...M k i..,.i ( -hcrry Pectoral m small und liequcnt doses.
fZ gZ JLV -
v i. if ! x- i i o , .
N. .. -Hastings' Naphtha Syrup, being a
:?i:"n,t3" f-lt' r r!t"rD' "S 13 ,,e c!sfvW1
uiv tusi imje mure mau me jince w me uoiues. x erbjus uo w am 11 10 fceu again must pay
where they reside, suould write to us direct for
I delay (packed up in a manner to secure its safe delivery) provided they can be reached by Ex
j press, Stage, Route, or anv other mode of conveyance. All letters must be post paid contaiu
the price, of the number of bottles ordered, and
81 Barclay Street, New York, who are Dr. Hastings'
Agent Frederick Kittell, Ebensburg,
December 10, 1852 8-Cra.
M A 6 S B -T I CP 0 W D E II S ,
This preparation is a powder compounded of Plants, Herbs, and Flowers, free from any sub
stance which could possibly injure man or domestic animals, and is devoid of any disgreeable
odor. It has been examined by the medical faculty of France, Russia, Sweden and Denmark,
roni all of whom ample testimony of its efficacy can be produced.
For the Destruction of RATS and MICE, within five minutes after
Being thrown in their vicinity.
Read tike foil tvingr betters :
New York, October 1, 1850.
I have made a chemical examination of the Vegetable Powder prepared by Mr. Emanuel Lyon,
for the purpose of destroying insects. I do not find it to contain anything deleterious to health,
or what might be considered poisonous to the human species ; but it is very destructive to insects,
whenever they are foreed to inhale the fine particles of dust occasioned by throwing the Powder
forcibly in places where they frequent. JAMES R. CHILTON, M. 1. Chemist.
New York, Hospital, June 9, 1850.
I have analized Emanuel Lyon's Magnetic Powders for the destruction of insects, and certify
that it is entirely free from mineral or other corrosive poison. As the result of my examination
I would say that is a combination of various vegetable substances having a peculiar influence on
the insect kingdom, and that it may be used with perfect safety. In reference to its utility, its
enecis are astonishing, l belive it to be a skilfully prepared substance by which a valuable re
sult is obtained, which does effect what Mr. Lyon says, and is well deserving of public patronage.
LAWRENCE REID, Professor of Chemistry.
Emanuel Lvov. Esq. New York Hosiital, June 1, 1850.
Dear Sir : It affords me great pleasure in stating that 1 have extensively used j-our
Powder for the destruction of Insects of all kinds, (especially Bed Bugs and Roaches) and un
hesitatingly pronounce it the best and only article so effectual in its operation. I have also ex
perimented with your Pills, and find them equal in all respects with vour statements. Hoping
that you may prosper, I remain your friend. JOHN L. ROOME, Sup'nt. N. Y. Hospital.
Gibson House, Cincinnati, October 9, 1850.
We procured from Mr. B. II. Meakings, some of Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Pills's and cheer
fully certify as to its perfect efficacy in destroying Roaches and Rats within a few minutes after
its application. It is the most simple, yet perfect remedy we have ever seen.
I. K. & D. V. BENNETT.
New York, Irving House, April 21, 1849.
I have used Emanuel Lyon's Magnetic Powder and Pills for the destruction of Insects and Ver
min, and I have found the most happy result, and cheerfully recommend them to those who may
be troubled with these insects, as a sure method of destroying them.
DANIEL D. HOWARD, Proprietor Irving House.
We certify to the above.
JONAS B. PHILIPS, Ass't District Attorney.
These articles received a premium at the Fair of the American Institute iu 1848, and the high
est premium at the Fair of 1850.
miCE Lyon's Magnetic Powders, 25 cents per Flask ; nils, 25 cents per Box.
All Orders must be addressed (post-paid) to C. V. CLICKENER & Co., General Agents, 81, Bar
clay street, New York.
Agent Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James Bell, Summit ; G. II. Muckerhide, Johnstown.
December 16, 1852 8-6m
Cabinet Ware Rooms,
Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburff, Pa.
Would respectfully invite the attention of the
public to their superior stock of
of every descriptio.n Furniture of all kinds'
manufactured to order on the shortest notice.
All orders from a distance promptly attended
to. i
April 29, 1852.
1 Large lot of made-up-clothing, boots and
11 8uoes, ciotn and plush caps for sale bH
. IVORY if CO.
Summit Oct. 7, 1852.
Salt ! Salt ! !
Superior article of Sack and Barrel Salt for
sale by DAVIS & LLOYD.
Ebensburg, June 17, 1852.
UUL., liutter, and all kinds of Grain.
taken in exchange for goods at
J. Moore1 store.
Neatly and expeditiously executed at this Office
The highest price paid for wool at tlie store
WHISKEY, White Lead, and Linseed Oil
for sale by J. Moore.
40 Barrels Conemaugh Salt for sale by
J. Moore.
an incurable disease, and the records of medical
greatest property of Naphtha, when united with
their disease had stopped up, and there-opening of
Syrup, in all the diseases for which it is iecom-
effect in all Asthmatic complaints is equally dcci-
tiabbincss and wasting of the flosh ; and all dis
1 ,
. x. . , , , . ,
very expensive preparation, cannot be left w,th
V5 mH(:vlty f 1 ,e qUiC rSt",S ?l lbe d
a supply, and we will forward it to them without
directed to C. V. CLICKENER & CO., No.
general Agents for America.
H. THAYER COZZENS, American Hotel
PRESTON II. HODGES, Carlton House.
Will be opened this week at the brick store
f J. Moore, in Ebensburg, a general assort
ment of cloths, cassimeres, satinetts, tweeds,
and a great variety of summer goods,
Together with anv quantity of prints, delaines,
lawns, cashmeres, ginghams, lustres and other
dress goods.
ind good assortment of hardware, queensware,
saddlery, clothing, stationary, drugs, &o., &c,
Persons wanting boots and shoes, hats and
caps, or ready made clothing, will find it to their
advantage to call at the "
ISricK Store.
Tha subscriber, thankful for past favors, ear
nestly requests his customers, and the public
generally to at least call and examine his stock;
and if he cannot suit every person in quality
and price it is not his fault. Produce and lum
ber of all kinds taken in exchange for goods;
ind lie aiso tates L'asii when offered.
Ebensburg, April 28, 1851.
Uavis & Lloyd,
Having formed a partnership in the
Would respectfully solicit the patronage of their
friends and the public generally.
Call and sec us at b old etand of William
Davis. . -
April 29, 1852.
For tbe Care f
To cure a cuiu, .n i.u.icuc and soreness of
the body, take the Cherry Pectoral on going to
bed, and wrap up warui, to sweat during the
For a cold and cough, take it morning, noon,
and eveniner. according to directions on the bot
tle, and the difficulty will soon be removed.
None will long suffer from this trouble when they
find it can be so readily cured. Persons afllict
ed with a seated cough, which breaks them of
their rest at night, will find, by taking the Cher
ry Pectorial on going to bed, they may be sure
of sound, unbroken sleep, and consequently re
freshing rest. Great relief from suffering, and
an ultimate cure, is afforded to thousuiids who
are thus afflicted, by this invaluable remedy. j
From its agreeable effect in these cases, many'
find themselves unwilling to forego its use when
e necessity lor it nas cea?eu.
From two eminent Physicians in, Tl.nx., April, ICth, ISjI
S.r: -We have triven your Cherry Pectoral i
an extensive trial in our practice, and find it to
, "' , , ,lu"'11'1 ' - 11 , r
- , . , r,riW1.r Jin,i'.nWv ,.f tl.o i
The uncomfortable oj.pre;ou ia soon relieved.!
Ilev. Doct. Lansing, cf Prooklin, New York,
statcs . '
"I have seen the Cherrv Pectoral cure such
i.1(.a lP cr! ,.,, i i'.;,; .., i.i
believe it can rarely fail to cure those diseases."
lor croup. Give an emetic of an tan 0113 to
be followed by large and frequent doses of the
Cherry Pectoral, until subdui-s the disease. It"
taken in season, it will not fail to cure.
Whooping cougli may be broken up and soon
cured by the use of Cherry Pectoral.
The influenza is speedily removed by this re
medy. Numerous instances have been noticed
where whole families were protected from any
serious consequences, while their neighbors,
without the Cherry Pectoral, were suffering from
the disease.
Salem, Oo., 11th, June 1851.
Doct. J. C. Ayer :
I write to inform you of the
truly remarkable effect of your Cherry Pectoral
in this place, and in my own family. One of
my daughters was completely cured in three
days of a dreadful V hooping Cough, by takinjr !
it. Dr. Means, one of our very best physicians
freely states that he considers it the best remedy
we have for pulmonary diseases, and that he has
i f . -i ..... . ,
cureu more csm-s oi croup wnn it than any
other medicine he ever administered.
Our clergyman of the Baptist Church says
that during the run of Influenza here this sea
sou, he has seen cures from your medicine he
could scarcely have believed without seeing.
Yours respectfully, J. D. SINCLAIR,
Deputy Postmaster.
Prom tlie fliatinpriiisliert Profrtior of
Chemistry and Alatei-ia Jledica lion
tlotu College.
I have fouud the Cherry Pectoral, as its in
gredients show, a powerful remedy for colds,
and coughs, and pulmonary diseases.
Parker Cleveland, M. D.
Brunswick, Me.. Feb. 5, 1847.
Tlie widely eeleratetl lrofeor of Stir
eery lit tle Medical College, Xew York
City, aays t
"It gives me pleasure to certify the value aud
efficacy of 'Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,' which I
consider peculiarly adapted to cure diseases of
the Throat and Lungs."
Cures of severe diseases upon the Lungs have
been effected by Cherry Pectoral in such ex
treme cases as warrant the belief that a remedv
has at length been found that can be depended
on to cure the Cougl s, Colds and Consumption
nuicu tuny Hum our n.i'jsi luouganus every
3'ear. It is indeed a medicine to which the nmio
ted can look with confidence for relief, and they
should not fail to avail themselves of it.
Practical aud Analytical CItemit,
Lowell, Mass.
Sold in Ebensburg by Fred. Kittell, and by
Druggists and Dealers in Medicine every where
August 19, 1852 4I-9m.
VIGOIMTOK. This delightful and popular article in the best
preparation for the hair which long experience
and scientific research has produced, either ns
an article for the toilet, or its beneficial effects
in all the diseases to which the human hair is
liable. It will impart to the roughest and coar
sest hair the most beautiful appearance, entire
ly cleansing it from all impurities.
But while we assert that it is the best article
for the toilet of those who wish to retain the
hair in all its youthful
it must not be forgotten that in. all diseases of
the hair or scalp, such as the falling of the hair
dandruff, pimples, or sores on the scalp, &c., it
is, perhaps the article which has given decided
satisfaction in every instance where it has been
Its operation in case of baldness is peculiarly
active, so that, in numerous, where other reme
dies Lave licen tried in vnin, STORR'S CHEM
ICAL INVIGORATORhas superseded the orna-i
meuts of art, by reinstating, in full plentitude,
tho permanent gifts and graces of nature. It
is possessed of a character wholly differing from
the Oi'3, Grease, Restoratives, ie., which arc
now so numerously foisted on the public, under
the pretence of being newly discovered for bald
ness, gray hair, &c.
Storr's Invigorator
has now been tested for years, and its efiicacy
has been proved by thousands, Every year its
reputation and sales have iucreased, until more
of it is consumed annually than of any other
preparation for the hair ever offered to the Amer
ican puhlic. It is compounded on strictly sci
entific principles, and the proprietor will stake
his reputation on its efficacy.
Its extraordinary cheapness places it within
the reach of tho humblest family, and its con
ceded value insures it a place ou the most luxu
rious toilet.
For sale by the proprietors price 25 cents.
C. P. A MET & CO,
120 Arch street, one door below Sixth.
For sale by Fred. Kittell, Ebensburg ; James
Boll, Summit ; G. Muckerhide &Co., Johnstown
December Pi, 1852 8-ly. '
and all
diseases ar
ising from a dis
ordered liver or Eto
mach, such as constipa
tion, inward piles, fullness or
blood to the head, acidify of tLe
stomach, nausea, heart-burn, disgust
for food, fullness, crwright in the c tornacb.
sour eructations, sinking or fluttering attbeVil
of the stomach, swimming of tLe head, hur
ried and difficult breathing, fluttering
at the heart, choking or suffoca
ting sensations when in a liv
ing posture, dimness of
vision, dots or webs
before the sight
fever and
i Pain
in the head, difficic-ncy or perspiration J.
Jowucs of the skin and eyes, pain in "
the side, back, chest iiiuLs,
&.C., sudden CusLt
of heat, burning in the tiesb,
constant imaginings of evil and great
depression of spirits, can be effectually cured by
ds. hoofland's
cel ebra ted germ a x litters,
At tin German Merilelnc SJorc.
120 Arch Etroot, Philadelphia.
Their pvu tr over the alore dtiftiis is not excdUl
if fjuau'ed iy any other j-rrparatlon in th
Lulled w.'ti, .'. the cure atlmt.ta
many cat it aj
ler skilful physicians had failed.
lhese bitters are worthy the attention of in
valids. Possessing great virtues in the rectifi
cation of diseases of the Liver and leaser giaajj
exerchinr the most seaithins rowers in nr-sl-.
, ness an 1 affections cf the dige
tire orpins, ilw
are withal, shIV, certain and pleasant.
That this medicine will cure Liver Coinpla!:,:
and Dyspepsia, no cue c&n donV.t alter using iiM
stated. It acts specifically up'ii the htoir.acL nnl
liver; it is preferable to calomel in all Ai7;.,vi
diseases the effect is immediate. They caa b
administered to female or infant with safety unl
reliable benefit s:t any time.
Lock well to the marks cf the Gearine
lnoy have tue v.r.tu-n signature of C. M.
Thoy have tue
; JAC kSON upon tLe wrapper, and his name
j b!own iu tlie utll wilJj0l!Vwi;k.h th re su!
'rious. 3 1
sale Wholesale and Retail at the Germrin
Medicine SU i e. No. 120 Arch ?trHt, one door
' ''tiow oixtli, i bijadolphni ; and by respectable
dealers generally through the country.
To enable all clascs r.f invalids to rnji.y d
advantages of their great restorative powJii.
$t;iy!e hot lie 75 cents.
Ior sale by Frederick Kittol Prnjj
c-ist Kbcrs-
burg: .Tames Bell, Summit; J.
Co., Jolmstown.
December 1G, 18jJ 8-ly.
MuukerliMti i
WlioUsiile and Iletuil
31 A X V r A t'TO II V.
The subscriber adopts this method f riiuin
ing thanks to his friends and the public gener
ally, lVr the liberal patronage heretofore bestow
ed upon him, and begs leave to infoim tboTii that
he has enlarged his business, and now k (.).
constantly on hand a large supply of every va
riety of Tintrare, Stove J'i-e, Dripping l'ant,
Zir.c Boilers, Coal Buckets, Tea Kettles," fte., &t,
which he will sell, wholesale or retail, as lowm
any other establishment in the country.
lie is also prepared to manufacture Spout inn
for houses, at tlie shortest notice, and on tLe
most reasonable terms. Merchants and others
desirous of purchasing bills of ware, sire res
pectfully invited to call, ns he is prepared to sell
them goods equally ns cheap as they can le lwd
either east or west, and all orders addressed tu
him will be promptly attended to.
Croat J:xcKemeiit.
IX Ebensburg, at the warehouse of the under
signed who has on hand and will sel! at tie
lowest prices
consisting of Globe ; Flat TP, complete ;
rory, complete ; complete Cook ; the Xetc
pltte ; Cools Favorite; Ida ware Cook ;
stone ; Uiiion Coal Burner, Parlor stove
-Kr, do ; Jxtr Jt.jna, coal stove ; all of the Li
test style and pattern which cannot Le excelled
or equalled. Come and see them, und don't for
get to bring your wife along if you have nous
bring your lady-love.
shortest not
Job ,orl: of every description, done on the
ice. Old copper and pewter, taken
in oxrhniiffe for ware.
The undersigned hopes, by a strict attention
to business, to receive a liberal fdiare of public
Ebensburg, July 8, 1852.
The undersigned informs bis cu.'tomcrs tbst
the firm of Bynon & Johnston is dissolved
by mutual consent, and that the subscriber slid
continue the business in the room recently oc
cupied by the old firm, where he will be happy
to see his former patrons and as many mrw
ones as please to call, lie receives regularly
from New York and Philadelphiv the latent
fashions and cannot be beaten cither in tLa
shape or fit of Coats, Pants or Vests, by any
other Tailor iu the
country. He re?peetful!y
ask the public to give hiia a call, and cu&-
tdent his work will recommend itself.
BTB-All kinds of country jroduce Ukeu iu
exchange for work.
April 29, 1852 tf.
Jolui 31 cM eel & Co.,
Have the pleasure of announcing to their friendi
and the pullic, that th ey have opened a new
store at the west end of the Allegheny tunnel,
at Gallitzin, where they will keep constantly on
hand and will sell at the very lowest prices, the
following goods : cloths, cassimeres, ginghams,
woolens, prints, plaids, mous do laines. morius
j alpaccas cahiuercs, real long-bhawls, piiie-an' 9
dress goods, pongee, madras, and crass linen
handkerchiefs, ribbons, buttons, gloves, hosiery,
laces, thread, silk, silks, satin", umbrellas,
Also, a heavy stock of sugars, tens of tbe late.-t,
I nest, aud cheapest importations; quecnswiLC,
; hardware, cutlery, books and stationary, hats,
caps, boots, fchocs and bonueU of the moat fas"
ouable styles; and a large quautity of
Bacon, Flour, Batter, Salt, Fish, Cigar,
and tobacco. All of which they will sell at th
cheapest rates.
We invite the attention of purchasers to o::r
exteusive and varied stock of
Eeady-Hado Clothing,
comprising all colors and qualities, and mitfflj
factured from the best materials, which we
dispose of at fair rates and wo warrant every
article will give tho utmost satisfaction.
Tho highest price paid for all do.ct i; ti
Gallitzin, Jan. 1,1853; 10-tf "
v ; -