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J. M. VVillace
J; M.,WeAley,
Volume LX 11.
. 8171.1,EME JUDOI.C.
OF IV.4REEN co bavry:
Gen. Harry White, of Indiana.
Gen, Lemuel Todd, of Cumberland
Wm. M. Meredith, Philadelphia ;
J. Gillingham Fell, Philadelphia ;
Gen. Harry White, Indiana ;
Gen: Wm. Lilly, Carbon ;
Linn Bartholomew, Schuylkill ;
N: 3PCallister, Centre ;
William H. Armstrong, Lycoming ;
William Davis, Monroe ;
James L. Reynolds, Lancaster ;
Samuel E, Dimmick, Wayne ;
Goo. V. Lawrence, Washington ;
David N. White, Allegheny ;
W. R. Ainey, Lehigh ;
John 11. Walker, Erie.
SEVERAL Philadelphia papers which
contributed to the election of Co!. A. K.
McClure, having called him to account
for his opposition to Gen. Grant, after
announcing himself., as a Republican
during his canvass, that gentleman has
seen' tit to justify himself in a long
letter to the Philadelphia Bulletin.
He admits his promise made previously
to the election " to obey the' , -urelT:known
sentiments of the Republicans of OM
district on the Presidency," and his
supplemental assurance that no folly of
any one could make him faithless to it. He
pallihtes his neW departure °nth° groinul
that President Grant was the head
and front of the hostility to this election.
Whether or rot this were the case, we
do not pretend to determine at this dis
tance, nor do we care to raise the
question how far the administration
would be justified in using:the party
influence to defeat a candidate who
opposed the regular nomination, who
announced himself as hostile to the Presi
dent, an who at the same time didn't
ecru o tirasrlho - Repiiblican voters ' 'to
support him on the ground that he was
a Republican in whom. there was no
guile. Wo have an interest, however,
in a part of Col. McClure:,s letter, which
We here copy. Referring to his contest,
he says :
" While a few of us were laboring day
and night, after the election,. to prepare
the ovidenbe of fraud in form for the con
sideration of the -Senate, the command
came from the President that there must
be no investigation, and there was not a'
plunderer about the State Rouse dens
who did not Plume himself because the
edict of power had gene mrt'h to eoetain
the fraudulent return awarded against
the people. The Republican Senators
' rushed into caucus, under the lash of the
' administration, and personally impor
tuned and driven by officials direct from
the throne, to devise how not to allow in
quiry into what they know to be deliber
ate fraud upon the better citizens of
Philadelphia. A few Republican Sena
tors meant to do right, but thy were un
willing to incur the wrath of power until
there was no hope of investigatidn by
II obedient° to caucus. For' two weeks the
appliances of the administration were
successful, and only when three bravo
men declared, with the Democrats, that
they would at once vote tmselect a com
mittee, under the constitutional powers
of the:Senate, without regard to Iftw;
wasan act allowed to pass authorizing a
committee. But for the manly action of
Messrs. Col. Davis, Strang and Billing
felt, the repeating, ballot stuffing,
false counting, poutiry and rioting of
the Fourth district, would have been
strengthened let fresh triumphs over
people of Philadelphia, by the positive
protection given them by the President
of the United States.. The patietin ap
preciated the state of the case, pending
the struggle with favor at Harrisburg,-
when it gave the bold and able leader,
notifying the Prokident that " Hands
• Off" was • a neeeseity if he woeld pre'
serve the confidence of tho Republicans
of this city. I beg you to re-peruse that
' faithful admonition." •
Col. McClure is a member of the State
•Onato. lle' is the peer of the other
gentlemen who compose that body, as
far as Senatorial rights and fair•dcaling
is, concerned, and ho is no more, It
may accord with his ideas of justice and
• courtesy toward the sixteen who sit with
• him on the Republican side or the
Chamber, , to speak of their action after
the fashion of an irresponsible news
paper reporter, but oven after the read
ing of this extraordinary statement over -
—ads own signature, we doubt whether any .
of-his associates could even be provoked
into doing him any similar injustice.'
They at least would make their charge's
• whore they might be met on equal
The writer ,of this article hi 'yeasona-,
lily well informed on tilt, doings of
the Republicans in the Senate, and
' ofr his own persoutil knowledge proposes
to traverse the assertions of the Senator
from the Fourth district. With the ox-
copßon of the gentleman who hold the
• certille - ritifi of election from the Nurth
district,.no Senator oil the 'Republican , I
side ever entertained fora moment the
idea that investigation could or should
be denied. It was never spoken
of in caucus, nor wore theo'n any
appliances whatever Stu the admin.,
• nitration, or. .elsewhere,' brought
to bear to bring about such' a' result.
When the petition of the contestant was
, presented, an examination of the act of
1839 showed that by plain and positive
• limitation there could be no eon
. lest Andor Abo_lawns_dt stood..
' , was the deliberate opinion-o£ overylio- •
publican 'lawyer, in- the -Senate, see
- pal of whom at loust„haVo, spent
Mifiloient years : in the practice of their
,profession to enable them to comprehend
the force 'or a POBitiVO limitation
statute, ,The caucus agreed to refer the'
question to the committee of the Gen
eral Judicia4, as to th&oonstruction of
' the act, That committcolroported that
the provisions of the act of 1889 forbade
a contest being entertained and at the
- same time submitted a hilt providing a
remedy end authorizing the selection of a
' committee in a manner that commended
• • the judgment of overy fair than
In the, Stop. This was most persist.
- ontly opposed -by the contestant, and
nil whom hO could control, It wolf
finally defeated.
The Senator from' Lancaster immedi
ately prepared ampler bill, which • pro.
vided for the selection of a committee
by the limited vote,.Mid the lot—com
bined. This the opposed by the con
testant, who" wished,. however, to make
arrangement by whicltlhe_'same.result
could ho reached surreptitiously by
means of drawing, under the act 0f1.830.
Both the bill 'reported by the committee,
'and 'the Billiugfelt bill WOW ' voted
for by all the hepublscan Senators and;
opposed by the contestant and it was
not until it was found that the Republi
cans were immovable in their opposition
to the drawing of - a committee iu any
way which would riot insure the greatest
fafiness possibk; to each claimant for
scat that the'contestant hiMself agreed
to use his h T illitoiree to have the Billingfelt
bill made to apply to his special case.
This is sum e history of the con
test as it tools ace. _Those wlio know
of it onlyAon fro comments of partizan .
papers, or of those who were deluding
themselves with' the notion that
they wore following some magnifi
cent reform may have Some
interest in \knowing that even
at 11arrislitirg men occasionally het un.
der'the guide .of judgment and con
science, at the risk of present cen
sure. No committee could have been
d'r'awn under the act 'of 1830, without
Jistegardiug, the plain words of the sta
tute. The Republicans determined they
would disregard no law. They pro
posed a remedy at once. lts form
was 'objected to. They removed
these objections, and presented another
bill, to which even partisan ingenuity
could urge no objection. When
it was known that they would not
yield this entirely fair and equitable ,
selection of a committee, either
on the howlings of, newspaper
or the entreaties of the contestant, the
plan proposed by the Republicans was
adopted on the motion of a Democrat,
and with the concurrence of every mem
' her of the Senate.' This the contestant
could have had at any time after the
r presentation of his petition ; ho could
have had nothing else had he re
sisted until the end of his term. What
ever of delay there was iu the draw-
ing of a committee 'is duo t 6 the'
Senator from theFeurth District and
those who acted with him. The charge
that the national administration delayed
his admission, or that the Republican
' Senators were constrained by caucus to
refuse a contest, does author no credit.
No. 17
Lately the Democratic papers have
made themselves jelly over the apparent
divisions in the ranks of the Republi
cans. The) , assume that the people'
will believe that their ranks contain
no discordant chin:lents, if they keep
up a constant howl over our
divisions. But they are approachyig a
crisis in which they will meet •more
Oftenhie& than have yet befallen us.
At no time in history had the Democ
racy more to fear from the action of
as own conveyfoas -- thim_At7present.
Last year the progressives/ (that is
'rather a paradox when ap lied to Demo
crats), handled the is • and invented
the new departurt c, he , • bi 4 was that
their campaign • . hindered by
dissensions, and thar,tl ey were over
whelmingly defeated. Now the • ques
tion which is arising to trouble them,
is: - whether, they shall maintain their
own organization, or whether they
shall make theit• party play tail for the
reformers' kite. The latter is the policy
of the gentlemen Who`de the brain work
or the party, but It aitict salt the chaps
who hew the wood and draw the water.
They must have . pure Democracy or
nothing. As ant•exponent of the views
of this element of thoparty, the Belle
fonte Bratelonan thus breaks ground :
"We are sapiently told by self-consti
tuted oracles, that the slate is made—
and that it cannot be broken. The fiat
has gone forth that at least the bead of
the ticket made at Columbus must be
accepted by the discontented Republi
cans at Cincinnati, and by the Democ
racy in Convention assembled, and that
Judge David Davis must by the standard
bearer in opposition to Grant in the ttim•
pending crisis." They tell us that the
nomination of Joel Parker for Vice
President, is not so unalterable but that
it may be Changed. Sonic other man
may be nominated at' Cincinnati, and
that may again be changed by the Demo
cratic Convention. It is intimated that
Curtin, "our Andy," may lie substituted
for Parker, :Ind that he is now on his
Way honie • from the Imperial Court,
where lie has, been living in lordly splem
dor•for three years ' for the purpose of
aiding Greeley aunt others to lead the
-ranks of -the so-called Liberal Republi
cans and Reformers.
." Whatever leadms National, State. and
Local may do, we claim to have suf
licielit acquaintance with the honest
masses of the .Demoeratic party to say
that they are not quite befuddled
enough to swallow any such bait. Thu
Radical thieves who ate in, suit.them nv
well'ins the Radical thieves that are out.
Why not 'better? There is some hope
that those who are at the crib will be
come glutted, but if Wu.drivo them away
and' make room for the hungry horde
now growling outside, they will devour
all that is left. • .
"There is no Democracy without Demo
cratic principles and Democratic men.
"And then well Reformers 1 John %V
Forney,_Aleck--WClltue—stop,. that's
enough at home ! but abroad, Josiah L.
Grimm!, of lowa, who helped old John
Brown steal the horses and provisions,:
to gather the tome with which ho made
war on the Government ; John A.,. Lo
gan, of Illinois, a politicalArimniCr and
,of the worst sort;,. and the
same class of men iii every Stage. This
they. call Labor , Reform and rpolitical
Reform and Liberal Barbell/ 1 / 3 m, and
.pimOy ask the great battle-scarred and
war-worn ranks of Democracy, to bow
down and worship their golden calf. '
"Nary bow.!
. "On with the battle
"Where are o.ll;Weasters..;?., •
, "What arc they. waiting fir?
" Already the Round of conflict is ring
ing in our ears, while not a bugle note
has sounded from the 'headquarters Of
the Democratic camp; oven for roll-call.
Aro those who should take the initiative
—thOse whom the Democratic people,
have appointed to load them,.. waiting
until Alm programnie above sot forth,
is sufficiently Consummated; expecting
tliat they can cajole 'or coerce tho party
into submission If, they aro, wo
ply Coll ,thorn' it oht of tho (firoethail
It , cannot be done. Tho Democratic
party win have a Democratic watch
Word and Democratic leaders."„
SOME alarm has been given to the
. I.lepublicans.of.the.Stp.te, by the appear
anee of the name of William R. Arm
strong, to the call of the ""roforreers"
for the Cincinnati' Convention. The
impression was made at once that this
was nom William H. Armstrong, Of
Williamsport, lately a member of Con-.
gross from that diatrict, and one of the
ablest men in the State.. Mr. Armstrong
is °Win a letter e ,in which ho denies
havieg,slgned the call, and speaks of the
movement in its right terms. We Inote .
the following from his letter .
"To, prevent all mistakes, so far as
am concerned, I deistic' to state that
have nut signed any such call; and have,
no 'sympathy whatever iu tho movement,
which4.regard as ono of disorganization
and _hostile to the Republican party,
when principles and policy I most cor,. -
The Mr. Armstrong who signed the
paPer,, may be if Republican or a Demo..
mat, for anything that is known of him
hi the politicalworld.
• Ws confess to vonOdoniblfiannoyanee
at the course pursued 43y Some Of our
Ropubljean..'exclianges. 'They, Have
hoisted the entire - ticket nominated; by
the late .State Convention,, but at the
seine time have &non : need withvehe
mence certain of the candidate
. We
entirely fail to appreciate the' wi domof
this course.. The only valid reason fOr
supporting a nomination, is that the per
son named is qualified. for the discharge
of the duties of the office for which he is
named, and that is the only reason which
the people will enderse..... Wo believethat
all the candidates nominated at, Harris
burg aro well qualified for their positions.
We aro sure timir electioq will redelind .
to the benefit and lionor'of the Common
wealth, and fur these reasons we pro
pose to ask all,gobd citizens to support
them. ..
We have iecollection of any State
tielccit since the 'Republican party came
into existence which was compo sed, of
gentlemen, who at the" time of their
nomination had received -so many evi
dences of the favor and codfidenco of
their fellow-citizens as the present-ticket.
Gen. Hartrauft - has been twice •befofe
the people for a most reeponsible Stale
office. lie has been twice triumphantly
elected,' and his administration of 74b
public) album received the almost unani
mous endorsement of the Legislature
in the vote which continued him in
office_ until his successor should lie
elected. Before ho becomes Governor
ho will have had almost soveli years of
continuous ' service in - the , most import
ant bureau of the Executive branch of
the Government. Neither of his Imme
diate predecessors began their terms
with as - much training. Gov. Curtin
served ,but- a term as Secretary of
State, and was without other public ex
perience, and yet we asked the people
to support bins as Sully qualified for
the position. No man in the Common
wealth ever regretted the choice of
Andrew G. Curtin. Governor Geary,
without any previous official connection
with the public affairs of the State, was
t. en on the strength of his personal
character and brilliant war record, and
we have had an administration of six
years under him Whielrhas been marked
by wisdom, care and fidelity to' the
best interests of- the Commonwealth.
In what respect had, either of these
gentlemen the advantage over General
Haar:left when placed first before the
people? They were both gentlemen of
iii k
._ ckata ter ; so is Gen. Eartrauft.
They wer iiehoice of the convention
of their pa ty , it is not pretended that
Hartrault is not fairly nominated. They
had not been twice honored by being
the choice of this great State for one of
its most important aides. GEC. HART-
ItAl;i , T has heed thus honored. In the
face of all this, it is a little absurd
to say that he is not as fairly
entitled to an unqualified support any man_who noir over— re
ceivcd his first nomination frOm our'
party., That he was not the first choice
of every Rekublican its .the State has
nothing to do With his merits. Ile was
not ours certainly, but wo feel that we
should stultify ourselves if -we failed to
admit that he is fully qualified in all re
spects for his great office, or that he had
not - in a very marked degree received
substantial endorsements from the
whole people as to his worth and ability.
The same is true to a largo extent of
the whole ticket. Judgerercur's ability,
and , the wisdom of his nomination 'is
&needed by all. (ion Allen has, ror five
years, represented an important and in
telligent constituency in the State Legis
lature, and received his nomination for
his present position just as he left his
place in the Senate. It would ho ab
oard to say that this continued confi
dence in the mall arose from anythidg
else than an appreciation of his, merit.
The Congressmen at largo, Messrs. Todd
and White aura by no means untried men,
nor aro their ability and worth' ever
called in question, except by their politi
cal Opponents, before conventions and
But to return 'to. the subject., We
hope we may hear of no more q ualified.
support of the ticket. It should either
be elected or defeated; 'and this question
should be determined by its political and
personal merit. When a journal arivo.
mites a ticket, we presume it, does so be.
cause it desires its success, The worst
obstacle which can be throwb in its
way is support under protest. Let this
lie 025 - andoMds-by alktame Republican
henceforth, The ticket needs no apolo
gies and , leserves no abuse. Let. all
who desire the good of Alio State give it
hea-ty and iniqnalified support.
MONTGOMERY is in favor SJf di
Cimeilthati movement. Su 'is James A .
&eve', of Citinden, Now Jersey. ' " They
will, doubtless, coutribute greatly to
autl; such norninations, and atunittno
such principles as will greatly purify the
inanity morals of politics.
Axxiax.o.T_Jourseax,..of_Teuntioc!e, who
once attracted HOMO attention as Presi
dent: is anxious to Jo to the -Liu ted
States Secate. We pro not informed
whether this is 'in the Interest of " ro
form." or not.
—The enormous proportions of the,
lumber trade of Canada are indicated
by Um-fact that,the Ottawa Valley pro ,
vided the past Si:118011 1,9 O t O 019, 000 feet of
sawed hoards, and the., St. Lawrence
Valley 225,000 , 000 feet 'of sawed floats,
and ,150,000,000 of sawed boards.
folio wing is an approximate
estimate of the whole, production of pig
iron in the world In .1871, in tons of 2,-
000 'pounds. Great Britain, 6,500,000
tons ,• United States, 1,012,000 tone;
Prance, 1,310,000 tons ; Germany Zoll
verein, 1,250,000 ; Belgium, 816,000 tons;
Austria, 450;000 tons; . Norway and-
Sweden 280,000 tons; Russia, 330,006
tons ; Italy, 72,000 tons.; Spain, 72,0Q0
other countries„ 200,009 tons • total IJ,
315,000 tons. It will bo Observed that-
Great Britain produces about. ono-half
of the pig iron made in the yorld.
- Hall, -of 11proseritatives, tit
Washington, was densely crowded on
Tuesday evening, of the 'occasion of :OM
'Mora() illotrn:ial Meeting.' Speaker'
Ilhdual.resided, assisted, by Vice Prost
dela Colfax. Among those prosentware
tho President of the United States, his
'Cabinet, the; Soprano Court Judges,'
.and the Govornori of the States v either .
in person: or by 'Proxy. 'After a
. I'o4
introductory remarks hy Spenkof Blaine;
appropriato resolutions were road, and
Speeches were i rriado be, Senator` Patter-,
son and gopOsoutativis Wood, t3arfibld•
and 'Cox. " - Cyruti LW Field iefid
grams from London, Bombay, Batavia,
Singapore and ' 'Reis Kong, and the
Speaker, annOunced the'reCeipt of tele.'
grams roin Boston, Neiv
Yorb, Montleal; St. Paul, St. Lonis, hod.
a very largo 'number of other cities and
'Owns on this continent. After addressee
by ReprosentativeS Voorhees and Banks',
the meeting closed-with'benddiotion by
the Rev. Dr. Butler. '• "
. PRESAV • • -
The Welt, chestoi,lWlog ecorel Kays: The Con
vention Imving adne JtCwOrk Its members, returned
haute, end the (mmllllllo for 1872 In Ihnmsylvania
lien broil; I.lnr,stenclertl,hoarnrawyei mon who.
heefo:hutid - tried and int. tbund .wanting - the plat
r.rtn on which they nun nontinatell em . hodles the
prinellbg of,tho nukjurityuf the pool - do n or the Unto,
yet there- la much work ahead before 'the nOmina
done um paseed Into elections, but that they will be.
fully mtilled, wo entortitin no-donbt. ,Tho record of
tho party', the elate of the country and of the, Com
m. onw mlth today, end the abundant promise of then
Tatum-, enure:Ace popular judgment nud consequent
The Lewieburg Minniele eaya: Ofir State - delta,
is now before the people ro.d It Gammen on As a
party colopeeed of eutonetent teen to etnnd •by lt,•
null' go e It an huniern.n majority at the October
arneral flarf ranft watroor, of the tint
of the I\ey.t..tio'4 .fly no the . n loan when
thy Utetet WYY Inn .;auger of belog overth oven, and
Ira telitili,4l4il owl) the /net roe stir.
rendered. Ito therefor. Inns richly earfoll the lain.
ru,x welch /11 - 0 Om., I to bin , /aced upon bit brew,
Loton give him on m.o. rtusui Salvo nod,
Gran , in pew, am 1,11 BB doting iityr
• ,Tho II Fr, ..1'..?5.1 enpf: Ilepoldicant.
Stale 7 nvett'ion W 1 Wit ii•aembled t (Jim Inborn
yeti erday- phiced - in- et-to Ilan Itord-th , ot-thitt must
arid will C 0101111.1.1 their to tier fs•VOrablO considera
tion of the Olthro Nepal 11.00 party.
The standard hearer, General John F. llartranil.
,ran 0 pullout mil
At tn, the tempie or
calumny not miry to ton courtiryl, twlllistanding,
and will rth , e n tOwilr of xrron,gtL in' the coining
comp!' go. .funnel" the 101 r arlthllloll ' t hit oppe.
ileitis Inge agaliirt lila' In that he in not
stump speaker. but to that On alOnvOr that If Ito
ran't talk he call and dui ho wiTleini the
Republicans of P• tins , lisnl, 1601 et r'r next 1ic , 0.•
1,4 , Ill° sane un het,d tb' wthant blot PaOnAylVanin
Itegliocoljo victory tiver the Old Stollo brid,io at
Ti..' Philadelphia moot says; For flenerlil fart.
ta• ft no have nothing bat praise. Ile wan a gallant
soldier, and has burn, n faithful (aker. No is It
, Ilnn 101 l Republican and will make iCgootl Governor,
Thy Philadelphia /iulictin soya lie Inut., - Just
pushed through the filo of otli, of the most ...nolo',
and malignant 1,0001 10 tipan his peraon and offi
cial (diameter, niol theta in not left even the unroll
of smelt,' upon his garments, Governor Geary and
bin boob 11000 p4e,m,oi him With a rei:klese deter
mination to 'keep} , birn,and they havo onlYhroken
their own teeth On fhb fib that toot too well too
,pored to yield to their asplults. It is nut of these
trials Quit:General liortranft comes before tho poo.
pie 118 the' standard bearer of Cho Republican
party. Lie has alb Um rauvontfign of &recent, and
most searching inveatigotion of his official career,
which has remittal In lila perfect vindication front
nary clump, which Gm Evaue-Paine•Oeory core
a j ar:item brought against him:
The Philadelphia /kid Wn yesterday on
nounced that General John F. Ilartranit would ho
nominated for ..floverni,r. IN was so nominated
upOn the first ballot. Tim friondli his opponent.
AS'. W. Ketcham. for he was praoticallY his only
rival, endeavored to stay Ilia tide of General -Met
roof's poPularlty, butlt was 11110 trying to maho
ropes out of land. We hare 1p the lost week given
fully the life and enumerated the virtues sod OM
tins of our candidate. We can add nothing ' Mar
that can morn strongly express our enforcement of
his fitness for the Wilco to which L 0 will ho elected.
That ho will be chosen by a largo majority thoro can
be no doubt; w:th nothing against him that the
Democratic natty can urge 119 a reason for big 11010111,
the possibility of titlecess for the candidate of that
party is nut to ho thought, of. _
The Rhiludelphhi Z'orth 1 l mcrican 'says: 'Thu'
nomination is ono eminently fit to bo rondo.
The Backs eminty Intellgente, says: Tho ran
, didatos chosen by the Repitbitcan Conventlon for
'the State offices to be filled at the next October'
election, if not exactly what all Republicans pre
ferred, will give general satisfaction, The three
gentlemen who have boon selected to hoed the
ticket are widely and favorably knnwn and intro all
had great experience In pnblle bifelinent., Their
repot:Mous are good And pore, noel the rulers of the
State may safely rely upon them fur a faithful and
intelt.geut discharge of their official duties,
Tho Armstrong Republican says: The ticket
nominated at Harrisburg on tt edisettiiity lest, will
receive 'the snppnrt of the entire Republican party
of the Stuns. The friends of other c‘ndulates for
bond alien were dissatisfied, which seas to be ex
ported, boa the donated candidates and all promise
to give the ticket a hearty support. The ticket la a
good boo and Will be triumphantly elected in
October The candidates are tried and tine itoptile
thews and well worthy the tupport of the party, •
Th. L,.eronde Guardian tat) We pledge to the
I whole ticket one earnest support and ere Lonfitiont
it will Le trllltlifillontly elected.
The eesporr Timess tye: This bet rag the tone
of the canvas, it was thutight discreet to plane a
soldier ut the head of ths Pennsylvania State
ticket. W hatever may be °acrid Itarlranft's
, civil record, Ills eilltar) career stands unit in bril
-1 Haut light, As It soldier, ho was patriotic, brave
and alde. Considering rho itoalilicatioad which it
teas thought politic rho candid Ate for Governor
should possess,Oomital ilartrauft woe Undoubtedly
the strongest name in the State, And lio whit Con
sequently barked by the weightiest political influ
ence in Pouusylritnia.
'I he York Republican says: As n soldier ho was
brave; as a patriot he was unflinching in his Jere-
Hon to hie con ots . f_Lafutadlion_aaorol_hr,4,,,,,.b",„.l
I true to t to trusts confided to his charge, and in all
respects he tins bean a true Republican And an
honest man. s
As he stood by. the people in the dark hoar of
our country'e need, and"unfalteringly marched on
cc hero duty celled, no will that tame generous peo
ple, whose servant and reprerentatly,o he is,. nobly
end gallantly sustain him by their votes, In the
pending canvass. General Hartman has never yet
met defeat, and wo predict that he will be triumph
antly elected at the coming election
The Sunbury Gazette says: The nominee for
Orivarnor, (hen. lisrtratift, Ix wall known to the pee•
plo orthe State ax a bravo and distinguished soldier,
cello rendered the countfy service at a time cotton It
most needed it, and who line since - performed hin
duty well Inn civil capacity. There le no reason
why he should not receive the entire vote of the Ito
pablican party of Penno>lunnia.
The.tqinbury Aniirican says: Oen. Hartmaft le
wail known in every part of the' State. As a Mili
tary man his record is most brilliant. A blare.
able and succosful commander, faithful In the dis
charge of all the duties entrusted to him. Nor le
Li. accord on civil Illtlnns n amen nlntlnl In .aa, de
gree lees unexeeptamsble, As Auditor O choral he
discharged his s official duties-with tha.etrictest
fidelity to the Intoi este of the State. With such a
brilliaut record, in both military and al , 11 life, he Is
serial,. of a triumphant o ectiou,
The Pittsburgh Dispatch says: The record made
by (letterer Hartronft during the war, end lice
capacity shown by him in civil life, will be positive
element. In the campaign. Of these,we have not
the space to speak particiCarly at the present. It
well known that he made for hitneelf a brilliant
record during the - war, and that he is loved and
honored by the old soldiers in the dervlce
Tole element vcas larigy represented In the con.
'motion, and control] , in a great degree, the
nominal lon. Hence on . It come as though tho party
were celled no to honor, not namely (Moral Hart
rant. alone, but the tervEnt wishes of the soldiers
who taught with . him nguinet tee rebellion, and
who aro I.cattered throughout the State at citizens.
Such a concession will he worthy the nepuldicen
party. It bas thought It worth its while to I n r
soldiers who bad bat o slender following anion the
;Attire . ) . ; now the call Is to (loner ono in in use
elevation ihoinates of soldiers take pride.
The Hollidaysburg Reflisler onus: The great mill-
Wry fame of Generat 'limit, the honesty of bin
aduttulatration, and the flan military rorord of
amoral Hartman, along With Activity and a go, d
tango, Will .carry tin narely through the room go
Thu people will alwasa prefer the patriotic midi•
mica or the Union 'Republican party to tn. an of .1
pal t y that aided tho rohoir in that]. err, Via to do.
strum the f.ln.on 1 . •
The platform Is One of the best. ever p wail olga ted
by a State Conventiona-ono upon which every coal
parlot. every good tariff 111101 ; evur, god Grant
men, ran, man n—and upon - too prioelp'•ca there
adopted the party must be successful. .
R. av for , thu light f Up, guoros, and nt thin, I
Williamsport Garrite 8113 . 14; Oentonl Manna is
tried Anti trio Mend of those great mrlociples o hick
coat eo much blood and to mll,llBl. Ile
hms bean triumphantly acted hot e— r Its can Itn
nut be again f Vitals the rialy light in which R..
iddicann should v leer tho monition. If thee fall 1.
ptbey surrendor to tho enemy, who 110 W Monde
ioallv. to strike tiro groat pony down, It in out. ly
on dirsenslons that the Dem...ate hope to ride lute
power, Tim,cooaequencra of dufunt would 'be most
dinantrous, pt. great Industries world ley paralysed,
the price and glory of our own country gone,nur
credit an a tiotbqt hanirytt abroad and tlio Lout
c n nn., wra t h, sgeb, bd mottle' Is any Repalloan
wilting to aid In bringing anitt alai a foam( Mate
of affairs I No. Thou bakto on, Your armor for
tho conflict, unfurl ;be old flag again nod march
focienTil to victory,
- , -TtaiSimipphtisbarg Nunn ouuve : Our modems will
no doubt rend with feelino of pride and amnia.) grail.
ti e ,ttou 11,0 hitch Igrne e announcing tho neat..
nation of Genoa] John P. Gartman Repub•
lion candidate for Ouveronr. by the ()curium.,
which tat ,at Itarrl.burg on tVedn'ealay. Amonu
all the mid , outs for that high honur—good ma and
true-rain_waalbo. rumunot.greatest Mute men
the Con),eritlOn rallied nn the one man
whom, as the Lender of the party coming cone
lost, victory woe oortnin. .
The Greenv:lle A IVIIS ;_ Although we did not
favor his nomination, no d' boll°vn the people of
Meteor county-would havo boon better satisfied if
another catidlilate'lind boon nominated, atilt; wa are
not of 'bo boltiug class. Rather let us profit by the
bitter 'strife 'Which has oilman' thri nonittlatlog
C./LIMIER; null I=lllolll,o. Silo work before VA may
rennin, much onorgyand we will shortly. find . our
brothron of time opposition party Outing, and. por-
Ms. to some off et; Ittlibidt from tho Republican
Journals which opposed Gen. flartraft in the re.'
coot canvass.. Thu opposition will all centre to tliii
Evans item. When tlw Democracy shall-commenco
to montifucturo thmulur•ollt of this, tut ahem re.
Lactater that dfr. Wadoca nod other Domoaratic
Senators, who r wOro on thif Investigating Coin:a
toe signed a teport fully exonoratmg Oen. Iturtrooft
from all comp] city In the affair.'
Thu Tilbsvlllo %Praia says: Our standad bearer
•in this State auroral ilarintuft, le a man honor.
and eateented by all who know 111 m. Ito reacaubleS
General Grant - In simplicity of character, aver•e.
from ail prolunsion, and to strnightforgard laments;
of purpose. Ilartrauft, Ilk° Orant,-*lll represont to
the people the great and holy eaueo of litdou and
Liberty, of anceessful War mid a more triumphant
Pea.; and Pennsylvania will bo untrue to the
inemorieo of aettyaburg, lf she does not crown both
with victory. .Tiny aro unused to defeat.
- , The Pittsburg Mat plodgos Alloghony county for
eight thousand majority. It ffitYll:
Tho• opposition, In which le included the Ind° ,
pettdupt pre., aro endeavoring to cruato the im
pression that alai harmony itoesnot exist 'in the
11...pnbiloan 'ranks over the nand outlaw' of udit• e.
day. Now, thin la not true. Thera is. of. COM-80,
.1101100 dissatisfaction, a, there was in 1803 in this
city whim Curtin was ro nominated, and etraoge to
any the dissatisfaction then do now combs from the
name peoplo, although the tumour° of 'dlopiensure
is lees at presoak. It will ontiroly 4foopprar an the
campaigu proarossee, and-Allegheny county will -d o
its duty so nobly as In' Octobor, INT, when it gave
Tho Miners' Journal says: The Philtulolphia
I Peres does not seem to like the action and nada
lion of the recent State Convention. Tboy ought
not, to find much fault with ft ad Om wormiere
soeined to be frotarPhiladelphia and Pittsburgh and,
Atcourse, It to hardly'to ao eipacted that they will
got up vary good tlrkeli. Tills, however, Is nu' oat
caption', on tno; ticket is a 'tory good ouo, and a rely
strominno, In our. estimation. Wo had our pro
%Owens, but the 'militiaman nominated nro wo,l dis
tributed odor the State, And WO doubt-very numb
,whother n stronger ticket could ha fotinod oven if
Immo of llio candidates wero changed. ' •
, Tao Ileadlog,Dirpolch Have: In civil GPO, an Ib
• tutiltary,.lio has shown hitiftf fully competent to
discharge the responsible tenets reposed ill Mel.
ifs has,ablllty and patriotism, le 'Mail of honor
'end probity, and has deserved the high recognition
accorded lOW by tho great party of ,which bole an
honored membur. Ills official record Is free fro;in
blemish , nod low mon aro 0101'0 worthy' of private,
esteem Or mono desarvitmg of publiehouor. We look
upon blot aa one, whom all honost mon can ,Coot
their ballots fur, and whom all patriots will eheove
folly support. WMltach a candidata victory Is ami
no Norrird Wll //Mali says: The nomination of
GeneyergatratifVfor °overrun , is eatlitlallaaleallY
'radii:gait over tho eau. , The Volta is candod
to ye non ovocitoct one, and will rally the full
otrangtla pith° nutria October.
The • 'Pittsburg yoga says Oar judgment is,
that as the ailre work of the Harrisburg, Convotie
tion'cOlatell to bo carefully scrutinised, It will mime'
inentritsolf pons the hap to the cordial approbation
of Republicans thronghtiot the State. It fen ram
Liking that wino mistakes aro not made, and emits
an 'VW vete - made at:tliie, rill AbitiKe :oconeidorcil. he,
at the average of 'State 'Pourentlons. Tho footing ,
propelled at one 'hero thatthh"' imnomination of
siovcinoi editin was a tt+take, yet it proved all
Thegoert old Nora.' American' says , : The RePub:
Heim VoriventiorNi rt s In .numbers and cbaractor
worthy of the State' and. party, and though roPro•
uniting differenk`porsonal Interests and shades of
opinion, was determined from the fattest to &whet
edadidates who would atrongthen,• the party, and
preauut thorn with ouch a platform as would insets
victory. He (Flattened%) neither noeds Introduction
nor commendation to swum the indorsumobt of tho
Convention at thalmi:la of the people. • Grant and
Itartranft embody the preforuncea, and reprisent
the 'Morons of Pennsylvania Republicans. Both
hero been clod, and thoir &election is not Igor&
...tinily made. There will ho work before the nomina
tions are passed Into eleutions; but that they will
bo. and that the deliberiviOns of the, Convention
will be fully retitled, we enterl•ain nolloubt. Tho
record of this party, therstate °trine country and-of
t lio Commonwealth to•day. and the abundant prom
leo of-the future, guarantee tho popuffirJudgment
mid consequent action.'
Thu Erie Dispatch sayitr,..tflor heartlly.indorslng
'tilt ticket and referring to General Ilartranft's
tory r rorq tho Dirpatcli says: Who 'bitterest fro of
51Niqpi teust_admit_thathe-performed
the duties of his office (Auditor General) with scru•
puleue fidelity; nod that during his entire term of
novice not a suspicion of fraud, or oven of Irregu
larity, hits been ultispered against him. , Ho elands
to-day lieforu the people of tido 'Commonwoalth a,
very 111011e1 or official intvgrity, efficiency and faith-
Minces. We may search in vain the records of ally
Slate, or of any. country, for a brighter exempla of
ngtcbJ parity.
The /Hair °Glumly Radical says: The platform
laid down is composed of semonable timber, and
the Candidates nominated are worthy of the solid
vote or the party. General Ilartrenft's nomination
Was determined upon by the masses long before the
meeting of the Convention, and the Convention had
Merely to formally proclaim him their standard
Tho Hooch Chunk Gazette, Scranton Republican,
Harrisburg Telegraph, Columbia Spy m 0,1111,16.
burg State JUIII7IIIe °odors° thu ticket. 'Wu ba,o
not spas° to quote Omit.
special, dispatch from Washing
top;giving an account of an interview
between General Baits and the Secre
tary of the S tate in relation tothe
claims for indirect damages, states* that
General-ganks was assured by Sccr'e:tary
Fish that the President and Cabinet aro
a unit iu support of tho position taken
by the State Department in the Alabama
case as presented, to the Genova 'arbitra-•
tors, and that there is no possibility of
qur government receding from its just
demands. At the Cabinet meeting yes
terday, Secretary Fish communicated
the fact of the conforrence between
General Banks and himself and the
above,received the unqualified assent of
the President and Cabindt.
Home and . County Items.
PLENTY—Eggs. •
MODERATINO—Tho weather.
POLICE items are unusually scarce
MRS. JULIA Fours. (colored), residing
on Chapel alley, has shown us a curiously
formed pgg.
FOR a glass of sparkling , soda water,
go to Havetstick's North or South
Hanover streets, or to Burk's, on West
As election for 7 directors of thmPeo
plo's Fire Insurance company of Penn
sylvania, will be held at the office of- the
company in this place on Mondayikay
Troll- Carlisle Club wilt give a grand
Nay ball in Good-Will Hall, on Wednes
day evening next, the first proximo.
The Chambersburg string band will fur
nish the music.
ATEEEMB. GARDNER & CO., took formal
possession of the new car shop on Mon,
day last. The firm , have orders for
about 100 cars, on,hand, and aro nego
tiating for Other orders.
• Stuoman.—On Saturday last, Mr.
John Young, the gentlomanly clerk at,
the "Bentz House," in cutting open a
lemon, discovered au. orange within.
The outside presented all the appear
ances' of a
,lemon, but within was a
highly.flavored orange. Queer how
Wonx on . the .proposed extension to
tho rirdt::,Pr,o4 ta •ian church is being
nusheillMirkd • ndly, Mr,„James M.
CORI, off••MOut adletun township, is
superintending tli job.
•" Tint heavy. thunder on Tuesday of
last week brought the snakes from their
Correct. Wo have noticed that the
Cops have been rushing around quite
lively during the past ten days. Par
ticularly the aspirants for 'county offices
at the
_approaching Fall election.
Rneese's HALL was filled with a large
and brilliant audience on Saturday even
ing last, in attendance at the concert
given by Prof. Johnson and sister, and
S. S. Taggart for the'"hone`tit of the
Young Metes Christian Association,
The entertainment was very tine, and
with the exception of one or two pieces
rendered by Miss Johnson, consisted of
sacred music.
A New TRIAL. QICANTED.-I.3nder the
special act of the late Legislature,
passed 16e twenty-eighth day of March,
on Saturday last. 1101;. Samuel Hepburn I
and 'Samuel Hepburn, jr., esq., argued
before Jimlge Juukle, . Dr. Schteppe's
plea for a new trial, and the Court
granted the same. It lacks but ono
month of three years since the Doctor
was tried and convicted of the murder
of Miss Maria M. Steinue:cke. The trial
will take place in AuguSt hext,' •
PERSONAL.—Rev. S. L. Bowman, D.
D., late a Professor of Ditikinson Col
lege, was on a visit to this place during
the past week. He delivered a sermon
in Emory Chapel tin Sabbath last.
Mn. Thos. BAntn, of 800 Broadway,
New 'York, is sojourning in our town
for a few days.
Dn. Thor. Nevv, of Harrisburg,
paid us a visit on Monday last,
MIL FRANK 11108T11.1RIt, of the 7'imes,
eiv 'Bloomfield, Perry county, paidant
ry visit yesfelday„afternoon
NEw STOUR Irdom.—lwpassing along,
North Hanover street,' a few days since,
we naked that our friend Will A. Hunt=
rich, the enterprising green grocery
morohaet, has removed to the room
lately occupied by Mr. William Railing,
on the corner of Hanover and Louther
streets. Mr. litutiVieli .was obliged to
make HMI change' as the apartments
formerly occupied, 'by him were entirely
too small for his rapidly growing busi
ness,- lie has recently made large addi
tions to his stock, and is now better
prepared than over to'snfigreen groceries
of all kinds 'cheaper titan the cheapest."
Give him a call.
LAB Og YAM/ 1,1". —Mr. George Ger,
Meyer, a . German in the employ of Dos
ler & Brother, residing on College street
extended, is the.fortunato possessor of
fothalo rabbit, that gave birth to 8dV671-
teen little "bunnies," at ono time.
This • may seem like exaggeration, and;
no doubt, our Weiber quill.drlvers will
be ready to proumince it "..prepester,
one, &c.," but wo will say that what
"We see wo believe." The -mother is
just one year old, this being her second
litter, having had a:At sometime since.
The "bunnies" are all .colors and
Many of our eitizons have Visited
Mr. G'a, and witnessed this largo famtli.
They4tre,of the Pronol7 species, Where
is Barnum? Certainly his mueouaiwi ll
not be ; coinple, , te without them. Ho
binfic"'VElrippy - and" why' not
have'a FaMily."
PftEBERVE Tun, l3intis.,--lioW that the
fine weather Is coining and the birds are
beginning to band - and Wake the groves
vocal with their morning contorts, it is.
, well to warn the boys and •otinira 'who
are so cruel its to rob nests and shoot the
parentbirds, that the law has provlddd
a sovere penalty for such wanton cruelty.
The law says, 4, No person shall at any
time `trhp,. - or expose for r eale - ,;or hav i c
in his possession after,theliamp is killed,
any.e. night hawk, phippowill, finch,
thrush,' lark, sparrow, wren, 'martin,
swalloW, woodpecker, dove, bobolink,
robin or starling, many other Insecitiver
, otia bird, or rob the. nest .of any: Wild
birds whatever, under a penalty of five
dollars for each bird' to .killett. trapped
or exposed far sale, and for 'chichi nest
robbed Or•destroyeti." •
Nmv:Onitme at market
Tnifarmers aro busyplowing.
*Oun paper has been unavoidably
layed this week. „
Icn cream and soda water were in
mand during the past week. '
Gmumx making and •whito, 'washing
are iu demand. ' • ..
This is "good weather for ellapman to
make pictures, •
ner :Co:s.; Machine Works, narrowly,
esaped a serious adcident on Saturday
afternoon last,. while - eleaningthe'inine.
Tnr. crops show a decided imnrove
moot of kite, although we occasionally
hear a "croaker" speak of the "rust,"
" frozen out," 45e.
Tins is good weather for Chapman to
make pictures.
EARLY morning markets will "com
mence on Wednesday morning next, the
first proximo. Town and country people
will note thisoind act accordingly.
SEVERAL of the "sports" were sport
ing their white vests on Sabbath last.
Crowding the season.
Tins is good weather for Chapman to
*make putnres.
Ti. present is a good time to sub
scribe for the HERALD. Subscriptions
talon at all seasons of the year, and in
all kinds of weather..
AN Ofectiou for PreSident — and five
managers of the Garlislo Gas and Water
company; will bo held in tho Arbitration
Chamber, at the Court llouse, On Mon:-
day, May 13. •
Tim weather has grown sildenly,
cooler, so much so that stoves and
overcoats are in demand. Ice of con
siderable thickness was formed on
Tuesday morning.
BEFORE pnyaliasing goods of any des
eriptiot, conshlt our advertising col
umot, and platronize those merchants
that invite you to visit them.
WILL the ministers of our borough
please hand us notices of marriages and
deaths which occur and at which cere
monies they oflichtte ? We desire to
publish notices of all such occurrences,
but, as we have repeatedly said, we can
not find time to ascertain names, ages,
Wo publish these DOtiedB free.
would call attention to Mr. Thos— A.
Harper's advertisement which appears
among the new things of the week. Mr.
H. is a live business man, and under
stands a judicious use orprintor's ink.
Go and see his immense stock of dry
goods for Spring and Summer wear.
POPULAR Hoosx.—To those of our
citizens who may visit_ Philadelphia, wo
would recommend the "Girard House,"
Henry W. Kanaga, proprietor. Mr. K.
is a native of Cumberland county, and
has had 'natty years experience in the
hotel business. This popular house is
centrally located, and is second to none
- 6£ Brotherly L
of Typographical Union No, 101, hold
at Columbian Lhw College, Washing
ton,. D: C., an election for fielegates to
the nationitil convention, td be held at
Richmond in Juno, resulted as follows :
James M. A. Spottswood, Government
printing office ; Samuel E. Culverwell,
Patriot office ; William J. Bennett,
Chronicle offic—.
PIIRINO the past week - the" - county
Commissioners have had a nuisance on
North Bedford street, in the shape of a
dangerous well, attended to. Bight !
?ts'Spring with all its charms - is upon
us, could not the Commissioners with
propriety have the Court House , square
cleared up and re-modeled ? Its pres
ent condition is a disgrace to the bor
ough. What say you, aontlornen ?
OWN BEHALF!—The. act which enables
defendants in certain criminal cases to
testify in their own behalf, has been
'Signed by the Governor. It provides
that in the trial of all indictments, eons
,plaints and other proceedings against
persons charged with commission of
crimes or offenses not above the grads, of
misdemeanor, in any court ofrecord of
criminal -jurisdiction, 04, person so
charged shall, at his own request, but
not otherwise, deemed a competent wit_
ness, but his neglect of refusal to testify
shall not create-any presumption again
him nor shall any Et:rennin , 1,0 in.,•10 •
I upon such neglector refusal by counsel
during the trial of 'the caso4,providett
that this act shall not extend to the
trial of any persorqur an indictment for
potjury or forgery.
COURT.PROCEEDI N 08.-80 and meek.—
James Starr vs. John -Sheri'el.:. Tress
pass quaro olansarn fregit. This notion
nias brought to recover daninges from
defendant for building horse sixteen and
ono-half inches across the dividing - lino
between the lots of the plaintiff and de
fendant in the yillage of Lisburn. Ver
dict• of $25 for plaintiff. Hepburn, sr.,
and .jr., for plaintiff. Hurruich and
Ritner for defendant.
Phi vs. .T .Pague.
Appeal from dyeltet of G. W. Criswell,
a Justieo of the I. 3 oriee, in East Penns_
born' township. This natio' was brought
to recover damages for apples whi
had been shipped by plaintiff to daunt -
ant. Defendant alleged defeat in ap
ples. Apples wore returned by defetak
ant to .the Cumberland Valley R. 11.
depot at Shippensburg. It Was held
that the return was a reeisiim of con
tract. Vurdiet for defondant. Sadler
for- plaintiff, M'Clore and Penrose for
'defendant. - •
Daniel Rupp, William Sadler, Willbun
Lambert add Thos. Bergner, for use of
said Rupp and Sadler, vs. John Teal—
Covenant. .This adtion was brought to
recover contribution . for expenses in
curred in tho manufacture - of a patent
mill bush. The mill bush bad been
patiinted by thO defendant, and plaintiffs
entered into an agreement Avail him, to
engage in the manufacture of the same
with••tho understanding that any 'loss
sustained on .account of tho worthless
nes.4-` .af the; mill biudi should. bo made
good 'td the plaintiffs. Verdict for pytiti.'
tiffslor $804,81 ; three-flfths of the_mitiro
' Farmers' and Mechanics'-Bank of
'Shipponsburg, es David Lefdver. As
kimpsit. This *action was brought to
recover from defendant amount .of an
ovordiaft by Gilson EhnithA Cp., at said
Bank oh verbal pioiniso of David Lefev
er to pay the same.' Verdict for plain
tiff f0r , 513006.80, and rule onterod by
court to. show cause why same should
'not be for defee'dant, moa obstatste yore_
ditto. Virrn. H. and Jno.' B. Miller r and
lirCuno for plaintiff, Sadler and Todd
for defendant. ' "
Robert E. Burns, Bdword r. Carpen
ter, doing ; buslnoss &tar tin; firm of
? Peterson Srarpantar, vs Clamant Grove.
Action-roplnvlyfor 'sowing inaohinps ra.
tatned by_defsndnot for board of pfain
tiffisligont. Yoidiet
~ for "plaintiffs for
$B5. Sharpe and Penrose for plaintiffs ' ,
anitiror for difondsipt.a.jrau„4,o,.
POEMS on Spring, are all the rage. Al-1
roost every exchange we take -up has-,a
piece of poetry - on Ibis subject:
'SEE Jacob LiVingston's_card,
sale tobacco and cigar "dealer, No. 27,
North Hanover street. POces as (low as
iii the Eastern cities,
nnon.,-- - Several a our exchanges d iii‘
noticing Mr. M'Curtey's adrolision to
.the .Bar of Cuinherlabd county,' =at - the
.Lato _Court,bave porverted..the gentle
man's name to "McCiirdy."
FM:MD.-A pocket book containinga
small amount of Money was found .on
Tuesday last,. _The owner can obtain
the same by calling at THIS °Pylon and
prdving property. .. •
. WE . would direct attention; to the ad
vertiseinent of Mr. Isaac Livingston,
No, 29 North Hanover street, merchant
tailor andgclothicr, which appears in
another column . . „. jf you wish to obtain
good suit' ofrelothes, and a perfect fit,
at a reasonable pride for cash, give him
a call.
JAiiiEs P. NEFF, on West Mairistreet,
has just returned from flie'city with a
large and handsome assortment of
the latest styles neckties, bows, scarfs,
&e. Paper collars and cuffs in endless
variety. Tobacco and cigars of the best
brands. " Dolly Varden" bows a spe
A WAGON loaded with bay, and drawn
by four horses, narrowly escaped upset- .
ting on Main street, on Tuesday noon,
about tbO time the freight train arrives.
The " upset" was only averted by the
united efforts of several men ; but the
load finally ,capsized on Church alley, to
the great amusement of the school boys.
eommo.--I'. T. Barnum's Celebrated
-Museum and Menagerie will exhibit in
this place on Saturday, May 11. This
is, without exception, tho largest corn
binaticn travelling in this country, and
we have no doubt that our citizens will
turn Out'en masse to see it: The street
parade takes place at 9 h. in., and the
three performances cominence at, ten,
one and seven - o'clock. See extracts
from Barnum'slife'on first page of this
TnE monthly meeting of the Carlisle
District Sabbath School Institute will
be held in Emory church, next Tuesday
evening, exercises commencing at 'T
o'clock. The programme as announced
at previous meeting, will be followed.
As this will be the last meeting held a
fore the County Convention called for
twenty-first and twenty-second of May,
in Carlisle, tbe.attendnnce of all ipeer
csted in the Sabbath school cause is re
quested. . .
TRPAT.—On Saturday afternoon last,
Mrs. Cameron, residing on West Pom
fret street, presented us with a bounti
ful supply of delicious vanilla ice cream.
To say that we were greatly surprised,
world not give expression to our
feelings—WO were almost overcome,
. certainly makes elegant ice
cream., We return thanks for the same.
1 Persons wishing to obtain this article
during the "heated terra" should visit
I her estliblishment. -
leE.—Mr. A. 11. Blair announces
through our advertising columns this
week; that he is prepared to furnish
pure Laurel ice to those of our citizens
who wish to obtain tide• delectable arti
cle, it rea.:sonablo prices. Orders for the
same may be left, at the upper and lower
MR. GEORGE. WErzitt is also prepared
to furnish ice to persons desiring it.
Ile has not forgotten the typos this
season, as Sam makes his ' appearance
every morning with a 11116 chunk.
"Actions speak louder than words."
AT a meeting'of the Gem/ Will Hose
Company held its their hall, on April 11,
1872, the following officers were elected
for one 3 e,ar :
PresidentC. P. Hunirich ; Vice
President—J. M. Wallace; Treasurer—
J.. W. Ogi SeCretary—J. L. Neloy.
Trustees—C. P. Humrich, J. S. Zug,
,\lr. P. Sadler, S. Wetzel, jr., and C.
• Directors-Ist Jos. Ay. Ogilby ;.2tl 11.
Crab . ; W. L. Spottswood ; ith Jas.
Eakins; .ifit CIIVIS. Spottswood.
Emtinvers—Chief S. R. Clardy ;
.Assistant, IN'tn. Thompson ; 9d Assist
attt„T. Blair; ad Assistant, Geo.
r';cintchman. •
Firemen—Chief, W. .3f. Ogilby ; Ist
Assistant, .T. E. Steel ; 2(1 Assistant,
.las. Rhoads ; 3(1 Assistant, C. Noble
Plugstnon Chief, Jacob Cart; Ist
Assistant, Hebert Hannon ; 2d Assist.
ant !Teary Crab ; 3 , 1 Assistant, James
(IRANI) Coxennv.—The Inembers of
the Mechanicsburg Musical Association,
composed of ladies and gentlemen• of
splendid musical talent, contemplate
giying a grand "Old Folks Cobcort,"
in Franklin nail, on next Saturday even
ing, April 27. This Musical ' Society
wive an entertainment of this kind early,
in the wintdr, and the manner in which
it was received by the delighted andi r
'me, has induced them 'to repeat the
The programme . ' will, consist of vocal
and i nserument al music, embracing
snits of the songs of the days of " Auld
I,ii - n11; Sync," while the members will be
dressed in Old Folks -et)littune„,or style
of dress worn ' timo' ago."
The conceit is for the benefit of the Li
!nary Association recently organized.
The committee of arrangements, Messrs,.
W. L. Gorges, C. IL Titzel and E. C.
'Gardner, cettainly deserve great credit
for their efforts' to render this an enjoy,
able entertaii»ment. „Tickets:ss cents;
reserved seats .it) cents. .
It is nothing nociunnune for a. hombastio
ignoramus, whose character is expressed
by the press, to pnblicly annonnce that
he does •not read this or tleht" paper.,
This • *witirering, 'scathing announce
ment is Made by the ignorant pretender
with the oxpeetation thatspeedy anni
hilation will result to the journal thus
slighted. But every intelligent man of
this day reads the newspapers of his
locality. if they Mom with reflections
personally to • himself, it matters not.
He "leads - theme—Ho—read 5..--the—papers
" to - see what mean thing they will next
got off," and it is very foolish for' him
to deny it, Horace Greeley hits the nail
on the head when he says : ' "It is,
strange how closely some soon read the
'papery. •We never say 'anything that
anybody don't like but wo soon hear it.
If, however, once in a while welmOon
to say a good thing, we never bear of
that—nobpdy seems to notice it. , We
may pay'some man , a hundred compli
meets aud,givo him a dozeu miffs, and ho
takes it'as a tribute to his greatness, and
noyer thinks it demi him any good. But
If We happen to say'anything this man
don't like, or something that imag
ines' is tiViiillootien du 'his 'cltratiter, see
how quick he flares up Mad•gets excited
about it. An our evils are duly ; charged:
to a, but
~ , ko'novor, apparontlyy got any
credit for what good ivo do, • '
.- , ,
liver a special sermon on the " Ordi_
mince of Christinn Baptism" in the
Bethel (Ohura. of God) I'm :Sabbath_
morning,'April All are invited.
Tiny. A. D. Ilmmturs.—The many
friends of this gentleman in this' coin
inanity will be gratified tmlearn that he
has been promoted to the Presidency of
the Miami University: President Hep
burn has long been regarded as a learned
- Mid able divine, and in his - present re
sponsible position he will, doubtless, win
now honors. The -following acliount r Of
his election is taken fronrtlie OideinnW
Gazette : . I,ld
"The called meeting of 'the Board of
:Trustees ofMiami University was held
in the Library Room to-day. -The elec
tive system of instruction, as - indicated
in the circular of Acting President Hep
burn, was adopted after cdrzsiderable dis
Prof. A, L. Coleman, nf the University
of Virginia,—was elected to the vacant
chair of Greek and Latin literature, and
by a unanimous vote of the board Prof.
Audrow D. Hepburn was elected Presi
dent of the University.
The action of the hoard. was received
with great satisfaction by the students,
and in the evening Hui young men tend
ered the President elect a complimentary
screoade. President Hepburn acknowl
lodged the 'courtesy in some well chosen
remarks, while Hon. Samuel F. Hunt,
Rev. Dr. Thomas, and John W. "Herron,
of Cincinnati, responded for the Trustees,
the members ,of the board '. were then
escorted to the depot in abody by the
students, where congratuletory speeches
were made by John M Colonel
Thomas Moore, and Judge McClung."
f ANN ouNcEmENTs.
t_W — No. 1. Whero to buy good goods
"No..'•«. Where to find the latest
;•,i novelties of the season.
,FI"No. 3. In fans, parasols, umbrellas,
corsets, buskles, skirts, hosiery,
gloves, chignons, switches and
fancy jewelry, our stock is com
%g - NO. 4. Como to our house for - all
your trimmings, notions and fancy
gkrods if you wish to save money.
No. 18 North Hanover street.
A LARGE sTocK of dry lumber, placed
in 'the yards . before rise in prices, for
sale at low ligures. Lath, shingles,
pickets, &c., always on band. Call at
upper or lower yards. A. 11. BLAIR.
Fon rose and poach water flavoring
extracts of all kinds, rtruskreme, tomato
and walnut ketchup, htiglish pickles,
pftpler sauce, salad oil, sardines, celery,
salad, &c , call at Noffman's, No. 44 and
88 East Pomfret street. '25:11)72
Fort ladies' and gents' summer cloth
ing, go to " Womes.
GooD pickles in brat or vin't.gar at
Green's store.
- CANNED tomatoes, peaches,, Winslow
corn; pine apple and, oysters, selling very
low at Hoffman's, Nos. 44 and 89 East
Pomfret street:
No person should
,ever complain of
lame back, neuralgia, or even suffer any
pain when they can obtain that popular
medicine, Pain Cure Oil. Those that
use it eaduot 'help recommending it to
their suffering friends.
Foss queensware, glassware, wood and
willoW ware, stone and earthen ware,
call at Heffmati'S, No 4 44- and 88 East
Pomfret street. ,QuemisWare a specialty.
A PINE lot of limoeburners, pea and
nut coal on hand. Pilees reduoel. Call
at upper or lower yards. '
Soar received and prepared to furnish
in any quantity. Barns, beef, bologna,
either whole or by the pound by
J. L. MELD] & Co.
Poet Dreer's Garden Seeds, go to Hoff
man's, No. 8S East Pomfret street.
PUMP Is TIIII l3Ewr—For sale by the
hardware trade, dealers in agricultural
implements, ikc. If lherele no agent in
your toWn, send for descriptive circular.
0. G. Blatchley, 5013 Commerce street,
Philadelphia. 25ap72'3m
WE have heard recently or sdveral
severe eases of spinal disease cured by
Johnson's Anodyne liniment; ono ease
of a man forty-live years old, who had
nut done a day's work for four years.
The back should first be washed then
rubbed with a coarse towel. Apply the
Lihiment cold, and rub in well with the
I.oult and feed constantly on hand a
Tatman's, No. 44 East Pomfret street.
The subscriber having secured a largo
mock of the best quality ice, free ft:om
snow and all impurities, off of mountain
streams, is now prepared to deliver it
to customers at low rates. Orders loft
,at either of the coal -offices will—receive
prompb.wtterition. A. LL BLAIR.
9111114/itf--1- .1,
Tac " DoUar "Reward Soap" waslles
he finest lace without injury,' and mil
lers all articles as clear nod,. bright as
Having secured my stock of mackerel
last fall att‘low figures, ."1 fun now pre
pared to offer the same at prices that
will defy competition. Those in -want of
GOOD MACKEREL. Will do well, by
calling at Hoffmantii, 'll6s'; 44 fitid 88
East Pomfret street, and learn pricds be
fore' purChaaing elsewhere. As Lam
confident for quality rind price, there is
nothing in town to be compared with
them. i 25ap72
tures of Grecian' monk; n well turned
neck and beautifully rounded arms, aro
no doubt very nice things to have and
ladies who POssess • these charms have
reason• to be thankful to Mother Nature ;
ypt, after all, the most captivating of
womanly charms is a pure fresh and Ind
auy lady may secure by tieing
GAomi'slll.4oNoLlA 11.A.wr, the standard
beautifying preparation of the Present
ago. It differs from all ordinary cos
metics in three most essential. particu
lars,innsmuch;aS it contains no injuri
ot; ingredients, does noe l- contract or
shrivel the skin as all the
" blooms,7 "lotions," and," powdors"
eventually do, but produces a lasting
lovliness by Int l
3 wing o health of the
•skin. Under , s paratiOnAhe texture
of the , opiderrnis begonias fluor, and the
surfaco soft as velvet and smooth:as
Featbros cannot bo changed
but complexion can; and it quite cor
tam that a lady with no other charms
than a fl'esh and rosy complexion,, will
attract more admiration in company
than her 'neighbor with 4 olassio faro
but a allow skin. - 18ap721tctly.
offer • to the trade at wholesale,, •300
packages of fat inackerel atioiv prices.
Also,_ afulLvariety of:store supplies...l-
• " HoxisEmari," arid others who 'pre
tend to . know, say that the following
directions had bettor bo observed -in
using Sheridan's, Ctivalry Condition
Powders: Give a horse a tablespoonful
every night for a week ; the same every
-other-night -for,4. or_ o:nights ; the same
for a mulch cow, and twice as much for
an ox. The addition of a little fine salt
will be an advantage.
• C.Apponnu and Rilprie wines at Han-.
nays liquor store, 41 South Hanover
!Arent. . .
CsaTo i ttri—a substitute for Castor
-a vegetable preparation contirliehig .
neither Minerals, Morphine nor Alcohol.
It is - pleasantto take; does not nauseate,
and operates when all ; other remedies
failed. Dr. ,Pitcher has experimented
fifteen years in producing a preparation
more efficient than Castor Oil, witbout
its horrid taste. The Castoria 'regulates
the system ; cures constipation, stomach
ache; croup and flatulency, and kills
worms. It does not distress or gripe. ,
By its quieting, soothing effectl-It pro
duces natural sleep, and is partiOularly
adapted to crying and teething - children.
. We desire physicians to test this
article, and' will forward three bottles
9ratis to the address of any one so au
thenticated. Insist that your druggists -
order it for yr.. It costs but. 50 cents,
and one .bottle will save many doctor's
bills. , J. B. Rose'it Co., 53 Broadway,
N. Y.l ap7'24t
, .
The undersigned Unread respect
fully inform the' citizens of
and surrotinding country,
that he sail attends to. the repair
ing of watches and jewelry, in
all its varionS branches.'
-1 , 11 - 031 AS CONLYN,
Next door to Farmers' Bunk,
East Main Street, Carlisle, Pa
At Dinlcle's Machine Shop, in this
place, can be seen one of the best practi
cal Farm Gates ever invented. It does
not require any hinges. It opens two
ways. It never rides in "the mud, and
gan be raised to swing cleitr over snow
drifts and 'other obstructions that are
not over twenty-four inches high. It is
offered for sale to all who 'need gates at/
the following low prices.
For each farm right, $2.00 ; for edch
township right, $20.00 ; for each casnty
right, $150.00. .
Gates made to order of any size or
style desirett , and satisfaction guaran
teed in all cases. Will exchange terri- •
tory for a good horse. Call on or ad- .
dress Cutts. F. DiNKLE.
Also, 1 Wilson and 1 Wilcox & Gibbs
Sewing Machines for sale cheap.
Are removed from West Main street to
No. 73 South' Hanover street, 'where
anything attainable at a 13rst-class mar
ble yard may be bad. Marble and mar
bleized mantels, and encaustic' tile a
specialty. Having a hea - Vy and carefully
selected stock on hand, I will sell it at
rates which cannot be undersold, or ex
celled in workmanship.
4ap72:lm RICHARD OWEN.
On and after the first of April next,
I intend to do a CABII business with all
my customers. By employing none but
the best workmen and using the best
leather in the market, 1 would respect
fully solicit a share of the publid patron
Boot and Shoo Dealer,
N0..4 East Main street, Carlisle, Pa.."
You fanners who want a good price
•for produce, go down to 111cloy's now
THE largest assortment of wall papers
in the county, at Frysinger & Co's car
pet store.
The undersigned would inspectfu 1/y
announce that he will sell at private sale,
his .splendid •Circulating Library : The
library now numbers SSQ volumes, and
the best of judges pronounce it the
finest selection they hai , i3 ever seen in a
circulating library. Call at No. 11 West
N. IliatisvESS
Prince Imperial, will stand at the Old
Government stables, in the City of
Harrisburg, from April:, 1, to July 1,
1872. Terms $l3.
• Harrisburg,
BALL carpets with borders, English
tapestry, Brussels, oil cloths, &e., -&e.,
at Frysinger & Co's. carpet store.
WiNnow shades, window'shades, of
every variety, at Frysiigi3r & C'o's. car
pet store.
Crrorcd cracker dust and Pearce's
°roam crackers Always on hand at Mir
loy & Co.
.4VarrE seed onions, cabbage, .beets,
urnips, onions ado., at ,
W 'arm IC WABITINO or calcimining
promptly attended to. All "orders left
at No. G 3 North West street, corner of
Locust alley, will be attended to by
7111022 in CITARLES W. CONN.
This is to certify that when•l was
foreman of tho Leroy Iron Oro' Bank,
Wm. Oinklo told me the extent of the
bank. I had a drift made and found it
just* ho represented. Also, at,another
place where I lotted Silver and Lead, he
found theeStact phico, and told me what .
wee them without me showing him the
place; , Jotus O'll'Etta...
the location of mineral veins or de
posits and their leiVdth and 'breadth can
now be deterinined for a certainty. Call
on or address Dttlxtm,
Carlisle, Pa.
Henry Rohrer, Rippon P. 0. Jefferson
County, West Va.
- $1,900. This amount-la-wan I
mortgage on'April 1,187 x, for one year,
or longer. Intereet3 per cent. 6eear
ity undOubted. Call at True °PI ten. '
221eb72tf . • ' . _ .
Coginni.le mule into switches, clirg 7
none, curia, frizotts y ) 40., at Madame
Rotos. . .
bid buy the best stoves that Novo ever
boon in : the 'market, and pronounced en
by all who have Blom in use, the Ameri
can Base Burner and linen r e''
tadioht Fire Place Heater, and thdcabi-',
net Bang() with hot • closet. Call at W
Fridley's stove store . or, .ilanover street,
and eoo the emboss_ variety pt stove s.
• 42,000 :or $3,000 wAntod for ono, or
Moro yonre. 'Applir to C.'nHob;