Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, November 12, 1869, Image 1

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no.: blightly, through the mkt of yepre,
My quiet e,o entry h o nor appeal n; •
1% . 1.y . 11the: lu:y . .th the tor t
- ft) Iu plowing corn, on rotting hay;.
!tly tnatliir' moving with delight
': . /trnottg!tur h,lllt,pona .
ni.litlrenjust hunt . .ellOOl .nt free,
Pilling the garttno pith nnr glen: •
The I Moil of life MIN HMI log ornt .. _
'WI en I wn3lh9 g on a fa tn.
lh_ear he seer. I . llllrell goirtz - bell
Ax a th fields Its Aisle foil;
1 0 he rosnizy selghboi round
Gathoriii 'hen( lu• plen-m! sou d,
Tha I,2skle-She door,
To tell; their lueneTy ntaiters o'er; '
TllO springing e ripe thirgrain
In] loot 0 11040 littleruinf
. 4 A lit Hun wtiuld do in In.
Wt. u.tat good wl•.tllut 1 for the In• 111
11 , 1t01. 4..tionn , atott, whAtjo to ,et•
To b. ' Ili.: 3 olm.o, lit eying 0 .
Lit M.l-. ;in.( h.. ;noon;
T.. 1.1.11; tit. gulden Porn
"YI 011 I.lou i. the y. Poo Tight: •
rim p 1 hove lenroctl the voy,' - of m(11
I of CP {llll to i b.,- • irld 11 e
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_life wtee 11.111 Omit" , m
11110 liv lig 0 , 11 Ip°.
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•.” told by wy entilv.r. Well t ut I.ning true
"Stintel.otli," kyr, t. He it If . rengt.l! front liew
Atte If unto; tt but nt rein e ovill !Oily my late
lit lie v w /I,IV iie
' For, 111.;11w: I'm ugly-11 z‘y, oL I w man i
"Vjli in 3 111.11 a 11,re I Z ;
All4l hen as lor temper and manner, p a
11 , 0 who evoke for perroctloo wt I ech ill:11` to veto
Noy, in eidte 01
. tneee -drawbeelts, my Inoirt is p.r
vt , se,
A , d I , L. old not fo I{tent for bolt r or worse
To take tho first loinby wt., mono, ly come
And off r tlri•o4lA i , his human omit Lie name
1 ibin e erlirrll4.l:ll obey ha him-ring - 0 lire pin
Itut wid.ehrinlii I think of elicit eh .noes al
My brptle,,llre all I,f them, yourp;er_han I,
Yet ti;ty thrive in the' w0..1.1, anti wliy net let rh o
1 ku w that Itt litt•htves Iln n t MI 'Wept,
rimmusl• from mmit mat mod. strxily I'm k lut
-11, I- ❑I . 10 plud .s illy
by tun I rtituql up to work of 7+;;7i , Mud 7.
l'wl,4ly 11111111,1 y drtfltiig Wiroz.l? I ifc,
Why -bould I oil lo • F(1/11, , 1 n „irer.
Aevered your engagement, Lena !
what for?" and there was a depth . of
sadness in the tones of Grandma Tracy's
voice as she looked, or attempted to look,
in the dark oyes of her young coinyan
ion. - But the heavily curtained lids faith
folly guarded what e vih. of pride, petu
lence, or real Feeling her affectionate rela
tive ;.aught. to discovoP -- - 1
" i Ihouyht von loved John
contiaillqi the old lady mildly; "and I
really -11,orgbt yon both above what are
I;efi. 'icverr,' spats.'"
We I:,ivz , had r. , ; quarrel, grandma!"
And now ?T'sr . lie:ne played with the tas-'
eel or her dres‘ing gown a little neiv
'''fou see John has lneerr unfortunate , —
niade speculation—sunk
several 'thousand dollars which his_unele
left hi - n. all, his father heard of hi's .
misfortune, And o']ered to advance him
an}' !::1 1 / 1 he desired. This John told me
:Tal and what,do you think,
Cl a ninon Tracy?" And now the . fringed
were lifted, and the brown eyes flash
ed ',be indigna lion with which her soul
was `died. "lie would not take a sin . rf
lie said lie had lost one fortu
pnrtbiing—'v what Ile called his stoqk ,
jobbing operation—and lie would risk no
more. Just' think, mll& father a mil
lionaire ! And to cap the climax, insists
that he always had a taste for agricultural
pursuits, civil eng,incering, or some other
plebeian, outlandish trade, and the other
evening had_ the impudenec to inform : me
of his change of plan."
"Well"—and Grandma removed her
glasses, and wiped them at i refitlly with
the limo of her white, apron—"what
"Why I told him---of course I did—
that I considered myself extremely for
tunate in having discovered theesenence
or such low finalities in the man I had
selected for a Companion before it was
tot late. To disgrace his own family, if
he had a mind : that I should make it
impossible for him to cast a shadow of
repr4ch upon mine, by withdrawing
frog he engagement."
"Yes:" said Granduia still calmly ;
"and what then?" 4 ,
• "Oh, nothing More4 4 sai'd Lena. "He
simply retuarked,,-As you'please, kiss
Tracy I , bowed very politely, and walked
There was a depth of 'bitterness in
Grabdina's voice, and:a sarcastic curl to
the well cdt lips as she replied :
'lima Travois, for the granddaughter
of a bootniakey on one side of the Louse,
;hid a carpenter on the Other, and the
daughter of "iittnan who spent all the 144
years of his life typo setting, you have'
Heide a most egregiiins,:fool Of•YoOtielf !
IlavCyoumot, sense enough to see that it
isibe qualities; not the profession or tho .
sOrrouhlings,Thatinake the man ? Yen
will live to regret this,-;ind I hope I shall
live to sce-it,''
"Why, Crnindout I" and Lena opened
her big brown eyes in amazement.
"Yes, I 'dti!" continued the oliilady,
now tlairoughly aroused-4-all the Spartan
in her nature, awakened by the 'injustice
she liad just beard described. "I expect
it will take some preity tough discipline
to' make you understand the difference
bet Ween real and 5110111 nobility ; but the
time will come—now mark my words'lt
when you'will give more for the love ot
sueli a/nan as John Danville than all the
,style :4(1 position than the aristocracy
and wealth of the world could produce."
Lena knew that early in life her father
had leaned the, trade of compositor; but
had nev, before - been informed of the
extremely "plebeion" btisineso of her
grandparentS.,, llerthong,hts „were cer
tainly net of . the'ptetisaidest,' deSeription,
riq she wont overthe conversation of the
morning ; but ehe rerieWed her vo:r . r that
'neyer, under aux: °imam:Ammo:3; ' would
she marry: a man whose occUpotion Aicii
notharriculzo with her ideas of caste
• and r4eetability. •• , •
"An 01.:eltit6et reheated bitterly.
Vir - liTeT.l7f infirrOo Sin.; rig
aiv3. clirdAng
.. , •01 , ,, , ,:r.._;r,? . ', ''_'lo. ^ ,;.%;'!'" f , . , l'f . r- , A l 7' , r.!'.ll” ' ' ,i,l
,1, . - .7....i:,!', '7 - --- .
.....‘_,-...': SF. 1 \- - .., f,:' . ..A,.:.7.",1:_-,31.,:.., , .., i-,:i.v.,,,
: r
I V", 1
• ?"! 7 C rt'47-4:14.1:;;;--:::,". ,- ,.., , , , ,
;i , "4'
, •
.. 3 • 01 , '‘i 1 . .t—El ~. i. i..1,+ t• ~ • 1..,1.—k':0 I (I, „•, it iif ".r. -.t ..r . • :.•' r• " 4 - ''''.:-
1 t 1 • .i) al:1 ia"a t • a
...,• c.'. t. . r ~r . '
:-I'.' - - ..,. i
. l- •
..T' ' 11 / --.:' • i ' •'' '' •1 1• . : .I ' ' I , ( ..(" .7 , 7_ i 1 k
• 1 - I ••- • ~, 11 "' • - • ." e . 0
i ''
' 1 7: .•••::- 77; r't
'...( • -.)-v
.. i l ' - : 1 ` ,..-,) •'; 1•
~ :. 1 , ,r .), 1 ), ' ,,,
.. ''.-- , 1 :-: - ; . : - ;•-•'''' ~ -7.- 1 1 17 , : : -. -'-'-'.
-,,-- ,: )-..'-' .:-' --
- •
,;-''''. -•,' -.
- ~,...,-..,'., '_ _...' , ",„;',,•',„
~ ; ~- ~, ,•-;''' -'" .''''''• ~ ' :,, . - '',.,,, ~; ~,,,,,)",,.,,, ) - , : -'',.-"„...,, , ,,c
'— - . ,c), ,- , , 'cr,'', , , 14.1.,), ,, ,
1 I 1 'icirti,(i .: (.. ;
r i i
•: , ; 4 ... ; ~,,.,•., to . /. T . , 3 „ ~;' ,t :14',,, !or tilt 1 ,,,,, -,it '.. .; i•• ~
', - ~ i:1 • , , '-'!'..:` "' - ' • ••'' ..- - 1• •'• • '' ' .-7-- - ‘ ..'. ;';
`:.'i n l .r t`i'l A ', - , i.
Tot j'- ' i n ' I I- ''
• ~
'-'' - r ' ' ' .l - " i - , A* , '' . ... ~, rt ~,,s : t 1 : „.: ~ . r , ..-. ,•, . , .-,,- —„. ''. —.: 2 , . `' - 'I ~ :,u, ~ t, :''.!'''f,'," , ' . 11 -'
' ' lr. ''
'.." 1 1 .: ' '-'
i '''
. ' ' - 'l . ' ' ' ' '`' '''
2 - ' 'A - A ---- ' - `* ----- Ar -- 4 i ' „!, ~. ~, „,., ,„ ,r. t .y. , 1 , i, , .1 ~• . - A *Sk. 3 *'' ' 4 , .. 1 ~,k ._ , ,;; 9 it; I rryvi , ~i •'• : ,,, i ..e ." ~1
r'i 9`( „ -
,i„ 1 .. Li. ,-,, , • .t , . ~ ~ .:,'I , ai, r'...::1.1,') . ,•:..: PI j't-,, - -1., --,7.- "-
" ---"- f
---:',-- - ' -4 . ---- :: ' . 7 . --- ' .". 1 .' 7 .-..--- .
~ ' . 4 1 1 ' ' . . i'` ,I , J•
I`i•i • . ' , , , .-. ~ ~, , . ' , ; fi j 't •,,' 'l' .' k ,, li. ft FA StlF„ — Pla,'N N"A . PIZ IDA Y •
~• , •. •, ~, . • ~ , , ..,, ,:-- ‘,, : :Ili :•. f, t..`": - i - ~., ~ ' • • . .._
1.. '''. '• A' • fl.' vut*,• IN .ik` 7.ii,tcr • , ',' , i .
.1 llt )
ful of wood for the next day's use. Aiid
I can renaem'neK top, that thesb chiyic wqrc_
.quite as happy later in life, WO
were enabled; on ' . !:‘,c r ecitint of this early,
industry, to liveiVitliont work."
"I really hope,',Qrandma," said Lena,
with some bitterness, , "thatyou will keep
those recollectiMM 6 . 3611140 E I am surc .
I never knew before that Grandpa Tracy
was a mechanic." „
"I ney9r care to talk much about my
self„Lepii," rettliC,l, grandma, "for :pld
womenfoften becaine Garrulous. and ego
tistical, on account of being compelled
to live So mtieh-in -the -past ; but had. I
ever supposcdilMt you could have con
sidered his hoyao. ea rpint riV disgraceful
you would have been shooked long ago.
And now.l shall spare no. opportunity to
enlighten your friends. Lona Tracy, I
am asltamne(l oryou
"I will keep • pretty clear of grandma
in society,". was Lena's mental ejacula
tion ; and the old lady, more excited than
her grafiddaughtei 1 had ever seen her,
walked stiffly froth the room. .
- —. Whether - Lena's heartles.spess had - any- -
thing to do with her lover's leaving the
city is not known ; but ho deto,rmined to
take up his residence' in - fl.j.sttm, and
learn there the details onus new priAs
sion. One year passed. Lena hadn either
seen nor heard-from hith in all these
months. The nows.of the rupture of the*
engagethent waS, of course, as.lll such
things arc, a nice clay's wonder ; but
Lena was a fa . vorite in society, and old
and young flocked to do her homage. She
was the acknowl,edge belle of the stn
ceeding season, but no one was chosen to
fill the place occupied by her former
lover: Grandma -watched her course with
a great deal of interest, and spared: no
pains to instruct her as to her "plebeian"
derivation. . :
Grandma Tracy's eldest soli resided in
liostoii,.and_here the old lady was accus
tomed to spend a - few months of each
year, and in a contemplated visit to that
city insisted that Lena should accompany
her. Lena wnndered, as they were driven
to her uncle's aristocratic residence,
whether John Wore a checked shirt and
blue uninentioaables ;rind if, should she
meet him in such a plight, it would .be
her duty to recognize him.
q.l don't care," she said softly to her
self. s 'No girl ever loved another more
&via, illy than I have John Danville ;
but of course he never loved me, ache pro
fessed, or he Would have been will
ing eo, sacrifice the indulgence of such
groveling tastes to satisfy the lady of
his choice! I declare I will not 'think Of
him again while I tun in tin; city.
ww..k passed ; and Boston really
seethed largo enoogh to hold both, with
out being thi own together.
An artists' reception in . street.
They family were among the sc
beet few invited„, and Grandma Tracy,
who wan very fond of pictures, deter
oined to make one of the number.
-"Wcit, I declare, - said grandma, in n
hoarse whisper, to Lena, ''if there isn't
John rianv;llo.! 1 fonder who that lady
is he has P-it with him?" and Lena, from
whose cheek every particle of color had
tied, locked in the direction indicated.
Sure enough, there stood John, With one
-of the loveliest women Lena had seen
,Icahing on his arm.
"011, grandma, I pray 'you don't al
- to notice him !" urged Lena ,with
tremblino . li w.
"What him John Danville, ever dune
me that T should nut reengnize, him?" re
plied grandma, in her matter of fact
"Why John !" as the gentleman awl
his partner turned from the contempla
tion of the picture.
" , This is a mo t delightful surprise !"
and the gentleman, seating his compan
ion willimn the least, reserve apparent,
'greeted the old lady elordially, and shook
hands pleasantly with her granddaugh
ter. After a few common places, grand.;
ma, the irrepressible. observed :
"Well, John,. how .do you li,ke your
new business? Turned architect, I hear,
width a sly glance at •Lens, who could
not, to have saved her live, told whether
the picture she was so intent upon was
a laudscape'or a uotrait. .
"Five years of 'my life,. Mrs. Tracy,"
John answered with considerable digni
ty.' "I was contrary to evbKy dictate of
conscience and taste, so -far as my -pro
fession Was concerned; and no man is
an honest man, in my opinion, who con
tinues iu such-a course. lam now con
tent with my employment, because I rec
ognize my perfect adaptability to 'all it'd
"I bailor you, John, for your determi-.
nation," said Grandnia, "and you have
my, best wishes. A glean nany folks
aro foolish cilougli to make a distinction'
bet Ween a trade amid ft profession. Now,
Loth of Loa's grandfathers were me
_and no better than ever lived
and , lied. Ono Mailed `from. Lynn,
out and put shoemaker, and nal/husband
when I married him, was .a house car-
Pentcra; and ,LenaV fatherlearned a com
positor's trade."
'• If'La - a — didn't WISH her - grand - Mother
at the liaTof Bi4y, shim did almost, but
to :rave her qe-sliocould not hewp . from
numbing, in which, strangqy .enough ,
John was compeikil to join.. It 'was too
ludicrous to obser,'e how thiWoUghly de
termined the old lay" was that her fa
vorite should be raft:lilac:l of -the Tracy
"It, is always best to know something
about the rout as welTas the branehes,'Y
said.Gyandmaa, a little astonished at tile
-effect of her bomb. It had exploded,
pad Lena 'was nninjured. "Took it peat
ty cool,," sho murmured, as the Traoyfi
wept to Their parriage. ...Lena, leaning
op ,somlna . ly's an; mine . to- the door,,
Baying : •
Urnilinn, is there thy reoin, for
John?" He'e going to drive home with
'..1.100tn- for whol",tn.Melaimed grand
ma; 'Towm for. j671 : 71 Danvillat Good
gracious 1 Yes; course aura is."
And John With his. lirm around Lenn's
watst,"listenlifithe Mad Of her unhapil,'
ress and. woallication, - and promivid
- 0' . ..::•.• ~ - . ! ~t f, : , . 73,(f.,,;(; , !1, 7.
'1,., il in
• -
.1 , •
‘,l r .; •
'wife 'if he'll:let' :Antl• 'now plea Ne.
',whisper.a'littlo•tvltile+" ! 4 .
fervent ejaculation; and this. the
glasseS AVCITC removed to wipe the blind
froin' her eyes. -' •'
Sitting Mit .lotion the otheiday;, I had
a little sermon pre4beil in the way I
liked; and I'll import it' for benefit, be-
Cause it, taught oil° o( the beautiful les 7
sions which we• all should learn, and
taught it in such-a natitral, shnple . Way,
pat- no one could forget it. It Was- a
bleak, snowy day ; the train-was late, the
,ladies' room dark and smoky, and-the
dozen wonien, 'old and young who sal
i, •
waiting iMpatiently: :I:loblied 'cross, WAY_
spiriteil l iir-stutd. 'tilt all three, and -
low beings we a very umuniable and
uninteresting .50. ' ' ' .
Whist then, a flirlorn old woman;
inwnitir palsy, came in witlin basket of
little wares for sale, and went about
mutclrutTeTinglireniTolhe sitters. No
body bought anything.- and the poor old
soul stood Clinking al the. doe•, a unpin e,
as if reluctant to go int 9 thestorm again.
She turned presently, and poked about
as if trying to find something; and then
a pale lady in black, who lay as if
asleep, on a sofa, ripened her eyes; saw
the old woman, and instantly asked, in a
kind tone, "Have you 'lost' anything,
ma'am ?" . •
"No, dear ; I'm looking for thehetit
place to have a warm 'fi.ire I goes out,
agin. My eyes are poor and I don't seem
to find the furnace nowhere."
"Here it is I . ;aid the lady, and led
her to the stenin radiator,' placed mchair
and showedler l o i,ow'to.warin lier-feet.
now . ;Tun't that nicer said the
old woman," spreading herragged mit tens
to dry. "Thank}, dear; this is proper
comfortable, ain't it? I'M most froze
to-day, bein' lame and witnply ; and not
selling much makes me sort
The lady smiled, \veldt" the i omit; r.
brought a. cup of tea and
food, catrled IL her,eif to the of l wont:in,
and said as iespeetCailr and kindly L. 2 if
the poor old lady had been di c's,c d in
silk and fur,'"Want you line a cal
hot tea? It's very comfort:Ode
.day as this."
"Sakes alive! Do they give lea to
this depot?" cried the old lady in a lone
of innocent reprise, that made imiles 141,
round the room, lotiviting .the gliiiman"t
fuces7ike a streak of sunshine.
now; t his is just lovely'," added 'I he old
lady, sipping away with a relish. -That
.doei warm the cockles of my heart."'
While she refreshed herself, telling
her story meanwhile, the lady ionised
-over the poor little;vares in time basket,
bought soap and, pins, shoestrings and
tapes, and cheered the old soul by- p.)y
rig- well tee Hihiii.
As I watehedher doing this,l thoUght
what a sweet face she lui t __ though I'd
eo. sidered her rather
,plain before. I
_felt dreadful ashamed of myself, That
bad gz•imly shaken my head when the
basket was offered to me ; and as -
a look of interest. s'ynipat by. and Icif id
ncss conic into the dismal faces around
me, Ldid wish that I had been_ the ma
gician to call it ont. It. was only II kind
word and a friendly act; hitt somehow it
brightened that dingy room wonderfoily.
It-changed the of a dm.on wonoTn.
and I think it Akinehed a dozen of hearts,
fo r I follow the plain polo
lady with respect, and nLen the old wo
man, with many Shanks, got up to go,
severai_porsons book o oncd to her. and
bought something, as they wanted to re
pair their negligence.
Old beggar women aro not roniant iu ;
neither are caps of ten, boot loeings; and
colored soap; there was no genthomm
preaenttorbe` impressed by the truly's
kind act, so it wasn't done for effect, and
210rmsiblo reward could be i reaired - for
it, except, the uhgramana tiett thou . of
a ragged old woman. Ibit that simple
little charity was as good to. a sci m en to
those who saw it ; and I think that each
traveler Went on her way better, rOr
half hour in the dreary Motion. I' eon
testify that one of them did, Anil netli
ing but the emptiness of her purse pre
vented her from "comforting the ceekle::
of the heart" of every forlorn old NV , »I):111
she met for a week after.
Women are the topic of nova of the
talk that goes op all over the world.
Enemies and adorers alike treat them as
objects to be desired, like riches, lamb-, or
digiiitieS. Their qualitiCs are demon
strated in 'proverbs 'Mid poetry. They
are explained and &lined, and their limb
tationslsettled for them.
in declaring.that there • rema ins, after all
is said, an inscrutable element which ea 'n
not be amdcrstpmb a -Mystery of coot I ;1-
diction and inchugruitA':for
Can be diS 4 COVCI I.OIIOIIIIVII ill : 111H 1,1,
which makes women dangerous to then.—
selves, and generally fatal to. nen.
There is a curious story in the' Apov
rypha, of three-young guardsmen of Ibt-;
rius who held a contest of wit in
presimce of the King, and before au au
gust assemblage of princes and nobles, as
to "What is thmstronge- t thiiiig in the
World." One declares for wine ; another
for the kingly poweL; but the one-Who
inaintains thariVintiew tiro strougCst
power in the world, gains the,yietory by
acclamation. He maintains hisaliesis kiy
declaring thitt.a woman inddce.: a man
"to take his•swprd and go liislWay to rob,'
to steak-lb - face a holt, to go out into the
darkness," and "Awl lie hall stolen,
and spoiled, and robbed, lie beingeth it to
his love. '. lie adds, by way of climax,
"Yes, many theal be'wholnive run out
of their wits for wciMen,, and' Many also
have sinned- and-Perished for women !"
po r it is to.the present day. • • •
• .
Tho India oc:tldilsocis i grind . slowly, lntt
justice, though tardy, always conies; and
tids is the reason why baggilwirnan tit
Cleveland got a ludo iii kint.whilo taaash•
ing tip atrunk. In whit% -tharc-Aras...a. te
:tralyor. . •
i .
7.y7ttylr:, CV) f..131' . .r,y
!.., .H,,, , r., ,: ~..11r,11..;., ,i1"..5t7;2i , ,:• ? : ..:
,1 ,, ,:, ".,! r,.., - •";01 i.:!:,(,,
:i• • ••" . , ;+" , .. 4 . !.,:'t .:,^.1;,c1',,'
j 1 , 1; , • , -
1 TFl_lll TO, A; .5 ZTAP, JO 7r21, ,
6 - 1 - Y et - : 4 , ;
On the fourteenth - q t. January, 18;12,
Mr. Adam - ml)mill% the fluor for
. the
eatation of petitions.-A;
my band the petition_ of-Benjam in - Ens,
ersoli - itiia 4'4 Other citizens of Haverhill,
iliassaelinsetts, praying CongresS to
adopt imm editite measnros; for'thepcace 7
ful dissolution' of the union. of Hien ,
:States." Hardly liad'lliesc words fallen
from his lips when several member:',
/inlay of limn then knOwn and. since,
.Ihown_to Lie elisunionist,_clamorously,de
'Mended 'env' , to speak._,....r. Adams,
however, still having thd door, nursed
a reference of the petition to a select
,coMmittee of nine members, with ia
i:trhetiOns to return an 1111AW01' to ilk
7 - etTtion - S — Tdiowing die reason
prayer could fint; be granted. Prom all
parts ofthe hall came Nichementynmd-pas
sionate-demands- for the tlimr, which was
given'to Mr. Hopkins,Thf Virginia, who
inquired of the Speaker if it, would be in
p - i'd - er - to burn the petittun tit lair pros-
enee - of the, llcinse. - Mr. Wise,' Nil.-
ginia, inquired if it would be in or'deriu
present a resolutiOn ill censure ; and
:inch a resolution was - offered by 'Gilmer,
of the same State. Mr. 'Adams expressed
OM hope that the' pot it ion- would be re
ceived and di stitch. and that he might
have au oppmtunity of (I,•:,Thdillg his ;W .
jolt in I lie p11.11:1;:wt. ( 1 71 the adjourn
ment of the I louse, 110111 - 0 Waqp,i VIII diet
the numbers front 1 hi• slave State,
wouldlinld 11 meeting- that 'evening for
conSaltation. At Ilia; tract ling it wa,
agreed, that as . Minter was n Democrat,
(hat Tlionne, E. Mai 11, a Whig. Ii out
Mho.: i:penher ;
future carcei silo
:n::01111.1 I,:
NVOI'.; Or-is 11
. -Whit
~~~„~ ~ ~'~r,. ~~ ~~ ;i, iii ~.
the t. n 31.,
I h.
thi,,)!1”1.. , i' Ii
:1:.1. I:, Er wii-,14
lii :4,1%,
1eir;;110,1- \\-;l;;';;lncrity. ;1111M;•.
i',unti 1;1- do: It 11. x• axl
..skrter tltc r 1nlilu; of tlis journal. on
the ml mit tpd
resolut ions. 3.1.1 11 , 1 . IMO 111 :1 1111..tlt to
tiu)-e of Mr. * (1 - dm , ..r ; NVI I, I
net 1'41'2 11 flint the couilit.; of Mo. 0 ,
mi~llL ha held to low
the lionso dtvoyd it an and
grass NVIICII it only intlivtcd nu Hint ILc
at'v( eel celpaire for ohat ]N I I,I 4; It 0_
‘1 , ; , 1 Illy of his pa,' relation , to lite S;;;Io.
'and hi,s proyent position ; y
did fur the 11 - minion:ln,. of ilwir lutTil
aiid ; and Co; y
turnod 111111 OVCI I to his 1/C 11 'r. 11-, 1,11, 1
allil Ilse 111111C11/1111 1 11 Or all .11:.1111111111:.
31arshall evil , n 11:, cul ' orud ul , on his is." 11
Wit It ellt 111.111,111 01114- 11,11 I, 111,10 1111 , 1
6111 , 11, lie - Vi , tit orator or v...r.•
110)ngl) arnl)itiooq. 5t.1 1 .. , 1 , 1 1, 1 t:tilO1 of
irrlanverliffent. LE:A; to
h o wever, ti l os gr neloar•ly
fultilment did hot ans‘ earl . ‘ prom.
beerant• the victim ui lii mum.-
at r ir habits ;- anal hofigh throulll the per.-
stunox - e influence...of the Ltte Iovo: aro
of .)lah:vhuset.l , , !hen a menther
of the he uefortned for a few
inonllO., Lc t.orni relapsed and became :In
titter wreck. When Ife'arcrse lti spea I; on
tide; occasion, the ga ie.; true
and the Iloti-rri,filied Ivith print ;t'tl
pers,tr. liu b.pui.r with r.o notch el , .
tpnateo r‘lr. ene
mies v; - efe Vely muei: -eluted .tful
I cr;trt.l•
to 111( tirht I.ll;r.tpli ho I)eola
ratinn-ol= lirdepetulvtice,
R•ln'n any 1111111 of go..ertiniottl l,cco::n,
to:t iyc or (qui:, it
right', or duty, or - 11 , 0 uS I .Ph% tl.
:1,1;o11,11 it, and
such fio a, ;dull! to Glom api ear'
pille-:,. the . q. (LA. to 1)e13a1113;.;;11
that the pt.01:1t: :t I.:'
i y
al:11r,, :ld
pt:rrottF,lt:tt:t. :1113 3, rtt:. wiliolt it
110 der1:1:1,1 timt•tlicTll,o,lo
t 1411( ((o:.(Tel:, to do wlif 11(;(6
trz,;t! II It.
if it e hdd :1(4" grant Mir up-,
(111(1:31, ;ogivp (1111.131,
:ilic;111(1.(1(,1 (2,11(..%t ed. lie ( 0 1:11.:( . ( , (1
tin( (3.,,i(11(... , (:(11(v ill,
of rILIC:1.1
h e t'lec t ium (1331,8'.0, tle 1:1111‘-g , d
It -i)1(‘ ` , on( !t the i:41J1„1. LI to th'ny
lim;ighli: (IC beelv, ,•• , p2:r.o ;IT! Cl int
tiptnt OCI.. t. , 1. •
phal desehired that, if the righ't's 131'
the peoi)le 3,11;en (t(Pfty hp 'a
coalition 1,0 F.(itithet:n
and 0 . 10 Nottit,•fn 1)(Inoi(raey;, it war ; (
lime for fltoln to nti1(1:111(1 re:tr,ert, heitue
flaying ;1:(1,ed for num. lien: ill hieh
nyeiwroltis 711 r. llontee EN (1 et by
thu ~ (11.(juet for iv,.6 \\•(.(e".c.l; 101 pur
Wise tIMP look the ilo6r, Mid
spoke at great Imigth, n o d with much
acrimony of feeling anti' language. .110
iqr. Ailaniii with a purpoi,e
to conspire NVitli
LSO to de troy .the Union. Ile bit
terly demitmeed him for saying,l hpt iii
case the Pre:Ml(la
if nellOtisary ti)ye.,totu peace, l'111:111iti);1,0
the slaves. IMppi» ling :Mr. Tyler againt.t.
the great hotly of ;11te 1V liigs; M and out,
or Congress, lic celledmpon
cratic party to put flown
tlecl'tring if were '
griat I) j,riiiciple or e;luality
.leic...t, dams wiOniii in tliA•tiii nod
a‘;itiMV,cf. ' ii , e:;.•;•.
1 1 110 '1
:ificrt . rt(l 91:
7 7 , A 1 .,. j111;,.. 1
, t
t• 1
;. -1
• l• „
P,••• , •• •
~1• .
ter +.i,t.: ~F" , ':l' '= i:;
peeially to the chifrgo of high. tref
which lie
,had prethifTed. lie thanked
God that Ili Const - ',‘Ll':on United
St at?s had defined 'treason, and that it
was not left for, the luny miiid" of th
geutlelu an ft Om ntlif y tgtiefinc t
in . ifue., He said that, werdYG . Marsbetll'f.
,father, he'won - 11.1 "advise' Irifn tO:refurn
to K . emit andtalie his place-in smug
law sch'Cml, and oinen,rizei. flit salty' 01
t hat_itroSesSlou he has disgraced." Noi
Was he c&tcneed in the siffilltrNfunse.
1.. ,weeded to arraign theshivelold
nil though not Lgehnically infaboli
t ionist, he opcned - an agwresf.iN e warfare'
on the champions of slavery,
The lesolu ha of iVrtsu re 'Was oppoi:ed
by Mr. 'Code' wood, a Whig ineniber of
Irentnchy, who emi,hatically Condemned
nll roles dencminat «I "gag lOws."
sushi iced Mr,. Adams, -and denonne , ..ll
the twenty-tirqile us ftviollition'of the
Constitution. Mr. Betts, of 1 7 ..:irgiftia,
bravely ilium to the rescue, slim:ilt ed by
1111., A diims, and referred to the flU , t, that,
-a-few-years-hefore,—Mr;- - 13hetti - 4 - South
Carolina,' liad (11111V11 up rpolntons for
the - dissolution or the Uniom - uhrl had
sought for Jut 6 r ,pe I unity to present
?)lc.(lilmor offercft to withdraw
the resolution to l'ellStire, ic Mr. Adtuns
would withdiaugthe petition. lie sternly
ern: d, boweter, dyelaring'he wonld
not violate his reuse of duty to obtain
tbe favor or Gnitinan e e of Hie I louse.
:11r.`1 arshall again addressed thO Home,
and called for the previous O i liest - ion.
lint mr. Adams demanded. the door, ob
tainod 111111 proeceded in his dofew:o.
In his rel'iTarltr, he again took the ag- ,
gi:e4sive, and assailed with great fo r cer
and `'fl'eet slavery and the slave power.
Mr, Sanders, of North 4`:tiplina, callerh
- trim Irr order lilt I her.4 - p - Ot her decided
that he ;.vas iu ardor
applt;ir tal:011: Il+
Cooir wo,
;;;I .11 , •rri..\ , 1 r.
,k•nmi • •ing 11,t1
day.: 41m.1 :tl. I ern t;ii,n I
If.. ..~
NI/ !•I•ii . 0) .1,.1
+l)tn~i'r ,i. ~•nh•;ri1 ~ ;:n~ :~ n... ~ i~f:^. , i.i~~L
1 1 •1 H
si.e( t•h. 111,1:
•.. 141,. 111 rl; . liqy
111W:1011:4 ht• tr,ll( t,f
t•vllA;... woro laid t:Jl‘; L a ;17'a
j,o.ily 11.•.
1%.011,, I , otiNt . • PU"Wi
gullapt li;;;;1
:!11(1 P a: I H..
t•vot\ ni , tl il. (Ft 1,11,1.
;1 . r .. 1.1,0 :1( to Iv
er0..(1. , rn 1 , ,v,-: •
T 1 711 111 . 41'..s l';`,11111'1'
I.W: • I,i‘•
;., - • 01
i I' ca..
11,1111, I•N ,•1311111
- 1 1 .0 ti ti) 1, ;1
:t-tr , 4-1-itt • •
1 a pair .1: Iwpf v
r,et his !Italie.
11"*.t. 1110 i;00(1 tiers
" 1 1.11 , 11ttipro..
:11.(1 lv:ts 11.0 httiti
I ••-. tit 11 lie :t
livii( s , I
step mot
roir ~ r 1511515, or 1,-Hell T :mind iu
1 iiht . ,ty, it a rule nt , .,•i•t•
iwtreitiz, I apin•or ter hi
• risk in , zi• ‘vlisA_••.yn;yi . 4 l
teoe :11,1 my (le iri.l
to h-, 1 ; n fop her
ihornht . ., I w:11 rollov.. pew o ;old
e.lll upon Smith. Iln h: gic ni
of'miur, however - fitt.t:yol ,1111,1:
" yvi rooms to bo !;olt;11 . ..;'
iii the vit an , :wei 11:t• rormer,
am to ;dye I;ini ;I lilt. l`ott I
Vl' PIT 1 . 11':11111 ;It (iu•Lu!rLrr,:. AVIII
\\a , tilt . t 1 ' Or 11:...r1,1eVi: - ,
1 . 1 , 111T1',;t0.1)II. Ht . :
NII:II , L.V 111 111
rartith .:Ns!!'
iv. 'r*,Lr::. 1:',1 or n7;4,
httli-ve it on an(
C,; , mo lr ..rt
to ••••.y," le
• - • -
iv 1.• ' '' • •
; I 11„1? , Lot •,1
num Ilty: 1 11',:e or Itt-c
know ;hint . 41!!y 1111(` with
1111/110y - NVIICI iti11i(1010,t,'1.,, ,.. .11:!:11,1 :I
"Qn . ite ri g ht ;
~(1:41 in my
hilOih: evening.. l h•r,.e
nn at•vonnt 0r ILI. , tLe tuna
hinl in his fmnily :111 xviniel.:* :ill p
but,:li!l I intnif,il: : oeare•of inunberfant - ."
"Sl:rnikin~~ of ?"
nplicariol to
I:Or.t , an hit cri , M.; in the conversnlion.
down hill, • is lie;?.. I must
mysellc , then. - -- 11 v co-is me l
rode:tiller. I did iutoutl to
give him rinollier :limit It's credit, but on
the tvhole T guess the niontly w0111(1 Lc
safer inmy Own pocliel." -
114115 the four Nwri.liki; ell, 0;1011
withhis mind • frith the atralys of
neighlior Thomp,,,, I 1,, iirpk,tbuityth
ho was going t l,O
to rill a unlit. t, , •
nof;oier . na rt or. Ow yillAgy
;.!L•11 . 1il ,1 4 Wert! .
^}rn+ii~r ir~a~i
h 2 .11,
,;•1);,-i - o' ..., .i
~ 7 f.. c: -, L'
I, 1 i
OLVU_ .P() C.; L
t Tit , it - 4 , d :tipt . trtat 4 Itt
l'‘ c:;11 i't
:In::!”11 ,
':(.0 t.(,
;'!il. 11 Ile.' 1.t..1'3 ' a
• •
her prospePir httid uR pr.omPtlY,"
The ' 6nt rmice 'afford to tel
vented ['inflict comers„
Shp*was.evidPntly sprit
x .pre;-
„Triisal of Mrs. 4 ----
her ; but as great "pressure .of bve_
.was vlea(ried. ,as an -excuse, there.
nothhik to be said, and she Soon t
her 16ay . c. Anotlior application pro
1 how Ift the village dremNnakevi
`it iron
~ b ecome. '
•'On the was' tome the-pool• shoemakcy's
wife met the tea °her of a small 'school to
thb oeighlawhood, 'Mime two of her chil
(leCo al :ended. •
Mrs. -Tliomp§on.----T-Itm-gladip ..
sec yon," was the salutation. was
nlaiut 'calling at your house. Would it.
be - eofivenieut to settle one.account this
an entrain ?."
" Onr , acconnt r was; the surprised
reply; Surely the term hag- not Yet
expired r
Qulylntlfof it, hut my present rule
is to collect my money at any time. it
is a plan' whieli, many teachers have
adoptecrof late,"
"T was not awn re that. there liad been
any change iu your Unice, and I have
made arrangements to meet your bill at
he usuall 1111 C. - 11 fear that It will not
Is in in 0 . 0W . 01 to (10 SO 1.410001%
The countenance of the teacher showed
great, dis..lplooinfinent, and as she passed
on in a diliercot direction, lie nnthered
to hiniwil:• '',l"ust as I expected. I shall
1112.VCC See 11 Cent, — Everybody says they.
are g dog drawn hill. I must get rid of
the chihlreo sonic way. 'Perhaps I may
lie h;iinpilt rt el% if I manage' it right ;
Ina i 7 ICul never do to go on this way."
by her interview
to •r, 711 .
I!f.. l'hompson , toppl.d
Ali ing g e r(irory. to liirchrt , e
al.livt(; or 1:trollN . storey?,,
•1-44.1,t1e . :lorotint
r 0... Mr. 'homp,
i! naked the
rrmlnerd the
th••i :,1 I
it u. tie] time for settling.?
the , erprised ingeicy:
+'l‘'...ll..ztot, exactly :'but money is very
t,I I i t , t nn w, 11111 I :tilt art ..ittus to get
ctii,ine 1 intend to
e is a little
tcui tt,tU,atttttitti tltitt (wetting. - 11 i, butt
•• Thirtv doll:tr.:: is no snmH st:in to us
ilt , r,igh-t M V. Thompson,' as
,ho n toward , : home
thml:t "It •••,..,•nt,:i.,.?!., that
all o -, :tyinentq titilt;t be mt' fist now,
We' are I : tigvlim . ..; to reacwer from
the IniVy'expeii:iFT-iatliewiiitt-r-P.rean
m-.,--timipt.stand it." •
lu•rploxity was incicaseill by find
lilt, In r with two iiIII tit
b itird and a countenance exprist ii iiiiti of
" Looh, :11...0.y," he said, its she en
teh,d. " het e aro live ttitex - pretcrl calls
! illeUey one 1 . 11.111 the acietill,ll.ll(l the
rt Om Inc lb ." :11e1 . ' is leatliel", I ' l'olll
NII,JIII I 1,111,211:1,L11 1113' 1:1 , 1 stollt. They
e hnilt t, , ry urgent for intutediatu pay,
:new, :O . heu;.2, - 11 they hay,' always heel'
;uuuila few int milts until I could
itudtt",TiTTs..uu lit, to ifiTA:TIWiI.:7I - inis.
1110 111i:4'w . ..uric never and
a wan get, a little behind/land trouble
~ eat, to puny ill upon him. — 1
" , 111-1 !replied the " the
neighloor, think we art , going down 1,11,
and tutTy ready to give in: it plu-11.
fere are i urn more bills fer you, 01101'1 . 61u '
Mho ry;stccr, I,llld tile Other flOlll the
te:11 . 1101'. "
- ftepl;,' - ‘las pt . ve wed by a luteelt at
tin ilimr, :mil the appearance or a lad
trho preselded a neatly ittul
Ir,sh as I liii
t,, Mory ^ SoAttle.ll'
out it»d t ry,) , little
eetui L.; in. n . ,ene el' my hest C11 , 14111101'1 ,
hilVe left me, altheug,ll niy, AV011: lets
Hit i , r.olion. could
nowli emoloyownt
,1111 ILe usual credit alloNred nte 7 „i earth:
seen sat isry' the l, u. ; hut to lutist
h, . an d
(1 1 L . eay • iiia.l,ilily nvul4
1:r :,!in fin thcr, (1 , !) 1110 (lOW lINV:CIA
" ents! do !on' Le.t iunl hoist in
I'. I\ll, the efelstglnig-reinor): -
a:. a : . f2cond9:ll(l 1: aI : 111i.t dopr
r • t .imot her eh-ninon!
1 . :11 1.1 ppea
Pod - 1:1!.2 !cu . : lllff; of
1.7!1:.!! .Ti3Bl:aur, i
ri#,ii:,i.„presonted Ven ting Liin
the eionicortahle chairwliicb :11;iry
ha..tene.l' 10 hand ,4aitl, in Lie
. " W,ll, good follcs, 1 ' - iiiider§l and. thin
wr .1,1 doi.::„„i go on as well with you its,
rormeilv. - C h a rt is the trotible !" :
" not .try to add to
aillietion: , ,-witich the Almighty sees, to
be iwe ~ vvrryi for it 4. w;ts
twin;; 441(1. IVO 1110 with FIcli:1111tiS 11,11( . 1
.1111ti1 . 01 e mien vorevl to bear
with' patience. All' woold—now—go well
tho.-e around me were not - sletelmitsiA
to pmh tlie downward
Tlismiptam, This 'Js,n selfish world.
Everybody; or at least a great majority,.
care only I'M. -nitnilier one. If 'limy ices) a
poor wig - Idiot. going down bill, their first,
thought, :18. it will :street:their
05511 la/ C,l provides] tlicy min se
cure them, elves:they care 'not, how :4011
lle i;6l.'S to the bott.111.1: TN. , only Way is
to keep up apptVranens. Show no sigm;
'of 4ojtvt,c behinallmnd,. and all will go well
wit fiNott."; •
Very.tyne, V . Etele I)ow,is".
this to be 110011 Dills wlirelt * l didotot
expact .1 0 to-nieeror the
11').!it 1 11 011111 'i! POV"illg in. r:ort ,
a,ro I , :aving
co , rival. 111 t , 11 , .11;I
MU 011 I -risid nought, hut
, .• '
then, , oy
611 r3:;ilc,:t.;
rwal . . I'ln . oi.v.-.1:::,T. 60,4Lkv,1tt',.,..
. -
"Wo will say sik,J , :was the answer
"I will advance iyon one himdred and
„fifty dollars for' ix' *Maths,. Pay every
cent you owe,' and with the'reinairitlef
the Money make some slight addition or
iniprOvernent in your shop or house, and
'Put everything ar9und the grounds in its
aisual neat—order. Try this plan „fer i a
few NY,Olce, and' we see what effect
"k e as afpon our worthy 'neighbors. No,
Yell t,uver mind thanking, me. I-am only
' experiinent on human pa
lad hands.- you-of-,s;- „old, and_haverio
p a Voney is 'safe in your
Joshua had been-- -
the change in the 'sll9 advice of Uncle
was . indeed wonderful followed,
.spoken of-its one -of the ' l,, 9 ll'sPe
mien . of
stories NVOl'e told to account for
den alteration in his affairs. -
-, It was generally agreed that a distil
relative had bequeathed to Mini a legacy,
which had entirely relieved. hiin --of his
pecuniary difficulties. They had never
before realized the beauty and durability
of his work. The polite butehersefeeted
the pieces of meat for hiOnspeetion, as
he entered, and was totally indifferent
as to the time of paYinent. The teacher
neeempnnied the children home to ten,
mid tpoko in high terms , of Weil' ins- .
PrOVern6fitt 4 'pronouncing them among his
best scholars. The-dressmaker snddenly
found herself free from the grctit press
1 for work, and in it:fide wily note exprsSed
her desire to oblige Mrs. Thompson in
' any way ill her power. .
"Just as ! expected," exclaimed Josliu
rubbing his hands exultingly, as - the
grateful shoemaker called Apen him at
_the expiration, of six months,twith the
money whiell leirl been loaned in' the
hour of need. "Just as I expecied.
strange world ! They are ready to push
a man up hill if lie seems to be ascend
ing, and just as ready li push him down,
if they find that his fati is turned that
way. In future, neiglAr Thompson;
let everything around you wear an air of
prosperity, and pm will be sure to pros
yr, " A via with riWit,
Joshua placed his immey in his pocket
book, ready to meet some other claitit
upon his benevolence, Whitt he, whom
he bad tons befriended, with cheerful
It was
vorinfonaline, utitnill -- to .
Talk about the-weal* and the dark- .
and the -the--all the....reSt of 'ern ;
none of 'em all am half so biAdly used as
boys :ire. .knout a lot and eaq,give
you all- their Mimes, Aril: .:'eUt
They 'll 101 l ;you to be a boy is to he
somebody without a tight in the
I .You 're to• take all he sass that's
given to you, tintl give none brick, 'cause
you 're a Itoy.'e to, pay full fare.
in the ears and omnibuses, 'cause you're
a boy and not a child, and never have a
seat, 'cause you 'yea boy and not a man.
Fat lady gets in after it's all full, and
looks about lice; everybody looks at yOti.,.
old gentleman says : "My son," reprov
ingly. Conductor saYs "Come now,
you boy You 'ye paid yonr
No Matter, that's nothing. You' have
helm on your legs with bundles all day.
Who cares—you're a boy. Now a horse
has such a load giv'en to him as he can
than he can - Walk, under. Ask boys what
l_fr'ownfollisThink they. van carry. There's
no limit to it.
Who does n't know a. boy who 'does a
man's work, and does it well, for a tenth
of what a man would get for it. IVIso
han'at se.M an advertisement for a boy
who writes a good understands
cosint s ;. is willing to make himself use
ful ; boaram- with Isis parents ; is (inst .;
worthy ; ito ohiCet ions to sitting no all
night ; no Impudence , about him ; the
best recommendation ; required. and two
week wages.
Ask hoys whether old folks do
r.l:,ke as much fuss about such placbc as
if they were doing, you a favor that.
Nvould ,ct you rf) for life.
Mtn wants a boy miy.Where? •: - 1 - our
sMers don't in the parlor. Your father
don't ; he always asks' if you're not
vanted to do something, somewhere.
You make your mother's
,head ache
every tints you come near Oki la
dies snap you rip. Young ladies hate
boys. Young, met tease you, and gives
it to you if you t,!,.cisc back. : Other fel
lows--it's besathis they're aggrfivaled
T know—always want, to fight, If they,.
do ICY know you ; .auil wh'en you get a
black-eye and ii torit,jarket, you hettr
it, at home. ,
You look bank and wonder if von ~ v er
were that' pretty little fellow in pettiebats
that' every body stuffed with candy, and
von n'ender whether 'you'll ever' lie a
mall, to lie liked by girls, midtreated
elyrkr-tliv- other - fellows, - :pa Id - fa"
your work; :mil 'allowed- to do as you
ehoose. Aktrd \ pm make up your mind
every day not to he, a boy:any longer than
Catpee sot diody complaining Unit
there are "no le ye now," and wonder if
they remember the life they led,. that he
don't consider a Subject of rejoicing.
There's - only one comfort in 'it all;
boys will grow up, and when, they do
they generally • forget all they - went;
thiough in their youth, and make the
boys of theft. thy wain' hist 1 , 4 they did.
The' Louisville C 7tridr 7 ,lournal used
to keep a young Plan oti its editorial
to read poetical contributions 'and4art
his, hair in tbp'~widdlq, His salary 'was
fOrty dollars a week: his last quarterly
report was ati follows :
Pn!„;; . of poetry revolved,. 17,36 , 1,213
Verses of poetry ' 120,083, 110
Linie4 . 9f 10,025,80,000
blanY verve "$' 11;302,005`,201
i••*.carl.. or, . •• 17,811
Tlio;i,•l^, - • ,` 214
grali4rafirlon9, , :3 3 888
4 1 . 1 W ;1 4, ...,131'9; 321011
..;fiu,f l : i,(,) : 1 4 . 4
o:C . .t:`; 4,01.
( , :a
41 . ) o
..14:::. , ;(: , 171i,;%;( 1 .1 - )aflt .
A. man whose.wife . hung,berself
presence on being asked , ,whYllie , dlibuot .
prevOMllie-tragedy; replied ?..."1 cut hey,
-down three times last'weelc. and 't
ho always cutting her down."- -
"Ain't it wicicca to rob this ben roost,
JIM?" " Alt I Bob, that's a great moral
.question ; Hand down Vother
" Harry, you ought not to thiew away
nice bread lilio the ; you may want
'some dly. r . • •
_ mother, would fldand an
better chance of getting it then if I shciiild
eat it now ?"
" What shall i do to keep warm ?"
was asked bye shivering, slightly drdaed
young lady._ " L n't know, un-
Ili - e - c - Plttron - rutother - bre ast p i m l"-
said a solemn looking quaker.
"What did - the Israelites do-after they
•ssed the 'Red Sea?" asked a superin
of a Sunday " They
liktleismselVes 1". said a •toieed
A coupk-,,
thoroughly set(t i llows who wore pretty
into the. gutter. 'isith bad whisky got
for a few minutes,. Cifloundering about
"Jim, let's go to anSallthrm said
hotel leaks."
darhey's account of a .sei.
" Well, .salis,lde sermon. was upon','._
miracles of de loaves and do fishes. DO
minister Said how do, 7;ood,loaVes and de
5,000 'fishes .diiided betwecn de twelve
apostles, . an' do - miracle was dot dey
did ,
A nolde.lord once askedcleityman
- at - the - bottont of trio table, ''Why the
goose; if there was. one, •wak always
plaCed next to the person "Really,'!
said lie, " I can give no reason for it ;
but your quest iou so odd that I shall
never see a goose a!rain without. thinking
of your lordi-lirp:"
At a religion , : meeting among the
blacks, a color :.11 ptyncher reiinc..ted that
some 'Linille!' should pray., A half wit=
Imlfellow vommen'etd a it ring :tr . woi its
without thoanitag. Al thi'• - the panicin
raised hip head, and incinitt,l :
"Whose that praying? Pat you,
brndder Mo,:e? A:on let ,onn bodypray
dat's better actin:tint - N . l Lortt"
. •
During theperformance ofata.miertnni .
one -6 f = TlM'Taiiler,;ii,dr;oljw ,
which the leader Miserving; be cried out , :
" Louddr, louder." " No attention being
paid, he repeated his C01111111111(1 tip often
I'.at at length the indignant Teuton
threw dodo his triimpet in an'agony of
passion and exhaustion, dud turning to
the audience exclaimed It. is , very
easy to cry luder, louder, but vere ist
de come from ?" _ .
hi I.kappy
"Sir," said a bterdy beggar. to rt be
nevolent old man. "Plea(•e give "MO n
nhilliva ;. I'm hunl,i,iy, and unable to
proem° food."
Ras given, .when the
gar, said :
" You have drine' a rtobre — decii; you
have shred me froth doing something
that 'lie:till? I woultLhare„had to come
. _
uit heard a good "goak" the other
day, says the Fort: Scott, I'oe, on one of
the young' ." bloods' . of this .city, who
went down to the edge or. Arkansas on
wv - I le We fir Tic
a forty, and while at the party danced
with one of the settler's wives. Itaci.-
ensack stood it as long as he could, but
finally becoming enraged, be went up tr
the blood and says: "Look here, mister,
that is my wife you. are dancing with."
" ell, what of it?" said the blood.
" Why I his ; Vowfiance_with-her-again;
yote.4iiy , to her, you even i?ArS , ,hqy
again, and Pll,bloiil - the tali your head
.off !" " Now, look here," said the blood
coolly, "Pit'yb^tlikle that umbrella set_
ling Thar: " ' "Well, spose I do?" "You
handle that umbrella, you touch that
umbrella, :arid I'll rant it down your
throat, and : T read it!"
A man was once relating a story 01
being on a lOrmotivo that struck , a cow
stAntliiig on:ttie. Crack, and thre - w•lier
several yaldS into the field, whore sho lit
squarely upon her feet, with her bead
towards the train, and strange to say
she was n't hurt a mite
rl . ho look scaled'?" in
rquil.tal n lis.tener. . .
" Well. 1 do let knowwhother die WB9
SfM/ cd ur roil , hilt she looked a good (1&11
A. singular document appears in tlu
Toledo papers, It is a yard Nom Con
iud Meier, the condemned leurderer, of
feringlt 9 exhibit him Self for the benefit
his trill., who has Miely liecome a
Ileimp; : " Uu Manitays aiui
Tltirrilaj::-, I 1.1:all ln; Mippy to Fee and
converse with_ any title who is willing to
testify his or dier sAntparhy -by contrib.
uling,Ju»veyer. town;ttAlie say
port of iny'poitr, 'heal t. litoken wifuland
her ihrant. I Unt uotypelled - to t.s . lt 'that
the public will not i/ike Offence at' this
appeal. • Illy own kilo I shall try t.Q meet,
with becoming !i»;tituthi ; but, all ! it is
aUguish to think that the wife ;nut child
whom I love so Well will s•Joii he pointed
at with scorn, as the wife and son of a
murderer l" • ••'
. A iblinile somnambulist, in New Haven,
Corm., left her bed the 01116. night, wog
to the closet, eclected the landanuni'hot
ble..frour a number:of °piers, .and toile
hearty draught. The cold air, or some
thing else, finally awakened her,. and
when she found out whabshe hadblone
there was a livc:lY stirring fora doctor.
:31le, Was VIA walking for several boars,
and narrowly escaped fatal consequences..
X lawyer. once gad an imporianf.
and thii decision dopended on the way the
jury. Would regard the testimony of. ono
lady. - 1-Te lost the ease, bemuse ,the lair
witness WOW positiYely to an ()scorn:nee'
tvhicli she .witnessed . at the' distance ~o f
seiieral . i&ds,- - artitOnglt tltetk . 'Were:Stiefi , i
persons who stood mush nearer than '6O
hotnimt Witni,e - o2r of it.-
Meked MOM' Moo - .when the
iirotm•ht in Owlr t , e'rcritt, ho.rpv:Nted
erf th e d 0 ,,, r 1.. a .
~ he'intim:
! mow 'who hair
'7o4:` tl I,lr'a-'P.)-ii
C 1".1.10
1 • , • 1
1.11e)• - 1 , :oaSC.)Ibtw:I . ;
96 . hL 2):7.;•;z 7P7
" What is that askbd thu benefactor
" Work !" was the,mouniftd answer.
,all c:, i;-.A ~ i i.,, :.. './01-cFi:l,,
',31 1:(•,..,• • ii: ;nh ;:- ',..-0.••,1,1, 1 , 1:4: •:•:'..i.
lecture .itt-alusle-,;.i.Halyißoliton., iorythe
evening of , Abe rpetolior,—
,01:13ev,,tIllbert 'Haven i.l.ltra,dric.
tb'r;seVe ladies ~ who ; wore' :the
platform; .ameng .othersAo::7llVS:-
-Ward Howe: That lady refused
" You profess to lit.:11
ter, sir, and yen lige' rovildd. WOril
" Better do that niaiittin,". replied lie.
" revile Jesus CliriSt..?
",I never reviled Jesns Ohriat".
"You have done' your • best- to
said he.
" Sir," slio retiporidC: "yon. have
Played the part of a .14 , and-a lA,lr_
'our .
o,ioation, ~and .your.positloll:ip sr):l4 , ty
- ;:hould have made adady<if-yon.-' 1 ... ,
Sho-replied,- "Do yiiu -mean -tosay,j
sir, that I ath not s lady Vi
" I xi22an to say,. niettlarn,'.' -- said he,
" that, you act like an outiag . cous :ox
rtion:" • . •
At this Point Mrs. Livormoro and Mrs.
T, ecy Stone. Blackwell
,toolt'op . the
versation, and Mrs.. Hower - witlidieli;,.
An ex : change-9.1)m :••At: the - late-meet
ng of the Pepsi:: tory, - •Brotlt-r W-L
-•aid, early, fuhisministry, he and another
' , her were' conducting a meetingin
Au whiL olcl thereAvas much i•cligion ifdeest •
' , l...gave lila foy , •
by shouting,
continned Atli 'it • '
began to irite'rrui.. the sorviceFj,-
11- - said to 8r0w,., Wi—: '"..( 30 , •
stop that old man's Ito W-rd to .
him and .spoke a fLiW words,. rind' the
miPl.,at once became
Brother. asked Thurber :
" What did 'yousay to the
quieted him so prourrily •
W— replied,: "I Opt:, him fora k 4 - •
lar to a fornimt mission."
4 Ii"NLD 0..1 - PIPE
Un tho tw6iiti;or.,r
nfmlon or 3loscow,
To nee the ev_pression
ash ronorner. a world was fauili.? 19 1.3 bn
Ora A star, - which till the :t 1--;n7 f 111471
mp . oldy , anchtinnirt.fttf4i=v - 15 ,- -11 - -
Tiorealir, mu:010111y, ldaadl
• rninary of the- seeMul Iva ,--- talf-.1.e,
the couree of three days_irmit
cry in this new ellnraster I.y Mr. 11 • 1:411- •
ingliam, bar` chcelincd
third or even the fnmth order .
Haney. In twelve clays; dM-i pg . ') 0,1.:.
first apparition in the 11.'vcln.„
had stink to Vic eighth
on waning untilthie
when it ceased io be cliscernale
through- the medium of the teleirOpe..
This was a remarkable, Though coal:tin;
itst.fin unprecedentedpveCeecling filo
Par'.-of 11T, - ; stn ; of one 13iti;;IfIn! , ecr
apmtanee in its hchavioivaaathal.. afier
the lapse of nearly two-months, it began
to blaze again, thought not with a
ardor, and after maiWinin . g :. gib', \ - 1, , i•
a Any weeks, and Passingthronghstiiidi
phases of color, it gradually iiitha
fixes, and returned . to its forinai''t
how many ?lone -rind elapsed
iiic o
this awful iz.f.Votlagra Hon net tails to:).fc
place it would bepresumptuons to cue,- t.
ritrust he .emembered
frcm the heavens, th , i , Ut:;itt
fleetest of messengm.,, light, reaciu
long after the event lifts transpired, and
that the -k ,, tme celestial courier is, at ill
dropping tidings at each station it
reaches in Iva ce, until thsinkc exhatisted
by the lengrh of its' flight, .Now When
_this object! was examined;_as j.t 7 was
tit perly anderigerly by Prof„'Tfliller and
'ArPitTugg: . ins, 06, found..tolliTii;t:issiMat
wonder that it yielded two ii.amettte's - - 7 ,t , h0
one imposed upon tIM other,
.tholigh ob
viomilyt indopend nt. • There was the
prisms tit! rihtimi crossed by dark. Thies, '
which belongs to the run and stars gen
erally; but there Iva.; another in lxhicl•
four bright lines figured ; and 'Chet e
cording'to t nnitomi,Uf interpretation •
previously ruentio td, thtittc'*o
hannimei gas (or gmresi VniS also policing
out its light from., the_,stitface (;ti tho
- I'wo of the' lines spelled out hydeog,:t.
in the piem•tral language. AVlnet the
other two signified dielileettlienajemerr
'trot, irineenmele ns thoe•e four
were brighter-than-thee-reed,-e . ef—thee : spy
et. itm, the Fennell from
_which thoy mime , '
not ()brim:l , ly 'hare hcen more inte , a , e
heated than the untleilyiew ee.• ;es
,leotoe.ieleere, :fione which the noel
fellar light proceeded. iknetnee
had Reuldefily flametroje i - iGas, it
natural eanliotitioh Illeat it had I.,e•eeefe'o,
iltwrappeced-in lburnitig, leS'elrogeen,
iu consequence of Tome great
has been liberated in 'preeeligtotee. epea»ti• - -
ties, and thi'A combining with it e .
nettitee, IlPertiVt this 11;1111 . 0;=!: o . l'ld 011
In :cell a fierce eienlagiation it c rmee
bustible gas wo , iild lie eonsine cii, anti
,ericesie woola flicrrA,So
'subject., as in this case, to a i- - eeeeet,e'l,tee4;,,.
tion, which q vcisioned the
burst of light te» the:l v. - Mitietit of , , •
Uj suelka.,e:alastrophe nol
iinitozsiblte that our own globe may . r
, 011,
limo Lo ra—ageel, for if fora ice morne•••t ••••-•=-
the bonds of 'affinity ivitiele air,
elements of Water---Lif:rhc'emean, on tie
land and the moist•nre in tlicuir--•n
6141'h ,
fury which would itindlie• 'tlet,“feenee
Pyre of the human race,....thed to'
the planet, and are the works that ave,,,
therein, It cannot bi) hat i n streklimi
fact for * MI that iii eyoniler (100111'00 and
di43fir - Viiild We have 'prol.tehly teen its
our own tiny a realization of ilemfeMeful
picture », etched by
,Peters "Nyleb». the
;mavens (or ''ittrtot4ekero) bcin4 oit.•fire ,
shall lie tle.:)lyed; aiti the clCreietth shall
melt WitleffiNent heat." 'Ai:d if we ye. •
gard it a» the centre Of a ',:iystexis'
,itr.posible to think - IN - 111'6,ft hore!omof ;t ie
Cato . -of tlae•nueiferMts' . 7ltelict?
when ovein : olclrl3o, by tin ranklonilekap
. 'of :light. mid caloric..• • • , fel
• •c• yo,eri»ok p.41110,1 , 4 . '11 r , tl woro b6lll,
pip-i hm
t e i k.
ups dL;r o i ' iiril : ' •ic •
,12:ti W.; ',.' .11 ' 41 111 , )nottl.i.6l . ri,''!:AY: l, 4l 4 -4ek-l'
tivliq i , ..:' 4iiP, f, 11 ;7•;:- = 7'''' , .'" ),'''' '-'•-•:':..*'3