Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, May 07, 1869, Image 2

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1 _Friday Morning ; May 7;,1*.
' Net 'York Democracy' di;
I not sustain their Governor Hoffman ii.
, hie offorth to save., the ,
State Treasury
The majority . cd w ilieir''members id 'the
Legislature vote against vemeiii and
• it is said 'he' hat; come to rely almos
wholly',upon the/ Republican suppori
to aid him in prOMeting the people from
his own 1- em- ...Pqr friends. f •
R E v
4th 'OrMiiicliA 19 assessors and 122
collectors of,the internal , revenne' ifairt
been appointed,,includin York
19 asiessors an 10 ,collecters, aid ,iil
;Pennsylvania 18 assessors aiid , lo col
lectoro, , llarisach6setts 1 assessor anti
3 colli:etoys. In ifaryland and Louie,
I tna all the assessors" and colleCt*
have been Otinged. No changes ha% e
bran made in AriFona,Colorado, Idaho,
M onesota,-Rhodo Island,. Vertnont; and
WashingtOn Territory. .
. THE' PenntliVatiia, tiailioad still;
stretches out its all embracing arms
The Cincinnati (ommrnial of--Prida)
a view to Southern busitieee it has ob
tained dontrol Of the fitilrad froth Co.
vington. opf osite Cincinnati to Louis
villa. • This road has not - yer been
-open to travei,.but will be it a wetit'br
two, as soon as some tOrtions of it are
ballasted. It reduces the distance be
- ouisvine to-one
liihdied and four miles. : •••
Parker, the new Indian Commissierter,
- begins well. He has -removed Mr. Mix,
wito for some thirty years has been
,Chief Clerk of the Indian Bureau., - 'l'llis
is a judicintie removal. Mr: Mix may
bee very honest man, but he has been
there too long. That Bureau has•beein
managed.Wiih enormous rascality. 1 1
, Mr. MiX knew of it,. he had 9ot, done
hia duty, inasmuch as - he has not- ex
posed the wickedness. _lf he_ did not
knoW of it, lie is not fit fur the plat f,
by reason of mental incapacity., Lit
Col. Parker - go aliead.',
The English .Premier, in the general
English Alabama excitement, proles
sod to have good assurance - frinri-i-eliii
ble'qUarters that the recent rejation
of the treaty by the AraCrican Legisla
ture was purely a political in'oVi Meta! ,
He probably had this assdratice. from
old-Reiterdy,. whose beneVolence could
not resist the temptai ion. to give the last
little comfArt iHhis power to the people
who had done the dinner bus r iness with
such .sumptuous freedom.
THE Kentuckiiins certainly take very
coolly the late action of the U. Suites
Court concerning the negro'they want
ed to hang The Court having per.
• enaptorilY stayed proceedings and ',OS,
4 granted a writ of error ; on the_ground
. that they hadilenied_the _prisoner • the
guarantees of the t. ivil Rights bill, they
now announce 'that the poor fellow is
sure to be hudg, but that the Governor
has given him a respite, timely to allow
him to prepare fur death ! if now the
United States Court shoeld acquit him,
perhaps the, gracious Govern,r will gen
erously give an additional 'extension to
his days for preparatiini. '
" Let this (negro suffrage•) he the is-
Sue, then, this bill Rally, white men;
stand •shoulder to shoulder in defense
of the rights and privileges bequeathed
you by your foretatheis, and the negro
party•will go under next. October by
20,000 majority " Volunteer.
Three years ago, this was the issue
presented by' that paper, and it then
claimed for PLYMER a majority .0E
30,000 ! but the actual vote elect, d
GEARY by a_majorily of over 1.7,000.
An for negro. suffrage, the 'Vifteentb
Amendment settles all that, and our
amiable mighbe l rs 'should " accept.tbe
situation" in as graceful a manner as
IT IS now undeintood that Minister
Motley goes to England with no Bug-
H . ,'-geetiona for a further conference in re-_
gird to the Alabamii claims, our qov
-. erument preferring' to kayo the matter
la'abeyance until they can more care"-
fully consider it. The correspondent
of the New York ILrald had a long
'lnterview whh Senator Sumner on the
subject, of the excitement created• by
his speech'. in England. The Senator
thinks there need be no apprehension
of war, as both nations are too sensible
for that. He noticed thefact that•the •
English papers published no lelegram
repoiting the
_rejection of the . 41abatna
claims treaty, and thought that the
despatch to that effect 'was snppressed
bysthe Engliib government. Mr. Mot
ley will leave OTC the 19th, and, accord-•
ing to Mr. Sumner, he knows just what
A New 'questp:m has arisen concern
ing the acrosikhe ego tineat travel.
idea of a:ntiut,inuous ride of five! dais
• in cars as, theyliiif at present' eiinitrifst
ed, people' have, coma to perceive ie
quite out of that questjoth-sav o naly iu
exceptional' casts . , Psrarith
ade decks havabeenouggested, brit:the'
practicability of suelva,contiiiance
• not apparent!, for 'reasons that are man
gest: It is evident, therefore-; thatitin p '
• til ingenuity rnet • the emergencir' r
travelers%must leugthed : out tkrctimp,
two ; or. halting fof•
Aid here the', questiOri oecurs. ,
an .nageliSani z '...rraiity the, delights,'
. the acrifsa-thikPOUtiOrat'trip
Ituagin'atiay, 'i3 ; EijOtured
ilierefora the. riext want.'wlllls, horde
t i
And other- `stiowitirto a to p w, wll
01 , 1 :Tort- rso,Mpwitat
46 01 431illiOraitply .
,f x
IPareqpi&couttection. ,j
sal) ttav4i
' '
The opening of another political cop..,
:est in this Commonwealth is almost
!Ton us, the 29th of June. being the
lnyifixed upon Rot. the 'assembling of,
he State Convedtion . in Philadelphia
to !nominate candidates for Governor
Ind '.Supreme Judge'. • • !!
_ a rbferenee to the wocectlingrof
!fair ; RepubliCan County Convention,
held in ltheern's Halkon . Monday the
3d"inst , it will be seen diatom' present
worthy aria! enlightened Chief gagis
;rate, Getw.J,onat , W , -.43-ttinyvhata.he-
Again Midorsed by, atm-Republicans, of
,Pumherland county, , hisPlaims! admit.-
ted t!tod , his coarse - approve& by !the* ,
136'a RY:s' :A
been not only
Aue,c , P!iflfol
ache did at•ti,tiMti';whinthe Whole
" .
. was just emarginefro , mn , tett, ,
ribla war;Wheit the ainiiii l pf,
thy Nat!qtal,;e9,9 B q l,
q'tiericeennaliabilities of, the same it pon
it,,'GPv;GEARVSitask - watutui'eatty:ohmt
Yet.; we heliCVe' he has Tuffillti
ties Oh Mid '','gt i pernf
stifisf mien to .thP Amople.' W'ot. fi'd
cotpiiticed .that i when the - Convention. ,
GRA be re- nominated.` if not. by,
! eels mat , ion, with. lit tle pr : uo . ,hesitancy
Of coursS, a nomination - hy. the ,Repub
htan party means ati
„election: .• !,
_....For_Supreme Judge r :we 2 lain- With
t he 'deepest'Satisfactinktbi3,recotnmen,
dation by, our Convention.of the Unit
liptgav W. WILLIAMS, of . Allegheny
County, to' whom there will be no op-'
position in the State C'onven'tion: TWo
years ago this gentleman Was nomina
tad by. the Republicans in Convention
inner sectiona
fight waged by the Philadelphia dele
gation and - supported by.several of the
dele p tor , frotn Eastern ~
counties , but
aotwithstanding this opposition. .111 r,
.WlLlitams , was eventually, nominated.
He received handsome majorities in the -
Western countiescof-the State, but, by,
the .teachery of the 'Repubiinans
Eastern Pennaylvania, he was defeated
and his opponent, Judge SnAnswoon,'
elected by a few l;Pniired majority
We earnestly hope the nomination May
fidi upoti Judge WILL tants, - that the:,
Republican party of the Commonwealth
'nay, be aff , ,rd - ed an opportunity tn-re
pair a great -injustice perpetrated'hy
them two yeais ago, to an heinetti;:jMiL
tiotic gentleman and ait, able jariiit;
The . Deiitocivicy
"The Richmond - Whig.ieyery seirere
Upon the Northern Democrats for their
coWordice and selfibboess. It 'Charges
that while they prate a great! deal- of
their ioterest. in the South. th 4 really
_not' care enough .to inakeLthe least.
self-denial. The Whig says t
"They naint say to Us. you fought'
our battle. for four years—fought ilia
you could fight no longer, and Were
compelled to surrender your 'orioles-in .
the field—L-11nd now-you are entitled to.
repose ; _surrender the last garrison you
its ffectually-..b01d • and address your
st.l vet; .to- the- nedesstiry work of 'rem ,
perat ion No, they do not say-this; or
anything like it. • On the contrary, tie y
wearily -appeal:to a-Crushed, bleeding ;
-and broken hearted people to sacrifice
the last--feeble remnants-of their p li
tieal- and, social existeticeJn-ot der that
they (the Northern Ilemocraey).,may
he saved from the' operations ~o f the
Fitfeundi Amendment • Nothing more
•Aatneful has occurred in these days of
degeneracy and profligacy.": '
. We think tne . iihave little paragraph
exhibits , clearly-and forcibly
in tents of the. ern- Democracy.
elpg nothing for the crippled South,-
- they wish, through its ai'd, to retain' at
least a chance to 'secure a share Of the
bloavea and ilahes.P.'
The publiF, 4.ebf.
The official statement of the condi
tion of the public debt on the last day
of April, issued recently. affords grat-,
ifying'assurance of the advance 'which
has been made towards its ultimate ex
tinction during the past month, as well
as of the vast financial resources of the
country, The exhibit shows that the
debt'dect:enSed ilfl;3oo,6”O'during the
thirty days just closed, that .the atnnutt'f
,of coin - in the Treasury was $92 000,-
000. the coin certificates amounted :to
strop) ocfo, and the currency to, 87:-
. 000 006 ° A. sum of Sa 206,79 G ~gas
paid as interest in advance. while the
debt bearing 'coin interest footed up
82,107 878.700; and the debt beariPg
currency interest' '0n240,0030. The
foreign 'enemies of tha: . llifion:Consoled .
themselves , during the . period of our,
civil war•with the-hope—it maybe said
conviction--that the' nation would reel
and stagier to diSsoltaiOn'aftPr the Chnte,
of, the - conflict upder tliq necessities of
a hea'vy money press . ure. ID this they
have been gloripuslydlsapiaiinted.: Our
power of material recuitebitien Om
less; so that wbile : '6"igi Britain and.
France' iiotilgc:'l9 Oeii,tnuney„'.'malte.
eltifts" . .yearty; the people of the United,
States. make solid' 'reductionin their:
unexpected :national ' can
tratisatlikie,' ~•
. -,Thei1tei14127:1.i,4ete,..,,,,,i,;;1,:'1
'' the'llarriehirg , ;-0/14:,Ou'rrr e 4, tinier',
"I'heireni length of the itegiatry Laiv.
iire;entof , nti , front r giving it' in 't r ial 'in •
our elioned'ed'eblemne.i' l , The IniK l 'ii:
. p . ioe:ed Iht3.l9gisilitOie,'b# 9 :6o,rie 9 th ';:,
Are. , i f ioa4 l .l . l, ! i 'ilie Antter port. r -,
'fere mi l lvly,,ip, the , eityi•oi . 4l ) ,hilidelishi ' , r;
.The' . : ehine ini'ltiinre' t v
,eliech ' 1 6 ti tiregreey'eflitildniehr,'Vefin
'is an siqniiiieWtOat;sy,Y . ' id , ..',olll;aii . flii:cf i l
A ll Plll;.,q'ii'4.t:/3'9. new;, " 4,,
~1 4 1 i 160 iv
diliften,,,to,meet thi,d,Wen!,i;;- c it)is .ii:ob(':
ablelhat ffie experience of ttlfeno l ettt *,
eilt idgieet chaiiitie4d y41'00146+; '
in it,. bit 'thq , criii c iip:;oe4 c4erti!' l r',
.0 8 trinien qf votf)FA,Milll typ , 4413-
WiJi:4 - I..7;l' , 74 , iiiliil>, , kiv3itaiii4ll4 - it;'
.. 1 . 0
prevent - thn"ppliiiig i rtfrairinjekilijArt4:
-: ia,zk v ? t eOi: ii t tit 34 o9r - o,;,igeb,,
meat 'lnvesti en baiio b x staffe rs ;
'repeaters; &e t ,,,,The Aniettun.e..utozrnit
,pirt:iiito'clenimencti'nnittiii.i ; io::re i tie:'
ri ,
tratipn .` f, iftiteiti `,Oti' the '#! l i .1/C? . f . ifliii;
4 ,0 6 '' , : , tit, l ,s l ::,ifi.:;'/PVIeIP;P!Ia :rilokt't.
.ohl o .1,103 g o o .014•Px,kleftkre , thef 63 iS
APPCII.-11 , ; 7 , , ii i if.f.i . Pik, i 1 i,ii fl:+_ifiit. 1..
ii. '' • • .....;!; ..,Y ,t . ,•,,,: :. ,',!:‘..11. , , 11,:t.
page it
•'' The D.CMociii„'dy'biti , e so 'keg !held ,
th ;Anti:Cl-of county in • the way
q- :tililic`ofri
. litliat it ;, Pect,Me !a,thcak ,
a .. I. l 4 riof de: '' "i n ': '; ' P'aarf:YA. '.
g :+:1 it 'ii in .Ihe el:: na..fif a Copkilt
i t
SuOpiti clidlif,Pl onik 'ldie, Seb`ool ..
1-i-y-, -, les.,a,/i 1 ,-..?.;&'... , e ,'
paewcars . go, mr...,.w.ml4.yvait zie
present incumbent, - was elected with
but- little opioaition, 'ihe Democracy
'not Idivlng then : iiiore than - discovered
that he was B Republican, At the ex-
iraiimof hie firat terajrivever,ithex
had fully organized their hungrircirees,
a‘ii 'a' dead Z6t
s s ! ; 'l 4 l4 l :toAqt.'!lnt 9?Rol!: 9r, till:
second, term,,they „tried apd
, met 4 withl•lM betteri.succes.sw,hdriMA ,
414tvd"§t'ire trusts ^bash'BVerihifn; tut'
iteir. glaiidai'e,"Ul4
4 ,- ,
1114 .101
Wil i q gt° . r X 0 114atiPb tltc Ct!it9.4lll.
periOtentiony, Artfuqed, itOd e r,otturtission
•hiin; and in 'compliance .with the shims
bf t tyw, l uppointed
), .
, grE,wd,rl ll Y4bW tR.e.O4 cAL,SY,cvenTh•
ithing by •storm,-; Accordingiy.c.ouJan,
eluelMay morning' our. Mwriv..itneafieg
ghtlihring"of Civ?vittlif
1 qapvassitigrbegan, nti
and they soon found ,that they .wi..uld?
bein 'a decided nittjoifity n 'the' Con=
't:pciOri; hilt the
•heing two, aspirants emir ,own
ranhpAlled theta "witk itpprtfienslou
iir the split the prize might 'slip
thro:ugh"t heir bands. L" ;' ';" •
; After ddrereni zlilfiWences't,
been bionght io.benf*,upoei . .these. two
gentlemen, it seemed that the difficulty.
Would be rffiviittcd, -dud they became
(jtitilmt-Of-sacuting 2 the office.' ' '
-.--Arcorffinglyrweerthirt, - '6llVeu ion
assembled ,at 11 o'clock, and ,was fully
organized, Dr. LI aldemab,:of
moved - that" the coeoperisation of the
Superintendent be increased` After
cousidetable debute, the sum of one,
thimsand dollars was agreed upon.
This made the hungry' Democracy
. 'smack theirfliPl3,'andfat it tliey - Went..
placed in . nomduation; ; . ao .. the ballot
lugs with tilde 'results / can! be found,
in (Mr local columns. r ,
I - --When rifinoliticed). 4,hat ' Mr.
Swartz was elected,' their-dinatavidt
meta aukrage knew uo , L4;1:16 :Mr.
Outshall who voted for Mr Swartz,
,atal Mr. Jacobs, who refused to vote,
Were denounced in' the. vilest: terms,
but,' we have no fears, biiiithat:the
wiser ayd more rifieptiO wen' of their
own .ptirty in. the end approve
the spirit of independence which .was
thefr action: • bir:
I:Whew - ea that M'i'. l ,BWart"Z would
better gulierintandent than 'll,r.,K,aat.
; would and , ae:ted accordingly_-. Air.-Ja
cobs, we.haire no doubt, had afi eqnall'y
good reasan ot t i.ot voting.
." Wa:deidine'..,the;:f4t
-11a8 'been.iutradoced iito: ; our, School.
efttirs, but, the Democracy made their
own bed, end. on Het - them lie..
Gee. Li as: ri IT 0 with gtatia
ing .the - iibrdieterice of the telegraplh iu .
asserting that Geti fiegs visit to
ington, and his interview with Gen.
Grant, were made at the solicitation of
the latter,-for-the : purporaif-cotim+ing,
fin regirA to affairs hi Virginia 'it turns
one no 0; ite'cieltsitiio,"!ltuibt it ,would,
that it,,tis..a mere visit of, courtesy.
OM]. tee'lvas called to Baltimore on•
important milrond huainetis,
-and being
-so.n ear lriaiihingti:M.Jelt,. ,
we Bun''' .
Woithl .. b difit,espiicifulto return
home without calling upon his old army
associate, 'nfterwitrds his . Opponent' in
the 'field, and ht.iw President Of the
ilimito States. `l`lie .
Pre", p Parlr.. o f Detnlicratic
tendencies, says ' 'lbis visi; had no
political signifteanee whatever, ss has •
been ittmatecl, but, was simply a visit
of cousteily to tltq, President of the
United Slated`On the purl of the late
domtnunder-in-chiet of the ikinfedeitttw
forces' This was their firat meeting
as 'civiliane sincp, , the surrender at A, -
Pits:mum, and will be looked upon with
cutiosity..aud interese t t! ' •
Tug 'meeting held in Philadelphia
let week, at the instance of the 104-
trial League, i f penneylvitnitt,'athmted
.!aseriea of 'excellent reaolationa relative
to the duty,of theXiovernmerit to up
ipild and •develop American industry'.
• .
by a .•, - firm and eteatly:f policrof pro-.
_tection, aiid`the want of a,geP " rid
I ,
igiOmetrical tariff law: which afiall,eu
persede all previous; -enactments. The
.report.of the St4i - itary made a gratify'
etatemeht orthe tirhgreitallpf protee7.,
, tido sentiments among th@ wt; Itioginen
of America, near1y.,1,42,90,0U7imm are
.actively engaged in dieWbiftitig papers
and; doCuifikett',
tion cif,
r WaylandiA,,teit. 7 booka,Mto a
ilernher of pOicAnd high ,seitvols , lnis•
lOW its flattirikeffeots in curnAligm.lare{9 - 1
'"' — "Ws "
,proportion of thd elucnted lass f lol!t
policy ii l ee'tiMle;:it
d 94 ,PPP. pre s preo.~
fug eo ipmuyijlyvno,ogitlie working pert
plp; 4o- must shape,:the
. .
-'r 6 it l lie' r lidi:'.tYltr' :
PY!' i il.;Pi:' 4 "
ilii§ri4 11MtOveinoM3t, .the Pres1 1
led, the
YiTit,t3Pepartmgoti the Ibierier
~p, eil ' al•fMerii;lfaiul... the sjOslion'ilipOreaii
huve imen in ar.e , i'... , eli" ar,l': , -. l l oi#ijAi. t .. : ,
r IIP.W ! 4c: t `tiP', * l ollt ` tlikii? '; , .,!1,1.1iti;
aogriiikorar‘ci'lli: primp -0411.,10,.
~: ihji l riily . 'a tou'd fe. , :m army eiricer a;vit i•
Sirileti, :Skate:KM Bawlino, 4:Priplaid
' h ohl'' f ll''' . 4cie ili , i
ipLiryt:r.:nivit. t c,. . ep eg
'ik4qoio,44icrirlfilp(:ii , ali ili l o' 9 fq4e;
~:,. • 4 • . Maiiiiiikiiti
: t 91v 3 1 1 5,1,,, , , Rt,erJ2 i.• , f ~' .. • ' f'”;
Mar*.clgFol!PßOMfeelYee an Mftoptr,
Wi l ey late allpinems by; tlielr lex p a rfenee:
'Alla'eim i. i'll&i"i!iibleolly'fi 'itkige:e , it
i i . .#lll,R e "'"ga in " 4* OVAR:49okvitkillPii
'.a.'°ltu'llf Pi
"nPr il it lr .f P n?tq l , kr,4o4llfillfi '1 .1 . 0 1 1 '
ra liiii64 l ;it! '. .lirlikothinfilll - rh air - 0: 0 '
fil*rvdde„Olthaoghl All 44101,1101',464:
FJ,l , 4l,tiiiitiliiifioilioilifkair - 0.31 - 4'
ti•,! , gei.f Q ii i l ( l ,3,,s , 7,`t3,4 l A'd,:citrlo4ii.Lot!-.
oProgu,4o,sl , kimkortq l ,ll,l/1 , Jai: ~ , i .:A.
#:f? ., _ •; g ll i , I .r - 17-, 617 T. F, , )'i i'l 111 1 { • 1:':1.
1 '
' i ` 11 * " 1„ ,. :Ffi D iMi l ff 1 ?j'APPP I 4IA,g ° At - . 41 4
' ' ..."IttetWilliiiiog4o4lll:l ..1 (I ' . 4011!'qt ) a L r
Irri , 'l' l 'll.lrAt' ~ .';,'• '; 4 1. ' '' 41i° 147 .' . ^ .-1
fil 3 e PAP) f!.° RAitroa4 'is' now Coin'
p 11 3 ,, ii,t,4 ? , k h e ,,i f o ß. .ti meAl fill soon
-scv(l_!9:wip?,94W-i%tlatitle to the .
Parrn.,-it 3ta,.tp . 414,1tat leave
ilii: td l -' tth''''' figtiatsikll sweep
Over ill' :itn;ll tf; nireasof continu
'onEN/4 ' d, a4tr - ntErsere, mails
A i
and fr l'iit at.•ti' li n ti s anCiOn on the
other side. What
,'Uttu r ien de u s achieve
meat this.of.seience,:-enterpriAe, pro
and of lii;eraiity on
,the, part,' f.
the gi - yernment !, ode' (tf 'the
na+ of this . woudetifaj ,; aFe4in the
.history of the wotht." Whether • we
.look,at iheworfte.el . f,.rip
piity.and costly, 1 2 ,r at-tle. ffttrp..tOug,
rfiiqilts to floW,from.i4titere.ienothfng
::,;.•.. :
,comparable hi thC , p . rogithp' .. .,;( , il,thja: uf
tiny Country.-:.'Xhe heraniettn.labors of';
:they-)thousanda'of 'mien chip:Ml - nit', the
'astonishing enOti:diii;roy . ,e4,th'e re , 1
•inni;il of almoatzinsoperahleroliStaeles
t o o. na tire in lane mg,.._as,..pys_r„,enp- ,
i itiß ,Vast mountain& .11nd-op-King , , the
dnestformitiabliff , ;n l ;i 43 ,kl;. ( V 3 ‘)&re
- iiiiy terFa-race.of-ginute,---.-.4-workthat
.it. wSs liffilifiWalVOtilal,t.iikiligiiiiigi/
• t jrt,,1,„....t. - a.'...,,,, •,', .
years to, complete will ne . eomp!eteatn
,five ,re f ittli,. , ''. , neyte , ar,:;pie::agend&
ind.i aAt!lqq...;f3,[9p9) ,v i efgy' die-,
; : iii4ye:d, tia;wq,ll,aeot, the enormous - eost,
ih,-, construction of tlieliacifi'e ititiliiind ,
.1r3 . ,,a thbiii . e . asiviiiill,:V reallY;pea'grand'
e P' e "i4 i nzt!!4gfjj,?.., . fpY vi,, tiny other
!event- tR - T . 4ift.,gry,:t. "1 .--, L , . T. , ~: ~ , I • ~•
'.When ~ thelast, r ail= of the .Pacific
-01445-hid and •the cars arei-eiiiiPsing
from' ocean to ocelrOirairg and tiadc.
, round the globe by s. entii pacer will
liel•torriplCte.„.-We shall , tio able-to •go .
'round the •world,'-from west io east or
:fr0,03 Seat to' wok . Oyer - f,Wc . riiOnihS We
'can Eahcc,the carp ,from
,New y . ork to
San Fraocisco,_and_tlierh the•-. Pacific.•
atearntibiß—Ohina';-4hich will
be reached in a' monibi' thencC' by the
British lino . to Indiai and to the'lVl(i]•'
iterranCap pl u p t ,,by steam
ship :wit - rail to ~linghitid; , and, home
again across the - Atlantie: t • Dr w 4 can*
Make the -cire'tilttl er
way irilaboaCr,k;siorio,
If any.oLthe• grand • old navigators
'former - titiles,.iihose.aiiliitiolf as to
.cit•Ciantlav , igate,tre grabe and w,:lat , tooft
yenta innikaking the p:fr l at, enuld .wake
tip and.see,what,is!accompliohed in this
day bow: aStoit ished :.t hey. • *mild be 'l'
ws , shall 'bee - greater thingS
. 111 . the 'II
muuliiuery, qr., iu File suipiiciutjou
- sotne other, motive pow,er, will.send us
bt'and by more rapitily.over thci ndeang
add continents.. 'hien it' -will' not lie
1 mg before thlitidhermigh-,y and-mys
terinus-ugent of modern progress, the
123 a gq telegraph, - will- - girdle: the
earth and I . bring :all .. .nations - within
speaking'distance of :eaCtinther.Jroy,
we. uge._ The
itination pot biiidky,okliorrip the march
of iiiseoyery and devehMmont.
go-wil7., (.1::Xolii)•tii '.4.v4t16.0
• Pll. c N'l.l
Aimed in Rory Chpnel , on - 11(3xi - 81 - .lbath
Rev. 1%1. AIc9,LELLAN, , ,the minister:4ms,
TItA.NEF:3 ; 7 7 .ye are ttutier-obligfttitme
;t o :Willi'. at 'D Hal4pit; Esq „of 4he State .
Detjhrtment, ,at Harnsburtr, ford copy of
Pi'l ; Genera/ PM) pastual ut tbe' lust Sua
sion of the Legislature. , .; • •
. ,
Ithy. ;Firat.:Prps
bri;riamChufch of Carlisle::_h‘avtivoted to
01:3 their postor„Rovt w hr,a, D.,D,,
'n• i Vticai,ian of six months,. and in the mean
tim? to supply the polio, and .continua big
salary, This is a propor,acmowledgmer.t ,
cf his
ftuthly and nblasorvicei„extending
Over a periodof . ..twenty-Ono:years. • We
trust the .neadad relaxation will eery() to
fully rnstoru.Dh ,Wino's impaired health,
anti that- he. may be: snared to midater
pinny more-years. to la people who, hold
him in such high esteem.
bona. on the South Mountain Railroad
while working nn the line of thermic] lief II"
Eluntei's run, on Ticesd4 last was itruic'
by a fallidg'iieo and . knockect coWn : .
'Was curried • into a !Mar 'hy, • by a
p rty of gentlemen w happenind to he
at the donne.' Thii:lajurleS although
v-rn, were no 7
THE 3i6UNTAINT R. R. 7 ::-ON .
Tuesday . iiist a stroll along the
'belie Railroad, and %%Ann sniyriSed f• • fled
'the • ,
'The track is gill and the„ ears running s to
than two naiips sonth„of
the,exeellont arid,
'indefatigable, contractor, al3ur,e,fil
by the 1,0 Pf, urie ears, yv,9o4,be running,
'in 'Mt. Holly, and the entire road epai 7 ,'
lilethd before sutunin.
"Fiß—At. three O'clock on Wed.:
'tiesclay litkt the Houtoof ,, Nartip Urj9to'n
OiC , O,
petit er's )flit!, Masi: temph9ro' , Ti.wq.
shin Woe'the, tcrfluntr, All thP
furniture burned Wes coitstruiqd ,Ipis n 4 linosvp
how t l helllltyus et,flEted., The lose
3r° 4o. ; , , •
t n(
' IJ iiATII I ,p VY4I. .16.,.alLULWN 1!;13Q 7
; tp startled ~pri,t3attkictuy,.snorninu
lust, cin hearinivof ,tlie very epdden death
IPteellea;fr-irtd,zWm.l3.lltrutal 4 . ,
4A9 ' itivd, on 41),0 morning , DE thuLday:t
t IF
ttice:o43 , previous, attondinV, tp,tnisinrife
) " 5 1
u . suitlJ and , uppdar&d (iba , in %Tao)!
innil7:e.tOn !Saturday; t
•i apiiiit ii eiiitiCh di kg l, to
idtieh ntiontlOeiVoletiii"
attiiOkl ASV I in' On'6 Ki4l mjn
Tlifrotr;iriicio . lif r ii!fi
Inir"o tf~ :
in 'l3 - 414 , ;
ITUcfedey m• rein lie
Yeat 9 , u wee in, the 5/3th
ihrie A ••
„.: 0 0 89 1. 1 0 5 'er.,
uv tilt.F.R99. , h ". !i'Vl i brill!l' + 1 994 p,ue
l a 4 1 0,9. 1 ha.s.l!;°CfilitY,ln
07 *, hi.F....4Pan. , ,tiß.wo ,, op,:p.7prietur,
A.g 1 ,,?!"91 1 14 161 , -57 - F), 1 1 1 ”
' l7 " l .. ! •'%T w',4 , l lo :6 ;ol7 °l 4 9r ltilri i rqrtili i
Akum.:-,,4 , 40? 9 9„09 1, 0uY0:4,Pie tge,efictPli,t, 11! ,
p( ;
:_itLtr l4 . 4 to4 d fr!PO ,4I- artitiiiffinco
. I 'II 4 br i Pi k Y ar) I" 9 :YAIVIY 42,E g t9aI 4 ,O,III PITP L.
119.14 1 Pfiqh/PRidMP ,940.0;(*nylor
4 11 0 +/ 1 5*.ti'l l. P1 1140 0YtYCATS'
Al:fq h id Ameri en autilm ilatifec6olicontsuove.l
,penel,the:3itt)l(likApilletiril'o4rytri /IV
his;inier4n!ren,vi:lilik h still) le evernen!be , iiiis,
)0114:und=00UrtalAleiliihd wti
humatiOultfucttii9nosti irm ;WM
NVuuttuAs i Wa aro this day in' Con•
mrntitui losumbled. to repre,•ent the inter
its end wishys of the Republican 'forty of
Cuinhei land t therefore he it
soant: Tlllll JOHN NV t ,94Any,_ hy,his
uptight and'llll4 , lriptible (,aerie .Gor-.
• artier • durinu his prerent'te,rill, has %aim
from ue,.:tind'tneiits the e*teetn of over t
;Republican._ He is - our first and
'Madded aide(' us our Standard Leafier in
I ha . e"-filirr et , Pwri 'recoie
'th..u11311111i10{1Trit;11611,.111,H1011 at the State
oi [lf blllo.4llbltidtiri - ithe 42 , 7,01
ilay . of June :next. Our delog te'•bY'"us
this iley : tdeeted, ie •herby.ineitructed-sag.d.:
'rexlturrd, to 11 ,- ,11 all honorable and ',nicer'
iobetes to not In Seiwrinit said re-nuntina
',Com And . ftirther, we expresi our deei,
dtl.l preferenee• fir Jtidue HENRY W.
'AVlLnuams;lai. ot.r.tiandittute in the .coni
ing'Cunicetig-14-Tor:the-position on'the Su.
iirlich, which hp, now so ably and
tVoribily , Mils , tind instroc, our Delegate,
J SennioiTul'Auliguto huvirig been
convede'd l . t . 6"york County, no Conferees
wevo elecced r ky 4he Uugventiup, ,
Tha n StlhOol Direhtors of Cut - fiberlitifS
County ussernbled in the Court House on
Tuesd.y, fn pultunnee of the 'require
of,theefirninon School 114, to elect
Countrtiuperintendent to serve for ale
n tln ree year. , •
John C. Icfrk.Esq., of New Cumber
hind, was called to the chair and Jno. A.
C. Wetine, of 'Shippensburg tdwnehip,
and Gr. G. W. Nab man, of Newvill7..
I ,
• were chosen Secretaries.
On nna'ns of Dr. Haldeman, tho Con
vention proneede to ilx tho salary of tho
superintendent. Tho .folloWing sums
'warn named'6oo by Dr. Galdenbta •
$l2BO 'by M. G. Hale $l2OO by lie ' :
!lowland ; , siopo by Keller ; and
$BlOl byjobeph ititner.
.The 'satin of $lOOO was finally agreed
u ton.
The following • gentlemen were thou
,forthu. office of . County . Suporin
tendont: D. Ew-.Kust;, of ,Silver Spring,
J. Z.4tivier . of ikfunri3e , ;(3eo, Switrtz r o
D, E. Knot,
J. Zenmer,
130. 134 9th 6th
Knot, 48. 49. , 66 56
Zeitudar, •16 8 2
iv n r ti t t, .52' . 65 150
. .I .7. clttriteeK" ' ' '
woro not fuinishod . by -the rierno'-
t:ruOc Siieiotary with a copy of ihO' pro.
'Tris , CIRCUS is COMING !--Long
OUT Butt'FuN. I-43y un advertisonnentth
i,;•cluy 'a"HERALD," it uill be seen •thlo
•CUh" will exhibit-in Carlie ix- , onTninxi*,
.Thie cOmbinution hi . .endorsed
ortlie , greatest and beet extuut
'inneistirig of twenty-twei dense( rare and
and unirnals, one hundred
ilniffifi,i-onellersas and over - oneb dr
! 7 i llti performers are ~of
'eUlihouledunXl 'profexeinn,'
people 414YP,
"opp..rtanitips ,Of
~!Itaud tbein, it iii eertuin,thut tjr hair.
~Atapitt l iir e imost at,artlikt .undletionflurful •
,D* ts of.agilitrarid,to leak lupin rare..an4i .
values aniinalturwilt aloe , kia hare.; n !
r. ,Weripeittit4mday 4 (Priday) , will
miletAiny: •
, niefies!OlNAitild
'ffired 1.1;o sliticrate4Atinfih
Sifid t °Very Elpect!ijur ..
j ocelyo
thQit ..„., ^
mong Plronao 1) 4 / 4 LOut.
ar,vpro ,Wedn . of. ,
'd)iy tbp ,(41) ov Imkit Osillar, bon°.
w ilk ongitged.34.playing'a
' 01qiis4o : o totita•imattist a
gy . %l;Mtbn ed ', 14 •41)o,
PrlCied L ci
111 1 443 V aiiifielitiltieil*ti 4itin'be
1 04tia! iftfat;t ,
jiorirrq i , r ,
Bus:kWbuilt. ptiliVerh
'(lduwuro et ' • , • "
''" 19, 1
',..rq 1 ; 2448111 . Ind
.;ticr'slifrait e•'!
, J,IPLP 0: 11/lU trl,,,i
REP-111311 tE)Atialtif-ENTIONT
Ttral . tant to the call of tite:Countv
mittee the delegate,ii:`)from 1.h,,e different'
in Contfitir in 4t l eent's . 4itlqkii
The CtitiptiitionT.iiiis - callo, , tti'Order 10f.
KClttilkman 61' the Coitiq
ComtniqtPlind 1011: nelrles' . tresscr .
'el.4ctit‘temporarit "Secretary . The 'cre•
tialiPOf_ the :different
.delegates were
then Presented: The following Is a list of
? the Relegates : . y,„
.E/W.44obort cCaritteYSK,
John limner.
EiliClPenneboro.—i.Oapt. • A.' Moo'r
,Ru ; ...• . '". • '-.
FrulMPra.-4eu,t. Aloatindq.; •.•
Hopi w©il= '
Ilitrtifidiiril-J:Bl.:Eear:iiii,• 'thine Ettelqte;
LoiwerAllen4Duhl.;§hOlpi Dr: E N
At4i6litinicetiurg Vale,
0, ". „ „
M Swartz.
D. L; .••••, • 'n• 4
11.1.1ii493x ; Abram , •Wiessari • Samaol'
31ifl1in'; John,
3;3atlifisrt,. ,•gmanuol
'.'•. - • ,
Eppley:: '
Newton...4On. Shufpi. 'James Dal
icawburg—:Cyr,us Haslet, Jas. F.
BarkSerestam.: •‘-• = ; " •-• "
L Xendig..
. ns.• • M... i.briveri - il s sun
~ 'Sliver- § li'riag-4olip. - C. Saraple,, A. J.
8. ➢lidaldfon-.Wtn. L Craighead; Ja:
:Siaithampton- 7 -J. A. Clark, Samuel
=-'tihippensburg,--Bozo'—G: -B. dole, jno.
Snow ' _ • ' _
Derider- .
Snit, J.' Waruig. -
Dppor.Allen—Col. J. L.
I' •West' Ponnslxiio'—W. A,. K. 'I row).
',. o :.00 - livp.---.1714:-Mop,
'Mr. Jacob 'tither of South Middleton,
.was than chosen Bresident by acclamation.
and Messrs Wm.' Schriver and J. S. Zea
ring 'were; elected &oratories.
, A motion was then made to proceed to
',the election of
Convention itlletegule to represent this
,Count,On' .thritro.,he held in
Philadelphia on the 27th et June,,next..
The following named gentlemen were
- pluced'in — ronination John A.
Swartz, C. 11. Mulon, W. S.'• Woods,
Tlios. Pa zion, M. Biddle, Capt.
Capt. J. A. „Moore..
Thu balk`atindthen cob - iv:tensed and re
sulted.akffullows : •
Ist 2.nd ard Ath bth
John A, Sviiirtz 16 16 10 18 16
C. H. 4ulltn 8 10 11 4.
W.'S. Vtriuds . P 11 9
Thoy.!Poiton 2 withrawn,
". • 4 ' 2 • withgrawn,
Caipt. Gish - : 7- 0 12 IV 80
J. 'A. 11.1.dore , 8 Withdrawn.
The following revolution then
adopted end .the Convention adjourned
vine die., , .
''.7 ,3 4Cc011iA.411.*=.11 , 51P Sopt 6 Rlekl ft kitEEt'•
,The Committee of arrangements aplpoint,
ed by,Post.llo:ll4,, Department of 1 'ena.
SyliOifia q..A. B. tiro busily engs M.. in.
finifitiii preparupins. to, dveorat ,t*
graves of, , Oiiceftsed iii4Oliltsid. - 14,1 lc 10
einiti The Orde'r Of .eiereises swill 'be. tin? ,
nileinied'in dua l ,Shuson:' , ,4liirgo quilittiti.'
of deteers - 'wili'lie.ieiptired;',und vie hope
ourel ti zone will save theiri'asid contribute
tliem to the occasion. .
_. •
We trust that the grand Army of the
Republic in
„Pennsylvania will fleet° it.
Opt the , . 4 solemn (..erunionies . of "Decors
ikon Day" 'are ohs4rved with reverence
.and,..faithininess,,throughout-tho -States
That! order has -no higher or no greater
diftY'.: It will gain Mid: hiald•thOliaarti of
_the people if„.it does _ this and nothing.
More. Thir . lltia ? the ileciairiiiiou'Of '.fien.
Legan, the commander. of the Army, and
'it` ii a true end.. • -Um- heziutifel exhorts,.
tion 'on thissuljeet, a genera! order of lust
year, should be republished by overi poet
in the Commonwealth., It is the:eapeehil
,privilege and. high honor of the eamrides
of the dead to lead in ,this sacred 'duty.
Should other eyes grove, dull, Or other
hands slack, or other hearts cold,' in this
sacred trust, it cannot be-btit'that every
soldier whoever saw a fleld:wilCbe7true to
•it as lice shall lust. And it .Will ;bee sad
day for the.. eountry•.when. thhe 'people ut
large forget to honor the duSt and tombs
,el those Whose valor gave 'our liberty new
,r "Let us gather to the gtotind;
Our soldiers' gratieslirtiund,
And strew each loni•lyniound •
. With the eltoiiiest flowbrs'of spring ;
And the spirits of the brave; '
(Yee the land they died to save,
Shall knep`'wateh while we these of
ferings briny." • • ;
.MAY.—This beautiful and 'ever 'Wel
come month ought never to' coma except
as kritinistering angel; casting ,asidOwith
one hand the storm, wind, - and mists of
April, and holding out in the other a pic
ture of cloudless elcies, bright sunshine,
green gelds, and flowers. In ancient
book. of poe °scribed
us a beautiful maiden sunshine
and scattering flowers on the earth,whi le
she danced to' the music of the birds and
brooks. In the bright warmth of her
smiles the grass ussumelie - greenerbue, the
buds expand iiitojull luxuriance, nature's
sonrstere twitter and warble on 'every
bend, and old Mother Earth glows in her
change froth the sombre .hues of winter.
Humanity joins in this feeling of glad
ness, and there is a natural impulse on the
day which ushers in the nie th to seek the
quiet and benuties_of-the - woods - iitid - flel do.
This disposition to commune with nature
may also arise in part from a gra: eful sense
of the divine goodness which mikes the
promises of 'seasons so stable and so sure.
"pm May number or, Ilarp , r,
.-is-the=l , ast of the monthly sheaf of Maga
zines to reach our table, 'completes the
Thirty -eighth Volume, and eighteen years'
of prosperous existence. Among the con
tents are several articles of more Or less
histories! Interest, "Christopher Cdlum
hus," "The Seem/City of the - Hindus.!'
ilnct worthy of especial note,:" he Vfork•
log men of thit Middle Ages," 'showing
'the social achievements of industry in
Italy, Holland Flanders, and . elsewhole,
_during thif,fourteenth_ and fifteenth
ries. Horace Greeley relates the impres
sions of hiajonrney across ' o ll'w Plains'
ten - years ago, dwelling papictilarly ou the
lonefiness arid dessiilation - ortheicene, and
the means by which the waste places maY
he renovated: i goisiping article on
Wedster, Clay, -Calhoun. and Jackson.
shows how Ihnse ",kings of men" sat for
their daguerreotypes, with, some rather
acute cornmentkon their personal charac
teristics. A very striking story, entitled
.• 13oth Sipes," is 'original in conception
and subtlii in pot traiture, working k new
vein 'itf an ancient mine with skill and
success. -
LurrunT —Wo would oil special
yttention to the lecture on Light and Shd
-0708, by Pr, . Rime.; Ph. D., et Rhentres
Hall, Saturday Evening next, the Bth inst.
The stibject le otinTof - eqyal lifiteleit to
since it of Light, the medium
`bringing us into rolition with surrounding
objects, onlarging,tho sphere of our habi
tation, in a .great measure annihilating
distance, anfelding to us the beauties of
nature, and a, perpetual eource of enjoy- .
pent, ; while the true nature of Shadows,
including Phantom in a Veil, delicate ,
chemical 'reaction with the 'eon , arid Sul
phur fdr Prussic, Acid, &e:, will he
brilliantly exhibited on a large scale by
means of the Lime Light.
The reputation of the lectuier, loth in
his cluntry and Euroi e, and, the benefit
of the Dickinson Mission Alhapol, cannot
fail .to draw a full house.
We advise - our friends to secure ticke:ts
early. For full particulars see printed
posters arouo,.town;
. . .
SOCIISTY.—This association convened in
regtiler dession at Dr Court HOIIPP 4,1
TIVISChIy last. • The attentions. vs.x . I 11.
and besides the regu ar business. a number
of medical and surgical topics. of special
interest, were introduced and dismissed.=
.The.venerahle Dr. ItkilEta of Shippens
burg, read from'his note ls*, an abs ract,
dweiling an account' of a recent mse id
tracheotomy. (opening of the wind-pipssl
in the taee,of trAild,marim II CM1A111"y by
the lodgment in that organ , f it piece, . 1
uppa operittion suttee:fol., Dr. Sibtit 01
New Kingston nresnnted a series of r so
lotions, nectimponied by - an interest in.! .
essay, on the, t of quackery; - di tail.
ing their evils.. and Proposing Certain re
formatory; !measures; which, after some
diseussion, was hold . over until next meet
ing for. further consideratit n. Th.• oils
growing out of this systein of fratA are
enormous that it is important that the
'people should not, 'only be. protected, ht.t
awoke to its comnquences. Dr Haldeman,
of NewVillo, read , an i essa,y on the soiled
of Chioroferm as `sia.dine3sthetic, and re
commended its' tho 111 . ‘ltifior." IC this;
he' colitrovened the views of -several . o',
the gentlemen ,of
° the association as' or= -
pressed on it formeroceasion ; and althoilgii.
the hour for adjournment
,pracludefi the '
possibliityof z discussion op the, subject
.he rmeritl, and dynamite. reasons foi its; re'..
jeCtion 'under :the circumstanced ..preposed'
may, Yet snore. fully
,stp,pear.:-...Still , wmetin; •
gratuinteor 119 ° 4909r, op hiF dec,id-,,.
ow" asitii?n'iiiii`'ltioilde:iif 'that Whioh . his
I ,jimiMerit' diettitee ail. right 'and 'proper.
i l
:TM ,Warotie tifthe most interesting meet
,img, i held.bly the association since its organ;
!F,199nt. , ..i: ,-''.-'. -.' ‘ .'
' r„ '' ' . ~. - •
*1i41.4-961mr,1).tioPosit To.: Do—.
Aii' - ivo uh - derapind Abe ,Inearting of this ,
. , . , .
,Iniudi:4,,W.•D i .tiewirgn & Do, propose
!oily° all Optima, axitre. opportunity to
secorobtirtptins, front 4heir ,tnithense lit.,lek
i:tf:iesttsonable:guedsi ..They are anxiourto
close as rapidly as possible.
and they are 'determined , ! to reduce thO
.. .
priests of all , kindsiof Div 'Goods Mitch ba'..
, . . ,
low '1411414r can Will, be bou gh t., first '
. -
'bands: . devery ono needing.goed geode ° and
. . .• . .
sit ;Very le* tYguies, , 'will Ad , welt to' '• call
Und'eXtiniipe.the 'itartinitierOffered'it.',this
.b ° , , dtttp - .2;» ,.. ;40 . .3 - iiiniitti - m i,i4-a&lney.-
i9f arp:iiivieid 'to' frispect A0416 . 04'414"
;Prices.? -Vint lin fii4 , 7F.iihhirit"" ) " 6 '
,1 ,_, .. .5 . :w0r.,,,L, 3 _,., n
~,, ~. ~ 1.•; , . ''.,
30• votes
95 •• ,
53 I 0
iB , :gtlttifigia' we' hardly': go"
intoit '4lrugl`E49l:94Sittlioutleol94;pile,s or;
- I'be" Sale ;,niist
to oh4iln eubkrieulti
' btitiiini - 91, ty told, ess re: Su rd)
iliv;ll9otl9ytt thos' ctilirietors9; They. Ileum .
to, Isity9;4ouo4e ,t 919 In9gio, rind ,syhy*,
they totrodui..94 't 9so 'Bitters ;
,and 06,13, 11,-
mns,stiuld h'sive *toil awl 1,0034 pihmlu'rlty . '
9919p5,r0f) 1 991404iii - ' , "•''
Ail.ol,lles,tientsstltsi: , givbilyt.yv to , De 1%
4:14/ugli 1: •,,;
t., t 4
I,er - odd. led dollotirl . •
... ,
A demo. Janes rent 8 Sprl
/Men, J If • • ark Card 1.
A leen; e• wallah farmer ~ 110 . 1 1.ampLen
Brick. r, - ndrow farmer L A il.n
rot d r John latmoor .k Eeribde -_
, a•al d, Wm. . • smith Dempden
Parr! k, doh. - - farmer 31.ifi n
Burner R A miner b -polar
Ink nltz, .1 11 it. bier Dlek,neon ••
Drina n, Martin farmer - E Po•en
Holdall oe, i, h ,e 1 farmer N M.ddleton
nor:kiln Jercdo 0 • f ruler •11 nen
Creighean, Wm N laborer 8 Mlrod l eton
C• 11 1..1 8 homer-- 8 Spr. I g
Cooper- Job n H carpenter_ W-i on n
o• omen Fr. d cabinet maker seldom
e 1... lame, •ohn tanner 9 • t ring
'Dr' woe ugh, Wm farmer-' I rank!' .rd
D lea, 0. 1 ihttan farmer Hvo linen
It .ono._Alaz M ---- fernier - i.o••thaniptori
D. , - k - f . , Frod 8' rneehlniet Cariboo
darn,. rt. IL P mm 4111.1154 Iskoo•ille
8,1•11. , 1 , 100 f smith - '-
Sod ltdrunton
o eh r. John mom , i Carlhdo
0.1 eleor'. F 11 Venter Carlisle
01' Ir, Wrote ' • lei oor l'ai'l,de
~ roltrm Joe b A pe t• N• wvillo
1 1raham Jto e carpenter ' Hope ,on
- oltelm.lll Weer tamer 8 • ilidUlalOof"
Gloom or , S , 141.1 farmer Mon oa
.0 . 4. ear, J oLob nor"geumn I n Ikle
MP= 1 001 tax char Mo roe
141.1,am, John norehent Newton
II• ohm t ChooL mercliatit I n to u
liaqinga, Wm fay roar Venn
I °oar, .Icooplt . 'okra,. ___. _Monroe
!town, Jam e 0 tanner L A •len
II 1121 r Jot. farmer 8 Middleton
Ii nteeth‘er, Daniel Luteber No who.
oc, H It . termer F o o t thr.mpten
1 rotor., JoI lll,l , v.,,,,,.. 'etcher L Moo
Wm r. W . , for, or 8 111:d delou
apl.., Jdmos ...' farmer ' Neu ton -
Klee., John -- rarmoler Pe. re
tinkle ertln fanner II paned
Kane Wm E end h hlortoree •
Kerr, Andrew ' Mt trier .. CArlislo
Kerr, T I 'lnn keeper 11 ectiarib`s
,elide, John A,, farmer DIALw p
•to Illigh,, Joao ph • , timer . WO lob ed _
brldid, J U ' . rarracr . -SI `ldlng
)t .ore, Wm 441 or, 8 M ddlelOo
'MO.. Wm A, merchant Carnal.
0ty,,,,n, .10,dph - , merchant Mach ,nb'g
Mitfill, Lan 8 wagon maker:. Spring
' "Orton, Vr LO 11 jci,,,icet &Patin
Mettler: Jacob D ' - termer . U MIMI
Roark, trace . farmer ' '8
111 b14,a.0n
It...wk. Jamb - former Fouthempton
Ito dto, Jacob ... • . farmer ' W k eon
B , •coulier. T 0 farmer Slhfillo
Sterrett, D 'l' - ' farmer W Penn •
8 leer, lo ro &rick - carpenter BPo on
Stouffer-John 0 former N Al tddlaton
in re y, Henry farmer Hamm a
Saari tht: e W farmer , 8 1111dd keno
'Stara, John Jr far or 8 Mlddloton
•trio, John farmer !rat kfOrd
T 910,, Moaning farmer Fret kfurd
Wor ley, Wll . !snorer Peen '
We trail, Il•nry farmer Mlddleeei
W. , nthrlich, Wm D gent o BPp'l g
W6akla), 11 W foredo. Dick noon
°ef Jo. oh • farmer t motilletoo
11 hotly, 1 A Tlet______..—.4;elat— . -
- - —2 , tPr I.- g --I
-----. 0,1,al ' 8, •
Family Flour...
do RYE....
ItID do - --
CLOY intbliED..
General Produce 'Market.
~ • Car Hide. May 7th, 1809
Corrected Weekly by William IVashmood
Wodo,,day m, r , fug, the 2eth
10 •
S. to p y en Rho .. nieleukt.t .0 0.
John , eni Aunt.. 11; Dade aged one yohi, four
muothe n. d thu. 11..yr0.
, Little Be. kl -, how I 'coed Shoal '
ao oa earl can *. or ell ;
Th ' ouch fll cted yet I,grlere
At the grove 1, .4 furor ell. •
Certainly T,M, BLAIR' SON'B whOlesali business
must ha dons In s Iset to cult the trade, us their
kowtows with storekeepers In /deadly Increasing
They sell She best goods In large or small quantities
st city wholesale prices, for thu cash, no east* costs
and warrant erarythl ag ihey cell. .They are head
querters for Fish, Salt. Coal Ott and Pith Oil. Sugars.
Ogees, Teas, Molasses, Queenswore.
ware, ! Stoneware, cordage, Brushes ant! distythl , mg,
..s. Itt that line of goode m
that a storekeeper ne
. A gentlemen who Suffered for years front Nerveus
Pithy, Premature Dicey. and all the effects of
nu' bin louleccation, Is ill for the into of suffering
.humanity. PO' it free to a'l who nest N. the. rivelpt
:for 'mating the simple remedy IT which be' tens
Condi "Stiff. rens, wishing to•po Pt by the,adve. tia.
er's exforlence" can de so by edcleessing, In perfect
• No. 42 Cedar St, New. York.
Thalmann I romtly,le eo t;;;;;ima that a birth
and death Maur' every moment. Every second •
. )
dill la born' ; every 'mood come one 'dim.' Thi
pievalenco nyalaknes. In the World may be reallesd
lin Dr. Aizz's Laboratory, where medicines are
made for YU 'Mankind. It would snakily seem that
r iniethroate enough to swallow the done he Ina
alma . Parsepatilla. Aguo Coro, 'and
Chitrif ',Pentarat;' by !the thojaand gal lona, and
Ayer'o PI la bythe ton. Ed' they ,, muat
all beiJanted; orbo inttild fiat nonkaauch'ildaptltlea
for ao,ManYleartmLiffortliflidd.ralograph.
Adrertievr, having been ro-tored "to -health
,111, fort 'ftWic•.' by a 404 ilthple rehtedy; si , ter hav 7
sattared aovoral yanre_witka gouda .111,11 7 4,n.,
tie{ end that dread °motto l• ti le an ;irue
:to make known to hie fellow•autrrfef4 the: notanent
acolt'e it, he will bona a copy of tlta
'pt.; icriptlatiNiC4Tit'a of liar,.!). wits tho..,irootlan
tOr . *eparibitinif tieing t‘;e.imi - rbliSh thir ydit
ivitABLIRE pun; pole, citt:tAt!gy,ToN A TIIBIA, .
aft Oricurxie.t vfh'1 4 elitt . ilii , l".ofic:o«i• ln
goading , ' iii ,2 .Pres , riPilosila to liatt;tithinted
a?(tAfirpad Itittalatl4o which hb.c , - !iliAn ,
.Tiltinb.e •odha I eyi lattiefac f try dlh
'remedy; ae ta..t , atioat,,Notti:ait iud may pi9ye,
,vtaltliis it
prisirlpUolill!!pioaa,', aat
NO' EDWARD A. yiLborr,
Magi Coat New York.,''
„. , ,
lb IWO • • ittlV l `iti s. • i IIS:
... .,.:60 ' .904 W et Na „4'!•1'.1!. , for
• ,11,-inAJB:-
lirstorer and Dresiing. The , .ntten ,lon of
the public is-invited -te,the vefy
ftant'ehange reechtly made in this Article,
WU Oiler in the Improved. Prepera r ion.:a
insierer - prom pt and infaliible in its4tion
.upon-gray hair,. quiekli
'natural color - and beauty: legether-'with
an 'agreeable. Dressing Ole' bottle.
This combination is perfect and unc.m.:ep
tienailhe in.every respect, and is used with
grea satisfaetiontry..old and young.—
Mae. S. A. AlAissesZT:LonaLuss, another
preparation. dear without . Bediment de
signed 'exclusively for Dressing, Strength
eninrandßeautifyingthe Hair.' n refrealf- -
ing toilet luzury r far preferable .toFr . ench .
pomades, and soldsit half the price. Sold
by all gruggists.
• THE LOWER - eNo.—The mosOitit'
portant point fn the lower end or ;the,
Countyje on!' ifster town of Mcbliiinics 7
burg; 4bicti is indeed not only an im
portant feint in the "lower end,” but the
second town, in size and importance in
-Cumberland Co., Her business men are
characterized by a remarkable degree of
energy, and the consequence is . thitt• Me
ehunicsburg exhibits al..tho evidences of a
a live town. Even: the ladies partake of'
the general spirit,of progress, and the ex
tensive Millitery Establishment of Mrs
A. H..IIIA.TEER. near. the Post Office, is a
model timall its arrangements and the
complete assortro-nt of attractive .24 illiO
cry Gonda witkwhichit is ali4is stocked.
• Mrs. MATZtlift3 taste and proficiency
as a . Milliner.are of the highest order, and
the few ladies in the "lower end" who
have not yet visited .her - establishment
61011(1-not-faiL10 da-so-the-preaent-seuson.-
Of collies , It is not ' necessary to suggest
tt is to these who. have' there once,
fur they will be certain to go again..
, •
'Carlhii May 7tl• r 181 P
100 to
Thou hest jolt lb) mots rem side,
Little •ck a, child of tutu t
OW it wltdoin hat r hie red then,
A din iiiisl/69 w.• 91 tn. et again.
Success No Secret.
TO 'oollBillti*TlVEs
•= BlB",44terlielittix—pink/ I suffered for - .ever tire
,•ars , frOnf Dyeprpsla, 'with 1'.P00,0% of autrocatlon .
end wrote polo after wins, and allbough I flied
rarldps:r,mwllea, and tot k Me - I•11 advice. 'yet 1'
founißlut IWO in4ll I trlod your , Celebrated Bit,
tor Cordlat,l!whieh acted Ilk• marrle upon my eyr.
tern, and before I bad
-nerd Jae Bottle, 1 found' my•
enthilY:ented. and hernhot,had any_yeturno r _
the copplehit ;Ines., I can theretore riCnenmetid it
as enynvalnable; remedy to those •1111ctedln the.
name way.
Pupt of p g unre.
'HeN ; HID N. Rea lb Stre e t,
1 4 - ReacrSIIKETZ'S advertisement in another en
iman. •
Merchants will do well by willing to' see the large
.aUO rtmentpf NOTIONS 41 , 11.1.F4ripy. picy,,aopps.
such as Glossa,' iltedary, Neck Ties ant DOWN Bus
peuders, Pap.r and Linen.Collara and Oults,-, Trim
mlnge, B ationery, Shaving; Tooth° end Nair
rush" s, Elcap and Perfumeries; Drugs, Shoe Black
leg, &e., &c. at . 0071,k1 & CO,
N0,,1i ; Booth. Hanover ktrwst,
• karllele Pa.
' Ulmer Ot
prepared only . by'Dr. p. 0 Perry, 40 Bond St., Now
Ynrk. Fold errrywhere, The Undo supplied by
Wholesale Median.) &dere.
9,1 pill
itiP-Tilit Importation of rage'from'the ktedfteara
neon, tildes from Brestii- and other Commedities
from the tropleg,!F known - to bring, the ger m ofdh
ease. ohltdly fevers, which are4 , ontetimse very ef.
dieting and fatal. Awed_ AGMS Cues stimulates
the Liver to excrete the germs' from the system be
effectually as it-does the miasmatic pole b of our
Ague d•slrints Conseciu-titly It affords invalnah'e
protection to stavednres and others whose occupa
tions rzpose them to I hose dangerous infections;
sod we hope to render them a valwilde service in
giving them thla inform Men .—Nerr York Dispatch
JACOi SEEK TZ- 9 i, I was Coffering for tom
Imo w I apepskt, and also a eakners and velum&
of the stomach, and after trying BOHM of your TIT
TERS it caused me to thron off all the foul matter
and , reinvigorated my system. it haan fleeted, .
think, a permanet cute:
Yolrar ri — at lilretty us—e'tkreThrtliairae—you
think proper.
ANN HALLMAN; 4560 Moto St, Oermantown, Pa
and Tan from - tbo faro, use PEERY'S Alum aan
FRECKLE LOTION. :Preparad only by Dr. B. C. Perry.
Sold by all druggists. •
9Aprll 3m •
01,4 4j 1 4 , ar I pl 0 otureegrelittrttlfilYd
Cho mietry crofeis more practical 1 eneots on man
kind than any t tiler science, yet fromt no other
enure,: could more l an easily obta , neti. The arts
and mine - nuke which chemislty would teach, I
- more thotouchly and generally kudind, would
sere lily eierclse a nalst honetelent influence. Ile
freely confesses that ho- is lndelded to, this
science for the virtuosuf hie remedies, and advisee
that the pr . actic‘i application et chemistry to medl.
rine.- Lt o arts, nufnufarturee, and agriculture be en
ninod npemeur colleges and schools.—Wrightsville
'(Pa )Star.
Fronts, A r.)lurns, Ar, Iron Itedeteadn—Wire Web -
Wogs torklreep nod poultry yards, Brims and Iron
wire cloth Sieves. renders, Scrums for cool, ores.' de., Ilf.avy Crimped Cloth ler spar k arresters
Innonarpu V. Iro for Windows rtro Irper Sinkers
tt lees. Oro:mental Wire .Works. Every Intorno,
lion by add, onion the WElluta t urerc, NI: W ALI{ ER
A SONO' No 11 North Sloth sircet Phllndelphis.
12leb 6E-y.
• -
noted , . ith the ;ironer eucceme by .1.
nod nr Dfseasee q/ the Eye and . 'Ear in the
Medical Coliven! Penurylam fa 11 years experience
(formerly or Leyden. iloiland,, No. 805, Noel % B'.,
'Phila.- leethooniala eon be even at tole office. The
medical faculty are invited to accompany their pa
tlente,as be boo no secrete in hto practice. Artificial
eyoe lueerted althea. pain. No charge for exam'
1-1•0 y
lan wi; had Consumption foi several years It Ph.
frequent bleedings of the lungs, ruled himself with
a teedi9lue Jcnitnown to_the profession. when bin
rase appeared hepleas. lie I§ thenniY Phg t .ii" w h o
has used It In bin own person,or as any know!
edge of Ito virtues. and he can degree o
health he oow•enjnys tr. notbi e of hi
medicine; and clothing but.utte d entire
extinctinh of all hope of recovery, or with 0
Want of confidence Inell °thew. Induced him twhaaard
the experiment. To those suffering with any . diaease
of the Lungs be proffera a treatment he confidently
believes will eradicate the disease. Price 51,50 per
bottle or 1,8 a half dozen, sent by °sperms. Send for
.orculor or roll on .Cht. E. II4I,STON JACKSON,
No. 250 linath Tenth, Street, P hiladelphia.
For sale by lintoS F.thiyer, Meehan icsburg, Pa.,
and Druggists generally,
• 22natty Qii ly.
BUY CHEAP FOR CASII —Three per cent de
durtlon ou all coal of half ion and over, delivered
In town for the cash. No &Bowan,ee when a charge
Is mad a :it A. 11. BLAIR'o.
sma 69
The Dlre.ctors here tbtA day &dared a divi•
dead ottbiet , porautr - cl4if of - Nalliiiier tee.
J. O. 110P1 , 11R,
j}iviDE w.
Ca, Halo May 4th. 1809.
The Board of Director', havo doctored a dividend
.of Flve Per f, re :for the lait,th months. char of
tax. , s, payable on-demand. J. P. 11A:SLER,
May 'at f ashiur.
v . , . 7 0
• 50
2 45
.1 70
.Fretr• rs of Administration on 'the estate of
John Sttork, Into of Monroe towmhip -haring been
I•sued to the scriber residing In the mole t
hip. notice I. hikrebv Oren to oil paeans lode' tad
re the est4to to mike Immediate roymen . t, and to
all them. having claims against It to preeimb them
ter settlement. . J 011 2 ,1 FINCH,
;Slay r t Ad minietrthor.
Commodious two
' ptory thick Paroillne ilnu4.4 with a berm of
n Ground ett.ched with nbundenee of eholco fruit
o ell hinds. Duetted on Wert Luther Ott. of nPhr
ilicklnsmi Gonne, will bo leased from now until
the let of April next upon rens .nollo terns. En:
quire of A. L. SPONeLtill,
Ufa) tf 'Beal Estate Agent. -
• • t
I ‘,,T °TICE,
MARY BORT' £ by her next 1 In the rnurt °CC , n -
friond JOIIN t Olth MAN I mon l'it•es of Cum
hot In nJ enun.ty%
LYSANDER BORTLIL . Nn. 257 April T. 4. 0
All. Rolhpanin
Fur divoren• to IN,
In ohedlenee to an order of pu'llirni low to me 04
reeled, you-o , • 'hereby w•tined and appear in
the 0. urt nimon Pleas. for the county of Onar
heeland. on the, toll r'h Monday of August. 1 , 441
I ring the''/std rtel r 1 0 , ho. 'AVM If any yon - ho4e.
why Mary B .rtla s'inu'd not he divorced from ine
bt•ndit of inii,trnnov two with you accord.
Init to the pm er of the petition OW In said court.
' ' JUM. 0. TrimiPkltsr
imay It
For the
Er/stern District of Pentayfranin r4nk "-D t 'Y'
`ln the matt , r of Y :lohoson and Srana-I
..Patterson Jvhnsor..tradimv as John Johneon'e Sous'
bankt opts,—
tantern District of Penneylsylrania, 8. 8..
A wanton* in hankrtiptry'lms boon Wood by WA
Cnnt t n vsinst ti e esth" , e f IliMm Y. Johnson artl
Pan nil PvttersonJohnapp of the tv unt r of tlumbet
ler& laud State of Pennsylvania, In said D strict
who hare boon duly adjudged Ilansrupts upon pre
tition of tholr crent , ors And the pa) mint
,9f co)
dehte.snd delivery df any pri p'.r'y hpinoginis to sild
bankrupts 11. them 0; to their Ilse, and the iranster
of any pr: party by thent:are fortdden by law. A
meeting of ihr creditors of told Sankt upte. to prove
• heir debts a, d choose Imu ur more &mimeos or
their estate will be held et n Court or ba ,kruntov
to Int holden at Carlisle Instead district an the lit h
day or Ala.t, A. D 18)11, at 10 o'clock, A. M., at too
tlii he CHAP. A. ItAItNITZ, lit use.) or of the Registele In Bank ritimoo oFeild
District. . • I'. C.
11, R:MarAhal fur said Dlerrlot;
'' '' "x; Pertt, tiatAlX4AFF.l.F'Donuly.'
Deputy 11:13.1darthars tlmtie . • • • •
May let MC. 5
7toey tit
F 7221
IpltlNG - GOODS. • - °
a hlrB Just returned from the city with a 'cry
large and epiandid assortmant of PIIIISOrt3 hie goods,
whickWe are 'selling off rapidly at LOW RR ilidOkid
TITAN TIIE LOWEItir, our stork Of
- .,p•1!,,1 s S. GOODS,
I. ,;,1 full andcomplata; IIM atylenarantaurpass•
'ml. I a luau apltuuld • .
~,, , .
1 1 . 1' ; '' . DELAINEIL AL ' CI . An e , ABUB" . E' '
r and, many -nil! elylagooda,OlNUi
saBpgny .
' • , 1511AWTS,
AL •
Praee,',Cattetiiidee:' and the' largest stook of Ymall
Inikeettect Tilmtulege in the valley,—
.01L'OL()THS; ',)
, MATtli , loB. IWO& till;lti.DX;, 011 'IN of
Ontten.ildnen end Wool, beet make. OUP OA IiPISTO,'
'area illorud by I"ht.pui to bp the etempext,oiteldii
r e - COW groxi;citteti t: . . ;
i . ' Ttile 440014 oigoode ix .eery large. well 'Wetted,
and, wm.b.s suit) off at reduce! prleea, It, Ix not,
;net:eatery, to 'ICA column to .egagiteixtlon.of out
,012011; hex ,we, Invite all, to odd, awl flpo tur titula r
ruiskou..wbtak 00 thluk. will eighty 'item tLit.t thiti
6 ,he j 'smite kitty
.for Pre& to ttnneulerix:—.,,
pout • - - • .1.1.11470 k
' .:
We are jest receiclug our supply of geode sandpit
for the Ewan.
Fancy Dreg Ellkn, all colon, Black Milk all quail.;
New S tyle Paphos, Elek ant PO Iped POpllnetat
nee utlinl'atrlpad Mothnlrs, Elegant Ohene Poplins,
e!pqrat Alpacas, all shades,
Suitable for Theses and Chl' dren'a dregs
Reit finfahod Cambees, Jacboeta,-Talnaaoks. ■wl a
Mull, and Wrench bluellua, .iarabalcli k---
Mores, Ilandkorohlefs. Corsets, Mitre, Rib•ens,
Collars. Cuffs, hooped Shirts, Balmoral Skirts d e.
N1 , 15' f ULF: TRIMMINGS AND ninioNB for
trimming drusFes..
Thr Lerrept - dMelcirrtbneounty 'all tbo'nelir styles •
sod colme of reney Osman eren, for men and, boyi
Alwoyr o full •upply,•nd vary strict stfrntlon SI,
on to fining ordw s for town or country.
c'Ci A 1? P T 2,
at gently roducad prim, •of every vArliity ipclifee
Von, aperfab attention called to the fast that
the central Dry °hods tore in now prepared t' at.
hibit the moat depirah'e and 'the largest stock of
tio, de in , h, country
Please do not MD to call and gl[e•onr stork an
Inspection bolero purchasing for the season.
Tangy 69
VONDAir, APRIL 27, 1865.
North West far Philadelph a, New York, Reading,
Pottsville, Tamaqua, Ashland, Shamokin, Lebanon,
Allentown, Easton, Ephnott, Lida, Lancaster, Col
umbia, kr.. Ac. .
Trains lea•e larrleburg„for. New York or follows:
At 2.35, 5.20, 8.10. A. 51., 12.25. own: 2.00 and 10 56
-P.• AL. ronneoting With similar Trains on the
Pennsylvania Rail Road, and arriving at New York
0,45,at A 51.. 11.45 Noon; 360 - 6.45 P. M. - ,
and 0. OA. 5I„ respectfully Sleeping Cars aroma
paning, 620 2.35, A. M., and 10.65, 1'.01., trains
'without change.
Leavy liarrisbarg for Reading, Pottsville, Tama
qua Minerevals. Ashland, Shamokin, Pl. e Grove,
Allentown and Philadelphia,at 8.10, A. 51.,and 2 00,
end 4.10. P. 01., Mopping, at Lebanon and Principal
Wu, Station. the 4.10. P. M. train making connec-
tions Mr Philadelphia and Columbia only. For
Pottsvtllfi, Schuylkill Have and Auburn via Achnyl
kith and Susquehanna italirold, leave Harrisburg.
335 1'..51. Ihituruing: Leave New York at 9.00,
M.. 12.00, Nook and 5.05 and 8.00 P.M ; Philadel
phia at 8 15 A. M. 'and 3.20 P. M.; • Sleeping care
accompaning the 0.00, A. 51 and 5.05. and 8.00 P. M.
trains how NOW York. without change.
Way' Paesenger Train leaves Philadelphia 730, A.
51. unnuecting with similar train on East Penn
sylvtinia Railroad, rut urn log from Reading at 0.30 P.
M., stopping at all Stations; bear. Pottsville at 7 30,',
and 845 0 . 51. and 2.45. P. Id , Shinnoklo at 6.26
086 A. 51. Ashland 700 A. 51 12 30 noon, Tam:
aqua at 830. A. M. 2..0 P. M., for Philadelphia:
turd 5 ow York.
Leave Pottsville via Schuylkill and Susquehanna
Rah - Hoed a, 7 UU A. 01. for llarrlsburgond 11.30 A
-01. for Pine Alcove and 'from nt.
Reading. Accommodatlrn Train: Lefties Raadlost,
at 7.00, A. M., returning !envois Philadelphia at 6.15
P. %1..,
Poitntown accommodation. Train: Leaven Potts.
town ar 1125. A. M. returning lee VO. Philadelphia at
.140, P. M.
• Columbia Roll Road Trains leave Reading 7.00, A,
M., and 0.15, P. M. for _Ephrata, Llll5, intimater,
Columbia die. Pi n
Perklonlyn lief) Road Trains leave Perk!omen June.
Moo at 9.0 A. M. and 0.00 P. :I. Al:turning : Leave
nklppapk at 4.15 A. 51., and 1.00 P 01., connecting
Mtn Itlmilnr trains or. Reading itall Road.
tin ounday'u: Leavo Now York at 800, P. 10.
Philadelphia 0.00. A.M., and 11:16. P. M., the 8.00. A. - 1
N. 2rniu running only to Reading; Pottevilre 0.00,, '
A. 51,. liarrlnburg 6.20 A. M. 4,10 and 1065, P
:1., and Reading at 12.55. midnight 2.54 A. 61.
for. Hai rlnburg. at 12.65 and 7 06, A. M. for New.
York and at 0.40 and 4.25 P. for Phllad..?
Pr N trh:lc UORTI
Cote in utation, Mileage, Seaton, School and Rum-
Idon Tickets, to and from all tleinta, at reduced rates.
liaggago checked through; 100 pounds allowed each
Passenger. ' G. A. N 10uLLlt,
Oen: Supt.
j Teittintostery on 'he estate of Benjamin 04 ,
I. r, Fr e -late of it Lt roe coarralt p. dek , d having beam
Anklet' ti the out reddit g lu the MU , town.
ship, not, .1. h. -.byk to al, pare , as it d, d.
to Mild estate to fatal payntt,t and tho a be. leg
rintnte to prehtnt then , du n . anthent rand for, set.
11 , ru ent to BLNJANIIINUIVI BH,Jr
7 bray Omit Slkeeutor. .
1889 t, NEW 'GOODS 1869.
am now opening the shrape - st assortment or
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stock ha tees pOrthased at the present low prices, e
All tbo boot Calicoes at 12/o
(lead DeLuines nt 16, 18, 20. a 26..
31Uslins at, 4, 10, 12 &
All the NEW- STYLE DItEBB 6'OODB for Ladtaitliv
great valley and, yen', ebeap. , • •
&c., VERY 'LOW: -
Cloths,' Cassimerest
%Woods, Cotknades, do of every doontptlon an
oomsnonly low, Teti° Moron, Napkines Towolo,
Plquef N a rloollea, Rod Fpreads, Ziotodsooks..Awlpos,
litimlirler, Forme , Marsallo'Quilts, at the vary
•lowrit notch,
HOSIERY a GLOVES in gr e at variety,
.wool I eLalnes, Iteps,erape Veils, triellale,Oran—
lick Thybet bbawls and a full assortment of, gut':
ely. entire stools of goods not purillased 'within •
the last awry days will be alined out,regardlehe ;of' /
CO T FUR tAtill e,. ' •
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• Look out' for bargains at.lbe ()heap Cub inane ,
West Main Street, nearly Oppositctbe depot.
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ON Thursday ;, the ..15th Was
lgrt,bitreeti Ilorry's Gatifti.4
..4211:441:0 • EA: P13,0g, ET BOQK "-..
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844.4111.. •,
"Atyrll 20-8 t • .`"'•
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Of all colors and quell les
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