Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, April 13, 1859, Image 1

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CO, OV.En,..Prsopriefpir.
WE beg call the atten
v don of the 'Trade, and more
especi,allr the Physicians -of the
country, to two of 'the most
lar reinedies now before thepublic.
We:refer to , • • •
Dr. Chas..Dl'Lnnes Celebrated.:
Vermifuge and Livo: Pills,
We do nOt — recommencrthem as
universal Cure-ails, but simply for
.wha - t their name purports, viz
or expo lug
human system. It has: also:been,
administered 'with:All - 6'o°st satis
factory results to various -Animals
subject to Worms.. • 7_
For the cure of Liv - tit COMPLAINT'S,
;&C: 14 ca.e.s.'of.
preparatory •tki or after takifig'Qui.
1 nit*, they almost invariably make
• a speedy and permanent cure.
. • As specifics .for the. above:men
tioned diseases.,-they are Unrivaled,
~and -never known to fail when
ministered: in . accor4pce with the
_ Tbeir unprecedented popularity_
has induced the proprietprs, -
to dispose_ of their Drug business,
in which they have been
• fully engaged for the last Twenty
Years, and . .they will now give their
undivided' time and - attention to
theirTmanufactUre; And being
termined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele
brated Vermifuge and Li Vet', -PHIS
shall continue to occupy the'high
position they now • hold among the
great .remedies of- the day; they
.will continue to spare neither time
nor expense in procuring the Best .
and Purest material, and com
pound Them in the most thOroudit
manner. Address all , orders to '
FLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa. •
P. S. Deniers and Physicians ordering from educes
than Fleming Ihnu,. will do well to write their orders
distinctly. Pr. Arbone.e. prepafed iy
Poolingltrat. PittAurgh. Pa. To those wiFlllug to give
them a trial. we will forward p•r mil. post twill. to any
part or the United Ftates, one box of Pills' for twelve
three-cent iitistaao- stamps. or one vial of. Vornitfuge ror
fotirtoon three-omit stamps. All orders from Canada must
buaCcompanled by twenty cents'extra.
.L'l. CALEB & CO., eucressors to Win. If. Trout
would announce to their • customers and the puldis
zenerally that thev have just received from Phil:idol.
phia. a Janie and elo.roint.stork of goods, In their line of
busin vet of every• variety, style and quality.
ilillThey have on 'inda splendid
assortment of
of ell descriptions, fmni the COllllllOO IVI , OI
to the finest FUR AND SILK HATS; and at prices
that must suit every one who has an eye to'gol I log the
worth of his money. Their Silk. %Tole Mill. and Denver
Hate, are. unsurpas• ed .111c.1.11.; lITN ES& DU II ABILITY
AND FIN lit I : by those of any °that establishment In
the country. •
BOYS' II ►TA of every description tam/dandy on hand.
They respectfully invite all the old patrons and as
many new ones as possible, to give them a call. •
J. U. CALLIO k 00.
Ott la.
I ) ISSOLUTION. ---'The partnership
heretofiere existing 'between Simon Arnold and
1. Livingston, trading under the firm of ARNOLD &
I,IYINOSTON. was 11183 , 11001 i by mutual consent on the
10th Inst. The hooka and et...manta of the firm are in
the hands of I. Livingetem. to . s.vhom all poymente whet
be made on or Were the first day of 'lay next, an after
that dote. the hooka will , he placed In the handy of a
Justice' for collection.
Carl isle..lnn 10 '5O-3m,
N. 11.—Tbe buninees will be cnnducted et the old
stand by 1. 1.1 Vi.SaISTON,. whet will eintellsor by strict
attention. to, tne^it n cniginuatice or the patronage
'heretofore extended t o the firm,
No 291 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pinn'a.:
Tr REPS the largest and hestitssorted stock or CARPET
...CHAIN, Cotton Yarns. Wadding, Cottpn tape,
Twinee. Coverlet Yarn, tied Cords. Windt Idnes..ltope In
Colin. Seine Twine. Indigo blue 'inlet mould Lamp,
Ca olio, fkiniphr;ne, Lard and I , lllld Wicks, hi the City.
Also. a great varletV of Fly Nets which - he offers at
snanuArturerie lowest cash pit -es.
Feb. 9, 1859—am •
undersigned has a large etnek of rooting Slate on
hand. from the elate quarries of john Ilumph Ors & Co..
York borate, I'a, and is put on Slate mots
the' hest material -and on reasonable'terms. Please
rail and examine the Slate. All work warranted to be
well done by rompetktit Matins, JACOB Ulf BEM,
lkbfl—am , , • • • • -
Youth and Iflanhood.
1 - 7_ Just published, tne - 25th Thousand
f , and wiled In a sealed envelnpe to any
a , addyear, poet paid, on receipt of 'three
Medical Essay on the physical eghaustion and
decay of the franie, caused by "self abitse,",
itvrection,' and 114 injurious,, consequences' of
Mercury, Ey Cul D.. mem
Ler of the Banal College of Eurgeons,,*c
!gyp Spermatorrhcea or Seminal Nuneaton& Genital
and Nervous Debility. Impotency, La& of Energy. Der
preselon ofepLltn. Timidity, - Dle.uaif of the/to:Ewa on
gain. and impedimenta to marriegaltre promptly and
effectuelly removal , by the author's, novel and,
- env-essful mode of treatment.- by meant of which" the
invalid tun regilin pristine heenti without hating
mine tosdangeroun and expeuelve medicines.. , •
ignifil the London Laucet.l__ • •
. .
treatine ever - written - tin it - onTlitt'Orryta
Ithportonto to .114 well wonky the author's exalted-rep.,
.trout the ptihlithers'4. C. K!ANR k Co., Ist Aral
4tntr,, corner 10th'rtteet. Cotthox 438 e, New York'clty.
Mr. 23, 1838—antis '•' ' , '
Q burrE,D 'mid la aged lady
situation in a private tnnily. to teach arnall,,
, children all the English suited to their age
and capacity., Alan, War sißsl.4 In a little plain sewing
da.4lrati. vcisiceAranderediikill,bemonsldered aa:
tiqulscilentibe cc a pleasant and contrastable .
hone la tin: olon, to • was hate no 'fA t iertinwe "
t!pOr,ssT P_ennaslsania orTiny or the iniddle Staten, I
analluy - r?pittpu, •'• '' • •
TT; 5.1'-t1
, the E4Olplu Herald
."--- •
luellidltuia tine tituturiinant tlutt ett1.14,144 Ells
a isthtnwu lieut..' • all ilisus Rdd kludljuot r d. et
. ii. BetratlVll. ;
Zustitess Carils
fed his Wilco to tittS , ' loth - west . corner of !Nooses &
pontfret St where ho consulted ateny hourot - the
slay or night: , Ur. A: has hod thirty yews osperlence
lit the profession. tho last totrof which boon doer
Ciid tv
the study pi tt
t l
practice ''of lioniceopathle medl•
, •ino. • Slay '2O,
A W NOTICE.=—Tnos.
contlimmi. the practice of the law, In the office
formerly occupied by hie tether, Wm. Biddle. Esti •
noil„inote recently, by the law firm of Peurusl k Diddle,.
_nom ved. , •
lice. 23, '571 .
• • .-
1.1 P. 0.0111.1.C11,. Law,
lo—office on North Hanover street. it few doors
south of Mass'. Hotel. - - All business e»trusl ed to him
.will be prouiptly attended to. • [April 16.
f ANY NOTICE.--, REmoy4L.
][24 PliNlttlfir-lis removed his offirein rear o .
the , lourt House. whtire he will prAnntly attend to all
business omtrusted to him. , '
Augnst 1567.
Centre Square, west side, near the First Presbyterial!
\ April. 8. 1857.
DKIEFFEROffice in North
.41 /Hanover street two doors from Arnold A S.oO's
-ttose-.,:billeo-li'orirs.-tnorepsrtleolnely-froirr-7-to-14-o , elock,
A. 31'.. Rod trout 5 to 7 u'elock; I'. M.
.r- a im_ •
rgturond to Corll,lo. Atm 1111 profeAslon•l
services totilo geoer.Ally. .
tuner North l'itt street, neiarly.opposite hie foruker
resi.funre .••
Ternts.:-Itoderate. " (Carlisle'. March M. , It.tit
41" . WI , 1 be absent until tbo tst Of Aprli next.
t moro ltlg2 g . , DF . :N f lif e S i lf i roA r t g h :ry l! r al!
MOffire at the residence (Wills mother, East Louthe,
Arent. three-doore-helow Bedford. . • •
March tO, Wit —tf.
S. W. II AV E 11.81'10K , Druggist,
Jinn., Street, Calrlislr. -
Physklau's preAcripl.hrus cal ofully coutplundett
A full supply ..1 fresh druiv and ehemlrals. -
B. J D6ler in Drugs
l'oefu nary,' Faner Artleles. Cour,
tiAnary. South Hanover Strad. Carlisle. lin.
Inf. .ins the ladles arid trentlemen
a a n.
nflSvltvlr and vicinity. that helms m
eowed the Pnirtleo ef_llentlitrv. hi prop wed to per
-form all - operations • I tire tooth and. gums. ledorming
to his priet,sion. Ile - will Insert full sets of. teeth on
gold or silver, ,Ith elude aunt teeth. or Works. as they
may prefer t e nms motor:de. to salt' the times
°Mee In 'filzh "street, directly opposite the Cumber
land Valley Bank • ,
Ira,. Dr. N. will be In Newville the lint ton days of
every inooth. .
11 Hanover street, '`"
next diner to the Punt
gyt_ Wlll he nlise,t from Car Hide the lest ten dnyx of
each month. • • . • , tang. 1, '55.
(lE°. 'w,,'NEtuicti..l): 1).
Late - Beni metrat, of , peln lye Deoll,try to the
7e., Baltimore 1 °liege of
aT.V Vv 001 co at his . residehre
114, II uxi Hnt n,et. C44111% . 'e Peon
• --
Nov. 11. N.'
B E D ;4: &.31 E N D.E N!1 A 1.
North Western, Land and Collecting 'Agents
Particular attention pild to the Laciness
such as buyin.t and selling Real Estate. Inaning
ni-oiey on real estme securities. Paging l'exe, and
looking after the general Interest of nnn•renidents.
References given if require•l.
Minneapolis, Mtunegla.
Jutv 21,188—1 y
ri , o TILE PUBLIC.—The ,ilidersign
wi intinx welt known as it writer. would oiler his
services to all requiring' I.llernry old. Ile will furnish
Addresses, Orations. Kssays Presentation speeches and
replies, Lines for Albinos. !ten:mire—prepare neater
fur the Press—Ohltunries. nud write Poetry upon any
suldect Address (pest paid)
lialtienere. lid.
Fob. 17, 119. SI
EA ra ESTATE AG N . (1 )
u ANDRIAV 0. E 01:. Td. Jur Tußnipsos
r:0 F, T II 0 M I'S 0 N •
Have opened an Oleo nt St. .1 oseph, Mo.. for the pm
Huncr and sale et Heal Estate. buying and selling Loud
Warrants. entering land on Time. Surveying and Map.
ping 'Mals, ',oration of Warrants. and making invest.
moots for uot•residoots. paying of rases, and all bus(
neon pertaining to a Horrors! Land Agoney in Missouri
Kansas, Nebraska. and lowa.
ttit,./Illee on Second Street, North of A. T.
Banking llouo.' 30, 18311.
naive,' to his New I Mir o au Main street. One door aesi
of the Cumberland Valley Rail Hood Dep. t.
Ito IS now permanently lornted and has on ham, slid
for sale a very large amount of Real Estate. conslining
of Farms. of all sizes, Improved and unimproved .11111
Prowl les. Town Property of every descrlptlon. Iluild
log Lots. afro. Western Lands and Town hnts. IL will
give his attention, Is beretothre to the Negutiatlm;
Lans. WrDlng of Deeds. Mortgagvi, Wills, Contracts.
and iirrlvenlint generally.
ih'i, R. I 867.—tf.
w. C. RH LIEM,
ilhanrsota. •
tr i z tr i t 7 . 1 Ltnti,nlnv
ovtm ate. ! . I ' , t at; volt
Real Estate and securities. Negotiate loans, pay lain-,
locate land svarranis dr.i kr. - It efer to the member', al
the Cumberland County Bar, and to all pnnninent rill.
vans of Carlisle. Pa. ue.rs3-Iy.
FjsT ATE ' NOTICE.— Letters testa-
, men tory on the estate of Anna Emil. Motif Upper
Allen township. deceased. have iwen issued by the Re
gister of Cumberland county to the subscriber, residing
fu the same township. All persons Indebted to sold
estate are required to mate immediate payment, and
those having clgims will pienont them for settlement
GP 311011 A, KL LAMBERT, Executor.
Mar. 23, IBMl—rd
The oubocrlber 11:111 been arroloted agont for
Cumberland county for tho sale of Iluth's Patent Ant ,
mal 'hap. fqr ratrhlng
Call and lee them at the cheap Ilanlvare etere of
PAM, Main mt., Carlisle, Pa
SIRUP P. extnen,. Ohlo.
W. K. MCFAIII4I.I , It, Pelllltlyiyallin.
L Le Cops. - Rhoda Inlnnd.
S Y 1) AND
; . .
Bankers and 'Deniers in [teal Bailie,
. • 7 7 'Minnesota Territory
, June , ; , ,
• Q uFigl•isyrAiii ' AN ' t; VARIETY )11 1 9R1),' ,
.YOrth 7 ilrearcorner. of the- Publio,Siruare„ope; . ,,.
•• •'site the Carlisle beio - trit Para:,
IMSAMitn' replenished - 111S stork n
itlode. 'UM Assortment Is uow fu I) and romplete,umoug
which may enumerated every eurteke . of fresh.
wtitelft pr‘ce ' • • '
• ‘4 ' .4 ?4!„ 1 . 1 rP.A1 r; . ! ,
A large stock of Chloe, Glees And puttennerro-. of new:"
Anti besuitful dealgrts..and,aml,raelng 45.94' grade of.
prlco.r.• .
11. ii:ll . 3oili . AqiiNT In Ciliate tor'.fikirs'"eelobnited ~"
~:. i iiii4o,i,'.l,'*:.o- 4 . 0 41t. , 2.1',,•,9i,v8:, , ..;,,
one Of The gnsatest , gibtraveriri`itibc.'age, combining,' •••
cintammest,...saintr :alttA
"_,,mrsaseti 104. , pod .011 .Ap
(Amen contgani on hand. trial oldie are
quested tot ill . mid es 6111111 S. • .r ;I.
2 .' 3 ;"., JOB. D IlitLit • Jr, ,
_ . N. lir. Center of INN!. itorstre.
• " Carlisle 03. 27i '
Pai2MBI T,g% niams.vr aanallE.
The. at aunt Matto Is published Weekly nn - a large
'the& contenting twenty eight "columns. soil furnished
81.51) strictly - _in advance . :
61 .71) if paid, within the year: or $2 ill ai easesWholl
-payment is iiclayed until after the thcpiratio t or the
Tear. No subscrigions received for a less - period than
tis months, and none discontinued until all arreamges
;ire paid. unless at the option of the publTsher. Papers
mutt to subscribers living out of Cumberland county
-nnsthe paid for in advance or the payment - assumed
ty state responsible person living in Cumberland
ty,. These terms will be, rigidly adhered to In all
Advertisements will beAtliergeil $l.OO per square of
welve 1111. far three Ineertions. and 25. cents for each
mbseinient insertion. All edvertistenents of less.than
twelve lines considered-as a-square— -;
Advertisements Jimmied before terrines - and deaths_
cents por Hoe fir first o insertion. and '4 cents per line
tor sni,nquent , insertions. Communications on sub.
mete of ilinited or individualinterest mill be .vnareed
5 cents per line. 'the Proprietor win not be responst
blot in Ilainnlus.fw errors in advertisements. Obituary
unti. or Muria ;es not exceeding five lines, will be
__useetii. without charge
rho Carlisle itorold .101 i ItIIISITINGTIEFICE Is - the
largest and complete establiehment in the rount7i.
Three •rood Presses. and o general variety Of materinl
stilted for plain and Ponce work of every kind omobtre
as 0 do .lob Printing at the shortest !Intim, and n I the
most roasonablo terms. Peroins "In wont of 11111 P.
!nooks or anything in the Jobbing will find it to
aterrokte-gloreohetHert .
W ,1 x 1)
Mnr " ke r t i , r ica L v ( e ) l.l . l ' n - g l e V nlF lt anC;. of
almost every variety. CEDA It WAKE—Tubs—Buckets.
Measures. VAN, Painted Buckets. Keeler's Ile Lis, Bed.
Verde, lirushys. and 3,lnrge stork of .• It ides "Ceinkatell
'ore Brooms, (sold only by fin_subseriber) and nil other
beren.ary house "artieler 7 nlwa)s nt the lowest cub —ter Hale by
Nov. 10, 'fib. .1.
U -
The - Wird sesslnti of thin InstitutlnnTaill - env:menet.
In Literary 1120 ' Nowvillv, Vann's. on Tuesday. Miril
hih; I tisll nod continue f tur ontinklis (oxeluslve or a va
cation of three weeks dnrl n 2 harvest.) •
. _
A. ahle.crps of Instructors hone hoen nerwell end
no effort will he spared to rendei the scum!. worthy of
the OsMob it - seeks to occupy, - itud-or- the petronnne it
respectfully solicits, '
lichool in entirelyunder the control -
Truntecs; composed or one School - Director front each
district in the county,
. -
Tuition fro jlO per micalon•(co-extres.)
iinotthourdlugrau be had lu private families at about
V.i per week.
For circular/. containing full partleulire address T. A.
SleKinnev.t.fteneurer Newvlile. Pa.
By order of the board of trustees.
' •
lA ' X C E.!. S I 0 R 1 3 LC T U It li',..S
, •
4 A. It, lii NW001(would respectfully Inform th.
Otis:ohs of Carlisle and vicinity that )1I taiiiiirroen...
in 7,9,d a new building, cast corner 1.1 Ntarket Square
wheic• - he 14 at all times ready to take AMIIINTYPItiI4
in the latest and most approved styli.. Nehmen taken
In veiny and cloudy weather as well as clear.. and sat
I sfnetion given or no climes made. Piatialts and Da.
guerreotviacs copied. Miniature' Neßlfres taken 'far
bee Lets le., In Anibrotype. . .
A inbrot pcs warranted to stand the teal of time, beta
or water. . ..
Ladles end Gentlemen are coral/illy Invited
and exenilne pOritlll , lle
l'elees lonr - 2..ete. " A. It. II EN WOOD.
.tan 27. le:t8 —le.,
. • 7iFF - . ..._MiPtitii ' s
- Cli.tSilt; UP HOURS(
•nul .her 11 IN DA V. Sh'RSll, 11 th Isf,9, I'musen.,
r“tr..r.m....,!' nun nly: tenutv.l,)
.14 ' ;:it13'01111,. - ' • '
• ix'. emit,. 2l'frali,
~,,,%.• , 11,,,, ,, ,-' •, .- , 6.111 .%. Si 1.1111. i ! .., '.l
'-• •41A 1 . 1 .., , ,N1...-.• ! 6.4 , j - ' 1..12 -
•• Neirslllo..
0.10 ••'2.04 't .
•' •ent•ll.l4'. • 641 .• 2.4.5 :' .
.' •Ilt•i•lt"t•iii•,:liittt, 7- In- --- -4:.16 '`
%rave At II ttrlo'unt.. 7 45 •• 14t -
t •li , 'IIASIII/o:sllUltit •
, Int Trnlyi ' 2'll'nfol:
NSF' .5.. 5 1 1.30 l" 51
',VI - I.*.ti • i
.•2i) ot 2.34 - u
,•,... Oki. to 44 " 3,08 i i
.5, ntri..t, I: ob.,' •rsttur4, 10.1,4 " 4 ' ' 0
i ' ti•in .i•tt i'l ....i•lnt'unt for I'll ilailelithin. vlit l'init ' C
Ilitilr •itil it 2to i .••:, Ant' 7 ri0.,5. M.. . 0 1 I .0 an. • . ..1. ,
P. .1. ~%. ~. W. tln to.ll3tion 5',51103 1:4Il - gait it''i
H: el 5. tl , 0 .a...:.ti, I'. NI
I,IAVO tl tr,..11,,p,
For lAt lint' t,. /20. A. it awl 1.00, noun. For 'jr •on
ton and Wllllanlxvort. at 1 inl. I'. II . nliEl SAO, P. 31
Trnln on Dnuillllit goad of '2.00. I'. 3L ''
Mulct.: To p‘iSENGEILS: At'all..`.4tatlona where
Tlcklits are said. viz: Cliambershurg. dui.preshurg.
Carlisle, Alecliatlirsburg. at d Harrisburg'. a rmilletlon of
TEN en each ticket still it,, uurdr Le nll Paxson
Rern that provide themselves with Tickets liefure
• I
teriug;}he Sara.
0. N. LULL: !' , UPer't
1:41r.oul Mee. Vhaaberlibitay,
Apr 14.11. ,
Ult i U , I t•R
W1101.1.24%1.1.: N 1)
P. • D E(; Ft A AY,
_ 87 III)1,V 111,14 ale Huns.> ) and
0 i CU it I'S ULU N.T (Itetall Moro.) N. Y.
Imury ,• 11l lir fUltlrli Ole 1:111,04 and most extensive an
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8111 a of 825 Reinfled at W.lilairesale
Pilots at thy Bowery ottiva
All Furtiltur, givirant,oil ns repre.oitil. 6ne bum
Area Anil filly 'mid+ consinwly employe:id In mnmiufnc
urin r Ail tithe* I.dd lu for NaT it coniiirlsei
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In Itmrndn. Itrocnt..lln. holnlne. And Ihtir Cloth
Rosewood, Malavany and Enamelled
great. vArhoty. A larg.a..ortment of 0 lit and Mahogany
%HUMORS. Storing fowllo,tl It .fr MATI'B4IB4I , .S,
y_t.r.zu Pre,fiFulit'S.,l , 1.E./STEAD:3j with Spring and
. 1141 r yttrarucx ntl ached. Ac,„"
ST loArs AND HOTEL": FRuNffiff
DoAlprs willion tt t %their Interest to give un a tail.
• The two.story Brick Ilk use ou Lou.
411 , 4i5 , I, t . .. , 11, , %e u t ;IX
'elms. Clark. In offered li•r sale or rent.
tram the Ist of April next.
• Aiiply to • JNO. IL 'PARKER:
, Riots—lf .•
0FFrt...E , N01171.1 EAST= O.)RNER OF1.)
8 .
.and - Dock atrevs, Philadelphia.
:oU3ll.llAe:in ftArl ['Ale VI 5,000. •
Charter' Peipetustl.'
U AV I ra. S. MILLER. President. •
8A iIUEL l STANCES, Via, Prealdent.
Jona W.
The tinder-44mA. hav ing-been appointed the Aorta?
for the shore Conilieny, for Pumberlend county, would
call att-nti•likto the la.eullar edvantaree of the MUTUAL
Lire 1:18111P:Net: which gives It a deelded,preferanceover
any !Allier anode adopted. There tieing ill/ slolkiliddeix,
the !mints ere divided among the 'policy holder. and
appropriated .t,o reducing the
- annual payments. thus
making each nue interented,annally AVith.tini Trustees.
In adding to the Wahine of the iv,mnany, 07.; • •
.The premium may tie paid ,quarterly, send 1111114111 ii
or annually. an that peinoini I g'
cure (c a greater ainou'nt' than they eritild.•.Where tale
whole_ prood tun In required' to be paid re o. .
Elreulal I+ with lull garticidare CAD ,had 911, ArtIMUJU
LlOll t 4 l the sub/matter, at his , o . 'greet. Auer
the' Italirded depot . A. 1.. SPONSLER....;;
lord Estate• Agent and Conveyancer.' ,
•• . . •
11 LIN Ds - •
. 0 'S IL% 0 „
• 'Cheat; - for Comb.
B . 411 - 1.1,1; LAM 8
Vo IU North '
~• le the. llargest fact urci. ' .
li eve r y
hxwA hoe etoelt to heeehl , zetOwd .'.
Ilea, anti all ,trop -• 41",h4,4'FhPR4g14.
• 4toe thettes.pithitell;hi.erti . et.,
.1.-W, in FitPl qt,,,+hht wee 6 io all
hobo purchinheitreett - retuntree them ,he rccil clot -
cor Article rror,l4lprinowl . ,9 l lu , eel teoetpltil#4:
dy the:Uhitett :
• 4 1 4 t • '7' 1
spring thoughts! What are mine? Thoughts of earth,
awaking ,
Prom her long sleep and donning gay attire; - •
Of streams unlocked, of Avoca furrt,ws hr, eking;
Of tender leaf; of grain and iirnaey'pplre,
Of ehadowiion the lake'leblue, waterkdarelhg,
11,t stunted shrubn low bendlos ceerlllo brink;
Of-mossy-nnidaiof golden sunehine glancing,
'ofiloating clouds. Oh. of:tyese 1 think..!
Oh, apple blossoms wet with tretivigibirer, - •
-- ,Oluirrazrarit - broth ofpwridedniittswel_ •
Oh, blessed odors iron; spring's .essirdlowers, .
~:now have yostirreil'my 'eluniberitti meinorioal
Backward yo lead Main; familiar
Fcemis long, long Past Mint by ma AS a dream;
With apron run of buttereulps sinitiiligitS ;
little 'child again I seam. •
_thlicilii.Y.tb.e.Learei_9lolllltini with bentlq..iltlien
le lost lu suulitier's riper frul's sue:flowers;
A little rhllfm, longer. but a maiden
Stands hopeful gazing nu the speeding hours,
And one by one the garland's husv fingers
Weave or the hopes that cluster round our prime,
ocarce v 14,0! Ihrgers;--
runt or
"Spring th or:liter' and thoughts when backward all
aro tondlng
To early day's, to pr moles_ unfulfilled :
"Spring tbnughts!" - glad thoughts In heavenly beauty
• --• •
---0 how=drretily.-drearily- the-rnin -hod-ell
day [intend upon the windows of our little
collage. or dropped mononitionnly trent
eaves and was carried along with their cum
bitted fin etai until pia cipilatt.q Willi 011 c Co lil.ll-
SOUS sound, Into the hugh cistern standing by
the kitchen, door. Rain, rant, rain, and the;
;Thick clouds frowned threntingly upon us,
canting a dark shadow upon my usually tree
a,al buoyant spirits For, a long time I had
been winching the little dingy snow drill at
the garden gate ns it slowly disappeared, and
listening to the winds sighing through the leaf.
less trees as last toot-prints of winter were
being swept away, until a sad wailing of dis.,
content in my own heart, joined in the dismal
chorus without. I was restless ilod unhappy
From my window I could see an uniniprisonj
ed streandet. just loosened from its icy intern
leaping and bounding down the steep alSeelll.
Mingling the sweet music of joyous freedom
with miters; a pensive sung; while l seemed'
lesty winter, a stern decree. still iii
lone solitude. But my husband entered shnk•
ing the big drops from Ohl heavy CORI. exclaim
ing sporti ely. ••this will send the hoary o d
frost King to another Milne, tintl'who will be
here to mourn his departure" Alta oily I hear
mingling in the farewell song of the wrest
trees. a colipr ii ul Rai whispts anti social chat
ling about their aurle.piited. display. Sit Y:
silly trees," he continued as his coat was
plata ti near 'lie tire to dry. -Never contemed
with the present..." ';••but he exclaimed, as he
turned atiticaught a look el my unhappy face.
•my larling wile has been listening to themi
and lias caught scone or their spirit of discon
tent." and placing an arm tenderly around
me lie continued, t let us slink look forward into
the future, and draw from thei,ce conduit and
consolation, I know•you must be:lonely, our
home is so far retired that you are deprived
of the society of-dear friends: But: it shall
not always be thus. I will make toy Annal
happy nlll'ol%ll at the expense of temporal'
interest. But tell we darling what makes
your tare wear this unusual sadness to night T.
- .l•Beettuse," - I answered endenvoring to regain
my accustomed cheerfulness, ..t lie noes tio.not
talk us pleasantly 10 111011510 you, I hear noth
ing of their anticipated new dress. Spring was
to give them; but a low sad WM ing for the
present denotation. sytiquithizing.with weep
ing Miture in her own dreariness. But twill
not listen to them now tlitityour Emilie has il
lumined the dark shadows taut were brooding
over me enveloping the sluggish hours
in un
ntistiikuble gloom." "Aufba," he raid Bona—
what mournfully. after a moments pause.
have learned-that every - cloud has a !silver,
liniog .and .tlio*.its ,brightness tiny at tltitks
bd turned from COL With lii eye of Milli it
Arrays disorrnable" dell dad I and and
the lessen ,of yes guntion that lie Id 'teach
me, and on bended.gnee li.efint'ens
ed my.waywardness to Ili Ito Abode know'
how to pity amt save Ili .tempfrd.,
Morning nzolden , .sdidienin crept softly in at
toy window and tenderly_ kissing my unclosed
Lids disappeared, mid vhe Winds hushed, their
fitful -mornings ameng ihe,treee,'''es the sun
lode fort It iti fall his splend , r, throwing around
- fi . itsrything 'peace: I t , Wilit
bath: , LOno of (huge , Babbitt fi mornings ;
Mall so easily looks forth upon the ,
hrondnea of this .eartillY..eXivlillM „Owl
the avirtet ' music, of. his..talllO!Ol O. vitite,
es ..11esrebtikes„the winds and the .waves and
ellinstill.'l aroserand:atter,n Lusty toilet
Wide ltirappettrance , inilie'breakntst - room ;
, Surely: he, will go to church to day I I
mentally ettlainted• it itt,so. dcliglurtil and it
Ives' been ,sitalr'd long titbit:slice weid there I
nn toad'adtilelpathiti'l Soonlirtipar: , ;
ed our morning meal: . '?llarry," I !said!, as he
liitished'hialitst clip-of Odor; •!wo-lutve plenty
et thee t otitke our long. ride to church to day.:
!; I .i..:Wlty.Ainiu;!! he' .exelaithed ,:pleaeautlyi 'P I ;
Wahl& not:take the earriagemut to dity ler ,ten, ,
u(stio tt .tt aturperre9 ; llyil Willing . to; 'go in
Ike ty one!! again -suggested been
pd many *coke einere we!: were them': No,
no; net , to day , Atinsv notlgo; to.dayAto do
tiot , lntk, abut& atidi %the Bade: vanished
rebar , his'lip•Whilei!kotriething'..very, witch! likit
kYrOWn'-piissedqrtiee :Iteridtiome;feniureS:as
XIS ktvase..frottl,lll6.,
t.5ibli'l44 , 110111011 . 011(1):721y;51K11 room, torqoiy,,
"t de
AolorkAi foi 114 iforald
sigtlNG mu()tranirs._ 4
OL, dry nud rued
betiding '
O'er ilaydto'conie,—ii`er blossom iet uurfillled.
Not deed. but aleepolli." en of earth 'ila written,
It ben all her glorious things are tUrnod to dust;
Not dead, fiut sleepetb," wben.:ur heartoare sudden
'rho sprlfig time le at harid—ThollevoTand trust. • •
\Vern.° girt ;Mout with i , hsdow;
u h og here hi Wier' ,
Huuelilue o'er the greenest Meadow,
Pasdug, clouds obscure;
Fairest night brings foulest morrow;
Joy Ix prelude nit to sorrow. '
FnlNehnod swells In Ililntst (nriture;
Lira nro ginned with art
Truth oft wreireth rnughhw dun,
- - Who eau rend the blunt!
That we Feu In only xoeinhigl
That 'we do, we,nre but drenthtng
LII, and Oath ni• - o - itrakely minglgid;
Blossoms hide the gross:
Ench from each can sra•co ho singled,
Thoy such likeness - hare:
Lit to Dosthils Over gly . lug:_
Dying seemetir truest Ming. -
When the wind in sweetnit Inc.
- Plague kln It!! hreeth
Whseet Mies hnvo 110 k nowing
' Of the loro ot Aeuth;
That greatest - kelp, the thiepist hidden
Conieth to Us oft unbidden: - -
Yotnn•llTht of henvolt
•-• With the stentex I.l* enrth;
thigh In orermorn nFrenditg
Tgi the untie oil In ;
FMIII con peer bOnenth the rurialn ;
.The nn• m-ete
F r
• tiirowelld
13; 1859.-
lit-art `Wo.'•full of thebit ter disappointment and
. tears were . Struggling-beneath my eyelids
••flow can.lie be so cruel," I exclaimed. t brow.
lug myself upon the bed. and givingfull vent
to my, grief. ,But the words startled me.• Any
llarry-cruel ? TIM lail.StiOnglink - t that bin& --
me it) earth and lie who has HQ long cherished
tits with n father'scaite; : wetched over toe with •.
the most'earnest solicitude in 'sickness: com
forted me In keenest sorrow :, the hillier of our
angel child, lie eyed ?
,Never l,:.To'bersure.
•Ite spoke harshly, but his heart did not'Prompt'
that tart rettly., I'll nor believe it. In an hour
after I out. iijile parlor. Harry was
hying upon-ibe sofsi,wit'lt-a-book.opembeform.Z!
him. • "••Annti," lie mid holding out his hand •'
to me as 'I entered, • ymi should not !Vol dis- •
appointed because I did not care about going _
to church to day I - did - not feel like it,"atill
then it's horrid; horrid ninthly, " ••Oh. I alit
not seriously disappointed," I an-wered., en--
deavoring to smile.' ••Still, you have been
Weeping 'Mott was the effect"of those
harsh words Harry," and my head dropped
upon-his bosom, antiagain I wept.-,- t•Fie, fie,
Anoa," said he, appearing umelli - agitated ••1
taw :aeon ilieta"tit be !torsi]. I mily - did - Mot'''
"'-watal-to-go.-stud-did-not-enre-to talk-about
llaw could you think 1 was harsh to you ?"
"Easily, Ilarry," .. I answered, "you would •
• hrivelburiil no more trouble in doing so than •
. I did ' it the settles badhieen ••Try,_.
be such a novelty. and n
. fine chance to show
my heroism. But' - seriously. 'Anna. for. ti
give me if my words seemed cruel. I would('
not.williugly give your poor heart one.sorrow
nor cast one shadowef regret across tby pith.... •
It was a bitiutiftil spring -morning nearly two
weeks After the, above incident that my hus
band drove up to the door, while his•fine, spir
ited horse pawed the mellow' earth, sod tos,ed
his heat! with on air of impatience, atilmach as,
.to say. ••I.shallvaittor no otie_thiti .
but the word was given, and 'he halted
Bridgetothere'S your. IlliSlrf.Ftj!,!" said
:Alit stairs, sir." was the, reply. -Alt. time,
site is,'' he said, as I appeared it the wititioW
"Anna, emit 'Oh your bonnet and shawl, nod
conic andtake a ride. it's n deliglifful
and the' cool pure air *iiiimpart.a deeper tint
, • to your cheek.' ' • 1 caul this morning:" I
ansivered. ••it is Statirday. and Bridget -hos a •
great deal to do." "You will not be.
continuittl. impatiently ; I want 'you to go
anti call on Mrs. It , it has hem some lithe
since we were there. nod self - interest tientands . -
that nr should keep up I heir ampottni tines." .
••t ell. I can't go. Bridget has worked hard ell
the weet, and site wants to rest, 'I must-help
her." •• You seem burdened 'with kindness.
-lids morning I-would like to ba ve ,, you exer
cise some towards •nte." :• . fliere is Ito use •itt
talking °replied. ••I shall ittd go to day:"
awl I drew in my head Irmo the window to
hide the mingling of siuiles and:,orrow which
I knew must.fie vhdble' there. and it Was - well
I did or ..I might hare distinguished' on tin
plemintit word in the law mound thnt come
wafted lo tie on Oat:gentle motning breeze
Ifobin tclt the keen lash of-Ids itint.ter's whip:
and boinokil forward .118 . it he too wau'd rkim
tlmair-with the leathery Ilanc whese name he
tiu prom.ll - ;t bore It was noon ere the master
and bin hor,e appetired
p the gravel walk - to the eide door. My
heartimnal still with emotion. flow shon'd
trieM MM. or' how convince Lim that it was a
mere trial of his boasted heroi m n raid that
hardi words are cruel micapons' with which to_
contend nod cannot no used with safety, and
true 'did that carry wound" thus hough tfuTekly• hear would
16me n callebs regrerlul scar' upon the heart
that 'init• could never obliterate I sleaadltr
gji.go he books itpon the little parlor table
trembli ng_with .concealed at ionotsl-11 eard_
his honied tootsteini hebiod me. nearer tltry
etue. how should I greet Lim. But belie . °
could decide the important question, -I fell his
strong arm about me. and his manly voice
%%bile ring in m a y ear, •Anna. I am it fool,
can you forgive toe" •Ite careful, Harry."
excleimed, laughing. •imw Son stigmatize
my d.tling husband ; or you may see a repe
tition of my mortang's 'ill temper." —Why
could I not have seen that you were borrow
ing trent my vnenbulary words for the twee
shin. Indeed. Amm, I make a full confession
of past folly, the lesson has proved effectual."
"Then I . rill neyer repeat it." I misivered.
• let us ever be wise and tight with the only
weep°, that not finitely has any business with, •
those that Cupid gave and ihe same that
he is continually using—the arrows of . Love."
Agreed, one kiss and the compact ryas joyful
ly. sealed, may it be forever.
On Saturday, February 12th 1739, • the
Territory of Oregon, under the same name,
was admitted into the Union as a sovereign
St tte. This addition j9ittle the total number
of States in oukylorious confederacy thirty,
threi., Starting • With the:original thilteen,
which itibitited the present constitution, March
4th, 1789, the billowihg has been the order
of time at which hew States have been added °
to. - the Union. Vernamt in 1794, Ohio in
18 1 )2, Louisiana 'in 4812, Indiana iii 18114
MississipiLi in 1817. Illinois iii 1818, Alaba.
not in 1$ .1, Maine in 1820, Missouri in 1821
A rkiniSas' in• 1816, Michigan in 18:19, Florida
Texas, and lawn, itt 1843, W s isciaisin in 1848
Calit'ornia in 1830, -Minnesota in 1858; and.'
mut Oregon in 1859. making iti all twenty
'additions to the origivad thirteen.
The hhitoiY Of Oregon,. like 4k:der sonic,.
Other disJiveries in the a estern world, is not
is . dear recoid. lt is probable th a t it w a s 4,,
first trodden by European l'eet in 1775, wleii'
a Spanish navigator is said to have 'sited.
I' he Straits of Juan do Fuca, MI. 0 .have
I la ; deal and 'taken obsercatim .. Cook is
known to • have coasted alt g its western
shores us early as 1778. ' 'he best atithori•
ties, howeieri lend us• believis that the Chl•
unibia riveilwhie my be said tai drain the
whole country . Is not discovered tititil.l79l
.when Caw", Gray
.01 Boston, saw its mouth
Captain . ray entered the river in 1791, nail
gay • ' the name it now bears. in litliiirr of
e vessel whieli bore hitii there. 'From this
time until 1804, the coast of the territory.ou
, the Fueilie was visited by both British and
' Ainerieati tut...trailers: . 'Chi. 1805, •Presiiletif
Jefferson sent out lin exploring ; exindition, .
under Clark and Lewis, whieh pilActl4he
winter 01 1805—$ itt the mouth of the Con on-
Ibis. Fr this period until the try. of
11846 the country wtis held by companies of
par - traders. lioth , British and American. • kty '
!this treaty the title of the United States to .
all the territory south'-of the 49th parale4
was settled. • At this time Oregon endertieed
what , iii, nt* 'h noivit . as the Territory of ‘I . ash.
iiigton, froni which it 'vrria separated b y sit '•
atet•oretingress-ia11853 •-•;. ' ' ' 7. ' ,
• ' The SiittCof Ot'gaii,aii admitted into the
, Union, hi boteidtSl on t he North by ''Wititli ! ..'
jyated,by the, Columbia river, on the host by_
-the Territory of Nebraska, on the SoOth ft,y- ~
I Celilerniai end Utah, rind on ilia; Wst . ,by "„
the Pacific 00041111.7,..410 ~Stlierlida 'lo 7 o' Ott of !
'the State ; trot:al:4st to, Weat,is.o6s miles,
and its breadth from North, to Sotak c is 279,-
I'lloes. , Its area is emnputia:Att. ;185,030 ..
110 : 111.0:11111e3:• which : wound make:the': new , ;-
' State /bout five times as'grent as , lientuelty. '.•
'lt. is the , taithioit of; late to , give row all. ate*,
,Statettgigantie pr0p0rti0n5: , ..........:„; , ~.. f ,,J.
''"Oregon 'is at . -very .rnettetaittous 'rietnitryo-;
Front the:seit . to the' Caileadet :range, a did ,
taneeV 'Averaging' shone - I 00 '.' nilfeW, is tv fine'' , .
`'agricultural email ry 7 vitat';betiveenlhe'CitaL '
"eada.taiiirii.,aniftlie tvest'i;ili britifOleirv;i4hieli::
'isi'iti the ItiielcY'Sltiitutalit:4 Vie' tiliiileenifutry '''
is mountainous.. This imtne 9e space be
'tweet! the Cascade and Rocky chains May
be designated aH'an elevated i'ateau, 'cui.
up by the blue..Monntains, outing from
.to_ south.west,.tha.Salinon. river
i manitahni ranging from west, and - the
Bear river mountains in the south•east.• The
whole country is' full of hills and mountains
and spurs of:mountains and can.more proper
ty bacalled a pastpral, that an agricultural
region. The Rocky Mountains, which form' .
the eastern boundary, rise to an elevation of
13;0110 feet, ma the South Pa3s, which attains.
an idtitudelof more 'than 7,000 IheOs the
oil y , outlet Traio the valleys or - Oragtartiy
those el,,Yelkraska,„ . • ..• •
The great river qoregon is thef , Columbia
- which-is-Ravigithle4orlarge-vessels-from-the.
sea to.the Cascade range ; wan - stance of about
one hundriid and' thirty miles. •Tlie great
'mutt:lies of this river are Snake, draining the
eastern. sectiet. ; Fall, which drains the mid•
die .tiection, and ‘Villitionitte, draining 4he
section-West -of the -Cascade range. The
Umpqua, tha Ramie and the Kalmath rivers
empty dire&ry - iiit...i the Pacific:mitt : Ore only
navgiable fora tow miles Gurotheir mouths.
•The Columbia river is remarkable for its
Dalles—a narrowingorthe channel, between
basaltic rooks, to one hundred yards. Here
tre'witawiltlls -- n - distance - or - fiAy Wet - in - jwo
- i»ile9; - ifiarlislitis tlddiigh the narrow gate
. yid' arrowy speed. The freshets cause the
water at this point to rise sixty that, and it
is only. then that it is - safe fur a boat to pass
.... .
'the Dales. • .
This. eimstry is celebrated for its great
forests which nature has planted there. There
is a speck: of fir tree, known as Lambert's
pine, which attains an eleceitizm of 390 reet,
and a circumference of. rorty.reet.. There if.
- also 'other line thaber,there, rattell as the
bonito lc,metlar, oak, ash, maple, laurel, - piiie
etttton..won.Letc., Ste.. but Lambert's pine is
the. tireat staple oflutitbiar. 7i iy exported - to
the ;laud wieb Islands, to' California, etc.. fur
tliTlyttriouB_llBe3 or inechttnisiti,_
Agriculture-is the chicrethployment office
inhabitant:it list muting, mantithetures. cum
merce; ete.. receive..considerable Mt...talon.
The pupnlatiue of the country whi c h rnpidli
ineren,eil pri.vious to the film , a the urgaiii.
•zillion or Ihe 'territory in 1818, wits retarded
lit' the California gold liivei• Tor.sotne
The Now or people is now on the i'lierense,
and in a few years the new Suite will have a
vast Of course the impalas on
for. years In come will ht confined to . the
e.ittotry wiwii the and the`Caiiende
range or iiimuit t ans..,.l•ll,,re is a territ'ru
witliiii.the enclosure tiouul to any of the old
States in thelsiiion. and it will be years he"
lire they will leavo-tlits-fertile region fur the
iiiinnitaitit hi the rear.
A 11.1 ICON A U o'.
The Courier 1' Beirwei tells the following,
which roue place some thou. titne_sitico,on_the_
occasion of the last ascent of that celelpated
and lucky acrointut,--M: Godard: .
'Monsieur Godard toot with him oil that clay
ns hi. coinpaglitin rle royogr, a wealthy private
=gentleman. who paid 1000 francs for the priv
ilege of sharing in tlw
_perilsutthe expedition,
The weather could oathave been more profi
(MOS and the balloon shot'op rapidly to a
considerable alt it lade. -
••What effect does that produce upon you?"
askel Sl tiodard.of 111.5 ootnpunion. • •
••N:uhitig! ' said the latter • laconically.
••Sly compliments to yod," said .I. Godard.
..!You are the first whom I have ever seen ar
rive at socli an Atditude...without.lietrayiug.
some emotion."
••Beep on mounting," said the traveler, with
a gravity...supreme.
M. Godard tlu•ew over some ballast, and the
balloon ascended sonic 500 feet higher.
...And now." added Jl. Godard, •does your
heart bent ?"
"Nothing yet !" replied his companion,with
no . air which approached closely• to impa
The devil !" exclaimed M. Godard ;- "you
have really, my deaf' Sir, the roost perfect
iinalitication to be an aeronaut."
The balloon still ascended; when 1000 feet
highe - C, M. Godard interrogated a third time
his companion.
"And now?"
• Nothing nothing; not the shadow °of' a
fear whatever :" answered the traveller, With
a tone positively discontented. and lute at man
who ha n elperienced a profound deception.
-Goodnesii inel so much the worse'then,"
said the aeronaut smiling; ••but l must re
nounce all hopes of uin.,iog you afraid. The
ballon is high enough. We are going to de
• To descend I"
. .
"Certainly; there would bo danger in going
' ••l'hn( does not make slightekt differenc: o
me; I do not r i llooso to descend."
"You what.? ' asked M Godard.
s'l say I wish to ascend highe ; keep on
mounting I have given , 1000 f• tics to expo
rience some emotion; I anus o so. and I will
no descend before I have '•lt some emotion."
M. Godard common to—latush ; ho be
lieved at oncet.lnu i vae all a: joke .
"trill you asc• d, once more!" demanded
the traveller, s 'zing hint by the throat and
slinking hin wuli violence; ••when shall I
feel POMO notion?".
M aid relates that at this moment, he
fell mself 105 t... A sudlen s and dreadful re
v anion broke Upon Wm in regarding the
strangely dilated eyes of his compagnon de
'voyage; he hell to do with a madman!
If even the Unfortunate aeronaut had had
any defensive weapon be woidd, after nlbliave
been capabh? of 'blending himself; but it is
not usual for people to furnish themselves
with pistols for a voyage in a balloon, and
certainly one would nut dream of meeting
whh;a- warlike encounter in the stars; The
earth was POOU feet beneath = most' horrible
depth ;=null the least 'nevem:tut of , the now
furious madman inight cads° the car to cap.
"Ali !.ah ! yolt. arc ' , mocking me, my, fine
fellow," continued the madman, wit Ifoukdoos
cuing his grip.'
—An! you think to 'rob" find 'of 'lOOO francs,
is well as ,inrpanintion:' 'Very- well, be quiet.
Its, toy turn to laugh. It's you now who are
golng Io out a caper." '
The madman was possessed of prodigious
muscular force.
M. Godard did not even attempt to defend
iiiinselt. • “What do:you Wish front me?" ask
he,, with a calm tone aild'stibmissitionir.
• ”Simply to. minute myself id seeing you turn
ft sothersault." answered the inadthan, with a
terogious ' „ , ,
!tiest ,, ,(llm - madman appeared to be
himself) I have nay 'idea. , " l' wish to see
1 can't find F‘onMentotion up there. 1 Must
piit; myself astride ont.he Semicircle, "'•-• •
.Irl indicated with his' finger 'the
upper. I.Mrt.of.. the balloon,-:,' speaking
he continence(' to *limb along the cords which•
had the car *totalled In the balloon'.;' - L
111. Godard. who . had not before trembled
'kit+ himself, wne.forced' MAD' so -now for the,
louthuatt. • •
,i•But, miserable :Inanuou.nre.going to.kill
yeUrnelf: . You seized-with vertigo." .
!".No remarks,l'. hissed., the mailman,• seizing
again .by.the ,colar....cir .at- once ,
jdob you into, the iibYes." , ; t
!'allow me
I ii",„ put this cord.-roUnil,; , ytiurl -604; so that
yi . M.rany'remniniattach,eit to,the.balloonn
•;9•11e it so." ,said the madman whm'appeared•
tq comprehend: the utility .of :the precaution.
done, furnished with hie cord of safe-,
tho madman comiumeeil.iti _climb among
lb° l'9l',o6lqthfl!9 }lo.
f $ll 50. per, annum In advante:
$2 00 tf not paid its advsance.
reached the balloon, and placed liithself astride
the semicircle, as "he had said. • ce there,
he rent the air with a shout. of triumph, and
drew his knife from his pocket. • •
"What are you gain& to do?" asked M.
doilard,vile feared that' he might have the
idea: of ripping open.the ballocn
••To make myself comfortable forthwith."
Uttering these words. the madman. cut
slowly the cord of safety whichM Godard
had attached,to his body. • With a.single:puff
of wind to 'shake the balloon, the - Miserable '
creature must rOlroier into the abyss.
.And. now,". yelled. forth the madman,
brandishinsf_hisitnifewe_are.goingte laugh.
All. robber, you thought to make mo'descend!, .
Very well It is you who are goingto tumble
down, in' a moment, and quicker than that!". •
—lll,- Goderti - itrud -- trot - time - to - mtikea — mose..
meni or put in 'n single Word.. Before he was
able to dithle (he infernal. intection Or the
noultinin, the latter, still astride of the semi.'
circle, had cut—oh horror !•. your of the ocor- -
(Ines which suspended the carte . the Witten.
The_car inclines_ horribly—A only holds by
"A`win'd, n eingie word f" criedM. God-
":Co, no pardon !" vociferated the nuidtr4tn.
I do not ask for pardon, on the;contra-
. ttWliat_is it_yau-wish- T tlien ?" said the --
man; astonished. . • • •
"Al. dltia moment. now,"icoittinued the aer
onaut, hurridly, "we are at a height of 6000
feet." '
"Stop.", said the madman, "that wilt be
charming to tumbledown from such a height."
••It is still too low." added M Godard.
- "How so?" - asked the madman. stupefied.
• "tea," said N. Godard; "my experience
as an aeronaut his 'taught me that death is
not cOVtdia to ensue from a fall from this - ele
_Tumble or. no _tumble—l Anust_prefer
to fall from such a height' as. to - Tie killed out
right,'rather than to risk only being lamed—.
have-the cluirity -to- Precipitate -me from a
height of 9000 feet only."
'•Ali ! thitardii !'' . ..said the madden - , whom
the mention of a more horrible tiill charmed
Nl..Godard followS heroically his purpose,
and throws-oi - eFan'etiornmus quantity of bal
last. The balloon makes a .powerful bound,
And mounts 800 Mein a few seconds. Only:
-and while' the madman surveys this opera
iim with a menacing air
,l he aeronaut thinkis
o accomplish'atiot her in a'sense quite . contra•'
. The quick eye of
,11. Godard bad remarked
that among the cords spared by the madman.
figures the nue. leading to the valve.' His
plain is taken ' Ile draws. this card, it opens
the valve fixed in the upper part of the hal:
loan'for the purpiise of allowing any excess of
of-the -hydrogen gas to escape. and the result _
which he hoped for was not long in making
itself apparent.
- Little by little thumadmanbecomesArowsy,
asphyxiated. and insensible by the vapors of
the gas' which surround hitn The madman
atioc-sufficiently a , pliyailited for his purpose;
M. Godard allows the W 1 9 1 4. 10 descend k r ' ' ' '
slowly to the earth. The ilMtta - is finished.
Arrived on terra firma, M. Golan] not bear
ing any hatred to the author of his perilous
voyage, hastened to restore him to animation,
And lend him conveyed, hands'innd feet bound,
fn I ite heighborine stntion
Not all alone; for thou canst hold
Communion 'meet with saint and artge; .
And gather geMs, of price untold,
From many a concentrated page;
Youth's dreams, the golden light of age,
The poet's lore, are still thine own ;
Then, while such themes thy thoughts engage,
Oh, how count thou be all aloud?
Not all alono ; the lark's rich note,
Ar n to heaven. sho si
That notea the wandering sparrow's fall,
A ;saving handle ever nigh,
A glorious powerattends the call—
When sadness holds the heart In thrall,
Oft In Ilia tenderest mercy shown;
Seek. then, the balm vouchsafed to all, '
And thou aunt never-be-alone!
Seedling Hoses
To hasten the blooming of seedling roses, .
the seedlings should, whew they come up in •
May, be kept well moistenedi`but not too wet
until they can be- well taken hold of, in Order
to pot off. Put one each into the smallest
sized puts, and let them as soon as they are
established, be placed ip the shade, out of
doors; but-the greatest care must betaken 'e
to-prevent the attack of the fly, or vermin of
any kind. Thiv must be looked at daily; •
and upon the .least appearance of fly, the.
plaids must be placed under cover, and fumi- ,
gated and syringed' regularly. It is still bet
ter, if there 'is-frame room,:, to put them in
when potted, because it gives all opportunity • •
otshading of keeping off too much wet, pro
tecting them against wind,-and oftumigating •
witlniut the-least difficulty, when. nem miry ; _
They should, however seldom have the glass. .
es on. Afterthey have been five or sii'weeks
'in the - Su pigs, they may be bedded out-in rich.
beds of loam and manure, - •
the balls; they may be planted about a foot ,
apart, in beds- four feet wide. Before the
close of the building season, many will have
grown quite large 'enough to breed. from, and
the most promising may be cut back, and- '`•:'
three.or four buds put.on remarkably strong , •,
stocks: Select kstrong branch for budding
on, and, at first, let some portion ofthe ;
beyond the, bud -he left: on to grow; a
small, ithoot•beyond the bud will do to draw
the sap paid the bud:: -T4se buds will strike
off vigorously , tbe.--next.- season, -and, Make
considerable growth ; but before the-bud has
shot far, eat the stock away everywhere but
tbet 'pEirtiooB , buddetl. poi: -growth-,kbey:7-
rintke this Summerop'stronghtocktit will .
ensure their blooming the neitt season. ' ":••'
. .
The' j , oting lady 'who. 4 thurst . bite'
the other day has been, pu t - together again,"
unit is; w 'wearing hoops_ to prevent &leen,
rence.of the accident,
very singular, V
dl4a,_etllll'!,l"!'•ilit ki.aahe
Ot dear MissyLYlll,e(on make
Ttip',ll/47, , ,whci yrtgi,nearty lq•the'. act., 11. o ,
pidetl,4l#eb,age of 4er (Juiy, 4 Oosfty .„1 c
surely fegpv,"l,ng.
.: r~;.
NO. 30