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i ,:, Ou . A*tri-14: 73 . : r.A.';. --: '..:.
WNI6ESDAY JUt4Y - 22 1.867 v
Fdr dovarnor. -
DAVID WILMOT, of Bradford Co.
For Judges . of the S . uprerne Court.
WlESEECHratftetto--Co. --
JOSEPH LEWISj of Chester Co.
For Canal Vommissioner. , .
• MSLI 4 IVARD ,of Flrilad i a
Although the Gubernatorial campaign',
has not yet fairly . olietied; it is' tithe that,'
our 3Republican friends should arouse to
a sense of the importance of u thorough
— edinifforgtinitation. A :ticket, headed,
• by - Mich an array of names as Wilmot,
• Millwtird, 'Veeoli and Lewis. deserves
more'.than a mere passive 'approval. If
• we believe that the princfples and policy
• of the, party which placed these Men be
. fore the' people, are, founded : on minim ,
and 'itiau.T we should allow no other
county, in - tho Commonwealth, te , -go
step beyond us in bold, earnest. advocacy ,
' of their election.
To' do this, successfully, requires in-_
cant and efficient organization, in every .
township and election district,. in the
County. 'Vigorous, active, energetic sup - -
pert; You owe ae a duty, to those, who
are-placed lathe front rank of.the battle,
find on you rests the responsibility of
victory or defeat. Do not suppose for a
Amoment; that the Democratic party,:con
, tiding in theirstrength, are sitting inac
tive, around their camp-fires; like the
old French. Guard, amusing each other
with incidents of the late campaign; while
- some are superinten-ding-trgenernlAivi
sion of the spoils,' others are busy • mar
---thaling the !ones for the coming conflict.
obtained possession of the
eral” Government they aro determined
now if possible, to secure an asendency
in the. State; to counteract their'- efforts
4equires vigilance arid 'activity.. on' your
part- • GO td Work with' a 'will, form . Wit
- met clubs in every t,dwnship; , register
your force and nuke every, vote tell - .
.The northern . _and% western counties,
will roll up Wilmot - majorities so large
- - as to put all preVions calculations nt de
. , fiance, and if the people of the eastern
and middle counties 'do their
_duty the
result will be a signal triumph. '
- 7 Eier:since the adoption of the ,New
Constitution by the p_eeple of Penney':
vania, there has been a constant tinker- .
• ing at it by successive Legislatures, un
til it bids fair to rival in . pntelt•tvorle the
.shophe'rd's coat, which; had been so often
mended that it was impossible to tell what
part was the original- - - •
• Ai tLe election in October. next, • the
people will be called on to vote, for- or
against, foiir proposed alterations, or a
. theudn3ente to the State Constitution,
• 'which have been adepted at the two last
. ; sessions of the Legislature, and will be
_voted upoi seitaratelyilhey - are ----
-1: In relation to the creation . of Pub- ,
Ho Debts, prohibiting any increase of , the.
State Debt, or the borrowing of money
for state purposes except upon temporary
low, and preventing the state from be
codling a stockholder in any corporation
• or-loaning her credit thereto.:
. -
2. / In reference to the erection of new
counties. • •
8. In re • . • Letrislativo apportion.
moats and 'proposing the election of Rep
resentatives by single districts . _
• 4. In relation to charters of incorpo
ration, proposing to give the Legislature
the power to alter of revoke; any charter
when deemed necessary.
We invite the attention df our readers to
these amendments, which they will find
on the third page of our paper.
It is unfortunate perhaps, for a fair
expression of.the svill 'of the people, that
the vote on the new Constitution, and on
albthenubsequent, amendments, has been
taken at the general elections, in October
When in. consequence of more . exciting
issues, constitutional:questions have . teen
ecrtain however, the state Department
using every means to "Keep it before the
people; '! by extensive advertising, and'
no Voter, who wishes to inform himself
on the subject, can plead, ignorance,when
—he comes to-deposit his vote.
TIMB KtErEa..-- The. Harrisburg
Daily Telegriph, makes e , dctily
against the elook on the Capitol, be-,
cause. J " , eatet come up to !hue' :why do
not,. thellarrisbUrg folks gct • a clot* of
their own ? ,
They. have a rickets , old Court house,
with a dilapidated looking Indian on the
top of it,4l,iyould &sillily be tolerated
in a wildcarcounty. . ,
The population, trade and position ,of
Harrisburg would, justify the. erection of
a Court,liouse and county buildings lie
cowl to none in' , the Statel That once
scoom'plishsd, Ivith' a reliable time-keeper
on it, relave no objection to call Harris , .
burg •a a City. " . ' .
apivifiErk.-Aftor a trll irhioh :
ted eleven days and prodneed iiltenie
rea in the OdmmunitY, ren %
demi a verdict of guilty, of murder in
the ilirfA t ijere against Charlotte .Turiei
. Steward t„for the
• Alialrdtir.-tifLOo Wilsonfaionily, at MoKees,
F9 11 ..§40 , .- - r 4 443 0 ft' 1361 .14 1 *., 18
, 401444):#00 fr,Of 6 ' 3 *1 4 4#(40:44e,
0 , 4 2 ',4*:4411' of health • and pfteillie
14 4 0 9 ,0i 3 ti • tf
I. fbr fiven4r;fl4
Attgium 6.111;, 6 4%
• hvitte in st ; .11W earner of afAthe
•*- .., • •
Nlay)linitnetit, itaa - 'laid at ! I.4laingtorr
tnuel inierest
ih presenee of a , lareennanurseOfironag
-and clapt both sops, xesidentiand Ottan
admitted into „ the, cemetery grounds
was the carriage still in good keeping,that
was presented to the H.on. Henry Clay
• __by_ the city of Newark, New. Jersy, Nov
23d, 183 K —ft was ornamentell byforit
-waving white funeral plumes • at the cot ,
• ners, and inseat - was placed tc
bust of Clay; also the engraving of•Clay'!,
leave taking from the Senate of the Uni
ted States. Within sat the old coachman
of Mr.. Clay, a venerable, _but
ing gray. hatred negro; ‘!Aaron . Dupev,"
• who had -:been bred, and. born at the
6 Slashes," in Old anover, • Va. He
" traveled with him, he said, *hen there
• were no turn Pikes in Pertugal or in Eng
land. He commenced service with him
When Jefferson was going out of, the
Presidency, and has been his faithful
servant until the deceaSe Ohio much be
) loved `master: • '. ", • •
A few aged men were, present, AO
had "known the sage is the yOung, Harry
of Ashland, who heard him in person de r '
trounce the cnterferenee of Goveintment
I in personal liberty, and that of the Press,
as.earlY as the alien and . iedition lairs ,
some had beard his bold adioeacy of the.
war of 1812, of internal impidyernents
- and of the American system-his
meneetnent and cloSe of life a Statesman.
Political followers and antagonista,now
disarmed, were hemp testify to the. sin
cerity, ability and purity of Mr. Clay;
I,', men who knew by experience ; and youth
who had read "and_beard . of his gallant
deeds, trooped into the Fayette county
seat, and on the early hours of the Fourth
Lexington was filled with people from 11l
the adjacent counties. --, •
The sidewalks were jammed, the win
!• dews and housetops were &reveled with'
men, women, and children, gazirtg upon
• the pagan', that for two bolus was ;puss
ored With- wavingtiagsi and. pendant ban- .
• ners, and which thundered with the ex
., plosi on_of_artillery, _the...rat tle of d roma:,
, and the music of brazen throated instru
-meats. _
• • Rev. Robt. S.. Breckenridge, himself
- a proud representative of _Kentucky - in
.talente,andlineage, stepped forward and
addressed,- for near two hours„ the- vast.
~ and attentive auditory. • Vii. c
• It was not an address s eeeking' in fine
words atid
nioeuinent to•the spegker,of ,his rhetori
cal powers, or to the writer, of his abili
ty in composition, but a noble, simple,
earnest, eloquent memorial, in high mor
al strains; and deep philosophic teaching
by example, from the Inituble commence
; went of the Orphan boy of Elanover, to.
the lofty acquittal by him of every duty
faithfully until he, as an American Son
, ator, folded his robes around him to die
in the National Capital.
- The immense concourse agent an hour
tut the grou n - ds after fife midres. --- Pie - - -
nie dinners and .publio Vrbeeue furnish
• ed food foe the inner man, while around - .
on the green Sward, parties spent soci
ally.the gay passing hours until the grand
' ' military review, which was a creditable
ffair to the citizen soldiers.
,CHIEF,—A 'late/ to the San Ahtonio
Taxan, dated Laredo Texas ➢lay 25, says:
You have doubtless learned , ' before this
reaches you, th'at "Wild Cat," the Semi
nole chief who two the United" States so
!much trouble in . Florida, 'is dead• ' He,
with forty of his people, fell victims to
the small
1,,..51r.. Benjamin° Whitman, has
assumed the editorial control of the Ilar
risburg Daily Herald. Mr. W. ia a
racy,"vigorm writer, and will no doubt
keep the Herald up to the same standard
it had attained under the Care of the late
editor, J. C. Cl.)%e Esq. •
Ptc-Nrc : --The Printers in Harrisburg
are making arangements to have a grind
pie-nic, some time during the present
month. We presume they.. will have
plenty ofpi, on band, and that the Devil
will be "chief cook and bottle washer."
APPOINTMENTIP-It 118 confidently
asserted by hie friends, that Capt, Geo.
Ehmderson, of the Lancaster Intelligeneer
and formerly of this place, 'has' been4P
pointed Treasurer of the' Mint -
,lkt Phila
dolphia+— The post is said to be worth
*6006, a year. . _
- --- -idartriluiairtwo - rtußstrrocar.--A Witting-
Watt tied recently,in 'Newport, ,Kentuoky, to
Uorainate Republican candidates for COngreas
And titti.Stute Satiate, itt whit& tGe following
-raolutlons_Were Adopted:
Rotorua, -Thid the pinsperiti - tend , glorious
future of Kentucky, is dear-to our hearts, and
that, On tn
derlopeecta of , Its i 111111411160 Agri
cultural and mineral resources should be en
oijeOt of our highest regrird. •
• Moo!via, That it is .thaperaniOtitit
• Oat of Kentucky, if she would keep nixes with'
the growth and .onward, career of Jinn. sister
tates of the West; to foster and, encourage,
free white labor, and that,all her liktite.
senashonld be/tee:Am -fief 'to Mink; 'to
epeak, to fete. • .
Baotou!. That while one drop of American,
cii'Angl6 Sesdniblood shall.aantinue to course
our veins, we Will 'cling to' await .of
freedom characteristic of Oar racet that we
Will bow,in abjeot submission .to no utan,while
we, unfurl .sur banner to the breeze., with this
words of the immortal POtriolt,lleury,inscrib
- tbetteOn;'sdive me Litterl or Oro modenth.
• . Berotred, That: We 'l4ll4olth - opeh `hearts'
open',.. arms , that, ouriing of- oaf
igration that le setting-in upon us • from the.
old world: and oamposetl of 005 0 - WhO'
for that'freedom and - hint:Mu - happiness. hera
that is denied 'cierywhetW oleo. -" "
Baotou!, _That 'bp exietencu of Slavery in ,
ItentnoltY Is deeply to , be_ regretted,, and ,that
°veneer much diffeioneo of opinion May, ealst
n regaidlolthe Propthity 'et abolishing it now •
stiq; were ' We free from it, ' we 'would' *Mani—
tioneby • opptute its • introduction beret• and
while entertaining, these :principles if a ppit.:„
Coble - at hone.. • , •
BetOtrotkithat'welmixtity adopt the 'prin
ciples of thegreat Atedriesn,ltepublican party,
, namely : - ."non interforenee , (on - the- pert- of
Abi,4"9.01049)•in regard .to slit;
• very in the sonreign States Whets it note ex. and-non extension of slavery' Tree iferti-
Booolve4 hat we bold with • Oblef•JOidlin
that sovereilletY 444W° in l b. '
people, and EMU.* propert y. 1.-
--- 41 r; - .CVO. Payne • was noMinalei for the
State Smite, sad B F. Elanfor.i wel emaelna
, 1 7,44 for Coagessie
' rfomOnt'itt - . earl
Quilyill , W44“'lrork-'o4.', -
grownAint,kloutitg: Vattert.;
.14:1 R. i biter for
• SulOtis attar t4~ 1867.
1.867; V,l.TherM - 3- 1 Riau. 1 Iteitierke..,7
51 meter., 1 I
- riiiiipjet 6604
Wednesday. 78 00 .
Thursday. 75 66 .10
'= 78 - 00
-BatOrilitY.. - -_ 78..081- ‘.
thiOdny. 80 00 . •
hionday. 8000
te.eak2 Weekly I
TATIyE'-Inl.; &any mintiest throughsut the
State, local 'conventions of both parties, have
been held; and tickets framed, ready-, for a
spirited contete In our-county, ,as. soon as
the grain is out and housed, the formation of
a county ticket, will press itself upon-the at
tention of the peepte,and it heoomes 'a ques...
thin of some biter*, 'to know who I. to repr;
resent us ; in . the riest Amgielature. : , ' .•
:-Eleretofore, 'with two members, It.was, ex;._
oept in a few instances,, a matter
Of right, to the_"upper end" ned,"lower end;'.
but, as the apportionment bill of lost session,
'gives this ',Minty but onevember, , it will Ate a
moot point to determine, from , what part - of
.the county, he shall be selected. -. The next
session of the Legislature, will be done of-unu
sual irderest and it le important, that we
should have a man of the right stamp, to rep.
resent Cumberland county, no matter whether
be Is "high up, low down, or middleway." The
Union Convention, will come Into, existence',
untrammelled by- "pre-emption' rights," and
may,fitirly scan thei_whole tiOuntyt in:search
.of a man of sufficient . ability, to " carry weight °.
in the House, and independence enough, to
-withstand the tribe of borers; who ore con
stantly "bobbin' around" for Votes, to influ
" As yet,there seems to be unusual apathy,
in regard to the forination of a ticket, we have,
not heerd,the name of a single individual men
tioned, in connection with any office in the
We -have no - personal preferences,
but, trusting that the intelligence atid.pstriot
ism, of the ptirty in this county; will ensure a
popular ticket, based on a 'proper regard for
— What -- Erdiftirreev'ery aeotiOn`!Of the county, we
shall devote our best energies to its support,
and, ittim . People are true to their'profossions,_
o th Ouitty;
ere ' cad be no fear as to the result in this
-•. . . ,
PIE EMORY M., E. Ctittacti. - -In our'
last paper, we gave It brief description' of - the
ceremonies, at laying the corner stone of the
Emory M. E. Chitrch.. Thie edifice when fin•
lobed, will be quite an ornament to the town.
The dimensions.of the Church, are 70 feet in
depth, by 47 in width, With-s height of 86 feet
to - ,the eaves.. The style of.tho Church is to
be the modern Gothig,the . basement will be
elevatml.two or three steps above the pave
ment, 'and will be divided into mimes, for Stilt
day;ScheOt and Clags,tneetings On this story.
there are to he three doors of entrance, 'from
Pomfret strict. Two flights of stairs lead•
from the vestibuleto the abdienoo room, which.
will be about the - ell of the First Presbyteri
an Church, witho'height of about 26 feet; the
pulpit will be atithe north end of flip - church,
and the choir gallery opposite this min will
seat nearly 600 persons. The front of tber
church is to be ornamented, with .0 siring
moulding, in imitation of atone, above the en
trances . ; and nbove the. moulding; there ore
-to-be-three-windowsi-the-centre - one, - otwhich,
is to be 30 feet in height. There will ohm be
four octagonal turrets in front ; the angle tur
rats are to be 72 feet high, and - the centre for
rats will he 00 feet to the pinnacles. •
_Five windows run along each side of the
(Murat, and will be so arranged, that the low,
er part wilniklit the , basement, and the upper
part, the audience room.
Mr. John IL Turner is the architect and he
has contraothd to finish it by the first of next
May. •
TIIE . HARYEdr. — Tho weather for the
past weeki.has been favorable for harvest ; by
this time; no doubt, the hey crop has been se
cured, and our farmers are now busy at their
wheat and rye, and if the weather continues
favorable' another week, Will probably com•
pieta the work. The accounts of the wheat
crop in s tills county are quite encouraging,' a
large a mount was put out last fall, - end al
though the cool . weather has kept It back
soinewhat, we BA told that the effect has been
.to cause the grain to 511 hotter than . .usual.
Some of the wheat near toVen, is mildewed:
but we believe it does not extend to other set
done or the county. The% oats crop, will be
very heavy, this. season, and • the corn looks
! promising. A backward spring, "has thrown
the sulnmer work all together, rind our farm.
_ere sr, nousualltbusy, but they'll • feel good'
,when }he work is done, and in - the meantime
they can oonsolkiqemselves with the redeo
don tbet "there is a good time co l totig,” when
they den." lie book In the tall grass" and slog
Itarkir farmer WAWs a man wbo can make a
full head about 4 o'clock ft 4)ie Afternos;
are opOti loan engagement—Lai Gradoe'l wa.
A muoarry.—We warp shown s few
days ago, by M. Attacob Fetter, iflileoe .of wnl.
out plank, which Imbedded wftblo It,two rifle
bells; of IVO) .sfae; Ott , trO,wae.out on the
F;lloiritt:Peobee creek, near IttsnOt's P.4!11,
and utiosu4d,tbree .0 n !MI( Ceei . aorose tbe,
stump. 'Fbera wee u -strewth ,of more *lnn)
Olghteen putties :of wood, outside of the ball.;
perhaps some :of our, correspondents, , -who are
pocineluted,*o the' grprb.of tbs,welout, eau
estimate t h e lapse of lime', Ante these, balls
, were flied,. llmpleuk isframttte heart of tba
tree anti wilf
l. .b!,filufsfied so as to expose one
of tb-e'buits; ,
People atbo a re curious In , poet, matters, can ,
call atlii;Fatteett wire-roOm and exontfoo .
ind while doing so, they can have on 0 1)F 01 1n•
nityr?it very ; superior furniture.
.Valley- hnee'reoently put
a eplendid 'Lonetootire en' the tend, 'ft oin 'the
Lanisetei; \ Locomotive'- 'WOW, g nitnied
4 Judge in compliment' iii"the
dept of , die company, ' , The deliingoirlicelo are'
nearly five end the'
thobee'lif dhunet4i,ivith - a'birnite of twenty-two
.-_,FletTesentitives Artit.ion'_':,
and Toni*. `America.. are 'ocitioOpoopeiy
0 1 1,76d z 0n inisipo; .ikird,tha 140 le
tented aliniottes',l4 'Pre- : : 'Pio
Iroonietirtritr nenti'lor , tes Ins alone. '
and she'eottintlininr bridge 'up' Co ,
'oinni , Mug:
that if the i i,o 4- 10004,!Oloti:
'sio4r i n to the
Tall ix.siihom Mite inn; ortilgtowre
"but 0 4 tWati-atrtrei4-41 -correspondent,
wrylittas'tha.,folitiritit.:44 saw -some: oats,
Ool.#ob).eit',. in . the
toll tlui i 4 etad 41he he tifeaiittredlBln
osl4:thigiti4;ki°nA „tliiine
J of
DeiftltooietT . ,'•:allike'illetiostid ore but a
simple of the eiltireqleld". • ;
tn. Drawbangb, of West.rennsborol
township, ight_tocur Office yeatereay,-a
etali of oties,'whloh measures 6 feet S'incees,
'elgoieuergroWth, ihie 'Stalk ideate is really a
- Curiosity; , - - .
'has also sent us; from
his farm in North Middleton, •thre'e stalks_of
TlieCtity one of Whiol;;:nteatinies's feet.Blnehes
leEtlOh k tke,,,,liesdAncaseritiriritfahes..
a field of twelve-fteree,-t‘e,aserage height of
the timothYitikfeet. Whathi3okes the growth
more extraorditiory, is the foot, that is the
product' of elate ln d. • .
. .
Posteeript.-11appy retreat against the
State.---111.r.•John Sanderson, has furnished us
with stalk of oats, that Ineasnies 6 feet 8.
inobes, length of the bead 22 inches. There
were . eight_or ten stalks morn all of which
meaeuredfover6 feet. Tbliftakt oentake 25
acres, and is hunted by James y, Sauderson:•
plugs; OougreaßliugeTPtuyUglies and Pigtail'
are abOut to 'enhance In price. A hogshead,
of TObseao eold - irritichmend, Va, a . few days
'ago, at sloo' pe;' , llundred pou nds . This_ is
eonsidered:the highest pride , yet obtained in
Virgil:de; for thbacoO in the leaf.
In confliction with this Subject we may 'state
'that a recipe is going the round of the papers,
reieturnetiding the application oflohnecojuic7
, to make muitaches and whiskers grow. lie
censider.the,recipti. a humbug, we know sett
'ern] persotiS In this community, who hove used
tobacco, for many years, without producing
any` effect either on mustaches , or Whiskers._
Cotnrenion of Teachers, is to beheld at Chain.'
bershurg; nn thellth:'of August next. •The
Cumberland-Valley-Rail - Ronri - conirwmlll
issue half-price tickets, to all Teenher,. who
attend the Convention; arrangements are ma=
kin in Charnbeysburg to acoommodnto a large
uunahor of delegates. preinfroe the Teac
hers Aooocintton, of this County, will be well
represented in that Convention.
A. : CARD .OF THANKS.--Th tWo fir°
companies otWork, that pafticipoted in the
part*. at Cltiunbtroburit on the dill, bale pub
lished card - a:of company
"The conductors en the Cninberland h yalley,
Please accept , our thanks for
their acre ettrititetition, loth'going and re•,
turning,. They are • adin . rably calculated for
.theii dutittor on ihat:admirabiy oondtteted-Rail
Pnomonori—ln the official list of pro
inotoinEinnii-kipeintaients ,the - Army; einee
tho Ora' flay. olltnip, puhliehed in the Wash
ington Uninp", ire"%nd the follorrhw,,-
Third Regimen! of Artillery —Mojor Charles
B.lllerehunti - to he Lieutenant colonel, front
June 10th. 1847, aloe Belten, promoted to 4th
Artillery. • • . . '
town of Voniphiuo,..Kantme was . Ottown into 'a
elatOof in consequence of a quar
rel bettclken d'afig.idbn R l 134d.fartnerly- of
South'Catolina, alt.l Capt. filttchell, one of
tiee. tithe's Mitchell took excep
tion to certain . Atltirtiorti of an oration' delis
ered oft- the 4th, 10 Boyd, an 4 sent him a chal
tens, to fight a duel with muskets n. Corey
-pacee7 --- The - cballettge - warmecepted, - -the[par
ties met, and iveie about to fire, when they
'were arrcited bpihe civil offictere.
This, was the origin of an outbreak between
the free-sollors, and pro-elavery men, and
fears were entertained, of n general fight; but
moderate counsels prevailed,. and thevleaders
of both parties, promised to keep the peace.
Our late townsman, Co! A. O. Ege,. took an
active purl in restoring order;
63 We happened to. send a mipy' of
the Herald of July Btb; to an old friend and
school fellow at Allentown, and received the
following acknowledgement, which we ',take
the liberty of publishing.
It may surprise our friend somewhat, to see
lame°lf so tinespeotedy in print, and perhaps
we oire him an apidogy for violating private
coreespondel,Ce, but the letter does so much
honor to hie head' and heart, that we could
not resist the temptation lo give it a wide cir
culation. We feel a sort of brotherly affection
for a man, who can wear sissy twenty. years,
in the bustle and turmoil of the .world, and
still preserve the recollection of his early
home, AB o. green.epot in the deiert of life, to
whirl he can turn with fond, remembiarce,
10 his sun declines from the meridian.
I - ha ye ICrifloolt - you - for -n - copy - of - the
lisle Herald." containing so many, items that
are interestiog,t4 me,•partioularly, Gee. Duf
field's [ince. ! .. , _ •
" I have not met V George, for very many seam
.audjetalLprahnality mares. f-you
ever etteatinn-:telfhiM..for the, that her haa'en.
ilaredbyifeelf. tpeekeitoutst4 . righl . :tnltided
parilite boy," :y.itie. - graceful, lB!OPll, l o and
most vivid picture, of the peculiarities of the
"old town," pt aftitue, obeli it, wee the
very ceutie o the earth"' if nut tlat world it , '
• Tell bim, thatinire ( ' ' among the.Gerittatis.
there ha 'one' " an elderly one et thdt,
whose bead ie white with . inany a -attire yard'
blosiorn—one ION) has teen, and . .felt, and en
Joyed Muoltof vaesilise, who has beep
."multiplied brtin" Myht of whom, together .
.with the ultiplidande will probability;.
.the oroltmtier Dom ever seeing "old'
Ilthither,soutaberittod," but who never ;can
cense hint to foiget lier-,-one
,who, holde,in
dearest. remembrance, the ,
holy, teaching. good old George Duffield?:
in the old Mane .dhurch, and ,aroutl,,whose•
heart, the ' ideidant 6idneAes of the old
•ttott stood in the'yOrd.'still' twine, in all their
virdant freehness and beittitY;.. tc1,1.:: Hai that
that one, thanks blutfrote'hiSvery 'heart; for
ids life-like toucliing eketob.. ~ •
Yours truly,
' ' IL'E. W.=
Nth. We hkelio apologize for flit! the
of t4o ill . riOar , firilhaq •
One In lts prop oripi:o r for a - niitipoßer.
sdlertleer le a cliderij o s yOarig, 40: a
'll49l,ol,‘oriolda: In . w oe
.of iiiinao or
Melo4eono p .iiap, 4apilidoi4MO erleatiOno:
A teilitiiiti44,4eiw' from Wee bin ;
top esyiithal;
of fiep.erii*alk4r;'oeifiii:4Brnqf. 4: s
dreigeona end
ib iConeei ungll2 the , glitobei; eleot!poe,
14141 ifB;,,Jeimiton,l , ,o the
thoond,Camobillieei,,iiiteiree, *ill be order;
.ad to' procee d . ITl*o l riivind 'of chic tltph"expe4,
slop atioltler. 'despatch itaye tbot both
theppM 04 , 8644 . :. 44-.040ti eicisinoti 'Tar
17"4.4)to:IFT•414.1011 "
. .
bur . 4atifilEfifite .'
Written for the use:otmorobanitt itactitainene
771iterch)t - Cleorg.e
Published by'lluyee4lelc,Philtidelphiiie;Z:y.
volume - ,tinntaine
.the--pupils _ '.Crittenden ommercial_Col!
legs " They are of popofs~ ahereoter~ ,
. intended to be misity-Maderatood by those
who are .not 'lawyers 'by'.priitaiision.' Every
, • • •
young man oommanoing.*,ineroantile f ,tifo,' •
_ : :shon Id_obtaln thla tilde. 'andatudy I
lie will Berlin it:rill'thetie - oeienry;
--struotion-concer u ing--Onttrastc - fr Mercantile_
PoPer--lin 11144;11w' Ageneies---Partnership,,
Shipping—and Ilaritittinsuranae, -put up'fn
portable ford): , Without
~tnige.ofthese things; no young-umn•onti-- bops
to maltea merchant. ~ A nd many.‘taro:so : oir
cumstsoced;',thot they cannot afford to
. • time in ti Cotomercini',College acquiring this
.. knoWledge. -
.Much'creditl9.duo the publishers fur the
, neat style in which they have gotten itup.
' korsale by flav,erstiek.
•.; ALA.ENrowN, July 11
Grain,—New damp white wheat' at 1 80 to
1 611 and WI choice fensily.flour de a t
W 2. ; Balesaf good to printe new sad 4 i:•11 red
at 1 2041 80 per I:ldabel.-- Itye—Aboin 8000
.bushels of. Pennsylvania ; Bey offered' '9 ll
3 .o6ange . to -day, and part ' $1 12 poi
iinsbely,whieh. is a - Whilst advance
quotations. ...iltes.....,P,etinsylvaula gt 0844
audillaryland.Onts of 67460 cents. • ,
lot 0f.68
.bushels: new Virginiq , (Nita ;offered
. 504 : At ~ceots per .•.buehela ,
flits:newton very ,
it L,
GRAHAM Fog JI7,LY:IB on,o , e tnhle, and this
nonther sustains the high position
which this periodical hoe taken.' . The,tahhitof
toetents whieh we give speelie,ft}r itself.
Steel'Engpiring, (The, 'greed bird.) Petit
ions for_ August_,(colored
• Matlatoelleltteinteitoti (Illustrated.) '„Winit,
• - eatne of a - Party. Patient Theophilus and
• Marinette;' The Poet.. The'Esnpress Josephine'
(illustrated) Alone and . Net Alone. Maine
Pickings trim foreign inn:nal:4. A nen' Love
Stori Sketoh of on Bretton...for n Member of
Parltatneot In England. Horne: Weeithrook
,Abby. Latteie from abroad Nly:ettrly Friends
Hope. The Colieeuto Rains. A Strange
Marriage Flower find Q;u•Jeu Hine, Ou;
Curionitlen : ;Tire Cabinet of itii*it. &Mori.
Eiiny tithbi bilk. Li brary nation& • FaAkin aril
Drees (Illustrated.) Tile Ladies' Wiirk • table
-• • (Illustrated:)-Comionlities.
HAnran. rot JULY, is another magnificent
number. Ws give the table of 'contents,. in
which the itiost „fastidious taste 'eau find a
Scraps from an Artists': Note Zook-.
— iCntih settlements, (Illustrited ), Tito SM.kers
(Illustrated. The two KateS; or first rind - else
-411 lose: *Causinsau.lpreventioof
Ice. .Mr. cloigley's experience.— Thu' Eloperior
Nu;Minot; the third. Mar cousin'.from.tJern.
A family reminiscence: A summer Idyl: -The
flolbrnok Donee The story of a piano. Lltqu
•Dorrit (concluded.) Monthly I:e4i - rdtif—cur
rent events. Literary tintless. Editor's table.
Efitor'ro-BuSyobair.---Felliur's , Dinsrem -- Famil
Daguerreotypes, (brad everywhere, • F ashion .
—for, July. •
nil ihrUsSrUp and !MAJESTIC ARTS. A new
American, Irma the latest-Landon Edition,
Bro. pp. 456. Published by - Hayes & Zell,
-Market street, Philadelphia : ' . •
This is the great Recelpflitcrok which lies
attained,such celebrity in England. The pub
lishers bare conferred n great fa'vor on the
American public, by re Is s uing it 'here, with
au iaany -valuable additioorr. • Tho 'medical
_inn has been elm dined and ada ted to the
11: S. A great-ninny tllnnOuB receipts
have bleu inserted, and numerotis.originai re
•oeipts from the beet '4.Kticheu" authorities,
for preparing various animal and ;getable
delicacies. It forms, of itself, a complete
ppetical library. All the known valuable
rttOsipts, are here collected, nud ea arranged,.
as to 'be conveniently used. They` embrace
leverydepariment in the useful and domestic'
arts, and no ono can plead ignorance in these
arts, if they poSsess a dopy of this work.. It
should find a place in eery household in our
land. For sale by S. ilaverstick.
-- ' — TilitTwsTrrtirk — CnonuS
of Popnbar appropiate and pleasing VOCAL
PIECES, fOi CLASA SINGING' Compiled and ar•
ranged by FRANCIS li. BROWN, (pp. 208,)
price 60 seats.. Pubbelted by Willman Hall &
Son, Bra .dway, New York. • ,
This work ItribTended for those, who hove
learned the Bret rudiments of music, hence no
is devoted to elementary principles, with
vocal exercises: The pieces selected are of
"the higherordei of music. Standard pieces Solos, puetts mid Trios, " List
to the Cinivent " Come o'er the moon.
• lit Sea" " The Messenger Bird" " Origin of
the Harp" ",The Lonely Bird" to, Mo, Ore
.. samples of the contents. ' • "
There are over on:; hundred such Fader,
any two of which in sheet form, would coat as
much its the whole book. Every musician
will tit once see, that it is a valu,blo
lion: for a very'emall sum of money.
For sale by Sbryock, Taylor &
New Mumc.—Publialied by Wm. Hall &
Son. 289 Bromlway, New York. • _
La Rode Da Florehde, Polka tittsurkti, by
.Alphonso Woo. A very brilliant little piece
'And rather eaay.
Dix Mecum:A — pope Le Pbinn" ihnluding
"Fen Fullet," Chant ;B,ine Peeples," and
.Reyerie" by 11. A. Walbenhaupt..
These Ocoee aro moderately eimple.and ad
H—mtrably -- arrang_e_d-ferloung;Terforreiera.---
- The Lovere Leiter Box Scottleh,._ by 11, A
Wullenhaupt. ,Brilliani and not very di4eutt.
The Swan Qaadrtllee, by Richard Linter.
Pretty and molly arranged.
Ettbi ding, Bapnd aupg by D B. Wombabl,
ccipippeed by,.1,. R. tbunas, Be ktitiful &lad
touching blit;r character. • • •
.•. . . •
, !Ipar.One To Love, Balla - 11,0g by Mr.
Ferolval, rOusio by J . R. - Thomas. • , •
1 , For sale by Shrlook, Taylor & Smith. •
nALTimonin. 31A1111311T,
noun ANA MUL.,--There was a Air devoted,
!tor Flour today „ at $7 50 'per bbl. audd,the;
market 'eared steady! at the quotation
pow quote nominally;.(ibio ultra at 7 7548.
power' street do. 8 25. City .Mille de:
:at 8,25a58 60 per bbl.• Flour—;;No • salsa
to-6sy. ,Wa quote at 4 8041, 021 .per
burn Meal—We quote' country meat • t $ 8 75
lend city 40. at $1 25 per bbl.
The ielebrittait'aftha ae4enti eighth cool
terse 4 of the stormAie
*Oa ail the latti'!eiteat
vas a grand 000aitotli. :•*tie•ooteerefoiii,of
at:cement to oe,eregiil',oe'..ttie s
'weeniety•_of' cauiregeti'ittahiht
with NPf'inifiott
were /%0 10", t ) egigd' ) ;PrI° 10 •J ' Ad4'
itaesea*nicbandsr by
Ttie President qr the late Amerlean Eeplth
oirt..o Convention )the 'appointed the following
CPlntrilltle. 4 11-
Joesph casey,,
,Jqlnti. J. Clyde. e `, . George Bergner, 1.
John a' Salßrieo.' l• William D. Kelly,
Siniopirth.ktyere,;;;--- ~ seppra.,
Henry whitc.. • .notes Edwards t •
Lindley-Bmit6r--.= a. --J.-8.-Lanoneter,-
.P. C. Elio:taker, , Yottoh Onse , er.
'11:L - Benner, Edward C. Knight, ,
Doeid Newport. Edward. Darlington,
%Vinton' H. Keim, • IVilson Cosweli,
Peter Martin. J. Worth .
Thomas E, Cochran, David E. Small.
E- C.-.l%laPherson r --- BAl.ush Potriken,--
John Penh Jones,' ,W. P Miner,
dohs Laporte, L. P
D. Gillespie, C. B Curtis,
John N Vorvinnoo, 1) I. Eaten,
'Robert P. SI eDonell,- - D - E "Finney,
John IL Wells,
.J R. Vie.
T• •I• Coffey; A.. J -Fuller,
John COVMII, • R'obt. M Palmer.
On the sth inst..t..b.. tho Rev. T. Daugherty. Mr.
both of Carnal° • • ,
With:, the above notice, leo received. a generous slice
of delicious wedding cake,for which tho yeano couple
hnvo our gratefill thanks.. May thelliir bride :who 're.
Jumbo ed the printer, over find matritneny to be"'
" The silken lie. that binds two wiling hearts.!
'Qn the 7tb butt., by Abe Rev. A. U. Krimer.4lr. MR.
NELAUS DURNIII,IO NM 11E11110; both .1'
. .
• • .
Sutidehly, on f. miday last, Mrs.: DIARIA, STEVEN
SON,Iaged about 73 years. -
The death of ihts estimable lady is• partirnlnrly die,
tressina. from the fact that both of her daughters. with
their husbands, Bev. [Jr. MeClintoCk and hrofrdsor
Marshall. are now in Europe end her son [Jr. T. C.
Stevenson, we Are ItiformeiC is absent on a: visit to
, * We have frequently heard of- the
celebrated German hitters,- sold' by hr. (I. itl.,..lackson.
20 Areb street. Philedelpitla. speken.of In terms of the
ititthest chniniondotlon, nod we honestly believe that lt,
is one or the beet Inedielnes'idrertiseti for the com
plaints for 'which It is recommended. They are plea
sant to the tante. and can be taken under any dream _
atnnees by the most delicate - steinarb. ThepresSfer
and wide, - linvibunited lit - coffinienaliii thin invaluable
remedy the dyspepsia, debility. ke.: morsnrit are the
hoofing effects ol this panacea. that nee, hope It may be
introduced to every family where dyspepsia has or Is
likely to have a victim. See advertisement:.
WOOD'S 11.. An t. RESTORATIIYE..-Pnif.
Wood. the ronnetned - d rarer of the ihval noble flair
Revtorstiih, still continuos to labor In -behalf of the
Ills Wilke& . o
&edit-Ines aro utilvervally.admitted by the Am.,
riven press to be far superior - to all others for causing.
theintir on the. agod that has been silfernd for many ,
- yearr, to - grow - lbrth - nith ermined rigor - nuo - luxuriance
- as whop biassed with theadvantages ofYouth.
- - There can be no doubt - tliat It Is one of the greatest
discoveries Ili the medical world'. It restores. perma
nently gray-bole to -Its original whir: and lushes It as
sume a beautiful silky texture. has liven very
desirable' In all ages of the•werld.—St. lyoula Morning
herald. -
ter I.Dlt. - - SAN FO JP'S I
A T4411-lu-rccommappled - iblbe pnbfiq relylbg upon I
trbuilc oxcelloncolo necure It favor:. y
For all 1111inun attacks, It may be truly nail
_safely re.
lied - upon is being 'fully . ciipable of rimming the die,
easels for which it Is recommendpd, and for giving tone
and vigor to the general sysioin.
ltd quniltle. have been hilly tested In a long prac
tice; by the proprietor. Through the urgent . solicits.
Bonn of ninny, who have been Induced-by plarett be.
fore the . public. - - Far' all Bilious Denuigements; dirk
liendach, Phronle Dlarrhien, Habitual rostiviiroms. - 131
lions Cholic •Dyspepsln, NM In the • Stotliecli'lißil Bow
els, aimed Debility, Feritle . Weakness, &e. For sale by druggists generally. i S
subdue the pal n and intlaptatlon from the severest burnt,
or soalds, In from one to twenty minutes—and - that
will heal the - wounds without fa scar; and effectually'
• Fever the Swes—Piles—Salt Rheum—lnflammatory
-ItheuinattsoL.Sonvand Inflamad-byes—Cultt—Wounds
—Bruises—Old and Inveterate bores—Scald Head—
Cores and iilllli ol lK — Eryedka:as=Spntins--. it..
leliati. - - - .Chllblains.-111tes of insects—Swelled and lire
too ilistafft-Suro Nipples--. Eruptions—and all other
, inflammatory* and cutaneous diseases, whore the parts
Don't be Incredulous about the faulty diseases named
to be cured by only one thing—but reflect - that the few
hut - positiie properties which the Dailey :Wye alone
contains, and as heretofore _enumerated—one to tour
can reach:not y tht te,..3. , diseases, hut
Query.—Do not regular bred physlciansprencribe (ado'
mel In drardly nor scores of different diseases! • •
Each box of OnilllNE DALLVA PAIN EXTRA6 . OII has up ,
milt a Steel Plate Engraved Label with the signatures
of C. V. °LICENSER A CO..,proprleters. and 'LEN Y
ItA I,Litr .. , manufacturer. All others arc cosaterfelt.
All orders should be addrdssed td C. N. Cllekener
Co., Ell Barclay street, New York. ' ,
Rau iltmertisentents.
•EAV - 7 - 1 - Li,usTßA'-
T LI/AND LIMBELISIIIID MAP of the Republics of
orth America. with the. adjacent couutries and Is.
lauds; compiled drawn and• engraved from Ilia Unite,*
States Laud and Coast soil British Admiralty Surveys,
wad other raliallia,resources.__ A __SOM:I.IOIt COPEOCLATO
1 ;S011AVQ19. Published by A. J. JuIINSON, Now York
nail Washington.
This work exhibits the whole of North America,
South of the bulb Parallel of Latitude; euibracing. the
.Canadas, the United States sad 'Perrßuries, ilexico,Cers
trot America. the Isthmus of Panama, the West India
Islands. New Brunswick, Nova &Mil, and part of South
•Atnorica. Also a superior map of the World..
All the Cohuties In the United States and Territories
are named and colored un the face of Map . .
. The large scale on which the Map Is pnuected has to giro a tifuch letter Mop of Mexico And.
Cu ntral America than has ever before been exhibited
In coudection with our country, •
This work - has been carefullycompiled, draws and
engraved by D. EL Johnion, who for twenty years has
been engaged In drawing and engraving maps.
411ir Bnld at ONE MICE ONLY by
Agent fur Cumberland Co..
July 22, 1857-3t*
rill.: AC LI Elt'S 1 . 1 . 1 AN TE 1).--Seve
Teachers are wanted ',to take charge of Schools In
South Middleton distil Int. Salary nor first class teacher
$27, second chips, nd third class $2O. .An examin
ation of teachers. will take 'place at the t'apertown
school house on Friday the 7th of August, where appli•
cants are requested to attend..
.lly order of the Board'
July 22, 1857-3 E J. 11ECKSI AS, Sac.
I.;AA ONTV PES.-=. G. C. BRANDON teifitid reSpectrulty
announce to the cltleuus of Carlisle nod thu public gun
erully, [tat hu hos taboo .the , flaguorreau Gallery in
!Arlon Hall, (lately occupied by A_ U. Kea.).
secured the services oplr. 8.0. Nuagly, he le preparnu
to urcuumodste all Woo, oho desalt GAUD Plt:T1111bo
of thutneolces or families.
AlEirTheso Rooms have beetriltted tip An a superior
style on the 2nd Instead of the Bd - 110 , 11 . ee horetaqrn,
and are intended to- be a pr.manent location, cense
qtrently-noue but,Perfeet kieturee will lie allowed to
-All pictures. not
free of charge..
Pictures copied from old .Thignerrouthirs nr9brtralts;
also Inserted In Lorkets, Breastilinsdlugurrlngs,
SZ.INifiIITCTI.ONS glien on rensounble terms..
Allaro limited to. odll•nud examine our micrlissens
nrlclibelfjudge fur tltouiselves. '
July 22,1667-4su
!lint; rxiwTrt ABOUT KANSAS!
Coy. Onary's 4dualuistration In Kansa' ;. large
i2nie.34B pages, With a complete history of the Terri•
tory, until June, 161 , 1. .Embracing a. full acoount of
Its discovery, tieogtaphy, Sol., climate, Products,. its
Organisation as. a ,Territary,•traesactions and events
widerDevernors Feeder and Slislin9n. polltbalcilaseu
sluntaersonni ItencoUntera•Flettloh Frauds, 'lattice
and Outrages, with - . Portraits olipromluent actors there.
,tn, all authenticated by Jona H. (tinny,
Private Secretary to Henry. Carefully compiled
• from the °Mall dectimenttran Ole to the department
.of Mate at, Washlagton..and other papers In the posses
. pion Of the Auther,,with account of The Invader
of kanSas !Wm Missouri; the capture and treatment
.of the Free .Btate' prisoners, the charectee:and move
--menta gf the, Missouri Homier Ruffians, , the murder, of
. ittofumsed others..!•The controversy between Dever
rev Unary and 'Judge Geonetple.
? he .proveallOlto of
the Territorial Ijigislature, of the liro•Slaveri' comrst,
Men. end the organisation of the National' Dentecretti•
'Party, with a liketch of liensia during its early Itroy,.
,blee tinder tiers 'Haider and Shannon. Its Invasions,
Battles, Outrages and Murders... • • • ••, •• •
A copy will be Boat to any poker ihe United pintas,
bjr.mall, free of postage, on the reeelplef retail
A liberal discount to trade, .0/-1600 ,Ageula want..
ed. PRICE - Its Cloth It Paper;6o eta
• CitAiti.C.4 C. RIIODUS, Pubbodter.jf
- Jtfly . Inquirer Building, philre.
L ETY.—E. A. ilitapslieviug been :duly;,apPl oin ted,
the ligeriVet She Peensyleanlit 'pink tioeirty, - to 'can.
Cumberland • County: is now, engaged:ln that lot;
portant work.: His duties are to visit every. In
the county, tell euddletributallibles end Tenements.
'and receive dointfletyl•PplO th,,r!lpplpi3r. to earrliagOti
her Operations.' : •
•We liononsind 'him - ,arid late. cause:to-the people of
I C l Cumberland 001111kr.. . ,
L i - ~ C ONWAVP: wtNit - JA1:01.11C14
• ' • •KIIPMW ,;;;, It, D. CHAMBERS.- •
,yi;3302 - 0,11 . 3117I—It.) DAIIIMIIMITY,
To,erkE, OPPOUlkitTEtt-'
4,LAND.:oo,•74foffMatioo,Througli obllcitotion of
nu m. of o k y *l9uds, bl,ll boon Induced ,fooffor
to s ou IritittildiffSAffafo,offlffrof OffuottTreal.
4fo,would fooplukftiff*: 4 .7f . . y..zpmur imppor4;
:440 4 . .
7 1 4: stoio
PhAleolOphia, Lamps Colupaq, umenn, /3,clrtlair
vlber*oods oultaVo OiSho season; I'v •
I -2,1:41A1t 5 . /. ; : : MHP•Yig/P.*P?::-
ANTILLAS' T44 . 44eopiveJ I#,r g e
gr ?m"
0, 4 1,* meet' o•4lllll.o6crtUrt'
C SLR ". 41 A, 8 ..
•,! • - Oinuai.t; liodnesdai, July 41,7.E 1 , 5t,
t4ortft .
- 1 . , ,:/14, - ; • • - :7,50
Sp! . I‘, • 8;76
buebolzi , ' 1,85
4ED •__ do• do - '4,75
Mt! - 4,ii -
Count •
Oato • ,
WltitTE: BARLEY.I. - . - -, i do •
Neu) dthuertisenteitis
..--.):0T1.011 . TO • SCHOOL DIREOT
• • 0,1113 TEACIIEIigi •
ti examination of Tee:Client for the Public Echccds •
will be held as follows: . • '
Mechanicsburg, August 6, at .1 o'clock, P. M, •
Bouthafiddiettni, • " .7, 9 " • A. M.
librtti Middleton,. 6...8, • 9 " " v
6hippcnihurg p ore' .6 10 , L " p
souchnuioton, • ,"' 11; 10 " A. 31:
Shippentilturg twp. " 12, 1 , " pi. •• .
biewrille; " 13,, 1 "
- Newtint, • • '.' 15, 9 A. 3l ;
. " 17, • p. •.
3111111 u; " 18, 1 " • " •
Yranklbrd: • • " 'l9 1 " • v " •
West Pen
Dt,kineimnsbore, "
~ .• " A. 21,
,• • • " • " •
BlWer Opting, , (••• ." 22 , 9•" •
Monroe, • •• " 0 u , .
Upper Allen, " 25. .10• " • •
' Lower , • " 20, '.' P. U. '•
Ifamptittn," ' ; 27, 1 "•
Man Pennebiiro , 28, 10 —6- A. 3I:
Cumberland, " 31, 1_ 31. •
17 -
1111i - Tdreiturt -- will Appoint the places of meeting and"
iurnith everything requisite for the purpose et conduct
lug the examination. a
The examinations will,bo public, and the citizens are
Invited tootteud. . DANIPI.BIII.I.I.Y.
July 22. 1867,41] Co Supt. et Cern. Schools..
ScILLTADI KNABE, senior In • -r of the late firm
of Knaixepreitie A Co., continut $ manufactuie and
side of tiftA AL/' AND BM/Alit. P....NE-FORTES, under
the name of WILLIAM KNABE ,k 1 co., at the old
Meted. Nos. 1,3, 5 and 7 North Lutaw strict, Opposite
the CLUMP 11.nse. Baltimore. ' '
1 hank ful to the extensile patronage received by the
late Wm teethe last fifteen years. I respectfully bog
lextvotoittform the public. that since-the death of one -
of my partners, ttr. Itmnry , timid°, by 'which the port
nership was dis,ived, .1 hate purchases'. the entire • ,
large stock of. unfinished flame, lumber, end other
prepared materials belonging to the Into Arab I shall
Muroran ettniit.ue the business at the old eta die .
-above and .111 endeavor not only to suetnin the well •
established reputation of the late firm. Lut to, excel •
all former eThrts,in perfeeillor the Piano Forte. '
' Since the dissolution of the late firm, I sue manufac
turing Pianos on a now nod:much Immured wale.--
'the first Instrunionfilifished accordiorto the new do.
signs, was dePts4.s-Lin,the_Fair_oL.thp_3larylandlosli
- CuteAccitil October, 7855. oh Which it took' the highest
. honors of the Institution, -having been awarded the
'"Gold Blednl Premium." over the unusual 'competition .
of fourteen Pianos, oxhibited by some of the, best ma
kers or Itostem,•NeW York mill halthnore.
- -At the Annual Industrial Exhibitions. held in Or. •
_taber,-140..and.0ct0ber..1.850.-by.the tlechatticsDtlusti.
-tufo of itichtliolld;Vlrginla, my Pianos were also awed._
ed the IlLtheet Premiums.
Again; et the Into Fair of the Maryland Institute,
held itetober. UK after xi- most - thorough and 'etr' no. -
Usually protracted inv.:801;1%0lb of the merits of the
eighteen Instruments on exhibition, from the most
eelebrated•factorles of Ualtlutore a New York 'and Doss -
Mn.'my Planon were again aWrirded the hlsheet how.;
of the institution, they hating re mired the Vold
Medal Certificate," an honor only adjudged to articles
puperlem_morit-us—to-dory—irompetifi , • .
Also, at the Third Exhibition of the MittroPoliten
D ebonies Institutes held In Washington. -L March --
VW they were Mice !nom awardeertho highest lion,
With regard to the qualities of my planes, 1 confi
dently refer to 'the testinamlials I am constantly 10.
caving tuna Professors and Artdeura. speaking fur
themselves and others, of tho high appreciation In
which my Instruments aro always hold, and which can,
- be, seen at my Warerooms. Aud this ie •the beet and
most reliable assurance I can offer to customers, apara
from my own knowledge of the Instruments, that in
purchasing tat p,y establishmeet, they are _guaranteed_
the Pesszsgion of a Piano, equal, If not superior, to any
made in ibis country or Europe.
All Pianos built nt my 14u-tory - have full Iron Frames,
being so constructed as to secure groat- additional
strength. without affecting the year, and therefore will
stand In any climate.
Planes made to Oldor, ' of any la
. •
The grenteslcare is bestowed upon my work, and the
selection of the Materials a and avert' Instrument
turned out of my factory can therefore bo fully wat•
ranted as possessing all the 'totalities requisite fora
' good Plano. — 7 - 2 - ,
instruments of my manufaci tire are also guarati- -
teed for fire y ears from the day of sale
Particular Intention is paid to the selection of In.
rtruments for distant ordure, and a tRIVIZACI/i or'ix•
cussuaxgrar ted at any time within_ six months from
the day of sale, should such Inetruatient not givotaatire
10,..WHOLESALE //FAMES will sue it to their /Montt
agisto give 1130 a call before purchasing elsewhere.-
Isok_Constantly on hard a lino assortment of
DEONS, of the best makers, at prices from 5.15 te
with single. and double reedy—and Iliad with double
koy boards ankstope, Well adapted for the use of small
PIANOS exchanged, hired, or tuned.
• , WM. KNABE.
Th, following testimonials from two' of the moat evid
nent Pianists hi the werld,mill,show-how-n.y-Instru
inenta are appreciated
,by thorn great Peribrmers, uh•
have had opportunities, fur testing the bent Planes oo
Lumps and Ameri. a:
Ms. 11 Aligaes, Baltimore:
Dear Sir: 1 have great pleasure in' certifying that I
hove tried your Square Pianos, and hitd.them (lord. it
not superior to soy In this country. _Among their great
qualities, which distin4ulsli them, is the eveness of
tone, the agreeable end even , touch, and volume of
tone. Wishing you all the success you so highly de
serve, Id am, sir, yours vary truly,
Baltimore, Dec. Cii, 1850. . B. ILIALBERO.,
To slcasslOThlslrnsftdri Co., Baltimore:
Gentleman l'erodt me to express you herewith my
'sincere thanks for the superb Onind and Square Pianos
which you have loaned toe, and on which I have per
formed at my concerts. I cannot but cormmt'ulate you ?
upon the immense progress and improvements you con-.
continually make on yonr Pianos. which, in my opin
ion, rank among the very but in this country.
With hearty wishes for your success and prosperity,
which you richly deserve by your en terpties,'energyvirisi
activity, ' I remain yours. very truly, '• •-
July 15. TRA7—ly. . MMd slit ICE STRA MISCH.
TUTlL—Euglisle, Berman, French and Claeslost
I.e. eel tar Young Ladies and Gentlemen Mechanicsburg,.
Pa.—This favorably known Boarding School, conducted
-by ten well qualified Instructors. C ,, MMerseell` Ito next
session on MoLdny July 27.. Pupils attending Ole In.
Xlitution will be prepared. for the practical duties of
fitted far any clam Its College. Special at.
Mutters wl sus given to the education of Teachers.—
Terms, very °dorsi° and reanenable. -
Parents, g ardiann and others. wishing particulars,
will address I. D. ISUI'P & IL COYLE,
• Proprietor's.
Rev. T. - G. APPLE, Vice Pyincipal.
July 15, 1857.. .-fit.
App rroit'S NOTICE. =I ti -the nint
ter of the Ertato ofrarob lofts, late of the towei
nhip of a f oot l'otinshorough, deed.- - The uodersigned;
oPPointod Auditor by the Orphans' Court. of Humber'
laud mune". to distribute among the legatees, the Nib'
'once. as shown by the alccount'of thol:xecittors, of the
said decedtint, natant' and confirmed by the'llaid court,
wlll mealtlut devisee& legators and all other parties '
lutereeted. FT the put pesos of hisappolntmentf on:Fri
- day, the Tat der_ Of Angell...loZ. at We10ck..A.411.-at
lotiler,ln Cite borough of Calla., of which- meeting -
they will Hesse take notice.'
July.l3, 1857".[5t. ' .•
iiflietorT, wIU be reinkon
R, EGIST-ERI--Pello* citizens :
. ';tro
hu g h ttio earnest selleitailon of friends. '1 n ' •
er tuyeelk as n candidate for the office of itkalSTEll, •
of Cutaborland'enunty. subject to the deglsi.n of the
Union County Convention. and respectfully elicit the
support of my party friends. In the several townships,.
for the nomination 1 plugging myself. lf alerted, to 'ills.
charge the duties of the uffice, with fidelity - and kupar.
•tiallty. . • -. -
i l • • DANIEL 51/1.11871'. •
~. Shop erdstown. July 8. 1857. !ii.
• : ' :. NULLS! MULES'!
I. t, a S an i elt Y v e A ll t l i r iLl sal ‘ Ne,DaT'Y wille
ry in c . o n i r fe e ' LI%7
• . WO% 0/ Kentucky Dlules, • which are now ox.
. , ....Is •--- ••.
posted daily. and an be seen. at ~their •
y at Churentown, six. miles mouthy:kit of 'Carlisle.-
' urchasel II are requested to examine the stook, MP thy
In and ,xl,O animals to be equal, if npt aurairu,r, te
s y than have over been brought to this market.
•• , July 8;1857. [tr. , . .. ..
• ' York Casette and Ytyderiek Examiner publish six •
.times, end send bill to this office for collection.
•inratte Head aud 'Mind Affections, Incl.
ra tg r eo ,, A re surep t t u lo n, n. tat/ o o r t
'the System, Loss or Memory, IndL tition, &finial Debi-
Atp and involuntary Emission, Pigs. DISMIWO. 0r the
Kidneys and OrSaus therewith connected, whether re.
-*tilting [ran Imprudence or otherwisg,--are invariably
and permanently cured by Dn. Cotwznwsti.'s. famous.
RADICAL ItEOENRRATOR. the • full particulars ,of
which, -wltheid any unprollostionsl secrecy, will be
.gmtis to any address on receipt, or mdanipsd
upvelope prpere7dlrected. . . , -
lir The surceraful resullitif the Itudisti years have
prated th.s Remedy' to ho the I NIX lIFFECT DA I: CUBIC
extant ter the above Complaints, and the, descrlpt9n or
II is diet% in so plain asmaniter, that overy,,,one i
s uu,
.444 4111'4E1E1.p OVCOESSFULLY AND
Addroist, post. LINE,
° • •, Post Box, N0:4568.1(ew York tity.
;jur EtnaKiltAMICT
•-•-. . • . ,
o;:tii,j,lo9lFr; Oioppstf4ll,y Infortna Abe 'cabana of '
tbta'plaae and.vtabalty, that -be stye Inetmattone
to such tadlea, Gentleman and Youths:as oboosa to pe
'butte hi:A.l4oe above , branches, at him/looms,' North ,
'lliattiar 'street, over :Y.Z. LBERT'SSivoteryStaaa.
.sod.. Balanced, Carnal bated
ZotrieearAipatel, and Oven,(lu accounts)
.144,4tei teasona gtvanto'!..adtat at their realdentes:, it .
, ditttit, atera ' firitratilna,
'anted. lo) 41141 ,40 d/ 4 and iu the nvatest manner, to
Terms made known at • •
- 6,50
:d'of wood, end with