Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, May 27, 1857, Image 4

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    • -Mtisceffaticoti6.
„NJ CHANGE OF 11001161. •
:oil MittafteriVDDNEISDAY - ,-April-latrys7,-Paskinger
'. : • ' Trains will gun as follown: (Sundays thcopted :) • ,
, • ,
let Train. 2d lqttin.
' LearaChamberaburg, , .
,• 4.50. A. M. , 4.30 F. 51..
" 'l3hlplionsburg, ' • 6.20 . ' 5.00
' Neweille, ' 5.50 " 5,30 ••
"_,Carliale • - 0.30 " 0.10 ' "
' MocharillibiitC - 780 — " ---- 13.40—"
At Harrisburg, • • ‘ 7.35 -.l' - ''' 7.16
. . _ 'FOR 011AD1BERSBC110, '
. ' ' ' . ' lit Train. 26Trfkiii.
• Laavel Harrisburg • 8.40 A.M. 1.10 P. M.
. ' " Mechanicsburg 9.25' " . 1.40 " ' '
• , Carlisle, _20.00 " ' 2.20 " •
" Newville, ' 10.35 " . 2.50 ' 4,
"., Shippenaburg, . 11.02 " ' 3.25
At Chamberahurg, ' 11.41 - "-.- . , 4.00 • "
. .
_.'lrrom and after this date, tho Owe from Mach:Mies
:burg to K ingston will 1:14 20 cents: from Kingston to„
• . dliddleaex: 14 canto: from 31iddlesex to Carlisle, 15 alsl
' Dom - Good Hope to Altertou, 16 ca nt o . - „,
• ' Tiains lanes' liarriaburg for Philadelphia; at 7,86, A.
. • ' 54.,1A0, P. M., andl.l6.P. M., via Columbia. For Pith:-
Mpg, at 8.56, A. 111,', 12.65 noon, and 0.25 P:5l. For
Baltimore; at 2.30 -4-850, A, 51., end 1.45, V:111. Tralua
on the Dauphin and Susquehanna Railroad leave Dlr.
c... ' risburg for Reading, A uburn, Ac., daily:, '... • -
Fares from Hardt:burg, TiechanieslArgf Carlisle, Ship
pensburg, and •Chambersburg wili bo ten cent. leas
when paid for Ticketi at 'the Oflit { e, than when paid in
the Cars... • . 4: 0. N. LULL, Super't
. Railroad oMco, Chambersburg,.l , ,
'March 26, 1857.--Bt.• f .
. .
The subscriber nt hiaold'atand on Noith Thintiver st.,
. Carilsle;the sign of thomMammoth-lied Coffeo-Pot,'.idet,
Tres to call the attention °Utile public to ills large as
ortment of STOVES, of the newest and most fashions.
-'blo styles, from the hostA msnufiictorlon in the
- • • ' country, and at all prime from $3 to $l6.
Among his PARLOIt k CliA3lllElt STOVES
are the Mirror Stove, the Arctic. Revere, Star,
, Persisn, Union and /Etna Air Tight, together
with other patterns which he than-of nil sloes
for parkins or chambers;and calculated for burning either
wood or coal. Mao, the /Etna, Globe,- Astor, Albany.,
Flattop and Dandlxix tr. Poor Man's, with other COOK •
ma STOVES, comprising the latest' impriiiiemenDe in
kitchen stoves, and intended for either wood or cool.
Also, the Dining Room Cooking Stove—n now and etc.
• gent article. to whielChreltiVites the particular-mina
thou of families. Ills cooking stoves rang,' is prlce,frian
sl' to 23, with the fixtures complete. Also; Nine l'lnte•
31..rtis of ,various patterns and different prices.
ing Stoves, Brass Kettles, &c.. Also, every article In the
• ' line of Tin and Copper Wore. The public are respect
'fully invited to call as ho is confident with his large
stock,.,yarloty and cheapnons, of-being ablo to give on
tire natinOtetion to every purchaser. ~Coll And goo. ,
Oct. 25, 1884. . M. MORRIS
PARIS k KNIGHT, Late of Philadelphia.
aper Ifansings, Howie, Shin, and - Docomtlie Painters,
Imitators of Wood and - Alarbla,tchalleinni all °there to
oompetewitti them in the variona branehos of the above
holiness. •
--- .- ----, . • Having tittediunur store tier
wrf.h _ the. Axclattive ..tat O -- 01 - aBLAI,T,
,4'.., , IN, ..,.--...> PA 11
PAPS, 011 DE Ii 8: }URN
Wit 4r. • •...- - r. ~,..,- BOARD PRINT S. WINDOW
• • I' o4 t , . dlastwt- CURTAINS, SHADES, Ac., we
mit:tactfully invite the public to an °Seminal lore! our
- 'stock, from which we are confident or,dlving entire no.
' tlataction to nil who - AVOW Its with a call. Ourpooda
haylpdlssm Wdd*
ae with care Iron c
the first manufa
tures in Phfladelfltiii - 1, aill-he-fnruiehed-et--the_loW
• price, All orders for •Paper flanging or Paipting
. • promptly and personally attended to and exocutedlu a
w,orkmanllka manner.
J. W. PARIS, Practical Paper Hanger. 1
• ' U. F. KNIGHT, Practical Goose .1: Sign Painter.
South Hanover street, next door to Ilanuon's Hotel,
• Carlisle, Pa. . - • .
April 8, 11357.—Cm. • . .
,1 - 803:9;litiutonic Ilallpaheattiut'gtrect, below
P fladelhia.
Would call the attention of the public to ill.; 14egelnd
tarlOokassortmont of .
which they aro selling very Cheap for Cash of Clty
ceptancos, wholesale and rotall.
March IL - • •
' •
' . Cornor SIXTH nod ARCH Streets, PIIILAIMI,
. NITA; Wore (yr silo a largo — assorttnont of -
at prices ranging . from Six Cents per piece - upwards, of
--= choice patterns, comprising . . .
Cheap Satin Papers, t Vire Decorative Papers,
'Fire Board-Prints . Fine Gold Vapors, „,/
Borders and Mouldings, Vino Satin raper,
Marble Vapors, Oak Papers, -
• ..Ikß Now Style's Windoir Curtains. In great ! May:
Dealers supplied on most favorable terms.
March 4, UV. ,
0F167. - • - 7
Fashionable Stilts, New Spring Shawls. • • -
Ellie Robes, (Flounced,) British k French Ellintse,
Black Silks, (extra gloss,) Lawn and Lawn Robes,, .t`
ilipring Drool:tootle, Shawls, of newest Millions
Staple Linen Goode; LI/ming!, Quilts; Damask Table
Cloths, Napkins, kr., r-- •
Clehtlemens Wear andifull.stock of goods for Ittys
Clothing. Bargains, daily received from Now York and
Phinidertihin Auctions
Wholesale buyers - are Invited to give no an early rail.
4th and Arch streets, Philadelphia.
*Sr• Terms Nett Cash, and prices low.
'4llarch-4,1867.-3 mos. •
cs . PiENCSAW•MILL.—Tho under
signed would Inform the public thnt he has 10.
a Saw MITI, three miles from Mount Holly,Cin the
rand to Laurel Poige. and fa now prepared to maw cll the
various sines of YELLOW PINE OAK end CHESTNUT
TIMBER, which are umunlly wanted. lie In Men pro.
pitted to saw and furntah Chenfnut and line SHIN
GLES to•order. Also, PLASTRON() LATHS. Those
desiring those articles are requested to (mud In their
totem. S. N. DIVEN.
.l'apertown, March 4.—(1 moo. . .
J. W, EBY..
A cholci selection of Groceries of every variety, In.
el udlngßpices and Tone have been added to our forever
assortment, among which may be, had strictly prime
together witkim general assortment Of •
Iticluding Crushed, Granulated, Pulverised, and Marl.
fled Sugars. Also a lot of New Choose, gamins, COrn
Starch; Mustard, Chomlate, Ac. Also Groan and Black
Teas, of Jenkin!a select brand.
For solo at Mrs lowest prier's of MARION MALL Gl*
C2RY by (Oat 21) - ' RIIY.
,Jukt received n full simply of cheap and desirable
' goods. the lasteit Paris fssition of our own importatlan,
• also from Auction and Imporfars, with we offer much
below the usual' price,. ,
Bonnet Ribbons, all widths. 4tanpithies.
Dans.) and Crape, do. Flneences.. •
• .' Black.Velyet, do. Erigibilverapes.
Plain Satin: do. Aorophano do. .
Plain Mantua,' '..French do. .
• Glace ••• Bonnet Lawns.
Peult,doiol • ' Tarlatan, white & eel.-
' Oecd. &Gigue, , . • Joined Blonds,
tr)',l3.lack °rods Rhtnes, Illusions and Nets.
Black Mcidei,, 'Boehm) and - Quillings.
Black ItombasliMit; • Crown Linings,
Oil Silks., pct., eat.
Embroideries. aloves, Mitts, and Lace Goods,
. .
• At No. 1130}4South SECeND Street. Second Dry Goode
Fore below Spruce, PHILADELPHIA. , • - '
.Slay 04857.—.11 mos. '
. Shad and Alticiterfilof different
Bralo Flgh and 41-B"YlErr
Cactileh; Salt and Pickled Herring,
Ctieeno and Crackers crat be hail At 11UVErr8.
aakru Jump . 17, of,I4QUOHB,
;iins;tirtlik;Lend; hr., ae.,
t 1
Thehublle are reqinsted tmrall and examine onrstock
-befoternalting their ' piirehases, ax we are 'selling geode
at -the.Dawest Pricesr we have everything you may.
• want in, our Hoe, and is ;Such quantifies that we min.
—iIUPP.LY a.Who:Puiy_favor_ne_wlth_lhoir_patronage..
Carpen l i
ters. Cabinet' Ushers, Wagon and Glitch Malcom
`Plintdra, Shge *alters, Blacksmith's, Veneers, Laborere ,
and tit'. Peddle Wenondly wilt And a full and complete
assertment 'of Goods to select - from at - such Prices 'a s Sure to. please all: . TRY DS.'
• ._, • JOHN P. LyNE &
•" • •,•• - • North; ILsnover etreetaarllele
. . _
tiMI w LLY 0 ARRIA ti-E AND` ,H
, limn-ro SALII.I willed' a Fatally 'cart - lake_
• a yet of stogie /lamas for $l2O --if fourebased - on
at borne Iliay . B4.:ne I am ,aboutAeavlarloy-Fitativia,
7114 tcrattiag• *An info Niwatk; . N..J., in the bit,
:JelettneotnA An, been 111, - .taatj•at tbrea:laata,
nude, in New Btunewiek' by' ono of-the
'hutlneliele,lttlit hes benineed' the. same length ettime.:
They may neetkat Prof.:blarshall's reildenee:
' • , JpwißleomwrooK• '
FL. aua VAL EY 00AL. Broken and . roaartiacied,
11=4eakoady lot Sadly um, and kept MID= COVIII•
, xlein Nursw
.*s4 0 44 N. dull
utot*ajw:dx.''. kbsim'')ilWiplumd 'and An.
f il i i ; ll79 . oll,loo ALftenilbeianines of Floyd , Ron*
'00 :•4 0 /1 11 4A 10 15/71 , 0 0Alk flninialia: inlay of4ock
glina*l tv. cfP4 in 010440 000411 4. iginalt,iiroato.'
jkawsic.o4:(r 19 , 7 1 . 4 i
0 noltopriroplitit,-, , :a,...
• • 10 - 4.4tipti , A; ; • 2. ALM4I4IC.
• ith ua
Ve7 ot E A :E 111 TO 4 bAi:
f• Zot in i a. A ll 7 l o(Tetplortoreitk6:,o>Ve
• ros,
4 130 f 1 %#14 -,, ,1 1,10/1- at 146 as ' band
-,- "April
•'' ' •
- • • • •
- r1 IT S.' s -K-N -4 . 1•V•
____Chartar_Perpetual.-1400,009 Cepalll* paid . tu.• Office
• • .1044 Obosniit street:* ,
MARS Ustiluxes, either permanent Or limited, against
-loss or damage by Ore, on raortnricand I.ITECTLI of ovary
drscription, in town OrCountryori the meat reasonable
terms. 'Applications made either personally or by letter"
will be-promptly attertded to.'
4 ' ,/ C. N RANCHER, Pres%
The subscriber is agent for the aline company for
Oarlisio and its vicinity. All applications for insurance
either by mail or porsonalip will be promptly attended
to by , ' . A. L -
Real Estate Agent and Scrivener.
beitkNON COMPANY of Cumberland county, Incorpo•
rated by an act of Assembly, Is nowluily organized, and
,lis operation under the_ management oT the following
conunlssloners, viz.
Daniel galley, 'William It..Norgas, Michael Cocklin,
Mulehoir Brennetnan;Christlan /Hayman, John C. Dun
lap, Jacob li. Coover, liewiagyer, Henry Logan;Benja
. min 11. Musser, Jacob 'Mumma, Joseph Wickersham,
Alexander Cathcart.
The rates of inaurance are no low and favorable as any
Company of the kind in the State: BersOns wishing to
become members are invited to make application to flip
agents of UM company, who are willing to wait upon
them at any time. . .
• Imp. 11. MOSSRR, President:
HENRY LOGAN, Vice Proficient.
- • . ',ems HYRIt, Secretary.
• ~..AGENTS. •
OMOINILAND COUNTY.--Audolph Martin', N. Cum
.0. B. Herman, Kingsttwn• Henry 'Taming
•Slilla-ifiWtiwirl—Charleo-Bellrearlislei--Dr. J. Ahl-
Churehtown ; Samuel, Graham, West Petinsborough
_...liones_Mc Bowel ; Frankford; Mode Griffith, South Mid
dloton; Samuel Coover, Benjamin
Icgburg; John Sherrick,.Lisburn; David Carver, She'.
YOUR' COUNTY.--,John Bowman, Dillaburg; rotor
Woiford, Franklin; John Smith, Esti., Washington; W.
8: Malting, Dovom J. W. Croft, Paradisa.
. iNtitItISIIUIIO.-11ousor S Lochman. •
. • Motflors of the ama having policies about to ex
nircan a have • yudby u alsit, Arpin nlOl2
pay of tint agst”s:
Th. ,tbre of the subserlhor Is in rot all!, end the
sholves ore now supplied with a handsome selection of
no on lel ch
and decorated (alley ware '
- Such an Inkstands, Baskets,
Tattes, Coffee - cups, JeWell imam Toy Tea and. Dinner.
- setts, China' dolls In variety, and a' variety of other
articles all well suited for the coming llollidaya., / --
In every variety, fresh- And of best quallty . lxave just
Loren added to our former stock. •
'of tory line quality In small sacks nine on , band;
Curran ta,Cltron and other goods Adapted to the arson
n variety, constantly in store and for sale by
'Carlisle, Dec.lo, '5O. .1;11% EFT:.
• • JOHN P. LYNN li , SON . .
nre now roceivlng their Pall Stock of Hanlware. which
largit'and - in •connetion with thelr,P,r,
mer heavy sleek makes IL one of the largest and most
, varied assortments ever dffered to this public.,'they
inter every thing tint the Farmer, the Huiblr, the
Merchant. or the piddle. may, want in their liumi,and
which they are selling et the very lowest prices. They
;solicit n'call from 'the public before making thblr par,
chose , no they feel confident they can offer inducemenlit
Ihr . thn _
Fooling thankful ton generous puhlle for their former
I ibbral patronage, a continuance of tho samo It solicited
at our old stand In North Honorer Street,
Octabor 8,1866
1N13.--Tho undersigned would infortn the
Ati‘ens of Carllslo that ho hag nmdo afrango
mqufstoduUAß FITTINO and PLUMBING at short no
Lice; A n d on reasonable), terms. lie has engaged-the sor,
fi "first rate hand from Philadelphia, and him sup
piled himself with an extensive 'assortment of 1 , 11. VP
UREA. which will unable him to fill all orders promptly
All Work will he warranted. ilimadock of ties FlicturcH
will ho found In the room oxactly opposite his Tlnnalg
establishment on hi , dth)fetnover stroot, whom ho Invites
a . Oa LL
. .
'TINNING, SPOUTING, ko.--.TIO In also proprirod to
furnish, renutko to order, ovory erticlo of TIN WARE
usod by housokooporn and bthorn. lie will law ottond
and PLUMBING. . •
Thankfullrthe patronage - with which-he-Iles already
Teen - favored; he iespectfUlly •aollclta a continuance of
Car Juno 14, 'l4.
T) (JOTS AND S large and
) connpkt assortment of hoots and Shoes of every
style nod fashion.- Ladles fine Morocco Slippers, Boots,
(letters, Jty.; rill,ses and Childrens , ditto; Mon end
Bays ditto. duet received and now opening at the cheap
store of
k i ING. The subscriber continues waraFti on the
above business,ln all its various branehea,ln North Han.
over street, Carlisle. two doors North of Leonard:s come'
;whore ho intend, keeping on Land la general assortment
lo Lin Itno,.ernullating of-all kind s of fashionable SAD.
DLES, Brie* Martibgifes, Girths,
• Clreloglesand Halters, Also TRUNKS,
K,L._,,, ~ traveling and saddle - .4 . .1,,
'' 7 ' .— \ ,\V, . hags. - Ile also maw . ,11 - -.... J ..- 1,
; 1 %) 1 1 '; ufactures the most /01 ; 1,11
i approved Si-* a I en
kil l i CO B P uri n g. ° An S rt ' hose tze o ZnlT e rjetto t o h j.
• 1 \,' ' . sumo, durable and pleasant, saddle
. . will do well to call and see.thern. Ile
I also manufactures Harness, Bridle.,
, . . Collars And Whips in all their ranie•
ties, and confidently believes from the general npproba
tlon of his customers,that, ho makes the neatest and
best gear e, in all their variety Of loran, that - Is made Li
the country, lie also makes All, lamb of Motrasses to
order, via: Straw, Busk, Curled Hair And Spring Mat.
roses. All the shove articles will be made of the best
material and workmanship, and with the utmost dosl
patcli. , fm.osnoßN.
kleirgo ansoriinentt of new and genuine Flower,
Field and Garden Suede, In every variety, at wholesale
and retail, embracing all the new and desirable blade,
carefully pnt up In gapers for the retail trade, or auto
plied in hulk.. Chinese Sugar Cane, Seed, Japan, Perm;
Orange, Water, Melon &c., &e. Alm, a choice asso rt.
went oP tine Flower-St:ode-20 varieties In tkucy boxes,
for $l. Clean Clover Timothy, Orchard Gram, Rya
Grass, tient arms, fine Lawn Gram Sued. &e.
Agricultural ImPloment and Seed Store, N. E. comer 01
7th and Market streets, Philadelphia.
March-11, 1857.
~..lANIES It. WEAVER would respecfoully eel
. the attention of.ll6uwistopers and the publi
to his es tensire stock of elegant FURNITURE
including Sofas, Wanlrobes,Contre and 'fables
Dressing and Plain Bureaus, and every other
article In' his branch of liusiness= - Also now on hand
The largest assortment of CHAIRS in Car.'sle, at
Atielowest prices. AOFFINS made at the short
est notice and a Manse presided for funerals.. lie
,elicits a Call at his eatablishment, on North. Ilan
oar street, near Glasso's Hotel.
YAEiirteurolture hired out by the month or year
-WINDOW GLASS 1-8 by 10,1 rid
nll other - Id:m.l,lf Ranks, Monroe, and Jorkson
Window Mass,' eingle and Double Thick and American
Marini{ an exteniive stuck: and doily_ receiving large
qunntitics, wo can -forniall- with the.greatesi prompt
none and the lowest Iwholessio prices, the above sore
rinr brands of Window-Wass.
S. W. eor. Front and Arch streets. Plain
A large and selested.aawrtmeni. of Agrieub
tural and llortleciltural implements. embradng every , -
tiling needed by the Fenner tir hardener Plows of
great variety and of different Mum being the largest
end best assortment-ever -offered ba. rbiladel
rows, Cultivntorh florae lines. Lime Spreaders, ke., de.,
PASONAI,II., )10111118 d'oo.,
• • - •N. E. ear: 7th and Market streets, Phila.
,•- • „
Q*ll 7 lol 14. 0 4 .111 1J:70 itE
!.le—ProprleDer_nt_lohnson`c highly appror t criu
Improved Iron Concave Bran Duster, tho Promlum
chine for
thirrrrre: — ;
Reetnnace. , --No. 61, Queen Street, (18th Ward,) ad
drew Konniturnm Post Office.
Sttoe. , —llaydock Street, below Front, Philadelphia.
Coadien Mill Stones, Mill Zinn*. ffinutt Machine*, Pa.
lent II Boob, Portable Mille, Stretched belting.
• Cement and Screen Wire.
a largo assortment elven and raahlonableFOltNlTUßE
:Walnut and Itahogany Dressing Bureaus, with math].
tibiae, and WaShstandS:' . •
Walnut Etageres and 'Wardrobes.
Mahogany and Walnut Tables of all slam. •
- 'lrenetritedstemls, Mahogany and Plain TablegY at ill
Tube Ann chalk and Itnektng-Chalta,Nrlthvalvetroi
, lthargAnY'an4.:Waln:9!idra' with :bnit'o44h
_ 'eats. ,
Plain Chafe gran, ' -
Can and sae tills new and elegant ,asiortMant at 1110
inirniture Itomakel the subscriber, on Loather Stmt.
lrosi,the !iorgsar of North Hanauer..
• , •
01:LLY...4- - 1, - ki
. . . ' 71.
KEEt would roalarfrullY Inform
t .t111,71,,,,,,,7,7,,,;',
mkrio. uol , /brilj:Y cw I A ina4ad of the third
. n*,,,'
ClallerS' in um ,. P il i ° 4.,,, fiqu t to elderly peOlan 10 VP .
M. iloffor, the
: 6 cr,, ,, „...- R iotiut -E -an A tlw il lehlle — in A P ; 1 : 1 7 . 6 . 4 . ci A :u ` d °"' n
b ' P i ' re E o t A N . m
Tide will be ,focal a r - , . , mama , . liant ''SKIII
e ii i r t ti m inr . i' p #l . et le e r r i zt 3 itirr and
wiii , - , l t y lti :, 7 2.b. in
44. 14„. p.„, :ip5.-
pi g,:
, ,t o :soak', It 11:1%,.6 „ -' i • ''.4oetv.i our ma ter
: - theted quallti.- *6 Y o rk city, w b t a k
..... ulastiaar
. zi e . _ .
-. A.GENA:-Bxporl
~:a . 0 I - I. .*
'.nnriOnt 404 )14drii.
Y 96-
an"tber ` reroffenaLfor ails In .ttda 7 COI i r
-• . al 'Dort -f Ow country 'for the Compri:tonsil* .... ... ,Its, .r.".
nap 017.'4 to 'a
oalia an artlat wtin )1.14. been. p'
14-the I h ikvc again in tII
4. jy_
aim.. ~..; ltarrobtrit, 1 ,,, , ,,,
4 A It:':°'
V 941'1111131144 5''.11.9.
' edialetli fr c"l6lh4 :4 l74 an n*n d -u' iro P TW " arr a g l il l t be tb r e w t it to st r, l" or t ;sk rili Pur7
hy, and witerh , u .4, os to the praAnt Hata; ~,,,,,„,,,tal operotknl i n AF,"' ;44,"Neturvitt9
, ~,,,..,. ..I,LAtoTheft ih. g ;116 - d '- "0 t. and Ve ~. SUR •.i to Wreoipt
" "‘"
- . 4 e r r
ePiIV eteudntir ' l)6 "" an r. ' Penral V * 4411 ' i With a oalli .A I a
?by 8.:41. a Tou . 4 ' T A , il ' Bold only;br 0- ,at th 0 .. 37 h 0 ,011 err° If
i , ;:besuLituliptibuient . .
bit etn!ir ee lil -be •••'.0 11 en... 2 ' , A11P I.* n t ° ' n efliettigiattariketorl'.4" , l,l 1 c0 . a . m . 13 . 4 , o uvil
•'. 11.0 whom ..
_18P,01.4,2,1_,„r1„..,.. iho,rwom.itha.-77,irotlya-tetetm,worifteedin-Lp0”11., Ar..,.a..r,nim.o..i..konntt
~.....'wouliti .14411k.Wi.71,..-,..f-7.."-- -,,,;„.!;.-..,., y;,.:-.•',7'ii. :"...,,., '4,, , ,, , , , ti...0kinit givep. ip=rn`eolovpeiGenc whit
• _... , rn,,- 7
„. ..,,,, 641 a nx,. . - IF u Pgi g - ft."' ' ' ' 4:icklinirmtlititlit.qtiti,
~• - we.iirdte all le ftlll isi , ae
thou . jgdwesor mot . ;
. i . ; - ', '....":'.1... 1 . '' '•• • ! • ~, %,-,. '•,'.. 4 0 10 'c e
..,,..,,,,:;, ,;, , :,...:--.. - . , -,--- ....- •,,,, - • .... , .... ,
rt'POAIEN.6;;Ien74-1j1:- ---*L itit" - 11 .v- ' . •' ' r lVrtaliiid 3ll . :
t V1.14. ; t r 'in44414 ;, I !' th. !::711..i,AttaliMIA .!". • I!. e.'in*,4,li-6e:,1
' 1 •; - 1[ , plIfF,4 - 7:,,...• - :., ,, ; !..J:,..-...,..-„,.,.,,,,,„...,,,
~m atoxio.oitifesw,:ot t
- !' . .,c• - •• •:- , t..,...,,,,,.- •,.., f., -- '..'''',-11.%4X. - e,p, .•.,
73ii,9,41410,q' ; . -
34 . ygtpe.s' . .:*iicka..
kji MO: dCo l;4l.oig
v u r — zitlAw: -- ofaie In ldat,vinmeti
entruated, to 451. vial
.tosdedio. •• • : . . Feb, 7.'65.
LIUAIRKH; Attorney at Law.
J.:--offica..on North . Ifanover Street, o row cloors
south oralass' Hotel. All business entrusted to him
will be promptly attended to.. ti [April 15.
In 'East, Mehl Street, .Mobeiniesburg,l'a.'
IlttallittO BUMF:YIN° - in etinnoxion with
him profession. [Stay 21, 1666.—1 i,
B. KIEFFBR Office . iri -Nortl
Iver street two doors from Weise & Campbell's
D 1 '
la o
store. li ice hours, mureparticulerly from 7 to 9 o'clock,
A. M., li", d from 5 . t0 7 o'clock, P. M. . ,
1,4 loss Agonies' the practice of the Law': °Mee in
Centro 'Square, west silo, tear-the First Presbyterian
Church. •
rtprli 8, 7887. • -
fOCTO It S. P. -.ZIEGLER.—Office
and !Malden. Enet . slaln Street,third door Mott
the Market Douse. Calle in town and county promptly
, Caillelo. Jan. 2,1850. • . • •
Dm I.C.LOOMIS . • ug h ,
-South Ilonovor stroot,
next door to the Post
lot;Will be sayeent fromt Carnale. the lasi ten days
amid) month."- • fAug,l;'66,
• 17fit. GEORGF L S.' SEA
_I_,F.IIII3IIIT, DENTIST, front the
thnore College of Dente( Burgei.y.
• te..oiTice nt the residence et his inother, BSA' l.outhei
etreot, three doors below Bedford. llefereece—Dr. (leo
Z. Bretz • • . _ • March lib 1856—tf..
oilier, with Judge Ilep'aim on Fautillialn street. All
business intrusted to his bare will , lip pronultly attend
ed to.
May 20, 11167. .
C'ER: 7 4.. SPONSLEItnte Register of Cumbet
a Ttl-
unty, will carefully attend to the transaction of
all stick business as may be entrusted to him, suclias
the writing of Deeds Morsgages Copt rncts, &c. Ile will
.also devote las attention o the procuring:Of Lan War
'rants, Pensions, &c. as wall as the purchase at ttsale
of Real Estate, netptiatio,s, of loans, ..c. IMAM re on
West High Street. fey marly occupied,
lifs4. near the Methodist :hunk.
S. P. N
M ' EARLAN F. W. X, lentllA .
. .
MINNEAPOLIS, .Opposito the Suspension Bridge, Folio
of St. Anthony, Minnesota Territory, .
will buy end sell lands, nejotlate loans, locateinitil
wiirrnots In Minnesota, lows; and WiscOnsln: Inquirieli
respecting the country, by letter or otherwise, promptly
lion. Alex. Itainsey; Ex".Gorernor,
lien. IG M: Eke, Delegate to Oongress, Minnesota,
Gov. Pollock, Ilarrlsburg,
lames R. Steele k Co., Philadelphia.
I ton. Frederick Watts, Carlisle, .
A. Brady Sharpe, Esq.,
• .
t .tagroonrEmr4tork, •
Robert Walsh. New Orleans. •
James IL Irvine Esq., Nentyllle,"•
Hon. J.S. lfinek:Somerset, Penn's.,
lion. J. It. Eddie,. " ".
.1. II; Cloud, Mayor, S.pringfield, Ohio,
Gen. C: Anthony, "
-Jas..Carson, Esq. St. Louis,
Wm. Wilson, Esq., Ilnitinaore
J. T. Wright, CharlestOn. 8. C.,
J. M. Wilson, Philadelphia.
• •
. . .
' 30.00 - Acres of Ur fniproved.l.ard forltalarat-from $2
to $lO per acre; also 16proved Farms. Lots for W.
In St.. Paul, St. Anthony, and all towns on the 31Innir
'sots river. ~
attenon Wept to the l
Money, and Entering Lend Warm We. ..Addrees oaning ,•; •
March 16, 1556.—1y.1.. . . Minneapolis. Min. Tor
I)E • STATE •A,-Gl.vcr.
ANI.IIKW 0, ran. m.. 5001 TllO IPSON
• E '.l: - ,THOMPSON, .
flay° opened an Oleo Et, - Josrphilito - for - the rrun
chalk, and stile of heal Saila.. buying and selling Land
Warrants; entering Land on Thno, Survoyingand -Map
ping Towns, Location of Warrants,'and making inrosE
nnitifs tbr notoresiderits, naying — ofl'axes - , - and - till - busb
'loss pertaining to a General Land Agency in Missouri,
Haim., Nebraska, and lowa.
tr". °Mei, on Second Street, North of 'A. T. Iteattle'S:
Thinking /louse, (July MI, 1850.
Au English nod Classical School, lAndisburg, Po
'Thu Berorad. or .wintor 'tendon of this lustltutlori utti
open on the second Tuesday of Jandory,lBo7. - •
.The usual English an.: Classical branches, adopted by
our tlrst. grade Academies, will be taught. No pains will
be cleared to make thorough, practical, and moral Cobb
The village of 400 %bat:Monts, situatkid.ln the midst
of majestic hill and mountain scenery, three miles dip•
taut from the "Warm Springs," Is hi.altt y and quiet,
autTiclentlyromote from the irregularlticsof largo towns,
and yet In daily connection, via Newport and Fennsyl•
vanla Railroad, with the principal cities in the:date.
Terms per quarter, s3,s4%,.sll,accordln'g to the grade
of studies. Music. Fiends and German, $5 extra.
hooks at city prices Boarding for ladies In select fault
lies=at-prices-frum-$1 hi) to $2 00 per_week. ... __ . ..
, . For further particulars
Address either.
• 4,: , Roy, T. P. I/UCH/ill, A. 11,,
. or S.D. RUBY, A. ii.,
. . , • . Prior II al F.
• .
JR_ CAULJSI.II, I'u.—The Twentieth Session (five
months) will commence on May sth. , new hugui.
lug has been 1.00,14 containing Gymnasium, Musk
Room, &c. "'
With increased . Gwillfiee for instruction
accommodations, thin institution• •prosents groat in
dueements :to Parents who dealro the phyeical and
mental ireprovement of their eons.
Terms par Session, $O5 00. For circulate:with full
Information, address lb K.
Principal and Proprietor, '
Plainfield. Cumberland co.. Pn.
April Cr. 1850
The subscriber has Just returned .from•the Eastern
Altus, and would call the attention of his friends and
the public generally to the large and well•sulected as
sortnient of MAR MAI; E which ho has how un bhndi
'consisting:Di part of BUILDING 3IATEDIALS, Ouch as
ticaiws,Llinges, Dolts, Locke, plass of every do
seription and quality, such as Coniurien,lV bite. polished
Amuricair, Fretich,,Enamelled and Double thick of all
1111.1. R, Paiute. Oils 'Varnishes, Ac., Ae,
TOOLS---Including Edge Tools of every deceriptlon.
Saws. Plants, Brace and DM.; Augers, Squares, (Wages;
-Files, hasps, 'Hammers, Vices, Awi it, Screw Heins,
Blacksmiths Bellows. Sr.,
- hoonlnkerti and Saddlers will find a large assortment
of Tools of ever)J descriptiCti. together with Ladles' and
Gentlemen • Merriam. Lining, Dinding, Patent' nod
French ciarlimpAi Shoe Thread. Awls Wax,Vegs. Lasts,
Harness Mounting,tiollars, Birthing, N hipstock, Beer
heir, , _ •
Also. Coach Makers Tools and Trimmingiuf
much as Hubs, Spoken, Fellow.. Shilfts, Bowe, Floor Cloth,
Canvasu, Cloth, Damask, Frlug, MCC, )lose, Axles,
Spring Belts, Ac , Ac: .
Cabinet 'Makers will find a large assortment of Var.
rilahes. Oak, M'alnut, and Mahogany Veneers. Boas of
all kinds and sizes, Mouldlnge,,Atlvets, flair Cloth,
'Flush; - Curledtlnir-Chilir-andEofe-Sponge,_dea.te,..._
Housekeepers pill also find a largo assurtinent — oT
'Knives and Forks, Bratanrila. Afiwita. and Sliver Elated
Table and Tea Spoons, Candliaticks. Waiters, Shovels.
end Tongs, Iron sell Brass hogt, a Fans, Ac., together
witli - Cedarvrare of alt - kinda,-such- es-Tutek-DiStketa,•
Churns. Ac , •
Agricultural iinplements enibracing Ploweof all kinds,
cultivators. !look ShovelsAtakuk Forks, Chalon, de.
IRON, a large ate- k, compriairqr all kinds In keueral
'use which I em-selling at wholesale prlcee,
Mtn dilatant!, 41.44141tioteent; earlialet. -- •
EN' HAT, CAI, AND $ll.Oll
ARRIVAL OF le,A1.1,0001)8,F0V-1856
The subserlber bas. just opened in the Store-room for
merly occupied by Geo..y. 'Muer. on the corner of the
public square, lilainatreet. near the Alarket House, adj
adjoining the Jewelry Moto of ti'm. L. zg nngle, au on
11311, and splendid assortment of Fail end Winter
Oouda—epmpprlNogß the latest styles of
of every variety and finish. •
- 111 - a - Ifits - e‘melst - or extra - fine hfoleskiti,ileaver.
Pearl, Claret, Kossuth, Sporting Hata, Ac:'' Also Struve
Hats of all vatiction. These Puts are tuanuactured by
s *ford, NOrris k Co., and Mile. celebrated battens at
" fillideliliiii7ll6lMailaifeverreariety of h - Jue manu
facture. .11 . 1 these good: he will guarantee to gtve entire
satisfaction. , n -
His stock of Shoes Is mado tip of every variety and'
stile from the cheapest to the beat article in the mar-
Rot, and cannot poll to please., —• •• •--- •
lie respectfully solicits the' patronage of the pnbtie„
feeling confident that he con self the cheapest and best
gOods•ln,the county, •
• • ~.
---A-.GRICULTIMAIr-A-ItA t-}-DI J -11-
- ' - .4 -- X — PHNNOCKIS7'OELEDICATEI3,-WHEAT-D1111.1c.-'- - -.- -
Adapted also lbr lAilislng oats; )rase seeds and
P i gt
alm lintusePe YOrtablii Cider ?dill—the' 551
In the market.' -• Ilalliday's patent IV,ltidmill.—'
ifeliSkre‘ser's and 1 hres,tter's, Lime aild Guano ;,-,
- anrelidlies; battlers „k Straw . - end Strew andirdder sesthrt
- Little 'Cliant - Corrrand't ob - 81111, -- to:pile's - A Ire oCpetle -
Churn. The above,Enperioritoplemente ultb - ell et '
for the use of the (armor air` gerdner4or sale 11 hi r Al
And Retail by
•' ,' I c i t eollALL,llloll - Itli tr,CO.,
Agriculture] •WAreb" se and Feed Ft ore. coine r il
and Market etroote, Philadelphia, • Juily,2s, $l5.
- '
Nos. 21' . and 28 SOuth Sixth Street
, .
SIEn Oliouaba (576 Acres) 131°01:n5,1111e, near Prlstol. Pa
F A 1t bll 11 / 5" 0 0 It' HE !- •
The subscribers desire to Inform formers a ril pot it
generelly that they now luivion band and' arc conFlavt
ly manugicturiug Threshing Machines with PlerponCr
Patent Shaker, which are generally
,neknowledged to I r
the best articiesnow- In. use.' Also a 'variety-of Clover
Hullers, Coin Shollers end' Straw Cutters: They
etteno to
_the repairing of Agricultural Mach fiery hi
the.hcittuaniiit_nnituorlainioriebio - ternis.7 - Min_ufec.
tory on North Ileunover Eircet,, directly opposite the
residence pf George Metzger, Esq.
r l O FARMEEB.—The subocribtir has .
Just returned from the City with one of the largest
assortments of 11ardwitre ever brought to this place. Ile
has just meetvedlez. flames irlthand with, of pat.
pstonings, ..lron and steel hooloi musing in pairs ben,
44 to $1 50. Also 200 pr straight and twist link t,orr
chains from 50 to $125. Home made traces oral' Lind,.
Also a lot of spread. fifth. breast, butt, currying halter
and log eltainsalSe a very large lot of shoy.h.
spades. hoes, rah es.nnst in shout everything and any
thing wanted by the Farmers— • , ,
Itemarnbor the old stand East Main St. Carlisle. •
,Marrh ItIJLO. 11. SAXTON;
YANKEEFEED .CUtTERF.,• monunt." for
AbOltlCll k SAIIO ENT, No. 410 Market Street, - *Mule
Thu cutter Is superior to nay now in-uso,for
durability. sinsl sdraplhay of construction; It cuts fast
'or, sisals the only self sharpening . flay, Straw null Cern
i-tolk Cutter ever made. 1t has lost oNF. FritA
NNlEN,,wilicil any ponson can grind and set with ea.r3 . :
-I t t tn - ortlinary - easseHa - ground4n-the—taselsin su -.
Oafish; have already been sold, and the demand is daily
Increasing. In most.yases an examination is s‘ufficient
to convince one of its superiority. No one after a short
trial would part with It for any other. All slkes of the
above constantly on band and for Hale by "
• octil Sole Agent for Cumberland county.
- •
otter for 0 01e..10,0W of their
NEW ANL 15117101 ED routhanvr;
I ,(l l lanufnetured from the night.soil, of New York City,)
rig lots to cult purchasers .
'lbis article (greatly improved,vithin the last two
yearallins 'been In the iunrket for eighteen years. and
still tides, competition, ins a.manurn fn corn or garden
vegetables, being cheaper - and HMCO powerful than any
oilier. and at the PallllLitimo tree fnon disagreeable odor.
1 . Two louvers will manure an acre of corn in the hill_
willsave two-thirds in Wan. will rause it to unit up
quicker, to grow faster. ripen carkier, and will bring a
larger crop on FCror ground thairaity - other ferfilirkr; -
anti is also a .proventative - i7f the rut-'north, altiiitAlikti
-nOt Injure the seed-to he pools rou'aet_with
The L. NI. Co. point 'to their long'statoling reputation,
and the larr.u.iedpitalit,foo;tleaq-litiodedlirthelrittisi,
UM, as a guarantee that the at tide they finiteihal
alwais ho of such quality as to command a ready sale:
Price in Philadelphia es follows:
43110 barrel to ft Ms. $290
Five o to •'
_I 57,14.
and at the nitwofsl 70.perharrel for any quantity over
10 barrels.
Air A pamphlet eonunlnlng every information • will
be sent (free) to nhy one applying for the same.
Orders are requested early In Advance, to avoid disap
pointment., Address,
Con Market owl 7th Areas, Phlladelpbta. rft,
Feb. IR, 1847—aut . • '
•M-11^.L N-11,.1; S U Cr (11 - E
Encouraged hl• tho unprecedontod success which thl
popular nootith4 Nei mot with, and the rapidity sill
o blob it has increased its ell culation, the pet pricter ha
reserved to make It still more worthy of the patnotag
of the public. That thin admirable wort; in
In admitted by every one, containing, at ft does, One
Hundred Pugea of nwding matter in emit number. being
more than any of the $3 blagatinnsond tunniug,twp
volumns a your of pia landred pages eaelt, or Twelve
Hundred pages of Mantling Matter per annum for
Ballou's bfonthly in' printed *hit new type.
main fine whits, yak, and Its matter is capyfully ta.m
piled and arranged by the hands of the editor end pro•
printer, who ban hehu known. o the pulite an mossected
with thu Boston press for Mateo* yearn. Its pages con
TALEB,. ADVENI 11141.8,
STUDIES OS Tit E SEA, Slih'iClikS,
WIT AND 111111011. ac., Ac.,
from the best and most popular writers of this country.
It Is also spiced with krtitiord of the notable events of
the times, of peace nail war, of discoveries nod iniprov
meats suturing 4a/either hemisphere, Italian); an
agreeable companion fora 'chore moment, or
o here, at home or abroad, ouch beitg complete
In itself.
No sectarian subjects 'ire admitted into its Amities;
there are enough enntroversal publiestions each de
voted to its peculiar - seat or Okine. This work Is in
tended fur
noith,or, South, east or west. and In filled to the lain
each month with chaste, Ta.nular and graplite mho.'
!Any, Jfist such an any father, brother ur Irlend wool,
plum in.kno tom& of a fatally circle. It in in all Itsde
partments, fresh ondvrlthlal, and. what It puiTorts
fie. the cheapest. nutenalne In rho wOrld.
Any person ench.O.lng. ota DOLLAR to the invnrictor. ai
below, shall royale° the idamtqlnitifor one year. c.r any
person sending US TIMIT SUbkriteTSlllld EIGHT DOLVIReI,
at one time shellreeelran copy in ads,
M. M. II4LL01.1; Publisher and PnTrletor.
eornOr or Terntont nud prontlleld Strerky Iloxton.
Juno IL •••
I. A... AffitiOULTUR A L
. nuns, • •
Atthtlist and Sht The A'spettding eurttychtm. astir
Teeth of.iatious pettervi. 7 4lChi and
Garden Herron's,' !find I'lows, !revolting llotseltakes.
patent Scythe gnallAiLand tirythce. Lawn Scythe's with rtrttted Itacint, snperioe Unhading Hey
Forts, with repo andtterkle cumplete, and all other
ertlcloa fur dam andgarden.
aU. =-4
ANO :,full supply of lIEESE'S
ontainhtg 4d, to ,s 0
_par cent, Phosphate L, , ine: and 8 per cent. Atunionia,
nunnefiitnirA: fend erdheiblen'aind 'Perm inn - bionno:
and coistaitdid tiLisage of about . IGO It s. iwcb, In store
and fur sato, hi Zola, tu . suit.purchn.cs. by
lilt - MAROS A
• Agents of Philadelphia..
••. .. 9'2 SOUTH }VONT
41Ch'filtilartILIar., at lho afire of this
April 1; 1887: -Lira, f• • : ' •
• AC.. The mule grid, %those shop is lit North'
siren near to Class' IFFFFFFeeeeee tol, Carlisle, would Inform the
public that they ore no* prepared. to sinsnufactiona Ag
ricultural Machinery abil Implements olyslisua
sunh•aullohniponers,Ttcad and Lever
reof Treabers, Shot
c clover Sheller,. Tedder Cuttes.
du,Stra*CUttins,Oonsidiellere and Tread Powers new
on band: ',ltopalrlng promptly attended to:' Tern* rea.
Vehruary ' ' • .
- cßlCOCeilijg of ro .;:ifthiy, iiiiiiii.Peekskill,
I 1 111:1,13ubst41.;11Sub filiAlanu and Star •
Ploughs. with wrought - Fos, Alai, Expand-
ins, Cultivators, with :Pleat an 4 Ihnersilde
Tooth, Field and OardetPliatrowVeast•Json ...,
Rollins. Mr, Straw, and IVotidsr - Cuttsia .wilh a largo
assutineut ol'ltortleulturai Tools; at *hairdo and sis•
Mil:, • . L,';„ . ..',i , ~ '.. - - PliEtQllttLL, 1110 It 18 - a Co., •:
Implothebt and Owed ati , ;ite; ith and Market...l44a. •
'AIN' es 1850._ ..: , -.- .I- ' - .• , „ .
J. B. EtCl4llll.
- --,--: • '
0 ' u simpufticturfio , flll6T,`wlth all ttiiiii* , ~.:'
gent ImProtgritonti - ThErdtti'llanaptrd to' , : - iP-..
cut. kid td fifteen Aires r4rdtaid id --; .- .. f -
it , ddh.lui .wolt di If ' can , , d, dope 0'44 a ' '
' Scythe or Cridik'tbr date.
~ • .. ~,. .. .
:, i '• ..' • PASCHALL, xfpnnia r CO T , .
'..ftrtidavent and {{Aid OtOgo; 7th and 114dicei," Phila.
'... ' • , .
,• '
"'ql, . .4. . , 0;'. .fies.ll .- rind g e n u in e
oirlogit, z .DM iii. 7
refers satiety, - at
ttbeltatate end Otte: t , :Aasarted Maas-put
_._.. 4 .
;:,..'''" '-' ~,,,. p Meer 4 7,1 .0, 01 90 e
ra er o a si nt o tz e t r ra_ s t. ; ,,, 1:1, 2 1 0 e
-. 11 /1 1 1A a rtpre • otealt i ttiee fitte ti It direttiers: Japan
Nah.sio.gio.cana.FdiodiTo fumy Driart Peas, Orange
Water. MOO, Rinio9untdknitadn entdagn ined:
CO. --
':l",', ,- , 1.,.,"._,, , .' .J !.IqtrUXILL: MifilltlS'i . CO.
' ' . 4 PPl.,°itlP ' .tr l,44l34 l# epriattt and Market Iddl: ..
.'' .
-' ' • . lit 61,A
If!! B ,e's - 17d
,' k
.. 4 . 1,-',4l'A4
' 44, 1—.6,etar04.,. lbw ditTere
[ r •iSt . ra lb wri64.Bw.-').tr."tlttrgi 't,' ' '--
[ Vie chapyig'n . • -',-- i . ; ~ --
~.,....hil _
, _......../;-:.:,..t.,..? x
• .74
M-,r4 M
V.440 - b(lplitm.;_ F. t.'7 ;
--: • ' --.StrAUFFEII k-1-1A4.11,1,W-P-S
--•-•-••=•,.?•• • • --- -:..OIIEA4k4IATCHE3 AlkilYlE3l'ELlilt.....- .
'A e WhelesalOOnd Retail, at the "I'lliledelidila
' l3 ateli and Jewelry Store,. N 0.90 North brood street,
.• or neiorQuarry, Philadelphia, . -', ' ' ,--'
_ _ liold hexer Watehmlniljewelled, 18 First .'. , T
cases,- ' Gold 'Leiplii - r438 - is,
Silver Lerer, jOwelled, - 32 00 .
Silver Lep jewels,: , : .
• 000 ..
Ihtperior guar/lore, •
'<laid Spec:melee,
~ . .'_ '
- . Pint Silver de. e . • 400 ..
~ (bold Bracelets, . 300
'Julies' Gold Pencils,. •
• =e — Tea - TrailswinsTset, - , • --,-- -- 5 - - -00.
, _
4Po rs,. with pencils and slyer bolder,- 1.00
"(bold Finger" pings Watch (44,soea, &c. AR goods
etrranted to be what they aro told fur.
. . .
STaUFkr.ll,' A.. 'WILEY.
' Suctaaasoe'ofO. onrad.
41111 , 0 n toidd Borne Onld and t•llscr Levers - an C d Lepin
al 111 lower quan the above pricer. - . •
Eolt U P 1 N Ar: (.1 i • -
Imp and Manufacturers of 'CLOAKS and MAN
' TILLAii, No. 174 elwatint street. (a fmi &rims alcvo 7th.
mutt, shle,) (Inconnirtinn with ONOlt4 FE
.11t11,PIN. Mit liroadway N. Y...the largest in(nufriottirer
of these goods In 'ho Untied States.) Ire , q t.,1 roll the at
tention .1 M. IA le; do and Retail - buyers to their largo
and-varied 4in:h of 111.0 A 'cp. TAI.3IAII, Ac Al'.. fin tie
Lll tradell Their ndiection momprisrs A cOinpleto as
sortment 4 - all the latest Parisian Noveltioa in TOlvet
Moire Antique. 6r..'ke. ; while the Pr
ditties :armlet! hp their connection Wit the largetit
Mantifaitur ling lions.. (of these gootima in Nov York.
WWII., them trignomoteo hotter value then Is ol•talim.
la. elsewhere In the slerhel. A CO_
Seet.:h •174 PhrsnntStreet Moire 7th.
LW W (./ 1, - 8 A• 1, I , l' - It U G
114 1f 1 . 113 11T 1 111051AirN6720 - 1. 1 41011
Philadelphia, Importer. Mantifarturer,inti Dealer in .
1)11 11118,11 BD ICI N 1 4 3,4111 P.M ICA 1.5,-A(111{$---
• Dye Stillis:Pai tam. Mix, Colors. 13 hit. Lead. Frenclrana
Americans White line. {Vitiator Blass. Mess Ware. Var.-
- minims, Brushes. Instruments, fir mod Spices, Whole
Spirci , 111111 nil other articlra sou illy kept by Druggists,
,Including Borax% Indigo. 111 lie. tqtellac. Po.tash. Ac. All ortlens • by omit Or otlimarke. pi-olamtl? attended
to. Coutitry merchants are invited local] and examine
our stock heron , purchasing elsewhere. ihralOods Seat
any °ribs wharves or railroad stations. Prices Low
and finals %rammed.. • Murk 0, 12,14,
. . __•
TOSFPII A. N1 , 11';1)1,,ES;
rer of
811.14 AND liAl ft-CLOTH • SIEVES.
Curse, Medium and Fine in mesh : large, middlesized,
and small In ill meter. - • _
* Irxrtf.f.- VIII{ - 4311 Well3EN WIltR,- •
the beat tpitlitbal. arloas sizes of Mesh. from:Sion.]
lA, I whist re. - atol from olne.hl siX, het in er1,411. ,
They are numbered no ninny spaces to the lineal inch,
' A:o u s t :L . l sc . k to: • -
pS constantly I u band •
• -+ ••• SCREENS. - .
4 -6+ e - v -1 . 1 .' 13 .hd lime;ll9min. gravel: guano, Bunter
' !Maar. salt. lone. e(.ffce,-spire, drueS. dyestuffs,. .tc
- Together with an * assortnent .of 111111 IPf AND AN
. NE.4 LCD IttlhN MBE. All the above sold wholesale
slldretail by - J. A. semn.l:-.s.
51 Front Strect,.phila.
June 4.18513.-1 . 1.. • .
/..)The Statscriblit's having removed to then. . •
._..NEW AND .84+ACI0118 BTOOE,
N 0.218 Chestnut Street, fourge r rth alm
we a above Tenth,
Are line prepared to eller a launt well selected sleek
nettle allowing Trsle . and desirable goods. prineipally of
their Own inliortatlon, or bought at nuetien, which
they are able to sell et the importer's prieek. and to
which they rordiatly Invite Ile, attPotion of Country
Merchants. Hotel Reopen, and families generally.
--/Infl r titer-u_mad reolr t ,t+ 3timioar Stooling. •
Barnsley and Irish bitten Sheeting, )4, 84, 94,104,
114.124. 1
ittaster and Pillow Linens of several choice bleacher.;
anti all witithsdrom 18 toltl int'hes.
. • Bed Blankets flail sties end
Cabana Itradle Blankets. - '
-. Bell Quilts of the following varieties. chat Marseilles,
• Welting., Knotted, Register. Alletuilnit,
.Allendale and
- 'Lancaster: of all theileldraltle sizes.
'Bureau Covers, Table Covers. WI ntlowCurtaln Muslin
e TOlrelS and Toweling- of evert' variety. Damask Table,'
'olliths and NaphiliS:Shirting (411C.IIK:11311 Muslin. Cant
brie limplkerchiefs, Endemiderlea: IlnsirrV. A-c. Broca.
tel, Damasks. Montens. Poiltroitierea 'Lam 'and Muitlin
Curtains, Gilt Cornices. Bands, 11 hops. Cont. Ar.
• Importer,: and Dealers In Linen Mid lionse-Furrash
ing 11 1 010. •
April 20;.D3513--1;m.
_ -
ti It'S N E-P Fell
wholemt.... and Retalt
_ Smith Secondlit.. Corner ofCarhir St.
• - The - e , taldighoomrlins be ll 'enlarged .uld Improved
Is supplied with the largest and best Ito:tail Stock
In the City, Vriticipatly of his osstrinatinNctUr e ;" a ith
RS.G0111111•11t frt.lll- the I cot l astern Alstket
bracing Ladles; Gents' and Children's
- 11‘10T67:
of every description, Style' snd quality, einimtring` the
hest 'styles and qualities in this-or any mdler market.
This stock cannot be excelled fur Quality Style and
Each article N. marked at the very lowest possible
price, loom trldrit. no deviation will . be made. No ex-
I ravalmnt statements will be needed, and none made to
effect sales.
Goodyear's Gum In all varieties. Pure Gums, so
se -tree In the market- always on hand. The public Is
espertfullyjnvited to call. (April 1,155'5.
pll ILA DE I.l'lll A Ei'D N
l!,r merchants, lawyers. fanners, and ethers, having
Itadis, Papers, or. ether valuables, •to preserve from
It'ay and Neweips (11oldia) itA.Nli LOCKS.
• A CAno.—The —.Fire Proof Safe,' that preserved our
I"" during the great Fire at Hart's
Buildings. was purchased ofOLII EIt,,EV ANa, al S. !ud
SI., Philadelphia, GETT, h BUCK.
EVANS' Premium Ventilated itefrigeratursfor cooling
and_presersing butter,- milk,- water, and - all
articles for culinary purposes.'
WATER El LTERS fur purifying brackish or muddy
water, whether affected by mins, limestone. marl, or
oilier cause.; mu be had separate or attached to the
Refrigerators—tt stiedl quantity of ice cooling the whole
n the warmest weather.
POI:TABLE Slwwi:it BATAS, fur.tbe use of wr=
or cold water.
WW - -
ATlilt ILHII.S. for lloteli welling..
. ThrstilmsjasulA r; -
• ST,IItE TRUCKS, for moving, bales; Sr:
FEM. PRESSES, Copying do., Dro=ist do.
No. (a south Sih.ond 2,..100m below Cliesnut
Man% 5, ISSU--ly. (F.stablishuil In 1835.)
• c a
El . •
3:9 >a
2 :4i
- v•P
g •
g 7. ;- E . :
E- • ::\
• c
• Ve
111K13, RING ' . .&1 3 A T 1 , 1 N.T.,_ C ILA. NI pj,
ON FIRE PllOOl , SAFES, with. Hail's Patent
Powder Proof Locks which were
.i.6"_ '''-'" -. ..,5- - ..7 - . arraoled sepanite - Illedals at the
.„..N. Woe Ws Fair: London, 1851, and
..V . .. ti' 1..,....t
..., -I also at -the World's lair, New
L...rv ii ..::q Turk, 1853 awl '51. -- TKiiiibiserit
' e15..iii;) , 1.,, ,':', l bens ere the solo manuacturors
...... - sass.,t. -t• , . and proprietors In this State of
` h ..55: 1 .1(: , .., , i - the above unequalled Safes and
.t 14.,..x12q Locks. The reputation of the
Lles. „.. . --; l'. genuine "Ileiving's Safe" is anrle .
z s ktlL___ It . •
_,,, vide, and fur the Last thirteen
~,..„4. g itio,),
~,,....,- years the merea, ntile community
hare witnesstot and borne testi
mony to their NEVEM TAILING fire proof qualities. More
than 1.2,00 U of these Safes have been actually sold, i — ii — nl
ever TWO lIUNDIMO hays passed triumphantly through
accidental firm. The public ate-assured that ell Safes
manufactured by the subscribers are not only guaran.
teat to be fully equal, but in many respects even supe
rinr to those which have been so severely tried by tire
Few will forget their services In the burning of the
- .`Tribune establishment." New York, and•nt the Great
Fire In Strawberry street, at the large fire last July,
opposite the Girard Muse; and still more recently
In the - Fire at Filth and Chesnut stn., in the city of
Phildolldils. in which these Safes tame forth the no-
knowledged Cimino; when vanity other securities
—Whit— ~„-'........,_ • j , Etanra.Axix.------ -
, VA - Sin .t. MANLIOCE. M terms. ,
-Si WKLOT CT Street. Philadelphia..
C led Iron Safes, with Powder Fend' Locks, manu
factured expremly fur Banks. Brokers, Jewellers, and
others requiring seeuilty- from rogues. Clank Vaults.
imurs. de. en hand and m ule -to_order.. All the most -
celebrated Logics for sale at manufmtureye pekes. .
'Second hatid "Safes,"- "Salamtuders" and' "Iron
Chests" of other makers. have - been taken in park pay
-Meng for Illeilves kir Rale at Imif Mice. aid. •
C. L. Knifing, of ,MeetutniCeburg. Cumberland
auto y; P 0„.., announces tcetheseadtleted - with Tenors
, Wens. Cancers. Polypus, Lupus, Moles or Marks, Bei-71
•ula- King's Eyil and all diseases that base been usually
treated with Caustic or Knife:lmola reasove them with•
• out cutting: burning •or pain; neither rhierolbrat or
Ether isadrainistemi to the patient. It Is no matte,
on what pert of the body they may be, 110 'am rename
them with perfect safety:and in a sionuitblyaltoil•
time. No Mineral of Vegetablepsitini I. applied, and oc •
money' required until a curetipeefected. •
Prolapons Uteri. Female. •Demplainte.Throfili, 'Vele
:veal Rini all other diseases treatedwlth positive seeress
Full particulars can be obtained by addressing in elthei
English or German; peat.-paid. Patients. can be scam
'medetel with lkiard on reaeonable tonna . '
; Mechanicsburg is one ins prettiest:and healthy
towns In this or , any other state. ' Is miles from
M ertisburg. on the thintbend Valley , Bali emit, and
seem:llU from albparts. of the lint us, ..The Doctor will
' vlsit Fares in, any.pari of the ittawhen noshed,.
- tnadtzifYnu.knefi ady fdr•l'led isfislf_frfs
Cure dslev not to tell them of this treatment.
_ .
, . • :
. .
Y.' 'A.14:41 7 /ilid..4,:t!—Tiitisn .. whn -. :whilt -
Ti - the 11.1 .
n twit .'s•hin r ipi."i - typlatjd iliii; , ... liliiliel lit . 'jai
ever iefreitelltit Ctilielei will
.rifthtrw ei the Near ~.tore,
' ' i' J.,41, flu IIIICII. ,
, .
. _
: 1 tiU~ldflprjia.
. •21 SOuTII FRONT 82111 RT, kUILAbr.LPRIA, •
• " stnos.'or
-AND 010A1113.
he constantly on and for sale Jana)] 141)11st - if
Antrrleito and Spanish Lear !toll:locos, selected with
special reference-to lilanfacturers'. UFO. •
nrticleti sad Warrouled to be oe roprOFonfotl, and
every.opnortunity afforded for examination,
Purchasers at n distance inn cam! their orders find
rely upon . being Rs fitithfully,serind am IT their goods
or , r lo person.
,(A 11,1856-Iy.
0 .
V, •
. rri
o P • r
g fa. g 0
rD CL. 5,1 CO ,t "
0 0
Cr 3 0
I'SANING FUND p.r.nn; U. S.
--1N51511ANC1 , ...-ANNIIITY_:& :TRUST
- 3, - K.'Cortter T tint and Cnemtut
CAPITAL $ . 27,0,1at0,
— Money - in rereived-mr-tirperit-artity-.--tini-omount-de
posited Is entered in n Deposit Book and given to the
Depositor. or. if prelimred, a (•ertifirate will he given.
All sums large and knelt;. ore received, and the
,ntnnunt paid bald: on demand. without notice."
Interest is pola at. the rate FIVE Pte rEaT y con
mencing from the day of depesit, a'nd ceasing fourteen
floes previous to the withal:i n 11l Of tile money.
the-first day of Jenuttry.- in each year, the inyerect
of rein deposit in paid to the depositor, or added to the
p inripai. no .1?r, may pr4fer. • •
The Company 11111 e now upwards of 3,soo.dcposithrs
In tine city of philatlelphin nimto.., • •
Any allitional in formation Will be' given ir addressing
the Tatim.roin, '
,tep'len R. Crnwtnrd. Pree't,
Lew •ellitillnltne7in.
Ani6] . n:oll'l hemp:mit,
llenjel,nin W. Tingley
.Inrolp 1.. Flemnre,
PEISY, risi:.
.1. e 0 1:111-41 . 111. GER.
Fent ..12 ';,5. —I y
kit o
r L ,,I-xtY •
. Chartered by the. State of Pennsylvania in 1655
• OFFICII, 55 WA ',NUT 'STREET_ ' ' '
One door oho ye ferynd Street. Phlladett•Wn.,.
Itereivea Deposits In Antna 1100 - Pallor nod op‘inrd
front all classes of the ..nnt tnur ity, end allows Interest
at the rote or five per sena 'per soulful. 'Misses paid
on, demand. - ,tEr), 011 ire • opeu daily • front .9 until
and on Monday 'and Stan eday 'until 9 tielnek
In r..e'ereolitnf. '
This Inst.lintion will he found n conVonlent and silk
place of deposit for Fanners ain't titers l lq, Undue..
- in Philadelphia. Deposits aro:paid on tlettlaud ii.llll6lllt
nny previous notice beinv rtiqulrcd.
It. Tyson,
o. etlege
ltiiliert 3/orris. -
- ]:domedL. Claric. -•-
_ : Capt..l.ihn thillegher,
It lehardii. Stotesbury,
WilliarA 4 hippen,jr.
Win:P., Jenks: ' „
Edmund A. Solider,
7,9111)voll S. P.jeleip;
.Inntee P. Perot,
John.llrCentesi --
Jecob Sheetz,
Joseph 31-Cowell, ,
Joseph It. dyers.
ltdiver4l 11, Trotter,
Frenklln Itavost,
- Thoonts Cooper,
- • Preiddent—FßANE LIN FELL.
Treniurer—CllAS. M. .%101:111.8; •
Seeretary—.l AMES S. ITINOLF,
to The Charter !Iron ides that no manager. officer or
nizpiit shall. directly or .Imilitertly, borrow nny.incatey
(rani the &wkly. 0ct17,1855-1y-
out st root, muth,mt comer of Third street, Philtolob
p ot, Itmorptlnttell by nu I.nto of Potion)lvan% 111
Firo per rent. int, rest is given, and the money Is nl.
ways paid bad; whenever it, in railed for, without tho
neresAl) ol pining in tint for It bolbrchaud.
• People who have Isms sums put their money In this
Saving Fund, on account of the superior safety and sou.
venionee it affoidn, but any . sutu, urge or Man, Is re•
evil ed.
This Saving Fund has a very large amount of Mort.
gages, Ground 'tents and other first class investments
tor the security if Dept sitars. The rules prevent any
Director or Dllicer front using or horrg wing Gm Ilit , Ley.
2"he Office is open to receive and pay money er cry
day, from,9 o!clock In the morning till 7 o'cloot in the
evening, and on Monday atid.Thunslay evening, till 9
People who have money to put In, are irrilivd to cal
at the Mike for further information.
~ • , • •
HEN ItY L. lIENNED, Pie'slde. At, •
%11T. st:Lllll , tlE, Viro PreFklent.
WM. J. REED, Sucrelttry.
Ortottpr3. Bbs. _
Eit EN (11l TIWSSES.IIentin
1 ---icupturo successfully treated. am! coutbalusurrd,
by use of the elegant Frenala Trusses:lmp stud by the
subs..riher, and inane to order rapt essly for his sides....
All suffering with htipture wilt -t.O gintired Ao /earn
that the occasion now offers to procuri a T. use 'coull.lll.
lug extretue 11111111,A05.. stilly ease. liar:A.lll y and correct
- coustruettotEltrlletrOrtlre - voinbrbu s - an d uncompTi.•
hie article usually sold. An extensiVoassor omit al ulll.
on hand, adapted to every variety of bold ax , In adults
and chlidreti. and lbr safe at u range of prl c to suit
Cost of Single Trusses, $2,,5, $1 and $5 rouble, $l.
$O, lb and $lll.
Persons nt - Adistance ran - luive a 'I rat; .!31( . 1 , it Welly ad;
dress by remitting the amount sendlng . ml, uurenrOund
Ilia hips. and stating side affected.
For bale Wholesale and Lotall by the Importer. '
CA brill 11. NELDI,ES
S. IV. our.' of Twelfth k Sure :its.. Pidlude/pliis.
Depot for Dr. Banning's Improved l'atont llidy Mere;
Chest Expanders and Erector Droves; Patent Shoulder
Braces; auspensory Bandages: Spinal Props and
torts. Ladies' Scoots, with compatuut lady attendants.
To all persons afflicted with Solrusi Ammer& nu!
! iILEET, SYPHILIS, Ac.. do.
'flee HOWARD ASSOCIATION 'of Philadelphia. itt
clew of the tufo] destruction.of,buntnn IMO end hcoltl
m It
canned by surd diseases. and the deceptions which at
pructimd upon the unfortunate victims ofsucb disease
by Quacks. have directed their consultlng Surgeon. ns a
- CIIADITAIILE ACT vvorthr-nr-thide—hunte, gI e eMEDICAL ADV/DE GRATIS, to ail 110111011 E thus at
(31 ale or komale.);cho apply by letter. (poet paid.)
with 'a description of their condition, lags. occupation,
habits °fifth. 4c.,) and in extreme poverty and suffering
The Minn Aisociation- ion benevolent Institution,
eatablished , by special endowment, for the relief of the,
nick and . distrtuised, afflicted with Vitultaidend "Xpo
donde diseases," and its funds catd/be used for no other
purpose. it has now a surplus ,of !Moans, whiCh dhe
Directors have voted to.advertisedlia - above notice. It
Is needless*, add that the As.rchttlecommands the
highest Medical skill ortlio age.- .
Addroes,(post-paid,) Dr. 0 P.O. II.tOALTIOIJN, Consult.
leg Surgeon, floirard Association Dhiladeligilai
Ay order of the Directors,
EZRA"). IrEMITWELL, President. r .
OW) FARECIII . D. SW•rotary.
flO - I , OA.I:I I ()NSUMERB.—'I: ho suki 7
'tribes nioulil respectfully Ifirite. the attention ol
t e elli-Ons of Carlloilo to his large 'took, of COAL,
various kinds, surf) as Lytton*a Va/h33 , Prolion.
Nut Mr Llmeburours. Trororton. Egg and Nut. tihnont,
in Broken. Egg and Nut; oiler which he. frillnell at
'reduced. prises Ibis hist . guars :or 'cneh.
11gw. and Store Coal. for family use. w 111,141.
clrivtug, to pleams ; hppe ti lutr9. a liberal Patnire
I fen'infist , prepared to Ruin, y you frith t,ho OilatrateiL
it sad Top! Coal: which, let ninsldered-tho the
.Btate. Come • and loob, skit, i:floT l 2
:OW alim em,tusd.",slitif,stblelf •41411, f
-unit* salescinfit short Profits Is my frottor=it tiltotte Aso
:pease Le lietterthau it" dulk 441118g..81ea50 ;lye us it,
; - • ••• --, • '••••-' .mil cue and aIIY ••••• AbCilt 'Mt
' criT7 ‘ll , oid4l - 1} il9r loft' at residenrein riaiit.titruet t os
-at c frier ` teneyrto.a*klieniv3:-sl9liPu'n' 4"'re"' aiii to
fir, F pile attended , ; " - I;thit:L.,yee. .•
FA It II • 0 '0 P •I, -A. Isl. .1/:
1 : 7- r' . " ---- '''' , " : t 5 ELlialarifi'7 .----- . - 7 -----
G .1111'.111A N B• 1 TTEIt B. . . . .
Piepared by.' ..
„, • -
. .
• • . will effectually curd • • -,
,Chroule or Nervous ~Delillity,nlisofheog,,,tto„ ,iyit
and all diseases arising from a disordered
:Liver orCtornach: ' I •
.. • . ,Fue Constipation, •
.. •
, . Inward ffiles.
, .
• - Timor Blood bathe flood,
____... . Acidity of thufft , onmejlyain n ,_ .._ •
------',—/lirintirtiiiffirCij:Dlsgust for Food. -••- ..4 ..
- • -
Fullness or Weight sii the :tan: eh, 1 • .
Sour Eructatteine-tilulef itgerFlutfering' f
- •at the , Plt of the kffinach.•ffivllliniiiigof
'the 'lead, flurried and Difficult Breathing '
-. Fluttering at the heart, Choaking Or suffoca- •
of g 11tontatleus When In .rt•lying
1: henige, , Di nese
Ylslou Mita of webs before th t,
and du ' ll pale In the /teal, Deffieloney of,Favorni
Persidration; Yellowness of the tAtlii and '
Eyes, 'Pain In the fide, Bock, Chest, .
. • . Limbs. tee, Sudden Flushes of •• .'.
. -
.. . . html, -burning, hillier Flesh, - ' • '
Constant Imaginings of
- • ' tvil. find great Du.' .. ' `i , ' •
•• - " prom:ion, of . .
Ppirlt o s. .
• ..
' The proprietor In calling th attention of the
}.o this propitiation, does so with a feelin public
g-ofe utmost
'confidence, In Ito vinueeandadaptutl to the dlseeses
for which it is recommended.. on
' •It is no -no:e'er& untried - article, hut One thin has
stand ill° toot of a ten-yearn' trial before lbw American-.
people, e L ir nd I
re ropatietion'and, sale' is: unilValled , by
ithi pparations extant. • The testlinoni In Ito
'favor given by thlknumt prolitinent and. well - known
Physicians and Indi itd mile In all' parts of the country
•Is humans:, • • %,
Ara source,: of Insanity. Fran ethauder oriobsit union,.
n morbitl'artinn of the syrup:Malt:and_ other-nernfr
--fepowUiiiiil-the•fithrtranroTlhe brain aro impaired in el
deranged; deningenien t there} M/I also . prod utieuffsi ini
--talif_therlienn?skienthings-and'ffilineys.t to Awing
to I lie name ea use that Ili, in./aids din with Omit in,
Billet's or Yellow lever, and Out niefselaninful Jima fie,,
Comarniption. •
Tim general mint of Slier:Wain treating ditenses of the
liver and strimAch. has not linen n , Ingelellry of Nth:li -•
thrall knowledge of their fonetiens--but of 'a suitable
compound that would-art upon the disease 011,1 01111 o
s inputhetie• affections, That has been gained In then
Bitters :, and they ran be tined by persona U (Ili Ili
no time d dollilltn stomach *c.l I. 11 perfect Fa tnty--no they, at
ebilitate the patient, Pi t t 'give strength lind
'increase thu tiervous energy. They eon Le taken at all
trines. and under all cireonistances. No ordinary cape
sure will pre: out them hat lug n salutary effect, nod
Ilo•laill effect can result from an over dose.
If patients will persevere ht. tin, use 01,11115 remedy,
'and' use It strictly according to etircellons,.. it-will cute '
-1 h ali reprting - diß,KEiflit every 11 0.. 21 1u . o,01:0;vt I.eytnal
the power of medietile I 'it . Ithe - ea nem - 1 - 'l.loly 'hit ei•Joy
the Meshing or renewed heel iii, god In many deseratep
and Ilbalidaned rasp:, a o ,, rti, l and Milked cure.
And feeling the hand of Time w eighlug.hour : lly upon
them, with alltts attenda'nt-illA, ulll find in the use' Of
the llifteis'an Mixer that "ill instil new life into their
veins; reatoie. fn n meatitre .thiT energy' anti .ardor of
more pia liful days.; build up their Oirmilten memo.
end tits heath and Jaquith:as to their remaining
It is n well established het. Thar fully 0 00.11011 W the
fnYlOg emale portion of our pUpffiat ion. are seldom in- the en
ol at go , , I 1,0,, 00. , I'll litVilleir,,,VO e: pre:let
s: 2 ,
"nen, feel' triji7 'lliei lire languid, deft le} of all en
ergy, PI:111,11101y nrnruo.'nud IiaVII no appelltn. To
this (lona •01 Nalitts : th e.... hitters tire especially re- ,
c. njuieneled...• 1,..1r: - prattler. tonic . and thirigiffating
10,pert 1.4 , lei:iier them imahuilde In lunch caves,
totoollo visiting districts bin lashed annually with '
VEY lilt AN D AU UE, or ANY FLYER 'OF A 1111.101'S
N ATI; It 1.1, .1111 find that by Ihe timely . use of one or -
,n bottles, they will noDin one Luellen tithe the din
and'r ll r enovaleand o.lett uthen the
Ryetem. thrry the Idle oil iii its mitimal vluiti nel.—
Pfeil,. thin In better than cure.
I'II-E-Y- A - ff. l- ENTIItt:IfT - PEGI. t AN ~ti . •
And tree from Alralione Hlinethint. And all ',OM lain--
'lngredient": ; orb jileasant in' taste mid yawl?. toll.) In
their operation. will expo' all morbid secretleint Dom
the body, give bloom to the mithel,cliceik, and health
and c Igor to the r , 2•111... , '
Price it "rata per bottle. .
'Prhiell al Omen. No, Oa ARCO street, Plill'a. Ptt •
kill by 1 , 1 liggials and Shaul...pent in every town •
nod Allege In the United - elates UM"' C..,11,g,_
__. __ _ and, by
all DraggiSis 111 Carlisle,
____ • j Nay IX, Ihrth.
__ •
. M, Ondwin,,
Paul B. Goddard:
(I,lo.3fllFay. •
dames DovorirV,
(lost. Eng
Serreturs nod Trensto
Teller and. Interpete.
11 I ILADELPIIIA 311 MICA L IfOfff , ll,
ttafilfslied twenty two years nee Fy lilt, EiNREIAN,'
corner 01'1 WO and, Philadelphia,
Experience has ren des ed Dr. It. it most sitscessful pros
!Mover in the stirs of all disease+ , of a. n r “ ,,,al mt , l' 0 ; ."
noodle, d's doiiltit p, as lilt, impediment ,tip fontringe;
lien r o ws and to.tita/ Infirmities, diseases of the skin,
nod those arising froin Abuse of merettry..
There Is :merit 11041 sontethoes indulgt4 In by boys'
in solitude, idjeft grow log up wilt them to manhood; -
edit' not refornad hi due time, not only begels
serious ritstaCks -to: fon trlitioliol glt eS
floe ton series of protracted, insidious, and devastating •
Few "r trbi,g who giro way to his pernicious the
ore nit nre of the vOin,etiOCOrt% 1111th-they find the sir r
voussysten -shattered, t'eel strange and unaccountable ,
rensotions and tag nefma In Ike mind. (See pages 27,
28, ofhook on Self
'lite, unfortunate thusffe
acted Preservatl
become on s feeble, le •
unfold,• to labor with osco,.totned w Igor, or to apply lilt..
znitt,F to stud an y; his s t op Is tardy and wenle: he is dull, :
irresolute, d any even In his spells with lose
energy tllltir
if ho esinsulpsto /draselrbelbre 11,5 pCostice has done
its worst, and puler toatrintost) , Ills inni liege . Is un
'fridtftil, nod his /411,0 tells him !lint this in roused I y
his early follies. Those ore considerations which should
awaken tier attenth•n of ail who are stnillarlSr satiated-.
Can hay.) (by stating th e ir case expileitry, together
will, ad' their symptoms, per fetter, unclosing n 10.11311-
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Forwarded to tiny partof the United 'Stotts, and
secure from DA3IAUE and CV.ILIOSP.fy, Lj ti-ail or
A Vigorous Lilo Or a Premature Death, Itinkelin n •
erlrPreberl talon—Oily 25 milts . ,
Lettcrs coo tatujug tint Tal In Stamps, will ousuro •
a copy per return/of mall.
UItATIS I - (MAT'S 11 - 1311AltiS !I •
A Free GUT to all. •
M 1,5 .1t; it V E tE V ED. •
"Mauro's Guo," ti new ad popular wOrk, ell ot
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they did do more then give temporaryf r
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tont-h the vat've of the diseano. "'nir vitas(' of rill ague
tool 1./111mm diseases is tine nun, rpitet it pule( It inflict
S:lannat or-Srtlittle. Iretitralire this prim. ly Its no.
ltatAL An 111,141; 1111 a nil dineaso e. tired it dlsappeats
et once. till, des' Fel or and Ague( tire is this ntalthre
to Nalarla. and Elir•ret.ver It Is jt pet ketly hai11,14.,s
The certThrate Of rant toted tlt enlist, J. It.
hilton, of New-York, to this effect, is attached to eve
ry bottle; therefore, does no g(.‘ d, It elm' do no
harm. I •
'I Lis is m . 571,, then can be. raid of Quinine, Arsenic. or
• ally other tonic lit paktum-41, as their use In mittens to
the torntitul lon and I tim..s en All Vl. nith '
tinier aliens it 1ie114,11 to Joel pertmtly n ellll4- n sing.le
ln ilfusitation 01 three tt tithe I itai.ex 01100
estracts from ti lettPr just recollect lit In ti Ult3 L sic6alt :
tit.tmemonN, Coto,
. 1 A.5.'A.1.111/AIPS. I,m-Imm Yo.ursot
is et hand. 'I he Cale arri‘cd lute Mst year, et,d the
difficulty lit getting to purl hose It was vltiltly•
linen eill•ed :rein tin' rmt n.t o ix.lttrdy had / eve ilti ru
kit. rd it Lich tills pi tmlng lilt mil lie nn
I ohg heat r than 11:42,,t QUI1:11:e--110t kom, it g. I pro
snail., that the veil ear they nerd In rest ape takirg t;t11.
1,11. e rill tabled the Idali !
bis remedy tkin,Wll an Tt ni old in
Itill.AK en 'Aplie, lot it tlitl lint t ore It, es It
xuuid t.ltrii et lilt moot ed r. 11;11,1 till t
cowl-tenet, 1 thorned in yput fart r. II 1 could inntittlte
a tent columnist n hotween it old your CLI 15, alto fol.
lowing is the tenon,: •
Tlueu pelabiS took - yr-ur "Cut c,?At of bleb were
raFt, ' . (;11111d12111 hrtet u.ltnu,t "pet Or many
14211.diaig. 'Ahoy hod tried Qiiittl/ a and other
etnedirs, t ottid al ally' Ittissidf a chllblut It-was OS In
ell. suctMoses.) slowly mowing thoit int. and lay log
the Inundati. It of other and su s cam nallotlich. I did
succeed In alio, Ling-flyatileel cure of all. (Mee Of tin so
rant FAA nth yror repistd.y., and, tbey hare tmtJilldfi_ehilL.—_.
tirthestl'eases Toni,
had leen used, and n ould, as berme stated. hreah.ot)m
chill; I tit stmt a period or tun hed'ernmed at •
rot urn.
' I think there:mill he no dillleulty - now i orr v lto
our' Cure"- the vantage ground of ally other rono:tly
_litil , lll-11. 11010,4 e.r&t ,--- 11 - Xf..14.4 JC1):It, Si.
I , EV.hlt and AOIJii ANTIIIt,TE
SIA LARI A, the only 'minders remedy In existerce
Is equally eortain axe PIitVE.NT/Vr, no a CURE." •"I Oka
It when you Joel the chills coining on, and. you w 111 -
MI here a .I.n !in ate,
JAMES A. RIPIDES, Proprietor.
Prm Mance, Itr .roFor an te iiy W. A. lirteo, ford hingalsts get/orally.
:July 2. •
RECORD, a collection-.of Newspaper Parts ntid •
•n, contatiting a Caw:plot° list 01 Nee 'Ampere in
the 'Waled Staten, Canada?, ))add Great Bcitaitt, Tito
only relfaLle work of tho kindlin the world." An Inver;
noble mnistaut to the Edit , Book Publisher, sudden.
oral Advertiser. Svo, DMpp.
. receipt orgz, it 0111 tu prhpaid per mail, to any
part of the country.-, LAY & BROTII.EIte,
Pubilshern, No. Fa mot st, 1 iitiadsipbts:.
A:7-Editots bisecting the Min\three months, with
editorial' tW ttee, ere and sending copies of the paper
id_tt:Ltheitintv copx_of the
ft DER 'MILLS can Mit beikiliOnd of
••••,, improtedWorsti,uetlon and. Cade, Their.
minding, apparatus .Is peculiar, add Ives
them accadvantago over all thoe
by the action of two rediiirocating pistons, lite tipples
are flireckf up against the teeth of a twpldlrrevolving
cylinder and retained till ground to a floe pulp, which
of course yleftici Inure 'Ake when sutticeted,to 'pressure/
than IY the pomace was coarse. The Press boa
been greatly 'lmproved and strengilientd RITMO /Mat
th p r44l . l - ..
can ho'worked hylinntLteLthe,extent of Mr, to
barrels a day. •
Itutdeatedt And Seed - Fiore,
lAttand MarkoL.Phlla:
:ap. 21 t IRK
• •
VILTALL 1-tA-Isit111. ; 1.•W ALL' PAPI'..R !
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'Jit.t'recelied tholsr4est dif d ' , most varied asseamen6-
'aver opal 6,1 In Dsrllslo.. 71w public Iry lvvltt.,l to ortll
-and melee e railarlien from I la.. viunmetlynsi'ortuma, '•
nnr paces nee the very 1-west. 'A bin, a /l a za' yarll of
IVlnductlllluills_and.kire.Rmed Priptß, L
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•", .• ' . 'North Iltirerroir CarliAo,
P. Paperffod band from butt sealicni I o ecold
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DRY Lumß!git, '• 2
11//09.1 the Catin) FAC(6IY.
The patronage of the ',Oblic is'irespectiroltp solicited
26,-11i57. - JOSIAH EPSY Cc.