Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, April 29, 1857, Image 1

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, . . •
The CAULibtil lILRALD is published weekly ens laigo
ihent, contailniug rouse COLUMSS ihruiebeil to sub
adhere nt the rata if paid etrlctly in advance:
0.75 - Irpald, within ,the year; 0r.54.1n all eases whom
pAyinent is delayed until after' the expirntion of the
year. )lo subscriptions received fur 'n less period than
six months. and none dlncontlnued - until all et:rear:we
are paid, unless at the option of the. Publisher. Papeis
Bent subsribers 'Keg sift of .Cualberlatid county
utisan_paia for in -.demi
by some rownsiblo person liiilii - glii - CM/inhorlaud.ieuuri
ty, Those terms will be rlAldly 'adhered to In all ranee.
Adverthannenis will be charged $l.OO per squnril
twelve linos fur three inserilonn. and 24 cents fur end;
• inbscquerit insertion. All advertisements of less than
twelvo Dues considered as h square.' The full., frig rates
will bo rhorged fur quarterly, ling Yearly and Yearly.
Mouths. ti * Months. 12 . lonths.
1 B‘piaro, (12 lines) $3.00 $5.00 $B.OO
2 " :" • • • 0.00 8.00 12.00
. ‘‘• - • .:1.2.00_ , R. - .2 1 .1.0.0'. 30 •9 0 .-o
1 '‘ • - 25.00 38.00. —** 45:tiii
Advertisements inserted borire Morriar,es and Deaths,
• 8 cents per 'lino for first Insertion, sell 4 cents per •Ilne
rorsubgequent irmrtions. Counnunirationh uu suljerti
— ilr. limited or Individual intereid - Will 110 ehargett - troonter
• -
.per lino. The Proprktor'wlll nnt'be responsible in dun-'
• ' -ages forerrois In advorttheinents. •01.1tiniry notices Ha
-• exceeding live linoS, will he Inserted ulthout ebarge. .1
TheCAatisre lltattto JOB PRINT:NO OFFICE . Is the
largest and meat complete establishinentin the county.
Three good Pressen. and a general variety of material
-suited for-Plain and Fanny work of every kind. enables
us to do Job Printing at the shertent. notice and nil the
emst'reasniable terms. • Persons In want of Hills. Blanks
or any thing - ln the..lobbing -line. will-find it their ln- -
terest to give tin a eall. Every variety of BLANKri con
stantly on hand. • ,
ply- All letters oirEisiness must ho} post-paid to .
cure attention. -
.I)rlieraf t tocalOnformalion
Pruslitolit—.lA3s6 BUCHANAN. '
11,0 rro --
adont.lollN linneKnim•Gk. "
Secretary of Stnie—Goo. LEWIS C . --
Secretary of 111tOrint—.1.10111 THUBL,Q . X. '
.. Secretary of Treasury—llON‘lll.l. CiiO.
Bourittliry of War—SosiN 11. FLOYD.
Seceut.nry of Nary—loan; 'rovers.
Post goster r floitoral—A. V. 1.1r.0wm..
kttortioy General.,-.lkinmt.tir S. lies CI. ^
Chief Justice of Unitod ntiteb-11.. It. T.vic Y.
ST AT 3 0047.11NDIENT
( - lor . ernor-- , JAst ex Por.l.nolc. - • . . - •
. iiNretnry of stalm—Aspoinc O. (7‘301:14 . •-: •
, rveyur . tionot.l—J. P. Itonwi.E.T.•
- Athilt•ry - Oolloral-1:. it v.,..--• —....._
Trenhu Mr- If I.NI:i :!.. 311.onAvr. e -.- ..
Jud;es of Om Btt lov,flio'Coui . l,—,E, fJcwo, J. E..lll..acit,
W. 11. favour:, O. 11, %VOA... 4110, J. C. li.m.,x. - ,
COUNTY cirrlazats.
• - . _President OILS 11, GRAHAM.
.-AssociateL_Judgmf,-Ilen. John - Rupp, Samuel Weed
• Sure.
District Atturfloy—Wm. J. Shearon
• . Pnithonotary—tlaniel K. Noon.
• Reeorder, iie.---rinhp M. Gregg, .
liogistur—Wllliain 'Lytle.
Ilign Sheriff—Jacob Bowman: - Deputy, J. lien'-
;flinger. . .-
County Treasurer--Adatn Sonselnal. • - 7
Coroner—Mitcholl M 'Clotho,. _ -". • --- •
- • - • County Connuissioners.-4fenrge M. Grahnni, WIL
" Ilan, M. If endersen. Andrew Kerr. Clerk' td C011111132,-
eioners. Michael Vino. • - , .
Diroctorg of the. Poor— Ilan Ile, .Iphn C.
--.llrowu,.SatimuLTrltt.. • Superintendent r' Poor lleuso
—loseph Lobach. . •
BOROUGH Jrrziouns.
Chief Burgoas—ltnueivr Inct,, jr-
Assistant Ilurgosi,Aleorgo Handel,
Tow,n Varkor, ki'roldent) - John Gut,
shall, James WWI, sr., Franklin Outdoor, Samilel Mar
tin, Polar Jionyer, kawuel Wetzul, .1. 1). Halbert, ja.
cob Dully;
lionstablos—John. Spahr, high
, Coneitahlo; llobort
McCartney, Ward Constablo.
01-ZURCaIES. ' " •
First , Presbyterian Chnren, northwest angle of 'Centre
Square. Re, CONWAY I'. U too, l'ablui . .--i,erviceB uv ery
Sunday .utornlug at 11 o'clock, A., M, and 7 o'clock,
P. 31.
Second Presbyterian Church,corner of South Hanover
and l'ontiret streets. Iter.r3lr. fa 1.1.8, Pastor. Cervices
continuer° at 11 o'clock, A. 31,, and 7 o'clock, P. 31.
St. Jolii.lllUl . ..h, krrot. Eplsq,pal) uoi thoust angle of
`Centre Square. be, J tree 11. Meaes - , - hector; - Servlce9
at 11 o'clock, A.M., told:; o'clock, P. 31.
English Lutheran Church, lilalfard between 31aIn and
Loather streets. Roy. .IACOIi 151.1", Pastor. Services
• at n o'clock, A. 31., and 7 O'clock I'. 31,
• Lierntan Italbrined Church. lanabr, between Ilanovor
• and Pitt streets. Ituv. A. 11. linrutit, Pastor. Services
at 103. ii 'o'clock, A. 31, and try I'. 3t.
3lethedist .11. Ch arch, (first Charge) corner of 31aLtauti
Pitt ~treats. (tor. Jolts .11. I'ml,, Services at
.11 o'clock, 31., and o'clock, P. 31. '
3letliodtst E. Church, (sewed Ultar,,,e) Rev. 'Pinatas
Danutilivri , Paster. Services be Colleg,eClumel, at 11
o'clock A. M., and 11 o'clock, P: 31.
. itinuan Catholic Church, Pomfret, near Emit street.--
' Bev: JAMES 11.11111ETT, Pastor. . icys on Ike :Cud sun.
day ntettki mouth:
• thrtuan Lutheran Church, corner or Pomfret and
Bedford streets. Rev. 1. P.Naalhold, Paster. Con Ice at
'lO% A. 31.
44.Winnt changes in the above are necessary the pro.
per persona aro requested to uutify us.
Hey. Charles Collins, Prusidunt and Professor of Morel
Rev. Dorman M. ;Johnson, Professor of kbilosopby
English Literature.
"James W. Marshall, Professor .4. Anelont4.augusges.3:
Her. Offs 11.,Thfany, Professor of Mittheinati„‘:;;;, .
Professor of Natural Seloueo,&ud
Curator of the Museum.
3 Alexander Selitini, Professor of Hebrew and Modern
Samuel . D. Ililburiu, Principal of the Graniniarliehool
. Janies P. Marshall, Assistant fa the Crauunar School
Cashier,. Wm. M. Eastern; Clerks, deb
P. Hassler, IS. C.
'alusseltuan.Dtiertots, - Richard Parker, - John - Zug:
Hugh SluNct, Tlionuts Paxton, It. C. Woodward, Robert
" Moore, John Sanderson, Ilenry Logan. Samuel Wherry.
CentitaLAND VALLEY It It Itoso CUMPANIL—ProsIdent.
Frederick Watts; Secretary and Treasurer, Ednard 31.
- Diddle; Superinteudant, A-8-Smith..__PaFsonger tham: .
twice ICday. Eastward, tattling Carlisle at 10:25 o'clock.
A. 31. and, I' M. _ Two trains every day West
seat d, 'eavlug Corthtle at 10.43 o'clock, 2.48;
crick Watts. Secretary, ',cutlet Todd; Treasurer, W in
M. Ileutein; 'Modern, P. Watts, Itlchard Parker. Lemma
_ Todd, Win. 31. Becton, Dr. W. W. Dole, Franklin (lardnor,
nor, ilenr3 , Glass and E. M. Biddle.
CUM/ARLAND VALLEY ILUSX.—eresidont, John 8. Stet',
rrstt; Cashier, IL A. Stu goon;
,Tqllor, acs. C. ',offer.-
- ISisectors; John S. Sterrett, Wm. Her,. al elchoir Menne.
man, Richard Woods, John C. Dunlop, Sterrett,
II A: Sturgeon, and Captain John Dunlap. ,
Ita..rius or row/
Postage• on all. totter. of ono-half ounce ,welght
under,3 routs pro {add. (except I°olllllnl3la andlir-gon,
which is 10 cents pro paid.) • • •
Postago on "Tits Iltatatu''—within the L'eunly, ram
Within tha State, 12.coryts par year. To any part of thn
United States, •20 cents. Postage on all transient Import ,
under 3 'ouncen in weight; I cent - prepaid, or 2 cants
unpaid Adeortisad ltd tors to be charged with•the cost
of advertising.... • ' • • . .•:
• 4.T.11
4 4 E , SY 11 IN 8 1:
IM' M.l
The undersigned invites the 'at tention 'of his old mt..
„tumors and the. public to . ; loinnow- and seasonable on.
sortment of SILK, SUR 'and STRAW RATS, CLOTH
CAPS, Ac. for gentlemen a,- d Boys . weariqf the latest
' styles mid best quality, 'The assortnient will be'Llbuii
" tqAtmbrace every sort and' else' of Hate and Caps tor
-" Royn and Children:: ATM the' C(41111191104'1011
cheapest to the moot stylish' and. fashionable,' Mich as
paßtord's„ Spring style or wmeit
tle r W
n's Hats,hlts;illieß
"°= aid Brown, ttiouch'llats,Witßittar llats,othis own non
utactitrealoys - cleft qAtattir siarlowraolon; 'anti plats:
• with a la " assortment of Meit's and lloy'itetraw that
of different qualities and prices, to snit the' kekfltv of
.bath rich and poor. • Feeling'ionildent • that - every pun
• ,Ohaser can be accommodated 'fronv'hlsi • extenilvo And
varied assortment be: . cordiall3 invites , bin. trierids tq
ealtand examine at'
,bitrolff . I,eatablishment on Mgla
- ,Street, : • ' ,W.SPII:TR0111".
SPRING -p T. Y.:L•Fi','QF I 4 T'S
(MOROI: KELLER dealint to- cell' tho attention °thin
'oldiftioncht and customers t° his - naW assortment offidn,
tleman'a HATS, of . the Oakford Spring 'style; With an
elegant assortment of BOY'S OAI'S :and ,HUMMER
''llATiji of ovary variety and tita'mbit fashionable styleig
He has also nonitantly otl hand
j a largonnii.variedns.
isaitment of his own manufacture as :well as city mado
.. , Hats and Cape, suitable for - the saaaanoompriAing every
Vailety of Ewalt',
• BenveCild.loskin and Silk Ilats;
lotted in am latest stylC,logathei with a full assort - input
'Of OAPS'of every alum, and. descriptieL, and at ovary,
.....,-...prlee,....l,l 4 lAWHaultirlyilsoltes the:public. to fall and ex.
amine /Oa alrPonSiVe assortment; which in style, mato.'
. slat andtinish;catinat be surpnsied by . ,any In market,
. Inbritiel!‘ be hi ablo to put at pricei lawns' than evisrc
Itemeinber Witold - stand on-North Hanover 'dreg!:
- far Cheap Job Printing done'hore...
. •
r_o Ito
rYW OFFiCE..I. 4 .DIUM.. TODD 1 . •• •.
Imi; resumed the practice of the Law. Oince in • . . •
£e trelignare,' west9idei near • tly) first -Presby teriuu.k.TH.3
.•• • r - 11EST . '"ZULROONEY"-• YET.
pegq- 3tot(ces..:
A prit 8, 1667.
TAIVIDEND,—A dik i: //ow ',Atcry. Donovan Pracirurthe Science 0. - /
7 Abs‘radhshin,'!"!
I_,/dobd at FOUR PER. CENT; 'the preferred•Stocke • •
nod TWO PER CENT.' on unpniforred Sthili or eho'
Cuniberlandj'allox,/tail Road Company. will be paid on ! Did ye never bear tell of one. Andy DOl3O
d . . demandnd e'
th171.Vq.'..8 Office. 1111)DIA von? now; only think o' that?
Trilthuror •
• eich's genius! .WeIL Andy War a rnal
gintletnnn, nnyhow, for he war Lorn nn' brid
to do nothin' nt all at all, and (olloyed the
Ij naive and Intelligent buy whnted "immediately
:shout sixteen or seventeen years of age. Application
to bu successful nnu.t be made in person.
Carlisle. April lu, 1557. ' U tat. W. lIITNEII.
- - ..decent.- livin'.- . Divil a -Wilier ,feelosopher.,
. ...
11 1
1_ T OTICE.— Td' the' School Directors . nor Andy nil - the wueold et4r,:. for he bate 1
I_l of Cumberland County. Gentlemen: In puree- .
Kure of ilm.4;:d ~ e ctlon or the Art of May ii; 1F64. you . J / 8 .
no yua timer wit the great/ gift of abstrack- I
' are herel, n'otitied to meet 111 Coll4lltioll.nt, the Court
lious'e in'erlisle, on the Ist. 1110N11A1' in MAY, A. D., Ain ho had. But the rungistheri, nte squir
_ _...--
_thra...bollig--ther-t.rurtli-dny'ofzibo - 4nonth:l,Vll!, , /'ololA — ae:WitilVjh - diffo - dil)efs, nu mullile men, war
M mo‘l4,moonould Folett vii It Corn, by a' majority or . loused - •
the nhaln ',hinter of Directors pregent, one person of Jah of,,,his reputeshin, find sent Itint.over
literary and seletttitie attainments, and of. hkill and the Rift eay in Ii thriflin' of fi shal capacity, the,
experience in the art of Teartitng, us County
. Fuperin-
foldout.. fur i lie tlineiiilin , i•e"edlitg y,ni•s; determine the , tingle of which '1.,: disrentimber ; but twat, a
amount - of:rompesatir.r, - for the - snme. - lind - certify the • : -
negult to the Stole Mil.erintendent at Harrisburg i 'as" 1 ' convert' they celled hint, 'Or some neme that
required hy the :nth Una 4(111 seetibmr,of said net. . I wot.faather brother to it. . .
DANIEL sitELLY. .., .
. • , County Soiperintmlent of Comb . - to. Rut about Lis wonderful peweis.• of lib
'Blilremanstowij A' - 16yr. . • ,- -- ' ' . " 'struckshin....oh ye', thin! sure I 11.conte to it
1 1 1 STATE Og GEORGE WI'II3BERT, , prisintly. ." What 'ud a poor do without alio'
J IWCE. o ' l . 3) . — Noii.'. is herohY gl , en tha Let.t°r s ' aiid dial:Ain', I like to know? An' dosen't
'Testamentary on the I*.lnte of tleJ rge Webbed. late of 1 • •
South . Middleton township. Cdmherhislit comity, de- L everybody folly the scie,nwt of abstrnekshin,
ecasett. have
helm granted by the Register I/fsaid county.
AO -the , sobseti ers residing-in-)lonroe-tounshij,
pommy knolllay themselves Indebted to 2:ablest:an tiro
reiwited to maim Immediate payment, and those hav
ing claims tY, mesent . them to
HENRY irmtuner,
Arrltß, 1557.-lit.*
S'f A '1.1.3'; J (MN 'YOUNG, 1)E
-CEASED.—Netterts 'hereby gi•en; that 'Letters
A j dnilnistration. et nn tosinmento mines, on the Es.
tato 'el' ~lidnt Young. cleansed. Into ot' Silver 'Spring
township. Cumberland county. hove been Istmed to the
suLsoltstr-rosktlng. In limn Flttire-to4lllFilip- - All persons
indolded to this sold ,estste Wlll .tosLe pnytnent. and.
tipee, having rialtos agalirt It Arillpresent Omni. for
settlement to • ,
April R. 1&57.--4t.
sT ATE OF ELI Z A 11E14i, I(
H 14:41i.k8E11.—Ntitlee-Is y given that LetterF
Testamentnry no the Estate of Mew MlK:Meth Ent',
Into of North - Middleton t•ovitslilp. (1..1,614 iM mono,
th,onsed, a nto hem] muted by the
1 . 6 . 1111ty to Fullseribpr. IlthnLin the sumo tovrmlilp,
All persons know).s I'd to Midi 1,441t0
baying claims to present them to ,
Aprl),R.; I
11 71 STAT- .31Is Hlt E,
J DECEASEIL—Notke•is hetehy glen .thnt Let
tens 'loNttnnentnry on 'the Est/Ito of JAMES OUTII•
ME; Ji ., ea.l , . Isle N' the ltorough of Certhdo. bore
been-Issued to the ,nntlr:rslgnetl teshling. :n_15:11(1 lii
r,11,11. All persons IJ:tying dal,. upon , sOl.ll mints
urn present them fortsatlenionLznd not.° Indebted
ulll tank° pnpnent to
. " • - • • ELI ZA OGTII 111 E.
. • •
Excent'or rif James O allude , deceased
April le), 1 f , s7.—(it. .
herehy given that Lotto's of
Athol olatrat ion on .the Qstato of Elizabeth Wilt, late of
Newton bawnahip, Cumberland rounty, 'dio'd, bare
been groule,L by tho "twister of void County, to the
Wod. l'entmlarrotigh lownshin.
All 'perFons- knowing themselves indebted ti, said
tatewro requehted' to make Immediate 'payment', and
ihomilaving claims to prenetst them for mat foment to
Nov. 213-6 t Adminifitrator, ,
j deed.—Letters Testamentary. the Estate of
of EllznLel If Kerr. late of the IloPavli of Carlisle, de,
ceased, have beell duly issued to the sobarsiber,resldlog
In Mid Borough.". All persous haNltx. Halms .against
sohl I state Will present them for rettletueat and Chow
ludebted'alll tualtepayrnent to
N0v45.18.56] Ear!.
- _I - OFFICE C. V. M. P. Co.,
March 10, 1657.
' NOTICE - is hereby given;" that an as
,sensment of five per cent. hue this day been le
vied, b;,' the Board of Directors of thin Company, on all
premium notes belonging Weald Company, in force on
the 3d day - of - darturfrYJA:ll:l/t57, Octant - Lions "~zptf
Ing bolero the 28th day of February, A. 8., 1547, Mud
not renewed) on which 3 par cent. In levied, and all pro.
mium.notes of original applications taken between t.ald
dates, 3 per ront. is levied.
71 e'ruembers of this Company are hereby required to
pay the above proportion ott their premium autos to the
Treasurer of this Company. or a properly authorized
agent of the Board. within thirty du) e arm thin date
By order of .he Ward,
JOIIN T. GREEN•iiect'y.
I 857.1 t.
e... ompany. navius - lo contemplation the tow.
nen of nu. Englilo Intend holding a Festival
and Fair, the first [week In .Igne sent. at Education
Ilan. In which, tins kind cooperation of the ladies of
Cur Is respe,tfully splielled., -
• 'Tiannas- - D. Mahon. • C. M. Worthington.
Fnumel Abrahams," - A. It. Erring.
Joshua Fagan, Cyrus -Arnold,
Luther Lino, P. .1. Common,
A. J. Faust, • - C. II 7leek,
R. M. Stevenson.
6 . • L. I'. (1115.1.1, C 15.1,1),
• -„ .
PIA.A N S' - SA LE._
" ph SATOlDltt;tb2stifof APRIL, 1857.
By vititunif uii outer of the Orphans' Court of Corn.
berlatid county, the sulaeribers. as Executors of ME
lAA 31 LEHMAN, deceased,.will offer at Public Bale on
tho'.premises, in Frank Ibrd township, a
Sil,Acres. situate In Fratihford township and
hounded l.r funds of John 311.lser, tier:
nerd Wolf, Joseph Dewsit and .InhuQUer, pn
uiinrl,_BAßN_A 'D-SA.IV
• The tract has been divided Into three , lots,
No. I—the.isa*, Mill; I louse nod linen *lth ;l4 acres end
fil . Pacal , 's /and. Nu4l-13 nom nod O 2 prates, about
1.-acres which aro cleared. ice, Z-11 -an cc and 57
perehes with about three acres cleared. All the rest of
the fetid Is In limber; ~ Thle at 11 o'clock, noon, - and
ternuonado_knaWn ' _
. Bsocutorti
April 1, MT
Leavonw iFtii City, linnpnei Terrlioiy.
Will buy and sell lands, Peiva Inn a, and locate rand
warmnts In lioness and :Ca nasta:tiny and sell town
lots. negotiate tonne, and do a general agency but:intim
Infinities respecting Vie cutiutry' by letter Cr - otber
promptly arise creil.;
John ii. •Brat • • • • '
m, Iteetem, ' •
110'1..1. 11. Graham,,' "•
E'er, ilronnenian•A Co:, bankers, Carlisle.
Wat.iltli•lfenderson.'Thirt., Carliald.
,licorge Sanderson; Eso.,•tAuctister. Pa. . • '
'John A. ALI M. C.,
Wln.S.'Cobents, EMI.; " • •
:IL W. Clark le Co.' Minket*, Philndelphia,
.lion. ellepherdstown: Pa. 1"
'Mitts Itellunn 4 Buns,
t, L. Blake, 84; Cruilder Mercatifllellank; Xeic York.
,yder & 31SnParlano, Meld Estate Agents, lilluneapolla,
MititieSsotiVebltory. '
WrOTKIIIMIM *, 'PACPTAttettIy" - Slid 7 lEeiirEistat - o — Agerrt,.
111 !,2 • - • - i•
.11. W. Ma teer,lEsq„:llonry'eltyi 111: "
Ex•Gov..lesupli littncr, CusrVierlapd
'• March • -
ici,o6o bushels Pittie Coi11,11111te;1 Broad Top
helisitilthe' C6lll7ecelvink'and foi'ouili by ~ "; •
119.3, 18'511;1•,' ;, • 1 • 1V;• 11; ..liunitAY,'.•
ltElor,v4iLLEy dOAL. Brakon. and, re:a,crealwd,
prepared axiironaly Tor ihrnhy.fina dadloptimhai COVEN,
So that I, carrturqlah PAX, 01401.cluripg tlla
wink+ Aohaah." 'alati; oh 'halal ahtlihr sale gin
:LUKE , COAL - fritnOtha mined brilajd, ltaeser
b lAM (MIN WAl4ram , tha :mloax of Chlah•
rani:Peal all of.Whlchl.will, sell at anadl,pcohta
' and' dallireeto'itLY , t hi; hordith. '
A rholZe.eolethin or.4lpeortee Rt.ov'ery inriety; fp
rludhg gpleel‘ arid_ Teas heyo,bsen eludedto - pur former
Otecilluent - , - smotirt wbkh rooy: Ue htiel'eteletly prime :„
•..tßgetbig witkngerwrglA4oi l tpaeut of:"
" • C 1 1311%%•.5UGA r ..,:,, - • '
fiandlitt iiirephlitel:4 - n a 'biiiii.-
IltuliSugetriv; 'AlsO Let' of. , 'New Cheeeetehmei nt m o n,
ellsre4,-Mustard, Cboonlite t ar, , j,..4lsp annul - avid Itiarke
'rods, of..7eiihl • '!` -
'For eale.rit the lowestprices pt )144L10N HALL' ((kt 2t) . • - girl.
threhile prf_n•feclimpher by way of aunkin' a
tho.raka o!the.gorl,_hreaktynsta, Alai_
illegant dilatant, nn'-the likeeV'thint-? !qualm
thin !shy wouldn't Audi• do that. same. an'
wid dointp . to bog over his shoulderebo won
derin' over the . 00tthility, in&litatite, at prep-
tisin l 443 own grand :flatlet)! bciettee of oh
strackshin'-t . •
Well, wan day, betimes, it !he ritornite, out
goes Andy Wid his bog overl!is shouldher, nu!_
his fishin'-rod undher big
vets on OM!! he' sees' forcnent hum 1111. gt eat
Hoek of geese:
• Tliaa'a hentitiful birds,' see Andy, stoppin .
short, •an
n espielially the gandher. Troth,
now, there's . no . hartim,., Sure,. in cultivatin' .
his acquaintance! ArrUli, now, itltitther Gan
der,. see be, poltin'atlbim with his rod, •• is
are_th e_day.:l2 •
• Ice I iiis!!Sez•the -.
now, but illl n he pleased to bear Ito.'
z Andy, sprit) inannera, - mq yo
•if fa - d7ofigood cotupany , ye are •
• Los sex the'gtWt.lbei. • -
• • Ayrah, Ey! .. Anily,... , tlon't be bashful,
hot lake out. May - be my geed looks
that 'ud, he takin' yer eye . !'
Los V - ser. the gltndher: • .
'Many thanks ta; the
. complement,' see
Andy, makid a ginteel bow. • There'i bit
of n enbiu madher the hill yonder as belongs
to my own self, mid entertainment . for man
nu' baste_ to_the fore,•at' come_ _wid.
me,' sure but i'll make yez ' wiloome as the .
flower. in May,' _ _ •.•
• lasi P see the •gtinalter,
crainin'-eut•his:neeli, and. !Amnia! • aft her' .the
greet desai'ver.V' • *. . • .
Well, it' isn't the like a' me tb ratan out
why any reaprciablr-gancllier shouldn't choose
hisnven Innether,' sez Andy ; t ate: if . ..yell
only 'stay therag'in,,byjehervbut - I'll not ,be
the bey to love yetis disconsolate! Are yeee
minded to go wid me ?' .
'lse! lee I—e - --S I' says the gendher. '
'Sure I . plight to take the' effeekshinate
creytkur at his word,' eez Andy ; . but it. 'ad
i he - right to let hint eniptielhor over the mot.
ther a little while longer I( lt.wur wan a'
thim faymeles yondher, I'd be puzzl t d la
know what to do' at all, by radio' o' their
cliengint their mind so often, no becoorse is
nathural esiongla to thin apAies ' But 'n, gill
demon.' on' rt gintlemen ganather 7 -nu' sure
there's no great differ ilt times beruxt ;em--
1 tiny a gititleman, nit' a giiillemen ianalber,
'us never go book o' their word; for. by ra
sonTniieir superior dignit), - 'tin she likes,..n'
thint gm 'ad be ethented to say whin they
menus los.. Sd now,' set 'he,' tetelain' the
panther wid the ind of his rod, ‘l'll , be afther
nskin' yees, ray friend, for the third an' last
, tile: l it it 'ad be 'Main' to ye to some Mimi
rid toe?' ' '
. 4 Ise !:issi . lee f. 7 .-s-,4*.et the itindber in
the Most' pi..00104y Manner possible. .
'Oh, begorra V ere Andy, , if. yeas so fond
of me as 'all- thtet, Ilon't nee why I shouldn't
make yer betther acquaintance.' .
' An' thinAnity,• the slily rogno,.he fasthena
.ii bullet en the Ind o' his fishite.-line, no' whir
..liti',..tlieCiodlialthe:air, Ibri;ught,the - litte -- stid: :
denirround - tin'aeound the neck 0.. the, gaud
her, an''' fished him up•Wid n giv 4 iit lift, ate .
put him in hie bag? a , 'Allah; now ! but warn't
'that a beautiful speciment of Andy Doitavares
ecienco - of - nbitirackshint . .
_.... .
...Oat!' eez he laughin' 'to' his own aelf.
oterar a'great'piece s o' friondehip. in the fat
gandher; ,anyhow, to take a likin' to me:—
But Shure it Only shows the disoriminnshin o'
the baste;' fOr I tuk that sante Obit,' to his
self; Mid that's no lie. '.Truth sn'..l'itbe good
to, the crathue as long no t he lives, (Oil (Maker
hint up' aid pattaties 'an' buthermilk. - .'Tis
ofemd I Mit that ho wont' live' long; but l'il
.b'e thankful for.bienillick,Shiii, an show it, too,
by atilt'. him tindherly.'
:'Well,-by lies' by, he comes to a pond' where
there'were lashing o' cicks, au' prisently; Up
waddles a grand gintlentau
~of, ',a Moskairec,,
I,lo', ,waggiie his curly tall r luoke . him :in
I lace im.boutd-as-ye.•plosis. '' ' ' - '' '
77 - Witeitlel - frlerAutiy : ..,
. • - , - 7,,. - ' "."-
- 4.: , ...44ak - !'livacii'l
.'pi keli,l',,,i‘ezthe clunk. „
Be MT , whl Yet'''';fiez. audY,.,' . behave
leereelfilko',n:dnoeni furrow.'' Yeee wilconie'
- to - thet ett lie,: ttie . t het elltri4ll4! tho., 6 9 40' 0
'feni.hsre de CeMog vr4l ii; hut . ..sore I. think at,
,tiettherinonnern !Jr yeeemot to , bl , afther (her.
ferin' 'rid!the liufehntes orndontithry borii.,!; ,
'Quack' . q9kiiler : l43:liO`-nniikVieol
.' , .',":
'. 1 -Oli . , muriligil' tiei. : 4Miy,:;. Did 'Over ben; -
Jell. the'.._that.?/Au' l'. 'etailin' • hare
',Wont 'anyin - g fiothiii" nil! all, r -MIN ' : se;
ttingile **ye''hiniintb'rniizZil tnefe ' Mii - - ,foil i t
ain4dher, an bplieep.boy, that wry.!.':, ~ „,. „,
. , Qunalel quack - 1
-!quack rink' •the iinpeiL
i'dent du'ok ''.'' ' '''' ..
' ''
,-,.:'' -; ,' '.`
`' ' .
' . ,'l"4'r:oit,te nuni.lee l' .
B ,Ano .', q l . 'll, .; .. li.itihie;
1,0 . ye, off,A . Jell yeee. , Is it Ina looks. Ulm . a
iquack;-vld.nivei o rap peeket, : iin'. l Mil
t 4 liettiMred 'ci old ,catithoe'tifirtnY::beati :yryt(lti j.
;.- ? - 1, 4 4440 1 0....quit011.;.quiteic eitsoz -the' duqk 4 ,
t'atesthinj by, villje,4in' ,brhat;;liii the ludo
L duck s tilk up the try, aud sung out : . goad!
quack I .. .Annelle B, .. ~, : . •
.. , ;
CARLI.LE, PA.; WEDNS.DA:Ir, APRIL g 9; 1857. - .
"Hugh •, , ,aez.Andy, : feelosophytin, .Ptie th.
vay o' the Wureld,ovir overt : -iNiver tb.
bad war put on a man but su're dOiett
p ented• it, ; Upon ,nty conscience?: ere he, • 'tit.
poor, tuisfo-thenate igliqr,watiiies;.iiii! may be
they don't know no betther *so menu wit)
Oh but Andy, war the l'an" bad
-,Abraveled-norossitlitiault-say- to discuorsel_wit
- the Englishmen all-about-hay-makin% OW, re
, pin' all' vvather-dralns, wld practi43kle;:expla
unshinS, By throtting about be seen the
wureld, and hiAtted the- inn* they multi' poll•
Matter apaches-in - thin' Arlin parts,-So, dt
this prisitit time, - be got upon an ould.Astuniti
, by thelmildaide, au', lather makin' a scrape
band to it; to- - make believe. he- war- Bathe a
.sup o' could wittLer—thougb, betust you, an'
I, sorra cup o' isather, wilt Andy's lips
_ whin lie oenld get. anything botcher— but he .
knowed - that war, the troy 4,0 committee a
apache';' so, whin he'd been taken rid the
BUM cough which the raftl politiohmers have
on tech occasions,. an' wiped his mouth amass'
witl ; the handkerchet ho left at home, be inter .
juiced his own - self :is Andy D movan by ontiie,
, fnr want of another gitttlenan . -at - his
."an"thicr•wid•a•grand• flourish antra, set
he to the ducks, .scz .:Gintletnen—no,
that's not what I matte. Friends an' .fellbw,-
eiiizthie, ..011,Inurther, but lisn't citizens ye
are 1 . Friends Rai fellow cuinitilrYiti . 4,—fsii
lut•'lio right lam atlust FelMw . zoonltlity• 7 :
Qoack I quack!' nes dhe big duck. !, .
-•.' Augh. millia tuurther, sleuill ,
ould ryptyleP son Andy., • Why will : ye. he
_ either interceptin me, an' I, etnntlin, here -in
dsfiapce o'auy cherackther ? 'Put ylii• rp, 10
. yet' mouth, ye toiste, and lave
ashamed I ant u' yam] for canto' a (Malta mutt,
wid a cabin full o eltiliihre, a lulfak ! Alltthe
ware!) known—yen : thief, rat' Kilkenny too,
for that Mittiller—that it 'nil break my.heart •
TiTlre — nipiettk, ~''Tia - iliflilisneJ' iGruik 'II em
',petit& the day ; yell take yer 0118
out ii .the mud; an' stop gabbliu,' rd like to
•, ex yeei,it Mindful o' questionit. .
War.iver the uumo of Audy:Donvan.ln the
newspitper I tell MC that, ye, Jhuadheurts,'
barrio wriest whin 1 bruk Terrenee Maltoot'e,
bed•wid n pewther noggin I - Did I, iltor (1 - e;
mono mp own self to pay a ibirneento nitewS
paps•r Man to Print . letther's in Dublin, nit' Kil
kenny, an' Cannaught, an' Wicklow; to any :
that tourayperillia wer . tAtthor nor bricwhono
to a Sitotchnian, mora.proftiable lOE
. to Johnny Butt? 'o' . .me that • '.tl•
break my', bones wid ..fiitler • :if.Dougiieftio .
we] k in!, elicit . by taken' sot
j.t .'eath . Blatf i Afic!'Y
tiouoiatt's . Pitiaty ti :Win 445,0
sugar, war the best purgetbory insiated
by rucTtlelmnu 4—Ayelt I
.Is it,l .that
tilirawe an'que'rtered, like chicken in a cook
fur sellite magnified powdbers, tea,
ken throngli,thaiud of a tellyskope? Is it
as 'oil be her:e t,he day, wid a lisle In my, lint
big enough for a bull to run through, end watt
tail to my coat, whin'lashins of gook' that
I'd ho sounpite up if I warn quack P
• /neck ! quack! quack! quack „Bei' the
inuskovee. . ,
Olt bail leock-to yees! sez--Antly, jumpin'
down from bi 4 'roithre ;' • hut 'tis myself
Omen tactic yees . what - it is to, bespattlter ti
An' share he'did • right aff ; far he put a hit
o' red rag on his fishin' book'an' tilwaggied it
ong lather him; an' t;.thie an' by that, the
diek_muthevee prisintty wi)
but 'be war flappia' about iu the - bag? •
• the way wid all them born natherals
o' furrenere,' sezAndy; 'Troth, but I theuebt
.ye had betther Muse. An' now be
aez he' .
7 -An'that'erthe ai4ory all ai¢Ou‘Audy Don
ovau bvcorain' a convart."
DitRAD IT WEE A DOG "—ln the Court of
Special Seesiimi this morning, n man named
Smith wag arraigned for ',tenting n demijohn
containing thrie gallons of srhisky. - • ,
'Are yOU'gitiity or nut guilty P asked - the
Well, you can Onll it -whet you likte;
tuk the whisky, that I hdthit,:ond drinked
to ' - -
- t: i rfni traikr it without leare,Jild you aof.'• •
,`f.ntiver wait to he asked - titian' Ih - ot - hrti
ole's round,'
... .
' You drink all you can get"
. .
•Trttatutnd sec Judge ; .11..reokoirl'in er
Perienoediu that line o': trade . ' ; ,
I tilink.froin your appearance, that no one
will doubt you on that point P.
4 I can prove a eltitrainer4 anybody double
. No body doubts that, iind it will he neces
sory to .send you to the Penitentiury 'three
months to get'the 'whlsky'out. of - yOu„'
' Can't' elan' it; Jiblero 1' - Pre 'lira!' •the
critter "for fiftenti.; years b'eati in/ Meal'
and drink, 'and yoll'4 better hang iiie'and ihme
with • "
.„ .
pity;,l)l4 'ther'sOci:help for, you-;
will do you good to get eoher.! •
Well, if I moat I mugt , :.but I'll tell .yogi
What !tis;_JO‘lite-1" dived
. 11 like U . flog)?—Eve .
fling' hest. -
rleAuTtyutax.FlAln -;:4l9ltie like thi jewel,
preoierie Iti it , ' epuricielind .• A
, really clever', ibirig
appeeCelt'ehould be on"reoord . ' lie "eshibilor
ore 'eetving
body's etterlthin * et ilrii , Criliit4l;;hrici'finiehed'ir
trial'otit lit! the -Eieatiiiivell'O'cirii."2 When: the
needle hid evineeriite
hilcelpid — Yo!4 l
99vernPr, , Pqe,a4n40 00 10re r ,‘
oprirteons ceiernighqttle, "A ; y prntly girl'.
• Dirtuineen; T6.1-I;ivi`.i.eit News Fi!tei ir i
The Nee' York Timis.rporills the !dory' .of
• 'country e!iiter; . leho,'tie:ihng:the,he:ly, oPti.e . kee'
.heagiiid,te,eihleeri poet 'cite ttiihfeiltet:,hte:. - oiki,
to ilreeni cu { 3t low zpt~,anf=
' hig tho'uoivo; and was himself indieited tor th;
11It JOltti-ti.I,7I4TTIER
. One hundred-years agli l—the bunter, who':
ranged the hills unclfuteitte of New Englund, •,'
fought against other, enemies4hiiiiitho brown
tTr and the' panttiet:. The — luntion - dmiit3Ttos7 -
ke toiled iu the plain and narrow ,clearing,
kept closely at, Ids side, a loaded weapon ;
auk wrought. diligently and firmly in the
midst of peril. The frequent. crack of the
Indian's rifle Wse hoard in the still depths of' .
the Barest—the death knell_of_the-unetur
hunter; anti. ever and anon the ftame'or some
devoted farm house; whose dwellers had been
slaughtered by.seme Merciless' foe, roee redly
upon the thulium Of the night time. The •
.wild-and-fiery.eyes..of_the .heatben_ gleamed—
lhrctugh tlf thick understood' of the forest,
upon the'passing of the worshippers of the
only true God : and the war whoop rang shrill
and loud 'nutter the very r walls of the sanctuary
of prayer.
. .
l'erliftps no Kitt of Nour - PAgland .affo'ials a
wider field fur tlie reSearclaei of le*endry,.
than:that portion of Massachusetts pay. fort
merly known ne the •Provinno of Maine:—
There the fe'rocioun Roilltrefidock hold hiO
stein counoils,,and there the tribes of Pend),
scot Trent - forth:•with long end dance to
*Me up o n the whini twin. Theric - the iomentiO
end ohivalrouti Custine immured himself in.
'fore‘fit aalitudeo, and that.° high ' litarted
ha - Ile—the Mild, gifted Jesuit—gathered' tot.
gathered ihe'broken strength of the Norridge 7
iriek, and,builtAp in the greatsriltlet'ness..a
temple to the true God." There, too, 'he per
ished in the dark onslought of the ColonistaL
peiiithed. with many wounds at the very• foot
of the eroll6, Artlich his !tern hands had plitnt•
.:-lAtid there
_the Norridgt . noynki . fell—'enn
after 'mother_ in stern and unoempromising•
* - quiarter; -- cie
,tliePteitetl the white spoiler upon the thresh-
htild,tif their gcnsearatea Tditc`c . of worship,
aq~(.IA Nevi Wf.l heir wives and children..
Tha (clewing is'otte anong,inany leFentla
of ihi; allionge encounters of 'the: - 'White Man
andr:th'e fll4lllll, which are .yet preserre&-in
the adaieut records'and traditions of 'Maine.
Th'enitnplo.and unvarnished-harrative is also
`elicit. .
It was a etiltiraieuing-tovarde the hat er
JiMe, that' Captain •, Hermon nnti.,the
'Eastern Hangers urged . . their canoes up the
Kenebee-rieerde . purauit of their • enemies.:,
Pont. houre they toiled dilligintly at the oar.
The Ink' traCkof clvillzatiou - was 'kit behind.
nud Hieloni[ahady_we'' of,, the - skirting forest
met nud blended In the Middle of the tiroltd
etrcam, whioh wound darkly through them
Ataverisound from the adjacent shores--;the
ruellingwing of some:night bird, or the fimt
itteps of . aemo wild beast—the dash ef,.the our
was 'suspended, and the ranger'S grasp tight
eried on the rife.. - All. knew_ the 'peril of the
enterkise ; and that silence which Is natural
in jeopardy, settled like a cloud •upon the
. • Hush--softly men !' said the watchful Her-
men, iris voice which sOarcely -rose- above, a
hoarse whisper, as . the canoe swop[ around a
rugged promontory, there is - ti light ahead!'
Alleyel were bent towards the shores. • A
till Indian fire gleamed up amidst - the great
oaks, casting a red acid strot g light upon tho
dark wateVs. For a single ,and breatliles
tnotnent the operation of tne Oar was suspen:
(14'nntl every ear listened with painful ear- .
tiestne'ss to catch the well known sounds,-
which seldom failed to indicate the propin-_-
qtlilyTtfhe savages. ,But all was now silent.
With slow and faint movement of the oar, •<
the gradually approached the suspect
ed spot. , The landing wait effected in silence.
After •mov;itig cautiously for a considerable ,
distance in the dark, shadow, -the party• at
length ventured within the broad circle of the
light; which at first attiaoted-their attention,
Hermon Was at their head, with ele,dird
hand, quick as those of the savage -enemy
whom he sought. • ' •
The body of n
. fallen tree lay across tbo
ranZetti_w_cre'_oti_tba...paint-: of
yaping ovor it, tlie.coarenwbilinir of Hermon
again broke. the silence: ' .
• gad of heaven l' be.exclaimed, fainting to" .
:be free. • See hen e!--'tin the . work of the
cursed red .ekiner .
..Letnothered.eurse growled on the lips of
the rangers, as' they bard grintly forwtird in
the direction pointed out by their eoutroanil
er. Blood wowsprinkled on the rank grase
ttudt.he baud of a white maulay on the 41064
log, .
• There was not a word spoken, but every
cumatenance worked with terrible.' emotiOn.-L
flud tbe.rangers followed thelr.own desperate
ilkolination, they :would, have -hurried reek;
'reedy °award. to, the. work of vengence ; •-but
ilig example grttip lendsr, 'who had regained
usual calinneee tied self command, • prca
pared them for a-Jeee speedy, , but more liera
;sin triumph 2 ;. ,•Cautiously passing:,oNer , this
fuirful onstacle,na tee! pallittlq: .0 08 09
followed. by . his companions ,
stetitbily - nod -- odutiouely - uponAbiLlighti - hi ,—
;ug bitneelf audible:Party:au nuudr us .possi.,
pile behind the .thick trees.. In • a
meate.they otaLained n full vied fof ~the object
if.tgair,eei.i•o'h; Sirete lengtirr,
4round a huge fire, but et — a; orarelent:••• diet
tenon from 11;.layilzeiMinted and half.-nuked:
forma, of . tvrenty ir -seraties, •1 It eridenv
Yrore their apfteeranoe, thet.they ;bed passed:
cf, the' t.horri Li; resole, cad that.
...Pey item now, euffering wider •the .effeete of,
intoshattion. ',ooo4elonally na grini".warrioi •
inteng them; started ,h df ..npright, !grasping%
~liiktumulitivikgus if ,to. oontbat some vision . . of
i ltia distorted brain, but,-unable' to
..Slinitti ‘,ofp,
I.4e.einpor.frcn hie eenties,-; nniformally fell
.4alcluin hie fenne4tmition.
,The pingere crept neartr. As: they. beht
heir c ifeini , eyee aicitig!their
t.ititi felt : Peirfee.tlyi ,Sure.;
:4aited , (orllicelginit 'Of :Ilertifeti hof'weit'en.i. ,
i i h ikays of i e to? di) hio tkcir
0(4 amtigiybittnilitt • • iiVo
4 Fir(' l' de at length exclaimed; ae thessigkt
of his piece - interposed full and distinct
tween his.oo - and the 'wild scalp look of the
•'. Fire! *knish, oti I'
-The :ahnip of thirty riSis thrilled
throegh.l4;beneftettitildretit; Therit`liae a
groan. -a snlotheredory—a tvild..and ''oenvul
411 , 13 movement ameng the sleeping. Indians
and all again, was silent. - •
The rangers sprung forward with their
‘olulthettLutualtets and—hunting4sivesi—but.
the ir_wnik_st r ae_tion
to their last audit before- the Gre,at Spirit, and
no sound wits beard Ittnong them - save the'
gurgliagol the , hot blond- from' their -lifeless
boson lit ; •
They ivere left unburied on the place of
their revelling—fvprey_ to._tholonpairds
iiir,"and the ravenous beaks of theivilderness.
Their scalps were borne homeward in triumph
14 the successful rangers, whose children and .
grand children shuddered,, long after; at the
thrilling narrative of the midnight atlyenture._
The•• Twelfth Oyster's Difference
Madame 'tie "K—; , a itnesian - lady of
great coneequeiloe, formerly, in the fashiona
ble world, • returned lately to Paris. She . had
been Sbeent some years,.- and of . 00urso had
be'en foriotion—but it necessary to
her happiness that She should ne•cooquer her I
fernier glories na the mast adorable and best
drest of Womeri—Litartionlerlit the latter. -811 4
nintin upon , her • fot-mer dress-ma: :
apt., the most eminent of course itt.,her-sue
ceases of toitetes;'confided to her the problem
and Its anxieties. There' was to be a Seria4n
, all --Madame tie:lC—;- i hed t o l a 4 ear
first at that,ttrnearl.tthe .. tiosttime of
,a Ga
brielle LI trees.••"lt vies pretnisell. — _ .
.On the morning of the day re the ball, Ma
dame called .upon her dress-maker. The•dress
"was,done. -It:Was 'a mini* of perfect beauty!
TWenty thousand frince.tif lace reposed ceftly
on folds' f tulle; gaited as if - by . the fingers' of
rdriCS.. , ..The corsage was truly marvellous—
but.- oh horror i—vriin it •oaina to be tried,
on, it wits baud- impossible for Madame de
K. to enter it I. ,Against • the hints and
soUnsel-or the bad -beim made
(To herold measure!
.- Itlii;.desolatiog - inexpressible exclaimed
. Maim," What isto'be donej t - But it cannot
'You Miles sel itatantlY to work
ilos' me another corsage I'.
Impossible !' said
,the modisfe, we
but three bonds, and thirty, dresses to cow
plate and send' home in that time.' !But,
'would Madame make 'one more 'effort .
effort:Was Made, and, this time, the car-,
sage admitted Madame and her enlargements..
But Ellie was very pale, and had resource every
Motnent or twii,„ to her 'sake I suffocate!'
slie.peutingli Cried.
, .
lifaclmne will get acogetoined to it, little by
maid the /disease. And then, With the
exettletf of the hall, the site ditniniapes.
tuotgely 'it In a bell, for if it were' a diaper ,
: perty,lladatue would be bbliged to y give up
. . ,
• Theatilling woman looked with glaring eyes
upohdbnippeaker. • 'lt is a dinnerr she ea-
IWror. ' They dance , after
• .
~hett"' said
the .I•tittensaker, vary popitise
..)y, ait wllkbe necessary for: No lams to omit
the dinner:',
. .
- An to thiadesPerate resolve Madame de
K ,4---,`oensonted. Slie,took the Areas ma
ker home with her, drdered a dozed oysters
and bottlO'of Burdeaux, and, sent an apolo-•
gy ofheaVa . clin.: She would niake her appedy
once in tia+ fur the dance, .
• Tweleemy.sters exclaimed the ii3odede. as
she saw hei customer go at them voraciously.
-t Please, Madame, omit one I—Eleven are as
many as your ctorerige will admit! Alas, Ma
dame, the brtst oyster takes up a groat deal-of
room !' • •
I -
•Eleven be it, then!' said ... Madame,
sigh.' 'Atidletiving the , longC4 for ultimatum
on the, plate r she oomtileted'her:Aitetie for the
• -
evening._ • • .•.
Fier:lfiend's rebind her figure charming—her
waisi f tte Isjight , tte'evei•L,-herself paler thati she
deed to • be,: but still :otherwise' unchanged.
And 'l9l6..inavitirigfeensation of unnppeased ,
hunger:WhiCh Ate hnd all the eveningi•_,,was
oriiiiiteriCy:tlitijeiepiltn en fa 'WU er unrivalled
dress blr wed! remembered and still beautiful .
Aguri:l , . But another oyster:would have burst
the- Iti.oini•of the r .adoiable.,nCrsage I And,
(moral!)to forego-that twelfth -oyster should
be taught in the disCipline of female. atade
mie . .
A FINE THottanT.--. I would not (said one
who was not himself pious) marry any woman
who was not a Christian. I •should feel it
such as honor to share a heart in which God
dwelt.' - It was a fine thought and deseryVa to
'lnf especially remembered. '
Nou•went a friend in whom . you can have
entire and unlimited confidence . ; one who Can
be your counceller in , all oircuinatancee of
difficulty. or trial ; one who is, identified
With yriu through, life, in hope and fear, in
joy and sorrow .:` i
She tt'te be'e Bert of Pield•
ding divinity at thy family: board; l 'end 'her
countenanco,the Mirror in-which tenet' he'ee'4
floated the faithful imnge otthy &emetic
bliss o r wo o; one vArtiy°wlil be dlsoreet, nffeo
tion'ate and firm' in governing ber children;
Atialfort,'whO will hive yew for yotir own flake
,oe.hapipy With you iii cabin, and who will
cleave -the olbeer to -you wheti...:_tlio ... etorm: of
.9 r..p cps eo 'ewept
Away or. witherid every veatage. of 'earthly
comb Et from about you. Now. bear 'all these
i hinge. iif mind ; mut then-to yourf prayerel and
the,exerc!ke . of a becoming prudence, and , yOu
will not be likely to fail.," ,• • -_ ,
you :honor!) in do. Pilau' thing , ie
THOU , Got), Swart ytnr. 77 444...itt every
thought; and death, anci,„ltroose,you are
..y bad ? imi do, the
'.',lll)l44')'!'4gliPlc.-010*:PuTP°13e,, 704114%40.
" 1 1! , ) . - I , 2W hl !' t
lie,that`eoaret/hlning i
fietiticrief4 indixpreee; *ken tii - o ,caintoo.
- OittitieePtif t rwhOtio'npYeiaion: ,
,ious,Purpoie ?Mall taletiv'itiokeepietilireittit'ta
ell the frame of my mind, end all 'the work
jt my. hai)J; if kl thou Gloil eneat toe ?"
The hit nember of the 'Londtin Quadirly‘.•
1? :view Contained an interesting arliele
thev invtanoes
given. of their 'fecundity, fereeitY, and ingenui
ty, ate almost incredible..
A single pair of rate, In three }eve ? nn
-disturbed Will have thirteen littera 'of. eight
cacti,eta_birth and the-young will
... hegin lit—
teringjpAli tittiLratio_i;hein_six_menths- olde
so that'at the 'end cf three ,years a single hair'
i!!1 here multiplied to 06808, Calculating
that tau rate eat ea much'in oho day as amen'
the - consumplion of These would be equal to .
that of 64;698 men. It Is clear, then, - that
it were not.;_tor7neTextraordinary-diiiiinution
in their numbers caused by the ceaseless
fare Carried . on against them by • doge, cite,
polecats,- otters. snakes, and beyond all, hu
man rat:catah . ers, Ake whiskered vermin would' ,
speedily - odium a'fantine in every - part of - the_
- world in - erfileh -, theY are found. . • •
. Rate are great travellers, The ship rat . in.,
feats veStiele orall classes: as many ea' five
hundred htive'been found in a Ma& East In 7,
dinroOn; Their.greatest difficulty, when
shipboard, is that of procuring water; 'and
.they have been known to ascend the rigging
bfnight,efter a etorm, • and sip the :Pin found
in the folds of tke - salls.--When on slitrc'ehip
rate are exceedingly fond of prime fitiit ; and
by burrowing under the walla of garcons will
help thentaelvee to a taste of the oliolcest-mel.
oni, strawherriee, dripee, &0., that-they pen'
find. k • "
RatiVixistht sewers end drains,
- particularly r, ere - there is not a good supply of
flutihrater. lly burroring in every di'rection
they do iritmenSe harm to the brickwork of
the sewers, end frequently spoil • pipe drains .
by causing them to dip of the joints, under -
which they have eicavated the earth.
London and puris.numbers of profesdanal rat-
catChers find - lucrative employment in huliting
them in the• sewers; When caught they are
disposed of either for sporting_ purptiles—for—
ihich they . cornmancil ready sale in London at
seventy-five cents per dozen-,or they are killed
for the Bike Ofthe fur, 'which is 'extensively
used in getting up the unrivaled ...beaver
bate sold by Parisian betters. • The hide, al:.
so, is useful•forinaking the thumbs of the best
{so called) kill , gloves . ' - -
Rate oleo commit great depredations. In
elautibterho - usee and ,Knackers' Yards. In
the - severe frosts, whet' it le impossible to • out
up the bodleilOf the horses, apd,whenthe out
side flesh is 'tiiiihard fur the rate to feed upon
they enter the body and devour the flesh from
the inside, .eb that when the their coines the
workmen findYntihing be4bw tho ekin but a
ekeleton,.bctter.'Cleared of its flesh than if it.
had been done by 'moat skillul operator.
When rittehavirno tither food they will de=
stroy eeoh other. Majende pieced a dozen
rata,ln a box in order to trysome'expellmente;
when he reached home nod opened ,the -box,
there were but three' remaining. Those had
devoured the rest. 4'nd left only the booms and
toll. • •
:These little animiila are indefatigable in the
pursuit of food, and hardly any amount of
precaution con keep them from n place where
they know there ix a septilyif be had. ...The.
proprietors of po . nded warehouses know this
to their cost." They infetif l the London Zoolo
gical Gardens in itqOiene . numbers, and have
eaten their way ihrougb the copper wire fluor
of the tigera' (Jana. . The. proprietors of, the
gardens have'been compelled in self defence
to keep. a pa'ok of terriers to hunt them, by,
wheui as many LIM a- hundred are sometimes,
destroyed in one night.
The.propcneity . of the ref to gnaw through,
even the hardest obstacles is not.merely advt.:
ring, but a neoeseity, Hie teeth are so form•
ed a. to continually grow towards each other eo
that nothing but the constant wearing, away
by friction could prevent hie' incisors from
passing completely through bis lips. A good
sized sewer rat cad inflict very severe bitespl.
even-in some instances, enabling him to inn.
quiet; a. terrier dog, or even a ferret.
There have been instances in which rata.
have become thoraughl,y domeiticated like a.
cat or dog; and when 'this is the case they
rendeb good sorviee by driving from Ile
miens -all-others - of thett - tribe: 7- oMTiiiii - de or/
ridding & house of rots is 'lc; catch a •single , •
specimen'audfaston it small bell around. his
leek, the tinkling ef,whinh, ne hei-ifpiij'oaohee
the hauntsofhis comrades, will 'frighten thew
a trey. • An expert rat-thtteler, howerrir,. fat'
minor with thehabipi of hie prey, will very
soon clear 'Owns° of itsobnoxious 'visitants.
bas driven the inhabitants to economise every
species of food, rate are eaten and esteemeda
great luxury; and.eases are reorded in. which
ships' crews, - when r ehOrt of provisions, have
avenged themselves on the rats for lessening
the Supplies, by cooking and feting them id
the form of biked, One . , which it inlesicl,
been deemed quite dainty by.the partaker..
One of the most common modes of
. ridding
preinhoW of these unwelcome hanntee, is, that
of niimiaisteridg malted's to'ihetn. This,
'roe,' is attended with very great danger, - •
rate have partaken of arsenic ' - make'
tweeter the nearest water, and-if there tie a',
iiietern inthe house they are apt to poitim it.
Our readers are anare that al Dose of this;
kind has recently oormied,,it WaShiugtene, In
phial . ; the lives of President , parlanput„anci s.
several_oftbe.titsoi prtireineer of
!ha day, vieiii:ploood•in'imniiiihnt h'd
partaking nr.Vrateerfpm a oietein_the 'oontents.l
Of which had been Akio poisoned.
I • • . .
. , ,
i 4eir„Tsno,:q4 ; sl l ntl!cuP9 7! ) .F.7 3 , o . o rll l lT4Puttla.
lug peat' otber ee , fbei , r , btibiteef teTpereuee.,: :
! ..Dju7oli eT5r. 1 ?! ) . 1 .0 t ! i # ,. ! 11,I i 0 'd° , ‘,.."! 0 ? 1, •
imi'iritb aniire itiii - 4`l 0014 carry ?' • ii:
1 ." No iiideel4"iinirthe iepry,' "not I. 'Bait "
f,!e 'man you-*Lieti L. thoilg kit you -bad bet- .
r tie.rie, $9140 tYlecefterit.'t,:.' : ,)1: :: ,'•
' •
1. ge•One of our jokers' tG other , dehl 4-o to ~
(Socling therdenthto irk it down . east p0pet.,*14:1,,," '
eteg,-Al 9ha STP.'t-filt9i , °R) , EP;lo°!f k .': ,
be 0 04' *d 97Z r sl f l l i k!4l . 1 1 ina t tf/t4 ''''''
o how priapic afforded to itve eo looLat't O' '...
North '= tie won't over thirty, ondvhadn't ' ,
money enough to hold out touch lintger. `,
NO. 41.