Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, December 26, 1855, Image 7

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FroM an exchange we clip the following
programme, ,which is about the most olussic
production we have read for many a day:
25th UNCEMI;
Just. opened, with 100.04 -- Cariesities, and
performance, in Lecter Room; among which
may be Ibund
• Mail and Femail.
LIEN -ali ve !
is Slx feet long, and broil in pro-
a regular wopper!
`Together with !
Part One
Seen opens. Distant Nloon.- View of Bay
of Naples. A thin smoke rises. IT is TILE
folks begin to travel. Yaller fire, follered by
silent thunder. Awful consternation. SITUns
RUXIMES! It is the Mounting preparing to
\Tondo! They call upon the fire department.
IT's NO usx! Plight of Stool pigeons. A cloud
of impenetrable smoke hang over the fated
through which the Naplers are seen
makin' tracks. Awful explosion of bulbs,
kurbs, forniquets, pin wheels, Berpentiles,`and
fourbillion spirals! The Mounting Laver be
ging to squash out!
End of Part One
The Parochial Beedle,
Live Itijun,
Signor Vermicelli, Mr. Mullet.
In. the course of the evening will be an ox.„
hibishuu of, Exileratin' Gus; upon . u Isitfiul
Laffin Highona,
Part Two
Buy of Naples luntinated by Bendola Lites.
The lava gushes down. Through the smoke:is
seen the city in a state of conflagration. The
last fatally! “Whar,is our parents?" A red
hot stone of eleven tuns weight falls onto 'em.
The bareheaded father falls scentless before
the statoo of th ' 'nl Denumang!
The •whole to conclude with a
Maroon Bulbs, changing to the spiral wheel,
which changes to the Star of our Union; after,
to butiful p'ints of red litos; to finish with
busting into a Brilliant perspiration!
During the performance a No. of Popular
Airs wili be performed on the Scotch Fiddle
and Bagpipes by a real Highlander.
Real Highlander, Mr. Mullet.
Any boy makin a muss, will he injected at
As the museum is Temperance, no drinkin'
aloud, but any ono will find the best of lickers
in the Saloon below.
Little children are as apt to tell big stories,
that will not stand close examination, as older
people are. Witness the little follow who
came running in from the barn, zind"oi.lo,
•01t! ma, I seen a live mouse, I hid !'
, YoU did?' inquires the mother, with a
semehing, look.
No, ma, I didn't just soon him, hitt I heard
him squeak s, little.' -
Another of the same size, got bilk fact
rather mixed up, when he canto biune nu
~ O hl pa, I have just seen one of the worsest
dog fight*, its was ever seen or beard tell of in .
the world!'
, Well, my boy, how was it?'
there Wall' 9110 great, big black dog,
41t* white ears undo brass •eollar, and ono
little black arid green dog, what hadn't no
man with him,—'
, Come, come, Simon, don'%talk so fast;
g at, everything mixed up; stop and'get breath
a m oment.'
401, I was going .to toll you 'how ono dog
w ith the white ear's, got on ape stele of the
meeting house with the yellow ip g; ne, no, 1
• mt , fin , e ttet meeting-house with the yellow,
green ettrs,,got 'On one side of the '(Ag;.' ern i
the other, he—no, no. the white dog with th e
y e ' new ears,•he give a yelp at the 'meeting
hougo•, and the dog 7 —oh! dad, I give up, I
-,itat.believe there was any dog at all !'
Mr. Greeley, in the midst of his 'engineer
ing ftir the Spoakership' at Washington, has
found time to converse with an intelligent
' ,gentletti4 vibe recently made the trip from
the I ) aolfie:ncress the Plains and whogave a
horrible account of thb mend and social con
dition of tbe Mormons, with whom he spent
some months. lie left them wallowing deep&
and deeper in the slough of filthy sensuality.
with a Certainty of from bad to worse
till their whole fabric of imposture is exploded
by the miseries it creates and diffuses. lie
says the women are nearly all anxious to fly
from the horrible den; especially those who ,
have been 'sealed' as the 'spiritual wives' o f
the scouOrelly hypocrites who propagate and
uphold this monstrous delusion. Nearly all
the leaders have from three women each up to
Brigham Young's seventy, sonic of. ithoni
make a poor living by washing the clothes of
the United f!:;tates soldiers, Hundreds of these
decieved, abused women secretly attempt to
beg the privilege of coining away with the
troops and trains passing from time to time
throutth or coming from Solt Lake oily, but
this cannot be allowed. Nearly all would get
away if they could. Such pictures of distress
and despair as are presented by many of these
deceived and abused women can be found
nowhere else than in Utah. Hundreds of
them never heard nor dreamed of the 'spiritual
wife' system until it burst upon their amazed
vision on their arrival at Salt Lake. And such
a mixture of profanity and blasphemy, non
sense, impudent assumption and buffoonery,
as is contained id their sermons and ether re-
ligious exerci,ses cannot be purnlleiect in the
world. A 'Gentile' of any account is carefully
watched from the hour he ventures among
than, acd there is little scruple as to the
means whereby a troublesome intruder is dis
posed of.
DEITLI OF A lkfisiat.—The''Sanclusky (Ohio)
V,mdicator announces the death of a German
named John lierryman, at that place, leaving
a fortune estimated at from twenty•five to fifty
thousand dollars. lie was one of the lowest
class of misers, equal to the most loathsome
ever painted by Dickens. For the last sixteen
years he has constantly worn the same blue,
linsey-woolse4watnus and pantaloons, careful
ly run or darned all over with strong thread,
so as to prevent the possibility of wearing out,
except on some important ocoasionst'ettcli:atil
land sales or something of that tutturp t Alipti
they gave Opus - :to }emit it'atieettit
ho 'efteg bOattied had served him faithfully for
forty years. Ho contracted the disease of
which he died by walking over the bad roads
during the most inclement weather of the sea
sou;all the way to Putnam and Henry coun
ties to pay his taxes on the land he owned
there, without sufficient clothing to protect him
from the cold. In fact, we are informed that
he scarcelY_ever ottire - ,.a shirt or under gar
ment, and that the':Ante lie had on when he,
died had not boon changed for over three
months. Although rich, he has been known
to chaffer with the' smiths over the price of a
horstshoe which, he had picked ..up in the
street. So far as is known, he leaves no heir.
He always resented any questions as to -the
place of his birth r Telatives or early history.
/ - - -
Mr. Mullet
Mr. Mullet
Mr. Mullet
'The most characteristic instance of carry
ing politeness to an extreme came off not long
since to a Hibernian ball. As related to us
by one of the eons of Erin, wholteenly appre
ciates a good thing, it seems that ono gay Lo
thario pro tempore, in ctossing the room to.
request Bridget's hand in the next reel, stutn
bled over the outstretrohed foot of Mr. Ter
rence O'Grady. 111 x. O'Grady promptly arose,
and, in the politest rnanneilf imaginable, said;
I beg yer parden, eir!' •No offence—no of
fence, air, at all,' responded the other, 'it was
intirely•my fault,' was the response,
ponied with a graoefal bond of: body and:
wave 'Wand. sir,''aitswered Idisther
ToOl,:yer inlirelj in;the' wrong, Atir,.l
it was: altogether my falt!' 'l . ,till;,ye it, was
not,.sir:' responded Varatly. 'de ye mane to
say I'd be telling a lie, sir?' !Bad Nellie you,
sir, de ye mane to eny I'd be telling,a
yten L tell yolt•wasn't 'yer' faida r responded
waiting wroth.
,110 luck to yer bad
brading, yo Ignorant bosthood, d'yetitink yo'd
be getting the bother Otto in manners?' shout
md O'Grady, ps witka trip and a. bloiv.he laid
the unfortunate O'Toole upon the floor.—
O'Toole rallied; and.axough and tumble . mi.
'sued, which waled the expulsion of both
gentlemen from the biarootn.' .
Mxnotat PoTATOns,—ln the early part of
the present century, Jobe 'one . ,of the
early settlers of Mercier Co:, Pa.,:Prod,uoed
front heed-the justly celebrated Mercer potato, -
which' was• afterwards Miltivated by a .Mr,
Pearson, of Mercer co., lit the neighborhood
of Darby, Delaware co., Pa., whence it spread
over the Uni'On. Thus Ginty, a poor: solitary
'exile of Erin,' has done more to benefit man
kind than manrit hero of a' hundred battles,
and it has beenn - propaSed to immortalize his
tumble name fiy calling the `Mercers' front
Condition of the Mormons.
A Dtwornn BVlo.e,—AnEnglish paper gives
a singular instance' of conjnal affection rind
feminine strength bill—eliduranoe. An old
couple in Newcaitle became reduced to want,
awl' it was neceSiotry that the husband, who
suffered extremely from confirmed rheuma
tism, should be removed to some charitable
institution. Lile.,besoug,ht removal to Dover
tun lull, and his wife had promised it. The
journey was a long and expensive one, and
nut only so, but, by, the usual conveyance,
such as must have caused the patient much
additional suffering. The brave and affec
tionate heart of the wife was stung to a noble
resolution to satisfy the desire of her poor
husband in the face'of these difficulties. She
undertook to carry him on her back the whole
way from Newcastle to Haverton, by the highi
way route—a distance of 60 miles! This she
undertook and perfArned, and the couple ar
rived 'safely at the end of their journey within
fourteen hours from the time of their starting
—a temporary reist nt Durham having been
the only intermission the faithful woman per
mitted herself between the banks of the Tyne
and the Tees.
11.%.,,` La me,' sighed Mrs. Par tin gton , 'here
I have been suffering the bigamies of death
for three mortal weeks ; first I was seized
with bleeding phrenology in the left hemis
phere of the brain, which was conceoded with
of the left ventilator of the heart. This gave
me an inflamation of the borax, and now I'm
sick with the chloroform morbus. There's no
blessing like that of health, particularly when
you are sick "
rife" printer not long ago, being flung'
by his sweet heart, went to the office '*rid triel
to coinn4soicide with the ishoutiug stick,'
but the thing tvouldu't 'go off.' The 'devil'.
Wishing to pacify him, told him to peep into
the saneinin where the editor was writing
duns to delinquent subscribers. He did 80,
and the effect was magical.. lle says that
picture of despair reconciled him to his fate.
, lhoinc.o3 tgarbs.
ii All. S. B. KIEFFER Office in North
Ly I lano v e r street two doors from Weise S; Campbell's
Store. Oitlee hours, morepertlcitlarly from 7 to U o'clock,
4. M., awl front b to 7 o'clock, V. .51. '
L -f------.--------- 1
South liatiover street, 9 1 1111.1 --- r . "W e '
hest 'doer. to the' Post
*moat. front 04llsitrotho tox?" days
- ; - Sf eat* t tntYtill.' • LAug. 1, 'B6
F it. Q EO. W. N.EIDIen
DENTIST Forofully attends to till
.. . 1111411 operations upon the teeth and adjacent
parts that;all:oast" or irregularity may require. Lie will
also insert Artificial Teeth of every description, - Such as
Pivot, Single and 'Minch tooth, and tooth with "Colitin
uons fluras,'! and' trill construct Artificial Palates, Oh,
thraters, Regulating Pieces, and ovary appliance used in
the Dental Art, —Operating room at the residence of
Dr. Samuel Elliott, West nigh street, Carlisle.
VENTIST. OFFICL: nt the resencu of
41,4 kt
4611111 -
Idsbrnther, on Nerth,ritt Street, Car-
OTlCE.—Notice is hereby given
that Z hare, this day, associated with me in tbo
practice of my profession. Win. M. Penrose and Thos. M.
Eairs. All business,iii future will be /attended
Why the above undeethefirtaii of "Menu: ,t; PmacasE.".
Feb. 14th 18G5. W. M. 111DDLE, At'ty nt LaW
el P. ITUMRIOII, Attoyney at Law.
ki.-0111co in Doototit's Row. 7tll businessoiltritse.
ud to hint will be promptly attended t 0.,,
Wa1t.L11.42A301,11,..0.hi Jlnfn Suet,
, 4V•ltutilnetis ontrustod to to will be promptly at
tondoti tg. - • leb o 7. •55.
rA" N. GREEN, Attorney at 4aw, has
/Vs .suttlott iti Mechanicsburg, for the practice of ni b
profession. All kinds of Lognl Writing, Uolloctlons,
Gotta business, &r.. promptly attonded to. Nike oppo
site Pr. bong's rosidanee. SURVEYING in all its diffe
rent branches promptly attended to.
° c
- 1 BE : COL Attorney at Law, will at
-x- tend promptly to all businesx outtpsted to him.—
nro In Ow roomlormerly urcupledby Willtun Irvine,
45.1.. North ihnovvr rztreet, eurllsto.
• April 20. 18f.2,
arli_ W. IMANDT, Manufacturer of
• Minerai liVaterg, Fro Deb Mead,
• Bottled Ale. Porter and Cider.
North :itreot. tricar the.ltall (toad Bridge, Carlisle
.CEIL—A. L. SPONSLIIItIe Register of Cumber
bunt county, will carefully; attend to the transaction of
all 611th business (14 may be entrusted, to hini, : ;sueli nF
the:wilting of Deeds, Mortgligns Contracts; ite.s7lo will
jtsn d e v o te his attention !.o tlorprocutidg of Land War
rants. I , lMilons;ke. nu 11'011 fls the p1,11 . 11111111(` 1111(1 ROO
Of Heal Estatevnegotintions, ()floras, .+:c.
est:Al:oi St root, formeri y ecouplild, ' y W. 11. I'enrost:
near the :Methodist Chu-lh.
Ti N. ROS.ENSTEEL, House, Sign,
L Fancy and Ornamental Painter. Irvin's (formerly
Harper's) Row, near I Moor's Dry Elms's Store. Ile will
attend promptly to all the above descriptions of paint
ing, lit reasonable prices. Thu rarbuts kinds of graining
attended to. 81101 AS mahogany, oak,. Wll/11111.. (tl'.., In all
improved styles.
host unthe constantly on hand and for aalo at tho
Carlisle Foundry and Maohine Shop.
. ,
.. _
F. REN i I (7 () 11,8 ETS.—Just rceeiv
, I, , oa. ii. lumber supply or, Froneli Cm.sets; of e*tra si
tom. Also narrow Linea Fringes for tlilllllalllZ 13tfieltiss
1 jams 20 ,
,:., . , GEO. W. lIITNEII.
lIITALT, PAPI?,R.—J us t re eel v cc`l a
! T Tsplontlid 1 , 4 , 10: of Paper Ilanglue . s, `Window
'lo.oe:tillitt li'iretelaill l'attts, toolwarktug all the newe st tett most 'tttprovt.‘tt styles., The tloshms are neat am!
.1100,'aitil the wires :welt its II:IIIIIIII. tail to ;rIVI , ti:lt:1:i.
Ettetion„ iVe MOM our frletuttt and the polite general.
IV to VIII and oxwaint, mir assortutimt hoforeletrehositig
olsowhero. ' - ll, S.l,Vl't.)S,
utar,4lr2.l . 'East Main Ftreet, Carlisle
- —,..
ITO It AIR I/E A.l) Dlt PISS E S,—,mist.
iv it ~0,,,,,i I,y the subs...nilior a V31 . 1et..' of 3lnir / li•
111.11 Dre, ,, ., I;r3rel,fi , . 800 ovt Fe3therli, l'ooliwt
Puelo.s. Wlikker.Bloml" , . &e.
Nov. '...:.:, ':l5. ~...,...j3,1
• '`.--
424 „ ; WATCHES : CLOCKS 1 .
.14._'7.?>,:1-fr.". FANCY JEW ELit 1, Ay.
.. , •. - ;9.,+ , 75. I have now on hand end to. sale at
,111.1 stand on street, oppost .Nlariou Hall, an
entirely new and elegant stock of
Gold Lever Watches, hunting and open case, Silver do.
81h ur Leldna and Quarter 11 etches, a large variety.
Gold Anchors ihr Latileaandllentlemini..: •
Medallions, a splendid assortthent for ladies and gent.
Breast platter every pattern, and : all prices, -
Gold Glialtig for vest and faith - gold curb chains,
Finger Rings,'Gutt•pins, Studs, Sleeve Buttons, ,
Cresses. Drop and Hoop•Ear-Itings, a large`v nriety.
Silver and Plated Forks, Table and Tea SpuonsOintter
Knives, to, of various styles and prices, "
Gold and Silver Thimbles,
Gold, Silver and Common Spectacles, a large assortment
to suit all . lee, and to which we invite particular
Port Monnales, a large assortment at every price,
Gold Pens, of the best make at various prices,
Fancy Boxes, Port Folios, Accordeons, Spectacle eases,
Ladies Card Cases, silver and pearl, at various prices,
Bracelets, gold and common; Watch Chains ditto.
Also a large variety of articles in the' Jewelry line,
which I will sell at the lowest prices. All articles war
ranted to he what they are sold for.
ct'a „Particular attention paid to the REPAIRING (11.'
WATCHES and all work warranted. Returning thanks
to my old friend, and customers fin. former patronage,
I respectfully sulielt a continuance of their favors.
N. lIANTCII & Co. have opened and now of.
k for ihr sale nt their Store on Went high Street,
one door west of the Hotel formerly kept by C. Stough,
:to entire new sleek of Ready Made ..lotiling
Also, Cloths, Cassimered and Vestings, which will he
Mali.) up In the hest style awl on row/amble terms.—
Shirts. Shirt Collars, (:loves, Hosiery, Suspenders, Satin
and Summl Stocks. Handkerchiefs, at.. of the newest
style , : and best manufacture kept constantly on hunt).
Confident of their agility to please, they respectfully so
telt the public patronage.
lL WM •
. 11. 11101iT„ desires to inform his old friends
[dolt he has removed to his nsw establishment on !Ugh
street, Ill'ar the gni!road Depot, and Is now opening a
pim large and elegant assortment of the FALL STYLI.:
oF HATS. just received from Philadelphia, uhieh
the gentlemen of Carlisle are requested to'nell nod
examine. Ile has also a large assortment of Silk;, Fur
and Sloth Ilats t , e his own man What're. got up in the
best style and at various privet. the excelienve and finish
oa ish loft lit , wilLwarrant. Ills stack he is confident on
ly needs to be examined to he approved. A Iso,'n large
simply of Men's, lloy's and Children's CAPS. of Cloth
and Fur, and of every variety of style and prier just re
ceived from Philadelphia. Let all who want a Mat or
Cap give him a call, as they may he
. sure of lining suit
ed to their own satisfaction.
. 1 6 P
I am just receiving my Fal
• • VAC stock of PAPER BA:WINGS
it which surpass in style, qualltv
and price any that have eve .
been exhibetod in Carlisle. I respectfully solicit a cal
from persons in want of Paper Hangings of any descrip
Lion. as I mn eonfident by assortment far surpasses ILII ,
ht OW Borough; and In style and prices has but few ri
cols In the city. I only ask of the public to call and ex.
amine my tnomrtmant betbre purchasing. as I nut coup
dent my chaste designs cannbt fail to please the mold
fastidious. JOIIN P. LINE.,
1 :0ti tje ~., 7:3 - VIM GROCERY
The subscriber would respectfully itiforni his friends an(
the public generally, that he has just returned from, tin
city with a large and Nitped:iissectuientror ., '":- '' ,
(li KWIC! ES; AiI ( ASS Willi qv rdi IS F.W ARE..
1:1414b,br„ ir„4Whleli hdrette'rs for sale on tin , ..... 14 ' i,ll
most .reasonable terms, at his Now Store. i "rt Nt
corner of North Hanover 'street and the Pull. t i ,., ~ 1!,, , ; A
lie Square, directly. opposite the Carlisle lie.
posit Rank. Ills stock °mimeses everything usuail)
In a Ormery and Variety store.
The public are Invited to eall and examine his steel
before purchasing. elsewhere, as he feels confident he cal
sell the best goods at the lowest pekes.
.1. D. lIALTIEIt7't4
sire to Inform the citizens or cadtoe muLNivinit)
qle r.
010 they have Just revelved from the city and are non
opening in the room adjoining Bents 4. Brother's Store.
A-very-complete assortment of - tirnearicicimilli 6e
and all the various kinds of SPICES and LIMED MEAT.
such as Hams, Dried Beef, Bologna Sausages. &c. by the
piece or pound. Also Herrings. Mark
)ille -M I L erel, Shad, Cod Fish and a great variety,
or articles not necessary to enumerate. In addition to:
the ahoie, we will receive our regular supplies of
' " '•'
:L4 soon es they appear in the city nierkyts. to ell of
which the invite thy attention or the ae In.
tend to sell et Mt very lowest prices for Cash or Conn
`try Produce. • t lhAlil<lltSS fi MULLIN.
- 1 - 3 00,:rsANT.flea• oni) SHOES..T . h e
re find Wojl Re•
eeted stock of li 0 0 T S and SILOE
which he will sell at unusually lowfitic
es. Purchased from wholesale dealers,
at low rates. he. can otter such induce
ments to purchasers ns ruak‘e it their interest to vh•
it his establishment. Ile has eery article In the hls
and Shoe line—for Ladles' or nentlemens' wear —h ,
therefore deems it noill,,,SS:try to 11:trtiellbtrtZP.
ro . Persons desiring good and cheap goods are Inv it
ed to give him a call
e4s i tA 13 INV LIA I)AVIS
G co.. 270 Market Street,
4.4 litiladclphin,
AnENTs FOR ..tAcoR Bit gum. ,CMILIST.E.
and Philadelphia. Cars leave Loth plitces and West
twlee ....very Week. Tneadays and Prldays. All busines,
entrusted to Hingham. Dards A so., will lie attended t.
with promptness. whether in SAISS, prednci‘ rr 11;eight.
A. IL 11A lINITZ, North street, I,laltimre, Its,
entered lute this arrangement, antkottlatteud
ly to all buslness entrthded to himi.
. . .
' fGß43 — r.r. r PEA S, COFFE I , :
ESl5),_l Thu subscriber has just
added to his former stock a general Ytflealioll vi 1 . 111.4(1 . ,
GROC MATES, 116 well as all the other variety of tirtieles
r . i ., usually kept hi a (4 , r0,f rx Store. embrarlng 111 .
1 )4, , Coffeos—votuited and' greon....-at. 1'2,!,.:: ; and 14 reek
,-, ;A per lb., Orleans, Clarified. Crindied and Pulverized
,Sugars, of fine qualltles: ell (TAM i.H. Spicvs. Ita iry
iiiiit, mid a variety or Fancy artichis.' till of which are o.
feted at the lowest enshlprlces. We art thankful fort be
former support given usOind Invite a further call from
our friends and enstomer4. 1 3. W. EDI'.
Marlon lien, Carlisle.
lIRE G- SERVIN SU GAR. —A general
ssort molt of Crushed, Slferci and l'olvorised
. . 4 itirtirc of host quality, as ab l o ti , oft Crushed. Clarified'
and othor (1111011W:I constantly on -hand, suitable fk
nro;orving and nil other purposos 7 genorally at Mi.
Also n most:tut simply of the ehottest Coffees, Teas.
Spins anti other nri,i4-los in voriety ittwoys on hod.—
atteut lon ts lllVitod to our stoeic botoro busitig blse when!.
Corltslit•July ' • . ' J. ;
imusyko”pork ati'd young, with tlwr
IIISIINV110;811,,enleking to 1101 . 11h1Olintisokeepiws:arelnvIt
ed to.eall at ilk 1,111.:IirS 1'.A91,1.1.1f and 'ex'
and nr., his ele!.ra.ut assortment of (`lira a. (11,'s ItinigtfOens ,
ware and other articles in' the lions4:eepinft line. shell
ne Frotleb lidd English tea' wts. heavy 1,311.110:m410e.
White Granite, gilded and blue plain, Dinner scts'obe ,
.try varletv and price, bowls And pitchers: turotns. 1110,
&C!.. (1110..S.W:11 . 0--ctottr9 table and Ina niel
emuleialmas and .alter lamp,. great, varity, table and la,
ttnablors, goldst,s. Fruit and lire , orvi , dishes. in ia•
rlitty. Cedar-ware—tubs, bnelads, eltur,,,:. bowls. bu
laintsandladies. meal bnehets.,Vc, 11r.nsnes—sw, , ,.14:1„
white waßti;cerubbing• hand and slew braube,.. duster.
brooms. Sr. 31arlict. clothes. .ind
Also a choice , B , ,rt ?sent and
he , V)10 11E0 f.tnd et"choice I,!ti h ~ I ' c,.:.i : rn l try
ri •,,j„,:,,
1111,1111,,i :
S11;111'1 , -11 and C.r.,mot. to It It i t h , t• .1
3tores aui
West side of North Ilanprer Street,
T E. GOULD, [Successor to A. I.iot.
R., No. 164 One Stunt St.. Swain's Building, Phlladel
puts, extensive Music Publisher, and beater in Stusl al
instruments of every description.
Exclusive agent for the sale of Millet, Davis a Co,
Patent Suspension Bridge ..I:olitin and other PIANOS
etilhert's Boudoir Pianos. 3teludeons, 31artin's Out
Harps, Violins, Sheet Music, Music Books.
Residents of the country will be supplied by mail 01.
otherwise with music they niay wish. as low as If pur,
chased In person.. having one of the largest stocks to
the United States, I feel confident of Satisfying ial.nb
linty favor Inv with a call or order.
lira lets in 111usle supplied on, the thoitt liberal ter ins
l'innos to let. Eeeond-band Pianos for Pale.
May 20, 1803-l;
k . _,) Ey, w.tioLE:•.:A LE and RETAIL, at the ••1 hlia.
del ph in Watch and jewelry :- tot e,
Number 90 North Second Street , el.
ncr of Quarry. Philadelphia. Bold
• Lever Watches, full jewelled, 18 car
'A . . at cures, - - - $2O 00
k r z..„ . ~,,..; „,. i ... Gold Lepine. 18 carat cases, 24 t 0
2 '• ' -/!..1,„_ . ..... - .. Silver .• jewels, 9 00
~S ICONI- 0 -11:f i '3Silver Lever, full jewelled, 12 00
Superior Quartiers,- - - . 7 00
Gold Spectacles. - ' - - 700
Fine Silver Spectacles, - 1 i 0
Cold Bracelets, —, . - - 3.0
Ladies' Old Pencils, - . - - 1 00
Sliver Tea Spoons. set. - - - 5 10
Gold Pens, with l'Onell and Silver Holder. - I (•tt
nob! Finger flings 3734 rents to $8; 'Watt)) Giarspoi
plain. /Vt; eentN. Patent 1 - CR'. linnet 95; f , thernrtiel. , s
in proportion. All goods warranted to be what they nro
sold for.
On hand. some Gold and Silver Levers and Lepines
still lower than the above priers:
I A)ll,'S NITLINTOCK, M.l).,—.Late
e Professor of Anatomy and Surgery in the Philadel
phia tolleg4 of Medicine. and Acting Professor of ?Ma
ivifery ; one of the C moulting Physicians of the Phil-.
adelplilit Hospital, Block ley: late member of the Na
tional Medical Association: member of the 1.1 1 111, L n:1-
plan Medical Society; member of the Medlen•Cliii mei
-0:11 College of Philadelphia; formerly President a tad
Professor of Anatomy and Surgery in ( oat leton Medi
cal College, Vermont ; anti also, Into Professor of An
atomy and Physiology' in Berkshire Medical Institu
tion, Pittsfield, Mass.. &r., &e,
this lately introduced in a popular fort:llo4ll.mM of hie
verity prescriptions for the principal diseases of this
climate. The name of each article will imply the -dig
ease ftlr which it Is Intended to he used.
Coughs. &c., Price 25 ets.
DT. Price 50 cts.
rifying the Blood. Price $l.
DR. McCIANToCK'S Dyspeptic Elixir—For giving tone
to the stomach, relieving pains after. eating, heartburn,
and all disagreeable symptoms arising from indigestion.
Prkke $l.
Dk.',llcCuNrocß'S RHEUMATIC MIXTURE—A Purely re
getable Remedy fer.internal use. Price 50 eta.
Ds. McertNvocv.'e.lingvnanc OTIMENT—For liheuma&
Liam, tsprains, 4t icolllnga. &c. Price Ml cts.
i/n.?kitelaNTOCE'll ANentsEllixTunE--,Fo TOM b
ache, TleadacheoNettralgla, Lc. t Ptjeit.6o
cure for an Intermittents. Price $l.
VENTIvE—A :We Remedy.
Costiveness. headache, &c. Price 26 eta,
IM. 51cCuNioex's ANTDDILIoUS Pnly—For irregularity,
In the Functions of the Mydr and liouel-the best Liv
er PHI made. Price 25 eta. a box.
Per sale by Dr. J. McCLINTOCK, at his Medical Depot,
N. W. Corner NINTH and FILBERT Streets. Philadel
phia. and all Druggists. DAtgists and Dealers in Med
clues who wish to be Agents. Will please address Dr.
McClintock. furnishing refere t e, name of Post °Thee,
county and State.
tr;l_For sale by W. A. Kelso; Sameel Elliott, Carlisle-;-
J. H. Criswell, Shippeesburg; I.:mnfingera Co.. L. Kann"-
man. Mechanicsburg; Joseph Herron, Newrillet ~1. B.
titnplerman, Andersonburg; Haines a Fertig,Millers-.
own; A. C. Klink, New Bloomfield; Harriet M. Singer,
Newport; it. F.-Oardtmr, York Springs; A. J. Miller and
J. S, Nixon, Chambersburg; B. Mentzer, Waynesboro.;
George (Bergner and D. it. Jones a Co., B arr i s b urg .
Dlt. MeOLINTOCK can be consulted. without charge
daily. from 10 to 12 o'clock, A. M., at his Depot.
Member 6, ids4—iy.
j_ DONNELLY, manufacturer and inventor Of SAFE
No. MI North FOURTH. Street (above I:ace) i'lllßAl./El.s;,
pill A. )latches hosing become au indispensable artiele
in, housekeeping, the subscriber lifter a great 'sacrifice of
time and man oney, is etiab,l h. oily to th e Public tai nr...
tucle at once epntAni ie.; utility 11111 i Cheapness.
The in
senter klu,twifig4 he danger apprclusnded on account 0:
the tnannex In \Vidal Notches are genertply
packettisr paper, tins by the ald of Now
of hla own iILVVIIti./11. Succeeded in getting up a I.4AVETY
PATENT SQ TIE U1.'11.1(1111! WOOD MIX; this bus is
far preferable, in :LS much that it occupies no more rts to
Lau the old rotted. wood box; and contains id least
bitindred per Vent more Matches; which to Shippers
is considerable ildVATlltage; U ihltutirely new, and secure'
a:0111st urO and ,spentadeous combustion, dispels
all clntigeron tratuPportation by means of Railroad, Steam
twit or any other mode cif Convvylince.
These Matehm; nre packed so that one gross or more
May be shipped to any part of the World with perfect
natty. They are the tenet &hirable article for llama
Consumption, end the anthem and western market,
ilhat have ever ikeen invented.
owl 8111I'PilltS, will do well to call in
waimine tiw themselves.
roatehes, are WARRANTED to be surerho
to anythlug heretothre offered the Pub Dr.
. 100 North FOURTH St. Phitont.
Phila. Dr.e'r 4. 1554. •
F RENCII 111,USSIf,b , , .61 ,, 1iirk 27 .* less
th:111 ouneos, tier tho cure oT Hernia or Iturtnro
acknowledged by the highest Medical authorities ot. lldl
adelphia, incomparably superior to a i ny- other In 11AA;—
Sufferers will l gratified to learn that the occasion noxr
offers to procure not only the hlghost'Vtild most eimy.but
as durable a Truss AS.Any MIMI', in lien of theemobrnuti
anti nnennifortable artivio tn.yally sold. There is no tilt'
iculty attending the fitting, and whoa the pad Is heat
ed it will retain Its position witlioUt change.
Persons at a di itance unable to Mil on the subSeriisr;
inn hare the Truss sent to any address, by remitting
(Ivo dollars for the single Truss. or ton for the'dnyhia--
measure- round the hips. and stating side alba - fed.
It will be exchanged to suit if not 11‘ting. by' retimoing
At once, unsoiled. Per sale poly by the Importer.
Corner Twelfth and littta. streets. Philadelphia.
ir.43. !Araks, requiring the betitlit of .'3leclitt»iyal Null
porters, owing to tint derangement of the intern:a Or:
dgnus, inducin g falling of the Vocal, Dilliptaiary,,'
yspeptic, Nervous and lapin:ll Weakness, /11 , inforinc4
that a eeinpotent MO experienced I uw will be I n a t..
tetniance at the 'Rooms. (,:et apart for their t,xyluslie
itta) No. 11:1 Twui.rni sc., Ist di,o, below Itace.
J at, 4
'.l.‘'.cF3 NTI ON I) N.`SI)IiII".VI
. .
.of yow who liavolirtiti nfliktril for ypars t!itit tlSla
lotiteritono-ilito‘iisr, wlui bine titrorkpll'ikaloatii4
till! 11011 In
yron t " ttllysyt , Tith'" amt.:Olt 5i64"4
inleollVll , eoil t•tiporiority ovor
prtirtrAti,u, you milky rurtificatt s took :
orating our !trit , ortionii. but Mogi° trial I.n . wortli
:111k Thic risinolv t 4 iVripavol and at lb.? Driiti.
sto r t,.r K • 'Sow), v - or htre•et . ; a 11 , 7
,hors ia' , utti of t lot ".
I)A'l'l , lN'l` &e.—.Titst`onen ,
",1 nnnator irn•nlre „i Nvhio. ,
.irl-, XI •, :t! ett uith a V:111MS ..r
July .111'.-I.*-11.
IPl)llLitic , lplpa.