Carlisle herald. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1845-1881, May 22, 1850, Image 3

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    FLOOD IN viz Misaissierh—Tho NotPZ On
leans papers, contain accounts of, a flood in the.
• Alissiesil;pi,' and the inurniation of the country.
From Nateliex i tO Mild, it le estinia!
ted that at least tsb,ooo. acres of lend, ivliieh
had Won idnhted in cotton, are nowunder wet.
cr, uu Ir ndrvde of : fincit phintittionu entirely
ruined, win river now extends front Natchezto
the Hills of Ouachita, a 'distance, of over 40
miles, and every tiling has been swept away:
• tit7"The Wheal crop in . Maryland,
Virginia, -Ohio, and GieOitia, in generaii
The suns .for 'seduction and adultery
commenced against thi, Bilckeye Bliiclismith, it
is said, have heed tvlilidrawn at the instance or
the prosecutor, who admits that he acted under
improper toliice. •
The Emperor of China has forbidden
any of his subjects to go Co Calilornin. , The
pig-tail Celesti4le priest hereafter stay al home
and rap goldenitarsests from their industry. '
b other Matthew - IRLO admininietered the
pledge in New Orleans to thirteen thousand
peraone..,,,, _
/::CFA son of Dr. William A. Irvine of War.
ieVootity,"Pu., was killed last week by the
accidental discharge of hie
An .blechaniestiurg, on Tuesday last, by the Roy
. John C. Fritchey Mr. ISsvin Mrors, of Newport,
Perry county, to 11lia_Ebstins. TAYLOR, of Cumber.
land county. •
,gelii Mcchankti l irg on Sunday morning last, by the
Rev.. John C.. Fit y,, Mr. andhreth Whitcomb, of.
Clnikohtown, to Mee Martha Re'etl, of York go . niity.
/ On Thuredity net, by the Rev. Mr. Simneoh;Mr
WILLIAM M, MONTER, Of tills borough,to Miss JANE,
daughter of Col. Henry Logan, of York county.
/ On Tuesday the 21st loot., by the Bee. J. N. Hoff
man, Mr. 'JoIIN A. dr./041,1Na, to Tlll/01CANOLINE A.
daughter of George Ileetem,.Escr. of rule bolough.
Al Marion City, Missouri, on Saturday night, the
27th of April, Mrs. JANE M. D. Corabirt, of Pneu
monia, in her 37th year, wife of Mr. John It•Copelin
and daughter of the late Mr. John Wilson; of Car
lisle, Fa. Mrs. C.'ivns a lady highly respected by hsr
'acquaintances for her amiable and,gcnerous
ties. She leaves an affectionate husband and ;eve
rat small children. in thiirworiti she suffered rrnuch
bodily affliction, but she now enjoys rest In that place
where pain is unknown. For many eara the de- ,
- crave. 'w - satintlintbritriirfrileiiiiNd'ilieeliffe
Christ: and Inltqr last moments she was enableifte
rejoice in the full it • urance of a bleated immortality•
New - / a bucrtioentritts.
ALL perspna,kum76inethemeelvee indebted
to the subscriber by note or book account, ere
requesteeto settle without delay. or their an.
Counts will be lefi in the handy of a magistrate
for collection. , •J. G. CARLIIONY.
.D' - GS ! DRUGS ! DRUGS !
Fresh Spring Supply !.
IHAVE just received a fresh stock of Med
icines, Paints, Glass, • Oil,. &c., which
having been purchased with great care at the
beat city houses, I can confidently. recommend
to Families, Physicians, Country Merchants
and Dealers, as being fresh and,pure.
Ileitis and Extracts,
Spices;grolind and whole
I Perfumery, &c.
Warranted Gaptine.
Patent. Medicines,
Fine hemi eels;
P ire Essen': Oils
Cod Liver Oil
Log and Corn Woods,
Oil Vitriol
Lpe Dye
• - Wethorill & Brother's Pere Lead, Chrome
Green anil Yellow, Paint and Varnish Brushes,
Jersey Window Glass, Linseed Oil, Turpen
tine, Copal arid coach Varnish, and
Red Lead.
All of which - will be sold at the very lowest
market price, Also, a from and, splendid. 'ea
sortment or \81 1 :1.
Confectionary, and inn erable other articles
calculated for se and or ent, all of. wl.,ich
are offered at he lowest 11 prices, at the
clic ri a.f. Drug Bmk and Fancy aof the sub-'
so- on N 9 th Hanover street.
Ilit; ' ;‘76 " . - 1 - 850. '
THE subscriber offers for sale a valuable
1: FARM. Situate In Mifflin township, Cum
berland corerny, about two miles north-west of
Newville . ,_bountletbby lands of Win M Scout
ler on the west, and Thomas C.Scouller on the
east, containing 160 acres of good Slate Land.
The buildings are-a large two story
...••111 Log DWELLING HOUSE, a
t , large Fratne BARN. newly built,
ats .
with Corn Cribs and Wagon Shed:.
There is a good well of water under roof, and
a stream of meter near the barn. Also a good
ORCHARD of choice fruit. Persons wishing
to purchase or examine the propel - iv are re
„guested to call on the subscriber °rattle prem.
LIA.I' RECEIVED by the' subscriber,
mo --- nmw,nieli is a selection of 17
from-strictly prima to coalmen, at 10, II and
12 eonts cents per pound. Also
at 5, 6;'7 and 8 cents_Rer pound: Also, a gen
eral assortinont • • • •
Greens and blacks, selected at the Tot house'
of the wall known firm of. Jenkinc& Co. Phil
edelphia, whiCh togethe'r With — a 'kite assort
ni,eo. of the other articles usnally kept by us,
is offered to the public in the confidant belief
tint-for quantity and prices -on 'examination wjll .
prove 'equal and probably superior to any othbr
assortment in this place. , J. W. EST . ,.
Carlisle, May. 22. 850.
Notice to Tas-Xayers. "
- rq-v - DER the provisions of the Act of 1844,
V upy county paying into the State Tronsti
ry the, State Tax Ivied on such county, prior
to the.lsth of July in ,any year, is• entailed to
an abatement of 5 per cent on the amount- so
paid.. . • .
The undersigned, Commissioners of Cum.
Leyland county. in view of the Above provisions
consider inequitable and proper that those. who
by thcii prompt payment of theittaxes prior to
the above date, enable .the Treasurer to pay
over the State Tax, soete to receive the above
' abatement of 5 per cent., the benefit of lihich
has hitherto been enjoyed by ihe citizens of
',the county generally ehooid be allowed a de
'duction of that amount by the collector—have
authorized the different eollectotore ake said
abatement fro the, State. Tax, k ill II cases
tvhere the'State ana County taxiit. aid to the
Collector before the, 1.5111 day of. tily, 1850.
when said,abatement shall amount to one.per
cent or tnoro,•no fralitione do cent to lie credt;
led. • ,
Since the act, of '44, the Commissioners
have paid the State tax of this county. ahmthily
to the State Treasurer, within the time Prescri
bed by the act, and the . county hes_receiyod
'the benefit of an abatement of five per ant.
thereon,' but to meet said payment- they have
found it necessary heretofore to appropriate a
part of_tho county funds to meet the deficiency
occasioned by. delinquents, until the ligiance of
.the Stato Tax was collected. It thorefore be.
1 1
comes necessary to requtrirthwrip, Ment`of both
State anti county taste ontitlKth payer to' the
aforesaid abatement, upon, dm a oresaid State
Tax. . ••
- The undersigned therefore notifidently antic
iPate that the aboVe arrangement, and the fur
ther indyelmant of cnabliag,atfmberland.coun.'
ty to makotain .the eliatneter for. promptness
and fidelity-which she has naquired'in.the,dis
clingo of her obligations - to the Coriimonnyplth;.
will induce evary, citizen' to ?charge his State
and County TaX,prior to the ' sth day of JOY.
JAIiY . _ ..
~- -. _. • Cotinty Commissioners.
_. Attest—WM; RILEY. Clerk. '
Commissioners' ()film? . ,
.., '''
'Carlisle, May SS. 'sllt, S r . • ..• 1
'burglar Sale ..
ia q light raid dont 'dflitir,tind in 'good ordw
I,ngitire"of:_,. N It 0 F3M:
acCilattco4 -
Xl UT a 0 (1)). - .•
• • •
• - t r . • ,
"B NE 'f4•32:;171 F+ . 4 ",,, -- . 7 1 . ,•..., 11,A.
• • .
ALL persons desirous of seeing =the newest''
and. beat Goods :of ilte. season, lot_ then
call at Bee'llivii in North flahover Street.
The . subscriber 'has just returned from .643
city and has not opened a very large and hand , —
some stock of• , • •
of every Style and Saritty. Such as Barages.
and Tissues, Lawns from 10 Cents to•anys price
you want, Linon Lustrpp, trim-12 to 3 . 1,-Liben
Lustre Mirages, a now article, Foulard Silks,
Cor'n; , Blue, Pink and Filed-Delaines, Calicoes
-from to 25 cents per yard, Bonnets, Ribbons;
Hosiery, Gloves, and many more articles for
Ladies which I btive not room to insert. .
I have also for Gentlemen all kinds of goods;
TINOS, and all kinds of Goode for Gentle
men's use, 'amp - will - take this opportunity of
saying to my friends that I keep constantly on
hnnd tOl kinds of READY-MADE CLOTH
ING. Mr. T. Raeder having his shop in my
store. enables me to have made to order, on
the shortest notice, any garment
,that maybe
wanted. I also. keep .COFFEE & SUGAR
nf all kinds, together..with every othk article
necessary for Family use.- Please call and ex
amine soon Where all attention will be given to
please. ,
nil S A•COYI.E.
Eingle s Head-Quarters, Carlisle, Penn
the place where Country Merchants and
the public in general, will find - the largest
and best assortment of
ever offer 'offered ip this Ceti y, manufactured.
of the be - gi material expressly for the Holidays. ,
and will be sold' wholesale or retail' at. the Old
_Stand of the subscriber, North Hanov.r street,
rife - w dobfs mirth of the - Brink, where all are
invited to call and examine fort' iemselves, as
it would be impossiblp-rd mention l the vari
eties. He would alsb call attention Ix-a-largo
assortment of Friths - find Nuts, consisting of
Pigs, Pruens, Grapes, Citron, Dates, Almonds,
'English- Walnuts, Cream Nuts, Filberts, Pea
'Nuts, Cocoa Nuts, &c. In connection with
the above belies just received a largo assort•
mom of English, French and American
consisting in part of finellrencluOard and Sew
ing Baskets', of entirely. new patteins, Fancy:
Boxes, of Wood, paper and glass, Wax and
other Doll•heads, Kid and Jointed Dolls, Bas
ket, bell, ibone and Gillet Rattles, Games and
Puzzles of the latest style, Furniture tea 'sets,
nine in boxes., fiddles, guitars, pianos,. accorde
ons , harmoni cans; d rants; twatt;iVgiVtnilrier'rriiri
cies of war, Glass and China toys,-mantle or.
naments, Tools in boxes, woolly dogs, wagons
imarask:,,iiiiiiii-bilessog all kinds t fasey_sottp, Cll-.
togrieT'ttritil - dYrovir blia - v - rng ire:int:llldt• and
clothes . Brushes, &c. He has also on Nand a
prime lot of . -
F Itlall---GROCERI ES,
consisting of Coffecs,?Teas, Sugars, Molasbes,
Crackers„Cheese, Spices of all kinds, and in'
fact all articles in the Grocery line, which will
be disposed of at the lowest rates.
Orders froin a distance thankfully received
and prdmpllyntiended to .
Carlisle, dec 12,'49
Great. liar giiins
.4rlAN_ be expected EOrn iIM - suliscribi,t, as he
V has just received L new and splendid as
sortment of ;WINTER, GOODS, which he
offers to his customers and others 'who miiy
favor him with a call at great Bargains!
satinets, velvet cords. Ky.jetn SZerlet, yel
low, white end Crintsp Flannels, ichings , mos
lins, calico, cashm'eres, de lanes, alpacas; Co
bvrg cloths, gloves; .hosiery; ri ) linen, com
forts, &e, - •`'.
• A large and- splendid assortment of Long
and Square Shawls, at all i pmes to suit the
Also, Boots and Shoes" which ho is determ
ined to sell low, at liis - qtd, in North Hano
first store below Haversti 's Drug Store:
ver street, Carlisle. J. G. CARMONY.
Newville Female Seminary.
THIS Institution, under the care of Miss M.
Baru, will commence its fifth session on the first
MONDAY'in May. Thankftirfor the liberal
patronago-4wroiofore ..iterilmyet the Principal
and these aisoCiafedin the control aTheibliool
still hope to discharge their duties to the gziktis
action of those - who may commit young ladies
to their cfro. A hunted number of pupils
from, a distance can be seem - moat. d.
;Perms per session of five months
For Warding, lodging, washing, and
lights per term
Tuition in Juvenile Department, com
prising Reading, 'Writing, Arithme
tic lull Geography
Primary Class—comprising, Grammar,
Natural Philosophy, Chemistry and
Botany ' • 9 .00
Higher English Branches ' 11 00
Music on Piano 15 00
Use of Instrument , 4 00
Drawing 10 00
Payable one-half in advanern- - --The session
commences May Ist, end ends Sept. 30th.
Rev.,.A. Sharp, Newville.
Dr: J: Hannon,' do.
David Sterrett, Esq. , Newville.
' Scott Coyle, Esq., do.
Win. Bair, Esq.. do.
Col. IL Logan, Dillsburgh..
Rev. James Shields, Juniata county .
April 10, 1850,
Dear Gentlemen oake our advice, .
To every ono we make our call,.
If you would have a coat dint's nice.
Look at Weinman & May's Chenp Clo
Here are-Dresses of all kinds
. Fine and coarse, and aTho kinds,
Please ntamino•nnd you'll find,. •
' For your Tppe,y quite a heap.
Here aro goods for every season, :
--- Thick andlitout,nent and thin; .
/ All that you can wish in reason, , '
you doubt it just drop in.
Hero nre.Froelennd - Body Coats,
Both with low and standing collars ;
Home that button round the throat,'
To be had for. a few dollars.
Here is every style of Veit,
And all. sorts of Ponta
You can choose what suits you best,
„Eve, or morn, or afternoon. ,
• Here arc sacks and•Roundiiboufs, •
- Overalls and Jackets green„
Plonso - tolook and you
Here the obetfpest.over soon.--
Here aro ligecoats fdt.tho - Spring,
Fancy-goods for Stuntrio wear, .
You ill find them just the'tltiug.•
-Nothing butter anywhere. r‘- ,
Shirts and Bosoms-may be found,
Pocket Handkerchiefs and Gloves,
Scnrfs to do your neck around, ~
When you took your lady loves.
Hero aro Caps, Suspenders, Stocks,
Collars, very nice indeed,
Clean and nine, in, paper bi;x,
Just the thing that you will need.
tF we talked a day about them,
I,Ve_could scarcely toll you all,
Gentlemen can't do withoUt them—
Then, de friends , give us Freon. ✓
HE undersigned - most - respectfully"
ia..•• informs his friends and the publicgene
rally, that he has Lust returned from Philadel
phia and Baltimoreono is'how opening at the ~.
nOrner - ht.NO - rili - Hanover. and Douthep ) street,
at Ine stand 'formerly occupied by - .N:
Woods, a well selected assortment of
; ' •
: NEW . SPRIG.GOODS,:...,:.. •
N .
putelmaed nt the lowest prices, and which I am
determined to sell at...small profits—Among. -•
them may be found LOTHS , CASSIMERS,
VESTINGS, Twee a and, Pantaloon Stuffs nt
andprices. D .SS GOODS, - new styles ,
loiv prices. Also, GROCERIES in all
them .vitriety,: ;..—Sugar,, Colfee,_ Tea r -Mo.--
lasses, Spices i k winch . sold,for
Please give , •
Carlisle, nolo' .!, •
-••• • • •
Carlish Depoiite .4aak May 7,185 i
I4E Board, of Dirpctora this toptit;
hove tdede:3 frielicieltiihvidond of / free
Per Cent., Or the Iron six months del.l oapi
tal*.atoelt,hoW paid - inwhich will ifelvoid to
the Sloelcholdere or theirlogol' repr eentativeo,'
on or niter . the 17thinet. - •
myls , - - -1V7VV , 13: COBEIA '; Cashier. .
tlAS,conixnenced arid. will be . receiving for
sonic days a brilliant and vdry- , exiensive
nesortrnont of days,'
Goods and ,prwriculerly,
invites all that wish td purchase cheap goods
and satisfy their good taste to give
before purchasing ~as ha is*ftlicormined Ito cut
goods thin spring nt small profits; end 'pletteo
all that will favor hirti with -- their patronne ; :
Stack coisiit a. in part of niircsksupply_of
SATINETTS, grail colors and prices, well.
worth'examining. A fall assortment of ,
from the fin9st shrouding to, the lowest prices;
, • TWEEDS,• •
in great variety and colors, 3-4 to G-4. Also,
color and prim , . A Large and complete
assortment of Mons and Boys
many of them entirely new styles.
such ns new style Silks and Satins, Linen Los.
tree, Moos de Lanes, Lawns. end many more
entirely new styles too numerous to notice. A
larfe stock of /
Tickings, Bleached and , untdeached 111ifslina,
and Shootings, &c. Thc largest and moat ex
tensive stock of
that has been btought t Carlisle for years,, to:
gather 'Mal
10 - ,ooo ' Q ' lER - A - 21`ICLES-
in the Dry Goods line, thia' would fill columns
pf this paper but re entirely. too numerous •to
mention. ,Also,/rilarge as•Trt mem oi—Mens,
Boys and thildrens
caprices, Ladies-Slippers ; Tres,
: ;reut variety of prices. A large ah - c(wellselec•
tad stock of Fresh
Spices, &c. Cavendish, .Congress. Hand, Cut
and Dry
of the, best brands: Mole nand look for your
-elves at the old and well, established stand,
• where you will find a large and well selected
Meek of Goods and on the most 'favorable
Carlisle, MarCh 20, 1850, -
Ahead of all competition
yffilLl3_stibacjibere have returned from
•delphiti - , - with a large assortment of
consisting partly of Mons de ',eines, LevVne' r
- DuriTea, Diweu — Lostres, at 11171 and 25 cis
_paryard,_Alpachas, Ging - hat - 11s,, Calicoes, add u
vareity of other dress goods; Cloths, Unpsi ,
Vestings,,Sommer stuffs. for men and
boys wear in endleas \ viirlf‘tr,
tnuslins at old prices, flannels, hosiery, gloves,
'pees and edgings, insertingk - and some very
cheap CARP ETS , ,..„groceries, queensWarrl,
Also, a large assortMeut ill very i' ,
Faith leaf and - braid hats. bonylet ribbons at a
prices and very cheap, a few pieces wide high
lustre, black,Silks, together with n general as
sortment including. nearly every cuticle in our
line of business, all.orwhich have been bought
! for C,rah, and will be sold-toour - customers - and
' the whole country at considerably lower prices
than they can be
. b,stight in Cvlisle. Give us
a call and judge for yourselves.
March 20, 18.50
SECOND supply of Imperial, ingrain,
Cotton and Gtrthing which tvill
ii t e sold cheaper than eon be bought aruny oilier
establishment in, the Borough.
Juameeeived another lot of Ladies' IVialkinp,
Shoes, Slipperg, Buskins nod (;niters,-of ,tho
latest--sfiapes and beSt
ture. Also, a beautiful assortment of Chil
dren's Shoes. Boots and Slippers.
.• • ,
A large j lo Of Trunks nod Travelling
Bo feliulierio . r quality, just reccivPd: '
The attention of the badieu is particil4lY
vied to my large and spletidtd assr'irtinent.9 . l
110.NNETS of all kinds, prices and oitalitiee.
Ayro_y_ery 'arge and. beautiful, lot of Bonnet-
Rthbons, selling very low nt thevlienit store of
rilryl,so\ 4 CHAS. 0(r1LBY•
kEnEIVIiD- 7 At the Clurip Siore a
feY great vn iLly of all colors Woolen Yarn.
Long and Ssplare Slam 1 , , tram $1 to .SlO, very
cheap indeysl; 'Onus do Lames, linighams,
Steel Bea . dil and Tassels, purse twist„ e la b p s ,
and variety of Woolen Marc.
ncti,l A & W 13EN Tz.
$5O Oe
6 00
Foram Cure .of „ : '
ataTzs.,. CROUP, ASTH
- Tim uniform success which has attended the
use of this„preparation—its s,:ilutaiy effect—it
power to relieve [initialer Am:tines or the LOngs
have gilined for it a taiiebri.y equel'ell by to
'other medicine. We oiler it to the afflicted with
entire confidence in its virtues, anti the hill lie•
lief that it will subdue atid.rentnve he severest
attkcks of disease upon-tile utmost a id Lands.
These results, as they heettille 1.11, 'cly known,
irerry naturally attract the attentiani Of inealimd
men tuidphilanthopists every IS here. s Whittis
their opinion of CIII.IiIIV plicToliAL may
be seen in the sollowieg:
Syigery. filed. C'cdle4.e, Neut. York, sa
..It gives me pleasure to 'certif . ). flu. value
efficacy. of fly'er's blltltY -- -RI4C l'Olt AL,
Which 1 consider peculiarly adopted to cure dis
eases of the Throat and Lungs.,'' ,
THE RT. REV. Lath) 15151,10,1 1 ' FIELD.
writes in a 'fetter to' his' Irieml, who was hit sink
ing under an alrection of the Lungs t--" Try the
cherry pectorel.and if any medicine can give 3 on
relict, with the blessing id tind'iliat '
of Louisiana, writes "That a young daueliter of
his was curettof several ser_ere attaeks,,of,Mrotip
by - the 'Cherry 1'01ov:it."
The Catiadian Journal of Medical Science .
states, "That Asthma and Bronchitis so prem.
lent in thisialeinent climate, has yielded wj,th
surprising rapidity to"Ayre's Cheri y Pectoral,
_and we cannot too strongly recommend this skil
ful preparation to the Profession _and the public
Let-the relieved sulferer stcak fur
rimerronn „lan. 2a r 1847.
Pr. J. C. AYERDear Sir;—having been
rescued from a painful and l!pigerous disease Icy
your medicine, gratitude prompts me to send
you this acknowledgement only inj Mire to
you, but for the information of others , ju like al.'
A slight cold upon_thc lungs, ocgiccted first
henna° sn severe that spitting of blood, a violent
cough and profuse Right swentsiollovied and ran ,
tennd upOn I became emaciated,
'sleep, was distressed ti my congh, and• a pain
through my crest, and in short had-RH theAiirm
ing„nymptoniaorquick consumption. No edi
oine secared-M.4 ... 111,t0 reach niymase;until m
p O.
Menially tried,. your (Vary Pectoral, wli h
sooin rellei , ed and now .
. .
Y.Onra with V . C7Plitt., ..'
F. ,A. sTEw /o'er:
• 1 f
• - _.,-- AtivigeF,N; Y, April I T, 1,13411;
Pr..Ayer.,...Lo '6ll,—Ditar Sir :—I bare for
rears been Milk ed with Asthma bt thy . worst
form; so atoll b re boitn f olor ---11 t o s t e ,pl ii . m y,
chair for a large .port OP the 't,iits,bein,, ,,- intable
to brentho_in my bed. , finitl.triad a great : Mini).
Medicines,' to no fmrpose;, (Intl 'my Itbystelan
ifilitirlfreiliiitratroxpetitriOnt, your t.titet ry Vim
., ,
:At first it Nomed to roulie rap
. Wot se ' hut :in
lase thaw sto;week 1 began to e x ert et te e tfie Mott
gratifying relierfimpt its ttses and nos 4 in tofu
weeks; thotliseaso. is emUcly removed. I can'
irr My bed - WA] eprofort. stud enjoy a state'l
of health witi4lo Hail never"MOY.
. .
ra.troz . o;l.7 o. 0,11,C1116T-T.OWLL I
xavaecttcsergn. -
Sold by 1 r. itmOilis:S, A.. littlAart), S
Elliott Cit6ll sl e; vg ; . ,
IL, lierrop,,Neiviillo;J:C.-1.4 J.' H. A Welt
penshergtand drtiggists•geaerallY: •
.-; Ckailes gilby
Carpets, Carpets.
Allot elliiiitotto.
Spring acwds.
THD subscriber has just returne d from the
*city with It large and varied assortment-, of .
.Fancy and Staple Dry Gobde, - such - as Mewl
- dellatnes, Bereges, Alpachns, Canton Cloths;
French, and Ginghams.
Lawns;'Calicoes, Figured and Dotted Swiss'
Mullins, with a variety of other Drese Methyl : ,
nls to width he invites the attention of the pub.
lie generally,' ' .
• The subscriber would call the titionljon of tlit?
community, a lot of 4:5 Chintzes - the
low pike of• 10 cis per_yariyoljejiihoappeclot.of
goods everoiTM — •edio
for ladies drosses and socks; Ittst,oponoil
Just opened one doz. 11 , littity Cloth Caps,
with oil cloth covers, also . , SilkJil Cloth Caps
'orsatne style• for se/. by 4G, W. lIITNER.
April 3, 1850•
selling off at Cod..
1 SHE subscribers intending to change. their
1, business, will sell off their whole stook Of
at veil , reduced prices. 'Their stock consists
of,Contsn Vests and Pants, of almost every de
scription nod. quality, alsii Shirtg, collars, ho•
sours, stocks, neck and pcoket handkerchiefs,
gloves, stockings, ottspo.!ulers, hals,A.sps, boots,
shoes, umbrellas, leather and hair trunks, ear
'et bags, and in short.every nriicle*.that is no.
c asary to complete, a gOntlomso's wardrobe.--
ley will also sell .goods by tho yard, such.
as clo:hs, caslimeres; vestinus, cussinetts, sum—
mer stripes in great variety, muslins, flannels,
ap2 , l 3m, .
-.N:13. All petainrs knowing themselves in
lichted to the Mtn will please make payment
immediorely. P A & T.
Haar, Road, Listen and Reflect, .
On North Hanauer street, in the roomST merly
occupied by Mrs. Wise as a grocery.
run E attention of the citizens el Carlisle, and
J_ Cumberland and Perry Counties is invited
to this newly established Clothing and • : . .
and lice tho well clected and most elegantly got
up el/idling ever oared 41 this place, It would
be well for every man tv know _that a larger
assortment,, better styles and more desirable.
clothing can he bought tor - less money at - this
new 'establishment ihan,at :any other store in
theplace without any other exception. The
assortment is well selected amhthe cut and make
of the [melt 'spring and sum mer..inshions, which
are'lai,superilie to all others lot ease and etc.. -
gene°. All who wish to purchase will Mid tfiey
cart save front twenty live to fifty per cent by
buying at the new stand ot.
Coats, Pants and Vests we sell remarkably low
as the following list of prices will'
Superfine black (loth Dress Cono...dit6 to 18,00
4 ' Frocile- --- " 6 16,00
Fine French Habit Cloth coins of
different styles, 3 10,00
New style of Caslnln cows, — 2,50 'F,O_O.
Ferenek Coats at all.colors,: • 1,50 7-,00
Rough & Ready Tweed, new style 4,01) 11,00
California Lustre, '75 5,00
Linea Coats, „. ~i,go 13,50
Business coats,
New Si),le, of American and French ^
Cassimer plain, - 1,50' 7,00
New style of American and Vrench xi
- Cassmers, superior in quality and
variety of colors • - 5,00 10,00
Fine black case, and doeskins 2,50 4,00
Striped and cross haired cass,Panta 1,50 , 5.00
I New style Napoleon striped pants ' 1,25 3,00
spring case. pants . 4,75 0,00
Great variety ,d Corduroy' pants 1,9.5 3,0
Pipe linen drilling stripcd and plain 75 2,50
New style el Gainbroirn - • 1,50 4,00
_lyith nn excellent assortment of wor- -
king/pants which-Will out Waved any
oilier to this place
Sutierfine I.ilnek , etitin vests i,75 5,00
New Style if liguered arid stidpetl do 1,00 7,00
Pjain & stidped valentine 50,.4,0Q,1
I , lll , flight summer Marstdilesovests 75 3,00
All kinds of working ve,sas at verylow prices. '
• We will also keep a good aSsorvthent of
'consisting coats, pants- and wets and soil
them at very low urices. In
Mock olCie - tidy mode clothing we will keep on
hand an assortment of.
such ns shirts, s^nrls, c, ovals, suspenders,-
drawq, „ rs, collars, caps, umbrellas, gloves.hatid
ilteireluels, kiacks,(&c, &,e", xdfich it al Make
the int ores , of the purchaser to examine . , betere
buyttigdqcwhere. II goods sold at this store,
warranted to give satisfaction, and defy conme
sition, in quality, elegance and Foyle of the eat
and durability, and we hope by close attention
te'business to merit it share, of public pnirbm
age. Don't forget theilace, North liatiover
Stieet;iorem doors atm e ',pother Street West
aide. •
N. B. CI ithing, mide to ord i nL I L IO shortest
notic .
. - Lea her Trunks.
• TIIE subscri aims - just received another lot
of Lehthur Trunks of different sizes 'und prices.
Also, nn assortment of Carpet Ross pndA+a
llses;.for side on reasonnble terms. "--1
Just opened a small loi,pf Music for Piano,
Fltue and Violinoilsn,•Jeannette rind Juana/in,
and a few oilier new and popular songs for sale
A groat variety of Ladies'. Straw Bonnets,
also, Pamela Bonnets 'and Omitlemen's Leg.
horti.liata in variety, Bonnet Frames, Crowns
and Tips, &e. " ' •
A great variety . of Paris Collars, 'Brussels
Lace Collars, Swiss and Cambric insertings
and Edgings, Thread Lace and-Bobbitl'Edg'gs,
Ldotn Laces and •Cotton Edgings,, Lace Capes
St,e„ just opotteALlty
' G \V- lIITN mt. •
subscriber has just received a large lot
of Parneolq„ of beautiful •styl63 embracing
every quality. fo'ivhiclithe special attention of
the I mdies is invited:.
Call and purelmso your Bonnets nod Ribbon's
from the undersigned, .who has just received, n
large and varied assortment, nod you will save
Just opened nil extensive stock of Dress Silks,,,
of the twit styles, which he offers set unueunl
ly low p.ices, , The specie( attention of the
Ladies is a Welted.
1) ,
• . .
~The s tscliber has still a larr , e stock of those
l'i. - coin Ginghams, for which he has huctsucli
all extraordinary run—call end see then!.
- - -
Just opened kluge , stock •of Muslins and
Calicoes, in the sale of which ho offers unusual
inducements to purchaser's.- Public patronago
is solicited. ^
' ntoTs A:ND.stions.
Boots and Shoes of every description have
been opened in large quantities by the subscri
ber. which arc offered — at prices that must glye
satisfaction. N W. WOODS, Ag't..
To. Farmers and Men of Business,,
. t•
TIE subscriber offers,* the lowest Innis;
any-quantity to suit pureliasers, Genuine-.
Peruvian Guano, snd every variety of Sperin,
Whale, -Ltit•d, nod 'rimmed Oils. Manufac
turers, 'reline - re, Farmers, Genders and Constr. -
niers, ere, invited liPcpll at ,No. 37 North
thelirst Oil Wore below Race street,
3,18507-2 m. " • '
•t• r-AltiViEdiSi' HOTEL. •
TUE aui;seriber" , (late or, the "Stolid Tav
ern." Walton Bottom Rood,) respectfully
infei•ms his frionde and the public .gonerally
that he haw taken that well known Tavern
stand, in East High strdet, formerly kept by
Ws — Wunderlich, and that he i 3 now prepared
.to\nccOntmodate Farmers; Pedlars. ,Travel lers,
and k all othdra who' ikay;favoihmi with a'call,
in the Most accommodating manner. . ' ~'
is siabling, - whielt as- largolattd convenient, 5.
; l'he In a m
ptge of a eeriti Ostler:
0 flattprs himself Chet from his experience •
, ian'lnkeoper, ho will be able to,render gene-.
MI satisfecttom - ~•- • . ~' , 4 - \ '
• , . •,
- • • Summer .pootri ••` • •
AA t fe,AROB, misortinont of Gedtlemon!e,liiilit
.I)Rff,SS BOOTS, just- received: which
nro offered cheaper thnn over hoots o( the. sanno'.
gitiaily )m10,110(1'11 mild in CitrlintO.
Inyls-It 'AV31..,51-PORTER,
, • . -
Estate • of . .Frelibriek,Hoexer, de c 'd.
lr" ETTERS testamentary on the last willend
.14Aceinmente FREDERICK Irn °San.
ate orSonth .Middloton tp., deed, have been
issued to the undersigned 'executors.ol said Es
tate. 'All persons knowing themselves indebted
to. said Estate are requested to triake•intnit diate'
payment, and those having claims against the
sonic, to present them to either of the undersign
ed, duly authenticated for settlement,
Carlisle, May 1, 1850. " • .
• . Brigade Ifispectoros Order.
nrwEits No. L—ln • cAnformity with the
4evised. Militia—Law,-of April-17th, 184%,
tho several Battalions of the . First Brigade, 15tH
Div.. will meet 'for Review and Inspection.—
The ;First Battalion will• meet in Mechanics
u rg..on the nth day at May.
' The Socogd Ba.talion will meet in Shipper's
burg on the 17th day of May, and the 3d Bat
talion will meet in Carlisle on the 14th of May.
The First Regiment will meet' in Newvilo
on the 18th-day of May. 9
Capt. Samuel. Stuart's Troop, net. Attached
to any Battalion, will meet at the Stont Tavern
on the Walnut Bottom Road, on the 20th day
of May, The above commands will meet pre
cisely at ten o'clock, A. IA ~_of = each day. Of
seers in command of corrlpanics i wilf bp held
responsible for the good condition of. thp
rein •
ap24 tp SAM'I. CROP, Brig. Ins.
Estate of John Culbertson, dee' d.
xToTrcE is hereby given that letters of ad.
IN ministration on the estate of Jon01:111)ml
son, late of Saver Spring township, Cumber
land county, dee'd, have this day leen. issued
by the Regiitei in and for said county, to the
subscnibers,"Who reside in-the said township
Silver Spring. All person§ having claims or
demands a7atnst the estate of stud - deoede»t are'
requestdd to make knomn the same without de•
lay, and those indebted to make payment
atlq4,6t pd Admr's.
Estate cif,Elizabeth KiSsinger, dec'd,
ETTERS- testamentary on — the estate of
11 A Elizabelh Kisaleger,late of 'West Penns
'borough township deed., kayo been granted to
the sabseriber residing-in thesamo townehiP.— ,
All pets no having claims again,st estate of said
decedent will present them for settlement, and
those indebred will make immediate payment
ap.2.1,'50;Gt I LEFEVDR, Ad'mr.
To the Public!
•TtiOTICU is herehy.gbien, that we the As
sighees of•Wtri C. Houser, likve legal
-se against all notes held by Getni. , ,EV Sailor a
gainst said Houser, and all persons-are hereby
cautioned not to buy ' , aid paper as we will riot
hold ourselves responsible for 'the payment of
tin. same— 10.11.N.,...110.1.15.V,12.,--
Assignees of W C Houser.
• af I 7
Estate of David Strickler, dec4l.
LETTERS of Administration on the estate
of Davi& Strickler, 'late of Hopewell tpt,
Cumberland county, deceased, have been-grant
ed to 1110 subscribers residing in the some
township. Ali persons having claims :against
hc-ostate of said decedent 'will. pre=ens them
fur settlement, and those indebted to, make im
mediate payment to
1,00 6,00
_III I lipd
Assignee's Notice.
I%TO'I'ICESis - hereby given thaj . JAI C 0 B
,BATE.•,,,.ol.,Shiremanstown, has adsigned
all properly, rent and personal to the spb•
scriber, for the benefit of his crbditors, by deed
dated 2d April, 1850. All peraonsindebted to
said Jacob" Bates will make payment, and those
having chums agniitst him,wll,l : preseifi-them for
settlement. to the subscriber. residing in Hump
deli township. JOHN It UP Pi
ft p 0, A
• Estate of Joseph Cra decd.
ErrEits of administration on the e4tuto of
I_4 Joseph grail, late of tipper Allen town.
ship, Cumberland county, decd., have peen
granted tothe,subseriber, residing in the some
townshim,,t'All• persons knowing themselves
indebted :Ili-said-estate are required - tomialterim --
medinte Payment; and thile, having claims io
preseni-them to JOHN 13' Co OYER, Adoi'm
A mil - 1800 . - - - - -
50 2,00
Better than the Goldmines of Cali
. fornia
A note Suit of Clothes al 81,75 !
/VIM undersigned thankful forth° 'patronage
_H. of the Citizens of Carlisle and adjoining
country, informs his numerous friends and:the
public in general, that he has just laid in on
entitely WWI Stock of fashionable Spring. and
,Summer r . lotking, made up in 11. e liens style and
particular.y calculated for this place, His 5161,11
.consivas of line Dress and Voick coats, Gabbs,
Gas.nmer, and Chinn coats, Tiverid
'Linen and Cheek coals, Bussincsa cams of 01l
deveriptions, griperior Blank Cm:Ai-6 0 r , 0nd fiTh ey
Pantaloons, ri gt eat unruly of Vests from 75,:is
In S . / Ou, a large assortment of lathy articies of
Gentlemen's wear, whita linenc-striped and red
flannel shirts. Gentlemen are requested
' ro-Cllll,
examine the goods, and he is sure- those
who buy will be well tted and nt low prices.
. A &rent nl4trortment of Boys clothing, also
Caps and Gatti, from 123 to 83 00 constantlr du,
hand nt S. J/,01.DM
South rust corlieref Mir !valid Market square,
Carlisle, March '211,_1 850. •
11*. eoples` i'n e.
Clear the, Track I
, THE undersigned, by the particular Toncest
of thousands of their friends, hereby announce
to all who seek (lad love pleasthmthat a Grand
.41xcursion will take
,place this andicyday
throughout the,senson in the beinnitt satiny
,cur "Chcapside," propelled by the law] ressure
engine ;`Fit-sure,"'and in Which all, both old
and young, are invited to 'participate. -The ex
cursion will be conducted upon a plan entirely
different froM any before got
.up in this neigh'
bothood, both,for, cheapness end disPatdli t. and_
the pleat are it will afford. those;wbo join In it
'can seareely be estimated. Tickets will he
furnished in half the usual price, andtt e public
can Mart from any point they ploose ioppitig
Clothing Ethporium,
next door to Burkholder's,llotel bn IVCaf Wain
street, where the cheapest and most faahionable.
a'ssortmerit ul• CLOTHING can lie found—all
our own matinfactureand . which we can sell
as cheap as •the ••can be bought at any of the
Itlgo oily establishments, and 20 per Cont. lower,
than at an? other house inithitilorough. Wo
respectfully invite. the public t&take thisiploas,
'ant trip•to, and Otamine our large as•
aortanent of • _
of various colors and Styles, Pants. Vests and
Roundabows, Pea Jackets, HATS , and CAPS,.
Shirts and 'Stockings, Suspenders, Cravats., an.
all the different articles necessary to_constituto
, 11 . • Oct:Oman's -Wardrobe. Do,n't forget the
plac&—next door to Iltirltholder'S,. Hotel, to '
where we have, ust reinpved. - •Having a large
assortment of Cloths, Cossinieres and ‘Tei,tings
on It .11'd, we ore make up to order
all hinds of Clothing at the shortest notice and j
on the most reasonable terms.
aplo M & 1./ STEINER.
House and Sign Painting.
.. ..... ..., - -- • •
THE. subscriber respectfullycp t forms the citi-:
zens.of Carlisle and vicinity ilia , lie 'has coin.
tnonced the above business in this borough. and
respectfully solicits the 'public ptronage. lie ii
also preparctl,to do Parlor or trap wall painting,
plain or in sconMand Widget' e designe"imito.
lions of weed and stone. Ho 't 111 also attend lo
Pang flungipg, and evei.y oil er branch of his
busiglistrillit, li , p_beit. style.. lII t, shop is in Lou.
p a
i ther striterVf, liiimirpentef shhp formerly occu
pied by John R'rurner, where he respectfully
invites the public tcimall.lieving had consider
able ef mimeo in wary d pariment of, his art,
lia feels confidonl.of being able to - renner 'satis
faction to ail wlio may employ him. It,'
aplo s:rinivEL AHOlvri,y!
Brushes,! Brushes
A gratt varietyof these useftti articles is of.
fond for, salo, consisting of Whitewash, Swoop ,
irig, Pifintorp, loth, Shavin, Hair,
Tooth aild:Nalli Flesh and Grinning Brushoolo
great varie t y, all of which' are of the bolt got ,
ity-intd, will tio'sold at the,loweat prices
;Junes. • • • S -
ontgont Board Papers.
UM' onancni a variaty al:Paper- for cover:,
• 11 lug chimney Waards..- Aloo, for Window
Blinds, An entiroly..noW_Whnoinarr.w
smile.?:law] ..1
- •
-11[ icapectfully recomtnened in the afThrted
w lal will effectually extirtuntotn ikon) tant A bl a
quannexeresecnras T by u tow uppbcanoti with,
ut pout S. ELLIOTT.
mi aisiraMd.
. • •
:By the Trey, tire)* if Cumberland County,
-BY VIRTUE of Warr6nt trout-under-the -_
. hands and seal.orollice - cif• . the
sioners of Cumberland county,!qi
ted, t e n lowing Tracts and ,Lot% of Unseat
qd situate in Cumberland coin y„
of Perfrisv lean ia, will be exposed to Side by
Public Vendtie,,Oft Monday the tenth day
June 1850; at Hui Court_Uouse in the Borough
of Carlisle, county aforesaid, and continued thy
adj urnment] front timejp,time, until they aro
al is Id, or us , much 'Ol'eacji tract or lot, as will
be s cient to defray the arrearages of the
thereon and
. costs. • -
V,VM. M. PO,itTER.
Caliph, April 3. 1853.- County Treasurer
( . .
Rcs'r •
and 1 6 re,: Warrantee and owncrs. Tax due
Lots. - .
South Xiddielon
27 • 1839 Jacob Weaver, . 1 22
100 1845, John Harper, _ 2 59,
'4 1848. John Horper's heirs, , - 1,72
5 1846 Jacob Morrett, - 30
•lot 1846 John Walker, ...--- -28
14 18478 . James Gtistin's heirs 1 16
,I, 1847 Jonathan Gustwirie, —q,
150 1840' '' Wm. 51oulder,
406 1840 ' John Cooper', --..
03 " • — , -MatheAv-Dunean,
',, -.Robert. Lusk,
Hugh Nicholson,
John - Nicholson, •
Jane Nicholsbn,
415 "
401 "1
403 "
2.1 1840 . Col. Win. Chambers,. 50
t 3 t
134 1839.41 isiliew Irwin's heirs, 1 56
16 1839 . 40 , - Use's heirs, . 24
800, 1843-8 11 llshback's heirs, 12 55
16 1843 ~ Samuel (i.lioatis, 25
.- Southampton. - - ' . •
102 1840 6 • lierron's hely, r , 210
439 1849 James Reesida & co. 135
~102 .1899-0 ° - • John-Herron's' heirs, 1 . BD
900 1844-5 William Seolt's heirs 581
400 1844.5 • " 581
1 lot 1845.9 William liancoek, 1 30
300 1845-9 Fdk. '1 89'
25 1845 • Elizabeth Miller, I 'o4
403 1847.9 William Duncan, , 2 .86
403 1847-8-9 2 John Nicholson, 5 30
901 1847.8-9,, John Nicholson, 5 30 .
438' 1847-8-9' John M. Woodburn 5 79
100' 1848 B. Reynolds for Her
ton's heirs, GO
437 ..384,7:2, John Horron's heirs, 3 12"
- Solonian Gorgaeheirs AT - %
Henry NawCuiner;' 66 — `
Si/ver Siring: • .
A ildrewSileeley% heirs, 15
Jgseph 'Shrti 11, 66
East Poirisborattglt.--7-I'-”,'",a:..:
• Ne ich, &- . Altl,ler'a heirs,
enough. .
• lot 1846
lot 1847
1.0 1840
37 1847
1 lot 1840,-
1 lot 18
1 lot 1848• Martha 014..iniej, •1 06
- 1 lot 1848 - heirs, : 1.20
.lrenroe. \ • •
„. •
200 1844 . Henry Sidle, • -3 60
1 1849, r Mariin Diller's heirs, 15
-30 . 1849 *Melciion Breneman, • 26
3 1849 Michdcl Ege's heirs, 24
2511 1841 2 11„,rper & Underivo6d, .2 - 95 ~.
11.11, 1892 'Samuel S,' Smith 17
400 1843 6 • John Harper, 23
25 1841 John McGlone, ' 44
-1841 Richard -Wood's lieirs— 6 18 -
300 1847-9 George Mines, - 1 06
-.200 • 1847-9 John tlarpei'g'heirs," "4 29
1 - 4 1848.9 'Dr. W. S. Sharp's heirs 37
" 31 1840 Jacob Wagncr's heirs 47
15 1843. Christian Failour, 27 -
5 1845-6 Perry's heirs, (..awd) 58
..._l2 1846 • Henry Rine's heirs, . 28
13' 1846 Henry Shank, 31
153 18447 John Maginnis, (Hollen
. bacles.heirs, 1- 47.:
232 1844 7 James IVlCarLllle r y
leoback's heirs, • I'l2 ..
229 1844 7 Robert Fanlers [Vol,
2 10
116 '1844-8,, Williams, [Hol ' lcnback's •
beirs,. • 136
900 1844.8 -Samuelll,ilollen
ha-deg I s cirs, 4 - 25
186 1844 8- - Thomas 3aiisey, Hollen-
- buck's heirs, 1 92
150 - 1844 8 James Parke, :Holten
,jbark's'heirs,,, 1 60
100 1844 7 George Mageehan,
-- Jeithark's . 93
William Sanders, [Col'd] 12
12 1840 W. Craig McCune, -25
18 1841 Frederick Iloorcr, '
4 184 J William Myers; heirs, 19
200 "1843Iliam Parker, 22.
247 1846 8 George Fumes, 395
500 1847-8 Daniel Fickle., 60
40' 1847-9 PeterF. Ede, ' 27'
105 1847.8" John Ensining , r, 427
25- 1847 8 Andrew J. North,, ~l 92 r
100 • 1847 Thome, Marlin, (John
John Harper & 1 6
100 1844 ' SSmnei Gardner, [John
IlarperA 16
100 1847 11...isannah Marlin, [John
Harper& col 16
Charles Bryan,-, [John
• 16
30 1847 8 James
• 2 1848 „ . JyLilleS Ellion's heirs, It
- 238 1848-9 Ilarper , s heirs, 1 28'
200 1848 John M. Woodb nn, '6O
200 1845-9 , Isaac 13. Parker, 60
_2OO 1848-9 'l,iiac .13: Parker, 61.1
,25, .1848 9 Ilk:laid Sierit,son. 92
PickiilBo?4 •
120, 1841, Wm. Craighead 420
9, 18414, John Jacobs 81
. 0, 18 , 11-6,-George Jacobs '1 81
4, 1841-6, Peter Myers 1 21 •
' 6, 1.811-5, Mustine 51
5, 19,41.6, ]tei;jaiiihri'Malone _ 57
120, 1841 A6Tahani Pilkorton 28
4. 1841.8, Peter Stahlamith 2 19
. 5, 1840 Daniel Bowers . 23
6, 1840-6, Peter Miller's heirs 68
236, 1840 William &L. Moore: 55
10, 1840 William Moore 1,0
104 or 5, 1840-7, Samuel hlorliladd 17i
5, 1840 Pemgo Pencil 19
• 6, 1640 Jacob trump 12
6, 1840 ,Solomon Werne'i 12
. * 6, 1840 - C.-I artler and Baker 12
4. 1845-8,,M. „ 53
11, 1843 Andrew Runs., 74
9,1844 6, James Grayson 0 0 iEa
32, 1844.6, Jacob B. Lyon, . 1 84
~"• 60 1844- 6, James Neely . 4 86
200,1814-6, Samuel 3YooJe h'rs 3-12
22, 1845" Geti. Bellzhoover 46
19, 1815 ' Frank Smith, cord 55
1 Lot, 1846 Rebecca Weise 77
93, 1845 6, William Banded ' 5 66
5;1845 B', John Brough 81,
18, L,45 6, Daniel Brown
6,-18 42 -David Gripe, .
1845 6, Ludwick Croop ' 49
24, 1940; . John Davis
12, 1845 6, George Deardorff ; 24
210, 1846, Michael Bge's heirs 902 .
10, 1845 8, Moses Funk . 37
• 65, 18.15 8, Funk's hpifiv - 6 24
6, 1845 6, Arehibtylei GarreJ, - • 19-
-7, 1845 6, John Lereitii .
. 40,1846 8, Henry Myers 1 1 75
• 2B. 1846 8, John Myers . ' 179
1846,8, Philip Myers•.. 2 84
'6, 1896 Gilbert Searight • 40
• 6, 1845 B,John Wiramtini Hag. 60
82, 1846 Thos M'Clune's ht's 62 ,
5, 1848 .°' Adam Yengy • 16
5, 1847 8. Morsden's heirs 36
. .1 Lot, lan John'Oshoine's heirs 20'
• - 10,1844 8, N. 13. Wireinan's h're 61 ,
- 400848 . 'Thomas BroWn 1 68
• 1 Lot, 1848 Israel Griffey s. 99
1 Let, 1818 !--Jadab-Lißle's heir* 90 -
.". I Lot, 1848 M. F,Myeis • • 1 60.
' 60; 1848 William -.Meals _.• . 1 .
40,4848 Jae. Nosly's heirs 240
i L5t,1648, Joseph Hockey - 75
P7i3 1 L0t,.1848 etio.,,Reckey h'ra 16
0, 1846;.VV(gne.. a .
r 04, 12 .'
50, 1846.6: ederick Cluth • , 38
8, 18d5 6, Ja ob Gip° . 24
• , Neth timber/m:1d:
ot,No 51,1842.8,W: Chambers' heirs' 49 •
do. ' 50, 1842 7, , oJ
.dric 73, 1843.8, George Buehler - 3 66-
do. 114,1841 4, John Plough, .2
76 •
' do: '129, 1841. - B, , Wm. M'l.aoo',,,Wra 2 12
do, 2314,1842 6, Zingotimd , 1 69
94, 1849 5, J. M.,
r55;1841.8 ; •111a r tin t h a ir -1 27
' do: 157, 1941. 7, Paler Tiineaki • 1
, 116. 161, 1843 7, - ,Dr. - Agnow's keirs • l 'IV_
' do. 1q0,, , -1341 . 7, Owner Unknown ';1. , „ . 65
' 1 4, 6 1841 do.. C, 65' •
am 212, 1842 13;',.id0: , do: • 1,80:
dM,. 211, 1.1341:8", Ab'rti . ..Hurah's WWI 00
'do; 4171,186 8, Henry -48'
1 lot 1848
.do.• 31, 1845 6, Jacob Zeigler.
di,. ' 78; . do'' ''do. . .
do 1'46, ~do •,,. do.• A.. . 41.
, -do 177, do - ...' ' -do. , • '-. . 41
''' do 12, 1843 8, MichaoLKeller----94,-
---- a ----- 24T8'41 - 2 - 77Vilillianx Allison 11 29
do .. 72, 1843 d,' J. M. Halderman ' 68 V
do .132,1842 s, • Christ. Halderraii '1 39
-do 156,A842 8, John Spitler s',.. 79
do - 202, .1842 8, ,John Roberin - . 93
- ,;:do 204, 1842 1, Jennes McGinnis 1' 4.....--
... do 27. 1842 8, A Cirothers' heirs 1- 2
do 35, 1843 8, .' 'do .'' do' ,64
do 84, 4812 5,..1 M.'llahTermen 112
--1 10 ---- 31 - 111 - 6 --- b: -- FiFilinei — ifeick. 7 lllls l 7 -29---
• do- -4, 1846 do do ,30
do 13, 1845 7, Ahem Harsh heirs 6&
do 38, 1842 6, Philip Smyser. - - 'Bs'
' 1. Let, 1843 Ah'in Hunt's heirs of •
Lancaster ' ' 25
do 1843 7, Wi'Rani Wallace 1 1 ..
do 111,-1844..8, Woody'r & Robinen 1 . 507
do 60, 1816-7, Owner Unknown ' - 50
do 139, 1842 - 6, - John Foster , 30
do 488, 1843 'Hogan's heirs - - '73 '
do 116, 1842 3, Henry Miller 15
do 150, 1841 Shriner's heirs 15
do 115, 1841 Conrod Rening r h'rs ,15
do 141,1841 Ab'm Feitrow II hairs 15
do ,37, 1841 3, Owner; Unknown' 1 15
do. 60, 18 11 ~ do do -15
do 172, 1841 3, do do 15
do- -179, 7 1841-6, - --do-- do-,--15 -
do 123, 1841- do dd - 60
do 165,184 t do do . • 15
do 183, 1841 -4, 7 , 9" do 1 47
do '..210,1841 , . do do 15
do 174, 1841 do do r , 15
do 175,184' 4, do( do 90
do 152, 1841 , do.:------dcr''----qt
do 154, 1841' do do' 55
do 85,1842 3, do do - 05
do 148, 1842 . 4, do do - ' 1 10 -
do 176, 1842 3, do do 40
do - 74, 1843 8, do do 41
do 132, 184 T -8,. John Bucher' - heirs - '7s'
do 164, 1847 Owner Unknown 51
do .412 , 1847 - do do -,- ' - •61
do 1 22 , 18 1 7 8, do do • 18
do 68, 1848 George Atektke 18
' 1 Lot, 1842 4 C. Hershey's,holrr 69'
do 109, 1848 Thlnns Warren •88
do 145, 1647 Owner Unknown 12
do - 200, 1847 • do do 12
do 153, 1847 ' do do . •12
•do 69, 1847 - do do • 12
do 91, 1840; do do . 90'
5. , 5
- -25
' 25
• I -A
PrHESE. SAFES_p_ossess. every
_ iliention - to render thenTWo"of against'the
action of tire or thieves, and of sufficient saength .
to endure a full from any story
,cif a burning
building. They_ arc made of wrought iron. :”
,being.kneed, riveted and welded. together, and
lined with a perfect non-conducting fire proof
mineral composition, no wood , b mg used in
their construction as in the maj t •ity of !area,
sold by other makers. The do of GAY- \
-IiER'S -Safes . are secured ',. i his THIEF
LOCK, Which preclndes the possibility of piek
ing or blowing - their open with gunpowder.— '
Over rw o HUNDRED , Of these Safes have
bean exposed in accidental fire to the most in
tonsaleat,...in_many_inatances_remaining_inAhe __
burning ruins for several days, and at no time_
have they ever been known uphill in presejving
their contents. " . •.. ,
Ile public arc invited to call at the Branch '
ADELPHIA, near Dock street, and examine
the iitimerous testimonials ill lavor of GAY
LER'S SAFES,. also the late assortment on
hand for sale at manufacturers prices, by °
. ,
.. JOHN L PIPER, Agent.
P. s: Also for sale low, new and second
hand_Safes.of.other•makers , which. have.
telten‘in part payment for Gaylcr's Salaman
der's.- laplo,'so;3in
" - FIRE - INSITR./4.111' CM.
THE Allen and East Pennsboraugh 'Mutual'
Fire Insurance Cori - many of Cumberland county
incorporated by an act of. Assembly, idnow fully
organized, and in operation under the Manage
ment of the following "cominissioners, viz
R Porgas, Michael Cook—
in; Metehoir Brenneman', Christian Stayintin,-
inion Oyster,. Jacob H Coover, Lewis Biter,
Ailenk , y r L
mu ogan Benjamin II Musser cob
iCir Sael 'Pr we l l; Joseph Wickgrs h a m,
'rho rates of insurance are as low and favora
' ble as any Company of the kind in the State.—
Persons wishing to become members are invited`
to make application to the agents of the compa
ny, who uro willing to wait 11110111. them at any .
• JACOB 'SHELLY, President.
HENRY LOGAN,' Vice President.
Levu HYER, Secretary.
COCRI4N, Treasurer.
Cumberllind cooed y.—Rudolph Martin, New'
Cumberland. C. 13 Herman, Kingstown, Henry,
Zearing, Shiretnansto..vp, Robert Moore and
Charles Bell, Carlisle; Isaac Hinsey, Mechan
icsburg. Dr. J. Ahl,"Churchtown.
York count y.—John Shefrick, Lisburn, John
Bowman, Dillsburg; Peter Wo'coral. Franklin'
John Smith, Esq., '3Vashingtbn,
•,n, A ver t .Banialßaffensber g er, J 'W,,Craf
& -
'Members of the compani - h g - a
aving policies
bout to expire can•haire them renewed by fink
ing application to any of the agents.
Gottlen"lloese hotel,
THE subscriber haying leased the above
large and commodious HOTEL, situated ori the.
corner of (Ile Public SquaM and South Hano
ver street, and lately(occupied by Hen!. L Esh—
leman, begs leave to announce to his friends
and the public that lie is prepared to entertain
them in a manner which. cahnot trait to meet
'theirapprobation. _
THE HO USE has the most. pleasant. loca
tion in the borough—has been newly furnished
and otherwise improved; and no pains will be:
spared -to make those who, may' ojourn with'
him, coin - humble during their stay., His par
lors aro large tind l well furnished, and his chant- ' 0
bers supplied 'witlynewand coMfortable bed•
HIS TABLE will be supplied Wi li the, best ,
the market can 'afford, and 'all wlitfiro connect
ed with hishouSe found' attentive care.
THE BAR will contain the best tiquors the
city can produce. •
HIS STALING is entirely new - an 6 extort..
sive, capable of accommodating from 50 to
horses—making it a desirable
for-DROVERS, and - will - be attended by a ski!.
ful Ostler. in shorvi-nothing will:be wanting
calculated to add to the camforCiind conveni
ence or - those who may favor• him with theit
patronage.,_ BOARDERS taken by the wcck r
month, or year.
tr7 - TEIII , IB MonER ATE. .
1'014'49-1G ' JOlll% HANNAN.
rlocrron YOURSELF'
Air—Fon 25 CENT'S ! !
- .7 18y means of the . pocket -
..sculapius,or, Every one
lie own Physieitin !' Twen- .
y-fonrlll edition, with up
!girds of a- hundred engra- .'
ingir, showing privat e dia..
r ..,,
was+) every shape and •
wee . and malforinations•
f die generative systemy.
1Y WhI.YOT_ING, M.D. -. '
The time has now ar
iing from secret disease,
. . ~s contained in this book any ..
one - may cure lihrutelf, withobtAindrunce to bu
siness, or the-knowledge_ of the most intimate' - 5
friend, mid with Mic tenth the tist(al - 2exponse i In .; -,
.addition to tbe general routine of titivate diisease,
it fully explains the cause tif maithooll'is earryAle• ''•
dine, wttlt observations on' marriage—besides'—besides'' ~
ninny other derangementa which it-. would not he•
.jaiiber , to,eriumerate. hi the public, rints., • . ,
?•., ft•frAtiY• person Sending TWENTY-Tlre CENTB,
encloicil'in a letter, will receive one Copy'of this ' / •
bunk, by Mail;_oat five copies will, be sent for ono '
dollar. Address, "DR. W., Y(IUNG, - No. 152'.
$ l'ft UC EN. t reet,.PIIILADLkYIIIA" Po st-ini id. ' .
ti - -1111. YOUN q can be.`copsulted oti guy' of
ilio - Diseascs-pt;su !hell iit his different publiol- •
,tiong,ut his Wilco 4)2 ,9pRUCFI street, every'
i , ility betnieen 9so 3,d501cak., (§'uficl43l . e.xcepted.)
- ;May I,• 1 4 , 0. ! rt -- L ',"-'''' -•:
Icono OphiiEiCyclopollC , - ~. •, . .
THIR• v !noble wbrk, edited by.StienCar F .
17taird, , of ' i Aizieoir Collqil, is noWLin ' tlig ' '
, course of pu Haitian. It itl to 40 colywfoed is- • .
, gUentip•Fiva Jthintlily''jVittnkrs,. illastrated. by:..
Ave . llandeed Steel ..Eneavisigs, f .I'he-Firs - •
liutratole4n, holiben ot,,Ajortinie,Book Store ~ ,f,
Acre' ;subscript hilt a! will rhei ‘i t lceived; for Ai:. .•
.1 1.,.• , -
_'".", -. •, . !amis.-'