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Dr, John J. - Myers, -
HAS REMOVED his Office and'ilivel
ling to the house adjoining his Drug Store
on West. I ligh street. • °Oil
Di. Geo. Willis Foulke,
.C,RADUATE of the Jefferson Medical
College of Philadelphia, respecifully%offtirs
his professional services in theTractice of Medi
pine, Surgery. and Midwifery:
OFFICE at the residence of his faller in S.
11 iiiiiiiiraTiiiiTe7diiidiri - oppnillintrirrets'Aliiiii 1
and the 2d l'reiliytcrican church. np 7 '47
Motor Ad. Lippe,
OMOEOPATHIC Physician. Office
in,Mnin 'street, in the houth formerly occu
pied by Dr. F. Ehrrnan. op
Dr. I. C. Loomis,
WILL perform all
operations upon the
Teeth that are requi
red for their preservation, such aspealing,
Plugging, &.c, or will reitore t to loss of them,
by,inserting Artificial Teeth, from a-single tooth
to a full sett. D:rOffice on-Pitt street, a few
doors south of the Railroad Hotel. Dr. L. is ab•
sent the last ten days .of every month. •„.
Wm, T. Brown,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, will practice
in-tho several Courts oC Cumberland coon
ty. Office in Mnie street; Hourly opposite the
county jail, Carlisle; ~, .feb
Joseph Knox,
A TTORNEY AT LAW, Pittsburg,
_CA. Pa., has returned' from Carlisle, .to 1110
cv - Titaciico of his profession in Pitiantrg, Allegheny
county, Pa. fsh 10 '47
Henry Edgar Keene,
ATTORNEY AT TrA.V. i 11.ptaC
llef, in the several Courts of Cumberland
and adjonining counties, and attend to all pro
tensional business entrusted Id his mire with fi
delity and promptness. Office in South Hanover
street, in Graham's flew building, opposite the
rust Office. august2t3
JaMO3" "A.
AL-TTORNEX kr LAW. Office with
S. D. Adair, Esq. in Graham's new build
it, opposite the Post - I Iffiee. mar 31 '47
Carson C. Moore,
I ~TTORNEV:AT LAW. ofihe iu
the roem lately occupied. by Dr. Fo•oer,
h.leveased.• mar :t '47
R, A, lamberton, •
A TTORNEY AT LAW, Harrisburg,
41 k. PH.
EIGN t‘r. DO Al irA.tum A iz.E.
Paints. Dye Stun's, Oil, Iron, steel, Sails
ik.e. would invite the attention of
ing goods in !hair line, to the largo itssorittieni
they have just opened, and which they oiler at
the very Juvicant_cos.l,priaoa. _ 1(.11)23
Dyeing and Scouring.
WILLI/A:NI BLAIR, in Loather Street,
near the College. dyes Ladies' and Gentle.
teen's upparrel, all colors, and warrants all work
1 , ) be satisfactory. Orders in his line res, , e,tittlly
Pnliclled. rep '2 'l6
Pla,infield 019.3310a' Academy,
rotwrit :iEsszoN
I R Fourth Session will commence on 110 N
DAY, May lot, I:418. Tho 11111111,0 r Of SIII
dents is Moiled, and they are carefully prepared
fur College, counting house, &c., &r.
The situation precludes the possibility of stn-
Monts associating with the vicious or depraved,
being remote front town or village, though easily
accessible' by State Road or Cumberland Valley
Raliroadl both of which pass through lands at._
ached to the institution.
lloarding, washing, tuition, &C., (per sec) $5O 00
Latin or. Greek 5 0o
Instrumental Music . • 10 00
French or Garman 5 00
Circalars,,svith, reLerences, :cc. furnished by
apr 5 IC BI'RNS, Principal.
lYligistrate's Office Removed
TIIE 0111:e of the subscriber, a Justice of the
i'eace, has been renioved to the house adjoining
the store of Mrs. ‘Veakley, in High street, Car
lisle, iimilediately opposite the Railroad Depot
nod Winrott's Untoß. My residence being there,
I will always be found at home, ready to attend
to (he busineis of the public. In addition to the
tinder; of a Magistrate, I will attend to all kinds
of Writing, midi as Deeds, Mortgages, Bonds,
Indentures, Articles of Agreement, Notes &c,
which will be executed in a neat manner and ac
cording to the most opproved
The Men lately occupied by me, in Mr. Gra•
building is for rent, and possession had im
medigtely. The rent is low and the location good.
jell le 1848 GEO. FLEMING.
Ojnitlierland and Perry Hotel.
. • THE subscriber desires to. in
- fora) his friends and the travelling
cc i ptlblic that he has REMOVED from did
old stand,,' . ltnovines Wciblv's
to the'nubliehobse r ecently' occupied by Johh
Corn tin.ori:North'lldriatier dtrest, near the pub
lic vinare, rherolialkillrbd gldd to see his old
„acquaintances] from . .PerfY.dnd Couriberland, and
eelmany new- ones as 'possible: Ws hosed is,large
and-in good order, containing:li 'sufficient number
(linty for the most comfortable accommodation of
travellep and tio,arders,', . hit s labfet]will sup
plied:wok-the:choicest delicacies mi the markets,'
and Ifta;liar }vial ;the
.bost of -liquors: There is.
• " coMmadiousi. Stabling attached to,fite. Is:nise i and,
a - carefiff alwa y s bo,,in.attendenco.H
Ile raspeetfullfinviteS,it.pall from, travellers and!
knitere, ccittlidemoflifeet bi lity, to give satisfactio%
, ;. 11 4N it-Y:' o LASS
, - ilde .
- -;Napoleonlt:ti.'. , .iti.l': - 915 . ...thi? Tonsco, „
~ ,i,is-qi, , , l ;iit.', ,. ..ris. r Tribe ; -
tb' ibiL&R,D , JOHNSON—not the hero of t le•
--- Aiti - Thenresi:lntttthe - Ntigl?"f - Ilnriftitzur!"&7
epeolfellyinfoting titoecr requiring h ie profee . elonol•
cervices; .that he , may. always bo cound;nt-tbeld
nd'in Loitther;etreet i lonedoor.twent or .
, Nor . h
: .1 6 .. 1a UtICIIVerTialf*tiiMml_d d t_ a elt i e t i h t u irt h , m tho e ;:ren r of;In •
g will-iiiiiihiti
hpilliEgr'°"l74"ll'7l 4 .' tetin• and • nent .SILAV- •
braff..ll°F.Ao44t uY " itt r ilio(3ol l ll.lNC,b.and teete.l
~.' 1tT. 6 4 1 149 , 1 41TY1" ft 6,liiiiatng;e4ber.Whisker, dr,
- Iv o ll Y o WPw h ' 7 '3 6 -' O2 -, 4 0 t40 0 .to un i y 4,4, .. (4f ;.,,, ~,',,
... V ,
' ' ,-f- '.7 . A ?le l 1 4 lash
li I oris- ho
91; ' , in'ventoe,4l4;llllmiltdelefee,of,
::''..4,cipxijeb,t:3atrnlf ind i
: vfr t.i i l nilirrned# for
, ;I?kl;iiT.7o g li l 4,b rbAi oxy; ,whieb
:a ltla7:1; i ! :f: 1 11,igiorihg:lhvy,iiii;iiia:
c iiidTrl4lll'ieiprn one l helf thelllgreheiel,
:iiiey.7,7E0 . 13;
, 1ickr, 1 . 3 •41qr•v;4, , .•,i,:t.' , 1 2 )§ 4 8 ''l i,
' , r
z e S f pWryi4f4l-1:4 4 t 001311,,,r.'hyne • / • ' •
, „ Riatiß,l36l,er,ih,
.• 14 .1 AlfitPlA 4 1114.1 4 ql, 1 11 0 ,,f0 I ,ffiatkiii ,l4 .‘
t h opcjlket 7.9;91 ( r,0d .
gwr)6904111 1 14 "
40117rg:1094 40* )4 Oa r ' t g 9o 01.9 , 19,
j"'f i ?: 4 °•TAPPO i d iff).ts i lv i ,,Asits '- 0 '
"' • .• • rt. --I- . "1 . • • --- • - •
• ••,- •-tL': . • .; r 7-, • . " \ '
' - •4 . . • - ;.. . • - •'•
• 1111 - . • ; . • ,
-2,•••••••• : ‹t, , .••••,..„ •-• * 3. ; : i y• e •• - : ' s
•• • .
. - .• :•• 370 p, - •'r
r' • • • ••ytt•••• ypcip,
.• • •
• e 4 , 1 • .
• , . .
• •••- . ,
. • •
The Franklin Fire Insurance Corn
UFFFCE, 1634 Chesnut street, near Fifti
Charles N. 13Imcker George W. Richards
Thomas Hart Alordecai D,LoVis
Tobias Wagner Adolphe D.,Bore'
Fz'amuel Grant David SZI3fo - tOf!'', - •
Jacon It. Smith • Morrie •Paitaisoil •
•Contintie to make insurance pertiertial or litni
-ledi-'orreybirdaseription of property in town and
country, At ruteans low as are, consistent with
sectit:ity. The company have, reserved a large
contingent furid which Wiihtkeircapittd and pre
miums ~
safely iliveeted;:alrord. ample protection
tc the insured. '
The assets of the- company - on January Ist,
11348,•as published agreeably to aneot of Assent
bly,'Were as follows, viz :
Mortgages ' - $890,558 65.
Real Estate ' 108,3511 90
Temporary Loans '324.459 00
Stocks 61,563 25
- Cash on hand and in hands of
agen.a, 35,373 28
. .
. .
Since their incorporation, a period of eighteen
years, they have • paid upwards of ONE MILLION,
iere )y a or nit; evidence of the advionges of
insurance, as well as the 'ability and disposition
to meet .with promptness, all liabilities.
Clf A RI.EIS N. B A ITCKE Pres't.
CI, S. G. BANC'KER,'. feb 2
Plae anbsefiber is agent for ihe - above , company„
for Carlisle and its vicinity: All applications for
insurance either by mail or personally. will be
promptly attended to. W. Diaßy-m-farnt
I Mutual Fire' Insurance Company ot Cum
berland county, incorporated by an act of A•ssem
bly, ie now fully organized and in operation, un•
der th e management of ow following commis
sioners, viz:
Ckt. Stayman, Jacob Shelly, Wm. 11.-I;orgas,
Lewis flyer, Christian 'lnzel. Robert Sterrett,
Ifenty Logan, Michael Lochlin, Benjamin 11.
Musser, Levi Merkel, Jitcol.) Kirk, Sand. Prow•
ell, sr. nn' Moir:heir Breneman, Who respectfully
call the attention of citizens of Cumberland and
York counties to the advantages 'Much the coin
patty hold rut.
The rites of insurance arum low and favorable
as any company of the Enid in the State. Per•
sOns wishing to become members are invited to
Make application to the agents ortlic company,
oho are willing to wait upon theta at ityyrime.
J.krt HI SHELLY. P ,k.ident
Lewis Secroary
1 , 11 LI. COI KI.IN , ..I.l.t.ilHUrer
A el ENTs—Rnunlpli Al Nen. Cnrnberina;
Onristnnr . " - Pitznl'awd - C..punlnp, Allen;
It. Harmon, hingsn)W II ; en ry ''/,oaring.. Stiiro
maniton•n: Simon Oyster, IVntinleynburg ; Ito-
Liert Moore. Charles 711 , 11, Carlin To.
_ Agems for York County—.lngot, Kirk.,..eene
rel ngeto ; John !Merrick, John Rankin, J. Dow
man, Peter NN'oliord.
A gems for Iltansburg—llowser & Lockman
I'e•b 9 -
slittlitat i'rotecitian Cow.'y.
Al. PIM I'ECTIUN C , "Nt PAN V, w ill he
miller the direction or tier - rollow log hoard of
.‘tannins for the ensiling year, tie.:--'rhos C.
l'residelli; Smoot.: Vice Pre
sident; David W. McCullough. Trelmll'en A•
iller.Seert•tary, , James 11"i•nkley „lotto T.
Creen, John Zoe, A.,1,1%.10n niche, d
''orris, Smoot.] Iluslos,, \\ Whim l-uott
Coyle, A levunder D.l%idson. There ore also 11
111111ibel. pis Agents opimitited in 111, AllilleCl.l
Colllilll,l, Wire p ill receive 11111111C.:IIIMIS 1,/1'
sursinee 111,d tnrenrd them immedisdely for ap
proval to the oilier oldie Collllltilly,M hen the pot
ley will h e issued without delay. Porfuttier
iolortme.ion see the by-le ws of the Company.
T 110.9. C. NI ILLEIi Pi•est.
A. G. MlT.t.r.n,See'y.
The tullowing gentlemen have been appointed
H. Williams, Esq., Weslpeansbpre, Gen
end Agent. .%
S. A. Cole, Carlisle,
Dr. Ira Day, M cAnitie slum+ .
George lirfutile.,Esq.. &Hume.
Jns. M. Alenue,h:Rq. Newburg.
John Clentlenin. Esti. llngeotom 0.
Stephen Culbertgou,Shippensbur;
September '29, .1 it 4 7
IRLA ND now offers to tic pub•
) lie his Indian Vegetable Premium Plaster,
the Otalities of which after long and tried expe
rience have been satisfactorily established. To
all women who may be afflicted with the affection
of PnimArsts Umet, or the Fallen Womb, he
now reconunendsbis plaster, guaranteeing a sure
and speedy cure in the short space of time of flout
to three weeks, if applied with care turtl rest, dip
carding all the countless instruments and expen•
sive bandages so long in use. 'Phis he feels Jus
tified in stating, inasmuch as he has not failed i
one instance out of three hundred and fifty cases.
Price One Do hz„tn par box. Solirin Carlisle by
S. Emata and Dr. J. J. N VERS•
feb23--'-• I y
Daguerreotype Likenesses!
y C. NEFF respectfully informs the
""- • Ladies and Gentlemen of Carlisle and vi
cinity, that ho has taken rooms on the corner of
Hanover and Lowlier streets, in the !loud now
occupied by Hunter & Reed as a grocery, and
directly opposite William Leonard's store, where
lie is fully prepdred to execute lificiumutcyrvrs
LIICCSEMS in a style not td be surpassed by any
Other artist , in the country.
.lie therefore would ,
intntd ill toted Wish cortMit tniniature to honor
him withd and lie flutters hintsalf in every
induirtee to give satisfaction.
Medi= .size, colored true to
life . , and warranted not to fade, fur $1..50, inciitd
ing,ti fins Morocco enact. _ • mar do.
P niture Itooma, •
• • • , ' • • •
1 - se `4.•
. the uttontithi o .
13ouso z ` , keepora and - Aho - publi6; to the ox.
toneive eroPlciif, statiodid,r. 1,11,1.N1T1112.E; .inc h i .'
dingiSofaS, War'drOlies;GOPtio thul %shies,.
IYretiaiog'da 1 aiiil3 iireitiud;eirork''Vetriety,6l.
haVo' jOat;
opsnqd at their Nrtv.iftll:3ls -- - c gr t t r y c d pn ee
bf North. Hanover liod'Louthtitaircais,
lirO:.corifittent ' hat lios• pf
the Workmasehip,. and elegikpos
their articles . are got up, together - , with_th,4lr;
outi Efl them' tii ., ; . eveirY, Ocr.'
,wantipg,l o urill!Nre;' Ther.hate.tiiao;ivad a .
itriangothanis fur- roanur a 'ctunag and' .heaping, a.
donstrillekitilly , :tif'avetly'aitiola in
plaip.,) nog., ;
price which pannot fail 19 ; atict'ptirphasera;
would iti'P °nob a who 'aril about ' to
'bmtualiCoilkli.quse-luieging;Aq•;tall tirid laxeutind'
tHoir proms:it. t gegtin t , :eAosic jo..Which w . ill.
adlitihns the'rieWcattutil ril9o
It 7: ,?7!'71 ,
.; (.) FFINS.modO to Order °post* ,
'lice,' for town .tin d, 'Jou
, •
hiee/im itepits4k . o'
eltraciiiipJ4o 11 , 440gati(ditp i: r i c at. ,pugpi?:
`,T.Entit•Ao:t argp he: I, l ?4xo , jcs.talius
frtelid"aiid,`ciietnuie e.:.
pang of philadelphia.
$1,220,097,, 67
Fire Insurance.
Premium Plaster.
1: - .9 Lkk UGX32.z.-,./L-U) • '4'Z:OLMI tgl -2-21
From Oki Daily IPen•e.
• -•-• OATILISLU, ;rutin oth, 1848
• DEAR NEWS;n-All 40611 as D. was announced by
telegraph that General Taylor hail reeked the nomi
nation or the Whig Convention, it oeourred to ma
that irresw Soya Hoox 'would lie . WOnted, and I're.•
solved to contribute u mite to it, which may answer
until a better Is procured. It containa.but four vers
es with a chorus. tint IT the voeal , p t eWers of any
should desire more Bxerilse otter singing' it through,
they.rnay very appropriately sing It over again.
flluzza!:now for Old Rough and
Iteady,” - •
'Detre—Twilit the Bow.'
• Hoz= t now,.fer Old gimhrind Ready,
• 11laytelf‘the poiriiMe ;
e ahrerryle !;•eadyi
le'ellw eeaf lilo brave free
Chorea—He's the choice, &c,
"feneral Taylor never surrenders!"
' Though hosts should encompass him round
Where bullets nod blows fall the thickest,
s'lsitere_kg_lqll tclrlys be found. • .
Chorus—Ms there, &c.
When pressed by a lmet sent to crush him,
.When the spillis of, most 'gan,to
Chnrust—A little mart, &c.
Our Presideyt r rwili make him;•
Nis urospai r tiaglt Hour, arplgqin,s,
In th e White Rouse weAturoiY l.44 l l ace
•'Roughnrnl Ready will oheaye do righi{"
Chotue—Rough atul,Ready, &c:
The follows nglively description of an affair,
in W114:11 the General wasfair-ly fib rround ed,
is from a correspondent of the New Oilcans
latlnvn.i.E, May q.f), 1848
The good people of lberville have been
in an excitement for some days days\ clea
ted by a,. expe( ted isit from Gen. Taylor, lie
thaxitig peotniscd to call on some 01 -hist lie
m that pariah, and partake ol
Melt Quietly and unheralded,
,accoinpakied by an). Avery, Esqq.. lie pre
sented himself yesterday nt n0r444,-(Tnesdayo
at the residence of J.'N. Brown, Esq., where
lie pa/tool:M . ri sumptuous dinner, and then
plia.coded 4 lo the house 01 u \‘ltEm_perscral
ii lend, RA. wall. The General was_
ut l'aiiitithablb line ansi since he has
!Mown Aside the indititry dress, and come
out in a new suit of black. it t a he
had mined track Hie , and
stricken the mat ks of ten years Irom Ins ea
pacitrus brow. ---
It so happened that On the viTry evening
of the mil vat ol Geo lor at Col Ste
the beantihrt - It sidence of Mr. Sunoq
line lic:ued t ip natil .- . it . seemed
Nazi! of ligEoind ;‘ , ,,hiri its prevints were
heard the saint., of tevelry. The patriarch's
yraingest dangluer had a few hour's belore
stood at the bridal altar, and hundreds of re
latives and hiends were joyously celebtat;ng
the event. The ninon went through the
crowd that Cert. layior had arrived in the
.1 he bean o tol 1 , 1 hie, the troupe of la ir:e's
makts. %%hole circle of 3,0 . !11 , 1,11;1's
e-r Mat dared the festive FVVIIe,
nye:tied t:de honmed tone, while the gen
tlemen more bohderourly gave vent to their
of admiration. In a lex moments
the ladies formed a plan to "capture the old
Irmo." l'hey felt confident they could do
what Saida Anna and twenty thousand pick
ed troops caulk) not. 'Three lovely young
ladies were at duce organized into a power
ful army, suppoi ted by several gentlemen.
The affair was entirely suceditsful ; the
light military got on the gallery of the house
unperceived, as'it was mining very hard at
he lime, and boldly mei ing 'he s.dlypml,
can ied old %itch in (Theca seconds. At the
lime lie was (bully sawed in a huge tad
backed aim chair; t 01. Stewart supported
him on the right, his accomplished luny on
the left
The Ceneralssin the first attack attempted
LO manoeuvre : but it was a total fitillirg ;Ate
ditch waq on the wrong side, and the first
discharge of a little more mime of bright
eyes set him fluttering, and with a few mo
tion shots he surrendered at disc)ction long be
fore the heavy artillery in the rear was
•brought into.action. Old Zech, however dis
played considerable presence•of mind even
under the novel position of a defeat, and ca
pitulated that he should ride to the wedding
in the carriage with his cap-five-tors, and be
treated otherwise with all the cousidemtions
of honorable warfare.
Gen. Taylonwas instantly hurried oft for
fear of a rescue, as Clare were large forces
,o 1 the enemy hovering about, all anxious to
get him Into their possession.. Ile acted in a
most resigned Manner thronglintn, and as Jar
as could judge, showed a little of La Ve
ga's spirit, tieing, rather pfeaned With his
place of imprisonment.
.06 arriving at Mr. Le Blanc's he was Con.
eucied with due ceremony into the crowded
rooms. A buzz elexcit'ement followed, and
when the old General wns seen, the waving.
- 61 - fair hands-and loud shouts of welcome'
General Taylor,, followeif;"b-idal favor"
was imrheiliately pinned on iris right OW
deriand another imprinted en his lips, and ho d
became the obierved of all.olairrrverd.
• The Geteral was literally crushed under
favors; he lioU t vermaintained his position:
It Would be:impossible Torun to detail all, the,
interesting' incidentrf , ot.the .occasion;. And ,
perliiipS It. would not be, proper 14,,u5,t0 no•
rims: that thir•litile grantlionMi.••Siment - ie
Blanc,. who rejoices ritimeTat
Zachary Titylorj7,weir placed in. ILei'ald:griii
erul's Arran, hia,pAiliasyjogotii
to en:general~tor►to:ot-these'da .
-riga hin jgdrrioy dewn'the coast; calling at rho
,resielfrDP-Pr;2. A•4s., • ftoberlsiiii;
Ed Wifict 'Mak: John . ..11figalidt;_and'IL-C:
YYJDS $4OlOll -
i•ltlf 16416401Y:4'A ':raxiiier: •
, -
, ITittt Bognor Tim Hotis.:-4Theit term PiIUSL
billitlr':iitieritietl'fienitheArigleStxon lord
dignities the "bend of
the'lioliO,Vou4 it. W m
as anciently spelt ',hoe
oolitihueti!. en he spelt thus in
some_Engl4ll Q,IbIO, alter the
tfirt , '`u,f ' A Nis
benqi 'theft': a'behse:bonti.:—the bonii of
l i bo o th a t wunsh t engi,nlies the , fuelily; into
the union of oneuese Wye, , Wile f ,entl:
Child tin), tualsirtinger within the,
all;their inferest and theirkbeppittese , ups'en::
.eirpleti',in the- “Itonse'bentl'lP-.elphrtikelllkro:
01 19 01 ellf his' Proist*ho4:lll.4l'.hUsipeOPAl.
tiijnl d*3'i)ll:ll4 a
.21: 1848.
A noblciman in the city of London, who.
kept n good number at servants, relived
considerable confidence, in one of .them,
- which eiwited — ajeahniq iii th 6 others, who,
in order , to prejudice their -master. against
him, accused him of being a notorious
gamester. Jack was called lip and :closely
inferrOgated,.bal he denied
,the Jactj at the
eamo,time declaring he never plaied a card'
'in his hie. To be more 'conyinced,
the gentleman articled him to be seareliedi
when.•beheld a pack et cards was found in
his pocket.ighly,incensed et Jack', wont
'of - veracity,, the noblenfaMknearided, iti a
rage, - how he 'dared persist in an.tinti nth ?..,--
"My,lord," replied 'he, "1 'certainly de not
know the meaning of a card"; . the bundle in
,my .pocket is my Alumnae." . "Your Alma
nac, indeed I then I desire you will prove it."
"IVell,Sir,.l will begin. The:re are loin suits
in the pack, that intimates the lour quarters
in the year; as there are ilinteec cards in
each suit so there -are thirtegn weeks in
. i rbere are also the Fame number of
lunations; the twelve signs of titer zodiac,
through which the sun steers his (flume'
course in ono year, There are fifty-two
cards in a pack ; that directly answers the
number ol %.• &situ, •vamine the
more minutely, and you will find three hail- '
Bred and' sixty,five spots, as/Many as there'
are days th the year; thtiso multiply-by
twenty-four and'slity;.aml - you have tlve ex-
actnniiiliet, 'Minims and — es ralißii in a year.,
'Altus. sir, 1 hope. have convinced you it l's
my Almanac, and by your lordship's per-
mission, I will' prove it my Prayer Book;
also, I look upon the tour Fllll3 as repre
senting the four prevailing relig,ions: Clirls
tianCy, Judaism, Alahornefanisrn, and I'a.
gamen ; the twelve court cards remind me
of the twelve 'Patriarchs. nom WhOITI sprang
the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve Apos
tles, the twelve adicles of the Christian Milli.
The king rerninds'ine of the al,egiarice due
to his majesty, The queen, of the same to
her tonies;y. 'l'ire ten brings to my recollec
tion tlre lee cities in the plains of-Sodom and
Gomorrah, destroyed 'by tire mid brimstone
from heaver: ; the ten plagues of Egypt ; the
ten cornmandinerils ; the ten tithes cut oil
horn their vrees. - The nine r : enrinds roe of
the nine noises; the nine :.(Ible orders am
ong tnem Thu eight remialls rue ol '' . the,
eighteen beatitudes; the eiglikattitudes fire
eight persons saved Or Nuak!, "ark ; the eight
persons mentioned in SciiPtfir to be releas-.
'erl from dertth. to lile.', - 'flk weir remind*,
me - the seVettAalniinistai ig spirits that.,
stand, belore thel4hriart6of . ,Q d One seven
seals wherewith lice book et tile' is F:ealetl;
the seven Aiheral arts and sel; flees given Ify
, G-ort- for the' instruction of ift In; the seven
wonders of the 'Amid. Thai ,`;reminds ore
of the six petitions contains In the Lord's
prayer. The' five Nminds rr . ..afalLoseift•es
given by God to man—lieacVii4teeilfg, feel
ing., nutrig and rituel-Img. 116 e-four puts trio
in Illillti . of lIM 'tour Evariggitsts; . the lour
SC:ISOTIS 01 tlre year. 'Tire three reminds the
of the Trinity ; -the three hours our Saviour
was nil the cross; dui thrice days he lay in
toned Th . two reminds the til the two tes
taments; the two contrary princrples strug
gling to man virtue and vice. The nee re
minds ore' of the only line rind to adore.
worship arm solve ; one only 1“ . 011 to 1'‘..11(•
one null! to I , r:clic:L., and one , :...00t: inti%ter
co oho)." So lur is very %%c11..' said the no.
blemart, 'Tint I beliet u you hate onii;ted
one card, the knave I'' ''true, IIIS" loin, the
knave i moulds rile of yonr lordship's into! rm .
er." The nobleman berarne more pleases}
with Jack than before; freely forgave Iti'•',i,
seised his wages, and discharged the ft
Robert Emmet and his Betrothed
'Twos the evening of a lovely day—the
last day for the noble ill-hired Eminet. A
young Indy stood at the castle gate mid de
sired admittance OR; dungeon. She' was
closely veiled, and the keeper could not im
agine who she was, nor why one of such
proud bearing should be a supplicant's' the
iQon door, However, he gratdcd the boon
her to the dungeon, opened - die mas
sive door, then closed it mgt in, and the lov
ers were :done. Ile leaned against the pri
son wall, with a dywneast heed, and his
arms folded upon lit breast. Gently she
raised her veil horn her lace, and ~Enimet
turned to gaze ripen all that earth 'contained
for him—the gill whose sunny brow in the
days of his boyhooh had beeq hie polar star
—the maiden who 'had sometimes made lien
think '''the world was all sunshine." The
clanking of heavy chains sounded like ti
death knell to her ears, and she wept like a
child. Emmet said but little, yet be pressed
her to his bosom, mid their feelings held a
silent meeting, such u meeting perchance, as
is held in heaven, only that we part no more.
In a low voice he besought her not to forget
him when the cold grave received his inani
mate bods:—lie Spoke of by-gone days—the
happy hours of elii:dhood, when his. hopes
were blight and glodomS, and he concluded
by requesting her sothehmes to visit the
places and scenes that were hallowed to his
memory from the days of his infancy; and
should the world :ptonounce his carne with
scorn anti contempt,. he prayed she would
continue to cling; tai him with affection, and
remember him when all otheis should forget.
Hark ! the church bell sounded, and he re
membered the hour of execution; The turns
key entered, and after:hashing the teaks from
his eyes, he separatedthem front their long
embrace and led the lady from the'dengeen;
At the entrance their eyes. Met—they could
not say, farewelitlio - door 'Strang en Its
heavy Magee, and they parted forever.•
not forever Is theie notheaven
At' , sutirise the tiagt Mitlithld .116 ' giflle4o4l:l
gloriously—a piartyr , to hid cuuntry and
, •
"Amt one-vo er the myrtle skewer,. • •
Ite leaves by 'en winds ahem! .
She feded 30014theltallan v , '
The af
--4f-lities-ittaiii s ritl= - 41.-linly,wliq;--a-g0i1.v6i.19-
Iftrie - of - slanset Italy 4.-wtiat a rniignifinerik
scene ! A riste,ertkne,lnlqcl;girl lnympon her
bed o 1 tleath: , " 4:lh k it,oug; !luta for •Itok‘..tP
die; , for iron' 1111.i . ,tinattlif lend;
whets Ilowp,rililtiomrpei ) ennial; , niiit'belmy
flowers eon-le . :freshly, to.lll6„pining
Oh! •Itlier , star' htid sett the bagine s t o f
her , tlKettlil• hat' l,ttitt-Ther , heart, wowbroki, o ,
%V I)pn Ikeve;b:gim, laftglat; °II
olose;!buhiliig Mere hpßrt-Te rt0 ing=Utid ' agOinzing to Ilia spirit than to find
at 110,0 thebploved , enit liiittohedAt*PA" , heit
nll ou(lnvels gjiPari-ta 4 cilaslinq fl(ityer t P),
PV'r . l)6ert
6 4
g(1 10 l
hPBl3llloYelYrSgrait it 'uP lieli ! tardt fi
, 11idir,Itc,tg,caecoy f rpf: - IMPgrftveiMpli :the
fa'r 06161 .. 1 AdPhdrd ea t,
• SPEECH or GEN Comm.—One of the most
gratifying incidents of Inn great Ratification
i Meeting, in Philadelphia, was the fact an
nounced by Gen. Lesliombs, of Ky., that
Mr. Clay had been informed of Gen. Taylor's
nomination'by telegraph, mid at oiler -acqui
esced in it. The announcement' was greeted
with deafening cheers \ for-tlie She of Ash
land.. General Combs being 'introduced to
the - meeting as 4 'the long -tried and trusted
friend of lIENfiY Ci.Ar," 'was received Aith
deafening shouts.
:Gen. Coins said, he had come !tern a sick
bed, at the' request ol'i he comm ince and in
obedience to hi* own sense of daty, to say a
few words Oa this occasion. Ile would not
deterve creditJor anything he might utter; it
' be did trot 'frankly m'ow that the result In
which the convention had eoine sorely bruis
ed his, heart. From earliest infancy he had
learned to li.p with gratitude anal pride the
name of-Henry Clay, arid had ever since
i been his item. neighbor. Since 1824 when
I his name was for the first time, presented for
1 - the Presidency, he had preferred lain to any
-and-al4-other-nreti-in A merterfrirmlifiiii nev
er, for a trinmern, faltered in lii. FUN - MM.-
1 Ilis•great abilities, long experience l it p u bli c
' arrant , . his pine p'anintisin and ivi4e states-
Ythinship recommended plan In all men; but
- 11 - 6 had been More - Vilely slamfered and base,-
. ly abused Man-any public man or the United
Steles; and Gen. C. had desired to see the
, verdict of the people emphatically recorded
1 aaronst his 'cowardly assailants.
. `-:en. C. remarked. that he had no difilieul
ty or hesitation iit taking his position in sup
port of the nominations lust made. (Loud
applause.] Nor did he iloult tt hat Mr. Clay
would do. Ile had never thought 01 jam
self but ol kir country. The hghi n iog's fi as h
which this day bole Ise tidings of hat yo•
have done to ever). (mailer of the Union,
found the Sitge of r\shh•uul calm nod compo
sed ; and at this Very hoot, Gen. C. doubted
riot, he wns sleeping soundly under his clam
beloved roof. having liist ()Med up a.pray
er lor his country and the grenlPlVhi7 eame.
Oh! if you had FVCII lure as I have seen
him—he:H(l,ll4n as I hate heard him--
•when pressed by unrelenting enemies and
grieved by ungratehil thiends—pm would
not wohder at nit• deep devotion to 1, 111 ,
Old as he was, he avowed himselliisot too
.old to vindicate his
_principles—to stand ht•
his frith - ids; or to defend himself: Inc is the
Same brave and great-hearted Ilenr • Cla •
gallant old stag! yon have long been roue
srd by the hinners atlll the hotrods, through
brake and brier,- . and have, at last, tetumed
in your ancient lair, to lav yr:nisi:lt down and
die. A nation's tears shall bedew 3 our
—a nation's heart shall rent a lasting monu
ment to your memory. !litany at le a st, will
doyoujgoice...,,,,, ,
eli'f'eAlthiiTetiniinl that he had long
known General Taylor. He had itis:ingtm:
led himself in 1312, while only a captain,
by his gallant defence of Fort Ilan ison on
the western [Ranier, and his late went vi , ew.
Lien as the MeXiVIIII war had only hillided
11,1: high promises of his early manhoo,!._
l le v.:::s Itchiest and true as he was b la re ; and
as he had neve' berm varrqui,hed inn battle,
so would he never betray a rust reposed in
him. Ile knew that the personal 'ieititions
between hum and: Air. Clay had ever been
moat kind and li:wildly : and it old litstilnit
*.ilf)4l(l now tat leave dam k regions 01 Locolo
: Itt.,4od . ettaild by her gallant sort,—and if
r '
4 1. ! tirg
e,, , iftkunitilbaistana and other Southern
gic . 'l Ipr
,ould Wheel into the Wing line in sup
?iil,fl plftrtheir favorite entlllidale, Inc would re
po;;'emost sincerely, Let Pennsylvania do
ter duty, and she need not fear lot Ken ueky.
Although Ilr.mtv CLAY was tier flat dunce
against the world, yet site had ever been a
Whig State, and would &fend by any good
Whig. Ile doubted not that the Hero at Bu
ena \'t• - rut would sweep over her mountahts
and valleys, turd fertile plains, next Novem
ber, like a whirlwind, and roll up thousands
of a majority against Gen. CASS WO hero of
:lull's suit ender.
Gen. Combs closed his brief remarks a
midst the deafening shouts of tens of thou
sands, and when he turned round, exhausted,
several gentlemen near him caught him in
their arms, and complimented him upon Ins
high sentiments and noble spirit. oTliese
they felt were the right sentiments, and this
the true spirit with which all Whlgs should
go iuto the - campaign and the support of
General T.m.ou. •
(k...`rate of the best storv-tellers in ale re
cent Whig Convention, was Col. Haskell, 01
Tennessee. The 5 tfisjoilied ;thee dote, which
ho •told in the comae of a speech ; is a fair
id was remarking at a convivial meeting
of some Wends a•sliort time since, that if AVe
could op ‘ ly - get ilte - old -- Hero - nomulated jiiA
ilbollt Rix mouths ham thin time,•Gen. (hies
would find Unwell' in 01'dt/111111i crindition rta
Joe Laikin did when Bill Albright streak him.
The facts of the were as.lnllowei.' Hill
Albright lived down at Sugarrl lill, and - Vas
a very quiet good folloit, whit never snuck
a man , in Jiia lite, iikaelq Joe: - LericiD• „iit up
piiattn. that. Jide . witA , !it - ritlarrelscfrrie felliriw,
and dne' day he want (to Aso one or our
weeefn e'i p ref:sinus)
.tiay,ortifig ( 1 , 6 wo 'lbollt
Bill's ddigliberheoil; boitgitng:thitt, he, iirtg the rilitit that '6l'o' 4 ool lobt'bu*Si)giir Ifilh—
! No a , ,' l !:ilaithi lig; "1. - c!,inild licl."infilid '' thel;
ndi jerifflicii . dilm tinder the e buri•Of:the . ditri
Aetl. , ftnook - :4,:l)o , i.lbyty.".,rodii"tiitti*fieldicdr:-
rYitig, wttlf ' hitti abeat,tventx,etiOppt:efrilitg'
...ii,nd' tnailte..'''.. le'::tlideift :get milfin.mOiatery;
but , fay.iitit,t d''',ol i I I 46,1 '1 5661-6 ' .l i7 l *sl 7 o'lliiiisth ,
- hti atarted Ai . iii7ilti&luokediiiitinil , kitidait lwild'
4.4`...010 ,4 iinte"l,:ll4kti,o4.4hii,..sthrm .
dd;nnico.4iii.V . #,,i4 - .., - (qieet :,iiim)ettaf.).; Lid
ilte Vzinth "!stYike:64::, - efil'lnientel'i.;`
.'..: 0 . li t.
!s4,' it i ‘vill; hei,‘Vllli. Gep'Carti9whyf 'lie
:WhlllCaelProl.tlll4.*4 glie:himli9Rdef.
tkiti?!biie'hf'hi'.64o't l est. , Nefinai ; rl.le.
401,0ik , fnue • thiietnern:iitieiel.ftiegl,
'Dld ... .thd:'lottited," . .strilfittny';taio,'4,elso ; but
iiiii,l4:.T(Gfeat,appleeiteliV., -,, i m,..",Y..!:" -- ',1 . 1j ~
.li s t f yy'?f ,l4l ideg4cili;:giVektle; l 9 l , lo sVo . lo'.
'by TOI O /iic•
• ' *—
pOlkie , ,Wp ri,1 , 1141#4 4 7.:t ); tortin
TO:ei•V 66 , l4 t l 4%.4 ll l l P4sillg'alYtiii
fflutolil;-,lmoau4Cl ,piiillistp?.`;2,llloo4,
"lb 076 6', 'Oeon. Oti • ••;.-.'
• •,. • •••‘. •,•
Our Vhig centempoiltries are responding
to the nominations made by the National
Convention : in the •inest enthusiastic spirit.
Already, the indications are conclusive thut
the whole ,party will mirte—and that '‘ve
shall secure the votes of thousands mid tens
01 - tlions.rids of patriotic Democrats find in
The Boston Daily Advertiser, one.;ol The
oldest and inostyespeetablejdurnals in New
England; also declares iqt r i entire ticquies . -
ter= in the nomination, and determination
to support P."-
The Newberryport llinald "corgratulates
its readers on the riciinininion,n• and says it
"will be hailed with acclamation' by tho
mass of 'the people and be borne trinmilh.
antly into power." . "There are civilians of
grea . t . er ability, possibly' eve,, greater Gener
als, who might have been nominated, lint he
TiTfa - honestiind safe man, one who may be
confided in, who will SW101111(1 himself with
strong, practical and patriotic talent."
The Bosion Atlas, the leading Whig paper
of MassAchttsr(tts, says(
regularly nominated candidate of the Win
National Convention, and consequently, of
the Whig patty, and in him now venue all
the hopes 01 our party, and hl 411 who wish
well Inr the peace, prb,perity, and safely of
our common counts v. lls has been selected
as the standnul-lwitner iaf grvni patty, mufti
we lure b:11 !Me to ouiselves, his FIICVO . S, and
te rescue of onr country from the hands of
filet men, and. the clients of bad mea-ures,
is as Carlin as any Intine event cur be. Ii
matters rot In us. now, that w e have hind
other preferences. It matters not that he was
not our, It the _choice of i\ fassaelin
setts. We fuel IK turd iiy hanul, Massachu
setts !laving taken her part in the Convent
to•abule the result. awl In uwara• II our
lull, lice and untini..i suppor , :. —
Inn :•••ipringfiehl, Mass. on e 1111[10.r/id guns
were lied be the Whi;zs on the receipt el the
nomination !
The 11 'I
he eatirgas with apitjh The feeling
which tvas , feared xvould cause
troublc : has tz;t:Pll to a -seise of l u ui iot
ic duty. The Ro:hester I)einoorat 53) a the
• nomination of Taylor and Fillmore etimottcl
l a considerable deLti en of entho.idsni in that
`city. Ronfireir and ilhitninatiahs pervaded
during•tlit, and s bated al 'music re;.:,a-
I led t - '
• s• ii
on'aentOly ;puttered multiMd at
e flo
I '
the lidlcalty at the Eagle I lotcl. Thu Alba
ny (N. V . ) Joni nal concludes an able allicle
upon the sobjeet as follows •
~. "lVliate‘er dt-appintment may he felt,
we cannot doubt the tesitom.c fli Nett' N . ,,lh'.
1!"....ill: Mil be 11111. iii f remora el It i' greats t lig
, gie. The ‘Vltitzs of the I"torde Nair, Ittte
our :4,lli:ea t. , ..,e,.1,11,1 Iteare:, ••Nevitit Suit
IiGN DLR..' • 1 ifi'll Illillto wi ll ) ,.. 1 r b e a s i t h. is
been, "Erre!! !hung fn the L'ottie.' I..',larail
iiitz•tetitets id ill ptIN , away. A, the tidy ut
battle approaches, the \l'higs al New I.•ork
trill present an unbroken front to the enemy.
'Theo charge will be :et t•tea,ly and irre,islii
ble as that of "Old Zaelds" hoops at 13oena
Vista., and the vwtory ti ill lie an complete.
To our brethren tilseti lief e it e say with cou
fidenve—lailt down New York's thirty
I SiN Elel'lbrai votes for TA il.oll ;111,1 Fit.i.monn,
the \Vltih: Notnidees of the Nail mal Lutirem
titan." •4
rhe Albany lidticke.beek et says :
"'rids notnitialic.n, we think, !ertninales
the Ptesidential rattipaign,—the elei•tiou of
old "old Buena I'ista" being as celtaiii as
Algebra. The sooiter, therelore, the keeper
of the White' House Inds Did Zad i ariab"
nn the door plate the better. •
The New York Courier hold this language
Mu place in our columns to day, the
honoured name of Zachary Tityl,dr as the
candidate of theS'lnt - ; party in the nation ;
atid twin this day the banner of the Whigs
is in Ills bands. Ire go. into A.kre contest
with him as our leader—and will come out
of it, as he ha , ‘ always mune out of battle—
Victorious. There eanbe no defeat of Zach
* Gel!. Taylor is Ilia mini of ihe Times. I e
,has been called loith by:the emergencies of
'11:e 14301114 c, and Is the only from
as present troubles, eau lead the nation back
to peace—who can withdraw it from Me un-
wise, narrow-dnindedi and badly unibitious
acts of the present F:Necutive.
The Express, Widen had ably advocated I
i'Pritiyiple and reescm, tell iis, r Fillipnrt the
ticket,, with all our heart and hand.' As
CoogresS is to be, the Government tinder
God. Taylor, le seethe ihal Cimgress all our
aims must he boa Getieral Taylor's some;
what equivimil position can romil what tad us
in tlie eeeutity we demand. Under him,
we can carry. States anal Congressmen; both
members of the 'louse am! Senators, whom
we eduld not cal ry ,tind e r oily other man ...--.
ifl i .nuttie alone, puft.p,robuhly , hire u.§ peli•
Slates 'euotigli to Semite the imniiiiiz, Senate
'of thb'Efiited; 6iiitei: ' Theo, is mit "rhiell a
vichiry, II ;4;6,0W:ill( U;:it'Vjettiry gahetatittal':
etpugik?"--' ~...,: '.... ... 7:, ..-.*, ..,- ,
...;,i , .Tha 11a, w,Yo, rk. 4ad mill ,cil, Cti ai ririe iv a au
ilitlaphatliit iihp 6 r liket.ibb 'Le anv r . hays••:
o .PW:gonwatilltile ;oar' 71 . and* ..' had tho.
aim a liymir,the rialipiliiclus.resalt..:i The'livit'.'
'Htiztitln sec,arlaisplecli .p p. begmitignii reAsrma. ;
lili:iniubt ..,` Widi dep. ‘,2 4 44/ii futv*Weiiiliht,
and Pedie tb+th all Me,1601d,110 #aitivVill' be
gofe'rincipTiOiliDOL=-Tho', , i)6'*atirthei 06.10
'station- : Y4lf:raciei fed. lie ra ~ .0 th. heartfelt satiiu,
Faction; and; wil l be, .ar,a L hay,a,np,
,4014,1, by.
the coati try. giaarally.,., ,„ . t . ...
liinairttil teh , ..kciiic':Ztkrni;cigilts'ii 4 tiiiiii•io`lit•
GunaraP .. .l:aytar 4164 , bowl - afialinated by
03 4 1,V,14Qp#giihandlt,.PfuladallIbia., .t: , ;;;;
.:: : ,.,,V t it p pW.199p.401)04. th a P t it:si do ii tial.qi cis-
AlOtiaiiliat,tl4): - , l ie' ibill'sawit
~10,`SOuth. e ' on i,
, r aipe'L'ilikifte 141);reil,",,atie.Cjtoiri' Olio° id ;Ed
i. th.o „f •Ri.i"';'GßPirg.l": -.. V i rgia la A(lll' ; ftiYo'`bV
Ni*lP..fpr-TliYPr''ns. 4 o l oY-11S0. 61 4tgarolilla '
:Npi . ' ape - ,.:i. , 711 . 411Y1 S ' 4lll3.4,(l4,ptireliaie, '.,,llass,k
'.Willi'llf tin" htObtibkiltiligiVii t ile' 0 IVO iafiVaf
MIA* • ithiY olo ,... for 11 1 e, , .PfO01,0,1.iriy,;iik
,19;10 ,14.,,
, Aci .. l. tic l!iis pasiipoft3 afa.KarOJY,4P,ol,4.of#7‘..,
-' 1 2.1t, '''''..,•'::••-' '‘,.. ,-; ':::".:' - ...i;' - ' '.'!•::Ej,,,,'i4A,
,=„ 4 „?..,, , ,,, , , ~..: ~. .:, ~ :2;,:..:•,;,, ; ..'..i. . .4:1, Y i'; , , A -,.p.,1, , A , . , , 5 t,...L.0tq c ,-,,!...
-7,':4.41..... , . ,,, ......; - 7. -, ;v...? e-Y,•-r:',,ru.:::,..ii.;,'24:41.P.,.m.9-2wa.,
f Xcw Yuck arfi
- .
-• The naltlenore Pahiot ; u sterling IVlng
per, saps :
"In 13aTtimoro the nominations were ra.-
ceived with every Alemonstration of joy. An
anxious crowd I . people hatl filled our of
fice in the rrierning, waiting to receive the
news of, the nomination of Cell. Taylor, - for
the report of the ballotingit the previous eve.
niog had fell no doubt that he •, old. be the
iirr _wo
mail. 'At-' length the at . Incement came,
and was received with . very demonstration
of satisfaction. The dews rapidly' sPreait city, and :every where were to
tie seen smiling'couitteomices corighitulaling.
erich ather'on'the noriiiiireiOns."
The 13aItifilOrd American, also one of the
first to take ground for heattils res•
. - -•
The IVeStern mails Lang us flolicps of. the
reception of the Whig Presidential ,ziptriina
nations at several points iii Ohio r viz: at Col
umbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Zanesville, &c.
At all these places the nominations were
well received, the Whig Papers not-enty
proniising them.a. most cordial support,
but expressing, their fullest confidence in
;Herr entire success by receiving the `support
of an overwhelming majority of the people
in November' nett. The State-Jounral, of
Fiiday last, published at Columbus, says:—
, l'here was good degree of .. pontoneems
r , ;nibm.t?on in the k.irmic.vrirm of the norni
nations by the citizens. Without any pre
concmt, the show was magnificent, Julit_the
enthusiasm scorned initmunCl6i!. --- Every ono
seemed to be operatiou upon his own hunk.
The priticipleitouses .in the city wore
liautly illuminated; bonfires, were built at.'
!lie intersection of street,; rockets and fire
balls ulaticed threfigh the air; music lent its
animating chitlins; end canon lent their
Thunder-tones u, speak the tidings when the
!I/liming has voice. .Dar clothe population
—men, weinen'.ard eltildreiL—Feerned to be
our, am ) . in the best of humor with them-
se; vei: and with each other. Festi vas, songs
and speeches occupied the time until 11
NEW 11.11NIPS1111tE
The Concord Statesman, in speakkg
the course lo be perbued by the ‘Vings of that
St,uo.," says :
, •However averse they • have beer. to the
nominalon 01 . Geo,±likuue,were—the, mo,
mentotis decisions io belt - rade by them for
tie wholo countly: whether ZACHARY TAYLOR
or Lcwts Cms be the next Chief Magistrate
of the Am e rie a n People, the one would re
main in Mtehigati—the,other fill the chair of
11 achii;gton." .
The Stale Banner says:—
.Ire Mrs' week place at bar mast-head
the harries of TAYLOR and Fu.L.monc, as can
(Mimes for President nod Vice President of
the United Slates. They have been belec
led by the Whig National Convention, and
we call upon the IVlngn every where to ral
ly and give their support. If these ever was
.0 Until for the Wttig party to sllow a bold
trout ; it is new. Rally, lieu, fellow country
men. lim i er the bmad banner of - Gen. Zech
my Taylor and Millard .
\"tu• Haven Pulhiditern says
'The noininatinn of Lien. Taylor is receiv
ed by the wings in this city with cordially,
in the foltest confidence that the Convention
after weighing all the claims and prospects
of the different candidates ; has puisued that
course which Will give .the gienteat surety
of success, and we have not the sliadow of a
doubt that the Whigs of Connecticut will rat•
ify the nomination by an overwhelming, ma•
jority to the fall. The Locofociis have not
tlicAi..2,lnest idea of success now,, either in
the State or nation, and the candid members.
of the party acknowledge it to 66 . so.',
The West Jersey mad says:
The people of this nation ' from Alaine to
Texas. limn the liour that.7..achary Taylor
proved himself adequate to catty the Army
.of.the country triumphantly through the dull.
collies and embarrassments with which an
6inbecile adiniOstration had surrounded it
- - singied him oin—with one heart and one
voice, as the man lit for the crisis, and best
capable of rescuiog the government, as 110.
did the army, limn its threatened dissolution.
The IVliig Party have merely ratified that
noininicion, and the people in their might,
at the ballot-Loxes in November next. A:'ill
nib n,2etil and deliver' his title to the White
!louse, by such a majority us will silence all
party cioak nip, and bless our country, once
more, with an Administration—republican as
Madison's—able us Adams'—aud pure as
dr!siEltAL' TATLOc7A . V.D FREE T,Euiroz6Y_
•ston-Atia• -
. . .
Col. Johnson, of Uppbr Ptque,.'oltio who
Wei selected by thb iVitigs of . Nlianii ,
their t i telegate to the Convittiont.-- - a stauffeh
Undoubted .1171tig,--mho has, ia - arkng life
devoted to the cause, done it ilreat.service4.
it delegate lo'llarrisburg in 1830,.and10 1341 r
iirtipep, in 3844', ittarwiai has known Gen.
Tay ler long' 'and 'intimately, Writes • iii a lei!
ter. holore us, that ho that we could do: .
sire upon tlthisery.poine lie .writes that he
hasbeaid hint deslarc, ;with %tick force, that.
he'rtigarilOil'thfriVeryas a great to the
eanntr)y,andlekpressial'a *6'4
ihe• ivlieit'wevabid
of•itAto'g4er;,,(ol.3Ohnscal desiti fir.
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