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MST_ Viiittaitisitoctrti l
‘ , 4
• Later tram -Op t il itiorMexichl
The New Orleans PieArterri'dd Derfael
the'26th . ult. contain siiimOriglaikl.
intelligence from Alecieo, orirkiicll4e•give
the following details. Titegreat feature, and
one that-strikes us as having in itselta formi
dable influence in tie new aspect of affairs,
is'(lte'a'ddress - efthe , Ciergy'of
loci to their own. people and the natiori gene
rally. This Address vigorously written,
unA - of - adritiebto appeal to every characteris
tic of ,Alexican native. The following ex..
trriarWill &Mtn to the reader the toneef (hie
remarkable addiess. •
Let us fly, then, all of us, to rhe tomtiat—
placing ourselves under the direction of our
ituthorities--tet us fully and sincerely place,
in their bandit, our fortunes and our persons
us enlist %with promptitude Arid with
irliatever arms we may be able to obtain
-let us throw_ aside the senselessilestre of liv
ing longer--let us encourage solely'an hiss
lliable•desire to die fot , our religion ! our cou p=
ant'. Te'hrfl - fr of on. families—make
ffeetive thal
_compassion ; hitherto sterile.
....Which. you should r.huw for your tender chi!:
'then. • •
Let us die lieftire• We KC on rsel yrs xlegrad
ril toSlaves, in a storage land, deserted ; or
fellowed, perhaps, by seine ancieur father,
some son, or a wifii _whose lineaments are
- 7 - already - changed , eyeey-wliiie-ahner.ed y ou
preetraio by the weight of indigence
sending forth crieg, anti lament:Mr:m.o with:
• oat finding, a single beim , to extend to us a
hand nrpity Polosiansl ' for the
.slave there
is no consolation ; his respdin and his glory
sire eclipsed forever.
These are the sole means of srlvatior.
Let ne' all unite, Let us forget our donreidc
iclisagreemeuts; and authorities, army, peo
ple and priesthood, all—all form a compact
mass, and resign ourselves to death rather
than-turn our backs to the ,enemy or survive
• our misfmtunes and disgrace.—Let us swear
' to God to die for Ills religion, and to the
country for its independence. Let us swear
to the tender child, the delicate maiden, and
decrepid age, that our blood shall run in tor
renis-;-that we shall have sunk into the grave
before these proud Vandals shall place a hued
upun them !
Potosimis ! these lire the words of your
Clergy, and we shall not fail In inctikNite. in
the villages and towns, arid from the pulpits
of the capital, these , - grand sentiments. In
the-teligion-uhicii,your-fathers ,
have left you, the countiy which I leaven has
- awarded you, the honor at your danghteis
and wives, the lives of your lender bikinis,
and'your whole !blurts fate. II you wish it,
- You may enjoy them all. It dependson a
• heroic sacrifice: Make it !
' Two Mies are left open to you: To he vile
slaves, or independent Catholics. (Moose.
- lithe former, bend the•lsnee to the invader;
- if the hitter, prepate for the combat !
Comprehend it , --these- rue the lust mo:
• ments. II by indolence you incur an unhap
py liffif, your religion must towurine
hardy soil , dkgrace and igruniny.„will lull
upen you To your Priesthood will remain
= the.satisfaction of having exposed viral the
danger, and indicated the means most &lee-
.tuarand best adapted to our circumstances.
in relation to Santa Anna and his reputed
cowardice, there appears to be a very large
end powerful pottion of the Repuhlic still in
clined to belieVe in, and support him at all
hazards, and these friends have influence
The war spirit was - itretenAng - daily, and
new Measures constantly abpted for Carry
ing on the war with vigor A suliscripnon
had been taken up in,y to defray the
expenses of fortifying it against the approach
ing army of the enemy. Thousands had
eubscribed in sums hom 14¢ cents to 51000.
A letter from Durango says that Col. third
phan had countermarched ter Chihuahua, col
account of information reaching him that an
insurrection had broken out in New Mexico,
and that an indiScriininate Blau; iter of the
Americans had already commenced. The
• report therefore of Don iphan's defeat by Al ex
icans must be incorrect.
A decree has been i , sued against the li
berty of the prows by the Alexican govern-
In en t.
Capture of Puebla by General IVortle—Skir
mish with the enemy—Gencral Valencia al
the Bead of 1-1,000 Men.
The steamship Palmetto from Vera Crnz
arrived tit New Orleans, bringing dates to the
224 ult. • "
General Worth entered Puebla on the af
' ternoon of the 15th, rifler a short skirmish
with a party of lancers sent out to oppose his
advance. Four Mexicans were killed, . but
- no Arriert - danii.: . -
—.4 14 0 IR Munn Ira* in IhR riLy-ar •
• - . haat once -left nr.d pushed on towards the
Capital. , It 'is' reported that Gen. Valencia
ll'as betweenPurihla - kiii:the Capital; at the
'head 'of 'ilihrteen•thousand. men, to. resist our
-Itiiiher *lvan Fe ; . . . -
. The' reigult of the Presidential electliiii was
' •• hot known: 'Banta Anna, Eliiiaga and lier=
, , :rdia Were Candidates among callers.
' Stinta - Anna is said to have had rodslilefa'
ble force with him when he passed through
'' - • Pueblirtvfiieli - is - variously estimated at 'from
fifteen hundred to ten thousand.
!"' Capt• Mayo, of the hricy, Governor 'of Al.
varatio, - 'starter on the 13th for TatisCoya;
' which town se rendered to Mtn without rc.
•,',.; eititimee.
":,'' On'his, return his force was tired hpon, and
""Fussed MiilahipMan ,Pringle Auld, Ave, sea.,
,men WIN, bildlY •wmlndea , , • , .
"• Pi.lterfciii haS7been ftlVointed Presideht,
l' ‘6l tfi t e Board of Health of Vera Cruz, ,
''. ''"'A.'. pcirti,of''giterilliis, fifieep'iti
. numbeT,
' ' l ' Ve're , eurpriserl,
„tat*, otose to Vera
- Ciiii,.. . ' .., .. : „
'' Captain Misop, of th e Rifles, riled, on . the
'lrislnil'ilireitifi4thalltoi,,*eXinSittt . iitilF
„ t lt
a Wagon tr,aini. .; • . .', , . , „
' L Tliii'Fiira Picavune;,putilished on the rit'..
t ''''ieirrion,cif, the 27iti,' contains , the co vesper].
tlefice"Of ;11r... Ketirtittl j le,the afternoon , „oi' , tile
'i'cl'it i '''Ail,vraii. firincihil:at'l',4pPitt• f - .:TP 6 , pea
'' tF ' 6l :ail r riiatfd :iialisfieif, noder the , cpatrol 'or
`''' . teen. - .Vfix. ii.' :It' wits rePPife.d lhal , :,§an!a.
.. I ; ll4 ,Xitlia,ii. 0044 ; 0 , gin liailii,i; 2 B' , lniir4s„
:;;;.‘OriOlifl la;lbuL AtPlita, l Mlil . gqq9calli, 4°P!' ,
, iitco.o4 6 ll!.S :.;hAP,*al,r,i,;,forco,9!'„,4,2,oo r oeib,
ia'fAv t t i t-V t ;if ,fic i i.•#44r.e;hflAci PrOTrk.lll•l4s
- ir i ettgagernett ,siyiiis ,nl4ur” y, orppg
I :e‘PPRIL'Aic,)4 O :Is'A; ' o . l!o.ol4 , o:l?fi,,tfllions of
( I 1;. 1 A0;*0110 , 0 8 1r41• , NYMP.krOSO, bg*thfr - I
ii ‘ ; I. ql4slo ` 44 oo l .lged ' ti!LPI '1 Atlf9lairlliti ''Pro,:e.,
, i: r k t , Mt•f4; . anotliO'; ' higci...,i 004 2 , 4 0? Al 9.r.R4 Pyi
, 4 :l',,VailY,l9, l ?Cd„rl, l o) ; !. .1..1 , ' ''zi '''' , ,'o: , '' V4'. l. :' '
i 11,2 • ~ ll,tirrie,irinOos?a tftpt"lloA, *0'440 in'
,- ' O6Ol oPitr,likXoniO* 4 ll4,guttilt:,:,,-,
i'7 i: T rii4l, : ly#: MO !It : 4,a)tailiPt4 l l9R, 1 6 ,1/ i i
--- Ljf 36 l 7 o,khe 01, 1 t*, NY ik ‘ k)c:9ol.allt; 4 l.}:
:'''.'' ' The tram that ettirtesk 'Yropr,,,v,ptilt cht; t PR -
' (lee the escort, of , capt t Valker's Rifles, had,'
...., t ii,Ved,lit pa1e1y..,,, j.. , ,, , , • t: • 1 'h I .ij..,;/,l.:;''. ,:,,
', 4 ,',." oreistileida 1141'11'0 op attactrokytouns ti. .y 4 ;
~,. - y ap , . l ,e99TeS,FlO; L. , N • t'"..'' ' ' 0 , '''' "10 :I'''
.P2'4.l''' ; 16 thit to4P l itlY. , !iii .Me.ggerillto: near e..E.
i :,,i . ; _ i ; ''d rte ttt ;thettetparatulefa„ryrec killed
C'' l' ' - A 4 . 40;1 11 14 i 1,4 44 3 -ta k t IPFJ P 9.7 7. 4A,
i t
,!.1. . .. - 1 , 0,61-ficopts.ol9B. ~,P1.,0 . 8,.,
..O,J . taiiiii itlittiretl i itit' the saute time.
tp . . _ P. toc,, 0. kift*., 5.910:1!P;IPal.?7,11
t r , ,
i t
r ift 41,, .01 .firtllt4, ~ ..,00gtiorl!p„
, , ; . op-citt, .t' Ger °Wel,
) ;Jiii#':cintiiit : ;retifrOffWot),.l4,extoti
~/3 " , q .,he
'2.;,#cqu e 4rii*tsfx.itt:lslititkilai',wll4lol4iiliAlli,r,
a 2, c'
.- .-.-
po armed' rineli;-Nktripped of her oargoDin v
burned. ...i, l . #. i
\ IYl4j...DimWrldll4ll,.arrb*rd at 14:44,C,..ru5il
kO,Niiirk,tici)brOgliOlif tirefgogi tilid4
64i'infuntry. o r k,
.. f.,(1
i .;Cpr. Sowers hid4rrivett ao; t er4,C.lrui o n!
tlth2qd tallNtr**teltes froiiiett:Nootf -
, 'e i irii.'7learteve tifitertititipd 4thiii.6en.W.ortl6'
rt6spatehes ifiud been cut off, rant tione l hail .
been tc;ceived either at Vera •erdz otn.,JLalupu.
The New (Means papers ,have arrived of
the tttith of May, and 'contain later and high- .
-Isi-important-intelligettee-from,tlie*S - ontherO ,
division of the at my. There a2pears to be
no abatement of the u war feeling," and ap
peals ate Mill made to the people to
- their &Roping - Spirits,—
The report tha} Gen. %Vocal had enteted
Pebla 'con fi rmed... %.Islo opposition
wja mode to Worth's entrance into the sec
ond city of lexit:6i Satita - Ahlia.,iti spite:of
his threats and boastings, instead of opposing
Gen. WoctlNtlivisio piecipitako
treat begirt the advance of Otw vTetorions ar
my. ilerNta was elected .Prcskletit on the.
15th of May, at the convocation of Congress
at the carnal; This look s,ait if Santa Anna
.was not as NNW' rill' la; esatititt3 lll.o6
recent accounts trout Mexico would have is,
b It is not stated what vote Santa An
ita received lor-the Presidency, n1111°112,11 it is
well.rhnown that he:was a ca ktid a t e.) an d
lhat his friends. Wen) zealous in — Mlyorating
his 'claims. A train ening forward with sup
plies for Gen. E. , cott's army has been cut oft
and caphfred hythdeherity. Our despatches
does not say which Olin it was, or what wos
Its value. ThiS must he expected, uniff're
ht fercerlitnit6illyi nt: Vau t: . ; eti itisntiieimir
force to protect the provl:ions. monition:, &c.,'
that may frofn time to time lie forwarded to
the army, The departure of volunteers from
Vera Cllla exCedds the arrivals almost as'four
to one. The vomite - bas not yet made its
appearthice . at Vera,Criz as au epidemic, al
though the weather is insufferably warm.
The health' of the hoops at head quarters is
genet ally good. The wounded at Jalapa are
doing well.
From the Public . I.Ooer of l'et9 . 3.rdny
Later from Vera ,Cruz.
Captrn•r, if Mexican 'lncens—Supposeel rkfion
of Herrera-I'l4mph of the Peace Pnoiy—
Naftla Anna entering the (Inpital as Presi.
dent —The Fornito at ! Vera brar..-- , Gtif fly.
tar Preparing id Advance—Desperate Battle
Expected. •
fide steamer James L. Day arrived . -at N.
Orleans with dates - Imm Vera Cruz to the
2.5 th of May. There is nothing later from
Ge:netal Scott's army,
nmtlore , Perry. itail-Copto red a - tost
little towifs-on the Coast. lie was about to
attack ToOasco, wherfte enemy was 2.000
siren z.
Dates have beer me eived from the city of
Mexico to the 19th a May.
:j4mor Ilen era Was supposed to be elected
President of the licpuhlro as the petite can
:Santa Anna has left the command of The
army of the Cast to assume the duties of Pres
ident'at the capital: lle was to was to make
his entree on the 19th.
lti rilettel• ptiVglijal in tiTh Mexican' pa
pers he states that he ha I been hOistrionsly
engaged in the organiziniun dl Guerilla par
ties to harrass the enemy. He had also is
sued a manileste to the nation 3 bet no copy
of it had been. received id this country. It
was to have been published on the 20th:
An account of Saran A tine's operations in
the east was published on the 15M., in which
he boasts largely bf what he bad duce, but
does not say metier the !Mere.. •
The Government was thinking .ef some release the American prisoners
'EI Republicann was again trying to excite
the tears of the people, by mposing the de
signs of the monarchical party., It says ~sec
lot agehts are at work to change the farm
of government."
The citizens of the capital seem to be rate
less us to the fortification of the Capital,-
The papers wete appealing' to them to lure
out and provide defences fin. its protection.
The (lei - minim 01 Gen. Valencia from the
capital at the head of five thonAnnd of the
National :nerd, to tmi'e his terse with Santa
Anna's troops, wits daily expected, but had
not taken place at the last amounts.
Senores ( itneerrez and Iriarte have resign
ed the•port-folios of war and justice. The
lortner in succeeded by Gen. Alcosta, the lat
ter by . Luis de fa Reese.
Senor Deland° remains as Minister of For
eign Affairs,
Our Pacific squadron, says the Pirayune,is
busy on the Western ports of Mexico.
On the 21 , ttli of Aril. a squadron of six or
eight vessels was eV, Mazatlan, from which
a thousand men were to disembark to take
the town.
Letters rim Mazatlan say that they were
milling, every. pieparation (or defence. But
if the descent is made in as great a tome as
is represented, they can make no resistance
of much account.
Other accounts say that the pert - of San
- • .- -- ..
as menaced b' our squadromand
that it was the urpose of the Americana to
lantiandiake- e town.
Tlitiomit nas made its appearariee in
Areraeruzi b tas ‘Yet but in few cases.
~ , V erti.Citi. .has'alreatly nearly recovered"
,from +the et els! of , the'-seile. 'Tlie
.) -- ienple
are return; ~,!-glUtt t'loitolishecl 'Muses are
.being relmilythe strgets cleaned; shops o=
paned, and. ciliate afitivity of .a setipbri dis
played. : , ./ .. • . •• • , ••,!', -.. • 7'7';
• Ad Vices hai•deneen• reeei ved' finrifth -Bra
zos to the 28th init. •A "utter; rinbli4teil in
the Delta, from Monterey dated May •15th;'
states that Gen. Taylor waa fictively
ing,lor a mote, and . worth! probably Start for
San' Luis abouf the first of wbere•
other grand' battle wste expected, Whin
%yr:add iiierhably be the 'firierstruggle: of the
- A. - deplorable duel occurred at Chira oii
May 21st,' between twialrii•giiiialtaataatints
anemathetl Mnbnui They foughlWithintia- ,
iceta loaded with backtihoti aaditiOth
tkrtc 411 9P1/9!. °",,lclg Pal agraPn• /ron 11113
,Alexandriacl Gn4atta; is , approptiate and 'point,
: I continn : 6o . o ,. bp' , believed" itiany;
that thine Vit'sin ti fideritiniiiin g of tioF9e sort
or -ethet,lhetwerin'Mt 'Pelif,ahil 'hie' mend Santa'Attila' ithaf the ' lattei'Wee e ,tio,' pita!, Ite a
peace; it'd° ne'titirie et'eti" itOrhe centingtnioy,
not underettiatt, -pi' eaplitinee - rnefigricts.ot
debates he WO' iiiih - arithjfield lilieolideqacint
loss, of 'OW er and , infl (lento, hied' Apt:teed,
,iiiini'of th e f theithe'n ilultilling' his tigreeinetiti
Where M r
_Polk le twfind another iieftiitilkhli'
*heel •to'malce ii. like Bargain ( late ‘, j)eazling'
• We 'hepe the '.'aiil tnniistratiee will'
'II6C - O6tieltioldel 'GO t'Taylor metsiviiiif failed
0,40)4 SiintalAhtiattliel'oripertenity''alip;ght.
re . at' irnatiatirTste;eadreharge.6o - eitihiec!)b
, aliitikti i mitifdriltig td` be OhipPecf; Ilid'itiiPtott' l
eibilr ~ of a contineeriee' Of the ait.P) hi the:
hi&afal a; it'Vrbelill,tie gratilling . tot.the publio
ieurlositYt tairttOW.- t lithat haiNtothe qihe' ; 'lltrer
ininiewom= l :376,l7 !v ti i .4 , ,,i , \ p , 1,1 ~.,,,,,- 4 4, 'tli. 1 ..!'a
I' . ' . ,'"'.‘ ~,';'( 1 ,t; 1.0 1
iiiegyocirre sit'Atia*iiiiiiiitatit/nriiiiiteratta)nt'
diiiiii, tifO?otii,lif iiip 14)Piliiiii:iiiiii i th# ' iii
'yl“rn i zir . ik.o iiiiicCplAti l, haitin( W
.A., .1" 4 " ,, , , ' 4 ' 4 • ..o , 4 .: 4 ..4 , 74- '
.n(4610001] 'g lepartmenteginkthq'R,Jr9tlo9 . At't.
pOltierrj , in' wleoh l 24,ols.l)oesetetityP9 . lllitlik
Cviiiliiiii*tali'd btiiiii:l4oiii i rb4ol ,, !4 t il
"to;t; a i ,perptlf!';,lfiltek'cii , 'id 4 I-, hi
)trneiwinc,`it.fteati!iiiar,bdibte2":,4left h '
, liociqititeioo4o4icy,*,r9iiiiliiitot) :,#li.,ltt - 0,,(
China. :;.. : '' '- `'", ':: - '" '''''' "'',. ; ' l .i::' , ''/t : i'3it.
',..:: , -, '..N''' i' , t , •.1
R 4 721
Kt: ) .At, l ' • '
TI l i tt l) r ".
'EDNESDAY, :IUNF, 9, 18,.*.
Otio'T)otlar arrd'r tty.ceats
ildvairee-L-One Zrollat and " SOVentyiFiva
-Cents-if paid -vrilhit °rat -the end '''of-sixf
months—Two Dollars if paid at tlteiciat oti
.the year.. The.ilerattlis,now-the . cheap•
est paper in the eeenty'l , •
Their - Me Teing and Tari#
.. _Candidates
„ror Governor,
'or, eaciar Commissioner..
'OF CIT111130.1;41,1) . COt NTY.
--woonriiterot-- -, A. - 1475:61"eCtroT g9 rk
Oak and pickery,Vecia Nebo taken at this
office in payment . t4 sitlartitnitT.
06—Presidont Polk hu.atetbrited "to MlA
ingtoc: lie received mauy enthusiastic de
monstrations- of ropuct On _lda route..
Otr-Itir. 'WebsMr reached Nev York on
Tuesday last, on his return from the 'Sonar,
much improved in health.
0:',7 - Johir Quincy - Adams left Wa4bington
last week on his return to his 'residence in
assachu -ells. -
cil•The election of Flerara to the Prestb.ney
-of Mexico, if it proves to bee.orreet; is, re •
gutted as favorable to Peace.
The city papers have been so Chen
hoaxed by accounts from anoymous letter
writers of zleetr - fiehtFjfitc:,ptirporthng in - have
taken place in 'Carlisle, tiiht the account el
thoriot of Wednesday last, `Width we fern-.
ishcd in a slip, was received by them With
utter incredulity. %Vitae they rapublished
the account they - cautioned their.readers ar.t=
ainst believing it! Meantime the most ex
aggerated and terrible verbal descriptions of
the affair have gone forth, of which the liar.
risbuig Intelhgencer of I4itlay last; gives the
- following an - Thc - 7 - Erst --- Ntrsion of the—story
which reached that borough : •
"We have verbal accounts to-day in tnwn
cf a 'jot in -Carlisle last night about some
slaves. According to tho report, several
slaves _weft) arrested,.- The negroes arose to,
release theni, alien n mob was raiked and
a tow excited, hnd in The 'melee 'a boy was
shot dean, and one man was killed by !Jay
n, his brains' dashetront:by a thick-W.- -
This is - the putport of the story as We have it
here!' •
C* - We - have bemurequestod -- ra — pnblislr
for the public information, the law respect
ing hrgitive slaves, which wits enacted by the
last Legislature. A copy of it was however
received too late for this week's paper. This
law is extremely - stringent in its provisions,
and shutp out the slawholder horn almost
every chance of recovering his locilindlive
Property, At the time the late riot occurred
m our borouglythe official copies of the
_pamphlet laws of the state had not been re
ceived here, end so little publicity has been
given to this law by the presi, that we be
lieve boththe Court and the members of the
Bar were unacquainted with its provisions .
We have heard the eeekitutionality of the
law doubted, but whilti it remains in force
it is important that the should be ac
quainted with its chtiraelerc
€`r-The ledger, tvhich exhibited such ex.
treme caution in copying the unvarnished
lint correct statement of the riot given in our .
slip,, nevertheless giviss itv yesterd ay'S paper,
without any ,eXpeession el doubt, tvhtit tis, to
say the jeast, aYetlier fanciful and eiagitire:
ted description of: the ellair,maileitip from .
letters. It is due to Prof. bleCiintee'k - xv . :,: ,
.name is prominceLin .014110_
of, yesterday, that. his .case should- not be
harshly prejlidged..: TIM! ptiblid:Afould tiO:t
tWyriselyrniq . .geee'yously towards
,apart Troia 1,10 unfortunate affair tve ali know
him to:be a gentleman . and 4 scholar,) as we .
pi* to do--and that is to tialtiiiitiently un-,
liOhe.factii :1 . 1#6 : . e:ilitoUght t ent ,by. legal
inv.estigation..t. ~;r; .
o:s"'The'Volunteee pets Ibitti a ticket with
Seale Aaria'S 'jet ... 6 on' fay the' preti4;llWy;pr
The yolaiiieef ,ticket we ,eup
posehecauseSanta Arkystise'pa'rticulsr Iriegiiil
of Jetes'Ll'olk;Eltlcl Santit "Alta
' '
havelieioa:#!9; ' o inlon,
of the
V 14 . 01te, r oryl!emoorutk‘in, felaiion rto the
Washin'siorFUnionls , p6iOnititin' plunder ,
yft 'lll,fer:yi!ii;hprqriott;:'
iii :Rflt; i ?lt'0 1 #1"/ yp um e a ntO' • fii;;
IeP,Co 1611.14.0Meni?;,,,W 11 , •-,; '11:
r I
The.::tf,elgiPi.aluti i ,.sll;cilil lie ßi i9 ig.lia. v, alrissl.
ad a serieri;ot:resolations„approving of the
gen oral ! foatures,of •14r,,WIlitryryisrplan fcir:r
,r,.!!lpplit9i,t9gt.cl4l's9llAciuric:d,t l ! ll ,
ltepresentatives and their Senators in Can.
Inissistolliti.the' plan' - their prAtplit tifientiaif
, R •y i r i l t s6 ;. (cir ty. , , , 07 r.l ‘ I tA, :'! , l '., ...I`l ,: f r ‘.4 1 . ,'
7 CA `'), A - C , l,lbivA
c5,704/4TheiNV.ashiligtcin Ilnirin,strysiliatutlie
'oo,lo'd .l , l oiia,i l pXasee,k;lP. , P/ ( ?'"-§i*".',.t;
itli!'*-4044:lk.Ap.'"jiiii;j5, that
inaitialtloridc,requit.,r,liOniinsliattitto einep'.
ter viterfr lAir Poliirefereiiiirui!'ati corns Biel to
OW iiii.aiP]riffli'!.kiiiirkti iiOifOkiWtOiii! ,, ')t 1
. ; ,,.. 1. ,,,,t,. , , ,,, L'A++ , li •(fl :i.,4 'A'' .. , ..,"
4 l'A'44llo- l Ai iiieltliir•S.‘ ll44 eiritiiitiViiiiiiithi
,„ • ~j . ...,, ~,), il ~i 1 1 4,11 , ; ,,0. ~ on
, rceentlY i kilit.:Pl4POßfir'irCiT•r,ick , u9iNtasti):
'j e r . * E'lliri.Y. - K -6 1#4•, 44 ,:c40. e 1q,' rii fifdeiiiriliii:
'aiisirititiiiiiirsirfethlceitntstinSiritirnm:y4 4 ;4 4
'4,4 , bi, : :0 4 4f1i, •40,,: '
, 11 r :riltifirpsliitinliii40' . 04 , 14,*(1n#44'
' !t i k t k-04 ol o i e :.) )( } i, . ' lo cxe,t4i4gi : ,
, erI.DIOP , . 'o l. e.ZlPAlP f olkiiO4 - !...tigiefiyii
W*4:070' , 0,00:* 1 4 1- z##l44o#'hlA.)irri,l 4 #'
. 1 0 P ll oY l oiti r l'ON'* i W i ht,Wt.9o ' t ,
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l '' ' '1),10i,g5:0/,',*4iV0:47;'.4,1;5A1c`,-,,Vfi,,,A3 ,;,
:?..':iif4.:.;:,;.:%iii:aitalf , ', 4,:q,lL'aikeialla44'
'Gem . Thylprs *PoTiles,
.1.1142 tecent Jetty- of, General Taylorto a'
genllemenlleitilifflitOettles the question
as to Iffs:#illitign*Sit4o,Ae;.a candidate for
Ilrepeeidenei ilßeilltis-polt
nice Tl whitis' : tite.stitliffed , istvot
rig,ht stainp." n IY,bik. „
'tf ; lobottiaii "seurew which is
rather more conclusive than General Canner :
Cithstetiißeate - , - - - Thatierreratic , Advecatei ,
(a paper of alto locofocetir; der of democracy)
published it Baton Rouge, the place of Gem,
TtiyloPts.reeidenco-gives the- lollowipg
coital of his 'opinions • . •
cointempowities'are disputing about
Gen er altqayter's politics.. There need, be rto
difficulty on this pond: TaYliir gave his
last vote for Gen. .Jackson— . -iie would . lialfe
voted hr Henry Clay, at he lute election ;
because he personally esteemed and- admir
-edliim—asivstatesman-Faml-lverause- ho was
opposed to the annexation of Texas, on eon
stitutionaLgrounds. ,says bele- no party, but is called Whig. Gen.
Taylot thought 'dud the War leithWerito could
'Anil oar it hates ',unattended. We:M.6 satisti
ea that rt is annoying to the . eld General to
hearial his tiothitiation lor the rresidency.—.
But,. of One thing we eau assure our creme
. cratte,friends,..Cern democrat i ,aral
I era Will.say further- - -we b'elieve-he • wpithl
never ask a.question
,iri appointing Men to
°lnce. as to their politics, lint his, measures
liyAlAmet_harinelkixe withibe....laie. Sad.
re ' t nvt l i i lv n octatic administrations—so:reel'
Ww . letve 'not the slighest doubt the Baton
Rouge paper gives a, correct account of Gen.
'paylor's•opitiions except in relation to the Tar-
I'M' in regard to which we are assured, upon
- A(114661y which - we ileum entirely reliable;fi
that he is not less sonnet than Henry Clay
himself. The editors of the Limisville..lonr•
n'al, for example, assert, as within their per
scnittl knowledge, !laving seen a letter from
Gen. Taylor, written not long sinee,in which
this subject was touched upon, that be was
Opposed teeny interference with the talifl ol
1812. And :be Cincinnati Atlas states, on
the authority of "a gentlemen of the highest
character for purity and tvutli,and weliknown
ss a bosom friend of Con. Taylor," that al
though a cotton-plaiiter., like thousands of
others of the most intelligent portion 'JO:that
class in the Soutli.western Stales, /cc deciil
cdty in ptior of a Protective tari ff, and r'is gond
o Whig in evero river! as Henry Cloy himself.,
The proof of the oid General's soundness
in the IVllig faith is now as clear as it can be
-unless we should be favored with an tine
qeiyosal declaration frpn his own pen—
t-Vlach', Until he is openly' it - candidate; it
would be as indelicate in him to make as it
would be presumption M others to ask. We
hope tiiii '"assurance' by its Ineofeco con
temporary will he sufficient to satisfy our
neighbor of the Volunteer!
Gen. Irvin among the People.
Gen, last 'week paid a visit to Reath
'and Pottsville ; where he was received with
every tnanifesfation of respect by all Classes
ned paAies. and availed himself of the
opportunity to look into the mining-opera
lions, iron 'manufactioties,&e._ in that bustling.
region of the dale. •So prepossessing is our
excellent Whig candidate in his appearance
and !paiters that the lueofoco papers were
compelled to praise him in spite of party an
imosity ! The Pottsville Democratic Press
says f
Dis.rit:ccuitirm VlFlTER.—General James
Irvin. the Whig candidate for Governor of
this Stale, arrived in l i onsville on Monday
afternoon ; by the eats from Reading, and tun
up at tl.e American Douse. lie remained
hero several days, during, which, in compa•
ny with revere' Mends, he visi ed many of
the.mines, and received from oer cilizens the
attentions due a gentlemen of his c'mracter
and standing, Ile is plain and unosienta
, his personal appearance, bland and
prepossessing in Ins manners.
And the Pottsville Emporium, an equally
decided locoloco paper,speaks In terms quite
as complimentary:
(I Gen[Jnmes Irvin, the Whig candidate
for Governor arrived in town on Monday last
Mid took lodging at the American 'House.—
Froth the little acquaintance !brined with him
. we cannot liclpsalmitting that we like the,
Man' irellotiough, but do not relish his firm- .
ciples." : „..,
Fiore the very day of his nomination to
rbEt present time tilt,. Carlisle Volunteer
labored hard to show •up Gen.' Irvin ~as an
, iinSident and-overbearinglarisiOuraf," jitoud
andhatighly in his manners, and an oppres.
sor ,rti; the , poor: The locoloco ,:editors ol
Pottsville, however, who havOie'en and con-,
versed with Geri. Irvin, deSeribe hini as the•
very opposite of all this ! The people may
.now.- see -what the Volunteer's munitions
tailings are: worth.
. .
I:ram. England I
airiired 'tit Ildston
9n., I jurf , dfiYi„ ll / 2 :1 11 1%1 1 41YP1,1 ) 9P 1, 1dOes Jo the
- ,The,most Important n ews brought by this
arrival is iiitcirmationjof.a great. advance. in
. Fm lo and Indian COI n. !Flour Aran selling
in: Liverpool at 60 snd t 53 811111 li n gs Per tiarrel
-....and Corn Meal- at;68•16 l'iTt Shillings , pet
qiiarter—beitigan advance OrhFlour., of bel
tn. een .eight and len shillings; Or tin reel) anti
tuptolifilleallqf . 42 TandFl4-shilleigal Oiii•
ittfarter,'since the last accountst , Thetilinalli,
.nees.of the stook of grain ;all , oeiv:Purnriep
and the: scarcity of rorisioner is gi , 4ll;ai the
.oause. , _,l;;', 0' i',. • -, ! , 1-'' , i , ~ ~' F', ' -1 .''lt' ; o•
,;; ,r P.
Mstroartivogart.;-...kßareelana paper
°rifle ad :of May:qttitear ; :that the Mex 'can
privateer• lin iodii of; it era , Cr b z,. r carrying One
gun Sad 53 inen, , had captured in;.The 'Waters
of Africaparidttorought-itittatirerilond the:iv,.
mericambrig•Ctifinelliafof 4 9 0 tonsi'Caplaia
Edwin, Littlefield l ;bound froni'Pdneei , Polio
tniciniiiilli Eofide to Tinistil:ti 7 l -- 1r. , ml it cA i
. POLITIObF int critirir. Shiss,44inct , lh0 •
corrimeneement'o the ; mari ngainst , Mexii36;
b,) , ' me roori elee2sol; ia , nen 1 bidisnf to?
l i OAIq..!FP / 101 11 - 1 9 9 r r#9 l o P4 t r 3s ,
yok!jpirou.stif : l34sult) compared with that
ft ti
.spigt,pr, vrnue l olootippy'..i I, J-11 :''' , E , ll l,, P
i ~ . .'t4„ ti'? ,%A._ l ! ''' , ,•184 62 '/ l '';''!;'' , it'lB4lc' i.'o ,
ti , ,,' , ::. iiit ,iilVldge. 4 Dern'; , ; WhigfivDorrr‘.
N. Yrirle4; - :,1 IkIT-1.43,=' , `'2l , '''' , '2B !`” , " , 11 A '.
Pen tfilyt, a jiti:l4 /2"ll'`‘'.l2' 11 ''',' '.l7' , , '' 11 1• ,, ;:'
ohiris, ,, , , ! , ? ,, iii.ffz;l:jCiiTo ' , 11'). , '- 10 - - n
Nirginia •,y..t - !iii. ~' V, - -, :It - 1"',. 1- , •13-,. '' , .'9_- , ;fr
1: •;.1. ,;;;!iiiiv.;;;'C.D•;-I,:fri-1......,;, .....-..d... il - ,.1 ' Lib!) , L ,
': 4 ' 40 , 4
0 . 151; i If . 33 •';.!)' , 61 4 1." , ;! , ' ;50' , 1 .. 1 31 , ? , ;
:iiNit 4 :o - s , ,ybi ..,' 17.:
Y,Ot'i , W4o , o l, l4'?iiPgiii!, l l l . 6 Ms',: til #,
P. 1 1143 1 40 5 014., 6 4rt OY:tiO i liK;o l ,ii,gi: 6 ,:i4
fMrNAWNtif* , ',.gi4 l (liiiiti , Y , i4ql4 ,
miinso, iikwifieAtiiisi,riii*Ogolvaiiitoo,
'416. -- . 'ttiwifitolv***6oolo
, .07. .;•tn *rt .,ll:- ;lF 4 fikittAVYVNt',2• 4 ,:i
'ci o*kvtll• , ON ''';';‘ ' ,4l'l4l;WF:A.Od nii iNi
' lli;igli . ."2alitaktP"' TrAVA'
A Velei'an . 1:101te it er
Thi3 . gtitirt agkinst Gen.4i.' l Vincti 4 lhe''
locoloeels Clio 'lk y
oannot'say that lie to't 'rich tz-SI
mails .2Or by lega ' CioNfrodi
or any other
verance; industry •:rfleji•
know that all the wealth General Irvin 'hat,
he worked industriously to secure. NVell
Governor Shuck is RICH too—or if he isn't
•TIimjsAND_ DOLLAR* : By,
FFICE-HOLDINd:!! I rice Is ;uif
it is becauseleis riot jrudent and-economi
cal in his habits of living. Read the follow
"statement and see what a
lucky offleedlobler Gov. Slunk has been.-L
No . Wender he is opposed hi the'ONE TERM
principle, when he has. received
'For nva years' service as 61nrk In the Land
•' - -
For I wo years' service an As'slstant Clerk in
I.lolise 0.1 Itepresen's, *lOOO per year, 2.000
For NINETEEN years' services as Chief Clittk
.01 the lhnne al $2,000 per year, Including -
perritisit es, 00,000
Frit,ibur years' serviers no Secretary 'Mite
'FalB,llow/cult It and Snortinjentlent. of • .
Ctrnotion Srlinors nt $l3OO O'er port, • 10,050
For Ft Vit DA nerviron tin (11ork 114
Ilitune in 1813. nt *3O l'1131: DAY. 150
For throe yturs',4servivesiAGWvorilor or Mint
eylvaillu, at 83,000 per yed.r", O,OOO
here tie Rod that Mrs SlMilk has been in
office tor about THIRTY-TWO YEARS - rind
reertiverHim - crrorimotts — suni — ot - Orer - 81
public 2'reasury ! And notwithstaading the
length of lime-he has fed at the public crib,
and the wealth lie has amassed in the peck
ple's employ, lie succeeded in FORCING his .
re-nomination ,upcin trip party ) and very mod
estly - als this people to give hint another op,
pornMity of thiusting his paws into the pub
lic,corters, so that he may retire ham office
immensely wealthy. -
A correspondent of the Philadelphia North
A merican,who evidently knows all about the .
perpetual came holder, gives die following
account of his rise and
the Editors of. the North American
have observed in Several papers, a statement
that "Francis R. Shank was taken from
7.loutgomery comity by N. 13. Boileau, to
Harrisburg, in 1808, who gave him, a clerk
ship in one of the public ollices." As 1 have
known somethinc of Mr. :plunk, and have
learned a groat deal more/ Irma those who
have known him, horn his youth upwards. I
be; leave to say, that in the Spring of 1812,
on lie recommendation of die late Samuel
G l oss, Esq,. of the " Trappe,', Montgomery
county ! the-late General Andrew- Poreolien
Surveyor General, appointed - Francis It
Shook, a clerk in his office, He con:limed
in that office during, tl'ie-lifelime of General
Potter. and remained with his successor R.
T. I.eaCh. Esq., until the year 1817, when
George 13.. Vorter, of Lancaster, vacated the
situation of Assistant Clerk of the House of
-Representatives, and Mr. Shjnk was promo
ted•to that plane. .1h 1818,•after thy-appoint
ment of Sarnut.4 b. Franks, as Pretbonmary
of Berks county, and-inbsequently.ea Judge,
Mr. Shook succeeded to the principal clerk
ship of that body, to which he was Nieves
sively re-elected annually with but one or.
at Most two except oats until January, 1839 :
Alien lie-was appointed by DaVid Porter.
also the son of his first patron, Seeretary of
State. Puling a portion of the time he offi
ciated as ('lerk of the House of Representa
iveseavas-also Secretary of the Canal
Board, at a'salary of $lOO6 or St 500 a year.
He served as Secretary of State tor three y eats
he Was dismissed by Governor
Whilst a Cleric in the Surveyor General's of
fice. Mr. Shimk.cornmenced. the 'study o!
Medicine which he abandoned after some
time for that of law. This he prosecuted so
tar as to be admitted ; althoUgh I think, he
never did any thing at the Bar—or at Avast
very little, saving the short time he tried it
at Pittsburgh, with no very proinising suc
Mr. Shrink has all his life time ‘vritten
good hand, and has been industrious, iil-ta
mere clerk, beyond whieh he, perhaps, nev
er had any capacity. Ile has no-fixed (yin'
ions of ltis.ow,kupon any sobject, scarcely.
except to hang La to office. In the year 1858
when speaking of the probable candidates
for Governor, The 'name of Mr. _Fdiunk Ayes:
introduced among several 'persons, at liar.
risburg, when a gentleman present, who as
member of thel louse of Representatives,
and as President of the Board of Canal Com
missioners had known Mr. Shenk well and
for many years, made the following most apt
remarks m relation to him, to the gentleman
who had named him : . .
• "My dear sir, you cannot, think bettor - of
Shonk than I do. Ho is ri 'very eletier, gond
natured-ohap r but-I ieda-not-M-for-the-stat ion
Ho has been obliged so long to obey on.thom
dial masters,(ate number of members of the
House of Represerithtiyes) thtit, poor fellow,
he is not. and never will be, his own mos-
In these obseryntiops you, have the man's 1
char - abler:ln a' fe'W'''Words.' ilis objeCt for
thirt . y.flis ytiars'ltaki:btien to keel . ) in.' office.
He' is by nature riot gifted with a verb vigor
ous intellect and having ; no mind of his owe
he is governed by thiSte about him.
There are: tlionennili of Democrats In the,
State Who will not vote for him—nrefdriihg
rathefio vote in bfank than for him, whilst
manY, who are the friends of Protection'in
the Dianiestic Indestry of the, country, will
vdte,for Gep.lryin. Who is its, ripen and avow
-6d friend; .whilst Mrl'Shunk 'hes beenAtrim
niche, iiig'sallit to meet tit iiews of till - sorts
of foiks'abontli; So that i he has now; ihegon•
fineede of'none. '' • - ' ,"' ' , ,
Mr. Shenk:Os iwii , gr' three great failings.
He lackS'6,ratittithfico liii - ierlyfienefitetols:
'fib lacks, dpoion:'bi<cliarticler:' Be' lacks
the riecesfiry:fiaerky:ll3olle place ho fills,.
and I Militant! hfk is ever willing to seen
• fleif the riglit tOilifi'c,ip'ddiiiit., "'" ' • '
!'-','• rtliiiikk lie' liii better he'left fief? keit,: the
! titilkiiiiifler,e , inteliiee,niledit fiii ii,sime;ihht
• he' ma f liivit''#iAre'liiishin fOtl'thif reinitition
,of liis'nld 906; `Witt' h2oW l, lll6•4',l:impii;" er
‘,'llla.Prepile" iisiiiced its hittrie:' - •• •
" •' ''''' 1. ; I 'l' '' `''''"NOpitittllXoN.
wilii qt ,y,i , T fif , i,'...-+:4.'"!, 'I ,i : . ,• - •7 11%, !,, . ,
,1 6 1
* ‘i i qUitt it not.. bcrxis Wlit,l 'Or eann •of
these) vtl the ;Lee° .6"oew.partyp who .IM)theit,
teat 'pf lei'voeteing'ihd pitiiiiiitwiti With ;Mar
wittl„rienitleof dr,olk to read the, follOirnm,
, extract; from th'er Welt; known work Of 'rho
tgrelati,esslirnplar of tltefrpatty,Thomas 9effetl
`iiiiii:' , ,"ll l llll;kifinitiitlii'lii.Cailoitii . on Yir.
• .i , 0, , ,, , , i.•••id-i.rii••::• ~.., i..... , ,
.ginii." -.. ,;•, - • , '-.., , :iw ,, ,::: la,:. ... '
if2 , ..PlCeVerirkfl i po,mu e h Isla 0 ,?, arith metic'
.:th'ehr i t eta rti ph to go to. vit . sr, 'Mem ,tlet,rnktoy c i.'
.W1110)1 it 4/4 1 1 agotilto:loin,at'•.the.eic,o6l(jl,
hing;wat).ailittle;,town or wolittle.tpritOrYiltne
l i gi llClUt . W,POikh 'Pre; AOri,eatc.h, • filltit there,
evindett.inf4 iMprotringiwhattAhOyr elrentilf
-pposeege`¢?i,ais IrMlElegri/luloPil*ellitl'ilativ.terer
1 1. 1 04 1 18.+Ilerltli%! , 03prffiiing;t1the,"ffillOiftlit.Villid'
irig .001103.04009r;th,einiiele.: , poor,:it , ,w§uld
trensipti4tot7op9kplrofilifirk.ltltc447o:oBlol l6 ,
'ityo , o l l l 9 l ) , ?.4otFPPlPltAikiioPgiNv A li'kel99r.
wieilomi' , AO:iffift'tw,th niK, • ,?!‘..i•,',q ''•:!t'i - •• • i'!;: ,
I• A,*, 4 ;i''' ! 'l',.' ;, ii'! ..,-,.,, : ~, :,,i41Y.4:44'4!-F•L!!!F
ac-oisi',o - .o.iiiiiiivOifyifit 4 4ool4l.iifiitiio
: , ,T', , ,„,--60 , -.., , ,1,g,„,
,tv ladwi!:-iik:i..;v,1.1, , ,r',:g , z-2A- , -4matryg0..„6.:4,1,4,„
- 1
Atfting * IfeitheiCeoni'onfeliftide
ndigltpprsi.whoS paperK'ttpßear nl day iiiiining ; !iii'ade not sligifterklid 4 tlce
o f4 l %riotous:Antbrehkji!lii s ch\o9c f ni:red: . :Ailit
\lrdithesclayidterfeur paper had bb'en .
offi we penned a hotly description o! it,
which we immediately issued in the form
of a slip, and forwdrded to the neighboring
ToiiiiVEritlitii a number oiCur coniempora
riekLlVe ro:publisb it to-day with home
important corrections:
. — Tunatilt
CAR rats, June 3d,1847. , , ,
Our town waS:tlift.Wn (pro mo
tion and excitement yesterday afternoon, by
an attempt on the part of a lame portion rtf
our colored imputation ' '14?$C110 : ;several
Plares -- who - hnl"baq - dife:lfeit
The slaves (one man, 3"—woman
girt,) were arrested in the itiorningpainf irl
the afternoon 'taken before Jtidlge -Ilebborri
on a writ of fart/Ctrs
and Ilrandebury appeared' for The relftier
err tV. lifer
.r.RL for the pariies claimt.
Mg, the fugitives In the course of the•lieriri
inn, 01111,1011 yin was taken 'fully identifying .th e
slaTes aslbe property of Cols. , Hollingsworth
atik-i\ir. Kennedy, of Hagerstown, Mil. E 4
eeptions werdtientaliTny the coiinsel
the - slaves, to The commitrneritby the Mati
'istrate and 'tire bolding of the .stivoi in
custody .of the Sheriff. These.. exception
were sustained by the Cortit,who discharged
them from the • custody, of the Sheriff, unit
,Were then taken in (gunge by their-own
'RM.. A seem] svrit of )trllleM cnipiss, to
Mrirn by what right they were held by the
claimants, we are infermed . was imreediate
fy taken ont, Inn the hearing of it was' pre
vented by the occurrence of the riot.
During the hearing a large crowd ef infti
61110 negro men ansl women gathered in
and about the Court nous°, Who evidenced
by their violent conduct a dispositiOn to res
cue the fugitives by forces An attempt was
made first in the Court.roorh but quickly
frustrated by the constables.
A second attempt was Made as the Slaves
wetrbronght down ft Om the Coutt=roorm to
the carriage, which resulted in a serious ri
ot. The aitaek was commenced at ,the door
of the carriage, where before - the slaves were
got into the vehicle a general rush was made
on the slave-owners and Constables by the
negro men and women, and a frightful toe- .
lee ensued in the Street, in Which for - some
minutes paving slones.Were hUtle tin show
ors and clubs and canes 'used With - terrible
energy. The result was that the woman mid
girl escaped, while the Man was secured
and taken' back to Maryland IVe rlgret
to day that Mr. Kennedy, one of the owners,
was very severely hurt, haying been Jelled
to the earth under a succession of blows from
stones and clubs which completely disabled
trim.- A boy. m the streerby the name of
:Mock, we are intormed 'Was also so severe- .
ly wounded in the headby a stone, that his
_life is endarezered. The remainder of the
party received no serious
• The rescue was a bold and vigorous at
tempt, and although there were numerous in
dications Of such a disposition, we believe it
was not seriously apprehended by either the
slave-owners or our citizens. If it had been
ts stronger force and more precaution should
have been used. Mitch excitement prevails
in our cominunity In relation to this unfortu
affair, and the Sherill and Constables have
arrested a score or mole negras, who were .
identified as leaders in the riot, who are now
confined in to atrait their trial. Our ci
tizens generally made no interference.‘—
Tne evidence that the slaves were Inges,
was clear and the mass 01,4:lei' citizens there
fore regardeti.them as the 'fifihtful-pcOpert y
of their owners.
asmneli as the Whole affair Will be made
the subject ()liege in vest igation we refrain
from all comments, We teg,rrt—extremely
that our borinigh has been madC the scene
of so disgraceful a riof, and espectalli' that
its coMicquencos lade been ,so serr
ous sp vp
ly wounded, has since remained in the hands
of Drs. Myers and Milhen,.two of our most
experienced physicians, froM whom we re
•gret tO learn that hiainjurhis artl ens as will
pretinVy unfit, him fot actiVe &ties for many
weo, Besides being much bkitisd„iii va
rious pads •of his person ) he. has suffered a
r{oroserious injury in the dillocation arid'sev
ering of the jobit an/ligament of the right
knee, 'which will probably cause lameness
frit Mtn The warmest sympathies Of our
citivens are with him under his unhappy mis
fortune, The boy who was wounded, is now
doing Well; Ilia' injuries not
.being,as groat as
was at first thought. . .
Carlidd s SeleCt igicloiol for May.
• ES .CDa ibirrtnVt.
guide/ B;11, • .. A 6n . • ,572
Lew 65' Keepenl, 7 A • 60 "•• 480.
John Ilumorich, A • 66 ; 417 ,
41 NO. 12.
,1(1 . 161147 . 166111 A • 9 •
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•,,,,seb.l,,,:—,,kenpsylvania - Regi ment.
Pattdsylvanian are due to
thg itior.o) New
.Orleans Picayune,.
for t*! ; frolic:pies defence of the Pennftylya
iiiii, 44nten(0, engaged in the battle of Siete
GOrde , /41
" ( Wcrilertr'n hem the American Stir, pub;
fished at Xalapa, that a part of the Find, and
the wliole of the Second Regiments of Penn
sylvania Volunteers will remain at Xalapa,
and with the 3d-Artilery, form the garrison of
that town under Lieut. Wrilatfre
tend with pain to-day inthe Charleston Cdp
• rier, a letter containing gross imputations
upon the - mirage evinced- firthe-Permsyl
n amain flue action . iff SierruPrifallt •
first whiSpef 0V51361) a ehi4.6.thgV)lnkrittaili
.ed, us,. at id oppof i ed. by,,,a).l44l.4y,dAmokte
lore heard of the batile. We applied at dfite
to a gallant field citfieerho was in thesame
division with' Ilia Pennsylvanians, and hire•
self in the thickest of the fiuht. He unheal-.
tatingly disconittenanees`thilrerlffii. He rer
presented the 7 Pettitlvaitianti,. offiders and
men, ag eager for : the fray,: Sucluvell
Trove to‘' , the trtul_in.._rant_t§_le
Pennsylvanians, firmly , . believe, when
the true history of the di vision,to
were attached mules to be4rittert.'l Tenn-
Sylvatti:a dries not . Our !berth re„liments-of
you - rig , Mei] , Whii'eaellortileihroaElifftiiithe
so - aide—to use Ille words of the writer eflt)e
letter. We hope he Will learn' the facts of
the rase with more aecuracy; eruliheuhiqigst ,
to make a - nOotIA to the Permi•ylvaniads.arit.
era! Of Pennsylvania has reeent4 o,jy,en
elaborate dpi non,, at the instance of the,Ppr
crone, on a question whitlWpxepprikerous as
it is, lias ac•nally been presented by these !
lion of an other sate. To fatiliatelh6cliteo.
very of Ingitives trom slarelf ; Wei at , .
titre of Maryland passed an ttet,dgelar y i
,feluily in a slave to run awayliand tiiifngtt! .
' 1 orn Maryland has been, arrested
sylvanta, under this act thei , differene4tellg
that a felon roust beset - tendered Omtheirtere
requisition of the governor , but ar• fugitive
slave cannot he s pivot% tip ISatil at lensti-piijna
. fircie proof of Ins stave ronditkm , prodneed•
labens corpus bemu. sued' bul . r alleging'illeg:.
alit) , of .the warrant , tinder which: the ; slave
was arrested. the oppinion .of the Attorney
'General. was a4ked:. and heave it,. amuse,
to the effect that the Legislature"of Maryland
Valtual make lhal felony, in PenrisylVania,
which, by the laws of that Watt and the ere.-
stitnti ro of the United States is something ve
ry different.
A PLAIN QuEs - rto,-11' a setrant open,a
door in the still * midnight and giv.e admiss
ion to a murderous burgiar, is he not an ah
cessory, and as guilty as, the other. h i then
Polk issued a pass to allow Simla Anna to
.ern p through our blockading-s,quadton-, and
Et - liti admittance to Mexico,. to - bead the ar
mies of our enemies, and murder.-our citi
zens, oho 'is most •tnAlst our
toe ) l'Obk: on SANTA AsO:
Camphell'a Tennessee Regiment:
arrived in New Orleans froln Vera Crux on
the 201 h ult: There ars Only 250 of this gal.
Lunt whieh originally cons.6ted of
upazds_nl_ eigla_buttared -, 4nou„--left-t- 1 -4 4 e!a
Than one-otiqh of their introber - we pr4ulne
were slain in battle; the remainder fell vie
anis to di-ease, which kills twice as many
as-the sword.
Santa Anna aotested thal he was ready
hyshed liis - last drop of blood at Cerro Gordo•
llis protestations am worth as much.,says
Prentice, as those of his Iriend Polk
swore he was ready to shed his last drop of
blood on the line of 6 4 deu 40t
Ire begin to find frequent notices of tear.
Gages beßvron our countrymen in Afe.iieo
aid the senoritas of that cactus-gro‘ving sun
, a
clime. This is perhaps the best mode of
. ,
conquest, but sour bachelor frietW i suff;ests
that it is tire very reverse el ,cOnqueNt a
.I.IPNSAPATtfLLA;—TIiis medi
cine is l•onstionly. perOldrillittaf most ineredi- .
ble cures of-diSenses• a Mil - fig' from im pn ri es •
of the blond. The ittifrintinate victim of her
editary disease, with swolen glands contract , .
Cll &news and bones half eitrionil lies been
restored to health and vigor.., The &cicada
patient, covered with ulcers loathsome In
hitne-If and his attendants, Inns been ';in i tule
whole. I I tind reds of peions, who hail groan
ed hopelessly for years under cutaneous and
alandular disorders, chrmiarhetimalism, and
gunny other coniplaints•lliringing Imuip, de
'..,erocal or the Relgethre--awna-zuWilio
circulation, have been rat-ed as it werOrern
he reek of disease t - and now, with renewed
constitutions sladly testify to the efficacy of
this ineatiniabfe,pillperation.:_lOktescfmotty
'of ilio.e who Mire been cUretti - bylta 6 ase,
with their residence,, has the,rnevit overwhel
ming testimony could be brongt forward pros
ring most conclusively its inestimablevyaltie.
Prepared tirltb old by
iSa' , II . SANDS
. streel'Neyio;Yrogr'f'
Sod also B' .
..E4P1 4 17,
b 1 in rIsIL' bid
y nroggists generallY thrOqii`otkflfe, tin
ed States. Price $1 per ,bottle: Six.l:ettles
or five dollars.
~., - -
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,JunTS, OtITBREA XS, 'A Nn it FthEtticiN.":: iv lien
3 nation is eon v oiled by , riots,
rebellion, the true remedy 1 , 1 to iliitiicr the
traitors, or evil tfispooed oneNfiern tbe coon -
try. , „lust so,with the, human , ,body . when
pain in slikness'ol any 'kind. "giveei eitnitsnce
tft et •th 13 'bonsutution ia•struggliowycith inter
nal fens; Our oily course is , to expel,. or drive
out those morbid burners whiell 'ire in' all
eases itt ri tot o'neePe‘ of tlistittenJit:r Jul
1, ii l rialiftt /Winn Vegetable Pills aresaaketo* ,
letlget(:to be , the 'very best 'lt eilieineAl the
' wtolliotTr ester; ng Lihe betly . lo - It to l ltif 4 te=
cruise, l beY clePti§P,lhe Osirlin i.1j,' 66 eViS 4 ' unit
natural: a•ma a iiert 0°,4 w ~1t1134 " 0 ,, Veil of -
every , kii itl, of . suffering cc
,jf t by., ilfg , A
single 25 cent Vox will ,olthect g:te, is' Aost
test(rtf,hijig. trelief,t. and "lierseverenots, wo ill
dirlveMtm,ery'llehe tit - Pain frorn the NtrilY
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