Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, June 14, 1843, Image 2

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- • POESIDENT .• •
ithbjeet ,tri;Oe-tighlsiollioraNittinal"CtMentiW
ilt ' ••
.- ,•'igpx.64i.:14;..!',1 , 61. ! : TIT& puBLIC,ILYE.'
• •
:currency, regulated by the
wtll'and authority 0f4119 Nation. .
• .2.' An adetpht e•
~evenne; with fair'Protection to
- • r •
todint,o - on'. the Vxecuthre . Tower, em
futtlibt:t4trietion. on, the exercise of
Withie*:equitehid ilfeltibillion of the proeceds
?.:of;edles'ofibumorig all the'Stutes.
6c An honest:'_and economical adininistratiOn 'of
the General Government, leaving public oilicers
••-,:ilerfect freedotnchf thought and of the right of
but,with • suitable resttairtis against
- inptopan.,interferenee in elections. • • •
.:6.1 An tthiendinen t ' to 'the Constitution, litnititig
Ake ieeetebent of the Presidential office to 'a
..... i l'libse'olijeo4 . tif.tikiiied; I thiiik - thntrwo-shoOld
:tome be :tifilidted with had administrathin of.
Alto. G,ovoitnNot.—Hr.tinv.CLAS,
.sl4lLitt -Central
• Citommittec: •
3ONATIIAN ROBERTS,. Esq. Chairman;
;kink riPprussia P. 0, Montgordery.
GEORGE W. TOLAND Esq. Plirludelphi-ar
PETEP.':RCYONO, Philadelphia county.
jail* A.: . FISHER, Esq. Harrisburg. -
• • "1-InisißY PHI -Esq. , do. •
WILLIAM 'CLARK, Dauphin P. 0.
torkupbirr count . Y. •
,Col. JOSEPH PAXTON, Catawissa, Comm.u
bia eounty.- '
. Oen.,,JAIVIES IRVIN, Bellefonte, Centre, Co.
JOBbI , STBOHM, Esq. New Providence, P.O.
'Lancaster comfy.
THOMAS IL - BAIRD, Pittsburg. •
.•.fGen.SA NIVEL ALEXANDER, Carlisle, Cum.
S.IIICHARLYS, Esq. Reading, Perks co.
. Secretary olipte Committee, JOHN . A. FISH.
ERt hart.,..llarrisburg. •
Clubs, and .Democratic Whig
ilibs , throughout. the - State- are requested I o - rc..
themselvds to the • Secretary of the State
. .
Irlt is said to be pretty well ascertained that
Jig: M: Peirict cannot obtaidmore than six votes
In The Senate of the United States for confi ma.
as Secretary of War: ,
peniocrats " of Arkansas 11(1,1 a
State Conventicn'at Columba's-on' the Ist u!tinio.
the prominent Laces in the Slate were present.
Riehard.M. Johnson was* nominated for the Pres.
' idoneyond Col, A. H, Sevier, Wm. Fulton and
klarerd.Crossappointed delegates to the Nation.
al Convention. The month of May,.1844 was
designated as the timc•for the meeting of 4110
National Convention.
l~j Col.Goorge, Mica, has been temoved, frotn
iho:o7lioo of Post Muster, at Abottstown, Pa., con.
‘vislict3 of ninF.tentlis of his fellow
ashingtunts colored servant,'CArtuv;-
Was-iiii i iied o Sunday . the 4th inst., froin Grd'en.
' , !lear'S•Poitit,.n ar Washington, D. C.,.and follow
cid the grave byklarge number onblaUkii.
ivae abot , ll4 , iiar's -- of...tige,'and' was_ for-many
Poets pstlar td,G.en. Washington; Whotn be served
• tl..llll.p4,3sagcir cif.theDclitwire, and at the battle
+of Drilridywhie and Trenton.
' : Erie • Gazette says; the Stock of the
Erie Enqal C.ompanynceessary. to seed° the char ,
ASO* beep taken, and William-M. Watts, Esq.,
, telVfot'llarrisiiurg to obtain the Governd's
`ceptiatco. Bents will be running on this before
taili'Yearti,:even IP no other tad is obtained than
that •which exlstc in Erie county.. • Mark the pre:
%4lptiont i •
• .' l tri"Thr.%trtneastet . : IntoMien= states that on
kin:iiiv iiist; lit'ecineeird in that coitnty, a disa
ercoMen nt:
tliaving dored between Mr. Samnel
Meharry, of that place;-and a man named Hawlc,
from-now Holleiiktito latter picked up a stone
and struck MelnirtyAidth Treat :violence on the
head' froeturing his skull in'soyeral plitpcs, The,
IttinO , Oe.firol. "%vita Oupprised ' to: be slight, and'
: - -- , - 1 1nWir-Traft,-trafforacd-46 ,- -iloriart - --11ut=on=Triesdar
.Itfoli‘trry , locaroo worse, clod, then nearly
ous—.44r 7 which' ho never,:spolio a word, Ile
- diediiii'VtieariieiiOntiig lust.
• ~ ,Fumm. . o functil of
thin*cillent r ,Aan, wan litely attended at Now
49 4 ,,1/!:',lT . Pn? . fttileral•discourad which. was pro.
said hi '
Chi istian,' and
„his ditt#9l:did*rit;. !A . /A - noir! •in - iohoin /haie be.
•-,,, , ZteU0i14;-'4#44p:!iitbiiicieilfnid, 'I depail with. ,
‘5', A V41411; 1413idisithi STis I
Louie —n c
, • p 0c I.
.4* 4 ll 4 #.l9, l l°!!l!?gr:rO# 177."1144 General
,of the
.470AillitiltiirAlifFitiini3Ond acted acCiinoral . ,
7 -7
'. , (4.14 , ~.. ,',. • , - = ,• f,;,;/._.,.'",1 ,- ,:
ti .0° 11 09.e°1'1'U;Net0 4r, -09,.* =';Arti,, i. ,,
!tiikt,f . pOitkAitloiipV : 'll4ooltol . 1 04':
vt .„
, 1 '0,:iii),0 4 ,10641 1 400, 404.11404 4 0 41 4.':
"!?.tiiifil,s , t i .it io ?.4o t r, 0,44#/#ii4:oltifi:Or,
'llOtiti i 4.lkr.#oit'=lo4o lo * I Pilg-#ol## , .
areL et it ll 4Po i° '4o#6l;;, r ,r!Kll: 4l o te f iiit YoP l +4'
,IC4i°°' 4 ,PA l l9o4 ' 4l l 4o.#9'iliiii) l 4 o ioi'rlit i k.
1 3 illtiiihO'*0010,i . ,flere4;i 5 Pfifki*
v01.44i! . ..00 ,,, ,.t.iiitatie, ~ g , ,140-.1-tvoi l ei.fra ,
;ii,iiiikilli;q:f i . , o,iiiiaii . :,:g4.,,ii.;3l4 . iilii .- i,iiii'o4oc.;q4"..
bPpc O ttkOri l iti:aili thing of egiii: 114tty,Ideji'h/fi
'i itielilk4 . trOliO'N , . 3 i),,fhet == otheF 5ici4..'4.... - Anct. , Yet,4v.hilis
:Ite . theter.qe",ii;:foreihie;iti!ilOc:trin4iii tho main
~. ,`,,f;), ' ,.eund-;!',ils.rocornpietuiitione `Are „ . stren gfr,', it,
vailltkied, \4&titiesdynaiii?iheld'iltt'iititeitiinetho:
`Tafig.'Qu'esifin biniaichtiit'lo:iiiinierettil"Freafy
l+,itl;"''qiland,}ii',l,lini`li:skyittihlY,r..4Avar. - ivith the;
preetie4 goeo..sense:Of t ,theygpii„epereh-b l epile.
Jtistly Oeorying:ehango' , r, i
the' gria"Clsearee 'et 114 6i1ik14141,i ii.o)figiitclW
aster, he,properms a very grettP , ,:einlAg i Ngiltp,
.L r ,
, i i '' ,l, i , d'f , ii:' . .:ftr:Oni I;re4i`eiity . '. ,iinii l 4l:.o . ,, i 4(A4'9llr 64 ll ,
went en rt-..dou bt—,a ohangeilev't!grof,
' a ppleijeir Ipr'ximria nee tei,.'6o:;o,, , olaik , ,,iiithi . dia . p
Li9n. - :vaii lie apovyji.;o!. ilia, ilk ii . 44l4i4l{loiiiil
promote our ouriiiietfalOy ; dr hinkiiikgpiins n i th .
other natiens hi,Y r e:iq!qiiotzli44iii:!kii46,! , 4 then,
urges us iti
, ti.Y.4 . 4t, , ifierl . oo:kplotled '.exp'eriniOnt
over egaiO!.,:Wii‘;aiiiint ' i4i : eit to it - •; •; '
11trv , i01.94-attl•ltonlips .- F
i=4:fe'r , 7 4 ./
The :WcattiriitlChriatia*Advenote; one of the
organs of thelitettiOqrst:Epiacnpal Church, is pub
liebeff 4ceklAW:aliCeiniiitti- 2 'Ae editor-IFM re
-501, tl3 , :lsjled Ke4tieliy,.Sc 'frein uninteresting ac
entinkeoifs:.:jOMiieY;'Weextriict did:following,
to tis;',,yciv , pitepM:tirig paragraph concerning the
grea(pi*Odlie'ntition end his hepselipld . :—
A PeisMis.Who Sees so ,many newspapers !man
editor 4:;46llange' fiat furnishes; could scarcely
visit Leiington without dnalting'Scirrie ir:Miry
concerning Ashland and its proprietor: • ltdiap
pcned that our well tried friend, brother Doscoin,
'wasdlie long Mid intlinatoqidend of Mr: Clay.—
Their acquaintance wits formed wizen the ft:tinder
• travelled Danville circuit in Ibl6, who, by ilia
powerful eloquence, cogent reasoning, and over.
win:lining Scriptural neithoritics, gave a . .dentli.
blow to the rife Arinnism.ol. that, courtry, which
threatened to overrun Et:mucky: . : Our kind host
conveyed Us to Ashland ;, but the proprietor-was
not at home. Ott Bearing, however, of our visit,
we received a Most cordial invitation to 'died - Cat
Ashland of which we availed ourselves; and spent
three full hours in very plesunt chat with our
kind entertainer, end three more agreeable hours
we never, spent in all Mir life.' Mr. Clay is sixty.
five years of age, but_might pass for fiffy, and
will In all probability. be Will - capable of public
business till four-score pass over his heed, if God
spare him that long. His manners arc as plain
and republican as they. are gentlemanly and un
affected. The moraTprinciple, producing honesty
and, conscientious fidelity, to Iris trust, seemed to
us to have taken cep possesilon of kit,i , s mind, and
we believe governs his heart. lie is now closely
engaged in his duties-as a lawyer, and does not
forget his firm which is in admirable order. His!
house is plain indeed,, and liii,iniproeiements a
round it, consisting of grass lawns, and rows of
shads trees planted by-his own'hands are in good
taste; - and , in -- ccmipleter - ircuping-with)vis TepnbliF
can keeping and, mariner of life. And then; Mrs.
Clay is more than a pattern—she is au:excellent
model for all the ladies in the land. She 'minute.
ly superintends all her houstiold affairs. • Her
little green house, and collection of flowers and
shrubs, are Most tasty and well selected. But
her hutter—yes,her Eutter.(for we cut some of itj
—is superior. From the daily, conducted tinder
her eye, she supplies the principal hotels of Lex
iiegten ; and it is no small glory to lier,•that her
son Thomas showed, the other day, the suit which
his mother purchased for him with the avails of
her butter., Whether her first »rime be Lucretia
or not, we cannot say ; but then We are sure she
deserves it. Tho topics of conversation were.
moral religious and- miscellaneous subjects; mid
we were glad to learn to our satisfaction, that 111. r.
Clay wits a firm believer in the Christian religion
—that he reads Hs bible, and attends with his
excellent lady and family, the Protestant Episco
pal Church in' Lesingtem, and frequently hears
ministers of ether 0 lurches. "•• .
• •
. .
• A Nati nal Bank. .
The hyncliburg irginian, whose editor has
just closed a canvas for - Ceigreisonys:—" We
have had an opport nay, of knowing something
of popular sentimcmt, having seen gentlemen vole
for the Lei:oleic° ,eandidutes this spring front the 1
lieluctinico to
their nviction of the noCessity of a Na.
Mak old party tics, avowing the
ionalrlia e—and we - do - not.hositate - to predia
that tw , years hence, it will be more popular than
any an or any Fifty—and that the, man, or the
party by whom It may be opposed, will be as sure.
ly crushed as the Federal 'opponents of the Bank
wore in'.1817." • • ' ..
Experience, they, say, is a very hard teacher,
but tisueeessful ono. In Tennessee, we aro glud
to find the E eneible and honest portion of the Lo
cofocos are doffing their old prejtidices against a
National Bank, and testifying, in the strongest
terms . , their conviction of the necessity of crest
ing such an institution. The people are begin.
ning to open their. eye's,—thero. is no mistake
about it.
n'There' has act yet appeared to explain a.
way the, facts lately, brought before' this publie,
which, if irrefregablo, convlet the same Mr. Por.•
ter of no lees a crime than .thal of perjury—of
swearin g to,
.a falachood in order to enable his
• r
nephew, the sormif his hopeful , brother IDavy, to,
hold the office of Sheriff. e(Philadelphia, and to,
!Melds poelMtS With some twenty thousand dol.•
kW Just think of thisthe Secretary of War
of the U. States of America appearing heroic. the
ing to his character!—Franklin Whig.
Tapalutstim Destroyed.
We learrarern the Savannah' Georgian that on
the morning, of. the 55111 ult , , a fire broke-out-in.
Tallahasse, Florida, and notwithatanding the,uni.
ted exartinna 'Of 'ilia irihribitants, 258 houses, in..;
eluding the prineiPal b . nildings, • Pririting,`
effreett,:stares,-"taro---hotsbeai!'uirchandive, ite.;
were destroyed:.; Nothing now remain tau a few
dwellings lq the putntrbaef .t hp city....,
'There' is rt,strang '-diapositton' axlntAteil is ar r
oral ceuntica. Maryland adverse , to the-pay.
ment of the State t,a.a;. in - some . caries the - county
. . • .• .
Coratnlealonare refoao 10
,9"9.9i 11 .1 „Oft 9 011 0010,0 0 .
antlln'allira;tha payanne
,appOptei4 to, tha t
refuse' to, ;: iinaapt":„Thle
,{Zl' . 4 4 '. ‘,
. • .
Salitirel 4 , ,
...,,- ~ ..,4 ., , , A ,igti11tP90.4,t i
,t44l"AolErlor,! , Ԥ'rs/tr .4 r 1 1,,,
o#o . Alo,4o#44)lo 4ll :pleßfrAlf,
c i
` l l4 4 4 4 44o: 6 :it4i3O,k'oei n dig i, miCth i lk °u Orf,
igiettolp,cAriffiiyAWiedOOn,'of it' (ITO(); pisipi
6' . : j :•; *l ‘2 ,1 ' 41 0 0 * 3 W,
14. 'o l:l eailiii' whic4
,coli, iii t ;iiitrin9ritelligcnde that the §and:
1 A
. : ','l Z4 4o !! '' . l C*#)4o Fi t*Pl 4l i'i l lit#lo' i Yi bf
tiltislN,liii: l rgeftinlifee-ibiil : Pe!'go . P 6 A B ,
'ned'ibi 4l ; ll , l 3i 44tik ? ff,00 16. '` ,6 :0 1 0? 0 0 4 0; 1146' e !
Thb oitaitl;eorretiiidnile,i?e6WWfiteii,.the , ine . go.
tiation was.conductedieilubliShiiilolerigift,-fienti
which we make the TolloWing;.'rtairathic,• It
seems that inimediately .CTI • lie' ,arrival' Lord
George Patilet iddressa a let(r tri the GOvernor
of Wephisiv`ahntiutinlng, that he'l'itUleiniiii for !the
purpOtirlf)effUrding proteotiati"to' Britful?deli
jects, Mid `demanding : <instant: infornialloni• 11 . 49 •itk'
w hether.thpiCing , hsrl been; nbtified tif••liiiiarriinl.
The Governor
: replied that he, had, triok•but: : that
t.hey Wouldhernediutely inform him of his Lord
shys wishes,. andthrt the , King ;Amid probably
'Ve;therli in ebollit 'six - ildyS.Y l On the 16th of Feb=
teary, Cant.Paglet w}ote to the' King dereanding
eiirivate interview on the 'next, day; dt; which 'ho
said , he 'Mould liiitig JIM' own intetprclei: The
King declined to, grant him o piivate interview
under those circumstances, but Quid ho was ready
to receive'any communication, or if ! the business
was of a private nature ho designated Dr. Judd
as his confirlenthil agent. — ' :•:. . _
i •
To this Capt. Paula repliedthat.6 would told
no intercourse with . Dr,' Judd, and Onclosed_the
donamis which he consideied it. his duty to make
upon the Government, and with whieM he requir.. -
cd 'compliance before' the next afternoon... The
difficulties complained of were connected with
the conduct andtrentmdnt of the British Consul.
:Mr. Charlton bad been {ho bonSid, but after cont.
mitting a, series of highly disroputa ble: acts, And
involving himself to a large.amount, he had sad.
denly decamped from the Islands, without giving:
' any notice of his inteatien.previcus to going, . cu - .
gaging passage' in 'the name of anotbor person;
and in the hurry of hia 'departure forgetting to.
pay his +creditors. 'After his departure a Mr.
Simpson produded ambority from Mr. (Marlton,
- ' • •
delegating to him his consula r functions, Dlr.
Was ebnoXieue to the, GoveinrnMit for his de.
dared hostility. Ho died* openly, instilled the
Governor of Oahu, had publicly threatened to in.
volve the GoverrUnent in difficulties, and even to.
procure the hoisting of tho Englishflag. He had
also refused. to - abide by the - "decision. or jurists,
and acknowledge the existing laws. "His recog,
zillion was also protested against by two ag'ents
of the lliidsOw Bay Company, who represent,the
Chief commercial interests of Great Britain in
these islands. •
'Under these circumstances the King decided
not to recognize Mrs S. as Consul till lie could
learn the plea4tre
,of .the British Government;
An attachment had also'beett placed Upen proper.
ty of Mr. Charlton for a debt decided to be due
- Ur3F;TI n triaMitiO
Paula ... dr:Mended that this attachment should lie
removed, that the property should be returned, that
Mr. Simpson should 'be recognized as Consulobrit
new trials should be granted in several Whereas
es .which had 'been .decided, that a guarantee
'should be given thatne - British subject should be
placed in irons unless accused of a crime made_
felony by the laws of England, and that the
cases between British subjects and the natives,
should be tried by juries half of.whom wero'Eng.
lishmen. In the meantime the Captain's frigate
Carysfort was cleared for action. Information of
intended hostilities at 4 P.-'M. tvas sent to Capt .
Lung of the U.S. ship 'Boston, at .12. the pieceed
ing midnight, and to the Amerioan and 'French
Consta, tit 10 A. M. of the ,day of the expected
attack, thus giving the foreign residents nearly
six hours of day-light to seek protection for their
persons, and to remove their property.
The 104 was forced to comply with these de
mands to escape an attack'. fllr. Simpson, thus
acknowledged as Consul, immediately formed a.
variety of new demands; when the King seeing
that there• was no. escape from these exactions,
and well knowing the ultimrite purpose of' the
British Captain, issued a p_reclamatipn, declaring.
that ho was "in perplexity by reason of demi.'
ties into which ho had been brought without
cause," and that ha had been obliged to 'cede the
Islands ()err which he had been King to the Brit
ish' Government,,and abide the decision of the
Queeri. • Lord George Paulet then made precis
motion, declaring that the "British flag 'shipuld
be hoisted on all the Islands of the group, and that
the•naiives should enjoy the privileges and protec
tion of British subjects." . The Government was
to be adMinistered by the Kingand a cominissien
cf 'three British gentlemen, and the laws . were for,
the present to remain as heretofore. '
We have beard of, but' few equal instances,-in'
'the annals of history, , of unprovoked and inde.'
tensible ultprpation and' outrage: From first •to
lust the cease of the British agents is this Most
disgraceful affair, appear; to have been one of the,
most tenachius determination to fasten a quarrel'
upon'the Wank mind defenceless, to afford a pre
text for theiron hoof of tnight: to trample .right
in the dust., That.our own . Goyernment, or that
'of France, will, look iarnelY on and permit.. the
consummation 'Of this outrago we cannot believe.
The independence of these Islands is esseutial to
.the..interests__otour_trade;:in...the__Pa' •
interests, usovell us common juitiee, coll upon'
us as a nation, to denounce and to prevent this
conrisumuiatiou Of this deed of iniquity. • '•'.
On the Choice otia'Wite
Gn,,m'y son, Said the Eastern Sago to' Taintorit,:
go forth to . the •World; bu wise in the'purSuit
the accumulation •of
riches,-bo.wlso in the choice of ftiendst• yet lit.
tic will this avail thge o if.thou ebooseat not wisely
the wife of thy' bosom.
A %viro naintiHwhat a 'rosp'en
sible 'office ! 'She must' be tile unSucitteifsinc";
tuary , to which 'wearied , matt : floe from , tha
crimes of tho, ; workt,'and . feel' that no, Bin-deist',
enter there., . A lilfc S h e 9294.*pur0 as the I
Spirits.areund the Everlasting thronc.AhaA man
Mai Vine! to her over In adAntraAion; and Atiaabc#:;l
A - ,ArA.:stip'il;iistV.;' the' gUnrdiCri .
gel ofdiie fontitiiiiktin',Ul4,lb;6 . ll`ltildi'tfii;tit ; ;AO'
Cl Pi t t c9
Tnia o l9 4 ll ißT!! l 9 4 n.c °, 4q f° li l? S r9?I •OF j l4.
tiiipekio::tii!r ii9Aeliii*lB i`tii!feipy t
`i!0 1-6 4
,114#00!;' , 1.,.(24Egi,. ~.
'R 4 hq' l %*i,LT4. , . - irlYM,g,"..ol*,lliitie4i
iAlite).l(6oit ~,..„ ''' : - 4 ';',,'',: 1 ,4 • A1.:k i3 0"
)i) , it;Eiti,kti il"ft 7fi: .):4 ' e # l "'lf 9 ' s°lo.
*or Ovvb . ,),, 44', It; , 4 , W)estif
/Y 1 00400"*. ,' ',
''ili t. 44 .! :• '' ' l ,4% .1
'' #:SPl l, ! i rf'S:
$8,060;660:1144- A li t* i io': , ! ‘l' ': 461‘ti **i ii:
, t 4. :- 4 ) l :#.,fiii
.40A141401t#,A 0 4:
. °l .g . h !!;;:rP,W-"),t' et IW,j titolo,o?!.P.t.j.LTl l iA. l) . 4 '
.. fPrOlt.-P-010;:kkiiPt0) 1 3',1 1 .rT r iA iiii rtl i tqA , .'4,'
liitpr :.hive g . ntieriii144r0442 , 4 1 0,”,i4 , 44C*0'
the .Lenefonee:'riPtijite,Of4,44llne,•dnnt'illi - #ii
'ciiii'O'ni - thei itt4,ni. 6 ,lfrii:liii it : i4.:tnid .., sie;;X:44:
:fedniinini#,4ll:ti,ftgniiition 4, n'O.:iti:.r9lickr 14 1 #
..,74! ; 14-04t,it,rnapdi:#0 add ~, 0 !.4.,.1.g,t41i?,0Pertti:
of the Seerefary, °l i the Treasury, it appears that
. the hAft'hillil'in" cdriiulation" in , the Whiale of the
•Unieti:in,lBl6;tinuatinted;to'96B,o9o,ooo: ''Thia,
Wharf:69;re the:charter' . oll,te..United Stated Bank
4Xld,whn ' ti ' we .had:heeinititltu'Ot,a •Nationnl4ank;
19F: fqa?49t1 4 .,. ,TheligAiii.o*9 . t,, 04 bank was
then granted , witk.ii;,itatliitaf,.'or, thirty-pre nip.
lions dell'are: iiiSt',S i Wy'diPit'iSieil follow? 'Oh
no=Very far from it.; ~Pefirteen years afterivards,
Orin 1830; ihe *hold ; . 'ititou'nt of` hiink "paPer 'in
circulation, trate, all ths'hanks i was 801,123,698.
Being,a;decreastr in, fourteen, years, while the U.
States Bankwas In Nopporation, of nearly .seven
millions. ' '
'Well; Whit nextt'.'..l'he President vetoed a bill
jee. j.e
to in Chnii . the' . bank 111'1832, and then '!khat
'folloWe 'ln'lB37,ll.ll3"baitl 'piper, in clic:ninth:in
hatl,i creatiefito 8149,03,692. ' These things ere
One thing More, to show -how the speculating
feller Was set a piing, and when. As soon as the
public clenosites were remelted, there was a rush.
for them, and the money Was taken .to buy - Wes.
tern lands, Eastern timber tracts; &e., anct for
this ; purpose money was.borrowed of the banks,
and new banks were, created to Make more bank
paper to be used in the same -way. In 1830, the
aniu'unt of bank.notes of all the banks, State and
National,. was 820,451,514. In 1837, a year
after the iiiiiied States Baltli - ehrter had expired,
the loans had increased to the enormous mini of
8525,115,702. "In September of the same year,
the banks stopped specie payment. and pore than
half of them have not yet resumed. '
'Tile Deserted WM.,'
WO copy, says the N. Y. Tribune, the follow
ing advertisement, which in itself contains a
whole history of matrimonial faithlessness and
proud resentment, from.the Columbus (Gee.) En.
We certainly "feel disposed to aid in the
cause of injured innocence :"
, •
85 ll,rwsan.—Eoft• my' bed and board without
any pause or provocation, my husband, Ale,ran.
der> Thompson, to whom I Was lawfully married
by ''Squiro.Melfendree. The Bald Thompson
loft this city a few - ilicys - aince - TUT fratti iinkiiewn
to his loiing and devoted wife. My hue band is
twcnty.four or five years old, but has not yet at,'
rived al the yearn of discretion, He is about 5
feet 8 Inches height, dark complexion, blue,
.jealous-looking eye, and is usually suspicious , and
-distrustful of tilo.o he has taken an interest in..—
Any one, who will pica information of the above .
personage to me at Columbus,ivill receive the a.
hove reward, end the thanks of the most chaste,
viittious and disconsolate wife. •
Editors mho feel disposed 'to aid the cause of
injured innocence, will please publish the above.
The following letter, also published in the En.
quircr, may shed light upon this case of "injured
ininacence." We -copy it, as the Intelligences
says of important documents, " because it, belßßgs
to the history of the Com." It is 'from "LIMO
Racket" to a friend:
"Don't u reilcolect 'sum 7 or eight mtmtlia ago
a rich widdur that
,cuin from Stewart kounty up
here s'parkin 7 Sholtourted a Mister, Thompson,
retalo decler in waterimelluna, appali and nua
nced seeds, jist a leotle ahoy Ruse & Darnard's
store, oppasit Captain Darrow's hotel. After she
,had addressed him far a short tyme ho . begun to
tide 'tender Emoshuns,' and fynallco when he
herd she had $30,000 Dollurs ho She could hold
out no more,' and the wur mauled. The
mornin ho swore she was an angil—it woman
what jist suited him, fur she hadn't bort a pare of
abuse in 7 niunths, and she was rich tu. Ho kon
suited sevral Lawyeraabeut the beet way fur-him
tu go about Lakin charge of his' dulcyneas effex,
an Our gittin thur advise lib went tu lihr Home
tu -proklaim- himself -himself 'moniirk—ofall- - he
surveyde.' He found . that.all warn't gold that
glittiirs—fin, unfeeling retch ! he desurtcd his bet.
tur half. Sho is now on the look. nut fur him, so
she ken give him a change of klothing, (affekshu.
nate kretur) fur she sex he didn't hurry enny
with • him, She reqwested me tu as to u if u
could git cane infurmasbun konsurnin him, that
u would oblyge herby bti drappin her a fu lynes
thru the post *cc; and that she wishes u tu re:
kwest . the Presydent of Texas nqt tu him,
marry before she gita that. i•
tinlT fla me—balc sacred lye,
What banes 9; gental,snles in,l ;
Ou ckwnl wings Oar pleslinrs fly,.•
Lr CkWal streniei'tliar sorrows run.'
• "That's not so horse, as the old lady sayed
when she got choked man hole hominy. dust
du all u kan fur the 'poor wolnan. 0 wimmin,
lovely Wimmin r Jude Kolgultt said in a speech
he maid in the Kort house on Greene's tryal,
that u was the konnucting lynk between man OW
THE SANDWICH .Ins:res.—England will have,
sometrouhle to main possession of thOse Islands.
The N. Y. Journal of Commerce ads to the
statement it made ^a foW thiye ago, that England
and Franco recognized the,lndependence of the
govornmeitt of the Islands, Other fiefs. , Fianco
has agreed to npllif the treat forced nn__liln
Icamehamelia by Capt. Laplace, so far nt, least, tr ,
it permits the introduction of French brandy into.
the Islands, A commercial company company,in fiehjihm,
has entered intakirne important arrangements for'
trade with *the blank in. which king Leopold
takes a deep ‘interest., Their independence and'
integrity are are_gow, thelefore,lnaranteed,by, four.
nations. These recoglait!salis took Ono, in ~Em.
'rope_ March, a month after the Islands had been,
captured by Lord George Paulet.
• DTA pretty pihde, sauntering . on the
Cap! 111,ay,withAer sentimental swain, was ISCI
s huck/4V Als indelicate allusion to tho.” bees•
log,,boseat" of .tha,oyoau, that slrdiseaTded him
11 .4 W, i , fe A., w l i al t i q _ a 8, 1 t w 7 y 4, ifi c , ? , ' , I rl i';k 4 n ,. 4 P .,b lv ig q .,; ;I : p 7 1 ; ‘ , : 1 11 1 P , I r p e . o! , l 3 ::p . ,;f t .1 4., f ;
6 0 Wejtitititittnd.' - \ ' , .. r
~ ; ~. ,'.
, . 'T,i kt ittoi l : Time!! ;IP:Yet.' 11
1 . A hi t nuipber, 441 r1. 4 4,1 t01 1i, t ii i ii, j iy. , he .
riiklpatii ,6 * ; .# l 4,l9l 4 C a i rl li e toafriii,
. t . flipiliestiiiidltiq't , , sk , 1 , 1 4' ilid'hill'447
k oubtl that b' n , 4-le , , ,E. ....
Ave ,l 44 l fizi /
,tare iiipitAitivltil,.'iar#l
'' ''
03,0 0,0?, , kr4FNePg ',' V'citiyphelid:o,l7l
eiPlSre i 11t ,, 414g.. - .4.. I ,I. 'f s Yri , l::ir iNi A,
" - I.446tigi 'wl , '4 - :I'4 1 41iW 4,it i t d.v..,
tl, AA u,.
'",,V tr;',. r,' ,J.'.. a i l y",' '.• • i't 4 4.1iiti t tql• '
', . ~ ' ,, . .'1 . .. ' ...•,..,,,...• '-:;* t i i i.. o .‘-'
• •,,e, - --.._,,
.111% .:I;iirkilf
' , :,-; , ,1' ,. ' - i ' 4019 . 4.4 -'''
lirta#4 l
W e :P.' t; '40,901 1 .04t 1 kAk ';'.V : ii #'
POiipi)iie illfleietti .:' a , ,4 d t , ittlitni-haneat,
„ •, aws,• ,, ,==i*l. l';
**it . • 0 .
, ~:i',l :4 ~ .f : . i .: t
.• - :,th„viii.o4
.., „
.e' .4 . 4 -i r ipsk t p l op,oot to,
'rbes,'Y' 4 : . wiliil t$ lifVf,,tita.. ,
vo .qeiro Ai '*iitt, Atil. .-4,,iitto ,
o'4 i'ktiOit fiklitogotioimo I ,14400,;,.
i,i048.1, - ..iipm;ioihvolefittaiitlAt'
--xi5`p,,, , ,,, onlin
iftto K ritroi.,... # 34o- 0 ,1, 4 0,-*.v.4.26,iff , , ,
flio.iothiff,,,Atio,ir:.4",.... inwau l tho t t4.ll. ,
iitv-tu , r7orciaAtivillitiip, , , ,, rre qopo ,
piiialityloiriitioc ,. pxiby q4,l l .kiii,i, t..„,0“
aniso , miiitorielixosorti v.i , oupt fk"w'
k - n6miaie l noli44lo:o6l4lCloke ': ' Vii,
lodge, of arlithiv-09000401,dp1A0eflgt4
the lodge:of wikiekkifiiicie‘ineynne nialdf,' te
years.ago;:before';the 'ile'ailt . Of liliirgliriV, : r
not since ; stendett IL ,' kltnite,': deo,ittiO' , ,tli, 0 4
nonnee an inetitution sibieltraVilltl,4o:l7.-:
observation extended, pridsli) to' inlireAatAtitjn
objects in, view, fOtiilol:'4los_,..l4"Pet
letter, irddreseedaonie.yektratticf4T, 4pti#l - 4
eons in,lndiana, is said to have bpdriAnsut tiik' l tk
some, of thorn, Such Was'net iniiillta)l. tioll,L4nt
I think no candid man can point out
,nOir,l itl FOn
sivo passago in it." ' •' ' '.,"('''''..`" tf,4',.'r
The Pittsburg, Advocate; re.publishee Vin.lkttoiti!;
of Gen. Scott . tnid My. Clay, and accompan ies
with the following comments:,
GOn. Scott l'ays be has not been a lUdgc,fin
many years, and has very nearly lost , all recollec4
lion of its signs and tokens, Henry Oay says in'
substance tho safne - Gen. Scott says that the
duties inculcated by Mason are,
_brotherly love'
and mutual succor in:distrese. 'Henry Clay Sayii
it professes to itaVo eharitaato objects in view,.
Gen_. Scott'sais that forgirditwits niers/yet/par ,
fluous and he 'bad tie cause to !inspect:it - Of any
other design.: Henry Ging:Sari it Was 'it least
harmless so far as his own - obserVation` extended.
Ono forbeari and the other declines to denounce,
the institution, and both have withdrawn their
connection with' it, Henry Clay, it appears for the
longer period. We ask - with-eons whether
there is any substintial differenecibetweerillenry -
Cla and Gen. Scott on this sub'ect, We are
certain that the answer of every Cane !pan will
be that there le not. It follows that if Antima.
masons 'can consistently support Gen. Scott for
the Presidency, they can support Henry Clay, and
as 04 are not again likely to have a candidatri
of their own in the field, they will lati`te . lo make
choice either of the Whig candidate, the Locofo.
co candidate, or of going to the indirect aid of
the Locofocos by ,supporting the _political aboli.•
tionists. Wo feel satisfied that the bulk of-them
will adhare• to their alliance with the Whigs,
Flowers of all created things, says an elegant
writer, are the moat. innocent and simple, 'end
moat super - 1)1y complex—playthings for childhood,
ornaments _for the "grave, alin the companion of
the cold - gorpse in the coffin. -- - Flowers, beloved
by the wandering idiot, and studied by:the-deep
thinking Irian of science! Flowers, that of all
periship things are the .most '
perishable; yet : of
all ear lily things arc the most heavenly! Flow
ers that unceasingly expand to heaven their grate:
ful; and to man their cheerful looks—partners , of
human joy, soothers of bunion sorrow ; fit em
blem of the victor's triumphs, of the young bride's
blushes—welcome to crowded halls, and graceful
upon 'solitary grivea! Flowers are, bythe vol
ume _of nature, what tho expression, God is•
love," is in the volume of revelation.
What a dreary desolate place Would bo a face
without a sinlitz--a feast Without a welcome!—
are not flowers 'the stars of' the earth, and iire not
flowers the stare of heaven 7 ,One cannot look
closely at the structure Oa flower without loving
it. They are emblems and manifestations of
God's love to the creation, and they nro the means
and ministraddirs of man's love to his fellow crea
tares,, for they first awaken itchis mind a sense
a sense of the beauttilil and the good. The very
utility 'of flowers is their excellence and great
beauty, for they lead us to thoughts of generosity
and mural beauty, detached from and superior to
all selfishness,so that they are lesson's in nature's
book of' instruction, teaching rrian,tlint he livetb
not by bread alone, but he liafit another than ani
mal life. 1 •
How charmingly ono of our modern poets has
described the , culture of llowore; liCar him : •
"Still, gentle Lady, cherish flowers— ,
Truly fairy friends nre they,
• or; whom of all thy cloudless hours „
Not one is thrown away ,
By them, unlike man's ruder race,
No care cnnferr'd is spurted,
'But all thy food and festering grace.
A thousand fold returned.
The rose repays thee all thy funilee—
The stainless Lily rears
Dew in the chalice of its wiles,
As sparkling . as thy tears ;
Thezlnnees of thy gladd'iting eyes,
Not thanklessly are poured; .
In the hive violet's tender dyes
Behold them all restored.
au bright Carnation•-onee ihy.eliects
Bent o'er it in the bud i . .
And back it gives thy blushes meek
in one rejoicing flood I .
That balm has treasured alliby sigh, ,
That snow-drop touched thy. brow,
Thus, note cliarm.a thine slitill,dic,
Thy painted people roar."
Losraa Looic..o.lThetre'ls'ono thingtas I octet
sec tbrough, blowod if I can. • The President of
• ii-Stht-s-and , thommtt-we .t l ,lteope=th.
Custom. flouse is the people's setwants, isn't
they? " Welh they is,ceui." Werry. ;hon ., '
'spone I 4 3.6 to Tylbie and'stlyi I "old 044;
Want's an oider . Orr the Treashry for liquor, ' he'd
orteestsn' it—he's the people'e servant, and lm
the people theirselves.' ;
•Otrit OPINION or BRANDEETIINI VElierdif.:l4 UM+
voltam: k'ata.,--This medicine; was aoktiowledged i "
in recommending to Our readers,,ponseases wonder„
ftil eflieney , in all nervonndisorders, fits t headiches,
wiaienesses,iten'elnetts'•and . lowness, of spirit,
ness of right; Confaied - thoiighti sdn'd wanderings '
the inihd, mpors.und melancholy; and all kindi of
hyttoricteoreplalnts, gradually, gp oft 'by : the,ose of
this tindinine t in , sicness of the ,stomeek,
cietitadbhstrucilons; it
inideate reMedy.': 'The - first" iiinittelmn a I . a. eO4 .
effect* Are. serealtydmitcheerruiness, das A
Ventatt!TLYPII!OFP , an d COfiqr , OF,Ake , biolfiliil , bee 1
egkite (Oki in tine, ,
~ q 1k;:lt 40nd4ZTYTi
lag ifV144114 and , .
caved i*icedistiiiiidnioitsVogiiieialgand vigor.
clina, v d ti~a . Pyle in
;:igold 001
.tpt44 , ll;i4,,OAOr NTIV*, - 0:;
C r
Cu rd
A;CiYllirrjr OlttijntlhkPir,ll44,.4P
Cultivate no Wore.
1 ''. l • ' .... '.. , ,,,-410# :. , (111.. E- : ,, :,,,. •,
--,' 1 - ~,•i i-0fr1,..k;,44,,„ f : is•=.4,V,q } tit4-,3 , ,.':' 1;
i' , ..!c .....v.. , ' .:-;....-0 . • , ‘,.. , ',. ~, ,v -o t - , ::4- 1 ...; .. 0!,: , ,, ,, f , 5„ :
t1: 1, 70 0 1 ,17. 5i i V , P tl kft.
'44 64 ' ). ... "' -4,11,4tA t' ,5-,,,v , 4 0 ;,t 1; #' 1 •9,
Old iirit#44:4lt .009#0,7)40* , ,,Pg!t*
-o . l4llVitaiiVri:iiiiieriorikieniioii***:
'OckutE4 l Mo l o' , VOikgrio l o.Tplt e
iiiiiteliitqiiii'alcOOli'.4ogeri*mk.ml7. o lo.o .,
r o
e , t
p .
,44 ,1 1.kirig 7 400 1 .0 , .illiik9 1 0P*OW .
810iiiii:444,1;0ii.,i!'iir itotioii:,,A,.:,,'
0070htoiith, the b i t! l cl v e(4o llll ,P.
inert vibrat dtO ' ntoAthil peel*.
: ...Tr ',.. , 4l4l,iserVed it l , and. ouOrtio,' t . l ll itifil?s , l
ilkkii*T . .,**lllisiiiir.q
~,,,„„,, , ,,„...,, ,, ,,h,th,).0.0„,,,,
~,,,,,ce,, ~ .-,,,,,,„,i,,...,,, i-*,
, -*,....04,, ~ t oef
% 8.,....„,,„
v,..., , lti,*„ t( 11,2J , 1 .vc4s„l.t.'.
lt "4.. A :Nip' , At ,,,, , , f.4. , , ,, i5v, - --m. ,, -11 , .. , ' '. 4 .. - 1v44...• ,;7-. , 4
4 !:- ‘ 011 61 0 4 1ktith'0 11 , ''' kV .—.„:
• ',' '. allirf niißligitkciit til#,l! - I '-"fri.''"`...
44#41:; . .rfik,vifii , Ss#4:iiiiyti , , - 444 . r'ii,xol-q
l ieffiii)i4iTioisiffoi.oo::,ol I lk . ',•(:';PlA
940* . $0,Iciiit,ogniii , ,i':17i 5 led lntep,SP49l4l 4 '
':(leititrigbtlibbatirtilornini,mheri 1164 :*.i -0: ,
1114P...'iiiikii.4'lla PieSbytaiian Church in': oi','t4 ,
itgoNiti4i n sl. l / 4 ene of Ills Elduits,ieturniniti;uoV
I,lobitifeh''afiet. the; inetfning•Servlicei. The'bit:'
ieic4iili,,‘iii'alied,senreely say. it Wei the gentle
r priiiniailOded to above-1d by the hand a little boy,
in:Whose daivning eiistenaa centred inany of his
;hopes, and;who-was o f all th at the Subject
foucLe butler? freqnently-fatali- indulgeitpe; -which
paitintatithincis Is. loci ;prone to' liiviih..4lll;
minister andlis eldei_after_n shoals/Ilk reacheti
the hommof the latter,, whose guest the. Paster was'
for the'dat: ';'rheY btit obeyed a universal custom'
of the tinta—in tin) church as well as out of it- r a
custom as prevalent among ministers as laymen
—a custom' which the ehtireh's long 'and fatal
blindness to, may have made her the instrument
of untold and incalculable evil- , -in' Seeking the
side-board, that temple of the Evil One, which in
tlia - blliidneiii Of that : day - , -- inin - liiPiciiii - fantili
he .t. ical•ed b 'the vor side of the altar. The
Pastor and his Elder,after a morning's communion
rpirit above," in the sanctuary, could
not resist a refreshing &Might also of "the spirit
below," when arrived at home. Nor could pu in
dulgent father resist the importunities of his little
eon, whose oye caught hy the roay.hue of the glit
tering liquid,' now craved, but " a . little taste." of
what seemed to afford sr' much cnjoymegsto his
parent. Oh, what merry and odd. conceits elm. :
vesoed from the excited brain of the little fellow,
as ho revelled in the bewildering influence of the
first draughtof rdeat spirits! But could the
parent have seen, t o stealthy tropic_ Mika' coiled,
its poison• in this fir top which' had been per-
Mined to pollute the unvitiated taste, of his boy—
could he have seen in that glass the animal
sule form which was destined :to grow into
a minister that should cat out the very
of the sout-,could the future of that son have
-been revealed to him; with its dark years-of-de.-
gradation, wonse,almost than death, of which that
first drop created ' the destiny—he would have,
cursed the hour, 'Mid mourned in bitterness,of
spirit over tlio fatal injury which Ills blinded feel ,
lugs of indulgence had'inflicted.
Years rolled rowid4the . boy grew, ap.
petite had been implanted in his" nature which
grew with his growth and strengthened with his
strength, and which was (eclat every opportunity
that aflbrded, Fortunate cireumstanecs intro•
duced him into a flourishing business before he
had attained Ills majority, and Into the company
efseniors in ar i aMong whom hisfrce social mull.
ties toon gained him the fatal rept:tat/on of a
iihofe sealed fellow," And now commenced a
career of dissipation,. !bleb all Whti know' front
the sure proof of experienceiis for a little season
and while the vigour of youth remains tmsapped
by its deadly influence—most glorious in its
brilliant excitement—dazzling in its allurements
—bewildering in its fascinationa T full of gay,
apirited,dashing,rcchless enthusiaim and maudlin
inspiration for a few.Yearrt—ihut at last 'debasing
to, character, destr nittie to the inidynhd damning
to thiasoul:, ; '
-- The years - of
,his youth and freshness, which
should hate been spent in holy emulation and
mental toil,' were wasted in sensual indulgence—
the office was deserted'for the bar-roont—home
and the fire-side circle for the midnight revel—the
lighted halls where beauty flashed tiom lustrous•
eyes and ivory'brows, war, poWefiese in their at
tractions (411111st:the more seductive influence of
the bar with its more brightly flashing decanters—
the society of the Virtuous and' refined was
abandoned to mingle with "flaunting wassailerauf
high and low degree "—he was fast becoming
" Lost to virtue—lost to manly thou ght— the noble sallies or the soul."
Thus was an existence which had dawned tinder
the mdat flattering auspices thrown away in utter
abandonment--thus tlib Itlffs'of his soul prostitut 7
cd—the bow . of promise, which hung upon' his
early path reershadowed 7 his prospects blasted--
hopes crashed—and himself hastening to swift
destruction I , Such were the fruits of the first fatal
indulgeheel And yet lip, Was V, a drunkard
in the oftensivia aceeptatiote of fthat .miserable
tend.: • Stern' Or/tit:would have called hinilinstly'
so, but the world which kindly ihrowir its chari.
table mantle over erring helmet:ay, condescended
- ,hoassiv-gently-ati—fiverk--tiqt&-yohnit
Man ,!" Ile was not habitually 'inebriated, and
days and Weelts intertiMed sometimes
excesses I but
,why should the genteel loafer, as
much . proatitnted 'tact,' be elevnted'in
trod, shove the common clrunkird? , c.
But the yotith.was hot destined to be lost. He
had a mothee ands hiater—and:
,- •
• , Oh, if there he within the bottom' heart t, •'-
A'. feeling holier thin All ,else,beaide r :.
1.14-4166 hive that *arms mother's brea st
for ,
elilld-tithe only tie
That death eati Imes.; and litelf • ' •
'Till the late throb or feeling is at test
When'ftiendehip'lied relaxed its ii s froi wears.
nose-r:whin -.pity'eveu' las 'almost.:exhitneted=i
acither's aldeplessi and .-ntidylng effectiapil . waa
O r tilL4nt p p4dtiog , end un essing prayer toe the
resteraito*Aherfallvfoal;",, and slew' was
sle wee
alialrlng to: the ` horn, atilaralteri with:her-high '
V ,
'-''f , """""'"," ^ "'''' 7"'"" . ...7 .. ......"......." - -;?' • ,
, - ~i. • •• '4 , 'or , •,.. , ..„' , or,, Afvkly , , ,,, -` • ...
*llee' 'IP;'Ik ottottiVi - „..4, , ,irPOY:,,Przovsi "'•
iil.9viiieigooir% "tirleyer *as es:
t.Y' oU . d'i 'lf e.. ,r •(iii . 01'4- r. 1 -
-A.° , ~ . .P.,": , , & 1 ,, „.• 49 ~ ! 1 0,,
ti ll t g • iiirii...4,, ,*2, 4 . ':iti!,:#,irr''' %: :Ina ' 4 411 riiiPto lig ,i --'
io" . ''tho' , o4e. r 9filto4.'i'tio..,•ubject •
fi, l #ts l ,oo,4tti'vlio4
'10041*IP.A4. 4 0:004901.10)10
04 0, :'flkftAttit)i.f,gotio.:4# 4
; 1 4
Ym!..q.mrd 4,, - ,!-,. , : - .2.:-.4 , ,. , = , - ...c:s
T". ppol,"„0, #::: i :,4,l#o :l 4 l,u 4k*P°!#' 44 ' x-,
fit ik4tifte ' ,, :. 4116. *** 11 1= 4 7°44•- .:
Olt .*,•.:'',#*.iiiit#3o.44o4lvitild,. 44,0,,
, !! 1 21 r." E y 1 0 1 10# 1, YO: = ° f A 3.1i t il .
0 311C*04444:fifilki)kkit:iii
ad .-- W,lfilki•LUlT*"6l4lBit iit#Witilidifili.ina'-
, ~.„,...4. .:- The. 4. )„,"„)_ ..,., , „ , ,,,4,..,,,-,,,J. s ..... , ... ,
induclogliiii , ,luahmdAtfs•9elrsetqra, hahit..-
: 4.l i.#4titgi4; Ft..t,itiCiFlL4/: /I )..t, i ! ' i t o 4 7
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,fle v Oley, could not approclaPa;iti(•,phligseionsat
oi):iiiipa, the,father did ; not{ take hisiatiTio ;the'
illi4i.,:iiiihe - Caftliskoialaii. dinerai, did' hid' ion'
to the• altar and rualißldtiv swear-eternal hostility
to Rome. ,-No. thOse thinks are blessed iniprnis. •
merits upon the , "good old times l "whose praise is
so much vaunted.. The Tomperance-Tteforns.and
Common Bohools Aro. products oi . 44ator age .f
end it Amerib:an parenpi ;would MO, !iippirlions •
putvrfulitiplantts in gtiOirkaigh,*th - itit cia!igh - - -
te re as cornerstones polished'afish,tha similitude
of a palace"—,let thorn cherish the!to,h4l€lstert _
strumerds of God for I t lyv,qg4,cni!*r,iqf, tho
hearts atid r ininds,of;Anl,4l44l§mliii;,i . q.?
our beloved, country:: hO'ooo4 - liioit,,o?/9tit*:,,, , od •
free, arnireniutn the chosen)';a114:01,11*10,n0.:
wriUt in fire the realinsAY,CitelileCr - 4 -
And Heaven's last. thttudersshidiethe moryd';below!!
20 the Elector, o' Cain er and Co.
vf.LLOW.CITIZENS : effer myself:to gout
,cOnsideration as a . caudidatelor ' .
- OFFICE OF siri(titzirr3
at the ensuing genern deed° . Should yoil died
me , I pledge myself to discharge the' duties of'
the Lace to the best of tny ability. "- •
Silver Spring, April 120q43.„. , t e „,
To--the -Electors. of . Curiiberlanii 'Co.
IDELLOW -CITMENS act; atieelfto your
12 consideration atuhatidichtte for the , 9
sireniFes torricin, "
and tespectfully solicit
,yout 'auffragei 'file the
Fame, Shahid you elect me, I shall endestat to'
discharge the duties of the office falthrully, sod'
impartially. SNIDER. RI,IPLEI:
Mechanicsburg, A pril 1!2,4843. • le,
To the tleetors of.Cumberland s eoUnty:
IaftELLOW=CITIZENS f 1 offer myself
mice - moto wyour euilsitlei•atiOn tom emiditlate
, „
for/lic 'o ffi ce or ,
SMEltirr, . .
of Cut mherlitniliotiiity l at the emeting Eleition,should
yen elect' tee, I pledge my elf tdo
.tilikeitarge the 'du.:
ties of the office-to the hest of
JOHN 'Bol3ql3gdk."
tast Fentisboro' Mil 44, 1843: , • • te..3ff
To tii 4 O litectors ONHOberlaoll
VigLIAJW-CITIZEINS:I °O'er myself to your
r consideration ns n candidate for the
oVricWor,slitirt,ir,O," •
• '' • '
of Cumberland couniy At the cc tuit r .an wi t
rea gratidelyotriaFfdith enti,port. •
To fl.l'Elecfcers of Ptito*lllo.s6,74titki
VIELLOW.CITriENS Amin determigedi
bh le candidate for-thti
oriIICROP sneffirC :
fesipbdlftilly solicit yottif , t •
• . . . Mtcf.f&Ert Or EGI
16); 10,. Att . '„
Tit the
ER•fizENsi:•:i 060. Ibrelf
Av. . yo s tir cointiderution an •ti the
of Cumberland countfiarid . shall btr
your suffrages,, tlhoutd I 13!e glided& P
dettior'todiechurge fhb drdei ot
fidelity aud•.
"or i alteig
EardpennebOrn' Ili. April Ith .1 1 143'.•ti.8/
. . _
To the Votete ow4Ctishhhi'lltiOtt CO:
, ,
~ , , . ,
E.bI.,OWrCITIZEMSs i P.. or irik.
al pelf tq yoiii.e4icklOirgii**4lkipiliei k toklttni k .
Orritilt# l ,lMilr*V ..
0 nett generittlNßOba, , IWT . trully *Reit
0111,* for:the , -** 7 ,M olpti . ,,,,e!ac't mii .0.. 1:
8411 endearar s to illtchin#tlik , ~a-tl!'!?r ' Pun
fidelity and Imai : thpy....-cp-t -. ., • wiii ,
$ ti,Vlu .1'
. .
' - =Newton tio. Aprilllol4*,;ii - ',
.. - .. - .
To the C
EN.T.l..F.NrAt . .,,,s*r,*ssett, as eindidate
wi116,1 tluOkful rot' Sctr PuPPort; . .. • :A'
1 1 0,,14c,4001CT.t, til; Oti*erifii4 Co:
GE NTLEMBti atyeelf
- as 11 candidate for 930 , 4
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at the nest . getiersa 81tould yol‘. liginor vie
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di soltargo "ce . (!ixii!t th.ti i ttlfi t t A tT 4 s; . :
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MO for 1110' 6 ' ' 4 r
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cie 9 R 9 P4 , o lo 4o 4 A.TAW4 o i.Fkicktf,ltilt,..Vatie°
to•-' , , J. 494 -,114p141,,
1841iP 4 ', , ,` • * tgl”
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viEtithitincirlftilaill*okiiaci. car
41 'li" t o 3,4 l ,l l oooiilkal4l l o4 , Candiditte
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