Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, June 07, 1843, Image 2

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' ' -oidirCe 'EEO;
seund Na:tienal:Ctirrency;regulated'ity-the
inth:314 4 0,06 Nation; `t
odcqu eitpjeou,.wa h fair
AOleFictiffilitAqtY.oi'4 •
~ L iiiAttekr.Ex'ocutivti power, cm
-e,hrtieliOnliiiiiiOnstrictioa on. the cseteiseof
.+ll'. Alaithfuladininiittiitrint of the piddle domain,
• r3,4o64l4tilitiltj'eid tiOn of' the proceeds;
ate,aideirOili4;trioug 'Oahe States.
'l±ind cennommal tiiirntnistration of
the : GerteriiYPovernmen t, leaving public:officers
~;_,perfect freedoin•of thought and of the right of
11Offrlige; btift'clith suitable restraints against
. imptoper,interfetence in elections. •
G. Abmfaen7dittont,to the Constitution, limiting
the inilUMbetie:of - Pfesid6ntial (Owe to tt -
ISINFJL 3 • - '
These objects attained, , I think that we should
+cease te Afflicted bad administration of
"the - doVer,nment.--litratii CLAY, •
LTorrisburgi Reporter,
.Keystone and OuicttOdelivercd their yaledietories
preparatory to going into tho " Union."
.IgrThe New. Yorh.Tribunn. [myth= have seen
,e ester frentthe gentkinan under whose care the
Siamese:Twine have hodn living, fUlly confirming
she retiorteif their - marriage ; the story therefore
.is nor" e'llifax," ha - absolntcly true.
. .
p:There are, said to be fifty.onc-towns in* the
State of "iic‘v liaimishirc in which ardent spirits
- eritirint',he•hought., except for medicinal purposes.
IEII6 : Genera,* 'Assemblies.
(71he 'annual Assemblyof_ tbo Presbyterian
'94011 1 ,(old Scfloaltind the triennial Assetnbly,
• : ,(new:Seitool) whichinct inThiladtlphie, have ad.
vjeurited aftcr a'iessinn of two Weeks,
old school Assembly, a resolution was
• paitsed by a oto'or 122 to B,'• "declaring it. to
hellniludgMnelit'Of the Assembly, that neither
the conetitutiondrior practice of (he Church, rci
cognise Yl>o right - of Ruling ',Elders to impose.
ordination of Ministers.", The Board
• ~,, 4 f-Edti‘ c alitin made an interesting report,in which
o ilia*. since their organization they have,
sided in their progries to the ministry no less
• than-one thousand three hundred and thirty young
men. Thp "marriage question," being the ques
whether the section of tho 'confession of faith
' which is understood to prohibit a man from mar
. ryin. his deceased wife's sister,shall be erased
-41116 after a long discussion laid upon the table by
vote of 133 to 1 54:- The Assembly voted to hold
Its nest .mectingin Louisville, Ky. in May,14344,
In the new school Assenibly the , question of
,Slavery, wee Thoroughly and,ably discussed, and
- the'enbject finally given over to the lower judica
,. ,tor4s , of the church, by n voto of 66 to 33. Thu
Marriage quoptitin was indefinitely postponed. '
. ,
Tholtichinond Star has the following :
ia paid that a sdulptor is tb :nuke 'a lust of Cap.
.;;:i.ain!,ryler..• it is our private opinion that the
'Captain has alr'eady Mode a bust of-himself. ,
' ,Rwir,NoTta.—Fiftf thousand. dollars of no.
• tortmietriays . the Htirriaburg Reporter,, were
,Itot :apart tor 'cancellation at the Staie; Treasury,
• , tintAiall,sCalt.:7lna amount added tei%the pre.
Nrioili!riecronsC in this description of Currency 1,.
.026, : 343, which taken from 82,186,550, leaves 1,.
..i57,207, yet in circulation.
newspaper tells about an oe.
titrrprina which took place in the city of Rhode
t!*itit,.qtate c:f New Engle s nd, United States.—
' :. l*f. i tlsjitor . of that paper was well acquainted
• ' 6141 'the :...11,441.Slavery COnvention held in
beaten a fat:days ago, it was resolved to'appoint
"tt eningtion to vat iTtesident Tyler, during
visit to ~,Liostons . and 'req'uest hint to emend.
' Pate his sieves! . , •
i;:kY Ong
o man named Ceurgo
. 1M lAN
*4 , o#( : 11m iendthi p Hose earriago, in
te r P.!L a,day hr two ago, was run over by
'trion'afilage of theWnshisigtori Hose Company,'
ana are : said to ~be making in Phifacial.
•tibia - ami Nev, York et 4 and 5 par cent per an.
,FR P #MourArmana, relativaa of l!arit and bio
were au cruelly , murdered in
/ 4 701 1 . 0 , eri*,' , a ' few • ago, bae been takon
'uft;iiii'n'ltihimildoil that they.are-the guilty per.
jaid^MiM7 touiptelma idreMiaatineca
attailh',tbetqaelice,to , tlic persona errested.
Oo'n,feCtiouer Ine
'l;if candy, live and a fiat( tee,
cetrdy-date fui
' 0#!,401 1 1 1 09,fc.r.
eye, n41911s than forty !lowland pack,
-viirgodikpcstio M4too:MOlufeePir,ce have bee'n
#4:#' l 4 3 .:rantA b i' a l'ir4"79 l ° ° lll2° '' t '0 of
'4lO dOibirs a
- 1t dollars tri
4. 4 t.i1r.,trjr.1 .. . . ~„,f ,.t . ,.,i
iNi...wio -. 4 . .ittrtgi,• A
*00;.,4,4tv00ri1r„...,1.4. ‘• ~..ioy
~,,,,k,v040 , 40:t : *,_,704` gi 4
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,80-gr,.'imiom.,.. , .
:.04,104010,01..t , )04#1.000, ~.:;... qmok ,
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1 4 , 4#,*;i001:005.14 10wit04t0,11.4,:i
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ci, : 04ii:Osj4)‘',.hci; ' 051 . 1?9rfT:''iCi , ik*** .
4togtii/i4' . .4'ekliri 4iler.'3l#4l#Aealiniers,
ii#S fiOidi . ..o*.ihOitfo,4kil,.ki , 4,4l* ( i, , i.Pisc . .:'
1 4,00,0,04:0 4 # . 0,4. i it0M0„ d i1#4 11 .i 1 —f‘ i7 4 : #.;
411 0(°#. 1 i .ed i15 9.40 0tt 0t . 1 .. 00440,0'.0-I * /,' : :60
the,..044 aci.iiipeilirryll4;o , lfOyetlic..'cnoriis..
;00.4.f0? 61 *: i 4. ) , 1i g , 0tert i 1 i 6. 1 .4M* 4 , 1 . i0,i1 qi : . ‘40
:1201 , 10O,Oilitifeiliotcptf- i iiffis#f#:9otlgnYa!:
'apic . ;S:finnid . nt,loo';•:lol
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.lein'niita:( o ,liii§! l ' ii',l4lllfkli t44l*:q
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AO anollndiiOiaCedino4;,l#or A, :,t
' , . : 1, - ; , .4itiii . 0., -, ifid , l4lyjitoitittT,6o ik
ii440,',.i0 ! ;r" , ;';',i4 that t`JP:ri.giAtil,9,Aol,4ol,
aembled it,-,:ii: ! ,.; st,ollljid . ..ii , ~ia_.itx..o4i3 i Mlo;;,
non, ut irlici'!iirolitfeili:4;,ilifiWylliill . ;nkiiii..
;ed.' 116 nrIt qiilo4)l4iflrle ,, P o 9.i. Hi Brew:'
ster,lisq.ariOraikiftWill)glin'natri , hg speech,
in n , h!ah4i4WaVeiis4.4,ll,#,l9nynrnar; and,
charged liiini::44rin',r,'Aritipii;nol.U:rlefcat. the sale
of the i."4"dii4.4j,l?.4l;t 4 . , "*'e bill tin
' Aer whlializilityirioAlio4r4kliT'iyiiri'iliaile-til
rnidcin4ktlettig#l4orFnClidings of pur
„,"c liirr: ..t •,iVa 4itg:n:',7rg
...ili tr
ii Ut es 'lnterruPted
4..* f t?i c . ' ,
irtp . i m etges : agalrsktin , qovernor denic4; but
' in“tiltAlrol4itrUni.'
''l7g.tiifYi4fi ., tllOir: . imissoil resolutions &octane.
ing illiOilif:44knithery of the public, and call. ,
, ing 4,iri t tlial,dnniinlisianera to adjifrxi and refer
. thd matter_ bankle the nes Legislature. Those
who par tiCipated'to - tiro meetineiitie . generally
loco fucos. . • :. .-___„::__•, ,:,,- i.:.. •_ - .
The editor' of the Wheeling Thnos, Mr. What.
ton, one of those appealed to by Botts to sustain
hint in his recollections of Mr. Tyler's haying
promised to sign the charter of a Bank, in his pa,
per of the 19th not only sustains Mr. Botts fully,
but remembersmOro of the conversetion than Mr.
B. stated
Mr. Wharton says be .Sas present at Mr. Ty.
ler's room on the occasion referred to, when the
opinion prevailed that the Senate would he equal ;
ly divided upon the subject of the Bae;lc, and
Tyler was asked whether in that event he would
give the casting vote in favor of or against it ; to
which ho replied ; substantially, " In that event,
sir, I should give my vote regardless of. opinions;
(upraised and acted upon, when I was the Repro
sentativo_ofyi_rginia, in favor of Charter.—
When i was the ,Itepresentritive of Virginia, I.
acted:in accordance' with what I believed to he
the wishes of my constituents : I am now. the
Representative of the whole Union, and believing
that a large majority or the people at the last elec.
lion, expressed themselves, in hivor of a .U. S..
Barik,l should if called upon, easier a Choi-ten!'"
ccrThe Pautucbet (R. I.) Chronicldaaya that n
woman ;by the name of Taylor; ter iding at Valley
FallP, was iseizedlo l thlt village one day !ad week
by a gang or s p . ersona, and rode •
en a rail; We
are withodi the particulars of the affair, but un—
stand that the woman` was acedsed'of inteconduch
itii‘aonnection with a married' man: .iVV . haterer
might have been, her ofronce, it cosild not joatify
the gross outrage committed uppq bkr , Tbe pro
ceeding was disgrace to .'the • ctiminunity,:anti,
We trust that it will be niado . thiriibjeetkf
gin! investigation. ThO fieman,: after escaping
from Abe authors of the. outrage, attempted to
commit suicide by . throwing ,hersolf intda'ditch,
but was tahl frOmilie ; =tor, before ape had tic.
iMrpeie. •
I: " ,
Hat rpfk West,
Tb° PliOUnkfaUnti:N. utlYe 40'14 the pail
week we had . rti 3 OPPertuOtY !: I fleooltershipvith
our Minas tiont tiderent enotiena tl# county;
end received the boart.alteerieg and gratifying !u.: 7
diangetiOreiehidini ie . :Wang
Pi*" in' fOnnl . 'OI'gENRY' CLAY, 'O4!
filerete,rol444ll..n members it*; .49 0 041
OrtY.,lo,4.4tso6mq! , o l los6l , wi!bi-the. present
4'4,')i'<it.,','iti''o" . :: 7 ' . )i,.s'",'
- !,..*iiiillN.
~ _~~ r r l ß ~ry, r , , ~~, u sv'+~F;?r cvu;c sfYf' ~'.,r:ZW; yv~~ r '~~ l ' `~, r ~'` 1 [~
;~`~ w' t fs.a'7~L{:~3i~~?~ `*. ,~f', ~ .h.,.~',''~,i.-.,i-'~r.::~+',l'tri?.,l,; .:.»''"°1:~~"; p'"("~.~, ..,
...i~.7..1. M~k"~.~~~.,~Lati;. i , s~~`C.~~:ilw~.i"i~.a ~. i'.^rrw , .:'.:73.`•.. .~M`e~Mi~~" +iMM'ij
ft `r`Y
The “lndian't? War.
.Wm_have'.had;.says the York Republiaari,.
Whiskey Insurrection and a Buckshot war in
Pennsylvania and
,we fechinelinecNto dub, the
prese'nt controversy between Porter -and the mel.
content Imo:lfeet* the Indian war, because it was
from his propensity to talk Indian" that much
of the 'Strife snrung; and moreover it is curried
on With no strain degree of savage ferocity. The
Pennsylvania Reporter devotes more than three
columns •to the, exposition. of the in•rigues and
stratagems employed by Porter to secure the pas
sage' of the "Relief Bill"' of 1841 by two thirds
of the Legir;lature, after he had vetoed it himself
with a grand, flourish ob:veri Locolimoish objec
tions. It says_ that Porter before he sent in the
veto remarked concernirtgit,
," Here is my mes._
sage, but.iflliad.a7 Man about:me worth a d—n,
the bill would be carried by .two-thirds." It
seems that Porter and Tyler can both swear a
little—one-cause among others, may be, why they
have such an affinity for each other I The - Re.
Porter then goes on to show how Porter tried to
trick the Philadelphia County members out of
their votes by summoning them to his chamber
on busidess at the hour when it had been arrang.
ad that the question should he taken. It alsegives
a very 'laughable account of the scene which took
'place on the afternoon .of the lid of- May, when•
it was 'attempted to curry the bill by atratagem,
and describes the final scene en the 4th, when
enough Locofoces were at lust whipped:in to pass
it after having denounced it previously with "red,
mouthed "• vehemence. It also accuses the ad
ministration of 'having tricked Messrs. Nan Horn
of Bucks and Zimmerman of Cumberland out of
the House in the most bar manner., Now those
statements are' very true in the , inain, except
where the Reporter undertakes to speak for the
Whigs; but the fact was well known and formed
the common topic of conversation at the time.
The Reporter and its kindred prints did not then
regard them ;° but went ahead and reelected
Porter. Aro they not "as deep in the mud ae
he is in the mire?"
Another, Witness.
145 . .Outrage.
' , . , '•. - ' - ',L,:.'T-''kr4c.y.' 7 7:'it v r:;'.','iri'-,' .tr-;V:r... , ;' , ,1ii ,
.11et,AA, ~-.i) =V 4, 'f
Akkaiiitt : ( 1;;;1 1 e , ' A: ~ )1.4600. 1 . ri - . ! ,, 90. 1 1!: ,
1.404`ig:f . :. •, r4)i.'..k,.. , 60,,,!,,1iihti11t'-';',..,,,
"0;...z.: , i., oath% 111 ,-,
, i 4,
. , „ ~. ~, ,... 4.. ~,,, ~,, r; ' '' , ' P..,
1 0*,:)" .',- r., , ... .., ..,... f,. 4 . 4 0 0 2 0„0 :4: ,
T4eviilwo4o44l , ,t i :, * VIA ,
:idiiiillirmvoitiiiliit viikiliidpv,*iflia),iloltp,_
*JiAttrgl,4l4(k. l ifi l .!44:4)4 ll # ,
;6614 , q44,4oo.ii.4%cir.*!ctesial„4.o,,
iiiii,Ao4:howift,ttopii , ..t e . , oti r eli
tiiii...di,...o , l4,iiioter-oki f t4 l ,4. ~,A-4,, ol:4*
uP l 4 l ° l3 ,PriW 4 i4liiiiili) !ilPoitiolo . 4 -, yoi , !
,blincid iipOiiiV4iriiiiiipie!i , giii.iediti#N - : °! . tii4 •
- ,k wiiich is siicikloogiiniq;ifiliF`riiiiit 14 , 4 ii. !,
triti,inrz`,4!!,',,' I .:r i ' - : : .,:r,' l .!:':`:lo:jeAi,l,lf..:- . cf '2' `;':, "'....!';
we Amite, ,not hiegaliiituir4i
apeeehl:airing,fo its+ length,• Wits' but fair that we:
chwild'elvii hie letter,' Which Oxproe'seti the ; •. iatnei
aenthnenta in , amore nondenseci e is sub. ,
•—• 11' 1893
ssittrinTest,, ay
0 .-dentlemene;;-4 have reeeiirediour letter of the.
, p,Bth:of t April.'.. Iron look, gentlernen,:With a do
,gree of solicitude, , which I eon • well appreciate,' '
adjustment of impor-'
tarltroqiiestions of international, trade, between',
tho United Ptutes and -ether countries, .especially"
Greael3ritain, will be ° attempted: - fear yen cs- :
timute quite too highly my own rclider
useful service to the public in such transactions;
but, by whomsoever. conducted, feel. ho.
strongest. interest in their aucc4e4should they
take place. I cOnfess that beinetruly, and sin
corely.:devoted, to' the proteetiort: . of American .
labor and indinitry;*l - considerit Of the high:
est importance to give to that labor, And that in
dustry, a steadiiieis of support;'a, permanency of
eocourageurent, - which they' have riot lately enjoy.
ed, and which, I fear, they are not likely to enjoy
hereafter, unless a more comprehensive pone) , , be
adopted than that which has hitherto been pursu
ed; The question of protection has ming/ed it
self, la such a degree, with questions' of supposed'
local interests, with political questions, and strug.
glee for political power,that it has not not been suf.
fared to be tit rest on any 'basis.. 'lt lies bad no
repose,, This is evidently a. great evil. All in.
tercets_ demand a steady and 'settled policy, and a
conviction of this truth appears to be becoming
general and strong. Those who possess the means
of living, desire to feel secure in their enjoyment;
and thoiie; who' liavo—rinelcineeria—to
wish, above all things, to know whit they may
depend upon, when they devote their capital and
labor to particular pursuits. and modes of occupa
tion. .
' It was thought that something was accomplish
ed, and certainly something was accomplished, by
tho Tariff -act of last year. Yet, it had hardly
paised, before events occurred, creating the high. I
est probability that , the 'whole subject would be
agitated anew in the next Congress. Aro , we al
ways to be in this fluCtuating auto 1 Aro wo
never to be able tolook for any thing, but a sue
cession of changei? Is there no way of bring
ins the whole coun.ry, and all interests to an ad
justment thaj may promise some degree of quiet
and of general satisfaction 1 No doubt the rad
ous pursisits of the people of this Countiy hairs
really eSid truly in themselves a strong mutuality
of inj eats. - The gram nnl ern producing
States must •alwera, tind'the best market for the
surplus of their, products in the manufacturing
and commercial.populotion of the East; as they
will always find the price of manufactured arti
cles; such as they need, kept low, and the quality
good, by the productions of eastern labor. But
so rich and abundant is the grain crop of the
Country; that beyond What may be demanded for
the - censurnotion of manufacturing and commers
eial districts there id still a surplus, for which, or
a part of which, a foreign market is -desirable.
'rho cotton crop, too, though it findea market at
borne, the value of which, I think, has never been
sufficiently appreciated; requires nevertheless, free
l l
exportation, and a large consumption abroad.
Cannot those who are concerned in these interests
be.brought into a harmony and concert of action,
proportioned to the
. real harmony and mutuality
which subsists between the interests themselves ?
Fur my part, I think tho experiment worth try:
ing;nnd should have great hoperof its success,
if there were no fear Of opposition, from collater
al or intrinsic causes. Illy inquiries at the North,
rind through the centre and at the South and
West, have been extensive • and the result has led
to the coedits' which I have expressed. I
would not speak with confidence, upon a matter
yet untried, rind which I know, may encounter a
variety of obj...ctions ; but I repeat that in my
opinion, the experiment is worth a fair trial. We
may well make one earnest endeaior, even upon
Might encouragement, to give permanent support
t ) the industry of the country, and stability to the
'business and pursuits of life.
-As to myself; gentlemen, I hove no expecte
uf being concerned, in any manner, in nego.
nations connected with this eubject ; arid am hap.
py to know that the country has many heeds,
abler limn mine, to. wield such concerns. The
Government has eminent ability at its command,
both at home and abroad. I have no wish to go
abroad, on public service. If negotiations should
be entered into, there ore reasons for desiring that
they 'should bo undertaken at Washington; in
which case, according to the usual course, they
would be conducted by the Head of the Depart.
ment of State, under the direction of the Presi•
'With unfeigned thanks for your manifestation
of filendly sentiment', respect and confidence,
I remain, gentlemen, your
Obliged friend, and übdtt serv't,. - •
c 0 ,140 "New, York Spirit of the Times,"
rejoices in several capital correspondents, among
the queerest of which we rank 1 .N.0r Arkansas,"
who thus details a conversation which took Waco
in that state of long rivers and deep swamps :
The,way the natives sometimes talk is emus.
ing. The following dialogue occurred on the Di•
riding Ridge of the Devil's and Cony Forks. -
Old Sense, met Dan Looney,- and they were'
strangers to emelt other. _Says "Old Senile,"
." Good morning, sir, are you'well 7"
"If you Call a man well that bai run twenty
miles, I am that."
. "Did you ace any bear 7"
"If you call a big black thing about the size of
Pete Whkstone's black mar, I did."
" Rad yon ii.guit 7"
"Now you hit mot" • •
Did you. din* b100d?",,,' • ' •
" Do you call
, my clouble,,doUblei handsfull of
braido, blood." ' ••• • •
" fickd yi' a dog 7" .. . • ,
"lic Old Hose a clog?"
" Did you okin,•11!!n 7" - -',:• '! •
you call s man in his 'shirt slecyes,
with's knife Min - abet; in thd- blade among ribs
and Most,'skinning, 1 was Mari" • . •• • '
"Was ha Air.._'
""Do you. real! mitting••lB•inehes. on the ribs
fat 7" ••••;'
Did you pack him in I"
"If 'yap call four poneyloadi •piackisigc, why I
packed sorte'!" • , . •, •
• " Light loads, I reckon." • . •
'" If four; hundred pounds ton' piney la alight
load. they Were , . • ,
, • “ Did . you eat any 'of it ?" , • ' , •
0 Dii , yoti^ bill drlnkiniti-qi4rt - el
"You moat have meet?". ^ '
'tit clean mea d Without a bone;, , aailt^lieldo!'eto
imOke^ moot; Vi s o hive. got eqmi '
yiiar . •
3;y" :Do You:Wilt
hid:paha ~t,tie*fyinan he ti,
" tt ' st ,',ll; '
tc, , They °WO*quarter tnco:llP,tthe
q,!! r !, r .' ! 4 A o4l4 r lO P * .. ; 4 'l l 6. .. 117 1 1 ^ l .;
' l • 3 r 41 ' W . • 1 !;.#1144•0401i4) 61 0 014146 1 : 1 0w:
4tansportteg - energy : °pa r
11/4 :
4Foqtk,tilitonefinitieuhtilkiini Chriitiani Ther - or:
fot!Og i9 ) ;:or ; 1 0Fi r lhi Pliitue tis: l ,oforniOn:
tiering people , wheri;thit 'of:disttuition
steclitera`with ti•drOiiiititioritiit 'the threlhing.
floor of Orono; (I,9oiViltri,M,travail . tted
dustry of the exiles permhtsion
CYrui to rebuild Pr4t-11rPillhe.,,.iconderfnl
aclea of Chrilt wrought on that
mount before, me,- . this t einiiirititii'tiefitnee
IOWe, when , Tittne.ii . riiiied . ' them Rein the Tem,
plo to Mount Zion, the destruction of the sacred
edifice, the appropriation of the holy' mount to
the service of Meslomisni, its restitution to Chris.
tian worship by tho Crusaders, and its return a.•
gain to the hbsleui service, in .which it yet'con.
times; crowned with the Mosques of Omar and
.El Aeon, whose bemiltiful dorrica sit above the se:
cred.plaeaWith adreArable 'lightness and grace.--
'As I strolled by tbeitP6 gateways, anU looked in,'
how earnestly did I :Tong - to enter the saerCd.i n.
closure, linger in its walks, and amid its trios;
enter even the re clines, particularly that of Om ar,
which covers, perhaps, the very, s po t where I
m .
•_ - _
was offered;and'over the magnificent Temple of
Solomon was built, ehi,c4 he dedicated to God - by
the, most Cloquent and sensible of all prayers, ex.
ccpt oar Lord's; a Kings, viii, 23,&c. but the
fanatical Moslem forbids the feet of the Christian
dog to tread upon the sacred soil or, cross the
consecrated threshold. ,„
Buti must return. to the Valley, from whence.
I proinised — yorfthielett — erliefOreTleßlie - m — e,'inif
which promise'you received somewhat doubting.
ly. I have wandered up
- and down it, from the
tombs of the Judgei, just beyond Its head, to the
north-West of this city, about one and a lialfmiles,
to the _well of Job, perhaps the En Rogel of
Scripture, a quarter of' a mile below the south.
east corner of the city. It is indeed a valley of
the dead, or 'rather of tombs, for their content■
are gone; and the sepulchral chambers, where
they slept in peace many centuries ago, ire now
but gaping caverns in the rock, 'where reptiles
nestle, if they be single, small sepulchres; or
flocks lie diwn,.lf, they be as late as the tombs.
efilmludges,Kings, and Prophets,—and some in'
the southern differ the dihon, both under and u,'
hove the "Patter's' Field." I have'rambled thro'
them all, one found not a 'fragment of their for.,.
mer contents, The limestone rock in which they
are excavated is soft, and has yielded to the dc-.
menu, and broken away in front 'of; and some.
times abiWe the 'chambers. This is the case all
over Palestine, (also at Petra, where thiirock hi a
sofl._earillstone )and constantly reminds one of his
mortality, and reduction to dust, and dispersion
to the winds_ of heaven. -What a glorious asaur
once, that the soul is not coromittedlo the tomb,
but returns to God who irtve : it ! • -
I have just come up from the Pool 'of Siloriin,
which has 'e connexion with the. Pool of tint Vir.
gin,'several hundred yards higher up. Tho first
is in the mouth of the Tysopeon Valley, just
where it enters that of Jehoshaphat, and the oth
or is on the weetyide of the latter, not many hun:
dred yard, from,. where I date this' letter. The
Connection is by a narrow passage cut through
1 the point of the hill whielt slopes down from the
southeast corner of the Temple. These foun
tains sie now subject to occasional violent, irreg.
ular flows of the, waters, which makes one think
of the Pool of Bethesda, mentioned' in the sth
chapter of John, whose waters the angel troubled
"at a certain soaion." Our countrynien, Dr.
Robinson and Mr. Smith, witnessed one of these
singular movements of the waters. We were
`not so fortunate. No ono knows whence the wa
ters come to those cavernous pools, but there is a
,toady tradition, and generalimpression, that they
have a connection with the fountain, under the
teinplo's area;. and perhaps MiltorLwas. apprised
of this when he wrote,
Siloa's brook that flowed
Fast by thaftiracTes of God.".
I descended into the pool to wash, as all gdod pil.
gt ims do, and found a coarse, rugged, stripping
Arab woman, washing a dirty old quilt, which
lay. floatirig'uPon the little volume' of water.—
She shrunk away from me as from the approach
of a leper, and stood huddled up ina Tittle chasm
in'the rock, looking upon my pilgrim devotions.—
The water is sweet and good. '
I shall not now undertake to describe the tombs
to you, hut perhaps I may allow you to peep hi;
to mrdilifilurn gatherum, where I have plane of
them, and notes also.. But I feel oppressed with
sadness, as I east my dye up the side of Mount
Oliver:Behilid me, and look upon the Jewish
cemetery spreading over the sacredliill.vide, coy.
ering it with short, thick-atones,.oach7 of ; which .
lies fiat On the ground, and pressed into it,a little,
self they had once Stood erect, ' " and had been
prostrated and pressed bi's'ome to lido storm.—
They are a striking emblem of that most won.
derful people, prostrated and tr;xlders down every.
where but in America ; pad yet the heart of a
Jew turns toward 'the of Olivet, over,against
the 'sacred Motint, on ,
Arlijoti once stood the tern.
pie his fedora, end there ho deeireir, above 'all
things,. to rest hiin when . his 'earthly piltriMage_
is finished.. - They linger about the holy city, and
steak through its streets, to. the, place, of
or. to the west side of the temple, as ghosts • that
have been fiightened-away;,and returned
to the reithigidaee of their mortal - The
'firit.Tell I stivt It Scrusitleiii 'we're three, sitting
°part lti,tliiirtent trunk oral aged olive trees in
the deep retired' vale of the Giboti. A,pity•theia,
Itorq.ipt very_4eirrt m o ...•.
' Just shoo where t4ats , ilpak is ths gold en gate I from,which our Sa v ior niP,ito imps' at 'Sire:
niog; and rod/0 to &Cunt Olivot4' , lt li now wall:
F.d'up In 6 ' 610 0 1 / 6 1 * *0 2 1 4 g0 ', 7 61)
icy tio.ropoted tomb of .tho Vlrghti it; Whlall
sitisilltlfths`/#!d10 df*4tkc`ri'llttkir*
nnd;f9ll9#o34ol44:the whore;
t 0.7 - P 3 9# 11 " / 14 .°' . r4r- the
ght Of' Sityrna, bass
is Al rat. 'land tPol ;1 : 1 04 4 ,4 ' ti g # o ,4
;oiiiji4 l 4it:iik.wi!.o. o4 iko-i4:6 ll6 l ( 4iPc*Ao
'deliBil . 4i:iit4,ooWAVe#4olk
such eirelinttraes,*.#7;-;004k*Ola
4 l f tt ?; :r
s '
• 130r4411 ,F h 1
. 9 ) ° ?• r t 1 -*?
several nreetinfts-, 1 4.* 1 04; ; II9110#40°:- , „*#(0-01
ed,ln opPoeithisrielldeirculattit;Pfliiii;'4oYeli/Ill
erioneiv,vre deer», if bum fair l#idie , lltlfefel.i . CritrOg.'
ecininiunicationin defonoo of thrilisrie; . ,.4l9'dgWr,
pianatory of the inede in which
It is well known that We strenuouslle.opksed,o
issue before it was made; not are -we , : any, z more
.ieconcilcd to this kind of currency
Scorns to us that as 'the money has been ilssue'd,'
motives of . poliey, If no other, would make it;
an object with the community. to Piriserve its
credit arid value from depreciation. The credit
of our borough is undoubted, and the heels of
our borough - must edinitted - Air .be
far better than that of the Harrisburg notes:.
• For the Herald and Expositor. :
Mr. .EDITon:, The :basis cif. the issue of small
notes by the Borough ofdirlisle, scents generally
to be misunderstood; and that misunderstanding
has had the effect in some measure of 'pretamting
its circulation. It is'not known that fur every
dollar issued by therTown Counciljudginent bonds
have been taken from the borrowers with the best
security=which bondeare entered upon the re:
cords . ofeurnbarland — eotinty; - arid s ihtia - bectime
hens, binding the real estate of those who have
procured loans. Any one desirous of ascertaining
the character of tho mon who have obtained this
money from the Borough, can •upon examination
ace that in every instance, more than ten fold se
curity has been taken. This however, although
amply sufficient, is nut the only guarantee fur the
payment of the aforesaid notes; the Act of A.
senibly passed April 13th, 1828, rendes° every in
dividual or corporationliable for the redemption
'of any not ,bill s check, ticket, or paper
ing or evideticing, or pretending to purport or
evidence, that any sum is due to the holder there
of._ If these things be so, they must satisfy every
one that in truth, and fact, the money issued by
the Borough of Carlisle, so far as regards Its good.'
ness and certainty of redemption, Is. greatly Pre
ferable to any bank Money in circulation. For
what guarantee halo the persontrwho receive this
bank money for its redemption 1 About the affairs
and condition of the banks they can, a s certain
nothing, oxoept what may bo stated to theM by
°Endre.% of such institutions. • •
Another thing, the Borough Of Carlisle made
an issue of small notes in 1842, which it promis.
ed to redeem one year after date; this contract
with the receivers of the Issue, it hal preserved
inviolate. Not so with the banks; they' issue a
batch of trash bearing the deceptive inscription,
"the Carlisle Bank"(or any other)"promtses to pay'
the bearer," (whatever sum may be numed)on "de.
mond ;" but whenever five, ten, or filleemdollare
in notes, for every one of specie in their vaults,
can be got into circulUtiOn, the promise to pay
the hearer on demand is converted into a promise
to pay him •when convenient.. Suspension then
becomes "the order of the day l" It is said some
of the merchant; of Newvilie refusal o take Bor
ough notes, because they think the Town Council
favor the merchants of Carlisle with exchanges
for whatever uniount,rnuy be collected by them,
Noiv we can assure these men that they are en.
tirely mistaken. Tho merchants here take Car.
lisle Borough Money, understanding the basis
tip - on which ithas been iiAued, and hence, know.
ing it to be,geod.
Attempts have been made to depreciate the Bor.
ough issue:by procuring W be.publiulied, proceed.
logs of meetings, which havo' either, never been
held, or if held at all, attended by ono or two per.
sons, and they not independent enough to attach
their names to the proceedings. Such was the
character of the Anti small note meeting held at
Shipponsburg ; for we are informed from a source
undoubted, that it was gotten up and conducted
by u. certain mercantile firm of that place, with
out the cooperation of any other individual. • We
happen - to be acquainted with some of the mer.
chants. of Shippeosburg, and know them to pos,
seas too much intelligence, to refuse (eking ear.
lisle.Barough money, and too Much independence,
if they hold a meeting, to fear appending their
names. to Ile_ proceedings. The issue of small
notes by the Borough of Carlisle, was intended to
relieve the community from the ealamitourconse
nuences ot a scarcity of money—produced by the
rnistrsnagement of banking institutions ;nod that (
man or set of men, who, regardless of the gem.
al distress which prevails; would atienipt to frus.
trataany, Medium of relief ought to be looked
upon as enemies to society ett large: T.
Carlisle, June sth, 1843. ,1 •
Arrival of the
The steamer Acadia, cum Liverpool, arrived
ar Beston i lliursday mottling, at 6
very - eliori litMeige'of •
Business Jbe manitßietuving : districts re.
mained stationary, .ttie.hullt'of ii being. trepeam.
ed at Otrtriluimuimof :profits, and a - good'deal of
it on , speculation. •
"-The'citips• were' unusually promising' for, the
smilerij nut rough r e n ste:lll# . l . lln l 4E4 'the
wbole of `Europe. . -
The> Eurokan' seya,t nothing Can ;ave. the
Clan liawi 11.9 ni -1.04 "iiiedilinwoOt away, tsk!,
cur Immediate revival.of busineeei yid 'tt euecei.;
P loef
.agitation The fur the Repeal of th ' e Union is
makin reiiilVetridet. itf'frelibid; ver, ,alarming
io theievernment:,; The Catholic Clergy, beve
joog4:4l,,:nioveiront i n their nuijib re ; ; en { d,
th e e, eiiiatiOd' is In!
tpzi: , ,T,lo' , ..ete 41)40'4
, destined to oonti►t.
u whet ' • 14101`:
....,..__ .._ .~. HE .._.:h
Tt , ~,v.'•,.ir, "0 . -;: .
.. , y.t.afrf :4 ..., - c : . . Itrt•yrlegim- 0 , ,
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~,,, 4.,, ~,,......-..,.„,,
, • liq,.. .::,..< ;, ..; , r, •.'' , :i . •::•71,... , ' VitllcirOtAi,
JOA P I C )ie r ,„. ',.. e . 3. ‘,.._ . A f't'StPlP t •
likiliti*.o#lnhtikpeitktut,.?Mt.7:•' - afrt , ••.
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,acc ri pioofoil l ' •'• Tr,t4t ,Pkte 31 4.13!. 4 4
7 1 ,6 'i, 4 * ' o f, I 21:4"1. P; 1 'e1tt 1 ,.44,040 - .
pN5 , .q 7 ,11,1p ',1,:77win711 ,, ,,; m Q„,
4 '44 - I • 'iigNei . JOitgiq . -5.**504.0 1 014: Ak ,
illeiii I .. , — ', , t;iiiiii - Ofti.iwiiiiiiiie , E46- 7 - f."..4.,,..•
~ 4 ,4.. h g k ii. : viy* 7 , 4trifr.r.i .. ,. :4 4l,
i' l 4o - Al, cr.:!'it,/ . * : ' 4l, 'lli l l' in gt` ill Y ll (ftr l3, o,k
11 ''kli;'itl 4 47 ii. #o. l # ' . ti . /1 # 1 4P0•; 1 - 1 0 /11 1! 10 .TI b I l fi'i
g1,4111131'.4 ikiiiiltiiie'et'il'htiiiO4iiii.4k.
a,„ I i• 'Pr y 11t , : , ".1.' , . , '','.'..".'''''.; ' ': 1 ?.446' - ' l. 2 l: lSf'.l'.'
41 .4,...,W0 :,: *1 . #1;i? , '4 ,. ' 1 ) ' . 'l .. :A4;'' ' ,r .°''k: : ; ; '.
: ? •!' . ,.i . ,l,*•o.irMiißir,%iKeop - iciii4t/ . 4;4-tr;fot;
it';6l#liff*;fl4-16K41.t'01706t; :,..0•.5,t4re5f!,,:.
o , lo.itaviii.O . :urol l, ..';,•4;:krukil.o.o)Y,
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'' . s4ii'U 4 iofiiiii474,:'o . o 4 44.o., u
.1 . ' . '1.,. Kim
VOtio .64 oirstiii - 410t,1 16 ,0 8 :t. , :., o „A:: •:iiOG'4:‘,
• fut,4l4uiili . ::*:ifip. liu!ijqu'r;' , ;ll. • :ii, : .11.iiiIiiii0
.. ..4MiiiiiiciA.ii.."*iraiiii! r i,f l iiiii4o44(fililaiii4Fii
•itZ:lifiiiiUttuliailiti(! . -04iie•Oi.'iir4aiiiiii;4‘::'iliti4 ,
'tr4iiiiiiil: ! 44,4 , l;iligtri.iiitiines,ll 4 - atilt! tiiii)ool
:,tiaihiipit; ,, :tlytiiy:lV(..6l;reilo i*eundjFy that )•g!' fili.
!214;',..1: , iti ''ilii, , , - euVed 401;14 hie 'with,: • : , ::: I ',klt4
4 , ;o:' , jti Of' the same opinion.litilli'.qs - ,,.:Nb1g,„ - 1 : ,;.
..Ve'Vel:iiii;dlOitit,cifo ! Ale l lie that " `tbe';'Writliftikiatt
rOliiiviib l iiiM , tpaielinie i0Or; he iris attnekeitilik
- tfi;i'tiiPp B,ie;ttOtyhia ( l)b.relelett. again stitininisMre4p':
fitOt'''the:: : tame;iifedyeine, :Again . he got . . well, ;O l d!
then hie candor go(the better of his 'prejudieo, AA . :
:he confessed the tiettohleibraanntiiiiiroperties oftbit
'excelleht remotlY 7 -Alne'!#ToM'e: yereoffege.,
- Prepared ; artil:reiteufeeitirtl by Dr: D. Jane;
Plianilettilibt, eiillbraale , lA'aalialiblT;C:S,Te;,.
NENSON, sole Agent fiir thin Borough,. ' -,., •
PEASONA tr A oviic E.—“ Take lime, by the fore 4;
lock," . says the adage. Take medicine at .theliro;:
per time, say we. , It is a matter of less difficulty to'
ascertain timproper time' to seek relief fromMedi
eine, than it is to disPover the proper medicine which
is to administer comfort to the afflicted patient.--
Brandreth's Vegetable Universal Pills,, which have
obtained a celebrity in the annals of physic unequall
ed in ancient or modern times, have performed Melt
astonishing cures, titat thousands of people,in justice
to Dr. Brandreth, Mdilicty recorded their. opin
ions of their wonderful and extraordinary health re
storing qualities.- _
Office for the sale of the' above valuable Pills in
'New ll'ork,No.,24l.Broadway. /
Sold iii Carlisle by CIIASLES,BARNrrz ti,
CO, nnly.agents for this town.-' The list of agents
for Cumberland county will be published hereafter.
To the Electors of Curnberland Co.
F.LLoiir.CiTizEN.s,: I offer nvselfto your
consideration as a crinklidate for tliO
and respectfully , solicit , your suffrages for the
seine. Should you elect me, I shall endeavor to
disquitge Oct duties of the — office - falthriilly -----
urmirtially. • SNIDER RUPLEI.
•Mcchanicsburg, A pill 12, 1843. ,
TO the Electors of Cumberland county.
FELLOW -CITIZENS: I offer inyeelf
once more to yourconlttleration as a candidata
Ibr the office or •
sir r.,
- of curinite'rland tiountk,at the enstibig Eleetion,should
yot! elect rne; . l pledge . .myself to discharge the dit
ties'Of the office to the best of sity Oinks.
East iPennaboro! May 24, 184 S. • • - • te4o
To the Electors of Cumberland
• . County. • •
ofrer olself to yam
r . connitleratitin ai a =Mance for Ilic-
. orricE oP SIIERIFT . •
of Cumberland county at the , next election, and will
feel grateful to you for Tour support. '
ANDREW nonEwirs. •
To the Electors olCumberland county.
VELLOW-CITIZENSS Having .determined
lo be a enndidete for the
I respectfully solicit your support.
May 10; IRO.
. _
To the Electors of Cumberland county.
IMELL6W-CITIZENS: , I offer mysel f to
r your conldcration ea a candidate for the
orricrror SHERIFF
f Cumherlan'd county, and shall be - thankful for
your suffragan.. S . hould I be'elected I shall en.
deavor to disahurgo the duties of the office with
fidelity and impartiality,
Eaptpennsborn' Ip. April 10, 1893. • te.B2
T-n-tife Voters of Cumberland Co.
rAELLOW-CITIZENS':' otrei my
•acirta your epiisideration till a tend Write (bribe
. ..
et the oat generarelection, and respectlidly solicit
vonr votes for the some. Should you elect me.
KIWI endeavor to diticharge the duties thereof with
fidelity and impitrtiality: • •
Dit FrOtEnA
Newton tp. April 191 tn:f. te.
To the Voter.? of 4in get i tC6id o.
GENTLEMEN:. I offer myself' no's elindithite
for the
orCumberland county nt the ;general *ellen; awl
will be. thankful for your soprani: -
Carlisle, April 19,1143. ' te.
To the' Electors of Cumberland 'Co,
GN'CLE El 4 : motince :myself
Nt-A Rea enntlltlnte for the
OFFI C OF Mil FF.:, •
- - E' .
at the next genprit. Should you, honor me
with majority of your siiffivgesi pledge,mytteltto.
Olathe the' duties of the onto withfilling. •
• SnutleMlildleton to. April 19„l MS, tf.2.5
To lthe'POlbliel Generally.
respectfully. inform you that Uant 6k Cap.
Wei° for tho '" '
of CurOberland,e.ountyi and should You.t4lok
woithy, and elect me as such ot.theAnert general
eleetion.,l pledge myself to tie enY best:abilities
to *ye you faitllfullyr7:: ,MIUM4 gogFEn.
Corliole;•April,l9,lB43. - • , - ;," to. •,
ro.tho;Votark 41' Cumbeiland-Co:
flEmLubseDirifyrlZEN,p;, I.,*;g afrer,
for the'' -,Y•9•l,lrlC9.""teratiOn as a 'abliitTater '
at thb general t
your eu pp or t;!,. l ‘l,f .
- • . le. ',,
of erlaniC,„
Vlkr4 • 4 ,
47eelrai iteihdili46t o o4'
Vattaii&tO.l ,
TiL Use .;„\
Gamut: 4 .4 o
cifflee; oto --
will to-."
. . . i prr•pv.*,:, _ .4t , QtFtt, .. -
'r!..:Oi?rtliC !) ~ .ff-r f t 1 10% 1 4. 1 15. , 1 ( 4:4 16 !0- 1 1'.. rl kith ' . tli ci.eoallmtiare,tlie,einse of at
kinds-sir ,'/'?,V.7... , ... •,, -. .-,.,r?!1 ., i,..•..PP,44 , 4. , t , 1.r.h. , - , . ,•-• .
.I:l4;NA . ' , 'YAP:Eitili4.t ., ,"-:.mtve.F. , rif-c . ' , . •
'o*otiffOig,43' - iiiiiil4.44iii44i# itivoidie f rod
:1441 4 ii4iiit'd'itiitiO14"ttiViitikiiithi4ifittlisiiiittAJ
tip-:goiiiiA6ii i 4, , ,-.4., , ,,,,Ti:4,,,,,-,,,,,:
_kf ' t,.,144A 1 . 4 . 1 . 42 # 60 0 ; b00 4 . 1 i ' iEf4
At )
yligpridlittlid#tiiblqilliii.42,:leitit4lmak. al.
it*, , i4 1 4 0 , - #6 + 4 . igjj etiiiiii if pjf_. 4 llei,ved:witti 4ke...,.
~eiii4ktd,(liitokfiliyi, 401 ii,V4 shipt s - myiiiia with- 3 : .
ii',ifr i iitygtigifttriii'
,iiiegi',Dc'ty tibOvß,iisittfai I
'lotidi4ity Veciiiiireti iit Ili faiiird iiiiiiave l ieta ,
iiittliiition.etty nighi',ein'tong tO\betln ill in a
shii . Witime Ad.' nompletely' rid the.'„heili, , ,O'ro*,eyety
thing. that 111-6 PPcts.elLIP: - .4 0 0 0 4" ifilltlP l o l iiisllii!ns
Gout, ;unlink of every:descrip tion, will ; literally'
f^f:,;'.-Pnit,'Air,.fli... 0, 4 r,.•,//#7-011,?. ' , .e., - -
t 'Or the same fraaoOs;:irltett'iliiiiit:ttutßel!" . .Ofittoges 4
iktitgOlphere, or nyt , ,,i4ltei.'ea,flii4tlig„itirsiiiiiittion.
lic;l4tik.Cd; ntd,the u l inliiii4lttill'ilfOitlliaaisffly
the ihrnW'n'ln - ' ''',..filiift`,:k''„' . .c"'.'"''''.'
,'' '. '• 'Y' 'Hk.olb ~,. St f ' , ,-. ' ' .
:itehi'.• j a
Nauseit.ltoll'alekneis',4lti';littheitones volter : y .and
inflat'ned'eYeiti Sore throat, itoarseness,:vonghs, con._
sumptions,' rheumatic! mina in various Tarts of the
body,atul many other. symptoms 0ff t , ,,,,,., , ,.,,;: ~ ', .
..: P4TCIIIX(P.,CQLD,;vi t ; .. ,' . '
ably give immediate reDef,,,,PrOM tlirce tO
..IX of t
said fills taken t7ery idled imgoing;lied,,wip in , -
a short time, not : only remove all the above unplea•
Sant afrinptOmli; but the.botlYy,ilV,liik.ShoikAiMe,be
restored to even 'minder , Initdil?:dfiatt . befikeif,lflie
same maybe said of -. ''. '; .'5 . ".:`1.;.:44044,14Y,'
The Indian Vegetable Vitii,,wiltlaiiiso - ?ittid : ,tlirily
off by the stomach and. howeli those, tou g h
humors, which stop
the air cells of, the lungs,and
rc the cause not only of the alMie . tlitaroangenme
plaint, lad when nettletled, cift'eti tcrndmites in 'that
still 'more d re adful malady eitile&
It e,iould also'•be'rernembe'recl:lbal the Indian
Vegetable Pill■ are a certain cure fork- :•-
Oppression, intost.-4, And Aieknelot, loss or Appetite /
costovenesA, ft yellow tinge of the skin:stn&eyes An&
every other symptom of a torpid or . dyettned stale or
the Ilvert„became they purge from the hotiy those
impurities Which if deposited open this important
organ; are the muse of :ei*y variety of'.
When n .NiAl on. hs iciOithatil; by Ipots,,Outtreslis
antl.Rebeilino, the only, sore tmenus of iteereoftog the
dreadful consegneneex
CI Gll. WAR,
is to expel oil traitors, and evil tlispospd ones from
the Coootrv.
'ln like manner, whin pain or strk nets of any kiml
indiCate that the hotly is strugglingsiltit intrrnal bes t
. .
the true remedy is to • •
ati!CPEI. Ai.1,110111111) 11UNI01115,
Crrnitors to lifej'and 11EALTII - WILL - BE THE ,
That tlar Principle °retiring diicanr r by
mid Purifying the liculy;ls sirictly in f•ecordance etdt
the Loos which govern the ithitnalliconotoyi and•if
properly carried out by the use.of thc . olinve : nameel
Will, certainly mutt in the complete Abolition of
Disease; we re :r the following testimonials, from
persons of the highest respectability in .New York,
who hove recently been mired, of the most obstinate
complaints, solely by the use. of WRla . ire,l3 iNDIAI4
JAMAICA, L. I. inneDth, 1841.
Doctor Wriglit—Dear Sir—lt is with
grim satisfbetion that I Mifoilini.4tl of my having
been entirely cured of Dyspepsia, of kte years Maeda
ing, by, limps.: °floor DI4.3.,,VEWr.ABLE
•Pret inns to meeting alas yotm celebfatid melt. -
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Mr. Richard Dennis _agent . W
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