Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 07, 1842, Image 3

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mubit4t to the dOeision or a National ponvention
; • DEmocllAiie min;
Ijaitaes . Itlearnedy, Newville;
Geolv i e BritAttie, Monroe.
II{obeo•$ Laird, Fil!rilt:flircl
olitEcroa, • ,
►lcichoir 11rean6aph:e.
g'oD)eo•1 C. Kilgore, Newton
- ritirrumvoToßy,
Thos. IL Criswell, Sl4pi.msburg
Jacpb Carlisle
• itHCOIMPII 6il)
? • .
- I.{9bert, olson, MechatticBburg,
0.311 LP try CE,77 I SI
• - The Herald k Expogitor
-c - j -win be fUrnished until the Election in 04o
her next, for T WENTY : FIVE CENTS, Cush!
Cy: ra :tat NieS nagaZi
(Cr This periodic . al fur the Presiit month has
sen . reccived, and contains original productions
ram the peno'fl.on,gfellow,Pana, Ifcrbert - ,Strcet,
Vitakerman, Benjamin, Sgba Smith,
Mary Lawson and others. .The ' e mbellishments
'are of - n torperior Order,—"The proposal," engrav
ed by
,Alircd Jonc:s, the "Lady . Alice," engraved
'by Dick,
..'The Fashions" for Septcfnher, and
original music. It can be had at till)t.y's.
'etni,e . r:vncli -Mass
fr_r A. - 3111...3 Temperance 'Alt:Mlllg will be held
at the Ifead_of near.llo,gueseOwn,
.in thilrounty, SA'I'URD.tY liel,.the 10th
The Temperanec-Incicties of this and the
- aneexencrally, are earnestly incited 'to attend.—
Sc cal able Speakers front a distance aiscex:pcted.
In tend
,ant - deliver addre.ifies, The :,plaeo of
'tncciiuy is.dess - than n mite , Noatlispf the -Gunther..
—laud Valley Road.- _ ,
(rm. Coartzl:i
Dr:Tr-1'11i! tid,et setticd by• - ;the Demo
cratic Whig County, Convention, it ap
pears front intelligence .frciet. the differ
ent sections of the... County, is trulyjip'oP
ularene, anil wiM receive the united sup
port of all , opposed to that iniquitous Sys
tem of taxation which is wresting front
the taxpayers their hard earnings,• to .he
wasted upno our useless public works,and
in support of the extravagant officehold
ers under the State oovernment. Of the
men composing the ticket, we shall. speak
in our next. It is sufficietit to say, that
they are men that know and fed the re-
spoßsi!de trusts about to be eumMitted In
them by their fellow-citizens; and so iden
:rd" they and their interests with the
interests and prosperity ;,f their felT4iii
freemen of the County and State; that
those trusts will not—eannot be abused.—
The pvimle ,of Cumberland county can
safely confide in them.-
The ticket formed by' the wire
workers of. the borough, through the Luco
Foe° Convention:is the most objectiona
:ble one . ,thati ctinid have been presented to
the support of the rople of this coitnty.
shows too - plainly how little calculated'
smut/ Judges and fourth-rate aristocratic
Lawyers are for political leaders! It should
be,—and no doubt will be,—a caution to
them hereafter how they attempt to force
their favorites upon even their own pa'rty.
We submit the ticket : •
Assembly—WlLLlAM BARB,
.Prothonotary— W B E ETE M.
Re order '. ':AIRY..
Register---JOIIN B. DUNCAN.
Commissioner -I-JOSE l'H T REGO,. .
•Diretr---JOHN ZUG. • •
Auditor---WM. B. SCHOOLER.
The first two men. are WHO:4o defeat
any ticket, however ti h the party
ttating-theth roily be i the majority. Men
bill doubling the Takes upon their fellow
.citizenti—for a bill throwing thousands of
dollars upon a clasp of public plunderers
called 'dornestic ofecljtors"—and for plac
ing, money—wrung from' the- people by
taxation—in the hands of men to waste and
.lavish upon . the lazy vagabonds on the-pub
lie works! Such men re-nominated and
attempted to be forced, by the Judges
and their iinderstraPpers„ upon, the freemen
of the County! . CAN NEVER
• BE ELECTED. " -Noman in the county,
who regards his - own rights," or the inter
ests of those entrusted to him, will so far
forget, yvhat is.due to justice Or-onaiistency
as to support either BARB or CULVER.
Of 111 r. BEETEM, it isfoUnd fault, that,
althO4h,a clever young. man, he is not the,
chniCe -of •his party. Older . members •of
the party, it is thought, have been uncere
moniously thrust aside, ,and 'whose older
clainwankoft-trjed aervicee have been dis i -'
.. . • •
?Tr. Our,' isfalso highly objectionable
—being . doubtful go .wiliprini in politics,
and. at present a Tyler office: older! Of
couriirlie'can rebelve riO'itlppe . t from e ith- •
et', Deoructits or Whigs.
Mr. • Atmcorsr is also objectibnable rind
... 1 : .
will teceiielnitTiiii, — if an}' voice, in hid,
own•neighboritootl: is thi.yetty l ivorst
ehoieiS that could have been made by. Uzi
Coliri for the office of Register.'
_ .
i •
...The balance of the men,
but bs they are; caught in extremejy . bad
company, the tax-pryers 'of the county
will let them stay 'at hi;me.
Indeed, so• o bjectionable, is the' whole
ticket that the best rtien — iirthe -- party L have
come out openly against
"The Guillotine at ``Sock:)
sident Judge of the se'eral Courts of: Cunt
berland. county ; the. lion. 'JOHN STUART,
3ssr;;ciate fudge of the same Courts; JAS.
GRItHAN, Esq., Deputy :attorney Gen.
erat-Oo prosecutes therein, and the Hon.
CHARLES MCCLURE, member of Congress
that Was', and would like to be, halitt been
politically . dec'apitated ! We shudder when
we thinit of, and weep when we_ record.
the immotatien of uncorrupted and in-.
corruptible dignitaries-. upon the altar Of
diicontentedness, reared by a peevish and ir- -
reverent plebeiancp whom they were "born
to command !"
• No sooner had the Grand - Satiliedrim of
immaculate deMocrArprOclaitned 4") i. the
snpport of the .party, a County ticket, - -the
mnnattitat co in pone nts of. which , had• been
soldered togeiher.-by the noble cluateridon
in the chamber. of his • Honor, than , iOne.
Handfed and Forty-Pipe' rebellious sub
jects, im this peaceful village, renounced all
-allegiance to their - rightful sovereigns.-- '
%Yid) iniquitoits"boldness they congregated
in the very temple of justice in , which hi s .
kronor so ably presides,, and thereput forth
a wicked protestation against the'doings of
their-lords and masters, the trio.of Honor
ablcs. and the Kichapoo Deputy. Nor was
this all, for with malignity. unparalleled.
they solemnly declared that these, the ac
credited dictators of their party, were trai
torous, ' dishonest, - hypocritical.' and Oils;
denounced .them as dtkuirganizers, and:de
liberately read them out of the fellowship
of all true democrats. U yei of little faith!
Ye might have been pardoned: far. oppugn-
Mg the Alictation of the lesser cOm man
tlants domiciled in your -own town, but
hiiiu dare you refttse obediencP to the will
of the' great - Slermon prophet, the riotleiis
Joe•Stoit4 of Soutli.MOldletonl -
1 ----Dois—nOttthe_LjtoliciaL_s4tionit •of their
Honors vest Vein with the right to lead
in party polities;. has not the Depttty.a
hereditary right to govern; does lnut "Do
mestic Credit mantle the Ex-Gongressman
With full, power to command? . Alt! it was
barbarous to slaughter ;the, indiscrimi
But the thiog is done, raid the faithless
rebels have rallied. tinder the banner of
Gencral Bennet of the Statesman; cjirryho ,
lofty.i.rests and limiting sin - Icily at eery
poor devil who clings to the truef:iith. - that
Democracy is great and Jot Srurrn'is its
• I
The 19areisLurg. t iwitoikan.
ecrWe very much fear. that: this paper
is.dpiratival schooner, sailing under false
colours. ,It pretends to be a Whig paper,
friendly to Clay; but, with the excep
don of one single week, it deals ;nit weekly
splenetic articles of 'that portion of
-the Harrison party WhoSe preferences are'
inclined to Gen. Siiiitt fur. the Presidency.
: Wit portion of the party with which we
act, are desirous that the whole strength of
the opposition to Loci) Focoism and mis
rule should be united -in endeavoring to
den a majority to the State Legislature
suflieieta to correct the abuses. now exist
ing in our State Government, and provide
means to lessen the bur.len of taxation now
'so ,heavily himie by" - the people. This
cannot be done if the object is lost sight of
in abusing those . olour friends that cannot
go with us for: our paftieular candidate for
the Presidency. •
if the Capitolian is truly a •Whig paper,
and desirous of co-operating in the work
of Reforin now so much calle d in our
Cornmoliwealth let it cease ita
and_uncalled for abuse and misrepresenta..
tions of the friends of Glen. Scott. 1.1 it
wishes a discussion upon the merits and
demerits of Mr. Clay ,and his clritns to.the
Presidency, it shall have it, in due time, to
its heart's content; but for the presetit, our
suffering, Slate' calls loudly, upon all.irue
Pennsylvanians to sacrifice minor: consid
erations in her behalf. • •
. We hope, therefore, .to her nothing
more, from either tlrb•friends of Clay or
Scott - upon the subject of the Fiesidency,
until after the claims of the Commonwpalth
are disposed of. _ • • ......
Who pays for AU?
IL — FThe ilarrisburg Telegraph says: An old,
picture represents a king sitting in state, with a
label, "I govern all;' a bishop with a legend, "I
pray for all;" n soldier with a motto, fight foi,
all;" and a farmer, drawing foith reluctantly a
purse, with the superscription, "I pay for all!"
With a little variation this picture might be
made to suit our State. The G(iVernor may say
"I govern all;" his Mita , ' 'holders, "we prey for
'all;" his contractors, in violation .oflaw, "we fight
for all;" and the farmer as usual, may dolorously
exclaim, ".!payfor all!" The Goveonor pockets
his 0,000 annually_and the pickings; Ms . office.holders secure, all the fat jobs; his contractors
violate the laws to make themsolVes domestio
creditors; and then DOUBLE TAXATION is
01-The U. S. Senate have redueed the rate Of
duties g,f the Tariff Bill that had passed. that, body
and been vetoed, and sineo,passed the House, on'
some important items to make it palatable to the
Loco Feces and the traitor Tyler., The .vote on
redu64 the duty on tolled iron from• 827 50, to
825 per ton, was as follows, Messrs. litiehauan
and Sturgeon both voting in favor' of It, thus
showing MORE TREACHERY tOlhelatorests
of their con` itoon(st • • . • ,
owe. •Arolfor, Barrow, tAose„)Bay.
ard, , BUS ANAN, Climate, playton,: , Coi:ad
Crit enttan, Dayton,' Evans, rilifrittßE!id.
Merrick Miller. Morehead,' Porter ,Simmang,
SiPith,Pf Ind; Spraugo,STUßGEON;Ttilltitadge,
and White-23. • " • •
':NAYS—Messrs. Allen,'Ragby, Bentor,fierri
rien, Calhoun, Cuthbert, eultbn, Graham, .
derson, King, X.,lnn,Preston, Sevier , Smith,'
of Comm., Tappan, Walker, Woodbury, Williams,
Wright, and Young-22.
The,duti on krE; was reduced to s9.per ton:
Stir 'atore ' , Treachery , to Peati
ikTln the Senate on Monday, week last, the
.bill to prtivide for . thO" repeal of the proviso of
of the sixth section of the'aet to appropriate .the.
proceeds of the sales of the public lands, was call
ed up on motion of Mr. Crittenden, and passed by
the following vote: ,
YEAS- , -Messrs. Areher, Barrow; Bayard,
Choate, Clayton, Courad:-Drafts,Crittenden, Day
ton, Evaiie; Graham; Huntingdon, Mangum; Mil
ler, Morehead, Phelps, Porter, •Sirmhons,
'of Indiana, Sprague, Tallniadge, White, W4od
NAYS—Messrs. Allen, Bagby, Benton, BU
CHANAN, Callioun,Cutlibert, Fulton, Hender
son,' King,. Linn, Preston, gives; Sevier.S . P UR
GEON, -Tappan; Walker,' Woodbury, Wright„
Yount.—l9. ,
This bill rcpealcd the provi.-oNlitilkind dis
tribution bill, which suspend distribution when the
tariff of duties was raised above twenty per cent,
and consequently continues the distribution tothe
States under the tariff bill than has passed, should
it become a law: .Buchanan and Sturgeon, both
in their votes against this • measure. Iltit
thanks to' the Democratic Harrison Senators, the
bill was 'passed, 'and 'the DISTRIBUTION IS
Deserted mod Despised.
rrOf all the host of paperla. that supported
Harrison and. Tyler, says_ the Thirrisburg Tele
graph, we know of but one, throughout the
whole country, the Delaware County (Pa.) re—
publican, which'now suppr le. Of
course we exclude the Ma, Ingrate
ful viper, which now turns round to sting the
ydrty that nourished it when it steed in need,—
Dons not .this desertion speak volumes 'or the
infainy of 1 ilirt"Tyler?- But oncnow to dhim
reverence, of that proud list . which two years
dine° was doing battle noblywgainst those very
principles which he now hugs to his heart, but
which' he then • repudiated! But one, and that
one hOughr up, by a petty office of three -dollars
a day! Come out Walter, fret) among that "foul
party?" .
Franklin County.
, liemoiiratic %Vhig friendi in
Franklin have nnininated for Assembly,
7140 MA S CARSON . ; .41 111e . reersbuii .
And JASPERAI) Y, 'of C hambers.
burp:, " •
.'These are good men. and tene, and
•' sleeted, go - hand in. — hand witli
NW4 -- rs. KENNunv. 'aid . l - ruli'sFDLn, of our
county, in brieling about ii - -. Reform in our
Stale (lOverninpnt, 'and in Tedueing that
inigititous system of taxation ..whieh now
ore'r-hurthens the people. • .
The_Federal - boen ford TaxiteS . liave
settled a tinket, but iii its surrrss• they
have, •im h(,. a ys— r as will be seen t h e
following letter:_
C.or,te;pontionee of the Ilerald'a Engesitor
CII.I,IIBER.SBUIV:, Sept. 3, 1842
FRI lIND MIDDLETON—Butte parties are now in
the field ready fur the light. The tickets you
wil. see in the . papers of this place. Outs is
an excellent ope—every man on it Worthy and
we I gnalifte.di for office,
.ruid trill most assuredly
he eleeted by a handsomeVority. This is
now admitted by thetLocos,, w i have n ticket
thrjed. upon them by the wire-workers here Hat .
at all in accordance with their Wishes. The men
on the Loco 4ssemhly ticket nee of course, the I
very men to support David 12. Porter's extrava..l
gam, wasteful sod tax' Admini-tration. The/I
cannot even get the support of the taxpayers of
their own `party: For tic County Oilices they
were al oi unfortunate. They live ngain forced
some of the old worthless office-holders upon the
ticket, and shoved aside the more honest and de-
serving of the patty! Like Cumberland county,
we have heie men too intelligent to submit to
such treatment. You may, therefore, confidently
say that Franklin county will elect ,the whole
Democratic Whig ticket by if nridsome majority;
rcatletion of the ratki,
rrThe total force °four army in 1841,,inelud
ing Cadets, was 14,506. Under the netv.laW it
will ho but 9,019.; the artillery , 206+; the dragoons
178, and the Commissary General, I,ltwry.eyors,
10 Assistantt Surveyors, 1 Inspector General, 6
Military store keepers aud 3 paymuSters having
been abolished.
$200,000 Lill issing
trar.We promised last week to give fur
ther extracts from that •higly interesting ,
pamphlet entitled "The Report of the In
vestigating Committee,',' &c. •W• 9 accord
ingly call attention to the following ex
$32,000 in the U. S, noies—e6o,oQß. in.
Burks county Bank notes, and 815,000 in Virginia
Bank notes—the balance In negotiable paper writ.'
ten in the "Indian Language. , .'
"Po , which cert . ificates of Stock shall be issued
in such amounts and made transferable in such
manner igs the Governor may, direct."-(nagv 278.)
Harrisburg, March '25, 1840.
"To George Handy, Bitq4-7.
- You will observe that
the Governor is to direct the manner of transfer.
log; this is a trick which in all the d. bating was
not discovered by friend or foe, and I think will
not be. My object in having this unusual provi.
sion is, that you may make a currency of it, as it'
may be issued in any amounts.
Then will fellow the resolution I sent you last
evening, legalizing the suspension, amid-I now in:
dine to think we will add the small note law as
an additional pro Vision. Uwe can carry this, then
all will be complete, as the one,two and three dol
lar bills will make the small currency, and the
State certificates of loon the larger. Give me by
to.moriow — nights mail ell your views. Yours truly,
(Page 280), • •
I:hirrisburg 3rd month 27, 1840.
"Vo George Handy, Esq::—
The Goverrtor is vory
anxious ghout the fate of this hill, he has been to
our house, (B 1101114%) this evening, got me to call
out Stevenson, Snyder and Patterson, With whom
he held a separate and private conference, he alsri'
saw Miller of Berke, and Myers at our house; he
and his special. friends are determined to get it
through. SAM'L. R. WOOD.
(Page 253.)
Harrisburg, March.l7, 1840.
"To George W. Smith, Esq. Phila.—Dear , Sir.
—I have just hnd anintervieW with the Governor,'
and while nt his house, Gen. Wilson of the House
and Mr. Beli of the ghee, two of the Commit.
tee of Conference called; they stated' , that the
COmniittee were nimble to agree, and that it was
the intention ofcertain members to ask for the ap.
pointment of two additional members from each
house, this the Governor Objects to, being fearful
that the additional. members would be opposed to
his stews, , *and toe are consequently at _work to
prevent it - if *poSsible. • * r •
The committee es-it new stands is thus, four in
favor of resunilitiOn* on the Ist of February next,
and two in favort of July .4th rie4:_they—must
however agree .tinenimously-befeie a report can
1 3 e'm'acte. We inteceeded today in *eventing the
. .„ .
propoSeretritcus - of - demoeratie , limbors-to-have ;
'been held this evening. ,I thin k. every thing looks'
,favorable, and from obi - averred niady privately bi
the Governor I am indue t od ta'believe that he will
.net Sign hit name to providing fora re
fit/warm before the firer of January 1841. He
wishes however to avoid the necessity of a VETO,
and' it is' for this we ate Contending. , I will *rite
to you to-morrow at ope o'clock; and .let you
know the proceedings of the HOuse up to that
time;;l will
,be Obliged to you if you would call at
the Post Office every evening, 41. intend to,write
by every mail. I intended to have returned to
Philadelphia to-morrow and' come back on the
succeeding day,"but now think it better,to remain
until something is dorm of a decisive character.
The Governor wishes as many of Ms friends to
remain here on the spot as conveniently can.
Yours respectfully, GEORGE READ.
The Laticas'ter ExeMiner says: 7lf This
letter is false, how was . • George head -able
to write the precise facts that occurred one
week after the date of-this letter? Where
did he get all his information? `..From ob
servationsin&te rivately by the Guyer
nor." : The Resuniption resolutions which
became a , law were for the first time offer-
ed by Bell in , the Senate,--March-?, : lth, - ,and
the letter was written March 17th!
•• • •
Pag6. 245.) Sams lo Hand y. '
•".1. shall pay my inspects again to the Governor
and have a talk, and will talk in the "Indian Lan
gouge.' •
pp .274.) Soln to 1-h;n4
"There seems to be a disposition to procrasti
nate cud to create inure difficulties, so us to pro
tilted more mint, or some other kind of a more
luxurious nature, iSce. I say, noi/, it is necessary
lo be firm and to submit to 110 kind of requisition.
We have argued well, and are 'tired of. hearing a
bout further arguments —if they will not du now,
wliat is the interest of the State and the Demo..
cratic party, let them go to—."
Old Srratch we suppose.
Joseph Solms, Page 102, thus answers
Q. Mr. Sohns, in these letters did you not write
what would induce the Banks to pay, the .most
'A. No. I (lid not write flick! haters with the
view of inducing the Banks to send money here.
Q. Why did you write these extraordinary al
lusions to the Governor in your letters? •
A. Because I heard it publicly in Every place,
I heard yf bribery and can uption o/-paying money,
it was a public tulle.
(Page. 1(i5.) • ' •
. .
Q. In No. 1 L you say !'your letter (all Is tight,)
of 106,_has been received. There is an objection;
the 5.3,0110-inud be placed immediately in hands."
IVhut does that mean?
A. I should suppose:sonic man wanted $5, who
it was I cannot tell you.. There were very fre
quent upplicationN; how much have you in your
trunk? These were applications made to me by
a good many men whom I did not know; 1 can't
Mille any of thein.
Q. 'You say in this letter "1 spent a Portionof
ktiondliy. with .the Governor and some of his ,
'friends; the time for action. was short,apti 1 took
'responsibilities, &c.' HA you - any such inter
views with the Governor and
A.I may have, I don't know. •
Q. Did you state any filet in this letter of pint.
own knowledge, which was !hist!?
dithrot-state 7 4li4o-falits“-may
formed false conclusions. The facts which I state
in these letters as having occurred within lily own
knowledge, are true Asfar as 1 C . au recollect., =
'E'crqun't we prevail on otr neighbour
to give publicity to the above? •
Hapeporiailt Document.
or - T° The following important doetitnetW. -
from Ceti. ewer, was hantled_ao_us.
evening, with a reqweSt to. give it - a 'place
in' this morning's riper: We do so with
pleasure. We understand it was read a
few (lays ago at the Carlisle Barracks.
The Arotty--Gesnerai
Heart Quarters of the Army . , :110 General's
(Vce, Washington, Aug. I11:1,
1. Int imations,through many channekreceived
at general head quarters, lead 'to more, than a sus.
Melon that blows, kicks, coin and las4s, against
la w,..the gond of the setqice and the faith of gov.
vernment, have in many instances', down to a late
period, been indicted upon private soktiers of the
army by their officers & sop-commissioned officers
2. It is duo to the line, generally; to add, that
those intimations rclitr almost exclusively to the
2d dragoons and 3d infantry.
3. Inquiries into the reported abuses arc in pro
gress, with instructions, if' probable-evidence of
guilt be fittlid, to bring the offenders tr, trial.
.1. It is well known to every. vigilant (Allem that
discipline can be maintained (—and it shall, be so
maim:kilted—) by legal means. Other resorts are
in the end,. always destructive of good-order and
subordination. -
5. Insolence, disobedienee,mutiny .nre the usual
provt,cations to unlawful violenbc. •But these'sev.
mil offences are deliouneed by the 6th„7th and
9th of the rules and articles of war, and , made
punish ,ble by the sentence ofeourts martial. In
stead, however, of waiting for such juidgment,ae
cording to the nature, and degree of guilt, de.
liberatcly found=lhe hasty and conceited—losing
all sell:control and dignity of command—assume
that their individual importance is mere outraged
than the majesty of law, aml int,l4'oece, as leg:
'slaters, judges and execuiitibers. . Such gross •
usurpation is net-to tolerated many well g,ov.
cruicd armyr
6, For inSolent words, sildressi.d to superior,
let the soldier be ordered into confinumenirThis,
of itself, if followed by prompt repentance and
apology, may often be found a sufficient punish
ment.• If not, a court can readily authorise flue
final remedy. A deliberate, or unequivocal breach
of:orders, is fruited With yet greater judicial rigor;
and,in a clear case of mutiny,the sentence would,
all probability,' extend-to life. It is evident,
thin, that thereAs not even a pretext for punish-
Monts decreed on individual assumption, and at
the dictate of pride and resentment.
7. But it may be said, in the ease of mutiny, or
conduct tending to this greatcrime—thatAis ne
cessary to cut down, on the spot, the eviler or
ringleader. First order him to be seizrff. If his
• companions put him into irons or confinement, it
is plain there is no spread of the dangerous ex
ample. • But, should they hesitate;—mr should it
be necessary in-any ease of disobedii nee, dcser.
Lion or running away—the object being to secure
the person for trial;—os always to repel a personal
assault, or to stop an affray—in every one of these
cases any superior may strike and wound; but
Only to the extent clearly necessary to such law.
ful end. Any excess, wantonly, committed be.
yond sue)) measured violence, would ; itself, be
punishable in the superior, No other case can
possibly justify any superior in committing vie.
lance upon the body of any inferior, without the
judgment of a court—except that it may some
times be necessary, by 6f:urea, to iron prisoners for
security, or to gag them for quiet.
/1 Harsh and abusive words, passionately br
wantonly applied - to unoffenditig inferiors, , is Init
little less reprehensible: Such lang . urage 'sot Once
unjust, 'vulgar and unmanly; and; in this cennee..
tinn,it may bo useful to i reeall a pa,sSage from the
old general regulations for the army:
. "The general depot-linen' ofoffieers towardsju.'
riiers or inferiors will be carefully watched and
regulated. If this be cold or harsy,onthe one hand
or grog, ly familiir on the other, the harmony or
discipline of the corps cannot bo maintained. The
examples aro numerous and brilliant,in which the
most conciliatortmanners have been found per.
!belly compatible with the exercise of the.strietest
command; and the officer who does not unite a
high degree of moral vigor with the civility , that
springs from the heart, cannot too soon choose a.
mother profession in which imbecility Would' be
less conapicubps, and buirshuedis loss wounding
and oppressive."-, (Edt. 1835.) . 2
9. Government not only reposes "special_ trust
and. confidence in the patriotism, valor, fdelity
and abilities of" army officers, as is expressed do
the face of commissions; but also in their . self.
control, respect for law, and gentlemanly conduct
on all occasions. &fibre -under either of those
heads ought alwaYrto' be folloWed by the lees of
g commission., •••
. 10. , At a time wholly notwithstanding the small
ness of the establishrrient, thousands of the most
promising . youths are desirous of military cianu.
missions the Country has a right to demand—not
Merely the usual exact observance of laws, regular
lions, and Orders, but yet more—that every officer
-shalLgive_hirriself4lp entirely _tp_the cultivatiotl
and practice of all the virtues. and acconiffifili:
merits which can elevtito anltOnorable profession.
There ii in the - Army of the United States, na
ttier room nor associates, for the• idle, : the igno.
rant,tlie vicious, the disoliedient. To the very
few such thinly scattered over the service whether
in the line or the staff, these .admonitions are
mainly addressed, and let the vigilant eye Of all
commanders be fixed upon them. No bad .or In.
different officer should receive from a senior any
favorpr indulgence whatsoever.
11. The attention of' commandas of depart.
ments, regiments,
companies and garrisons is di.
rected to the 101st of the rules and articles of
war, Which reqiitres that the whole series shall
be read to the, troops at least one° in every six
Miudjeid Scott.
Madisonian is . the organ ofJohn
Tyler; the iitature of accident' now-acting
as President of the United States. . Every
oThee 7 holder under him iSlooked upoxi with
a jealous eye if lie - appears without his
collar,.labelled.Al AM JOHN TYLER'S Ii 00!"
Some •enjoying the-patronago of .the_crov
"ernment have heretofore been rather asham
ed to 6ppeal l before their old friends with
this, degrading collar, but the following
significant hint from Tyler, thr'mgh, the
Nludisoniarr, is whipping the .ras als 'into
the traces all over the Union. 11.4 it: .
“Very many•of the Vi big papiirs women, that
are the most abusive Orthe: President, 'nee in the
enjoyment of Government patronage. Weintend,
to speak out unreservedly on Nis satinet. Any
subordinate officer, under the President, who will
contribute to sustain any paper in the habit of abus
ing the head of the nation SHOULD HEIL/1831198ED
'6FFICFL. A friend of the Executive would
"take the responsibility;”
The lash has even reached Carlislere,
Mote though it 'be from the .Presidential
l'alace—as will he seemby-the following
Bulletin _issuedon igonday last from the
Post 011iee at this place 7 —eopied verbatim,
excepting "Loco Foco" in 'brackets: •
P. 0. CARailil, 'Sept: 5, 1842
DEAR Sim—Youmeeil not resolve room for the,
fist or letters in the Herald 'this week us 1 intend
to commence the publication in two [Loco Feet)]
papers From this date. Rests:Wilily yours,
%VM. M: poRTER, P. M.
It W. MI LMLETOS,' ESQ. - . •
. AM.JOJIN TYLEJes, Boo". now! "hur
rah for .Tippecanoe and Tyler •tool"
But what a - contrast is - here Tresentee in
The following letter from a Post Maker too
,iturcpendent to wear ..tohn- Tyler's.' collar
even though it tre trinoued with • 130iDEN
POST OFrICE, Milq,:Yatcle Co. N. Y;? .
August 24th, 1842:
M the Ilon. the I'. M. Geneial:
Sir—On tl:c 29tIrult. I, addressed you, hut
c h r n: t to
no answer it return. • • I I nr
. received the appointment ut Post Mnit
Milo from your worthy predecessor, .the lion.
rItANCIS ciraiscciti - who Only-required of me bonds
for the faithful 'dischint, orthciduties-of the-of.
Tice. The -post nowappearti - to be •!coupled" with
conditions nhtiving nu utlinity . to each other," but'
_incongruous in their character.", Fur
instlitice; tundsrstancl-Post Masters have been re.
moved for expressing their political opinions, en
the.plca_that_they arc required not to interfere in
•politi.+•, while on the other hand, most of us have
received a cireultr-fram New s York, urging us to
aid the .views of.the "Administration General
Committee." 1 am further advised, front high
authority,thut I'OA Masters are .511re:fully directed
'where and how to advertise their "List utlietters."
Now, sir, wishing to retain the'priVilege I in.
het ited as an American citizen, of expressing my
views Ircely on all subjects; the Taritr,and_Mr.
Tyler included, and.being unable, were I dispos.
ed i to further tire views of the , _‘:;erietal Commit.
tee" before Mentioned, for want t.f material, there
[Wing none in this county—and constsning dicta.
tioq in the advertising or Leiters as galling, it'
not tyranieul: I do again, fur these reasons,
gether with the edict of the Aludisonian, - Most
cheerfUlly tender you my resignation, .and petty
the speedy' appointment of a more coinplying
Deputy. I am, Sir, very respectfully,
Your Wt. Serv't. •
Hon. C. A. W.CKLIFFE. •
(Zile Grand Jury of Rhode. Island have re,
turned to the•Suprcme Court, now Citing at New
port, R. L, bills •of indictment for high treason
against Thomas W. Dorr, Duttee J. Pearce, Jos.
Joslin, Daniel Brown, Seth Luther, Nathaniel N.
Carpenter, John Paine, and George Fiissel.'
1 3 111LADELPIIIA, Sept. 3,184'2.
FLOUR & .N 1 L.—Duringthe present week the
Flomr market has been steatly,and prices pretty uni
form. NV.t noble to-day standard Peitna. brawls at
$4,87i per blll.. for fr. sit ground' superfine, with a
moderate demand. 'lR:Ye . ltits•dee.litted a tritle,the de
:nand not (mite V) active at 15.5,57 i per bbl. 'Sales
for expin 'of Penna. Cure, \lea(ut v 2 75. '
AIN.--.—The reeeipts of ‘Vhe'st•this weak have
bee t , udr, a n d %%inLilat probably he large until utter
seeding time. Sales of Sotithern sae Poem. ‘arying
in ptiee according to quality, at 85 to 99e for South
ern, nod go, 94 and He for Penna. rrd: New South
ern Ikte sold this weekatfiSe, tied at 70e
per bushel_ Corn is in fairActew'al at ',5'2.d tar South
ern flat )Cillow, and 51C:for 1‘ hite do; PCII6II. round
56e. South, re Oats 21e,and Penna. '256 pee bushel.
bids. on the Delaware is selling.
in lots'at :81-at 4:stunits per gallon; in Broad street it
is 'lather searee in hhds.
BEEF -CATTLE.—SaIes at 84 a 34. Cows and
Calves-192111 market; Sales from 818 t 0 .22; extt a
soh' at V 27 to '23. Capes, in the drove 3:lnk $1:25
A 2, 1 '2A; lire a ei;;ht on the
. 1)ela Ware, $2;'25 a 3,'.15.
at market, salesai ,$4,50 a 5. ,Sheen. - -
1470 at market, sales at 81,37 a 1,873 i extra $:'.,373.
B ILTINIORE, Septumli. - 0.3,T1942.
FLOUR—haft further declined. The eliising
A id e s of last week for II award street were 4 lilt to
$4 75, and the littler was the rillitig,price till 'l4 cd
nesday, on and since the article has sold freely or
been nfr-red at $4 62h, the receipt price $4. 50
itv Mills has soul at $4 75, though generally held
hOort and Susquehanna has sold also alt 4 75, but
prices fiir dil' &windmill in arc generally gm/0'1ml•
by those of 111 - iwaad st.ivet.
• GRAIN.—The receipts' of Wheat have been rath
sla4k, awl consequently ma increased ffimiand is
perceptible for beter qualities. hut we cannot under
stand that prices have improved., The hest qualities
of Red command from 115 to 90c, and inferim s sell
at all prices below the later down to 500 cents per
bushel. We hate no Rye operations to note. - Corn
is very dull, and sales A fleeted with difficulty; we
think 50 emits per bushel could not have been ob
tained for any, considerable quantity yesterday;eldi
er for white or yelldw. We quote oats at 25. a
per bushel.
WHISKEY is - firmer and'held at 120 t 022 cents.
••• CATTLE: M A lIKET.Beer
ferings at the drove yard this week wets: nearly 400
head, app generally of very fair quality; and except
about 70, wffieb were taken to another market, all
sold at about
,4 to $4 51 per 100 lbs. 'I he market
for,Hogs.remain as last week, at $55 per 100 lbs.,
with moderate, hut fain-siimily.
• .MARRED. ,
On the 9th u 1 by the Rev. John Ulrich, Mr. J.
WIERM AN to Miss SARAH MIXER, both of
Adams county. -
On the Ist inst. by the Sarno, Mr. THOMAS .5.
MeELWEE,to Miss'ANN LH , HNOER, till of this
0111TU4:1171r B E C 0 R 11
In Mistison v inclinna,totithe 29th . ult.., Mrs. A.141‘1
PATTON ;SEA. M AN, wife of Mr. Iflrsim R. Sea
man, formerly . of Jefferscin county, Vit., .and. only
sister Of. the Eclitor,of this paper„ aged abMit, SS
years. - .*
In tbis Borough', on Thursday 'evening last, At.tinT
Mr.i.zonst, infant 11011• Of RUFUS E; 10111.811614 i
LEY, aged ab.nut 7 months.
• • "Happy infant early blest . •.
• Rest, In•peneef•it slinnber ,
- Early resent:if from the cares. '
Which Inovease with , growint; yvars:"
V:idosable Real, Esdati
, , , 7 WWWVIAVVVCAitiVtAIyIet , '
puApursuance of an order of.tbe Orphans'
Court of Cumberland Cotinty,Pa.*lll lieeolrd at
die sale, on 'the premises, on SaturdoY the 15th
Jay of (Molter next, at 10 o'clock:A. M. of said day,
the following,described Real Estate., lute the proper
ty of Et raeebefd Fiatausos, deceased—to wvi,
771.1 e: or .L.SAD,
in West genissborci' township, Cumberland. county,
on the turnpike road from Harrisburg to Pittsburg.
atheist 6 miles west of Csirlisle, bounded by lands of
Jimeph Rinser, Esq. and the,heirs or.lohn Sharp,sle
ceased., saMtnining :Mout .'iontorry. ONE
CRES and.alloWassee, with a two-story log •
NOD): TrY,
DOUBLE' LOG BARN, arid i v
GRANARY thereon erected. The lend is Lime
stone, of, the best quality; tibnintfive acres of Tim
ber land thereon, a well of water near the dwelling.,
and an'apple orchard and other cholde fruit trees
near the house.
The , Terms of Sale are: The expenses of side to
lie, jihad by the purchaser on co:Tn.:nation of the sale
by the Court, one half of the residue of ,the porch
money : to_ be paid on the first of April next, wh,co,pos
session will be ~..o;iven and a deedanade to theimrebe
antl the baleace in two equal hininal .payrnents
thereafter without intevest—th , whole to im secured
by recnnizance in the Orphans' Court With approv- -
ed security..
Adtn'r. or Elizabeth Fer:suson, dee'd•
' September 7, 1813. - .a • 4t-45
' •
Val:cable •Lianesione Fitrun
N pnrsuance of ail order-of the Orphans' Court of
•Conitierland County, Pa., will. e sold of politic
sale, nit the premises, on SAI'URDAY the .24il dav
of OCTOBER NEXT, at 10 o'c:ock A. \l.; the.fof
lowing deseribed sato:tide
late the property of PETER DUCK, deceased—viz:
< cskL'" 5- -ta •aw:20.d.1 1
situate multi , imWest Pennsboro' and partly in
hison townships, hoe:tiled by lands of James Myers,
IVin. McCune, John Soave)) 's heirs Jos Piper arid'
others, containing 171 Acres & 146 Perches,
neat measure,--haviog thereon erected a large '4-scot
. .
U ;
a hirge stone 'and , &lime BAN
BARN, wagon shed, corn criii,nitto and-gra--
nary; a bake house, smoke house mid wash 110 U Se; a
good cistern and well of never-hdling water near
door; slso, a large STABLE for horses ; maniac
from the barn. There is on said farm an apple-orch
ard and peach orchard, with a varlet? M other fruit
treeN, sad a eider press.
'The land is Limestone, of the best quality, in
high state of cultivationonat :Mum 35 ,ergs of timber
land thereon. The'turimike road front Philadelphia
to Pittsburg pasties through. said farm, on which the
improvements are situate. The, above property . is
imtv and hits been for a number of years occupied
as 'a Tavern Stand;.ancl,its a 'Farm and Taveen
Braise; is mat of the best iinproved-and most valoable
properties in Comberland . CoilidY.-. • It lies annul()
miles West of Carlise and. the sante distance East of
Shippensburg, and of a mile frinh the head of the
' •
'lke Terms of Sale are as follows:'.one lanaleed
- dollars on-the conlirmatjon al the side by die
the residue of ouelmlf to be paid ()lobe tot of April
!met, u bee possession will lie glees Had n deed made
Turtheiturubarerrandlite-romi mitig.h ILto,be.paitLii
thrett.equal annual payments thereafter,without inte
rest, to he secured-by judgment or mortgage.
- Any person a ishing to. view die ' above- property
can call on :Major ilAtlti.l•,tesiding thereon or eith
er or the
the ,hove not-hes 'ld thy: tina , npimiateh,
it - will then be rented file the term of one year or
JACOB . .11YE1IS,IVen. IPeansboroi,
A duirs. of Peter Duck, deed.
Septemlo r 7, I S i 2. ., _ ' is-$5
•Vi . olunteer;Carlise; Reporter and-Telegraph, Bar-.
rishorg; Intolligencer and Evouiner,Lmeaster; and
kehanon, whl insert till sale, send bills to
flits office And - Onepa per each hi-Mr.:N. 4:Decinontl,
at New ville, Cumberland Co.. Pa.
E c 2.179 L 0 T
. •
:le" oitli b e e imiir sO:
v,„,i. f B,sg,oVcio r,l,
o'clock 'U.,
At.. 4 " L4 '
A - il - 07.TiZ E. or t ,
AND . . • -;,,' "L.: 5 4
late the estate of dun:: I Inoirtm, di ceased, containing
UN P. ACICh„ . more or les,—nititatcd in Nlcelianics
burg, Cumberland comity, I'n., raiinided on the cast
by an Id ky , on the StidCl : a lot.of Adam Ituigle,
Went by :Oat of 'Salley Kinaay, and North by a ktreet
or alley. The; house in two ntorich high, vlastered,
a el 1-fioistied and roomy, with a Kitchen and Dining
Roam attached. There is t i•xcellent well or Wlter
at the door, and a satiety of ehniee fruit trees on the
lot, with other conveniences—the . hole . property
being hi good et.paiv., Persons widiiteg to porch:the
will be site wit the property by railing on John Iboov
er in Meclittnibelnirg, .
The terms will be made !coop!) on the day of sale,
and attendance given by
• * .BilIN 1100VEB, S` 'lmr'n'
Septenib(r 7, 11.42. ' 16-45
Y vir . tue of sundry writs oryeditioni
4y tr exllol/39, to nie directed, issued out, of' the
Conti of Common Medi of Cuntberland county, will
he'exposed to publicoit °SA 1171IIMY the Ist
day of ouroBER, lAN, at 10 Weleck, A. M. at the
COurt II ouse in the Borough of Carlisle, the follow
described real , esuite, viz:— . ,
j•,‘ ILA) 10 (070 Gra(EMY:
- 9
situate iu the town of Springfield, Cumberland comi
ty, bounded on the horth by n lot of Young's heirs,
on-the. r.nst by it lot of Samuel Frenelt, on the Sollth
by a lot orboiau Marsitulr,snq on the c est by lands
of Jacob Keller, containing about out. half acre, and
having thereon erected u IWO' story - dwelling house,
part brick and part frame, is log'buildiog erected for
u distilkry, and a log spring house.
Lot of Ground
situate in the town of Springfield, containing about .
one fourth of an acre, brunded multe ;myth - by a lut
of Daniel Sweigert, on the east by a lot of 'Josiah
Hood, pia the south by a lot late the property of An
drew Moursotml on the West by a lot of Samuel
Freneh.• Seized and taken itt i:xecutiou as the prop
erty of Peter No:,ere. And to be sold by we,
MARTIN, Sheriff.
Sheriff's °Met ,Carlisle, Sept. 3, is-45
11114MUT, 1. Oil EZB..;NT..
A well finibhed rt-story BRICK HOUSE, in a
eonvenirnt part of the Borough, and' not. fur
ihe 'Court-House; is offered for rent from the
tetaf October next. .Enquire of the editor of the
September 1;1841. • 11-45
- Call at my' shop.
Sclbsbriber has on hand,at his shop,in Main
street,Carliale, next door to Mr.. Loudon's Book
Store, a new hupply TßENKs, Common
and Spring SPAN ISISSADEjtLgg. fine
nod common harness, - Collars, Bridles, Halters,
m a rtingales, Whips and Fly Nets_ ( worsted and
leather)' tg.c. &. Also two first-rate one or twollorse
oso two one horse WAGONS, all of which he of
feri for sale cheaper than they 'on be 'bought elk
here. ' • •
The'Spanish Saddles are decidedly sUperinr to any
other kind, and are admitted by those who h3ivn tried
them to be the' most ea sy 'and comfortable riding
saddles ever. manufactured. .
Orders from abroad still he punctordiv attended to.
September 7, 1242. • . tf-45
WWII ANNUAL ELECTOAT fnr offleells and
1 Managers of the Cumberland Valley Rail Road
Companyorill be -held et the public house of Clem.
Macfarlane, in the Borough ot Carlisle. between
the hours of 10 A. AL and 4 f!...M. of Monday the
34 day of .ocfober nee.
SW* E. M. SKIU,LEiSooy•
'\ • - •
• trap Cattle*.
CAME upon the prcmiseeDf the subscri.
ber in Frankford township, Cumberland county,
the following ,desoribed cattle—vizi, in'.llley last, a
brindle !WM; 'and h, July last, a •black and white
spotted"STEEß. No particular •marks observable
aboanither. The owner or Owners are request.
ed to come forWard,prOve property, pay charges and
take it awsy—otherwise it will ho, disposed of
according to law. . .
Seetoinbei 7„1.812. , • 30.-4 s
Two Valuable . Parinis'
Poit • --
T• •
AE salbseriber offers at ivate sale; on yeti
reasonable ternis,' • •
_ .
No 1. Containin g 110- niva of first-rate
. M214 , 42220Vtit ZAZZO 9 '
Situate if' few miles West of Carlisle, Cumberland;
County, near the: Walnut 13ottum 'Road—with
good linprnvements; and a paver -failing well of
water—Also, 5 AcEtts of Chestnut Tlntid.
ber g within. .a gaud hauling distance of -the
above property. .
No. 2. Vont i tang -Igo- cres ,of
. SLAT:O ZANY:), •
Adjoining the LtnieHiono Land, near Middlcsox
Mills, Last of Catlisle; Con - ibex:land county; with,
good impenveinentii, and a stream pf.watur on the.
811111 C. •
CrA-further description of th:e above Parma is
darned unnecessary, as those desirous of purehas.
ing will, of 'course, view the 'mine,:
Application to be wade to the subscrillei,living
at iVlidillcsex Mills
A ormst 24 leS42
Ageet foi• the Owuere.
vaitou FOR ,s4LE.
S I intend tq ddeline Canning for. the present, I
- .1-a• ofrer Pric;ate FARM on which
I now live, - lying in Frederick county; state of
Maryland, containing
adfoinini. Mr . . Solomon Fulton, .Tacob . .Poe, and
John i. McElfresh's Farms, It lies ahout 9 miles
from Frederick city, and I f. Miles west'ot Yttooda.
leifoligh r directly_on the east bank Of the Mono
coev river. •
'PIM soil of this land is . a mixture of lime and
sand stone. It !Mounds with first quality of
stone. There is on this farm - a • •
in operation . v:Oh - Ina up about 3, years ago;
by proper - attention there might The a very large
quantity of lime burnt and sold every year at this
Kiln, as it is most convenient to the red laud set.
Clement Avlicre they have begun to Brae their land:
I have put out about JOOO bushels on:this farm; it
actr finely. • , .
The fltr , nt is divided intuit fields, besides some
small lots around the buildings. They are. near.
ly all divided by locust 'posts and chesnut . rail _
fence. - The buildings are very comfortable,
-sisting'of a large
3 I:OM Dig lfriM' 4
• r
and Wrwtherboard Front, and Stone •
Baelzbuilding and Kitchen, a goOd ,stonc•CAlt.N;
corn, carriage house ' end , other - buildings.
this thini there Ore 4 first/rate Springs, one near
the b u ildings. Also a fine O tCJ titp, and
other fruit; all selected by Mr:Chas. Bahia, who
formerly owned this propertyt There IS about
- 74) or SO Acre ot -Wood
to thi's farnh. It can be einivenientlydivided to
give wood and water to each field. • It übouricl3
with yellow locusts. Any person wishing to pur
chase will do wcllt6 call on the subscriber living
on said•farin
•ASittrust 24, 1'84'2. 3t.-43
I Bl gm mo
. .
BY virtue-0f ,an. prder of the Orphans Court
.of Cumberldmi County, il , ifflre'seld'oii - the
premises, on SATURDAY tho Bth day`of OCTO
13P next, at 12 o'clock, noon, of said day, the fol
lowing •
. •
• Va . laable Real iMiale, •
Lute the property of JAC.O.Ii HARNISH, of
Swill' Middleton township, deedused, to wit:.
TroCt.containing Thirty-Two Acres of
22=2,.020213 aagz u ,
,Situate in Cumberland County, on the road lead
ing from Carlisle to Hanover, about five miles
from the Airmer place, adjoining lauds of Thomas
and James Melinfßiy,,,,Frederick Hoover and. the.
Yellow Breeches Creeli. Ilaving 'thereonerect
ed, a FOUR &POR( •
C3:4U—n. Llna •i f
A ND -
11 -0
Griz tST MILL,
Three DWELLING lIOUSES,first is a two story
LOG• 110 USE. 0
waggon maker Shop and new BARN, second is
a one story LOG HOUSE, end stable, a Log
House, •Smith Shop unit Stable:a thriving young
OIZCIIA Bof choice fruit trees.
The Mill is in complete order, containing four
run of Stones, two pair of burrs for flour, one pair
of burrs for chopping, and one pair of sand s hay.
ing elevators, smut inachine and every other ma
terial used in mills; all'nearly new and. in, first
rate order and quality. The whole Mill Machin
ery has been put up new within the last year. -
The Mill 'is driven by the Yellow Breeches
creek, a never failing stream of water, located in
the he•art of a grain growing country,affording an
extensive country custom. Arid havingsxcef•
lent facilities , for conveying 'merchant work to
market by the Cumberland Valley n iit road.
Teinns of' sale n ill be Made known on the day
of sale, by
Executor of Jacob Harnish, &OIL
August, 17; 1842, • 1.0-42
lintost ..3)!eltillid Lotteries. ,
J. G. (i?..r.c-;:yry Co. .713nagers.
50,000 Dollais-25,000 Dollars-1Q,:50 0
Dollars. 50 prizes of 1,200 dollars. 15 drawn kit lots.
4711 ban LoctNy, Clabd , NO. 13, for 1842. To be drawn
Aleitinider, D. C. on Saturday, Sept. 17, 1842.--
BitiLLIAIVT SCIIEDIE:I grand capital of 50,000 dol
lars. 1 ppleinhil prizeof 25,000 do. 1 dot du. 12,500.
1 prize of $O,OOO, I do 6,UJ0,1 do 4 . ,00, 1 do 3,003
I 'do 2,617, 2 prizes of 1,250, 50 d 0.1,200, fee. lee.
Nearly as many prizes as blanks. 78 number lottery
—l5 drams ballots. Tickets $l5-11alveti 0,51/
Quarters s3,7s—Eighths $1,87. The price of it cer f :
lilicate of a package of 25 . whole tickets in the abovit
splendid lottery is only $180; a certificate of .26
era on ly $00; it certificate of 26 quarters only $45; a
cerlifijaie of 211 eighths only $2.2,50; and it certifi
cate of a package may draw the five highest prizes.
Al A GNIFICENT S6ESIE!-00,00 0 Dolldrs .
sopa) .6,llays-15,UU0 Dollars-12,000 Dollars-105
prices of 1,000 dollars. Union Lottery, Class A , for
t 842. To be. dyne it at Alerandria, a C., on Slatlr- •
day, Oct . ober 15 '
1842. Grand Scheme . glum!
1 gm!
Prize of 60,000 dolhirs, 1 d0,,30,000, 1 do 15,000,1
I, do 12,000, 1 do 10,000,1 do 8,000, 1.d07,000.t do
5,1;66, 3 priies of 5,000, 3 du 4,000, 5 do 3,000, 5
4000, 10 prices of 1,505,40 do 1,250, 100 do 1,000, •
153 du 501.4 kr-78 number lottery -13 drawn_
ballots; Tiekets ittO—Halves $l9--Quarters
00,thsThu 'Hien of acepttleudeof a pacit.i
ae of -b whole tickets - the above vpteotlid lottery
only $080; a certif. onto of 26 ItalveS i only
certificate of 25 quarters only $7Ol 4 certificate of 36..
eighths only $55; 91111 a certificate of oleo:108e rtisY
draw the four highest prises.
oj'Ail orders by mail will meet the most prompt
emotion, and iIS soon as cash drawing is tsar an
olot,ol' it will be sent, to all wbu order:Nei US.
- Address ' G. ortepotty br, GO;
Ma . ungcrs; Washington City', D. C.
September 7,1840. . . • , ttl4s,
aDtrziallo -
, A PETITION . for tile Rene6t Of the Bankrupt
,11.... Law has bben filed the ANI Aug. 18114 by
JOIN paAiiDsplNT, ight; lately „
engaged With Sam uel Davidson. hi Ode
- Butchering business: Cumberland c ounty.
Which be hoard before the Di.:
Wei' Court of the Cnited States for the Eastern
Eistript of PenesAvenie. sgttinZ ,Bankruptcy,
g th e D is trict Court {loom in the City of Phila.
delphia, on FRIDAY the facl day of SEPTEM
BER, at I I ii*elecir: M. When • and where all
pertains interested may appear and :Maw cause, if
any they•have, why the prayer of the said
tioli should not, be grunted, dud the said 'Nu.
tioner be•dgelarsid Bankrupt, '
• • • • ,1- Clerk of Inetriet Court.
Philadelphia, Aug..' 31;1&4&L _
fine.eisportiimEt c
la. DE lEDS;, attARTIiAGJEIki . num
other BL4tLtia6.• • ' " ' •