Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, January 26, 1842, Image 4

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    6pleaadid Lottericslor
JANUARY., •1842.
• . ..
I r ir ; inia , Well bur--;. Lottery.,_s:
, . , CIRCA A; for 1842. .
To be drawn at Alexrndria, ,Va. on Saturdny'„On
• • -'. 22,14.1:nuary; 164 e. ,--'
GRA NI) CAtkI'ALS. •,. •
I prize of $:;0 3 , 1-10. - :* 1 prize of •- - t1;363
1 Al of . , , 10,000 10' prizes of • •1,3(
1• do of s,oiiii 10 do of • I,talA
1 do of 4,1100 si •do of ' 1,000
11 -Ito .of 2 500 'ro (10 of ' 600
1 711-of 2;00;.) --10 da—of-----____slll
- '• di 'of 1,8(10 10 (l o " of 400
Ist. 11.-Iwn nulther $l6, 2.1 draws, linniller $l5, Oil
draw ; muntle.q..;,lr, 401i1miwn.mumber irs, sth
- orlit'l drawn number sl•2,iowebi.prize $10; ...
Irin!cera olly slo—'.lalves's6— 50
'Corti fkates of packages of 25 whale litlkr.ts $l5O
Do .' do ', 25 lie.tv6ii , 'ilo'. !• 65
Do - do 25-quarters do 52 50
, Virginia:Leesburg Lottery,
- Class 13; for 184,2:
To Le drawn at A lexnutlr4i Vu. oti Satordpy,i:2(l
• 'January, 1842. .
• . 131-VILLIANT_ST:IIrXr....7,
. ,
.. . .. . .
t pi ize of • $40;000 • - ill Indies of . $1,050
1 do of 15,1)00 t.').o. .do. of • , .1,260
't do lof', • - • 7,000 '5O do of 1,000
1 do Of ~ • 5,190 60 do of. • 500
6d0.. of ' 2,0001 7U do of • 200
2 'rickets $1.0.,-lialr'es S5---Qcnt . ters:s2' 50. ,•
Certificates of paoknges of 26 Iclittle tickets $l4O
' do . - • do ' ' 26 half. do 70
do - do 26 quarter do 35
no. Di'rkeis.and Shares. prr •Certilicaten n f -Park
agi:ain the :donee Splendid Itotterics,--addi•ess
.I.*G GIti.:GOIZN" S. GO. M3ll:l;.erfi,
• ~. , IVashington City, D. C.
am'sviogs 'tent immediately alter they arg over to
all Who order as above. . .
. _ .
-N ot i ce,-.. - . .
. i •
Estate. of Dr. John Frazer, deed.
tfrrzits OF, ADNIINIS'IIt.\ TtON on tin
-14:4 estate or Dr. Jahn Frazer, late of Smith Mid
Ifietr):l - tf)Wll'llip. Ilt•e'4l., have •heen - graidial to thi•
8;11).3:libel. .residing in said Iniviiship: •Nnrics: is
' lii.v..ehy given to nil persons liiiiiv.v claims a•sainst said
eitsite in ri prese.ii them tot settlement, nii'd'tlinse in
-11,!!)(C11 ti. inake : p iyment , on.or before the first of
Fehraary nest, I.' • . -
GEoitar. -o , DoNNgu,,,i,:drer.
ne.ember, J 5, 1,314.--Gt ' • , , • '
' All persons iclebted in tli st.ll, , e.rlbereare. liert•by
n uiti d to settle up Cleir rrsi+eetivc aqcounts
ist of
Carlisle, Doc; 3, 18/1
E. Et BIN A: CO. Joatzted in. Carlisle for thepyfßose.
Hathaway's Patept ':! . tiot :Air
Cookinw Storeg."' •
• 'And_ being aware dint the people in this place and
vicinity., bare been much imposed upon by the in.
troduction of new and highly recommended articles
which tlicy have been itidneetlto ptirchase, and u hid)
have Wen so s,ightlylivole r atul,ot such bad materi
ill, that in it 611111 time they latve.faikd awl become
--useless...iVe, therefore, tln not iatetal ttlferiu,g:staes
- fur silo u n til they are fairly tried i - a this community,
and prononneed more (hirable iu •their construction,
better adapted to the purposes of killing, baking and
till the varieties of cooking than any other stove; also,
that they are n greatsavik; of fuel as well tin laour.
t n . ". We earnestly invite farmers as Well an resi
us_of this place and the imighboring villagesitn
will on tis at S. Wontleelicit's hotel, or notify us by
,letters (kounge Unpaid) that they are willing to ley
sole st-ive—and the stove ahail be placed in the
kitchen of eveey perpti giving stick notice, and
' , taken away atter trial, without any expense to per
sons making the trial.
stnyes . will he kept for sale at the Tin Shop
of Me..laeob Prittley,and at the Pountlry of •Alessrs.
Lay and SmMil_tr, in Carlisle.
ill.tving emir:toted for' One Hundred Tont of
castings, we vi ill, in a few clays, supply stove deal
ers with all the different sizes, on the most liberal
• •
ROMNSON, of- Carlisle, is agent
setting the eight is make, and vend the lltrr AIR
STi )V t't will dispose picounties in this and the
adj~ini t{ St,ties.
Po'dish the follnwittg rernmendations from
',lnv! of dElse wit') are using the stove, to encourage
others totry it.
ale Refit. 12, IE4I.
I have in we in my kitchen .me of Hathaway» pat=
eat II it Air Co-king. Stoves. and can recommend it
as a c'ere nt;teriar article: •The one I hare is No: $.
It Ills .0') till , rs and :I'l ovoi snlllyiently large to hake
sic I ty).s of borml. I) )king. roasting and 'broil
ing can nll he done nt-the same time and with nu&
le r) w' )1:1 iltio is regained I . Jl* any stove Which we
lo.mears to he 'peculiarly calculated for
Rt,on,rs, old for benefit I invite then' to cull
WI I iec (1114 St we in usr., Rs I shall take pleasure ill
showing-, this stove to all whom interest or cariosity
moy induce to examine it.
• • SINIDN wuNDEnum.
ca rbre, sept. 11,1841.
trs.' E. Robinson & Co.—“EJITLEst est, I have
during the few days I have had your Ilathaway's
Hot Air Stove in use, become convinced of its
great soptaileity. over onetime stnyewl have used or
seen. Iftmi by the trial that boiling, roasting, bak
' ing and Limiting may' all be dime at the same time,
in a unost perfvet intitmer, - and than one
fourth the fuel I have ordinarily used for the same
purposes. I have Iterrtnlhre been of the opinion that
• bread could not be well baked in a cooking stove,
but I am convinced upon trial that it can be done as
well in your stove [ism a Mirk. oven.
I believe •that the general Introduction of your
stove into use will be very beneficial to the 'bublic,
there're I shall take pleasure' in recommending it
to my friends. Yours respectfully,
• Carlisle, Sept. 10,1841.
. 1 1fesys. E. Robinson Z.s Co.—gentlemen, 1 have
fairly tested the "I - lot Air Stove" which you putt up
at toy house,.and can recommend it as possessing
prinelplesaf economy lied 'convenience 'far surpas
- sing tiny miter stove Winch I. have everieen.
The, boilerti coming in immediate contact with the
fire gives it greastutiiities for boiling, and t' e oven
is heated on such a painciple that bread is baked in
as fine a manner as ma brick oven. I find' it also a
_great saving of fuel and labour, and would advise all
lo'aulopt MITCHDL McCELLAN. •
Chambersburf, .Sept 6,1841. •
dn certifs. that,' MA now using one of Ututhaway's
Patent 11t t Air 'DMA Stoves; No. 3, and • do.recom
mendit its superior to any stove I ..have seen, (lie
greet rovingof Nei, and the variety thaucan ht. °Oak-
Ing-Wt•the same time, makes it an object to those who
wish to facilitate the operations 6ftfie kitchen.:
Dry 0 tioilf;
I have received, and will open this day, a fresh
BRIMOS of au gotals,and:aeveral j)iecee of carpeting,
street, in which .street bargains
are always offerad by'
Theeember 15, 1541.
• Diamond, and'Pildt -Cloths—
Just received 111'0 fur sale at reduced prices by
Shippeulburf,o, Dee. '22, 1.8414:: .
•.• . _ .
M 4 RlNoEs.French,Ceiikaii and Eng '
fish Steria.)esonst reeived An extensive assortment,
at the store at: ' .
Sliipponsintrg,Dec. 2!2,1.841 ' •
Water Prooflideits!
. -,llnet received jai Men & Bois wear , and selling
to, NIKO° times sit. hiteheep ekore. .•
Deee. Ist, . ,CHti:S.
Temperance Almanacs
irusr,r 9 ceivw and for sale by
Just.receired 111 dozen PALM }MODS, slid for
sole by CRAS.,I3AII..NrCZ. '
Deeembe 15,1341. , "*"" •
' • Jr AI C 0 g 3 IF Erick: it
. .
Ream le.ivo to ,retntot him thanks to the public for
ir.-tlyttrool7,e hitherto' ext.: titled to him; and respect,
illy i•tr•ront him enstoniermand the peoitie generally,
hat he still eontinurs the hominess of
Cabinet ..Trak 41g,-
io all its branches, zit hitt old stand in Main s(reet,
where he Is always vett: ly to attenNto orders in him
line. ' ,
parlisle;Nriv. 17, 1811.-51 n • • -
Pease's Clarified - Essence :of:
..trokieholeild str!andy.,
The subscriber hating been appointed Geoeral
A. , tent for, the, above celebrated article, respectPlll3
offers it to.the inttilie either wholesale or ret.til: .
(r:ri'urchasers are requested to bewitre of coun
The Subserilum bas just o'pelietlfit
sonienslbvtineut of _ .
consisting of sillier black ,iihieldnet: and other Cloth's.
Ca ssini eres,Sattinc , its, nem , -style V estings, a Variety
of Manse de Laiiies, second . .mourning and Mack
Thihet Antlf, Welsh Flannels. Rogers ditto
for shirting, Gloves, Hosiery, Edgings. Laces, earn-,
Mrs. Oil Cloths, Artilicials,RlLlialle,Meriho Skirts
e ns' anti Cfadrens'
GEO. \V. lIITtiEll
Qurenslvare' and .Groceries,
SP./cr..% &C ; with a great 'ills:let's. of other wtods
all.of whiSh-he will••sel I at a sip All profit to suit the
thisea. Dou't forget to ealrosi . •
• .. • S. M. ;lARRIS.
Carli.le,Sept. 26;1841.-Iy.
ALMON - just - rcceired and for pnle by J-.-&
1.75 'Coromao.
ICIACKEREL and Canlfiab ,for nig by. J. tr. E
fill= best of •bleaalied Sperm mid Whale Oil for
.11_ • sale by J. &.E.. Carman..
IDICICLING 'Vinegar for sale by J. & E. Corn
:a_ Ast,
,wir. . ' .
CIITG A R Iron se and New Orleans Molasses of the
17, best 044 tor sale by J. & l. Comtism
lOAF and. Lump 'Sugar. The subscribers have
. A received n large supply of Loaf and Lump
Sugar, whfch the'y offer for sal q. wholesoie or retail,
at reduced prices. • _ St E. Commun. -
PERM Candles for sale by .& E. Cornman.
LJ Cnilisle, Ott. 20,1131.
• G ODS.
.lest received at the store of ANDREW RICH
ARDS, a general assortment of
Fail Si'Whiter Goods,
0-insistli l in part of Wool and Cloth dyed Black,
Blue, lirtisible Green; Adslaide, Olive and Green
- c T.: 0 T S •
Mark, Brown, Invisible Green ' Olive, Diamond,
Beaver and Pilot Cloths; 11l ne.Brow n mixed
plain and figured C a s..i meres , new sty l e .
Sattinetts of assorted ertlors,lronl 50 cents to $2.00,
beaverteensjenn cords, canton flannels. I ell, white.
y e ll ow so d green flonnels :•---ticks, and muslins
6-4 3-4 merinnes, moslain-de-laille and Saxony chat
figured and plain.
,Figured, plain, striped. barreti
jackinett and swiss- muslins. Fawn, mouse, black.
blue black, slate, flowed and ' plain ail ks.,, vpßonnet
salmi and ribbons, new style. Shawls, gloves,
hosiery and shoes. • Cloth and fur caps Carpeting,
hearth rugs, floor cloth,baizes, and blankets. Color
ed and %bite carpet yarii. Fresh Markrrel,ingeth
er with a .general assortment of Qtreenerenee ond
Groceries, which will be sold at moderate prices at
his store.
"Carlisle, October TO, 1141.--if.
The; subscribers have just rece ived at the store
room lately; occupied by Mr. C. Foster, in North
Hanover street, Carlisle, a large and general assort
ment of
'Mill 16,1 China. Glass and
I 2c — '
whichtimy will sell on the nspt,liberal term's. They
invite the public •to-call and. examine... •._ _
J. & E. CORNMAN. -
• October 13, I FAL
afittlorney at Leitv
Has removed his office to No. 3. Beetern's Row
on the public squire. : •
Carlisle, Oct. 113,,A84.
Liver',Gemplaint Cured by the
use of Dr. flarlich's. Compound Strengthening. and
Alsiient Pills. Mr. William Richards, of Pitts
burg, Pa., entirely cured of the above distressing
disease. Hiis symptoms were pain and weight in the
left side, loss of appetite, vomiting acrid eructations,
aitfiiffentioir of tim stomatli,•sick headache, forret!
longue, countennnee clump(' to a citron color, diffi
cult/ ar breathinkOlisturbed restoittended with a
great derangement of the functions of thekliver. , Mr.
Richards had the advice of several Opticians, but
received no relief, nail! using Dr. Harlich's 'Medi
cine, which terminated in effecting a perfect cure.
trl'PRI NC IPA L OFFICE; No. I 9 North Eighth
Street, Philadelphia, where testimonials may be
r azdeliy John.J. Myers Co. ? arlisle; and
W . Peull,Shippenaburg,Pn,
• . .
New ',Goods !H
Sliglinturl4", I;7' us ~ 1 1P II L E a Ttlieir
old stand, the Rail ro tl:froM he eastern Cities;
an extensive , issorttnent ;, • ; '
Fan 10 - leidter. GoodS
of the most Thshionablemyle; Which' they are deter
mined to•sell at prices to suit the times, Persons
desirous of Mit-chasing goods are most eardeitly de-
Sired to give their a call.: • 'Hargalas way boexpeoted..
December 22,1841. - .
• • , .•
Y virtuo of a 'writ fi•codi the tiOn...A.rrsott Y. PA . '',
3 itiss,• - PiTsident ,fudge of the 12th1.tliehd
m j_
riet of Pennsylvania, hearing' date , at carlisl4,
the: th doy ‘of'DecorobtiriV.TVlB - 41, . .
n oce .is horeby given
that n Speolal Court will heheld by the= said - Hon •
AnEO V. Parsoasotatthe - -Associate Judges of the,
.Court of Cominon Pleas of Cumberland county, u
the Court llouSe in the borough of thirhsle,en
mowing on iklotalny the eitt of February, A. L
'lB42,titcmrtinue oneweelc,forthe trial of certain
causes depending in the Court of Common Pleas of
.Calmberland-county, in -,obrelt
Hepburn was concerned ns counsel for one of the 4
parties. prim = to Iti& — iiiipointme . nt as President Juke'
or the - Oth Judicial Distract--said rouges being em
braced sjthin the provtstons. o t •seettotrof•
sn Act of the Ceneral Assembly. pa ss . 6l the 14tIr
A pril, S 3-1, relative . to • the organi z ation of Courts
of Jostit:e. 'Of said Special Couq,JurOrs and ull
persons concernedorill take notice.
PAUL MARTlN,Sherifr.
Sheillf 's OfriCe,
Cstliste, I)6c. 99,1)41
.la4t.reccireil a fre3l)-stipply of CI26CERIES.and
'arsale; by • •
December 20,1841..
. .
Nov,10;1,841. , • .
Leather & INltircieen-Shoes & Boots
.4NO,THBR .1111111VdLI
'(271 4):t: - : : ,0:4*.Ti_-.0.1,. - r - .''. W - C AI .1U '. ciLO 0 ,:':.:04214.14:04,1...:,
Craig, Deltas 4s• Co.
' •,_ . . - • .
- rilt,,,;•-• &;;,*.tk '4.14 7 ;f- .- -. ,
.• ;lap ' :X,7#-e• ' MIR; .. ,
: .... •IN G.: MERCHAN TS,
have rerricived to the capricious Warehouse recently
becupicti.4.l)._Leuch 6c,_,Co, at the nrirtli-westcOrtier
ICherry and, Broad street, Phlhntilphta.
Prom the finalities which the location and internal
arrangement of this 'depot 'afford, 30 to 40 Burthen
Cars can be accommodated to'untoad and load at the
same, time w' h sufficientroom to store 20,000 barrels
of ploar,,a d 400 to 600 ton of Grain exclusive of the
tr i
forwarding; d, * a
lment. •
Produce o f .every ileScription Will - be; received as
usuaton , consigmuente,and liberal advances made on
receipt (if required) until sales are elibeted. ' '
Clt - MG; - BELLAS4(. Co.-,----L'
. • .
-. . 14 ortlt-Avest - cortier of Cherry &-Broad st. •
. . . Philadelphia.
. .
VV: S. &bean', Caihier. ~ , •• .
Henderson •S: Parker, - Corrine.
'Henry Rhoads„ ~ .
.Texol) Swoyer,Nettroille: • •
Parid Nevin, &Wen:door
S. Logan' Smith, . .
Esq. Cashie-;' Chainberoiirg
Eyster, Hum e. CO,. ,
Hobert Fleming, ~ .
Catherwond lkErai,.., phitaeciqu ,,::
Wm. R. TlOmpso4iCti... 'i" !.'
1 .
Whitall /54,prown, - J
liee , laniesburg Line.
Belatteens'.lPlechanirsbarg and
Philadelphia or-Ilaiiintore.
tij - 0I? CANAL]
T HE subscribers giateful for past faorS,
beg eave_to inform their friendsund the public
gunerally,That they still continne42. run as line "of
Mirthen Cars regularly between Nlechanicsburg and
Philadelphia or Baltimore, by which goods and pro ,
duce of Lill descriptions -will be forwartird with care
and despatch at the lowest rates of freight
Produce will be received :at their Ware House,
in Mechanicsburg, nod forwarded to 'either Phila
delphia or Baltimore, according to the direction, of
the owner,
cj'The highest price_ will be given for \\'heat
and !loin.. • •
N. 11...lilaster of Parfs Mid Salt .always kept on
'hand, and for Sale :tithe lowest itrices:
• - .
. . • •
.• .
Fl -
Apia/ S4oo,ooofiaid in.t-hrter-l'enpetu at,
to make Insurance ; Pet:Rumen! and
•Litnite(l, on ever,y description or Property, in
I'OWN AND COUNTRY, on the naiad favorable
OFFICE, I G3a Chesnut street. near- Fifth street.
- Cli ART.E.I3ANCKER, Sk:itUr.l; GRANT,
3AM 15-SCIIOTT, -* • Fa'`nsnrcx. 13noNSc k
TOBIAS Irsounn; • , Monny:CAl lAMB.
CII MA'S C:.. 11.Y.CCKER. Secretary.
tb - The subscriber, A7,eut rot the above comimy
For the boroug`h of Carl 'file and vicinity,will prompt
ly-attend to all appri . eations 'for 'lastly:rime, whether
made personally - 41r by letter. Residence Maio street,
nearly opposite the Car 0111're.
Morel' ,
Bar Iron,Glass 9 &c.
Just received at the New Store of the subscribers,
I Tons BAR , of first rate qual it) , and
for sale %cry low for c-s e'r con%ignound, 00 half
Boxes 3 by 10 111111 to k c lrß ove ., In by
Wl...terra Glaxs,
'in gond order,for sale to Mth.chants at Pittsburg
prices, and Dunennnon beg '
at Manufacturers prices, also, out band Wit heron's
Celebrated patent PLOUGI(S, FLAX-SE E D OIL,
by the gallon, or !Carrel, (HL MEAL, Wetberil
Carlisre, May 5, 1841.
The sithkeriber, thankful for past:favors, hereby
notifies the public generally. that lie still continues
at the old stamLitearly opposite the College,Campus,
where lie willitt all times:be found ready and wil
ling to accommodate, in the best possible manner'
those who may favor him with a call. :The house
is located in the most business part atilt? town, and
is near the stopping place of the Cars Mt the Rail
Road. •The !MONIS are large and airy—the TA-.
BLB will be supplied with the very best the markets
eau furnish—and the BAR with thechnicest Liquors.
Ills charges are I.: winnable. and he will endeavor to
by aviidnity anti attention a continuance of pub
lic pan-Maze. •
BO ‘RDERS taken be the week, Month, or ye r.
pROVERS and TRAVELERS will Sad trbitheir
ibtei'est tp strip with him,as he has nlenty ofstabling, -
and a careful OSTLERalways nt band.• '
Carlisle, Sent. R. 19111
Tiustee: Acem'iltiL
In the Court or common Pleas
. of Cum
berland young/.. - November ‘.22, 1841.
Slides Woodburn, stirvicing Trustee of Simnel
Caldwell. presented to the eourt an account nr the
execution of his trust, nod :11ondav the 10th day of
January, N. 1). 18-It2, is 'appointed fol• its-*nitfirnin- .
tion and allowance by the court, if .on objections be
made—of which all persons interested will take
notice. •
GEO. SAND! . .RSON, Prath'y
Cm , lisle, Dec. 8,1841.-6 t.
.. 7"/Vit ArEi .IT LA If..
. . ... .
Office in - High street a few doors
. west of the Post Office.
48,1841.---tf , •i
Dental Surgery.
THE SUBSCRHIER respectfully:: tenders his
grateful acknowledgmentato the public for the
-very liberal share of patronage he has received dur .
ing the past year , and would 'still continue to offer
them his prOfesSional services - 1u their various bran
ches at his residence, No. 7Harper's now. He fileS,
cleanses, and plugs teeth, Old insertsincornuptible
tarrer metalic artificial teeth in the most approved
manner.. Charges al ways moderate,
3. C.`NEFF, 141. D.
Carlisle, March 25,1841....;-if !! , I.# .
-D ry- GO o at 'Cost.
The subscriber jp noir offering his entire stock of
dry goods nt cost for cash', Consisting in•pnrt of
RET7'S, at from 34 ets. to $1,20.
MERINOES - from 25 cents to $1,25.
A good assortment of Whet; Beocim;
Merino- AcHlasilLetAlipivl@._:.
Mons de hdoes, Minim:sand CalicO6s; *moiety of,
:Cambric - lulgings.. Triseitings
also Cotton Edgings and . Quillinds, silk and coitoo_
Thule,. Bonnet Dress Silks, Cheoe alikl — Plaid
li t. and Neck .Ribbons; Gloves and Hosiery of
various kinds.
. . • 1 .,„. • GEO. '%V. INTNERI
'4Deeembe•Bi'lB4t. •• • •
Tetie, Teas,
Young' Upon; Inporinl, _Gunpowder, ,and .111a014
Ten,jiult received - very fine Mi
C d fresh. • ' :
' . • • WAS.' OGILBY:
New Cooking Stove.
,JACOB FRIDLEY, Nortb Hanover steeet,Optio:
site Coromaos' Hotel, is agent foiAbe sale of, Hm.1t,7 , .,
.ways' Patent
• • Hot idir. Cooking .Stoves 7
which he . U.arranta to he 100 tier cent better than any
other stove heretofore known. :
--Farmers, Tavern keepet:A and others are invited to
take those Stoves CM trnkand if they are Noi pleased
• witb'tbe operation oh the Move, or the price, they may
be returned,
. .
. .
. ..
. - . . ' . 3. F. 'still , .continues to
' • T'""' ' , , , ' llt
• , . •• • •• • I r .t of all deserlptiona,among
-.--- I.* -.....7 4 1. , ..'....] ( 4,,,:—whielt- - are - th e improved
' •:-&"_.) Rotary ,Cooking .atovra so
_,.,.._,-,....... . .-. 1....
Uniref'Stil l Y approved; stove
_ _—_,.—..—• —furniture, tove pipe.; and a
----'--. ---- .-----... ''.-- --- _ general assortment of Tin,
. .
Sheet iron and Copper ware, Which lie will dispose
of on reasonable terms..
. _
- .
. . _ .
' Orders in Town and Country; for House Spouting
or other work promptly attended to. . . . •
'.Carlisle, Sept. 15, 1841.-Iy. • •
DR. 5..4: STE,WART,
Thomsoniftn - Botanic Pr . actitidner
of r
lone anitObstetncs,
2 .Alexander?s Row, near the
Rail 'Road Hotel,
• V.SPFICTFI Y 'informs , his frbind,sond the
IR. public 4enerally, that (through solicitation) he
has remorMl from Shiremanstown to thirlisle, where
he May fcnind at times, unless professimmlly
engaged. The afflicted shall at at all times he treat
ed with purely Vegetable Medieines,"No Pols. "
and in strict aceordanee with the principles lafd .
down by that grant reformer in - Medietaseienee;
Samuel Thomson.
Clirnaie eaSas, such as Csnsamptions, Liver Coin
plaints, Deopsies, ltheamatism.s. and Qttneers, are
more p r icnlarly infirmed that the New System is
admirably adapted to their eases: .
Toy:111(1s from a - distance can be aceem — m - etlated
with B lartlitor - while - under - medical treatment, on
reasonable terms.
•Carlisle, Julyl4, I 84L--tf.
001.T6ITS 001=2.'
as these complaints are- tistially - . considered, no -one
can'tletiY their being the most commins cause of this
liital Indl distres sing disease: 'lila indeed a melan
choly truth; that thoustnids fall Victim's to Consunip.
ticin evdev year:Poniiid - other cause than ?weeded
rohls. Yet we -final littutir6lB, Many thousands who
treat such complaints with the greatest nlifference,
and let them run on far . weeks and even months with
out thinking of [ll6 danger. At first you lidve what
you•may consider n slight cough or cold ; ydu
Ocasu re or carer(' ssness to prerou you from
giving it any attention; it then settles upon your i
breast, you become hoarse', have pail's the side or '
..chest,_:expectorate_large_mnantittes_of_mater, per—
hap.s tiaxelliitli - lifoint - ,=a - iliffTeultv of -breatliing..etn,
- sues. and then von find your Dim . foolkh neglect has
brotte;lit on this distressing complaint. If .then you
mine his or Health, lie warned in time, and don't
trifle %dill your COLD, or trust to:nny. quack noatrum
to cure you. but immediatily procure a bottle or' wo
- 1 - 4 - 11 . ust faint-sus remedy, the '.IIAI SAM OF Wmn
-Ortnitiev T tl-whieltissrell_known tribe the Most speedy
cure ever known, as thousands,.Will testify whose
lives luive , been.svetl by
Cylle very ftartieular Ai hen you purchase to ask
for Dr. NVlsrtn's litt.siot or \Vim? t.4tEnnv," as
ther,e is also a SYRUP of-this name
• p re pared ; %tholes:lle and retail, In' WrtmASPikli.
Co., Chemists; No. 33 South Fourth street,Phihr ,
Sold in - CaVli=le by•
S AATU EL ELI:to - FT : .
Price On Dollar a Bottle.
October .20,!8,11.-L-ty:
By the extraordinary virtuea_oL that unrivalled •
medicine, the "BALSA:NI OF WILLI) CliElt-
RV," the %cell-known Minims remedy for CON-1
EOM: DS, COLDS, ASTHMA, nicoscurns•
IVillianis%rg, Sept. 4,1841.
To Dr. WIST AR—Dear sir, it gives me great
Pleasure to say, I have found much relief from your
Balsam that I have to send, to you for more. I have
only used three bottles out of the half dozen I pur
chased, yet it has done Inc more good 'than all the
'medicine I have ever taken before. A neighbour of
mine whose wife was very low w kit Consumpion,
persuaded me to let him have some of it, and bought
three bottles, which she has taken also. I saw her
few daysmgoomd she told me she believed it was
the only thing that had flayed her - She had tri
ed every thing . hefore,bnt notning did her any good,
and when she commenced taking it was sick • in bed,
but is noW up, and looks better than I ever saw her
before. As for .tnyself I urn sure it will cure me
entirely, for I feel better 'every day. Send me six
liottles more by the bearer, as my neighlkw wants
three more.
'They sincere friend, •
iriTlie genuine Balsam sold in Csidislety
Price One Dollar a Bottle - .
. Sept: 22, 1.841.—Gm. . .
Read what it has Bone.
And if you have a friend, a relation, or know any
one that is afflicted with that distressing disease;
DONSU NIP HON," permute them without de
lay to Cry Ihlt Cullom; and unriyeled medicine, the
" BAILS M OF WILD COMMIX," which has
cured thousands of this complaint after every thing
else hail fitileol. Read the follewineundoubted
ptoofs of its efficacy,
lioxaonouoit, Sept. 10 1841:
DEAR Stu :—Please scud me two bottles more of
your Balsam of Wild Cherry, like OW you sent me
beTar6. I have taken neatly all of the first two, and
confidently believed tilis metliehte will cure one.
have used a . o,reat many remedies within the last
year, hilt have neVerfound anyllsing, thathas relieved
me so much. It has stopped my cough entirely,
checked my night sweats, and 1 sleep•better at night
and tbel better at every way . than 1 have for many
months. Yours, respecttully,
HOmaatimmo, Sept. 12. 1841.
FRIEND WISTER :-I must again trouble thee to
send me two bottles more of thy invaluable Balsam.
1 I have now taken three battles in all, and can, assure
thee that it. has done me more goad Than all tlie:medir
oine Inlay° ever taken before. Send by the stage as
soon as possible, and oblige thy friend, •
.1 AVM 11014.0 WAY.
Dictum, Sept. 8' 1841.
DEAR Docroa.eariug so 'many people talk of
the wonderful cures , odr Balsam of Wild Cherry/
has made in Consunmtion, I sent to mse of your
Agents the other day for. n bottle, and have found it
to have relieved me so much, that lovant three bot
' more sent soon, as 1 believe rt will cure me too. 1
have used .layne's.Espectoraurtutd..other medicines
besides, but nothing has ever doneine ns much good
as yours has. Send by the steamboat Boliver.
, . Yours truly, IVnit.sst Toost.m.
(o:Besides its astonishing efficacy in Consump
tion, it isalsu the most effectual remedy ever discav,
nitoNctirrrs, COUGHS, CROUP, :WHOOP-.
ING Cot)Gll,..Ste., as hundreds will. testify who'
have been cured - by it •after all ether remedies had
DRUGGISTS and DEALERS find this me=
valnalile addition th their stock, and should
alwayakeep it . oW hadrl , RS it iivnitiversally acknow
letiged_tobe-cine of the most usefut fi imily medicines
now in use.- , •
(y .
'lle very particular to oak for Dr. WISTAR'S
and retnil by wuLumvtrlie;Co., Cliemista,No. SS
South FoOrth stree',Fhlhulelidlia•
. .
itcrThe genuine:Reis= sold in Car
lisle by, SMittUth - ELLIOTT, appoint
i.i. Agent.
,' .• - .:. .. _ j -
rice 1111..00 a Bottle.
:piiOnfpb ' 20,1841.—...1. 7- . .- • . ~. .-
Ali r.:i4 -.4i, , i0. - tiiWitr..; -
Tin-plat ii,
. s
Respectfully infuems the• pnblic generally .that - he
still cunt nues his business at:the Old Stand, North
Hanoverstreet, - tt . et thui - rilci - the Cabinet nop of
W Milan- 0. (Alison, where be has now on hand ond
is still manufacturing, every article. in the line of
histraile vconsiging - of .. - , .
' • Haile's?, Fullers' and Wash
Tea: Kettles, Tin-ware of every
description; Stove Pipe, Prip- .
ping - Pans, Drums,
He has . also for sale the esi assortment of Corn
mon,.Gooking-ainl Parlour- . - .
ever offered hithiS place.. Ilts'common wood stoves
and conking stoVes are tif every size and 'variety;
and his jeirlour stoves (for wood o. coal) are of the
newest patterns. lie 'ltns in t ditinn the Rotary
cooking stoves, the Radiator stoves stud Radiator
drums.for parlours, which are unsurpassed for com
fort and economy in the use.vf fuel.
All of which its offers on the lowest terms for
Carlisle, Aug. 18,
N. 13. Old Lead, Pewter,Copper and Leathe" ta
ken in exchange for stoics, tin or copper ware., ,
VV. M . .C.'. 'G.1,8 SO.N
Still . cootiiigcs th'e.Caloinet itt,nil its :vs
rititts.:bliattches, his old ;stand in North
sweet, two doors iiii • Ove.the store of .1 . 14 m. heroism' ;
where he is now" : rOariticacturing, and intendikeeping
on hand,a great taritdy of . ,
such as Sidelmards,.Bureaus,Secrelaries, Card, Pier,
.Dining and BreaklitsCrahles, Bedsteads, of the
most fashionahle kind, all of which, he will dispolie
of on the most reasOnahle terms. Tlircjis_alsoliiepp-_.
red tn ` filrifl orders for SPRING SEATED SOFAS
and FANCY - c-; - ut-A44 0 --wari.anted-40-be-or superior ,
. .
He will also furnish COFFINS at the shortest rot-•
tice,and.lhiving recently procured n New WAUSE,
he is prepared to attend fipterala in the country.
Carlisle, August 4, I f341:,--ly
The subscriber has recently received large addi
tional supplies of •
Medicines, COIOES, Dye-Slugs,
Linseed Oil, Spts.. 'Turpentine, Copal
Varnish, Painters' 'Mashes,. Varnish
BruShes; Hair Brushes; Spermaceti Oil,
(very fine) Sperm Candles, Soaps in zrcat
varied/,' Wass Lamps, Cap and Letter
Paper, Fruit, Spices, Perfumery, 4-c. 4.c.
which, he will sell to Physicians, 111ereltants
and others, wuoLEsm.v or by RETAIL,III,
the loWest rates, having purchased 'entirely
for cash; he will offer bargains' to those
who• wish to purchase at wholesale._
March 24, 1841.
. procery, fi
VIE subscriber has just returned from
the Cities of New York, Philadelphia nnd Bal
timore, and-is. now opening at his store room S. E.
Corner of Market ° Square and Main Streets (for
merly occupied by Ceo. W. Hiner,) a general as
sortment of
Hardware, tone Ware, Cedar • Ware,
lirillania Ware,' Groceries, Oils,
Paints; Varnishes, Glass, Brush
es, Whips, Canes, Lamps for -
. • -. burning Camphine • Oil,
and a great variety of antfeles useful and necessary
for furnishing and keeping a house,. He hasalso,and t
will constantly keep •on hand '"
Cauiphiiie Oil,' • •
a cheap and elegant substitute for spertri oil, and
having been *minted the agent of Messrs. Backers
and Brother of 'Newark N. 3., for the sale of Joie's
Patent Lamps in this comity, he is prepared to fur
nish Lamps and Oil. at it.rery reasonable rate to all
who may wish to wise this now and economical light.
' Hiiving selected his : goods himself,and made his
purchases for cash,he as able,and is determined to
sell I. ow.
Those having the cash tolay'ontwill r fjpdittgtj9
advantage to give him a call.
Carlisle, July 8, 1840.—.4f.
is the season when this destructive complaint attacke
your interesting little children, often robs ,you of,
those you fondly doat t.n,and carries hundreds to the
grave. ' Every .mother should therefore, know its
symptoms, watch them closely, and always he pre
pared tvith a remedy to cure it, as many are daily .
sacrificed-by such neglect. 'At first the little patient
is seized with 'a..shivering, it grows restless, has
Hushes of heat, the.. eyes begrime red .and swollen, it
breaths with difficulty,and then comes - Amt. fearful
0011011.*tlivilt surely terminate -in 'convulsions or
death unless semething . iti immediately gii'en to
check it. In this complaint the-" Balsam of
Cherry,'t is well known - to be the most speedy cure
ever discovered. It is-indeed a preciousyremedy
mildj'sife and innocent , and is sure to give-the little
sufferer immediate relief, and quickly restore
safety, and health. Familiesresiding
and , indeed every .mother who loves- tier children,
should always keep this medicine in the houlie and
giye it to ,them eauly, by .doing So yeti may often
save the life of one „you londly love. Remembir
this is the famous remedy' of this distiguilhed IhY-
Malan. , Dr. Wilitar, which has ,Cured tho man( s of
CII!NSUIVIVEIOI% . I, &c., after every oilier medicine
has failed. , . ,
(Re' particular when von purobnie to ask for
"Dr. W f srAa's.Decs4nioF Al7.lLn Cuennv," as there
is n SYntrp of this name advertiled that is entirely a
different medicine. • • • =. .
'Prepared only by Wmusits & Co., chemist., No
33 South 'Fourth street, Philadelphia,•,
. Sold by. _
Prtee One Dollara . Bottle. .
.oetoher 20, ' „ '
DR. I. C. .400 MIS, Den list,
IS permanently located in Carlisle, and
'• Will perform all operations that 'are 'required in
Pental , Surgery, such us' Filing, Plugging and Ex
tracting Teeth, and inserting Artificial Teeth, from
a single tooth to a whole set. lb• bill alSo attend to
all dipeases ofthe orndll, guars, Ste., and direct and
regulate the first and second dentition so ;113 to render
thwteeth of children and young persons regular and
Dr. LOOMIS may nt all times lx' found at his of
fice;M) PILli strect.nrmnalte Maefarlane's Hotel.
For the cure of iria/c. Watery. or !food .Shot Eyes,
•Erleeps. limn on's, ,I;;.1 InAinuition q'the Eye-litls;•
Dimness of Night,
I'ersol.-91 I ject.t.., any of these, maple:is:tot
ders. will kid • has the aaiost ell;ictlaiat remedy in use,
Ss it seldom rails to Emu „r may these alrectimis
by at Caw apolicaiimucvith iattlac le,ast ineinivenieuee
ThOhe whia.ireirotableil with a DININESS
01. sir.ii.i. laid it a vistilaW remedy for
stretagthmiing the eyev.improviniz'the sight, nod pre
venting the ilimilesstlaat areises from straining them.
It will alsit-be Maimd particUlarly useful as it Wash roe
the eves of young children, to remove isallamlition,
mail subdue ilie humours to which they are so liable.
. . .
Price 50 Cents a Bottle with fall direr
lions for using. ---
- Solltiii Carlisle by •
. - S: - ELLIOTT:
April 28,1841.-1 y . • '
'Mese valuable pills are 'very gentle in their opera=
tions causing neither pain, griping nor any nauseous
sickness. They exoeedingly cumfort and strengthen
the atonatelrantl bowels, and clearin g ; thesight hear:-
iiy attil memory of 4tgctl persons, •by carrying- off
pblegrns, ivatePy matter, putrid geoSi and. thick hu
m Ors Iron). the . stomaell 'bowels. and blood,. whielt
.nitikes them ~so '.celebrated far removing conOk,
rbctunati sms; 'Mini' front the, both- a nd limlis,vi ive j,
pile's: sick, Ili stirdered bowels' and werms.
This Medicine isnlso iw infitlible euve-for fever and
For, the cure, of comstimption, diseased wind-pipe,
ulcerated sore thraut, lungs mtill liver complaint,
-night - sweats, hushes of - heat7linctiing - iff (IM - stomach
tightness across the chest, pains in the breast and
side,in Werile:et cers ; -piles, sorepyc..s.,sorelegs, ulcerS
.ar every description, swellings, rhenniattisms• they
stop the spi of 1:111011 and heal the port alfectedt
!file l'ittlaceo Blind 'pills 'are prep:trill expressly for.
the Strengthening' of every part of the- system-and
healing. all ulc rs mid sores, puril;yine, and removing
all bad humors from the blood, which is olten brought
.on front Min ntitelt sitting or standing, or. 'by expo:
.sure from sudden heat to cold. AVeakly debilitated_
.persons 'are.Particulory advised to use them, us they
strengthen the bully in 11 superior Manner; they are
not imentled to operate on the bowels $n much as on
the blood, as too much purging will destroy any weak
ly constitution, itiol has carried off its - thoulunklitil
world unknown to tts. 'lakelhe adi ice of Otte who
studies to sage lilt and not to kill ; weakly and debili- .
Wed petions slmuld not purge nonce than once a year
118 it often tames Wings 011 00111.1V00ellb•
Shuford county, Pa. Sept. 7. 1840.
Dear Sim—l no ate to ,let you know that the Lord
has done great thingsliii . ' - me, whereof I am glad.—
When I sin you in,Fredericksburg, I think I said
I had been 'acted with a very . acid (soar) stomach,
nod subject to a violent pain in my head for more than
twenty years, for which I. took rhubArb and soda three
or four times every day for this many years, with
little or no eel ef, and my legs and - ankles were so
much swelled that I was onable,nt times, to attenitto
Inv business. But since von made me a present of
n box of your Fondly Pills I have taken one or two
of them at night iii liming to bed, nod now my acid
stomach isretieved, the swelling in imy legs-has new
ly disappeared, mot I do not think that I have been
hindered one day with the pain in Thy head: since. I
beyputto bike your vainalde medicine. I think
Lord directed you to Fredericksburg, to administer
to my (Messed be his linty nome,l am greatly
relieved.) 'I lucre is lit hug in my neighborhood a
poiir old woman who had been sick n long time and
could get no relief, it length I purchased a box of
yoUrpills unit gave them to her, after it 'while I gaw
ky nut and idiom her business. and she said that the
one box had cured her. I have spread the fame of
Snits valuable medieine amongst my. acquaintances,
and many have porchnsed. Now, as it respects my
self, my friends tell me when I go to town, that they
have notsven mtliwilt s' well for many years, and I
say to dt, m, I will tell you tile secret why ! . n short
time ago I met with aD. Davies in town, and he gave
me a box of pills, rind they have m .me look as
vounow see me.' And now, my friend, I hope that
flue LOyd will continue to be with yon,mid wake you
useful to your. fellow-creatures, as he has hitherto
done. , . I remain with respect, . . ,
CitART.E3 Dnucx.
Several Females have - been cured of,the.fallitig of
the womb, by taking very small 01414 at intervals.
-Harper aLl'etwy, August I I, 1840.
DR, W/kf . DAVIES —Dear Sir:—l sin happy to in
form you and the public, dud Fhave been cured of
that dreadful disease the Rheumatism, b. takinp, , your
Family Pills; I have been I. baring 'ander t ha t dis
ease for m a re than n year, during which time l tried
the skill4the best ph3sician w it hput eff et; at length
1 was induced to try your medicine:l found relief
.after taking half adios, I continued to take them until
had 'taken five hoses; my age la 71 e a rs,and'l cop
siderthat nonelmt - the ,Old awl rheumatic persons
know how grateful I feel to the medicine that has
restored me to heath.
%Vx, the undersigned, ate agents at Harper's Ferry
for the sale of Dr. Davies' Family Pills, we know
our neighbour, Mr—Die, sold him the'pille of whit!'
he speaks so highly, and believe his statement to be
substantially true.
Respectfully, W. & S. 13.'ANDEIISON.
Mrs. C. Dorton, near Locust street, was diseased.
T:If• seven years with a lump in the left. side, humps
all over her skin pains around the small of her back
running. into her stomach, which prevented her (to
use her own.words,) from eMingone particle of meat;
the first dose removed the lump, and two b fixes set
her at liberty.
•• • • • • • •
was severely diseased with the blind piles for
twenty months, and prostrated from the loss of blood;
and one and a halt boxes of DayiesFaMily• Pills has
made an entire cure of me. J. Jouttsom
Washington, D. C., May 7, 1841. •
Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail, at
(4 . 265 South third street Philadelphia, and by Mr.
Jolts Gnsy, Cat lisle, general agent for Cumberland
county Penna. •
Al;o, for sale by W. &.T. Loudon, Kingstown;
Eckels & Pireovid, Hoguestow it, M. G. Itupp,Shire
nianstown,LLongileckeri Wormleyturg; Wen
eenitut, New Cumberland; StephenCulbertson,Ship-
Nensburg; Wm. Barr, Newville ; James Leebv,
eAlirg ; Henry Leas, Mechanicsburg; Josiah
Hood; Springfield; John Hood ,Stoughstown.
011CrPersons wishing to become Agents in the villa
,ge*. itiyvhich the pills, are. pot sold in Cumberland
county; will be supplied with theritty-callinguit Mr.
John Gray, Carlisle, Pa., Mlin •is empowered to 8. 07
:point agents. Yainily pills to: those swim purchase
to sell agebt,wlll;he charged $2 per dozen call. or
$2 2 5
. to sell on commission; tuultlieTanacett Blood
pills at s4.‘citillt, or $4 50 on commission. Retail
! price fec family' pilla 25 , cts per-box; Panacen bleed
pills .50 cents per 'box. Full treotionsler using
them accompany ettell'box. ' .
. 11 •
• • ,ittpets! ,
Ingrain, 17,enitian, Hemp, and 'Cotton Carpeting,
jupt received and fur sale very- loWbv.
DecTlst 1841. - -: • • CHAEL . :OGILtI.V.
Ju'et received 20 bozos RAISINS, and for 'Mel) , "
tbebox only. •4 CHAS: 11/iItNITZ.
• :Disen . s . cs of the' Eye.
Celebrated Eye WO"r,4 • •
Family dhoti-4'lllmm Pills.
• rd 7 A LK),„:Lia -
'Davies.Pantic6a Blood Pills,
Yours, reap( ctrully,
Hays' Linimentb
Thisextraordinary chemical cOmposition,the r'e'-
suit °ltch:nee and the in veation of a celebrated med.:
ical matu,the introthittion of which_ to the' public
was Invested with the' solemnity of a deatik.bed.he 7
guest, has since.gained n reputation unparalleled
hilly sustainingtthe.correetness of the lamented DO,
cotifession, that' "he
. dared not . die
_withotd.giyingtoposterity the benefit of his knowl
edge on this snbiecr," and lie - therefore begtieathed_
to his friend'and attendant, Solomon Hays : the secret
of hiS discovery, '
•, It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the
private practice in`nur country, first and, most emr
tainly.for the cure:6lllle PILES;and also extensitv
ly and effectitally est° bafile credulity ,unlesi'llbere
its effects are witnessed • .. Exsernally in the follow
ing complaints:
Foe Ibropsy---Creating_extraordinary absorption - .
at once.: . _
• Swelling-I—Reducing them in nfew hours.
Itheumatinm-•--acute M._ chronic, giving quict
' Snre Throat—By cancers. ulcers. or colds.
- Croup and . Whooping-Cough--•-Externally and
over tlw chest. .
All Bruisee, Sprains, and, laurns , --Cured in a feir
lours. •
• SOresrind Ulcers—Whether fresh or long slant ,
ing,nnd f:over,poivs. '
itsuperation neon adultwantl children in ftqliicrni
rhea ITwaic mailings ; nod lonscaine canglia Amt. tight
ness of the cheat by rel,uxAtinn al the parts,llllB been
snrprisine licyond conception. - The common re-•
mark - of those who have used it in the Piles, is "It
acts like a-charm."
PILES.--The price, $l. is refunded to any
person whri will use a hottle of Liniment for
the Piles. and return the empty bottle without being
cured. These are the posh iveorders of theproprie.
tor to the agents,and ont-of many thousands sold,not
one ha's been unsuccessful.
. , .
We might insert certificates to any length, bul
prefer that thqse whn sell the article'," hould exhibit
t he original to purchasers. - . •
..70 Physicians and Patients.
' The.flind Piles, said to becurable by external.
applications.---Solomon Hays warrants the contrary, •
His Liniment will cure. Blind Piles. Facts aremore
stubborn than thebries., He solicits all respectable
physician's to try it
.upon their patients; It will do-.
diem no harm, and it is knmen that 'every physician,
who has hail the honesty to make the trial, has can •
didly admitted-that-it liar succeeded in every case
they hare' knowif. , Then why mat - use itl• It is the
recilie of one of theirinost respectable members, now
,Whylrefuse to use it ? BCCOURC it 113,110fd
as a proprietary• Medicine ? Is this a stifficient. ex
cuse-for suffering their honest patients to lingei• in
distress? - ''We thick not. Physicians 41)811 be Coo
yineetl,thrit no limploig• 'or •quacker:y tibout
thii article.--WhY then not, allevidie lorman stifrer
ing,'l: If they won't try It hefOrP. let them - . aftee.isH
other prescriptions , fait. 'Physicians are respeetfully
reque'sted to ilcitliemselyo and patients the Justice to
use this article. It shall 1;1 taken from' the bottles
and done up as,theie prescription Willey desire.
Sold liy Comstock 3c. Cu. Wholesale Druggists,
No. 2, Fleteher.street New York,
For • sale . ali , Tni by S'rEVENSON
MIVKLE, Carlisle, Pa '4t
-• • - % TIMIS'S -
. -
There is not one case.of Fever in a thousand, bNe'l
may be effectually broken up' and removed by the
use ofthis Elixir. It riimoves all acidityindigestion
bilious matter and•constipatime from the stemath
and bowos. It operates gently and effee4ually toe'
die bowels, and powerfully on the kidnelb 1111(1 skill
It remotes all unpleasant feelingsafter ty - meee
and promotes a good appetite. It needs only ato
to give - perfect-satisfaction. hints become a gene St
practice with many to use this article in. all vales
colds, pains in the bones, or heavy disagree able feel
ing, tendering to headache or chilliness. For hoarse"
ness, Winkel' through the day; it completely restorci
the voice. without producing sickness. WhoopinE
eongh,and'all coughs of children are cured, by it.—
The stomach is kept in perfect order by it, and, it i s
quite impossible that any disease should commence
while a person is usiiig this Syrup.
cry If taken daily it produces a rudy, healthy , and
young appearance, by driving off all the humors of
the system. Sold - genuine at 2 Fletcher street. one
door below Pearl street, N. Y. by Comstock & Co. ,
and by all respectable Druggists.
For sale also by STEVENSON 4r, DIN-
K LE, Carlisle, P '/
Balm of Columbia
British Consul's Office,
KNOW ALL PERSONS to whom these pees
eats shall come, that 1, Gantarr RoulJersox
Esq.' his Britanie Majesty's Consul -for the C . o
Philadelphia. an hereby certify, That Robert bar
ton, Esq., who attests to the foregoing Certificates, is
Mayor of the City of Kau ; and that Mat
thew Randalt,"Eaq., li Protlmnotury of the Court o
Common Pleas for the city and county of Philadel
phia, th both whose signitures, with the Stab of their
respective offices. full faith alld Cre(lil IF
. d
I further certify. that I am personally rcqua!med
with Joseph L. Inelis,one of the signers of the certi
ficates hereunto affixed. which exprem a li ! e {II ear •
of the Balm of Columbia. and that he is a per;
great respectability. and worthy of full faith and r. '
tlit; Ow I have heard him exprestihis unquali
ed approbation of thc4ffierts of the said Balm of-Co
lumbia, in restoring his hair.
noder m) hand and kcal of office, at the city
of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, the
United States of Amerien.
;Read the following
" ROBERT WIIARTON. Esq., late Mayor of
Philadelphia, has certified, as may be seen, t o
the high character of thefollowing gentlemen.
The undersigned do hereby certify that vre ',Ave
used the Balm of Columbia discovered by J. Cld
ridgeiand have•foutichit highly serviceable not only
.its a preventiv e againsithe fulling oft othair,but alsc
a certain res torative...
WM. THATCHER,senior,
Methodist Minister in St. george charge '
No. S 6 North Fifth st
JOHN' D. -THOMAS, M. 11 , 163 Race st
JOHN S. FUREY, 101 Spruce at. . •
.HUGH McCURDY, US South 7th st.
JOHN YARD, jr., 12.3 Arch st. .
The aged, and those who- persist in wearing wigs
may not always experience its restorative qualities
yet it will certainly raise itsvirtues in the estimations
of the public, when it is known that three of the a
bove signers .are more than'SO years of age, and th e
others not less than SO.
Joint DYE
, .
[From the 3fayor.]`'
. .
. , • ",City of Philadelphia.
I, ROBERT WHARTON; Mayor of said city of .
Philadelphia, do hereby certify.that I am well ac
quainted with Messrs. J. P.
_lnglis,Jolin S. Furey e
and Hhugh McCurdy, whose names are signed to the'
above certiffeate, that they are gentlemon.of charms ,
ter and respectability, and as such full creditsbould:
be given to the said certificate.
In witness whereof; I have hereunto set my band,
rL. .and caused the seal of the city to be affixed
the 'sixth day of December, &c;
.THE 11A1R.,-Its:p9sitive qualities lire as fol-
I lows
Ist. For infant's keeping the 'ma d• free from Scurf
and causing a lusitrieergrowth of hair.'
, 2d For males - after Child-birth, restoring the skin
i tejts usual strength and firmness, and preventiegthe
ifolling out of (lie hair. ..'" . ' • ,• •
Sd. For any tiersortrecovering,froni am debility
, the same
.. , ..
j .4th. if used jiti nfancy till a gond growth is " tarted,
1 it may be preserved by attention to the latestpeited
of life.
Stli. It frees the brad from ilandruff,• strengthens
'the ronts,imparts !lentil' and vigor to the cireulation
and prevents the hair from chaughigeolor or getting
• ettli, it causes the bait! to -Curl beautifully . 'ilien
dime up ipit over night. • .. ~., . -, .
~ •
,V7-Nn ladies' toilet should ever beniade,Withont it.
7th. Children wholiave by 'tiny means contracted .
vermin in the head. are iranfediately and. perfectly
>core'l of thenri by its use.: Ilia infallible. ' - • '
(For Salefat the drug. store of Comstock -fiZ, Co.;
Fletcher Street' near Pearl, and in Carlisle' by Ste,
_i'etisan &Dinble. : - tDes.l.6 11340. , —1ft _