Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, October 06, 1841, Image 1

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7 , 5 1 .).12 1- IDI2I allaal4---avoQ, 3c),Q
.., •
lii the •Coutt .of Com rnOnTleas . of
. . . . .. .
' (100.1utla.nd. county.
I.9.4loiugiiit, 0341.6 Upon the petition of wiII in m
Bleliff,'lotte 'pf . the 'assignees of David 'Blean, the
'court grant-a rule to' show cause' why he should not
be discharged from the trust confided to him under
a voluntary Deed of Assignment, to he argued at
nest November term, of wide!' all porSons interested.
'kvill take notice. '' By the Court, '
'• , '. '' ' CEO: SANDPIRSON,'ProtIey. •
sept, 2 . 2, 1 . 841,- 7 .p . t. ..- .
• Estate rif Dr. .1. P. Linn, deed.. •
•- ElrEns Toitittn6w.:lry hn the-last• Will•
IA _Testament of Dr: A. I'. Linn, late of the
borough, of Shlppenshurg, dee'd., have .been liasaell
sulrsi;ritrci No rtcl:, is
- hereby given twitql persons havilig claims against
said estate; to present thorn properly authenticated
. • for settletneutolnfl all:persons indehted'are request
ed to make itltyttient to tht3 gubsdribers.
• ROBERT courniAN-,5 7 - • 7
JOIIN BOUVIIR, Philadelphia.
Septetnher, Executors. BAßGAlNS . ,‘ BARGAINS.
Ilave,jost iTeji -at their 'old stand 'near the rail.
road, and directly okthsite Mi . .. It. Co'clitim's lluter,
a very Cull and rich assortMent of
. . ••
' Fall & Wintpr.Goods,
_ utnong..wliielv.are are both superfine and. enthrann
. I)alilia, and :finale Green—
' Vyliol dyed blue black, London 13ro rn, Olive
mixed - • .
a 11141 4 4 4 .14111
na:enc - "
add s;iNoe,les.
A via 7 Wife ashorinient. Qrsaiiii,ets and eassibiereS.;
Ill'ernin;•broehe,-Ta A liona, 'AipCi rigor, clieric silk and
. . . . .
- 'eothiti Mmtvls lital handkerchiefs. - •Coiton; worsted,
- -iiierino, - laitilis-wool Mal. silk liiii - tiervolek,beticel';
— lit.Trliri, woolim awl' iTrirsteif - liiii.d atnT iiiiTeili - gto.. - S,.
Kid, moliale, silk, client. and eittionglovehand Mitts.
A very Jarge and spltintlfil assortment of • - •
• i • Feel! 0. 'lVlalqi.l• 141/FAbons, .
of the very latest stile, TlMeal [ices tad edgings of
- -all widths:and prices—Meek. Iltiliati,- Lutestring,
^ Cro-de-ltliine, Cro-de-Sap, Geo-dc , Swoi - mid llept
- • Silks—Client. rilted and plaid (lro-de.,,Afrigne for
lionnetstegliOrm Plormice ' braid :malli:Eog_litit
— lionnets; Seal; 2 : tin! Scict car; a lull assortment of
.. .
a ~.:1 . 1 (E) (Si 2f ...LI VI {ll 0 9
ilt 1 , 111 , 1.1 q, . ' .. ~--. . _ , .
• .!! al • a.. , gliosa, Glass, ased -
, -A‘• I . '•
: """.' q, u r E E N'SSW A It- EE. ~
r asl,ortniettt is ItOW' very fiill , comprising
hourly every at tide *tinily kept in a Airy Goods
Store, and have been bought no the vivy best terms;
couSequently, they are prepared 'to oiler gomls at stud;
prices as cannot fail to give - satisfaction'. :They' most
respectfully ask, those wishing to purchase, to give
them a 'rail. They feel satisfied they can :make it
.their' interest to purchase rrom them.
• Shippensbur , Sept. 15,1841.—tit.
l'•afillabee - rartrae - itroz - sat c.
Will be sold on Friday the 15th day of October
1841, on tie mesnases, in Silver Spring township,
Cu niberland tummy ,adjoining lands of J scot; Verney,
'William Waugh, and the litursof Nathaniel Irvine,
it valuable tract of first rate I,imesteee Land,
in a high state of cultivation, containiog'Bo acres
Morc.or less,-ahont 55 acres of tt HMI are ch•ared
and the residue covered with thriving youngtimher,
with tt coo siderable quantity of locust. The im
provements are a new two story • ,
.. Flt AM 11:41 Lll O.ONa" ..i - `, ,
and . a .Vitv Frame Barn,
vat, Wagon Shed mid Corn crib anfached, and all
necessary out buildings . : A good %veil of .water with
a new, pump inn it is near to door; there is a stream
Of running water on the frm, and thriving young
, .
' Possession will be given on tine first day of April
. nr
next. ' . . ..
The salebe made on payments. Conditions
will bc•matle fully known on the day of sale.
Assignees of George Forney.
September 15,1841.—t5.,
Nelv Cooking Stove.
JACOB FIiII4,EY, North Hanover street, oppo
site- dOrninans' llotel, is agent for the sale of !lathe
ways' rat'ent ,
'Hot Cooking Stoves,
, ..
-which be.warrants,to be 100 per mit better than any
-other stove heretofore known..
'Faimers, Cavern keepers bud others are invited to
take those Stoves on trial, and if they are not pleased ,
with the:opliration of the stove, or the price, they inay
be returned
. J. I.'. still. continues to
`:• 1 -'• 7 keep on L a ud
. e
uuiccrsallp apirPOVell; SLOre
luriature, cline a
Skeet iron nod Copper , Ware, which he will . dispose
• 'of 'on reasonable - terins. _ . . .
• !Qeders in Town ontrequidry; for (louse Spouting
fi or' other work promptlymttended tb.'• ,
Carlin e. Sept. 15, 15.1.1.—1 y.
Mary—inn' Sinriiiley, by her next friend
.vecirr,elionz,vs.'3obn Suavest y.
214 01:January .Term, 18;10 in the Court of
,Common , Pleas . of CuMberla • nd county. Libel for
, •
'.Divorce. ,. • • ,
-Nov?: to' Wit r -Au*ust term 1841, the said Court
ordertinthlirect the Enid Sheriff'to cause notice to
e uhlished in one or more newspapers printed and
;pultlfslteo - nn un orntlWititrof - 7 - crnmhin . littal forlorn.
Inecesit'illty,inlor to. the first 'day of next
'term; irequirfilg the stud Jelin, Sithveley to appear on
answer to the complainfof.the said, li
• . ~ • the. Court.
' PAUL 'lllARTlN„Slieriff
. The,suportority-,,0f pills over any:
other medicine that has ever litiei) offered to-the pub
lic, isthnt they cleanse pitrify itnd.strengthen. Thege.
are. important items, and their importance should hot
be overfooke . ol:, The liable, froni imprcivi
. den9e,i9itgieglect,•to acninulate bile, and • a yariety
,To . litu , ge ,systein ()kite
' ititpuritice, eliOnlir be early ` :mended to: be
•- • neglectedolie patient my be subjected tn . painful
'ease and P . OlVaege4 salfeiing;; Theperinan 'Aperi
. • 'cut pills arg acimirsihly stilted,to this purpose-4d. ,
cleanse:Atte system: tileY
itit:lfyllo kilitiod,:andniniist-iiliture kindly her line
' t'aticitta.'"The,•ctimpnunil strengthettiiig . pills give
, •Acitile , tO tlie:StOinaeli;.while they •Inap?rt- vigor to 4 the
sYsfutd lienee' they area 'desideratum, and tio
•. fatiiiiiihould ;remain - Without them.',, ilict they are
.a,sprtel n. Family Plivsinian," hut itillikethe
• .rf. , ei...., 1 ,17-foti they ,satelycimpulted ,in
• caties— . ..gey li f tay be''taken . Without.
while th PniitiVe OAR& in'inttny Vit•.only
• ask fors fan• trial of thelr`Merits, and are willing to
-7-Itb , l „g•F,4 l l ° ' , 4l . •
.L.:t7ii •• •
.o.,'N''ouitty, 'Burlington N...d , „•••••
1 4 1:TeniNell'AVOPICII, 1461 - 19 Nortit•F.ightli
may ...lin
• ..'' 'Myers;Co.,Cludisk;: , :tral
Pcail, Shippensbuigiphy t
• • • •
• • •
~• ' •
, .
. • . ,
• .
•• •
- .• •
)11. t -
• ,
or all descriptions, among
which 'are the improved
Rotavy Cookhig stoves so
RE. l llr. ES 71'.4 TE •
!The Silbsepiber offers Tor sale a splendid
' STONE FARM; it contains a b out
165 ACRES,
is close to the edie of the borougli of Carlisle, in the,
heart of the-Cumberland . Valley—that magnificent
expanse than which the satin heaven shineth not on
its superior. The title indisputable and the land,
patchted. •
• kiiiroVentents-anti-Local dvantiws - . -
ofir -
-A I
Ne'iyi 'Rat k Oa ins 1
(firat rate,)...a . Well o never failing pure water—prox.
i inlay to gnsliin, 'ring water—an Orchard of tbotn
10l)ybung Apple•trees. —About 50 acres or the land
entries a crop or timber word' a.hirge suin s of inoiwy
•,•—a good portion is well set ip closer and timothy
. gross—fencing good. The limestone is the' t3lab or
sbelving, easily ptbc . ured, takes le - ss fuel to make
li me, and of Mil:ll4s is the most valuable; the north
or slate land side of the valley will give u constant
cleinand for this — stone forever. - It is "the
groat•Cu,nberland-Vallcyllail-r0ad..... ~ . 1 -
Ir not sold before, Friday 15th ii
the 15tf October it
will out that day' e exposed to Public Salt, on The
premises, at 111 o'clock,- A. Al. , - • , . .
For trims apply to '
r. ,- • A. APDOWF.T.I...
Sept. j-, t•841.---fs"• . . ,Carlisle, Pa;
r,•, - LelnYnon Cowler'insert it and send bill to this
'ollicefor eoilectkon.,
k y le
VV o7 IEL bd sold in poystlailed.of
. .all' order of the Orphans' Cowl. 'of-Ctiorbet,.-
laifermoty, 01 Fri day J lie 15th dityof octidicr...ext,
0 wellivk o A. M. of sltid !lay, the fhltowiie , ;
seribed real Atate, late the . prolierty 'of .rCiirol;flig . .Ti
deo'tl., to ivit :
.- • •
No. 1.. "fillet of .. .1; AN DP'
situate in Miffirn township, Cuttiherlanti comity,
lands.of Isaac Christleil);'Geo. North's
Heirs-„John and bull of the heirs or Paid ilece
(h•nthgrein after described :as No: 3, containing
t . 7 - 2 - 2 - - A el!_e -..4 . i ;
uul 81:derelleS tent till'l'Coll eructed a
____ ,A , , .
Iwo "Story Lo ..
n , c,v,•l; a t; ~
. . ..."-• It ii U Z i t
' t-
I fill) S E • 4 .'
1 ~,,....• -.--
Kitchen, Don ble . Log 13arn - , Wa
gott•Slie.d, Corn-Crib, and Citler-1, a xvell .of
t 5Wt.,..?7,1t.t, never . 110 l ing• water - _eonvenient to - the
ill" 14 !loose, and ail excellent
.IPPLE OlifilLlß.D.
_ About 70 acres or the above l'arin are first,
rate timber land, and tho residue in a good state of
dote, the greater In.trt ol Much is stank tle loplil a,,,re.
No. 2. A. Tract of Lana ad
joinipg the above described farm nod local .of than,.
Miller, Alm). Whinier, Moses. Whinier, Daniel Mc-
Laughlin, Jacob Kitner, George How and others,
IS4 Acres am id 13 Perches.,
neat tneasur6 having thereon erected a
.Two Store Lod • W-.517';
S . E,
Kitchen, llOuble Log Barn, Wagott-Shia) :old. Corn-
Crib, an Apple Ovulated and a never failing: well of
water near the door ; about -50 acres of the •above
Berm are first rate timber land, and the residue. in a
gobd stati: of cnitit ation, of which about 40 acres are
good •inyadow.
The :Move Tracts will be sold separately or to
gether, to•soit purchasers, on'the following terms:—
the costs of sale -to be paid by the purchaser or pur
chaser SouSou the confirmation of the sale by the Court,
which time boor they w ill he required to enter
into recognizance in (lie Orphans' Court with ap
proved security,to secure the residtie of the purchase
(Ct lie paid as follows—one third to remain in
the hands 'Oldie purchaser doping the life of the
widow of said decedent, the. interest to be paid tier
annually, commencing oil the Ist or April next, dur
iiig,ber life, and at. her death the principal Lo be paid
to the heirs of said decedent, one _other third to be
paid-on the lit of April' next, when poskession will
be gh:'en and a deed made to the purchaser, the re
mainingaldril to be paid in two equal animal pay
ments thereafter without interest.
- The landlords share of the grain growing at the
time of sale will pass to the purchasers. Any per
son wishing to view said farms before the day of hale
at•e requested to call on David nigh residing on the
premises, T)1• on the subscriber mho lives one Mild
west of Newville.
. .
Atlin'r. of ineob lligli, sr. itec'd.
&it. 8, 1841.---tilS. " .1 •r . . .
. _ .
Er...." Lancaster Olii -Guard publish the abo . ve to
the amount of $5 and charge this office..
• - Farm and - House - for - Sale.
undersi g ned otters for • sale . the FAIINI oh
which he resides, two miles west of Shippensbucg;
being ih Southampton township,Franklin county, l'a.
containing - • : • •
106 Acre's
of fit'...a•rate Limestone Land,
Hot tis,tio, to any in the neighborhood; the improve
ments ared w
ti a
• 1 . 1 OTT 'S "ft
10' 1 II I
Ban!, Tenant House- int
stulioihcp buildings - aaitre.necessary-to-ea , 'r 2 -011
liirming; azood. Orchard alai well of water...
• •
• Also, a two story Brick - House
walca int And a balt*.or ground thereto attached, in
the borough of Shippensburg, qumherland county—
this pro cit y is in good repair, and is situated iii the
,STAB!ahl trontil . 4 two. :smoke
house and other lieCessary ont buildings.
'flie undersigned deems it unnecesary
minfit6 descriptinn of the above property, :A persons
wishin- to purchase can View the premises
. by
citi Ile. Pi Artz,'Shippensburg, or on '•
• , • • • • JOAN It:BF:RUN
. . „
,•• • • , living on the 111.1 . !/1.
ShipPensburg,sept. 8,134 , L;-At . •
.5 - ... r.t:ancaster Old Quoill..publish Et rind ,chntie
Tilt 1E!
..L'state , olAdansa.,JVininidn;
JL'I'TERS . .A.1)M1NI.S1:)1ATI0N s tlu
A, form bf law 'llion ille e - state: of; Adaths
deoNl.oatttly of Sltippeasilto*have been grant
rd to John fikitinet'itotl James Walkoiri 'allpettolis
baviitg olai i present tltetim till
aettleineOt; twat thosti iatltibtOtl 'Wit! mike payment to
imioitrAtor fi tliO; rpoi
doocoof dreTtlocedsoil , on took R; tO, .1 *the--
Itith!of September`!o - uttc,oil - to - builioness -- pf
_ .
. • • ',IA AIES
Sept. - 8, - • • • , •
.Prilited'und Published. for !he Proprietors, 14 ift an S. eresap s .Curlisle,.etiai berlUnd CoUnly,.Pa.
Orphans' Court Sale..
In pursuanee dark order of the Orphans' Court of
Cumberland county, will,he sold by - Publie Vendue,
on the premises, on Friday the: Bth of Oc/Ther next,
at le,o!clock, Ai. of that day, the-Mllowi ig real es
tate, late the property._ of. David Wolf, of Monroe
township in said county, deed., to
AILS Mat Pita vatAtlon - - 111
TRAOT . :O7 LAVI),-... •
situate in Motteog,„twnshifi : aforesaid; Itotided . by
heals of Michabl G.,Beltzhoover, Grossi,loita
Bricker; -- SIAM lid, - Bricker, - Sathuel Ifolibrant! the
Yellow Breeches creek, containing
De acres .ond- 34 Perches, .
stiiet - TaTasare., 'mid, in ex
eelletit eulttvation and under first rate fences. The
improvements are a
Two Story Stone
II 0 U S E
'Wagon-Shed and other• out buildings; also . . a never
failing spring of tvatur • dose to • the !muse; a, good
Orcharßof.Avell selected fruit is on tlw "prenilses,
and also a large quantity of; locust timber: The
wholemf this tract:is cleared hold.
-- Also; rt Tract -of 'Woodland,
sitmite iu the said tow,uship of • Alom•oe, licitmtleil
Melehoir Beemtematt, lt. Ege'tt heirs,
betes , tmil-othersomtbeotttitittitig• el-acres
. 111111 30 s iterches strict Mi easure.. picce• ofiand
ebt.c:retl eliestiMAßtlotkiimbei., • _
. .
.0.., loons will
_ . •
ca. Lancaster Old Gujall ',fit and :lend.bill •
collection: , • • •
_ . .
. ,
• NV•11.1)e sold ntprivate"sale, •
• . '
. . . . -
• .
.' A. Lot •of__Grotind • ' • .
en 3 ainingTArvet infrontoind ‘2:lk) feet in depth, sitn
at • in Locust .k 'ley; in the liorongli olCarlisle;lnninfl
1.. 011 the enst by Jacob \Yeavci.,..und on din west 6y
C. I Inmerieb, having alwreein -- crectelLa story :unl.a
liiilc -1-..0G-WPATIII.7 . ._IiIiO,VILIII.:I)-11(7U - S4E::- -
,1011 N KELLER. .
Carlisle, Sept. 15, 1811. ,
.. .
. .
Election 11.'roclamatiora.
•Wil ER EAS in mid by ati act ol thy CI co
eral Assemble of tint Contnionwealtli of Penn
sylvania, entitled "Au yet relating. to the elections
tit this Commonwealth," passed the 2d Jay of July
Ann() Donth&ne (Iliac:and eight Inc , t 1 and thirty-
is nonde the'dtity of the Slterill . of ..e‘c6'
wanly within this Commonwealth, to give•pliblie
notice ar Ekctio,,s aild in such notice to
1. The officers to lie elected.
I)esignate the place at which the election is to
11 1
I'illll 31:1111a, night miierni ......
beldam!, do her'eby make known such give this
Public I!`oEicc
to the electors of the county of Cumberland, that on
the Second Tuenlay rf October next (being the 14111
day of the montli,) a Genet at Election will bt held
itt the several-electiolfdistriets established hy
said emnity, at. which lime . they will vote by ballot
foyse the end of fi cers hereinafter !mined, NI%
for Governor of the State of Pennsylvania.
to represent the. emmties of Cumberland, Pranklin
and Adams in the State Senate.
to.rvyk , svnt thou e.,,untv of (;noihtlllatid ho the Ilouse
of ll.epresentativjii of: ,
for the eounty_of_Coakherl.pnl.
• ONP.
.of the Poo• and of the 14iuse of,Eniploy went of §ahl
county. •
for the county of Cumberlam!. . . ..
to stilly the public accounts of the county Commis
sioners &v. . k
. __ _ -
• „ ,
f o r the county ot•Cumberiann.
• Tho said election ,w ill beheld throughout the coun
ty as follows:
The election in the electioli district composed of
the bo'rough of Carlisle, and townships of North
Xfidireton, South Aliddletini, Lower Dickinson,
Lower Frankford; and Lanier Westpoinsboro' will.
.be held at the Court House, in the borough - of Car
-1 lisle.
The .eleetion in the district composed of Silver
Siring ton tiship, wilrbe held at the public nausea
Joseph Grier, in 1:: ogebtown, in said township. .
Th, oiezlion hi the disti ict composed of st
pennshOrough township, will be hidd at the
house of Aodeow lircitzer, in said Aowtitibip.
The election hi the district compose of New Cum
berland nial n . part of 'Allen' township, will be held
at the public Ithinin or John Sonrheck in New Cum
berland. .
The election in the district composed of Lisloirn
and a part of Allen township.wi II be held at the pub
lic house iii vo.w. .meemin, in Lisburn. • .
Theneloction in the district compacd of that- part
of Allen township, not int:huh:am the New Cum
berhihd and List/mot election diA.riept, will be heldnt tht•public house Of -David B'hetifer, iii Shopin_rd-a
town m said township.
The electiMi• in the district composed of the bor
ough of Mechanicsburg, will be held at the public
house of John Hoover, m said borough.
'the election in the district -composed Of Monroe
township l will be held at the public house of Wit,-
•o'w Paul in Churchtown in sat dtownship.
, The election in• the Aistriet (multi - wed of Upper
Dickinson township;' will be build Itt-• , -Weakley's
c morthiusei
, he election in the district composed of the bor
t:nlt of New Ville, ond•townships_of Mifflin, Upper
l!roukford, Upper Westpenttsboro', Mid that port -of
Newton township,not included in the Leesburg elec
tion district herein after mentioned, will be held at
the Brick School House, in the boroUgh • Of Nev
eouiposi.ral orTifirtlitifirz
ship of. Dryttwell, betel lathe school.home, in.
Newburg in saidtottmship. . . ,
The election hi- ibe 'district 'composed 'Of the hor
ough of Shippensburg,Shippensburg township, nett.
that part of •Southainitton township,,not
,locluded. in •
the Leesburg - election' district, will- be: held it the ,
Ccluneilborough•of Shippettsborg.
And.pi nod
d by an net of the:General AsseMbly of
this comMonwcalth, visSed the fbl July-1839 . , a is
Btu% provided, "'That Oki qualified electors of mos
of NeWtvin Miti,SOntlitunittott toWrishipsiustlie•eounty
of Cumbet.l9lll;bountlCil by the !lint:it/log lines' and
• disfilacea; ~11•4 atthe•Ailamacounty line,
•tbenee along tiktli*,llividiligthetowtialiiiis of Diek- : •,
InsoMand Newlihi tie theltiropike'ronil,thettee-td,ong,
turivplic,q",t9 the ; gelato: •selte9hhonse, on kold '
tiiinpike,AnSentletnipttin,towilshiP;theucc , M ti Point
on the Wriltilit,Bottontr•roial talloylaitik's;ineluding
lleylitick>aftirM,'lltettee Straight dhoti:don' tor:the
'saw-mill bellotgong . tho heira of George 'Clever;
thence alon g
g ryslites-rontCrthe Adams somity.line,
; thence alobg of - Aflame county to the' place
"of 1 )40 1161 K, be OW IS' beVeltY •clecht red a,ncw,clec
I . v . idlit'iSictrtiv“lett•lotrto7l* -- hettllte --•- piihr
boost or Wi IllMn lllax ,ell, iii Lccshuth;Southuptii-'
1.9 a r itOieusialp ' .
under•rny'latial,nt garliqe,'tlll6 fAst : day
Attgost4 AAL - .184y; • -• • . • •' ,
VA.La.•,• %athO' shoir
waplaitlemaz ACOMITIMeo VVVQ/BMUI C3O aada..4
1 . - • • Valuable Farms For Sale: ••• •
• The suliseriber•intending to remove., to the 'gat,
offers for sale the thrtmon which he now residea;ait
tinted on the line between rtubberland and Franklin
counties, Pa., (2 miles north weal of Newburg - and
about 7 miles from Shippensburg, - •
:Containing 1745 -- AtirO• - •
of firBrratorslateliiiid4i6 paalo:it paitof
cleared and in a high state of cultivation. The im-
provements arc,
. t 1 Ltirge :Two. Story •
; 1 4' 1'9 LOG HOUSE
4 1k,
• with a well of,tvati!raf thy nor, and a
'never failing. streitin of 'Nvater„iiviih a V nip in it, in
tit& baseineid; a lii - rgeBANK 13A1IN;. a stone spring
house and other neeesSaq nulbuil lingo, alid an' ex
tiellent Orchard of 'choice fruit,' There are also a
'comfortable TENANT nousp and Stable on' an
other part of slid farm, and an extensive snot' and
MACHINERY for ,efitting ; Eic. With V RRY VALU
• .1 7,f S - •
A tract of land in Ctimberland tottoty, within One
milt of.the farm above clese:eibed,• •
Containing, I 52,y 7 ( 2 cress
iihnitt '2O iiejes:nre ef6ril'il 4 anti the ensidtie covera
with thriving Thu improvements sire -
•.d L.IROL!` Tll 7 O STORY LOG
lIOUST._:, 1,0:(4 STABLE,
and well of w:der. - The' land is fi t-
eittedotod dear_otall
win bu sold ,separate n: together, as
rony In.St suit to ytew
the land et:li )1 - 4. Feerirt!ertyy other ofitrtret-'
-- V11.1 . 11 atab -. PO) p
iu tffirsnaAce the .last Will 'Hurl testament .of , ahant, Into itfAllcn ti)wsiship; citinberland
camly, I gill 51 . 11.11 . 1 . 1'111/11 - C tliejiremises,
nu Vittrstlay thctThth Way - f - Octob,7l'n F :it-10-o'--'
ork , .k . Al. the lolltmiilg described ,tdm,ble'prop
erty, 10 Nyit: .
100 Acres- of Prime timestone
hounded by lands of William Harkness, I)aniel
mile south of NI erhaitiehburg---about one half cleat ,
rd; iniMi• good Imam and in a high stale of cultiva- :
tion,the residua COVVI , II with 11161 mg. young. 'Fitif
her. altereis uo buildings on tIM - 1:0111.
A clear and indisputible litic sill bL given, and
terms mode known on the day,of sale. •
Persons svislilng to siew the premises Previous to
the day of sole, can call the_ ate rrsiQcnee of Jas.,
Gralutin, adjoining the same, or on the btiMerther.
• 'II. 'G. YOUNG, Executor.
Sept. 1, 1.8 , 11.--tils. • -
Valuable. Slate Land at
Pricide f.‘eale. -
Subsepiller mill si , ll at private Eate Ti (REF,
1 . -I.IOIS, . upwards ui /
k.PIY lal7 - 17t- ••••' •
sittede foliewell township,: Ctamberland county,
and Ltirgan township,Franklin enmity. The
:We well improved, 11 11 (1 inn high state or
together with suitable dwellings and barns, on each
or them, thereon erected. Any person wishing to
examioe tin' 1:11.11I f'll. themselves. Terms' will,be
'made 10'8114-41w purchaser.
•,' 1..1l:G111.1N;
Sept. 1,1 R;;, --tit •
11. Il th mve fnny:me not •sohl herlre the.
1.4 of loreniher, ho.) still In:. 'rented or leased for a
term of years. , •
Oilire and thve:ling in Iligh street, next door•to
Itev..l. V. E. Thorn. •
The Herald & Expositor" is offered
for °lt is the only Wjiig paper-in this
eounty, has a larg6 subscription list, a fair
anmunt of advertising, and job'eustoin, with
ample and good materials for publishing a
Letters (post paid) addressed to the Edi
tor, will meet with ptrnpt attention.
'a'l.e subSeeiher, thankful , for past 1116 , e5, hereby
notifies the public generally. that tic still-Colitilitws
at the old snind,twarly oppositdt the College'Campus,
where lie will at 31 It tinws he found ready arol wil
ling to neecionnodatc in . !'list possible
those ‘i IM may favor Iliiu wit 4 ,a call. The House
is located in-the most business !part of the toNill, and
is near the stopping . plans of She Cars on the Hair
Road. The ItOONIS are huge toil airy—the TA
BLE will be supplied 'with the very hest themgii:kets
eau fiirilish- 7 anilthe 1.1,k11, with the elloieebtl Atmoi:s.
1119 eharges are reasrmahle, and' lie will endeavor to
merit bt assiduity and attention a continuative of - pttli
lie pauvitct c.' • _
110 ARDEIZS taken by the toveli.,',lnolitlt, or vear.
intereatto_stop.witlt orstalding,
and a careful OSTLEIt alien} hand.
- AN 1101.11::11TS.
Carlisle; Sept. 8, 18 , 11.---tf
. .
.I)%IPI'IE.I.V. '
• E3l(de of David .Deader, deed..
ortrars TESI.'.AMEN' rATrY - 4111 Me' estote
14 of David lientler r inte of Allen U 16‘tillip,f.;i101-
I)evland comity, have benn.grat ,, 4t to the son:
sCwilme: yesidinh
••• toomOtipi---NopmE-io
liel' vet/ to,ldl perionis indebted to Me pulite to
mike immediate payment, unt) hating claims
against said estate to present'tni•ot tim. settlement.
Sept, 110
Estate of SamLHStur . o . eotf.:dec'd:
LA `Estate of
: 4'm - 11'10'841;7(MM late of 'the borough
at' ShipitetiOturg, 'have, beell'Nsueil in due
form of .laty to the liultrictilt4t ''NOTIO: in lint'ebj ,
given to nit Itersotts haVingplllstigaintt said estate,.
to. presentlitt:m' Judy
.tnitbent eateditie settlement;
and all matsons isidebted to said estatemre requested
to, make - tintynutuLtu_the. substiiiltee 'enSiding in the ,
WiLtES,..M:'PEA!L; Adin'r.•
**VC 'A" ' '• • • •••
• ate ..of Jo.hit
ETTEIRS -1:KSTA1111 . 1f VARY ow, the entitle,
of John johosoni hire NelVvill: Curnbee
fitott hat* betty, vitt!ted to the sole:it:a.
hers: is IteethigliAt trfttli . periotts intleht 7 ;
ett to the.tthotO"estate to j.nitle 'ittiniediutelthstiteitt,
tin& those ' httkin ;•t• " them thy titittlo
11081% , "1.,Alti) - . rcl!t p.
341 NIES ll.' 411,V I NE; bf
Fc'rsiof 3of Johnson,i tlos'4l
Sept. TT '
44. 4 4. itt.
:1? OIA IT C ALI .
I , V.Astin;arroN,.September. 2,0,1841.. '
To the Editors of 14e Ettelligencer: . -
• Gentlemen:—Doubts have been attempt
ed to . be cast upon .the eorreetuess of Mr..
Ewing's statement., ih'relathip to the part
taken by. the Prel,Sident in tetting . up the
-Fiscal Corporation Bill, .by arguing that
there was. an impropriety in making it
which ought to deprive it oleredit. • Thbro
are circumstances in this case . . thstingufsh-
Li nn -it- from- a I (-et Ito rs- th a t-1.- re col I ect-of-t he,
i kind. It grows out of a mayor of. official
business, transacted betw - eeh high public
functionaries; and is of general and public
coneerit. The public and open .conduct of
Lone orthese high flactionaries is in direct
opposition to what the other had, by his
I express direction . and authority, , a (II rMed
I as' to his .intentions and purposes.. ';'herb
`can, I hurnltlptstarriit, be no:Serious ques
tion in such 'a case upon the point'of per- .
soma. ploptiety; when. the injured party•
seeks to. vindicate ,liiS honor by disclosing,
lite truth. - The-obligations . arising . out 'of
cOnfidential relations,_ in _..p rivate. or - public ..
; :iffairS, are bonded in_niutnal - trust. Vv.
Itlititdisregarils his own-etmildentialpledges
jirmLengagemen. ~:cann tit - : - ..alfep..'4lh4:'.'.6l;ligaz. -
'lVlCiitifiiyilbliinXiii flkiff . §*ntY : : It a ii - i c.- - ttiii4':
1:44'43;RT01#4 - A rzi tOit7-76'1**If 1 -4fiiii : g674it
--fOligng.:' ,. -zfri',:ilit'' . 'll,:jitri4 iciriff.--.17V3-f-ii4y
'thitig-that can ever ;bo';*.ktMwn to tlie-cOn
trary, it may' haVe. beca• . tlij (ibjeet of the
original pledtge br eng:gemencto sacrifice'
.those Vi.-ho - trustetrand were misled .hy,.4.
For theserea:"ms,l 'tl( not hesitate to fur
nish' fur publication the aconipauying state;
ment f which:containS all the fails and cir
cumstances within my. knowleAc, that oc-
Qur to me as being material, 'con 11 or Ml') with
the subject of di fference..:7l - do This as .an
ac,t of. justice not only to MI% kiting, who
requested it, but to Myself* and :the public
..... .. .. . •
Lavail 'myself of this • occasion to.. Say
thati have at no time regarded-a difference
cif opinionbetween the Pr6ident.iind my
self in relation to a ittink,.however-im por
tact the Subject, as sufficient of , itself to
justify a resignation of the ollitie which I
lately held iwthe Executive Administration
of the C4overnment. Nor was it because
the President thought properto trifle with .
:or mislead his :cabinet, as there is but too
;• l uch reason ; o believe he intended to do,
that I resigned my -place. 'I here. It ele
other, and some of them pre;existing . ranses,
for such a course, which many will regard
as sufficient of themselves; and which could
not have been overlooked.. BM it was'poti-'
sible GS explain of remove ihem, and there
fore they were mot prOmpdy acted upon.
The last act 'of .the President,
was conclusive of the' true character of all
the other occurrences or circumstances.
which had previously awakened curiosity
or excited distrust. •
' I shall; at - my leisure, state the reasons
more at large whiclrimpollel me to the
course Iliave thought pro per to adopt, and
at the same time furnish a' narrative of all
the causes,
so far as they fell under my oh
servhtion, which have resulted in the sepa
ration of •Alr. Tyler from the party which
brought him into power, and the breaking'
up of the Whig Administration. • . •
I' am, respectfully, your obedient ser
vant, JOll N BELL.
Messrs. this & SEATON: • •
I galled , to see the President -en official
business on the morning. (Monday, Ititlrof
August,) hefore the (list Veto Message was
I sent in. I found him reading the message
to the Secretary of the Treasury. lie did .
me the hondr to read the material passae-cs
to 'inc. Upon reading that part of it wide!'
treats of the superior iinportanee and ,value
of the business done by:the late Bank ,of
the United States in furnishing,. exchanges
between ;he different
,states and sections of
the Uiiic ,-I Was strongly impressed •
with the idea that be meant to intiniatethat
he would have no objection to -a bank ‘vhich
i thould be restricted to dealings in exCluni--
ges, that . 1 interrupted him in. the-reading, '
inithaSkettif I was• to understand; by .tyliitv
he had just read, that he was prepared- to
give his assent to a hank in the District of
'Colimibia, with ofliees or agencies in the
states, .having the privilege, without-their
assent, to- deal in exchanges between Orin,
and in foreign bills. Ile, premptly'replied,,
that he the / ughtexperienee had siniivit the
necessitv_of smelt a, ower,in the.-(.34.ertn,
Leonid Rot restrain
exPr4:Vi9ll of 'my, • gratilleation upon hilar
ing this , .ayowal, 1
.said to. the.l ) rosideut
at,ore9,.titat what ; l had feared Would lead
to .fatal AliSsentiona
,ainong our. friends, 1
now . yegartiod as rathey form nate.than other-'
ti tsql-Altt.ltis Nem tb,o- bill. then before
,hinc•itioltl;lead to ;tll . 6,:itiOmion of a touch:
better oitq.. I aktio,.coligratubited hitn upon.
the, happy eiretplistaiu9.of the
. setirticg is his ..Veto
Alessagp,. heat-and , : violenro
havO.livelt expected if 1119 Veto, had
been sent in iimoolkoi s tiy AtiMit,-tne pafisage,
.of, Mg ; would: pow beravonled.•i - Ttnte
had:h,e9n , •giyon : for contLye . flpttion,:op,ll.os
tliepsatige i kljO:not,,.c , M 411
Ne9,idea, : c.i . n.
batik, 'M
,qui.inpp . s'fAirtnid. be (kikoy , i to
,ex:prt'Pod ~.hi,s;..,gre4 3 1 4 P rjS gig!. 9,
alioald,: : he a onV.l.j,ii . .qq,f,t l o).
matlij.n Mm. ili . .c hi ,tronflthd.
fir,qt,,],b9t, 11;01 tlclayccl, lii.srikgsßage, tlo4,wrg,
shq;!l!.lbe excik(kilc;koo, , *( ltir,,
o la: ;, ippre„..q4y l kiny ;
to liana " - "a bill 7bicli-irould uustiv ufl, nu
.cessary•liurpotes ; that it could: he doite:in
three -days.-' , The next •day, hAing baea 7
. sion. to seethe President again, he request
ed me,to furnish him .with such information
as . the• War .Department afforded of the mit
' bartasSments attending the trapsfer-and dis
-bursement-of- the-public-revehne-to , distant
points on the frontier,' in Florida, &e.- He
.at the same time requested Me to draw up
a . brief statement of illy . views ..upon the
• subject, shoWing the pr_itetipal advantages
and necessity, of such it fiscal institution as
'he had thought of proposing: 'Such infor-:
hastily collect from; the
heads-of- the principal 'disbursing- bure.ausil
of the Department I handed to him on the
evening of the smite day, .kinowing that
time was of the utmost int perfance in the
state in which the question then was. lie
received the statement I then gave him with'
manifest indifference, and. chinned me by
remarking that he bygan to doubt. whether
he would give his assent (as .1 understood.
'Jim) to any
The next day (Wedimsday;.lBth of Am
gust,) was the :stated time
. for the; -weekly
meeting of the Cabitiet with: the' President.
•Alr. NV ebster, Mr.l;wiiig and myiell, went
at.lo . o!elock
forrned:thaj the President wlis engzip . :ed with
Messrs:. Berrien, SO4ant,, and, 'I - think,
111311.MAQ11-04;Kititist'git),--„- - :-.) , Y.:6 7 1A1ai t r i,lll - 4!..-i l
-' - ' s ' 1 4410gtit,tiattlf - AfTlV l Argi i
atlt t
,-„1i i .ip=4M.,(.... albatit,thrya.q.aqi ters..lif .azr,l; mill
.--afttii , ffiiii' - d-s -- ::'.'Al:r:-*la'd-gei',:iG -- r4-:4ii'i-n-rrrir - Ptr;i?i-'
tho-Presidentjenfed its. Messrs. Critter-
deo and Gtanger did not attend., The con
- facile? whiblt. ensiled !_Was_ a "long, one- AF ,
- lasting ,wo hoursat least according to:11,k ,
recollection. 'h cannot - pretend to thltailir
. that Was said ; neither can I . undertake , to
giie . .thelangerage employed by the Presi
dent upon every point, nor of the in - em b er: ,
of the, cabinet. I can only .state the sob
-:----s-tiiniie olivliitwaas said upon those points,.
' which Most attracted my aitention.
The President - conintenved:-b-y---fmning
that ic- ad - been - waitedupon , that:morning
by ti - t omittee• of members of congress,
who deE4red to know his v i ews — u pen the
' subject of a bank—such a one as lie could
sanction.. lie litid givr - qi them no satisfac
tion upon that subject, but Auld informed
theni that he would firsi.consult with his.
'constitutiOnal advisM.s—his .cabinet—thro'
whom he thouglrLitmpst iegulat that Ilk
v if! WS' s tin old he co:114)U nicated. ',He asked
' the opinion of Iris cabinet up:m Cho correct
ticg:s.t, he had taken; retn:.rk
resting his views to members of Congress
upon subjects of so much interest, subjeci
ed him to great-embarrassment and much
misrepresentation. • That question being
' dispoSed of, the President adverted briefly;
but without much conne - ±ion, to
.the -rela
tion in which he stood .to the bank ques
=tion, andhis disposition to go as far as he'
could to comply- with the wishes of his
. friends. • He spoke of the relatioolhat ex
isled between himi and his Cabillei,Zlnd how
necessary it was 01:1t he should have their
support: . Would they sttind by him? Ile .
much • preferred that the. whole subject
slitnild -be.. poStponed . Amid „the-next: ses
sion;. but if it was necess;o.y to act now,
he thought it plan might be devised which,
with their co-operation, miakit be carried
' throng!). Ile ,wt ndered "iv hy the Senate
continued to postptie acting upon his veto
message, which wit." .t to be disposed of.
~ \,.....1..„_,
Ile supposed it might he to hold it As a roil.
over his head; and - had seine doubts wile,-
ther it was propcx that he should consider
further upon-the subject until the Senate!
had -decided what they would do with a
bill then before them - . Some, one presept
assured hint that the postponement of the
question pending, in the Senate was to give
time for reflection,- andrto prevent an intern- ,
perate debnte. -, • -
'l7t6 President then gave the inaline - of
such a bank Or fiscal instito tionDs he thought
he could sanction.. It was to be in the pis
trict.tif Colombia, to have the' privilege of
issuing its own, motes, receiAi inonpyg . tin
depssite, and to detkin bills of exchange .
between the states and.between the I,4oted
States and foreigM.stiy,es, . but wished ' to_
hive the iii4initil l - nthis cabinet upon it:—
flis.own consisniney and reputation intfst
- ht.4)olted, to.-- He -.considered his c-abinet
fiis friends, who must stand by and defend
whatever tie did upon the subject. -- He,ap
pealed particularly to Mr. Webster for his
opinion upon the point of consistency; . and
-whether there' its not a clear distinction
between the, old Rank orthe United.fitates
-,--a bank ,if discount gild' deini,iii6-;rand
, lie. now drought of propoSi4i,and
-- lritethor—the----,oonsiiititioital--qiicsatin-,-Twits,
:not tlifferent. lie. reminded us that; in-till'
hiS laner. Speeches :and: reports, he had
taken the ground that Congress had no con
stitutional poWer to
,cliarter, - a • bank.
had tl!e..powe
.44 local . kli.wount..- Air.
AVehstor pointed - out the ~distinction,,,be-. ,
,tWeen the , two plans in a manner which
zippeared, to be him. The
substance, of
. what he said ,was, as 1 Wider=
ps.f.olltiws had a. Occidtpl
referypee fpr . a. hplik, ;yap the (lieb
pr . ppihstpl. over: 01 . )er .of illoSS , ,w !deli lthd,
„heon prSvitpfSly,sP4pp. of , HS reniinded
,t!ic,'l,)rpSitlep( cmpTsktl. his
: Ikelsre,pcpjor :be re
%s:!cti;jadi ip jks,tieaPPgS;C , KlV:of , exeikaugii,
whgli sertOp atpillspalw i frorp:tha. oity v f
-New. tort; were, presenpaer'srpl weeks h e .:
41.19 p, 0ppg.1.4;, pp dio w,-
Pl,4,4woplci,apPwqr PP useful, parps. l
Opt.grotitid prvferrrence • was" •incl-it
jiact,.gyest. wejglA,witli,„'him.-010,;A43. pliant
- too ”'of; lb,
F:0'14091040 conga{ T.
ny, ,w ay 03 q,(,sny' t ileoes r
bay;.to, : its e2 h i0..n.0 egkicieney" e
01 4 000'3 1110 •Oa n 11E011 ; 0 s' 6(1 01, di° • 00n1-•
.`. a.'4,lit, tt)..m.L.L.OpoE . ) vqoac.:_46t-.71ci,-'-',424.
~,,.. .. generally
mencemetacf tbeees.ston; tpow
as Mr., Ewiree. bill,' an incorigrauS and
,objectionable on:this:gronnd. ' His generni '
course of thinking on. such subjeeticled
him to prefer that; Whatevrpower this ga:
vertu - I . mm assetted,'„ or was-"authorized td :
assert; Skold& be - exereised-itidePendentlt -
of state - authority, and of `the interference.
,the states. - ..,- He' 'thought, there •Coultf be
no doubt.'of the Constitutional - pOtierid •
charter-such a- bank as was then propoSedi.
accordjng to the', P . resident's - Owe smodeti:ot .
thinking' ,ttpon. tharsubjecf; - if he
. tinder; - .
stand them. Certainly there teas a e,leati:
lis l tinclilart:, be„tAire,en . s eel,- 4- 1 1.:14tai--'and-Ifie . --
la te Bank of the United States...Y .
The one pow-proposed was - to be limiV •
ed io its operations.tu swell objects tiS were
clearly within some of the general provi , -
sions of the Constitution, or stick as were'
clehrly necessary in the execution of others:
The privilege of is . suing.its own mites, of
.doaljngi.o. exchanges, pid orreveiving nfo-'.
netts on deposite4l appeared to liiive let- .
Mediate reference to, or conncluif With' '
the. poWer 'given in the constitution oVer-.
, cow [nerve. hetwiten the states, over the cnr-:
yency , t and l L the necessary liseal operations
A ...of_the Government in tlic__coll.4!etion, - ,..afe;.
kkeepi•eg, :and disbursement. Of the pnblic .
remind. . These: 7 %vere'_ all -- Sobjects of 'na . - , :
.p... 00 9..iL1n:. 1 2 1 1- 11 . 0 f to eill o
t thiiiitizi!:.=:Lci., 3 ot* , ! . f - - laitts3;:C.
jr?iiiMirgit..Ci , lt- e zi ;: ,. 1 7 11A l d •j 4 -ii,: ' M . 7 . ,...111•&,
. ,-; -- ---- -,---,—,- - !.".-: ~ : r.. , - .*+7, • ' ',;
41:4141- i4M - Milt. - # :-, itr : ili:(CI r irdrWrrillii'l'ir — WhatiCT
ing in. !oral Taper; of discoirOrtig, - ttitittis,
I:having no tireulption, as it Might he,:but. - •
between the differentAq;ctS - er confMercial :
tn - iilits of. the saini.Fil - trif - retsiiiii - irc
with the trade- or. comioeree between the'
states.or: remote seetions of the Union, ilor
kvirly the transfer of the' Potille Money froth':
one,point to . another; iiiiti It - If:id. therefore,
no necessary eromexion with' any OT The
I great taffOnal - old - ects - rd - r Which -. .tlii" batik
was nartored ; low could - it he claimed aS' -
anineident lo arty of - the : powers given tii•-
i Congress 11.: ,. .t1ie constitution. Th a t privi:
liege, lic,-appr6liended, %vas conferred upon
tli.e late•bank froth the belief that without: .
it the- stock oldie bank could not be made : •
. profitable; and-it Was therefore cocsitlered . . -
as -11 - _ necessary incident to en institution •
which was itself but the Offspring of an
incidental poivcr..Experienee, lie thought,:
had shown eljarly that such. a Privilege -
was no longer importani or necessary.—:
By confinitu. the discounting privilegeof
the proposed bitch to hilh ; of, es - c h a ng e .be
menu_this country.and foreigh States, - and
-this- ohjec4on
. would ifot:he agamst - m- - T . •
The President expressed his regret:that" - •
!te had Mu used the words "hank of dis
count and deoOsite", in liis:bite message, .
so that the distinction he now took might
be clearly inferred from, that message, and'
lie could not the'ni be charged with incon: .
si:•iteney.. : igr. Badger said he --thought
nothing: would have ‘,
bins ,ia o - .
ined by
of the terms "bank of .
discount and depo:
site" in his IDUSSOore ; for,. as t o th e c h arge •
of. inconsistency, it Might, and probably.
would, be witde apiust hint forvarty ef- I
feet, if he sanctioned the bill then_proposeff
by hint, i»asnmehas, dealing iii or buying.
hills. of exchange %%uilt' he'disccutttipv
and to that .extent make, it a bank of dis:
count, '
When all rho Inaterial7points • appeare':
to he disposed of, and Ole members of th 6
cabinet present had expressed their decided
qpprobation of the P latt the President , had;
suggested, he said . tliat, after al, he Weill&
not sanction a !milli -in the' form just agreed
quo; if he supposed that it would be made
the ground-work or basis of a b an k Av i l h.
of the late . Bank of the
States.. Ile never would give his sanction .
to the power of, local discounts, lie reM.L—
ed that,
.at the net.or - succeeding sessions'
of Congress, the Whigs would Ge bringing .
forward amendments engrafting this'riwer:
upon any charter might noW
. appriVe ;*.
and he appealed to .his cabinet to if_
they trunk] stand by him and Use their in
fltience iii ptc.ventin , r anY such Movenients:
.while Admininration lasted.
Webster and Othins gave him,_all,:prope?,
lisStirences upon titiuoint.
The President.thought a Capital of fifteen
millions dohirs-wouid
. . . .
. .
, •'
.A tipme, he said, wasimi)oriziorl ‘Vhat t
should it be ? Fiscal institute ‘ifetild (kV.
It was objected to, and, the nante of Eigcat
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