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.V3j91774 . t .
_ Standing Conimittee 111 . 6kinb•
• . •
At - a - meetingTaf—tha:-Denfotrati,e—Whig
,• , Standing Committee of Cumberland Conn
, •ty, convened at.Maefarlane's Hotel, hi Car
- lisle, on Monday the 9th instant: •
''NICHOLA'S 'MICH. Was called to the
''.chair, and SOJINziYi. MARTINlitid WILLIASI
M. PORTER appointed Secretaries. •
On motion, it was
• _.—.._Resolned,__Thatit be recommended to the
Democratic Whig citizens of Cumberland
county, - tif - t meet iii"tlrdif76o - 6"Ct: iire — fifit Tv ['-
ships, on Salurdadi the 28tle<=ttay.qf
gust instant, at 2 o'clock,.P.M.y a . nd elect
TWO DELEGATES to represetit them
in the County_Callyentiom'to be held in
the County [fall, at Carlisle. on . frednes
flay the .Ist-day of Septembernext, at 1
o'clock, P.•M. • . •
Reso/vos/ f • That.the Delegates be in4titict
to•put in nomination suitable candidates
for the offices to be voted for at the next
election: -
- NICI-JOLAS Chairman
M. • • Seei•elaries,
VerelM * 2 . 7r/WVM:'MTg77
`, EiII.,:jADIES H. CAMPBELL; Esq. was
iiractice•as ;A:Attorney in the se
• •veral courts of this county
• ,
O P"-R---PROPT:CirS:-
Our friends:nrci toirigicinrork in earriesf;
"nearly: every paper we see, contains the
prOcgedingeof .enthusiastic .meetings iti fa
orabiib-stleirin Banks. TIM Porter
men are becoming FLT ; they attempted
lately to get up a-meeting in Lebanon, and
. so few attended; that they dispersed With-
Out-organizing.' fn.Etie county, - the
Cocos will make' no opposition. They had
better come to a similar• determination
-throughout the state.
"It will be seen by the letter of our Wash
ington correspendent, that the Fiscal Bank
bill has pas'sed thb House of Representa-•
. •
fives, and is, no doubt, now before the Pre
sident. -
We congratulate the people on the pros . -
pects they now have of returning prosper
ity, The repeal of the Sub-TreaSury; and
the establishment of a Fiscal Agent, have
been. long .con entled for by the, whigs, as
necessary--to i the restoration of - a - sound - eurr
Tetley: We qoice that under the reform
administration, these objects will he attain
ed. Ths malignity: of unadulterated. loco
focoism will no longer have power to blight
the energies of the people ; the pernicious
doctrines of the destructives have been fully
exposed; trade and commerce willllourish,
and industry claim its limiest reward: * .
The agrarians, both in and emit of Con
gress, have opposeil this measure inch by
inch, With their usual violence and rancor;
but the Whig members of Congress, unap
palled by the imprecations , which• fell thick
! - ;-and. heavy upon remained
steady o their pAciples, and by: their
firmness ankpatriotism,: justified: the' con
(Hence reposed in them by the people.
. The Porter meeting which came off. on
•last Monday evening, was a most melan
choly affair; they lacked the enthusiasm of
• .
frontier times, every thing typs - tante and
: spiritless, and the joyful faces of the whig
• spectators, contrasted strongly with the lu
gubrious aspect of the poor locofooos , who
400ked lf they were in a scrape and did
`not well know how to get•otit of••it. •• The
_ . meeting was not called in consequence of
'any feeling in favour of Gov. Porter, in this .
• •
. county; it was a mere compliance with an
• old custom, and .was conducted as usual, by
appointing one half Of those in attendance,
. as officers, and the other • half a co - it - milled.
to draw up resolutions whickhad•heen
› , :and d;ied' a week previous .Resolutioni
were adopted, and speeches delivered, but
• nothing 'was said relative to the one term
• principle ;'• the last speaker however, took
a veryiligonious mode of testing the Porter
-- streagth - Of tlfe 'meeting, he 'requested'all
who , were in•favor. of the re-election of Gov. •
~ Porter - to and then ileerded
.that,:!` r tlie ayes had• it", without taking ttte
;.; lie ative.,side. Of;th Rubstion'.' We 'shall ,
,prohahlyises : it stated in thelocofoco papers,
• '; that:at'a Perter, meeting held in' (Jarlisleen
' , o6ndayilie 9th'inst the Vote, was taken
Governer, when, 42 'voted for f Porter;
and M4:,p4,for PrOh!•P.ti-•
Freemen of Cmpberland„.
You will peiceive by the proceedings o
the Democratic Whig Standing Committee
of Cumberland county,, that Saturday the
28th' of this month has been appointed as
the time .for electing °delegates to meet in
county convention, at Carlisle, on Wednes
day the Ist of britereber,° for the purpose
of forming' a' tieket, to. , be supported at the
next election. • prepare o eommence ive - am=
paigrrl- ave yen—seethe pl ishedAhe -ot;
ganizntiOn .of Jild party in your several
townships If •not, set saboufit directly.•
The victory; of. 1840 is incomplete, while
you stiffer under, lOcofoce rule in the state.
A. majority of the . 'freemen of this ebutity
believe that the 'welfare and prosperity of
the,state.depenff mainly on a change in the
adinion,- and that by the election of
JOHN pANIO this change - be ef
le—te You are. in raver orthw‘eite - term'
prinCiple, 2 .and.. desire to see the good . old
doctrindef."Rotation in Office'? carried
out; but, if you wish for a stronger incen
tive to action,. red the history of Pennsyl
vania during the "reign" of the veto king,
and ou will - find - facts which cannot fail - #o•
unite you "together, with strong :hands and
stout hearts, -in removing Sredm your state
the bitter stain-of-loeofocoiatn.- .
. No sooner was Governor Porter firmly
seated in the Gubernatorial chair, than his
supporters spread themselves over the coun
try, like locusts, to eat out your Suhstance; .
they seemed to consider the 'money which
was appropriated . - to Riiblic Improvements;
as the
_spoils of victory, and used it tt
sparinily to reward their partizans, until
they have invOlVed . .the'state • hi a hopeless ,
{leht,of •F0.12 . 1'Y 10I14.IGNS; 4fd .bur-
the constitution of Peiiirs'}!lvania," ;Md yet.
11 - C . 46W:die public Money from 'the. Tree
suiy`vin- viOlation of that , constiMtion, to
reward his , :relatives add friends.
--_lteLwai,.swcir4 'to "lisifotidam.dities of
his oflico With' fidelity;" acid yt3ol - 0-1101 ,-
toted .the - halls;of juitieb — witli "previous
par flop;'? to screen his frieiids
served punishment. •• •
He professed to be a democrat; and yet
he vetoed every democratic - measure passed
by the JestjegislatureLaml s tilkrefnses_to:
Sign a bill providing for the election Tofca
hal commissioners,bY the.people.
• He has involved the State in debt by his
extriwaganee, and yet is oppose;, o the.dis
tribution of the proceeds of the public lands
among the States, by which Pennsylvania,
would receive a sum, more than sufficient
to. pay
. off her debt, complete all her inf..
provoments,end endow the common schools
forever, without taxation. .
lie pretends tO'be the friend of the work
ing man, and yet is. opposed to a Protec
tive Tariff; a measure, which would give
employment to . our• mechanics, keep our,
money at home, and male us as a nation
really independent.•
-• You cannot , therefore support Darid o ft,
,Porter for re-election. But, as the advocate
of honesty and fair dealing.,as a means of
saving the State' from - dearadation - , - and: re
storing the confidence - of the people in their
rulers, you will rally around honest Jolla
Banks, who,. as chief magistrate, will ad
vance the best interests • of the State, found
ing his administration on the principles of
economy and the public •good. lie is a
man of sterling honesty7of sound judgment,
and opposed to exfravigance; he-is in favor
of giving to the peOple, the election Of Ca
nal Commissioners, which would keep our
public improvements from becoming engines
offrau'il in the hands of disluinest men; lie
is in favor of the, one term principle, believ
ing it' to bc - iieeessary;in securing:the puiitY
of GO . vernment. - He is in favor of a Tariff
which will protect American industry, and
secure to the laborer, the blessing of con
stant, and profitable employment. Ho is
of distributing the proceeds of the
'sales of the public lands, among all' the
States, by which Pennsylvania would get
a portion of the rich heritage, secured by
the patriots of the Revolution.
Such a roan is John Banks-r--a Pennsyl;
yanian in heart, devoted to the principles
of the Coustifutioni and • the eloquent advo
cateOpf. Democratic doctrine.
• In a short time ~you_Will,be called on to
decide, whether or not we o ffitii:eubinit for
three yearA.longen..ton-locermo administra
tion.' ' Let~e-Very coati. fire'pTite himself to:
::VOCCon the question—be active and vikilent;
victory must perch 'on the whip standard,
and the cause: of mforin triumph.
1109°. We have been told, that a young
in,ae'during . .. his 6'l)oTh, at the locofeco
meeting on Mon - W — filgitt, called those yho
hddleft • their party to , t ypte for Harrison
last ; fall; ; ‘..lay . sy demo erals:":. • .
Wonder, . - how Many' /*cis of that lind•
are running in the geetleMan's head ?
kr:7° Once for all, tie sarto,our nonce ,
pondents, that their 'comniiinications
not be, noticed,'• unless accompania with the name ofthe author:
Tu tiff ~ .:e - 4 °T.,Ikti,IT: 7 D) ic.!
The 'proposed; establishment of a
Fiscal Bank, seems to haVe thrown the
locofobos into convulsions. They are
now attempting an organization of theirs
party under the miserable catchword.
of "Repeal.": To enable them how
over, to . repeal the:charter of that Bank,
one thinglis"wery necessary', they must ,
get the reins
.of . -GoVernmerit again in
t eir ran s very , arturrately-lOi
the, interests of ,the. country Such u.
calamity is ntlt likely to happen. • We
extract, the following-on the doctrine
of repeal from the N: Y. Express.
• The Loco Focos—for this is not re
publicanism, nor democracy, as of old
understood, .-but . pure,, unadulterated'
Loco FoCosim of the school of the New
York ,Park, threaten a - repeal of • the
charter,creating aU. S. Bank. • •
doPtline_pf rep eal;as_tiv_e_remem-
berg was first promulgated out of doors
in , •frout , , of • Tammany' Hall by the
ejected Loco Foco's of that place,---a
doctrine not of the .American sort, but
creation, imported here
from the dark alleys and narrow streets
of-=-London;Vel the Paris - of the Trench
Thu: 1 5 - 11 - F Ttel. -rid - --r
- Re - volutions, Dirt _now , sublilM,
tallatittiriprdleatTlo - 1756T0M, such
as Messrs. Dallas; Ingersoll, and .others,
and even set forlh, at last; as about to
be the watch - wad of a party.
. ,Let its look at this cry of " repeal,"
."repeal,"."rePeal.":. First,.it is
for as 'long as there is a Government,'
or a Constitution, as long, .indeed,
- there 'is any_thingAhis side Uri revolu-.
tion, or civil war,. there, can be
,no re
peal. of. charters, or of, contracts, btit
by the consent of both .parties concern
ed, or, thro.ngh the, nction i .pf the Rai:
Cary, and' the- Courts' of. rtiv;r: •
• j ß ll : g 4R 4 k il ' 7 PL
ility'of n D'ank';:is ive] I enottgli,
Lb co Fo c n .r,ltobses -- - sp:m rd •
But will it in the
face of the repeated-decisions.,of that
-high Tribunal? • Never. Is - the cry of
repeal to operate there ? sqtrer. It
:is - the nfor - iri - tropbseS -- agittit i
for an impbssibility this side uf
Inti On. Repeal, then, only means alarm
for stockholders, or such as ritiLd it wish
to become =stockholders of a Bank._
The aim is to frighten, to prevenfif
possible, the takifig of - the stock of a
_ ,
- . - Allitedlo — thlS - 1 . 64 . .:fti0010; - thege
declaniators fof
."repeal; t isAlte.crime
of the
. principle principle` would inculcate.
Where is repeal. to pause, when, or
how.? _ tinon whom or whot ?
If almijority in Congress can repeal
mid charter, the same majority may re
peal another. Our glorious constitu
tion itself. is but a charter. It is writ
ten only ,on parchment. 'lt is but a
contract. '
• Tliei•e arelnany contracts though in.
this ivorld, as liable T recoil as peen
itiaiy contracts, and no . more sacred.
Marriage is but a contract. Already,
indeed, and often, has Loco Focoisni
-struck at that., A great alkof Tam
.many Hall, Fanny Wright, for exam
ple, has preached its "repeal " often
-in our publitt places, With as niucli
probability. of making it popular, as
when Loco Focoismi first broached the
repeal " of bank charters in the I. 3 inic.
Make "repeal" popular as a principle,
and it will never halt
. half way, at the
repeal of .bank charters only.
. The social.system 'is all only a con
tract.: Laws arc but contracts, con
fine's even to which, we often do ot
assent, and tigalnst which we 'remmi
strate. Who is to decide upon the
principle of their repeal, if repeal be
comes the 'order of the day. Is man
aloUe to vote,:for it is often contended
woman has only an equal right. May.
limit the age of suffrage to 21. years?
Why not go down to the first, as well
as up to the second, _childhood.. All
these principles, more ',or less, are but
contracts. • •
Thus, Loco Focoism in a rally, upon
be cry. of " repeal," ".repeal," rallies
against the .of all society.,
There is,no stop to be put to Such mon
strous principles, if the people can ever
be induced •to adopt . theni; In Our
century they have been Only once
adopted, and then in the early -days of
the French Revolution; the scenes of .
which, so revolted mankind, that they
flew from them to fling themselves into
the arms of 'ally despotism.
Let the agriculturalists of the country
look to the'people,the clasSes, the cities;
in the hot beds of which are the germs
of these 'doctrines of repeal.' The
common sentiment .of all, who till _the
soil, revolt from .then.. • There, is no'
danger, we know,:-of-their becoming
popular here, till the people become sp.
eakrto or degraded; that ,a revolution
would be desirable. B.utineypitheless;
lot the farmers of the . conntry nip them,
and the politicians- who preach thein,
in the bud: There is an atitiOpherie
corruption even in the preaching of
such:Tpriticiples..----LThe-virtue---9fT the- -
pecipleiS,.tainted 3 .WeloOkupon
proliigacy;.with-less-4-shock When
the hetiftru4.of it. Words often din
pied in our, ears loose . the startling:her- , .
roiS that rirst:z atlg etit of them.. Above
all, lerthe repnbhcans of all prefprendp,
democrats of all lines; not less men of
the lest, tiaan 'of,
,this lidinitiistration;
keep their t skirts clear ofrePettl,"'.f 4 re-
Peal ; '? Unless they; wish • *p a p toart l g
them - ; doWn the' bOttOpt whence
rep9al";sprapg, from: , ;.::
lie landi will firdbablY pass..the, Senate
presented, thet4Whigs ,would 'have more
than. two-thirils' of.. the. senators.. "
locOfecos, Iteivever, Who. are an , . fond' of
talking . of 'tl.l6:ll , shes of , the people, the
right of, instrnetion,' Are., when theli• party,
ehtains a;majorilyet . any state , oleetiori, now
are : turn tli . . l ave
eltaitietl.their:rninds.- • principle •titid'prae . ;
'tice....With them.' "are. altngotho.• : :.differeat
things;; . ..": 6ave• t na is they, say, `and
not as-they (1%7 is milfat• they now desire,
Correspondence of ihe'yerald e.! Eiposdor.,
WASHINGTON; 'BO, Atigu§t; 1841. ..
The, time. of, the Senate. duri,ng tho`past
week, has. been taken uP:With busineas, in
which, with the. exception of the •Fortifica
tion Bill, yoUr .readers .will feel little, in
terest. The bill ..for
re-charter of the,
banks of the District of Columbia, has.been
tinder discussion.. The ,Fortification• ilill,
which engaged the attention of the .Seriate
for several days, was passed' finally with
some . amendaientsi-,on ' Tlinriday . ---tW6th-
Yeas . 45 ; nays 4-,these in the ne
gative being opposition Senators. 'testier
day, the bill . for the „payment of navy pen
sions was tinder cqnsideration. .
In the House of Representatives, the re
iiF-tife billovhich had been ordered to be
engr seed the day preceding, was 'passed
on tOday; 31st July- 7 -yea, 116, nays
101. Of the opposition, not one voted for
the:Aiassage-- 7 10 Whige, among , 4lte rest,
Edivards,, J. Irvin, and W.:lrwin, of Penn
sylvania, voted in the negativ — e...'The-rea- - .
sons assigned for 'their votes were, that our'
dornestic'manufactures, particularly that of
, _.
iron, were not protected by this bill;.. and
also that tea - and colroe,,which-are-rather
uxuries, were su
to a duty. However, Os . this session was
Called . for -particular rposes, it . was deem=
ed.proper by fhe majority , to postpone the
subject of protection, which
to intiali,Wartn diScussion, - an, •s de
liberation, until the regitlar s'ess,.... Con
pia's. At that time it is, understood the
tariff - Will undergo a complete revision.—
The locofoco representatives from
sylvania will then have an 'opportunity of
.assisting'-to- promote:the- interests, of theifl
state by protecting its manufactures. - We :
beOli the..easd heretofore' . - be,sacrificea to
those ofthe'party...
.As to the •objeciiotito
tlie . juty upon tea and coffee, it is contend
ed- that thei - so small tliat it - swill not
'be felt by. the eo - fisitinr - rs; .beitti but 51
pound.on . .tea,. _anti 1 4 - cents upon toffelt --
Of reVentie 4.ldrived . from =this .-
source . , will be threemillions of dollars an
' 'bp'
Dually; a surn wi. h 'eon, not 'he' Spareu
by the government, so - greatly. involved in
-debt by the extravagance.Ot the-late•admin
itrajion,.,.,..ln_adOitionrio lids, *no :one in
your county wil qetentLto say, wiilj seine
of the more violent locofocos in Congress,
that direct taxation is preferable to.these
duties, which will be paidby the importer.
‘Ve hciPc, Lou, tilat . tl,oy keilluVed
when our tariff is permanently fixed, and
the commerce of the conntryjecorers from
the Mighting effects of the 'Van Buren
This 'week has been taken up with
the discussion of •the bank bill. Number
less speeches, for and against, have been
made, very much hnproved by. the hour
rule. • To -day, • the bill was taken out of
committee of the wholi;, and passed finally
by a vote of 128
,t 0.97. 'Three Whigs,
Joint - Quincy Adams, .W. W, Irwin; Of
Pittsburgh,.Pa., and Marshall ofy.'entueky,
together with the three nondescripts from
yirginiai - Wise; :Mallory, - and - Gib - Der, vot
'ed. in the negative. lt 'was-passed- as it
came from. the senate, and of course will
be sent at once to the President.. The
congratulations among the crowd collected
to witness the result, gave evidence of the
popularity Of the measure.
. -
Whether the President will sigd the bill
or. not, is doubtful, and various are the
speculations on the subject. It irsuppos
ed by those/who ought to know best, that
he will suffer it t become a law. Should
he exercise the veto power, the friends of
the administration be somewhat dis
appointed; .but *c greatly -- reconciled
to this course, by the reflection that it was
no idle whim, or stroke* . of policy, but the
result i 1 an, honest, conscientious objec 7
tion,, in the mind of the Chief Magistrate,*
an objection 0 the right granted by this
bill to Congress, to - e:lablish brahches with
out the express asseuf of the states, on the
ground ',that •.it,is _an ;,:fringement of i the
Constitution. ' Even the locofocos,aro oblig
ed to admit that hn Tyler is ",honesty
itself " . In case this bill ,is returned with
objections, Congitss will have-to - pass. one
on the plan of Mr.`Ewing, which,.although
in the opittion'of ,most business men, not
so well calculated to benefit the commer=
interests, is vastly better than none.
By-a-: large portion . . of the - Whig party;
however,- it is thought that this cchicession
to the states will 40, interfere with the nee
ful.action of a National Bank.
The bill for the (listribuiion 'the ',pub-
other state?!
'B . () reflecting persokt4mbts tlie - neti ss i ty
there is for the moderate use of 011 ie
blessings which; Providence bRe bestowyci
.upon hisfcreattires.' *Theii-happiness can
not-continue under an uppottite course;, but
all excitements are tit ig in ti Chris
tian,, and re=actions are always certain and
disastrous. Those thinking, differently,
read from the Doelt.or God. • -
20. But of.all clean may eat....
• 21. Ye shall, not eat of any thing that
died'. of itself : thou shalt give it to,the
stranger that is .in thy gates, that he may
eat it ror thou mayest sell.'it unto. an alien:
.thou art a 'holy people unto the : Lord
thy God; Thou shalt not seethe a kid in
his mothei'a •• • "
. ~
22. --T hou — shlt — truly — tithe — all— the-in=
crease of thy seed; that , th, field bringeth
forth year by year. ;, . . . -._ , •
23. And thou shalt , eat before thej.4d
thy God, in the-plede which he shall Choose
to-place his name there, the tithe of thy
corn; and-of .thine oil, and 'the firstling's 'Of
thy. - herds - and - of thy tiolis; - that thou •
imayestlearn - to - feer - tha - Lord - thy - Go - d7al-;-
ways •
24..___And 4. the way be too long for thee;
so thilion art not able•to carry it ; or if
the "Wee. be too far from that •which the
Lord-thy God shall choose to set.his name
there l when the Lord thY.GOd bath blessed
2.o.,_then shalt then
s turn itiinto money,
and bind up the money in thy hand, and.
shall go unto the place which the Lord thy
Godshall *choose : . - ' •
•• 20. And thou shalt bestow- that, Money
for• whatsoever . thy soul Ititeth after, for
oxep,• or for sheep, or for wine,:Or.for
strong think,_6 . r . , fey 'whatsoever,_ thy_sgul
444ttiV004,0.14g6....A1t*,i4e . WArofeAll
tend thy.hoilseluilL • •
--- 27 - . --- Kiiiritie.LeVite'tha n i is within . thy
- gates; thou 'shalt - no:A . -forsake - Inm; for •lm
hash no part:- nor lithe - with thee.;
28. At.the end, of three ; years thou shalt
bring-forth all• the tithe'bf, thine increase
the same year, and - shalt lay •it UP within
- thylates :•
c2B. -And -the-Levite- (because Itc,hath tro
part nor inheritance with thee,) 'and , the
stranger rid the fatherless„antLthe_widow-, ;
which are within thy gates, shall come,.
and shall-eat - and be satisfied; that the Lord
thy Gad May blessihee in - all,. the work of
thy hand-which thou deest. •
: • - . , WEISLEY. •
Dr. Duric Repectorant Ponedy,'
In perfor.ming, some of the most 'wonderful cures
on record. Mr. Wm. Pearson, of Delaware comity;
Pennsylvania, wits taken in the lull of 18.10
direr th;ly inereerml until he
became so, much reduced in liesh that he was obliged
to be helped in and mut. of lied. His l'hvsicians at
ten-th gure up all hopes, and pronounced
his lungs
fatally of and incurable. In this hopeless,
situation he was for ten \reeks ;, wlien a loPeial of his
called to see discovering his solid con ,
dition, lie immediately procured three bottles. of
Dr. Duncan's ExPectomut Itelnedy,Outving-witutiss
ed the Micas in a similar ease, iuduucd hint to pro
cure the medicine,) and give it according to ,direc
tionsoutd to the astonishment of all IA friends, the
pakiit be; to feel better before using the medicine
one week. Alice using it strictly six- weeks, the
patient was rendered able to resume his daily Mee
thousands of valuable friends
have been take r n inlay from us for the want of proper
treatment. The very many who are yet,
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beg to say , procure immediately Dr. Duncan's Ex
'pectoririti'immediatelyllena'dy,anine it be not too late, you may
be restored to perfect health. In the last stages there
is a consolation leand in this medicine, by its soo
'iug and pa!iati ye effect's . . •
rfPlaSlell'AL OFFICE, No. 19 North Eighth
-Strecti - Philepelphirii — wliere' testimonials may lie
. ,
For sale by John J. 'Ayers .Sc- Co., Carlisle; and
Wm. I'cal, Shipimsburg, Pa.
• Flipp,' atiori .Decidedlg Superior to Bleediuq.L--
When the properties of Bralrdrec/ea-Yeg - dabk.thsiT
Versa! Pills have been appreciated, bieeditt, , cwill no
longer be thought of as a remedy for diseases, for in
riolent iullassunation, eight or ten of them will take,
its the coarse of two or three Italics, more of the im
pure humors from the-body, by the stomach and
[Jewels, than bleeding to the extent forty ounces could
possibly hard Alone ;, and it should !ixt remembered
that the pins remove only those parts ill:M - 10'e blood
which were the Calfso of inflammation; . .whereas
bleeding removes the essential . parts alio. How
'great the prostration of all the corporal powers alter
la copious bleeding. On the cootrary whist agility
and strength is felt after a dose of this medicine; the
body. is indeed lightened 'of it loath Nothing is
'equal to ridding the vitiated humph with a vegetable
'medicine of this kind, which eighty-four years pare
proved hexer tot.lo injury, but always good. 'ls the
pulse to high? A dose of these pills, will bring it
down. Is it too low The same means Will increase
it to a proper standard. Is. it •tre*mnloilli, shtiwing .
nervonis, excitement? The pills, by soothing the
system, Will .ullay it, •••;-•
. r'For.salein Carliste'hy (11.10.,W.
Ind in Cumberland Coloo by Agents publisher] i
.mother part of this paper. • . . .
Nltl9liliY ,per gal
, A,..Ctitnp Meeting, will behold Under. the
-direction.of . Ministera of the Methodist E:
Churcb,. on the lands of •Mr, Wm, Brawn,
3 miles east:of • Carlisle on the Mechanics
burg road, to commence on Friday the 10th
of September, . _ . • ' • .
CAI P MEETING. , . :•.' •
',A Caminneetine; will.lmAttbi 16 , the , brilef , of .the
United liretlwen. in Mira, on Ilin land of Jonatltat
Noldig,3_tnilo4 east of. ' vliale,_to_noinrneute tl
2tl of Septonber.. , ,
No Hucksters gill'' pernilttutl to ,entoe with n
iltelitoits.preaoribetl by law, ' . - • • •
, .1011,N FO,ll - ,1L,.P. E.
. . .
„ NOTICE: • ' • •
To, the heirs - and
,triOves of Sarah ot Allen traynship,dec'th,
'TAKE NOTICE will, hold an Inguisitirai on a
.w . rituf Praiiikat'oe valuatkra on' the peeraises 'late
'of 'Letdtg dCe'd.., on Friday the '27th 'tlay-;o1
'Angnst. 'at', .1(); o'clock, A. M. where all . ..interested
may attend •'' •
•y PAUL •VAII,TIN, Sheriff:: '
Sheriff's Office,' • - •
So g . tp, nil: 5
Baltimore., ~9ugust. . 7, 184 1 .
per W. 5,75 ,
pei Voila ',51.410
The- copartnership heretofore existing' between
Charles Barnitz and John A. Pear has been dissel
ved by the mutual, consent of the partners. The.
books are in the handier C, Barnitz at the old stand,
who isauthoriied to settlethem.., Persons who iiaVe
accounts standing, are reqUestetl' to ilischarge.them
as it is desirable to have thetusiness ill the firm set
tled speedily. • . 7.; •
JNO. A. Carlisle,PEFFEß. August 10, 841..-3 C •
a r g . a.i n s •
ig to wind up their busi
;11rferinoef;Chinties and
re ne t s . of securing ood bargains' are
d enerid:u ,6 all as early as pos sib le, and they-may
ute ri ! a c .t e w , a fling all the articles above enumer
cash. in the city. The terms are
. ,
• 0 1841
N. 13. 'rhe emir •
gain, to any one Who,.
ek will ba solda great bar
imps, witkthe privilege eq to efigtige hi the busi-
April. " .., . • el room until the liit'of
. . .
Sale. Valuable Far . ,
ated in - West - -Pennsboro' towns e, a, them situ.
count; on the turnpike. leading t.o\ CumbiMlanil
COlitillialig . Ninbersiiiturg
• • 161 'ems \
of Limestone land, WO 'tierce of which a'
and the residue well timbered; the farm i feared,
liv lands of ,Jobs Paul, E.' ~Governer. Iti Wed
others. , The improvements area two ptoity 1 0 and
and kitchen, and a never failing well of water se
loor;-a-log-barn-and other-out-buildings,-tw9-ch -',
rchards-of - frit - it - 7 .
1 , 6 r feerris apply-to the Subscriber living at Mid!
dlesexMills, 3 miles-east of Carlisle on the turnpike
liziding to Harrisburg.
-Agent of-Jonas Pishburm .
August'll; 1841.-41 -
N. H. 'A number of other Farms and Mill prop
erties for sale.` • '
Lebanon Courier . , Readijd;
miner, York: REjiablican, and HandWal!, Weill .
gencer, insert 3, times and send bills to This office.
Estate of Henry .Pil c nyinf
, on the_.estatejtif Iletirk Pilgrim, Etta of
• ou Cumberland . co
i 4 heieVfgivieti to ajll ..persons inTebted to
saki estate to make iimuediate_ payment,
arid' ;hose shuying,, claims t0 . . - present .' them .
for. settlement; " • •• ' • .
- S.: It UNSII.I, -
Aug. ,1.1,
• Take: notice that we have amilied to The Judges of
the Cdurt of Coin MOO Pleas of Cumberland enmity,
ror the benefit of the Insolvent Lnws of till aContnion
wealdi,aniLthey_ltas_e_appoinbaLTliqsdayllia.3 ist_dup
of- .liGruut nextjor the hearing of ,us stud wiur
creditors, at pe Court House; id the boronglrof
when and where you play attend, it yott flunk
proper. • ' .
• - - • JACOI3 HECK.* _
Amost 10, - 1841.—at. ;- . -•
Splciadid Lotteries:
prizes_of $25,000 amountilig,to $lOO,OOO
.Union Lottery.
Class 8. Ti.) be drawn at Alesandria, C, on S
. (inlay, Sept. '25,1841.
25,000. Dollars,
1 prize of
1 do
1 do
1 do
'2 prizes of
4 do
50 itn •
50 do
50 do •
100 do .
10,000 Doll
8,000 do
.8,000 do
5,153 do
4,000. do
2,:1,000 do
1,000 - 1 i u
500 • - do
250 do
200, &e.
14 drawn numbers otit of 78. •
-- Tickets sls—Halves s73o—Quarters $.3 75 - -
• , • ' . Eightlis $1 87. •
Certificate of packages of '24 whole tickets, $2.00
do do 26 hall . do . — 100
do do ' • :26 quarter do -, - 50
•' do do .26 eighth 'do 25
.. •
The Grai id Veion Lottery;
Class 9,
,To be drawn at Alexamjria, D. C., on Sn
((Hay, (Yet, 2:i . , 1831. ' -
18 drawn ballots. . .
1 Grand Capital priie of 50,000 Doll.
. 1 Splendid prize pi ' '. 30,000 do
1 ' do , tIO . 25,000 do
1 do tIO 10,000 do
1 prize of • • 8,000 do
1 do ~ 7,000 do
, 1. do ' • 0,000 do
1 do - 5,000 do
1 do . . . 4,000 do
1 do . 2.500 'do
. ,
. 1 do , ' . 2,511 ,do
4 do ' - • 3 , 000 do
' 5' do - • - . -- ' - - v 1,750 'do --
•10 do • • • . 1,500 do
10 do, . , . , 1,250. du
50 ilo` ' • 'l,OOO do
50, do . ' . 500 do
50 do -.. .400 do
100 -di - 30,0 ,do '
100 do. . •
. ' 250 do
ITO 'do , • ' - - 200 do
la drawn numbers out of 78
'icketssl2o; halves $10; QuarterssS; F.iglits $2 SO.
ertificates of packages 0f026 whole tickets $2O
do • do , 26 half do l3O
do , .. do . 26 quarter do • 65
do do eighth iJI) 32 50
. .
1;0-Orders for tickets and sharesmid ;certificates
of.packrig,eslirtlie.above splendid schemes will re- .
ceive the most prompt, attention; anti the drawing of
each lottery will lingua isampiiiittely artyr it is aver,
to all who order from us. Address
J. t: GREGOItY C./ CO. Manners.
• • . Washington. M. C,
. . .
Journals & Reports. -
. .
Carlible, July t'; 2, 1811. ..
The Journal 4 of 'the Senate rind Ilutvicl4'itepre
seetptives Ar Pcansylvauia,and. the llep?rts of the-
State — frensurer and Auditor C;cßerai; for 1841 1 , have.
lieelireceived at this eke, mid are:ready:for deliv.
. ec
cry 1.() those entitled to receive theta.
' " -
JOHN IRWIN, Cilt. to Com t0).5.
W , M. • C.. GIBSO_N
Bifli "cOltitthes the Cabinet Alsking hi all its ill
riatic bratiehes, at his • old stand hi' North lianover
street, two doors above the store of . :-W5O: - .l...etaiaed
•where he is now caseate:tering,
on band , a great variety of •
. • . • , , ••• ..:.,,..,.„ •
',twit as Sideboards,tureans, Sceintriei,eit rd, Fi l er,
Pining and .11reaktiuit tables, liedsteads',.&o 4 of the
most fashionable, Ititul,'all, of i y - e-tvilt. dispose
of on die' most iettsonableirrtn. Ile'is also prepa
red tofill:allOrdersfor SPitIN 1-1/;:1..113) SOFAS
twd , FlANcy.tillAlits,r .... rauted ta be Of. superiOr
-- - lie will-also, 'initial COFFlNS'at:thCAltorte6i an ? :
ticootnillnicing recently procured a Ntw 1.1 Eil l in;
h 6 is prelim d to, attend funerals in the:country,
LParliile" Ugust 4, t8.11..'-.4y , -, ‘:.- ..• '. ,
...., ~, ... . . .
l• i
• TO .S'eltoot taiirectoirs::.
Catlisle, July '2'2, •
The scver4l • Tiotiniti-,uf . School. Ilireetari of the
!.. , 011111Y,1111! hereby liotifiil tb o
thining the , sot cut!' towilat vq)w.t . of the:Supeiiisten;
dent of Commou - SclioAs wit(• blutqc , fiTrus , fkeeek: •
Selma' Distriet,_bayo boofirsoi vett tit this utyl
nre wady; for thilvoi)'ito - it.lioseei ,to.-reuoice
• . - . „ .
2 4 :14t0
Carlisle, A ' ugust4,l4,ll.--:-it,... ‘, -!,, . • •
. " • •
The, ilartoppsliii, heretollnv •
Brerlit4ll,B4.Grnoli, It&t, •
a•ne:; , ,qm4t.,4 fula
ihein on or, Wore: the o 84.;,,Opiukekrtext - for 10,t
-' •' :• - •
- 3tßECAl.llll: l ,.filitYsl4,:
Anr:nst 4; 131-1.—;.50 _ •
Printing AEstablisinnent , ,
,The Herald & ExPositor”js . offered •
,It is the only ,Whig paper in this
Bounty, has aqarge subscription, list,,a fair
anima oladveitiging and job custom, With
ample and good materials: for publiahing•it
weekly paper. •
Letters (post . paid) addressed to. the
tor, will me - et with prompt attention. ,
'lc — iiew w • .
r -ear y- in- Augustiunderlurauperintendeaq:
Its political 'Volition will be. darted iNtile first
number published: the peen, time 1:t may be - '
well enough `to state thatOt, will; be: entirely
pendent of the control of all aldirarly leaders; un
trammeled by 'any connection . with - their. interests,
and free to take any course in • relatiinittojnen , and-- --
measures now before the public dr that 61.y:hereafter
be brought fo'rward, which,the real interests. ofjhis
people may scour to' require. -
In a literary point of, view, I intend thiit the neap •
paper-shall lose nothing by comparison with its elder '
' brethren. It shall always contain" whatever general
and local- news is current. The market prices,..___
Sheriff's-sales, trial atid jury listi - alialfbe correctly' •
and regularly .published.
the-paper.will•lie TWO
DOLLARS per j ear, one-lislf„payablein.:atlvance.
SiiliS'eriptions at the same rate : win be taken' fdr Mree,
or six niontlis, in either case payablwin : •
. GEO. W. 'CA-ADD. - .
• W i las.l2o PLLMOMI 4---;;---
, .• . ii-ALTlatonai—M-D. --,--,
• Office Fayette Street, second door South-west Of
: _Paltirst. -
J.laltimore,3la.--•:Mesars. Eiec& Stevens; Jas.
ikk t Geo. E. Swinton; k ee.airrArmstrong Harris
. , .
• .
o f• Ne, Pe.---Col. Viomas E. Stoller, Professor
c o ik l etilaties and Civil EngineeriogeDiekinsoif
, .
7'o all
and iiersons interested.
- Notice is hot . . • •
to A tigust Tertif given tbata wilt of Seire Facies,
stted.out ()Nile c to jne directed, has been. is-
Ti m , o f C mo b ri l a 01 Common- Pleas of Common
clutitieii Lien," tni
ne' ( "t'', on th e folloWing.."Ale"
commo„ fleas afore and recorded in the Court-df
SheliA:k' • • ••
a:with Hupp. • tli notice to
Std. Fa. SIM Mechanics • • •
tp4i, \inn, o 65, August _
•ei ;Nr
Ts • • .
: ja-- ~
. .
• ••• 'New . .Goods • •
,• ST111:14 CI ft git
Ainvor,i) k A BRAMS Imre just reic
great: Hely iarClittlis, Ca 4sitnero i Sat x tilieta ii14, 1 / 4 a _
hieli they tire determined to sell cheaper tillan
lici'mx! ofl - med in this . .platie Or'ehiewliFtw„. •
!Fla- public. - are hat 'am! to call and examine fiN
• Silippensburg,'AM.mst .1, 17-11. • •
. .
- .
_ 3, Tialilabl e-lt a nas- or
The subscriber intending to remove to the West.,
offers sale the farm oil which lie now resides sit
uated 011 the line Cell and Prat:lain;
counties, Pe., .h miles north - west of Newburg and
about 7 miles from Shippenshurg,
Coiltd:tatiiitg 117.) Acies•
afirst rate slate land, the principal part of *61611'
cleared and in a high state of cultivation, . The int..
provements are,
. .
. A Large Two Story
~, u . u i •
• 0' 0 " ~
;il,' -LO.G-IT .0 IJ SV,,
with a well of water at (lie door; and A
never failing. stream of water, with a !pump in it in
the hasement; it large BANK BARN; a stone spring
house and other peccwrrontimildings, and an ex
cellent Ore`tard of choice fAtit. • - •There are also a
comfortable TENANT ROUSE and. Stable
l ort - :.
other part of said farm, and an extensive no? And
MACHINERY for cowl rtj , siiff lug , Eec. with VERY PALO.
'A tract of land in Cumberland comity, within one
mile of the farm above inscribed, '
Containing 152 Acres • •
about Co acres are cleared, and the residue covered._
with thriving-timber. - - 1110111111rWICMCIRI8 arc
I...dE.G.E__TIED_STORY: LOG_, __...
BOUSE, A' . 1.00 STABLE,
Will a never failin7 well of water. TIM land is pat
ented, and clear of all ineunibrances.
Tlie firms Will 801 d flepa rale_ or- togeUr,
may lest.suit_puitchaserssous_wishing_to_ vie‘y
the land ran do so, and receive every other informa
tion by. calling on the subscriber, residing as above.
August 4,1341.-74 C
First Hate Farm -For. .
- Will be exposed to public - sale,'on the pietnisea,
j , u West Vei/110)011)ligh township, Cnnilierlaml come
y,ouTriday the lOtli day of September next,
.1 First Rate Farm . •
part limestone and juirt slate land, late' the estate of
S e i m u,i,aujjywers, dee'd., situate on the Conodoguin
et creek, about 10 miles West of Carlisle , and 14
East of Newville, hounded by hunts of ,David Sher
labergc6E. bear, Nathan Woods and others;. _
'Con training - 443 Avr6; • ,
inure or less, abinit ; 33 acres of which. are_ well-si m.
beret, and the residue in a high state.ef cultivation.
The improvements are
J t Story.. Log• Hanse l
G •
11 . A Double Stone Blto
Wagon Sheds, a Stone. Spring-Ifouse,
and. other necessare cut houses, with a welt of nev"er
failing water at tie door. Tho e is also on said
farm, a Log, Tenant House, a Stable aira Stone
Spring House, with a jwell of excellent water near
the door. Thelie-is also an
,OJWII,-).141) cif, young
and choice fruit of 'various kinds ne!ir . encC.tiF said
honks. There is stimet 15 spei:a bf cae k i s k e nt
ow sit Lhe same---and die wbule abounds i7itiv Locos*. •
timber.' .
. •
. Also, fi, small Lot of (51,1Ountl,
thoidsprovenients of which are a Loq AthusE and -
a DOUBLE I'ItA.MIE BARN, adjoining the above, the bank,' of the Conodogoinet creek, Sale
to. commence at 12 o'clock, M., of said iliiy4lie9
terms of-sale will be made known and an iudispats. '`.
ble title given hy . .. -,.,
' irrThe above detseribc;doropertiep will .baq . spos;
ed of either separately or toetiker, as . ."‘nar;best. suit
purchasers. , . • • .
TA , ' MAIM 11EA11,1 , •'
SA ML. Ili/W EBS, - '. ' - -
-August 4, 1841.,--6t.. ' , f ' :.' '•,.•
~ , -
IV Bear's German, paper, Lancaster, .will Insert .
the,above• 5 times, mark price, and charge thieofliee.
... • -
301.1.11 r ,ilAVIN, Cl'k, to Coriiro'rft