Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, July 21, 1841, Image 4

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TrORNE,Y. A.T.,;L:Irr; •
, PViNii, - • r•
QffiCe a few doors West of the
Post-Olice. •N•-•
juay.19,.1541,--tt ' • . "'
1131 Rea per & Chra per
4isownlat LARGE A:io rneo surr.4 or
SUMJMER .1310(1Di% -•
J ust received From Philadelphia at greatly Pc ducec
price from those purchased early-in the season; per
.sonsTishing to supply themselves with
Summer Cassimeres, Cushmaretts,
Linen Drilling,s, Beriverteens, Coills,Yestings,Mus-
Ams. Checks, Pickings', Calicoes, Latvits,'Mottslinc
de Lail's, Itibbands, Worked. Collars, Siockings,
Gloves, Gingbams, Silk and Cotton, Handkerchiefs',
Stocks, Mouslin de Angletines, Fillet , Searfs, Veils
and Handkerchiefs, - Parasols ' Barred Worsteds for
. • • ehildrens' wear, Nankeens, Cottonades, Pittsburg,
Cords, &c. &c. &c., will do well to call on the sub
scilber and secure great bargains.
,/ griod stock of 'fresh
VT . •
. .
i re4lS ° Sliga . r,• :and.
and a very I - urge-stock - of .
Hats ligo.o& - .61 . Shorg.
• , Recollect Elie old stand, opposite Simon Wunder
. lick's Hotel, where elicali goods may alkways be
• - CHAS.
June 2 2. ,1 841
NEW 1-lA.'l" 'MAN UFACTORI.r. •
PAS leave to inform' the ciii%ens of Carlisle and
its vicinity, that has
II • • •
tiring flits, of the latest rashlons, and of the %wry
hest materials—comprising . •
RtaiSta," Brush, Beaver, and- all
- • kinds, or FUR *. • •
.".OF II hich ageneral assortment will Mira 5 -be km•pt
ein hand, or matte to siiiraccoritiiift to Orttery'
117: sell .on the most acconinnalatingfet•ths
rash or Coutthw Pi;od•tre.. •
• Ills shop will be found street-in. the.
house frmerly..kept by Liitirs'ey Stiotwooil as a
flatters' Shop.
'.• Carlisle, Nfay.e..!(3, 1.8-14.-4111.
. .
. .
. .. ,
. •
......... . ,
,-• • - same assm.t.l:4•llt. of - '''' . . ; ,
. . .
. . .
suitesl U.) the•sensoit;iti .Nortli -1-fanovet , - street ,-lie
tweet' ,the 11..ank,aniteornm;iu s 11(itt..1..eutssisring in
pat.t. of VI ,t)i:. tla - Ssimeres,*sattiiietts,. V estinigs,
CordS, Slispes, SlCivtings, Sheetinp,s, Ctimbrics,.la
-0011CIS,FA,;;inks, Lawns, Vonse de I ,:eines, &O. ,`....e.
. .--
• &LSI),
. P
kr ‘ p ilren!irl.teres
I . ('ES, 22c: A I s
!LIT 3, tog' , !ilwi• ‘vil6 a gvent.‘triety of other g• roils
• hiub Di __ will lelolifoiodation• terms
foie give bild a call
19, 1 R• 11.-13
I) Dilm.iffre
inityjthat lons the citizens of Carlisle and
kl eir y the •
ple.; • •
23z3: •1/40.111• I
all its various hrtmehe,, -••
caq of the store of Messrs. A ozin street, one door
a few doors west of Ali. ICondertf 4 Anderson,. amt,
lie will keep conslainly (in Imand, and laver", w here
order,at.lhe Shortest notice and on the nturael"L'.6 le
We terms, ccasona=
Saddles, Bridles, Collars, 1.1 a..
•: Truilks,-Sze.
T(e hopes by strict attention to businesq, and en aux
* hts' desire to please, to merit and rtka.i vea l ibetial
share of public patrogage. Having the liestl"-XCork
-111tm employed, his customers !my expect Mehl work
to be done in the peatest and most substantial man
. nor.
Carlisle, May 19,1341.
flats! Hats!! chits!!
Mick fashionable hhapes and best quality, xis,
meowed froin Philadelphia. AlSo, low priced Leg
horn and Chip Hats, at the store nC _
111 f. Alit & • MOSS AllA TT RASSES
for double and single Beds, for mile tit the
store of •
June 2, 1841.0
Millers and Millwrights: • •
The subscriber has just received aline and Coln
' —plete assoNment, of the very best quality, of, --
Anchor noliing, doings.
which will lid warranted and sold cheali ; pul•ehas
`ers will find it to their• interest, to call and esamine
En• themselves.
Spring Goods.
The.sulisciqbers have just received a fresh sun])
r efttrittrao;
...t 52 -. 7 -0 - failtheylvill' sell. at moderate prices for. cash
_ ..aMong which-wily be found simerMouse de Laines
Challeys, Lawns, Ch4itzes, Bonnet and Dress Silks
•.Sotnnter. Bombazines, Striped and Plain Must ins..
Also, Black Mohair Shawls and Veils; Mohair
and Twisted Silk Gloves; super Rice Gloves- '
a good
assortment of Tortoise Twist and Side Combs.
Buflillue Twist and Dressing Combs; with a variety
• .of other' articles not enumerated. ' . •
:May 19, 1841.
A new dty le. o f Figured Damask Satin Shawls, just
received at the new store-and for'sale by '
• March 31;1341. • . ,
Bar . .l,frOti; Gta§g, &c.
".Pint received nt the New Store of the subscriber's.
Tons BA 11 IRO N i .or firwrate quality, and
for sale very lo* for egsh, net. consignment, 90 half
Boxes 1Q and 10 half Boxes 1t by 12
• -We to G kiss, • • •
in good order, for sale to Meilihants at Pittsburg
prices, and puneannon best
at Manufileturets prices, also, on . band Witlierow's
Celebrated tattent'PLOUG HS, FLAX-SEED OIL,
by the gallon, or Harrel; OIL HEAL, We,therill
& Tiro s. Pure wiirrp LEAD, MAHOGANY
..• ' DOSSER 1114 N & HUTTON.
May 5,1841. , , „ • . ,-1
r. rum sTIN SHAWLS , just
receivet an olTereil et. sale. at the Nnw Store. in
Shippenabniv; by
May 1, 1841
1:113SLIN DiI.LAINS of new style from 25' to
INA cents per yard, just reneived, and for gals.
by •• • • - AItKOLID & ABRAMS,
• Maieb 31,1941, . • • •
1 A If It-I:3
't, 1
Bargains, lapirgains.
Cheap Goo l ds fir Cash.
. The Subscribers, cleFiirous of redoeink their'atoek
of Nfere,hamlize, offor it at reduced prices fur Cush ;
Their claire stoek'of
,Cassimeres, 11.ferinb es, .Hon.:.
• , • , • null ,
will be suldmt a 7:,:ey small advance. such 'perSons
as are (I/tail:o4s Of Obtaining good ilargOiswill ple4se
call :d the store of, •
.• , ' • • 7 HIT . :sT.EI 'ec: l / 4 u i ;VAN):
N. 1%. The eiair.?4oelc of .71kriiii . zintlize viill be
. . . . .. .
sold :i'letuptioto tiny one wishing , to 'engage iii the
•hoshiesS, if applieltion, he mails hilmectiately.
Dee. 9,184. 1 . • . .
. .
Fresh Dledicirkes.
'flu! subscriber lias recently reeelved. large atltli,
tional supplies of .
Nrfel 1-eNreOllOlM5:,-1)-ye--,Ulditlir
Linsciql Oil, .Cpls. Tirprnline, 4C.:(//
Varnish, Painters' 13)ushes, Vapul'h
Brushes, flair Brushes, ,Ypernibeell.Qil,
(very/ fine).Speon Candles . ; Soaps In great
4,111';Cill, Gass - Lamps, Cap and Later
Paper, 'Fruit, Spivs, Pofuntery,_4-e.
Which lie, will sell to Physicians, illorchants
and others, wiIO3,EsALE or• by RETAIL', at
the lowest rates, having purchased entirely
eaSh lie Will olley-bargaios- to •tivasc
who irisli to utchase,titit whiiles;ile• •
• •-- S. 1:1`;1,70'1" I'_
. .
C W -4 C - i?-17 01'4 3,t-,CALvagi -7
e 1.11ilt" a f
V i a r. eib r
SE the'lleive:4- - si rlo and- fashions ; .splimolill Clihia
,;iilis and It'llitiojls,, ii.looholisle.dv - Illiilleh, CililitZ•23,
GIOVO . :,,,E)c11•1 %4 ()Eked C911:11'S:6:1:. • Also, a large.
as:ollowot 01 - .. . -
.- .. - • •
Cloths, COssimyres, — restings; 'l7:chli
• 7 7r/ielle3, 'tS•C. tS'C. :
All of which %% ill lie sold %etN. lOw - by the Sohs'eribet
at the Qld stdm,l opposite S. WonderlielCi; I
- linri•l'i~,lo,iBll
d Pa ler-
ailbscrifier rei.peiTifully informs the citizens
of Carlisle and the vicinity-, that he has commenced
be ahrive business in all its various branches. 1
.idirm is in the- square ithuietliatelv rear of the
Market I louse, two doors cast of A. Richards store.
Ile hopes by nitenlign ti . ) business and - moderate
charges, to receive a share cf patronage.
. JOHN . 120'111.
Carlisle, Feb.• I 7, 1841.---tf
ze:s zoTnn.
4tA I Poi'
-- - .
The subscriber, thankful fur, past favors, respect
-111111/I.lllSllls eitstomei.s anti l: the piddle in gener
ous -m lie has removed to that large and Lionimod
m i
p„kAishiwitt on the NoNli-west corner or the
which l ie 'fire, late the property of Thomas C Lime,
:Ateil u lli p 'll Cin a v
LlOery sup U
SE, erior mas a
anlier .
and where he is pi
f avor ki n , w i th th ,, ir. _, c,
to furnish all who may
om with the Very hint tie
This hotel, from-its cents'., „ :
venient_lbr business' men I. and lir all ' ' s.ver Y min
ping.'plare of the Caels.o4 the Itairr i, -.7 l i :s t , t h ilini e 5 d. T .11, 1 t8 :,..;
furnish Travellers with a .eady plas . C (l .;',
freslin'idnt. 'The 1200 AI are lar
.TABLE , wiII-odwars . be AV 41 Rllpplilld 'W/III I Z ; I :', l ,t e i
I he-market s -can-all:wil l - t lio-11 A ll—With-the-fit: - : ; 4 -
I..iquoi s; idle charges will be reasonable, and nofi. :
hug shall be left-undone oil the part of the subscriber
to merit a share of public patronage.
BOARDERS will be taki.;ii by the week, month,
or year., 1
(r)'-'COmmoilionS 'Stabling- . attaelie4 to theest - ab:
lishment„and an attentive Ostler always ready toat
tend to that department. ..
• • • GEoitcn
Carl isle; A pill 7„1 841
' a pilaf $lOO,OOO paid in,-41arter Pao petuid,
UE to make Insuraiire, Permanent and
Ft) Liinited, on every description of _Prtipert)v,.in
TOWN - ANDCOUNTILY, on the usual favorable
terms. • .• • •
OFFICE, 16Tq Chesnut street, near Fifth street.
- • • • DIRECT . .
ry•The subscriber, Azent for the above Company
for thelmrough of Carlisle and vicinitY r will prompt
ly. attend to - all applications for Tasurarate, whetia , r
made personally or by letter.• Resideneo Maio street,
nearly oppo,site the Car Office.
March 31,1841,-1y
Just received received at the Store of
A fresh inipply'of seasonable GOODS, Consisting
iii part of Blue,. BMA' Brown, Olive Green, and
- • a n.o T
Black, Blue, Brown figured and striped Cassimeres ;
I Mixed figured and kr' nett Gambroonj . for panta
loons; Brown, White, Striped and Figured Linen
Drilh:nk. Kentnekey; Peimsylrania and Delaware
Janes; Pittsburg cords; .Gottori stripes and, drills;
American Nankeens laid colored Muslins; Duelaps
French and Irish Linens; black, blue; Fawn, Mouse,
Pink, Blossom, White, Figured, Striped and barred
Silks. new stile; Figured plain barred striped Jacki
netts; Swiss, Cambelek and Mull mains; Bonnets,
Lawns and Silks, Embroidered, • Mantau,, GloSsee i
Sattin and Inured- Ribbons; ,Leg horn flats, . Straw,.
need Leghorn and Palm leaf If cits; Brown & bleach
ed mushni4 Ticks, Checks, Crash, and Diapers; Lin
en 'and cotton; 44'54 and 6-4 sbectings; Tablecloth,
lined . and entail Diaper; Linen; Grass, silk, pongee
and cambrick Hankerch iefs;tgioves ? Hosiery, Stocks
and Aetiftnial:floWeeti;;Cotton and Gingham UMbrel
las; Parasols; cotton yarn and carpet chain; together
wititiin,eitteuelve attsprtornt of.
, .
. Groc,eries ,&:',Queentokrare.
All of .
~ , . .
,which' will 'be . told im . the most reesOnable
terms,- Perton are liiiited to..ealrtint. exatnine foe
themselves before rFellashigehmih'ere• ' ' ' '
.- .
Carliste, April 9., 18.4. • f ' " ..- '',' . • • • ...
, ..- .•
.CNV . ,.:,: . o:•''oc . ...vfij,l l .'iil."-*::' ,. l*-1.t . :.v . .,1t,:t.tur - ,a,i'tiZlSl:t.ll, - -ialti::.*._i o v::*
' ifirai.r i llellas•••V : CO.. ••• -
. _ .... .
.. . , oa•-
... 7, 0 , .. .
lilive removed to the capacious Warehouse veeently
occupied by-]). Leech Sc Co. at the north=west cornet'
of Cherry and Broad street,' PhilMtelphia. . - • .
Prom the timilities which. the location and infernal
.arrangement of this depot afford, 30 to 40. Litythen
Utti•g can be accominodated to tuifoad and load at the,
same time•tvitif sufficient moil' to•store, 201)00 barrels
Of Flour, and 400 to 600 ton of Grai n exclinii ye of the
forwarding thipartment. .
Produce:or:every description will he received as
usual tin.cnnsiguments, and liberal advances•made on
receipt.(if required) until sales are effected.: •
. .. CRAIG, BYILLAS 'Sc Co. -
:' ' . North• - -tyest eoenty of eller6y.lolroad st ..
.• • Philadelphia.
• • • .. .
. ,
• . •.' MUIFERPINCLS -• •
W. S. Cobean, CaBhieo. •
• if enderann Sc Parker, . c ar ' h,,,,. • '
. Henry !Omuta; , • . ' '
" Saunderson Sc ilosserman, J
Jecoh Swoycr, Kevrville. - . - - ,- -- -
• David Nevin, .Viippemburg.
J. Logan Sinith,Esq. Cashier i
C himiters& avg. '
Eyster, Huts -Co,
• Robert Fleming, • • '' . .
-4-latherwond F.q. erai,o• b
s - T - Wmh.Thoinpson-k-Do - -
• • Whitall& Brown., - ' J ••• '. , •
7 17137A - 11M XINS-1,--
Sontleci2he .
,r• • Linddtter,
. .
At their nw Store in Centeeville, linve just ee
ceived hod Ore now Opening n N't`l . l' !urge owl splendid
,p4hortanelit of BILITISII, 11WNCII nod 1)0
. •
. .
--- • - •
_ . .
AV-IfiCTI-11114,44-1104444 . -801011C11-Willl.111111:11LICIIIT . ill I In:Sid-a
iir NEW YOl2 I . and d'l 111,ADELPIII.V,invil whirls
'they respectfully invite the citizens of Centreville
and vicinity to call aradt•xiiiiiiiieor they - will he ena
bled to plealte, Mid sell decidedly...O l e:tiler than any
other•establishment in the ',minty. ...The): will • lie
happy at all times 0 see ciistotners who are desirous
at having' . .
New flieniii..n pod CA (tool CA tiod,a4.
Aiming their: stock will he' found Jilin. 'Black; . ,
!frown ; Green, Olive, Cadet, M tillierrV, Daliliti , Cit- - D .. . -
roli,-daret, Mixt 1./rali', antl.a vari - ell low veleta! ' - oital: -Suiyiery.-
Qio l liii) (f) ' 1 ) .5 IEI I:J''' CI . •-. /VIRE SUBSCi2.I IIEI 2. respeclftillY .telltiel's his
I gratefitl acknoWledgmenth to the public for the
.8,1 1 ,0, ic'r .sfriPed- taus Pio" I "--. 11) ", 0 ,," (1 ,''. 1 " 1 .` '.' in yei.y liberal share of j ,llOll lie has received dur-
Cassimeres, premium and Into 111.1 Viii mattitteitist, sit-.
!fig th , e . past ve . ar, and irtitild .F.041' continue to offer
per hie Silk, Satin, Velvet, Valeiteia, C‘wileil, Stri it:
tlJ ' ig9 l " l R nd P-i li n .11 " I'maii " linil C ' ts4i P. ie r . ii ' l l t .e e i ti n il l ( ! i n li i ti W it S: (l S l i .:l 3 e n :`, l ;o r . ' 7 4. 311:::tp t e h r e 'S i t I Y t.: I I I I . V iP . IL h liTr i ts '- , :
V"sti": 4 '. - A geulYal "''''''P'''' ( T - :i hr if.iiditi-s itnd 0e.,,,,5,:i1ik1.,p111p %..eilloivid inserts incorruptible
Y ; l '-- 5?„ - .,1 ,-3r510ii.,_„.01., _. ~.
, 4.
i-.-::- :::,. i -'-
,-,--.;. _ •
- :,,
—=.. ,_' A ,
4 :
. p• i . 1 rtiniiwa rlifr -
n i •
1 celli , iwitstt,i*yr:appr • g -,. ) ... 341!
Tfri44_ttrit%ol:Z . ;;l-01i774)5gbgatkiv-etir-vi:/...
,iibible nil 11OlthITVIPti WIMIt nI1)e1 . 1 01 IVaCk l • s.d: 1.14',.1.). -
li".tiwci" - I:iit est iiiigs; pipits DA: Rii - F, - TritTit'." . S Yya 5,
Gros De-SWissiiiiiii_ticmdiawliilk4l, Qhalleys, cliiiit
zi4,3areolietsiCambries,-1 lobikinetts;Plain and.,Pi
gaireil S wiss, :Intl Monk' Mastitis, Shawls; Dress - •
iiattilketchiefs, - Scarfs, Veil'. I?ihhons, &e.
.i. large 51111 exeelleiitassortment Of fine and low
priTaTil Cattgoes - ; - Irish, Table:Towel illT, prid - I alilii.
Dialier,.Crasli Mtislins, Tickings, Cheek's, Cords,
lieavirteens, Lee. A general assortilient of Leghorn
and 'Siva iv Bonnets, Ualllls l'arasols,.k.e. Alsip,
an ex teitsi've assortment of .. .
.. ..
. - Tilili!,(q'tS hull Ctileens‘v are,
Xi he most
invitocl to call :Mil judged:or ,the.tilLttli.e.tq_
dotinittined tiVsel I etteno far cash dr enmity) ,
DAMN] to call and evainino their stock of Liquors
u•fot•u purchasing
Centre% ale, Clint. Co., ()etoliey 14.,1 840.
-ci o
tore; &e.,-
rgium subseriher, thankful for post favott,eespect
-11 fully informs the public that he still Anilines
to "hold , forth" in Church -Alley, !wilt. "Education
II:41," where he hos now on hand It large assortment'
of notions. consisting' in part, of the folic:l%i ing: , Ilre:l,
Cakts, 'Cheese, Baton, Hants, Plour,.Soap, Cider,
Spices, ]'rants, Sweetmeats, mid other necessaries
eticulated for this me':lli:in. . .
N. 8.-llemlso egpti Imes to keep an P.ating I louse,
where gentlemen call he\ii,mtronollated oWI Tripe,
Pigs. Feet, l!ickled Oysters; &e: :it the shorl;st notice.
. .
JACOB 11'.0., Agent.
Sept. 9, IS.10:— . 1 year.
.yerr ffla relre2o re, Griwery,
RIE 2'5" STORE.. •
91 1 111: subscriber has jilst returnedjuun
-m- the CitieTi of New Vork, Philadelphia aud Bal
timore, and is flow 011C:11111g store VOOlll S.
Curlier of 'Market Squat: and StreetsArcul
nwrly occuplot by tivol itner,) -genemil
sorfinem - Of'
Third wart,• lone IJ Urc, Cedar Trarc,
jlriliania Mere, arpceries,
Paints, fUrnishes, Glass, Brnsh,
es, I flips, Cancs, Lamps fo)
,C'milphine Oil,
. , tj. variety of articles useful and ilecessitry
keviiiii;;:i house. lie liasalso,atid
Wilrusfi ir l. .ep on flatid
• .
Ca airiPinlite Oil,
cheap nod elegant sthstititte Tor.' sperm oil, and
having been appointed • agent of 111ac.kers
attil Brother of Newark' N .1., for the sail: of Jone's
Patent Lamps in this crawly, he is prepared to fur
nish amps and Oil,at II very reasonable rate to all
whO may wish to use Allis new told tconomical.light.
Having Beleeted his goods hiniSelf slid 'made his
purchases fat• cash, he is able, and is ileteyinitted to
sell; OW.
Those having . the cosh to lay out will' find it tu theic
ranta , -c. to g ive him a call. .
Carlislc,ltily 8; 18,113.---tr.
It 'what're - 111s 'Vegetable Univer
. sot- Flits, • •
'Are liehlky the following agents in (heir respec
tiie enitutics Asiminerous counterfeits — of--these
pills are attempted to bespalmed upon the communi
.ty, the propriety of, ptweinising only from the recogt
rimed agents, will be apparent.
Cumberland Comity--7GeorgeNV:llitner,Carlisle;
A. Riegel, 11echinticslairg;'Gilmore &' McKinney,
•Newville; S. Culbertson, Shippensburg; Boke &
Brenneman, New Cumberland; Ono Barton,, Lis
burn; M. G. Rupp, Shiremalistpwn; L. Riegee& Co.
Church - town. ' •-• •
Perry County- 7 Alexander "Magee,
i. & S. A. Coyle,Landislmrg.
August 2.6,1840 •
Cheap Cloths, aVc.
The subscribers will self, their stook of Cloths
Und. other Woolek Goods, very le<v foi
Cash. H
• 111TNEit. Sr. MULVANY.
March 17, 1841.
A fresh supply justypeeivecl at the store of
' CHAS. OdHint
March 17,1841:
Just received, elegat 1 ens. de Laines at:2o, 25
31, 37i, 50 and 75 els. per yard.
CHAS. OGig.,l3Y.
111 , •cli 5 , 1841. ' • , -
=The-snbscriber hereby-informs the,eitiken of ,Car; ,
lisle, and' the public generally, that he hris takes' the
shop nearly opposite the Jail, where he will he pre
pared to raanulactere to 'order, on the most.. reasona
ble terms:l2ll;y article in his line of business, sacp, as
AxcS, Mill Picks, &C.
He will also attend - le Steeling and Grinding. Axes.
He soli` i ts ' share Of public patronage. ' '
_ -,‘ HARRIS.'--
Carlisle, Nov. 5,1840.
500° Rounds CARINT.CHA:IN, just ,
tmee vet; at 010 - New, bitore in hippensbut 4 gond for
sal6 by • '' • " - ARNOLD
gat*, tt3o, • .. .. , :4 • .•
A l lechn.nieBbiirg Line
. •
Bela - e : .111ech aalcsintrg a .
or Baltimore. ,
(III"`R%7IL1lO27) OR CAJNI , IL]
rill HE til),4ribers grateful . for past fapors;
66, , ricape to inform. their friendsand the puldie,
general-I.<MA they still conthide to run a linci of
fiord= Cars regularly between Mechanicsburg and
Philadelphia or Baltimore, by which goods and pro
duce of alldescriptions will be forwarded With care
and despatch at•thelowest rates of fie_ • •
Produce will be receiYed 'at • their Ware Houses
in Melillaniesburg, and forwarded to either Phila
delphiliorjialtimpre, according direction of
the owner. ,
The highest price will he given for Wheat
and Flour. •
N. 13., Plaster of. Paris and Salt always kept on
hand, and.for sale at the lowest pekes.
July 29;1 1140.-Iv. r
received.nt the Neiv Store in Siippelniburgi and toe
sale by ' AR NOLD .F+t RA MS.
may 1,1841. _
_the:Asest..crime man.
' We arc not ainengthat clasp of Editors wleo.foi•
dollars Will, (at the expense or truth and hones,
ty) "crack up" aueardele and bring it into rapid sale;
ncia'er are we willing to remain silent, after having
leoted_th9;utility-of an improveiment al• discovery in
science or art. Our reltderS' will recollect we told
them we were unwell with a sore throat tied violent
cold some few weeks ago. AVell, we purchased two
bottles-of • WINSLONWS 'BALSAM -OF 11012 E
LIOUN D.and so sudden was thecure, that we forgot
try it upon Ott recommendation.-4,mvistown Tele-
For sale by
A.. 1. .
Al sr,. be ihroughoutille coun
try.- Price 50 tents per battle. r
__Oct.. 9,8, 1840.
-(7irltslc.~F;Mrk-'?ei ~ 1.5.1 N:
KW h,
-rirllE great encouragement lieretolhre received
. 31 - front the gale olhiS netehines,indtices,hi in to of-.
lee to the public a'new and Unproven Horse Power,
' u Meld rah lie shifted in gear or out 61 -
and sii.4tl. band-to g ive It five liffilTellt - reV:Ohltiolla
And lie hati - no liesitatinmin:lssuringtlll Farmersthat
he is now able
- to furnish thein With an article far mi
_perior to those manufactured heretoto — re: For specil
anilelean tlWegliing. and- ease fa - UM horses r lie .11e
heves- his machines In he unequalled. - • • -
prise is $l4O--seveniv dollars to he paid cash,
and the balande in six mold's, fOr which it note-will
lie required with interegt. — Any iwrson'purchasing . .a
netcluni•afid ispoira' fair trbil, not beliTg tileitsceUean
return it. • Ile will at all times' be ready to furnish
them, on the shortest notice; orders trout a distance
will be punctually attended tn. He will. also. repair
machines on - the shOrtest•notice. ' •• -•
ca July ‘49,
tc7=.l,ooli .1T Tills.
AltX01.1) Cr" ABRAMS have just received an
qdditiollai 5111;ply of
consisting in part (If .
Illde,..lllarle, Vrown, Malia, Green and Invisible
~ ' Geo a,'Stifig .111. red, and Drab CLOTHS;, •
. Ribbed and Tiverd Cassia/env; ~
• Cassintts,:q-alt-pricvsi-
Velvet Cords; Ilea verteens; Lion Cloth Kersey; and
all kinds of Pant:ikon stuff;
Testaigs of all descriptions - and at:all prices ;
Stinanes.Cloth of various colyurs nail prices;
I'i tired Penal de Sbi,!, Grq de Swita,}...
Rich 1-4 'Mach and Blue Black Gro SI,LKS.
de Rhine Colored a.:(1 Mach Gro. tie
. ;
Illack-;-Lacemml-Cattz4 -Veils;
Silk'dress Shawls, I latilkerehiers and Seaifs of the
. .
latest style; . i . .
.IPack,• Blue . Black, and changeable Bombazines;
Mouslin de Lairs of vi ions patterns and prices;
&general assortment ( t:tl, and Bonnet RIBBON'S;
A tine assortment of Ot sh & Domestic PRINTS ;
Thread Lace, thread NYilencia and ,Gotten Edgings/.
Quilling and Lace of :I kinds;
Thud , \White Black, 'lain and 'F
igured ; , .
i t
• Together with large assortment of
Rani ware, Greet .
, Ware, &c. &c. •
prepared to sell 20 per cent
l ught!in 'Cumberland county,
ectin Iv invite the public to
r tackarttains will be gir
t uce (Wall kinds;will be taken
Itt market price.
ries Cedel.'.
All of hieh they nre
cheaper than can be Ir
or elsewhere'
Kt-They would re,
call and examine theil
ar , --tio mistake." --
N: B. Country Proi
I exchange for Goods
lay 111, 1841.
• •
:Summer Roots, & Shoes.
The siihmeriber . haw , gilded tp his former extensive
— ock - of - .l3nots - iiid - ShteS, a-very- large-and-'general
assortment of Casten' itid Philadelphia 'work; all of
which will be sold at very reduced prices, at the
store of • •
Carlisle June 1,184 .
Rheum:o6v . ! Rheumatism
-.. : llig t hty reconimenlird and a truly efficacious ap
plicatiol Ithenni4ism, Bruises, Sprains, Sta.
ness, and eakness if the Limbs and Joints; Pain
along the Back, Si de4a iul across the Loins. .
k E C 0.71 1/E..ND.17'40/VS. ''
Extract of a letter om Di.. :Tolman, dated
hiladelphin, May 7th, 1839,
niment ann Blood Pills have
. selt, and finding them effica
commended. them' to many,
y eared of Itheumatie pains,
the joints, numbness of the
The Rheumatic II
been employed by is
aloes, I have since -
that havd been emir
lumbago, stillbes's. of
muscles, limbs, &c.
Extract or a letter
•oio Dr. Jennison, timid
Baltimore, May 19, 1841. • -
s iniment Possesses properties
ound in any Liniment I have
Your . Rheumatic
which I have, never
• Extract of a letter ram Dr. C. 11. Goodrich',
ted .Pittsbarg, June 21st, VW.,
.Of numerous Linii ants , and Medicines licketofore
, .
employed for Ithetufatio affections, none have been
so suecessful'as the binitnent and Blood Pills man
ufactured by . you. gilley have in this place won the
golden, opinion of alliwito.have used them. To my
own' knowledge theylhave cured several OM were
by, myself and other Wien' ronannced inettbible:
It may not be anai‘b to remark, that both thcLini-
Meat and Blood .Pis. are prepared, by Dr. N. B.
Leidy, himself; a replar..Draggist and Physician,
attested by. Drs: , Pi sick ; Chapman; Jackion,,Hor
ner, Pewees, Janics,,lGibson;Coxe; Bzo. of Philadel-
This ' Linimeht iprepared only, and 'for' sale,
wholesale and retail Dr. ICH. LEIDY'S HEALTH.
EMPORIUM, No. 191 . - North. Second ,Stteeti (sign
of the Golden EaglefantiSerpenti,)Philailelphin.
" N. B:--The 'gentle is. accompanied by'the writ
ten signaterd.of Dr.. :,13. Leidy on the label. .
,Price 37i cents-a bottle, or three bottles ror $l.
. 1
'Alio; for sale' by STEVENSON. ;40DINKLE,`,
Pa.J•,'=" • ' ' I
-Mar P3,,1841,4 . 41, • ' . •
.11Weases of the 'Eye:
- • , ' . 0.-.;,ff , .
----. N
ss . . ......... .
lift. BOSTOCK'S .
Celebrated E 3 e Mr, ater, [
For the.cureor !Peak, Watery, or Blood Shot Ego,
kers, ffuniotti.s, and hiffoniation of the Eje-lids,
Dinitteis of Sight, 6' e. . , -.1
, 'Persops Subject to, any. of .theaa unpleasant disor
lera,"will find this tIM most effectual remedy in use,
as it seldom faili•to 'remove quir - of 'lltliSe directions
by a lbw' aliplications; without the least idconvenience
or pain: ' 1. hose 'wherare traubled with riDOINESS
OF SIGIIT. will also find it-.ft 'vabiabie remedy for
strengthening, the eyes, improving the sight, and pre
venting the'vliumess that arises fiom straining, them.
It Will also be found,particulifilyviseful as a wash for
the eyes af young children; 'to remove iidlamatlon,
and subdua.the humour's to which they ore•so liable:
• Price 50 Cents a Bottle witlilttl -diree-,1
lions for using. -. . •
. .
Sold in Carlisle by..., '. , •
•-• 401 2.8;1144.1.---r . • ', ' . •
- . ' $lOO !-$100: ' • •
Will be forfeited by Dr. N. 11.' LLIDY, for a prelim. ,
ration of Sarsaparilla equal to his.
Medicated Extract. of Sarsaparilla.
The efficacy ofSariaparifla is well known in Scro
fula or King's - Evil, flrvsipnlas, Diseases of the Liv
er, Affections of. the Skitrandllones, Differs of the
Nose, Throat and Body, as well as an Antidote to
Merenrymnd the - Minerals, Consfitntionnh Diseases
id a general Purifier - of the' Blood and Animal
• • li,---
Dr. Leidy woularefer to the most respectable phy
sicians in l'hiladelphia, as well as throughout the U.
"States forlis character of Ids rirepitt'iition, - its well
also le tlie numerouscertificales from physicians and
others, that have been front time to time published;.
nose deemed unnecessary its the character ofhis pre
paration is firmly 4:st:ll)l'oied. Throughout the Sou
thern States it is used alts -edict*, and throughout the
North takes the precedence over all others ? particu
larly aincing physicians - , who for the bOnelif of tfaiir
patients, always recommend it-. • • • v
The reader is rdierretito_therdirgclions.accompa
nying each bottle, for recommendations, certificates,
nol further particulars. • - ... • ,
'Remember :one'litit tie (halla pint,) is eqUal to six
Mils of syrup, and is equally pleasant , to take.
' i)L~' -Price-Clue not/OP pet -,Llotite. •'.
. A r.salc in . Carlisle lw ST LITT EiV SO'S'
- . 1,1) IN E. 12% 4 .-2)17 i 0,4 4651::;:Z iL-:.;, - -A 7 1 , ; :;-,..; ,-; .
. . .
• .„ ,
Be yelitirigetl iu yoin• Bloild, • • •
will atte'aul you.
Life If- the -11e:vh is , in
14-1- Thous:l6(l6 eau answer this question who kliow
from netual expo:low,: flint •
DD. LEIDY'S 111.001)
Iredm - safest; best,-and moat efrettuql-Pills-knowat,
is a
..".. 4 i'opring . Fall ...Poriger;
' 111911S:11 . 1dS :1% il() fi n' Si•veral years past use(
them Ate Fall (as-welhasat other
times)-willnever—tise—ativ 7 others.-- Tlnndreds ire
already daily procuring &au, who have heretofore
employed them. The object of this advertisement
is to ittforth the tlioustuis who know not yet of them,
where they .may . procure—them. genuine,4bat they
may try them;"being fnlly satisfied that having tried
them, they-will.lieser be persuaded to use any oilier
far several reasons.
1 itst—Dll.l.llll/1"S 111,00 D PILLS AIN'. ANTI
(41.1AG1i.., being prepared by Dr. N. 1.1. Leidy
liiniselr, a regular Dvtig;dsl, as well :15 Plivsician,
attestgii b)• Drs. Phv sick, Jaines,llorner, Ocwees,
Jackson, Gibson, (orce, fee.
Serond--DII. LEIDY'S 111.001) PILLSA F.
ANTI-MEW:PRIM, being abrAntidote pg:vost
Mercury and the Minerals, S 9 11CrCier10114111111.111111-.
gerollS;lind.upon the elects of which Quacks
peed, for " kitting or curing," arid therefore mix
them with their nostrums.
PER Ti AN ANY oTrwitS, as in using them,
they 'require no 'restraint from living or occupa
tion, and may be taken by the most delicate and
feeble, old, and voting, male and female at all thnes
- and under nil circumstances.
ANY on wits - , Witch . itSed iittcording tit the di
- retdions—and do not - require to be,talten jn large
qusmities :IS is required of vhrnous other Medi
cines, making a Drug Shop' of the Stomach, de,
.u lying it of its accustomed nourishment, destroy
• nig itsfunctiona, and thereby causing a rapid -de-
cline of the human system. •
In all eases wherr a purgation Tony he necessary,
these Pills will be found' both efi . eetual and easy in
their operation, producing no nausea, or slid:mess of
the stomach, griping or min• other unpleasant sensa
tions. -
Further comment is deemed unnecessary—the
numerous certificates published from time to time.
from. Physiehms and - other individuals must lice
convinced the- incredulous, and foe the thrther in
formation .of all others, Dr. Leidy - refers them to the
directions which'accomptiny each box. ..
They ai•e prepared and sold, wholesale and retail,
North Second street, below Vine street, (sign of
the Golden Eagle and Serpents.)
This extraora
suit of science an
Seal mau l the nit
wits Invested Wit
quest, has since
fully sustaining
Gridlley's last.
without giving . ,
edge on this ant
to his friend all
of his discover
- -it is now its the prineipaLhospitals, :mil _the
private practi
our country, first and , most cer
tainty for the iif the, PILES, nod also extensive
ly and e ff ect ,* to baffle crctlujity, utileSs where
' • . '
are fsseil.
its effects
~T.3.rtoMally in. the follow
• -
Sarsaparilla; or. Blood Pills. ing complaint
"The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood." Ft r Dropf
. ' LEVITICUS, C. XV/I. V. xr.` at one •
c-FIE sOekt, best and most. efficacious Pills now Sae I
1, in existence, 11C• Dr. LeitlY-!ii-IlhriMlPilli;ii libel n
component part of which is Sar.‘qatrilla. It is use- ease '
IeSS here, to name the gdoil'qualities, or commend Sot .e J.
upon the medical virtues of these Pills, as the public Cr ptp .1
are fully nware.of them. Sufficeit to say, they are I over the el
Al! Br. _
an efibetuat pur ifi er of the blood, and renovator of •
- hours.
the system. . ' ' - '
• Sores sicers---Whether fresh or long stand
.l'hi adelphia City, as. ' , ~ . .
. in mad i•or". .: .
[L. S.] Persculally appeared before me, one attic i t ' s epe ! H utton mita and eltildren in reducing
- .
Aldermen of the city of Philadelphin, Dr.'N B. imseiung coughs and tight-
Leidy, who, on his solemn oath cloth declitre and
P l e ie ss in o n A t -st i li ng v s rll l it " xation et the parts, been
swear, that in the'corimnsition of - the Sarsaparilla I n . 1
ont conception.. The 00M1111011 re
surprisi i',
Blood Pills, tuanuthchwed It,' hivii - only, there is not
mark o who have used it in the Piles, is "It
contained !Mercury or the.. Minerals, or ,any Drug
acre lik : %rm.!' , .
whatever, unfriendly, dangerous or deleterious to
l , • TII D '..5.--Tlie price, $l, is refOnded to any
the human system. , , . •
• •
ver g er , , ill use a bottleof Hays' Lini inent for
• ' ~ C. 13ItAZER, Alderman. - the' Pi I r e t u r n the empty bottle Without being'
,• to - Price 25 cents a . Box. ' .. • • se are the positive orders of the prottrie...
, They are prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, cured. '
tor to outs , and out of many thousands soldotot
.at Dr. Leidy's Health, Emporium, ,Nq, 191 North for
i t , ;it unsuccessful,
Second street, belOw Vine street. .- . • ' . . T t 'insertcertificates' . "
I,‘ . to any length, but
• Alio, for sale . by, STEXENSON . fit DINICkiE ' .
' prefe ,'IIOSG who sell the article, should exhibit
Druggists, C,arlitile, Pi. - ...( 1 . . •
•i • ho • 'to purchasers.
May 19, 1841.-6 m. . I; te•
--, . .-7, • - .', l '
.' ' '.•• , ! '' • - : .:Physicians and - Plieids.
a . '
'd ' .
~ , . 'r -, Pif • cs,said to,be .ineurableby external
`Tettek ! Itch . 4. 1 , I ' tinpl" , Se--:-Seloineit Hays warr . n
, _.. .... ..
. ITCH OINTMENT isilaily becoming more I. b ts the calltrar
Ills cot will4ore Blind Piles.. Pacts are more,
stn um theories. lie' solicits all respectable
popular.. Daily do nuitierotiti' individinda keit and 'PhY to it upon their patients. It 'will do
Inform theproptietor of. its great 'deceits in res nov-' :the; arm, and it is known that every physician
iug and curing the Tater. antlltch. /Wit :Ind the honest,' te,inake the trial, has can,
•NutnerOMl t e stimonials might be published' of its tli 1 itted that it honest, '
succeeded in' every cube
efficacy, but for thedelleatiy felt by individuals hay- th''' known. Then why not' use it? It is th e
ing their names published:in -,conneotion' , with .in r,. One of theirmostrespeetable meinberi;now
loathsome and disagreeable affections: -• . , . ~- 11..., IVIly refuse totise it? Because it is sold
' ' It maybe
,used with perfect Safety by yenrig, and a l,prietary, 'medicine ? Is this, a sufficient ex
old, even upon ifillints, containing •no 'inercury.or, c sufferang.their honest_liatiehtit ta linger- l in
other minerafsubstances:
,Dr. N. B. Leidy:prepares' .i . '? , We think nott - :, Physicians. shall be.oofti.
it himself' ; and, knowing its composition, meat cons-' ' l ., hat there is no ' kumbug or' nit:linker:y . lo)MA
dentiallY'recoMmends it 'aSisuperior 'to s t ay OW" , ' , ele..-;4-Whytlieri not alleviate human suffer-.
rernedy for the Totter "and Deli: •PrePared anthiold : f they won't try it heforq, let them after all
•,at, Dr. Leidy's Health EniporittM,Asign of the Golden, ' reicriptions fail:: 'PhYsicians ere respectfully
Eagle and .Serpetits,) No. 191 North Second street; ed,to do theituutlves anili c4.
patients the Justice to
'_helow_Vibe.... - --, -- :-.;- '...)-2-" , , ~ •'S arficle:„lt shall be-tan. , from'. theliottlei
.. ~
- : Also . , for ' sale ;by-STEVENSON: kDINKLE, ; -
nemp as their preseripti on If they' desire: , '
Druggists; Carlisle, , Pin: r r 1 ~c :j •.: ',.• •,, ' . • •',, iI. , . •,:.
Sr, .. ; SOLOMONHAYS.. •
The,aboye preparationsarq sold by 411 wholesale' : -by Comistook ' d0.. - Wholeiale 'Druggists,.
Druggists in Philadelphia . . - no, by all respectable' ti tflrtoherStreettNeW , York;•. ; .:'i'• , : - . i , - t , •,..-/
Merchatitti 'and . Druggists 'throughout 'the. United ; or,. gale - also ..y, STEYENS:OI:':,44
'' , l:' tlCLE;•Cailiste . Pa''' . —• ' ''' '''
May .19;1841.-6m., .. ' : . _ : ~,, '-:. •.. . . .? .•
. ',. ceniber 2,34.1/411,....4y.,:
PriCc . 15 cents a Box. '
Also, for sale by STEVENSON & DINKLE,
Druggists, Carl
VI - ay l9,lB4l—fiat. --
• ./11'1'011,VEY JIT LAFIr.
Office in High 'street :a few doors
west of the Post Office.
Cprlisle, April 28, 1841.--tf
1 UST- RECEIVED sonic' very fine, SHAY?,
Steve •• • • 'll.lOl ARDS. ,
1841. • • ,
~ . DRi:T,47IESTAIR'S, , ~..:
'BiLso:OF 11111illErtla
UMOROUS remedies have-beet . l offered hod
1 : 74. pufmt into'notice for diseases of the Lungs,
souse of Aielrhas undoubtedly been Rattail very use
ful,but dill that have hitherto been known, it . must
be university acknowledged there is no n e, that- as
ever Trov4 as. successful as the "BALSQM 'OF
WILD C11.12.12Y.'! '
.. . .
'Sitch hulled are the astonishing :restorative, 'and
licalingprotrtiesof this Bataan - it" that tech in the
- worst formifConsumfition,,Whed the patient has'
'suffered:iv' : The most distressing cengli, 'Violent
painsin the est,difficulty of Ifreitthing,night sweats,
bleeding of t lungs. &e.„ . and wheii queinnst esteem- ,
ed remedies 'our PharmacoPins hadfailed . .toaffoed
ntnYTetiefon cvorwlteirliotiiiiiii;TfiiiiiieTathie y Mid
• nuarierintS Or remedies, hail .been used liir 1111111N'
m 0110 6 .111 vail this- invaluable remedy' has check ed every symptol and beet; productive of the most as
tonishing, reli In the early stages of the disease,
,peoceeding, fti neglected colds, termed Catarrhal
• Consumption, has been used with mulcviati rig suc
cess, sold in m. instances, when this disease. at!etn ,
\ i,
-ed _to h avemar I. itv Victim_fo.r..ati_early:_grave r the.
nacclf this ine( , ne ling arrested every symptom,:anil
restored. le hi to a state - of perfect health.
, .
in tint orTit ..otisiiiiiptton, soiliciTaTent amongst
delicate young ales, commonly termed debilitz t ,pr
"going into a dune," a complaint with-which-tliotil;
sands are ltnger i t has also been us6ll with surpri-Y-
Sing'success, an ot- only possesses, the power of
checking. the prdEss-of this alarming disease, Litt
at the smite tinistrengthens and. invigorates the
-whole system . meffectually' than July remedy we
have ever passes . ,
--*:-., Livr,lt c IpLATN.T.---Ip- diseases of the
Liver, paroo,ll:irl lirn attended with a cough, indi
gestion or watulet pains in the side-, it hits alto pro..
ved.very etlicacio and cured Many cases of this
kind after the iiioffi,;werful remedies had fajled.' .
.rer-A,STIISIA,4 n this complaint it litta-tflsolieen
used in numerfaus,\llances with the, most singular
success. it opens chest, rendering. the- bri!athing, :tree li'J : cough, and,W'ill sehloin litil
to - glive.w.rriniactit t d', - , 7 , 7:7 .. 7 ,..' :4„ . 1.,.4i" ,r 7"..,
nti§ediliv r i.igtfik -4A.AU4;i'di,-,*.`ini-truil
- Waal . ttfli:etiutis . ,6l tl roat, attended with a iniarse;•'
1-nrssrenng-h-in4-snrc. . throaiirit-irill wiserliveframd
,..a.l'.erY.Ofectual rern , and will mostly afford int
median) relief &us t Ric conintencement of it
_ .
. .
; . .
, .
---- . CO" COUGIIS F . c.?1,1)5.- _-in eninounieatighs_
atabObbr,-tlisit firevao) 'eXtifilSiVely througliont,the
winter, it 11 ill be fotiiii'ucli More cllbtrtual Ilion any
_and A Bolds settle Upon the lungs,
catisiog all inflatTuintiVialpltinsirrtheLbroast,llif.,
flolt.); or shoo ties,s olilithing,,Si.o, the use of this -
Ilalsimi will suppressii symptoins knineiliiiti4,
and . :i t the same time 1 qit the kings from becum
ior more seriously di. d.
." 1 :,110U1' AND LOOPING •COUGI I.—in
these complaints; soCniow to yoling childt'en,lhis.
Ralston will be founilit superio r t o the mi t ., l4 . 9 __
tie- - -Syrup or S4s, and the:)arions cough
mixtilres ill coonnoti int lt is entirely free from
any thing the least injiiot, and may at all times be
given to children with l et salety,and with the eer-
titility of its allbrilingth peedy relief.'
_ 1
(0••• • • AS • A FA NI ll.v'' . FMINE; for many °di
et. com)lailits, this Bal. vill - also.he (band partic
idarly useful. -Besides mg proved an int 'doable;
remedy in all Pultnona fr.mctions, it exerts a' pow-.
Mill inflocirce over in; discuses' ih.penkling• on a
depraved conditio ail stem, and those nho h ave
sofibred from lbe , 'llitlis. l :liOlo use. of Mercury, or
other deleterious drug. t are often compounded
in difrerent gnarl most , will find it a rsmiedy'of
great, value, possessim posse' of strerigthening
and invigorating the tisy stem more effectually
than iiiiv other medicli • possess.
CAUTION TO 1' , OASERS - . - -=-As this med-
ieine has alremly argil ATeateelchrity. there may
probably be,some'att • • to imitate it, and deceive
the pbblie with a spin t mixture, to prevent which
I would wish all pure .5 to observe the Ibllowing
mar k s () ro l e genu i ne , sin. It IS pet mill in bottles
of two sizes each, .g the words \NISPAWS
Si and a label . on the front
blown in the
with the signatuye
without which none
'idol.. by WILLIAMS &
_:oininerce.street, Philinlel
it respectable Praggistsatal
in all the principal towns
hates. •
to Balsam sold in; Car
Prepared for the
CO., Chemists, No,
Bahia, and sold by tla
oilier appointed aga
throughout the Ma'
'fb., - Tr . The 01
_lisle, by SAJIII
ed Ageik
1 i ; a bottle
December 16, 1
a .
ntnient •
heroical composition, the re
invention of a celebrated med
tion -of - 'which to the public,
'solemnity of a death-bed be
fed' a reputation unparalleled,
fwreetness,of the lamented .1)r.
ssion, that "he :dared not die
teritv the benefit of his knowl
and lie therefore bequeathed
'admit, Solomon Hays, the secret
caucus. ulcers, or colds.
liooping-Cough-Ex: . termilly and
• I
t 11
:renting, extraordinary absorption
, •
educing them in a few hours.
-Acute, or chronic, gi vi ng—quick-j
&aims, and Burns-.-Cured in' a few.
. ,
Pittsford, Nlonroe co., Nov. 9, 1838.
Mr..TOlia M. Winslow, Druggist, „ • •
with an nfli.ction of the Lungs, and a hard cough,
at01.1110:e many_timestose:_in.the-mornkug-atteem
pletely-exhausteld 'by excessive coughing during the ).-
night ns a .peramt would be by a haztl days labor. 1
have - tried most of the popular remedies of the day;
but never.fonnil relief until 1 met with your Balsam •
of Horehound. Allthe-pther remedies,or palatives,
'that I have sed;leave the bowels in a congested
state, while yours leaves Thent soluble and This
I consider a great desideratum. On taking ii•dolie of
your Balsam when going to bed, I rest quietly thro'
the night, and my sleep is:refreshing.. , I take great •
pleasure in recommending' your Balsam of Bore
bound to all those afilibted with piihMinary earn
'plaints or any disease:appertaining to the lungs; ital
I take this 'opportunity to thank you . for the great re,
-lief .benefit I -have experienced through :your in- -
steuthentallty:::Yours, with niucit..respeet,
• :" P - 1A:10T „e r a 1;1 isle ••
• •
Also,hy Druggists generally throughout the coun- '
try', Price 50 cents per bottle. "April -_
15'; y. • • • .
' tyre Innitinie - eaSe of-Fever in a thoysand i but_
May Ile effect tally britken - -Up and remoced y !is the
use of this Elixir. It removes all acidityindigestitv,
bilious matter bud constipation &Om the stomach
and bowels. It operates gently and efilactually on
tbe - bowels,` - and powerfully milhe kidneysanid skin.
'lt removes all .unpleasant feelings:titer a hearty meal,
amlpromotes srgond appetite. - It needs only , a trial
tolove perfect satisfaction. Mats become a general
practice with many to use this article in all cases of
colds, palits in the bones, or heavy disagreeable kel
ingi tendering to 4611ln:be:or chilliness.- Fin. hoarse .
ness;if taken through the day, it completely restores
the voice without 4wodticing eickness. Whooping -
cough, and all Coughs of children are cured by
stomach is kept in perfaict order by it, and• it is
quite impossible that any disease should cohnuence - •'
whilit a person is 'using this Syrup.
ty. It taken daily it produces it rutty, healthy, and
young appearance, by driving oil all the hut-hors of
the system. Sold gennitie at 8 Fletcher Street, one
door below Pearl street, N. Y. by Comstock & Co.,
and by all respectable Druggists.
For sale also by STEVENSON & IN
KIX, Carlisle, Pa.
Palm of Col umbia.
Bth4h Consul's Officp, ?
• Philadelphia. S .
K.NOW ALL PERSONS to whom these pres
eats shall come, that I, RILIIE T 12011tiliTSON,
Esq. his Britanie Majesty's Consul for
,the City of
Philadelphia, do hereby certify, That Robert 'Mar
ton, Esq., who attests to the foregohig Certificates, is .
llaypr of the City of Philadelphia rand that Alat
thew Randall,Esq., is Prothonotary of the Court n
Common Pleas for the city and enmity of Philadel
phia, to both whose signiturcs, with the Seals of their
respective offices, full faith and credit is due.
--- Tfurther - certifyohat - l - am personally acquapited
with Joseph L. Inglis,one of the sighers of the certi
ficates hereunto affixed, which expresses the efficacy
of the 13alm of Coluinbia, and that he is,a person o I
great respectability, and worthy of full faith and ere- -
dit; and that I have heard him express his unqualifi
ed approbation of the effects of the - said Balm of Co
lumbia, in restorin g hiS hair.
Given under my hand and seal of office, at the city
of Philailelphia, in the State of •Penusylvania, the
United States of America. -
Philadelphia, has certified, ns may be'seen 'below, to
tlfi high character , of die following gentlemen. •
The undersigned do hereby certify that we have
used the Balm of Columbia discovered by J.
ridge, and have found it highly serviceable not only
as a preventive against the falling MY of hair,but'also
a certain restorative. • •• .
W THATCHER; senior, •
MethodiSt Minister in St. George charge,
..No. 86 North Falk St.
JOHN P. INGLIS, .95.1. Arch at.
JOHN D. THOMAS, M. D.'163 Rote at.
, HUGH McCURDY, 243 SOuth 7th at.. • ,
- JOHN YARD, jr., 123 Arch st.
. .
„The aged, and those who, e ersist in wearing wigs,
• may not always eiperience disrestorativequalities,:
yetlit will certainly raise its virtues hi the estinuition,
of the piablic; when It is kaown - thaftbree Of the a-
I have signers, are more than
50 years of age, and the
others not leSs lima 30.____„r"
:,..„.. ,
•, ~ [From the Mayor.]
City of Philadelphia.
• .--
. I, ROBERT WRARTON, Mayor of said city Off
Philadelphia, do hereby certify that I zum-well ac.--
(painted With Messrs. 3. P. 'NHS, '3OhnS. Puree,,, t
and , R ugli MeCUrdy,wholenames are 'signed toAlle,
above certificate, that they are
. gentlemen of charac.. i
ter and respectability; and as such full credit
be giren:to the said 'certificate. ;! , . .•,
In witness whereof, I krill hereunto set my hando
and caused the beard the elty te be ntlixed,,
t4z , )
Et" S. the sixth day ofneemblsr, &c. . .
TUC -,THE positive qualitiettinreAte
lows: • • „, . • . . ,
tat. For infant ' s keepititthe head free from; Sour
and causing a lteturianfgrealb ofillair.. T-- • ... •
ett. For ladies after Child-birth, restoring the• Skin
tu its usual strength and Grrnness; afid.pfeventing the.
falling oat of the hair s . . . •
3d. For any persOn recovering ft:OM:alai debility -
the same effect is produced. . •
4th. If used in infancy . till a good growth is
it may be p , rescrved by attention to thelatest period
• Stir: It frees•the head froth : dandruff; strengthens
'the rOOta, imparis health and viger t o:the circulation
'Mid:l) l 'CW nt lithe hair frma,changing .pOlnlAr M`, „gel ,
sing gray. ~-
••.§_th.- It: causes the, , hair ,to end bsautiftilly,;3shen '
done uP - pri it twer night. • -• • , ~. • - -
(01 No hillieeltilletshOuld.ever be rinilearithi4(it...
•Zth,.,Chiltlren who havFlq a . means .contracted •
ierniin in the - head,'aref,.oMme 'tely• endAieffectly .
Oared of ilic:ra hp, 444 ~ ,it alltble; - : :1, L'l€l ..
M°, .asle at the drug.atore. of, , 'twastock,&: ; ;CO4 .
Fletcher street near Pearl, and i rarliele :by'Stis•
.., 7 vepson 4- 140:1e... , „ -, • [Dpo;il6,;lB44Mr.tir •
. : -
... • ~,„ • . ,•
IF laslow's Balsam of
An unparalleled remedy for common Colds;Coughs,
: ,Astlinta,lnfluenza; Whooping Cough, Bronchitis,
and all diseases of the Breast and Lungs, leading
to Consumption composed of the concentrated
• -virtues orHoreliound; Bone Set, Blood Root, Li v—
erwort and several other vegetable substances.—
Prepared only by J. M. WINSLOW, Rochester,
N.l. .
The innocence and universally admitted pectosal
virtues, of the Herbs fi . on'Which the' BALSA M 'OF
lIORFAIOUND is made, are. too - frrnerallYitnow,.
toirequire recommendation; it is therefore only ne
cessary to observe that. this medecine contains the
whole of their medical properties,laghly concentrat=
ed, nnd so happily combined with Several other ve
.getable,subStaiices,as_to_renderit the-Most- speedy ;
Mild and certain remedy, now in use, for,' the Com- •
,plahits above - mentioned.
For Children, this Balsam is of inestimahle Value.
It is a speedy remedy for, the Whooping Cough and
Cesup,and.iiffordacertain'veliefin Bowel .Complainte,
Teeihing,& c: It is pleasalit tn the thste,and
maybe safely glytiotei the tenderest infant and.oo6ltl
be kept at all times in - every family, as it, is much,
better for the complaints incident to Children, than
Paregoric;GodfreyscordiaLor the Cordials so com
monly aged; as Iffindieds in this'City hnietestifiedt.
,Read the follonting.4-4 hereby certify that early'
in'the spring of 1838,1 contracted a seyere
which settled-omi my lungs,'and threatened 'A hasty
Consuniptioni. I used' several prescriptions,but
tinned little or no relief; I was much alarmed..'•L
Mapper:ling to.bei. in Rochester, I was advised'hy my
Tmeant, Mr. lirinslotv,,to - try a bottle of his BALsssr
lIORETTOUND 7 I did so, and -to ;my surprise oh
“ Rifled relief at once—and by the-use of that single
bottle was perfectly restored' to health.. 'To - those
afflicted with ,Colds or Coughs, at, this inclement.
season; I snY "go and do likewise,” ' •
•_. • •
1126U_. %PORN'S .
Read the following.