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    - w - x - iitAm - . 7 PORTER, EDITOR
Spieding, Committee.
The Democratic Whig Standing Com
mittee of Cumberland county are requested
to meet on Monday- the 9th day of August
next, at Macfarlane's Hotel, at 2 o'clock,
P. M., to make arrangements for the meet
/111g. Of the County Convention. •
It is important that very member of the
j committee shonld be in attendance.
• "•1/ order.
The following persons. compOse the
. .
. Nicholas . DriCh, Dr.
,Litrae.. Letter, Al
• leh; Dr. John J. Myers;•Win. M. Porter,
Cailisle;.Jamez Weakley,
"Decklnson; Simon Oyster, Jacob Rupp,.
'East Pennsborough• Daniel Lecky, David
- Bloser, Frank - IOW;
• Ifefliebowelk° HoPe Well; Samuel J. Miller,
John Brandt; Monroe; Samuel J. - McCor-.
• Mack, - Jacob Wagoner, Mifflin;- Robert
• Wilson, 'George Singizer",-jr„_Mechanics
burg; Henry Breneman, Lewis Young,
• New
. ..dumberliind; John .Dunfee, Joseph
ivlcDarmoild; - Netvville; Tho Mas D. trie,
Jacob Hershey, - North. IVliildleton; Isaac
Koontz; Charles. Brewster, Newton;. David
Mahon; sen., Robert Stuart, Sliippensburg
borough; John Raum,. Elias Ilotigh, Ship
penabtirg township;. Kobert S.. McCune;
•-' • -Michael:Ziegler; Southamptorq. Peter Mt n .
• C,lintighlin",!leanc . Cautrman; South . Middle=
Ptrt4.. u Im 7 -7•M apt n,
Wm avi ii West Pennsticriough:
The annual Coninteacement'of this Iniditution was
held on the Bth inst. in the'-M. Church. 'The ext
• ercises were alike creditithle to the Faciiltiand.the
graduates, and were as follows: .
Salutatory Chation—W. R. Whito,
-- lisle. ••• _ ... • .
Discussion.-Curiosity—D. E. Bruner, Columbia.
- Diiiertation—Pate of our Republie=q. W. KnOx,
. . -
Literary Discussion—Tyranny of Public Opinion—
H. B. Harnibergey; Port Itepublic - , - Va. '
Dissertation -Character of Wilberf orce 7-A. B. 'Piz
istrd, Carlisle. cf)
Literary Discussion--Digni y of our Moral Nature
- --B. P. Brooke, Loutlon co., Va.
Oration—lnfluent? of the belief in Original Differen
, cgs in the Nv4o ponstitutionL-W. - I - 1. Stewart,
Dorchester co:, Md.
Discufisiott— Knowledge is Power—T. E. Masse N,
Oration--The high PurpoSe and the firm Resolve—
James Lesley, Harrisburg..
Oration=—Differeire of OpiniOn—J. Stayman,
Cumberland no. . • .
Oration—Self Interest-IT - Cii:i,
Dissertation-rAfental Independence—B. M. AteCon
key, Baltimore, 'Aid. ,
Ocatioll-- , Ancient a n d Modern Civilization---J.- C.
lllionds, Milton. . .
Oration- , - Brougham's Influence on Engl und--W. S
-Waters, Baltimore, Md.
Valedictory Oration---G. D.., Cummins, Baltimore,
The degree of A: B. was conferred on the follow
lug young g entlemen: ---C: J. Baker ; :B.-.F.--Brooke
D. E. Bruner,.G. G. Butler, W. B. Carr, G. D, Cunt
' rains, A. T. Emory, 11. B. Harnsberger, G. W. Knox
J. Lesley, R. V. B. Lincoln, T. E. Massey, B. M
McConkey, C. C. Moore,B. G. Peiteoek, J. lEL Reed
W. L. Spottswood, J. K. Stayman, W. H., Stewart
E. Stout, C. H. Tilghinan, lA. B. Tizzard, W. It
. The degree of Muster of Arts was conferred on
J. Clarke, C. Denison, E. E. Leclerc, B. A. Massey,
- 3:Y - Moore, C:W:Pitto.m, J. C. Rhoat
maker, W. S. Waters, W. Woodward, and J. A.
Wright. • ' •
--The degree,of Bachelor of Law, was conferred on
the following alunini , of the Law School : W. .B.
Knox, E. B. Wakernap, and W. S. Waters.
Honorary degrees were also Conferred on the fol
lo\iiing-ilistioguislied .clergymen I - TEC:degree - a - A - . -
11Jon - the Rev. 'J. A. Collins, Of W.; Rey. E. Cooke,
Principal of the Pennington. Academy, and ReNi.
James Floy, of' Brooklyn', L. I. And the degree of
D. D. upon the Rev. John M. Krebs, of New York.
' Since.this College has been placed under the care
of the Methodist Conferences, it has been eminently
successful. It is expected that the winter session
will commence with a consideraGiriccession of stu
dents, and we hope it.inay be so. Parents have every
encouragerrient to send their 'children here; the situa
tion is one of the most healthy in the Union, the
course of study is as extensive-lts that of any other
College, lied the correct ,moral deportment of, the
students, affords the best evidence of the good gmi
ernment of the Institution. •
10:7•Edward Everett, of Mass. has been
nominated to the .. entite ati,Minister to En-.
gland; . q:oL,,TOdil, of Ohio, as Minister to
litissia; and Daniel Jenifer, of Maryland,
se,-Minister to.. Austria.
QUITE A tuxity.:--For :four days • after
the•recent- hail storm* in th is county, the
' trail . * yet remained in :the hollcitie , :to the
depth of several inches. The farmers. in
some instances;'carried it in large-Tquopti
ties to .their harvest fiel, and regaled their
:with . iced. water. •
Sage of Water fo r d , New , York, has been
.. „
iiiiiiiiiiii deistroyedrby fity; -- Fronr - 7040,80
buildings wern.burned, including. thePara
toga "Countr! Hank, Episcopal Choral,
„Mansion House and. Academy; It rnquir,
ied 'great emttions to, prevent the deV:ruction
of the bridge overthe Hudson. The whole ,
loss is 'esiiintiMd at $150,000,'S portion of
1' ' si n s l ire •
,The'e — ianiination of, the Public Schools
of this boroggh, will contmeneepn Monday
next and-continue four days ; •OnThursday
afternoon and evening, an exhibition by the
pupils of the High School and Seconfiary.
Departinents will take place. The:Super,,
intendent has signified-to. the Difectors his,
intention of being 'present : at theAvoneral
_exhibition,..a.pdit is exp_ccted that Goyernor
Porter will also attend at the same time.
Heretofore, the citizens have evinced
but little interest in the practica)eperation
'of the school law; with the eweption of
the committee, few of them nttind the ex-'
arninations;. lye hope this wilinot be the
casein biture. It is due ;to VP, Directors
to say, that, they have sparedneither time
nor labor in'renderiogthe . actitols efficient,
and.• the public should, ateast, interest
themselves' sufficiently. to •)holy that the
to whom they havOntrusted the
manageineht of this importatmatter, have
done their duty.'
- ICP'Phe letter from- jr' Washington
correspondent will be rm . interest:
The writer promises to emisli one every
- week;which—will -l enabli us- AO—keep-our
readers advised of.the eapest and moat im
portant intelligence fromhit:quarter.
William J. MeNevin . dil - reeently in New
York. . He was,the eopanion of Emmett;.
glorious airnigleir Irish freedom;
_pc - r.The citizens oftahant have-effect
ed an engagement for d 'season with . the
celebrated Sea Sera en He made his first
appearance ay fent claysince,, ,
1 7 . .Th_ . ::::: --.---. , , .
.___-.'-,-: ' l,-- ', •---P'77: . .
... -
_e(Lto_ i ti quire 46 a La? u ra ~o 1 : cla trigii• li . a'if
_beerLetisi:iipeil,h3(itown 6 rs of Pen n'syl;. ,
vania Hall, in the: d.rttetion of that huild. :
ing.hy a Mob in M. 108,•have made a '
report. • Thoy-stattiat the owners•had nqi,
" immediate d r ace plrticip6tion in the
.-riot,"-'-..iind .assess4liciis la-133,000,2-One—
.member :of the_ ju,rali.lies...a._COunter re
port in' which he•uscs to award any
_ da
. . -- -_
images. • . . .• •
.._ . _ _ .. ~. .
1 • - TEIELND BILL - .
This important bEaving paised the -louse of
Representatives, has sent to the Senate for their
concurrence; it willtiOubt be itated_mi .without
delay: There seemihe a. determination on t h e
part of the VI , hips in igress; to carry out all the
measures of reform fhich the party contended so
long and-itobly.
The Land Bill is nitiallya Whig measure, it
was a strong rallyintlititidtiiiig
. the late election
campaign, the
. 4ote lie House, was a complete
Whig_victory--notgifle Locpfoco voting. for it---
and.we congratulate tountry on the, resblt. The
people may now see s; the "Harrison and Tyler
victory,' has not heeaiendlin We'annex
a synopsis oftlie-bill,Vassetl-thouse. _
See. }---Provides thfter the 31st of beeeniber,
1841, there be paid to, of the States-of Ohio . ' In
diana, Illinois, Alabin Missouri, Lonisiana,Ar
kanias, and Miehiganer and above lvhat..those
States are now entiddrip per cent, of all the lands
sold within their respi, limits
Sec. 1---Providestlik nett proceeds of the sales
of thepublic- lands, utile allowance of 10 per
cent.stall be div i ded a g all the States including
the District of . Columbccording to their federal
.representation, as ascel'ul by the last censur.
Sec.s---ProvidesThufnett proceeds of the lands
shall be paid at the Tmy, half-yearly, to agents
appointed by the - Stalea.
Sec. 4---That this actli be suspended_ in time
of-t r, and that new Sulk s admitted t o share.
Sec. --That a sum Fite apitropriated to sur
vey the I nds, and that ? m i n i m um pon e of the
lands shall not be increasnd if the rates are in
creased, this act shall becivoid,
„Sec. 6.—Empowees thicretavy to continue the
land office in any districts discretion.
Sec. 7--Frovides that e shall be granted to
each state named in the I . l ftion, a quantity of land
within its own limits, whmith w h at h as.n i ren dy
been gl'ontedshall make ''oo acres, to be select
41.4,s.,th,.%ive_e_teqislatnre Idivect_2
Sec. 8---That the prices,e land granted to the
States, shall never exceed $ per acre. and be de
voted to purposes of internihrovement.
Sec. 9—Confers a right tt-emption under cer
tain conditions. ,---, + , . ,
Sec. 10—That when thee , two settlers on the
same section, the pre - emPtifr,ht shall exist in the
first sc,ttler. The_question_fadjudged hythe re,
Ceiiii iif th'e - district. • ~ .
-Sec. 1 I.—Prescribes for qtr3= of lands.
. 5ec.. , 12--Proves the tm. o f entry for the
right of prd-emption.
, I I
Sec. 13—That this act shal t delay the sale of
fonds under proclamation
Sec. 14---That within thirti after the settle
ment of land, the occupant 8114 a not i ce o f j oko .!
tion to claim the right of pre-m,„.
- The statement made by correspon
dent of the Volunteer, andt:ertifteate of
The Commissioners' Clerk the Subject
of the taxation in this born re far from
satisfactory.• The point a ue is cun
ningly evaded. ' We. alleg our com
ments upon our coriespond e n . inmun i.
cation . , that there is ittequal
the 'vela-
Aim); and we say so . yet. - , Tt a l an n e nn t ,
of the courilliteers' ineci r e duced
- . .. i
more then'one:lialf.;--n. onolnce two .
purposesi • •
thirds—for county st ; min- ,
lifters, of the gospel are rated, br coun ,
tY and state purposes, at nth l ar e uuut ,
of their sa6ries. .Suppose. it'tt*to re- -
'dude the valuation of 'the o
$. . • ' helcriv
their. real, sumi then it was i ite '' put
:doWn. miiiisterS at the, utmost •1;. : - , i t
Cannetbejustified. The Co loners
seam to liave - proceeded . .-upo tri mere i
rule, but demi- l e l!, ha, p
hazard; for. there
.iino.'i Ilgr.Pn.
in:the. Teduction , -of-theliffieers 44 . e .ve i t
-.. We. have 'not remit : this.'Weektkeue
this •sithjeo4.:but:if .there- be 4.4ther
Contention• ahoUt i it,.ive- , , .5ha11-i shfii e ;,-
(fairialle evidence:that ~t hti,..,taitilu i, ..
ti tlit
equal'.aUd, in
bath of the ( l id
•spitifof the act of ii:tiseitehlyleP' l 6,
I . d_tri,aooo,_itt.-inoreparticulg-541St
, -.10.,iir
. 4 c : X - ilil t± - m)) virrol-T.Xt, ,A 4,titi_ Ifir.vor'xii4.o-t*,
we have designated. The correspondent
of the Volunteer need not, have lashed him=
self into a rage about it, for there was notht
ing in .what .we said, but a inere desire.that
discrepancies should, be explained—discre
pancies about which more complained and
more do complain ,than "three lawyers.".
As to the " vile'. attack !von Judge Rep
iitn," we have only to'say that.n'One such
o wns • made..:-- .Nobody blames the Judge
fof.inaking 'himself comfortible,liut it
considered questionable whether the Com
missioners- have been guided by public in
terest. Vl e can - tell the Volunteer and its
correspondent that they had as well keep
cool about this, for the complaint is not .
confined to the political oppotients of his
The_eilitor_of_the_.Perry• County
Democrat s4s,•'ll,e don' a blue color.
Perhaps he gets blue so often himself, that
-he looks-oir that:Color 'as — a perion
flection. : ' •' •
litrThe LocofOens• are not satisfied in
any position. They have been four •vir' eekti
.attempting - to - prove - that - Mr. : ClaY - is a Die
tato.ri and having done that to their satis
Dictator is not 'Dictator after all. Poor
devils.! •they are condemned to thalatioi: of
Sisyphus, and we wish thern joy of .their
occupation. • . •
subjpin - an abstract of the Loait
Bill, as. it passed, - theilouse Represen
iatives,• The vote owits final passage. was
yeas 124,•nays 93. _
Section 1. Authorizes. the Fresident of
lie_linited..-States to borrow a . sum not ex
ceeding twelve inillionS.of . dollars, at a rate_
_Qijiltetest opt,
'11nel111'61i) p . t of the
- Stic.-2.- : .;41. - tithOrazes3lie-Secretary , off--
. !f i reasury .to prepare certificates - of - stock,
for the sum to be borrowed; hearingThn.iii
terest not exceeding sig per cent: per an
num, and to cause. the said certificates to 66
- Provided, that no stock be seld
loiv lar; ..... " • •
...Sect. 3. Aut,ls - oriiesifre-Secretary..
to re
ccive proposal s said loan, or to
employ agents to-negociate the same; and
appropriate twelve thousand dollars to dc
fray-the-incidental expenses.,"
Sect. 4. Appropriates any surplus in the
:Treasury to the •ptirchase of iho_stock,.at
any time before the period, limited for its
. Sect. 5: Pledges the faith of the• United
States for the•punctual payment of, the
terest, and the redemption olifaid.stock..
7 .
Orthodox Doctrine.
Two weeks ago; we published a leer
from JointßArms, pledging himself to sup
port the one term principle: 'We now hi
vite the Otention of Our readers to the fol :
loiving letter, giving his opinion on the
TorT question; they will
.find in it the
true Pennsylvania doctrine— , -that of-pro=.
tecting domestic indusiry.
READING, hind 18, 1841
Doctor P. A. WORRALL,
Sir—Late last evening, I :received your
letter, inviting me to attend at Lewistoivn,
and join in the celebration of the approacb
-ing-.4th-of_July-•'- • -
I assure you that, l it would• afford me
great pleasure to visit that part of the coun
ty of my nativity, and unite in the celebra
tion of. American Independence, with my
t ttttttttttt and the companions of my youth.
u 'Oilierever the active pursuits of life may
place me,- my heart will still be moved by
the warmest attachment,to "Old Mifflin,"
as the place of my birth. The recollection
of my early associations will,evcr•bo pleas-
' - ing. The file - fflis s-9 , —.1 ----------- WhO e
shared with melhe .amusements and inci
dents of boyhood, will long have a place.
in my affections.
.Many of them have
gone to other states, and to other climes,
and not a few have stink into `the slims_
tomb, whether we must all soon follow. ,
them:- 7 'Eo meet once mike ; after. an ab
sence„ef many weeks, with those who still
remaie; and to join-with them the com
memoration of our national freedom, and to
renew our vows to the Constitution and best
intercstk . ef the country, Would indeed be
highly gratifying. But other engagements
and., other
_duties demand my presence at
home, and 1 am therefore compelled to de
cline the honor which you have extended
to me. • •
I cannot close this brief, note without ad
verting to that part of your letter which re
fers to Smerican
. Ifibbr and industr
When we contemplate that it is industry
which provides and prepares...the rich har
vests, the green meadows, and adorns our
hills and:valleys with herds and:flocks, and
makea the husbandman independent and
venerable; when-guiding the, plough in the
furrow; . that it is industry which covers our
rivers; and lakes,- and seas':with all `the
abundance and'ornaments . a , civilized life;
that it is industry which beautifies all with,
elegance and variety, by,the,sticcessful'ap!::
,plication of the
,arts,. we Mast indeed admit'
that it is a subject of , the deepeav impor
tance,to the American people w •
That.the United: States eptaini.twithin
their limits,•resources' mply - , eufficient to
enable them to heedme a great manufactur
ing country, is a universally acknowledged
truth; The •:exPeattincy of encouraging
'Anierican industryis elso-p truth too .obvi
ous. to, require either_ comment 01 ,
thatantlingA Olds,
_we. see ttut inter.
"eats or our own industry. neglected, antide
clinitig,...While the wealth'of our country is
-most prodigally expended in: the purchase
andTuse -, or thb - se , -ertielee of-foreign tnitiiuz.
feature, which our. own citizens are fuily
Competent to fdrntsh..::' Thus:, it that the.
country is deluged' by the.prefusion.Offer-.
eign importations, and the people.deceived
by-the—appenrence-oPplet • •
El i
,companions w
evil' of.this policy and practice' is, the in
troduetion of a prepossession 'in favor of
foreign commodities, which is altogether
anti-Arrierican, and which, is one great'cause
of that distiess which is, now the subject of
general complaint. American induitry is
an object of too much.impOrtance 'to' be ne
glected: In its prosperity, all classes of the
community are deeply interested-,and the
efforts of • pnblic - men are always usefully
employed; while proMoting,and improving
domestic industry. This should be done
by-exarriple,-as -well its ) . by.-practice, and I
believe the 'day is not far ,distant, when
every' will feel it to be his duty
and his pride to appear dressed in cloth of
American manufacture.
•You will accept my best wishes for your
self and .each Member .of the• committee
.with whom you : act, and also fur the people
whom you represent. Yours, &c.
CoiTespondenfe °lthe Repaid 411 Expositol;. • :,
----- WAstiWnitotki, 10thJuly, - 18.11- -
The Senate has, been engaged for the last
ation of the "Fiscal Bank of . the' United
States."- How much longer it will'be dis
cussed, it'.is impossible to. say, as the Lo. -
cofoces-coneoet .amendments -every - night,
and bring therri into the Senate in the Morn
-4.11g.4 in order. to delay the; passage of the
bill as long as possible, and if they can ef
fect it, to' defeat it altogether. They also
41 - siFt - o - -if - p - rotriint the — extra - - session*i .as
groat a length .as possible, to enable them
to cry Out agaiiiit :Whig extrasLagatice:—
This you .will say is unworthy of members
of the. United States Senate, which hereto;:'
fore has been remarkable for the-dignity ofj
its conduct; but it is amelmicholy fact, that
piirty spirit is greatly injuring the high
character`orthis-body,-antrwastiug-the,mo- :
ney. of - the 'people in . idle, .uSeless discus
sion. Unfortunately for the interest of the
nation, there-is no rule 4)f the Senate allow
ing the previims question to be-hurt, Which
aB, you are•no doubt z wire, .cats off-all de
bate, or,the question might bave been set-.
tled,,:•Seme w..tlsys.yainee..Atiis-'-'suv , posed,.
litiiikeiTi i -JII;I64.IWMTAneMi-07tiAi ,
its - fateiit is impossible- to---Say ; it - is - re '
Piieted.Yliiiit - anse-St -- ina-tor4Mr...-Merrielccol..
Maryland) holds,the balance of; power, and
that lie is "shivering in the wiffil.” 1-le
will scarcely. dare to_itita against the inter
ests anil wishes of_
- se largo a =Pithy of
.hi&own state, as:are thse-friends-of'a - Na- -
tional Bank— Kite could consult not only
the Whig-party,-but-a large portion of the
late supporters of Mr, V.-an Buren, he would
find, that• they consider the measure of in
,Miiteimportance to the country; 'knowing
as they . do, that we have never..been pros
perous in a commercial point of Om since
the expiration-of the ebartd• of the-Old-Na
tional Banks. Henry Clay is. constantly iit
his post, fighting the bill through iiieli by
inch, and looks as if, he Would long con
tinue able to Give hattlirto - . the "enemies of
. 44..w.amy's iirosperity.' , May his valua
ble lift ; ge long.gpared. •
In the House of Represthiathies, the
Whigs are working in a manner which does
themselves credit, and amply retrieves the
charadter of the House, so greatly injured
by the proceedings of the first three. weeks
of the session. They have gained -the
thanks pot only of the part - YTaii -- alstioT
some thinking incn-of the. other side, for]
the plait Which they have taken to prevent
useless ttin
discussion,-an ilsumisti
dollars of
t it h .. e .tli i tlL3Lly o s
ti b
j : e .inil z i e
By the rore adopted . preventing •speec hes
o f murk;thnii an hour in committee Of the
whole, this great objeci leis been attained.
Nolonger are "speeches for Buncombe,"
(a. phrasti-used by an enlightened locofoco
from Buncombe county, N. Uaroliii%a, some
in oration 'intended
4nie, bhi without_the
le subject of - debate)
amply suffic i ent for
fhis views *on the
un. From all quar
ation of the. peoplc;
se, and. the Whigs
proud of this pop
ley have not
ast......2l'lte_bla me
the locofocos• And
the Senate; were
a session dependent
!y would be able to
f. the extra,, ession,_
Tie of a .titonth .at
time since, to denote
fin• political Rtfect at 11,
slightest reference to t
allowed, and an hour i
one person to expres
question under discuss
ters we hear the appro
at the course of the'lli,
especially are bacon - tin
ular branch,, in which
of delay Jinw ..rests o
impracticable- whigs o
the business of the ext.
on the House alone, t; •
pass all theineesures i
.and adjourn in the co 1
farthest... • - .' -
the rote on the lan
- you are aware, about t.
measure, Of such imp
vania - i-giSing her an-ai i
tween three and four Ii
lars, which would ass:
Paying the interest of .
only carried by the to i
Whigs. Stsspge...msa3
the locofoco members
When the question , wa:
passage, eve?' Pkofozo
Pennsylvania, eiceptini
soil or IlliitadeWind; an
who were' absent. voted
Etzery fl'hig member;
voted.for the passage i
three absentees had not I
to face the responsibility
example of some of.Gor i
Ocular friends in the Le
sylvania, nnct dodged tit
tax burthened people ioc
now Seewhp are their I
men ar(all admirers ant
..of Governor Porter, and ,
pie already. possessed of
their Own experience of
that gentleman's adminis
see the danger Of trustini
of the state to'
. sueli' porri
stolid-11,7 te-1013: All'„ .
three abstractionists of .
tunately :nearly ' read '..op t .
.entire. Georgia delegatjtin,i
. - ers — frnartNatlrOarelin
"Pertne,ssee '
whigs'and fi ve locofocoti
--- 001Ondarlast the lea
by' the decided` majority O
Wise, Mallory, .Otni:':Geigi
Sprigg, ( iof audi
Indiana, yoting inthe:; l iiel
1, t - tr.o OCOLO ` 1-- ' - h_l/9
'This is no. place for gOssip; the weather
is top warm to meet, and talk scandal, and
the office-holders are afraid to talk polities
The President and heads- ofDepartment
are engaged in innking removals, and al
'though their .adtion may appear tardy to
people anxiously . waiting to see the "Goths,
and Vandals driven from') the Capitol," they
should reColleet:that the whigs are a mag
nanimons 'set of men (more so' than is po
litic) and .dislike to turn out the locofoco
leeches who have. tugged so long et 'the
-public-treasury,-that they-think-they-have
prescriptive right to all it contains. How
ever, the bigynen . here
. are gettingover:their
squeamishness,and are gding..on slowly
but surely in,. as dackson would say,
4 :cleansing the Augean stable . .*h is ru
mored that the President and Cabiriertcanie
to a determination yesterday to:make the
heads fly" fast and thick;.-the_ modest to
.cofoco papers had better put up the liend- ,
Mg, to their mournful lamentf, " Glilllo.
-ti ne-al—Av-ork h—thj-r-'-hends,L'=.
.&c.. -for some of their. poor friends Will
shortly be obliged to give PRAheir long en !
joyed 'spoils.'. The' Postmaster GenerLil is
actively engaged in this good wqrk, but it
is not surprising that liamay,arOar srow,
when We reflect that - there- are 4 s4l ; many'
•thousands of offices (upwards of twelve
thousand if l'r • hollect right) in the United
Statea..:l3nt as this e
lettr la' too
by stating that there .
is..a.strong probability that'the locofoco - of,
flec=holdees here will not be allowed to re
maininuch--longer,_to_acras,..sploc -
Whig. camp, giving notice to the enemy
all our . . movements. • '-; 11
• .• • , , •
' 1 ! The mime of Slr,•liatnaeyworl-luaks,"tililttut
-pear in:. tbe-oatiers; hut •lie-a-ws--tweseht--a m l tote
like a good . Whig in the rillirtnittice on'the,questictu
of the 'inissage•of the land bill. His - name was omit-
Ivirtife , Joui , oartiy_the,negligehee eir. the-Clerk,
but was' placed moon it the ne, dii . ;• 7 l4 -the 'eons - rut
of the • •
Ho/A..1 'of. a Row:—The colloWink e
State--Democrat shows what hopes are en
teitai-ned by the correspondent of; tiiat op=
position journal:. ,
"DEAR SIR: 1 am' as much in a quandary .
as ,ever I have been, inwelation to the result
of_the_Extra Session._ _Manfotour friends
are confident that it will break up in. a row,
and nothing bo done. can- hardly hope so
good a result yet."
Pursuant to the General Regulations o
the Board bf Directors, the Semi-annual
examination of the Scholars of the Public
Schools of the Borough of Carlisle, Will be
their.respective School Rutin-is, ex
cept when otherwise,mentioned,•as follows,
1. The Four Schools of the First Grade,
*taught I)% Messrs. Caufman, Miss -Wight
man,. Miss Reichter and Miss Krebs, and
also Miss Bell's School, on Monday morn
ing the 20th of July, inst.,..from 8. until
10 o'clock. •
.VOur Schools of the• Second
Grade, in charge. of Mrs. Jackson
Daughter,. Misses Weber, and Messrs.
- Quigley and Hampton, on die same morn
ing, commencing at 10 o'clock.
11:7' The Scholars for transfer. from tiv
above Grades, will 'meet at "Edumnion
Ball" in the afternoon . of. the same „ay, at
half past one o'clock, for special examina
tion—their 'l'eathe'rs beipg.also present.,
3.. The Two S c hools_ol the .Sedond
Grade, under the care of Mr. Mcginney
and Miss Bendel', on Tuesday morning
4...Tha Two Schools of the First Grade',
in charge of Mr. Lobach and Miss Mason,
in the afternoon of the same day,-commen
cing at half past one o'clodli.
P.L-r"-Tht Scholarslor-transfer from - the
SeVondary Departtnent, as also, all -appli
cants (net. Mirth-"the-Schools)-fur--admis
sion into the Digit Sehools4 will assemble
at tho '• Ball"
-- un Thursday morning the
bill was taken as
days since. This
rtance to Pennsyl
mat income of be` Mired thousand-dol
- materially in
„. .
our state debt, was
king eiThrts of the
it was opposed by
om Pennsylvania.
taken on the foal
'ongressman from!
Brown and Ingpr
-1 Gerry of York,
n-the negative.,--
ithout exception,
the bill.'* The
hz - moral.enuran.e.
i So they took the
' mor Porter'Spar- .
islature of 'Penn
061 iiiif.' , The
Pettnsytvania can
al friends. These,
Warm soppOrters
were not. the peo
n) knowledge, by
he evil effects of
ation,.they could
the' goyerement
i ides; . Tivi 'vote
le lorofncos i the
liiinia.Ww for
the party. i the,
,three whig meM
-1 r untl*iti-frOm.-
negative;, Si
ere absent'. - -
~bill'wasltetied, -
, 31';',. five' whig,s,'
l i i
kitt-;:of - Arirgintai
ICJ. _White .of
'h,• - - . , . ' ,
gaiivi,,:ll OA Ts
lent.: Since that.
29th inst., nt, 8 o'cloc n ti, . Anal:examina
tion, at which the TeacherS of this .Deptirt-
went will also he present. ' . .
5. The Mule School under the_ charge
of 'Mr. Cameron, on Wednesday morning
the '2Bth inst.,. commencing: at 8 o'elock.
6. The VemaleS hoot in charge'tif Mr. ,
Dooley, in'the after owl of the same day,
cotimencing ay.lial past one o'clock.
7.. A further exhibition by the Scholars
of the High School and Seconclary•Depart-
Ments, will 'take place in. the Saloon of
!!..EticatiOn flail' ion Thursday afternoon
the 29th inst., at•half past one olcloalt
.and also , in . the evening at 8 o'clock. The
exercises will he reading and.cxhibition of-
Composition, Drawing, &c . ,; also, Dechi
[nation, Natural Phibisophy; -- Algebra; As
trenoiiry and such other eiercises, as :may
be deenied.inteneating and expedient. '
80.. The Scholars of the High Schools, •
as also of the . Sedotrdery• Department;. will
be present -with:the Teachers of ~.all
'Visitors selicted fur the. "occasion ore.'
particUltirly. requested to be present- at I:e
Several ....-
~ O erciscs.-:------, . - . : . .„ : .._.....
'...Parents, friend of education. and .this
public generallysk, also earnestly invited
th he , preaeiit'at the 'several examinations,'
where--theowilk-Mat.onlyAnYO.Aß 4.119 -
"tunity 'Of' judging Of the progi.ese'xif-the
Seholarit; but se e . the, practical '
operation 'or
- the,present:eyetetn'of.-00intuon'Schtiel--:in-'
struction. .
time, the linusg_ has passed a bill appro
priating nrioney br
the payment of peri:'
sions of widows of naval oiEceis of t g ll late
war, which .are due for two year past,
owing to Kr.,Van Buren's drain upon the
treasury. A bill for , the purchase of ord
nanee and . stores . for the 'navy, and for the..
establishment of the home• squadron, has
bqen passed, the Whig majority growing
greater it every vote. . here is now be
fore the House a bill making appropriations
for fortifications, &c. , .
" WASIIINOTPN, July-4,. 1844
Ptiblic School. Examitiation.
Carlisle, July 15, 1941.
Cure and preventive of Disease.—Brandeeth's
yegetable Universal Pills are' no less a cure than a
preventrve of diseases. • When we 'reel dull, pain in
the head, back or side; weal's , on Alm least exertion,
it is then we ought to take a dose of these Pills. 'ibis
will always have a good.effecti because it is impossi
ble for pam to be in the body without the presence of
those humors which produce-it, it iti only by them
being Ibreed out by purgin ,, . that health can be ,re.
It is at all times easier to prevent than to cure
case f because, by taking a preventive course we do
not debilitate thwnatural functions of the. body, but
rather strengthen and assist. them; the peculiar.
tion of Braialreth's Vegetable Universal Pills is to
cleanse the blood from all impurities, remove every
cause of pain or Wcaknessond restore the constitti
tion to perfect health and vigor.
Ecr FEW sale in . Ctirlidre`by CEO. W. lIITNER,
and in Cumberland County by Agents published in
another part of this paper.
These very diStressing complaints often lead into
Consumption through neglect at the Brat attack. 1
I would therefere advise those whose cough begins
to become trettblesome, and the:Expectoration scan
ty, with More or less sureness of the throat, difficult
raising of phlegm, &e. that they should immediately_
app!) , for a suitable medicine, which ip Dr. Duncan's
Expectorant Remedy for
. Constimption, Sic: This
medicine I have found in every instance .to remove
- those - unpleasant - annoyance! in u few-days,-One-sin--
gle - bottle will in most Las* prove this assertion.—
Theretbre f you who wish to .scite the early . seers of
ConsomptiOti,Ttifill - yoursWes of. this all important
opportunity, and again enjoy the blessings.ufltealth.
JAMES° M. BIIICH, Kensington..
N. B.: The above Was left at the office by one who
experienced the Nvondcrlul effects of the above medi
cine.- Hundreds are there who thus. express the joy 4:
Gil ientiments of their It&artsin thvor of such a lain's-Expectorantitemetkv,
that others n rl relief from the same source.
For sale by John' J. Myers & Cu, Carlisle; and
Wm: Peal, Shippenshurg, jelrf3l---5t
- •_ DIED,--.-
this boronili, on Monday niorning lust,
Amu lingering illness, Mr. THOM PSON
-81)01"1 . ,S WOOD', aged about 30 Years:
ern this boroiigli, • on - Sunday evening;
of consumption, Mr. WALTER CLARK,
terintcr, of Ilayrisburg,",aged -about 24
•_ rhitaderphia, duty 20;1841. ,
; LpU It her bbl.
• . , .
- - - -
3'LA18F41.) :,... -, • $1,60
. ,
, . .
. .
• •A new weeltjypai!er will.heAssucuthhthisborougli,-
eariy:in Atiiinst, under nij' superintendenesi: -
- Its political position will be defined in the ' first
tunnber •published. In, the niran time it 'may 'be !
well-etiOugh to shitelhat it will. be cut.rely tilde-
.pendent of the_ control elan uhl par,ty_leacl i th..,H
traturneled 'by any cif:met:llbn with their interests,
aud ft. ~- o take any course in relation to men-and
me sti s aim befure•the-public Or that may hereafter
be '.ought forward, .wh irk the teal ihterests of. the
people may seem to require..
Ili a literary point of view I intend ....thst.the_tiew
•paper shall loSe nothing by comparison m itli itsolder
brethren. It shall always contain whatevvr general
and Instil pews is current. • The' market prices,
Sheriff's sales, trial'and jury lists shall be correctly
and regularly published. . • -
Temps.—The price or theipaper trill he TWO" .
DOLLARS per yearzp*-half payable in advance.
Subscriptions at the ennui rate mill be taken for three
or six indniy,,,kreither ease pitvable in advance.
~.., !,,- .- • , G - 14 W. Clt.t.llll ...
Cai•lisle, July ''2o;lfTll.—t.f. . .
' The proprietors respectfully . inform Akh a t t h ey
and Gentlemen of Carlisle anti its vieke r o t h , „i tt i
will open their Circus on Thursday
continue two days. only. ~, , j'ablistitnent, they
In announcing this extensoly.eihere. ns „,
feel confident in " sertin ri.sty one Company in the
much talent combinedArls n suprior trained stud
United States, together
list of emment.performers
of horses. Amott i rd wing, y ; z: L ev i
.11/1 0 ,1/ i ,
`will be found
the greatest e t in the -world.; . W. O. Dale, the
hoh M as thrown sixty sOnliasetS
d irn kless rs. Cat%h 'ader. Derrions.
one triaVo ldjoe•
Sweeny and his popil Chesnut;
-I N l 'l l .. e artni j .‘l — rs — . Wills - , three Misses 'Mills with. many
,diets whose mimes will a:spear its the bills of the
Admission-Itoxes 50 civets, Piv , 2s as. •
Peufermance to emnmence at 8 ('clack, P. NI
• N.. 13. The Conipany will give a performance cu
Friday at 2 o'clock, P. Al. for the accommodatiot
of those living at a &stance. ' . .
July 21,18711.
Orphans Court Sale..
The following; the properly of Jacob
itifei - late of' Ent l'eunshorough . townshlp, Cumber
land conaly:,k.ellL., will be sold on the premises, by
virtue of an order of sale of the Orphans''Court of
said, county, on Saturday the nth day of Anita nest,
at 10 o'clu r ek, A. M., to wit: •
'All that certain_ ,PlAtitatipn:_or...
situate in said township of, East PennshoroOgh, and
bounded hp lattds of Thomas Wharton, John Buoser,
Andrew Ifeek,Jaeoh Shroll,.John Martin and oth
ers, and containing ' •
mote or less—one half of which , is cleared land, it
good onittration and well fenced, and the;mhey hall
excellent timber lund. The improvements are u
Two.,siory ' Stone
11 •
~ to • ,
0 1U - . t 4, !; 4 i I
and other buildings, u never failing spring: of running
%rater is near the house. Tliis property is near dm
State road tronk Sterreet's Gnp to Hinrrisburs, and is
sitnute about six miles from the latter' place? :llti
title to the land ;11 400(i, the same having been paten
ted. Conditions ut sale--one fourth cl the purchase
money tem paid on the confirmation of sale, idol the
residue on the tel of April nexi, when possession n ill
he given to the pitreliaser--the payments to be secup,
ed by recoguiz.tiiOo'io Court:-
- :1:111'N I OLTZ,
- . •
Adm'r. of Jacob Rile,
July 21, 1841.---t3t
. . .
sirtUe of writ of vari 1' city, to medi
rected, issued - out :oFthe CAri Copimoti
2'leas of Cumberland county, will be exposed to pub
lic'sale, at 1110 Court House, hrthe borough of Car
lisle, on Su4iti•day the 7th rho of-Yugust next, A. D.
It at , at 10. o'clock, A. M. the descsited
real estate, to wit: , .
... 0 .
':- -- A. 1 ioue an . Lot or _Growl,
,sivattco.Aliene.vh-eaat aoenerof the
. roltio scrare,
in the beeongli•uf Carlible,..bnunded !ma lni'im Ihns.
Ceeigh,.lligh ateeet.zand a' twenty feet alley. . The
improvementanndhe atinve let are It large two - story
Stnne. Building, twe atoeies high. and several Wick'
13uildins.two stories each. - . . - -,-' ~• -1
- 77.4.146;:n. - I.l6ust -- &--Lot-,1)f,--(Trron nil
in the said borough of Cal4llle, bounded by' South
Hanover stres,.by this lane; eadbig,into 'the, genve
vardiand by the grave yi.Sd; baying *lit* tufo "tor)
l'rame and Bsialc 110 1 1 11 4lvrind i fillue etahle; •
' Seized and m the ottppe.rty of 4 btu, •nsi mi
3 be solil by ine; • • , • , •
Eiji " 26d
.- Pi.UC''l l ll tnnx, nberur
Sheelra . Ofiloe;' ?
Carlisle, July 19, 1341. S
... 1
.Niav Nav Y PA .
New York'ejreus.
122 Acres,
A aapply of the above Pills just received; having
been obtained direvey from Dr. Bramb:Mh's e;
July 21, 1811.
I[NT lIEREA§, the lion, 'Samum. HErmanpr, Pre. ,
VV • sident,Judge of the Court-of Common Pleas
in ,the 9th District, composed of tlie coUnties of Cum
berland, •Perry and Juniatal and the Hon. John
Stuart and John Lerevra, JUdges of the said Court of
Com Mon Pleas of 'the county orCumberland; have
issued their precept, -,bearing,.date'theggd day of
April,4B4l, ahci to me directed, -for'holding a
Court of Oyer and Termineranil_GeneraUstilDe-'
livery, and General-Quarter Sessions of-the Peace,
at Carlisle, on the
Second Monday of dugast, 1841;
(being the — thh day) at ten.o'clork in. the forenoon s
Norice is hereby given to. the Coroner, Justices of,
the Peace, mid Constables of the saideoung of Cum-..
berland, that they bdthen and there in their proper
persons, with their•reourds, inquisitions, examina
tions and other remembrances, to do those things
which to their offices respectfully appertain. And
those who are bound by recognizance to prosecute .
against the prisoners that are, or then may be, in the'
Jail of Cumberland &unity, to be then and there to
prosecute against them as shall be just.
• — llatartit - Carliilei the — hr - day-of July,-184t, and
the sixty-sixth yeti'. of American Independence.
NUT;TIWARTIN, She - ritt, •
A CaminneetinF will be held by the order of -the
United Brethren in Christ, on the limit of 'iontillitin
Neitlig;2.miles east of Carlisle, to commence•on the
thl of September. • •
No-if ticksters_w_illLbe—permitwiLtocope
the limits prescribed by law. -
luly 14,"184t
• 'rake notice that we.have applied to-the Judges of
tluiCourt of Common Pleas of CuMberland county,
for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Common-.
wealth,anti they have appointed Olonday the 9th day
of ..luguet next, for the hearing of •us a nd our
creditors, at the Court House, in the borough' of Car
lisle; when and where you may attend, if you think
July ,7';
. . . .
n Ar , "
SNAP ar4nlylL Lrettet ;i11: - tIve
Be . to Frhhtv, the , 23.1 for'.olsy(lit)gt2l)
•iiig - al-alTrriiii - 17)&17, - t — A - 1W - to %%Imre it inti--
stxta titti lane r niong.the north eid e uf•tlte town, Alan'
fol . !.pnitling repttiving,the satne Flrec4 lirnm Ijigh
street to Locust alley. All 'the materials to be fouutl
by th - e - nolitylittOrs.l:- • _
Jacob Sener. att any time pm:NM - To - A
tug. • -
Carl i 31 . r, Suly. IC, ISII
~. .
• - Prii;titig C,s4:iblisltionciv . '
. • - FOR 8.116 E. ,6ir e tod
The "'Perak' & E
xp cisitor; /
i ler in - this
fOrTiae., _I t,,isAtp_only_ly : liik . ii § t,_ 4 „fair_,.._
r:ounty, has a large su,hse;ri.
amount of advortking I,> custom; with
'nor publishing .a
ample and good Inger/ '
weekly pan
• er '
;r :::,ydtiresscd to the Edi-
Letters ' { p ost
, ? , Prompt attention.
tor, will meetr . . . • -.-
July 14,2.'4_
Ae.;•.'S L . STEWART ,
, r ,omsoraan Botanic ,Practitioner
" or Medicine and Ohstetrics, No.
2 Alexander's Row, near, the
Rail Road Hotel; - •
ESPECTFULI. Y informs hii,friends and the
public.gencrally, that (through solicitation) he
has rerpeved-lroin'Shircmanstown to Carlisle, where
he may be toned at all times, ualess professionally
engaged. The afflicted shall at at all times be treat
ed with purely Vegetable Medicines,: , No Poiscins,"
and in strict
. aceortlance with the principles laid -
dewn by that . great,reforiner in medical science, Dr.
Samuel . TllOlll5Oll. .
Chronic eases, such as Consumptioni, Liver Com
"plaint s,•Dropsies, 1111etintatisms, and • Cancers, sk.e
mote particularly informed that the New System
cas. , „;•.a.
11;valids from a distance can be accominteEkti
with hoarding while uader .medical trestmell4=l:4,, ' •
reasunable terms. .
Carlisle, July 14, 1.01.---tr.
I hereby certify, that . 1 wits afiliC li ted for eight yearn
with a severe nervous disease., attended with constant ti
pain in die breast, side and stomach; oss of aplietite,
no rest at night; sickness and dizziness in the bead,
main in the stomach after eating, and other symptoms
whieh attend indigestion, my bowels were steak and
irregular. Having,had, advice of various ph3sicians
during this long period, and used much membeino
whirls ouly•praduced temporary relief. ht the year
889,1 was often imitable to leave my house. amid be
ing it jnni- widow, dependant on my. own labor. for
a living, Wits obliged to go from house to house to
obtainit:_lut length gave.up all Impes_ot recovery,
and minted to Him "that, created alf things." r for- -
ttinatel'y was favored with work in Eighth street . ,
when the &mar, discoverilw my miserable situation, •
recommended - Dr. BARUCH'S GO M POI) N. D . - i t
PILLS, which they procured fur me. I used them,.
-H1,41-ilanti . nued-for-ithout-threc-mmatra;Aluting-tii
time my strength rapidliporenstql,'My-:countettance — •
and maid cheek returned to - ibeir former-And patent' '
colors. Since I have filly recovered,'lnd at pt sent
enjoy perfect health... I feel it my duty to. inform the
public at. large of the great virtues of Dr. MR,
UCH'S MF.DICINE, that others may procnre it,.
Mill be likewise cured. I am well known in this,
city; any person wishing to sec me, can call at my
Atrium street. Inn.k"nr 14S• Pnplitr lane.
ccyPIIINCIPA I. OFFICE, Nn. F 9 North High&
Street, Philudelphia, ‘t here temiinoniale may be
seen. • -
For /Me hp John J. Myers & Co., Carlible; and;
Win. Nal, §hippenthurg, Pa.
• • 13,0 N N ETS. -
Just reerivedid file New Store, a urge and 'Tien
lid assnotrnent of Eitgli , ll Straw aid Florence Bon
ieta; offered for'salo at low s l r.
AItNOLD br. AlljtAl9.
March 31;184E,
Damask Silk Sim-wk.
Received this iltty froip,l'hiltlelphis, lot of elc
gam silk ilot‘tis; Nov 'fit‘lte
Carl June it, 1841
Prince Icatgrerint tiolfth,;
superiorarticleCnyulettneiuc , iilvcrSt Brittritiiir 7
%Vitro, !thito Ilia end Cepprr. I,Vit rt, just i eceivetl:
: Ott* "-
•• - 111CLVAIS Y. '
Mai , 19,134 f
Carpeilugx illatiirsgs. • •
Tra t inliJit lu g rain csrpetr;.l.le , ni t ) • inn! Cotton An.;
White Hud Colored il4,ttings, an just
received uud for tailtiOianK by • - . •
- -- •
June 2, • • • • '
a imw tu i Vly . Pf
foi•.sate ettv 'ouv et ' •
t kg, 1.)C14.13r-';!'
jethe - - .
10 our Creditors.
WV \i.. 11. CUMMINS,
• . - MILLER.
work can he seen nt, thestore of
. .
G. W. 1211EE:11,
_Committee of Council.
IA ithia