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    * ILL lAM
EDNESDAY, JULY 14, 1841,
officer andmanagers of the "Carlisle Unio
Total Abstinence Society," are retMestettto hatch
n business meetingat the Methodift.Episcopal church
on Friday 8 o'clock.
A general meeting of the friendslinid foes of the
Temperanecianform; bc held at- the- market
house bn Sabbath next at 4 - o'clock P. M.' •
. . _
hiyitation is leiulereil to all who ma)
wish to take part iodic - exerifligt:§ of the weetiog -
The proceedings of the celebration a
Stouglislown ti•ere. hantleein too Tate fbr
. • publication this week--
PcJr'T . he — COrriiirfuOiciatiOn of -T. R.. N"
is inadniissable, unless t.accomiThoied will
the_nam • e_of,tfloauttlor.. .•
fc7.°l3y a reference to the - ,proceedings
of th . O',ll.iitiSe . of pe-ksentatives,. it till' be
seen that
, .
. .
striding each metnlier 021 C. Speeell on
—.77 nispqr er",•-an'ir,:tit:atrto:ro:e - ettisrytliti vrotc,
)11 die -delivery. We-Tiiiirgratufate
.'the' people on result, :is it 'will give
more dispatch to public business, and titer°-
. by shorten — the
lite StatiCapital Gazette, of the fOtii
instant, contains What is called, a statement
of, the expenses of the Buckshot War,which
is either 'a gla - ting falsehood - en the panto
the editors of that print, or a base fraud on
the commonwealth, .committed by,theloco .
foco office holders who settled thu . payof
tholroops, called-otit
We- extract-from the t .puper_the_follo wing
estithate of the pay and emoluments nf the
. ,
• S'' :t , ,A
• 5 Cr'' ''', • F4'''''6
1-.1 ,-. 0 c. F;
• 5. A> 5 S 2, . 0 —•
. ' 2' g. 3 . ..., .-
V' -2 ' ?.. Z.A.r ,
. —o :2 —6' ,
''' 4 a E..
Grade. 5' ° 5'
5 , "'
• ) • • ~ .1.: -: 0.
-: A
w , D n
. g;I P,' ...
. t e n _ . ..,-.. ~
5 -- -et s -. $ els. .1$ els.
IMajor General, 496 50 1489 50 1489 50
2 Aides-de - Camp, . 181 25 543 75 1087 50
Captains,. 130 37i 391 12A 1173 371
3 Ist Lieutenrds,; 99 00 • 297 00 • 891 00•
32d " ' .94 00 282 00 • 846 00
33d " . . 89 00 267, 00 801 00
1 Sturgeon,assii;tant, 115 00 345 00 . .. 345 00
- Quarter Master,. 113 00 339 00 - 339 00
Ist Sergeants, 27 32 81 .96 245 88
Sergeants, , • 24 25 72 75_ _ , 654 75
Corporals, ' ' 210.15- 60 45 2 .725 40:
Musicians, , _____ 19 21 „, 5 7 63 345 78
Privates, lB 13 54 39 2229 09
E E 1,11,174. 171
, 11 observe that according
he troops from Carlisle
Our readeis wi
to this estimate ti
received three 2honths pay, amounting i
all to, the sum of $11,174,171,- Ind for the
sake of the men . whe were engaged in
expeditionOve sincere Y. regret that it is
not true.
We know the facts in re ation to tliis
matter, and we appeal to Colonel Themes
B. Town, the, present Paymaster, for the
• trulli of what we say. • •
Instead of three motitlis,-lite troops re
ten, dttr , vervice; and the
expense al - to - gether-ditkotbmount - to - $600:
The General and his staff did not rechii , e
one-eighth of the sum 'here charged. The
Captains, instead of tt 391.-each, received
but $2O! The ni:st Lieutenants $l5-
1 - -The 2d
. 1 4 ieutenants.$13, and there were
no 3d'Lieutenants - in the detachment. The
Sergean'ti received about $4; and the mu.;
sicians and privates $.l each !!! .
We do not, however, charge the editors
of the Gazette as the authors of a falsehood;
we helleye they have free access to 'the
pnblia offices at Harrisburg, and they state
that f they haVer "spent much time and trou-
61e . in making up this'- estimate," no doubt
• from the books of the Auditor 'Gen - oral 'and
State Treasurer, If this be the-ease, we
are forced to the don't:ll:idol], that the loco
low' office It derS at Harrisburg; whose
duty it was to see and adjust the Vey of
the troops, have defrauded the common:
wealth out: of more than TEN Toouskiro
bot.1;41ae!!! •The books of the TreaSury
-Deiairtinent would show • that-- the—strtn'of
.$11,114 171 bad been' drawn to pay the
Carlisle voluntierS, when' Afie - arnount ac
tually paid" to them" did riot exceed 5500 , 7 ,
kaiing. 0004 173 . be .poelteted.--
"What arnount has been .made out (Otte .
Philadelphia troops, ive are unable 'too say,
but We'hope, ,
'our friqfids_in .Harrigburg
drag thit fouttransaction to the light;'' they
will ''Prbl)44 the fountain:ll . 6m
wkenee' ft ows secret service rri on ey ~.tb.
carry the' election,of l Oov...P . Ortet. - •
When the proper lime — arrives,llet the
nomination be , inade in a spirit of harmony
and mutual confession; let no man be dis-
satisfied at the rejection of his favorite, bait
rather adopt the sentiment of Ithe:-noble
Spartan,ind rejoice that we possess so
The anniversary,of this. day was cele
brated by the citizens of Shippensburg, in
a splendid • and becoming manner. The
tortialmwk. arid - scalping knife or political
partizanship were discarded; and all, both
young' and old, joined harmoniously in
'concert to commemorate a day that 'will
'ever constitutethe tltente of national re
joicing. •
At 2 o'clock, V. M., the ladies and-gen : .
tledien assenibled' at the.areen in• front of
'the Lutheran Church: Mr. Jonathan. Peal
was chosiert Chief Allarslial,,and Mr. p..
Netfin, Assistant Maislial: .the . Proces-
Sion•was,Oen . funned: ••
, ' • PaValeiMpiE OE'PIOCESSION.
of‘Arrt - ingemetit4
• 2nd.---•• • " Toasts.. •
. • 3d.--.:Shiiipetisburg Band:: ``.
4th.r.!..0.ra.t0r: and: Reader... -
• ,5i11.4.4he- - : • •.,
NEs-- We learn from. the Chester county
papers that Commodore JESSE D. ELLIOTT,
of this borough, has purchased .a farm in
that 'County, • four miles . north' of .West
Chbster, arid that he designs to make it hiS
residence. The farmers of that county will
find the :Commodore an enterprising and
. .
Obliging:neighbor. • . • • •
Mimitty.—The patriotic young men a .
Bloomfield, Perry conniy, Pa. have.forned
themselves into a volunteer company, and
adopted -the name of . the r "Bloomfield'Light
Infantry." They are commatided by Jo-
SEPII ICJ:tux, Esq., -and it is said they mak? ,
a very gallant and soldier-like appearance:
Perry seems determined not to be behind
her sister comities in Voliinteer companies
—three new corps haying been formed in
that county within a
. short period. When
theSe companies are in Marchitig order,
would it not, be. well for them to pay our
borough a • In case they :do, we
promise them .that the officers and men at: ,
tached'to - our Battalion,iVill give theth
sol4ier'e welcome..
• ;There . eeems to bee disposition -on the
Ort.of•some.perh•ons., to_agitate.the question
of the next Presidehey; three. or four pa
pers having;already- named General Scott
as their favorite for that statian,,and recom
mended -the instant• formation of - ' Chip
peiva,Qlubs.'! But, as, far as we can learn,
tills movement has feei advocates; judged,
it would be stye - lige, itsucli a'projeet could,_
at .th ts•verty 'day,. find favor in • the . eyes•of
Iliopeiiple. - -— -— ' ~ •
llt. is to be'remeinberenket the P . iiiiniple
1 ii•P tii:VV.-ITirrliliqkts::lo:effitliititeitiqiireit,
rattier., than' to elevate. iizen .;- nnd'if ;the e
friends of
,Gcti - iitat'-000tt -_ eare'actuated by
-pure inotiies - , they will not_Seek tci.ilistrnk,
ill. party, by i4sitingrili•ern to canvess , tFe
claims . of _Presitlential..eaililidates, before
Ih'i - ira -- alit Ailiiiint'sliativontlave hacr time to
mature their. plans, for .efteeting a thorough
reform in the Government. • At this time,
it becomes-every Whig - to lend his aid in
the union of 'the party.; so that
. .
the meastdes which we' believe- necessar
to th - Ciirelfaie of the community, may he
Pafeiy:earrked through. From every - sec. ,
ion'of - the country, petitions are .pouring
into Congress; praying '.th - ein't - O"lessen es
isting evils, and adopt a speedy remedy.
The, Sub Treasury,that memento of a
"used up" party—is to be sivept away, and
a National Bank established in' its place.
to distribute the proceeds of , the
sales of public lands among all the states;
is vet to become a law.
A Protective Tariff is yet 4 to be laid on
foreign goods, by which the government
may be extricated from the debts incurred
by the 10 to Administration; our own man
ufacturefS encouraged, and our specie ke t
at home. . ,
The army of Locofoco office-holders are
yet to be dismissed froth the scfrice and
le ranks fi lled up.l), , fidnist' inen,
from the people," who will notabnae their
power; nor forgOt from whence it emanated.
pol i ey- o f—Presid e at-Zry ler-an (I
his Cabinet be well ascertained and settled,
before •wo rush into a second - campaign.
With the,experience of the late Adminis
tration before us,, let. us profit by their Cr-
rors and avoid the dangers by which, they
were overwhelmed. Let the first care of
the Whig party be,lo - relieve the, diMress
of the people; this done, and it will be time
.enough to select a candidaie. Then, if it
should be necessary to choose a .President
from the Artyor the Navy, we have Gen.
Scott, Corn. Stewaii; Col. Miller, and a
hostmf other gallant spirits Who haVe . Often.
borne aloft the "stars and stripes," in. the.
battle. and_llle:breeze
sheiild desire a civilian, as their next can-
ditlate i we present the names•of John Ty-
ler, Henry Clay, Daniel. Webster and . Geo.
E. Badger, either of whom m6lll93ard.the
best-interests of the peopl6-,-and strengthen
eir securities for the future.
nany men worthy to',be the Chief Maiig
rate' of this mighty nation.,
• Phe . day we telebrate—Ttie
-day in the annals of tiine.—May American
citizens, ever marl{ its annual return- to
cominemorate:..the_eltivalrous actions and
enthtisiastie leetts .of '76. 7 Music, ‘‘ Nail
Colurnlil - 6 - " •
2. The memory of T. FashiirgThn.—The
Father - of - his Country of-men the - first,
the . greatest', the.. best.----" Washington's
3.__Theileroes.of the Revolution—,Coin
patriots of Washington. The wide-spread
.earth cannot furnish their equal in firmness
in battle; their all -subduing wisdom in
council—their firm. resolve was "Liberty
or Death," .until • - •. • ' •
• "I'reeiloni's soil iiasslioneatli,ouv 'feet,
And freedom's balm& streatoing,o'ci:os.q
"Hail to Vie - Chief." ..
4, Thelßedqration of Inrlrpenilcncc.—
-lt-itt .litl' by i:fig .of _:tiitoimty ni'ihds •tl't s{iiit .
of'true Itolitical Philoqoplif; Go corner-.
stone of AtheriCan Freedotn:trnar
etidtireiitV(*iii6t.lrtili-lbeitrtie'lTO.;C__ -
"Spring tuna- of• Year." •
5. Thc Si, vers Didariitroil - q?
lialependencet—Re‘Tred by_ the menun:y
,who proclaimed to , the world the- existence
of a nation, and published a Charter of
Liberty - withotit, a "parallel' in History, and
which contained the pledge of "life,- treas
ure aust.sacre.d honor," for its preservation.
. .
Our Late (chief Magistrate.—Wo
cannot better - show'our respect for his me
-mory than by--a due observance( hii-dy
7. The President of the U. Statp. 7 —
"Ro'ssini'sr Grand-March,"
8. The Governor of Pennsylvania.—
"Zempa Gallepade."
9. 'Phe .drnrl l and Navy of the United
States.--In their keeping the flag of our .
.country will be preserved untarnished.---
"Yankee Doodle."
10. Freedom of Speech, the Rights of
Conscience and Universal Education.- The
main pillars — which. sustain the fabric •of
XmericairLiberty.---"Le Petit Tambour."
11. The Press - ,--The, People's safe
guard, here may it
_ 12. The Smerican People.—They have
successfully tried the grand experiment of
self-goocrinlient; taught European Despots
that a Republic is not a mere Utopian
scheme to dazzle and mislead—a meteor
-to blaze for a moment and leave the world
in darkness.---" God Save Atnerica.".
_J3._ * from r_ze rn a m en t —in—pros—
perity—our solace in adversity—
" Tlic wortt eas void, the garden was a 'wild,
And mail the Ilermi 1- sighed, till wonnth sinned."
"Brigand's Ritornella."
• ,By the Company. Samuel R. Hamill,
Esq., the Orator of the: day—He evinces a
Uoble head stid a patriotic heart.
Joseph Mifflin, President. Our• late la
mented Presiitent—lVldle enough of pa-,
tviotism remains in the breasts of. American
citizens, to rescue from oblivion the name
of Washington, Warren, and Lafayette
and oilier. brave .defenders 'of 'our•freedolii,
then will the name of Harrison be in the
midst of them. •
VOLU N TEE ft TO A s Ts,.
David Criswell - Tim Spki rof - 76—L.May,
it never be forgotten, br i A i thelindependenee
achieved by it be lost. • -
Dr: 12. C. Hays. The ladies. of Ship
pensburg'—Far-fat'ned for beatyi at hOme,
their eXalted merits are duly'appreciated. -
Samuel Svninsy... The ladies of
pensburg—For beauty and intelligence they
are equalled 1;y/errand surpassed by none.
Or, if 'the party
John A. Clippinger.... The late General
Macom - b- 7 -One by-one file links are' drop
ping off which connect .us with the scenes
of our country's . trials ; but -though their
bodies sleep • with the Mighty dead, yet
their names -are to be found engraved upon
the hearts of their countrymen. -
• Maj. Wilson Sterrett. America—Proud;
happy laud'! Thy banner still floats on the
breeze—tby stars still undimmed:—betieath
its strefuniog folds our father's conquered.
May it float forever.
_ . .
Robert Peel: Lafayette—Re : was no
needy adventurer; who had nothing to
luizardi. he was_ no desperate spirit em
barking in . a desperate cause: because no
change . could Make him worse. . No ! for
the road to wealth and — diatinction was al
'ready ovetied before him, and the:favor ii
a monarchy ready 'to visit him with all its .
:dazzling honors; but he regarded Winn .-as
the . poor pittance . of renown, empty 'as the
.idle, wind; transient as the shooting - star,
coMparetrwitkthe gratiteddwhich embalms
the - patriot's never-dying name; ' .•
. ' Frederick Scott.. Americantars eon
tinne. to enjoy peace and, happines , that
nations may. bow with'reapecr to her 'stars
iand•.stripts-iTtliat-the shout Of freemen: May
break. aCtons'.the bosom 'of 4th - e. map,, and
phi Europe catch-and hail the semi& as the
'harbinger'-Of their Pence and , happiness.., ..
Win. F:-Parey.-- Willis-Gaytortrelark,•
- ,1)*,- . .4 1 . --) 0eit . 1t'4•1..v . .. -. XP*'•:io.'tt. 40 tv - ,7;1'V.4) --- plotio t:.*
.6th.-,-.-The) Citizens. , • ,
Yaving triprelied 'to the "'Head of the
Spring,' wit* comfortable seats were
provided, and
.refreshments oLnli kinds
prepared, the followitig-parsorgi word ap ,
pointed (Akers. •
.President—JOSEPH Esq.
. Vice Presidents—Dr. .Alex. Stewart,
• Dr. NV in:- Rankin.
Secretaries—Dr. John N. • Dunemi, John
The ,Declaration 'of Independence - was
then' read in a spirited manner, by -Mr.
SambehNevin, after which an able and
eloquent_ address. ,was delivered Iy Samuel.
R. Hamill; Esq. It was in every respect
a masterly production, manly in its tone,
'dignified in- its.'compadtion and eloquent
in its language. It occupied about an hour
in delivery, and was listened to with the'
Most profound attention—the most lively
interest. If the heart-felt applause of all
present, among whom were many distin 7
tinguished for age and experience, bears
any testimony of :the excellence' of the
speech, hgv has it. •
` The .following Regular and' Volunteer
toasts were read. • , •
" rights maintain,
Unawed b}• influence and unheated by gain
Chase of Lutzow."
-- , May . .the violet and the. honeysuckle
,wreathe a garland ,on the grave of departed
worth; and fond memory.ever chbrish
. the
remembrance of dm virtuous and the good.
:...13y. the Compiwy. The Shippensburg
Bthid•Their music on this occasion richly
merits the tbanks,,of our citizens. •
. next week: ) . .
'We copy following remarks on, the
highly interesting subject of the Tariff,
from tire RichMond Whig, a palier . which
we always read with pleasnre, for its sound
Whig - palm:lples, and its elevated Mid en
lightened-patriotism :
*HIE Fr7---Ne Views.
Considering that we always render our
:readers good service by inserting an able'
document upon -any topic of public interest
-whatever. may be the, particular views
advanced—we have, copied to-day, a, paper
of thatsharacter upon the subject of the
Tariff. Malty of the views-and suggestion's,
will be new to . the Virginia.reader= l --for it
I.llas' been the •wont here _to regArd-any.word
in favor,of the - Tariff damnableTheresy.--
!That odious term Tariff is .No: 2: in .
of - Stale war-cries„
which Ile has been mumbling, with tooth-,
less gums, for. thirty•years: - "Bank, Tar
iff, Internal Improvement," or "Internal
fmprovement;2-Tariff,---Bank•i": Take
-which—way-rm—willrit - coiii es second - in
the . list of abominations. . .
incessa nt darner, rung with - ceaseless din throughout
all the .boTilers of 'the:Commonwealth, leas
had the effect to forestall- the public judg
ment', and prevent all calm consideration of
the' subject. It, may be, and we think it
probable that it is So, that a majority of the
people of Virginia ; operated upon„finecur
sciously, by this clambr;orby.9olllo other
cause, may dissent from most of the leading
views-ofthQpaper which we publish. But
diSsent or not, tlic • document is of a-cliar 7 _
acter4bielrallthinking theri,t6ll read tifith
pleasure Mid profit—for its tendenc is to
*V" 11 0 winips:oflliolgtrit • ^A...44A - Ag .
• _
,and • deeply, steeped..ourselvei -in.
'ilie . ;4tepidar i) 11;0- Tariff,'
TOtirmiatls' have not - beenlentiiely .4ealeV•to•
the revelations-ofL--eXperience-.-------We-affeet
not-, howeveri'to have tVholly, overcome
thatyrCjudiee. - Bdt - lve --- ,ltave - seen:enmigh"
to occasion rlotibtsovliere before tv'e- thought
there was absolute certainty. The bold
.and - confident predictions, which were pro
mulgated respecting the. operation of the-
Tariff; by distinguished statesmen,. have
bdeit - So - Co - Tritiletely falSilied by results, that
the most uncomprotni - sing 9ppOnent of the
Tariff Might well doubt the soundness -
his concluSions, • Thc whole North,- with
Alr- Webster_ inthe lead, resiSted first
Jariff—predicting that it would work the
total - prostraticrol - NuTtliern cOntmerce.—
I The event disappointed_ their forebodings,
and they.have become, from bitter' assail
ants, the advocates of the system. John
Randolph, although supposed to be gifted
with more than. ordinary foresight, in op
p6shig -the Tariff of 'lO, prophesied that it
would annihilate the revenue .of the Gov
ernment, and render a resort to direet taxa
tion necessary to supply the daily wants.
There .is.not.a .more remarkable instance
of the fallacy- of illmluan judgment upon re
cord. So far from 'the result predicted
being realized,.-just the opposite effect en
stied. -The treasury began to fill apace ;
the national llebt was speedily liquidated,
and au itmneit.e surplus, notwithstandiog
an unprecedented \ pßligality in the Admin
istration, W 1 1 3 aectuntiloed... , - Again 'I
enulidciitly a'ssatea,xliat thc . iiigh :al' of
'2B would arrest the - production of
. cotton
ii this country,-and prohibit, altogether,
ion of certain - articles. But
, cotton never. bore se high air
average price as for stiveral'years succeed
ing that act; and the articles expected to be
excluded entirely, actually fell in price—
whilst others, on which the duty has been
reduced, have advanced. • These and such
like facts have caused us to doubt thejust- - -
ness of foregone conclusions, and we would
not now—as we have done. befOre--assert
n idiom qualification, that tinder the existing
commercial regulations of the world, a high
Tariff would not be beneficial to -this emiu.l
try. ' But the fact is, there is no subject on
witich human reason is so liabld to err, as
that respecting the effects= to be produced
by theinerease or diminution of duties..,
Ilere political, economists are at fault, and
with all their boasted science they are una
ble to devise any rules for the. production
of any fixed; certain and invariable results.
The diilietilty.springsrfrom-the-complicated
-and- comprehensive character of. the subject.
That which to-day,' from'the lights before
us, may be deemed calculated to lead to
beneficial result's, may by to-werrow, pro
duce etrects just the reverse, in consequence
of some new invention, or some ne - W regu
lation abroad, by vhiCh - the'production of
the particular . article in question, may
increased or dimitifsluaL
All.that we design by these remarks, is•
to persuade, the country„and our legislators
.particularly, to approach the consideration
of this great 'question, dlyested of 'passion
and prejudice, and in a. spirit of enlarged
statesmanship and enlightened patriotism.
A me766er of the Connectientlegislatorp.
climbed up the 4tatelionsc.steeple. When
asked what lie _ . was doing there. he said,
"It is so infernal hot down bc'ow, I have
got ,up. here tit see the' belt fry!" • "
halletl bl, # ll.listake . lie Painesville
TelegrapliPainemille -is in
that Martin' Harris the Mormon ,has not
been fountideid-any-wherw-britis-alive-and
hearty, at his riiidene - iii Kirtland. .1k
still - believes in Mormonism, but not in-Joe
smith, w h o lie sayS has become prowl alai
worldly, and islorkalien- the Lord. -
To the Patrons of the firandreth regetable: Uni
versal have often found persons desirous to
know how soon thisinetlicine cure them., It is
impossible to say-,-it. altogether depends upoo die
state of the blood find hutueri. One thing may lid
relied upon--that iftfte pills are perSevexed with no
cording-to the•printud directiOu which- aecompanies
each box, the core will be effected Much sooner than
thh - patieut could have expected:. '
. The many Jinger
ibg.chronie diseases we daily see r , are owing either
to mercury or bleeding, or to ifot hiving. been pre
wily purged Vevers;lnflatunifitions'i Mica-.
Slesogrnall4iox t ortYing-in. • It is tiftrly'iinpos-i
-hldibr us to attain or seek health willidut sound pur
ging; •We May fasten up the Aborder by barks and
tomes, but if- it be in thtoddy, it Must codie ntlt bt- : .
tore health,dan be enjoyed, and sonnet' or laterltvidJl
brealc outolitselfoyorse.thaitever, if this method of
purifying the body•isilelayed too long. No danger
can arise from purging With Brandreth 4 s :Vegetable
Pills. It has been proved, beyond_dotibt, that theSe
celebrated' Pills and theliuman body are naturally
adapted one for the °thee. By the use of this. Glo
eious Medicine, the contdnia or, humors of the body •
can be :entirely evacuated, altered, and completely
regenerated; and in a malliier so simple as to give
every day ease and pleasure., • •
1* - For snie in airlisle by_GEO. W. lIITNER,
and in CumbolandSounty by Agents Tublished iu
another part ortiiis paper.
I hereby certify, that I wastaMicte&l for eight years
With a acvere,nervons di sense, amended with constant
pain in the breast,.side and stomach ; loss °lapin:tile,
no rest at night, sickness and dizziness in-the head,
pain in the stomach afiee eating, and other symptoms
which attend indigestion, my bowel, were weak and
irregular. Having had stilvice of varioimphysichms
durnig this long periodond used much mediciim
which only produced temporary relief. In the year
839, I Was often unable to leave my house, and be
ing a poor widow, dependant on my own labor GO
'living t was obliged to go from -house to house . to
obtain it. lat length : gave, up all hope's of , recovery,
and trusted to Hilo "that created all things.". 1 for
tunately was favored with work in Zighth street,
when the, famil v, discovering my mism•able situdtinu t
-reeommended . Ih l . U
PILLS, which they procured for me: I used them ;
and continued for about three - months; during. the
timmmrstrength rapidly increased, toY cOuntthiance
and palid cheek ectiirfied to their former and natural
colors: Juive,fully . recovered, and at paesent
°!im-,..pertbet-healthr--.1-feet-it-Intrt 1 iofornrthe
public atlimge of the great virtues of
LICH'S 111EDICINEolvit otbers - nuti_procure
and he likewise . 011101, .1
'am well- known - in this
city; any personniftishity , to ice me, can call at my.
,Thekson Rtreet, hack or 141 roplarlane.
Street; Philadelphia, .where testimonials may be
seen. .
For nab , by John J. Alyers & Co., aarliste; .611
11'61. Pa.
'ln Lancaster city, on the iltli .iris ant,
by tlie'Rev. Alr. GlcAner;Alsjor
ALLEN . , 6 of, -to
t,bc._.'Rev:,JOlut '156:
I SIINIZI.CXUA-G:i4PS.Siallofthiseciunty.
On 2 -PueSday--the- 9,9 th • 11117,-by-tito--liiir;- 1
\V.'l'. Sprolc, Mr. HARRISON
to SARAI-I—l both orthis
. ,
D 1 t.I D,.
,/In this boron Nonday evening last,
Mrs. BA RBA RA-ICE,IGLE,Y, relict of the
late Mr. Jacob Keialcy-,-aged 85 :years—.
d e In this borough, on Saturday .morning
lastOliss RAUIIAEL SPO'1l'SW001?,
dlinghter. of Mr. James Spottswood,
n South Middleton township, on Satur
-day-- morning last, :111 - iSsHCFAT II A RINE: -
- .
Campineeting will be held by the order of the
.11retheen Christ, (actin! land of Jonathan
Neidig, 2 miles cast of Carlisle, to eommehee on . the
..2d 4t tiept,onher. ~.;
No Ilnekstel's will be permitted to tome within
the Ihnits•prescrihed by law.
Is 14, 1541
The young *mechanics and work•ingniefl
of the borough, .are requested to meet at
McClelland's Hotel, on Friday evening
next, at 7.1- o'clock. MANY.
Carlisle, July 1.1,1811. •
Printing Estabibthinput ,
FOR 8.11,
" Expositor" is oll';'.1-ed
for sale. It is the only -Whig paper in this
eounty, has a large subtreription list, a fair
amouift of advertising - and job custom, with
_ample_abil_good=inaterials for- -publishing-•a
weekly paper. •
Letters (post:/nrid)addressed to (lie 11;d1-
tor, will theet with prompt attention.
July 14,• 1841.
Tlionisonian .I.lotanic PraCtitionee,
or Medicine and Obstetrics, Mi . .
. Alexai ider's Row, near the
-Rail Road liatel,
T-D EspEc..,.rt , uu. informs his fritmils and the
jut public generally, tleit (through solicitation) Ise
IlaS relnOVoll from Shiremanstown to Carlisle, eltere .
he may -he robed at all times, unless professionally
enga,ged. The afflicted shall at at all times be }resit
ed with purely Vegetable Medicines,"No Poisons,"
and in strict accordance with 'the principles laid
down by that great reformer in medical
Samuel Thomson.
Chrinuie-t44.,,sueLAs-Consumptions,lj ver c(1111--
pini as, 'I humgres,' Itheumatisms, and .Liancers, are
more partidularly iiithrine . d that the New System! is
admirairk adapted to their cases.
Invalids from a distance 'eau be aceommodatell
with Hoarding While under unethical treatment, out
reasonable terms. - •
Carlisle, July 14, 1841.---tl.
A trditoi•?s-trtiolicei.
. The subs&iber bang been appoidited atidite to
Marshal the assets in the bands of Daniel Shirenunt,
Administrator of Samuel Sibbets, dce'd., :mow , the
creditors of.saill.deeeAsod, will attend at the I rou'e
of M. 111eClelland, in the llokough of Carlisle,ou
Monday this lath August nekt, at 10 o'clock A. 111,
lit. that purpose. 4
Carlisle, Jay 14, 184.1.—,1t
7o .olp. CrciMors.
:rake notice that we have applied' lo the Judges of
the Court of Common Pleas of Cumberland county,
for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Common
wealthond they have. appointed Mondaytke•Mli dug
Atigulit.isext, ror ow hearing of us nod our
i:redilol`9. at the Court !louse, in the borough of Car
lisle, when where yotf may attend, it' you think
• 11. CUMMINS,'
- Amk . .._s. !ANT
7, .
I --
• Noticeto Cikntreactoes.
Sealed•l'roi:Osals wilf•, ; be received tht: snliscri,
hers nir to Fruli,y; the '2311 inst. ; for gradingatul pav
iag Pitt sereet;Voin Loans! All 4 to where it inter
sects the thenord: side of the town: Also
for'grading and 'eepairing the saiiieNrect from' High
street to Locust alley. All the uiUterials to be found
be the contractors: • • • ,
. • ..
Profiles of the. work can •be seefr.iittlip - stdrii of
boob Seiter;.itt any tune preyiou s . to thellitYlitltr&et
- W. ItHEEM,. ,
Cuminifte of Council
:91Piimo; July
JOHN 1 , 0111„ P.
NV. F.
Th e - w h ser ib ers hair On hand , w smill•lot of la
g ,azl Misses Frit:Ft& Shoegoihieh they
itectitevoLfpr 43. h. . •
,•.'. - sitaxAsr.
Julie 9,1744, •
• •
At, an Orphans' Court held at
Carlisle 011 7fuesday thellth of May HU; and
CUI - 1111M111111 county, the follotying proceedings
wde had—to wit:
Upon file petition of George Harlan, administra
tor of Stephen ifagan ilee'll.,.,representingr hat
John MOCollum late o'f 'Stintlitimpion township in
Stud eetiniY dec'd.;seir,eo in Ceti dimple of a tract of
land situate in Said township; leaiing nine chil
dren, after - whose 'llthitli,"lVilliam and rthibaltl
McCollum, two of his sons, conveyed their' interest
in said Ilintl, (hireling ”fotaidivided nintlis,)fp Darrel
btu s ThNish--afterwartis,io Wilt on the 9th May 18211
siiid Thrush mortgaged Ilieland conveyed to him by
floe said Ntee(ditinis', to Robert-Mcßride and Hugh
reenfiel doul ini raters Ofgolur McCollutn dee'd.
to secure thP Payment of $9OO, to be paid in three
equal annual payMents,.conimencing . on the .11 th
1l pril 100, - silligi mortgage was assigned by the
aforesaid inortgagees to the alcu'esaid Stetrimirllarlan,
dec."(l., the 91.11 May 1896. , ,
The' cal estate of the afidesaid John McGolkfit,
dec'd. - ;:ifier said mortgagolwas giveti;was valued :Mil
appraised on a writ of partition and valitation issued.
out of the Orphans' Court of 'Cumberland county,
mol ou the:llth September 1839, confirmed to George
Hoch alien'ee of some ,of the heirs aforesaid John
McCollum, dec'd, and the. Court directed the said
George floch to miter into:i'ecog,iiizance.forthe.pily-:-^.
ment of the shares of the aforesaid AVilliani, and
Archibald McCollum, upon which the aforesaid,
mortgage was a lien, into the Orphans Court of said
county, agreeably to the provisions orthe act of As
sembly.. Awl the said -George lloch, in ptirsuance
and 'discharge of his said recognizance, did pay „to.
the Orphans' Court on the' 14th April 184015425 62,
moron the9;811.1111y 1811 the furilier sum of ,V 2,05 52
000k - i6g•alfss3l 14, whigi said sti m, said petitioner
alliltiges he is entitled to receive in payment and dis
charge of the aforesaid mortgage so as,aforesaid as
signed to Stephen flarlan,-anteprayed the 'court to
order and decree the paymeht of the same to the
said' petitioner:is administrator of the - said Stephen
Harlan deceased.
grant a rule on the parties interested to appear 'at an
Orhans' .Court to he held at Catlisle on 'rueStlay the
31st day. of August next-to. show cause-why the stint
Visi 14, deposited in the Carlisle Bal: to the
credit of the ,Orphans' Court of Cuanherland enmity,
should not he. paid to Ceorre Ilarhut,adttinistrator
of Stephan llarlierdeceased:
None!: is theraore; Iteeeby - giVen b y me, pur- •
seance of the aforesaid (tide of Court,.to tilt person!?
interested to aPPear at the time and platie shove
mentioned *and .4ltow cause, if any they have, why
the tiforeSaid stun of $631 11 shouldnot be paid to
the albrcsai d (;eorge I larlita aided nistrator . ef Stephen
tartan deceased, agreeably to theprayer of the afore
said petititiner, - •
31:1111'IN Sher:lll
Sherifl's (Mice, (.!arlisle„?'
.July 11;1.841. 77 5L . •- .
ic it -
mitriter of boitrilers iooltisitor's, The ,spriiiga ttiv
situated -Lk miles -north. of Carlislei. mid
smrtlt of gterrett's t;:ip, .the'tiAlo Availing from ,
tit 11 Itiovie eo - .. - ; hi :afire; toNilthy
and I . 6 . lllAlliiel place. TIM Conotiognitiet creek'aiiil
Nneth_ Atotnifaip' aJiirlf are t tvo
distant Itlforil-aninseilient . to - /LM isiters 'HS are
rood 'cif .aogro% and giuming. I.i .adililiou t(i the
(nost ample'aceonimodatiohs, there is also an exteil-'
hive bathi lig establishment, both : anon ani I cold.'
- • • • I). CORNAIAN.
• Ilarmielie will rim front Carl - isle to the.
Springs . tlitring the'svason, for the. iteeoinmatlation or
.. •
July 7, IS-lb.
.slide qf Jacob illartin, tlec'd. • -
- bt .
Toro , low..,hip,c.;;;lnherl a nd cotody,dee'd.,lntre been
issued ia due Mt in of law to the subscriber: NOTICE
IS herebygivcii to all fiersons having claims-against
the, eqate of said dereAsed, to preNent them for set
tlement ; and those indebted to make immediate
JOS: Pil M ARTIN, Fxet'i
ulr f 2, 1511.,--3t
S:tiviteil hi the liorotigh'of Lewisherry, York co:
l'a:, IT miles from Carlisle, and I. fronyork. T
between Lewisherry :i. fork,liis . te!y been
ecusideralily improved, awl is now•iii gootl.oriler.
The solNeriber thankful for past fautirs, respect
fully sulieits.a continuance or patronage, lull would
Tulin nt!!u: pliblie that he has 'entar:.retl :mil fitted up his
house in II %'lT)' superior Still . -30 feet in fr011t; with
poetics, parlnrs up and down stairs, beds and chain.
bets clean sail well ventilated. . .
- • I 1 is table is supplied with the best the mallet eau
uflm d.
• 1 •
In addition to his stilicrioi• ligiforg, awl varitv of
u fors, lie kecici fur stunoirr use, a le, beer, eitler,.stala
water, ice, ke. &e.
Good stabling foal yard fin• drovers, &o.
- irl - Charges moderate; atolin accord tritl(tlic
lily 7tli„1811.-3t.'
. And . person's Building repairing
Dwellings, Bfic. . •
y Patent Upper and improved'
Lower IVinilottjsasli• Springs, %thick have
been recommended by many of the best Carpenters
in die country, and took a t premium at the exhibition
of the "Amerietin Institute" in NeW York, oe4pber,
IB.iB. For sale at the Il:udwat•c stores in Carli'sle,
Nett ville, Shi ppensburg, thambershurg, Gettyslitirg,
York, ilarrisburg, Landishurg, Stickney S Noyes,
Baltimore; Carr & Feeifn, Lisingston & Ly111:111,
these springs ate at'e i labelled, waeranted, and have
with. them necessaryldirections for putting in pro
perly, nail can be suited to all kinds of windows, for
letting upper sash 110%111.
They 2111.! LI Slllll2ool' 1:V4(111 . 11g - to * AI imlows that are
hung-sp as the lower sash may_lteafastuned down, and
the upper sash left tlq wu a few inches.withouta pus
siidflty Trom - th troutsi -
?` - • " 11. ILUNIXOND.
dally.7th i •
Proposed Anramiment
•• • , UonstiltitiOn; • •
".Resolution relative'lo'the .Imetintefit
of the State ConstitOt?ori;
pEsciLy ED' by the Semite and IhAtme of Ile
piresentatives in Guttural Assemblylitet, That
the Constitution of this Commonwealth be amended
in the third section of the secontLarticle, so that it
shall read as follows: •
"That the Governor shall hold his office turitlg
three yearg ; from the third Tuesday of January,
nest .ensuing his election, aunt shall not be eapithie
of holding it longer than a single term of ihree 1/ ors,
in any term el years.", .
11'31. h. CRABB,
Speaker of the Mouse of R.preseatatives.
.Ik. H. EWIM
Speaker of the Sena 7
Penn slily a lit; ss!.
Stame.r.vox's Omer. I On hereby certify
th.d the' thregoing• is :Oink. 'copy .of a Resolution
proimslitg an amendment of the Constitution, which
was agreed to at the last session of the Legislators;
by a majority of the members elected to each house,
the original of which remains tiled in this office; and
in compliance with the tenth article of the Constitti
lion of,the Commonwealth, I do hereby cause - the
same to be Published, as-directed Iy the said article.
IN TESTIMONY Whereof, I have
. 441, 0 06. hereuttto , set loy,band - mul . - seal - or sat&
.7;, 4 41.. alto, at Ilarrinsburr,, , tim 14th day of vitt t Atmoe,
tnoto• • FHS. R. •SIIGNK,
- sxretury o/ i/u. Commonwealth. I
Jane:3o; 1'811,•---301'.-
A stoatl lot orSeythes, best qunlity;w ilk be .ibld'ut
ess than lirst cost bp the sob'scrlber. • - '
Julio 2s, 1811., • "
A stoils ot,poopi no*Bllovs,. S.0)1 on hand,
and will be sold at less tbstt cost by the ISiiliscrib&s..
Estale of Ilndrew Slayjar, dec'di, ..
eStateor Andrew Sitishee, hite of Alm borough' i
Of "Al . vlainieslitirg, Cmit beidiudl county, deed., link
• been issuhl - to the subset. her t•esiding in the alin•e
said borough:. Notice h hereby
. giVell to all persons
indAted to will eshde, to, make mittlediate payment, '
and din's:: having , o,Mirds to lirescnt them for settle,'
mow. • .:: '' • '
15 virtue of a Writ: an. l'o'stVentlit 'l'm if Ex=
lamas, to me direeltd, issued out of filo; Cotfit
el Outman' Pleas or Cnnilwr,laild enthity, tUill~ l be tax
thO,Qohtt tho,•bo: .
rough ore:whale, oti Feidav the edit day of'July,
11.'1141, ut 10 o'elodk, A. M., late TolloWhig Oseritift'r
estate, . . • - •
A. Lot Or. Gtoontl- '4litato' hat:
-Newton- forviailiii;-
of danica lkenedy,. Es 4. trie„east, 7 --•-•••••- : •
Nficetuttll i sit's heirs on the *eta-,
on the south:, .limes - liuNton's lilies -.Ott 11;§ north,
.enniaining thee and` a half iidei r .inerie or'
Seized and .taken eitaallon,•'as the isrtititit•ty ot
Samuel I)itfitNott. . • • .• • . • .
tinnk Corn and-Oal s receivpiir
Subscription el this Office:. ;
Public Sale:
• By no. Oilier of the, Orphans' Court of - Cumber:-
bind county ; to roe tliineted, I. Wilt e)tpose to PUblie
Sale, on the premises, on Friday the. 27th day, of
August, 1841,.tit l 0 o'eloo4, A. M., the following
deseribeil real estate, to •
,d 'large Doalrle - Taia - Story !,
tautava autotroma
. -
LOT :OF • . '
. . .
t4linite hi the borough of Meelianieshurg,Cumber
land county', bit Main street, adjoining the' Union
cliiirelt lotyllllll . a tot of Valentine -Shriek, being the
late 'Manakin H0u5e . .A..3.01m Cloie, -deed. Also,
one other - . , • • •
. .
. ' Dotttli'. rujo Sim?, . 47?.
LB.. ,, ,,
a(gzt n(t)1701,2, item,i
in ilig.,kame. Boroiigii, situate nivtith Main streeli
licluidltittl Nun: Kinsey and Willi:taxi Bigley. Alio.,
Ltit orGroimil, •
containing about 25 feet front on-the tail road, and
80 feet in depth, , liotindlel by die rail- road, by the
first deserihed lot and' by Valentine Shock. This
lot will be sold together with the Mansion House
peeptirtV above described: Weilliproperties are very
advantaji,eonsly site:tied for any kind of business:—
The terms of sale nitten per cent. of the - piirchase—,•.--
beta tichii paid - on die confirtnatiopor_the side, the'
iesidueof the one- half Of nioney to he- .
paid on the lot of,April,lB , l2,,wirit_posieSsion wilt
be given, and the other half on - the lsf of April ; 1845;
with-approved security; after &dieting the widow's
interest, which shall 'annually by the poreha-!:
sett, and the_ principal at her death to the heirs., •
- Adirer:ofJohn Close, (feed:
June SO, 1811 r •-GI
Sheriff. • Saksa
BY v.irttie ofswatry wt its of Veutlitioul r.miotts:i;
to tt.t. itiree,ted, issued out cifilleCotirttif
Inca' I l kas of Cilioberland "county, •be exposed
to pitbltU Safe s‘the Court: IlantSe in the borough of
Carlisle „ on Fritlay the t2.3(1 (lay of „July, A. 1). 1841,
at 10 u'elbelt, A. AL; the - fallowihg described real
estateolz: •
A. tot of .Gr mate in the
bormigy of Neehapiesbm.g, Coinbetlaml 'etittatt,
hounded 011. the east by IV ill m Peubles, die' •
Witt by - John CLose's ,heirs, an alleT on the soitth,-
ant .Mahi tleet on the north, mutt:lining thirty-I - Mir . %
list in breadth, and ttim 'Modred feet in depth, more .
•a Lot, of Geoliiio;Slitr .
in the borough 9f Carlisle, tiiitaining sixtyfeet
tiretyltlj;:atitt:t‘ettAiiiiiileed - ftirty . fejt — in , depth;
tuore,or feks, adjoining a lot of :lona Agneiv on the
sinalt, a let of lianntel _Alexander-on-the north,-the—
.Grave Yard' on the-east, and 'the thdtintore turnpike
on the ‘'esl., liaiiug tliereoir erected - a two story
Fen we' I ick Wash halite and Fyn ine Shade..
Sei', l .etl and. taken in execution• as the priperty of
George Matt h ews. • -
Also, a Lot - of Grotinc 57 0
in the borough cIN - ifwville i on the tomer of High
street and Chorea anti bufulded on the West by
a lofof ,Itssii Duel:, containing 60 feet in ifreudth
I igh street, and one- litindkd and eighty feet. iii
Church basing a two story Log-and
Frame, ilon-ie thereon, and - stable and slaughter"
Aso;-lot in tire said borough;
on the road leading from Iligh street to the. Cumbe
rland :Valley nail bounded-by a lot ":of 'Joseph ,
Otto, Tlezekiah Itoads, and flioniiis 'Paxton contain
ing forty-three feet in front, and two bun:feed bud
twent;f'-iven feet in depth, be the same more br lest:
Seized and taken in execution as the profrerij' of John
'And to be sold by me, - •
P.A11.. MARTIN, Sheriff:.
sberirs Office;
23 ,1341.
.1`11A 1 . 1 .2Q)11.1 , 4
• Id persons wishing to be supplied with the ear-
Hest city news, niay feel thernserves much ~rati=
lied by calling the suhscrilki.s, where Abu Cali
selection of the following dailY and weekly
papers, iz:—(he Philadelphia DA) , Chronicle,
Ledger, and Spirit of th 6 Times; IsTew York Daily
Herald, Weekly Herald; Ifrothep Jonathan, New
World, Yankee Notion, Boston Notion, Maga2inea,
&e. Yee. to be had at the store of
Carl i IC,. 1 S 1
Hf Mtr•Old yards..allove Me
• .11ar,i,sburg
• The StdiScrrher purchased fin
excellent assortment of seasoned
I 'aline]; Como-mil- Boards & Planlc
roiti 1,4 . 4,11,10 2 incites thick; and frop 12 to 20
'rert long.
Ash. Plank,•
from t to'_, 3 and 4 inches thick, seasoned: • .
,Cheir', Curled, ;Ind - Neils ,Frye .
vie; White Pine Rails; Juice Raft
ers and Si:aniling; Long and short
• 11 1 hite-oak.liolighead
-- and Barrel Staves.
The subs,erilier, thankful th• his friends
for past favorS, feels disposed to do WA part
to.seofire again the?t Ottoilage. Call and'
exainide his assortment.
Worrakysiao• g ; June 16, 1841.-31.
l'ariatership .
rr Sc
M. CO-PARTNIWSIIIP between . S. burs.;
. .11Ens i of 'MetdtftMOMeg,
Forwaurding and Cow misiroo blipineAs:iPas di sioltrd
he ommal oeuseta oti the tali nt April,, 1841 . . The
- eogne'd iiithe same liusiness,sep'li.,
rately mid distioetiv ; S. Dresbach ticeopying the
tionse .oust of AreehnoicslmTg, and M. May the
!loose at the wat'et' station.
Meelutilicsburg,„lune 16 / 1841.-.3t•
,Punt 6,184 i
.1011 N SWISJIEtt; Eier.V
.Nre.lsakiiie.hburt. , :,.ltine 0, 1941.* ,
Sheriff's Sale,
. , .
Andto be said .me, .
Slteritr 's °Meg, •.?
Carli 4 sle,luoe.23 184 f. S
J 0,11 X GRA Ag't