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*Ol sir'PEpailap.s - &
Witelstlay, , .Septlember 19. 11 537,
2We Pe . opk's Cahrlidales.
FOR 171E8ibENT, . :
- Teat& ixtuacauiwilamat
• 4 I emocr4tieeatil:lll.Aiiiiic r
t Ticket.. •• • _
Charles B.' Penrose,
Jacob Caksat.
John - Coover, Itfeeripticsburg
11ffiailid, S.
James kale& • -
Ulrich Strickler. •
A u.D yr o R.
COR 7:4 ER,
alfichoir_:ilrettateniftiti --
paati,ef ILecky.'
Re it Rfineml4Cred,.:Frecinaeol
chht - the - success - of wholdsome Coil:Attu-
tioKal rieformthe curtaanten( of:Ct . n;pnrnte.
Frivile•gesthe 're.rtoratibit-of
'rency—t he Freedom of the Press-Hhe pre-
.serliation_9f.Egpal 4iglits.ancrPOlic Nforali
ty=the extinctionlof- irreTiponsible mnney
. _
corpoiations- - -th.o: - 72 F.= EL — E C T CINS F
:4NTI)11 ASO. I I IC o 11.".E;zg_
.71 , 017.47/1838—s-the PROS . I I. IIATioN OF
~.„PLAS'T'ER:'AIti'-Y and Explosion of th(ir
. HUMBUGS—the tof Republi eau
2 Prinpiples; and the PERMANENT 'AS
::;CENDEN.CY...OF.THE_D E o 1?.4
771 7 111rf A cX.A'7C P 4RT Y in `P, nusvp .
ia 11 - A of securing th - e - eteeti(4s-of
the Patriot HARRISON in . 1840, are_
aion§"which will be greatly and deepiY-affre;
LOA si on 117•111 r.
This is our firm and deliberate opinion; and
we therefore, for the advancement and suc
cess of the above Principles and Measures,
doh 'ow NAIL 'O4. FLAG TO THE
MAST—where it must remain until it'shall
aES -. 0.F THE 111.4 SONIC • •1 1 1/I.A. RU
TIONS... •
6. 6 6 6 6 - .6s
2. amaw
, - Agreeably - to - a — recommendation of the A mi.
.Masonic Senatorial. Conferees, the people, of the
senatorial district, composed of the Comities of
Cumberland, Franklin and Kdams, are requested
to assemble in public .. .meeting. at the house of
Robert- Cochran, in the frorough of Shippnnqpirg'
'On--Saturday the 30th day , of S3optomb'b ,
„IMO., at. 2 o'clock in the afternoon of :.aid - d - Ty, to
deliberate on the varions'questipps, on which the
elections this fall will turn . The citizens of -aid
'counties without regard to parties are invited to
September 19th, 1837.
As we have beenAglegated to attend a : _counly
ctitiVention, of the friends of the Temperance
etude, to be held ( this day-at Shippensburg, we
*4llCoicaeijuently beab.C - tit;hemthis number of
our paper is put to press. Our readers will
'therefore overlook:id) errors which.may appear.
- • 0 'Xi k . "• -
Our neighbor of the Volunteer.„4,As . tire
'trot), how we can expect to , carry oor,.county,
ticket at the approaching. election, when we wei.e
beaten at •the,last trial: The reasons fot , suckpn,
expectation; we think' nre very obvious' to t i ny 1
be, sucegsful is, that viirliilect is Vie best
_'offered_to the voters of the countv.. Our seetnut
.it ,... ithe causes whicitp„: -, .ierited in prodn
ing the total toilt and . i '''-'r)i ''re . F the van
.__, ~.: weir ferces at the reeer, : ,t.. l'ifsi ; thAntitit i
1 4,.
In the East,. and" in tili .. ' t'l'ivi 95' 4..ffvetna I
_, emin the.ove rt
hrow Or po liticalerrors, a
n an
leitabliShtiiteit ..c.ttlie puretinciples, for a oic I
live oritehtl.. _Anothert re - a
-nn Mt
• ive notonly think; i?tit4)into that it gin
. I to& awaits-I.i - 16 - tleit:We "lave the . :trevitli to
eitlct it. • ...' •
. . ,
..,:fiteri is inodier con ideration s which however
• sti-CohlyiiiiipliCalilto that port of the tick i'wl which
relfogq.,to the Met ertik s ilAssemhly—titat is; . iliat
71t4iiiitil - be - iiielteetibn ifkon - tli - e - Tko - e - tl,iieiii. - of
• the peOple of"hip . iibunty t i td Suppose for an in
-. nt, that they will sustain thetWo Candidateson:
:____•,. e:\ Aran Buren ticket,- wicae entire irk:fficieney - •
\ -- . -want of energy and iniluence`ond Whmie new
• lot 'of ihe-lictcl'ests, of theft; constituents, iyaa , so
typare#4 . 9t the last sessidn Of thel,egislatoFef, - - - :,
)1 7 .e_do.ii - ot thusspeak .of lyoodhuo and Gingtiii
• . fOr the purpose Of censuring them, for they, in till -
". 3 preitiabiliiy, did the best that theiiliinited capaci-'
_-. tiy, would allow their Want of intellectrinfolna.
. ~.
tfiol4ln4 ,: , .011tWVieoess fOr. the •
41f!.ce;tgae' .
and, ;
:W' yet nothing,of „the 'dUngpOtS
- doctrinei• reOdlnendatiOnsaescrryToM:4; , .
stituents ttie last n ren s elpage.• •
• •
..Nature leas ficihe:.btit-:'2111tIne"-frilr''.iliOiet-eilndidalest:1$?:,.,:,,44191lhermotu!ormrprg•lealut-e of iLT":l l lrheu
.iginir one - " 1 -
them, for'beinilwa'situation, Whjch; ' ies _
.that,.stich , ..nn institution`' WO4
• least, they' reflected ,no Cy. tisiire 0 1,,0 111 11,
.1u!. fl a monied in f luence as to make ,
nicheS party ,W . l4ll : :eltiCtict.thrili:' and
outl2o4helibertici of Bic.: Thls
meo, a .glea weightwith the " people, and-in
upon, the , - cnontf. few reasons for. our
be - -dee med., insoffielent by , gip. f r i en d s o r rsoityithe' arglirpOirwits
the-Volunte - ei s, , - ry - muiher.eafter -- 4SsikM:SMniefeW. reference a
-. to Bnuk, must it in - a:have a aow.
others which will. litiOfiiihji- ma ke force
,when 4)17110,1p - the G overn.
Co_our-way of thinking.: .• ' itseyr-wpjoh-tdreadYliissq*.!i:d.. vast intlu
• enc
nd,powet ?-float assuredly it-must -
•The people Of lierinsylvania have called a con.
welitiun to amend the:Constitution Of this state,
chiefly to'curtairthe Plorpillige of the Governor,
under the 'conviction that - he had too much I;oW
er and ,influence., What must they ,think of
President-Aran 'Buren, who -possesses' power did.
patronage yastl'y j beYond what our state Governor
possesses, and.yet asks to fiave'all the'monied,. in--
,fluence and power of the gountry added !!!
- 7 - ;:tVe -- riiry confidently the , .people Mexer will sub ; -
-mit to such derrisnds. ' • .•
• , "
Tl'he - p'resident has alf .- .lly too nnitli - p - oweinl - .
t-luste' Ud of adding to them, let them
..... ,
rather hO,eurtailed., •• '• '• •
- Lest - week we 141 before Our readers, 'Neal- .
dent.. Van litiren?s message to Congrss.
readers ire a wate.thaeC.otigresphas heen coht;e4e.
ed mike than.usuit, by proclamation Of the
president. Last 'week we had , neither time nor
space to make 'comments •on the ~message, and
promised toretnerk-uponit in this p - aper.'one en-.
quiry h3foreici upon uS,on . kpernsat of this nees
&tie, is this: ForwhiatifipoSaies•
-greislleen .essenibled in sn extraordnier.y.e.9sston ) .
by, the P!'es . iiletftf - 11to rthetie. the cuunfr.
from iy present• embarrassed situation? No! no
plan .it propoicd
! ry!, - the President distinctly sags.that it Ts ito part
of the duties of the gaverUment to aid the citizens!!
%Vasil ;to aid-the Banks toresume the payment of
specie? Not.. For the Measures proposed,,,instead
Of co-operating'tn produce in deairable-a .result:
are calculated to prolong, rather than exkdito so
desirable a result, &to wrest from Q eilr man who
is in debt all his property at . ' adful sa'crafice.
• • .
Was'it to enable the Presiden, rasp thlfitnds
of the government, and appropriate
The* pre9ident has thynt all at his own
.atkl. had no risques to
~ rAtn,
them, till
. the regular meeting of Cjongreas: It
cOula.not be for that, - ------
. . .
, ..
FUT-WIT - if then has Congress been called togeth
er? Most evblently to.authoriie ' f'resiclent of
'the United States to Withhold. the Instalment of
- the surplus revenue, due the'states, and Payable'
on the Gist of cctobera : :.,Tbat this wasthe objeei
to be attained by an -early , ineeting-or-cupgress,-
.cannat be disguised
,Jlol'. controverted. Aliwdy
lias-ii bill lipeFfrej)oried in both branches of Con•
grew to eirectuate.,,that purpose!! - Mr. Van
ren tong since det:ettnined that the' people should
have_lhisinot.t4y, let.,the — conseguencei be as
they would,- prove this, the — eTtdence is at
halid, and is IrTete inserted. The followhig is an
extract - of a letter. Irtph;;Mr."Vaii Buren, dated 1.:
" L A .11! , trc ugy 8,.183G...
"Dynil n:—ln_answer to your first qurstion,
"Will you, if eleened -President nf 'tire United
States; sign antl7spiirove: - a: bill. distributing the
Sin plus 11 , each State,',' Ste. imsner:
"it is triy firm conviiltion; that any system by
which -5 ilistribut ion is: nide - ammiT ,, stilic - Stlatis;
i ,ormioneya.collectgai r by fbe federargoverniiient,
would introduce vices into the Legislation of .
j both
-66 V ER.Ar.IIENTS, prodircißre of fife most in
.. . . .
urions ofects, well tipun the-best interests-of
the country as the 7 perpetnity or politi
coAnstinitions...l sincerely hope,l therefore, that
time good sense and patriotism• of the A Illel icon
"It is now. for :.the. majority of the people to
tb.: whether the,measnre referred to shall only
rated ap temporary expedient, forced up:
'on the cojw.rS , by a conjunction
. of extraordinary
cirennOffices—or, whether- th e distribution or
the pilblie cleposites shall be the parent and fore
L . "1 hope-and believe that the Imblie'voice WILL .
DEM ANU that - this species of Legislation shall
terminate with th eitinrkencv that produced
that EARLY and EFFICIENT STEPS will he
talien to PREVENT the occurrence of a elate of
things calculated to Irnnish ;iny excuse . tor any
written before Mr. Vau 1311rVWS
election. Since iber i , the Globe, Which publish
es MI:. Van BIIECIIN View!, has used the follow:
ing language:
. "MR. 1 , 79 N BUREN ILIS n.iirrp,nmr.vEn
.11T 41,L 11.7:43 RAS ; EVEN BY .fiSSUMING:-
Such, is the bold language of the Globe, the
Gwernrneta_papern -reference to the - distribt.
tion of (he surplus revenue. To carry this deter . -
initiation out, Congress has been called together
dk nn untistiat . : time, special elections in many
States have lad - tip be held at great_emensitand.
sacrifice, all, that the money wl.ich has been'ap
proptiated-to the,Statei may be withheld!!!
- The Tatik.fsage.
'We have itated.fliat.there is no proposition in
the message of President Van - Burent . to relieve
• the country; :and that there is a strong it
that it is tint the province of the Government to ye:"
heti the people !! There is, however, several
projects suggested in the message to relieve the
Gnueriint rii.`
,It appears dial it (the GoVel;m4nt)
ifi,i l ;soivent,;s,:.--915e.:0 • mojects is,
that„the , ,,h*onent of .the surpluS revenue which
was clirecte4 : hy law to lie distributed amonlttho
states,lizotsktbrwithheid—thati it shOuld not be
diSiributed. This
millions Three inthdred cind.4lthry-setten thousand
two hundred and fintricen cl Ilu • or e Lich near.
.Iy_oree_anillon_would-bo- oining to-Petins)-Iv7
_tint if the President' men: • ineridatlon be
adopited,'slie,will.lose thi sum.
--- Anotherriroynasitiiiii la - telt sue "freaSnry thititsi
or Mid ilosterS. -. I'.. .
We understand .that the draft 'oetwo laws Int l /
iiiretrili been introduced .into botit branches of
Congress,:kin . .aceot•dance
, yvith the pre'sitteitt's
stiggestiO,S,4the,onel lintt'ri . iing the withholding
of 'the Al;tive luelitioiititkitisuilment, and the oilier
.. ~
authorizing the is,tiiiig by the ,Uninell • tates.
TreaSury,''br.TT - V.E:L V. E MILLIONS op DOL.'
LaRS of TRE.4,SURY POD: S : Si) if 'tliese
billapass, ; L(;and-they will-be--urged -by the,Vsn-
Buren party„,) instead of decreasing, tl gcniernr . i
meat Will be iNcitcAr•i;:or, to anions 'oils extent;
.tote ;SINN PIASTER • CURRE Ci ? I? We
have iel;soii to tiielieVe, howeyer, the representa
tites uf.the people iivlll'nevr.'asseut lo.such - pro.l
; rats, ..- :• . . . - .
The Peeretorpor War has authorized Gen. Jesup
to address a call 10 . the Geiernor of AertiiekY,
tot u/ brigade ot . yOunteeis to serve in the mining
campaign it - • •
The President74-Jte,is'age.
for thdt pap
Vartio 1;) levant 4411, gie#01004111r4;
1 ,
r)se.. On-the contra•
. .
• . We giV i e. below extratt friltißwo l toys from .
different seciiiins of the county, on tit_ subject of
the - coming election. It will be per dyed: that.
our friend's are sanguine of suceesi, feeling of
i smith"): huwever, should not induce any man to'
1 awailiviill'foltle‘arins tlte•reetilt-a.the election.
I Every patriot shciuld . _Put on
_.llls armour end gird.
. .
I orrhis sword - for the' approaching contest. Great
prin'aides are involved, and fret exertions should
be Made to insure success.' oyr Country eipeas.
every man to do his duti.. • ' .
Extract - a:fiddler - elided ." ____.
. .
„ a •
m „ , ~..,.•
• •- • • * "Our prospecisja-Anstrit. are ,
cheering. ' Our liekei..givei - inore general satis ;
.Ifaction than any other which has been presented
to the public by arty party, for a - long tiine. The
.voters of this 'di:inlet 'have become heartily tired'
of the contemptible junto of loco 'fOcii politiians
atCarlislei - ivbo , always so .kiMlly ; ittidertake - - - tei .
regulate the political concerns'of the county, arid
I are de_ ermined to show their dfslike at the ballot
'bog.; r farthers and :others begin to. see that
they In' beeWsuppM ting_a.set_of. men-who .prate -
about "the people," "public libertY'.! and "de-
fnocracy"---vybilst they care for nothing-but their
own Once-4 am candid enough
to say; that f- tOgether with several othertitif my'
neighbors opposed- your ticket. at the last election.
Since then we have had" much - reaSen to change
- Onr_views, and. will -v'ote - . attcordingly. People
see that bad governing - IFt has brought. the - cotinvry
_into Its vesenisituation—if-has,-prostrated-cretlit
it has driVeli gold'aiiir.4l.lVeViiiiiilefiailaliOn'L-
Raralyzed baSiness - =thruyvn thousands out of ern;
ploy ment-z-atid toade'bankrupt, merchants,Manu
factnrers and mechanics. When the time for ac
-'-tioli-'arrives:Yoii will have .good account from
our end tfthe co . w.ity.. amiot slate with , llC
cturrwy any thing abo ' lifTn \ t ‘ r 'orities, but depend ,
upon, it w e will do ourdlity. , , ', - Iye..are -gaining
ground every *:•-• •••,, , .
Extract-J3'om aletter dated , - . -
ALLEN—TOWNSHIP SEPT. 1 5 , 1837 , .
Dear Sir:-I.om_glad-that Lam able to corn-:
municaie •good' tie s from our 'district. Our
frindsheteare.ln/good spirits, and are fully pre
pared to meet our appon Ms with the expectation
of gaining a/bandsor .. tory. 00 - Majority-
Nip be at / least double that which it was at the
election. Our commissioner 'Eckles, wil
many of the opposition vales from Stert;ett,
cannot run below„ the ridge." In Silver
Spring. our ticket' willdo havin been
great changes ‘ in public opinion witbitt_ a
weeks. Coovvr js very favorably known In the
lower end of fi*Lcounty, and will strengthen the
ticket. ..PenVOlo;twid;his'colleague for the Senale .
outrua fill-cOinpstition. You may depend
*Mit that belOrthe ridge we. will-gainr e atrthst
one hundred aid fifty votes. Success to the good
caulk! •
• Having 9?
~ 114 . 1 t week to visitthe city of
', brotherly; 161;;Whi'',Wi: wei - re favored With a fine
opportunity of seeing the Siiitrit delegation of In
aians, who were in the same train of cars, pursu
ing their.'way to Washington City, whither they
jour fey for the purpose of entering into treaty
with our government, by which the peace and
safetyLof one frontier settlement Wil I. be. mare ef
fectually secured. • Through the politeness of
Mayor I ahaferro, „who is the United States Agent
for the Sinus; and who .is journeying with the.
delef were introduCed to a .number of
them, much with
_these noble.
.—........ .
ie fled men of the far west. We
.r ever to have seep suet' 'a 11111 . M ..
, athletic and finely formed men
tope) , did 'not 'Witness so much of that
apparent apathetic indifference ,which we had
been-led4o : expect-frorr, v haEare - tiavrrOpiiiie - dryt
- heard and read of the Indian' character. - Their
- Cntintenanceti exhibited a high degree of sht4wd- '
1". 44- "iid inleihg;: i ntki -- itnd the-eye--glaneingfrom
' Object In object, as - they - were whirled Ant.,
shovied that they vere far filial beiit gwr ape
-._eel anal brethern ititheicitv, z,
speak 'of this lap . arent indifference -- ; but the sit;
tition- ol• the hit iatts In their
.iipiiiimmii in; the
city, where they a e codstimis of being consider-
Fed n rare show, Wi I 'fullyacceunt for it,,- as there
is acaiceoi moment that' thei - r privacy -is not in.
friiiett upon by : :_stiV .wender stricken white'
marl ‘V I i itt:iaatt p posed!te, fie Indifference,. is in
fact contempt, forwysaW . c;niugh to convince us
that t.' eh' being triadell l ie osfeati4:ObSers;atitM,
'and t eMarkexciteiFin their'bitostyfereign
contempt. T '
here waS one-ainopt Mein thac
excited our Particuatrattention; from his size and
fine prOptirtions.„wejlever saw,...a*man with til
ingre expaiiolte ; ;Aheilt, indicative of immense
sto4tii.; whiett*ltle,e4 . ,yeas provetl in one iri;
.and 'fem.illzll;ans. who liactettacite4
hiM simiiihmeously: 'We "could, spy ; , Much
about them; but must conclude. by , sayieg, 'that .
take. them ell, lb all; 'we tieereipee to,see their
ike agate !' " -• ,
Public Sentiment:
• '
NEWrILLEj SEPT. 13, 1937
Yours, &'c
. .
fiecued Dialogue
.. *Eielvireen J. latm.O repreieitiativeli,
Ake _legislature, afillnow_ a_candidte*ii-elec
Hon, ttilltiline •
J. iy:':, - (40.0
Very - vial, I thank • • .
;Plague. on, y,.h - ear you have
printed!_ c. 4ollc•yOiti,Tt tnrh dilihe other day;
in the "papers,ZliiiihOpptp , O,ct that. - •
in. sIIPP_CsO3IO.4 " ,, Other p(rati_ner
ashained to, let people kno 4:914 :
J. w. But did'ut yottl.knOn'r that flohl. you
'some things'as a necret, tvhfch..l did not wish the
Anti-mpgons I'll Mind-you tor -telling
Con. 0! d thought you did'nt' care for the
Anti-masons,'and that you•wern of 'opinion your
good friends would - you right or . wrong.
'What did'nt you wish the'"Anties to know?
J W. Why, 'daz if; I did'nt want them. to
know that 'was .indtked to vote for the big bill
, .
to 'aid Our political' -frien A. W
'and Joffn'l . or-to kill up ,oe
ner.:;:rhei'll make fuss about 'it. My inten%:.
' tiori was to keep them Imatters ; among our own
friends, to pecify,them'when nothing else would
qmswei.; -Irs.une of the greaLadynnfoges otLour_
party, that we, can help one another. 13.1 t now
"the cat's out of the,tiogr . Another. thing —J.
hate it so-that;you let out the gs.ret.of our'eats-
eits, that we supported' the bill to kill up the Gov
ernor. We y e anlluren members did'nt wishAhat
-16 get out, But now, plague on - the thiiig, its
printed pl7tfie-papers:, Lawful-heart 1
. ”liiii you
jiad'iit printil it. -
Con. • I thought - you were honest oPeiigoing
fellow, who said 'nothing you would be'ashaned
of. , But it appearsTrem your own account . of the
matter, t hat_you_do-not w ishitig - ttiitHrlcitrertir:
But enough: . of that: I ‘have antillie?" - ".cresi
pick7,,.with you; as told,yen-when wellaSt porter :
4 ,
J. - -Y; --- 'yes, I. suppOse you wish to get seme
, ..
itiii )g , for the printer. fromanditier 40 us' hear 1
what you have to Sq. ,
.1-was over -at he election district life
. other day, examining , the . Aiirnal,, mia I see that
'there,weie some Freemasons petitiOned theLegis „
letnre to.sell - on Governor gluier:lo show on'
,what autholityhe asserted that.Genei:al: Washing
ton had denouncell the Masonic liislitutiotln.his .
farewell address.: ralsaObserved that you:voted
to print the „smallest number of. copiespropoied,
and. then voted izganst priniing any -number of
copies at all!! I did riot nrideistand. this. I hope .
you can expliiiii'yOur conduct satisfactorily.
-J. W. Dad,friend; I think you ought to' under
stand that very 'easy. The Governor in his an
swer to_the_committee,inadelt appear as plain as
A B c,ihatperieral Washington warneethe pen
pie agdrist Masonry.. Lawful-heart, don't you.
see lfAv s e had - allowed-a 'large number Of copies to
be Whited, - the - 71 - iitiZil'risoniii. -- iiiiiiihers — iiroidir
.have sent them out all over the.state i -and would
have hurt onr-.yarty —and 'yo u know a : perso ie n.
ought not, ttcgire.e,Stick_to,hreak_one's own head_
with. When a'persim's elected.; by a party he
ought to iiiWk leo' his paity—should'nt lie? ,
' Con: . I think itsswell-ehough in party matters
to be a .party Man: Dtit when o ruin' become a
i . -
representative of 04 people,' and he is sworn .to
discharge the duties of his officewith fidelity,'he
ought to overlook party considerations In an hon
est and faithful discharge 'of his duty. It appears
strange, - that you would 'receive ;gentian from
the Masons, then iiiiiioint'a committee to demand
from the Governor his reasons' for saying that
i t,
Washing! n was opp sod to Freemaionry, and
when tl e Governor glues ?ifs reaSons, yourefuse
la liar thentpublished!! .
.; - -- 1 -
.W. Why, friend, you cut close! Don't yait
know that the Freemasons an.belong to.our Party,
and why shoukk we print thipgs: that is'against
them? ll'av'nt we always to-hike itp& of the.
Freemasons on our ti cket
. to keep them ln a good
humor, and make them stick to our party? As
lodg as they vote-with us, why should we. abuse
them?. , : .- " . .
- ._,...ant,..Sorne,,,sopie,f4iend James, I hope such
considerations wputd , pot induce you to do an un
just act !_lfou first put the Governor to the trouz
hie of hunting np historical records to.sustain'his
position, and then refdse to let the pOblic know
what he has 'to sW iii self vindication: That
wont do; Such a course 111 becomes: one who_
believes in the rigid.and upright creed of the Se
ceder faith. We. never ought "to do evil that
good may come!" The scripture never authori-
zes such things.
J. W. My
,good neighbor, .con.l must again
express rity fears . that you are inclining towards
the Atiti-masons. I fear. it is .your nonsensical
balde:rdash that is inducing many of our neighbors
to turn against sure I stucLcta my party
as .close as 1 could4nd done as Jimeh76 throw
obstacles in the way of the Governor as I could,
and yet y6u Wain - 6 me,how.,unieneroui!
Csn. Pin astonished!!! Was it to "throw ob.
Ataeles.jn = tite ,tysy,.of, the Go . rertiorr,you_were
sent to
,pe-littgislature ? ; Who ever .heard• of a
'men . being sent to the Legislature for that Pub.
pose?: If
_men are base' enough to act on fillet)
few are ivillidg'to acknowledge it. I
ear itmas very unfortunate tl!at. vopr
sufroyeil you to be sent tollie Legislature. Your
bOdUct dues the y party more harm • than'
"Honesty" u ill akirays and under all cireitmsfan
pie wduld- have given you more credit, lot• hon
estly, co:operillog with the Gov'ernorptearry
fug-9 ut_ tile:miessotes, tplije• Messoge„
than in endeavoring' to tlO'eat .all hit good "pro
'ecti.- YOtr reitiltul''me..c . i 4 t the Indian's urguin
. J. gr. flow did he argue?""
. •Con. Ho.thought it %%as riecesiarylo contra-:
'did everything that' cipiineiit said: his
oppone)st "the i.Vhete'SsUudiowe4 Jotie)i;"'
Tao'," 5035 the: Indien; ,
Go'vernor. R said "let'us be . eono-
.•T. itnec
", • 2 • • •
inierd; and, try •:t . c 4' s omeo pay" 9ine of 11~e. large state:
ebt." - *aye . tfd •yoi colleagues, •
the debt must be increased." "We must get the
Go into..,dtsa~ , sumo 'lid* or other."
But 'fear filettd-4Tamey, you hive put your ff,pot
into it: • •
• 3.11 r . You are tarnat)on severe. I can't stain
you. have,to
ansl,:hereafter set - you - clown - at Nnt!•niason;”
• • 4
--;sAt Clipuilando train 20'16 20 iiekk,
cent. premium. -
An the 3d inst. at' the resalencemf his mother,
in Greensborough, Caroline County,.:o.., after an
illness_ of ten days,. WILLIABI T AL ll.,Gonwtar,
member,Orthe Senior class orßickinson College,
in the l9tli year Of hia-age.. From a.communimi-,
iioif rroM-his family, we learn that jre was taken
!r4 a camp-meeting, which heyas'attemling
during. q6 ,, ,vaCat ion ;—that believing frOm the
first,4l4 , lkia sickness wa s unto death, he turned
hiaattintion More. carnbstly than evey,,tu‘ t4e
sOjeertirieligioni on whi - clr had, long
I . 3'gen::nxercised r —and that lie continued - in, :this,
his death; to:fejojce in God Otis Saviour,, and died.
in treat 'Ocoee.
In t."
tt;srffn able and sucuessful student, his clasSmntes,
a generonslisend , arid honorable competitorhis
mother,ithe pride and conttOrtorber widowhood.-
Combining, in a superior degree; genius Witlt ap
plication; he had already made uncommon ad ,
sancement in study, and was giving Promise of
high and honorable distinction, when thus arres;
tell by this rilysteriptia dispensation of Urn, to
whose will all must bow, in whnsewiddorn and
goodness all should Confide. His fellow students,
who parted with 'him, at the commencement" of
the_vacation hi health, and expected at its close,
to greet his , return to their snoiety, will, behold in
this sad client, fresh eyiderice that even_the:Most
viglifints . youth, and the most, flattering prospects
are nArctirity agiti , llst the inroads of death.
• • • • • -
~.. •
These medicines have long heon known atidapprechitCd e
for their extraordinary and ithinedinte - poivcrirotrestoring
perfect health, to persons sufferlieundeemearly every kind'
'of disease to whieljTheljuman fentne.heliabte , . . -l -
In many hundreds of , certifiefited , instances,‘ they have
even reactiedsufferers from the .very_yerge of an untimely
grave, after all the deceptive nostrums of. se day &lit. I
terly failed; and to many thousands they have iminentry:!
secured that nniforin enjoyment of health', without _which.
life , itseif -it but a 'Tether Wising,' So - great, indeed 'll:+3
'their efficacy invarinbly•ana .infalably • proved;thlet-itditts
appenred scarcely less then miraculous:to those who - were
_nmehquitinted with the heautifullyphill,sopleicaf ptinciples
upon whieh theyere
_compounded,_and _upon _ which_they_
euesequentty net. It was to their manifest and itilsible
actionln purifying the springs and clienuels of life, and , '
enduing them with renewed tone and vigor, that they were.
indebted far their name, which-was bestowed upon them at
the stiontancous_mqiiesliesCOveriAinilividuals whose Reek
they had obviously saved. . 'e I
The proprietor rejoices in the oppOrtunity affOriled by
-the universal
_diffusion of the daily press, fur placing Ins;
VEGE PABLE LIFE. PILLS . within the knoselyage anti'
reach of every individual in. the community. Unlike the I
hest of pernicioui quackeries,, which boast or vegetable in
gredients, the Life Pills are iolely , veget able; rind contain
neither Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, nor any other min
eral, in any form whatevi r. They are entirely composed
of extracts front rare and powerful plantsi the virtues or
which, though long known to several' Indian tribes; and
recently to souse eirintent - plearnincentical cliemists,are alto- .
gether' unknown to the ignorant pretenders to: medical
science; and were never • berove administered in so happily
- efficacious - a - ccitithinettiems--- _ '
_-'--- ' .
. The first operation isioloosen the coals of the stomach
,and bowels, th verities impurities and crudities constantly
- 4(7ttlitigletapid ens; and - tet , l;l;Weive the horde:nett faces
which' tlialect lii,• '''Cosiveeutionj of the' small intestines. '
Other medicines Part Ily cleanse the se, andienve inch col
lected - mosses behind, as to produce. habitual costiveness,
- with all its - wain of evils. or sueldeiediarrlicen,, with its int.-'
lirinent - tlangerse-rhifact Is well. known to all regular
unatuniists, w has examine the human hostels nftei death: I
and-hencethe peejudiceof these well informed men against
the genick•ineiliehn s• of - the mgr:. --- The settitel.eff. et-of-the
VEGE FABLE-LIFE PILLS 13 to cleanse the kidneys end'
theisleader, and by this walls, the liver and the twigs,
the Innelaliful action of which entirely depends upon-the
regularity of the urinary organs: - Tim blood-, is Lich taltc.s .
its red color from theeigeiwy_of theTivhe-and-the-lemine
fore it passex - into - the - heart - „litfrAlAtoi s ltktle,„, .
mild 'nourished by_ food &milli it maw a ii.. 3 / 4 vkb 's • 1,2
.snouts Ct.-1y through the reins, renews ever) - pail a' he •
System, and teliperp - leently , Mounts the leamihr of health •in
the 'hemming cheek: . . •' ' .
'. Ihe rullowing oreamting the distressing variety °Nieman
,diseuses, to si Mull the Vegetuble Life Pills are - well known
to be infallible:-. • - -• . - . . ,
bysmvstA, by thorciughlk demising the lint and.,
sechnalitainachs e ated creating a flaw of pure, Ninths , bile,
instraiTof the stale Mid acrid kintle- Flatulence Pe:Tit:llion
of - thelwart;Loss:or.App,tit2,_ll.t.boro._onlimood-oitho
ite,tkasilk•ss i " I.ll=tilapiei — eVitirietl', - I.istuvioc,_and..._llelan;-I
choly,-whieleare , the - gctierill - Yyliipeoins or Dyspepsia. will '
-.Lanlsh . 1 0 natural - eunsecineucemein,c-orc.—Cosftveness e .l
by el, nosing the whole iength of the intestines-,with a sol
oist, vent proc,ss, and without volienhe; all Violeta purges have
~,,1 . ,b,, Ache, els Costive within tiVii slays. UPwrietto and Cholera,
:-----, ' by Felnoving. th, sharp-111:dd llnith by %stria_ these cum
* plaiipe tire iteensititied i . and by •promoting, the lubricative
'''.. secretion of the naiscus membrane. Fevers of all . 4. Dias,
Isy...resterilig.lbe blood, to regular eircu'ation,.throngli the
process of p, rspiration in Sense eat: s, and the thorough Ike;
lution.of all intestinal obiteuetions in, oilitl3. The LIFE
PILLS have been kilo, n to cure Rheumatism pennant-11V
in three_ Wick", iiiill_G.OGrill Half out_tiaw,by.itouoiiiar
'Mei& inlisiminitioe .from theirlise,cs raid liganients'Of the
joints - . 01%9:kJ of -all A mess', by f,"eeing• end skis niritienitig•
the !chines - 1Mo! baidder; Be y operate inuitilelightfokly on
"lotto iiiileirlarit'orienni,,nud bence_linve - everletorlitinithr'
certain, remedy far Llie worst colossi(' Geas'el.° Alto, Worms,
by elisMaging from the - tursiiiie's of the bowels the slimy
matter to which these cr.:Muer-I Adhere; Ailliiisa nail Con
somption, by reli e clog the air vessels of thelungs Prins the
mucus, which evi is slight colds is ill occasion, witch if not
removed bhanits.liardenetle...ana..areducet....these dreadful
diseases. limo vy, Ulcers, and inveterate sores. -- hy thepee
f, co polity whielathese Life 1613 give he themlood,mild all
One humors; Seurliiitie Eruption., :old bail complexions, : by
their aiterte.tive ell. et ',hint the Mails thetfet•d the skin: the
morbid' state • of which occasions nll Eruptive compleints
Sallow, cloudy ' end other elisagreealac Complexions. Ihe
us; ill' these Pi Is for a very short time will ea: et nn-entire
oure of Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, iifie6:striking improie;
I nicht in the Clearness of the skin. .Conuln Colds and In
flii.nza, will always be cured by one dose or. y two, even
'in <the worst cases. Pit. s,-as a remedy w ales most ells
xressing sold obstinate malady, the V, ge table UR: Pills de.
serve a distinct and emphatic recommendation. It is still:
I known to hundreds in this eitv. 2 tlint the Pitopi inter of those
, iiiva'unWe ltd.s, was himset afflicted se, ith the eminplaint
fir upwardt of thi l rty : p"oe,teurs. nit_ct lie tri, dits rainercry
' ra, thy pr, ',riles , eitliiii the w hair conipoSs or the Met, rut
1 Medici.lle i•owev.r, at It ligth, tried the 111.110316 nisei,
' he new ofrrs to thk`lath s le, and lit; se . owed• in a vary shuts
time, after his recovery le a d li , n prouumic,tl 'tell:o4 lei
pritbable. but [aim owl,' iMpfasibw, by any !lonian means*.
DI It Ell 1%0 NS FOR. UM...1, 7 Ile, P,upri• tura the Vege
table Pie . Pills do, s nut follow the lase and liarenliaryl•nie.i
tics or Ow pocks nfllie day, iitadviiing pea sons to take
Lis fills in large 90 ankh 1. No il'optl nit di 6 4 1,, van POli'
b.y. be so requited. Theih pills ere to be talomat la it time
every night, fora week or col tw e la, necheding to the disease . ...
Ili, usual dos, is from 2 to .5; accottling to the cMistitutiOn
01' the person. Ves'y delicate persons shou'ilhegin with but
two', and inerease •iis the nate re•of Cie Ceise 'psis- require:
those more robust, swot' very costive halal, mat lieein is ith
3, soul increase to 4, o t ,t, , ,, 5 Pies. and they ii i'l Oil et a'
sulllcienCy happy change to guide the patient in.their rm.-
u... 5. suit-. Ti... 5: rills s•.m. 6.5 ove:,,ioti sioth..s9 and
~ . ...oitiot r , sto.ogb•vvry 5....,,ha0. unit is thestoro”a is v.• - i) ,
fail; thin, however, may be considered a favorable syniptoin.
as the patient will find himself at once relies . , el, end by-per-
S eyeraniee_ss ill soon rteoyer. They esually operate within
ici or 12 holies, mid never, give pails um', ss the howelsrure
very much cram inhered. , 1 hey may be taktn by tile r- most
-delicate females under nrev eireimistanceil 7 lxis,liocill•ver,
recatamended, that thoselii later periods df.pregnacy should
take but one at a (line, and thus ',maims'. to keep, the
bowels gime-end even twohniy . betaken where the patient
is very costive. One pi 1 ill a Sollition Of two table spoons
Trill - of wit terTmhy - be - given - to - an infant - hi - the -Toll-owing
dotes-a tea spouts full every two hours till it opt runs; fora
child from one to live years of age, huff ik pill-and from
live to ten, one pilf. - • . .
- THE PIVE-NIX BITTERS, are so called, brenuse they
possess the power of restoringtheexpiring'emhers of health,
,c(JBLIC SALE OF • togglowing rigor throughout the constitutionots the Pike
. nix is said 10 •be restored to life from the *lshii of its own
1 - E iissolltion. • The Phmnix Fio•3 lire entirely vegetable,' _ STAT.
comptised of roots founil only - in eertain parts of the wiest,•rn
couptry,which will infallibly cure FEVE.It S AND AGUES
- Will be. exposed to pultlieae - tiitthepre- of 011 Rinds; will never COI to eradicate entire•ly all the- a
mise4 051T1111e5day. tile lit xt rem or Mcreury, infinitely sooner than - the most pOwerful
I. .' preparations of Sarsepariliuoind will initnedintelycere the
•a traet of Land situate in Frank ford Towri• . dt.wriniliation of ,MI(.001) tn TM,: HEAD; never Nil in
ship,, bounded by lands of John Errtest; Gen, tii, sigoess Mold - out to yoatig lemeiles t end still be found a
runrennde n in all costa of nervous deSility titirliF -
-M-yel.s,. 01.6' he ll's of Hunter. 'llenl • J'n Burk-. 4 : ti lt w most iiiipaire it ;constitutions, ,As a remedy fur ['he?-
110141'411(1 - others - contisiblag : one hundred , Hie ' and I , l,llrmmelor el - IMeamattsm, the efficacy of the.
use ora singie
and fifty seve n hires, more or , 1e55 . , 0, 21. Slate ° l 6l " x . ii i' 6.3 " ill b d '!si'): - the.
~...... r ho tt e. I he, usual :dose ot these bitters is lealf 11 nine 'glass
L;111(1, Etb;iiit 100.11Ctes of which at cleared :NI f, in water or wine, and this quantity ma•, be' taken two
and under good fence, Ond of, which Ikbout or three times n day, abmit hall' an hour hls
cfore snea,3sr a
' ;
less quantity may be taken at all times. I'o thoSe who are
. _
twenty acres -are meadoiv.---.012 . . improve- ;'illilitteit- syitli indigtxtion , tifteT Meals, - these 'Bitters ,`will a - Log -- i . - , prove invaamble, as they very greatly incietisilife actionof
. , • - I the paincipal :viscera, help them to perfuern then' funatiOns,
" ' I '' Isle- the sloth - etch so discharge' into the bowels
whatever is offensive. Thus indigestiell is easily and spettli
. s ly released, appetite restored, and the mouths of the ab•
an Ap'pte Orchard, "Vith other •frniMrees, orbent vessels being cleansed. - nutrition is and
and an excellent We p of water witira-puinp strengtkof body and energy or Blind are therha_ppy results.
. ,
in it. . - The Farm ts cajohted forLgLWILF * --Forfitillicepleticalatiof mrsrT.l
~.5, 4 45.V.42 1 4iL5F'111111
E --'-'
'Waving a stream o water running through t.- •Px Bur Eus, apply at Mr - , llloffat' . s °Mere NO.
16 Broadway, New Yorlc, where the l'illi can be, obtained
The . terms •of sale will' he onedhird of for 25 cents, 50 cents, or gi per x; and the-titter, rot Bt..
o u t l is iii 2pt_botue. (6 - " , N s sertificates of the wonder:nder,
• ,..tbe purchase money to renatb_m f
_the bandi e cacy or h othot ybe there inspected.
of • the - purchaser during tlie - life of the, In some ohstinate and complicated , eases of chronic and:
9VilliTlVT' llse — iarere 4rof - v - iih Tell • -pant to
.. . ,
11 e r and one:hundred dolla I s pavabl von the ctrry',laittine,aiut other - diseases4llllM,y statuluig, it may lie
1 .
fyllild issaissary to take:1;0011e Lire nin und'Phoenix.Bit,
coidismation -of the • one - half of the
sale ;.etees in ilte doses , befure recomenendech ---- -----r--=---- -
„resirlt e , oLthe-puicliase - odohey on - the - first N. 0.- rim!e eu , sood the Bitters w•ill, gel all nierehry out
JILNIIIIIII,_./ $3B, ,when...pOSSeSSioll_WilLbeile, of the system infinite:3' Estee dins', the best preparation .wt'
~ . - Saputparitii - atiii - nre - te'crtattennieify - for the rusieitWaf
livered; and tli. - 41604t0 theLhead,- , 0n.a1l si•blent. heartaches; ri,thniteur - u.r,
from, „withoul'intereht . • ,t, -- . . . &.e.—..ii 'mesons who are predispoi• a .to apoplexy, p als y,
• - 6r.e. shouhl never bemithi ut the 11. T• l'' ! t • Bitters,
, .
Or One thiSellit•liitie Wilt save nfe.. They . qualize the tiros.'
'. • ;,. , I :ili . 4lLiar. RUP LEY,. f ' ' • •• • ' I . " ' ' l3 '''' 4
lation of•the Wood, draw all pressUre Bonet he head, restore
:4 - dlniniat'alOr of -Dav id . "Preld., dec'd
p.espiration, end throw or s:very impurity. by. ports of
September: IS . 1837.-- , ts; ' ..•-• 1 ...... -•-• ,ti,e.htiu .. •. •- --- ---i.:- •
—L.__ ~,,,. .
. •
• k / FOP `'..9file . -:at--thi. :Mite ore of
4; Si •
-S. ,Elliott. ,airlisl6. : ' . •
. •,
accas. id that we .deeply lament, the ie.s
or one; 'as - net:only an nhle - and - faithhtl - stu=
-dc•nt;..:hut - A warm and generons friend, and who
hid fide , to beCOme' oitiament -- iiifd;betwil CAW
Resolved,, That ns an expression of respect for
our deviled friend, the . members of the Senior . ,
, class WigliVt'ArdrcAlvtill! leftarin for thirty days - •
• . /?e.kokedXrhat_ a. entiv of .these resolutioiik .
§igned by the president and secretary of the meet:
ing, be; transmitted to the relationiwf the deceas-
Agreea!)ly.tO noCce -,the ltlemocratic Antima
srMid Conferees from the counties of Comberlad,
darns; and Franklin, cotivi,iiitg.the......S.coatorial
district, met at tliC hoarse of Robert Co clitlM, itl
Sltippenslitirg,for-dte purpose of nominathig two I
-cantljdatesAo-rt;pi•eseitt.s.tid 'tlistVict in the St:ail
, Srnale, The.nteetjlig WaS
JA JIGS k lin county; tii - th - e
Chair, surd Jas. M'Ctisa, Jr. - of Adonis,
Sectetary." rllle-counttes-..were., repr.c - vittcti..hy;
. •
r7dams-I),lniel Smyser, --C,pl: limes E.
• . _ . _
James AV-Coslt, Jr. • --- •
James' Davidson: .• •
Pungb , rtvid-I(ihn M cace rn es-
Thomas (Jitighe'arl,.Jl.,_ .
•. ,The-Conferee.„.4 • proc!_ic - ded to nominate candid,
•ataS for the State Sentae.wttieit - tllliltriES'ilf.
PP.-NROSE . of Cumberland county, and J AMA.)
(ASS A:I - ,of AAtims, 't'ere.titraltirtiotisly nomina
ed. The following. resolutions were:cordially and
. onanintooily . adopted. . •
•-• .
7aolved, That tii k 's,2 candidates are•recoMmend.
ed t. the uttaiiintotis support of the Dedrtcrittic
Ant . .. Masons or this ~et:n vial I)stri - a, and. all ,
tit se who dre tlid\s'opreaiacy 'of the
Eris;, and are opposed to all asiociations, coln!ti
nations, o . l.,projects at variance with ;Atoll stiprem
acr, or the rights and interests of individuals.
/?csoired, Tint t We fouls Witireohlideoce to the
wisdom :ohl_fvfoness of our State f...tetioltaries,
for the niaint, !voice :ov.l.l.goity of the Goolovio
wealth, and it, jrL,l inflo,•oce member of 'tile
wotvost thst the IltilloSt:COIISCIlitiOII-
ot , ..rtvd, to repaU'liTnitigate
he evils which a uionerams--eia-H—urifacitizeoiv
lave stiffvrt ti frointhe oppreS+loll and corrupt
:plies: or Me, t.iter,ilAtavequitettt.. •
. .
I?csolved, That ctutimencl•the deci
xion and iiidependence.qt the execiativeletiniiiis
t n rutm of this Continonweahlt, in resisting the pes
tilent influence tit t t ha, SI) swayed the.ex•
ecinive counsels of the nation—an influence that
breathes - lint the Venom xvithout any of the virtue
of partizan zeal, and that is striving with unremit
tetl 'exertion to elevate itself .over the indepen
dence of the states and the patriotism of the peo
Resolved, That tic approve of holding a district
-meeting in Shippensburg, on 'Sahli-day the 30th
-w e heliev'e that it is right and propeF
that the people should have every-opportunity of
exercising their personal judgment in reference
to the principles and merits of thos - 11Z1We can
didates for their suffrago;—and that the .candt
ihtes tlrs - thty - nominated; - are - invited -to-attend
said me -tit g.
den& ev •
•' • •
• .1 1 1400,Cek.-
ET 'ON the appliCatiOnftt Rtins.'ha;
Administrator oflthe•'.eStattiN)f,
Clark,, fate of-SmitlianrPtint' .
;Cuinberland c.fititity.•4oasp . (l;'tltb s Orphatts' fl s
•Cotit t of 510. comity liirv,e:lippointt.ti the '6 • •• ! By
.virtue of nit at der, of • 'the; OrAilians'
lleesigned'Atidii 6 V B-1 P "setti_e ,the. — Court of - tie
count'', Will i he;(:..x.. ,
I;iites . ,and s propoKtions.4,llle;os 9 • th e S`kiti niisid
.public sale , on , the premises: TO
estate, to tintiatiiiing the respeeti credi. • Av'edne.sclay• the 26th_ clay of... October. next,
tors,,acuoiLding'• o.'ole order est ahl, ished by I
law. The.',untlersigtied..anditors meet at
. ..A fio ust k ,AND LOT OFA,ROUN D,
t heilousethViaeob Eligie; Jimnß, eeoo•,-- Ship- t S.)ll"ki
.petit;b‘i ig,; tin Wednesday the 11th 'Of 'Octo•••Ii; o f i :t h e tuna
her n ext; at .1 9, ft'cl . ,..‘;CkKA.'M''s alt 2 Per9 Tone Mites trelow darlide. 71'iier is ielso ai.staide
Is"? q lt •c , rmu , tillAy..kitten • Teiont.ofi4lo -, oite halt,rai
: WOBERT / 1 1 3 0/41T. -LZOnfiriltatign rif the iitesidOe' ih • twO
: laninial'paynietits*tilont . •
'B4l/(7.44. fv/I,Elifiy i , =. . . • '' , -JosEPH.f: T uaEN - ;(bsittPn,
•-- •Liudiforo.: ojfh - eirritior Ogdren , ,olJoirarnfitt;Optiller, deed.
'18; 18'1. - •
frot - Olibei'?b r s 14-3 n
&Godwin, his collegOoi'
• t
• 'eptc.inber 16, '1837: • 5
I igence-havingile_en rectived,_9l,the_d eath.:
it'll. GOD WIN; a meeting of the
, aa held„ - for ttsplirpose of adopting,
tiVe tocirtnclafitiqy event.
; Mess ,loore `AM 'Rhoads. being .
ImMittee, to draft' resolutions in he
is; reporter! as &tows:
hat we sincerely sympathize with
dations of our late classruste,Wm.
i—in tlie'grief, w hich - his death has
- , .
CII A It f.;F: S P 11'M AN,,Trid
GEORGE P. FiSll.l3l,,SeCretary.
Conferee Pliceiisig.
3.ll.offittlts ttife PEN
-•, • . ; and
- 'irtieunrix
• All nations, from the remot est a ge s, have. had ships, but
Columbus. ontr:foundlint the way to America. , Betori the
timunf.the great Sonitknorigator, people wcre only ena
bled Lb •paddle about the shores; Just •so with the Life
Medicines. 'lt. is but two years since i first Venttired upon
an unknown ,oseean, and I hove •discovertd the. preetous
object I .was in search of-sli EA LTIL .Vegetable medicines'
were indeeti known when J. ebinitioiden soy search, but
their use Was- not: . By the pie of 'them, I have not only
passeit from the dejected .inOalid, ti, thelialtc•liearty. jtnd
itetiVeintinnf ku.Sitiess,_but, compapttively
renewed illy, youth. 'caw thus, with_coutidencein Joy own
experience, adyiseWitupifellow-eitizeni. - Ones the'r,acier
went roof that the VEG • fit BLE LIFE MEDI,CIN lIS
qtreimifithte - to - bitneVri — easel - ,1 - itore - tin - fileTilt - my - °Met,
666 Broatjway,:bundredsoLl4ters, form mine of ilke inust
respectable citizens of this my native land, voluntary 'O'er
'ed-in tortiratiny of, the virtues of A GOOD .VEG.ETABLE,
MEDICINE. •• " : • „,: .
. ..
Pertons whose" oohstitutions litiveitieett.yearly ruined by
tbe..all-infaklibier ' mineral preparations' iirfhe -do y;.wiii
lulir me witness, pat the Life Medicines, and mail only, are
the true course to permatient good hea:tln '
: ,- • .--'-,, .- :' - ~'; , '-• • JOHN , HOFFAT;---
PUBLIC,' 5.1:44 OF
In p. -
ursuance of an order.of tbe Orphans'
COurt of cupsberlancl 'Ounty,thele!fwill bg
7ex posed to*Pt!blic, sale, 96 . I:horiciak-the 12;4
October next, the fultpwine.*scribed-proi
peril, viz:—A Phinteation,or
situate in Silyer'Spring -township, 'fuMber.; mile .front Kreider's
Cai9isle and H add
joining,aaoi is.
cf George 'George' -
titittua, James Oreasoft, the heirs of Wm.
.Cleridenin. arid others,
- • 26 . 2 ACRES' ••"'
mnie - or — less4 - r-Of•Slate dod- - Limestonelarl .
-150,acres Of which is, o 94,
. The- iiiiprevements •
area. • ...:_. _
- - - . -, • -
liilll- - - . -•- ' •
-liglii,,,L,J= • _ ll,O IT, , S M I . • ..,
Iwo Dotinie Lng Barns, a Spring . tintisti„,. •
•ancl, other out houses.. There are '
several Orings - lon tiie. farm, - n - tia a ni
. sall streant
passing through if,'''irii excellent •,.
• . • .
..' Any person ,wishing p) view the premiseq,
Will ctill upon: . eitl - • if-the . subscribers,- or
JOhn A rnistrong, pn ) farm, . ••• .•• ~
'TERMS.— . :.Three hu vired•Alollars'of the
c izr,a
purchase. nlh y to be - paill._an . the 'confirMa-
tiari — of the • sa ,-- nil' the 'one7;•half,at -the. '
residue,: on the
~:st of. April,.lfl,lkni4 the ,
balance in:twoxinal'annual "pd'yments, with
outTinteresti— - . _ - . •',
• SeptcrnGef 114-1827:
8 ..,
y an order of OrphanscoUrt4 cuniter,":
land county, I will,expose- to public sale ,
on. Thursday the 26th day of October uexG„,,,,.
'on. the premises. a tract of first•rate , . '
— I.MIMIL OVUM) LEIWIrID 9 - -....-
situate about 'bu . one.,mile west of Medi:Mir:S._
bug_. in. - Silver-Spring - ioWnship,. Containing -
about 300 Acres,--rhore. - or.)ess - - botindi'd bh ' -
hinds of. John and - Jacob Moyer:OpOge - S 4 i , .% ...,;.'
lor's licit's, Davicf..Sphusrer,. Gebrge. Rupp ) , • .
kind others; about four acres of which is cur,- •
e'red with - first rate - • - ,' - .
and the V,
'".,, ....i . .tl're-rmprovements area two,,Story: , •r,
'* 4 lilliffilt , VANlP-1101[TSE, • . . • -
A Ifiltchezi;:and a :Double, 'H.9;_:._
kAarah, 7ra' l l-9n__Sheds,_.Cora:Cribs - ,.4re.
A first rate - Apple Qrchard; and a Well'of.
'good. water. The propeay iS near the Trin- .:
We Spring., Road,.eight Miles fl 0111).:C!tri i tif_e:s_,_____
- - n i ne - foth Harrisbtirg,..and,half , a mile from-- --:
the Cumberland Valley Rall'lload. ...' .--- -
-- Terms - nrade - known - on day of sale by.
. • • • JOHN HOUSER, ~.
. .
-.. . .:Rdprinistrator of Jonas Zearing,..deed. . _
• . Sept: , lB, 1837. , . .
Elv.v.3k LOIRINCt
. ,
ly toltiforrty,the citizens of Carlisle - and yicinr •
ty,..that-they have taken the Corner roont.on
-I...tin-.• Sisjek,. immediately opposite Mr. .
:Ikiighinbangli's - Hotel; wilgre they„ii:nencl
carrying :on the, above hnsiriess in all. its'
branches. From - their long exptienc6 in
Most of the cities - :TITEr flitreri'thentsg-lyes
-that they will be able to rendeg genet al , sat•
i4action to those who may favor. them with a
call. - They therefore solicit a'pot•tion of the,
public -patronage. •
• • Vi.AR TIN . Br. SKILES:
Cal lisle, Sept. 15, 1837.—tf,
• LAND COUN'T'Y. - . •
Fe/low: repectfolly decline
being•consideted:a candidate for the &het tit%
;thy at the citstiing,,eltr4t,init,__l return - my
sincere thanks witty ft'iends forlthe exertions
hey have ntade, and feel disposed" to k e
iti my bitintlf;
. Ilut . circtontttances, not necvs.:'
saty. to' Mention induce, Ole to withdraw toy
Carrei.. Rapt. is, 1537
. . FOR SAIE.E. . .... •
A first 'rate Limrstone ). arm,..sidiate al,ra4
6 miles west of Carlisle . , containing 278
Acres, about 200 Acres clear and in a high
state.of cultivation'; the balance is• well tiat.•
bead, and there is a -larg, quantity of LoCasl
tin .t W place. .. .
The improvements are a !lei? , ... . .
~ ..
D BRICK- 11101USEi- E. L.._ .
and tenant Itouses,_a_ • . . . •
, .
• lARGEII , - BARN ---, -‘
and two Apple orchards. There
,is a.wel I . of
Water, and several very large springs near_
Flee l louse. - . The turnpilt'e Road' fronrdr..
t islearg to Th ainbersburg passes throngh 167.1_
farm,' a he liail 'Road 'passes .nearl in -- ----
i'glit.•. - _.. . . .. , -
This property is - well caleul4e4 . farAwa..
.. .. .
• The above prpperty is - worthy the ittentirn.
of_ capitalistiasit will-be-,sold low.—The ti--
11 . d is indisputable. r —Ediquire of
. WM, :BAKER.: `
- .Carlisto; Sept.- 1830837-4w._ : _
Lancaster ,Examiner. & Herald, - and Bear's •
Volksfremid. 4, w. (rink price & sent' papers;
Letters of Administration cteloonis nOit,-otr
the Estate or John Heck, late olthe borough
of Shippensburg, decet-have issued in due
form of law to the su b:All_persons -
having=claiins_against_Alfil — sald_listate.7wll -7
meson them duly 'authenticated, and those '
indebted-Will make - .Payinetitrto ---- ":7: -.-- 7';7 ------ :.
Atimitiist rotor:
ternber 18,.1837:--6f
By 11,1,i:infer of.the.Orplimis ,Culwt 'Of
laud tloWbty, the 'll be tn, pig:die - 14*k,
oh )retb* s, on Thorsilay the,26thtlik:of4lo;
tither u , A Iract alma in _
Cotnbc-rW)d Cc.boty, dm bocleil by - luttOs.'.,of , Vitir k .
Failoreotlitl;lnmes Purdy;
tuioiiig one koinclred un.t twenty-eight - dereti,1461.4,,., •
rless - ahnot - 86 - ast•etrof - witioli - are - 0,161:ett7-Atird ',-
ttlhivi!ecl,--ittid the t'esiitiie
. - c.oveie4 With ,
The'lloprOveniesiti gye,a" -- :,
Log Illoust,-Logßatin-4
- •••••,
. ••_ •
Two Apple oicharditi3 . ..ltod tot excellen t .Orell of •
made,TTerms known , On,the:clak,',losaile:
- • JAMESetniDir.fien'r. •
- • •
• •
.Flaxserd Wan e .
One iltoldre&liiislielt)f clean Flitxbeed want 7
ed at the sstpre kiAl/9"--
ve'r • •
- 11` DOttiNDBM . '
'OFpt •Itt3r. „, .
TriLtrnf GOULD,
~ ~ '~ I