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Sheriff's Sales for Aug. 31.
Notice to Bridge Contractors.
Modern Store s Remnant Sale.
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Campbell's Fnrnitnre.
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—Big crop of blackberries.
• —Elderberries will be plenty
—The days are getting shorter.
—Good show at the Park, this week.
—See the Baby Show at the Park, to
-Thß triennal assessment comes this
—The preachers' vacation season has
—There is too much broken glafs on
our streets.
—Take pride in your town, and never
run it down.
—Some of our back streets and alleys
need mowing.
—This is the season for camping and
picnic parties.
—The wind will soon be blowing over
the oats stubble.
Tomatoes stinulate the healthy ac
tion of the liver.
—Do not allow weeds to go to seed on
or about your premises.
—Even the dentists are sometimes ac
cused of being naughty.
—Some home-grown corn and toma
toes are coming to market.
—The Penn'a R. R. Co. has taken pos
session ot part of Kittanning St.
A. big crowd took in the Lutheran
Reunion at Rock Point, yesterday.
The peaches now in market here
are coming from northern Georgia.
—Lawn fete at J. C. Brandon s in
Concoquenessing twp., Friday evening.
The new railroad from Hilliards to
to Eau Claire will open a large acreage
of coal lauds.
The people of Zelienople and other
valley towns picnic at Cascade park,
next Thursday.
—More picnics in the woods -and
don't forget your bottle of "cold tea'
for snake bites.
—Contracts for the grading of the
Butler, Harmony and Pittsburg trolley
line are being let.
—The Kittauning lawyers will be
here for dinner and general sight-see
ing, next Tuesday.
_ —'A band of pypsies struck Chlcora a
few days ago and made things interest
ing for some people there.
—Some Butler men haye purchased
the old Stone-houge property in Brady
twp. for a game preserve.
—A*teel baggagecar, next to the en
gine, prevented a general smash up on
the Erie R. R. a few days ago.
—"Mrs. Wiggs and her Cabbage
Patch" will be the opening attraction
at the Majestic —Monday, Aug. 80.
—The "final clash" in the Hart je trial
is to come this week. The estimated
cost to date is a quarter of a million.
—The Eisler & Mardorf dry goods
store and the Bell Telephone ware
rooms in Butler were lately burglariz
—The tunnel-under-Butler project is
again being talked of. The P. R. R.
. Co. wants a switch into the Car W6rk's
-'4,' he Wuller neas property on S.
Main St., 20 feet front, changed hands
last week for |15,500. A. Rrut,
..orlst, is the purchaser.
—The Street Fair advertised for But
ler for this week failed to put in an ap
pearance. for the season that it was "at
tached" for wages at Oil City, last
Tip ror.d r,innjng wej,t ttou} Kw
taaton bridge, and which nearly paral
lels the line between the counties, is be
ing improved by the Cantr&ctQV
Jfanna'ifl floing'the work,
—The report that wild pigeons had
again made their appearance in this
state proves to be incorrect. The al
leged wild pigeons are doves. The mys
tery of the disappearance o* j»igoon»
uno« w*re s3 numerous that flying
flocks darkened the sky j» ks deep as
—The Penn'a R. R. Co alter fts
meeting of Ho in Philadelphia,
Tuesday, announced that it would issue
a S2O mileage book, good in the hands
of any one or number of persons, to be
followed later by a new tariff reducing
the maximum one-way fares from 8}
and 3 cents to 2) cents a mile to any
point on its line east of Pittsburg and
—The destruction of so many barns
by lightning during late electrical
storms will, probably, increase the in
terest in what we call "lightning rods."
A "lightning rod" is undoubtedly a goo 4
if it doe o the work—that is turns
the fluid-fire from the barn to the
ground. The Objections to them are
that they are too small, are fixed too
close to the buildings and coat too much.
A string or two of old oil-well tubing,
two or three feet above the combing of
the roof, held in place by wooden up
rights and connected to the ground,
would, probably, do as good work, and
won Id cost less.
—Electrical storms are among the
strangest phenomena of nature that a
hnyu»n being becomes accustomed to.
How the clouds originate ia known tc
almost everybody, but how the tremen
dons amounts of electricity in them is
generated is known to nobody. Storms
have always been credited with some
strange attributes, among which is the
soaring of milk, but they have anothei
not generally known— breaking oi
watch springs, - On Saturday last (aftei
the electrical storm of the night before:
one of our Jewelers put in eight new
watch springs though he had had norn
to put in for three months before, ant
he says he has known to snap dur
ing an electrical storm, loose ii
his desk.
—Why is Newton "The Piano Mau
See adv.
Mrs. Ed. Guthrie is visiting friends in
- M. A, Lowman of MeauvJle \iaitjd
friends in Butler, last week.
> Sec y Root is attending the Pan-Auier
' ican congress at Rio de Janeiro.
Carl Cronenwett of W. Pearl St. had
new corn from his own garden, last
C. N. Boyd and Rev. Oiler are taking
some "Solid Comfort" in the wilds of
C. I. Boak of New Castle is the guest
of his annt, Mrs. P. H. Secbler of N.
McKean St.
W. C. Negley of Allegheny is the
gnest of his father, F. H. Negley of
Butler twp.
Miss Mae Leidecker of Butler will
take a trip to Europe, with some Alle
gheny friends.
Win. Millar and A. B. Hnghes have
sold their hotel in Sharon, and will re
turn to Butler.
Win. N. Mahaffey of Brackenriilge.
formerly of Clinton twp.. was a visitor
in Butler, Monday.
John Leisey and wife of Muddycreek
were the guests of Frank Sherman and
wife of Butler twp. over Sunday.
Benj. Stepp of Middlesex twp. was in
town, yesterday, ami says the storm did
no great damage in that township.
Mrs. J. W. Thompson of North Wash
ington, who was operated npon at the
Hospital nearly six weeks ago, is there
yet, but is slowly improving.
Benj. Sarver of Buffalo twp. and his
son-in-law, F. G. Sheeter Oi Pittsburg,
visited his daughter, Mrs. B. L. Gard
ner of Institute Hi'!, last week.
Quinn liedic of Allegheny twp. is snf
fering from rheumatism and intend* go
ing to Dayton Soldiers Home for treat
ment. He and Philip Deal were in
town, yesterday.
General Kuropatkin is said to be busy
in his retirment elaborating his defense
against the charge that the Russian
officers and men were responsible for
the Russian defeats.
John Cole of the Wliitehill plumbing
office attended the funeral ot Marion
Watson at Slipperyrock, Monday John
took in the Elks excursion to Denver,
and also visited Salt Lake City
Mr and Mrs. Edward Westennan,
are. today, celebrating both their birth
days, and. in honor of the event their
children, grandchildren, relatives and
friends are gathered at their home near
Ivy wood station.
Miss Alice Adams of Kansas City,
Mo. who has been visiting her father,
Robert Adams of Concord twp. for the
past few months returned to Kansas
City, Monday. She is stenographer
there for the Board of Trade. Mr.
Adams is % visiting a married daughter
in Swiss vale, this week.
Gen. Archibald Blakeley of Pittsburg
celebrated his 79th birthday, on Tues
day of last week. Col. Blakeley was
born and raised in Butler county and
this may account for his reaching a
good old age, within one year of being
an octogenarian. His old friends here
congratulate him on bia continued good
health and streugth.
John Keck of Sl'pperyrock, formerly
of Summit twp., Butler and Worth
twp. attempted to commit suicide, last
Monday evening, by slashing his throat
with a penknife, but he did not cut the
jugular vein, his wound was sewed up
and he will get well. Mental weakness
caused by over-work is assigned as the
cause of the act. A commission in lu
nacy has been appointed on his case.
A. A. Marshall and wife have return
ed from a trip through Kansas and Ok
lahoma, where they met several Butler
county people, all of whom are well and
doing well. The oil fields there prom
ise to extend to the Gnlf, and be the
greatest ever; and all through th*t
country a strata of rock, .resembling
limestone, is fonDd from which the
beat cement in the world is being made.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall enjoyed their
Jno. D Rockefeller returned to this
country on the steamer 'Amerika and
landed at New York, last Saturday.
He comes in time to face two distinct
prosecutions directed; against the
Standard Oil Company and the Lake
Shore Railroad Company on the charge
that rebates on shipments of petroleum
were granted by the railroad to the oil
trust. One of these is being conducted
fa the courts at Toledo under the Ohio
statnte known as the Valentine law.
It is in pursuance of this that a warrant
has been issued for Mr. Rockefeller's
arrest, making it necessary for the oil
king's attorneys to enter surety for his
—Our military company returned to
Butler, last Saturday, from Gettys
burg, where they fought over the great
battle. The only sensation of the en
campment was the discovery adul
terated udlk wormy meat, etc. among
|jie supplies, by State Food Commis
sioner Warren, who made the following
statement: "Milk purchased from the
fallowing general, division and regi
mental headquarters was found to be
heavily dosed with formaldehyde: Third
Brigade, Brigadier General headquar
ters, Tenth Regiment headquarters,
Thirteenth Regiment
Twelfth Regiment headquarters,
Fourth ueymeutj' "Col. O'Neil'a head
quarters; Fourth Regiment headquar
ters, Eighth Regiment headquarters.
Jn addition >o the above three samples
were taken from companies' mess head
quarters. Iu addition six samples were
taken from a large comgany which is
said to furnish much of the milk to the
soldiers, and will result in propecnti.caj
at an earlv date." CyjnfflUaioßer War
yen said that he will not anv eir .
acce pt fi nes j n these cases,
bat will have them sent to court at the
next term. The officers v,'b,o furnished
milk to the ?ood bureau agents on the
camp grounds will be subpoenaed as
witnesses to give testimony.
addition to the agents and chemists of
the food bureau, will make a formidable
array of witnesses at the x trials. The
prosecutions will be brought in Adams
City League Baseball
At a meeting in Y. M. C. A. hall,
Thursday evening, the City base ball
league appointed three new umpires-
John Ayers, E. L. McCandless and
Mark McLafferty.
The protest of the Merchants club
against Umpire Redd's decision was re
ferred to a committee.
Typos 9, General Office 7.
Lawyers 9, Auditors 8. An 11 inning
Auditors 8, General Office 7.
Merchants 1, Independents 0.
At Kaylor—Butler Independents 2,
Kay lor 1.
Aug. 2, Lawyers vs Merchants.
Aug. 4, General Office vs Auditors.
Aug. 0, Bankers vs Typos.
Aug. 8, Office vs Bankers.
Aug. 11, Bankers vs Lawyers.
There will be two games on Labor
Day, Sept. 3, probably between the four
leading teams. The proceeds will go as
a benefit for the Y. M. C. A.
We are paying the highest price, in
cash, for wool. Call at or address,
107 South Main Street. Butler. Pa.
Conncaut Lake Week-end "Ex
Special train leaves Butler every Sat
i urday at U:2O p. m., returning leaves
! Exposition Park every Sunday to Sept
-1 ember Uth inclusive at 7 p. in., arriving
;at Butler 9:15. Fare for round trip al 1 .
I trains Saturday returning Sunday or
i Monday $2.00. Connection made via
i Meadville with trolley line to and from
and Cambridge Springs.
Carrie E. Hundley for use of Jacob J.
: Fellman vs Antoni anil Albert Piertzak.
j si fa on a mortgage of $9209.
James Pappas va Mike Vine, del t.
| and the Standard Steel Car Co gar
' nisliee, certiorari on .To?. Criswell, J. P.
on judgment rendered in favor of de
Jane Eliza Orr, l>y her father and njxt
friend. Benj. Donthett, va Geo. W. Orr,
libel in divorce.
Agnes T. McAlpine vs Kenneth N.
McAlpine, libel in divorce. The plain
tiff states they married in July, 1899, at
Wrangle, Alaska, and that since April
1000, she was subject to such cruel and
barta-ous treatment that la*t Saturday.
July 28, she was compelled to leave the
residence of Lavinia McAlpine, the
defendant's mother, where they made
their home, taking her two children.
She asks for divorce from bed and
board and alimony.
Agnes T. McAlpine vs Carrie Brown,
: summons in trespass for SIO,OOO dam
ages. The plaintiff avers that the de
fendant by words, actions, falsehood-,
correspondence, sign.-;, insinuations and
improper relations with Kenneth N.
McAlpine, husband of the plaintiff, poi
soned his mind against the plaintiff,and
aleinated from her his affections.
Agnes T. McAlpine vs Lavina McAl
pine, mother of Kenneth N. McAlpine,
trespass for SIO,OOO damages. No state
ment is filed in this case.
The olaintiff in these suits is a native
of Alaska, is said to be of wealthy
parentage and educated in a convent.
Her maiden name was White. Kenneth
McAlpine met her while on a trip to
Alaska in 1899. they were married and
catne to Bntler in April 1900. Subse
quently Mrs. McAlpine returned to
Alaska leaving their first born child in
Bntler and during her absence the child
died. She claims she was not notified
of its death and on her return to Batler
found her husband had made the
acquaintance of Miss Brown, of Birds
Hill, Ohio. Claims a conspiracy exists
between Miss Brown and Dr. McAlpine's
mother to get rid of her.
Heirs of Miles Coovert, deed, vs
Thomas M. Marshall, ejectment for six
acres of land in Adams twp. which th»>
plaintiffs claim was owned by Miles
Coovert at his death.
J. H. Williams, a negro wanted for
two years past on a charge of stealing
brass from the B. & O. was arrested.
Saturday, by officer Schultz and lodged
in jail.
Frank Perry of Slipperyrock was tak
en to Dixmont, last week
J. M. Osborne was arrested, Monday,
for attempting to defraud his boarding
honse keeper, but the case was settled.
Toyen Traduski is in jail on a charge
of perjary.
On petition of Wm Trimbnr of
Slipperyrock twp. a commission in
lunacy consisting of W. B. Purvis, Dr.
W. M. Barbour and G. C. Vorous was
appointed on his brother-in-law, John
On petition of Hugo F. Miller of
Cranberry twp , C. L McQnistion, Dr.
Elder Crawford and James Borland
were appointed a commission in lunacy
on his father. Hngo F. MUler, Sr.
Alex. Sadouskv is in jail on a charge
of selling liquor without license.
Henrietta E, Gilbert has petitioned
for partition of the estate of her father,
Peter Feil. deceased, of Mars.
A decision, believed to be the first of
its kind, has just bten made by a judge
in Yonkers.N. Y. An automobile occupi
ed by G. W. Bryant and his chauffeur,
while raciug with another, collided
with a carriage and severely injured a
woman occupant. The court sentenced
the chaffenr to two months imprison
ment, and has just sentenced the own
er, Bryant, to a similar t""- ; p ' ±>en
"■ •" iuc •ung' 1 r ~-1.- j— ' rh.it 'ii
tne owner,present or absent,commands,
incites, encourages or permits an em
ploye to violate the law in the manage
ment of the owner's property he is sub
ject to the penalties and may be pro
ceeded against as principal.''
Wuller heirs to Anton Krut lot on S.
Main St for $15,500.
Clerk of Courts to Mary J Aggers 20
acres in Forward for S9O?.
M Maloney & Co to Peter Zitnmel, Jr
10-acre lease in Donegal for $758.
Mary J Gibson to Carl M Levis lot at
Annisville for sls.
J S Kiester to Mary E Davia
Slipperyrock for fllfj.
S O (fe D A Wright to Stephen ijOfk
wood lot in Zelienonle for fcl.K"'
Hobt W ' " w „ c ■
co W E Succop 1.5 a
in Middlesex for $20,000.
Sara and W Kauffman to Isaac Kauf
man lot in Zelienople for $2400.
C D Weitzel to Emma schroth lot in
Jefferson for S9O.
Celia >4 Consult, to J H Long lease
and wells in Jefferson for S3OO.
Robt Kennedy to John N Stewart ISfS
acres in Buffalo for ShTOO.
Albert Singerly to Jos N Steighner
lot in Butler twp for S2OO.
H W Walters to J V Walters 2 lots in
Mars for SISOO each.
Peter Feil heirs to J V Walters lot in
Mars for SIOO.
Mary E Link to J V Walters lot in
Mars for SISOO.
T H L George to J M Painter and Robt.
J W Whitinive, *O2 acres in Jefferson
tor s:< GOO.
Hannah E Green to J O Harbison, 100
acres in Penn for $2500.
Elizabeth and W B Patterson to
Archie L Schenck, lot on West D St
for SISOO.
Jos. H Coulter to Paul E Cronenwett,
lot oa W. Fulton St. for S2IOO.
Bess L Starr to A 1 Ruff, lot on North
McKean St. for $44,00,
, Amy A Redic,
Vvat»h'.iigton twp. for S2OO,
. rVN 7 and Q A Redic to Philip Deal,
ll ? Washington twp. for £SOO.
\TSo. Oesterling to Albert Singly, lot
in West End for s*soo.
Mnriiajje licenses.
Elmer Duffy Boyer
Margaret Shearon Murrinsville
Harry Scbomberger Butler twp
Malvin Samovitz
R. J. Sims Venango twp
Frances Fithian Washington twp
Robert O. McClintock Mercer twp
Nellie A Bingham Harrisville
Charles Hofmeister Allegheny
Stella Ehrhardt "
Daniel H. Graham Butler
Inez L. Emery "
L. R. Houston Wilkiusburg
Jane Scannell Bntler
At Pittsburg, Samuel N Markle and
Eva Ilindman of Bntler
A marriage license was issued in
Youugstown, last Saturday, to Lee
Hong, a Chinaman of Pittsburg, and
Bessie Kessler of Dubois. The groom
is said to be the proprietor of a restau
rant at No. 1430 Fifth Ave.. Pittsburg.
Judging from the amount of entries
and enquiries that are coming into the
office of the Butler Fair Association,
the indications are favorable for the
largest exhibition this year in the
history of the association. Everyone
who has ever been on the grounds pro
nounce them perfect. Plenty of shade
and good water, and the Directors
realizing the large crowd that will be
there are improving the grounds and
getting everything in good order for
comfort and convenience of patrons of
the Fair. It is a foregone conclusion
that everybody will be at the Fair be
cause it is the'only meeting of the year
when information, amusement and
companionship have no limit. Just
three weeks more, Aug. 21-21.
Great Annual Reunion and Pic
nic of tlic Buckwheat Club.
On account of the 9th Annual Re
union and Picnic of the Smicksburg
and West Mahoning Buckwheat Club
at Coleman's Park. GoodvilK Pa.,
Thursday, August 9th, the Buffalo,
Rochester & Pittsburg Ry. will run the
usual low rate excursions to Goodville
on that da}'. Excursion tickets will be
sold from Butler for train leaving 7:30
a. m. at ronnd trip fare of $1.25. Do
not miss this opportunity for having a
royal good time among the thousands of
people who always attend the "Buck
wheat Reunion."
Oil and tJas Note.-?.
I The Market.—On Saturday last a :J
--' cent cnt wns tnnde. making the price
| Pel) 11 twp—The Phillips <_'o. struck
good ski-sander on the Campbell heir
last Saturday, which started off at l->
bbls. the hour and was doing 13 bbl
next day.
Oakland - The Geibel Co's So. 3 on
the Kirk reached the pa\* laat Thursday,
and started off at 40 bbls . a shot made
her flow, and next day she was doing
about V) bbls. Xos. 1 and 2 are doing
about ten bbls each.
CoylesviKe Hiccllberger No. 1 on
the Steighher was shot, Tuesday, and
flowed over the derrick.
Clearfield twp.— Humes A: Co s. well
on the Thomas Hume? is doing ten Mils
per day. Smith <Sr Leithold are drilling
on the Jos. Shnler. adjoining the
H nines.
Th'tt Thornhill J. I'. discharged Ih.
five Butler county pumpers, arrested
working on Sunday as they showed him
that it was necessary to pump the wc-lls
011 Sunday to keep down the salt-water.
Carver House Changes Hands.
The Carver House, one of the oldest
hotels in Sharon, which was leaded from
C. Q. Carver by William H. Miller and
Andrew 15. Hughes, of Bntler. Inst
October for a term of five vears, chang
ed hands 011 Tuesday, when the firm
disposed of their interests to John IT.
Fitzgerald, of Dnnkirk, and James A.
Hughes, of Jamestown, X. Y. The con
sideration was 5,000 and the new pro
prietors will take possession after the
licensa is transferred, August (>. Mr.
Fitzgerald will be kindly rememb'jri i
bv a host of frieiuls iu Sharon, where he
conducted Gable's Tavern for several
vears, and his partner is also a practical
hotel man of the samt genial personali
ty. It is confidently expected that the
hotel will retain its wide popularity
with the traveling public and our own
citizens under the new management.
Messrs. Miller and Hughes will return
to Bntler, the former to re-engage in
the real estate business and the latter
will probably again associate himself
with the Hamilton glass company.
They will take with them the best
wishes of the community for their con
tinued welfare and prosperity—Sharon
Mis. Sloan is remodelling her S. Main
St. building at a cost of s'3ooo.
First St . on Institute Hill is being
Contractor Sclienek of Butler secured
the contract for the Power house and
car barns to be built at Eidenau, at a
cost of about $17,000.
Wise Family Reunion.
All persons knowing themselves to te
connected with the Wise family,
by marriace or otherwise, are
cordially invited to the first annual re
union to be held on the farm of Clyde
Kennedy, Thorn Creek, Butler county.
Briug baskets. August 10, 1006.
Picnics ami Reunions.
Aug. 1. Odd Fellows outing at Cas
cade Park.
Aug. 7. P. 11. C. at Alamada Park.
Aug. 8, Maccabees at Waldamere.
Aug. 0, Harmony and Zelienople peo
ple to Cascade Park.
Aug. 14, 15 and lfi, annual reunion ol
the Mercer Soldiers Orphans School, at
Hotel Humes. Mercer.
Aug. 15—Masons at Oonneant Lake
Aug. 15, First Annual Picnic of the
Street Car Employees at Alameda Park.
Dancing, sports of all kinds. Supper
from 5 to 9 p.m.
Auk- I'*", nil 'Mini ri'iiuiyu o£
Aug. 16, Knights of Pliyth'as, dedi
cation of new Horn? at IJar^nony
September (sth—The Stevenson re
union will be held at the home of Sam'l
L. Stevenson in Clay township, Sept.
Cuh. 1900. Everybody invited, come
and bring your baskets.
Slimmer Theatre.
The show at the Summer Theatre this
week is pleasing everybody. If you
haven't seen it yet, you had betfov go
Next W;t :
I *** * *
I- ..cek'sshow will be something
entirely new—Farce Comedy, and
Manager Walters says a capable compa
Oar grocers are paying, for—
Apples .-,0
Fresh eggs 2t
Butter 2(1
Potatoes . 71
Chickens, dressed . .1(5 IS
Navy beans, bu $1 M
String beans, bu 5(1
Tomatoes $1.50
Onions, bu 90
Honey per lb ]fi
Dried Apples -
Turnips, per bu li
Parsnips, per bu 71
Beets per doz bunches 20
Blackberries 7
Corn, per doz 2(1
K. O. T. M. Outing
Bntler Tent Kuights of Maccabees
extend an invitation to all Maccabees
and their friends to join in the K. O. T.
M. outing to Erie, Aug. *. Fare for
the round trip $1.50. The Bees are
making preparation for a big turnout
and leave nothing undone to make it
the most successful picnic of the season.
A trip over the big Bessemer railroad
and a day spent in Erie city seeing its
;uany interesting places is worth several
times the fare for this trip
iSuckwheat Reunion at t;ood
ville, Thursday, Any. J>tli.
For the Buckwheat Reunion at Good
ville, Thursday, August 9th. the Buf
falo, Rochester & Pittsburg Ry. will
sell excursion tickets to Goodville and
return for train leaving Butler 7:00 a.
in. at the low fare of $1.25 for the
round trip.
The Conneaut JLakc United
Presbyterian Reunion.
The ninth annual United Presbyterian
Reunion will be held at Conneaut Lake,
on Thursday, August 0, 1000. No other
denomination or order in the L T nited
States brings together such a vast
assemblage of people as does this re
union. One hundred and twenty-six
thousand persons have attended the re
union in the past. The special train
service covers all of Western Pennsyl
vania, where the denomination is the
strongest. Twenty-four trains, regular
and special, will be used to transport
the excursionists to the park. The de
mand for the reunion this year is
greater than ever before, and present
indications point to a very large attend
ance. When one considers the natural
beauty of Conneaut Lake, the many
facilities afforded at the park foi
amusement and entertainment, tht
excellent order which is maintained,
and the very low rates which are secur
ed, it is no wonder that so many
thousands of the United Presbyterian?
and their friends make the annual pil
grimage to Conneaut Lake.
Painting and Paper-hanging.
W. B. Scott, painter and paper-hanger,
can be found at 120 East Quarry street,
Tuesday Excursions to Niagam
Falls and Toronto.
Every Tuesday, to and including
September 25th, the Buffalo, Rocbestei
& Pittsburg Ry. will sell excursior
tickets from Bntler to Niagara Fall:
and Toronto, good for return passai,"
any time within 15 days from date ol
sale, at fare of $7.45 to Niagara Fall:
and $8.90 to Toronto. For full informa
tion consult agents of the company.
—Money to loan on first mortgage,
E. H. Negley,
The Centennial of the Plains chnrch
in Cranberry township, will he helrl on
September I s . many good speakers havt
been obtained aud the day will l>e one
of profit as well as pleasure. A very
large crowd is expected and will l>e en
tertained bj- the members of the church.
Rev. A K Robinson of the United
Presbyterian chnrch left on his annual
vacation this week His brother. Rev.
C. S. Robinson of Wheeling will preach
in the Butler church next Sunday. On ;
Sunday, August 10. the pulpit will be
occnpi'ed by the president of the Penn 1
sylvnnia College for Women.
Reported Murder,
The headless body of H man was :
found in a thicket near Leavittsbnrg, !
Ohio, last Thursday and the clothii - •
was identified as being that of Alberrj
Kennedy of Ellis. M<>., and a former i
resident of Penn twp.. this county, who 1
left his home i*; Missouri with consider
able money on his person and started :
for Kansas to l<uy a farm there. How :
or why he got to eastern Ohio is not i
A dispatch from Warren. < >hio. dated
Sunday, said: "B. J. Kennedy. Joseph
Kennedy and James Kennedy of Untler,
Pa , and Richard Kennedy of Pittsburg,
brothers of Albert Kennedy. who;-e
headless body was found near here
Thursday, arrived in this city today,
and are investigating the case They
are awaiting the arrival of David Ken
nedy of Ellis, Kan., before taking any
Conneaat Lake U. p. Reunion.
For the ninth annual U. P. Reunion
to be held at Conneant Lake. Thursday.
August 9th, special train will leave But
ler at 0:00 A. M.. running to the Park
without stops; fare for round trip SI.OO.
August 21, 22, 2:J and 24,
1 it O ft.
Whereas. iuy wife. Mary A. Timblin,
ha- left my home without any canse
whatever. 1 do hereby notify all per
sons not io furnish her any boarding or
any goods, clothing or credit on my ac
count, as I will pay no bills contracted
by her.
Karns City, June 22, 1906.
For Sale.
Several desirable dwelling properties,
81220 to £ISOO iu price
S. W. Diamond. Butler.
Masonic I'iciiic
The annual outing and Masonic pic
nic will be held at Conneant Lake,
Wednesday, August 15th
Special train will leave Butler £:00 a.
m., Kaylor 7:20, Grove City 9:05.
Fare for round trip front Butler and
Kaylor. .<X», Grove City 75c, Mercer
We can club the CITIZEN with the
Pittsburg Gazette-Times at £>.oo per
year for the two; CiTISEN and Pitts
burg Post for $8.25.
Cash in advance.
$2.00 Conneant Lake ami lie
turn $2.00,
Going Saturdays leaves Butler 7 aud
9:3fi a m. or 3:30 p. m.. returning leaves
Exposition Park. Sunday 7 p. m. or reg
ular trains Monday
Masonic Outing
The annual Masonic outing will be
held at Exposition Park, Conneant
Lake. Wednesday, August 15th
Fnre for the round tri]> from Untler
:.ua ivayior SI.OO, Grove City 75c,
Mercer 60c.
In Jefferson township, known as the
Thomas Mecliling farm, and located :J.
miles north of Saxonburg; S3 acres. No
1, buildings, splendid house, the best
spring in the county, good ground and
good orchard, sixty-ton silo, and one
producing oil well.
j. A. GREGG,
R. F. D 7, Butler, Pa.
—Why i? Newton "The Piano Man":
See adv. N
1 have moyed mv *
the Mill—' . cental parlors lrom
. sanding to the second floor
or the new Odd Fellows' Temple, where
my pations and friends will be welcome.
Doctor of Dentistry.
Reduced Rates to C'oimelsville.
Via Pennsylvania Railroad, account Cen
tennial Cok<s Exposition. August 14 to 17
Excursion tickets on Mle Angnft 18. M and
i.*>. good returning until Anfiiit 90, Inclusive,
from Faircbance, Ache Junction, West
Brownsville, Pittsburg, Butler, Kittanninff,
nace. Kaylor, >yberton, Windber. hunlo ami
intermediate stations. Consult Ticket
-TP I JLa'©&6&
Time and Tide Wait
for no one. If your watch is untruth
ful and does not tell you the correct
time bring it to us, no difference what
make it is and we will make a correct
time keeper of it, or if not worth fixing
truthfully tell you so. Our charges are
reasonable. Call and give na a trial.
We also sell-
Edison and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and Poco Cameras.
Photo Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins and Guitars.
Optical goods.
Field and Spy Glasses. .
Jeweler and Graduate". Optician
Nest to Court House.
j "The Nixon"
I i
| Butler's Newest j
Best Hotel, j
Beautifully appointed iu every
$ detail. Equipped with every
known modern convenience. 133 *
H rooms—single or ensuite, with
* or without bath. Cuisine and $
* service of the highest standard. $
% Private dining rooms. Evening *
§ Dinner, Orchestra and Roof $
% Garden. Location very centre §
* of business district. Kates £-2.00 j*
§to $3.50 per day, American plan. |c
Luncheon. 50 cents; Evening *
! Dinner, 75 cents.
§ *
x * * *****
"IVhy Be Bald? When von can buy ;i bottle of
■Raid Head Remedy" for 7cents which is
! guaranteed to kill microbe, cure eczema, ol
i :ulkinds and dandruff in 10 days and grow
I hair on 'J per cent of Raid Heads or money
I 1 refunded. It is also an excellent hair tonic
and vigorator. aud Is absolutely hujjuless.
l all or address 534 Washington avouue
Allegheny, Pa.
\ —N
> Rubber Gloves >
! \ For <
? Dainty Hands.}
f Some ladies think that a3 1
/ soon as they get married, and f j
r J
N x have to give np trying to l>e \ '
' C sweet and pretty and just as S i
j / charming as possible. \ ;
: W Dou't do it! You're mak- S |
\ ing a serious mistake. Yoa \ j
C can have just as dainty and S [
V pretty hands and nails as of \
V yore, if yon will wear Rubber S
% Gloves when doing the work \ j
/ which soils the hands. S j
/ All sizes, per pair. ~">c. S |
< C. N. BOYD. |
{ DUGGIST, 5 (
"f B.UTIW £ OHIO 11. [!. I
i I'opular IXcur-ioiis to
Atlantic City,
Cape Slay, Sea Isle City,
ocean City, N. Ocean
City, 31(1., Itchohotli
ISeaeli, Del. am' Ifetmn
Ju'y 26, Aug. i)aad 23, Sept. 6 [
Tickets good returning 1(5
Days Including' <late of Sale
Ticket permitting privilege j
of purchasing Pullman Parlor
and Sleeping Car accommoda
tion may lie obtained upon pay
ment of $"-'.OO additional.
For pamphlet giving full in
formation, call on W. R. Turner,
Ticket Agent, Butler.
By virtue of sr.udry writs of Ven. Ex.. I I.
Fa.. Lev. Fa.. &.C., issued outof tlie Court of
Common Pleas of liutlcrCo., Pa., and to me
directed, there will be exposed to public sale
at t he Court ilouse in the borough if Butler.
Pa., on
Friday, 3is» d t, 1908.
at "no ov. !"■ M tie. *•" ...iuu described
properly, itr-wit'
r. t>. No. 2.%. :.'7liud .\N. Sept. Term. 1906. F. J.
l-'orquer. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Mrs. Ida Dittmer, of, in and to all that cer
tain piece or lotof land situated In sth Ward.
Butler borough. Butler county. Pa., bound
od as follows, to-wit: On the north by Lin
coln Way, east by lands of Wlllian) Haziett.
south by lot owned by A . M. Ohrlstley, and
divided therefrom by a board fence, and on
the west by c ot of Miss liattie Gold, said lot
having a frontage of forty-tive [4."> l feet,
more or less, on said Lincoln Way. and ex
tending back in a southerly director, pre
serving the same width. ■ istity in" 1
more pr less to said Chiist'"- . .vet.
thereo.. erected » ..j tot. having
dwciliutf " ooven roomed frame
' - Ust' .
. uized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Mrs. Ida liittmer. at the suit of Join:
Berg, Henry A. Berg. partners as John Ber.:
&. Co., Mary O'Neal, F. J Korquer.
F, I>. No. :i7, Sept. Term, 1000. I'. J. Forcjuer,
All the right, title, interest and claim of
M. T. McLean, of, in and to all that certain
piece or lot of land situated in Marion twp..
Butler Co., Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit:
On the north by lands of William May
boldcn. east by lands of same, south by
public road, and on the west by lands of >l.
T. McLean being thirty-five (331 feet front
on said public road an(l extending back one
hundred and twenty 11201 feet, having there
on erected a two story frame dwelling house
and stable, the same containing of an acn
of land, more or less, recorded i.i Deed 8001.
Ist;, page 4G»>
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of M. T. McLean, at the suit of L. .1.
E. I'. No. 2, SI. 24 and 2:>. Sept. Term. 1!W. A.
T. Scott. 11. 11. Goucher and N. C. Mc-
Collough, Attorneys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
James M. Maxwell, of, in and to all t bat cer
tain piece or lot of land situated in Butler
borough, Butler Co., Pa., bounded as follows,
to-wit: On the north by lot belonging to
heirs of Adam Kamer. dee'd., east by Second
street, south by lot belonging to Edward
Liebert. and on the west by an alley, said
lot fronting on Second street eighty ISOI fee:
and extending back to said alley [lOOl feet
and being part of original lots No. 0 and 21
and all of lot No. 1"> in block No. 23 in tlie
borough of Butler, Pa., in plan of C. Mc
('andless, et al, recorded in Deed Book
page .">OO and being part of original block of
lots conveyed to George C. Biehl. the present
granter by the Butler Savings Bank, et al.
by deed dated Nov, Isth. ISM!>, and recorded
in Deed Book 151, page 377 in the Register
and Recorder's office of Butler county. Pa..
and having thereon erected one two story
frame dwelling house.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erly of James M. Maxwell, at the suit of L.
P. liazlett. Trustee for use United States
Fidelity and Guaranty Co., W. S. liamsey.
The Commonwealth of Penn'a.. at the sug
gestion. etc.. for use of I'niled States Fideli
ty & Guaranty Co.
E. D. No. 43. Sept. Term, 1006. A. T. Scott.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
George W.Cooper, of, in and to all that cer
tain piece or lot of land situated in Centre
vllle Dordugh. Butler «'o.. l*a.. bounded as
follows, to-wit: Beginning at a post on the
sout h. and running north on the Turnpike
road thirty 1.301 feet to a post: thence by lot
of Jonathan Mayberry. one hundred and
sixty lltsol feet to a post; thence east thirty
| sol feet by an alley to a post; thence west
uy lot of .-amuel Coulter, one hundred and
sixty I tool feet to the place of beginning, on
which is erected a two story frame dwelling
house and outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of George W. Cooper, at the suit of W.
B. Cochran.
F-. D. No. 0. September Term. I'.Oti. W. D.
Brandon, Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
W. w. Watters. of. in and to all that certain
piece or lot of land situated in Evansburg
Itorough. Butler county. Pa., bounded as fol
lows. to-wit: On the north oy lot No. 110.
one hundred and eighty llsOl feet, east by
Centre alley forty-eight and -y-100 I
feet, south by Sarah alley one hundred and
eighty LISOI feet, and on the west by Wash
ington street, forty-eight and 33-100 145.331
feet and being lot No. 120 In Martin Wahl
plan or addition to the borough of Evans
burg and being the same property conveyed
to \V. W. Watters. by Martin Wahl. et ux, by
deed dated March otli, lsoo. and recorded in
Herd I!'>ok I>'.2. pane iSi,of the rec.irds of But
ler county. Penn'a.. having thereon erected
a frame cottage house and outbuildings.
Sized and taken in execution at the prop
erty of W. W, Watters at the suit of Alary
M. Dodds.
TERMS OF SALE—The following must be
st i let ly complied with when property is
stricken down.
1. When the plaintiff or other lien creditor
becomes the purchaser, the costs on the wr it
must be paid, and a list of the liens, includ
ing mortgage searches on the property sold
togither with such lien creditor's receipt*
for the amount of the proceeds of the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
be furnished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must be paid in full.
3. All sales not settled Immediately will be
continued until one o'clock, P. M., of the
next day at which time all property not
settled for will again be put up and sold at
the expense and risk of the person to whom
first sold.
•see l'urdon's Digest, 9th edition, page 416.
an I Smith's Forms, page 354.
Sheriff's Office. Butler. Pa. Aug. 2, 11*30.
Insurance «Sr Heal Estate
117 E Jefferson St.
frUTbER, - - - - PA
<Jas an<l liasollne Engines
All sizes and Wood Working Machinery, New
and Second Hand.
23s Second Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
[ Muslin Underwear SaleatT
S Thursday, July 26th and lasting until Wednesday, August Ist. <
V We carry a full line of the -CHIC" MUSLIN" UNDERWEAR. Every J
c garment speaks for itself. /i'
y I> >n >t mi—ihi< S.\ U; it will pay you to buy for futuiv use. Remember the \
f Thursday mnniin-. July 2<Uh to Wednesday, August Ist. We will also eon- v
\ tiiuu'iMir < liLA RAN< I*. S\ LL until August Ist. of muslins, calicoes, ginghams, X
( lawns, table linens, toweling-, dress goods, &c., Ac. J
) Opposite the "Bickel Building," 127 Main St. /
. _________________ .. ————*
(§5 —a ■■■■■■inii■■in ——^K»
<g> i ii The Bottom Knocked ©
© c Out of PfiC6Sa @
D-* *tl 4l» To have values and not to 2s
rv exploit them would be unjust
■ft (*%&. , ' to you and to us. So we want £
— to inform you of another big ft
ft - ' \*jf /"j 1 I t In looking over our stock £
ft Tf! S A » / i a^or our big sale we find that ft
'-a ' r ly hwe haw a -•<»od number of ft
® broken lots and odd sizes in g
ft If > / L • ' * i f CLsjamen's summer suits. ft
® >■- ii • I"'; Vtaft 1° ' Beginning tomorrow morn- ft
© i : ing every one of these lots ft
© y, "i® v f* T.' will be on sale from ft
© {T^H : 4 I per cent * to P er can^@
© | j J ! j IfflS less than the original price. ©
© I | ;s " • Late buyers will find this a @
® | , ■f- ■'« .7 ? r fbig snap to dress at a cost ®
® I |f : *7W ■ I i , / • j I lower in a good many in- ®
® E 1 •«• '/I 7 ...sq* |M| Istanc-'s than I'.te wholesale ®
© IS »>■ A? It t-.*- ! 1.1'■•«•-. Ml Odd lots®
(&> f f r •:. ,/ ,I: : l UI out on separate tables ®
fe> f M !.■■■<: | 7 ;|. »!¥ I with the original price mark ®
® M£ : M \:h| // m*%jg /attached. We being ®
® f:- fij m&W | one price house it will be an ®
@ easy matter for anyone to ®
® hof 7 fvMi | make their own deductions. ®
j MK. JEsf / U® Don't delay. As the size ®
§ j you want tomorrow may be g
1 Ideal Clothing and Hat Parlors I
1 228 South Main Street. ©
p. s—All clothing sold by us pressed and repaired free.
■■ ii "" ■- = _- i—^—
B. & B.;
dressing sacques
Shelf emptying of these cool,
comfortable garments at prices
that prove our determination to
do as we say—empty every
shelf and box—and that in the
shortest possible time.
Colored Lawn Dressing
Sacques and Kimorios—also
White ones.
50c ones, 35c.
75c ones, 50c.
SI.OO ones. 65c.
si.so ones, SI.OO.
$2.00 ones, $1.25.
$3.50 ones, $2.50.
$5.00 ones, $3.50.
ones, $4.50 —on up
to $lB ones, $13.50.
r Lot printed Lawn Dressing
i Sacques at 15c.
802,'2,'5& Buhl
/VI. K- shan<?r,
> Fire and Life Insurance
V ,
Room .50S, Butler County National
Bank Building, Butler, Pa.
jl)o You Buy Medicines?
Certainly You Do,
Then you want the best for the
least money. That is our motto, i
Come and see us when in need of .
anything in the Drug Line and
we are sure you will call again.
We carry a full line of Drugs,
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, etc.
Purvis' Pharmacy
Both Phones.
213 S Main St. Butler Pa.
? Drop us a Postal Card c
S if you cannot call and we J
I will mail you \
v Free of Charge 7
| t a sample package of \
£ Miller's Kidney Pills /
I S We want everyone who has i
I f backacke and kidney trouble to V
! 1 ty these pills, they speak for J
I f themselves. \
I \ Regular size 50c sent to any /
| f address upon receipt of price. J
| Redick & Grohman^
< iO9 North Main St:, S
BuUer, Pa. \
JI.OO ixt year If paid tn advance, otherwise
|1.."J0 will be cnarced.
Auvkktisino Ratm— One Inch, one time
|1; fiicli subsequent Insertion SO cents eiirh
Auditors' and divorce notices H each; oxec
ut"rs'aud administrators' notices <3 each
os' r;iy and dissolution notices |2 each, ltead
in • notices 10cents a line for first and Scents
f, >r e. h subsequent insertion. Notices
:it .onploi-al news Items 15 cents a line for
t n bln sertlon. Obituaries, cards of thanks
n solutions of respect, notices of festivals
;iml fairs, etc.. Inserted at the rate of 5 cents
; line, money to accompany the order, .'evfn
,v ids of prose make a line.
Kates for standing cards and Job work on j
All advertising Is due after first Insertion. I
and all transient advertising must be paid ;
fo- in advance.
A.: rommunlcatlonsintended for publlca !
tl; nln this paper must be accompanied bj i
tl n-al name of the writer, not for publica
tion bu-a guarantee of good faith, and should
reach us not later than Tuesday evening.
Death notices must be accompanied w th
responsible name I
Spring Opening
The first opening this spring
of a bottle of our own make
Beef, Iron and Wine will
bring cheer to many families.
all winter you become listless
and tired and have not the
ambition for extra spring
Our Beef, Iron and Wine
is the "Spring Tonic" that
brings back red cheeks, red
lips, new blood, new life.
"Remember" we make our
own, it is not shipped in.
Every bottle guaranteed, your
money back if it fails.
Price 50c Pint.
Crystal Pharmacy
R. M. LOGAN, Ph. G.,
106 N. Main St., Butler, Pa.
The Style of Today
is all-important for the -w«ll-<!lre»e<l
man. Let us make you a suit to meas
nre, at a price but little more than the
realy-made But, oh, what a differ
ence in the fit, style and general ap
Trousers to Order at 96.
| Come and *ee our new stock of ma
| terials—the choicest to be found. A
: million dollars and a bale of hay may
' be equally worthies'? at doomsday, but
cur Made to Measure Suits are living
epistles—good as gold.
iCor. Diamond, Butler* Pa.