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    THE BTTtEKCrriZEN. j
St JO per year l» A draace, Otherwise II JO
On Thursday of last week the House
passed the emergency Panama Canal
trillTbnt oat it down from sixteen to
eleven mftßous
On Monday Speaker Cannon announc
ed his committees
Huff of this district retains his old com
mittee assignments, those on Mining.
Railwavs and Canals and Levees and
Improvements on the Mississippi River.
Representative Smith of Punxsutowney
will likewise serve on his old com
mittees on Militia and Reform, and the
Civil Bervice.
Monday was an interesting day in the
Senate, made BO by the action Sen-
ATOR Tillman in introducing a bill to
provide maximum and minimum rail
road rates. Senators Foraker, Knox.
Bailey and others participated, and
mnch constitutional
Senator Foraker claimed that Congress
only had the power to directly exercise
the rate-making power, but Senator
Knox and others cited decisions to the
contrary, and showing that the power
might be delegated to a commission.
Unhappy Russia.
Conditions in Russia have not better
ed during . the past week. RLOTI °S'
mutinies and bloodshed have prevailed
in both the Black Sea and Baltic ports
with the great interior, cut off by tne
telegraph and railroad strikes, to hear
from. The efforts of Count Witteto
establish a constitutional or limited
monarchy seems doomed to failure, the
radical factions have become too violent,
and the autocrats or reactionaries have
induced the Czar to assemble a great
army of Cossacks for self protection.
Witte will probably quit, and CM I war
will probably follow. Everybody who
can get ont of the country is doing A*
In the far East mutineers in the Rus
sian army are reported to have pillaged
and burned the city of Harbin in Man
GREAT storms on the Atlantic last
waek drove many vessels to the shore,
and caused some loss of life.
Among the visitors to the State
caoitol Tuesday was Senator Quail, of
Schuylkill, who went all over the new
capitol and was much impressed.
■'Will you be here to take orders at
the extra session?" was asked of Sena
tor Quail. "No sir," was the emphatic
answer, "we will be here to be free.
THE P. B. a, Co's order against
passes is said to have been directed
against the politicians. The Phila
delphia crowd struck them for a quarter
of a million passes, this year, and then
got left. If there are no passes issued
for ne\t month's meeting of the Legisla_
tnre there will not be a great crowd at
Harrisbnrg, Jannarv 15th.
IN thia state men seldom hang A wo
man, excepting for poisoning; but the
hard-headed Yankees are not so lenient,
thfey hung a woman in ermont, last
Friday for chloroforming and drowning
her husband The fate of Mrs. Ed
wards of Reading is now entirely with
Gov Pennypacker, who can issue a
warrant for her execution whenever he
choees so to do
FOOB hundred and twentv-four sur
vivors of the Andersonville, Georgia,
orison attended the oeremonios of the
unveiling of this state's monument to
those of its soldiers who died there dur
ing the war, last Thursday. Some 0000
people were present. Gov. Pennypacker,
Judge White and others spoke, and the
monument WM duly transferred to tne
care of the National Government.
John Herron of Allegheny was struck
SR a B. St O. train near town, Saturday
ght and instantly killed. He was
walking down to the trolley camp at
McCalmont at the time.
William Gallagher of Butler twp.,
aged 19 years, was one of the victims
or the late storms on lake Superior. He
was a deck baud on one of the ore boats,
and was drowned near Duluth. He
was a son of John Gallagher, who wired
to have the body brought home for
The tow boats Harry Brown and Ray
mond Horner, of Pittsburg, with tows
of coal for New Orleans, were caught in
a severe wind storm near Hawksville,
Ky., last Saturday night, and the Brown
lost 27 barges, while the Horner lost
seven. Each barge contained 20,000
bushels of coal. The coal WAS valued
at $120,000 and the barges at *64,000.
No lives were lost.
Hoyt Hemphill had an arm injured in
the machinery of the Chicora Whip
Factory, last week.
A son of Geo. Graham of N. McKean
street had a leg broken while coasting,
last week.
Geo. Milliron of West Winfield has
at last recovered from the assault made
upon him some time ago. The blow
upon his head temporarily deprived
him of his reason.
Mrs. Jas. M Thompson of W. Clay
St. fell on Main St., last week, and
broke her elbow.
Chas. Foster, a son of 8. G. Foster of
Callery, had a hand caught and bruised
in the cog-wheels at the brick yard,
Oil and Gas Notes.
The Market—Remains at $1.58.
Donegal—The Beaver Valley Oil Co.
drilling on the James Double; and
Thomas & Rodgers are drilling a well
on the A. P. Rodgers from the 8d sand
to the epeechly.
Coflesville—Flick & Co's well on the
O'Brien is doing 25 bbls. a day and is
the best in the held, though the Gregg
well on the Mcßride is a good one
Three wells are due in this Fl<jld, this
week, or beginning of next. Flick's
well on the Savings Bank lot was shot,
last week, and is rated at 10 bbls, and
the Kison well on the Green the same.
Connoquenessing — The Allshouse Co.
completed a well on the Lewis Rader,
last week, that is doing 25 bbls. The
South Penn has a well nearing comple
tion; Rader & Co., have located on the
Spithaler, AND Young Bros, on the
Allegheny Co.—The Butler Co. Oil
Co. struck a good well near Underclitf
station on the B. & O. laet Thursday.
It started off at 10 bbls. an hour.
Turkey for Two.
Comm'r McCandless likes turkey but
does not fancy being one himself, and
so when Mrs. Anderson of Cherry twp.
came at him with an axe, Tuesday, be
dodged the weapon, and captured the
old lady and carried her to the County
Home wagon ; and then did the same
for the old gent. The couple were in
the Home some time ago, were released
on the representations of a relative, and
were again reported as being destitute,
and living near Coaltown. They made
no trouble on the way to Butler and
will eat their Christmas turkey at the
County Home this year
The Teachers' Institute.
Monday of next week the school
teachers of Butler county will meet in
the fifty-first Annual Teachers' Insti
The day instructions will be given by
State Superintendent W. W. Stetson of
Augusta, Me.: Dr. S. Y. Gillan of Mil
waukee, Wis.; Chancellor S. B. McCor
mick of the Western University of
Pennsylvania; Proff. Maltby and Mur
phy of Slipperyrock; Supt Gibson of
/Butler, and Dr. W. H. Crawford of Alle
gheny College, Meadville.
The musical director is to be Prof. F. ;
G Smith of Indiana.
The evening entertainments will be
Monday, Dr. Gillon
Tuesday, The Poet Scout, Capt. .Tack
Crawford of New Mexico
Wednesday, Father L. J. Vaughn of
Thursday, The Cremona Ladies' Or
chestra of Cincinnatti. assisted by Ar
thur Middleton as baas soloist.
J. Bread Black is now able to sit up
awhile each day.
David Hesselgesser of Winfield was in
town on business, Monday.
T. B. Hnmes of Rimersburg visited
fnends in Butler, Monday.
John Spohn of Summit twp. was in
town on business, Tuesday.
Geo. P. Campbell of Concord twp
visited friends, in town, today.
W. H. Larkin has purchased the
Sheriff Donagby property on N. Main
Mrs. Mary McCaslin of Middlesex
twp. visited friends in Butler, Thurs
Samuel Nelson of Cherry twp has
purchased a grocery store at Sbenango
James M Dui.n and wife of Slippery
rock did some shopping in Butler.
Geo. Mellinger of Institute Hill,
President of the Town Council, is down
with typhoid.
Cal Andeison and family of AN
Pearl St. have moved to 3600 Forbes
street, Pittsburg.
Hugh Connelly was in Butler yester
day distributing clocks that keep time,
with his business card upon them.
Dr. Ketler of Grove City College was
given a reception and banquet, in that
town, upon his return home from his
European trip.
C. D. De Vesta De Mingo, a young
Porto Rican. colored, was around town.
Tuesday, soliciting funds to put him
through college in this country.
Fowler Campbell's friends are worry
ing about his absence. He has not
been seen since election night, when be
was at Kaylor, with considerable money
in his pocket.
N. S. Grossman, County Commission
er elect, will move to the Forsythe
house on Brown Ave., Butler, this
week. His neighbors in Franklin twp.
gave him a surprise party a few nights
Sara Bernhart, the actress, has given
away her tiger, and now lavishes her
affections when at home on a large and
particularly ngly baboon, whose ears
have been pierced so he may wear huge
rings of gold
Deputv Sheriff Vorous had a swift
ride in the Kaylor coal mine a few
days ago. He went there to arrest a
man for jumping his board bill in But
ler, and the Superintendent of the mine
took him in on the trolley.
Daniel Goldinger, and G. W. Rodg
ers of Donegal twp. and Samuel Young
of Clearfield twp. were in town on busi
ness, Friday.
Mr. Goldinger yet walks with a cane,
the result of the accident of last April
C. D. Carson, an undertaker of Inde
pendence. Pa., had a funeral set for a
certain day, but at the last moment was
called away. The funeral had to go on,
however, and Mrs. Carson took her hns
band s place and drove the hearse, to
the amazement of the whole town.
Miss Catharine M. Costello and Harry
L. Kelly, both of Butler, came to this
Elace, Saturday, and visiting Justice
.awrence, had the words pronounced
that made them man and wife. Mr.
Kelly is a former Slipperyrock boy and
and is now employed as mail carrier at
Butler.—Grove City Reporter.
President Roosevelt is enthusiastic
over the idea of creating a game pre
serve on the Kaibab plateau of Arizona,
including the Buckskin mountains.
The traqt is 60x80 miles and capable of
sustaining 5,000 buffalo, as many elk or
moose and innumerable small game.
Senator Smoot has prepared a bill for
the purpose.
MESSRS HAYS and Hockenberry, our
members of the General Assembly, will
meet with some other country members
at Greenville, tomorrow. The first
thing the country members should
agree upon is a new Speaker and new
set of Clerks for the coming extra
The Village Fool—Dec. 18
"You can catch more flies with sugar
than you can with vinegar" and you
can please people better by making
them laugh irstead of crying, and the
mission of "The Villege Fool," the suc
cessful rural comedy-drama, that is an
nounced to appear at Majestic Theatre
on Monday, December 18, 1905, seems
to make people laugh. Mr. A. Q.
Scammon promises us an entertainment
above the average, and indications point
to a very large audience.
Prices 25c, 535 c and 50c.
Our grocers are paying .for —
Apples 1 M
iFresh eggs •••£
Butter 20-25
Potatoes • •<*»
Chickens, dressed 12 1;>
Turkey, dressed • -20
Navy beans, bu •! J*
Onions, bu SI.OO
Lettuce, lb IJJ
Honey per lb
Dried Apples "
Squashes, per pd 2
Turnips, per bu 40
Parsnips, per bu "5
1 Our dealers are paying, for—
Wheat 80
Rye 5®
Corn, shelled 55
Hay, bailed, ton sll 00
Buckwheat, per cwt $1 10
Pennsylvania ltailroad Tours.
The P. R. R. Co. has arranged the
following series of attractive Personally
Conducted Tours for the season of 1905
and 1906;
California— Leave New York January
25. A thirty-day tour by special Pull
man train, covering interesting points
in the West. Round-trip rate, covering
all expenses, $375 from all points east of
Grand Canyon ol Arizona—Leave
New York March 1. A thirty-one-day
tour by special Pullman train, covering
not only the Grand Canyon but the re
sorts of California. Round-trip rate,
covering all expenses, $385 from all
points east of Pittsburg.
Florida—Leave New York Feb. 6
and 20 and March 6. Two weeks to
three months in the Sunny Peninsula.
Round-trip rate, SSO from New York,
$4« from Philadelphia, aud proportion
ate rates from other points.
Detailed itineraries are now in course
of preparation. For further informa
tion address Geo. W. Boyd, General
Passenger Agent, Broad Street Station,
Philadelphia, Pa.
P It It Christinas Excursions
On account of the Christmas and
New Year Holidays, the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company will sell excursion
tickets from Butler to Pittsburg, East
Liberty, Allegheny City and Etna, on
December 28, 24, 25, 30, 31 and Jan. 1.
good for return passage until January
3. inclusive, at reduced rates. Consult
Ticket Agent.
B It & P lty Holiday Excursion
On account of the holiday excursion
travel the Buffalo. Rochester & Pitts
burg Ry. will sell round trip tickets be
tween Rochester. Buffalo, Pittsburg and
intermediate stations at one and one
third the regular one way fare. Tickets !
will be sold and good going Dec. 28rd,
24th, 25th, 30tli and 31st, 1905 and Jan.
Ist, 1900, which will be good for return
passage to and including Jan. 3rd, 1900.
For tickets and further information con
snlt.the nearest agent of the Company.
B It & P By Clerical Orders for
Clerical orders for the year 1906 will
be issued by the Buffalo, Rochester & i
Pittsburg Ry. as iu former years to
ordained clergymen having regular
charge of churches located on or near j
the line of its road. Application blanks |
will be furnished by ticket agents of the
Company, and should be forwarded to
the General Passenger Agent at Roches
ter not later than Dec. 24tb. No orders
will be issued except on individual ap
plication of clergymen, made on blanks
furnished by the Company and certi
fied to by one of its agents.
M< DOUG ALL—At Mercer, December
6, 190.1, Mr?. Presly McDougall. form
erly of this county.
She was buried at Harmony chnrcb,
Mercer township.
SHIEVER—it ber home in Connonue
nessing township, December 5, 1905,
Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Andrew
Shiever, aged 81 years.
She was buried at Mt. Nebo, and is
survived by three sons and one daughter,
thirteen grandchildren and six great
grandchildren. She will be sadly miss
ed in the home from which she has
gone and by her friends.
ALLEN—At the U. P. Home for the
Aged in Wilkinsburg, December 8.
1905, Miss Ester Allen, formerly of
this county, aged 78 years.
BEATTY—December 9, 1905. infant
daughter of L. J. Beattv of First
Ward, Butler.
SCOTT—At the home of her brother
in-law. Absolom Monks, in Middlesex
twp., Dec. 13, 1905, Mrs Elizabeth
Chantler Scott, aged 96 years
EICHENAUER—At her horn in Jack
son township, Decemb?r 1 190->,
Katharine Eichenauer, in 1 r 69th
DAVlS—December 7, 1905. infant
daughter of Blair Davis of Mercer St.
FORKER—At his home in Chicago,
December 4. 1905. William E Forker,
a native of Harrisville. aged 41 years.
ATKINSON—At his home in Freeport.
December 7, 1905, A G. Atkinson.
PHIPPS -At his home in Franklin.
December 10, 1905, Major Robert J
Phipps, aged 68 years
For raany years Major Phipps was
prominent amoDg the operators for oil
in this county, and made his home in
Butler. During the war he enlisted as
a private in the Fourth Pennsylvania
cavalry in 1861, he rose rapidly through
the various grades to major and near
the close of the war was brevetted
lieutenant colonel upon the recom
mendation of General Sheridan for gal
lant service in action. He took part in
56 engagements, including those par
ticipated in by the army of the Potomac.
He was born in Clinton township,
Venango countv, and spent the greater
part of his life in that county. He
leaves a wife and one son
NEGLEY-At his home in Tarentnm,
December 9. 1905, John F Neglev,
aged 79 vears
He was born in E. E. Pittsburg and
was a son of Caspar Neglev. whose
farm included what is now Highland
Park and reservoir. He leaves a wife
and several children, one of whom is
Daniel F. Neglev of Jefferson twp.
SANKEY—At his home in Slippery -
rock twp, Dec. 8, 1905, Thomas
Sankey, aged 80 years.
He leaves a wife, nee Keiater, two
sons and three daughters. He was an
excellent citizen and stood very high iu
the estimation of his neighbors.
KELLY—At Mt. Clemens, Michigan,
Dec. 12, 1905, Mrs. Nancy, wife of
John C. Kellv, aged CI years.
Mrs. Kelly had been afflicted with
rheumatism for some time and had
gone to the famous health resort for re
lief. She was the only daughter of
Capt, Alex Gillespie, dee'd of Cranberry
twp. She is survived by her husband,
two sons and four daughters—Alex and
Clarence, Mrs Bole, Mrs. Cronenwett,
Mrs. McCormick and Miss Marie.
McCLAFFERTY—At the home of her
son, Charles, in Pittsburg, December
12, 1905. Mrs. Charity McClafferty,
nee Bishop, m her 55th year.
EWING—At his home at Cochranton,
Pa., December 11, 1905. Edgar Ewing,
father of Chas. R. Ewing of Karns
City, aged 75 vera?
KEISTER—At her home in ProsDect,
December 12, Mrs. Lavinia Keister,
aged 83 years.
Misa Elizabeth Fletcher died last
Saturday evening at 9 o'clock at the
home of her sister, Mrs. J. Frank West,
in Harmony, after seven weeks' illness
with typhoid fever, in the 24th year of
ber life. She was interred in the Mt.
Nebo cemetery at Whitestown after
services at Harmony and in the Mt.
Nebo Presbyterian church, of which she
was a member. The services were con
ducted by Revs. Hugh Leith and Geo.
Stewart. The deceased was a daughter
of W. J. and Mary Humphreys Fletcher,
of Whitestown. Besides her parents,
she leaves two sisters. Mrs. J. Frank
W eßt and Mrs. J. A. Herman. —News.
Hon. John Hippie Mitchell, Senator
in Congress from the State of Otegon,
died at hia home in Portland, that
state, on Friday last. December 8, 1905.
in the 71st year of his age.
The fact that Senator Mitchell was a
former citizen of Bntler makes every
thing concerning him of interest to our
people. It was from this place he went
west. He was born in Washington
county, this state, in Jane 1835, but
came to Butler county with his
parents when quite young, about 1836-7.
His father, John Hippie, purchased a
farm between Mount Chestnut and
Prospect, this county, and lived on
same until his death some years ago
Here his son John M. Hippie was raised,
and lived until he came to Bntler. about
1856. He entered the law office of
Samuel A. Purviance and John M.
Thompson us a student, and was ad
mitted to the Butler Bar on March 23d,
1858. Mr. Pnrviance being elected to
Congress, and Mr. Thompson soon
lifter, to the Legislature, left young
Hippie alone in charge of their office,
an opportunity which he improved with
ability. He was regarded as a young
lawyer of talent and eloquence and was
favorablv known. But in 1860 he left
here for "the west, settling in Portland,
Oregon, as his new home. He left a
wife from whom he was afterwards
divorced. At Portland he rapidly rose
in his profession being soon chosen city
solicitor of that place, and then a State (
Senator, and then a United States
Senator by the legislature of Oregon.
All this took place within ten years
after his landing in Oregon. In the
meantime he thought it proper to
change his name from that ot John M.
Hippie, ns he was known here, to that
of John Hippie Mitchell, the Mitchell,
his middle name, being that of his
mother before marriage The Oregon
Legislature we are told subsequently
continued this change of name. He
married again in Oregon and his present
wife and two daughters made a journey
to Europe some time ago and are at
present in Paris, France.
Mr. Mitchell's first election to the
United States Senate was as we have
stated about the year 1870. He was
subsequently re-elected to the same high
post at least twice, and again in lUUI.
and was filling that office at the time of
his death. During his service in the
Senate no Butler man who visited
Washington would fail to meet a warm
greeting from Senator Mitchell. For
his old friends who knew him here as
John M. Hippie, he had a particular re
gard and would serve them in any way
he could. That he was a generous,
warm hearted man was known, and
while we do not desire or intend to ex
cuse his faults or in any way to palliate
his offenses, either public or private,
yet there were none of his old acquaint
ances hero but regretted to learn of his
dea»h and felt sad at the unfortunate
circumstances under which it bad oc
curred. There is a lesson in his life to
be learned by all, but particularly by
young men. He haa left, living in this
and adjoining countieH. good and re
spectable relatives and friends.
J. 11. N
Drying preparations simply
op dry catarrh; they dry up the «ecr< t u
which adhere to tho memlirano and d< < .i
pose, causing a far more serious trouLl ■■: ■ .
tho ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid a!'
ing inhalant*, funics, smokes and ... .
and uso that which cleanses, booti.< ■; it:i<!
heals. Ely's Cream Balm is such a rcn:cdy
and will cure catarrh or cold in tho head
easily and pleasantly. A trial sizo will ho
moiled for 10 cents. Ail druggists sell tho
GOc. size. Ely Brothers 5G Warren St., N.Y.
The Balm cures without pain, docs net [
irritato or cause sneezing. It spreads itself j
over an irritated aud angry surface, reliov- .
ing immediately the painful inflammation, j
With Ely's Cream Balm you are armod (
against Nasal Catarrh and Hay Fever.
Specially ' on llomeseekenT Kx
curHiou Fare* to Point* In the
We*t and Southwest, South
aud Southeast.
For further information consult near
et Baltimore & Ohio Ticket Acebt.
Clerk's Notice in
In the District Court of the United States
for tin 1 Western District of Pennsylvania,
Austin Hllvls. of Butler. Butler coun
ty. Pennsylvania a bankrupt under the
Act of Congress of July having applied
for a full discharge from all debts provable
against liis estate under said Act. notice is
hereby given to all known creditors and
other persons in Interest, to appear before
the said Court at Pittsburg, in said District,
on the 12th day of Jan.. lS*Xi. at 10 o clock
in the forenoon, to show cause. If any they
have, why the prayer of the said petitioner
should not be granted. „, .
Letters testamentary on the estate of
McCallister Kuhn, dee d., late of Con
cord twp., Butler Co , Pa., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pav
ment and any having jn9t claims against,
said estate will present the same duly
autentieated for settlement to
R. F. D. 74, Karns City.
Letters testamentarv on the estate of
B. F. Hilliard, dee'd., late of Washing
ton twp., Butler county, Pa., hav
ing been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate will please make immedi
ate payment and any having claims
against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement to
R. F. D 49, West Sunbury. Pa.
IRA MCJUNKIN, Att'y. 11-23-05
i Estate of John Rodgers, late of Donegal
towr.'hip. Butler Co., dec d.
Letters testamentary having been
sranted to the undersigned on the above
estate, notice is hereby given to all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate to make immediate payment
and those haying claims against the
same to present them duly authenticat
ed for settlement.
Chicora, F. F. D. 80.
Attorney. 9-28-0O
Letters testamentary on the estate
of Mary Jane T. Turk, deceased,
late of" Brady township, Butler
i county, Penn'a., having been grant
; ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves to be indebted to said
estate are hereby requested to make
prompt payment and those having
claims against the estate will present
the same duly authenticated for settle
ment to
El wood City, Pa., R. F. D. 2, or
9-21 03 Sherwin, Pa.
Estate of Nancy Bartley, late of Penn
twp., Butler Co., Pa., dee'd.
Letters testamentary having been
granted to the undersigned on the above
estate, notice is hereby given to all
persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate to make immediate pay
ment and those having claims against
the same to present them duly authen
ticated for settlement.
THOS. A. HAYS, Ex'r.,
R. F. D. 21, Saxonburg, Pa.
JAMES B. MCJUNKIN, Att'y. 10-5-05
Estate of R. M. Addleman, late of
Venango township, Butler county. Pa.,
dee'd. .
Letters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned on the above
estate, notice is hereby given to all
persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate to make immediate pay
ment aud those having claims against
the same to present them duly authen
ticated for settlement.
A. W. ADDLEMAN, Adm'r.,
R F D. 51, Hilliards Pa.
JAS. B. MCJUNKIN, Att'y. 11-9-05
Letters of administration on the estate
of Smiley R. Williams, dee'd, late of
Venango twp , Butler Co., Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to
R F. D. 65, Einlenton, Pa.
MUBBIN & MURBIN, Att'y. 11-2-05
By virtue of a writ of Venditioni Exponas
with claus of Kl. Ka. Issued out of the
Court of Common Pleas of Butler county.
Pa., and to me directed, there will be ex
posed to public sale, at the Court House. In
the borough of Butler, Pa., on
Friday,the 29th day of December
A. D. 180). at one o'clock. P. M., t he following
described property, to-wit:
K. D. No. 4 March Term, 1!W1. Frank
Murphy, Attorney.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Kred Lutz and Kranzle Lutz, of. In and to all
that certain piece or parcel of land, situated
In Saxonburg borough, Butler county, l'a.,
bounded as follows, to wit: On the north by
lands of Henry Kcasy, east by lands of E
Washstnllh. south by lanasof Mary I ritche
and Fred Bauderman, and on the west by
Water street; containing ten (10) acres, more
or less, and having erected thereon log
dwelling house, board stable and other out
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of I-'red Lutz and Kranzle Lutz at the
suit of W. T. Bradley.
TEKM9 OF SALE—The following must be
strictly compiled with when property Is
stricken down.
1. When the plaintiff or other Hen creditor
becomes the purchaser, the costs on the writ
must be paid, and a list of the liens, Includ
ing rnortzatfe searches on the property sold
together with such lien creditor s receipt
for the amount of the proceeds of the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
be furnished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must be paid In full.
3. All sales not settled Immediately will be
continued until one o'clock, I'. M., of the
next day at which time all property not
settled for will again be put up and sold at
the expense und risk of the person to whom
first sold. , ~ ,
•See l'urdon's Digest., oth edition, page 44f1.
an I Smith's Forms, page 3N4.
Sheriff's Office. Butler. Ha.. Nov. s. IUO.<.
WialicUl It It to Time Tublo
Iu effect.May 20th, 1903.
Leaves Went Win field 7 3<> 2 45
M Boggsville !7 45 3CO I
" Iron Bridge. 755 310
Winfield Junction ft 10 3 lift
11 Lane ®2O 345
" Butler Junction 8 2fi 340
Arrive Sutler 10 33 5 05
Arrive Allegheny ■ •• *OO
Arrive Pittsburg 10 26
Arrive Blalrsvllle 1 Oft *42
Pittsburg 3 Oft
Leave B?airsville I 1 50 2 15
" Allegheny 8
» Butler . 840 380
" Butler Junction. 10 00 440
« Lane 10 03 443
M Winllei'i Junction 10 Ift 4(u
" Iron Bridge. 10 2ft 5 Oft
44 Boggsville 10 35 5 Ift
Arrive Wont Wiufleld 10 50 5 3o
""Trains rft«>p at Lane and Iron Bridge only on Flag to
take on or leave off passengers.
Trains Connect at Butler Junction with:
Trains Eastward for Freeycrt, Vandergrifl aud
BiaimviHe Intersection.
Trains Westward for Natrons,Tareutuin Allegheny
and Fittsburg.
Trains Northward tor Saionburg, Marwood and But
'inneral Manager.
.Notice in hereby given that an appli
cation will be made to the Governor of
Pennsylvania on the 2Hth day of De
cember, lttoT>, by John 15 Patterson, W.
H Snider, Wm. H. Knoch, Qottlob
Pfeil and J. F. Anderson, under an Act
of Assembly entitled "An Act to Pro
vide for the Incorporation and Hernia
tion of Natnral <Jas Companies, ap
proved the 29th dav of May, 188.1,
pamphlet laws, page 29, and the supple
ments thereto for the charter of an in
tended corporation to be called the
Saxonburg Ileat and Light Company,
the character and object of which is the
producing, dealing in. transporting,
storing and supplying of natural gas to
the public at the borough of Saxonburg j
and adjacent vicinity and for these pur- I
poses to have, possess and enjoy all the j
rights, benefits and privileges of said
Act of ..Assembly and supplements
thereto, as well as the general laws of
said State applicable thereto.
I A Jewelrv) Sample Sale 1
I Big Purchase of Travelers' Samples I
Sale Begins at 10 o'clock 1
Illustrated Catalog Free. StM® MOfUlDft DCCCmbCr 16 E
Send us your name and address and immediately, postage prepared, on re- M
and will continue until Christmas. g
Saving 25 per cent to 50 per cent on Every Dollar ra
We have purchased the entire line of samples of several of the best manu- By
facturers. You will readily understand that nothing but the best material, best 00
. • k . nd That of-course that the person buying has an article as distinctive- Regular Price $7.50 M
>I j| Bpant fnlly Enameled in Colors l v and as entirely individual US though it was made exclusively lor themselves. Gold Filled Chatelaine
'8 Firp' P \*o. eoo Because these fine samples had served their purpose as trade winners we Guaranteed is years B3
j £ were able to buy them at much less than the wholesale prices. That means a Fine Jeweled Movement No. r>oi JjQ
pq corresponding reduction t<> customers. Every article is absolutely in perfect .~, ... yy
v| condition and at prices that will save you from 25 per cent to 50 per cent on BH
js| every dollar. Come and convince yourself.
I s3.2sßegular Price SIO.OO „ 75 J5.25 »'•* ***« «•» M
Goid u ■ Solid Gold ! Solid Gold Front cbatoU.no pti R3
■ r • sct *} lh 9-1"1 r ''' Set with 30 Genuine Pearls , Chatelaine Pin Bricht Polluted Roman LAJ
14 Rose Gold Fmisu and 6 Largo Whole Pearls Bright Polished and Roman Set xvith Brilliants , ___ IV7V
!Z No. 320 a No. 323 a j No. 354 No. 360 a sl2 25 Regular Price $lO OO g£J
14 $14.25 Regular Price $18.50 ~ ~ ~~~ T ~~~ 7. Gold Filled Hunting Case lUfl
* Crown uK Gold Filled No goods misrepresented, but sold upon their merit fend the honor of our reputation. It Guaranteed 20 years Huntm* Case h*
F* y eap Hunting Case w », reflu j rs a connoisseur of values to appreciate these wonderfully low prices. If you are no E, « m MovemeDt me > 6 K
IXI 15 Jeweled Elgin Movement. No. 610 . , , , rr t . CA i t t ...-Il —u\
' connoisseur of values in Jewelry, you may feel confident of faring just as well.
\ DON'T DELAY! | d |
$..00 Regular Price $. 50 % MAKE YOUR PURCHASES EARLY. WE WILL J | Solid Gold Baby Ring V
? PUT THEM AWAY UNTIL WANT "lIiEM. jj ! mora Id or Turquoise P W
14 It Solid Gold Solid Gold o:i r, 1,1 $9.75 Regular Price $14.00 ZV
$14.85 Regular Price $18.50 <; nch•« Dfcmond Solitaire m „, „ . , 5 ~ moki si«uet R'nf fpr Girls or Boys Crown Gold Filled j7
<l,l/1 Filial 1'.r.0 <'! it Stone Hepntifnl Geocm; Opals S.cr.ct Rinc. )>ncht Polished Heautjfully (based *
~ , tJ .• , r.i,\ci Mounting. Full of Irideyci nt Color* v. Ileovy, Elegantly Carved Hoary iiouDiii s- Guaranteed 20 years. Open Face U
SjSSS ElSSovoS . .... »'•■*« its* -&JS! St"! •« Elgin Movement No. 019 9
EXPLANATION Modern business methods made it necessary for these manufacturers to dispose of their samples when their travelers 5
finished taking the season's orders. To do so at one time meant a i>ig reduction from the regular prices—a direct loss. However, the up-to- M
date manufacturer must encounter these losses, it's considered good business judgment. The big saving we have made Ls now at your mercy, g
These goods are not odds and ends, but fresh and late samples. We would refuse to sell any article which does not come up to the standard V
required by the high reputation of our establishment. 2
110 W. Jefferson Street. ------ Butler, Pa. 3
Every Article Sold is Fully Guaranteed, and We'll Cheerfully Refund Money if any Article Purchased Does not Prove Just as Represented 9
jw: > 'yKIVX.,
You can save money by purchasing your piano of
W. . NEWTON, "The Piano Man."
The expense of running a Music Store is as follows:
Rent, per annum $780.00
Clerk, per annum $312.00
Lights, Heat and incidentals . . . $194.00
Total $1286.00
I have no store and can save you this expense when yon buy of ino.
I sell pianos for cash or easv monthly payments. 1 take pianos or organs in
exchange and allow you what they are worth to apply on the new instrument
All pianos fully warranted as represented.
A few of the people I have sold pianos in Butler. Ask them.
Dr. McCnrdy Bricker ,
Fred Porter
fraternal Order Eagles
Epworth League
E. W. Bingham
Geo. D. High
W. J. Mates
J. S. Thompson
Joseph Wood*
8. M. McKee
A. \V. Root
Miss Eleanor Burton
Mrs. Mary L. Stroup
W. C Curry
F. J. Hauck
Miss Emma-Hughes
A. \V. Mates
W. R. Williams
Mrs. R. O. Rumbaugh
Chas. E. Herr
The Butler Wood Fibre
Plaster Co.,
Mfgrs, of the celebrated Blue
Bell Wood Fibre Wall Plaster,
the best and cheapest plaster
on the market.
We are also sole agents for
the following high grade build
ing materials.
Whitehall Portland Cement,
has no equal for all classes of
concrete work.
Woodville White Enamel
Finish, the peer of hydrated
lime for skim coat.
Sacketts Plaster Board, >ou
;an line your house with this
fire proof board at half the cost
of any other material.
Give us a call before build
ing, we can save you money.
Office, W. Cunningham St.,
Opp. Qleotrte WghfOfffcfc.
Dr. W. P. McElroy
Sterling Club
D F. Reed
Woodmen of the World
H. A. McPherson
Miss Anna McCandless
E. A. Black
Samuel Woods
Oliver Thompson
John Johnson
R. A. Longwell
J. Hillgard
J. E. Bowers
C. F. Stepp
W. J. Armstrong
Miles Hilliard
Mrs. S. J. Green
J, R Donthett
E. K. Ricliey
L. S. Yonch
The Finest Goods Exhibited on the Floor of the Ex*
position Will bo SolJ at One-half Factory Prices
Linoleum L« till* r s pJrc f Parlor coet 1126 now
fn. r > I i*ath»T -I'll now Some mi»i«
uit low a» iL» fit.-nt < yurh
f:now *».'•. fGOone n'W $27 hi posit ion sample
of Ued Loom >a!'.« |t:»o SulU now f«i fIOU Suits
F,I others -at low N* §l2. A flue lot of tulslli
\\ lllftii and V•• r.-t Curputt, all ready lo tit large
rvMitii**; Wilton Velvet, room slse carpet cost |7i,
now $27.k». V.1% nl * arj«et cost f |.» now f22.50.
nui>,.cl< arprt 110. fl2 and sls Ingrain < arpetfl to
Ut Is* i rooiu« t V *"d S IU, worth double. In
laid l.tnolriiui, thick at a u.ard, colors all the waj
through »ell» for |l 60, my prtre 76c and hSc per
yard. Ifeal cork Linoleum worth bSr now f,r and
toe Lo k for the i:ig Window, next to I'lckurlng'a
So, 9<4 Term Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa
Funeral Director,
245 S. MAIN ST., BUTLER, PJt :
Cash on hand and Capital % SiMJKnn
due from banks * 389,29.24 Surplus - - 200,0ft0.00
Loans - - - 1,654.435.96 Undivided Profits 97,251.34
Real Estate - - 25,962.35 Deposits - - 1,572,176.21
$2,069,427.55 82,069,427.55
BUTLER, PA. J T ... * .U
I, Louis B. Stein, Treasurer of above named company, do solemnly swear that the
above' statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
LOUIS B. STEIN, Treasurer.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2nd day of December, 1905.
(Notarial Seal.) JAMES O. CAMPBELL, Notary Public.
My commission expires January 16, 1909.
Correct-Attest: —W. D. Brandon, Wm. Campbell," W A. Stein,* Directors.
* We take pleasure in calling your attention to our continued increase In business and
lnVlt^ Your\dle C money will work for you if deposited in our SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. \
Fish Market,
Cor. Main and North Sts.,
Highest cash price paid
for live Turkeys and
Poultry, also for dressed
Oscar A. Niggel, Propr.
200 N. Main St., &itlfer, Pa. j
Our Corner Clamp V fPi^iTrl
made the ••ACME" [I ffl\\
1 much superior U» any rJm I . - l\
other stretcher. Our c-3j Jf 1
New Patent AdJastaMe «n"tU
Pin leave* the scallops
In their natural nl>ap«; does uot weaken the haw, u
of ample length, Terr practical and agreatlmpror*
I moot. Dou't fall to examine It. At your dealer*,of
1 ICME M'FU CO., Allegtsenjr. P»
• Of OALHS CAMPHOR ICR and you'll agree
' that It la tho nent rmolll< ut for Chapped
I Hand*, Faca or Cold Sore* you're rrer u»od
) It (Ire* Immediate relief. Hundred* are
using H regularly with great satisfaction
I Order one todatr. » cent* by mall po*t pal.L
J4it Dates Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. I
Winter Tourtnt.
Tickets to Florida via B. & O. R K. i
. Very low rates for the ronnd trip to all i
th« famous resorts of Florida. Georgia, i
The Carolinas. Nassau and Havana, i
now in effect. Tickets on sale daily nn-
I til April 80, IWO. Full Information
from B. &O.K. K. Ticket Agenta. j
See the Sign directly £*sZl'%sZ*fZ. : 5I
opposite the
i Old Poitofflc* VrJ
i More Yogeley, WJ
t Real Eitati and HI
» I ■•art ore Ageacy, l"
US S. Mala St .3
Batler, Pa. ■
If you have property
to tell, trade, or res 1 "JJ
or, want to buy or VM
rentcail. write or
übene me. SM*
List Mailed Upon Application
i Farm* for Sale—la fine (arm district, around
Yoangstown, Warren and Nile*. Ohio. Call or
write for list. mmtIMBTOH * CO.. HI let. 0.
i For lali Coal land*; Pittsburg coal Ln Wetzel
i county, W. Va. Addree* Box *. Eadlcott. W. V*.
i Are Tow Taking Mawarn, Magnetic. Electrical
treatmeota; Turkleh, Orea, Vapor Spray or any form
lof Baths f Why not try the Forfee* laaHadumT