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T THCHfertfcVj' Hay f. TR*. . „
—t a 4--f f 4-4%
NEW Al>VEATffeElfiE^Td.
>fc>TF All advertisers Intending to make
changes io tlielr ads. should notify u-. of
their Intention to do so not later than Mon-
sotice in Bankruptcy,
uardian's notice
Jury List for Jnm Term.
Carl Schlnchter, Tailor.
Blown & Co s furniture.
D & G s clothing.
Newton's pianos
Campbell's furnitnre.
Bickel's footwear
Ketterer's shoes.
Wick's hats.
Modern Store'j dress goods
Wool Wanted
Driving horse for sale.
Leighner "s jewelry.
A4inli>l.sii4i.>rs and Execnrors ot estate
c»n secure their receipt books at the CITI
ZEN office, and persons making public sale*
note books.
—Butler is to have White Wings.
—The 4th of July Committees are at
—April lefl the do« r open and May
came in with cold feet.
—lt froze hard last Friday night, and
yet we may have some fruit.
—The firemen are arranging for a
great and glorious Fourth in Butler.
—The dast storm on Main St. last
Thursday, equalled one of those on the
desert of Sahara.
—A iittle fire at Wade Wynn's on W.
Fulton St caused a big run for the fire
men Friday afternoon.
—The Woodmen have fixed upon
Ang. 6th, as the date tor their Ox roast
and picnic at the Park.
An Indiana Court has decided that
it is illegal to cook onions when the
aroma annoys somebody else.
—Redick & Grohman report that the
Sherwin-Wiliianis paint trade this year
will exceed any two previous year.
Attempts were made to enter the
residences of J. M Armstrong and John
Snyder of W Clay, last Thursday
—Cornelius Bros & KMly have their
new Intolier 5 ard at the crossing of
Kittanniug St. and B <fe O. railroad in
—Over in Wampum they passed
around the hat. tor the man who killed
the robber, arid raised him several hun
dred dollars
—Au unknown man held up Albert
Hays, in bis store in Clinton twp. a few
dajs ago and roblxd him: also Joseph
McCall. near by.
—We need some new roads in thig
county, and cur people should study the
new road law. a synopsis of which ap
jteais in another co<nmn
The Sunday School which meets in
the Phillips City school house will give
a festival there next Wednesday even
ing. the 13th All are invited.
A woman living in Forward twp
has lately taken the notion of killing
her three year-old airl, whose father,
she says, is a Pittsburg lawyer.
A six ton side of the tremendous
safe of the Trust Company arrived in
town, jetterday, and they had a great
time getting it into the building.
J. M Osborne of Pittsburg will give
b mnsioal entertainment on Thursday
of next week, the 14th, at the Grange
Hall, near Saxon Station, in Winfield
The building contractors have got- (
ten together for self protection. Quite
a number of men who intended build
ing, this year, have postponed opera
- You know the Russians by their 1
whiskers, and in print by their names -- 1
one of which appeared in a Pittsburg
piper, yesterday, credited to Butler for
a marriage license.
—The new time table of the B. & O.
between Allegheny and Foxburg does 1
not go into effect till Bunday, the 17th,
after which time the noon or 11:40 1
train will not leave Butler till 1:00 p.
m 1
—While Harvey Wise of Penn twp,
was fixing the abutment of the Thorn
creek bridge, nesr the M. E. church,
last week, he found nine large black
snakes in ast me pile, and killed tbem
all. /
—One of our town dalies got off a
pretty good "fable" the other day on (
the young lady (T) of Bntler twp. who
is said to have caught several of our
young sports by what is called the
badger gaipe.
—Ttyese highway robberies are becom
)t)g intolerable—#nd the qnly remedy
for it is for every man living in the
suburbs to put a gun In his pocket, and
be ready to use it, which an order to
"hold up your hands" justifies.
—The fact that St. Louis was laid out
40 years before Butler was, may sur
prise some people, but it shonld be re
membered that the French explorations
century reached from the
|ak<*sto the of the
—"Hold up your hands ' was the or
4er Mr- Potter of the B B. <sp P. receiv
fctj at his on institute jjni,
niqrht, and as a pistol was
pointing at liitn ho did so, and was re
lieved of a gold watch and #lO in cash.
Liquor selling licenses in England
appeur to go mostly by favor. It is
stated that nearly 400 pnblic houses in
Great Britiau are owned by members
of the House of Lords, Lord Derby be
ing by fur the largest own> r, with 72
licensed "The Duke of Bedford
fias half a hundred houses. Qne mem
ber of the Cabinet—the Dnke of Devon
shire—has 4?.
_-£>arl the tailpr, ha„ rp
iooved his shop to the Reiber building,
115 E Jefferson St.—opposite the Low
ry House—second floor, wherelie has a
large, well lighted work room, and also
a storage room for his goods. His
spring stock, all new and first class is
now ready for inspection, and he guar
antees lit and workmanship:
ll'.. fl 1 • <.< Hp
' Tbey had a lively time in Acpinwail
ia,* br»tard„y night and 4au,ea Shanor,
lormetly of this piai j, and now Presi
dent of the Council there, was hit on
the head with a brick and seriously in
jured. The P. R. R. Co. built a bridge
across the river from Aspinwall to
Brilliant station, with the intention of
> tinning all passenger train-; froin t}ie
Penn aijrosj and into Hfi-
WitUbnrg, Put the Council had not
allowed the R, R, Co, tlie n«e pf a l*:r<
tb- ;:<Meat trackg
and the bridge, and when the company
began nnloading material the citizens
of the town gathered and stepped it. af
jt>r u row with
Who were doing it.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Jacob Albert of Franklin township
, visited rri'-nila is Butler, last week.
j Augart Stiff ac<l Ciratit Flick of
I Clinfaja irere h: tow® ofl bostne*
Theixlore Keck and George Hower
attended a partv in Harmony. Tuesday
• evening
Miss Ilntta Scott, wlio married John
A. Martin, last week, was a daughter of
T B Scott.
Frank D. Pierce is erecting a
dwelling house for Win. A Hauck on
Water street.
Abner F. O'Brien of New Cumber
land, W. Va.. visited liis father. W. H.
O Brien. Wednesday.
Miss Gertrude Thomas of Bradford
is visitine her aunts. Misses Emerick,
of Washington street
John Miller, of the B. R. k P.. dis
appeared last Saturday, and his friends
are worried about him.
W. H. Cubbage of Carnegie and in.
Heginbotbain of Jefferson township
were in Butler on business, Tuesday.
Jo?. E Smith of coal street was held
up and beaten, and robbed of $26.00 on
the Pittsburg bridge, last Saturday
Roosevelt was in Denver. Monday.
Santa F*. New Mexico. Tuesday: and at
the grand canyon of the Colorado, yes
Tom Alexander came all the way
from Cameron. \\ . \ a., to attend .he
meeting of the School Board, Friday
Mrs. Newton and children are visit
ing her parents in Grove City, and if
the piano man wasn't kept so busy he d
be lonesome.
Dr. V H. McAlpin, the dentist, has
removed to Warren, where he will
practice with his brother, who has been
there for some years.
John Morall. who has been sick for
sometime, is again able to be back to
work as watchmaker and repairer for
Carl H. Leighner. the jeweler.
Oren Christy of Halo, Ohio, who had
been visiting his aunt. Mrs. Ruinbaugh,
went back, Monday He drills wells
for the Colonial Salt Company.
Jos. M. Mattern of Mars, now work
ing in Knox. Co. Ky., if home on a
visit. Ho is with a Pittsburg oil com
pany there that has not had verv good
Harvey Gibson of Bruin is now in his
85th year, and he was around visiting
friends in Butler, Tuesday. His wife,
nee Crawford, and eight children are
yet living.
Misses Catherine and Eliz ibeth Reilly
of Chicora left Saturday for their home
in Ireland, called there by the illness of
their mother. They were accompanied
to New York by their nephew, John
Dolan, and Attorney Frank Kohler.
Edward the Seventh.of England.arriv
ed in Paris, last Friday,and received an
ovation as he passed through the streets
which shows a better feeling than has
heretofore obtained between the two
Captain Ford, who died last Friday,
in his 92nd j ear, did not begin to ex
periment in the making of plate glass,
until he was in his sixties, and after the
fortune he had made on the river was
swept away by the panic of 1573. He
was the pioneer of the plate glass in
dustry in, and was one of the most re
markable men this country has ever
George Rapp, the founder of the Har
inony Societv. died in the fall of 1847,
when over ninety years of age. His
power over the members of the society
was absolute' and it has often been the
subject of remark and wonder that one
mm could control the passions of eight
hundred people—keeping the sexes
apart, and even separating those who
bad been married.
—A few days ago two drunken men
sat on the base of the Soldiers' monu
ment asleep and alwve their heads
arched the words, "Our Silent Defend
—The body of ex Recorder J. O.
Brown of Pittsburg was exhumed, Mon
day, and a post-mortem held up in the
Bull Creek church. The stomach will
be analyzed by an expert. A brother
whose home is in Nebraska is having it
all done. Coroner McGeary of Alle
gheny county was In Butler, Tuesday,
and while here said he believed Brown
had been poisoned, and that every effort
would be made to discover the responsi
ble party.
—At the joint conference between the
coal miners and operators of Mercer and
Bntler counties held at Grove City, a
scale of wages wa- arranged for the en
suing year and adopted without a dis
senting voice. The scale follows: Pick
Alining, per ton of 2,000 pounds. 56
cents: punching machine, cutting, per
ton, 14 cecta; punching machine, lead
ing, per ton 34 cents: roadmen and
drivers, $2.30 per dav; blacksmiths,
$2.40 per day. An increase of 5 per
cent, on present prices for all lead
work and 12j per cent, on outside labor,
excepting blacksmitbing, was also
granted. Twenty-six mines, employing
about 2,000 men, are affected by the in
letter to (ieo. I^etterer,
Butlpr, Ba.
Dear Sir: There are two sorts of fur
niture. Yon know both, for you sell
'em both. One sort looks better than it
is. and the other is better than it looks.
There isn't any other sort.
The same, two sorts of paint, no more;
and we make 'em both—we make tons
of stuff that isn't worth its freight.
Belongs to the business—have to. Be
longs to your business —you have to.
But this is aside We put into cans,
with our name on, the very be. t paint
there is in the world; Devoe Lead and
Zinc. It takes fewer gallons than
mixed paints, and it wears twice as long
as lead and oil.
C. O. Brown & Bro., Columbia. S. C.,
Mr. O. O. Brown employed an experienced
painter to paint Ids house with lJevoti Lead
and Zinc. The painter, on seeing Hie paint
that was sent to tlio house, said that tr.ere
was not enough; 110 was so sure of this that
he opened up all except one five-gallon kit.
\Y hen the Job was done he returned the H ve
gallun kit »nd abont as much more In open
vessels. Other painters who have been
using mixed paints have had the same ex
perience with Devoe Lead and /.inc.
Yonrs truly,
F. W. DEVOE Co.,
10 New York.
P. S. Patterson Bros, sell our paint.
Mopths of May, tune. -inly apd
August, forenoons only, location same
as last season, formerly Graham Bros
Grocery, now Cohen's bargain store.
Driving Horse For Sale!
Is three years old, weighs abont ten
hundred, is perfectly sound, and is well
bred Inquire at bouse of H L. Kelly
in Wortb.twp . or address sumo at' 42*
Went JfefTerson street, Butler. '
'.'Hellp Central.'- Ilellq. "Please give
me No. |jl—Victor Hemedie* Line.
Baby has colic. Victor Infant* Relief
cures it."
School teachers, We will be ready for
yon any time afte* Aj ril Ist. By secur
ing a thorough training in Itookkeepini'
shorthand and typewrit : ng, y. 1; .u,,
double or treble vowr »a4a|7/ Call rtn<T
»ee ns or v/Hfp for information
ftuq.LEi; Buiji\H.ss ftoLLEijt;
Spring showjiit; pf pp it, .mio
! for iilrtll rtfid buv «♦ .-^0
...iter & Rocken-
Don't miss it seeing the new cata
logue of the Brjtler Hvjwimv 4 College
'it;e fjpnng Knowing r>f Men's and
Boys' clothing at Ititter & Rockenstein'a
is worth investigating.
If it comes from Ritter & Rocken
stein's it is bound to be up to date.
•f. —
Angelo Braghette vs Standard
I.ntutMT Ox appeal by deft from judg
ment rendered by R. McElvain. J P
Maud Dunning vs Albert M. Dunning,
petition for divorce for de-ertion.
National Supply Co. vs J. L. I'ekuiau.
deft. and W. A Lindsejr, garnishee, i t
tachment execution on goods of deft,
j in garnishee's hands.
Miss Elizabeth McConneil. guardian
of Oliver and Mary E Adele (iilpin.
minor childreu of the late Hon John
Gilpin of Kittanning. Friday, {»etition<-d
court for leave to intervene in the
equity proceedings of Parser twp. vs
Bruin borough to adjust the indebted
ness between the two school districts
and also for an order of Court making
the SSOOO worth of bonds irsned by tue
Township School Board in I*9J? to r.ii*e
fnnds for building the brick -chool
house in Bruin and bought by Miss Mc-
Conneil as guardian, a lien on either
one or both of the districts.
Philippo Mirtoni has petitioned for
John Rape has been charged with de
stroying borough property for smashing
the windows of the Chicora lockup
while confined there.
John Taylor, one of the Bennett
rioters, who refused to pay his costs
and tine was arrested Saturday and then
paid up.
Paul Kearns was arrested Sunday for
drawing a check on J. Berg A: Co. for
s(>') and signing the name of his father,
James R Kearns. Grocer George
Btllis cashed the check for him. A
short time ago the yocug man was
arrested by Constable Brown on a
similar charge. Brown went on Paul s
bail and tue youug man then disappear
ed Littr he was rearrested but :he
case was settled by his father paying.
The Bankrupt sale of the John Schaff
ner place was" adjourned to the Court
House next Tuesday.
A venire facias has been granted
against the Butler Passenger Ry. Co. to
baing them into eouit for trial at the
coming term for obstructing Pierce ave.
Etq. Thomas McMillan has entered
a charge of assault and battery against
Dr. L. H Stepp, growing out of a per
sonal encounter in Justice Kerk s office.
Jos B Sherman to Daniel \ounkins
lot in Fourth Ward for *l.
Daniel Younkins of Jos B Sherman
lot in Fourth ward for sl.
Viola Amy *o Mary E Thompson lot
on Amy ave for S7OO.
D Younkins and J A F Jaekson, guar
dians, to Josiah Brown one-sixth int. in
93 acres in (.'lay for £575.
Mary A Brown to Josiah Browu 96
acres in Clay for *3250,
Thomas B Gravatt to Louis i Scott 3
lots at Saxon Station for $ 1400.
Samuel M Bellis to Bert Barnhart 1
acre in Franklin for i-t'iO.
M J Goddard to J G Strable lot in
Adams twp for SIBOO.
E L Wasson to bame property in
Adams for SIOOO.
Amos Seaton to Smith M McCreight
acres in Venango for *4131 "if!
Guaranty S D. & T. Co. to J W
Mardorf lot on Elm st for 3900.
E A Wert and M;trgt Lenz to T M
Peat oil leases in Jackson for S7OOO.
C C Reeder to P E Daubenspeck lot
in Fourth ward for $2400.
Jus W Cunningham to C G Boozle lot
in Portersville for $6.50.
Orra A Withneck to S M
•26 acres in Venago for s6ll 7")
Wm Carson heir# to J and H Drebert
BO acres ir. Marion for SIOOO.
Martha J Irwin to Lillie Dean lot on
Morton ave for SIOOO.
Lysanderßlack to .J C Black properties
for $750.
J L McElhaney to Htnry Mason prop
erty in Slipperyrock for sllsO.
Mary L Coovert to Margaret Mitchell
lot on S Washington St for $1525.
Clarence Walktr to Jesse Joseph &
Sods 101# acres in Allegheny for SIOOO.
Margart Brown to Albert Sutton, quit
claim to 109 acres in Clay for SI4OO.
Ex rs of Catharine Schonpp to C E
Cronenwett lot on Mifflin St for $2500.
Elizabeth and Dr. Schnltis to Annie
WHitman 44 acres in Donegal fpr fc{so.
Pgh. Security Sgs Ac Loan Assn to
Guarantee L & I Co. lot on Park St for
Anna M Benner to Jos P lleed lot in
Zelienople for SBS.
Marriage License*.
Mike P/evoxink Lyndora
Barbala Elko •
Steve Vargo Ferris
Rosalia Salai
Jan Onoski Lyndora
Josephbing Skripec
Lukas Derenyoyowszkiz Butler
Akniska Zeignian
Albert R. Cooper Bntler
Mand M. Murphy "
N. R. Greyly Bfewston Millg. WVa
Lida Wolford Chicora
Charles E. Flack Butler
Stella A. Cruiksbank "
L. C. Fisher : Herman
Mary Magdalena Reatt
D. D. Ilawk Butler
Daisy Shakily
At Kittanning— Bnrton M Orr of
Bruin and Nannie Whippo of Parker;
also J. O. Snow of Butler Co. and Cora
Evans of Armstrong Co.
Paint Icour For
to SI.UO with Uevoe's Gloss Carriage
Paint. It weighs 3 to 8 ozs. more to
the pint than others, wears longer, and
gives a gloss ennal to new work. Sold
by Patterson Bros
(Irderti delivered promptly to all parts
of the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call
up Bell Phone No. 4; or People's No. 54.
E. E. Lantz, Manager, People's Phone
No. 533.
Father* ami Blotters
teach your child to save by opening a
bank account for him with the Real
Estate Trust Company, 311 Fourth
ayenne, Pittsburg, Pa. Four per cent,
interest on sayings accouptg.
Capital and Surplus $3.700,000.00.
Insurance and Rea Estate.
If you wiwli to sell or buy property
yon will find it to your advantage to see
Win. H. Miller, Insurance and Real
Estate, next P. 0.. Bntler. Pa.
Hollar Sunday Itatc to H" eg lienor I
Commencing the f.rst bunday in May
and continuing each Sunday thereafter
(intil Oct. 25th, the B. & O. R. R. will
sell special excursion tickets from But
ler to Allegheny and return for morning
trains on Sunday at rate of $1 for the
round trip. Tickets gopd op Baltimore
and (ihio trains only. Return limited
to date of sale.
Orders delivered promptly to all parts
of the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call
up Bell Phone No. 4; or People's No. 54.
E. E. Lantz, Manager, People's Phone
No 533.
Many- never ;rn}y li/e,—fcait eat and
half aleap miserable from
Uispep.jiA and Indigestion have beep
yured by Victor Livvr Syrup
It's about twice us large and twice as
good looking as the last one —the new
catalogue of the Bntler Business Col
j lege. It's free to those interested.
Those nobby top coats comes from
Ritter & Rockenstein ®.
H we you «et,o our finely illustrated
I catalogue ior 1003 4? If pot, jpojf
| copy, or when in tvAVtl i-Uli *
! fiw ami get >i - " I "
It's the finest you ever saw the new
j catalogue of the Bntler Business College.
' Free for the askinc.
Wunt u n..bby Spring suit* Let
Hitter & Rockenstein s fit you out.
! Fewer Gallons: Wears Longer.
Save time by l'Ktking at Ritter &
Rockenstein's first for that Spring suit
or overcoat
Doinirs of Council.
' i :3 \ 7
At IhS meefing of Council. Tuesday
evening. th>- tax rate for borough
purposes tor this year was fixed at 14
mills, 10 for general and 4 for debt
j nrposes. The assessed valuation of
the town is something over three mil
i; 'lis The estimated items of expeuse
tor this vear are lighting. $6,500: street
i repairs. $5,500; police, $3,600: Water,
S3.800: fire department, $2,000: Board of
Health, *1,500: salaries, $3,000: Garbage
Thi- Cottage Hill Street Railwav Co.
p jed for a franchise and the matter
v is referred to the street committee
The company asks the use of S. Main
I> imond. and Quarry Sta and Negley
Tlie Bluff, Franklin, and Ziegler St.
p .ving ordinances were held up for two
weeks: the bond of H C. Crick for the
paying of W. Penn St was approved:
an Ordinance opening Walker Ave. was
ordered to be prepared: the city Solicitor
was instructed"to aid in the defense of
Mr. Phrosen. indicted for selling goods
on the streets under a borough license;
some bills were paid and Council ad
journed for two weeks.
Chicora Commencement.
Dr. J. Leonard Levy. Rabbi of the
Rudelph Sholoiu congregation. Pitts
burg. will deliver the commencement
address at Chicora Monday evening of
next week. The class night exercises
will be held Friday evening of this
we» k, music will be furnished bv 'he
Chicago Ladies Quartette.
Rev. C. B. King of Allegheny preach
ed the commencement sermon Sunday
evening in the English Lutheran
Ohl Fiddlers* Contest
Mr Arthur Lov\ the well known
m-isii-al caterer, at the earnest solicita
tl. ns of his friends has consented to
hold an Old Fiddlers' Contest, at the
Butler Opera House. June 1. 1903.
The contest will be open to all pla>ers
fp mSO \ears up. Only the old tunes
v. ill be used such as "Fisher's Horn
pipe," "Devil's Dream." "Leather
Br-eches.' "Irish Washwoman." etc.
Leading prizes of $"25, sls. $lO. $5.
Furniture. Musical Instruments. Jewel
ry. etc. will be given.
The old violin players of Cutler and
arij ining counties should write im
mediately to Arthur Love. Manager
Kieber's Piano Parlors, Butler Pa.
S-tne dramas die in infancy for lack
of the elements of success. No matter
how elaborately i resented they may h».
they fail to appeal to the public and
soon soon the shelf. But a melodrama
like "Hainan Hearts" holds its original
charm It has been snen ilirouuhout
the country for the past eight yeais,
yet there is no decrease in public inter
est in this delightful play.
Tlie Sign pf the Crogs, Wilson Bar
rets remarkable hietoripal drama which
has been the success of two continents
during the last fire years, comes to the
Park Theatre the 13 inst. Since its
first appearance in America when it
was presented by Wui, Greets London
company at the Knickerbocker Theatre
in New York, the play has been seen in
only about thirty of our largest cities.
So great has l>een its success that year
after year the entire season was filled !
with return visits to these same cities.
Interchangeable lOoOMile Ite
fund Tickets.
Commencing June 1, 1903. inter
changeable lOOQ-Mile Refund Tickets
will be placed pn aalp, limited to one
year frotu date of isaue. good only for
transportation of the owner, with usual
free allowance of 15Q pounds
over any of the following lines:
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. (Be
tween all points east of Ohio River and
between Pittsburg and Kane Also to
and from points on Philadelphia and
Readin;' Railway of Nevy Teroey be
tween Ph'ladelphia and New York.)
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. (East
of and including Huntingdon.)
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
Erie Railroad itsiast ofc and includ
ing "lamestown and Suspension Bridge.)
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
Pennsylvania Railroad
These tickets will oo sold at rate of
$90,00 each, ȟbject to refund of SIO.OO
on surrender of cover to Trunk Lines
Mileage Ticket Burean, No. 143 Liberty
Street, New York, at any time within
eighteen months from date of purchase.
This form of ticket will be ia
deference to reonesta of numerous
patron 1 ; of tiie linAs in interest desiring
one ticket good over several lines in
stead of having to provide themselves
as jit present »\ith a separate ticket for
each line they desire to pg®,
Agents at stations of the
railroads named iilir.ve will have these
tickets on sale apd give all further in
formation regarding them that may be
Decoration Day Excursions.
<>n May 20 and :>O, the Baltimore &
Ohio Railroad Company will pell U,w
rat>- excursion tickets \o ail i*>ints west
of Pittsburg witnlh a radius of 150 miles
from'jelling station. Ticket* will be
good for return nntil June 1. 190 M.
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & <>,hio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin, (general
Passenger Agrnt, (Jhipago, 111
Wheat, wholesale price 75- HO
Rye. " 55
Oats, " 40
Corn, " 58
Buckwheat 70
Hay, " 15 00
Eggs, " 15
Bntter, " .
Potalofc.-j, •
j Cifi«oM,"per i>u .....
Meets, per bU gQ
| Cabbage, per lb,- ...... . ... t
Chii-Jcen3. qvMiif«t 1 is
Parsnips, per bn 50
Tnrnlps 40
Apples 00 75
Celery, doz bunches 25
Honey, per pound .1^
ii>- Qer jailoua. we<ua longer, DfYOfc.
'(tven* ai»-» ' . _
(i. t ;u 4 - (iood Bakers,
Vl .. uitehill's
Ritter & Rockenstein seem to be lead
ers in up to date clothing
Normal Term sit Prospect.
Prof. H. D. Pvott will conduct a
Normal Term at Prospect. Books free.
! Tuition *O. In addition to the common
! branches opportunity will »be giver tn
take up the higher branches. Special
attention to Algebra. Penmanship and
Civil Government. Term opens May
7th to continue H weeks. .Tnnior de
partment for beginners. Write for
particulars. Books free.
The houses of H. Hamilton and Ellis
Redick in Venango twp. were destroyed
by Are last Thursday afternoon. Loss
fi.OX) and no insurance. The fire
originated from an open tire nnder a
wash-boiler iu the yard and was caused
by the high wind that prevailed that
The former residence of Judge Daniei
Feidler. near Harmony, was destroyed
by fire early Saturday morning. The
property is now owned by C. Lockhart
of Pittsburg, but was occupied by Mrs.
Feidler and her daughter. The fire
originated fnm a spark from the
chimney. lusnrance £i.ooo.
Saturday morning a stable belonging
to Olive Matthews on Grand avenue.
Dntfytown, was burned, the fire being
started by a spark from a rubbish fire
in the yard being blown through the
stable window into soma, hav The
loss was £ISOO.
The house of D. L. Hutchison in
Washington twp. was destroyed by fire
Sunday. About noon Mr. Hutchison,
who was on the first floor of the house
thought he snielled something burning
and ran up stairs but had scarcely
reached the top when the roof began to
fall in. Very little wns saved. Sparks
from the chimney are supposed to have
been the cause. The loss is $4 000
with iflsoo insurance in tfce Farmers'
Mutual of North Washington
Forest tires in McKean Co. destroyed
a million dollars worth of property, iast
Thuisday and in Clearfield county there
were also some doings. The summer
hotel on the crest of the Alleghenies
was burned.
Lovc-ly Concerts.
Arthur Love and family had a larite
umiiencv in Y. M. C. A. Hill. l«8t
Thursday evening, and sent them hom-*
well pleased with their evening's euter
Miss Mina Love ia one of thel>->-t mu
sicians iu this country. She pla>s oyer
three hundred pieces from memory,and
does it perfectly. Mr. and Mrs Love
rendered a number of old time favorites
and in such manner at, to call for enthu
siastic applause.
Mr. Love is now located in Butler,
and we may expect more of these Love
ly entertainments.
Low Kates t.> Washington and
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
has arranged" for low-rate ten-day ex
cursions from Pittsburg and points iu
Western Pennsylvania to Washington
May 21. Round-trip tickets will
be sold at rates (juoted below,
good going jn special train ipr
dicated. or on train No 4, leaving
P'ttsburg at 9:00 p. ill., a-id orrvinu
sleeping cars to Washingt on
Special train of through psrlor cars aud
c taches will be run froui Pittsburg on
the following schedule;
Train leaves. Rate.
Butler 6:05 a.m. #»•'><>
Frteport l-'M " f.OO
Washington. .Ar7:ls p. m.
Tickets will be good returning on any
regular train except the New York and
Chicago Limited, unfit May 30, in
elusive, and to stop off at Baltimore
within limit.
Should the numlier of passengers not
be sufficient to warrant the runuing of
a special train, the company reserves
the right to carry participints on regu
lar train.
Tickets on sale in Pittsburg at Union
Ticket Office, 360 Fifth ave., and Union
Station, and at all stations mentioned
For full information apply to ageDts
or Thomas B. Watt, Passenger
Western District, Fifth Avenqe ftn d
Si"ithfiel4 Street, Pittabui-g.
Reduced Rates to San Francisco
and Lo.s Angeles.
On account of the meeting of the
Master Plnmbers' Association, at San
Francisco, Cal., May 19, to 22. the
Pennsylvania Railroad poinpariy will
sell excursion tickets to Wan Francisco
or Los Angeleg, May U to 17, inclusive,
good t u return until July 15, from all
stations on its lines, at reduced rates.
These tickets must lie validated for re
turn passage, for which the usual fee of
fifty cents will be PpvfnT'b er
particulars ratus, routes,
and conditions of tickets, consult
ticket agents.
Sljow Coining.
The announcement that Ringllng
Worlds Urea test Shows will
exhibit in Pittsburg will be received
with more than usual interest by the
people of this neighborhood. The
Ringling Brothers have a name that
stands for all that is new, and en
tertaining in the e;r„a« line, and the
announces that this season
the show has been enlarged to such nn
extent that a whole extra train ia used
in addition to the f M ur trains of last
season. Jba «"now is now transported
from place to place in eighty seventy
foot cars, y-onstrqeted especially for the
Ringling Brothers- in connection with
the circus proper, in which the arenic
performance Is unexcelled, the Ringling
Brothers are this season presenting the
beautiful and snblitne spectacular pro
duction of Jerusalem and the Crusades.
This pantomimic pl:\y the
use of 1,200 %t;*ss esbd actresses and of
a]moat tnree hundred horses. It is pre
sented on the largest stage ever used for
exhibitional purposes. Special e*cur
sion rates have been vianged for on a'.l
lines of traypl V«y Ringling Brotheis, and
those wiiq deaire to go to Pittsburg
where this great circus exhibits Monday
and Tuesday May 1* and 19 can do so
at a t\»mparalively mail cost. This
will be the only point in this vicinity
where the circus will exhibit this season
an<l DO one should miss the opportunity
to see it Watch this paper for addi
tional announcements.
Butler Company
0"&e»8 delivered promptly to all parts
of the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call
up Bell Peone No. 4; or People's No. 54-
E. E. l-AN™, Manager,
people's Phone No. 533.
I want few, bright, young men to
represent an incorporated company, in
their home territory in Butler and Arm
strong counties. Two and a half dollars
a day guaranteed. Experience not
necessary. Apply to
128 We*t . Butler, Pa
Dollar Sunday Kate to Allegheny
Commencing the first Sand&v in May
and continuing each Sunday thereafter
until October 25th, Baltimore and
()hio Rai l rand will .selj special excur
tiou tickets from Butler tq Allegheny
and return for morning trains on Man
day at rate of $ 1.00 for the round trip.
Tickets good* on Baltimore and Ohio
trains only. Heturn limited to date of
Low Kates to Points In the South
and Southeast, West and
On first and third Tuesday q? Ami,
May, June, July A^mst.' yeptember,
O'toiier and' If&veijiber, HWtt, the
Baltimore Ohio Bailroad will *«ll
Homeaeekera Excursion ticket* at
greatly redflpefl t<> points in the
tiltitfh Utitt Mouthenst, West and North
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore <V '-VVW
Ticker Agent, or B. N. An
Passenger A ires. t. yhiuyip',
I ,0 " Company-
I -- delivered promptly to all parts
I vi the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call up
Bell Phone No. 4; or Peonies No. 54.
E. E. LA NT/., Manager,
People's Phone No. 583.
Low Kates to Points In the South
and Southeast.
On first and third Tuesdays of April,
May, June, July, August, September,
October and November. 1903, the Balti
more & Ohio Railroad will sell one
way Settlers' tickets at greatly reduced
rates to points in the South and South
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin. Uen
eral Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111.
Rev. Dr MoLanahan of the Allegheny
Seminary preached in the Uuited Pre-,
byterian church Sunday and announc
ed a call for a congregational meeting
for Thursday May 14, 2 p. in., with
Rev. J. Hal Bredin of W Sunbury
presiding as Moderator, at which the
calliug of a new pastor to succeed Dr.
McKee will be considered. Next Sun
day Hey. Frank Suiith of (tlade Mills
will prea: h morning and evening.
Seven members were received iu
\ <xrace Lutheran church, last Sunday.
The Ladies of the Aid Society of the
lirace Lutheran church will" give a
supper in the Y. M C. A. hall this
evening. All are invited and those at
tending are assnred a good supper.
The new Zion Lutheran church at
Byer's Corners was dedicated Sunday.
Rev. Long preaching the dedicatory
The Nathan Missionary Society will
meet Tuesday May 18 at 8 o'clock in the
V. M. C. A. hall. Business of iinpor
tance to l>e attended to and members
are urged to be present.
Lewis Thompson had an arm broken
at the B. B. S. Co's plant, Tuesdav
A man named Wright accidently shot
his married sister, Mrs. Burke, iu the
race, while fooliDg with a pistol, last
Sunday, at her home near Hilliards.
Acid ate through the rope that held
them up, and three men engaged iu
; utting in glass oo the train-shed of the
Union Station, in Pittsburg, last Fri
day, fell seventy five feet, to the track
1-elow, and w>re killed.almost instantly.
British Columbia w.-s the scene of a
rtu: trkable disaster last Thursday. Oa>
erploding in the coal lU'ne loosened th •
overhanging top of the mountain aud it
s;id down, during the night, upon th.-
mining village, burying houses, and
causing the death of about sixtv people
destroying the railroad, aud damming
the creek-
The Market—There has been no
c'nange in the oil market: bo'h agencies
are paying $1.58.
Eau Claire—Excitement prevails on
account of a strike in the Shira sand
made by Dougherty Bowser cn the
Dougherty farm. It is rated at from
2o to 30 barrels a day. The South
has paid Housick SIOOO for a lease and
yesterday McKee & Womer paid Mc
Mthon heirs $2600 for a 50 acre lwu.
Buffalo—John \\. Hilliard and John
Waters finished a gas well on the J. vy
A. Sullivan, this week, for the Bntk*'
Plate Glass Co. and got a paying well.
Tney drilled the well in eighteen and a
half days.
Uns Fixtures,
We have them: 50 different styles,
They are in the latest finishes, miade to
match the hardware of your hotjpe.
Whitehill, Plumber,
If }t is up tp date it comes from
(iness I had letter drop aronnd and
look at Ritter & Rockenstein's clotlpbg
they to turn out tbp beat jp fowp.
Raip of shine poats—the uobby kind
at Ritter & Rockenstein's.
The #
# vjf toda\? Z
J ia the hat vve j
5 want to sell jjou, J
? Maybe it is a SOFT HAT. #
5 Maybe it is a STIFF HAT. 5
# Or maybe a SILK HAT. 5
\ In any case we have the 5
1 HAT \
f and it costs nothing to £
X try it on and owning
# doesn't cost much. #
Come and see our new £
J Shirts and Neckwear, t
| Jno. S. Wick j
f Opposite P. Q, }
J People's Phone. 81.1 J
Certain grades of Spring
Footwear under-priced.
Justfor business purposes
only we've marked down
the prices for this week.
. Ladies' spring oxfords
and fine light shoes,
Ladies' Patent Leather
orfords, very stylish for
summer wear, i
$1 69.
Men's Patent Leather
shoes and o&fords Bal or
bjuch«r cut,
$1 98.
Ketterer Bros
| 8W S. Main St.
Shoe repairing a specialty.
First class work guaranteed. ,
Certificates for Sewing
Machine given with each
Western University of Pennsylvania
Entrance ciamlnaUoM for »dmlJ»lon to the
fieihmcn class In the collegiate and engineering
departments will be held on Friday aud Saturday,
June 19 and 20. 1903, at 9 ». ».. on Septem
ber 11 and 12, at the Unlveraltr lulkUng, on Per
ryfrille avenue, Allegheny, Pa- are °'"
fered (or the beat entrance examinations In classics
nod mathematics. %
, ■ ii■ ■ ■■■ am mTW&* %u i ■
Over 3000 Boys V^W
in various parts
of the country are T RyWi
making money in h
their spare time jLjZCy
selling The
Saturday Evening *
Post. Some make A
as much as SIO.OO
and $15.00 a week.
Any boy who V
reads this can do W a
the same. O
> A we will send to any boy free, the
most successful of our boy agents tell
in their own way just how they have
Ij made a success of selling
The Saturday
Evening Post
There are many stories of real busi
ness tact. Pictures of the boys are
given. Send for this booklet and we
will forward with it full information
how you can begin this work No
money required to start. We will send
Ten Copies of the magazine the first
week free. Write to-day.
Tlx Curti* Publishing Company
485 Arch Street. Philadelphia. Pa.
[Trusses if
/ The Right Kind \
J To Buy. v
\ You can buy Trusses for al /
J most nothing or yon can pay a S
1 high price for them, but the /
/ price of a Truss does not prove x
p tbat it is going to be the one J
J you need- Every ease has to \
\ be fitted individually. That S
/ is where we have had onr great C
j success in Trusses. No one /
/ goes ont of onr store with a \
p Truss that does not fit perfect- '
I ly. Therefore a great many /
\ people are wearing our Trusses /
/ and sending their friends to ns }
1 1 to be fitted. If you are wear- C
\ ' ing a Truss and it does not V
r fetl right, or stay in the right 1 /
\ place copte in and see ns about i \
% \ it, no matter if you did not ! %
% 1 bqy it from us. We will tell v
* j yon whether it is the right /
/ Truss to wear. W T e will give j
j you the benefit of our twenty- C
I five years experience. Private | 7
\ apportmeqts for ladies, \
\ C. N. BOYD, {
\ Pharmacist, | >
C Diamond Block. /
/ Butler, Pa, ?
J People's Phone 83. J
\ Bell Phone 146 D. j y
With the approach of Spring
you need a blood cleanser
and tonic.
Don't forget that
R. & G.'s Sarsaparilla Comp.
is just what you need.
Many of our customers testify
of its merits.
Large bottle —small dose.
Prescription Druggists.
ioq N. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Both Phones.
am z. a aa^aanwa—w
I have purchased the C. J.
Harvey Pharmacy, In the Stein
building, at 345 S. Main St., am
remodeling and restocking the
store. 1 have twenty-two years
experience as a pharmacist, and
compounding of prescriptions
will be under my personal at
Pure drugs.and honest treat
ment guaranteed.
When in town shopping, stop
and leave your packages.
J. L. McKee, Pharmacist,
Stein Block, S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Lincoln College,
Rogers, Ohio.
Spring Term opens April 14th.
Normal Term, six weeks, be
gins June 23rd.
Commmercial, Ncrmal,Classic
al, Musical and Art De
Write for particulars
IP. O Box 143, Rogers, Ohio.
W. S & E. WICK,
KouKh and Worked Lumber of »'l Kin '»
Doors, Ha»ih and Mouldings
Oil Well Kins a Specialty.
Office and Yard
K Cunningham and « B's
• near West H-.no Hepot,
New Spring Clothing
Now on Sale.
We »rf» |.rc(i»ml to show yon [ A y
new spring itood*. We have do tit / J I* I
cverythinK [»->-oible to inak* our / J I 1L J
spring Hhowmj far alwve ever?" / [, 4S 1
we have ever shown in the si /j J) J
i put. tod we believe we have snc 4 I .7
( eded. We are now ready to ~ r
-how yon the latest things in M J \ \
Men's. Boys an<l Children's Cloth r A
inp Also a fnll line of Furnish J
Take a look at onr Hat De Jl
I'.irtnient before von bay yonr f I X I *
w *" ,m / f i
Yours for C,o,bi og .
V'T 1 |1 J
Douthett & ) H
Graham. JK j
I Car] Schlucter, |
9jr * |H
| Has removed from -125 W. Jefferson street to 115 E. Jef- I
| ferson street. Room 6. Reiber Building, Butler, Pa., I
| where he will keep a stock of seasonable goods—all of I
* the best quality. Spring stock now ready for inspection. I
Cleaning and Repairing.
Good Workmanship Guaranteed.
Union Prices Paid.
Is like buying a gold mine to the average
All the more necessity for you to get a
good instrument with a name known for
) honesty, progressiveness and durability
Y° u cannot be too critical about buying
>ATi\ a piano. It is not an event that occurs
- When yon buy. you want a
'ik. fn "' P nre Piano, elastic and lasting,
Lgfe/v whose tones will slur after using it
: " Examine my pianos carefollv, and yon
. w '" *pe«k uothing but favorably of them.
Don't buy bapazard any where. Start
\K here first I know I have a good stock, and
Mi 1 ' iT* ' I want you to know it also.
I know that my prices are reasonable and honest, and I want you to know it also.
I know I can give yon satisfaction, and I want you to know that
Right pianos, right prices, right treatment, is onr motto. Your credit is good.
317 South Nain Bt. "THE PIANO MAN" Butler. Pa.
| Prices do the Talking
Furniture and Carpet
Full from Basement to Roof.
■ Reliable Goods from Best Manufacturers.
IRON BEDS and and
and and
No. 136 N.-Main St. (Bell Phone 106) * BUTLER. PA.
■;H? Ist. We have the largest stock in this
jPj part of the country, which enables you Jgg
9@f to find just what you want, H*
jctf 2nd. The convenience of buying every- fegt
jUI thing you need to furnish a horse at one
store and having to make only one ac
3rd. Our prices are low, quality con-
sill sidered, which enables you to SAVE £56
Such as we can guarantee to you. You will jgg
find there is no economy in buying cheap lgx
Sei furniture, as it will not last. gj
Wiltons Axminsters Velvets Brussels S
Ingrains Rugs Oil Cloths
iAlfred A. Campbell!
Formerly Campbell & Templeton.
Will Buy
Oil Productions
From 100 Barrels up.
Addreps, with particulars,
43-li Time- HulklltiK. New York City.
I Eyes Examined Free of Charge
Jeweler end Greduete Optlclee
1 T Vv»- to Horn* Ratlrr. Pa.
% I
Mimic acholarx wanted ftt 196 W.
Wayne St.