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    human beings, and spared the woman
cast to them in the arena. It is astonish
ing how little sympathy women have
for women. In the home the mistress
sees the maid with the signs of suffering
she recognizes so well, but she does not
lighten the sick girl's load by a touch of
her finger. In the store the forewoman
sees the pallor and exhaustion which
mark womanly weakness, but allows
nothing for them. It is work or quit.
Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription
makes weak women strong and sick
women well, by curing the womanly
diseases which undermine the health
and sap the strength. "Favorite Pre
scription" establishes regularity, dries
weakening drains, heals inflammation
and ulceration, and cures female weak
■When I firtf commenced using Dr. Pierce's
medicines." write* Hn George A. Strong, of
Gan»evoort. Saratoga Co . N. Y. "I was suffer
ing from female weakneas, a disagreeable drain,
bearing-down pains, weak and tired feeling all
the time I dragged around in that way for
two year*, then I began taking your medicine.
After taking the first bottle I began to feel
better. I took four botles of Dr. Pierce'* Favor
ite Prescription, two of ' Golden Medical Dis
covers.' one vial of the ' Pleasant Pellets.' also
used one bottle of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy.
Now I feel like a new person. I can't thank you
enough for your kind advice and the good your
medicine has done me."
n Favorite Prescription " makes weak
women strong, sick wemen well. Ac
cept no substitute for the medicine which
works wonders for weak women.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the
most desirable laxative for delicate
Drying preparations simply devel
op dry catarrh; they dry up the secretions,
which adhere to the membrane and decom
pose, causing afar more serious trouble than
the ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid all dry
ing inhalants, fumes, smokes and snuffs
and use that which cleanses, soothes and
heals. Ely's Cream Balm is such a remedy
and will cure catarrh or cold in the head
easily and pleasantly. A trial size will be
mailed for 10 cents. All druggists sell the
50c. size. Ely Brothers, 50 Warren St., N.Y.
The Balm cures without pain, does not
irritate or cause sneezing. It spreads itself
over an irritated and angry surface, reliev.
ing immediately the painful inflammation.
With Ely's Cream Balm you ara armed
against Kaeal Catarrh and Hay Fever.
A. A.) FEVERS. Concestlona. Inflamma
cvuka (tioni, Lunt Fever. Mlllt Fever.
l. 8./HPRAIXM. Lamenew, Injuries,
Ctmaa S Rheumatism.
C. ('. (SORE THROAT. Quinsy. Epizootic,
eras! Ulatemper.
Hots. Grab*.
E. E. {COI'CHS, Colds. Influenza, Inflamed
CUZtMM) Lung**. Plruro-Pneunionia.
P. V. I COLIC, Bellyache, Wind-Blown.
CUKE* $ Diarrhea, Dysentery.
6.0. Prevents MIttCARRIAXiE.
I. I. >SKI* DISEASES. Mange. Eruptions.
cca*as I'leers. Urease, Harry.
J. K. (BAD CONDITIOV Staring Caat,
cckjcs j Indigestion, Stomach Staggers.
Cfc. each; Stable Case, Ten Specifics. Book, *c„ |7.
At druggists, or sent prepaid on ror-elpt of price.
Humphreys' Medicine Co., Cor. William A John
HraM*.y*w York.
Butler Savings Bank,
Capital, - $60,000.00
Surplus and Profita - - $255,000.00
J. HENRY TROUTMAN. . .Vice-President
Louts B STEIN Cashier
DIRECTORS—Wm. Campbell Jr., J. Henry
Troutman. W. I). Brandon, W. A. Hteln, J. B.
The Kutler Having* Hanlc Is the Oldest
Banking Institution In Butler County.
General hanking business transacted.
We solicit accounts rf oil producers, mer
chants, farmers and others.
All baslness entrusted to us will receive
orompt attention.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Butler Conntj national Bank,
Butler Penn,
Capital paid in $300,000.00
Surplus and Profits - $140,000.00
Jos. Hartman, President; J. V. Ritts,
Vice President; John G. McMarlin,
Caahier, A. C. Krug, Ass't Cashier.
A general banking business transacted.
Interest paid on tune deposits.
Money loaned on approved security.
We invite you to open an account with this
DIRECTORS— Hon. Joseph Hartman, Hon.
W. 0. Waldron, Dr. rt. M. Hoover. 11. Mc-
Bweeney, O. P. Collins, I. O. Smith, Leslie P.
Hazlett, M. Hnogm, \V. U. Larkin. T. P.
Mlflllii, Dr. W. C. McCandles*. lien Mas
seth. W. J. Harks. J. V, Rltts. A. L. tteiber
Farmers' National Bank
CAPITAL PAID IN, $100,000.00.
Surplus and Profits, #17,500.00.
Foreign exchange bought and sold.
Hpedal attention given to collections.
JOHN HUMPHREY Vice President
C. A. BAILEY Cashier
E. W. HI N<;II A M Assistant Cashier
J. F. HUTZLKR Teller
John Younklns, D. L. Cleeland, F„ E.
A brains,V. N. Hoyd, W. F. Metrger, Henry
Miller, John Humphrey. Tho*. Hays, I,e*i
M. Wise. Krani'l* Murphy. H. Yrsitmr, 1). li.
Carnpliell, A. 11. Hitrver anil Dan'l Younklns.
Interest paid on time deposits.
We respectfully solicit your business.
is the result of weak ne»s. Restore your
appetite and k cl new strength Our
Whiskies Ixriiiff guaranteed pure "will
give to the system the needed vitality.
and offer them to you fl year old at |1 per full
quart, 0 quarts |uMO.
whiskey guaranteed It years old, £ oo per gal
lon. We pay express charges on all mall
orders of |f>«l or over. Goods shipped
Row 14 Smltblleld Street, formerly
411 Water Street. PITTSBURG, PA.
'Phones: Bell 217 T. P. ft A. MSI.
n Kola, Celery & Pepsin
Kola vUallzer. Olerjr for tho '
nerve*,PeMln for th<- HtoniaWi.
ICif oacli it* mlHfclon *f»rv<*H. Thene
toother tiiiMic a Miron# com-
Kola Celery Hi Pepsin Wine!
■/" J , "end ll.no for a quart bottle,
I " "1 ''l"*' l to Supply Di'iiartnii'iit,
1., ' KeystoneClnstnl'-nl Works t;o..
(Yertreter (eiackt)
Cockatoos and Wild Plfteoni Do Not
Seem to Mind It.
"In 18S1. while resident on Gazelle
peninsula, the northern portion of the
island of New Britain, in
the south Pacific. I had many oppor
tunities of witnessing both cockatoos
and wild pigeons drinking salt water.
I was stationed at a place called Ka
baira, the then 'farthest out' trading
station on the whole island, and as I
had but little work to do I found
plenty of time to study bird life in the
vicinity. Parrots of several varieties,
rll of beautiful plumage, were plenti
ful, and great flocks of white cocka
toos frequented the -rolling, grassy
downs which lay between my home
and the German head station in
Blanche bay. twenty miles distant,
while the heavy frost of the littoral
was the haunt of thousands of pigeons.
These pigeons, though not so large as
the Sanioan or eastern Polynesian bird,
formed an agreeable change of diet for
us white traders, and by walking about
fifty yards from one's door half a
dozen or more could be shot in as
many minutes.
"My nearest neighl>or was a German,
and one day when we were walking
along the beach toward his station I
noticed some hundreds of pigeons fly
down from the forest, settle on the
margin of the water and drink with
apparent enjoyment. The harbor at
this spot being almost landlocked and
the water as smooth as glass and with
out the faintest ripple, the birds were
enabled to drink without wetting their
plumage. My neighbor, who had lived
many years in New Britain, told me
that this drinking of sea water was
common to both cockatoos and pigeons
alike, and that on some occasions the
beaches would be lined with them, the
cockatoos not only drinking, but bath
ing. and apparently enjoying them
selves greatly. During the next six
months, especially when the weather
was calm and rainy, I frequently no
ticed pigeons and cockatoos come to the
salt water to drink.
"At first I thought that as fresh
water in many places bubbled up
through the sand at low tide the birds
were not really drinking the sea water,
but by watching closely I distinctly
saw them walk across these tiny run
nels without making any attempt to
drink. Then, too, the whole of the
Gazelle peninsula is cut up by count
less streams of water, and rain falls
throughout the year as a rule. What
causes this unusual habit of drinking
sea water? Another peculiarity of the
New Britain and New Ireland pigeon
is Its fondness for the chili pepper
berry. During "three months of the
year, when these berries are ripe, the
birds' crops are full of them, and often
their flesh is so pungent and smells so
strongly of the chill as to be quite un
eata ble."—Cha mhers" Journal.
Dlrda In Indian
All primitive people regard the bird
as specially wise and favored. Living
In the air, he Is regarded as exercising
control over atmospheric phenomena,
and, knowing so well liis own migra
tory seasons, the Indians observe his
flights as foreboding ill or good to
The Ilurons believe that the dove
carries the souls of the departed hence.
The I>akotas say the storm bird dwells
so high as to be out of human vision
and earri<*s a fresh water lake on his
back, so that when he plumes himself
It rains, when he winks his bright eyes
It lightens, when he flaps his wings
thunder rolls. The Alaskans hold much
the same Idea about the "thunder
Among them all the eagle Is mighty,
brave, aspiring, the symbol of their
warriors for apparent reasons. The
kingfisher Is anxious to serve his broth
er man.
Royalty and Profanity.
William the Conqueror did not Intro
duce swearing Into England, but he
brought with him a very forcible oath.
William was accustomed to swear "by
the splendor of God," and on such oc
casions he combined with it the "ter
rible aspect of the eyes," which always
took the place of swearing in the case
of Kir Joseph Porter, K. C. B. After
William's time the rulers of Kngland,
with possibly here and there an excep
tion. swore with great frequency and
vigor. It is related that even Queen
Bess, whose auburn locks did not bello
a fiery temper, would break Into a
string of expletives that would rattle
the royal windows and frighten the
household and royal attendants from
all sense of diplomatic recourse.— Lon
don Tatler.
The Flrat Quarrel.
After the explosion the following
were found to be Injured:
The Groom. Slightly scratched
about the face, force of character and
self esteem somewhat shattered; will
hereafter show timidity under like cir
The Bride.—Dignity hurt, but not
tiroken; showed unexpected courage;
will recover slowly.
Cupid.—Badly shocked; will recover.
Pleaalni Him.
Mrs. Gay—Yes, I know my husband
can't afford all these things, but I'm
buying them to please him.
Mrs. Kchoppen—To please him?
Mrs. Gay—Yes; there's nothing that ]
pleases him more thau a chance to tell
his people what a martyr he Is.—Phila
delphia Press.
A Fair OflTer.
Tim Tuff—Aw, 1 cud lick youse wld
both me hands tied behind me.
. Swlpsey Mulligan—Will yer let me
tie emV—Ohio State Journal.
Rolf love Is at once the most delicate
and the most vigorous of our defects;
n nothing wounds It, but nothing kills
I'n fort unfile.
Von Blumer—l wonder what kind ol
people have taken the house across the
Mrs. Von Blumer—l don't know. I
was out the day tliey moved In.—New
York Herald.
Why a Man Shouldn't.
There are two things that should
keep a man from worrying—lf he have
no reason for worrying, there's no use
worrying; If he have a reason, there Ii
no use.—Los Angeles Herald.
An Infallible Iteault.
Brlggs—My wife has had a wonder
ful cure. Hhe has recovered her volc«
after being unable to utter a word for
nearly six months.
Griggs—You dou't mean it! How did
It come about?
Brlggs-In the most unexpected wry
We happened to cnll at a neighbor'!
where they were ploying cards. We
thought we might as well tnke a hand
What was the result? In less than flvt
minutes my wife was asking In a
strong, clear voice, "What's trumps?"
—Boston Transcript.
An unconventional preacher under
took to give his hearers a vivid con
ceptlon of eternity. This Is the wnj
he did it: "If a little sparrow were t<
dip its bill In the Atlantic oceaji and
tako one drop of water and then tnk<
one hop a day across the country «ni
put that drop In the Pacific ocean aiii
then hop back to the Atlantic, one hoj
a day, until the Atlantic was dry as a
Iwne, It wouldn't be sun-up in hades.''
Had Brtlnnlng Mnkri Qnlck Radlasr
"Ho the engagement's off?"
"Yes; she advised him to practice i
economy, and he started In by getting
her an imitation dlanyjiid."—Detroit
Fee* Fzomm. , . '>
I* & W It II
Trains leave Butler for Allegheny,
local time, at 6:00, 8:05, 9:15, and 11:10
a. ru and 4 00. 4:30 and 5:50. p. m
The 9:15 and 11:10 a.m. trains make the
run in 1 hour and 20 minutes and the
4:30 train in an hour and a half. The
8:05 a. m 4:00 and 5:50 p. m. trains
connect at Callery for points West, and
the 1:40 as far west as Ellwood.
Trains leave Butler for Bradford at
9:30 a.m., and for Clarion at 5:15 p m.
Trains arrive in Butler from Alle
' ghenv 9:00, 9:15 a. m. and 12:13, 2:45,
4:55. 7:07 and 7:45 pm: and from the
North at 9:05 a.m. and 3:50 p. m.
The Theatre train now leaves Alle
; uheny daily at 10:30 p. m. fast time and
is due in Butler at 12:26.
On Sundays trains leave Butler for
Allegheny at 8:05 and 11:10 a m and i
4:30 and 5:50 p.m., and for the west at
p.m.; and arrive at 9:15 am. and
4:55 and 7:07 p.m. _ j
Trains leave the Allegheny station for ,
Butler at 7:30, 8:00 and 10:45 a.m., and
1:15, 3:20, 5:30, 6:15 and 10:30 p.m. On j
Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 and 10:30 j
p.m.. and from the B. & O. station in j
Pittsburg at 3:30 p.m.
li R & P It It
7:30 a. m., local for Punxsutawney
and all intermediate stations.
10:12 a. in. express for Buffalo and
5:21 local for Punx'y and Du Bois and
all stations.
10:22 p. m. express for Buffalo and
Rochester —with sleepers.
Trans arrive at Butler, and tro on to
Allegheny at 6:15 and 9:47 a. m. and
5:34 p. ra. Train 21 from Punx y arrivt s
at 7:85 a. m. »nd stops here.
The 10:12 express will stop at Craigs
ville. Echo and Dayton on signal.
A M A M. A.M. P M P M
BCTLEK L«ave 6 25 7 50 10 35 2 M 4 35
H*xonburg Arrive 6 54 8 22 11 03 3 00 6 (J3
Butler Junction.. M 727 35311 33 326 629
Butler Junction...hemr* 7 32 8 53 11 67 'i 26 5 29
Natronn Arrive 7 41 902 12 OH 335 639
Tarcntum 7 47 9 08 12 14 3 42 5 46
SpringdtJe 7 67 9 17 12 'Jt 3 53 G 50
Clar«*mout 9 SI 12 41 408 6 10
Sharntmrg 8 19 9 41 12 53 4 1»; 6 10
Allegheny 8 & 9 55 1 OT 4 29 6 29
A. M A.M. r M P. M P. M
BUNI>AY TKAINH—L«*ve Butlei for Alleghenj
City ftu'i principnl intermediate fUtioui at 7:20 a m ,
wJ 4:65 p. m.
A.M. A.M. A M P. M. P. M
Allegheny Ci*y .leave 630 «201" 30 3 0() 610
gharpaborg •> 43 8 33 10 43 r3 13 r€ Z*
8 42 10 60
dpringdale— 9 00 11 07 6 47
Tareutum 7 13 9 11 11 18 3 40 6 56
Natrona 7 It 9 18 11 25 3 45 7 01
Bntier Junction.. Arrive 7 29 927 11 36 351 7 10
Butlef Junction... .leave 7 36 9 4 4 12 3*) 405 7 10
Saaonburg 8 ( « 10 11 1 00 4 41 7 35
HPTLEB arrive 8 M 10 35 1 28 5 13 801
A.M. A M. P. M. P fll P >)
3( T NIMY THAI KM. — Leave Allegheny City for But
ier and principal intermedial* station* at 700 a m. tue'
t 30 i- n.
Week* I>aya. HwinJny-
A. M. A. M P. il A M. P »1
Krrueri Iv 82510 35 236 7iu
Butler J'ct ar 727 11 3 $ 326 810 ...
Sutler Jet lv 7 11 35 361 814 ...
K.-eport ar 73211 38 351 817 ....
KMkimiu<'tiui J't.. 73811 45 359 82i
Leech but# " 75J11 57 4 13 8?6 .. .
Paultou (Apollo).... M Blil2 16 4 'to 867 ....
•<alUlurK M 84112 42 603 9Z\ ....
Blaimvi:i« 920 1 16 540 962 ... .
Blairvvillfe Int.. .." 927 ISi 547 10 00
Alt<»ma " 11 U 645 BAO 150 . ..
Ilarrlsl.iirg " 3 10 111 00 IK) 6 4*....
Philadelphia " # £'. .... j 4 25 10 17 ....
P. M A. M.|A. M i V M. r M
ThroUKli train* for the ea«t leave Pittsburg (Uni<>i.
-tation), ii* follows:
Atlantic Kxpnitt, daily 3:00 a.M
I'c uuaylvania LlmlUsl 44 . 7:16 "
l>ny Kx yrfrm, M 7:30 "
Main Line ExpreM, M .. .... 8:<>0 "
1 ilarrisburg Mail, u .... 12:46 p.*
Harrinburjc KX|T#«M dally 4 41 "
j l'hilaiejphia Exproea, Wi •'
hAsUrn Ezpr«««, '* ... 7 •*
Kiiat Linn, 90"
f'ittaburg Limit**!, dally, for New York, Haiti
more and Waahi upton only. . ItWiO "
The Penunylvaiiia Special, daily, lor Phila
delphia and New York 11:25 *
a Mail, Muuda><i oniy .. B:4' , *
hOt Atlantic City (via Delaware Itiver Bridga, t!
i 'ail route) 8:00 a.m. and 9:O0 p. m. daily,
BnffaJo and Alleffhtny Valley Division
Train* leave KiNkirninetaa Junction an follows:
For Buffalo, 9/»6 a. m. and 11.35 p. m. dail>, wit;
throUKh parlor and uleeping cars.
Y'»r Oil City, 7.4 ft, 9M a. m., 2 iB, 6.15 and ll .'io p
m. week-day*. Hunrlayt, 9.56 a. m., 6.16 and 11.35 p.m
For Bed Bank, 7.46, 9.56, 11.17 a. m., 2 38, 6.15, 'J.34,
and 11.35 p. m. weekday*. Sundays, 9^>6,10.49 a. m.
6.15 and U..'i6 p. m.
For Kittannlng ,7.46, 9.32, 9.56,11.17 a. m.,
6J6, 7.90, 9.34, and 11.35 p. m. week-day■. Bunday«,
9.56, 10.49 a. m., 6.16, 10.45, and 11.35 p. m.
M r" stopM on «lxnai to take on panaengera tor Taren
turn and (xdnta beyond.
For detailed Information, apply to ticket agent or
addruM Thos. K. Watt, Paan. Agt. Wrater n liiatrict.
(Jorner Fifth Avenue and Hmithfleld Htreut, Pittnbura,
• • «..• *•*<•»»» 'i,.. ,
D Time table in effect Tune 1. 1 )>! .
One honr slower than town time.
n roth ward. Daily except Hunday. Southward
Bead up) (Head down)
J! 10 14 STATIONS 1 '* 11
P.M. P.M P.M. i a.in. A.M.ia.m
« 33 1 15 Erie 5 40 11 62
II 08 12 52 Fairvlew *i OH 12 17
5 67 12 40 Cirard 6 19 12 29
ar..Conneaut.. .ar , 8 09 I •'»"
4 22 11 16 lv.. i>iuneaut.. .Iv 6 05 11 15
5 40 12 19 Craneaville 6 35 12 4*
5 35 12 14 Albion 6 40 12 53
5 16 11 58 Hpringboio . 6 55 1 07
5 10 11 631>onueautv!l)e 7 01 1 13
4 .tl II 'J" Meadville Junct. 7 35 I 48
6 07 12 38 ar. Meadvllls.. ar 8 l\ 2 20
3 30 lo iiOlv. Meadville.. .lv 5 50 12 s'»
; 5 40 12 12ar..Con. Lake..ar 7 55 1 52
4 12 10 58 lv. .Con. I/ake. lv 17 1 20
4 43 11 28 ar . Expo. Park »r 7 1 40
4 43 11 tß.lv " lv 7 28 I 4o
4 48 11 31 ar.. Llneaville . .ar 10 00
11 00 lv * lv| '7 201146
I 4 I*ll 07 HurtnUiwri ] I 7 .Vi 2 (8
|4U II « AiUnxrllle ] |7M 2in
4 ((( 10 53 H 0T) 2 17
B 1(1! :i 50 10 45 <if«.rivlll» | 0 00! H II 2 21
n Oil :i 40 111 40 HIIXIIIIBKU ft 12| H 20 '2 30
544 :i Zl 10 »> KrwltiriU I « ! n '.IT, 247
8 2ii :i 0* 10 00 Mnrcor ff 41 N 4h 3 02
5 ::) a n;i io 01 lluuaton Junction H53 307
507 2 47 » 43 <iro»« Cttr 7 OKI » 10 3 2#
4 54' D 32 llmrrtiivllu- ... 7 |« 13 87
4 47 2 31 « 25 llriiiii hti.ii 7 23) M 25 3 45
ft ;t"l 10 10*r...IIIIIIurd...«r;ili 10 10 10 5 ■»>
2 20 : «10 1». Illlltaril. . .lv B |o: () ]<> t2O
4 4.1 2 •» » 17 Kel.U-r 7 Z7| « 27 3 4*
4 2 15 tt 01 Kucliil 7 43! 4 0«
4 CM) 1 50 j » 25 Hutlar j K 10 10 05 4 35
2 yo|l2 15 7 00 All*(b«o]r U 40 II 30 #2O
I |im I iiiii I a.in. I» m pin
Train I'i. leaving drove (!|ty 5.U1 a! iIT,
Men-er Greenville H:0&, Conneautvllle
7:17, Albion 7-Bli. arrives at Erie a. m.
Train |;i. leaving Erie i:(t> p. in Athlon
S:"H. t'oiineautvffle 5;31, Oreeiiyllle 8:10
M»n«r 7 i>l arrives at (Irovn city st 7:4H pin.
W. B- TURNER. Gen. I'ass Agt,
Tkt Agt, Liutlur, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa
WiiiHclil It It Co Time Table
In effect Jane 3d, IHO'J.
West WluSeM ..' 7 4fl| * 4. r >
1I"KK«*IU" * 00 3 »i
'• Iron lirlilgn 5203 20
" WlulMil Junction H 311 3 M
" H 40 II 45
" tintl.*r Junction ...j s 4f» .1 W)
Arrivw Alh'ttlutiiy i H fiftj & 10
I,' 11.-gli.-ny # «) 3 On
" liutler Junction 110 00 440
" i,k„„ 10 (ft I4i
» Wlnll.M Jul,l Hon lo p. 4U I
•• Iron IIIi«lg« lo 21 Soft
•• Iluggsvllln hi iIS
Arrivt- W.-nl Wlnll. M 10 45 5 Z/i
Trains stop at Ijti.i- ami Iron llrlilgn only on Klsg to
tak* on or I'-uvu oil |iusM-ng«rs.
Tiiiitui c.iiili'-' t nt llnthT Juuctlon wlili
Ti nin. Ksst w>r<l for frM|»rt, Vsmlargrift sml
Ill,,lr»vlll.- liiU-nnH-tloii.
Tisina Wsstwanl for .Natroini, Tsmntuin soil All'-
Trains Norllmsnl lot Haiotihiirg, In-lnno sml lluilnr.
OstiMral Managnr.
k F. 1. tope,
< {
S 121 E. Jefferson Street. )
Funeral Director.
145 S. Mam St. Butler PA
Accounts'P' Pt 1
Tjll Write <or Booklet—How to Open an Account bj Mxl L ,_v_ ,_ v _ JiL
'V --APITAL AND SURPLUS $3,700^00 .V
2 Women of Good Taste g
Are quick to appreciate the merits of our snperb collection of
fIP newest fabrics for Dresses and Waists. The stock is so carefully Jflr
selected, the assortment so varied and the pi ice so Jow that it
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All the popular weaves are shown in blacks and colors. Light JR
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Girls shoes in fine box calf nd Dorgola kid, low or spring-heels,
welt soles, all sizes and widths.
Men's fine shoes in patent colt-skin, enamel, vici kid and box
calf, hand soles, all the newest lasts.
Large assortment of Boys', Youths and Little Gents fine shoes
in latest styles.
Ladies'whole stock waterproof at $1 75. The same kind in
Misses' sizes at $1.40. Cheaper grades in ril grain and kangaroo
ca'f at 85c, SI.OO, $1.25 per pair.
Large stock of Gokey's high-cut, hand-pegged, box toe shoes.
See our diillers high cut, box-toe, bell is tongue shoes, hand
fitted, just the kind lor this time of the year.
Our stock of school shoes is complete. Gokey's high-cut, cop
per-toed shoes for boys and waterproof shoes for girls Large
stock of best grade Felts and first'quality Rubbers of all kinds at
|)ricts sure to interest you.
Large stock ol Ladies', Gents', Misses' and Children's Leggins
and Overgait rs.
Repairing promptly done. Sole leather and shoemakers supplies.
128 South Main St., BUTLER, I'A.
i\A/01l |
At 25 per cent, discount. Nnw is the time to *
I buy wall paper and save money at
Patterson Bro's,,
jjj 2110 N. Main St. Phone 400. Wick Bnildiui*.
1 Fall and Winter Millinery
J Owing to the beauty of the amort
<r. f 1114*111 and the noveltier : u the MtvleH. it
• ' ' f will pay you to come and site this ex
\Vx " \'V-V'.'AV "Y fis/ blbition of Fine Patterns and Hats of
et nil description* A larger and better
•• Helection of up-to date Millinery can not
/InJlr ■ be found in the city. We have what
/ I lilt/ ! . y-. our coßtouier* want when they want it,
111/ J Wt**v.v ' and at the prirea they want it. We can
1 11 If/ v help you auit each coatonier.
fa (to 118 Ht
Rocke nstein's,
3*B South Main Streel - - Butler, Ts
of men arc various and
most of them arc more
or less out of prop: r
tion; but ;■ perfect figure
is preserved to appear
ance by the art of the
tailor. We take the
pains to restore the form
spoiled by natire, not
to a dull uniformity, as
il everyone must look
alike, but toward har
mony—clothes fot in
See our showing of the
season's newest cloth
Dkalkk if
$5.00 ca*h prize shooting at Mnrdorf *
nhootWK gallery. 11l W. Jefferaon St.
question of the day is why
Newton, "The Piano Man,"
can sell a better piano for less
money than anyone else in
Western Pennsylvania.
He repreiuntH the wealthiest manu
facturer* of Pianos. You pay direct to
them for all the Pianoa. The expense
of Helling them in #7A loan than the
ordinary retail man and you Have liia
profit, which meanH to yon $175 waved.
Price*from fMOto 11,500 i<> ptr out
off for caah. All piano* fully warrant
ed. My customer* are my reference.
Ask them. (Jail anil wee me and let me
explain our cany payment plan.
Yonr credit in xood.
31T U. Main Ht. Bntler Pa
Mars Boiler Works.
All sizes of
always in stock for sale
or exchange.
! Repair work promptly attended to,
Hell Phone No. H, HfT"'
j People'* Phone No. 11. '
'God Save the Commonwealth.
General Election
W HKBCAB, An by Section 10 of the Act of
the tieneml Assembly to regulate the nomi
nation and election of public officers, requir
ing certain expenses incident thereto to be
paid by ihe scveial counties and punishing
ceriain offences In regsird to such elections:
It is made the fluty ol the sheriff of every
county, at least ten days before an> general
election to be held therein, to give notice of
same by advertisements In at least three
newspapers, if there be so many published
in ihe county, two of said newspapers repre
renting so lar as practicable, the political
party which at the prcc eOlng November
election cast the largest number of votes and
the other one of said newspapers represent
ing so tar as practicable the political party,
which at the preeeeding November election j
cast the next largest number of votes, and
in addition thereto the Sheriff or every coun
ty shall, at least ten days before any general !
election to be held in cities ot the tlrst, sec
ond and third classes, give notice by procia 1
matlon posted up in the most conspicuous
places In every election district In said cities !
ot the first, second and third classes and in
every such proclamation or advertisement
Ist Enumerate the officers to be elected
and give a list ot all the nominations made
as provided in this act, and to be voted for in
such county, and the full text ot all cousti i
tutlonal amendments submitted to a vole ot
ihe people but ihe proclamations posted In
each election district need not contain the
names of any candidates but those to be voted
for In such district.
I 2d— Designate the places at which the elect
ion is to be held.
3d—lie shall give notice that every person,
excepting Justices of the I'eace, who shall
hold any office or appointment of proMt or
trust under the Government of the United
states, or of this suite or of any city or In
corp'orated district, whether a commissioned
officer or otherwise, a subordinate otticer or
dgt-tit, who Is or shall be employed under Ihe
Legislative, Executive or Judiciary depart
ment ol the Slate, or ol the I nited States, or
of any-city or incorporated district; and also
that every member <'t Congress, and ol the
State Legislature, and of the Select or Com
mon Council of any city, or Commissioners of
any incorporated district. Is by law incapable
of holding or exercising at the same time the
office or appointment ol Judge. Inspector or
Clerk of any election of this Commonwealth,
.tnd that no Insptctor. Judge or other officer
of any such election shall be eligible to any
office to be then voted tor, except that of an
election officer.
Sow, therefore, I. Thomas It. Hoou.
High Sheriff of the County of llutler. State
ol I'en n-y lvanyi. do heieliy make known
and give this public notice lo the electors of
Butler county, that on the first Tuesday
alter the llrst Monday of November, being
4th day of November, 1902,
Iroin 7 a. m. to 7 p. m.
A general election will be held In the sev
eral election districts of said county, estab
llshed bv law, at which time tney will vote
by ballot for the several officers hereinafter
naiut d as follows:
One person for Governor.
One person for Lieutenant Governor.
One person for Secretary of Internal
One person for Representative In Congress.
Two persons for Representatives In the
General Assembly.
One person for Judge of tho Court of Corn
inou I'leas.
One person for Sheriff.
Ono person for I'rotlionotary.
One person for Register and Recorder.
One person for County Treasurer.
Two persons for County Commissioner.
One person for Coroner.
Two DCrsous for Count v Auditor.
Samuel W. fenny packer.
/lieutenant Governor,
William M. Brown.
Secretary of Internal Affair*,
Isaac B. Brown.
Representative in Congress.
George K. Uuff.
Repreieiilative* of the (ieneral Atiemhly,
Adam M. Douthett.
Thomas Hays.
Judge of the Court of Common Pleat,
James M. Galbreath.
Martin L. Gibson.
John C. Clark.
liegitter and Recorder.
John P. Davis.
County Treasurer.
Wlntteld 8. Dixon.
County Commissioner.
Robert M('Clung.
James L. fatterson.
Dr. J. C. Atwell.
County Auditor,
Howard C. Hazlett.
GeorgeS. Huselton.
Robert K l'attlson.
Lieutenant Governor,
George W. Guthrie.
Sicrctary of Internal Affairs.
James Nolun-
Rejiresentatlve in Congress,
Charles M. Helneman.
Represenlativt of the General Assembly,
Joseph 11. Cochran.
Stephen Cuminlngs.
Judge of the. Court of Common Pleas.
Lev McQulstlon,
William M. Kennedy.
J. M. Conway.
Register and Recorder,
Thomas. A Frailer.
County Treasurer.
L. M. Roth.
County Commissioner,
Greer McCain!less.
George I'". Kasley.
John Q. A. Smith
County Auditor.
(i W. Jamison.
W. O. Deltrlek.
SiliiH G. Hwiillow.
Lieutenant Governor,
Let* Is. (J rum blue.
Secretary of Internal AJTaira,
Milton H. Marqultf.
Rejtreaentatire in Con a res*.
Jiiruen 8. Wooilliuru.
Socialist Labor.
William Adams.
Lieutenant Governor,
Donald L Munro.
Necretary of Internal Affairs,
frank l eelian.
J. W. Slay ton.
Lieutenant Governor.
J. Mali I lon llarnes.
Seeri tai y of Internal Affairs,
Harry C. Could.
Samuel W. I'euuypackor.
Lieutenant Governor.
William M. drown.
Secretary of Internal A Jfairs,
Isaac K. llrown.
Robert E. l'attlson.
Lieuten'int Governor,
George W. Guthrie.
Secretary of Internal Affairs,
James Nolan.
Ballot Reform.
ItoSert E. l'attlson.
Lieutenant Governor,
George W. Guthrie.
Secretary of Internal Affairs,
James Nolan.
Tim said elections will b« held throughout the
county a* follow* :
The ejectors of Adftm* township, North pre
cluct. at the carpenter shop ul J.J. Hinlth, at
Myooia, in said precinct.
The elector* of Adams, south precinct, at
l.aiimlrv llul|illi>K owned l»y John Hal lour,
in nitltl precinct.
The electors of Allegheny township lit the
township flection house, at Hlx I'olnts, lii
said township.
Th« electors of llufTalo township at house of
ThOt. W. Klilott li> Hid township.
The elector* of llutler township at house of
Will In in Bori uiass, now J. H. Sanderson, In
sulil township.
Theelector* of Itrady township at the .School
houbc at West I.llierty.
Ihe elector* of Clearfield township at the
ottlceot frank I*. Mcltrldn, In said twp
The elri'tors of Clinton township at the Hull at
Kiddle* X Kimds In said twp.
The electors of Concord township In M.
Cochran's new house, In Mlddletown.
The electors of Clay lownslilii at the wagon
sliopol li. is McCandless, Insald township.
The electors of Centre township at the eleo
Hon noose, in said towimhlp.
The electors of Cherry township North pre
cinct, at the llye bread hcliool llousv, In said
The electors of t'herry township. Houth pre
clnct, at llni I'lpomeni Hchool llouse, In said
The electors of Conno<iuenes»lng township.
Northern precinct, at Hcliool house No. 7, fn
The electors of Con not | uune**l ng township,
southern precinct, at Urubum's school house.
Th(i elector* of Cranberry township at the
house of Andrew Kinkier In said township.
The elector* of Douugal township at the
election house, In said township.
The electors of Kalrvlew township at the
nlcel|on house In suid tow nship on farm ot
W. 11. II Kiddle.
The electors of Forward township at the
house of Robert 11. Ilrown
The electors of I'tanklln township at Ml.
Chestnut lirango Hull, In said township.
The electors of Jackson township, l.nstern
precinct. In the private house of llarlinaii
Mai burger In said precinct.
The electors of Jackson township, Western
precinct, ut I li« store room ot William Din
dinger, In said precinct.
The elector* of Jclfersou township at the
house of Morris Iteluhtcr.
The electors of Lancaster township at the
house of C. C hi.
The electors of Middlesex township at the
house of (ieorge Cooper.
The electors of Marlon township at house
of R W Atwell In said two.
The electors of Miiddycieek township at the
liousn of W in. H Moore, formerly occupied
hv ileory I lav. In suld township.
I I lectors of Mercer township at the bouse
ot Thomas Hliidinun, In »ald township
The electors of Oakland township »t the house
o t William .I 11 u I .In ii«oii tu said township. J
The elector* of Parker township at the car-
11 ige house of A. K Butler. In said township. '
The electors of l'enu township. North pre- j
el"ct. at the Maccabee Temple, in Renfrew.
Ihe electors of tow iir-hlp. South pre-,
clnct, at the house of 11. Sutton, in said pre
The electors of Summit township at the house
of Adam rrederick.
The electors of SlipperyrocW touush Pat the
house ot Harry Albaster.ln said twp.
The electors of Venango township at tne
shop ol E. K. Taylor.
The electors of Winfleld to* nshlp. llrst pre
cinct. at orange Hall in said township.
The electors of Winfleld township, second
precinct, at the nouse ot Henry fost at West
The electors of Washington township North
precinct ai the house ot Mrs. Jane Hender
son, at IlilUard*.
Tne electors of Washington township. South
precinct, at the office of Ihe Insurance Com
pany, in North Washington
The electors of Worth township at the I'ubllc
Hall in M«-. hanicsburg, In said township
The electors of the borough of Butler, Ist
ward, Ist piecmct at the store ol Victor eay
onet, corner ol short and Onnaghy uvenues,
In said ward.
' Fust waid. 2nd piccinct, at old store room
! of Harper Uros. on Lookout avenue, now
used as hose house.
| -econdward, Ist precinct, at John flan
iiinghaii s shop on Carbon street,
i second ward, id precinct, at the Kohler
' House In said ward.
Tliiid ward. Ist precinct, at the house
formerly owned by Mrs. Mary L. covert, on
Neglev avenu '.
'lQird watd, 2nd precinct at the Court
Th rd ward, 3rd precimt. at the house o'.
t.coige Stamui, corner ol V\ lllow street and
fair Orouud avenue.
4th waid at Nixon's Home. N. McKean St
in said ward.
sth ward at the Wick House, on N. Main
St. la said ward
'ln« electors ot the borough of Bruin, at
ihe house of Thomas Walley's widow, In
said borough.
The electors of the Borough of Centreville at
Odd fellows llali.
Tne electors of fail Claire, at McCandless'
hail in said borough
The electors ot tne borough or HarrlsvUlt) at
the sho joiJ. U Morrison.Jr .in said borough
The electors of the borough of f rospect at
the house ol Samuel Kiuuie ui said boro.
The electors of the borough of saxouburg at
the new Town llai. in said boroUih
The electors of the borough of West Suubury
at the public school house
The electors ot the borough of Millerstown at
the hotel oi John t>o:an in said borough.
The electors of the b. rough of fetrolia at the
Council ltooui In said borough
The electors of the borough of fairvlew at
the Cnlon Hall In said borough.
The electors of the borough of Karns City at
the town hail, in said borough.
Hie electors of the borough of KvansCltv at
the shop ot Mlckley «v west in said horough-
The electors ol tne borough of Harmony at
the office of f. It. Coo vert in said borough
The electors of ihe borough of Zellenople at
the wagon shop of James \\ allace in sain boro
The • lectors ol the borough ot Mars at the
council loom In said borough.
The electors of the b jrough of fortersvtllo
at l lie 1. It. Of Hall in said borough.
The electors ol ihe borough of Valencia at
Ihe store loom o! Burr £ Stoup in suid boro.
The electors ot the borough ol Connoiiue
nesslng at the house ot f. . fhoinas 111 sa d
Given under iny hand at my office at But
ler, thisauth day ot Oct., In the year of our
Lord, laiu, and lu the 127 th year ot the Inde
pendence ol the Cnited states ol North
I IIO.M AS R. HOON, sheriff.
*Jig Business Boom
rikes Fayette County
Harvest Days of
Old Rothenburg
Dinner Service
in the White House
Superiority of American
Stained Glass
Cotton Pickers
of the Sunny South
- y.vsy Life and Why
7he Exodus to Florida
Frank H. Spearman's
rea est Railroad Story f
"Sdnkrtj's Double Header"
i .. ill Levington Comfort's
Football Stories
The Beautiful
" i t Picture Supplement,
i'V Oscar Holt/day ttjnghart
k &
...;i3 •mmmamammamm
W. S. McVAY, Agent,
For the Gazette in Butler.
A Mfo, certain relief for *uppri'«M»xl I
McnHlrimUi.li. Nrvwr known l<> full. H»fol ■
Hurrt S|h<ilv! .HnllHfwlli.il (Juarantoed ■
or money llcfunilwl. Hi nt prepaid for ■
11.(10 per 1.01. Will wild til.'lll on IrlnJ to ■
F.e |>iiM for whan relieved. Hum plea Kiw. ■
uwitip mo.c«i eo.. ■«« t«, e» J
Sold in Butler at the Centre Ave.
— T :
Pearson B. Nace's
Livery Feed and Sale Stable
K ear of
Wick House. Butler- Penn'i.
Tb6 bMt of hurHAN urxl flr*t <!la*« riK* »l
wiiVSOO hand anil for hire.
Hunt lUTimirixxlatlnnM In town for prrma
noot hoarding unci trariMlnnt trade. Hpecl
al earn guaranteed.
Stable Room For 65 Hpraea.
(JA kimml irliiM* of liorHiiw, Ixith drlvtirn mid
nriifi home* always on hand and for
under a full guiiraittee; and bume» hough
pon proper notification hv
TelflUlionft. No. 21(1.
jHHH 39 - 51h Avo., Plttaburg, Pa If
W n'rr PR ACTIC A '.i.Y llu " jf
i X ■ CROWN »"•' BRlt:at work I]
' ,'A nitHlmrg WHY NOT DO V
■A /mvouHs? iiuid CHOWNSL'.
'1 "I'.f BniDCk* w " rk reduced ' w
"'it* 11*5 PER TOOTH AI«o 111. Ul
». |\| yi.r.iiH..f l..>:l.ni».)>,OHlH ta M
; of New Fall and Winter Goodsg
( (Ladies' and Mioses' Tailor-made Suits, and Jacket*, <~apes ai'dft
0 Furs, Walking Skirts, Diess Skirts, Silk Waists, Wool A
* ► Waists, Mercerized Waists, Wrappers, Dressing O
* ' Jackets, Underwear, Hosiery and Coves, a W
splendid shoeing f Dress Goods, jr
Waistings, novelti-s in Trimmings IP
.I. and Neck* ear. Millinery and 5?-
J| Millinery Novelties, Or- Jt
( nanun's, Feather. rL
{ ) Birds & Wings A
* 1 Prices as usual being on that small profit^
< [basis that has gained for us the reputation
11[givers of best values. You will find all V
> That is new iu Ladies' Fall aud Tailor-uiade Sti'ts.. . .SIO.OO to £•;."> 00 j .
That is new in Ladies' Jackets and Monte Carlos 5.00 to 25 00 |
* That is new in Fnr Scarfs s■» 2.") up to 35 00 <. k
(' > r That is new in Misses' Suits. Skirts au<l Jackets . .. 500np to 25.00 |' >
I That is new in Ladies' Dress Skirts ;S.OH up to 85 00 | '
'. ' That is ne«- in La»li< s' Whiking Skirts 2OSnp to 15.00 <. ►
1 That is new iu Ladlts' Silk Waists 00. 4 50, 500upto in 00
I That is new in Ladies' Wool Waists l.oOuptn 510
That is now in Lidies' Velvet Waists 896 up to 5.00 O
'l' We arc s'..owing all that is ne»est in Trimm d Hats, Dres- 4 '
Shapes and Trimmings. Our Kcady-to-W ear Hats you fi"d *
< > difierent from thos< shown elsewhere, a* we control some in- Jr
i > ported lines. Our aim in Millinery is to show you exclusive -
i > styles at less prices than you can find the ordinary ev ryday / r
< \ styles shown everywluif We solicit a visit lo our Mi! ! h.eiy < 1 >
4') and Suit Departments. We want to convince you of oi>r < >
i > ability to give you correct styles, best values it money sjv- i .
J. ing prices. Trimmed Hats $1.50 up Untrimincd H its to .
cents up The rarest, creamiest slock we have ever sh > vn. I
I Our Dress Goods stock was nevermore complete. We aie
showing all the newest things in Suitings, Heavy Cloths for
' Skirts, Hroadcloths, Cheviots, Zibeline, Prunella and Vent- '
<|' tian Cloths, Serges and Henriettas. Fifty-four-inch Heavy M
V* Cloths, 75c. value. SI.OO Heavy Cheviots for Unlined Skirt*, < >
0 SI.OO, value $1.25. You will find ail our Dress Goods ml < ►
1 ) Silks priced at a saving of 25 per cent 011 the dollar. So \ >
( > prices rule as to values and economy in our Blankets, Flan 1 >
<1 nels. Yarns. Bedding, Haps Sheets, Pi low and Holster Slips.
. . Window Winds, Kugs, Lace Curtains White Quilts «.n ' <1 J>
j . Do nestics. Just opened and put on sale one case of Heavy X
Fleeced Goods, suitable for wrappers, school dresses a>ul
bed haps, at 6|c per yard—value 10c. Also i:i K.bbt (I
I Fleeced Underwear, l.adies' Ribbed Heavy Heectd Vest J
'l* 25c Men's Ribbed Heavy Fletcid Shirts ;nd Drawer 39c V
| ' - value 50c. ' V
firs. J. E. ZimmermaD.i
X PwVplu'sV'hooe IJB. Hut lei , 1 s tt
Wholesale Dealers it\ the
Finest of I liquors,
Alen, Beers and Wir^es,
Medicinal Trade K»pecif»lly Solicited.
822 South Main St., Butler, Pa.
Karl Schluchter,
Practical Tailor and Cutter
II) W. Jefferson, Butler, Pa.
Bushaling, Cleaning and
lao South Main St
Our. New Store
is ready for business
New Front, New ArranKement and
niHtiv New Goods.
We have atarted In the now and have
added new department*
Hereafter, when you need
tome to UH for it. we have nluioet every
thinx out Hide of KHK-erien. drug"- » lu * M
""CONIE iii and nee UH at the old stand
but it don't look like the old place.
Near P. O
»4i Snath Miiln atree*
Eugene Morrison
Special attention Riven to
(".RAINING and
Office and Shop,
Rear of Ralaton'a Store,
Residence No. 119 Cliff St.
I'aopie ■ I'hotic 45'-
Eyes Examined Free of Charge
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Nest ')<* rto Conrt Houae Bntler Pa.
We have removed our Mat Lie
and Granite shops from corner of
A'ain and Clay streets to No. 208
N. Main street, (opposite W. D.
Brandon's residence), where ve
will be pleased to meet our
j customers with figures that are
right on
Mouuments & Headstones
1 <
of all kinds and are also prepare 1
to give best figurrs on
Iron Fence. Flower Vases
etc., as we have secured the s<»le
agency from the ftrwart Inn
Works of Cincinnati. .0., for this
town and vicinity.
P. H. killer
j Wm. Foster, j
{ Architect, j
* Pinna of nil kind of building* C
V furni»h«l on whort notice.
1 Office in Berg Building. j
P Duller, Pft. J
>" ■ AX — 4
En .
r ■
rTI & ,i 111 >7-1. j —-— J
lit -
Am . alls. ' •
■ •' ia«2. - J
Let UB give you a tigure on
the Plumbing and Gas Fitting
of your home.
81»8. Main St.. both Phones. <y