Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, May 29, 1902, Image 4

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    Halt and Half.
The dvspeptic may well be represented
pictorially as being half masculine and
half feminine, and combining the least
desirable characteristics of either sex.
He ha# all the stubbornness of the man
with the peevish ir-
ritability of a sick prJH
woman. He's not _/ uEfy
pleasant company at
home or abroad. IV?
Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
cures dyspepsia and / Sy/ m/ I \
other diseases of the ■ L'\
stomach and associ- 1 ** yt\
ated organs of diges- Py
tion and nutrition. « ' AAV
It renews physical ' i\ Y7
health which carries J /
with it cheerfulness\\l
of temper, and makes
life a pleasure instead |l I
of a penance. I I
The " Discovery " 111
purifies the blood by J \
eliminating the cor- jrt/ ' ;
' rupt and poisonous | "TJ* - V?-",.-.1
accumulations from I
which disease is bred. I ' -'A-? A
It increases the ac- I }?V&y<\
tivity of the blood- I I : £4 : #/i£|
making glands, so
increasing the supply
of pure rich blood, which gives life to
every organ of the body. It gives new
life and new strength.
«Your "Golden Medical Discovery' has per
formed a wonderful cure,® writes Mr. M. H.
House, of Charleston, Franklin Co.. Ark. • I had
the worst case of dyspepsia, the doctors say. that
they ever saw. After trying seven doctors and
everything: I could hear oC with no benefit. I
triea Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and
now I am cured. w
Accept no substitute for " Golden Med
ical Discovery." There is nothing'"just
as good" for diseases of the stomach,
blood and lungs. _ f
The Common Sense Medical Adviser,
1008 large pages in paper covers, is sent
free on receipt of 21 one-cent stamps to
pay expense of mailing only. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
For Piles,
Sample mailed free.
' One application gives relief.
The continued use of Hum
phreys' Witch Hazel Oil per
manently cures Piles or Hem
orrhoids—External or Internal,
Blind or Bleeding, Itching or
Burning, Fissures and Fistulas.
Relief immediate—cure certain.
Three Slaes. 88c., SOc. and 81.00. Sold by
Druccists. or seat prepaid on receipt of price.
Humphreys' Medicine Co., Cor. William and
John Su., Sew York.
Vital Weakness and Prostra
tion from overwork and other
causes. Humphreys' Homeo-i
pathic Specific No. 28, in use
over 40 years, the only success
ful remedy. $ 1 per vial, or spec
ial package for serious cases, $3.
Bold by Druggists, or sent prepaid on receipt of price.
Humphreys' Med. Co* William & John Sts., N. Y.
)c, F, T. Papej
< £
/ 121 E. Jefferson Street j
for spring than Lewin's Pure Whis
key—fake it in time and save doc
tors' and druggists' bills.
The goods we sell are guaranteed
flL'cfcKtimnEu *r. rKBNos, Tmnpsu*.
tilll'OM . DMUSUEU, KklOUKt-ORT.
» and offer them to you 6 year old at {1 per full
quart, 6 quarts 45 00.
whiskey guaranteed 3 years old, K 00 per gal
lon. we pay express charge* on all mall
orders of $5 00 or over. Goods shipped
Row 14 SaitMield Street, formerly
11 Water Street. PITTSBURG, PA.
•Phones: Bell 311*. F. * A. Usa
Ch ..cwicß'S ENGLISH
Nafr. ANan rvllabt#. LftdlM, ask Druggist fot
i'HlClkUrimft ENtiLINII tn R««f Km
l«i wuflic boxe*. sealed with blue ribbon
Talie no cfhtr. Hefts** dnr;proti«
lutlumaud iin it ait I en«. Buy of yonr DniiCirte*
or sen-i Ir. In stump* fo r §*arilr«lara, T«*Ci
moriiuU ait.] "Ri'll?r for <h //««■,
bv rc lisrn Huil. I«, 000 Tewmionial*. bold b;
all Druggists.
chiohub rt»R cirteMiCAL co.
.SIOO SlJuflairn A H PA.
M*m 'him ■■■■r.
Will Sell you
Hayrakes and
Farm Implements;
Bradley's Fertilizer's.
Nursery Goods of All Kinds.
Before purchasing wait) till he calls or
find him at
541 Mifflin St.; Butler, Pa
If you want a sitting of eggs from
vigorous prize winning stock, send for
my big c&ftloipse and a- e what I offer
frouj 23 varieties of land and water fowls.
I guara' tee fertility. Ejrgs by the sit
ting cr by the hundred. I have also
choice sfock at right prices.
Bo* ft Jatneshurjf. N J
< Wm. Foster, c
\ Architect, j
< Plans of all kind of buildings
furnished on short notice. f
£ Office in B*r«: Building, 7
J Bntler, PH. C
An Animal West Africans Smy Hal
the Soul of a Man.
Gorilla bunting is :i distinct sensation
even for the veteran hunter. This ani
mal, which has become confused some
what with fable and fiction, is a reali
ty and a decidedly unpleasant one to
engage. The west Africans are mortal
ly afraid of It, believing that the brute
contains the spirit of a man. They at
tribute to it all sorts of ferocities, like
the carrying off of a human being, who
is permitted to return after being de
prived of toe and finger nails.
"Skilled hunters have never observed
any of these doings, but they testify to
the brute's strength and ferocity," says
Allen Sangree in Atnslee'e. "According
to a French sportsman, a full grown
gorilla can bite through a tree six inch
es thick in order to secure the sap and
twist a gun barrel with the swollen
bunches of muscle that serve for arms.
Hi* roar is terrifying and can be heard
for a distance of three miles.
" 'I shall never forget how the first
one impressed me,' says the I- rench
man. "for I had a bad attack of shakes.
The woods had been filled some time
with a barking roar, but I saw nothing
until my guide clucked softly and
pointed to a tree alongside which stood
an immense male gorilla. There he re
mained but twelve yards away, boldly
facing us with his huge chest, muscu
lar arms, fiercely glaring deep gray
eyes and a hellish expression, until I
" 'At that he dropped to all fours and
came six yards nearer, sitting up to
beat his breasts with his huge fists—a
defiance—so that it sounded like an im
mense drum. His roar was most singu
lar, beginning with a kind of bark and
deepening into a bass roll that literally
resembled thunder. The short hair on
his forehead was twitching, bis power
ful fangs showed unpleasantly, and,
feeling he was about to attack and in
cidentally being scared green, I shot
him through the heart. With a groan
something human and yet brutish, he
fell on his face and died quickly, like a
man. He measured 5 feet 9 inches in
length, his chest was 62 inches, and his
arms spread 0 feet. I was glad to have
the specimen, but somehow after that
never cared to kill a gorilla unless lie
actually menaced me.'"
An OmlMlan In a Weddljiff Ccr<m«ar
That Didn't Count.
A distinguished officer of the United
States navy once told this story on him
self: *
At the time of his marriage he had
been through the civil war and had had
many harrowing experiences aboard
ship, through all of which he kept cour
age and remained as calm as a brave
man should. As the time for tbe cere
mony came on, however, his calmness
gradually gave way. At the altar, amid
the blaze of brass buttons and gold
lace marking tbe full naval wedding,
the officer was all but Btampeded and
what went on there seemed very much
mixed to him. Fearing the excitement
of the moment would temporarily take
Dim off hie feet, the officer had learned
the marriage ceremony letter perfect,
as he thought, and he remembered re
peating the words after the minister in
a mechanical sort of way.
After the ceremony was over and all
was serene again, including the offi
cer's state of mind, the kindly clergy
man came up to him and touched him
on the shoulder.
"Look here, old man," he said, ">ou
didn't endow your wife with any
worldly goods."
"What's that?" asked the bridegroom,
with something of astonishment in hts
"Why, I repeated the sentence 'With
all my worldly goods I thee endow' sev
eral times and despite my efforts you
would not say it after me."
The bridegroom seemed perturbed for
a moment, and then a beaming light
came into his face.
"Never mini, sir," he said. "She
didn't lose a blessed thing by my fail
ure."—Washington Star.
Their Owner* Digest Poorly and
Catch Cold I£a»ily.
Fresh air is a free gift, but it is like
most of the gifts of heaven in that we
must do o%r share of work to benefit
by it. No one would expect to have a
good fire Just because a pair of bellows
hung on a nail by the chimney, but this
is exactly what many people oxpect of
their lungs, which are really only the
bellows given us by which to keep the
fire of life burning bright and clear
within us.
It is not too much to assert that lungs
properly used In a comparatively close
room will do more good than >azy lungs
In an open field. This trick of lazy
lungs Is a habit, like any other, and
may be overcome by persistent effort.
Many persons, for example, are afflict
ed with a nervoua habit of holding the
breath unconsciously. These are the
people who. In spite of plenty of time
spent out of doors, yet catch cold easi
ly, digest poorly and are always more
or less "under the weather" physically.
Many other persons—and they consti
tute the great majority of mankind
breathe only with the upper part of the
lungs and although they may breathe
regularly do not draw In sufficient air
at a breath to fill all the lung cells.
When once the pernicious habit of
poor, shallow breathing has been bro
ken up, the health undergoes such mark
ed improvement, there is such brighten
ing of the spirits and improvement of
the looks, that the luxury of deep
breathing is not likely to be readily
A good way to start the new habit is
to take deliberately a few minutes at
stated intervals and devote them to
proper breathing. If this is done sys
tematically, the reformer will find him
self unconsciously breathing more and
more, until very soon he is obeying na
ture and really breathing to live.
Besides the gain to the general health
which conies from the habit of deep
breathing there is created a reserve
strength and preparedness which Is
often of great service in warding off
acute pulmonary diseases.—Youth's
Weeping Improves the Sight Instead
of Weakening It.
Tears have their functional duty to
accomplish, like every other fluid of
the body, and the lachrymal gland Is
not placed behind the eye simply to
fill space or to give expression to emo
tion, says an exchange.
The chemical properties of tears con
sist of phoapliate of lime and soda,
making them very salty, but never bit
ter. Their action on the eye Is very
beneficial, and here consists their pre
scribed duty of tbe body, washing thor
oughly that sensitive organ, which al
lows no foreign fluid to do the same
work. Nothing cleanses the eye like a
good salty shower bath, and medical
art has followed nature's law in this
respect, advocating the Invigorating
i-olutlou for any distressed condition
of the optics.
Tears do not weaken the sight, but
Improve It. They act as a tonic 011 the
muscular vision, keeping the eye soft
and limpid, and It will be noticed that j
women In whose eyes sympathetic tears I
gather quickly have brighter, tenderer |
orbs than others. When the pupils arc
hard and cold, the world attributes It .
to one's disposition, which Is a mere i
figure of speech, Implying the lack of
balmy tears that are to the cornea what i
salve Is to the skin or nourishment to '
the blood.
He who refuses to play second flddlo
has no chance to become leader of an
orchestra.—Ne.w, York Herald. J
A Good Hearted
or in other words, men with
good sound hearts, are not very
numerous. The increasing
number of sudden deaths from
heart disease
press, is proof
of the alarm- V A JUB
ing preva
lcnce of this P.Vw'/,/
and as no one
can foretell
just when a
fatal collapse J- A *
will occur, the danger of neg
lecting treatment is certainly a
very risky matter. If you are
short of breath, have pain in
left side, smothering spells, pal
pitation, unable to lie on side,
especially the left, you should
begin taking
Mue' s -Heart Cure.
i J. A. K reamer of Arkansas City, Kans.,
savs: "Mv heart was so bad it was im
possible forme to lie down, and 1 could
neither sleep nor rest My decline was
rapid, and I realized I must get help
soon. I was advised to try Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure, which 1 did, and candidly
believe it saved my life."
Dr. Miles' Remedies aro sold
by all drucgists an guarantee.
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
is the man who buys the cheap and
poorly ma<le clothing simply because it
is cheap. There are jnst as good bar
gains to be had in good grades of goods,
such for instance as onr S2O snits.
Runr.ing Chances is the man who
rnshes from this "alteration sale" t"
that "closing out bargains." The sif*-
way is to patronize the finn that do» s
business on the same principles yon do
You know what you have to deal with
then. You get honest goods for honest
Srices, and don't save twenty-five cents
ere to throw away seventy-five cent->
Chances are Not Running away from
yon, but yon are running away from
the chances for the best bargain? of tbe
year in suits, when yon fail Jo look at
onr suitings.
Wedding Suits a Sptc'ally.
Leading Tailor.
333 P. Main St.. BUTLHF
Pearson B. Nace's
Livery Feed and Sale Stable
Rear of
Wick House Butler Penn'a
The best of horses and first class rigs »>-
wavs oil hand and for hire-
Best accommodations in town for permit'
neat boarding and transient trade Spf-'-
al care guaranteed.
Stable Room For 65 Horses.
OA good class of horses, both drivers aii'
arart horses always on hand an<i for •"»!
ander a full guarantee; and horses huavl)
pon proper notification !•»
Telephone. No. 819.
W S. &E. WICK,
tiough and Worked Lumber of, all I'Klnds
Doors, Sash and Mouldings
Oil Well Klgs a Specialty.
Office and Yard
E. Cunningham and Monroe Ms
near West _
Bert McCandless,
Liveiy, Feed and Sale Stable
W. Jefferson St., Butler.
Avoid Cars by Using
Mifflin Street Entrance.
Waiting Parlor for Lad us.
prftnld'n p
MrjSgggg geagggg
About Kodaks!
We hu\e both Kodaks and
Cameras of all description,
Amateur photo, supplies of all
kinds and cf the best.
Keep your eye open for the new
folding pock< t Kodak to be out
soon. 20 per cent oft Kodak
prices this week. Films, Plates,
Papers and Chemicals.
Free dark room for customers
N< ar r. O.
aai South Main str. ef
I nlfl "DENTAL ROOMS.-- ft'
|| ' 39 • sth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa p'
111 WBTepRACTICA- LVJ"'"!!"- Jf
H mtr * CROWN anil BF.IUoE
■'IB. JBof ri»u.t)urg-WHY NOT DO K
"III* wl'-" 1 BRIDGE w " rk "-.lured I
,11 >1 If DSS PER TOOTH A'» the J
b f f W l>e»t»et U Tr»th iiia.li', ONLY >B fj
VIA (J 1)4 V 1 V 0 Tilt woYst potf-
II" / UI nt llilJ sible spavin can
be cared in 4.*> minutes. Lump Jaw,
splints and ringbones just as quick. Not
painful and never has failed. Det.iiled
information al<out this new method sent
free to hom» owners by T M CLUfiH,
Knoxd&le, Jefferson Co., P*.
A Man's Suit for
This suit has never been rq •t' i frrh - (ice. We b them
from a New York clotl ii g makei.who u'ire li< 111 i:e-s May Ist.
Ti.e patterns o! ttie p. ( m, -n • ■ i «. cif. ' 'he m\v 11
and olive effects, ai i bhick >'i b' u ,h- viot-
There is no sui r a:n ■ he .wlh<ss ih a. 4-8 •" > nie were
made to seil 'or - 10.
Ca'! a -- .d ask r > b.- sh »w 1 the -ui' At t' i- p ice they will
go quii k.
Brotherhood Overalls
Tht railroad I<> »■ < Wi h vi tl>- m.
Schaui &[Nast,
137 South Maw St.. B jtlcr.
N. W Gokey & Sons, big shoe manufacturers,
of Jamestown, New York, have failed.
We bought their entire stock of
Worth of Shoes at a Great Sacrifice
These goods were bought in addition to our
regular spring stock, and must be sold at once.
Ever held in Butler
The shoes are of the latest style.
Patent Leather in button or lace,
Vici kid, Cordovan and Box-calf in
light or extension solee
Now on Sale at Less Than Half Price.
Don't fail to attend this great Bargain Sale of Shoes.
128 South Main St., BUTLEK, PA.
vou cannot make a mistake in yonr
selection. Largest, finest and np to
date Htock in Butler, at prices that will
surprise yon bow low.
Picti re icd Mirror Framing a Specialty.
Patterson Bros..
2\u N. Mini S<.
Wick Bnil'ii"g,
rlionf 40 .
Alter ycu'w worn a leady
made suit a, wceki take
another l"ok at the elaborate
ly il'usl rated and flowery
worded ad. that tempted you |
to buy it, and notice how dif-1
fcrently it appeals to your!
ti mptation.
Wt dpp't make much of a|
splurpe on paper; wp put our |
ad. into the cloth. Thy »»). i
begins when you put on the
clotlus and it endures for .
weeks and years.
Our prices !»eem high only
to the man who never woie
one of our suits.
In the photograph line can be seen
it li e H.dky Studio. The Artist
Yo< f on exhibition
no.* , they art- v. inner? and pi ase
al! who wart an arti-ti.s picture
S'op in and see iheni.
Novelties fur Ho'iday trade
now ready. Broaches and buttons
of all descriptions. Copy ing and
Telephon*- 236.
. H'd'e, Hutlev
Mrai rhw—ll*r« »n'l Kvwri* \
Notice to Our PatFons!
We 1 avt decidid to jive nil our outof
Uiwn patrons the chance to become
ngrnts, with the same commission that
we g've our regular fgents. To any
person sending us wotk to amount to ten
dollar* ($10.00) in any.given month we
will, at end of Raid month, remit two
i dollars and half ($2 50) cash. Same be
ing 75 per c-nt commission (our tegular
commission to agents.) This is quite a
liberal < ITcr an.l strong inducement to
realize a good thing. No raiding of
! t rices any other scheme to work, we
i just simply WHtit mofe worjf to do and
] increase income. Write us for prices,
| cards and information.
Est»blisbed 1594.
The Butler Dye Works
216 Center avenue
Dyeing, Scouring, Dry Cleaning,
| Photos? of Family reunion*, Douses and
Insurance and Real Estate
Agent. f
i BUTLER . £>A
go prices on almost all manufac
tured articVs. We bought heavy}
early and will not be compelled to j
advance untill present stock is
sold We have had an unusual
large sale this Spring but still
have enough to iast a while yet. I
This is the time to buy your 1
buggies and vehicles of all kinds. !
Did you set our S3O work harness,
with i;| traces, good leather and
good collars? All our own make,
all complete for two horses Just
think ot it, only
Nobody ever;
j heard of the like, and buggy j
harness at corresponding low I
'piicr. .Nice lap dusters at 25c 1
j and good big brown and white j
, collar sweat pads at 25c. regular:
price tlstuhert 40c. Gt.;»>d team;
work brides at $3 00 per pair,'
and al! other goods in our line
away down in price; but don't
thi*-k long ii you netd anything
iin our line. These prices are only
I'>• picst'it stock.
S. B. Martincourt & Co.,
128 K. Jrfffrson bt., Hutler, !\i.
P. S—What about a wagon?
The Kramer is the best and don't
e; st you any :n >ro th in o ii-r
--?eil cheap makes u Doi'i
listen to their talk. It pays to
talk other kinds as the profit is
rreaU r.
When I Say That
The Davis Sewing Machine leads all
others, it i* not un ruly to fill a column
with .-in advertisement I menu that 110
other machine is so simple' I mean
that no other machine is so finely made!
And that no other ma'-hme is so
run! The "Davis" is polished I'ke »
>»atcb: it will ii )t k'h a uomau mn
it: it will d-> more ina-'i donl'le tin !
variety of work, wi'liont t> -tin;*. th>m
any oihei a.a hine ean do AH other
sewing uiaclni e iucli acknowledge this,
but s, "Ours is the cheapest." I'.nt
I sa\ that io Imv a cheap ?»»-i 1154 ma
chine :s not ecotiotuy The best i- »i
ivayn the cheapest. I also sell 15»-hr
Bros' Matchless Pianos. For further
imforuiation address
W. B McCandless,
McCaudless. Fa.
Let us give you a figure on
the Plumbing and Gas Fitting
of your home
318 S. Main St., Both Phonfa.
Price is a Good Salesman
duality is a Better One
Price and quality combined are winners.
Our Line of pianos includes only the
best instruments of reliable makers
Quality the highest. Pricest the lowest.
The Chase Brothers' Piano. Examine
it critically without prejudice, compare
it with the best instruments you know
about, and you will say with us, "There
is none tietter no matter what the name
or price." The Hackley Piano. An ex
ceedingly popular piano —tone, tonrh
and finish of the finest. The Carlisle
Piano. The best medium price piano in
the market. See them at my store and
judge for yourself. Always on hand, j
Bargains in organs. Remember your!
credit is good
At Newton's T|v- Piano Man !
!M7 S- Main St.. Butler Pa
Eyes Examined Free of Charge
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
*r> Pn'^r
See the sign direct-J
ly opposite the J||
;,M f'osloffke,
Theodore Yogeley,|
Weal Estate and (It
Inguragce Agency, j|J
L 238 S. Main St , {}
Butler, Pa. j»
S wefl 1 f you have property!;!
| to v 11. trade, or renlJK
or, want to huy or'
fejgjl write or
List Mailed Upon Application.
at the
(JOT. Main an (J iJiauiuim
Above Kirkputrick'H.
Funeral Director.
<is S. Main St. Butler PA
Butler Savings Bank,-
Capital, - $60,000 00
Surplus and Profits - $
WILUAM CaMPELI, Jr President
.1 Henry Tboctman ... Vice-President
Louis B Stein Cashier
HI HECTORS-Wm. Campbell Jr.. J. Henry
Trout man. W. I). Brandon, W. A. Stein, J. s.
The Butler Savings Bank Is the Oldest
Uankiug Institution in Butler County.
General hanking business transacted.
We solicit accounts of uil producers, mer
chants, farmers and others.
All business entrusted to us wilt receive
prompt attention.
Interest oaid on time deooslt*
Butler County National Back,
Hutler 11 11,
Capital pai.l in - (200,000.10
Surplus anil Profits fi2sCO"'.oo
Jos. Hartman, President; J. V. Ritts
v'ire President; John G. McMarlic.
Cashier, A. C. Krug, Ass't Cashier.
A neneral banking business transacted.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Money t >aned on approved security.
We invite you to open an account with this
Of RECTORS—Hen. Joseph Hartman. Hon.
. !?. Waldron. Dr. .N. M. Hoover. H. M -
•weeney. C. P. Collins I. <*. Smith, Leslie !\
lla/iett, M. Fiu»*Kin. W H Larkln. T. I*.
Mifflin. I>r. W. <!. M<*< landless. vfi\s
W. J. Marks. J. v* A L Reiber
Farmers' National Bank.
CAPITAL PAID IN, $100,000.00
Surplus and Promts, $ 4,C92 £4
Foreign exchange bought ana sold.
-pccinl attention given to <*olt«,*tiot>-
H'HN YOUNh'INS President
JOHN HUMPHREY Vice President
C. a. BAILEY Cashier
E. W. BINGHAM Assistant I'a.shler
'. F. HUTZLER Teller
John Younkius. I>. 1.. Cleeland. E. E.
\hrams, C. N. Boyd. \V F. Metzger. Henry
""lllor. John Humphrey. Tlio* ilhvs. t,eV
M. Wise. Francis Murpliy. S. Yi;iirer. D. It.
< ampbell. A. M. Sarver and Dau'l Vounkios.
I uterus! paid on time deposits.
We respeotfullv solicit vour business.
Guaranty Safe Deposit &
Trust Company,
Armory suilding, Butler, Pa.
Capital Stock paid iu if 125.000.00.
Acts as Executor, Administrator,
'inardiau. Committee, Receiver, Trustee
mid in all fiduciary capacities.
Issues Court and Suretyship bonds.
Acts ss in laying and selliuj;
city, farming or oil and gas properties.
Attends to the management of real
estate and to collection of rents.
Negotiates the sale of mortgage,
municipal or bonds of other character.
A. E. Reiber. Pres : W. D. Brandon.
Yice-Pres ;J. V. Ritts, A. L Reiber,
T'aniel Younkins.
(ieo. C. Stewart. Secy, and Treas
We solicit your patronage and iovlte cor
respondence or a personal interview.
$50,000 4 per cent., tax free,
Forougli of Be'lrvue School District
Denomination smo<>.
Interest pavab'e semi-annually
W rite or call for price and description
Bank for Savings Bld'g ,
Pittsburg. Pa.
C. P. Johnson & Sons'
The Leading Tailors of
Butler County,
Are making c ! < th»*s in the
Suits (V ni sl6 l<> $;o.
1 Jvercoats from sl6 to $75.
Even thuig done by skilled
. I 1 r in our uu n shop.
I C. P. Johnson & Sons
| Summer Goods
J Medium Weights j
1 Just Received by £
£ 416 VV. Jefferson St., £
J . Butler, Pa. J
i Fit Guaranteed and £
# Prices Reasonable, j
J TRy us. j
Merrill Pianos
We ave two pianos
that have been used
at concerts we will
sell at a great bargain.
J/or Xrpas presents
in musical goods
see us.
6- Otto Davis,
Armory Building
A mifc, certain relief for Xupprewed I
Menstruation. Never known to mil. Bafe! H
Hure! Speedy! Satlnfaetlori Guaranteed ■
or money Refunded. ttent prepaid for H
SI.OO P«T box. Will Henri them on trial, to ■
be paid for when relieved. Sample** Free. V
Hold in Butler at the Centre Ave i
County Treasurer's Sale of Unseated Land!
In compliance with the requirement of tha Act of Assembly of Pennsylvania,
directing the mode of selling unseated lands for taxes, passed "March 13. A. D
WIS, and the several supplements thereto, notice is hereby given that the follow
ing pieces of land will b»» sold for taxes at the Conrt House, in Butler, Pa., on
The 9th Day of June, 1902, atl o'clock P. M
Name of Person j Years" j "j Total -
Township. Assessed. Acres j Tax. int. T& I
Adams Daugherty JJ H&L 1899 j 1 03I# 14$ 1 17
Pringle G*o A I 1 lot " 16 02 18
'•.. Goebring & Shaffer 1 lot " 17 03 19
V , Wallace Jonathan H&L " 278 89 317
Allegheny Bowser Abe 4 1900 143 Hi 154
Campbell S A 275 1899 " 105 12 11 35116 47
Fogle Vary 33 " 5!0 71! s§l
Jamison Willis 10 •• 1900 493 5l! 544
McConnell & Robirson 42 "jlB 12 97 13 09
Butler Slsgel Gideon 102 " 31 32 351 33 83
Brady ! Taylor W E (h-its* 64 '• 12 4- 1 - 1 00' 13 48
Buffalo Painter Geo W (heir-) 25 " 123 10! 133
Connoqnenessing . :L)raj>e James W 70 1899 10 40 1 46 11 86
. . Graham Win 14 " 347 49 396
Clinton Mackey Al-x Mis 14 1900 4mi 33 442
'' _ Porter J W H&L •' ; 311 25 336
Concord Beigbley Jacob 87)1899 " lit 47 2 16 21 <>3
Harper Margaret 72 " 22 21 1 78 23 99
Kamerer A D 5 1899 " 219 25 244
Meehan .las 37) - 9 57. 77 10 34
Pis or DO 25 ' ts 46 57 703
Clearfield Cojle Win 1 lot • 22 <2 24
GoldingerMD 70 1899 " a*, 73 3MI 89 53
Kerr Michael (.heirs; 1 lot 1900 24 02, 26
Cherry Burnes John 100 1899 18 15 2 54 20 69
Bennet Nancy J 3 •• 67 0!l 76
Cross A L 2 "I 11$ 3* 226
Dunn John. Jr 33 " ; 753 105 858
" Ferry James 60 •• 263 37 300
Grossman J E 16 " 697 9>>l 795
Hall John Mrs 170! ' 18 98 2 K6 21 «4
*' < »n»-il Daniel 15 " - 2 48| 85' 283
Donegal Hredin James 124 1900 33 38 2 67 36 05
Fairvtew Barnh rt 0 67 1899 24 65 3 45 28 10
Franklin Bracktc v Annie 67 " 931 1 30 1 10 61
Forward Bishop Pheiand 1 lot " 575 tqj 056
Piersol H urn sou 81 " 1900 27 50 289 30 39
T ' Smick Pn. r 45 '• 11 50 16i 12 11
Jackson 'Bay tie Hoi t 1 lot " j 46 06 52
Bennet A J 1 lot " 46 06 52
Beam S A 1 lot " 4« 06' 52
1 " iOverman Paul 1 lot " 46; 06 52
.Peterson C 1 lot •' 46 06 52
Partridge Wm 1 lot " 46 06 52
Partridge T 1 lot " 46 06 52
I " Rncker John 1 lot " j 46 06 52
Stewart Willis 1 lot - 46 06 52
Stonghton J C 1 lot 46 06 52
Thompson Bert 2 lots •• i 93 13 106
i '' Wickman J N 1 lot " 46 06 52
| *l er , c f r " , Mcßell Wm 52f ' 16 41 230 18 71
Muddycreek Melvin H& G H 5), " j \ 750 1 of> 855
Marion Chatman Margaret If. " 1900 351 41 392
Dangherty & Ambrose 133; ; " 23 61 189 25 50
Dngaii Marv 40! * " 571 46 617
Gardner GJ U ' •• 270 *22 292
Laj ton E IS;IH9U! 1 091 09 118
McV.urry Jas &J A 6t- " 16 10 225 18 85
McGnrk Demi's It, " I 410 57 467
McClaffnty Michael It, 1900 212 17! 229
Wanderly C 50 1899 | 367 51 418
„ " , Vandyke Rebecca 31 1900 4 32| 35 467
Oakland Millinger .1 JR Siß " 26 2l 210 28 81
Parker Courtney DG 25 " 180 14 ! 11)4
Kelly Archie (heirs) 1 l ( ,i ' •• 96 08 104
Pugh Albert 1 23J 1899! " 4 06 ; 43 449
Risch J P j it " 314 25 339
Smith Nelson (heirs) lOt 1899, " 59 04 6 Bfc 65 -.2
P enn Gr« en Miles ~ 11l i " 28 40; 1 87 25 i 7
" •. Walker David 1 lot 1899 46 06 52
Summit... Sullivan Valetia (ft *• 1900 54 47 611 60 08
" " " 28 " " 19 87; 20321 90
Slipperyrock Hammond L 200 •• 44 84, 358 48 42
Keister Homer 9! " 29 66 237 32 03
Venango Addleman Porter IVlß9l' 434 01 495
Dunkle L Mrs 1 11 1900' 221 18 239
•• • Gormloy JH,ft al 1 lot; " 257 21, 278
Jamison J D 84'1599 •• 22 68 243 25 06
McLaughlin Geo 128 i " 19 88 159 21 47
McLaughlin J B 50 " 10 84 87i 11 71
Norcrcss Andrew 26(1899 1900 973 1 05 10 78
VanderlinSL. 100 '• 1 " 21 21 2 27! 28 48
Vandetlin Jv: 50 •« 7 25' 581 783
White Angelioe 50, " 750 60 810
Washington Campbell J H F 75 " 18 08 145 19 53
Hindman Chas 4 1899 99 14 113
Wictield Clymer Wm B 129 1900 44 57 8 57 48 14
Butler Boro Wilson Sandy 1 lot 1899 630 88 718
Sanbnry Boro Allen Jefferson 1 lot " 4 85| 6b 496
Ssxonburg Owens Fred (heirs) } of 5 1900, 18 16! 1 45 19 61
I I | 1 'l
NOTE Tt e above totals do not include Treasurer's fee or advertising fee.
May 1, 1902 D. L. RANKIN, Comity Treasurer.
B " . - -
! * The total of deposits,capital,surplus and proflt3 divided by the sum total
% of deposits gives the cash security for every dollar due depositors.
> - ■ ■——?
$6,032,000 -f- $2,362,000 = $2.55
Real Estate Trust Co.,
j Incorporated October Ist, 1900.
5 I CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, $3,650,000.00.
j Pays 2 per cent. Interest on deposits subject to check, and 4 par cent, la tar
es ton savings accounts. Does uot istue bonds. Write for booklet, How to opes
an account by mall. H
Another Large Shipment
A ureat assortment of mid-snmwei
styles, an endless variety of hat*. A ~w
! pretty, serviceable and practical hat Hp
| can be selected from our lar»re assort- •>— I
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ward Oar $3.98 hats exceed in qnality fSf
anything ever offered at the price WuX{/^3^J .j/tf
Value ahd style are delightfully com
binded in our latest Snminer hats, the
display is decidedly interostinp: also JLj
our prices are away dowu l>eyond com
petition. Come and see them.
318 South Miin Stree", • - - » h ' »
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