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WILLIAM O.NKGLEY - - Publl.her
$1.60 per year in Advance, Otherwise $1.50.
The official vote of this county is:
F. G. Harris. R 3631
E. A Coray. D 3488
Jas. J. Porter, P 254
Harris majority 143
Win. P. Potter, R 3634
Harinan Yerkes, D 3489
Isaac Monderan. P 231
Potter's majority 145
Geo M. Graham. D 3701
Wo. H. Campbell, R 3471
Graham's majority 290
John R. Henninger. D 3955
E. E. Young, R 3356
Henninger' majority 599
C. F. Hilliard. R 3765
W. A. Swain, D 3055
Hilliard's majority 710
All the amendments were considered
favorably by the people of the county,
the vote standing as follows:
For. Against. Maj.
No. 1 1846 455 1391
No. 2 1686 411 1275
No. 3 1502 600 902
One of the most surprising results of
the late election was the election of Mc-
Collnm, Prohib., as Sheriff of Venango
county. His vote was 2828, while that
of Shaner, the Republican nominee was
2805; and White, Dem., 1265. The total
vote polfed was 6898, of which the Re
publican state ticket received 2159, the
balance being nearly equally divided be
tween the Dems. and Prohibs.
Mercer county gave the Republican
state ticket about a 1000 majority, but
Garts. R. for Poor Director had but 42
oyer Eriser, D.
Although Gov. Stone is extremely re
ticent concerning the Pittsburg politi
cal situation ami refuses to discuss it,
the general opinion her« is that Record
er A. M. Brown is to be removed and
ex-Director of Public Safety, J. O
Brown appointed in his place. It is said
that Senator Flinn and his friends have
this assnrance from the Governor and
the change is expected within the com
ing week.
The official vote of Cambria county
was not concluded until Saturday.
From Wednesday morning until late
Friday night hundreds of citizens from
all parts of the count}- guarded the
courthouse day and night, a man named
Balsinger.in particular patroling on the
outside with a Springfield rifle. It was
feared that the returns might be trifled
with, and the long delay in counting
the votes whetted this suspicion. The
official vote gives O'Conner, Dem. and
Union, a majority of 71, over Judge
Barker, who was a candidate for re
election. Besides being Judge, Barker
was the local political boss and an arm
ed mob around his Court House was a
sad commentary on his judicial career.
MoKinley's plurality in the county was
3,308. Barker presided in Butlerduring
the Braun divorce case.
The Philadelphia Press has declared
for a contest of the recent election in
Philadelphia. The demand is based
upon the statement that the vote cast
for District Attorney was greater than
that ca*t for the State offices and great
er than that for President last year.
This it considers indubitable evidence
of fraud, and charges that 40.000 illegal
votes were cast or counted. If this as
sertion can be proved it would, of
course, mean a reversal of the declared
result of the election in Philadelphia
and in the State.
In the city of Buffalo on the eveninir
of election day the vote of 106 out of 108
election districts svas made known at
the City Hall within 35 minutes after
the closing of the polls.
This is especially significant to those
who noticed that night that not a word
was received of the vote in Philadelphia
for four or five hours after the closing
of the polls. Then the wards in control
1 of the city machine returned more votes
for the Republican candidates than were
cast for President McKinley, though
the Republican vote in the entire city
was 4(1,000 short of McKinley's vote.
In this contrast we may discover a
reason for the machine opposition to the
constitutional amendment making it
possible for the Legislature to authorize
the use of voting machines. It is plain
that the voting machine would never
do for such methods as those of the
Philadelphia machine. The two ma
chines cannot work together in har
mony.- Ex
Commercial Feeding Stuffs.
A law enacted by the late legislature,
and made operative on the Ist of Octo
ber, 1901. provides that what are called
"concentrated commercial feeding
Btuffs"--sach as linseed, rice, cotton
seed and gluten meals; maize, starch
and sugar feeds, malt sprouts, etc.—of
fered for sale in this state, shall have
affixed to each sack or package a state
ment of its contents or constituents,
with name and address of the manufac
turer; and any person selling or offering
to sell such feed, without such state
ment or guarantee affixed makes him
self subject to a fine of from SSO to SIOO,
and imprisonment in the county jail for
from 10 to 30 days.
Any person can make the information
and any Justice of the Peace can hear
aud determine the case or hold the ac
cused for court.
The law, also, forbids the mixing of
any mineral substances with feeding
stuff, and provides for the inspection of
samples by the Secretary of Agricul
ture, etc.
Oae of our millers informs us that
these mixed and adulterated foods are
being sold in this county, without these
statements attached, and at less prices
than grain foods can be made for.
Harmony and Zelienople.
The Executive Committee of the But
ier County Sabbath School Association
will meet in the Y. M. C. A. Hall at
Butler, Pa., on Monday, December 2nd,
at 2 p. m., in connection with the But
ler County Minister's Association at
their regular monthly meeting. Rev.
E. R Worrell, president and H W.
Bame, corresponding secretary, called
this meeting Members of the commit
tee and active Sunday School workers
will please be present, as important
business will be transacted.
Andrew Kline and wife of Allegheny
returned home Friday evening after at
tending the funeral of John Kline at
Mrs. Mary Goehricg of Harmony
moved to Rochester on Tuesday. Her
son Charley is employed at that place.
Abraham Huusburger of Barkeyville,
Venango county, aged 77 years, died at
the residence of his son-in-law, E F.
Loucks ft North Braddock on Nov. 7th
The deceased resided at Barkeyville 52
ye:ir-t and was connected with the
academy of that town. His parents re
sided it) Harmony and died there many
year.« ago.
A large block-of leases have been
taken from Harmony in a nor thear tern -
ly direction by Butler and Harmony
operators. Pittsburg capitalists am
siid to have an interest in them. A
well will be drilled at ouce as a test for
the deep sand oil.
Emma Cable, aged 15 years, daughter
of Au lin Cable of Lancaster township,
was Imriud at Whitestowu ou Nov. 7th
The deceased is one of the twins and
died after a short illness with diphtheria.
Kavenaugh & Co's machine shop is
r ning day and night at present.
' ;. u iness of this firm increased 100
yet cent, the last year.
Butler County Election Returns, Nov, 5, 'Ol,
x ~ - o
f t-pj •so r H • . J >
5* i o < H ® o *r* ££ ffi
2 ~ r ~ c' 2 S
DISTRICT. " §f3-If| |S" | I
S> • : ® P « & «■ S '
: : i-r«?3 i _ l . ( _s*=- rV ?—• o
: :• g : r ( 2? s "*1 : c ; j
Adams N ~ 50 4 2 8 ",1 4:'. 6 50 50 40 50 52 42
tdamsS 33 21 9 34 21 8 30 30 25 35 37 20
tllegheny 49 25 3 4!) 24 3 45 29 4* 26 51 8
Brady 50 53 9 55 54 8 52 111 58 62 58 40
Buffalo 100 26 4 109 20 4 110 25 98 37 111 22
Centre !!!!!!"... 70 40 1 71 39 1 68 43 62 48 72 32
Clearfield!. 35 67 .. J 37 66 5 41 58 36 70 37 69
Clinton 64 14 2 00 14 1 04 10 63 16 66 13
Cherrv N 40 18 1 40 18 1 39, 20 40 19 40 18
CWrvS 41 23 2 38 24 2 42 24 40 25 44 20
fhiav . 80 43.... 80 43.... 70 47 70 47 80 33
Concord....."90 70 4 101 00 5 70 94 90 84 112 45
Connoquenessing N 50 26 .. 50 26 .. 5| 17 4. 28 49 <
Srr BS,DS « «; ! •? * ! « * 7 ™ «
DoneS" 28 1 28 7S 1 :5 ° 75 27 7 * 30 70
Sew::::::::: 93 «« •»■■■■ «t\ »< » X
Forward 71 68 3 72 69 1 6. .1 65 <9 ... 60
Franklin 86 58 7 89 58 5 88 64 75 77 92 51
Tack son E 15 30 1 16 29 5 17 30 13 34 10 28
Jackson W 30 60 . .. 30 60.... 32 04 27 09 19 77
feSon.::::: « m.... « »»•••• «. g"»g **
Lancaster Sf « 1 « \ ?' 2' 2? *
Marion 61 73 2 1)9 ' 2 3 1,1 " 5 (,l) 1,1 '
Mercer 51 47 0 51 49 4 42 59 48 54 53 49
Middlesex.'.".:. 49 5 95 50 3 98 49 97 53 102 32
Muddvcreek » 2° ~ \ 5 -f -Z !.l j!
Oakland 03 70 2 61 78 2 69 58 01 ,8 63 68
Parke" 47 10 4 48 10 4 33 30 40 17 48 7
n„ nn yr" 40 48 3 4(i 48 3 39 59 35 65 47 3.)
p®„„ a . . 94 48 1 89 51 1 84 55 07 73 95 30
SHnnervrock .... 81 70 5 81 70 5 70 82 78 80 83 69
Smit 14 115-.,. 13 115... 14 115 16 113 12 108
Washington N 40 25 1 39 26 1 36 29 35 30 43 20
Washington S ~8 li 2 48 l.j 2 .0 24 <9 16 18, 11
wfnfiel! 102 62 2 103 62 1 103 62 103 63 105 61
Worth 75 10 o .4 <o f) il 80 .4 80 .•> .1
Butler Ist ward 145 142 19 141 143 17 140 159 134 171 144 127
..2nd " 137 212 0 142 207 7 128 228 113 243 145 178
.. Z d „ 118! 162 2 110 161 2 110 165 101 178 122 133
.. i th .. 131! 139 8 131 139 8 140 133 I>s 101 143 117
.. <• .152 184 11 152 180. 11 142 200 116 228 158 137
Brnin 48 10 12 48 17 11 29 39 46 24 52 10
Connoo nene a sin "■ 28 18 4 2. 1. 4 13 30 2-> 25 31 1.
EAS . 23 12 7 23 13 0 19 22 24 17 27 10
Fv.nVrv 4 07 84 4 66 85 4 70 81 62 91 69 80
Hamoiv 7 ::::::!:::::': 24 00 4 25 4 «< « i« t, u 7,
Harrisville 31 39 7 3 40 7 2r oO 2, 48 35 ~3
Karns Citv 21 20 4 21 20 4 21 23 23 21 24 19
Karns >ltv.. 3H 35 u g.,. 36 9 39 43 30 48 42 25
Millerstown .... 85 5 79: 85 5 89 78 84 84 84 05
Petrolia 80 10 3 30 10 3 26 23 29 19 30 lo
Portersvi'lie 1« 1» '• 1- 1° 4 15 l r> 1,: ir ' 1! ' i 0
Prospect.! 41 19 5 41; 19 5 43 19 39 26 43 21
Saxonburg S5 -- -. •• •; zL z' '''l r'
Slipnervrock 52 50| 18 .)4 »1 lo 01 ;>0 60 .i 94<
Va?encia ... 19 3 2 18 4 1 19' 4 21 2 21 2
West Snnbnry'.':: -20 20 8 Slj 19 8 24 24 26 21 39 9
ZeHenople .7 44 86 3 44 86 3 41 91 42 89 3 90
Fairview 27 21 3 27j 21, 3 21 29 31: 19 31, 10
Total 3631 3488 254 3634 348U 231 3471 3701 3350 3955 3765 3055
THE MARKET—Both agencies are
paying $1.30. this morning.
Karns City—McKinney & Thompson
are drilling their No. 2 011 the S. Van-
Dyke farm. E. E Abrams has a well
started on his own place and Aaron
Leidecker has timbers out for bis No. 3.
"Callery—The Forest has completed
their No. 7 on the Cyrns Hall farm and
has a 35-barrel pumper. The Fort Pitt
Oil & Gas Co's No. son the C'halfant is
an 8 barrel well in the 100-ft.
Oakland twp. —Finnegan & Slater
have struck a good gasser on the Kirk
farm, near Woodbine.
Franklin twp. —Monday McClung
Co. struck the Speechley sand on the
Lewis Albert farm and it was reported
that the well had filled up 70 teet with
oil in four hours.
The well is now reported dry.
Concord twp—Among the Speechley
sand wells completed last week were
oneV>n the Henderson Donaldson, two
on the Jackson, one on the Pres. Murt
landandtwoon the W. F. Mnrtland,
all belongiug to the South Penn. The
last two surround Brown & Cos. I.
Campbell four-acres. Brown & Co's
well on the four-acres was making flows
through the tubing Saturday night All
the wells are reckoned at from 10 to 15
barrels a day.
Nicklas & McGill's No. 2 on the
Robert Campbell well has been in for
two weeks and is a 12 barrel pumper.
Barnsdall's No. 1 on the Roxberry is
said by oil men to be the best well in
the field. He has three others started
on the same farm. »
Barnsdall's No. 1 on the Robinson
farm north of Greece City came in Mon
day and is a good well.
Hoch Bros. No. 0 on the Sutton, a
fourth sand well, was on top of the sand
last week and shut down ou account of
leaking casing.
The-Snee well on the Ezra Campbell
is yet doing 25 barrels a day, and some
forty wells are drilling in that neigh
The Southern Oil Co's wildcat on the
Brown farm southwest of the Campbell
Hollow developments is in and reported
to be a well.
Near Weston, W. Va., last week, a
gas well was struck which belched forth
25000000 cubic feet of gas every 24 hours
and made such a noise as to put the
workmen entirely deaf. At Butler's
rate, 16 cents per thousand, this gas is
worth S4OOO a day.
Sales—Wm. Walker, real estate deal
er, sold for Thompson, Younkins, D.de
& Co., leases on the Lindsey and Bart
ley farms, comprising about 50 acres
with 5 oil and gas wells to A. E. Wood,
formerly of Clarion Co., Pa. Consider
ation SIO,OOO.
AT Leavenworth, Kansas, twenty-six
prisoners escaped from the Federal pris
on; the whole country turned out to
huut them and three convicts wei j kill
ed, and six captured.
A Protest.
Action taken by the Congregation of
the Presbyterian church of Concord in
convention'assembled, November 3rd,
• Whereas, Section o of the Sunday
laws of Pennsylvania reads thus: "Pro
fanation of the Lords day. is an olfense
against God and religion; for besides
the notorious iudeceney and scandal of
permiting any secular business to be
publicly transacted on that day, in a
country professing Christianity;and the
corruption of morals which usually fol
lows its profanation: the keeping of one
day m seven holy as a time of relaxation
and refreshment, as well as for public
worship, is of admirable service to a
State, considered merely as a civil insti
tution. It enables the industrious
workman to pursue his occupation in
the ensuing week with health and cheer
fulness; it imprints on the minds of the
people that sense of their duty to God,
so necessary to make them good citizens;
but which would be worn out and de
faced by unremitted continuance of
labor, without any stated times of re
calling to the worship of their Maker,
and whereas.
The oil industry in our community
Has brought with it many violations of
both the civil and the Divine law in re
gard to labor on the Sabbath day. both
in drilling on.and the pumping of wells,
the hauling of material, and other kinds
of labor on that day, and whereas
We ueem it our duty as citizens and
church members to protest against any
unnecessary violations of the Sunday
' laws, therefore
i Resolved, That we respectfully ask
j the oil operators, contractors and labor
; ersnot to work on or reqnire others to
I work on the Sabbath day, except where
! it is necessary to save property from de
preciation or loss
Resolved, That we request that a copy
of these resolutions be published in the
county papers.
Revival services are being conducted
in Fairview M. E. church, with good at
Public worship in Buffalo church,
next Sunday at 11 a.m. and at Westmin
ster at 3 p.m. These are the farewell
services of the pastor previous to his
leaving for French Creek church, W.
V r a.
The Y. P. S. of the U. P. Church will
hold a Silver Social. Friday evening, at
the home of A'. Ruff on N. Main Sr. All
are inyited. Last Friday evening they
held a pleasant business and social
meeting at the home of D. H. Caldwell
on S. McKean St.
At a special meeting of the Butler
Presbytery of the Presbyterian church,
last Thursday in ihe Second church,pas
toral iclationship was dessolvedbetween
Rev. W. J. Hazlett of Sarversville aud
Buffalo aud Westminster churches, he
haying accepted a call to the French
Creek Presbyterian church, W. Va
The resisination of Rev. J. A. Taylor as
pastor of the Cliutonville church wa«
accepted to take effect Jan. J, 1902.
The Second Presbyteriaus held a so
cial Monday evening at which they in
spected the phyis for their new church
and ate cake andgraino.
At a presbytery meeting of the U. P.
church held at Fair view. Tuesday. Rev.
C A McQuistion was installed as pastor
of the Fairview church
Rev. Hugh H. McCreery, who Ins
been for eight years a missionary in
Utah will deliver a lecture on the atiii
polygamy movement now being urged
on Congress, in the M E. church, n-xt
Tuesday evening, at N o'clock. R u v.
McCreery comes to Butler on the invi
tation of the Ministers' Association. H<
is a man well informed on the whole
Mormon question
The hands of M.iro are at otice the
hands of a magician, a painter and a
musician. All of this requires the most
assidious practice, and having once
brought a feat to a presentable state i f
ptirfection Maro, this veritable wizini
continues a regular routine of exercis •
advised by him to give to his hands the
necessary flexibility. A simple move
ment frequently used by him will de
monstrate to auy one who tries it how
supple and perfectly controlled thes"
fingers are.
.Maro and six other first class enter
tainments can be bought for one dollar.
Reserved seats extra. Maro .appears
Monday the lSfcli inst ia the Stir
Course under management of Y. M. C.
The Empire show, which opens an
engagement at the Opera House, Thurs.
Nov. 21, will realize the drawing room
atmosphere and tone of the most modern
vaudeville ideas.
.Tan,ie3 J. Corbett in his own original
monologue, Hill and Silvainy, European
cyclists, The Four Otts, Hickey & Nel
son. Little Elsie, Kellv and Kent and
other feature acts in Vaudeville round
tip a full two hours and a half of capi
tal entertainment.
<irau<4 Opci-a House, Pittsburg.
Of the long list of brilliant plays pro
duced by the Empire Theatre stock
company in New York, probably the
most popular is Sowing The Wind,
which enjoyed au entire year's pros
perity there. This play will be put on
at the Grand for the week beginning
November 18th. For Thanksgiving
week at the Grand, beginning Monday,
November 25th, the delightful comedy,
She Stoops to Conquer, will be given a
superb presentation by the new stock
Pittsburg Orchestra.
The seventh season of Pittsburg Or
chostra concerts given at Carnegie
Music Hall, Schenley Park, Pittsburg,
began last week under circumstances
that are prophetic of the most brilliant
year in the history of the organization.
The Orchestra of seventy-five players
was admitted to be very tine and the
two audiences that tested the capacity
of Carnegie Music Hall were loud in
praise of the playing. Mr. Herbert's
popularity seemed never so great as
now and deservedly so The concerts
will continue weekly Friday evenings
and Saturday afternoons until March
The second series Friday evening,
Nov. 15th, and Saturday afternoon,
Nov. Kith, presents four compositions
for the first time in Pittsburg They
are the symphony in D minor by Cesar
Franck. a ballet suite of charming
quality by Tacbaikowsky, the Joyense
march by Ghabrier, and a concerto for
violoncello and Orchestra by Lalo.
Tickets for these concerts can be had
now but there are better seats for the
afternoon concert than for the evening
at prices ranging from 50c to *l. They
can bo secured at '519 Fifth Ave. or or
dered by telephone. Grant 1259, and at
! Carnegie Music Hall on the afternoon
i of the concert.
Ivy wood.
A basket social will be held in No. 0
school Friday evening.
Isaac Maizland is recovering from in
juries received in his runaway accident.
Jeff Craner had his ankle sprained by
falling from a ladder.
Miss Jennie Bay is at home- on a
j visit.
The Pfabe boys are clearing some
1 ground on the Dr Mershon farm.
West Suubury.
Mr. Breaden, Mrs. Conway and Miss
Anna Wick attended the funeral of
Mrs. Wick's sister. Mrs. Campbell, at
[ Grove City, Friday
Mrs. Margarett Stnmpff of Gallery re
turned home Monday after a weeks
visit with friends in this place.
A concert will be given in Academy
Hall, Friday evening by Prof. Gibson's
sinking class.
Mr. Andy Thompson is down with
Miss Rhoda Hindman who is at
l>resent employed in Mercer Hospital
was home over Sunday.
W. C. Glenn made a. business trip to
the City, Saturday.
Butler County Pomona.
Butler Co. Pomona Grantee No. 17,
P. of K„ will meet at Eureka Grange
Hall. Thursday, December sth 1901, at
10 o'clock a. m Election of officers ill
take place at this meeting. Patrons
turn out and let us have a good meeting.
By order of Committee.
H. BOOK. Master.
W. H. CAMPBELL, Sect'y.
BEtSEL —At his home in Pittsburg,
Nov. 7, 1901, Charles A., son of Chas.
W. and Mollie (Duff) Beisel, aged 0,
DAVIS—At Wilkinsburg, Nov. T. 1901.
Minerva C., wife of T. H. Davis.
KELLY—At her home in Allegheny,
Nov. 7, 1901, Nellie, danghter of Mrs.
Margaret Rojan Kelly, aged 17 years.
LAMBERT —At his home in Lancaster
twp. Nov. 4, 1901, George Lambert,
asied 88 years - .
MITCHELL —At her home in Alexan
dria, Minn. Nov. 7, 1901, Mrs. Anna
Elora Thompson, wife of Cbas. S.
Mitchell, aged 43 years.
She was the only daughter of Col. J.
M. Thompson. Her remains were
buried at St. Cloud. Minn.
FLEEGER—At her home on West St..
Butler, Nov. G, 1901, of consumption.
Miss Tillie Fleeger, aged 32 vears.
CABLE At her home in Connoqneness
ing twp., Nov. 5, 1901, Miss Emma,
daughter of Austin Cable, aged 14
GRIER —At his home at Eau Claire,
Nov. 9. 1901, John B. Grier. aged
63 years.
Mr Grier serjred in Co. N. 185 Pa.
Infantry in the Civil War and was «.
member of the Rosenbsrry Post G. A.
GIBB—At his home in Karns City, Nov.
5, 1901, of -typhoid fever, William
A. Gibb aged '2l years.
His remains were buried in Bear
Creek cemetery.
FALEN —At the County Home, Ncv.
9, 1901, John Falen of Brady twp .
aged 60 years.
WILD—At her home in Zelienople Nov.
12. 1901, Susan Wild, nee Hallstein.
wife of Henry Wild, acred 50 years
KINGSBURY—At New Brighton.
Nov 9. 19.11. C. O. Kingsburg, for
merly of Siipperyrock. aged 65 years.
LUSK At the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Gel bach in Zelienople, Nov 12.
1901, Mrs. Agnes, widow of Dr. Amos
Lusk, aged 69 years.
She was the mother of Attorney W.
H. Lusk of Bntler, Amos Lusk of ttao
Pullman Palace Car Company, Joseph
R. Losk. Superintendent of the Pitts
bnrir & Western railroad at New Castle.
Major J. L. Lusk of the United States
Engineering Corps, stationed at Wash
ington D. C.: Julian Lusk of Zelienople
and the daughter at whose house she
died. Interment will be made at Zelie
nople, Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
CHRI3TLEY —At his home in Slippery
rock twp., Nov. 8. 1901, Neyman
Cliristley. in his 50th year.
Mr. Christley's death was caused by
cancer of the stomach with which he
had Ijetn ill for some mouths. He was
bom May IS, 1843 on the farm on which
he lived and WHS the son of Michael and
Elizabeth, nee Neyman, Christley In
IMI 1 he enlisted in Co. H. 78th Penn'a
Infantry and served during nearly the
entire war. participating in Stone
River. Chicauiatiga and other battles
After the war he worked as a carpenter
but since 1871 lived upon aud worked
tbs homestead farm, one of the finest in
the county. In 1869 he married Mary,
daughter of Josiah C. Robb of Mercer
county, .lis wife and two children,
Il!ula ? ire of Dr. S. E Nelson of Deni
seytowa Venango County, and Benja
miu survive him. One son, (irant, died
in 1893. The deceased was one of the
original stock holders of the Slippery
rock State Normal and a member of '.he
O G Bingham, Post 305, G. A. R. He
was a man universally respected aud es
teemed, v ho did all things well.
George Lambert died last week at the
home of George Dindinger in Lancaster
twp., from the effect of a broken leg.
lie was it) his Bilth year. His remains
were buried in the Lutheran Cemetery
at Middle Lancaster, Rev. H. K Sbanor
Li 11 ting Chang, the Chinaman, that
G'-'ii Grant considered one of the great
e-i n»< n be had ever met and who. when
;n*h; country ia 18'J6 placed a wreath
on Grant's tomb, died at Peking 1-ist
rhursday. He was in bis 80th year,
was a famous scholar and soldier in
early life and afterwards aud until his
death the greatest statesman of that
The funeral strvices of the late
Nathan Yv iiinct Campbell Esq. was held
at his late residence on Franklin St.
Fiidav morning. His fellow atlorueys
and the Maccabees, of which he was a
ui miter. attended. The services were
conducted by Rev. Worrell, pastor of
the dee'd and Revs. McNees of Glade
Mills and Summit, and Hazlett of
Sarveraville in who.-e churches he for
merly worshiped, participated. Be
sides his widow, the deceased leaves
two sons aired two years and —months
"It seemed that nothing short
of a miracle could save my little
daughter from an untimely
j death," says City Marshall A.
8 H. Malcolm, of Cherokee,Kan.
j " When two years old she was
I taken with stomach and bowel
I trouble and despite the efforts
I of the best physicians we could
I procure, she grew gradually
worse and was pronounced in
curable. A friend advised
Maes' Nervine
and after giving it a few days
I she began to improve and final
| ly fully recovered. She is now I
I past five years of age and the I
j very picture of health."
Sold by all Druggists.
I Dr. Miles Medical Co.. Elkhart, Ind. |
Hospital Donation Day.
The Bntler County Hospital will ob
serve its annual donation day on Thurs
day. November 21. The more dona
tions received the less the hospital will
have to pay in expense bills, and the
irore it t an do fur those who are unable
to pay for treatment. The managers
state that operating towels, face towels,
pillow slips.bureau covers, stand covers,
table covers, napkins, night shirts.night
dresses, old muslin, groceries, rice,
breakfast food 9. soap, toilet soap, rub
no-more. starch, scouring brushes,
brooms, potatoes, lard, butter, flour,
canned frnits. jellies and vegetables are
particularly wanted.
Wagons will be sent <*it to all streets
of the town as usual.
The ladies of the Hospital Association
will hold a reception from 2 to 5 aud
from 7 to 0 p. m on donation day in the
hospital building. All interested in the
hospital in Butler or Butler county will
be welcome.
Any farmer wishing to contribute a
bushel or half linshei of potatoes, the
same of apples, or a few pounds of but
ter or lard or salted meats of any kind,
the same will lie thankfully received on
donation day, Thursday, November '2l.
1901, or any time that suits him during
the year.
In the matter of the \ In the Orphan's
estatesof John A. Dunlap Court of Butler
and Ann Eliza I'unlap. , Co . No. 74. Ver
bis widow, deceased. I teml»er Term.Js'ci.
To Mary J. Allen. Wilson Dunlap. John M.
Dunlap. Tillie M. Bell now Kellv.Nancy Ann
Bach, Elizabeth Wise or Wice Margurite
Simons. Mary Ni«*herson and James Nieker
son, children and heirs ut law of above
named decedents, and all other parties in
Notice is hereby given that having been
appointed an Auditor to distribute the funds
paid into Court at O. (' No. 9, September T.,
I.* I. and a! Auditor's Keport Docket. No. 5.
page 386. belonging to Llie estates of the
above named decedents t>.> and among the
parties entitled thereto, I have fixed Thurs
day. the :>th day of November, 1901. at the
hour of 10 o'clock a. in.. at my oftie«» in the
Wise Building. 11l North Diamond, in the
borough of Butler, Pa., as the time and place
for a hearing in the nbow entitled matter,
when and where all persons interested may
attend if they see proper.
Notice is hereby given that J. H. Bell,
Charles A. Hit. (j E Riteuour, J. \V.
Osborn. R. B. Boiard. and their assoc"-
ates will, on the 7th day of December.
A. D. 1901, at 10 o'clock a. in., make ap
plication to the Hon John M. Greer.
President Judge of the Common Picas
Court of Butler county, Pa., for a
charter of Incorporation of the United
Presbyterian Congregation of Bethel, in
the township of Siippery rock, in said
county.# and that the object of said
corporation is iho worship of Almighty
God. according to the doctrine, dis
cipline and usages to tho United Pres
byterian church of North America. Auv
persou objecting to such corporation
will bo heard at ihe time and place
above mentioned.
Attorney for Applicants.
Notice of Application for Char^-r
Notice is hereby given that an appli
cation will be made to the Honorable
John M. Greer, President Judffe of said
Court on the 18th day of November
next, at 10 o'clock a. m., under the In
corporation Act of 1874 and the Supple
ments therein by J. M. Scott. Robert
Krar.se, F. W. Witte, John Rivers, Sr.,
E. P Harper and others for the Charter
of an intended corporation to be called
Cabot Institute, the character and ob
ject of which is to maintain an institu
tion of learning for higher education
than that acquired in the Common
Schools and for this purpose to have,
possess and enjoy all the rights, benefits
and privileges conferred by the said Act
and its Supplements.
Letters of administration on the estate
lof Jacob Hulzly, dee'd., late <>f
Forward twp., Butler Co, Pa., having
grantee' to the undersigned, all
person? knowing themselves indebted to
• aid estate will please make immediate
j payment, and nny having claims against
' said tstat'* will present them duly i.u
thentieaUd for settlement to
C. R. HUTZLY. \ A dm'rß
Rtibold, Pa.
j. N. HENNINGER, Att'y.
Loiters of administration on the estate
of James B FoltDti, dee'd., late of
Middlesex township, Butler county.
Fa., having been granted to the under
signed, all persons knowing themse'ves
indebted to said estate will pltasv make
immediate payment, and an; l.aMng
claims against said estate «ill pie>ent
tlum duly authenticated for settlement to
Glade Mills, Butler Co., Pa.
Letts r< of administration on the estate
of Robt. F. Glenn, dee'd., late of B r ady
twp,Butler Co., I'a., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themself indebted lo said estate will
p'ease make immediate payment, and
ai;j- Laving claims againsi said estate
will present them duly authenticated
for settlemeni to
b. C GLENN, Aiim'r ,
West i iberty, fa.
C. WALKFR. Att'y
t'nder and by virtue of the powers con
tained ill the last will and testament of John
Glasgow, deceased, the undersigned as ex
ecutors of the said will of John Glasgow, late
of Clinton township, Butler county. I'a., de
ceased, will expose to sale at public outcry
ou the premises on
Saturday, November JllOl,
at 2 o'clock p. m., all of that certain piece,
parcel and tract of land, of which the said
John Glasgow, late of the Township of Clin
ton. County of Butler, and State of Pennsyl
vania, died seized, and being situate in the
aforesaid township, county and state, bound
ed and described as follows, to-wit: Begin
ning at a post, the southwest corner, on line
of land of Margaret Glasgow and being
southeast corner of land of Clias. B. Glas
gow, theuce south 81 deg. 12 mill. east. l,i!»i
feet to line of land of John Wiley; thence
along lands of said John Wiley north 1 (leg.
-7 mill. east. 1,5*2 feet to corner of land of
John Wiley near a hickory tree; thence
north along line of land of John Wiley S«
deg. :» min. west, 1,501.25 feet to northeast
corner of Clias. B. Glasgow land; thence
along line of bind of ("has. I!. Glasgow south
1 deg. 12 min. west. 1.470 feet to place of be
ginning. containing fifty-two acres -*nd
forty-nine perches (52 acres -litperellvs) as per
survey of K K. Maurhoff. > K., made Octo
ber 2d and :id, 1901; no buildings thereon and
being all cleared except about fifteen acres.
Said tract of land being the balance of real
estate of the said John Glasgow, deceased,
remaining sifter the portion of western end
of the same as surveyed to ('has. B. Glasgow
under the provisions of the aforesaid last
will and testament.
TF.H.MS OF SALE One-half (K( cash upon
exi cution sind delivery of deed, balance pay
able in one vesir from date of deed, secured
by bond and mortgage upon the premises,
with Interest at ti per cent., sci. fa. clause,
attorney's con mission, etc.
MARTIN MONKS, < Executors
Of Isist will and testment
of John Glasgow, dee'd.
Flick, Penn'a.
October 23d. IWI
A bay luare, about eight years old,
came to the residence of the undersign
ed in Adams twp., 1 mile west of
Myoma, Saturday, October 5. The onwtr
can have same by coming forward,
proving property and paying charges,
otherwise she will be disposed of ac
cording to law.
Ruth Grace Christy i In the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Butler
vs county, Pa., A. I>. No.
L' 7, May Term, 1901.
Victor E. Christy. J Book 22, Page 149.
To Victor E. Christy:
Two Subpoenas in above case having been
returned V K. 1., you the said Victor E.
Christy, above named defendant, are lieraby
required to appear in said court of Common
Pleas, to be held at Butler, Pa., on Monday,
the 2nd day of December, i'JOl. being the tirst
day of next term of sild Court to answer the
said complaint, and-show cause, if any you
have, way an absolute divorce from the
bonds of matrimony should not be granted
to said Kuth Grace Christy
Von are also hereby notified that testi
mony will be tstken in ilie above case before
said court, on December 3rd, lUUI, at which
time and place you are notified to attend.
THOMAS K. lIOON, Sheriff,
The Register hereby gives notice that the
follow! nfc accounts <>f executors, adminis
trator-, ami jfuardlans liave been In
t his office according to law, and will be nre
•-enteil to Court for confirmation and allow
ance on Saturday, the 7th day of December,
I'JUI. at U A. M.. of said day:
I. Final account of A. H. Barkley, executor
of Samuel S Wlmer. late of Worth twp.
I'inal account of B. L. Hockenberry. ad
mlnisist raior 1 1 B. N.C. T. A. of Miles Cov
ert. late of Adams twp.
;. lirst partial account of B. 1.. Hoclren
licrry. trustee of Miles Covert estate, late.of
Adams twp.
4. I'inal account of W. C. Hawn. guardian
of Janus G. Black minor child of H.C. Black,
lat ■ of Harrisviile. boro.
j. I'irst and Hna.l account of W. F. Butler,
administrator of John M. Wolford, late of
Donegal twp.
(i. I'inal account of Lev S. Henry, guardian
of Tina Henry, minor child of sar;.h L.
Henry, late of Connoquenesslng twp.
7. I'inal account of Belle Hutchison, ad
ministratrix of Esther Hutchison, late of
Oakland twp.
First and final account of James Wal
lace, executor of Adallne Wallace, late of
9. First and final account of D. G. Bast I an.
guardian of Katie Schontz now Brown, minor
child of Katherino Schontz, late of Harmony
boro- .. _
10. First and final account of W. 11. Bran
don. executor of Mrs. M. M. McConnell, late
of Clay twp. „
11. First and final acoount of Harry Bauer,
executor of Cath. Bauer, late of Butler boro.
12. Final and distribution account of Jennie
Christie, James Christie and M. W. Starr, ex
ecutors of Peter Christie, late of Butler boro.
13. First and final account of 11. J. Hose
and 11. J. Gilmore, administrators C. T. A.
1). B. N'.of Margaret Shaw, late of Harris-
14. Final account of Hugh Shaw, as Stated
by Homer J. Hose and Hugh R. Gilmore. ex
ecutors of Hugh Shaw, deceased, who was
one of the administrators of Margaret Shaw,
late of Harrisviile boro. „ ,
15. Final account of J. T. Black, adminis
trator of John Caskey. late of Marion twp.
in Final account of W. F. McCollough ad
ministrator of Elizabeth Taylor, late of
Muddycreek twp. ,
17. Final account of F. W. Schuster, admin
istrator C. T. A. of Jacob Schuster, late of
Butler county. Pa.
is. Final account of W. P. McCoy, guardian
of Hallie B. Heckathorn. minor child of John
C. Heckathorn. late of Worth twp.
111. Final and distrlburlon account of
Christy Kobb. executor of Anne McClung,
late of Oakland twp.
-0. Final and distribution account of John
C. Moore, trustee to sell real estate under
proceedings in partition in estate of Daniel
tleck. late of Center twp. „ „
Ml. First and final account of C. i-• Smith
and W. K. Smith, executors of Edmund
Smith, late of Slippery Bock twp.
•i.'. Final account of lleiij. S. Ranklu. guar
dian of Sadie li. McUarvey, minor child of
Koberl .McUarvey. late of Fairview twp.
lio. Final and distribution account of Sarah
Wolford. executrix of Henry Woiford. late of
Slippery Kock twp.
:J4. Final account of A. kilpatrlck. guar
dian of S. Dean Crowe, minor child of Oliver
C. Crowe, late of Adams twp.
25. Final account of Michael Zeigler, ad
ministrator of George Stahl. late of Zelie
nople boro.
2t>. Final account of Ellen Hays, adminis
tratrix of Joseph Hays, late of Adams twp.
27. Final account of Thomas F-. Taylor, ex
ecutor of Catherine L. Fisher, late of Bradv
u"S. Final account of Ira McJunkin. guar
dian of Percy L. Iveli. minor child of Ilenry
G. Kell. late of Butler boro.
29. Final account of John W. Glenn, ad
ministrator of A. J. McCoy, lateof Mercer tp.
30. Final account of J. F. Anderson, guar
dian of Ralph Kirkpatrick. minor child of
Laura Kirkpatrick, lateof Renfrew.
:tl. Final account of J. F. Harper, adminis
trator of Margaret Harper, late of Concord
:i2. First and final account of Maria Blanch
Lewis and Lizzie McCready. executors ot
Maria B. Brandon, late of Harrisviile boro.
33. Final account of R. E Collins, guardian
of Oreue Cleveland Shoaff, deceased, minor
child of Thomas S. and Mary R. Shoaff, late
of Worth twp.
34. Final account of Christianna Frederick,
administratrix of Henry S. Frederick, late of
Donegal twp.
35. Final account of John E. Ivradel, ad
ministrator of James L. Smith-, lateof But
ler boro.
30. First and final account of Daniel Con
way, administrator of Mary A. Gagen, late
of Oakland twp.
37. First and account of GeorgeE. Robinson
adm'rof estate of Helronymous Kirchner,
late of Butler boro.
W. J. ADAMS, Register.
Notice is hereby given that the following
roads and bridges have been confirmed nisi
by the Court and will be presented on the
lirst Saturday of December Court. 1901, being
the 7th day of said month, and if no excep
tions are filed tliev will be confirmed abso
R. 1). No. 3. March Sessions, 1901. In the
matter of the petition of citizens of Worth
and Muddy Creek townships for a uounty
bridge over Muddy Creek at a point on the
Prospect and Jacksville road. July 13th, 1901.
reviewers were appointed by the Court, who.
on August 31st, 1901, tiled their report in favor
of locating the said bridge. Now, September
7th. 1901, approved. Notice to be given ac
cording to rules of Court and to be laid be
fore the grand jury at next term.
R. D. No. 1, May Sessions. 1901. In the mat
ter of the petition of the citizens of Donegal
township for a county bridge over Branch
Creek at a point on the Chlcora and Rattlgan
road. March If. 1901, viewers were appointed
by the Court, who, on August 31, IMOI. filed
their report in favorof the said bridge. Now,
September 7, 1901, approved. Notice to be
given according to rules of Court and to be
laid before the grand jury at next term.
K. D. No. 1, September Sessions. 1901. In
the matter of the petition of citizens of Ve
nango township for a county bridge over
Slippery Rock Creek at a point on the road
leading from Hilliard Station to the Mercer
and Parker road. June 3,1901, viewers were
appointed by the Court, who, on August 31.
1901, filed tli ir report in favorof locating the
said bridge. Now, September 7, 1901. ap
proved. Notice to be given according to
rules of Court aud to be 'aid tasforethe grand
jury at next term. Bv THE COURT.
R. i). No. 3. September Sessions. 1901. In
the matter of the petition of citizens of
Cherry township for a public road to lead
from a point on the Garfield and Anandaie
road, about 20 rods west of the old coal
tipple, to a point about, 30 r.>ds west of the
Kenelian bridge on the road leading from
the Sunbury road to the Anandaie road.
June 5, 1901. viewers were appointed by the
Court, who. o i August 31. 1901, lilert their re
port in faror of the said road. Nov, Septem
ber 7, 1901, approved and fix width of road at
:t3 feet, notice to be given according to rules
of Court. Bv THE COURT.
R D. No. 5, September Sessions. 1901. In
the matter of the petition of citizens of Slip
pery Rock township for a county bridge over
Keifer run at a point on the public road run
ning through lands of A. W. Grossman. May
20, 1901. viewers were appointed by the Court,
who, on July 31, 1901, fib'd their report In
favor of the said bridge. Now. September /.
1901. approved. Notice to be given:accordlng
to rules of Court ana to be laid before the
grand jury at next term. BY THE COURT.
R. I). No. 7. September Sessions, 1901. In
the matter of the petition of citizens of Alle
gheny township for a county bridge over
little Scrub (irass Creek #n the Emlenton
roatl. June 19,1901, viewers were appointed
by the Court, who, on August 24, lwl. tiled
their report in favor of locating the said
bridge. Now, September 7, 1901, approved.
Notice to be given according to rules of
Court and to be laid before the grand jury at
next term. BY THK COURT.
K. I). No. s, September Sessions, ISWI. In
the matter of the petition of citizens of Jack
son township for a public road to lead from a
point on the Ilarmonv and Evans City road
to a point on the Harmony and Prospect
road. .Inly 13. l'JOl, viewers were appointed
by the Court, who. 011 August 14. 11)01, liled
tfieir report in favor of said road. Now. Sep
tember T, 1901. approved, and fix width of road
at 33 feet, notice to be given according to
rules of Court . BY THE COUKT.
Certified from the records this ftli day of
N " W '"'" wiLLIAM 11. CAMPBELL. Clerk.
The following widows' appraisements of
personal property and real estate set apart
for the benefit of the widows of decedents
have been filed in the office of the Clerk
of the Orphans' Court of Butler County, viz:
Widow of Charles Mickley, personal
property >HH».(H)
Wiuow of Hiram Graham, personal
property 300.00
Widow of John A. Uoetz, personal prop
erty %••• 300.00
Widow of James It. Fulton, personal
property >OO.OO
Widow of Daniel Iv. Graham, personal
propc rty
Widow of Christian Weiman. charge on
real estate 300.<»
All persons interested in the above ap
praisements will take notice that they will
be presented for confirmation to theOpphans
Court of Butler county. Pa., on Saturday.the
7th day of Dec. WOl. and if no exceptions
are filed, they will be confirmed absolutely.
Clerk's Otiiee. Nov. 4,1801.
Notice is hereby given that letter 1 : of
administration in the estate of Mrs. Mary
j. Royle, deceased, l~te of the Borough
of Butler, Butler county, Pa., have been
granted to Samuel M. Seaton, resident
of said b rough, to whom all persons in
debted to said estate are requested to
make payment, and those having claims
or demands against said estate are re
quested to make known the same with
out delay.
Butler, Pa.
In re estate of John I-)ay, dee'd., late
of Clay t'vp., Butler Co., Pa.
Letters testamentary having been
granted to the undersigned on above
estate all persons having claims will pre
sent them duly proved for payment and
£.ll persons indebted to said estate will
make immediate payment to
PETER R. DAY, Executor,
West Sunbury, Pa.
W. C. FINDLEY, Att'y.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
David Park, dee'd., late of Middlesex
township, Butler Co , Pa., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselvei indebted to said
estate will please immediate pay
ment and any having claims against said
estate will present them duly authenti
cated to
Bakerstown, Pa.
E. 11. NEGL,fcY. Att'v.
By virtue of sundry writs of Von. Ex.. Fl.
a . Lev. Fa.. Ac.. Issued out of the Court of
Common Pleas of Butler Co., Pa., and to me
directed, t he re *lll be exposed to public sale
at the Court House lu the borough of Butler.
Pa. on
Friday, the 2gth day of Nov., A. D. igoi,
at I o'clock P. M„ the following described
property, to-wit:
E. I>. No. 22, December Term. 1901. Williams
.V Mitchell, Attorneys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Joseph A. U'Xeil and Eva O'Neli, of. In and
to all that certain piece or tract of land, sit
uated in Allegheny township. Butler county.
l*a., bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning
at a stone, the southeast corner; thence by
lands of Henry Kolilmeyer heirs, south
degrees west. 101 and s-10 perches to a post;
thence by lauds of W. P. smith, south 10 de
grees east !M and K perches to a post; thence
north H9 degrees east 101 and S-10 perches to
a post, by lands of Blymlller and Greer:
thence by lands of Williams heirs, north 10
degrees west '.4 and 4 peri-lies to a stone, the
place of beginning; being also bounded as
follows, adjoining lands of Henry Kohl
meyer heirs on the north, and adjoining
lands formerly of A.C. Williams, now I'nlon
Oil Co. on the east, adjoining lands of G. K.
Greer, and Augustus Blymlller on the south,
and adjoining lands of A. A. Kohlmeyer. on
the west, and containing 60 acres, more or
less, and having thereon erected 2 two-story
frame dwelling houses frame barn and out
building*. alxiut 35 acres cleared, balance In
timber, all under fence and orchard thereon.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Joseph A.O'Neiland Eva O'Xell at
the suit of John Forcht.
E. I>. No. 5. December Term, 1901. W. D.
Brandon. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Mrs. Joseph Cowan. Eva L. Cowan, (nee
Thompson), and Joseph Cowan, of. in and to
all that certain piece or parcel of land, situ
ated In Middlesex township. Butler county,
Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit: On the
north by lands of W. it. Thompson, on the
east by lands of S. Thompson, on the south
by lands of James Fulton and MeCaslin
heirs, and on the west by lands of John
Forquer ana James Cowan; containing t$S
acres, more or less.
ALSO—Of. in and to all that certain piece
or parcel of land,situated In Butler borough.
Butlei county, l'a., bounded as follows, to
wit: Beginning at the Incersectlon of Penn
and Mercer streets; thence by Penn street
extension north 7T degrees and 15 minutes
west 40 rods: thence by Duffy, et al. north M 0
degrees and 45 minutes 175 feet by same
north 30 degrees and 45 minutes west 289 and
1 a feet; thence by Krug, et al, north 42 de
grees east 475 feet; thence by same or street
south OC degrees and 30 minutes to Mercer
street; thenee by Mercer street to Ijeglnning;
containl ng HI acres, more or less.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Mrs. Joseph Cowan. Eva L. Cowan,
(nee Thompson) and Joseph Cowan at the
suit of The Butler Savings Hank.
E. I). No. 42. Decern I >er Term, 1901. J. 11.
Wilson, Attorney.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Susan E. Mobley of In and to all that certain
piece or lot of land, situated in Mlllerstown
borough. Butler county, l'a.. bounded as fol
lows, to-wlt: On the north by Summit
avenue, on the east by lands of F. A. Sutton,
on the south by Grove avenue, and on the
west by lands of Margaret E. Bole; and hav
ing thereon erected a one story frame cot
tage house of seven rooms, and necessary
Sel'.ed and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Susan E. Mobley at the suit of The
Ohio Valley Savings and Loan Association.
E. D. No. 20. December Term. 1901. W. A. &
F. J. Forquer. Attorneys
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Mrs. Jennie Cross of. in and to all that cer
tain piece or lot of land, situated In Marion
township. Butler county. Pa., bounded as
follows, to-wlt: On the north by the P. B. &
L. E. Railroad, on the east by lot of Daniel
Ferrere. on the south by lot of Daniel Fer
rere, and on the west by lot of Herman Bald
win, and having thereon erected a two story
frame house, aud small frame stable.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Mrs. Jennie Cross at the suit of L. J.
E. I). No. 15, I>eeember Term, I'JOl. J. M.
Galbreath, Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Sarah A. Gross and William H. Gross of, in
and to all that certain piece or parcel of
land, situated in Jackson township. Butler
county. Pa., bounded as follows, to-wlt: Be
ginning at the northeast corner, thence the
same is bounded on the north by the public
road leading from Zelienople to Evans City;
on the east by the Pittsburg road: on tne
south by lands of John Wilson; and on the
west by lands of Magdalene KautTman; con
taining five acres, more or less.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Sarah A. Gross and William H. Gross
at the suit of Samuel Walton.
E. D. No. .>3. December Term. 11101. John B.
Henninger, Attorney.
All the right, title. Interest and cla'.ui of
John S. Myers of, in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated in Muddy
creek township. Butler county. I'a., bounded
as follows, to-wit: On the north fcy lands of
I'eter Wallace.on the east by lands of George
Flumer, on the south by lands of Charles
Meyeis, and on the west by lands of Havid
Myers; containing sixty-one (81) acres, more
or less, and having thereon a frame house
and frame barn.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of John S. Myers at the suit of Lucinda
A. Ziegler.
E. D. No. 3, December Term, IDOL W D
Brandon. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of G
W. McCandless of, in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated in Butler
township, Butler county, I'a., bounded as
follows, to-wit: On the north by lands of A.
G. Campbell heirs, on the cast by lands of
George Ho-.vers, on the south by lands of
Mrs. T. 11. Burtoft. and on the west by the
public road leading from Butler and Har
mony road to Mercer road.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of G. W. McCandless at the suit of The
Butler Savings Bank.
TEBMS OF SALE—The following must be
strictly compiled with when property is
stricken down.
1. When the plaintiff or other lien creditor
becomes the purchaser, the costs on the writ
must be paid, and a list of the liens, includ
ing mortgage searches on the property sold,
together with such lien creditor's receipt*
for the amount of the proceeds of the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
be furnished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must be paid in full.
3. All sales not settled Immediately will lx>
continued until one o'clock, P. M., of the
next day at which time all property not
settled for will again be put up and sold at
the expense and risk of the person to whom
first sold.
•See I'urdon's Digest, 9th edition, page 440.
and Smith's Forms, page 384.
THOMAS K. lIOON, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office. Butler. Pa.. Nov. 9,1901.
TT What furnish-
I[) ings do for a
man just im
■■ agine yourself
n63.11Z6 without such
very necessary
things as
Underwear, Hose, Shirts,
Collars and Neckwear.
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be sure.
To realize what the best of
put yourselfiti some of the fixings
from our stock. ( They will be the
finishing touches that will make
your apparel complete.
Agent for Dr. Dennels linen
mesh underwear.
Jno. S. Wick,
Opposite P. 0.
Special Notice.
"Bicycles at cost' to close them
DUt, come early and get a bargain.
All kinds of repair work given ,
prompt attention at i
Qeo. W. Mardorf's
Bicycle Store and Repair Shop, }
109 W. Cunningham St- "
Jury List for December Term.'
List of names drawn from the proper
jurors wheel this litth day of October,
1901. to serve at a regular term of court
to commence on the first Monday of
December, the same being the 2nd day
of said month, 1901.
Barnhart. A D, Concord tp. farmer.
Ball. Joseph. 2nd wd Bntler, teamster.
Bowser, Milton. Mars boro. pumper.
Christley, William, Clay tp, farmer,
Ebert, Fred Clinton tD, blacksmith,
Greenwood. Win, 24 wd Butler, con-
Grant. Johnston. Allegheny tp. farmer,
Geehring, Alfred Cranberry tp.farmer.
Lenzinger, J A.Harmony boro,minister.
Laird Harvey, Ist wd Butler, laborer,
Login. Milton. Jefferson tp. farmer,
Mitchell. Frank, 4th wd Butler, car
Meeder, F C. Cranberrv tp. farmer,
Marsheil. H A, 3rd wd Butler, clerk,
Mackey. Charles. Franklin tp, farmer,
Mahood. W E, Washington tp, farmer,
Mair.H E.Zelieuople boro,photographer,
Stewart, W M. Fair view tp, farmer,
Shumaker. Grant, Clinton tp, music
Snyder. John, CleaTfleid tp. pumper,
Thompson, Harry,3d wd Butler,pumper,
Venseil, A, Petrolia boro. farmer.
Wick, A ts, Mercer tp. farmer,
Weir, Alexander, Buffalo tp. farmer,
List of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel to serve as petit jurors at a
regular term of court commencing on
the second Mouday of December, the
same being the 9th day of said month,
Albert, Lewis, Franklin tp, farmer
Brown. C B, Penn tp. farmer
Blakely, Joseph, Marion tp, farmer
Boehm. T H, Prospect boro, teamster
Bish, Donegal tp. larmer
Bracknev. Loyal, Butler, sth ward, con
Campbell, Rob't. Millerstown borough,
Cooper. Philip. Jefferson tp, farmer
Cooper, Gilbert, Marion tp, farmer
Conway, Dame!, Oakland tp, farmer
Cochran, A F, Concord tp, farmer
Cypher, Jobn T, Winfield tp, farmer
Dobson, Geo, Cherry tp, farmer
Eppeuger. Milton. Harmony boro, clerk
Fletcher. E M, Parker tp, farmer
Gibson, Mark, Butler, 4th ward, driller
Garrowav, James, Butler, 4th ward,
carpenter *
Gumpper. Alfred, Butler, 4th ward,clerk
Hockenberry, Benj, Cherry tp, farmer
Halstein, Charles, Bntler tp. farmer
Hartung. Geo, Jackson tp, farmer
Hoffner, Lewis, Butler. 3d ward, laborer
Jamison. W C. Eau Claire boro, farmer
Kelly, Wm, Parker tp, farmer
Krouse, Philip, Butler, Ist wd, moulder
Kelly, Samuel, Parker tp, farmer
McNeal, Frank, Adams tp, farmer
McNight, Wm, Slippery Rock town
ship, farmer
McDermit, R R. Fairview tp, farmer
McKinney, Rob't, Connoq'g tp, farmer
McDonald, Benton, Muddycreek town
ship, farmer
Miller, Jacob. Forward tp, farmer
Parker, C H. Butler, 4th ward, producer
Pierce, James M, Allegheny tp, operator
Rasely. George, Connoq'g tp, farmer
Sanderson. Mike, Donegal tp, farmer
Snyder. C A, Butler, 2d ward, laborer
Shira, Elmer, Washington tp. farmer
Shannon, Benj, Franklin tp, stonemason
Steen. Lamont. Harrisville boro, tailor
Shakelv. J A, Connoq'g tp, farmer
Snyder. Philip, Jefferson tp, farmer
Thorn, A D, Connoq'g tp. farmer
Vincent, W. M., Marion tp, farmer
Westerman. Samuel, Buffalo tp, farmer
Weyman. Ernest, Jackson tp. farmer
Wahl. Henry. Forward tp. fanner
Wick, Harry, Concord tp, farmer
B. B.
new book catalog
—complete news of a complete
Hook Shop—sent soon ss >ou
write for it.
We do the Book business dif
ferently. On some Books pub
lisher regulates price—whenever
he doesn't, we shave profits io
the minimum.
Latest Books soon as published
- also a place you can depend on
f< r full lines of general litera ure.
Bibles, Testr.menfs, Prayer
Immense line of clean, whole
some, lascinat'ng literature loi
i boys and girls.
Anything publishtd that's fit t
Do the Hook business in s>.ch :
way, it will pay anyone who ha:
a-ingle book or a whole library
to buy, to get and cn-sult 'hi:
fresh, up-to-date new BoM
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Homespuns full 50 inches wide
40c yard
—good mixtures of Brown arc
Tan—such nice sightly goods foi
little money. \ ou'il know for sure
when you see samples, ibat you'r<
giving attention to something ex
Bojjjjs &, Buhl
L'» partm- ft X
11.00 per year if paid In advance, otherwisf
$1.50 will be cnarged.
I ADVERTISING KATES— One lncli. one tlm<
11; each subsequent Insertion 50 cents eacl
Auditors' and divorce notices $4 each; exec
utors' and administrators' notices $3 each
estray and dissolution notices $2 each. Read
ing notices 10 cents a line for lirst and Scent!
for each subsequent insertion. Notice!
amonglocal news items 15 cents a line foi
e u'h in sertion. Obituaries, cards of thanks
resolutions of respect, notices of festival;
and fairs, etc., inserted at the rale of 5 cents
a line, money to accompany the order. .<ever
words of prose make a line.
Kates for standing cards at.u job work on
All advertising Is due after first Insertion
and all transient advertising must be pale
for in advance.
All communications Intended for publica
tion In this paper must be accompanied by
the real name of the writer, not for publica
tion bu. a guarantee of good faith.and should
reach us not later than Tuesday evening.
Death notice- must be accompanied with
resoonslble name.
:.Mby AH Rcwsdeah"
; "'v \ rjj! ij&l |*V I
£ ■
Monthly t» a'l l"Tr"» <
i •••■(.!•; a va*t TO ice < f Ktr, Ch>:*i
?yri£iht Compositions l'V t' *' f •
r . C 4 of Hjro Tf.f •
1 ulf lii*:rn ' .iliil — ?i Con: - - •
!ir Pirtno—OiM-e r. Mo> t 1 < r i
" i.;. Y> tfl.' SiibMU|iiioii. f I.CC. ) ■
! ■! us 111 ■ li**-"' an.l a tire.-* of > • 1
1 or O favors. we will S<!!<l ><
\ r I ■. i.in-iv.inr ?rcc.
;. W. ;>£fPEa. Publisher,
r. Lrs'jf. Sts., riifloCtflyho, ■■■■
For the J. W. Pepper Piano Music Mag.
azine, price One Dollar per year (jiostage
paid), can be placed by applying to the
office of CITIZEN.
11/ANTED-Uonest inan or woman to trave
" for large houst; salary SOS monthly and
expenses, with Increase; position perman .
eut line lose self-addressed stamued euvelot#
M I NAOER «W> f»itOD hldff.. Onlr**r,
Office No. 45, S. Main st-cet, over City
| BLACK, ]
New Troutman Building, Butler Pa.
Office 106 W. Diamond St., [Dr
Graham's old office.]
Horns 7 to 9 a. m. and I to 3 and 7 to
8 p. m
137 E. Wayne St., office .lours. 10 10
12 a. m. 1 and to 3 p. m
Office 236 S. Main St., opp. P. O.
Night calls at office.
200 West Cunningham SI.
«• -
Successor to Dr. Johnston.
Office at No 114 E. Jefferson St., over
G. W. Miller's grocery.
Room 9 and 10 Stein Building.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, con
sultation and examination Iree.
Office over C. E. Miller's Shce Stoie,
215 S. Main street, Butler, Ha
Peoples Telephone 505.
A specialty made of gold fillings, gold
crown and bridge work.
Has located in the new Stein building,
with all the latest devices for Dental
Artificial Teeth inserted-on the .atest
improved plan. Gold Fillings a spec
ialty Office next to i>ostoffice.
Office near Court House
Inquire at Sheriff's <iflF.ce 01 426 Miffiin
St.. B' tler, Pa
Having taken out a license as auc
tioneer,orc'ers can be left at ibis office or
sent by mail to Box 351. Butler, a
All orders given prompt attertion.
No. 257 South Main Street Built 1, Pa.
Fisher Building. First door on South
Main street, next my former office iu
Boyd Building.
v. ATTORNEYS A" ' ■ >
Room B-. Arnntrv l>uil<h:._.
Office in Reiber building, corner M~:n
and E. Cunningham Sts. Entrance on
E. Cunningham.
Wise building,'N. Diamond St.. Butlci
Special attention fcivec t collect"' ns
and business matters.
Reference; Butler Savings I ank, or
Butler Countv National Bank
1 B.
J Office or. Mair. St neur Court House.
Office at NO 8 West Piiovnd St. T tit
ler. Pa.
HH. cor CHER
Oflßee ir> hnil-ljrw
Office in -H. "CITIZEN"
THE 1831
t raty-secoMYfflr
The ONLY Agricultural NEWSpaper,
Leading Agricnltnral Journal of tie World.
Every department written by specialists, the
highest authorities in their respective linen,
No other paper pretends to compete with it In
qualifications of editorial staff.
Gives the agricultural NEWS with a degree of
completeness not even attempted by others.
Single Subscription, $1.60$
Two Subscriptions, $2.50;
Five Subscriptions, $5.50.
Four Months' Trial Trip 50 cents.
will be mailed free on request. It will pay any
body interested in any way in country life to send
for them. Address the publishers:
Albany, JV. "Sf»
Florid:i Fast Mail.
Seaboard Air Line Railway, Florida and
West India Short Line to the Win
ter Resorts of the South. The Only
Line Operating Daily Tiains to
The "Florida Fast Mail," another of
the Seaboard Air Line Railway's splen
didly equipped trains, leases New York
daily at 12:10 A. M., 23rd Street Station
Pennsylvania Railroad, with Pullman
Drawing Room Sleeping Car nnd Day
Coaches to Raleigh, Southern Pines,
Columbia. Savannah, Jacksville, where
connections are made for St. Augustine
Tanipa and all Florida points. This
train connects at New York with train
leaving Boston 7:00 P. M. Lea\es Phi
ladelphia 3:50 A. M.. Baltimore (i:22 A.
M.. Washington 10:55 A. M., Richmond
2:40 P. M., arriving Southern Pines
9:35 P. M.. Columbia 1:45 A. M , Sa
vannah 5:00 A. M., Jacksonville 9:10 A.
M.. St. Augustine 11.10 A. 5! , Tnmpa
5:80 P. M. Through Pullman Drawing
Room Sleeper New York to Jacksonville.
Through Vestibuled Passenger Coaches
find perfect service.
For information call on or write to all
Pennsylvania Railroad offices, or Sea
board Air Line Railway representatives
it 306 Washington St Boston Mass.;
1206 and 371 Broadway, New York; 30
South Third Street. Philadelphia: 207
East German Street, Baltimore; 1434
New York Ave., Washington, or to R.
E. L. Bunch, General Passenger Agent,
Portsmouth Va.
Funeral Director.
$5 S. Main St. Bure PP%