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THURSDAY, MAY ia, 1898.
NOTE—AII advertisers Intending t<> make
i-hanges in their ads. should notify Us of
their intention to do so, not later than Mon
day morning.
Register's Notices. Road Reports and
Widow's Appraismenta for June Term
Jury Lists for June Term.
Notice, estate of S. H. Walker & Co.
Application for Charter
Notice to Wool Growers.
Notice to Teachers.
C. & T.'s Furniture.
Ruff's Shoes.
Burton's Clothing.
Schaul & Nast's Clothing.
Administrators and Executors of estates
cuwcsretbeirreceipt i«K>ks at tbe OITI
ZKN office, and persons making public sales
thglr note books.
—The Court House now closes at 5
p. m.
—The frost of last Sunday night did
some harm.
—Now,as to that Manila cable: there's
dots of it in use in our wells.
—The winter grain looks splendid in
nearly all parts of the county.
—No woman is as handsome as she
thinks some man thinks she is.
—S. Q. Purvis & Co. are rip-rapping
their property along the creek bank.
—A tax is to be levied on chewing
Hum for war purpose. Well. by gum!
—Never put off today the flannel
clothing yon ought to wear until to
—May, June, July, August and Sep
tember are Summer months in the Gas
Co. 's calendar.
—Showery Spring show-days shiver
snffering souls, and sheckels out of
—"Drummer Boy of Shiloh" for
benefit of Springdale Hose Co., at Park
Theater. May 14, 16 and 17.
The Spanish admiral is like the
average girl when she's proposed to.
"This is so sudden," said she.
—Artist Findley furnished Thomas
Marshall of Mars with a very fine
portrait of his son Dean this week.
—'"The Times" is a new weekly ven
tnre in journalism at Evans City, by ,T.
R. Young, and we wish him success.
—I. J. McCandless has received au
thority from the War Department to
enlist men for the National Volunteer
Rererves—aged 18 to 45.
—The milky appearance of the water
that came from the spigots a few nights
ago was caused by minute air bubbles
in the water.
—Crawford & BarroD, who are sink
ing the gold-shaft in Parker township,
were down 209 feet last Saturday and
took out their first gold-bearing rock.
—The five long trains of double cars
used for transporting Ringling Bro.'
World's Greatest Shows from city to
city have a floor space of over 130 ordi
nary railway cars.
lock in Butler, so far as weather was
concerned, and yet they did a fair busi
ness here. It is a good show, with some
--Tobacconist Walker is getting gay.
He put up a six-foot-square, plate-glass
mirror in his store yesterday and now
he's showing the boys how to cut a
pigeon-wing before it.
—Ringling Bros.' famous and popular
circus represents a cash investment of
$3,700,000. The cost of operating this
stupendous enterprise will be over sl,-
200,000 this season.
—lt begins to look as if the expression
"armed to the teeth" really means
something. If anyone has three or
more teeth missing he cannot pass the
the examination before entering the
regular army.
—The Butler Cyclers will give a
1 intern parade this evening, starting
from club rooms in National Bank
Building at 8:15 p. in. All bicycle
riders are cordially invited to take part
bath ladies and gentlemen. Decorate
your wheel and join in.
—Hon. Chas. C. Farmer, of Omaha,
* Neb., sovereign manager, of the Wood
men of the World, will be jn Butler,
June the first, and address an open
meeting, held under the auspices of
Camp 8W.0.W. of Butler. An inter
esting programme is being prepared,
and an enjoyable evening is expected.
All are cordially invited.
—On Thursday last "May wheat" —
that is wheat to be delivered this
month—went up to $1.50 a bu.; and in
the Oil .Exchange "Certificate oil" sold
at 8-1 cents. You cannot get a certificate
for your oil unless you have 1000 bbls,
or over. Same day credit-balances ad
vanced 4 cents or to 75 cents. On Fri
day credit-balances went to 85 cents,
and the speculative market to 90„ On
Tuesday cash wheat went as high as
$1 .85, but the speculative oil market
was down to 85.
Card of Thanks.
I desire to express my sincere thanks
for the prompt and business like man
ner in whicn the Officers of the Su
preme Hive and Butler Hive No 128, L.
O. T. M. have attended to the payment
of the policy held by my Wife Marga
ret J. Hepler.
Fraternally Yours
A Letter For V 011.
Unclaimed letters at the Postoffice at
Batter Pa., week ending May 9,
J, C. Beak, A. T. Brown, Joseph
Crage in care James Duffy, Mrs. Lizzie
Coyer, J. C. Hollman, Mrs. J. E. Hus
ton, David R. Hayes, Lizzie Keenes
Spring Hill St., John Moore, Miss Mary
Stehl 813 West North St., Dr. B. E.
In calling for these letters please say
advertised. JOHN W. BROWN, P. M.
Our grocers are paying 10 for eggs, 15
for butter, 80 and 85 for potatoes, 1.50 a
bu for btans, 30 a doz bunches for rhu
barb, 20 a doz bunches for onions.
Our millers are paying 1.10 for wheat,
45 for rye.
Fourpercent Interest Paid
Your surplus earnings aie safest if
deposited with The Pittsburg Kink for
Savings, No. 210 Fourth Ave., I'ittshurg,
You can deposit by mail, as safely as
in person. Write to the Bank for blanks
and you will receiv** reply by mail.
The Pittsburg Bank of Savings pays 4
per cent, iniererest on time deposits.
Do not keep your money where you
draw no interest.
The Pittsburg Bank for Savings was
founded in 1862 and lias assets of over
$3 , 100,000. Its depositors are thus amply
—Are you overworked and in need of
rest and quiet? Hotel Rider, Cambridge
Springs, is the p'ace for you. All the
comforts of home together with the
best medicinal waters known. A week's
sojourn will make you ten years young
er. Write for circulars.
1 Eliza Craig et al vs tbe Butler Water
; Co.. appeal from award of viewer-
May (i. jury returns a verdict and finds
for the plaintiffs for $582
j Margaret Heid vs Jacob Heid tre
j pass May 1, jury return- a verdict
| and finds for the defendant
| Sprout, Waldron & Co. vs E D Eu
gle. assumpsit. Juiy returns a verdict
for defendant
The will of Andrew Hamilton of
Meicer twp. was probated, no letters.
W. L. Shannon has applied for a di
vorce from Sarah Shaunon, and charges
W. C. Fleming. Casper Sherman.
Elias Book, Adam Kamerer and Jas W.
M. MeMarlin were appointed viewers to
view damages to property of A. W.
Root on W Penn street cause,! by
changing grade when paving N Wash
ington St.
Mrs. Jennie Nixon has been gran f 1
the rights, privileges, etj. of the S.*per
ate Earning Act.
A motion court has been fixed for
Saturday, June 4.
The Commissioners finished their ap
peals, Monday, and are now taking j
James Kraft has petitioned for nat-
uralization papers.
On petition of S. A. Kulp Wlll. |
Brown. M. D., E. E. Young and Frank j
Kingsbery were appointed a committee .
to inquire into the lnnacv of Francis I
Butler B >ro has entered a meclianic
lien vs T. M Shearer for $259.31
Butler Boro has filed a mueipipaJ lien
vs Mrs. Nannie Rteinnetz for $113.40.
Geo. A. Wick has been returned to
court on a charge of A. & B. and surety
of the peace, preferred by Jennie Wick.
The commission to inquire into the
propriety of dividing Buffalo twp, into
two election distrii-ts reported that the
"township should be divided into two
precincts (north and south) by a line
running east and west, as follows: Be
ginning at the Armstrong county line
where Buffalo creek crosses said line of
said tdwnsliip, thence south along -aid
creek to line between lands of John and
Sarah McC'urdy and Wlll. Phillips,
westward!}- between lands of
John and Sarah M(-Curdy, J F. Shear
er, C. Weitzel. ('. Pfeiffer, M Sauter,
J G. Doerr, N. M. Greer. W. C. Saner.
Joseph Hepler. John Hepler, A- R Ohl.
George Ohl and R. E. Kison on tlie (
north, and Wm. Phillips, A. Morris. I).
Hoover, Win. Phillips. Richey,
Sarah MeGinnis, Wm. Scott, F. Hil
liard, J.T.Atkinson, P. Redfox. Hen
Sarver, W. H. Carson. T. W. Elliott.
W. IT. Carson, Geo. Elliott and J. M.
Elliott on the south." They recom
mend Sarvers Station as a suitable vot
ing place for the north and Monroeville
for the south precinct. The report was
confirmed nisi and will be confirmed
absolutely at next term if no exceptions
be filed.
Jas Riddle to J Schumacher 56 acres
in Franklin for SI6OO.
John B McLaughlin to Cath Mc-
Laughlin 30 acres in Donegal for SSOO.
T C Anderson to Nancy E Wringer
lot in Mars fot $250
Adam Rettig to Sarah J Bracknev lot
in Butler for «100.
Elijah Thompson to Alfred Jenkins
5 acres in Middlesex twp lor SBOO.
Robert McKinney to Ellen Orr lot in
Connoq. boro for $565.
J. S. Clark to Lillie B. Emery lot in
Mars for $750.
W. H. Trimble to S. C. Trimble two
acres in Middlesex for S9OO.
(.xellert Goehring to Andrew Kirs
chler 70 acres in Cranberry for $5,250.
A. C. Zeigler to Thomas. M. Mar
shall lot in Mars for $7,545.
Marriage Licenses.
Henry F. Gelbach Zelienople
Masy F. Reed "
Albert D. Weigle Harmony
Luella B. Schontz "
John C. Riddle Ekastown
Emma Stark.?
James C. Ramsey Butl»-r
Sallie B. Brock
John E. Snowden Glade Run
Isabell Carothers Glade Mills.
Ringling Bros. Create a Sensa
tion witli the I-KK'klmrt Ele
The announcement that Lockliart's
famous eofuedy elephants have been
secured by the noted Ringling Bros,
for their World's Greatest Shows this
season, has created a sensarion through
out the United States. The Lockhart
comedy elephants are universally
acknowledged to be the most marvelou 4-
ly traiued animal actors in the world.
These elejjhant comedians distinctly de
part from the old familiar order of ele
phant performers. They are not simply
"trained animals," they are veritable
animal actors, displaying as much good
sense and judgement, as great an ap
preciation of the humor of their several
roles and as sincere a desire to please
and entertain the public as any per
former in the great exhibition. Their
work is distinctly unconventional.
They present none of the stereotyped
tricks that constant repetition has famil
iarized with the public, but give a per
formance that is at once new, startling
and unique. Imagine a troupe of ele
phants, each attired in a costume befit
ing the character it portrays, present
ing a complete comply. The statement
seems beyond belief, and yet it is abso
lutely true. Perh'ips the most amusing
comedy presented by these elephant ac
tors is ona portraying the arrest, trial,
and conviction and incarceration of an
elephant for i ntoxication. The spectacle
of the clown elephant, rolling from side
to side, apparently in the sportive stage
of intoxication, is ludicrous in the ex
treme. In the midst of his revelry, the
policeman arrives, armed cap-a-pie with
a huge official helmet and jauntily
twirlinir a club in his trunk. The of
fending elephant attempts to escape,but
the policeman is too quick for him.
The offender i< seized by the ear. march
ed away to the magistrate's office, sol
emnly tried and sentenced by an ele
phant judge sitting in his judicial dig
nity upon his judicial bench, and finally
hurried away, a condemned prisoner, to
suffer dnrance in the elephant jail. In
addition to the several comedies present
ed by the Lockhart elephant comedians,
these wonderful animal entertainers
dance, march, perforin the most diffi
cult and intricate military maneuvers,
play npon musical intruments, present
complete pantomimes, and betray num
berless other evidences of their marvel
ously educated intelligence. Although
they can give an entire performance,
these wonderful elephant actors consti
tute only one of the hundreds of superb
features only to be seen with Ringling
Bros, famous exhibition, Which comes
in all its magnificent completeness to
Bntler May 18.
Notice to Wool-Growers.
Messrs. Troutimn's Sons requiring all
the room they have for their own busi
ness, I have changed my location to
Graham Bros.' grocery store, just across
the street from my old location with
Troutman's, where I will be glad to see
all my former wool friends, assuring
tliera of fair treatment, and the market
price in cash for their wool. Troutmans
wish to state that they have gone out of
the wool-buying business altogether
Notice to Teachers.
The Butler Borough School Board will
meet June io, liSgS, at 7:30 p. 111., fbr the
purpose of electing Principals and Teach
ers for the ensuing School-year. Appli
cations will be received by the Secretary
up to 7 p. m. of Tuesday evening, June
7 th, 1898.
By order of the Board,
A. C. KRUG, Sec'y.
—Ask your physician if he does not
think a sojourn at Cambridge Springs
would do you good. If you need rest
and nature's tonic, good mineral water,
he will answer, "Yes." Hotel Rider of
! fets accomodations equal to the best.
J Send for circulars.
■ —Job work of all kinds doue at the
Dr. McAlpine left town, bound for
; Alaska. Monclay
Washington Bovard of Slippery rock
t twp is seriously ill.
j Joseph tiraham Esq. of VV hues town
j was in town last Saturday.
R. R. Hezlep of Middlesex twp was in
: town on bnsine-s, Friday.
J. N. Moore and wife visited friends
I in Worth twp this week.
A. J. Black and Lewis Black of Cher
' ry twp were in town, Saturday.
i Misses Minnie and Agnes Frederick,
i of Chicora, were in town yesterday
j Linn Caldwell finished his school at
Homestead last week, and went to
Grove City
I Dr. Elder Crawford, of Cranberry
1 township, called upon his Butler
I friends yesterday.
j Adam Biehi will display his Rebel
! flag in front of the Court next Thurs
! day, right after dinner, and make a
| speech.
li. H. Brown of Brown's Mills in
j Forward twp was in town on business
! last week. His dam was washed ; way
; by the late flood.
! Mr. and Mrs Samuel Plants of Win
j field twd., B. F Wilson of Zeno. j \l.
j Patton of Concord twp , and George
I Sbepard of Middlesex twp. were n
town last week.
i Captain H. Alfred Ayres ha* been
elected a member of the First Class of
the "Honorable Loyal Legion of the
j United States of America," h;- having
I .served over three years as » Commis
' sioned ofßcer during the war between
j the states.
: W. S. Hopkins lately returned from
•Jaiapa. Mexico, where he was employed
by an American company which was
putting up an electric plant for the
city. Jaiapa is a town of about 28.1<00
people, located in the coffee growing
country.abont 40 miles from Vera Cruz.
It is built on high, rolling ground, and
is a very healthy place. Mr. Hopkins ;
brought some very good views of the
country home with him. Eastern Mex
ico is filling np with Americans, and de
veloping rapidly.
MAY 14, 16 AND 17.
The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, the
greatest historical Military Drama on
the American stage, will begiven for
three nights for the benefit of the
Si>ringdale Hose Company, on Satur
day. Monday and Tuesady nights May
14,16 and 17. at the Park Theatre.
This play has a national reputation:
over 7000 performances have been given
in all the principal cities and towns of
the union. It is considered to be the
strongest and best Military Drama be
fore the American people, and is endors
ed by the Clergy, Press and Public
everywhere. There are over' fifty peo- <
pie in the cast, and the tableux, seven
in number, are grand and alone are :
worth more than the price of admission
asked. It is a strictly first class and
guarnteed attraction, and any person or
persons attending the entertainmeht 1
and not fully satisfied the price of ad- ;
mission will be cheerfully refunded, i
For description see small bills and s
pictorial posters. The prices of admiss- 1
ion are 25, 35, and 50 cents. Tickets on 1
sale at Reed's book store, and by mem- ;
hers of Springdnle llose Company
The New York Clipper, in speaking
of ' The Drummer Roy of Shiloh." says:
" 'The Drummer Boy of Shiloh' was
presented at the Academy of Music,
Reading, P.i., February 24 to 27, and
never before in the history of Reading
amusements was there such a rush for
"The Drummer Boy of Shiloh" has
held at the Opera Hon«e all week, and
as an attraction for drawing big crowds
it is out of sight, the play is strictly
first-class, the tableaux were pronounc
ed the grandest ever promiced before a
Connellsville audience. The receipts of
the five nights were $833.90. The play
was for the benefit of Company D. 10
Regiment, N. G. P.—Courier, Connells
ville, Pa., January 27, 1893.
A Great Event in Pittsburg,
The liarry Davis testimonial, las tin. 1 ;
all week, will be a brilliant affair some
of the details of the shows that
will be given.
What must be regarded as the most
brilliant week in the history of the
theater in Pittsburg, will begin at the
Grand Opera Honse next Monday after
noon. It is the occasion of the Harry
Davis complimentary Testimonial,
tendeied to the popular manager by the
members of the stock company and the
citizens of Pittsburg
The stock company will aj»pear in
two plays. Monday. Tuesday and
Wednesday, afternoon and evening, the
brilliant comedy, "Caste," will be pre
sented and Thursday, Friday and
Saturday of the week, the fine roman
tic play, "Friends," will be produced
In addition to the members of the stock
company who have been appearing
all the season, Mr. James 12. Wilson,
the popular leading man of last year's
Avenue stock, will be seen at every
performance. This fact will materially
add interest to the performances. At
every matinee a souvenir portrait of
the members of the company will be
givsn away. On Monday Miss Collier's
picture will be presented; on Tuesday
Mr. Wilson's: on Wednesday. Mr.
Ward's; on Thursday Miss Almosnino
and Mr. Whitecar's; on Friday Miss
Izett's, and on Saturday Miss Butler
and Mr. Wadsworth's. Special added
attractions have been arranged to im
mediately follow the performance by
the stock company. On Monday after
noon, six pupils of Brann's dancing
academy will appear gayly dressed, in
the Maypole dance. On Monday night
right after the play, a beautiful patri
otic allegory, called "Columbia," will
be given That has been especially
arranged for the occasion by Mr. Hugh
J. Ward, of the stock company, assis
ted by Miss Alice Carter of the cathe
dral choir. There will be over one
hundred voices in the chorus and a
medley of national airs will lie sung,
during the rendition of which the Press
Cadets and their band will appear. At
the conclusion of this there will be a
beautiful transformation scene, the fi
nal being a magnificent living picture
representing the triumph of Columbia
over Spain and the emancipation of the
Cuban sufferers. It is calculated that
this feature will take up over half an
hour. This fine effect will be repeated
Friday night. On the same evening.
Mrs. Grace Miller-Ward, the soprano
soloist of the Cathedral choir, will ren
der the great sacred song called The
Inflamatus, assisted by a chorus of one
hundred voices. On Thursday evening
after the play, the famous D. C. & A.
C. will contribute an hours entertain
ment. On Thursday evening, which
will be called Patriotic night, the
Trooping of the Colors will be given,
during which Davis T. Moore, late of
the Bostonian Opera Co., will sing the
sola, "The Stars and Stripes Forever,
by Sousa, with a chorus of a hundred
and fifty mixed voices and the assist
ant of a brass band and orchestra. The
special feature of fhis character for the
other nights of the week, have not been
definitely arranged but they will all
be on an imposing scale.
(*«>r mail Baptists' (Ounkarels')
Annual Meeting,Naperville, 111.
For the benefit ol persona desiring to
attend the Annual Meeting of the Ger
liian Baptists (Dunkards) at Xapervjlle,
111.. May 29 to June 7, l'sOS, the Penn
sylvania Railroad Company will sell ex
cursion tickets from points on its line
west of Baltimore, Lancaster. Reading,
and south of Sunbury, all inclusive, at
rate of single fare for the round trip to
Chicago plus SI.N.-> to Naperville; these
tickets t<»be sold May 28, ~M, .'7. jwid 28
and good to return until June JI. ex
cept that on deposit of tickets with
agent at Naperville on or before June
24, return limit may be extended to
une 30.
Any of our readers needing gas stoves
or gas ranges, gas f routs or any gas sav
ing appliance will fi nd it a financial sav
ing to call at the store of W. H,
O'Brien & Son. on iiast Jefferson St.
and get prices on the extensive line they
have on exhibition. They are also
agents for the celebrated Welsbacli
Liijht, of which tnore than 1200 were
old in Butler, last year.
—Fcr bargains.in valuable and desirj
able residences inquire of Walker Mc-
Klvain. '
r James A. Negley of Philadelphia ha
j been a "traveling man for about fort)
. : years, yet he met with his rir-t acciden
k i a few days ago. while at Corry. 11>
fell and dislocated a .-boulder and hi:
l son Fred had to finish his route.
A ton of Geo. Shepard of Middlesex
i twp. was bitten on the hand by s
strapge dog a few days ago, and Georg«
brought him to lSutler for treatment
but he is all right.
B. J. Horner, a stonemason, whe
boards at the Waverlv House, f.ll from
the jail wall y. -t.nl iy iii.jriiiiig.bat w .
, not seriouslj- injured.
The P & W. train that arrives in
t Bntler at "i p ni. struck and killed a
) little Italian boy near the garbage
furnace last Friday evening. Tht
. child's parents live on the hillside, and
. he had been in the habit of t;oin to th>
Cfittitliei'i') Townsliip.
1 Everybody was pleased to hear of
Dewey's victory.
I Blanche Duncan called on friends ou
J i Saturday.
John C. Dight has finished his si hool
and is now training the physicial side
of his nature by doing farm work.
. Roy Hartley departed for Beaver Co ,
where he intends to canvass. Good
luck to you Roy.
The prayer meeting on nest Thursday
• ever ing is to Le led by Mr. Elder Craw
Some of the voting people attended
chlurch at Mars ou last Sabbath even
Mr. Seybert is still very much inter
este 1 in the war.
Miss Carrie Hendricbson is wishing
that the rends stay nice, so she can ride
to school ;>n her bicycle. She is unite
patrioti •. she wears a Cuban badge.
Miss Alice and Gertrude Garvin vis
ited their sister Mrs. Roliert Rowl on
Inst Monday
Everyone was glad to see Mr. Crider
and Rev. Howe at our prayer meeling.
Come again.
Your Stationary.
It is getting to be the proper thing
for farmeis as well as merchants and
other business men to have printed sta
tionary. And we can see no reason
why they should not take their proper
place among busirn .-,s men by" adopting
business methods in as many ways as
possible. There is a combination of
business and sentiment in giving yonr
farm a name like "Valley View Place,"
"Maple Spring Farm" "Hillside." or
something of the kind, as it lend-s a cer
tain dignity and individuality to the
place, an increased sens? of pride in the
proprietorship thereof, as well as addi
tonal importance in the eyes of produce
dealers or commission merchants wich
whom you are dealing. A small invest
ment in printed stationary giving your
residence and business, such as breed
ing of throtlghbred stock, the manfa>--
tniv of dairy produce, etc., might prove
of no slight advantage to you. as well
as giving a certain degree of satisfac
tion. And when you conclude to have
some note heads and envelopes printed
remember that the same can be had at
the CITIZEN office as cheap and good as
If yon intend building a house, barn
or anything else, this summer, send to
C. O. Campbell. Butler, Pa., contractor
and builder. f"r estimates on material
and labor.
—Music scholars wanted, at 128 \V.
Wayne St.
It you want a Bicycle or your old 01.e
repaired go to White Walter <fc Co.
largest slock in County. Bicycles for
—lt costs over $7,-100 a day to operate
Itingling Bros.' enormous exhibition.
This is. in itself, a proof of the immens
ity of the institution.
—New Spring and Sutntnei goods ar
riving evorv nay ' prices mtrcn w
ples S.urc.
—See Find ley the Photographer be
fore buying a wheel, He will save ycu
some money on it.
Post Office Building.
Laughing Babies
Are those who take lloxsie's C C. C.
for coughs, colds and croup. No opium
to stupefy, no ipecac to nauseate. 5
Of interest to You.
Parties wishing to engage in the livery
business, call on Walker Mc HI vain for
location and outfit.
Road and Bridge Reports.
Notice i?» hereby given that the following
road and bridges have been confirmed nisi
by the Court and will IK* presented on the
tir>»t Saturday of June Court. lv»s, heingthe
II day of said month, and if no exceptions
aro filed they will IK? confirmed absolutely.
U.1).N0. .Tune Sessions,lßS4:-ln re-petition
of citizens of Allegheny township, for vaca
tion of a road laid out'hut not yet opened,
which leads from a point on the public road
leading from Maple furnace to I'arkers
Landing at or near Adams' Mill to the Mer
cer and Kosburg Turnpike near Iloshurg's,
Lb -;ii 1 township. !>•'«•. 12th, 1897, reviewers
were appointed by the Court, and March 7th,
IMJK. report of viewers filed stating th.it said
road laid out but not opened, should be va
cate'!. agreeable to the desire of the peti
tioners. Now, Martrh 12, WK approved;
notice to lx» given according to rules of
11. I>. No. 1. March Sessions. 1898. In re
petition of the citizens of Brady township
for a county bridge over Hogue Kun. on the
West Liberty and Moore's tiorners road in
said township. Dec. Sth, 18y7. viewers were
appointed l»y the Court, and March 4th, 189 S.
report of viewers tiled stating that proposed
bridge K neccessary; no damages. March
12th, l<i»s; approved; notice to be given ac
cording to rules of Court and to l>e laid lie
fore the grand jury at next term.
R. I». No. 3, March Sessions, 1898. In re
petitions of ltoad Supervisor of Allegheny
township for vacation of a portion of a road
leading from a point on Emlenton and Law
rence :jurg road, near the farm of .1. P. Mil
ford, where the road leading past Allegheny I
Church to the turnpike road leaves the 1
same to a point where it reaches the farm
of Elisha Robinson, known as the "Duchess"
farm* all In said township. Dec, nth. 1807.
viewers were appointed by the Court : March
7th. IS9B, report of viewers tiled in favor of
vacation. Now March 12th. IsifcS, approved;
notice to be given according to rules of
R. l>. No 4. March Sessions. IsOs. In re
petition of citizens of Allegheny township
tor vacation of a road beginning at Kensing
ton Furnace and extending to Armstrong
county line. Dec. lltli, IsUS, viewers were ap
pointed by t lie Court, March 7th. IMK report
of viewers filed in favor of vacation. March
12th. IW, approved; notice to l>e given ac
cording to rutes of Court. BY THE COURT,
Certified from the records this l*th day of
May, l. w yS. ISAA< MEALS,
v-'lerk i}. S.Court.
Widows' Appraisements.
The following widow's appraisements of
personal property and real estate set apart
for the benefit of the widows of decedents
have been filed in the office of the Clerk
of Orphans' Court of Butler Co.. viz:
To widow of Samuel Conn, real
property SS9QO 00
To widow of .lohn Buchler, personal. iiOo •*)
To wj<!«>w of Jacob CJeible. personal .'{oo tn)
To widow of Wm. P. Thompson, real
and personal |)00 00
To widow of John P. Roll, real and
personal :tnn no
To widow of Lewis S. Mlllinger UW
All persons interested in the above ai>-
nrasien. 'ills will take notiee that they will
be presented for confirmation to the Orphans
< ourt of Butler county. Pa., on Saturday, t lie
11th day of June. A. I).. IS9S, and if no ex
ceptions be filed they will l>e confirmed ab
HOTEL!}! ill CAFE.
New House, New Furniture. Rates
$ i per day, meals 25 cents. Meals serv
ed in dining room at all hours. I
MRS. NIXON, Prop'r.
Foruicriy ot Nixon House.
Subscribe lur the C'IIZEN.
M.K;llls«>kuo<.«) Nous.
is ; ' >nc i>air of the giant gates of iron
v that hung for half a century or more at
it either approach of the old St. Clair St
[e bridge, Pittsburg, were presented to
is the Ursttline Academy, on Winebiddle
' ave. last Thursday where they will
adorn the cntianee driveway of the
x a ademy camjjus. The other pair will
!l be presented to the Daughters of the
American Revolution for the entrance
• to the proposed Park snrroumtini' the
' old blockhouse on Fourth street.
" I All misual operation was preformed
11 by the physicians at the Mercy Hospital.
;S j Pittsburg, last Thursday when three
. large teaspoons were taken from the
n stomach of Mrs Lena Liggett of Stenb
a enville. 0., where they had been for
j s'-vnal mouths The physicians say
e the cast-is without precedent, and that
j the wonder is that the woman was able
e to live so long with such large pieces of
j metal annoying her. She cannot ex
plain the presence of the s:j>oons inside
lof her'; she was nnder the impression
! >he had simply swallowed a thimble.
f |lt is a mysttry that puzzles all who
1 have heard of it.
jury List for June Term.
List of names drawn from the jury
,j I wheel the S.'ith day of April, 1898. to
e ] serve as grand jurors at the regnlar
! term of court commencing on the first
i Monday of June, lS!»s, the same being
• j the fith dr:y of said month
; Borland Alexander Butler boro Ist
i w, shoemaker,
r | Carpenter J L. Farview twp, producer.
• j Christie John, Cherry twp, laborer.
i D'inthert Alexander, Penn twp, farin
, i
i Dodds John A. Penn twp. farmer.
" j Ellenbnrger Wesley. Farview tvrp.
• farmer.
I ELerhart J A, Feirview twp, farmer,
i Eichenonr . T olin Lancaster twp, farmer.
! Falkner Louis, Winfield twp, black
• ■ smith.
1 Fredrick < i H. Donegal twp, farmer.
? Gribben James. Middlesex twp, gent.
Hockenbery Hamper, Worth twp.
i Knox Joshua. Allegheny twp, fanner.
Myers John B, Buffalo twp, black
Meenaii Daniel, Clearfield twp, farmer.
Pryor Howard. Snnbury boro. farmer.
Pfabe Emanuel. Clinton twp, farmer.
Park Robert, Adams twp. merchant.
Payne Horatis, Worth twp. farmer
Raisley Samuei L, Butler twp, farmer.
: Shields RC, Mercer twp. farmer.
I Shrader Albert, Butler Ist w, farmei.
Shafer Anthony, Bntler 4th w, barber,
t Smith Craig, Winfield twp, farmer.
List of names drawn from the proper
: jury wheel this 25th day of April, is<K
; to serve as petit jurors at the regular
term of court commencing on the sec
' ond Monday of June, 1898, the some be
ing the 13th dav of said month
Albert Jacob, Franklin twp, farmer.
Avers John, Butler boro 4th w, printer.
Boyer Sidney, Jefferson twp, farmer.
Bailey CA. Bntler boro oth w. banker.
Bracken Edward, Butler boro 3rd w,
Borland A M. Mars boro, farmer.
Craig William H, Batler boro 3rd v.',
Collin John P. Clearfield twp, farmer.
Double Joseph, Donegal twp. farmer.
Doathett Joseph, Penn twp. farmer.
Davidson .1 A, Centerville boro. farmer.
Dougherty Loyal, Slippery rock twp,
Ekas John W. Butler boro Sth w, car
Eberhart L D, Donegal twp, farmer.
Fleming J W, Buffalo twp. farmer.
Gibson Eli, Parker twp, farmer.
(iaerinK Joseph. Cranberry twp.farmer.
Herr Charles E, Butler boro 4th w,
Higenbotham T C, Penn twp, fanner.
Heckard George, Butler boro Sth w,
Hill Frank. Mars lx)ro, farmer.
Henuinger Frederick, Penn twp.farmer.
Herb Ephrum, Lancaster twp, farmer.
Ivel Robert, Marion twp, farmer.
Koch Charles, Butler twp. sawyer.
Martin Brvson, Connoquenessing twp,
Murry Peter, Cutler boro 2nd w, glass
Morrison W L, Harrisvilie boro,
McCandless Coon, Franklin twp,farmer.
McDennott R R, Fairview twp, farmer.
McKee .Josiah, Allegheny twp. farmer.
McFadden James. Marion twp, farmer.
Mcßride John, Vonango twp, farmer.
Pringell J M. Bntler boro 3rd w, pro
■ 1 ftUUUI. i ' m
Peffer William H. Lancaster twp,
Roberts Wm Sr. Mercer twp. farmer. ,
Ritter William H, Butler boro 3rd w,
Ramsey Baxter. Cranberry twp,farmer. ;
Rice James W. Lancaster twp, farmer. (
Stoner W J, Clav twp, farmer.
Snodgrass John, Connoquenessing twp,
farmer. i
Thrower .John E. Clinton twp, farmer
Thompson William S, Middlesex twp, .'
fanner. I
Thilman Harm, Adams twp, farmer. j
Young John Sr. Butler twp, farmer. ]
Wheeler Thomas A, Harmony boro, -
Wimer Horace, Worth twp, farmer. j
Willson Thomas, Bntler boro 4th w,
laborer. / !
Notice of Application for Charter.
Notice is hereby given that an appli
cation will be made to Hon. John M.
Greer, President Judge of the Common
Pleas Court of ißutler county, Pa., on
Saturday, May 28, IS9S, at 9 o'clock, a.
m., under the Corporation Act of the
Comflionwealth of Pennsylvania, approv
ed April 29, 1874, and the supplements
thereto, for the Charter of a Corporation, '
to be called the Butier Coiyity Agricul
tural Society. J
The character and objects of which are 1
to encourage Agricultural aud Horticul- 1
tural pursuits, the improvement ol all J
kirds and classes of domestic animals, <
to establish and maintain a track or ;
course for the improvement of the speed
of horses, and to give aid aud encourage
ments to agricultural and horticultural 1
pursuits in all their branches.
To have, possess and enjoy all the !
rights, benefits and privileges ot said Act
of Assembly and its supplements.
THOS. HAYS, et al. ;
R. I'. SCOTT, Solicitor.
May 10, IS9B. j
Two Weeks sale.
For two weeks wt are going to sacrafice ■
our wall paper, so that, whetfcei you
need it or not, you will buy for future
use. if you will ot.ly come aud see the
designs and price.
We have many of the best grades on
the market which we will sell you at such
a price tlist you will buy. We have all
grades aud our prices are selling out
We want to sell out within two weeks :
so measure every room in the house for
you will need the knowledge when you
hear the prices and see our fine patterns,
principly "special" grades, at
241 South Main St., Near P. O.
Pasted on your paper, (or on the •
wrapper in which it comes,) for :
a brief but exact statement of
yonr subscription account. The
date to which you have paid is
clearly given. If it is a past date ,
a remittance is in order, and is re
spectfully solicited. Remember
the subscription price, SI.OO a
year. Don't send money in an
ordinary letter—it will be at yonr t
own risk. Use money order or '
registered letter, Remit to
Butler, Penna. ]
£3f"lf the date is not changed within '
three weeks write and ask why. I
Itswt arinsriuri; it i.'s ar» aotuaPy
outlasting tui: t HJx <- s f any other brand. Not
Affected l.y l.eat, tiruKT TIIK «CKNI!INE- >
FVii Jii' I'iLlLtiiy ,';F\i w w.'.v. 1
The market—Thursday 7">. Fridr
' m». Saturday S5. today Si.
FORWARD The Forest is drilling or
t Martin near Waters Station.
' finished a :!rd sand well on the Reibold
near the station last week
■ Thi-re will lie divine service in Eng
glish in St. Mark's Lutheran churet
next Sunday morninir no preaching ii
the evening.
Rev. E. Crjnenwett will preach ai
Petersville on next Sunday afternoon
; and in the < >ld White church, Bntle:
twp .at 7 »U 11.I 1 . M
Letters testamentary on the will of
j Richard G Nelson, late of Middlesex
! township, Butler county, Pennsylvania
I dec'd., having been granted by the Reg
I is!er of said county to the unuersigD'-<i
' Executors thereof Therefore all person
! knowing themselves indebted to the
I estate ol said deceased are requested t
j make speedy payment, and those having
' claims against said estate can present
j them properly authenticated for settle-
I meut to
T. A. PARKS, Executors,
jE. Mcjunkin Att'y. Glade Mills, Pa.
| Letters testamentary on the estate of
j Sarah Jane Cranmer, dec'd., (widow of
I Israel Cranmer, dec'd.,) late of Centre
j twp.. Cutler Co., 1*3.. having teen granf
| ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will plesse make immediate payment,
and any having claims against said
estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
J. I). McJUNKIN, Ex'r..
Butler, Pa.
Letters testamer.ary on the estate of
Robert Trimble, Esq., dec'd., late of
Middlesex twp., Butler Co., Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, ail
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Flick P. 0.,
W A. DENNY, Butler Co.,Pa
Mcjunkin & Galbreath, Att'ys.
Letters of administration C. T. A., hav
iiig been granted to the undersigned on
the estate of John P. Roll, dec'd., late of
Cranberry twp., Butler Co., Pa; all per
sons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please- make immediate
payment, and any having claim? against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Thorn Hill, Pa.
By virtue of an order and decree of the
Orphans' Court in and for the County Of
Butler and State of Pennsylvania to us the
undersigned Executors of the last will and
testament of Richard G. Nelson, deceased,di
rivted.we will offer for sale at public auction
on the premises at one o'clock P. M.. of
All l hat certain farm and tr:ict of land situ
ate in Middlesex township, County and Stale
afore.sald.und hounded on the north by lands
of McCasiin's heirs, on the east bounded by
lands of T. A. and H. M. Parks, on the south
bounded by lands of Mrs. Miiitii*- Lee and on
the Wist bounded by lands of Alford li. Nel
son. John Rlffley and Parks' heirs, contain
ing eighty-two acres of land, more or less, as
per draft and survey of F. K. MoQnist lor
Ks<i., dated Feb.. about sixty acres
thereof cleared, fenced and cultivated, b:U
anoe woodland, three small producing oil
wells, small board dwelling house and sever
al MM! springs of water thereon. This farm I
is l-w.-iti-d In a good neighborhood and is in I
all respects a valuable and desirable prop- I
ertv. Title good.
TKK.MS Cash on confirmation of sale and
delivery of deed to purchaser.
H. M. PAKKS. and
X. A. PARKS. Executors,
Glacle Mills. Butler Co., l'u
K. Mcjunkin, Att'y.
In pursuance of an order and decree of the
Orphans Court in and for the County of But
ler. and State of Pennsylvania, to mc the
un-iersijrned directed. I will offer for sale at
public vendue, on t he premises at one o'clock
p. m.. on
SATURDAY. MAY 38th, 1898.
All that certain lot of ground situate in the
l>oroui, r li of Valencia, in the township of
Adam*. County and State aforesaid, liouiid
c<l on the northwest l»y Almira street 162 and
2-10 feet, on the northeast hounded l»y land
of Dr. S. <>. Sterrett InO feet, on the southeast
bounded by iot of Miss Sn<fw 142 aud .Vio feet,
:i id «>n the southwest bounded by a street
151 feet, being: three lots lyini? in
said lNiroujrh, located and marked by said
Dr. S. o. Sterrett out of his larger tract of
land, having a lrame dwelling house, out
building*. and water well thereon.
TKKMS OF' SALE Cash on confirmation
thereof and delivering deed to purchaser.
Title good.
Mrs. A lmira Cowan, dec'd, Valencia. Pa.
E. McJUNKIN. Att'y.
Notice in Divorce.
1 In the Court of
Margaret Ellen Garlacli | Common Pleas of
vs. Hut ler Co.. Pa. A.
Jacob Henry Garlach D. No. &"», Doc. term
J 1807.
To Jacob Henry Garlach:
Two subpoenas having been returned N, E.
I. Yon. tin* said Jacob Henry Garlach. above
named defendant are hereby required to ap
pear in said Court of Common Pleas of Hut ler
Co., Pa., to be held at Hut ler. Pa., on Monday
the ttth day of June ItiUK, being the first day
of next term of Court to answer the said
complaint and show cause, if any you have,
why a Divorce Absolute from the bonds of
Matrimony should not be granted to the said
Margaret Ellen Garlach.
You are also hereby notified that testi
mony in above case will be taken before the
said ('ourt on Tuesday, the 7th day of June,
at which time and place you are notified to
Letters testamentary, C. T. A., on the
estate of Newton Lurting, dec'd., late
of Adams twp., Butler Co., Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned all per
sons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
the same v. ill present them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
Mars, Butler Co., Pa.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
John M. Mcßride, dec'd, late of Middle
sex twp., Butler Co., Pa., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
ment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Bakerstown, Pa,
E. Mcjunkin & J. M. Galbreath, Att'ys.
Letters of administiation 011 the estate
of Harper Campbell, dec'd., late of
Washington twp., Butler comity, Pa.
having been granted to the undersigned,
all persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate will please make immedi
ate payment, and any having claims
against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement to
Admin istrators.
North Hope Pa.
\V. A. and F. Forquer, attorneys.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Moses Thompson Esq. dec'd,late of Centre
twp Butler Co. Pa., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment aud any
liaving claims against said estate will
present them duly authenticated for set
tlement to
Butler, Pa.
Painter & Murrin att'ys.
The Fonl farm in Donegal twp., near
Millerstown is for sale. It contains
about 150 acres, is well watered ami in
goo«l ForJ termsj[iuquire a
' Our Method
Doing Business
We hope will men*, you;
patronage. Ours is not the
only store in Batler, but
we Jo try to make it such
a place to buy your nrugs
and medicine as to win
your confidence and secure
your Do no",
come to our store for cheap
drugs. We don't keep
Lheui.- Nothing but the
l>est finds a place in our
store and every article
!;cari:;g our name is g'aar
! anted to be just as reprc
i sented er you can get vour
| money back. We buy the
best, sell the best, ki*:p
I the best and recommend
the best It Is this metli
od that has brought to
our store a large and de
sirable patronage. If you
have never lealt at our
store ve would be pleased
to have you call. We tn
to everything that is
likely to be called for in
our line, but if we should
not have what you want we will frankly
tell yen so and wi 1 he pleased to get ft
f ut you at the jiossible moment.
We give yoii v h t you want. No substi
tutions permitted. Let us fill your
prescriptions Respectfully,
C. N. Boyd, oßiuoisT.
i .
Diamond Block, Butler, Pa.
l!y virtue of an alias order and decree of
I Orphans' Court of Butler Co.. Pa., made at
I No. a>. March term. ls>. of sai l C ourt, the
I undersigned administrator of the estate of
j .larnt's t'risffcll. lateof Adams twp.. county
and state aforesaid, dec'd.. will offer foi s lie
at public vendue on the premises on
SATURDAY. MA V 2s. 1-.-
at 1 o*clock n. HI.. «>f said dav. all that certain
I tract of land situated in Adams twp., liutltr
I en., -tat*- « f I*' nnsylvani; founded north t»v
j lands of Ooovert la irs and Samuel Pane,
I * i>t t y land of Samuel t'ai k and Dr. S. o.
I Sterrett. south by land of John Barr and
I Wm. Purvis, and west by 'rinds of T. W. Ken
nedy's heirs: Newton Lertinsr :«ncl ('oovi rt
heirs, coniaininc I*4 a« ifs more or K-sn: with
I ~ frame house-.. <»ue nearly n<
I irood bank barn and outbuildings. 2 oreha r»is.
Land situated 4 mile from Mars and l i mile
from D wneyville on I*. W. Ky. <o».v. I.i-
I ot;t to churches and s.'l:«>ois. Lane In ffo«»d
condition and «•« ii watered, will adapted to
I fit her stock-raising or peneral farming pur
!>< 't»s. supposed to In- oil and uas territory if
<!•'Ve loped.
TKKMS (>i SALrT One 1 ilf of tin- pur
chase money ro he paid on continuation of i
-ah» by the Court and the other half In one |
ar tliert aft . »vith inti r ni, u» '.v secured j
>y Uitid and mortirair on th • premises. with
liMial Waivers aud attorney's commission.
HUBERT 1\ 1D1), \«lin'r..
, Myoma. Pa.
McJunkin & Galbreath. Atty's.. Butler. l\i.
Notice of Inquest in Partition.
In tlie matter of the petition of itebecca I
Barr for partition. In the Ornhaus' t'ourt |
I of Butler County. I'a.. No. 71, March Term. I
I t^'N.
ft i.rtiary 10. W.«>. petition of Rebecca Barr. j
a daughter of William J. Robb, presented,
set ting forth that said decedent died seized
of a certain tract of land, containing 1.10 I
acri more or less, situate i;i Oakland tov n- |
ship. But ler Co.. Pa., which remained undi
vided, and praying for an inquest of parti
tion, &(\, and citation awarded by tin 4 Court.
March 9. lsys, on motion of 11. 11. Ooucher
attorney for petitioner, a writ of inouest for
partition was granted. Now. you, tne lieirs
of the said Wm. J. Kobh. rlec'a., viz: Abner
c. I'obb, Mrs. Leah Bell. Jessie Bell. Coulter
Kohb. Mrs. Mary Hovis, Covert lIovU, Isaac
N. Kobb. Mrs. Bell Campbell. Jefferson
Campbell. John IC. Robb. Jennie Hotiee,
John 1 loupe, Lincoln M. Kobb. Elmer E
Kobb. Mrs. Klla I'ainter. Howard Painter.
Frank M. Kobb. Rebecca Barr. John 11. Barr.
Mrs. llattie Kobb and Ann. Maggie, Mary.
Lora and Walter Kobb, minor children of
James G. Kobb. dec'd.. are hereby notified
tliat an inquest in partition .vill be held on
t lie premises described in the said writ, in
Oakland township, Butler Co., Pa., on Fri
day. the 13th day of May. at the hour of
10 oYI Mk. A >l., ah . and A'here you may
;r tend if v u see proper.
SW What's the matter with that \f
i old basgy of yours? It looks A
l nil broken. It will s;o down X
one of these days, and then jf
£ i yonr horse rnn away, and A
J . j-onr friends will V»e blaming X
% ' providence Don't do that. \ *
Go to Martincourt & Co' Get C >
J . a new set of wheels and shafts M .
j * for it, or trade it for a new \ '
{ I bnggy. i>nggies are too cheap C )
Jt. now to risk your neck riding ] .
\ ' in an old rickety thing like \ '
c > t hat one of yours. And there's c>
3 . your harness, we hadn't no- J .
\' ticed them. Several places \ '
C ► in them need repairing. Take C >
J . them along too and get them J ,
\ repaired or bny a new set. We j*
A can accommodate yon in <*ith- A
X or We make and repair all JC
W kinds of harness, no differ \f
A ence what you want belong
J\ ing to a driving or team ont- X
«lit, come here. Yours re- W
spectfully, A
S. B. Martineourt & Co.
128 E. Jefferson St.. Bntler, Pa.
S. B Martiifconrt,
J. M. Leighner.
we all will have to up our
spirits—best way to do this is not
to use Lewin's spirits, but Lewin's
pure rye whiskey. We will ship
to any place in the United States.
Guaranteed pure 6-year old
whiskey either Guckenheiraer,
Finch, Gibson.Overholt, Large,
Mt. Vernon, Thompson
$i per full quart or 6 quarts for £5.
Grandfather's Choice Whiskey, guar
anteed 3 years old, $2 per gallon.
On C. O. D. or mail orders of $lO or
over, we prepay ail charges.
Importers and Wholesalers,
411 Water St. Opposite B. &0. Depot.
Telephone, 2179. Pittsburg, Pa
Fr.i all Baiorsand N*F?voes (SBfjjjj fl SB
D: ?'.SKS. They purify the 3 SJj Bk
■ and civc 1' v | j
icuoo to the entire system, a B aHuBSBi
rtutual Fire Insuraice Compan,
Office cor. Main and Cunninghan Sts.
WI( H, Pre*.
41EO. KKT7KIIKK. Vice t'rts.
I*. S. SIc.SrNSiIN, (icr'j And Trfai
Alfred Wick, Henderson Oliver.
Or. W. Irvln. .fumes Stephenson.
,V. \V. Itlaekmorc N. Weltzcl,
I'. Itowman It. J. Klingler,
Geo. Ket terer, Chus. Reljhun.
Geo. lienno. John Koenic.
Funeral Director.
337 S. Main St., Butler.
? We Declare War >
) Against every Clothier in Butler County and vicinity, and '
£ offer to Cloth,ng Buyers of But ler County }
> j in 14 Different Patterns || c
) ;|| at $5 A Suit. | <
j \ There's nothing in the market we safely say that can c.;ual ?
1 these suits. Suppose you look into the matter. /
) When in town drop in and ask to be
shown these suits—no {
troub!e whatever. 1
Shaui &r Nast, *
) 137 South Main St.. - r
j Sutler. Pa. - . j
— _
U SAY, t
! f .
$ Douthett & Graham? t
r 7 t <
f<d YOU DON'T! K v
t £| YOUR OWN FAULT. We've been in the clothing
business, in Butler, for five years and it is to WA
YJ . I<
■ <Q your interest to know us as we are selling
i the best clothing for the least money Fj
£ of ar.y firm in Butler. You don't
4 J believe ir? Step iri and see
our store when in town,
|y 4 and we'll prove it to you. WAI
r| Douthett & Graham tj
i f isirfHT 3 *™]
Y A Or' s if because we are able and willing to name lower
TO prices on better goods than others that has caused our
5? * business to increase in spite of low priced oil and of war? <
I'M Whatever the cause business is "picking up." Profits are '
* much smaller than formerly it is true, but we do not mind ►
j that so long as we are doing lots of business. 4
rJ txt nriiv/rrr [
92 And secure bargains while bargains aic to be had. Shoes
rfl never were cheaper, this in face of a rising leather market. >
They must advance it the leather market is any indication. A
W A A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Buy your shoes now. V
f4B Come to us and get the best goods at the lowest prices. . >
Ej A. RUFF & SON, !
* Could readily be preached on the subject of cheap clothing with which Safe
market has been flooded. During the periods of depression in the
mf \\ e have maintained our well known standard of fIP
seasons product surpassess anything we have ever shown.
4K We desire to call special attention to our unusally large variety
l>etter grades of Ub
jpSßoys and Childrens Garments £
which we have earned the commendation of the most crititical buyers.^'
ST. H. BURTON, ">l||||-||||H" T. H. BURTON,S
Jf 55 Improved U.S. Cream Separator.®
Florida State Asylum.
* V W TALLAHASSEE, FI.A , March 11, tBgB.
jg ft 'lll I have been using a Ko. S Improved US. Sop
-3 hi- i *.ill arator in the dairy at the State Asylum for the past
B ' / L®' '1 six or eight months, and find itto be a perfect ma-
Si ill chine. It runs liirht, skims to i.'j 11'!-. of milk
2* M ■ per hour without leaving a vestige of cream in the
g A inilk. It has never been the least out of fix ;in fact,
B j« it is all that can be expected of a cream separator,
i JM and I would not do without it if it cost twice as
M much. j \v. TRAM WELL, Superintendent.
' • ~ ■■ Investigate before purchasing elsewhere.
•• Catalogues free.
mj FAiiM MACHINE CO., - Bellows Falls, Vt.
I have a Heave Cure that will cure any
case of heaves iu horses in forty days, if
usea according to directions, and if it
does not do what I claim for it, I will
refund the amount paid and no charges
will be made for the treatment. The
following testimonials are the strongests
proof of the medicines powtr to cure:
utler, Pa. , 1593.
Mr.'A. J. McCandless:
On the 2nd day of April, 1892 I com
menced to nse your new cure for one of
my horses that had the heaves very bad,
and continued to use the medicine for
about forty days and the did not
show any signs of a return of them. It is
now about a year since I quit giving the
medicine and the horse has ijever showed
any of heaves, and I feel satisfied
that he is properly cured.
W. C. Criswell.
utler, Pa., April3o, 1893
A, J. McCandless'
I have used your Heave Cure and
find it will do the work if used accord
ing to directions. Yourv truly,
J. B. McMillin,
For Sale.
One of the best farms in the county
located on the l'reeport Pike, one-half
mile from Hannahstown, in Win field
twp.- i>6 acres, good house, good barn,
youn>; orchard, well watered, 6 acres of
good timber; level rolling land.
Inquire at this office.
Butler County National Bank,
Butler Penn,
' Capital paid in - ftx>, ooo.oo
Surplus and Profits - $114,647.87
Jos. Ilartman, J. V. Ritts,
Vice President; C. A. Bailey. Cashier;
John G. McMarlin, Ass't Cashier.
/ general bunking buslnc transacted.
Interest paid on time tl«-jx>.->i ts.
Money loaned on approved security.
\V< invite you loopen an account with this
I>l HECTORS— Hon. Joseph Hurtmiin. Hon.
\V. S. Waidron, Dr. M. Hoover. 11. Mc-
Sweeney, E. E. Abrams, C. I*. Collins I. G.
Smli h, Leslie P. Harlott, M. Finep.m, W.
W. H. Lark In. John Humphrey, l»r. W. ('.
McCandless, Ben Muaseth. lajvi M. Wise
J. V. Bitty
Butler Savings Bank
13 LI tier, Pa.
Capital - - - - ;|6o, 000.00
Surplus and Profits - - $150,000
JOS. L PPRVIS President
J. HENRY TROUTMAN Vice-President
tt'M. CAMPBELL, Jr „Cafhier
DIKECTORS—Joseph I- Purvis. J. Henry
Tro':traan, W. D. Brandon, W. A. Stetn. J.{a.
The Butler Savings Hunk is the Oldest
Hanking Institution! n But ler County.
< ■•-IK r:il banking business transacted.
We solicit accounts of oil producers, mer
ch&rits, farmers and others.
All business entrusted to us will receive
prompt attention.
Interval paid ou Unit tK-poslts.