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New Advertisements.
Bickel's shoes.
Miller's shoes.
Pittsburg Exposition.
XOTI— AII advertisers intendingto make
erages in their ads. should notify n* of
tb >ir intention to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
Administrators and Executors of estate;
Mti secure their receipt books at the C«T
zia o'ice
—Foot bill hair is sprouting.
—Tjachers' Institute next month
—The odor of the tuberose scents the
—The cough drop man will soon be
with us
—Dot leetle German band made good
music on oar streets.
—Collector Younkins took in about $40,-
000, Saturday and Monday.
—A new figure ia the cotillion this year
will bo called "the bicycle dodge."
—lt doesn't make much difference
where a man goes to spend his vacation; in
the end he goes broke.
—"Some stingy men are so afraid of
jrivirg something for nothing," says the
Philosopher, "that they wouldn't even
hafte a contageous disease.
—Excursion trains for Parker Fair. Wed
nesday and Thursday at 8:45 a. m, fast
time K timing leave Parker at 7:30.
Excnrei' n .ate* on all trains.
—There will be a vendue of personal
property at the bouse of Mr. Anton Kreitz
ler on the Plank Road Street, near the
toll house on Saturday next, sth inst.
—We welcome to tho editorial frater
nity of the county, Mr. Ira S. Zeigler, who
purchased from Messrs Young <1- Stough
ten, the Connoqunessing Valley Xews.
—They say womeu who drink mu-h beer
havo large feet. We cannot vouch for
this, but We would think that they would
be in jre a; t to have large heads.
—Waite's Comedy Company had a crowd"
ed home Monday "evening, and pleased
everybody. It ia a good company aud is
well mauagod. Ttefr entertainments to
date, haVe been satisfactory, aud the}" con
tinue every evening this week, with a
Saturday matinee.
—The only t ?o pieces of Mosaic tile
work in Butler are these in Dan W tiller's
drug store. They are very pretty, and
cost $3 a square foot, or about $l5O, lor the
two pieces. The hand carving on the
doors and frame was done by an expert
now in the employ of S. G. Purvis &• Co.
and tho "crooked-work" by Mr. Fair of
same firm.
—Escaping gas is dangerous. Over in
the Ist ward the other day a boy gave a
little tot a match and pat him up to light
ing the gas escaping from a leak in the
line. The little fellow did 80, and is now
laid up with a burned face, and had he
breathed the flames it wuuld have killed
—The loss to the farmers of this State
by the army worm upon their crops wiil
not lall short of a quarter of a million dol
lars. Reports of tho department of agri
culture in counties where the worm made
its appearance this summer estimate the
aggregate loss at SIO,OOO in some town
—The farmers have their harvests near
ly all ia the barn, and are preparing the
fields for the fall crop. The corn is the
only crop not yet harvested, ..nd it is pro
nounced fairly good. So much wet weath
er was injurious to the farmers iu many
ways, making harvest late and also the
fall seeding.
—Tracy 'Denholm's store in Petrolia
was robbed some nights ago, and suspicion
fell apon a colored man named Jos. John
ston who had been about there and who
fave his address as Afeadville JJhief of
'olice H Cromling followed the man to
Clarion Co., and caught him in tho woods
near Phillipston, and brought him to But
ler, Saturday.
—The "what is it" exhibited here this
week which no one could name, is a cabiai
or capybara, an animal of South America,
living on the margins ofb'.kes and rivers.
It is the largest living species of rodent
(or quadruped of the beaver tribe,) Leing
about three feet long and half thai iu
height. It resembles tho Guinea pig
somewhat, is of a gentle disposition, shy
and timid.
—Fifteen hundred people attended the
St Paul's picnic at t:t Paul's Orphans H- me
last Thursday. About COO came from
Pittsburg and Allegheny and points along
the P. it W.. as many more from up the
Shenango, and about 300 lrom points north
on the narrow gauge. An excellent dinner
was furnished for all by the management
of the Home, some speeches were made io
the grove, and the visitors seemed to en
joy themselves.
—Next time a traveling peddler calls at
your door and tries to sell you goods, ask
him if he will take jour bntter, eggs and
other (arm products in exchange; ask him
if, when your neighborhood gets ready to
baild a road or bridge over a slough, he
will donate a few dollars to help it along.
Tell him that there is a poor widow down J
the road who would be very thankful if he
would donate a few provisions; ask him if
he would contribute to an enterprise just
starting. If he agrees to do this, men
patronize nim. Y our home merchant does
all these things and more.
—The parade of the J. 0. U. A. M's.
oil our streets last Saturday afternoon was
a very creditable one; the Freeport Council
was well represented as was als< the Pros
pect Council, and they with the Butler
membciß. Merchants Hand, G. A. R. and
Boys brigade of tbe T. M. C A. made a
large parade.
At the school house, a passage of scrip
ture wu roiifl by Rev Snyder and a pray
er offered by Kev. Miller after which Mr.
Kerr of Pitsburg made the presentation
speech, and S. F. Bowser, in behalf of the
Board received the flag
—The largest ballot of any yet priatod
for an election ot tbis State will be used
in the coming Presidential oontest It
measures two feet by nearly three (eet.
The number of parties in the Held is what
has caused tbe increase in tbe size of the
sheet. There are nine columns. Kight
parties are already in the light and tbe
ninth column is for the use of any party
that may jet decide to go yi it. Tbe part
ies ard their candidates us they will ap
-sea. on the Lallot are: Republican. Mc
kinley and ilobart; Democratic, Bryan
and Sewall; Prohibition, Levering and
Joce a ; National, Ilealty aud Southgate;
People's, Bryan and Watson; Socialistio
Labor, blank; Free Silver, Bryan and
Sewall; Sound Money, blank.
—Samuel Wallace, a patient at Dixmont,
sent tDere from Cherry twp, this county, I
in 1892, was assaulted and beaten with a
till vessel, so badly by his room mate an
insane man named Ueimbaugh, lro-n Som
erset county, last. Friday night, that he
died a lew hours after. Wallace was for
merly a coal miner. His body was brought
home and buried Sunday. The two pa
tients had been rooming together for a
year and never were known to have had
any trouble. It is buppose.: that Ueim
baugh attacked Wallace while the latter
was sleeping. The hospital people have
been compelled tQ place two aiid three
patients in the same room lately on ac
count ot the increase in their inmates
The capacity of tbe institution is GOO aud
at present there are 775 insane within the
walls. This necbs»itated a practico which
is never indulged in, if it can be avoided,
in placing insane patients together. It
has resulted in this murder, the first that
has ever occurreJ in DfXmont Asylum.
The Institute Building has been secur
ed tor the "Butler Collegiate Institute,"
which *vill open September 13th. It is
proposed to arrange a preparatory, college
preparatory, and two four-year courses, in
cluding a fall English coarse with Latin,
Greek and modern languages. The princi
pal- E. F. Loacks, will have the assistance
of Rev Geo W. Davis of Butler. Wm 11.
Guyer of Fiadley college, in the literary
departments. The music department will
be under the direction of Mrs. E. F. Loucks
who was principal of the voice department
of Findloy college for two years ending
JnneJSOG. It is proposed to open an art
department under the direction of Minerva
Huneberfier. It is proposed to oiler to the
people of Butler and vicinity advantage
for educating their sons and daughters a*
home coder the very beet teachers and in
fluencee. It will be a good investment (or
Bntler because every student brought to
he Institate means a (inancial benefit to
be plan.
Letters of administration were granted
to J. A. F. Jackson on estate of Lavina
Jackson of Centre twp
The will of Henry McXancy of Clear
field twp was probated, no letters.
There are 4G cases on the criminal doc ket
for next week.
The B. & P. K. K. Co. filed a condemna
tion bond in favor of L C. W itk for j"O<H).
Letters of administration were granted
to Dr. H. D. Hockenberry on estate ot S.
S. ifuut of Sunbury.
The will of Jacob Wolford of Cherry
twp. was probated and letters to \lilton J.
and Lewis Wolford.
Zelienople Ex Co to G Goehrin»r lot in
Jackson l >r $.J44 US.
Robt Boyd to M McLaughlin lot in But
ler tor S3CJ.
W A Stein, trus'.ee, to John F Anderson
property in Hurler twp for $7,000.
I)r 8 D Beil to R A Franks lot in Butler
for $"2,400.
F H Bole to B. <!fc P. railroad lot in But
ler fur $4,000.
R M AlcFarland to F W Ekas lot in But
ler for SBOO.
Jacob Stocki to E Radcliff lot in Evans
City lor S2OO.
J. J. Smith to M. H. Boyce 1 acre in
Adams twp lor $-00.
Marriage Licenses
George W Bines Slipperyrock twp
Maggie M Taylor Worth twp
Harry H Robb Pitcarrn Pa
Esther E Adams Pittsburg
Lewis E Friend ......8ut1er
Mary E Sutton". "
John W King Greensbnrg Pa
Anna L Lindsey saxonburg
George C Kumuiel Clearfield twp
Lizzie M Freehling Wintield twp
James W Ekas Ekastown
Mary E Barr Jefferson twp
Charles Zentz Harmony
Sophia Wichiuan ....... Evans City
Thomas McKelvey Venango twp
Rachel Henry .Oakland twp
Samuel Black Mercer Co.
Annie M. McDonald Harrisville
James P. Kelly ..Elora
Jennie Campbell "
Air Bloyd Gahagan, of Glade Mills, and
Miss Emma Roxbury, o! Troutman, were
married Aug. 25, at Jamestown, X. Y.
James ilcGill and Maude Skillman were
married at Jamestown, X. Y., last week.
At Pittburg, Tuesday—Thomas Bridge
and Mamie McGill of Bntler; also S. F.
Herd of Pjrnassuj and Margaret Kerr of
—Take a look at that I beautiful hand
painted china in Cleeiand'3 show window,
it was made in Butler. We have a ''really
truly artist"' in Butler and her name is Mrs.
S. H. Piersol. She buys the plain china
paints it herself, aud bakes the color in
an oven especially built for that purpose.
Henry Stout of Cranberry twp. had his
leg broken in two pieces by the kick of a
horse on Friday the 21st ult. He was
cleaning the horse at the time. At first
it was thought that the leg would have to
be amputated.
A. A. O'Donnell a Pittsburg and Lake
Erie railroad brakeman, was killed last
Friday near his home in Esplen borough
by a pausing train. Xo one s»w the acci
dent. The body was found beside the
Lake Erie track shortly before 10 o'clock.
It was still warm and it is supposed that
the accident occured a short time before
Both legs were cut off and the head was
badly crushed. Ho was a married man
aud left bis home early in the evening to
go on an errand It Is supposed that he
was walking along the track and failed to
notice the approach of the train which
killed him. Mr. O'Donnell was 27 years
of aire, and was born and raised in Clear
field twp. this county.
Win White of the Ist ward was badly
hurt, Tuesday inorniug, by falling from the
roof of the Bole machine shop, which is
being torn down.
C.vLLRRY —Donaghy it Go's well on the
McKinney was doing 80 bbls, last week
They are drilling a well on thoir 10 acre
lease on the LOCK wood.
BCTTBRCUP— MiIIer & Co. got a good
well on the Dufford, Friday.
MCDDYCRESK —Hunter & Co , drilled in
their old well on the Camp. Shauor last
week, aud have a good well, with no gas.
CRANBERRY —Leidecker <fc Stage's well
on the Dutill is good for 33 to 40 bbls from
the 100-foot.
PABKKR— West of Parker on the Rosen
berry pool Vandenbosch £ Co have drilled
their Xo 2 Meek through the sand and
have a duster
Cook & Patterson's No 3 O'Donnell is |
through the sand and is a very light pro
Simpson & Yanea have made a location
on the Royal iarm, and Allen & C'rawtord
will try it on the Walley farm.
Beaver Falls Street Fair.
The event of the month is the Beaver
Falls Street Fair, Wednesday and Thurs
day, Sept. 9 and 10 Industrial parade,
including thonsinds of workmen, floats,
music, soldiers, etc. Bioycla races, ath
letic sports, public wedding, cake walk by
colored folks go to make up two grand
I gala days. One fare for round trip on all
railroads within fifty miles of Beaver Falls.
The C. K. Convention.
The Christian Endeavor sth Annual Con
vention held last Thursday and Friday was
unusually successful, both in size and work
done. The evangelistic work ot Rev.
Grant C. Tuller was the principal feature
of the meeting The delegates from Butler
were Rev. Kli Miller, Dr. Jos. Forrester
and Messrs Will Seligman, Rilph Reed
aud Frank Cleeland. Mm. P. W. Lowry,
Misses Belle Lowry, Fannie Wing, Mazie
Leigbner, Maggie Grahnni, Ada Gutnppor,
Alice Borland, Lotta White, Cora White,
MmmaC.om.Tl, Nina Butler and Miss Murt
land. The new oflictrs are:
President, Dr. Jos. Forrester; Vice Pres,
Howard Painter; Rec Sec'y, Lillian Dodds;
Cor Sec'y, Lotta B White: Treasurer. Rev.
P. J. Slonaker; Supt Good Citizenship, John
Dight; Supt Mission Work," Miss Lydia
Young; Junior Work, Miss Ada Gumpper.
The conveuiiou will be held next year in
—Come and test the work of Pros- i
pect Academy. We give special at- i
tention to each pupil. All branches
taught. Tuition $7 per term. Term
opens Sept 8, 1896;
M. M. RODUERS B S., M. E.,
Free. Free. Free.
Your name on a postal card will
bring a copy of The Butler Business
College Exponent,a bright eight page
monthly paper, issued by The Butler
Business College and School of Short
hand, Butler, Pa.
Underwear—a specialty at HECK'S
his stock is largest and finest ever
offered in Bu'le l
—BoardingHouse Caras, with Ac*
of Assembly, 25 cents for fcalf-ti-dozen,
.or sale at CITIZEN office.
—Prospect Academy is one of the
b3St and cheapest schools In the
state to gain a solid education. Tu
ition only $7 per term. Term opens
Sept. 8, 1896.
FOR RENT—A complete chickon
co«p, with a half acre run, also an
incubator Inquire at this office.
Trunks, yalises, bags and tele
copes—at HECKS.
Saw Mill for Sale.
We will sell oui saw mill, with
20 horse power engine, and all tools
and fixtures at a very low figure.
Inquire of or write to
Sarversville P. O. Butler Co, Pa.
—Attend Prospect Academy.
Bf st advantages for those wishing
j to enter college, business, or become
I teachers. Term opens Sept. 8, 1896.
, | Do you want a hat or cap? IIECK
has theia aud can save you money,
William Sullivan of Sarversville, was in
town, Tuesday.
B, W. Bredin, of Franklin is visiting
relatives in Town.
Henry Keasy was in town on business,
i Saturday. Henry weighs 270 pounds.
Peter Burtnei, ot Harlwel , O, is the
irue.-t of his bro'.ht r Phillip in Saxonbi>r£.
Mrs. Katie Bell, of Harrisville, aged 83
\ears, was stricken with paralysis, Mon
H. W. Koonce returned Tuesday lrom a
visit to his father in Meicer Co. llis
father s in his §G:h ye*r.
Mrs. Den Miller and daughter, Lu'u of
of St. I. ui- Mo. old riendsof Mr. and ilrs
F. S. Clark are here on a visit to them.
Cyrus Harper, our nominee for Co. Tri
asaier is lying sick at his home in Cran
berry twp
D. X. Ziegler of Evans City, was in town
on business, Monday. He is a McKinlev
man clear through.
S. 0. Wright and tamily of Zelienople
visited relatives in Butler'this week and
took in the Fair.
Capt Ayres. Esq Leslie of Middlesex and
James Wright of Jefferson are jurors to
the U. S. court of Williainsport.
Li Uung Chang takes notes. He might
put down the Chinese here as more or less
connected wiih a great iron industry.—Ex
Charles Mackey, collector of Franklin
twp, was in town settling with the Co.
Treasurer. Tuesday; and while here paid
for the Citizen and Tribune, two years in
W. S. Brandon has taken the position
of foreman of the Marshall planing milland
furniture factory at Johnstown, Pa., *ad
will move his family to that town in the
near future.
M ss Sarah M. Williams of Elora left
home, Monday for Indiana Territory,
where she teaches the Indian children in
Talaqna Institute, a college maintained by
the Cberokees.
Several of our old subscribers stopped
in to see us yesterday and among them
Enos McDonald of MtChestnut, D W.
Forester and A. W. shannon of Prospect,
E. L Gibson of Bruin, Samuel Meals of
Venango, and Paul Keister and son of
Esq. Kennedy was the only Rutler man
on the train that was wrecked at Valen
cia, bnt he was too modest to say any
thing about it last week. He and a fat
man from Buffalo occupied a seat on the
right hand side of the car that had its side
torn out. That car was not upset and the
fat man got out the window first and the
Esq. followed him and helped the fat man,
who was badly hurt to his feet. Both
men had been cut by flying glass and
were bleeding profusely, so they first went
to the run and washed the blood from
their faces, and then returned and helped
at the wreck.
Railroad Notes.
The piles for the new railroad hare now
been driven nearly across the flat. They
are oak trees from 30 to 40 feet long.
The piers for the railroad bridge, back of
Walter's mill, are being built; and one of
the great rocks there has entirely disap
peared. Par! of the stone for the piers
will cumo from Shaffner's quarry near by.
Many of oar middle aged men well remem
ber the bend of the creen there when it
was as romantic a spot as there was in the
county—when thes« great rocks stood up
right. and were covered with bushes, and
the large room or cave between them with
its rock sides and ceiling, and floor from
which we dug arrow hjads, and the deep
pool, lull of all kinds of fi.-h beside it—but
that is all gone now. And many of our
older men remember the great rocks that
stood on thif? side of the creek, and the
foot bridge of long pine lo.gs across the
The Pittsburg it Western railroad has
for years been contemplating ths building
of a branch road from its main line to the
Beaver valley to secure part of the freight
traffic, which is considerable. Engineers
have recently been surveying a route from
Gallery Junction to Crows Run, near Con
way. The distance from Callery Junction
to the Pittsburg Ft. Wayne & Chicago
railroad tracks is 12 miles. ParK Bros
have three miles ot track up Cow run to
their brick works, with which it is intend
ed to connect.
It is also the intention of the Pittsburg
«t Western to skirt the hill through Con
way, Freedom, Rochester, Xew Brighton
and thus reach Beaver Falls, crossing the
Beaver river above the Tenth St bridge,
Years ago a route was surveyed through
Beaver Falls along the Marginal railway,
which passes through the property of the
Consolidated Steel Company, for the Bal
timore <fc Ohio railroad, which was to ex
tend tracks to Ellwood City. Tbi3 plan
tell through, us the Pennsylvania Company
purchased the Marginal railroad and clos
ed that avenue of entrance and exit to
3eaver Falls.
Divine service in St Mark s church, But
ler on next Sunday at 10:30 a. m., and at
St John's church. Petersville, will be in
German instead of English, Kev. J. G.
Butz of Zelienople, will fill the pulpit tor
Rev. Cronanwett, who was notified to at
tend the sessions of joint synod of Ohio, at
I)aj ton, Ohio, as delegate.
Rev. Tuller, the singing evangelist, will
preside at a men's meeting in Y. M. C. A.
Hall, Sunday alternoon; and at a Union
meeting in Presbyteiian church at 7:30
p. m.
Excursion To Niagara.
The last excursion of the season, Sep
tember 7th. Tickets good for three days
to Xiasara Falls and fiye days to Toronto.
If you have not visited the Torouto Fair or
Xiagara Falls this year, do not fail to take
advantage ot the low rates offered for the
above date. Special train and quick time.
Rate to Toronto $4 75.
Special Excursions.
Every Sunday during September speoial
train will leave Butler via P it W at 8:15
a. m. Returning leave Allegheny at 5:25
p.m. Butler time. Fare lor the round
trip only 75 cents.
—The Butler Lubricating Oil Co
has moved back to tbeir old stand
1)9, W. Jofferßon St. Steolamith &
Patterson's new building, where al
kinds of engine, machinery, and il
laminating oils of tbe finest quality
are kept in stock in the basement,
and will be delivered to any part of
the city when ordered from C. E.
Mclntire, agent.
—"Skip to Canada" on Wednesday
Sept. 12ud, on the Jamestown (Pa.) Sen
tinel excursion to Port Dover, via tbe i'.,
S. it L. E. R. R. Low rates
Oh Mamma—you ought to see the
big piles of childrens suits at HECK'S
only 51.25, you can't get the same in
town for less than $2.50,
Pants—Over 2000 pairs to eelect
from, at prices, oh well, don't men
tioc them, its,' awful, where »t
A set of lettered, walnut boxes—
'•pigeon holes." Inquire at this of
MUSlC—Scholars wanted at 128 W
Wayne St. Also nicely furnished
room to rent.
WASTED —S,OOO Agents for Russell's
authorized "Lives of McKinley and
Hobart." 550 pages, elegantly illustrated.
Price only SI.OO. The best and the cheap
est, and outsells all other.?. 50 per cent,
to Agents, and Freights Paid. 1 looks now
ready. Save time by sending 50 cents in
stamps for an outfit at once. Address
A. I). WoRTHINGTOJi it C<>.,
liartlord, Conn.
Sox and shirts, all wool and a yard
wids, cheaper than the oheapest—at
HECK'S, 121 N. Main St.
IO I" The only genuine Spring
I £, Water Ice in Butler is now
being delivered to his customers daily
Leave jour order at Richey's
Vox Popuit— Buy yoar clothing'
underwear, hosiery, hats, eap3, BOX
and neckwear of D. A. HECK, and
sa7e money.
Yesterday was more than a fair day. it
was an ideal day 'or a fair —clear and dry.
and not too warm. The p.ttendauce wai
large, but many larmeri, no doubt, did not
I come this year on account ol being tmlnnd
' with their work.
| The exhibit-art about as usual—Floral
Hall is neatly decorated and the display of
ornamental work all that conld be desire :
Agricultural Hall is fuller than usual this
year, and the displays ol grain, vegetables
and fruits (excepting peaches) very
lyinff, and the horse, cattle, sheep, swine
and poultry sheds are well tilled.
The Germania band is furnishing excel
lent music; restaurants, galleries and side
shows are abundant, and the small boy ;
having a good time on the merry-go-round
while the grand stand is corwded.
The big pumpkinc in agricultural ha'.l are
| from Millerstown.
A cream-separator i* being exhibited in
floral hall by John Sieg Jr. of Middle Lan
The track is in exctllent condition, but
somewhat dusty.
The dancing girls ia the "Gaity " can t
do the Couohee-couchee.
Ed.th G won the 2:35 trot, yesterday
afternoon, time 2:'JB. Gold Pebble 2nd,
M. McGregor 3J.
Sandy Wilks won the 2:30 pace, tim t
2:24 i. Bird B. 2nd. Jessy L. 3d.
About 5000 were on the grounds yester
day, and 10,000 are expected today.
The McCall family held a reunion at the
homo ol Samuel McCall in Clay iwp. last
Thursday. Several hundred people were
present, they had dinner and listemd to
some spaeches.
A reunion of the Book family was held
at Harlan Book's h' me in Franklin twp.
jesterday. Harlan's son, John A. ol lowa
is home, and Mrs Rev. Davis and her old
e.-t son were also there.
The Black families of Butler ard Mercer
counties htld a reunion at Slipperyrook
last Thursday They had dinner and sup
per. music by a band composed of the
Blacks of Grove City, (including two lad
ies). a boat race, a ball game between the
narried a-jd sint'le men, and other amuse
ments but ao speeches They had a gnu
eral good time.
—An account of the McCandless reun
ion. which reached us too late for last
week's paper will be found on the 4th page
this week.
Be it known:
Tnat the mines have stopped operations
lor a few days, but expect to be in full
blast soon.
S. M. Turk is hauling lumber for his new
Post office building.
The work on this division of the pipe
line has been completed.
- John Campbell, one of our popular
school teachers, is on the sick list.
ilsce Shira has typhoid fever, but as yet
is not serious.
Miss Anna Day returned Saturday from
a visit to friends at Coaltown.
Miss Margaret Dickey, of Moniteau is
visiting the family o( J. P. Graham.
O M. Patterson ami family have return -
e*.l from a prolonged trip to Couneant lake
and other places of interest-
Misses May and Louise Dunigau were
in tov.n, Monday evening.
Mrs. May Sherman has returned from
a trip to Cleveland, Conneaut lake, Mead
ville and Kiie, and reports an enjoyable
Prof. liiggius orchestra furnished the
music lor the danoe at East Brady.
Prof. David Hall is spending a few
weeks in Pittsburg
A number of' ur people are attending
the fair, thi3 week. TWINS.
FOR SAI E—New modern home,
centrally located, jurt completed, in
side w. c , laundry, reception hall,
double parlors, electric light, cabinet
mautela. SSOO down, balance same
ae rent.
Att'j at Law, Record Building
Business Insurance
la-uraace experiments are expen
sive It is wise to deal with estab
lished companies only Wo know,
and know those whom you know
and can refer ta many prominent
Butler citizens who will tell you that
the National Life Insu ranee Co. of
Montpelier, Vermont, iesues the
most desirable endowment and
option policies written by any com
pany Speculative operations are
eedu tive Stick to your regular
business and invest largely in in
surance issued by the National on
the Kond plan At-k our represent
atives in Butler who are experieuced
and reliable for a sample bond at
your age
Lock Box 771, Butler Pa
Closing out trimmed hats away
below cost at The People's Store.
Job work of all kinds done at the
Say Papa—did you see HKCK'S
neckwear, it beats anythiug you ever
FOR SALE—A boys bicycle, In
quire at this office.
The Butler Business College
and Schoci of Shorthand. High
grade commercial, shorthand and
English school, located in Butler.
Curriculum embraces Book keeping,
Shorthand, Type-writing. Commer
cial Arithmetic, Commercial Law,
Grammar. Geography and Spelling.
Endorsed by bankers, merchants and
patrons. Fall and winter term opens
September Ist.
Is what will occur here
while these wonderful
qualities last at the
prices. Six inches of
space can't tell one
six-hundredth part of
the merit of this Serge
Write at once for samples
and see for yourself this
great Dress Goods chance —
45 inches wide, yd 4 oc
50 inches wide, yd s°c
Greens, browns, blues and garnet 48
inches wide, yd 50c
Other NEW FALL WOOLENS-clioice and
stylish— 2sc to $3,50 yd.
Penn Avenue and Fifth St.,
ii ~r . / .)
iUM/U XJuxUiN jjicUc.
.'•ill Ail ISU tor tUtviLuiiig kt Igrnl ■ 1
The McCal! Keamon.
August 27, 1800, was memorable
in the minds of the crowd who at
tended the reunion of thff MoCalls, held in
the (rrove on the farm ol Mr Samuel Jd-
Ca!l two n.iles south of Kuclid.
Iu anticipation of sticli a meetiug seats
had '.>een arranged where all could be seat
ed w heu the occasion demanded. Id
front ol these a platform had been erected
with -eats for the hand at d a space for the
It seemed all had come w iih t he deter
mination to stay for some tune as each
brought a well tilled basket and whsn the
noon hour came around the long table
groaned beneath all the good things the
modern cook could devise.
The West Sanbury brass band had come
in the forenoon and while the coffee boiled
and we waited eagerly tor dinner, the
band rendered music that kept everybody
in a irood bemor. Who does not love
uiusic? and this band deserves special
mention because of the enjoyable enter
tahment they furnished with music that
proved them to be artists and showed the
exc.illeuoe ol careful and continued prac
After dinner when the appetite had
lieeu abundantly satisfied, the ineetiag
wa-called to order and Prof. Howard
Painter was elected chairman and W. U
Campbell was appointed secretary.
The audience was then lead in prayer by
Uev. Breaden It was decided to hold
these reunions annually and ihe lojlowing
were elected as a committee on time and
place of the next meeting, S. K McCall,
li. T McCall Allen McCall. Milton
Thompson. William Stewart, and Harlan
Book. This committee then decided on
the fourth Thursday in August 1897, as the
time for the next meeting, Howard Pain
ter was then elected historian.
After this the following program was
Address of Welcome, Prof. Painter; Re
sponse, Robert C. Thompson; Maaio by
West Snnburv Band; Rehersal by Leola
Thompson, subject, Life is a voyage; Ad
dress by J. M. Painter of Butler; Address
by Kev J. H. Breaden of Sunbury; Rehear
sal by Dotty Book, subject, The Marriage
Fee; Music by band; Address ty Howard
McMicbael; Rehearsal by Dalcie Thomp
son, subject, The Black Horse and his
ridei; Address by N. W. Campbell; Ad
dress by Col. J. M. Thompson; Song by
Leola Thompson. Grandma's Advice; Re
hearsal by Lulu Painter, subject, Lady
Maud's Oath; Rehearsal by Bessie Ly'.le;
Music by the baud.
The crowd then maiched over to the
house where Mr. 1 indley, the photogra
p.'ier of Butler, took a picture of all pre
sent. After another piece of misic by the
hand the audience begun to bid each other
good 'jye and start for home feeling that
the day had been well spent and determin
ed 10 be present at tte one next year. C.
School Will
Soon Open.
How are the boys?
How are the girls?
Are they well shod?
Parents should look into this mat
ter at once. In a few days the little
ones will be off to school attain,
acd thev must have good shoes
WHERE lillJ, 101" BDV III?
Just at this time we all want to
make a dollar go as far as poss blu
aud a', the same time eret shore that
will do pood service and keep the
children's feet warm and dry.
We Are lo Great Shape
To serve you at this time; all oar
fall shoes has been selected with
great care and we tee' safe in saying
that yon can bay good honest foot
wear cheaper than ever before
I7e want a share of your trade this
fall. Give it to ae and wo promise
to take good cars of it. Standing
back of every pair of shoes we sell,
willing at all times to replace any
that are not satisfactory.
Tbe 88c Sale is still on
Butler's Progressive Shoe House.
2i5 Sooth Main St., BUTLER PA
It. g- It.
Style is important—without it
price isn't anything—put style
and price together [low price
and choice style] the way this
store does, and they're bound to
win—win more small profit busi
ness for this store.
We're anxious to send you samples of
the new
dress woolens
so you will see what part style and quali
ty have in this collection of 1896 —how
much nicer they are than in any past
season —maybe nicer for the money titan
any other store will offer you this season
—you'H see that the prices for such
kinds concerns your self interes'.
New Novelty Woolens— 33 inches wide
—2sc— neat, fancy weaves—ten color
combinations, including blue, grey,
brown, green, cardinal.
36-inch Bourette Checks, dark red,
blue, brown or green grounds with a
heavy, rough black woolen raised cord
running over and forming checks an inch
square — 40c.
New 42-inch Tweed effects—7sc.
New 46-inch novelties in a handsome
Ottoman weave—eight different shades—
JI.OO a yard.
new plaids.
—they will be popular this fall—
-25c, 50c.
Handsome, large wooly Plaids.
42 inches wiae, $l.O0 —stylish
for separate skirts. Price range
of new Novelty Woolens goes up
to $6.50.
New Catalogue ready soon—
shall we send you a copy?—
your name and address, please,
Boggs & 811111,
Gold KllUnts Halnless Extraction of Teeth
I u<l Artificial teeth without Plates a specialty
itroas Oxide or VU:iliz«d Air or Loca;
DiHsthetlßS used.
1 oraee over Miller's grocery east of Lowry
' ouae.
U nice closedWe-inesdays and T&ursd»y»
I *■ erhaps yon don t know how
we arc on
K'cverything relation to prcscrip
>J o it will not be amiss to
your attention to the
rompt service
o everything of the kind placed
In our hands
prescription department
x ever was so complete
you money too.
Diamond Block, - Butl cr. a
Auditors Notice.
In re Partial Account Orphans Court
of Chas. L. Jiorthime, i of Butler Co.,
Ex. of Christina Hasler, j' Pa., No. 17,
dec'd. J June Term 1895.
Having been appointed auditor to make
distribution of the funds as shown by
the partial account and of the estate of
said decedent, and to pass upon any ex
ceptions that may be filed to said ac
count, I hereby give notice to all parties
interested that I will attend to the duties
of said appointment at my office on
South Main street, Butler, Pa., Sept. 4th,
1896, at 9 o'clock a. m., where you are
requested to attend.
J. B. iicICNKIN, Auditor.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary in the estate of
Harvey Cooper, dec'd, late of Slippery
ruck t»p., Butler couuty, Fa..having been
granted to the undersigned, all pirsons
knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate payment
and any having claim* against said estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
A. L. COOPBR, Ex'r.
Slipperyrock, Pa.
Ralston <fc Greer A.tt'ys.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration in the estate of
Heniietta D. Beatty, dee'd, late of ash
ington iwp. Butler Co, Pa., having been
grsntod to the undersigned. All persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against said estate will
present them properly authenticated for
oeulement to
E. C. BKATTY. Adm'r
B'itl*r, Pa.
WtLiliMsA- MITCHEL, Atty.
Administi ator's Notice,
1,. -Hers of administration having been
granted lo tl e undersigned, on the estate
o! Wiiiiam Lardin, dee'd, late of Clinton
twp, Butler county, Pa., all persons in
debted to said estate will please make iin
tnedia'e payment, and any having claims
against the same will present them prop
erly authenticated for settlement to
L. S. LAHDIN, Adm'r.
Saxonbnrg, Pa.
15. McJnnkin, Atty.
Executors' Notice-
Letters testamentary on the estate of
John L. Beatty, dee'd, la'e of Washington
twp. Lutler Co, Pa. having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to "aid estate will
please mako immediate payment, anJ any
having claims against said estate will
present them duly authenticated for settle
ment to
413, Lookout Ave., Butler Pa. or
Billiards, Butler Co, Pa.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration on the estate
of I*aiab N. Bryson, dee'd, late ot Coal
town, Cherry twp., Butler Co, Pa. having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
paj ment, and any having claims against
said estbte will permit them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
Coaltown, Pa
Administrator's Notice.
Letters ot administration on the estate
of George List, dec'il, late of Adams twp.,
Butler Co, Pa. having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing them
selves ir debted to said estate will please
make immediate payment, and any having
claims against said estate will present
them duly authenticated far settlement to
McFann, Batter Co, Pa.
W. a. LUSK, AU'V.
2 and 2Do Not Make Five.
It's quite a probiem to please
everyone's taste in any line you
may select and particularly of
jewelry, silver novelties, cut glass,
etc., but I'm sure you will find
j what you want in my large stock
and at such prices that defy com
petition. I am making a spe.
cialty of nobby and find Goods
and want your trade.
j. R. era.
Physician and Surgeon.
Eye. oar, nose and throat a specialty
132 and 134 S. Main Street,
lialuton building.
Homoeopathic Physician and
Oll'ce 236 S. Main St., opp. P. O.
Ketileoce 315 N. HcKean 81.
Uy virtu* ol sundry writ* of Vri.. J-.i.. Ki.
L»>v. K* . A.c. Lv-'ifd "Ut of 'a-' Courc <1
• '.vtamou ivaa ■ Butler county. P*.. at.d to
1 me dlre.t«wl nliere *lll t»» to puonr
sale ,»t the Court (louse. iu the r>oroiixti «: itu: ■
1 ler. on
Friday, the 4Ui day of Sep.. , |
i» :* at 1 o'clock r.M .tu r.l >wiu; a. j
J s. rllied property, to wti:
i El> No Sept T. 1" Lt» r;.. afj.l
| All the rl>:Lt. title. li.'i rr.,! aid .:iiu . I
> Hyer.y. of. In a:.d lo all main iUlu
lot ot laud, situated In r.v..er N rough, 1" tier J
. f uuty. Pa., bounded ah Ijllowh. town. out
tfce Lurlli t>> mi :Jlcy. east I'J Mller be in 1
(now Wni Uaz!et?\ south b> I'enn -irert. o.j 1
w-st by property ct l: .1 Span* now lull;
liinilu . containing V> feet bj '■•*> feet, w.tu .1 !
good tw3-st( rj Iraiuc d*' Liuk hous* at'i
otLer outbulld.ni.-s em ted thereon. >• '/ <j
and taken in executlou *> the properly .>1
l.eorge \V B>erly at the suit of JoLii K i
K L) No SS, Sepl T. K'ilhlon & *,rerr, t
All the ri)iht, title, interest and claim "I
Eluabetn t M.Vali. u!. 111 aud lo 71 a. r 3 ol
land, mjre or leas, situate In Cl»y township, i
Uutler county. I'a. bounded ks follow-, 10-w it:
Ou the norih b> i.tuda 01/. K Mcrsbclini r and
J.l Miller, east by lands of j J Miller, south ,
by lands of Mllford heirs tract and ll.trry W .s |
<1 S'epp. and west by lands of .Jam. s McUU-
■ "<ir a lrame dwelling houv an t •
Iruuie si„. . ! orchard and other out
building the 10... nl takeu In tie
cullon as the property oi ; 1 K Me' all j
at the suit ot W 11 iirove.
E I) N'os 14 and 2:). September term, 15... »»..
nam & Mtichell and W A Forquer. mi
All Ihe right. title, Interest ar.d cUtm of
I.eouora.l MtVulstiou and Keuoen it Miguls
tlon. of. In and to all thai certain tract or
parcel of land, situate In br.idv township. Hut
ler county. Pa, bounded as follows to wit On
the north by slippery Hock creek a d lauds of
Charles Mccracken, cast bv lands of 1 has Mc
cracken and c DuCy. soutli by lands of iuc
heirs or Jonn cooveri and L*-*ls Tun. and ou
me west by lands of A <■ noil ui.a tbi- said
creek, containing 111 aercs and perches, be-
Ind the same land formerly owned by John J ;
CNII. now deceased, ha>tng boar't house
erected thereon, aIKJUt 30 acres cleared. s*l/ed
and taken in execution as tne propertv of I. J
McyuLstlou and It 11 Meyulsiloii at the suir of
John C liroUmau aud John U< rg & to.
E1) No 77, Sept T. 1898. «V H Lusk. atfv.
All Uie right. title. interest and claim ol .it c
('action, of, in and to so acres or laud, uuorc or
leas, situate ID I'arker township, HutlerCo. I'a
bounded as rollows. to-wii: On the QOrtu b.'
landsot Lewis Uaubenspel'k. on the east L>\
lands of Thos Kelly, on ttie south by lands now
of Butler and Manifold, and on the west by
lauds of Henry Da u bens peck. having thereon
one board dwelling house. log baru. orchard
and outbuildings. Seized and takeu lu i-\e
cution us the property of .M i' t annon «t tn.-
sult of E H Adams. Jr. 4 i o for Use oi Argvie
t-avlugs Banc, now for use of E 11 Adams jr
& Co.
EL> No 51, SeptT. 1896. Ul' oil. ally
All the right. tllle. luleresl an.l claim oi' luo
IVtrolla Creamery Association. Limited, or. in
and lo all that certain lot of land sit Halt- in
the borough of Ktrolia. butler lounty, ta
bounded as follows, lowlt: i; t „ uning at tils'
northeast corner, thence soulh along the line
ol toe Pittsburg & Western railw.ty i ;u ieet to
post and Hear creek, then westerly ulong tue
meauuerlngs of said creek lis feet lo a po-a
tlicuce by ihe sanu northward I»1 leet lo a
street, tnenee east along said street lie feet
to the place of beginning, containing one-hair
acre more or less, and having thereou erected
a frame creamery building aooui Jo by jj ieet,
with churn, steam holier, engine, shatung
belts, cream tanks, butler worker, cream
separator, milk pump. »cales, wooden tank and
other machinery and tlxtures therein and tiiere
to belonging and constituting tiie creamery
plant oi the defendant assoclaitoii. Seized
and taken In execution as tne property or the
Pelrolia Creamery As.-ocl.iUon. Limited, at the
suit oi A C Uibson.
EIJ Nos tJ and C 3, Sept T. 18W. Ualston &
Ureer. att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Joseph Hodenbaugh. of, in and to all that cer
tain lot or parcel of land snuate in llarinoni
borough, Butler county, I'a, boui ded as fol
lows. to-wlt: On the north by Jackson street
east b> Mam street, south by lauds of Jesse
Bast, and on the west by Wilson alley said lot
numbered Uiirtb-lour In the plan ol said boro.
ugh and being mtljO feet.haviug 'hereou ereci
eo a two-story brick dwelliku house stible
and other outbuildings. Seized and taken lu
execution as the properly oi Joseph Koden
baugn at the suit or E Mellon for use of 11 ir
mony savings Bank, now for use of John T
E1) Nos 21 anp 21. Sept T. 1 ssw. John Shelrinir
and Prank Kohler.att'ys.
All the rlßtit. title, interest and claim of P
Oold-n. 01, in and to all that certain lot or
pareei ol laud, situate lu Butler l-oroutij Kilt
l-t loun y. I'a, bounded as lollows, to-wli o M
tiie norm by hast Wajne fctrctii. east by laud
oi iiidnelaudet heirs, soitn b. an ailcv mo
wc-i jj land Of Airs Man;- Itelhing having
one n cine dwelling Used „ 5 „ b, i m,i"
llou.c, one Iraine building ,i.„ ,i ~s a stor. room
a. u o.her outuullilings fueiron, -„i 1 lot ■ ► i
o"> 0; is' ictt. Seized and lukeo |u execotioi
as Ihe l.O|H.lly ol 1- , ud Bim J,
1 rain. lvouler an 1 l.abricl Uohl. R .i„ i c .iat.
XesitnNol, aepi f. lsju. (has <; Martin,
Ail the rigid, iitie. inierest and claim of C o
Son ash oi. in and I • all that oei lain lot or par
cei or land situate lu Centei vine borough, But
ler county, I'a, bounded as roliows, to-wlt; On
the north by laud or Martha K Hard, east by
land ot Martha K Bard, south by land or Perry
Coovcrt heirs, and west by Uutler and Mercer
turnpike, being 150 by 1»G (eet. more or less,
having a irarue house and irame stable thereon
erected and recorded lu ,l)eed Book lti'2, page
75. Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty ol C O Sowash at the suit of E M Cowan,
now for use ol Christy & Campbell.
Kd No 105, sept T, 1896. s I'ummibgs, att'y.
AH the right. title, Interest and claim Hob't
A Edwards, of. In and to all that certain piece
or parcel ot lind situate in Butler township,
Builer county, Pa. bounded aa follows, to-wlt-
On the north by the Three Degree road, lands
of Mrs Vosbrlnk, Charles Duffy, John Muntz
and Plank road, on the east by old Pittsburg
pike on the south by lands of John Muntz,
James Bredin and M I' Mitchell heirs, aud on
w««t by luodn of Jomo., !>rcdlii And M r
Mitchell Heirs, being the same land devised to
R A Edwards by the last will and testament of
his mother. Annie Edwards, recorded In Will
Book K.. page 93. having a two story frame
dwelling house and other outbuildings thereon.
Seized and taken In execution as the property
of Robert A Edwards at tho suit of A 1 Ruff.
li DNo 122, Sept T. 1896. WII Lusk att'y, I
All the right, title. Interest and claim ol
Washington Magill (orMcJUl)of, In and to all
that certain piece, parcel or tract of land sit
uated In Concord township, Butler county. Pa,
bounded as follows, to-wlt. on the north by
lands of J S Campbell and Jos II .Morrow, east
oy lands of heirs ol W II Emery, formerly Mc-
Connell. south bv lands ot Win J Ro.\berry and
heirs of W H Emery and west.by lauds of Jacob
Plsor heirs, containing fifty acres, more or less,
having a two story frame dwelling house, log
barn and other outbuildings thereon, good or
chard. well watered, mostly cleared and in a
fair state ot cultivation. Seized ami taken In
exeoullon as the property of Washington Magill
(or MeUill) at the suit of Albert Rutr.
K D No 11". Sept T. lii 6. Mates & Xoung.
All the rlfcht, title. Interest and claim of E A
McCali. ot, lu and to all that certain piece,
parcel or tract of land situate In Brady town
ship, Butler county. Pa, bounded as follows, to
wlt: On the north by land of K A McCali, east
by land of Alvl Snyder, south by ileiner heirs,
and on the west by land of Samuel Moore, said
land being grauted to E A McCali by last will
and testament of Martha McCali. containing 25
acres, more or less, having a frame dwelling
house, frame barn, outbuildings and a good
orchard theron,
ALSO—Of. In and to all that certain piece,
parcel or tract ot land situate In Brady town
ship. Butler county. Pa bounded as follows, to
wn- On the north by land of Nancy E Martin,
east by land of Alvl Snyder, south by other
laud of K A MoGall, and west, by lanl Of .101111
Moore, containing jy acres and four perches,
being land deeded to the said E A McCall by
Nancy E Martin by deed dated dune 2d. i<tß*.
recorded in Deed Book 96. page 3/5. Seized
and taken In execution as ihe property of E A
McCall at the suit of W M Barber.
ED No los, Sept T. 1»W. A E Kelber. att'v. '
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Kll/.abeth Collins, of. In and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land situate in Parker town
ship. Butler county. Pa., bounded as follows,
10-wlt : On the north by land of Cbarlefi
Collins heirs, east by land or John McNauiara s
heirs, south by laud* of John Smith's heirs
and west by land of .lohn McCafferty'g heirs,
containing ~ acres, more or less, and be
ing the same place of laud conveyed by
Matthew S Storey, et ux. to Susan Collius by
deed dated June &td. ISB3. recorded In the
recorder's office. Butler county. Pa. In Deed
Book No 7j. page 249, havlnn thereon one board
liouse,tiame bank barn and otner outbuildings.
Seized and taken In execution as the property
of Elizabeth Collins at the suit of the Butler
County National Bank.
TKKMS OK SALE— The following must be
strictly complied with wlien property Is stride
I en down.
1 l. When the plaintiff or other lieu creditor
becomes the purchaser, the costs on the writ
must be paid, and a list of the liens, including
mortgage searches on the property sold, to
gether with such lien creditors receipt* for
the amount of the proceeds of the sale or such
portion thereof as he may claim, must be furn
ished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must be paid In full.
3. AH sale snot settled Immediately will be
contlnueduntll l o'clock p. m. of the next day
at which time all property not settled for will
again be put up and sold at the expense and
risk of the person to whom tlrst sold.
•See Purdon's Digest, 9th edition, page 44#
and Smith's Forms page 384.
Sheriff's Ofllce. Butler, Pa., Aug. 20, 1836.
nUn our
If you want good and reliable
cleaning or dyeing done, there is
just one place In town where you
can get it, and that is at
k 21(3 Center avenue.
do fine work in out
door Photographs. This is the
time of year to have a picture of
your house. Give us a trial.
Agent for the Jamestown Sliding
Blind t'o.—New York.
For Sale.
A fine Farm of seventy acres, two miles
West of Freeport, buildings good as new;,
plenly of watej, fruit of all kinds, soil
good, five good gas wells within mile
of said farm. Price $4,000. For par
ticulars address.
Box 9S. Silvcrville.
Butler Co, Fa.
lK>n't forget to call on us for that new school suit your
flp U>y will need this fall. flr
1 A new line to select frotn anil at prices so low as to be^
flr almost "out-of-sight." |K
| |
SUTLER - - - PA. 1
Our clothing for men for fall and winter wear is alsoj^
worthy of your consideration
Never in the histoiy of the clothing business has the if
price bten so low as at present.
m P. S. —A few suits remain from the half-price sale, which lA
JR go at half-price marked on ticket. JH
To Buy Clothing At These Prices.
Our stock for tall will soon be shipped to us, and we
must clear our tables for it.
So prices have been reduced on everything in our Store.
We will just mention a few of the many bargains we have for^you.
Mens Suits, sizes 34 to 42, at $2 75
Mens Suits, sizes 36 to 40 at $3.50
Mens Suits, sizes 35 to 39, at $5.00
Mens Suits, sizes 33 to 38, at $6.00
Boys Suits, long pants suits, at $1.75
Hoys Suits, long pants suits \ at $3.00
Boys Suits, long pants suits, at $4.00
Beys Suits, long pants suits, at $5.00
Boys Suits, knee pants suits, at 75c
Boys Suits, knee pants suits, at $1.25
Boys Suits, knee pants suits, at $2.00
Boys Suits, knee pants suits at $2.75
78 pairs of Mens pants at 99 cents worth $2.00
123 dozen Mens and Boys shirts at 25 cents worth 50 cts
So come early before the assortment is low, and secure
clothing at less than cost to manufacture it.
Schaul & Nast
LeacMnrt Clothiers, 137 S- Main St., Butler. Pa-
The following piece* of land will be sold
at the Court House on
at 1 o'clock p. m. by th« County Pomrnig
soners land pucha-ed a* Tr a*u--"
er's S lie 'axes.
A 1.1.K1.11KN v T« I*.
100 *«-i. f «•>!)«- <1 ■|r -p •»' -l Villi t.-
1• 1 X • c • i il 1 j1 ix I-9 . U i i.ii'lj
.1:1 «•>.- 'l U.li'S.'t I' • »IV IT I C' M,
. • • h, 111. I. |.( .Ihs J. lly. r> , ihe
n- > tilu lind.<«fVTiu K»r i» h-i.' on tlie
moth by land* of Win Kmuuily,
ISS acres sold as the property of George
Zeigler for taxes of 1891 and 3892. Bound
ed on the north by lauds of T K Graham,
ou the south by lands of John Taggart, on
the east by lands of John Falan and on the
west by lauds of Mary Turk.
1 lot sold as the property of Joseph Carry
for taxes 1892. Bounded on the north by
lands of Mike Gallagher, on the south by
Public road, on the east hy lands of F S
Mi'Ginnie and on the west by lands of Jos
Carry. j
1 lot gold as the property of B W Cress
for taxes 1592. Bounded on the north by
lamls ol Kebecca Flanders, on the south
by a street, on the east by lands of Sulivan
heirs and on the west by lands ol Salivan
5 acres sold as the property of A D
Kmnerer for taxes 1592. Bounded on the
north by lands ol C Danbenspeck, on the
south l:y lands of Fred Barnes, on the east
by lands of C Danbenspeck, and on the
west by lands of J D Kamerer.
1 acre sold as the property of Greenwood
Oil Oo for taxes 1892. Bounded on the
north by lands ot Peter Landgrat, on the
east by lands of W J Boyle, on the sonth
by lands of Peter Landgraf and on the
west by lands ot Peter Landgraf.
1 lot sold as tho property ot Thos J
Moore for taxes 1892. Bounded oil the
north by lands of H L Westerman, on the
eaH by borough line, on the south by lands
of H L Westerman and on toe west by
lands of 11 L Westorman.
25 acres sold as the i ropertv of Daniel
DenDy for taxes 1892. Bounded on the
north by lands of H A McLaughlin, on the
east by lands of D G McLaughlin, on the
south by lands of W T Taylor, and on the
west by lands of R R McDermott.
25 acres sold as tho property of Christy
and Cannon for taxes 1891 and 1892. Bound
ed on the north by lands of R 11 Campbell,
on the east by lands of Reep heirs, on the
south by lands of W T Keep and on the
west by lands of R H Campbell.
10 acres sold as the property of Stanley
Sankey for taxes of 1891. Bounded on the
north by lands of Wm Braham, on tbe oast
by lands of , on the south by
lands of and on the west by
lands of S 0 Bell.
50 acres sold a« the property of Elizabeth
Sedwick for taxes 1891 and 1892. Bound
ed on the north by lands of D 3 Steven
son, on the east by lands of Wm Walker,
on the south by lands of —■ and
on the west by lands of Samuel Sheldon
et al.
50 acre* sold as the property of H A L
Taylor &Co for taxes 1892. Bounded on
the north by lands of James Say, on the
east by lands of H L Ward et al, on the
Bouth by lands of Sedwiok heirs and on the
west by lands of
50 acres sold as the property of A Mo-
Bride for taxes 1892. Bounded on the
north by lands of W P Cochran, on the
east by l&nds of P Moore, on the south ly
lands of C Duffy and on.the west by lands
of J Briceland,
31 acres sold as the property of Michael
V Kelly for taxes 1891. Bounded on the
north by lands of Elizabeth Patterson, on
the east by lands of liose Mcßride, on the
south by lands of John Murrin heirs and
on the west by lands of J J Kelly.
attest Co Commissioners.
Commissioner's Office. Aug. 24th, 1596.
Widows' Appraisements.
The following widows' appraisements of
personal property and real estate set apart
for the beneht of the widows of decedents
have been filed in the office of the Clerk of
Orphans' Court of Butler county, rii.
Widow of George llhatzell ....s.'{oo.oo
Widow of tieor e Li5t............. 295.00
Widow of George Krebs. 299.60
Widow of Samuel Kennedy 300 00
Widow of Jacob Stickle 78.45
Widow of Isaiah X. Byers (realty
and personally 209.75
Widow of John W. Maxwe11....... 300.00
\\ idow of David Keefe..... -. 300,00
Minor children of Mrs. Uattie
Fleeger 81.00
AHI persons interested in the above ap
praisements will take notice that they will
t,e presented for confirmation to the Or
phan*' Court of Butler county, Pa., on Sat
urday the 12th day of Sept. 1896, and
it'no exceptions are filed they will be con
firmed also ablutely,
Clerk O. C-
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Reopened and now ready for the
accommodation of the travellng'pub
Everything in first-c ass style.
N H BROOKS, Clerk.
~~ DR. W. P. McILROY
Formerly known aa the "PBIRLESB PAIN
permanently at 111 Kast Jefferson St., Opposite
Hotel Lowry. Butler. Will do Dental opera
tions of all kinds by the latest derlcesand up
to dale methods.
• J. J. DONALDSON, Dentist.
Butler, Penn'a.J
Artificial Teeth Inserted on the latest lm
jroved plan. Gold Filling •! specialty. Office
ovor Scnaul'B Clotting Store.
Main St.
N aesthetics Administered.
Insurance and Rea! Estate
Funeral Director
37 S. Main, St. Butler FL
I 1t37 k. WajnefSt., office hours,' t io;to:i£l*.;aß
to 3 P. M.
' New Trotttnan Building, Butler, Pa.
Offlu; in toom 8.. Armory Building, Butter