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    the citizen
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New Advertisements.
Executor's Notioo, estate of Jainca Kerr.
Jury list for April 27.
Douglass' new wall paper.
Martmconrt <fc Co. s surries, etc.
Barton's low prices.
Zimmorman's bargain?.
Young's suits.
Bickels shoes.
0. <fc T.'a carpets, etc.
KOTK —All advertisers intending to make
cinges in their a<ls. should notify us cl
th jir intention to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
Administrators and Executors of estatee
caii secure their receipt books at the ClT
zns «!EC9
NOTlCE—Hereafter the price of the
CITIZEN will be SI.OO if paid in advance,
ind $1.23 if not so paid. CITIZE.Y and
Veekly Tribune $1.50 in advance.
—Trilby will be hero on Saturday of
nest week.
—Purvis' anil was shut down for repairs
—Easter bonnets and winter wraps are
strange company.
—The groundhog seems to bo running a
double heador this soason.
—The oid saying, "A green Christinas
makus a white Piaster," was made good this
.. . minor (hildrer of Barnhart Brelj
of \V! .t astown havo been granted a pen
—A i unaway horse, Sunday afternoon
cleared the sidewalk lrom the Court House
to the Wick House.
—Tne convention of school directors to
el*ct a Connty Superintendent will meet
three weeks from next Tuesday.
—John B okel is do:ng a good busiress
at his new place on S. Main St. llis old
cc vomers are following him.
—\V. I). Brandon, and A. M. Cornelius
e.ud son have removed their law office to
the room over Colbert and Dale s store.
—A young man is tickled with his new
moustache, but not half so much as his
best girl is.
—Don't forget "Comrades," at the Park
tonight, by local talent, assisted by Mr. and
and ii rs Henry Beck.
—Disinfectants should be freely used
now. Lime is very powerful disinfectant,
»nd is about tho cheapest that can be had.
—Oil city has a horseless carriage which
is nsed for delivering groceries. The
Blizzard says it works all right. It is
drawn by mules.
Where are yon living now? -Any of
our subscribers who have moved will please
toward their new address to us so that we
can make the change.
An Erie paper tells of a bill received
by directors of the poor from a medical
man, containing the item: "To keeping a
stranger sick all night, 75 cents '
—The latest thing that Edison has in
vented is a nickle-in the-slot X ray ma
chine. You stick your hand in the ma
chine, drop a nickel in tho slot and see
the bones in your hand.
—The members of the Baptist Church
of this town won SSO from the Pittsburg
Times for sending it a list of new subscrib
ers, and besides this the church will get a
commission which will amount to about
$25 more.
—lt is not generally known that when
a person talis into the water a common
felt hat may be made use of a* a life pre
server, and by placing the upon the
water, rim down, with the arm around it,
pressing it slightly to the breast, it will
bear a man up for hours.
—Said a sensible mother to one of our
exchanges: "1 always let my daughters
have their own say about the color of the
lamp shades and the arrangement of the
doylies. I find, as a result, that they are
not in such a hurry to get marriod. The
foundation of most girl's desire to marry is
to live in a house where they can have
their own way about the lamp shades and
—The Washington Post hits the mark
when it says, "The ideal editor is the one
who knows jast what to keop out of his
newspaper." But that kind ol an. editor
has never been born. Mankind finds fault
with tho Almighty, and a newspaper that
has an opinion and its editor has any man
liness or backbone, is obliged to express
opinions at times that are not in accord
with more or less of his readers.
—By act of Assembly supervisors are
empowered to proceed upon the request ol
any landholder whose property fronts upon
a public road, to establish a proper width
and location for a sidewalk along each
Bide of tho highway. The widtfi must
not be less than six feet for 50-foot roads,
and for roads of greater width the sidewalk
shall be 10 feet wide. When established
the law requires the landowner to pay for
and keep the sidewalk in repair.
Mrs. N. C. Core, of the Core Musio Co.,
Butler. Pa., will personally conduct her
annual rirer excursion by steamer Hudson,
Wednosday, May 6th, at 4P. M. Cost of
trip from Pittsburg sl2, Butler $13.70,
This trip occupies one week with one full
day for sight seeing in Cincinnati. Tickets
extended for all who may wish to remain
for May Musical Festival, or for a longer
period. A string band accompanies these
recursions, and we hope to make it a re
pei tion of our former enjoyable outings.
Cut this out, it will not appear in this
form again.
—The following is the program for the
U. Y. L. meeting this evening—the last of
the season—Address of Welcome, Col.
Criswell; Singing by Legion; Address,
Col. JAS. Henry; recitation, Miss Lara
Jennimrs; Instrumental music, Miss Fannie
McElwain; Address, Com. Jno. T. Kelly;
recitation, Miss Mary Ayres; Solo, entitled
The 801 l Call, Mrs. C. E. Herr; lecitation,
Miss Amanda Smith; instrumental duel,
Misses Maud Connor and Carrie Gahagan;
recitation, Miss Nellie Nixon; address
Com. A. G. Williams. All are invited.
—The growing of cabbage by farmers in
Waterford, Erie county, and vicinity, has
been a profitable business for several years
past. The Leader, of that place, states
that shipping figures show that the past
season more than 1,200 tons of marketable
cabbage was raised, the price realized
ranging lrom $8 to $23 a ton on tho cars.
The large bulk of the crop was handled in
car lots, there having been 56 full cars,
containing 822 tons, shipped from Water
ford station and about 20 car loads, or 300
tons, fri.m Sampsonville ami Jackson
—The Legislature of Ohio has passed a
bill to prohibit the wearing of hats in !
theatre a. The Bradford Era say* that in
that place all ladies wearing offensively
high hats remove them daring »;hea f rical
performances. The high hat nuisance is
not particularly felt in the Butler Opera
House, as the seats slope toward the stage,
giving those in tho rear an occasional
glimpse of wtnt is going on back of the
footlights, 3ut in the chnrches it often
happens that a towering head goar shuts
off preacher, pulpit and all, and makes
heaven itsoli' soem too far off to bother
—W. A. Fisher has purchased the
Grove & McVullin grocery.
—One of the large culvert pipes in Blu fi
St, between Clay and Pean is busted,,
end there is a dangerous hole in tho streot
—A charter was grantod it Harrisburg
yesterday, to the Cutler and Pittsburg R
R. Co., with an authorized capital of $o
—The scholars who attended the schoo
taught by Thomas Herri* in Butler f.om
1839 to 1852 will hold a reunion in the old
brick school building on Jefferson St on
the 30th if May next.
—At a weddiuit to occur in Meadville
four ministers, with a Bishop at the head,
have been engaged on the .splicing job. It
is said that a three fold cord is not easiiy
broken, but a four-ply tio ought to hold
for quite a spell.
—Says a Rhode Island paper: "The
fact is well known that the Pie Lelt lios
wholly north of Masoa and Dixon s line,
Some ono elso has defined the pie belt as
rnnniDg the length of New England, then
westward through New York and Pennsyl
vania, and so on to the great grain region
west of the Mississip )i.
—The cold weather of last week mado
the blue birds seek shelter. A farmer
lately told us that after warm weather el
in last Spring ho sawed a hollow limb off
a largo apple tree in his orchard, and that
fourtoen dead blue birds dropped out of it.
They crawled in a knot hole to escape a
blizzard and had cither been frozen or
smothered. "
—The roads throughout the county are
reported as being in a horrible condition
this spring. Surely the farmers should get
stirred up and tako some action that will
lead to batter roads for their own use.
When the roads dry uu, would it not be a
good idea for the Supervisors to put their
scrapers on and follow this by running a
heavy roller over the roai. This would
make the roads good at least one month
before they wonld be otherwise —Ex
—The word "cigar" is of Spanish origin,
and is from cigarra, meaning, grasshopper.
Tobacco was first raised in gardens.
Cigarra! is Spanish for garden, meaning,
literally, the place where the grasshopper
sings. So in the early days, when a Span
iard would take some dried tobacco leaves
from his garden and roll them up for
smoking purposes, he would offer one to a
friend with the remark, "Es de mi cigar
ral," meaning thereby that "this is from
my garden," Subsequently the expression
became "Este earro es do mi cigarral"—
this grasshopper is from my grasshoppery,
or this roll of tobacco is from my garden.
—The wide wagon tire law provides that
persons who shall own and 'ise draught
wagons on the public highways with tires
not less than four inches in width' for
hauling 2,000 pounds weight shall for each
year receive a rebate of one-fourth thoir
assessed highway tax. A farmer who has
wide tires on all his wagons except one
asked the Attorney General at Harrisburg
if ho were entitled to a reduction of road
tax. The Attorney General concluded, in
substanee, that if a farmer has six wide
tire wagons and one narrow tired, the lat
ter readers the others null and void so for
as a rebate is concerned.
—Tho vegetarians point with pride to
the fact that many of tne world's great
and famous people never eat any meat.
For example, Count Tolstoi, who amid the
wilds of Kussia, produces books that are
read the world over; "Ouida," the novel
ist, who finds a fruit 3iet an essential to
successful fiction writing; Mrs. Mona
Caird, who flourishes on the same susten
ance; and Prof. Mayor, the profound Cam
bridge scholar, who lunches on a piece of
broad and an apple, and declares that high
tninking has no greater enemy than flesh
feeding. Thoro are plenty of people, how
ever, who would rather cling to the flesh
pots than become like Tolstoi,, Ouida or
Mrs. Caird,
—The Kids were delighted with their
"Rabbit's nests" last Sunday morning.
The significance of tiie Easter egg is ex
plained as follows:—"In Germany and
among the Pennsylvania Germans toy
rabbits or hares, made of caDton flannel
stuffed with cotton, are given to tho chil
ren on Easter morning, they being told
that this Oshter has laid tho Easter eggs.
This custom is derived from the legend
that the hare was originally a bird, and
was changed into a ijuadruped by the god
dess OsLara or Estre. and, in gratitude to
I her, the haro exercises its original bird
function to lay eggs lor the goddess on her
festal day."
New Buildings.
W. G. Zeigler has broken ground for a (
fine new blick dwelling house on Mifflin ]
W. A. Stein is building au addition to j
his handsomo home on Mtllin St.
Dr. Pillow's fiue residence or. W. Jefl'er- '
son St is almost ready for occupancy.
Harry Hinchberger's now house on
Franklin St. is almost completed.
Mr. O'Donnel has the cellar excavated
for a new house on Pcnn St.
Dr. Kisller's Veterinary hospital on W.
Jeffeison St. is nearing completion.
J. G. <t W. Compbell have removed
their stock of hardware to the Heinemin
building and work on tearing down their
old building will be commenced this weok.
The Markets.
Our grocers are paying 12 cts for eggs, 20
for butter, 20 for potatoes, ii cts for cab
bago, 40 for onions, 60 for parsnips.
Apples from down along the river t.re sell
ing for $1.40.
At Herr's Island Monday, beeves sold at
$2.35 to $4.33; bulls, dry cows, oxen etc at
$1 00 to $3 10. Hogs at $2 75 to $4.15;
sheep at 50 to $4.25; lambs at 75 to SB.OO,
and calves at $2 90 io $5.25.
Y. M. C. A. HALL.
Tho Brocket Sextelle Concert Co.'will give
a concert in the Y. M. C. A. Hall for tho
benefit of the Baptist church, tomorrow
evening, April 10th. This promises to be
one of the best entertainment, ever given
in Butler, and 200 tickets have already
beon sold.
Having secured for our head trimmer,
Miss Grace Divley, who has been
engaged for the last 8 years with
some of the largest wholesale and re
tail millinery houses in Pittsburg,
and Cleveland, we are confident we
can please you iu stylo and prices at
The People's Store.
1 Underwear—a specialty at HECK'S
his stock is largest and finest ever
offered in Bu*'e»
L I)o you want a hat or cap? HECK
has them and can save you money,
, If you want to save money walk
, around to Martincourt & Co's. and
j I buy your robes and blankets.
Vox Populi—liny your clothing,
' underwear, hosiery, hats, caps, sox
! and neckwear of D. A. HECK, and
1 save money.
Having made great improvmenta
in our Millinery Department we cnn
show you goods to a much better ad
vantage than last spring, having
obtained the newest'novclties in each
and every department at The Peo
ple's Store.
The Superior Court met in Pittsburg,
Monday, in the supreme court room, and
will hear cases from Allegheny county this
week and next. Cases from Butler county
will be heard May 11th. The cises going
going up from this connty are those of Mc-
Clymonds vs Stewart. Murtlar.d vs Cal.a
han (2 cases), and the appeals of Dr. J:>hn
son and T. S. Peters.
Letters of administration were granted
to D W DoatLett on estate of James M
Shonp of Mars.
The will of George Kt-iber of Butler was
probated no letter?; will of Margaret
Keiber and letters to All M and George
Reiber; a!so will of James Kerr of Harris
ville and loiters to J M Galbreath.
Daniel H Wuller has replevined one
surrey vs Delmer F Reed.
Minnie Stewart has brought suit for di
vorce vs W. F. Stewart.
The Commissioners would like tax-col
lectors to settle up as soon a possible.
A J Burr to Philip Burr 31 acres in For
ward for $l3O.
Jacob Whitmire to Matilda Coyle lot in
Butler for SI,OOO.
Philip Kradol to A M Eyman lot in Har
mony for S4OO.
A S Marshall to W S Harman 23 acres
in Muddycreek for SBSO.
Geo W Huselton to Levi M Wise lot in
Butler for $1,750.
J G Griffen to Michael Higgens 32 acres
in Yenango for $lO3.
Jfattio Ballard to Henry Foltz lot in
Mars for $450.
S Walker Stewart to Jos F Low lot in
B itler for £3OO.
John McGonegal to W W Morrison 09
acres in Slippeiyrock for $l,lOO.
Jas Bredin to Henry Lefever 106 acres
in Middlesex lor $4,000.
Kezzie II Miller to Thos F Niggle lot in
Butler for $l,lOO.
E P Shatter to J L Rvnsey lot in Leu
frew for $250. .
Abo Mover to W M Purdin lot in Har
mony for $1,900.
Geo W Wnght, ex'r, to John H Sutton
lot in Butler for $2,200.
Wm Walker to A W Akins lot in Butler
lor $4,000.
John Keister to Geo F McQuistion lot in
Coaltown lor S6O.
Geo F McQuistioa to I N Bryson lot in
Coaltown for SSOO.
J S McNally et al assigned leases in
Middlesex ?o j" S Patterson et al for $40,-
000, and W A Geohring et al to Forest Oil
Co. leases in Adams lor $19,000.
M Cypher to Catharine Cypher 23 acres
in J ell'er son lor S3OO.
Marriage Licenses
G L Oliver Kittanning
Dellie M Clingeusmith Butler
Harvey II Iman - Magic
Elmma B Bryan
Wm S Harmer Muddycreek twp
Tirzah Cleeland... Portersville
Harry Hilliard ? ut J er
Annie Harper St Joe
Josiah M Timblin Butler
Lizzie V01ar'........----.---- Butler twp
John Connelly.... Butler
Mary Dibbson. ......Butler twp
Wm H Goehring Botler
Emma A Croneswett "
George G Knock ......Pleeger
Ada Brown ...Clay twp
Wilbert Bowser Batjer
Ada Bnyder "
AlbertO Kelly Bovard
Clara Cannan Glenora
Elmer W Davis Butler
Josepbino Fields Youngstown, O
Robert A Leibert.... Butler
Florence M Covert
Geo E Sherman Butler
Bertha Dickey....
Elmer L F0re5t........... -..-Glade Mills
Renie Snyder "
At Pittsburg—W. F. Barnhart of Butler
Co., and Beile Hunter of Allegheny.
The following is a schedule of the pay
ing prices of the Producers and Ritiners
Co.,jand the Standard tor the past week.
Producers. Standard
April 1 *1 29 $1 29
•« J 127 127
« 4 127 125
•< 6 127 125
<• 7 127 122
•< 8 1 27* 122
" 9 1 27i 122
Bio CKEEK —Alexander Bros & Co. sold
thier leases on the Voeghtly farm Am
berson field *o tho Forest Oil Co. for S2O,
000. They had about 80 bbls. production.
L. M. Wise, Alexander & Go's Xo 1,
Jno. Peffer Eidenau field is spudding,
Lenz Schlagle, <fc Co's well in same field is
pumping, and said to be good for GO bbls.
E. H; Staufl'er, Guckert & Co. have a
well in the sand on the Stamm, looking
VENANGO TWP. —Judge McJunkin struck
an 8 bb'. well on his farm in Venango twp.
last week.
MIDDLESEX —Patterson Jfc Co's Xo 5
Whiteside is showing for from 150 to 200
EVANS CITV —The Bolard & Dale well
on tho Waldron is showing for a fair pro
ducer. Lentz <i Ruvsell's Xo 1 Ganz near
Eidenau is standing full of water.
The Xational Transit is putting in a
pump station near the mill in the Stamin.
McNally & Starr's well on the Winter
is dry in the 100 foot and is boiDg drillel
to the lower sands.
Youngblood it Co's well on the Winter
is duo this week.
Greenlee £ Hays on the Young havo
drilled their well to the boulder and have
a fair gasserr Younkins Bros have a fair
gasscr across the creek,
Protection Against Fires.
The J. S. Campbell hose company an
nounces that the Treble Clef Club, will
give a benefit concert in the Park Theatre
on Tuesday ovening, April 21. The Treble
Clef Club is composed of twelve of Butler's
best lady singers, and the remembrance of
the delightful concert they gave in Febru
ary is still with us. Tho ladies are con
fident of exceeding their former efforts,
and have prepared an entirely new pro
gram for this concert. It is hinted that
one or two of the number in view are
original, and contain several local and per
sonal allusions. Tho program is composed
;of a wide variety of music, including the
old favorite gong ''Last Night" a splendid
arrangement of "Annie Laurie" and sev
eral very amusing ditties. Solos will be
contributed by members of the Club and
Mr. Carl Leighner who has beon studying
music in the East for tho past year, in
view of the popularity of tho Treble Clef
Club, and Ihe worthy object of the concert
tho Opera House will doubtless be packed.
Lace Curtains.
The latest Style and largest stock
at The People's Store.
Girls wanted at The People's Store
to learn the millinery trade.
Miss anything but FiniHey's Cry
stal Photos. Crystal types are tak
ing tho lead, ma le only at Findley's
P. O Building, Branch studio Mars,
at Mars every Tuesday.
Wait for our second Easter open
ing of the Millinery Department of
The People's Store, April 2, 3 and 4.
Oh Mamma—you ought to see the
big pile 3 of childrena suits at HECK'S
ouly $1.25, you can't get the same in
town for less than $2.50,
Wanted—Natures Compound, the
true health assistant, in every home.
Purifies the blood, gives a good na
ural appetite, tones the entire system
Having purchased a large line of
muslin, calico, shirting print, indigo
, bine and Simpson's print, below last
j years prices, we will be able to offer
I you the best goods at lowest prices,
j at the People's Store.
Robes and blankets cheaper than
I any whero elso at Martincourt & Co's.
Jim Heydrick is in E. Kentucky.
Geo. ll&ben has built a tailor shop on his
lot on Locust St.
W. W. Bell of Washington was in town.
Jno. P. Thompson has raoied to a farm
noar North Washington
Harry Moorhead has moved back to
Butler from Tarcntum.
Esq. Gilghrist is occupying his office on
S. Main St.
Clarence Iteiber came home from Thiel
college Greenville, for the Easter holidays.
E. L English of Warren, O. is visiting
his folks in Franklin twp. Everybody is
for McKinlcy in Ohio.
Elmer Kelly has moved to Washington
St., and Thos. W. Fhillips will occupy tho
2d floor of the Aland building for offices.
W. H. Goehring, the messenger, and
Miss Emma Cronenwett were married,
Levi M. Wise, Esq. purchased the llus
elton lot on Main St., 40 feet front, lor
On Saturday, April 4, J. M. Timlin and
and Miss Lizzie Voland both of Butler
were married by Rev. H. E. Snyder, A.M.
Rev. Mosheim Rhodes lectures on "Ban
yan and his Timos"' in the Grace Lntheran
church, next Monday evening.
J. P. McMiiUin, late -J of Grove & McMul
lin, Grocers, iatouds I ocating in Sisters
Mrs. Kellerman has returned from Chi
cago where she was visiting her sister Mrs.
Eaton who was seriously ill.
W. R. Patterson enjoyed his ".rip to
Scran ton where hs attended L. S. Court
as a juror, very much.
Chas EshenbiJgh of W. Sunbury went
to bed about the middle of February last,
and has refused to either get up or eat
since. So says the Pittsburg papers.
Mrs. Samuel Weigle, of Prospect is at
the home of her son Ford on West Jeffer
son St. who is seriously ill of grippe.
Pres. wrts in town, in business, Tuesday.
Major Anderson, our astute Burgess,
has been walking a trifle more erect than
usual since last Wednesday, when the
Ptiilabelptiia Press, containing pictures of
himself and Bismark appeared in Butler.
J. A. McElvane, who was seriously in
jured by the railroad wreck, last week is
yet at the West Penn hospital, and his
family is at Huston Russell's in Cherry
twp." Mr. Walker of W. Pearl St., who
had several ribs broken by the same ac
cident is doing well, but is ia constant
pain day and night.
Ed. J. Ross removed his goods to Zelie
nopla this week, he having secured steady
employment in a harness lactory located
tiiero. The people of that place will fiud
Mr. Ross a good citizen, as his employer
has already found bim a competent and
skilllul workman at his irade. Wo regret
the departure of Mr, Ross and family from
our town. —Grove City Telephone.
Walter McDonald, of Centreville was
slightly burned by an explosion of gas,
while blowing out the gas line, a few days
ago, and the valve house was burned.
S. F. Latham, a tool dresser on tho
Shoup well near Evans City, was thrown
upwards some twonty feet by the sudden
j dropping of stuck tools a few days ago,
j fell upon tho break beam, and was serious
ly injured.
Oliver Thompson was somewhat injured
by the fall of a partition wall in the old
Stewart building, now being demolished,
Petor Jyamerer tpraiiied his back
severely a few days ago.
A large audience assembled in the U.
P. church, Sunday evening to bear Will
MeConneil in the Temperanoe question.
MoConaell is very radical in his opiulonu.
The large audience that assembled in
the Baptist church Sunday evening were
delighted with the liaster music. Thero
were nine pieces in the choir. Don't for
get the concert, Friday evening by thu
Crocket Sextette.
The new Grace Lutheran church will be
dedicated next Sunday morning, lie".
Mosheim Rhodes, ot St. Louis will deliver
the sermon. Services that evening by
Rev. Swart* of Worthington.
They Say!!'!
77 breaks up a Cold.
77 knocks out the Grip.
77 stops Ihe Saullies.
77 cures the Cough.
77 soothes the Throat.
77 works wonders in Catarrh.
77 is peerless lor Influenza.
77 prevents Pneumonia.
77 clears Clergyman's Throat.
77 restores Lost Voioe.
77 annihilates Hoarseness.
77 is a sheet anchor for Singers.
77 aids Respiration.
77 is Dr. Humphreys' Latest and Great
est Discovery.
77 tho' priceless, sells for a quarter.
77 is sold by druggists Everywhere,
or sent upon reoeipt of price. Humphreys'
Mediciue Co , 111 £• 113 William St ,
New York.
Change in Street Number of the Penn
sylvania Railroad Company's City
Office, Pittsburgh.
On account of the rearrangement of
street numbers in Pittsburg by tho city
authorities, the office oi Mr. Thomas E.
Watt, Passenger Ageut Western District,
Pennsylvania Railroad, as well as the
city ticket office, corner of Fifth Avenue
and Suiithfield Street, Pittsburgh, will be
changed on April 15 from No. 110, present
number, to No. 360 Fifth Avenue.
Say Papa—did you see HECK'S
neckwear, it beats anything you ever
Trunks, yalises, bags and tele
copes—at HECKS.
Pants—Oyer 2000 pairs to select
from, at prices, oh well, don't men
tioc them, its awful, where it
Sox aDd shirts, all wool and a yard
wids, cheaper than the oheapest—at
Heck's, 121 N. Main St.
—BoardingHouse Cards, with Act
of Assembly, 25 cents for half-a-doaen,
.or sale at CITIZEN office.
MUSlC'—Scholars wanted at 128 W
Wayne St. Also nicely furnished
room to rent.
Save a day's wages oy baying
robes and blankets at Martincourt &
We invite yon to examine our
spring stock of dry goods and milli
nery at The People's store, 323 S.
Main St.
i More robes and blankets than you
ever saw in one store in your life, at
Martincourt & Co's.
Having received our spring goods, 1
i we can show you a splendid line of
, wash goods of all kinds, dress ging
hams, plaids, etc, at The People's
. Store.
' Job work done hore. Subscribe
or the CITIZEN.
i ■
c. wicK
tiALKR 15
! Rough and Med Lumber
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mouldings,
f Shingles and Lath
3 Always In Stock.
r Oflicu opposite P. AjW. Depot,
n House In Donnievllle on P. & W. 11. K. 6 room
new Irame house, lot looxiso. Terms easy.
!• Address R, F. Crawfobd.
.Valencia, Pa.
Doings of the Town Council.
At the meeting of Council, Tuesday even
ing. the Report of thi Borough Auditors
was road and referred to the Finance Com
mittee, now composed of Dan Younkins,
J. S. Jack and 11. A. Tiltcn. During the
year Treasurer Lawall received $48,036.59,
and on ilarch 9tn had $2,762.58 in his
hands, though tho outstanding warrants
amount to $7,330.58. The report will be
published in full.
J. D. Marshall presented a petition for
tho paving of Washington St., from Jefler
son street to Pearl street, and it was re
ferred to the Paving Committee.
Harry Rinimer was granted a plumber s
license, and gave bond in SSOO.
The official bond of J. B. Mathers in S2OO
was approved.
A petition of Emma Taggert et al was
referred to the Water Committee with
powpr to act.
The solicitor was requested to prepare
an ordiance for the opening of Franklin St.
and ask for viewers on tho Baldauf proper
Tho Committees for tho following year
are as follows.
Streets—Sypher, Lawall, Irvine, Miles
and Aiken.
Sidewalks—Grohman, Irvine, Manny,
Younkins and Aiken.
Finance —Younkins, Tilton aud Jack.
Paving—Sypher, Shufilin and Lowry.
Sewers —Grieb, Lowry and Lawall.
Police —Lowry, Jack and Many.
Light—Shufilin, Grohman and Kemper
Water—Lawall, Tilton and S'nufflin.
Fire —Grieb, Tilton and Kemper.
Garbage—Kemper, Miles and Aiken.
Several matters were referred to the
proper committees, and Council adjourned
to meet at call of chairman.
URDAY, THE 18th.
Mr. Potter has made "Trilby" a play
that fairly teems with the action and dra
matic effect. The story is told in a com
prehensive, straight-forward manner.
Every situation is reasonable and uatural
thero are no anti-climaxes, no repetitions,
no extraneous theatrical all times. Mr.
Potter has followed the book rather more
faithfully that is tha custom with the
average dramatist. Most of the charac
ters have been reproduced with woader
ful fidelity. Little Billee, Taffy and the
Laird are" Du Maurier's portraits brought
to life. is depicted with horrible
realism, Gecko is the same weird, pitiable
specimen of a musical enthusiast that the
book portrays. Jolly Zou Zoa, reckless
Dodor and tho half Uoien other minor
characters which have become so well
known and admired by the public are all
graphically represented.
Regarding Triloy there will bo a differ
ence of opinion, that is as to her relation
to Du Maurier's "Trilby," as to herself Ml
will agree that the stage "Trilby," is
thoroughly charming. For the sake of
dramatic effect, Mr. Potter has changed
"Trilby's" character to tho extent of mak
ing her weaker in her love for Little
Billee than was the original. She does
not mqko a -willing sacrifice for her lover's
sake, she is taken away from him by tho
hypnotic art of Svengali. This may not
be so noble, but it is certainly more in ac
cord with human nature- In other re
spects the stage character does not differ
materially from that of the book, though
of course, it is not possible to present all
the varying shqdes of "Trilby's" charming
nature so graphically described b7 Du
A company of admirable players have
been brought together by Manager Palmer
for the interpretation of "Trilby." Every
role is taken by a competent person, and
thero is an attention to minor details that
is most commendable. "Trilby" will be
presented at the Park Opera House on
Saturday the 19th
Decollete Dresses Down South.
A popular and well-known lady of cen
tral Mississippi visited New Orleans at the
MardiGras for the first time. She was
delighted with the city, but was consid
erably shocked at the,"decolletones3" of
some of the costumes at the balls.
| [One day while there she was entertained
at a fashonable dinner, and upon her ro
turn to the house of the friend whom she
was visiting, she was askod to doscribe
some of the oostumes worn.
"What did Mrs. C wear?" said her
"I didn't look under the table; but she
didn't have on anything above it."
Hotel Ktitier
J. H. FAUBEL,, Prop'r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated, remodeled, and re
fitted with new furniture and
carpets; has electric bells and al
other modern conveniences fot
guests, and is as convenient, and
desirable a home for strangers as
can be found in Butler, Pa.
Elegant sample room for use of
commercial men.
Hotel Willard.
Reopened and now ready for the
accommodation of the traveling pub- ,
Everything in first-c ass style.
M H BROOKS, Clerk.
Butler Savings Bank
Butler, Pa.
Capital - - $60,000-00
Surplus and Profits, $104,000.00
JOS. Is. PUR\ IS ...President
J. HENTROUTMAN Vice-President
WM. CAMPBELL, Jr Cashier
LOUIS B. STEIN ".'.'.'.'...Teller
DIRECTORS -Joseph 1.. Purvis, j. Henry I
Troutraau, W. D.Brandon, W. A. stein. J. S.
The llutler Saving Bauk Is the Oldest Ban k
ing Institution In Butler County,
general banking business transacted
Wo solicit accounts of oil prodncers, mer
chants, farmers and others.
AH Business entrusted to us wIU receive
prompt attention.
Interest paid on time deposits,
The Butler County National Bank
Capital paid in $100,000.00
Surplus and Profits $87,962.35
Jos. Hartman, President; J. V. Ritts.Vice
President; C. A. Bailey, Cashier; John G
McMarlin, A ss't Cashier.
A general banking business transacted.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Money loaned on approved security.
We invite vou to open an account with this
DIRECTORS— Hon. Joseph Hartman. Hon. W.
S. Waldron, Dr. N. M. Hoover, H. McSweeney.
E. K. Abrams, C. P. Collins, 1. G.Smith, Leslie
P. Bazlett, M. Flueean. W. tlenry Wilson, John
Humphrey, Dr. W. C. McCanaless, Ben Masseth,
Harry Heasley, J. V. Rttts.
ils what yon should look for when buy-i
Jing whiskeys or liquors; ours aro guar-J
Janteed pure; if you buy from us you get J
£them direct from the U. S. Governments
barrel; there is no better guar
iantee. 0
Speak for Themselves:*
J 2 year old. Pure Rye. 12.00 per gallon. J
« 14 " " " " |*so •• •• E
5 Special price list oil Wines, etc.,
•application. No extra charge (or jug.-#
•,>r packing. Give us a trial order. #
# 188 Federal St., Allegheny, Pa. #
The New R. R. to Pittsburg.
It is generally suppi-sed that the Pitts
burg aud Shenango K. K. will be extended
from Butler to Fitt-burg this summer. A
Greenville dispatch says that the linancia!
part of the program was arranged in Xew
York, the sum ot £4,000,000 lieing guar
anteed by a syndicate. The immense
freight carrying contracts recently made
with the Carnegie interests will require
nearly double the present number of train
men "and shop employes, nearly all of
whom will live in Greenville. One of
; three routes from Butler to Pittsburg is
under consideration, and the final surveys
will be made at once.
The route from Butler will probably be
down the west side of the creelf to Thorn
Creek or Glado Hun and up it and then
down one of the branches of Bullcroek to
the Allegheny river
The route as surveyed through the south
end of Butler annihilates both the I, J. Mc-
Candless and John X. Patterson houses,
crosses tne creek on a high bridge, and
tunnels through the hill on the south side.
Regarding tho new road Mr Caruegie is
quoted as follows:
As to his reported deal with President
Dick of the Pittsburg, Shenango A Lake
Erie railroad, hn said: <- It isnot a new
road. It is only an extension of the lino
that now exists, which gives its traffic to
the Baltimore & Ohio railroad at Butler.
Last year it took eighteen days upon an
average for tho cars to make the trip be
tween Butler and Pittsburg, a distance of
about 80 miles, and we had great difficulty
in getting 1 the neccessary supply of ore.
Pre-ident Dick obtained $5,000,000 to ex
tend his lino to our work- at Braddock.
It was the key to the back door of Pitts
"Our new furnace at Duquesne will re
quire more than 1,000,000 tons of orejevery
year, and with the additional facilities
obtained by the new direct line, we shall
be able to get it promptly.
'•lt is no new competing line. We have \
always received a large part of our oro |
over it. Even with the improved line, I
think '.hat we shall be hard pushed with
oxisting facilities to get all the ore we
require. We new use about 9,000 tons a
day, an amount that wiil give all the rail
roads plenty to do.
"We could not get along without the
extension of the Dick road. When busi
ness is active, as it was a portion of last
year, we could hardly get enough ore to
run the old furnaces.
"Pittsburg needs additional railroad fa
cilities. It is always in trouble when a
boom comes "
wearing good clothes
is a good habit and
our clothes are good
habits We want to
help you lorm this
good habit. Begin
now! in a short time
you will be convinced
we have saved you
money and that you
are always dressed in
good taste. Good
taste in dress secures
a cordial recognition
for those who show
it. No man can tell
how much injury a
shabby appearance
may do him. Our
handsome new Spring
stock is now ready
for your selection.
Our customers are always satisfied with
' the clothes we make for them. The fit
is perfect and the workmanship the best.
You owe it to yourself and your friends
to be well dressed. It will give you a
better standing among your fellow men.
Call and let us show you our Spring
No Reflection can be made against
clothing which comes from Cooper &
Co. It has always been our pride that
our patrons are the best dreseed men in
town. We make your clothes to fit
we're paid for it and we doit. misfits
at Cooper & Co's\
A Swell Man. A man may have every
requisite for an elegant appearance, but
if he lacks neatly fitting clothes his ap
pearance is unsatisfactory. We charge
no more for making your clothes fit than
other tailors do for a misfit. We sell the
fit and not the customer. Call and give
us a Trial Order.
Cor. Diamond, Butler, Pa
'2, and Do Not Make Five.
It's quite a problem to please
everyone's taste in any line you
may select and particularly of
jewelry, silver novelties, cut glass,
etc., but I'm sure you will find
what you want in my large stock
and at such prices that defy com
petition. I am making a spe.
cialty of nobby and find Goods
and want your trade.
1 j —Job work of all kinds done at tfca
1 Citizin Omo*
erhaps you don t know how
eady u e are on
"E 1 everything relation to prescrip
tions -
it will not be amiss to
( i
all your attention to the
A rompt service given
0 everything of the kind placed
1 """ir hands
prescripts . - l -nent
was so complete
ave you money too.
C. Itf. BOYD.
Diamond Block, - Butler, Pa
Western Pernsylvama Division,
Schodule in Effect May 20, 1895.
South, —Week Days
utu* Leave*'j»" oo' li si 2**s 'a *6
'•'axonburc.. .Arrive 654 828 11 M 311 52*
liutler Jet.. " 727 848 12 12 340 553
Butler Jet.. ..Leave 7 30 tw 1217 340 55
Natrona Arrive 738 853 12 2>; 350 602
Tarentum 743 903 1231 357 cor
Sprlugdale 752 912 12 44 407
Ciaremont 807 925 1259 421 02'
Sharpsbarg Sls 93t loT 4 18 G3-
Allegheny city 8 -jg 344 124 440 G45
A. 31. A. M. P. M. I*. M. P. M.
SCXDAY TRAIN'S Leavo Butler tor Alle
k'l" njr CUy aud principal Intermediate stations
7:40 A. M„ 2:30 anil 00 P. M.
North. Week Days —'—
A. M. A. M, A. Jl. P. >!. P. .M,
Allegheny City..Lv. 655 900 1125 315 ulO
SUarpsburg 7oi ul3 11 3a ....
Claremont..., .... 9lu 11-16
spring-dale 930 11 »9 .... c3B
Tarentum 732 93& 120s 351 64s
Natrona 737 943 1213 355 tis
ButlerJc't Ar 745 950 1223 404 7oi
Butler Jc't Lv 745 950 12 3» 415 702
Saxonburg 810 lo 15 12 59 440 725
rfcruu: Ar. 835 10 38 :25 506 1 50
SUNDAY f KAlNn—Leave Allegheny CUy lor
Butler and principal tutermedittte stations 7:jo
A. M.. 1233 and 7;JO F. M-;
Weok Day* For tho Eaft Week Days,
p. m. a. m. a. m. p. in.
245 625 Lv BCTLKR. .. Ar 10 38 125
340 727 Ar Butler Jc't Lv 950 12 3'.
404 745 Lv Butler Jc't Ar 940 12 31
410 749 Ar Freeport.. Lv 835 12 30
413 753 " Alleg'y Jc't " 931 12 21
42d 804 " Leechburg.. " 920 12 It
446 821 "Paulton(Apollo" 905 11
514 851 " Saltsburg "8 37 1132
550 922 '• Biairsville "8 05 11 00
600 930 "Biairsville las'n' - 7 45 10 15
850 11 35* Altoona..,,j 40 BGO
100 310 " H*rrisburg..."ll 90 5 \r.
430 (i 23 " Philadelphia. '® 50 11 20
a - 3'- P- , p.m. p.m.
ihrongh trains for the east leave Pitts
burg (Union Station) as follows:
Atlantic Express, daily 310 A.M.
Pennsylvania Limited " 715 "
Day Express, •' 730 "
Main Line Epress •' .....8 00 "
Philadelphia Express " 430 P. M.
Eastern Express " 700 "
Fast Line " .....8 10 "
For detailed information, addrecs Thos.
E. Watt, Paes. A gt. Westorn Distriot, 110
Fifth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
Ge-ioral Manager. Gen'l Fassr. Agent.
P. & W. R. R.
Schedule In effoct May 12, 1595. (Butler time)
Tho Short Line to Pittsburg.
6.25 a m Allegheny Ex r>.2sam, Allegheny A'
8.15 a m Airy & Akron 10.00 a m.AI H. N Castl.
lo.its a m Allegheny Ac 12.20 p m. AlleghenyE.
2.55 p m Allegheny £x 5.05 pm. Allegheny Ex
3.50 p m Chicago Ex. 7.30 pm, All y & Akron
6.05 p m All'y & Ell. Ex s.OO p m, Allegheny Ex
10.05 a m Kane & Brad. 8.05 am, Foxburg Ac
5.15 p m Clarion Ac 9.60 a lu, Clarion Ac
7.35 p m Foxburg |s.2o p 111, Kane Mall
8.15 am. DeForest Ac >O.OO a m,Allegheny Ac
11.40 a m, Allegheny EX 1.05 p ra, Alieglieny K>
?.50 pm, Chicago Ex ~.05 pm, Allegheny Ex
C.05 pm, Allegheny A' 7.30 pm, DeForest Ac
. Train arriving at at 5.05 p m leaves B & O de
pot, Pittsburg, at 3 :15 o'clock.
Butler and Greenville Coach will leave Alle
gheny at 320 p. m, daliy except Sunday. Con
necting at Wulowgrove, arriving at Butler at
Pullman Buffet Sleeping Caw and arst-class
nay Coaches run through between Butler and
Chicago daily.
For through tickets to points lu the West
Northwest or Southwest apply to
A. B. CROUCH, Agent
Trains leave the B. A' O. depot In Pittburg
lot the East as follows.!
For Washington D' C., Baltimore, Philadel
phia, and New York, 7:30 aud :r:2O p. m
Cumberland, 6:40, 7 :30, a.m. 1 :10, 9:20 p. m. COll
- ff:10, 7:30. a. 111. 1.10, 4.30, 4.45, 5.30, 9.20
O- m. Unioutown, 7.20 a. m.. 1 .10. 4.30, 5.30 p. m.
Unlontown, MorgaPtowß and Fairmont, 7,30, a,
m. auds,3op.m. Mt.Pleasant 6.40. 7.30 a. m.
10 and 4.30 pm. Washington, Pa., 7 40 and
.30 a. m., 4.00,4.45 and 9.00, 11.55 p. m. Wheel
ing, 7.40. and 9.30 a. in., and 1.00, 9.00. 11.55 p,
u. Cincinnati, St. Louis, Columbus and New
ark. 7.40 a. m.. 9.10, 11.55 p, m.
For Chicago, 2.40 and 9.30 p. m.
Parlor and sleeping cars to baltlmoi"- Wasli
ngtou, Cincinnati and cuicaeo, '
P. S. & L. E. R. R.
Takes "effect Monday. N0v.;23 189".
Trains are run by Standard Central Time (90th
Meridian.) One hour slower thar City Time.;
Goixg North- • Going South
10 ; U I 12 STATIONS 9 j 11 13
p.m'pm.'p.m. Arr Lv 'ea.m. a.m. p.m.
.... 4 55 2 30 Buffalo 5 35 12 20
... 3 *AI[ lOT Dunkirk 65C 149
a. m.
I 00 1 42 9 48 Krle C 10 8 35 3 35
6 25 i oy 9 is . Wallace Junct. 6 47 a 15; 4 12
C 20 04 9 11 Glrard 6 50 C 18 4 15
609 12 54 859 Loekport. ... 700 929 4 26
60212 *8 851 . Cranestllle. ■ 7 OS, 9 4 34
t 4;! . .:7T110~22 ar.Couneaut lv.-—| 740 3 10
3 10' I 7 40; iv ar ....110 22j 6 4:«
5 57 IS 44i 8 45 ar....Albion lv V 11! 9 41 4 37
54512 33 831 .. Shadeland... 7 23j 9 S3l 451
54012 30 S2B ... Sprlßgboro... 7 27J 966 455
5 33 12 24 1 8 20 ..Conueautvllle.. 7 34j 10 03 1 5 03
sn«|l2 0e 8 00i... Mea'v'le Jet... 8 00110 2S[ 5 '25
152 7 30 lv .Conu't Lake 10 09 4 52
. . 12 18 810 ar ar 8 10 10 50 539
4 25 ! 6 55 V..Meadvll!e..lT 1 9 42; 4 25
.... ]l2 45 8 37!ar a.l 837 11 25 610
NO2ll 81 74:1 . . Ilartstown..* No 1 >lO 39 6 39
.... 11 46 7 38 .. .Adamsvllle 10 44 5 44
... 11 38 7 28 Osgood 10 54 5 53
62.5 11 30 7 16 ...Greenville... 6 30 11 0; 6 05
6 18 11 20 7 06 Slienango 6 40 11 20 6 20
600 xO s?i 643 .... Fredonla.-. 70311 44 638
5 44 10 43 6 25 Mercer 722 18 04 7 00
5 30 10 29 6 10 Pardoe 7 36 12 22 7 14
5 19 10 20 6 00 ... Grove city. .. 7 47 12 33 7 25
5 06; 10 08 548 .. Harrlsvllle.... 7 .58 12 45 736
4 sS;io 00 a <0 . .BranchtOD 8 OCi'2 54 7 4a
5 00 ... .1 8 lc liv .Branchton.ar 7 10 12 10
5 45i S 55 ar...Hllllard...lv 6 2S:U 15| ....
4 531 9 5a 5 35 lv.. .Keisiers .... 8 10112 58! 7 49
4 39 9 42 5 21 Euclid 8 22 1 12 8 03
4 lOj 915 450 .... Butler 8 50! 1 42! 832
0}22 7 20~..... Alieglieny, P&Wll ot | 3 501 ....
5 15, a, 111 .... Pltti.burg.BAO, p. 111 p. m' ..
T. BLAIR,GCMM Manager, Greenville, i'a
\V. G. SARGKANT, G. P. A.. MeadvlUe. Pa
Seanor & Nace's
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable,
Rear of Wick House, Butler, Pa
The be.3t of horses and rirst class
rigs always on hand and for hire.
Best accommodations in town for
permanent boarding and transient
trade. Special care guaraiteed.
Stable room for sixty-five horses.
A good class of horses, both driv
ers and draft horses always on hand
and for sale under a full guarantee;
and horses bought upon proper noti
fication by SEANOR & NACE-
All kinds ot live stock bought and
Telephone t»i Wick House
Sabecribe for the CITIZEN.
Always Something New%
To sec in our store, whether it is in a man's suit, a boy'
suit or a child's suit, it is always something new tha
- - " keeps things moving
And a careful investigation
will convince you that our
prices anil the general get /|*V
up of our garments are the /,'t S-j/L »
convincing arguments that vjcyr Hif®
build us a lasting foundation
Spring goods all here—
Cheaper in price: Better y «■" \"
in quality than ever before. jBUKJ
Corner Main and Cunningham streets, Butler, Pa.
Here is Clothing at Less Than Half Pricl
Our grand deal is made. We bought
of M. Sampter Sons & Co., New York's
greatest clothing; manufacturers entire
0 o
stock of sample suits, #5,000 worth of
suits for spot cash $2,000.
These suits are sample suits, one or
two of a size of a pattern. Amongst this
lot of o'oods are men's fine all wool dress
coats and vests which are worth $lO, we
have marked them down to $4.50. Now
come early so you can get your size and
a good selection as the price will make
them move rapidly.
Schaul & Nast,
Leac?iinis Clothiers, 137 S. Main St., Butler, Pa:
My aim the past year was to give
you the best quality of goods for the low
est cash price. And to say least, my
trade has been beyond all expectation.
So if you wish to know what has
caused it
and you will soon be convinced that lam
headquarters for good goods at lowest
120 South Main Street Butler, Pa.
These are the things that have enabled me to build up a first-class tailoring trade
during the last vear.
We have the most skillful, painstaking cutter; employ none but the very best
workmen; handle nothing but the very t>est goods, both foreign and domestic, and
guarantee you perfect satisfaction in each and every particular, and for all tins
charge you simply a fair living profit.
Tailor, Hatter and Men's Furnisher, 101 op "
Sever Before Have We Been in a Position to Place on Sale Such Extraordinary
Values at the Commencement of a Season as at Present.
Special Bargains in Spring Goods.
All-Wool Novelty Dress Goods at 25c, 33 c . and 50c per yd.
Black Mohair Novelty Dress Goods at... 25c, 40c, and 50c per yd.
■\ll-Wool Black and Colored Serges 46 inches wide at 45c, 50c, anil 75c per yd.
Special Value in 36 in. Black and Colored Wool Serges at 15c worth 20c.
P - •• " Wash Silks for Ladies' Waists • 2 5 c P"" y^
• Persian " " " " 75c, 9°c, and $1 per yd.
<■ " " Black Satin Duchess at 60c, SSC, and (1 per yd.
" " " Ladies' New Spring Suits at. f 7 s°. s°. t'2 5° an d J's
- .. •• " •' " Skirts at #2 50, $350, *5, "P to $lB.
.> .« 11 •« •• •« Waists, Silk aifd Laundried.
<• " " " Spring Capes, Velvet, at ss< s7> ss• SIO
.. <• » " " Silk at *3 50 to sls.
«' " Cloth at |i 50 to sl2.
" •• •' Ladies' and Children's New Spring Millinery.
>• «i «« •• •< " " " Hosiery.
1 « <■ 11 «< «• «• «• " Underwear.
" Lace Curtains from 50c per pair up to $lO.
" Domestics, Muslins, Sheetings, Ginghams and Calicoes. All the
new things in Dimities, Organdies, Irish Lawns, White Goods, Lace and
Embroideries. .
Mail orders promptly attended to. Samples sent on application.
Telephone, No. 126. Successor to Ritter & Ralston.
New Patterns, New Colors and
Low Prices.
The latest effects in shaded
Get your room papered at a
small expense if you buy
Near P. O. 241 S. Main St.
Mutual Fira Insurance Company,
Office Gor.Main & Cunningham
ALK. WICK. Pren.
UKO. KfcTTKKLB. Tire Prn.
L. 8. MeJUSKIH, hfc'j •nd.Treaf.l
Alfred W lck. Henderson Oliver,
' r. W. Irvln, James Stephenson,
>v. W. Hlackmore, N. Weltzel. I
F. Bow man. H. J. Klingler
Geo. Kettercr, Chas. Rebnun,;
Geo. Bcnno, Jobu Koenlmd
jY ; j \FIN L) »«Maj
|.. , , 3ROS.
' I «• Till VJ I'tat .uc adisrU-Hijt et 'ovctt i '•*«