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    the citizen
Legal notices are published in the ClTl
zen at $1 per Inch for first, and 50 cents for
each succeeding insertion.
Obituaries, cards of thanks, resolutions,
etc. are inserted at 5 cents a line, money to
accompany the order.
Reading notioes on local page 10 cents
a line tor first and 5 cents a line for each
subsequent insertion. Notices among lo
cal news items 15 cents a line for each in
Half-inch professional cards with paper
$5 a year. .
Rates for commercial advertising qaoted
upon application.
New York Weekly Tribune-Free.
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no doing, we are enabled to offer to all our
übscribers who pay arrearage*, (if any)
and one year in advance, and to all new
subscribers paying in advance, the New
York Weekly Tribune free for one year.
For further particular* of thii offer see ad
New Advertisements.
J. S. <fc J P. Young. Tailors A Furnishers.
Levin, the optician.
Aland's Distinction.
Shloss Bros, Special sale.
Campbell <fc Templeton's outfit*.
Zimmerman's Spring Announcement.
St'haul & Xast's boy's pants.
Mark's ribbon sale.
Kaufmann's bargains.
Burton's clothing.
Excursion to Florida and Golden Gate.
No ."h—All advertisers intending to make
canoes in their ads. should notify us of
heir intending to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
Administrators and Executors ot estate
can SECURE tneir receipt books at the CIT
lU othoe
Here is a combination of
words that will be sure to ar
rest your attention. It is only
the title of a most interesting
story by
Dr. ft. GONftN DOYLE
Everybody has heard of the
Is without doubt the best of
the series.
Is given in another column.
Read it I The story is even
better than the title.
—There's a demand for soft hats.
—The new woman is very often old.
—The best oranges now oome from Cali
—Tommy's pop—Well, my boy, what
are you going to give up during Lentt
—The Prohibitionists will have a conven
tion in Meadville on Thursday the 21st
—We begin this week, the publication
of one of Conan Doyle's stories, entitled
"The Sign of Four," and oar readers will
find in both interesting and instructive.
—lf you are hankering for strawberries,
and must have strawberries at any price,
your desire oan be gratified in New York,
•Where the berries are selling at 25 cents
—At the late eleotion both A.R.Thomp
son and Al. Mechling, of West Snnbury,
were elected Jus'ices of the Peace. There
were two vacancies and Thompson and
Mechling were elected to succeed them"
—The entertainment given by the W.
0 T. U. orowded the U. P. church Tues
day evening, and was a very enjoyable
one. All the participants acquitted them
selves handsomely. Mrs. C. D. Greenlee
was awarded the medal for best essay on
—At the meeting of Council Monday
evening, the new members, H. A. Tilton
A. A. Irvine, Jos Manny, B. Kemper and
J. A Grobman, were sworn in. George
Stamm was re-elected President; Solicitor
Porquer was continued at S3OO, a year;
Clerk Coulter at $250, a year; and Treas
urer Lawall at one per cent.
—J. S. &J. P. Young, the tailors and
furnishers, have opened their establish
ment at corner of Main and Jefferson Sts.
opposite Lowry House, with a full stack
of foreign aud domestic goods, and a line
of gent's lurnishing goods of celebrated
make They have engaged Mr. G. Wilde
Lloyd, late of Panxsutawney, as cutter,
and guarantee satisfaction in every partic
—There is a bill before the Legislature
which is going to hut t some of the smaller
colleges in this State if it becomes a 1 aw.
It provides that only colleges and institu
tions of learning with an eudowment tund
of $500,000 or more shall be empowered to
confer degrses. We doubt very much if
there are two oolleges in the State outside
of Philadelphia that have an endowment
fund of $500,000 or more, so that if this
bill passes, old-established institutions of
learning from which it is an honor to re
ceive a degree will be robbed of the privi
lege of conlering that honor upon their
—Of all the schemes for the betterment
of our common school that passed by the
Senate last week, and now in the House
takes the belt. It proposes to compel
every school board in the State to pnrohase
a panorama on card board for the purpose
of acquainting the pupils of the pnblio
schools with the beauties of art and nature
and science. In other words, it is propos
ed to teaoh art, nature and science with
photographs. This fad, if adopted, is like
ly to prove a very oostly one. Tho worst
of it is that unless sohool boards iutrodaee
this scheme of instruction they will forfeit
the State appropriation. This is a good
bill to kill. Sohool boards need their mon
ey for other things now, such as building
new houses to accommodate the rapidly
array of scholars, and iUusiou
ary fads should not be forced upon theui.
Piotnres are for the kintergart*n schools,
where the little ones get their first ideas
Of etfuWiicW.
March came in like a lamb, yon know,
And it gave ita tail a toss;
But still, you see, it'll likely be
A lamb with blizzard sauce.
—When a girl turns her best young man
down, she usually turns the gas up.
—lf there is anything new regarding the
Brady's Bend railway project we have not
heard of it.
—The snow drifts in Clearfield twp. are
holding out in great shape, the Constable
ot that iwp. reports all roads running North
and South impassible on account of drifts.
—The musical and literary entertainment
given by the students of Bntler High
School, in the M. E. church last Thursday
evening was weU attended, and was
good all through.
—Mrs. Mountford's illustrated lectures
on life in and near Jerusalem, delighted all
the women and most of the men. Her de
scription of the customs and habits of the
people there, explain many expressions
and sayings in the Bible which are Mis
interpreted and misunderstood.
! —Cyrus Campbell of Parker twp. will
have a sale of personal property, stock,
grain, household effects, etc. See bills
posted. He intends moving to Peddler's
Run, Monongalia Co. West Virginia,
where the Bouth Penn Oil Co. of which he
is an employee, has developed an oil field
a mile or so wide and about twenty five
miles long.
—The ice gorge at Ford City below Kit
tanning moved out last Sunday and for a
while the river channel was a surging,
heaving, grinding mass of ice, a sight wit
nessed by everybody who could get to the
river. The ice broke away to within a
a mile of the town: but trom Kittaning t''
near Parker, a distance of 35 miles, tb>
river remains one unbroken pack of ice,
and rivermen say that twenty feel of water
will be needed to start it.
—A Philadelphia paper tells of an old
woman who was known to have amassed
considerable wealth, but who relused to
intrust it to any bank. Where she kep t
her money was a mystery, until she came
to die a few days ago. Then a thorough
search was made ol the premises without
disclosing the hiding place. Finally, when
the body was being prepared for burial, a
porous plaster on the old woman's side wa*
noticed, which did not lie as close to the
skin as such plasters generally do. Whc-D
the plaster was removed a number of gov
ernment bonds, representing the old wo
man's entire fortune, were found between
it and the skin.
—People who began clipping the cou
pons from the Pittsburg Hints last Friday,
must remember to send them in by nexi
Thursday, the 14th, or else the first one
will not count. The votes must go in- every
two weeks;and, as we said before, if any
Butler Co. teacher intends making an ef
fort for the trip, he or she, must organize
county immediately. The prize is a big
one, and will not easily be secured.
About 280 copies of the paper
come into Butler, and perhaps 1,000 iu all
into the county, daily; there will be 92 is
sues from March Ito June 15th; so you
see that about 00,000 coupons will come in
to this county and it will take them all
and probably as many more to insure a win
ner. Since writing the above we under
stand that the teachers ol Butler have set
tled upon Miss Annie Cuinmiugs as their
—lt is said that no class of people sntfer
more with rheumatism than the farmers,
aud jet the remedy for this dread disease
is, or should be, right at hand. If celery
were eaten mure freely sufferers from
rheumatism would be comparatively few. It
is a mistaken idea that cold and damp pro
dace the disease; they simply develop it
When celery is eaten largely an alkaline
blood is the result, and where this exists
there can neither rheumatism nor gout. Ii
should not only be eaten raw, but cooked.
Cut it into small pieces and boil till soft
in as little water as possible Add to this
a little rich milk, thicken slightly with
flour and season with butter, pepper and
salt. The tender leaves and small ends of
the stalk, whioh are usually thrown away,
should be used for soups; cut fine and use
for vegetable soup, or dry the large leaves
crumble them to powder and use for sea
oning other soups. And no part of the
oelery may be wasted.
—Circumstances have very little to do
with human happiness. We labor under
the impression that if we could nave our
own way and create our own environment
we should be continuously contented, but
the impression has no basis in fact. In
deed, the plainest of all truths —it we
think seriously on ttie subject—is that we
are independent of everything except our
own souls. It the soul is bright and
cheery, a single geranium on the window
sill will give us pleasure, whereas to the
soul that has formed the habit of fault
finding a whole conservatory can furnish
no enjoyment. In the last analysis, there
fore, neither wealth or poverty has very
much to do with your happiness or misery,
because the source of both lies in yourself
There are people wno would not be satis
fied it they were seated next to the Throne
in heaven, and there are others who have
that within them which would make even
a corner in purgatory comfortable.
The Markets.
Our grocers are paying 23 for butter and
20 for fresh eggs, 65 lot potatoes, 60 for
parsnips, 65 for onions and b> ets.llcts. for
dressed chicken, 12 for turkey and duck,
2c a pound for cabbage, 25 t» 30 a dozen
for celery, $1.50 for apples, $l.B 5 to
1.75 for beans.
Will begin on Saturday, Mar. 2d.
to sell the H Schneideman stock of
Clothinir.llats and Furnishing Goods
at 75 cents on the dollar from origi
nal cost.
104 S. Main , Butler Pa.
Schneideman's Old Stand.
State Normal.
at Slippery Rock, Butler county. A
successful school for teachers Best
methods Expenses only SSO for the
term of 14 weeks Spring term be
gins March 2(j. Send for a catalogue.
—Genuine Lancaster Ginghams 5c
—Try, T. A. Morrison's home
made Camels.
—One Portfolio, containing 16
superb views from the Worlds Fair
given away with eacb $2 00 sale at
—A Business Education Free, if
you buy your dry goods atDavenny's
Aek about it
reduced to cents at
—A full line of home made candies
at the City Bakery.
—Fine cannon flannels 5 cents at
Buy your dry goods at Daven
ny's and get a scholarship for the
i Butler Business College and School
iof dtorUiaad free. Ask about it.
The March Quarter Sessions met Moc !
day. the constables made their return.*, j
some of which are noted below: and up to
the time of our going to pre.-".-*, the Grand ;
Jury has made the following returns: —
James Douds, indicted for A it B, a true ,
Geo. J. Dombart, Aiß,a true bill.
Andrew J. Dunn, furnishing liquor to |
minors, a true bill.
A. J. Dunn, selling liquor without a li
cense. Not a true bill and county to pay
Charles M. fleeter, aggravated A & B,
a true bill.
J no. 11. Gerrard, F «fc B, a true bill.
Morgan Davis and Philip Davis. A «£ B,
a true bill.
W. P. Brown, a. b. Not a true bill and
i the county to pay the costs.
The case against Ru-o Btrnes was settlei',
that against Wm. KiuzerJr. was settled,
and those against Edward Mattoon and
Cross Slater continued
The Johanna Wuller lot on S. Main St
was hid in by Brandon for D H. Wall r
for $3,500: the brick drug siore on Centre
Ave by sauie fur same fux $3,500; the old
homestead near the Catholic church by
same for same for $5,500; the Jefferson St
lot for $lOOl. The Centre Ave frame
house was bid in bv B. G. Saklatn for sl,-
213 25, and the Elm St. lot by P. Golden
lor $407.
The Geo. H Graham 275 acres in Clay
was sold to Wm. Wilson lor $3005.
The Baldaut 106 acres in summit was
bid in by McJuukiu <fc Galbr a;ti Jor Phillip
J and Nicholas.! Spahn fur $5 630, and
the 20 acre piece by same lor $605.
The John C. Davidson 31 acres in Cran
berry were sold to Andrew Blakeley for
The W. H. Davis slate-reof house on
West St. was bid in by McJunkin and
Galbreafi for Joseph L Purvis as trustee
for $1,450, and the shingle roof house !>y
same for same for $1,300; also the vacaut
The Reuben Musselman lot in Harmony
was sold at trustee's sale to C P. Hartung
for $605.
John Shiring was admitted to the prac
tice of the law.
D. E, Dale is toremau of the Grand Jnr ■
The liothweiler and Warner divorces
were granted, Wednesday.
Crawtord C. Rankin has petitioned for a
divorce from Ollie Rankin, and L G.
Jones lroai Elizabeth Jones.
Several citizens of Clinton twp have pe
titioned for a bridge over Bull creek.
Jno. David Albert resigned as consta
ble of Prospect, and Jas. M. Rea as
superyisor of Connoq. twp.
The constable of Buffalo twp reported
the bridge at Sarver Station uusale
Tne constable of Evans City reported no
watchman or gate at R. R. crossing and a
rule was granted on the P. & W. R R. to
show cause, etc. Several ot the censtable*
reported defective bridges, roads, streets
or sidewalks, and rules wero gran.ed on
supervisors, coinmr's, councils, etc.
The will of Catharine Burger of Butler
was probated, Fred Henninger exr.
Letters ot adm'n. were granted to M. S.
Ray on estate ot Emma Irwin of Fairview.
Lizzie Graham to Isaac Meals lot in But
ler tor $2,200
Jacob Whitmiro to J. 11. and W. G.
Beiuer 115 acres in Parker for $2,300.
J, L. Miller to E. W. Kirk lot in Valen
cia for $l5O.
Ida Sloan to Anna Cobbett 40 acres iu I
Allegheny tor $1,300.
Wm. Walker et al assigned 7 acres in
Middlesex (the Walters oil property. 2
»ells and about 80 bbls. production) to I.
J. McCandless forslß 000.
John 6. Earns to Ada Kellerman lot in
Butler for $4,000.
Jas N. Patterson to Chas. Duffy lot Jn
Butler tor $7lO.
Geo. Kacbner to Jacob Geltach 5 acres
in Jackson for S2UO.
Marriage incenses.
Samuel Petzinger Buffalo twp
Aiinti R0enigk.............. Winliold "
C W Wiurader ...Harmony P»
Margaret Eppinger
Henry E Beighley Lancaster twp
lilmira Thompson..... Middlesex "
Henry Leonhardt. .... .Lawrence Co
Kate Pfeifer Forward twp
At Pittsburg—Harry Mullen and Minnie
Brell of Butler Co.
Samuel A. Patterson, formerly of Butler,
fell from a porch in Mercer, last Thursday,
and sustained iujuries that proved fatal
next morning.
Miss Sadie Hartzell of Oak St, upset a
bucket of hot water upon herself, Friday
evening, and was severely scalded.
Horses Wanted.
We will buy one car load o
horsec and mares for the Eastern
market; drivers, general parpose and
draft horses; aged 4 to 10 years;
weight from 1000 to 1,500. Bring
them in. We will be at Harlans
barg, March 20; Grove City, March
21; Centreville, March 22; Butler,
Wick House, March 2S.
Will begin ou Saturday, March 2d.
to sell the H. Schnideman stock of
Clothing, Hats and Furnishing Goods
at 75 cents on the dollar from origi
nal cost.
104 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Schneideman's Old Stand,
Closing Out Sale.
Ladie's wool Underwear at half
price. Muslin and other goods mark
1 X Lk.
Picturas, Diplomas, Certificates
and Charters Framed to Order at 309
S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Dealers in new and second bund
household goods of every description
Call and see us. We can save you
pair at Davenny's.
—lox4 blankets 60c at DAVENNY'B
good umberella for 75c at
Mr Jones—Where did you get
that hat?
Mrs. Smith—At Davenny's of
coarse, they have the best millinery
in town, try them.
Summer Underwear, Hosier-
Mitts, Laces and Ribbons at reduc
ed prices at
—Clearance sale of all sum me
1 goods at less than wholesale price
I Home made candies, taffies, ear
mels, and etc., now on hand at the
City Bakery.
—Jno. A. Richey will furnish pure
' Spring Water Ice to everybody next
Summer at wholesale or retail,
t —Bargains in Lawns, Dimilys
Pongees, Organdies and all the sum
mer goods at
Fittest novelties in dress goods
j„ . P'L Notes. _
"WHITES*OWX— The Oil Cos,
well Shievet is doing 40" bbld "a* day: the
J, S. Bays i Co.. in the W*. S. Stewart.
COO feet south of the Kirker, is loaking
good; Kister 4 Co., have a rig up in the
Alex Stewart.
The Forest Oil Co's. well on the Shieycr
is showing for 40 bbls. a pay: Eisler <t Co s
on the Martin is pumping salt water: as is
also Greenlee £ Hay's well on the Stewart.
BOYDSTOWS —Beydrick A Bros., have a
rig up on the Aggas, ilc'.orcuick A Co., in
the Sbakely
A well is drilliug on the old l.ackey,now
Whitmire farm. Drilliug began at the
Beydrick well ou the Aggas. Wednesday
GREECE CITT —Rigs are up on the old J
Say, now Thompson farm, and on the Boyd
DELASO —The Denny A Co. well on the
Burns farm in Winfield twp; reached the
sand last Saturday, and began flowing. |
Handsome bonuses are being paid for
leases in that vicinity.
The well is now shut down for tankage ,
and pipe line connections. Greenlee A Co. I
paid S3,'JOO for 100 acres near it. This is
4tb >and territory.
BEOWSSDALK —Stewart A Wilson found !
no third saud iu the well on the Rose j
baugh, a mile to the southwest of the
farm, aud will shoot in the 100-
foot. The Forest Oii Co's., No. 1 Dorsej
is doiug 50 bbls.
SteeiMuith A Co. have a good producer
on the Swartz
COOPERSTOWX—The Forest Oil Co.,
concluded negotiations Monday tor the
Marks, itcCandless A Leidecker property
at Coopcrstown, Ttie property consists ot
leases ou the Mangel, Miller and McMillan
(arms—2oo acres in all—with 15 producing
wells The aggregate daily production ol
the 15 wells is 500 barrels, and the consid
eration was $200,000.
MARS— The Woodland Co , is drilliug on
tne Kennedy, east ot Mars; Lock wood A
Co., are drilliug their Hill tarm well
HBKMAN—Smith & Co. have a 15 bbi.
producer ou the McCairns.
National Transit certificates were quot
ed at 1.05J yesterday.
During February 61 wells were complet
ed iu Butler county, 14 of which were dry.
and the daily proeuction id the re>t is quot
ed by the Derrick at 1,447 bbls. Steel
sinitft A Co's. No. 1, Jos. Adams is put at
225 bt'ls; Patterson A Co's , F Brown, at
200 bbls, aud Bat 125 bbls; Mays A Wil
liams 1 Dorsey, and Leidecker A Co's. _5
Mangel at 100 each, and the rest at 1 to 75
bbls There are 103 rigs going up and 120
wells drilling in the county.
Church Notes.
On account of the illness of Rev. C. A.
Limberg there will be no service at Pros
pect 011 Sunday. The Lord willing theie
will bo the next time.
Services in English will be held next
rfunday iu ttie German Lutheran ChurcU at
10 30 a. m. and 7 pm.
Rev. E. M. Wood will preach, in the
M E. Church next Sunday moru'ug on,
'•The World's Transformation" and in the
eveniug on "The Teacher and Teaching.''
Rev. H. E. Snyder will preach next
Sunday morning on tue subject, "Pleasing
God." In the evening "Compromising."
Washington. />■ C.—Special Excursions
ria Pennsylvania Itailroa'l.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company's
excursions to Washington, D. C., olfwr ai
opportunity that should not be missed.
Apart Irorn the attractiveness of the
nation's Capital, 'he scenery through
which one travels en route makes the trip
doubly interesting.
But two excursions of the series remain
ona on March 21 and the last on April 11.
Excursion tickets, good within ten days,
and permitting of stop over in Baltimore
111 either direction within limit, will be
sold at rates quoted below, good foi use on
dates above named on all trains except
the Pennsylvania Limited. Special train
ol parlrr aud day coaches will be run on
the following schedule: —
Train leaves Rate.
Pittsburg 8-05 A. M. $9 00
Butler 615 ' 9 00
* \ltoona Dinner
Washington. Arrive 7 45 "
Tickets on sale in Pittsburg, at Union
Ticket, Office, Filth Avenue and Smithtield
Street, and Union Station, and at all sir
tions mentioned above. For lull infor
mation apply to Thomas E. Watt. Pas
senger Agent Western District, 110 Fifth
Avenue, Pittsburg.
For Sale.
Cheap for cash, a good book case and
writing desk coiiioinea, also a jjesnm
colt.—lnquire at this office.
Late Winter Foods.
At this time of year, great care
should be taken in the matter of food.
You: dint should be plain and health
ful, to prepare the body for the de
pressing influences of the early spring
months Marvin's llygeia Water
Crackers are not only pure and
strengthening, but also the nicest
tasteing Water Crackers ever sold.
At your grocer's.
Always use J. A 'Richey's Cough
Drops They are the best.
Zuvor's Pictures leave nothing
wanting in finish, tone or a correct
White goods, Lawns, Pongee"
Organdies and all kinds of wash
goods at less than wholesale prico at
Take your children to Zuver>
Gallery tor Pictures that will suit
you. Postoffice building
Our Hosiery values are unequal.
Ed and well worth your inspection-
Fine Donuett flannels, 5c at
Send your children to Davenny'*
to get Dry Goods and get a college
education free. Ask about it
—Fresh cut Flowers of all kinds,
always on hand at the City Bakery.
Boardmgiiouse Cards, with Act
of Assembly, 25 cents for half-a-doaen,
for sate at CITIZEN office.
Music scholars wanted, Lessons
will be given either-at the home of
the teacher or at the home of the
scholar. Inquire at 124 W. Wayne
St. Butler Pa.
o matter how hard the times
the one thing you cannot afford to go
without is all the news If you want
all the news you gee it in the Pitts
burg Dispatch. Tbe Dispatch pub
lishes all—not a part only.
Ten Thousand Dollar Sale March 16
Of Horses, Buggies, Harness,
Carriages, Liverymen's Ouillts,
Teamster's Outfits and Gentle
men's Turnouts Tbe Biggest
Sale Ever Held in Butler county
On March lGih Bickel & Kennedy
will offer at public sale, at their old
stand ou West Jefferson street, all of
their large livery stock, consisting ot
28 head ot livery horses, 8 heavy
draft horses, buggies, spring wagons,
surry wagons, heavy carriages, light
carriages, eleighs, bob sleds, light
hurness, carriage harness, -1 sets of
heavy wagon harness, new; 3 heavy
wagons, 2 boiler trucks, ono new.
All of our livery stock and office fur
niture will be sold, as we are requir
ed to move the first of April, the
building having beeu rented for store
i purposes.
Thi«s will be tbe largest sale ol
livery stock ever held in the county.
Don't fail to attend-and secure a bar
i gain-
Campbell A Teinpietou mike
i)i-plaV of ,-arpakuu tl.«*r 'hftw w:ad
Mrs. Rnth Covert, of West Liberty, ha#
been granted a pension.
'George Barry, ot" Mt. Chestnut, was in
t >wn on business, Saturday.
S. P. Hays, of Middlesex, was in town i
on business.
Mrs. Harry Renner of Phila., who has j
been a guest at Papes, has returned home, j
An attempt was made to rob Rev.
Martin, of this county, at Alliance O , !
last Saturday.
Ales Schroeder, of Ilarmony, vu re- |
married lately at Rochester, to the woman
from whom he wasdivoiead five years ag".
Mrs. Mary Titzell, of Kittanning, widow
of Rev. Titzell, was lately married to
E'lward Le Bra id ot Ohio.
Mrs. Criswell. wife of Clerk Criswell, is
recovering from a sev«?re illness. She tias
been down with pneumonia
Gottfried Reinhold. of Saxonburg, and
Francis S. Lavry, of Butler, have betn
granted pansions.
Miss Ida Limbarg has gone to Sandy
LaKe to visit her sister Mrs J. C Tiosinan
and master Elmer who are sick.
I-aac Rolib Esq. of Oakland was in town
last Thursday, lie will be S3 in April,
and be is as gooG a man as there is in IJut
ler county.
Miss Sallie Fleeter entertained th • Poco
a- Poco Club on Tuesday evening The
club is a musical organization ot twelve
members and their programmes are said
to be most interesting.
The Land of Flowers.
Undoubtedly one of the most original
and highly satisfactory creations of the
Pennsylvania Railroad is the inauguration
of personally-conducted tours under the
supervisiou and direction of a I ourist Agent
ami Chaperon, and the marked success and ,
popularity of the tours to F.orida are due
to -everal causes; the complete appoint
ment of the special trains, the liberuliti ,
of the rate and the return limit of tickets,
are among the features ttiat have attracted
the traveling public. ,
The next tour ot this year's aeries to
Jacksonville, allowing two week's stay iu
Florida, will leave No*" York and Phila
delphia on March 12 The rate, including
transportation, meals en route, and Pull- 1
man lierth on special train in each direc
tion, is SSO trom New York und S4S from 1
Pt.ilad-lpnii; proportionate rates from 1
other p >mts
For lurther information apply to Ticket
Agents, or address Tourist Agent. 1196
Broadway, Xew York, or Room 411, Broad
Street Station, Philadelphia, to wnotn ap
plication for space .-hould also be made.
Pennsylvania Railroad's Second Toui
to the Golden Gate.
The large enmber of people who have
leisure, and the growing desire of Ameri
aans to see the wonders of their nativo
land, are tne principal agencies in advanc
ing a healthy seiniinent in ftvor of travel.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company's
personally coudacted tours to California
will be conducted in a.l respects as those
of preceeding years, with some added ad
vantages, which cannot fail to attract the
attention and enlist the interest of the
In addition to the high grade accom
modation and entertainment- in transit.
tr.c Pennsylvania tourists are treated with
the same liberality wherever the journey
is broken The Choicest rooms iu the
leading hotels are always reserved for
their use, for which regular rates are paid,
so that the guests, although members of a
I.irge party, enjoy all the privileges of in
dividuals who may have made their
own selections.
The second tour in the 1h95 series to the
Golden Gate will leave New York aud
Philadelphia March 20. 1895, arrivicg at
San Francisco March 29. and at Xew York
und Philadelphia May 16, 1895
Detailed itinerary will be seut on appli
cation to Tourist \gent, 1196 Broadway,
New York,or Room 411, Broad St, Station,
That a man is known was amply veri-
Gtd here last month on the occasion
of the visit to Butler of Levin, the
Optician of Pittsburg, who examine*
eyefc free of charge. The record of
the gentleman has evidently prrced
ed him for he found it next to impos
fcible to attend to half those who call
ed. Mr. Levin makes no charge for
examination and advice, and in case
he cannot help you he will tell you
so at once In this respect a 9 in
utany others he differs from most
Opticians, as he will not tonch a case
for any consideration that be does
no*j feel morally certain that be can
help. Mr. Levin was so taken with
the reception that he received on nis
last visit that he has determined to
visii Batler again ou Thursday nnd
Friday, March 14th und 15th on
which dates be will be at the Lowrj
House, as before Mr Leviu has
made the eye bis special study and
can refer to any number of well known
people in Butler and vicinity whom
he has benefited. Numerous com
plaints such as Nausea. Shooting
Pains in the bead, Vertigo, Violent
Headaches, Drowsiness after eating,
and many others which are generally
attributed to some remote cause are
directly tracable to the eyes If you
are troubled in any way with yonr
bead you may rest assured that the
eyes are the cause Remember the
dates Thursday and Friday, Match
14tb and 15th, aud also the fact that
there is no charge for examination
and advice, aud in case you cannot
be benefited Mr Levin will tell you
so at once. The clerk at the Lowry
House will direct yon.
—You pay for school-books; but
the best sehool-bo'k for vourchildren
is your daily ps.per Well printed,
carefully and intelligently edited, of
instructive contents, first and fullest
with the news and best in presenting
it, the Pittsburg Dispatch fills the
There will be exposed to public sale on
what is known as the Sleppy farm, one
mile north ot Butler, in Butler twp, on
personal property as follows:
Twelve head of well-bred driving and
draft horses and colts
Two cows and thirteen ewes
♦'our wagons —3, 3f, aud 3} spindles.
One carriage, one top buggy, one buck
wagon aud one Portland sleigh.
One Osborne mower, two sulky hay rakes
two fauniug mills, one cider mill, three
Two setts of double wagon-barness. three
setts of single buggy-harness, two grind
stones, a set of shallops; two cutting boxes
one corn sheller, one grain drill, 9 notes,
one grain cradle, two cook-stoves, a lot ot
iron-hooped barrels, 100 bushels of wneat,
100 bushels of rye.
Bay and straw, in balk or by the ton,
and many other articles.
TKSMS -One years' credit will be given
with approved security; 5 per cent discount
allowed tor cash.
Ribbon Sale?
Wecncsday, Thursday, Friday and
Saturday 6th, 7th, Bth and 9th,
AH Silk 4c, 4c. sc, sc, 16c, 10c, 22c, and
Satin Ribbon sc, sc, 9c, 10c, 160, 15c,
300, and 15c. These are all extra VHlue
\ One piece Silk Plush at 25c per yatd.
M. F. & M. MARKS,
1113 to 117 B. Main St., - Butler.
M "*T 11' ttcTfi 1 Boyer-:n PiiuUnrg was badly
damaged by lire early last Sunday raorn
-1 ing. The fire originated in the Kitchen.
All the guests escaped without loss, but
, the servants whose apartments were over
the kitchen lost their clothing and valua
j blcs. The proprieter of the hotel accused
the tireinen of breaking open the girl's
: trunks with their axes, and robbing them
Bell Jc Jones keg factory and two resi"
j dances iu New Casile were bn>~">d la-_
! Saturday nigut; also the annealing depart
j ment ot the Johnston sheet mili.
| Two men were killed at the McKeesport
tube works last riuuday by tne explo.-ion
j of a tank of acid used in the gun iuizmg
I department.
New Castle is likely to have the igno
miny of having its soldier's monument
sold at SheritTs sale by ttie contractors, i'or
a large portion ot tne purchase money. It
cost $7500, and ot ttiis but 3500 ha.- been
paid, ieaviug «4JOU more to be raised.
A Cleariield Co. farmer was surprised -a
few days ago when he went to the barn to
tend the. stock. Iu the cow shed he found
three deer and in the tiorse stable a black
bear aud a catamount. The deer ran at
h.s appioacu out tne bear aud "cat" were so
badli tro2su tnal he dispatched them botti
with a heavy oak water oucket.
The religious revival in Grove City has
taken bold of tue entire population. Busi
ness is suspended every day at 1 o'clock to
take 111 tne atternoou meeting-. There art)
not hall a dozeu business men iu the place
who nave not been converted. Loafers
aud protanity have dttapp ared. Farmer*
come to town in big sled load* to attend
tUe meetings. Traveling men tiud business
Very slack. One remarked last .reek that
he couid nave sold oarreis ol Bibles during
bis week's stay in Grove City, but was uu
ab.e to sell a siugle order for shoes
The Brookville Republican thus notes a
legal tignt in Jefferson county: The fa
mous Warsaw townsuip school furniture
case is ended at last, iu favor of the school
district. It j*'as tried five times iu the
county court aud went as often to the su
preme court, i'fce bill ot costs paid b}
tne Scuool Furniture compauy to the sctioid
di.-trict amounted to over $1,2U0 The
coats, attorney s' lees aud expenses connec
ted »an tbe case uiu-t have summed up
over l'ue price ol the implements,
furniture in controversy was about ItKiO.
Constable L. 11 McAllister of Kittan
nmg went to Kittanning township Tues
day to serve a summons on Mrs David
;>utt a* a witness in tne Bowser barn burn
i.<g c«s«. title ls-an aunt of James Stitt,
oue ol the detendanis. When she saw
the constable approacuing her Douse >he
locked tue dour aud retused to open it uu
til he told her that he had a summons for
her. \\ hen sue opeued the door she iui
mediately fell backward aud died. She
was 40 years old, and had been much wor
ried by the cnarge against her nephew,
Whose trial will take place nest week
we have achieved the
distinction of produc
ing the finest garments
ever made in the coun
ty, and cheaper than
"TO BE ,
same can be bought
FIRST elsewhere in the State.
T . T AS TO THE variety
of our Stock and beau
ty of its Styles we have
THING * our own opinion; but
we would like yours
also —it will add to
A the distinction.
we have secured a large
TINC- number of special con-
TION fi single suit pat
terns. They are the
Plato. .
very newest novelties.
Select early. If you
don't want a suit now
we wi'l reserve the
i pattern for you.
B. B.
The greatest sale of medium to finest
Black Silks
ever inaugurated in this store. Bouirht
from stock of an over-loaded manufac
turer—the aeknowleged best maker of
Black Silk* in the world—and to be
sold at prices that will astonish every
Pure Silk
BlaCk Gros-grairs,
50c, 60, and 65c a yd.
Black Chaehemire Gros-grain
75c, 85c and $1 00.
1 Black Peau de Soie,
75c, 85c and SI.OO.
Such Black Silk goodness at prices
never beard of, is the verdict of every
Splendid quality
1 Faille Francaise,
75c, 85c, $1 to $1 50 per yd.
25 styles in handsome
Black Brocade TalTeta Silks,
1 24 inches wide - • • 75c a yd.
Wash Goods
Extent and variety unequaled.
Prices better than the best jon've
ever done on aaytning like the
, quality and styles:
Fine Printed India Linons,
Figured and Striped, 32 inches
* wide, neat, pretty styles, a yd.
| Fiue aud beautiful
Prmted Jaconets,
32 inches wide, - - 10c a yd-
Imported Dindties. Organdies,
Irtsn Linen Suitings—solid col
-1 ors, Kilarney Hand spun Suil
c ings.Teviots, Cheviottes, Zephyr
Ginghams, evv Corded Zepnyrs
Silk Ginghams, etc., etc.
We might go on and fin pages enumer
ating the choice dainty WAoll FABKIt .S
of this extensive stock, but greater i-atis
faction will be given }ou by coming or
sendu.g for suu.ples and seeing for your
self these most attractive collections Ttiat
prices are right is proven by the immense
j you write aud see abwut ilf.
Boggs & Buhl,
G&rtisitii k ? @fe B,
; 1 nr.- -k : v
• • ' 1
--.CuresCanute don
A Sug iiestion.
\ * fi a 6 A r-. V -I
rA I '."' " ""fc —r"7
ffi |ors
Pi'l it ever occur to yon ttiat ttiere are
drugs .'"".'s—that drugs are like every
thing else—then. ... "<"> d. bad and indif
ferent. There is no r •>!-« which is
positively bad if it is'nt just <.l . 1 best
Our policy has always been to have n«>th
ing but the best.
When yon want drugs come to ns and be
assured of fresh pure goods, and always
what yon a*k for or vonr prescription calls
for. It may not alway jbe drugs yon want
either. We always have on hand a full
line of sick room requisites.
C. 2V5 . BO YD,
Diamond Block, - Butler, Pa.
C. X D.
A business that keeps grow
ing through a season ot de
pression, such as the country
has experienced, is an evi
dence that people realize they
save naoney by trading with
us. We know, and always
have known, the days of large
profits are past. Without
question we are giving more
for the money than last year.
Our stock is larger to select
from than last year.
Colbert & Dale.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate ot
John Conrad Shanor, dee'd. late of Whites
town, Butler Co., Penn'a., having been
cranted to the tindersigued, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against said estate will
present tbem duly authenticated for settle
ment to
Whitestown, Pa.
Administrator's Notice-
Letters ot" administration having been
granted to the under-igned on the estate
id Willian Lutz, dee'd, late of Lancaster
twp. Butler Co., Pa , all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and any
naving claims against said estate will pre
s-nt them duiy authenticated lor settle
ineut to
J. X. KIRKER, Adm'r,
Middle Lancaster P. O.
J B. MATES att'y Butler Co., Pa.
Butter Pa.
Administratrix's Notice.
Xotice is hereby given that letters of
administration on the estate of James Sel
lers,dee'd,late ot Butler borough, Butler
county Pa , have been granted to the un
dersigned, to whom all persons indebted
to said estate are requested to make pay
ment, aril those having claims or demands
will mak * known the same without delay.
MRS. M. J. SKLLEKS, Adm'x.
E E YOCSG Atty. Butler Pa.
Notice is hereby given tha' W. J. Marks
Assignee of Alex McCrumm has filed his
final account in the office ol the Protbono
tary of the Court ot Common Pleas of But
ler county at M S. D. No. 9 ot Sept. term
1593 and that the said account will be pre
sented for confirmation and allowance on
Saturday the 9th day of March A. D. 1595.
Protbonotary's office Feb. 12 1895.
Notice is hereby given that A M .Christley
Assignee of-A. W Christy has filled his
final account in the office of the Court of
Common Flea- of Butler county at M. S.
1). No. 22 March term 1894* and that the
said account will bo presented tor confirm
ation and allowance on Saturday the 9th
day of March 1895
Prothonatarv's office Feb. 12 1895.
Notice is hereby given that an applica
tion will be made to the Legislature of
Pennsylvania at the present session, to re
peal an act entitled "An act to prevent
cattle, horses, mules, sheep and swine
from running at largo in Middlesex, Butler
and Mercer townships and Harris ,ille
Borough Butler county, approved March
15th 1870; so far as the same applies to
llarrisville borough. The purpose of the
above enti led act was to prevent cattle,
borees, tnules, sheep and swiue from run
ning at large and authorizing the constable
of the district to take, detain and sell said
strays. The purpose ot the intended ap
plication is to have said act repealed so
tar as the same applies to llarrisville
W. E. Brown.
Dissolution Notice.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween J. S Young and Wm. Cooper,
under the firm name of Young A Cooper,
was disolved by mutual consent on Dec.
31*t 1894. J S Young retiricg.
Mr. William Cooper will continue the
business and settle all the accounts of
the late firm.
J. S. Young.
Win. Cooper.
Meeting of Stockholders.
The Annual Meeting of the stockholder
of the Citizens' Building and Loan Asso
ciation will be held at the office of the
Secretary, No 125 East Cunningham St.,
.m Tuesday, Mar 12th., at 7 P. M , to hear
reports of the auditors of the several series,
elect a board of directors to serve duiing
the ensuing year aud transact whatever
other basiness may come before the meet
G W. MILLEK. Pres.
Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
Office Cor.Main & Cunningham
AI.K. HICK Pres.
UEU. KfcTTKKKR. Vice Pre*.
L. S. JtrJU-xKIX. SM'J and Ilea*.
Altre 1 Wick, Henderson Oliver,
i»r. W.lrvln. Jaiuea Stephenson
W. \V. Hlackmore, N. Weltzel,
1". Bowuiau. 11. J. Kllngler
Geo Ketteror, 1 has. Itebnun,
Geo. Keuno, ; John Koeulns;
Theodore Swam.
ChiaiDnys, Grate aud Boiler Setting.
Ciateru Building and eewer
VVorka Specialty.
Schneideman's Old Stand.
Fair and Square Clothiers.
special sale
H. Schneideman Stock
This stock was appraised bv two lead
ing clothing manufacturers of Philadel
phia and was invoiced at a VERY LOW
We got a further discount of 25 per
cent for cash.
All the Spring Goods already bought were INCLUDED in this transition.
HERE is CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS at PRICES yon never hear.! of.
Don't take our word for it but come and
see for yourself.
Schneideman's price. Our price
iMens' Riverside Worsted Sack & Frock Suits S2O sl3
Sawyer Cassimeres ■ 17 50 12 50
Clay Worsteds, the finest - 16 50 12
Fancy Worsteds • • 16 n
Single and Double Breasted Boys' Worsted Suits 14 9
" " Cheviot " 12 50 8
" ALL-WOOL " 10 6
" SUITS • 7 4
" SATINETTE Suits * 550 350
Cut these Prices out and bring them with you and we will prove to
you that we do just exactly as we advertise.
Shloss Bros.,
104 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
We will just say a few words about our stock of BOYS
CLOTHING. The price of them will
surprise you.
tutcctoccetm ■
Boys' knee pants suits, sizes 4to 14 75c Boys' long pants suits, sizes 12 to 19 $2 50
Boys' knee pints suits, sizes 4to 14 $1 00 Boys' long pants suits, sizes 12 to 19 3 50
Boys' knee pants suits, sizes 4to 14 150 Boys' long pants suits, sizes 12 to 19 400
Boys' knee pants suits, sizes 4to 14 200 Boys long pants suits, sizes 12 to 19 500
50 Dozen Knee Pants at $25 C., sizes 4 to 15.
25 Dozen Long Pants at 50c., any size.
Schaul & Nast,
Clottjiers, 137 S- Main. St-, Butler, Pa
'/"II TD jVTPW HAS ARRIVED > and we wil
1 * * be pleased to show you what we
• have -
I Of You can buy a good, servicable
business suit for $3.00, but our
4 a -g _ • line at $6.00, $7.50, $9.00 and
IQTII 111 SIO.OO are marvels of beauty and
excellence, better than ever sold
(for the price) in the history of the clothing trade.
Step in and see these goods, you'll be agreeably [surprised. NO
TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. YVorkingmen take notice: W e
have Sweet, Orr &■ Co.'s Panta- | A
loons and Overalls. If you have U. US w
worn them, you need no further axd
co mment from us. if not ask to M w gl CI
see them as they are the best
cheap pants in the world. BUTLER, PA.
We take great pleasure in the announcement that on or about the
15 th of this month, we will open for your inspection a complete and
elegant assortment of Dress Goods, Ladies' and Children s Wraps, a
very complete assortment of Millinery, consisting of imported goods,
but all trimmed in our own work room,at prices to suit you all.
Lou M. Ritteris still at the head of our Millinery Department with
two competent trimmers under her direction and a force ofgirls in our
work room we are prepared to do artistic work at moderate prices.
Also a full and complete line of Ladies' Muslin Underwear, Jersey rib
bed and silk vests for spring and summer; Men's and Boy's underwear;
Misses' and Children's Underwear. A domestic department filled
with bargains, and qualities as well. Hosiery, Lace Curtains, Win
dow Blinds and Linoleums, floor Oil Cloths, &c.
Mrs. Jennie E. Zimmerman