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1 IUDAY. FEBRUARY 16. 1893.
,«i .i r«Ma» ** »" tJ " ■» "
fOLUI C. IUUI. P«bllrt«
Of Susquehanna Co.
Republican Announcements.
Subiect to the Republican Primary.
Saturday, April 28th, between the hours of
of 1 and 7 p.m.
(Two to nominate)
Ot Butler.
Of Fairview.
Of Forward.
Ot Butler.
Of Butler.
Of Butler Twp.
Of Butler (formerly of Penn.)
Of Hilliard*.
Of Concord twp.
Of Franklin twp.
Of Clinton twp.
(Three to elect.)
DB. J. 0. BARE,
Of Adams.
Of Fairview.
fl«o. "W. COOPER,
Of Slipperyrock.
Of Cherry twp.
Look After The Vo:e.
When Thomas B. Reed regards the
ooming election in Pennsylvania as of suf
ficient importance to make it worth while
for him to leave his duties in Congress and
eome to Philadelphia and speak, and when
Governor McKinley consents to address a
meeting in Pittsburg in the same cam
paign, no Republican citizen of the State
can afford to fail in doing his whole duty.
The only possible trouble there can be is
in neglect to get out the full vote, and
a full vote ftt this time is peculiarly desir
ftble. Let no Republican think it is
•nongh that Galusha A. Grow is elected.
He will be elected, as a matter of course,
bnt that election must be secured by such
ft majority a* shall be notice that the life
of the Democratic panic-makers and wage
reduoers in Congress is short. Let it be
inch as to leave the wreckers no hope that
they wil l have power after the next elec
tions to work their mischief upon the
conn try.
It is realized that it is not so easy to get
ont the vote at a midwinter election, par
ticularly in the country districts where it
i» sometimes necessary io go many miles
to the polls. In many of these districts,
also, there is no local incentive to bring
ont the vote. The elections are for town
ship officers and very frequently the people
have got together and nominated a ticket
against which there is substantially no op
position. It will be elected no matter how
few the number of votes cast for it, and
nnder such conditions the farmer does no 1
care to put himself to the trouble to go all
the way to the polls.
Bnt the present is a different situation.
It ought to be told to every farmer in every
township in the State that the whole
ooontry—blighted as it is by a few months
of Democratio administration —is looking
to the result in Pennsylvania next week
for that encouragement now so much need
ad. It is expecting Pennsylvania to make
it unmistakably evident that the Demo
cratic party cannot hope to retain its con
trol beyond the present Congress.
Every vote cast for Galusha A. Grow is
a protest against the hard times and the
distress whioh had come with Democratic
administration. This is the first time the
Democratic party has been in power, both
in the Executive and Legislative depart
ments, in more thau thirty years, and it
ahoald be the last time forever. Let the
people of Pennsylvania lead the way cut of
the era of Cleveland bard times by giving
an overwhelming majority for Galusha A.
Such a result is worth working for and
every Republican in the State—every man
whether Republican or Democrat who is
opposed to hard times—should feel
a particular interest in working for it.—
A LIVELY engagement between the gov
ernment and insurgent troops occured in
the town of Nitcheroy, cm the bay of Rio,
laat Friday. The inHurirentß attempted to
take possession of the town, and were re
pulsed. Two hundred men are said to
have been slain during the fight.
THE tbiel feature <>T the meeting <>t the
Lincoln League, iaxt Monday evening, was
the speech made by J amen A. UalbreatU,
E*q., who criticized the taiiff policy of the
Democratic party, the financial views of
the majority of the party ax sbowu by
their vote in the House on the silver ques
tion, and the incomo tax; and who paid a
fitting tribute to the memory of Abraham
Lincoln, whose birthday it was, and whose
name honors the League.
John H. Negley, Esq., reviewed the
tAiiff legislation of the past; President
Brymer appointed the Ward Committees for
next Tuei*day; Cyran Flarper made a f«w
remarks and sang two solos; several others
made short remarks, the Lincoln Glee Club
favored the audience with several amusing
songs, and altogether it was a pleasant and
profitable eveniug.
Tbe League should always remember
that Feb. 12th Is Lincoln's birthday, and
meet on the evening of that day to honor
tbe memory of a man who stauds next
after Washington in the history of this Na
tion; and tbe young men of the League
•bould secure a biography of Lincoln, and
tm fe
Washington Notes.
During the fight over the Bland bill in
tlio House Thursday morning the secreta
ry of the Senate appeared and announced
the passage by the Senate of the bill to
repeal the Federal elections law. Tho an
nouncement was greeted with a burst ol
applause from the Democratic side.
"Now," ejaculated Mr. Reed, aa he list
ened to the applause, "ballot box stuffing
is at last a recognized art."
During the day Senator Quay made a
few remarks on the death of Congressman
Mutchler.a Democratic representative from
Easton who died last summer, and in his
remarks spoke of the general financial dis
tress in Pennsylvania.
On Monday a member of the sub-com
mittee of the Senate Finance Committee,
siid the committe would probably not
finish their examination of the Wilson bill
for three oi four weeks yet.
Hill fought Peckham's nomination before
the Judiciary Committee to draw, and
they agreed to report it to the Senate, by
a vote of 5 to 5, without a recommenda
On Wednesday the President made sev
er*! important Philadelphia appointments,
Harrity getting them all, with one excep
tion. The debate on the Bland seignior
age bill occupied the whole day in the
Don't mis 3 voting on Tuesday, if yon
can possibly help it.
CHAMPION CORBETT is traveling, and
aside from Prof. Wilson is the greatest
man out But their business is ju3t the
opposite. Corbett is knocking out the
English, while Wilson is trying to knack
out the American.
AT the banquet in New York, Monday
night in honor of Lincoln's birthday,
Bishop Newman responded to the toa»t
"Abraham Lincoln;'' John Dalzell to
"Protection;" Gov. Grecnhalge to "Re
publican New England;" and Henry G.
Ester broke to "Vengance of the Flag."
Dalzell was at his beat and made a great
speech, closing as follows:
Sheffield and Pittsbnrg touch elbows and
are competitors for the Bame market. Bnt
the civilization of Sheffield is that of low
wages, a starved life, rented homes, lack of
culture and aspiration, while the civilza
tion of Pittsburg is that of high wages, land
proprietorship, free schools, intelligence
and manhood suffrage. Hence the moral
necessity of protection.
I leave out of sight, I care nothing about
the origin and cause of these differing con
ditions. Suffice it for me that they exist.
To me the living, breathing vital demand
is that if they shall ceaso to exist it must
be by Sheffield's comine up to Pittsburg's
level, not by Pittsburg going down to
Sheffield's. Protection you will observe (is
at once the creation and the shield of
American civilization.
It is no part of my purpose to say any
thing about its results. You will find them
on every page of the splendid -chapter
which America has added to the world's
industrial history.
They are known and read of all men save
those who will not know and read.
But what has this protection, whose
function is to deal with the character and
the social condition of the individual, to of
fer by way of fruit T
I have already quoted oue Englishman,
now let me quote another James Bryce,
and no more intelligent observer of cur
country and institutions ha; ever written
about them, says:
"That America marks the highest level,
not only of material well being, but of in
telligence and happiness, which the r<ue
has yet attained, will bo the judgment of
those who look not at the favored few f r
whoi*e benefit the world seems hitherto *0
have framed its institutions, but at the
whole body of the people."
I want not to be misunderstood. I tm
not claiming that all the good things we
have are tbe result of protection. What I
do claim is that with respect to the whole
body of tbe people American civilization
outrank? any and all others, and that it
ha* been fostered and maintained, ai.d
needs for its perpetuation and advance the
policy of protection. This is the civiliza
tion that bred and nourished and perfeci
od the man whose birth anniversary we
celebrate to-night, the plain man ot the
people, to tbe royalty of whose manhood
•II the world brings tribute and whose
name shall be like a sweet incenSe through
out all generations till time shall end.
Gentle and strong, »elf-reliant, unfalter
ing in the performance of every duty,
never forgetlal of tbe humble people from
whose ranks be came, he rose as occasion
demanded, and while with strong hand
upon tbe helm he guided the nation
throngb tbe tempest of civil war; he at the
same time wrought the undoiug of tbe
wrongs of centuries and wrote bis name
amongst the noblest benefactors of the
human race.
"There was a wideness in bis mercy like
the wideness of the *ea.
There was a kiudness in his justice wh:eh
was more than liberty."
The Blizzard
Sunday last was a beautiful day here.but
ont West a blizzard was raging. The en
tire cuuDtry from the mountains to the
Mississippi was under a loot of snow thut
evening. By Monday the blizzard had
reached Chicago, where the w nd, wbicb
for a wbile, raged at 75 miles an iiour.blew
the snow into drifts which stopped all
traffic. One train wbicb started East thai
afternoon with two engines, stuck in a
drift, so fast that two more engines could
not move it; and another train stuck in a
drift witbin tbe city limits so bard that
six engines could not move it.
Tbe blizzard reached ÜB, Monday, but
so far as we have heard, did no harm
in this county.
The storm extended to the Atlantic and
Gulf coasts, bringing shippiug to a rtaml
still; and doing great damage in Louisiana
and Mississippi, where it took the form ol
a cyclone. Newtown in Louisiana is said
to have been completely domoiisbed.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder High
cut ol all in lcavenine strength.— l.ntcst
United Blatex Government Food Report.
Royal Baking Powder Co.,
106 Wall St.. N. Y.
Hotels and Depots,
W 8. Qreftg is now r»*TniD(r a line
ot i-arriagw between the hotels and
{ -li p.-u >f tbe town
i:> leaHonable. Telephone
S.j 17, or o'ders,] at Hotel
tiuvi Lriviff <q
Dr. Wm. H. Bgle
(Harrisburg Telegraph.)
In reappointing Dr. Wm. H. Egle, of
this city, to the honorable position of State
Librarian, Governor Pattison doe-> a very
graceful and creditable act, and one that
reflect* honor on his administration. Dr.
Egle is, perhaps, the best equipped gentle
man in the State for the position, and dur
ing his incumbency he has brought the Li
brary to a condition of excellence surpass
ed by no other State Library in thi United
Statet and equalled by but few He is an
indefatigable worker, a scholar, a man of
erudition, a delver and a remarkably suc
cessful historian, working in a field con
taining nothing but hard, dry facts, yet be
contrives to weave about his facts stories
and tales that interest all who read his
Dr Egle, when a young man. learned i
the trade of printer, he was afterwards a
tuccessful reporter and subsequently an
editor. He studied medicine and practic
al for some time, and he served honorably
in "he Union army, being one of the lai-t
to ! >e mustered out of the Army of the Rio
Grtnde. His years in Harri*burg have
brought him the highest respect and es
teem from his fellow citizens, who deligut
to see the genial and learned gentleman
Every citizen of Pennsylvania should
vote next Tuesday.
A Pleasant Affair.
A very enjoyable partv was given at the
home ot Mr. and Mrs Clowes, of Winfield
twp.. Feb. 7th, 1894, in commemoration
of the birthday of their daughter, Miss
Lina. A merry jingle, jingle, jingle of the
sleigh bells announced the arrival of the
guests. The guests, twenty in number,
were ushered into the very pleasant parlor
by Miss Anna.. Soon we were summoned
to the dining room where a sumptuous
and elegant supper was served. To say
that the gnests enjoyed the repast would
be but saying little as the food disappear
ed in a marvelous manner. The enter
tainment of the evening was unique and
varied. Prot. HJ. Lensner of Saxon
burg, the noted violinist, rendered some
violin solos in aa artistio manner which
was very highly appreciated by all present
Miss Wonderly, the accomplished elocu
tionist of Natrona, recited some selections
in a masterly manner. Master Edward
Clowes declaimed some comic pieces which
created quite a little amusement, ho also
presented to his sister, Miss Lina, a very
tine photograph album in behalf of the
family. Vocal music was a feature of the
evening's entertainment. The comic songH
were enjoyed as well as those more serious
While we laughed and chatted to the ac
companiment of tho orgnn the evening
sped swiftly by. After sinking "God be
with you till we meet aeaiu," we departed
to our homes feeling very sorry that Miss
Lina's birthday did not come very often.
Almost Blind
Inflamed Eyes and Run
ning Sores
The Success of Hood's Causes
Great Rejoicing—A Perfect Cure.
Hi.as ''Cora n. Ebert
Barnesvllle, Pa.
- C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
" I feel It a duty to state what Hood's Barsa
parllla has done for me. I was almost blind,
being compelled to stay in a darkened room on
account of Inflammation of the eyes. I also
suffered with running sores on my body. I was
In terrible condition. My mother tried every
thing she knew about and I was attended by
two doctors but without helping me. Finally
Hood's ftarsaparlUa was recommended and I
had not taken two bottles before I began to get
better. The inflammation left my eyes and the
sores healed, and the result was that
I Became Stronger,
and was restored to perfect health. At that
time I was only twelve years old j now I am
nineteen and I havo not since been troubled
with my eyes or noticed any sign of a return of
the sores on my body. X can recommend Hood's
Sarsaparilla as an excellent blood purifying
medicine." MIBBCOBA EBERT, Baruesville, Fa.
Hood's Pills act easily, yet promptly and
efflciently, on the liver and bowels, ai-.
+ Invited,
1\ v r
■Shoes for the inspection of all,
holding down prices for the con
venience of everybody, holding
out bargains within the reach of
all and consequently holding on
to the people's patronage to the
consternation of all competitors.
All people go where they can get
the best for their money. See
our Infant's Shoes in Red and
Tan at i 5 cents. See our Boys'
Kxtra High Cut Shoes at $1.25.
Set: our Ladies' Fine Rubbers at
25 cunts. See our Ladies' Storm
Rubbers at 35 cents. See us for
all kinds of footwear. Will save
you money. The New Shoe
CAI'ITAL Paid l>, - - - 5100.00e.00.
HLBI'LI H i.ll) PKOHTb, - $5D,93t.14.
Joe. Hartman. Pres't,
J. V. Rltu, Vice Pres't.. C. a. Bailey, Cashier,
Jos. Hartman, C. P. <;oJUn*. N.M.Hoover
(I SlcH*e«ney, c. I). 'Jreen'ee, .J. V. Ititi*,
K. K. AW,ill, h. Leslie lluzlctt, I. <!. Smith.
W. S. Walrlron, M Klnegan.
A general bunking business transacted. In
terest paid on time deposits. Money loaned on
approved security
Finreiga taplwsyt iwujfti and sold.
McCTTRDT—At his home in Butler, Feb.
8, 1894, Daniel McCurdy, aged 24 years.
LOGUE--At his home in Pittsburg Feb.
S, 1594. Dennis Logtie, formerly of Bnt
ler county, aged 85 years.
BOWSER—At his homo in Karns City,
Feb. 4, 1894. Peter Bowser, aged <3
EPERT—At her home in Mars, Feb. —
1894. Mrs. George Epert.
WHIT MIRE—At her home in Oakland
twp. with Jno. C. W hitmire. Feb. 10,
1894. Miss Margaret Whitmire, aged 01
DAVIDSON—At her home in Mars. Felv
9. 1894, Mrs. John Davidson, aged 57
She was buried at Old Union Cemetery.
Services were conducted by Revs Robert
son and A. Kilpatricfc. It was a large
COCHRAN— At her home in Allegheny,
Feb 13. 1894, Mrs 0 P. Cochran, nee
Elliott, aged about 30 years.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers
iam end Block, next door to
Post Office, Butler, Pa.,
prompt attention given
to orders, day or
Administrators and Executors of estates
can secure their receipt books at the CITI
ZBS office.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the will of
Joseph Ewing, dec'd, late ol Clinton twp.,
Butler county, Pa , having been this day
granted by the Register ot said connty to
the undersigned, therefore all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate are requested to make speedy pay
ment and those having claims against said
estate will present them to me properly
authenticated for settlement,
CtiAßLgs B. GLASGOW. Ex'r.,
Flick P. 0., Butler Co., Pa.
E. McJ, McJ. A- G., Att'ys
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereb.. given that the partner
ship heretofore existing between William
M. Kirkpatrick and John M. Reed, under
the firm name of Kirkpatrick it Reed,
grocers, of Butler, Pa., was dissolved by
mutual consent on February Ist, 1894.
Mr. Re«jd retiring. The business will be
continued at same place, 300 N. Main St.,
Butler, Pa., by Mr. Kirkpatrick, who will
collect all the late firm's accounts and pa\
its debts.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the partner
ship heretofore existing between W. H.
vVitto and L. H. Falkner, under the firm
name of Falkner A Witte, blacksmiths,
hardware and farming implements at Sar
vers Station, Butler Co., Pa ,was dissolved
by mutual consent on January 29th, 1894.
The business, except blacksmitbiug, will
oe continued by W. H. Witte, who will
collect all accounts of the lafj firm and pay
all its debts.
Sarversville P 0 .
Butler, Pa.
Notice is hereby given that Levi Buyer,
committee of Isaac L. Boyer, has filed his
tiual account as committee, in the office of
the Prt thonotary of the Court of Common
fleas of Builer county, Pa., at C P. No
500, March T, 1894. anil that the same will
tie presented to said Court lor confirmation
and allowance on Wednesday the 7th day
of March, 1894.
SAMUEL M. SBATOH, Protbonotary.
Prothonotary's Office, Fel>. 7th, 1894.
Notice in Partition
In He- Partition of the estate of John A. Dun
ap, dee d., in the urpuan s Court of Jiutler Co.,
l*a. A. I>,
O.«'. No, 74. Sept. Term, 1593.
To Ann Eliza Dunlap. widow, and the follow
nig children and heirs, to-wlt: Mary Jane, in
termarried with Howe Allen. In tne State of
Oiegon ; Wl!son Uunl ip resnlli g 111 Venauno
Co.. Pa.; Uacbael. intermarried with Bell.
ulio resides In Clncauo, 111.; Maggie, Intermar
ried with James E. Imonns. who resides In Ve
nango Co.. Pa ; and John M. Dunlap. Tliomp
onvllle, Washington Co. Pit. ; Manila A. Dun
lap, re-iden e unknown; Elizabeth, lntermar
uiarrled wtiti James Wiee. who reside in Ve
nango Co., Pa. ; Ellen, intermarried with Alfred
Nicker.-.on In her life time, but who Is now
.lead, having died before her lather and who
I. it a liusoand. Alfred Nlckerson and two chil
dren by said husband. to-wit: Mary .Nlcker
son. aged aboui 12 years, and James Nlckerson.
aged about 1" you*, residing tu Venango Co.,
a Tills Is to notify you that a writ <,l parti
Hon has been Issued out 01 said court and to me
directed and by virtue ol tald writ the Jury of
inquest will moeton the premises de*er!bed in
-aid writ, situated in Mercer twp., flutter Co..
.it 10 o'clock a. 111. on Mi nday. the 26th day of
Kenruarj , 1804, and on the oilier tract situated
in Marion twp., liutler Co.. on Monday the 26th
day of February, 1891, at 2 o'clock p. m. to wake
partition thereof or appraise the said tract of
and described in said writ at which time aud
place you are hereby uolilled to be present If
you see proper.
liutler. Co.. Pa.
Notice in Partition.
In He-estate of James 11. Matthews, dec'd.
Conrad Myers 1 In the Orphan's
vs I Court of Butler Co.,
Ovid L Matthews. Olive I Pa.
UattheWfc.C.l-' Matthews ! A.D..0. C. No 4,
and Irene Matthews nee I Dec Term, lsw.
W.N.l'urvls. J
To Ovid L. Matthew* , this Is to notify you
tiiut a writ of pari It 1011 has been issued out of
said Court, ana to toe directed and by virtue of
said writ the Jury of Inquest will meet on the
premises described in said writ of partition 10
uiake partition thereof or appraise the said
1 ract of land described In said writ, on H tur
day the iMtb day of Kebruaiy, ISOI, at loo,cloclc
a. m. of said dav. at which Unit aud place you
aru hereby notified to be present it you see
Butler Co., i'a.
Orphan's Court Sale.
ISy virtue of an order and decree of the Or
phan's Court of Huller Co., I'cDn'a.. tne un
dersigned, Executor of the last will and testa
ment of Kobert llesselgesser, late of Wlnfteld
township, county and state atoresalu. deceased
will offer at public auction, 011 the premises on
at 1 o'clock p m. of said day : One hundred aud
twenty-eight acres ol laud, more or less, situat
ed in the township county and state aforesaid;
bounded on the nortb by lands of vvm. nickel
on the east by lands ol Itavlrt Hesselgesser. on
lUe south by lands of John Hesselgesser and
N K irk land, aud on the west bv lands of Karl
Hesselgesser, Sill and Painters lielrs. Brick
dwelling house . frame barn and outbuildings,
and good orchard thereon. About seventy
acres thereof cleared, fenced and under gooo
slate of cultivation, balance woodland. In all
respects tills is among the best farms in Win
field township.
TERMS OF SACK:—One-third of purchase
money to be paid on continuation of Hale, and
one-third In one year and remaining third in
two years thereafter with Interest from said
confirmation and to be secured by Judgment,
bona or mortgage. Title good.
•I A MRS 11 K..-HLI.' .K.-iKKK,
Executors of Kobert Hesselgesser, dec'd.,
Leasurevllle, tutlerco.. i'a.,.l an 8, 18&4,
K. McJUhktu, McJuuKlu .t iJaloreatb.
January 3d, I Hit I •
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the last will
aud testament of Xeal Mcßride, late of
Clearfield twp., Puller Co., I'a., deceased,
having been ibis day granted by the Kegis
-1 ter of wills ol said county to me, the under
I nigned Executor, therefore, all person*
knowing themselves indebted to said es
tale are requested to make speedy pay
ment, aud all persons having claims
agaih it t,aid estate will please present theui
to me. properly authenticated for settle
Dk.nnis Mcßridk, Executor,
Coylesville, Butler Co.,
E. McJunkin, Att'y. Pa.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the ostate of
Mrs Christina llassler, d> c'd , late of
Donegal twp , Butler Co., Pa.,having been
granted to the undersigned, all poisons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate paymeut, and
any having claims against said estate will
present them duly authenticated for settle
ment to
Gil as. L. Nortuimk, Ex'r.,
S. F. Bowser, Greer P. 0.,
Att'y. Butler Co., Pa.
Farm for sate
The undersigned offer* Ills farm in t.utlertwp
contutiiliiK over one hundred « 100) acres, ana
located three miles south of Butler one mile
eu't the I'lnnkroad, for Hale or exchange. About
eigtitv !icr* s of tile farm Is cleared,KOOd ground
good bmldtiigH of a',l kinds, water at the door
ai it sprtugs on farm, two orchards, two road«
repair."' "" rOU,C "
ni Jini au, - Buttw, fa'
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
James Denny.dec'd late of Clearfield twp.,
Butler Co., Pa., barn? been granted to
the nndesigned. all persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate will please
make immediate payment, and any having
claims against said estate wi'l present
them dalv authentii ated for settlement to
Armstrong Co., Pa.
Executors' Notice.
Letters testamentary hairing been granted to
the undersigned under the last will and testa
ment ot Daniel McDeavltt. dec d. late of Brady
twp.. Butler countv, Pa.. all persons knowing
themselves indebted to the estate of said de
cedent will please call and settle and any having
claims against me same will present them duly
authenticated tor aeti lemeni.
A.M. Cornelius, Att'v. Went Liberty, Pa
Administrator's Notice.
Letters ot administration on the estate
of Charles O'Donnell, dec'd , late of Clear
field twp , Butler Co , Pa having been
granted to the undersigned, all person
knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate payment,
ami any having claims against t>aid estate
will present them duly authenticated f< r
for settlement to
U.J. O'DOSSELL, Adm'r.
S. F. Bowser, Carbon Centre,
Att'y. Butler Co., Pa.
Widow's Appraisements.
The following appraisements of personal
property set apart lor the benefit of lie
widows of decedents have l>een fi;e<i inj the
office of the Clerk of Orphan's Court f
Butler county, viz:
Widow of Frederick Burry, dec d, SKO 00
" Wilson E. Reed, " 30tt 00
" W T.Henshaw, " 300 00
" Wm. Huselton, 270 85
" Charles O'Donnell, " 300 00
*• James Denny, " 293 00
" Fred Kloffenstine, " 39 <JO
All persons interested in the above ap
praisements will take notice that they will
be presented to the Orphan's Court of Bu tier
county lor confirmation absolutely on Wed
nesday the 7th day of March, 1894, if no
exceptions be filed they will be confirmed
Clerk O. C
Road Reports.
Notice is hereby given that the following
roads have been confirmed nisi by
the Court and will be presented on the first Wed
nesday of March. ISO 4, being the 7th day of
said month, audit no exceptions .are flied.tuey
will be conQrraed absolutely.
R, L>. No ii, Sept. Session, IJW2: In re
petition of luhatntaats of Winfield twp.,
Butler Co., Pa., for chaugc ot part of a pub
lic road: Beginning at Leasureville and
leading to Saxon Station IU said twp. June
6th, lfcy3, reviewers appointed by the Court,
and Aug 4tb, 1893, report ol reviewers filed,
stating the vacation, change and suoply
prayed for is necessary and have theretore
vacated, changed and supplied the same fir
public use. The probably cost of making
said road to be sixty dollars, to be borne by
the township. No damages assessed. Sept.
Gth, 1893. approved and fix width of road at
33 feet. Notice to be given according to
rules of Court.
R. D. No. i, Dec. Sessions, 1893: Peti
tions of inhabitants of Jefferson twp. for
change of public road: Begiuuuig at a
point on a road leading from what is knowu
as the Bull Creek road to a road known as
the Saxonburg road, about 77 rods west of
said Saxonburg road aud ending at said Sax
onburg road. Sept 4th, 1893, viewers ap
pointed by the Court, and Dec. sth, 1891, re
port ol viewers filed, stating that the change
prayed for is necessary aud have laid out
the same tor public use. The probable cost
ot making, one hundred and titty dollars,
to be bor. e by the townsnip. Damages,
twenty-five dollars to D. H Logan. Dec.
(lib, 1893, approved,and fix wi lth of road at
33 feet. Notice to be given according to
rules of Court.
R. D. No. 2. Dec. Sessions, 1-93: Peti
tion ol inhabitants of Peuu twp, to vacate
part ot the road leading from Hear Creek
road at or near the larin of David Kerr,
dec'd, to intersect the I'itu.burg and Butler
turnpike. Sept.-Ith, 1893, viewers appoint
ed by the Co .rt, and Nov. 13ih, 893, report
of viewers filed, stating that the vacation
prayed for is necessary, aud .have theretore
vacated the same No damages assessed.
Dec. Uth. 1893, approved. Notice to be given
according tc rules of Court,
It. D. So. 3, Dec. Session, lhU3: Petition
of citizeus of l'eu/i twp. for viewers 10 locale
public road: Beginning at a point on the
Plank road at a whiteoak tree, south of Mc
(iride City and tunning to a point on tne
road known as the vVallace and Rentrew
road about eight rods west of the bridge
aeroes I'horu Creek in Pean twp. Nov. i!2d,
1893, viewers appointed by the Court, and
Dec 4th, 1893, report of viewers filed, stat
ing that the public road prayed for is nec
essary and laid out tee same tor public
use. Probable cost ol niaaing, uiue hundred
dollars, to be borne by the township.
No damages assessed. Dec. Gth, 1893, ap
proved and fix width ol road at 33 feet.
Notice to be given according to rules of
Certified from the record this sth day of
Feb. A. D., 1891.
Clerk Q. S. Court.
Jury List for March Term,lß94.
List of Grand Jurors drawn this 22d day
of Jannary, A D. 1H94, to servo as Grand
Jurors at a regular term of Court, com
mencing on Ihe first Monday of March, A.
D, 1894 the same being the sth day id
said month
Aggas W 11, farmer, Concord twp.
Bean 0 I), farmer, Bntler twp
Hartley J W, farmer, Oakland twp
Crider Samuel, farmer. Cranberry twp
Cochran Wm S, farmer, JefTerson twp
Douthett Walter A farmer, Forward twp
Dodds David B, farmer, Penn twp, S
Dougherty Frank, miner, Cherry twp S
Dale AG, machinist, Butler boro, Ist wil
Dayle William, tanner, Buffalo twp
Kichart John A, farmer, Jackson twp E
Frazier Jefferson, farmer. Muddycieek twp
Geer Samuel,carpenter, Butler boro 4th wd
Gel bach Jacob, Justice of Peace, JSelieno
ple boro
Hesselgesser Ellis, farmer, Winfield
llartman E F, laborer, Butler 2i wd
Kramer Albert, liveryman, Butler boro 2d
Jack David, farmer, Marion twp
Moon Samuel, farmer, Clinton twp
Miller Fred, farmer, Lancaster twp
Neshitt W If, farmer, Butler twp
ltiehey Wlll W, teamster, Butler boro Ist
Scott William, farmer, Buffalo twp.
Walker William, oil producer, Butler sth
List of Petit Jurors drawn this 22d day
ot January A D., 1894, to serve as Petit
Jurors at a regular t"rm ot Court, com
mencing the iiecond Monday ol March, th<>
gtmo being the I2th day of said month.
Anderson CE, Justice of Peace, Butler
boro, 4lh wd
Black Daniel, farmer, Donegal twp
Bonner, A J, foreman, Butler boro 4th wd
Billingsley James, carpenter, Parker twp
BickelJobn, merchant, Butler 4th wd.
Burns Peter, farmer, Donegal twp.
Cochran L. M Clerk, Butler 4th wd
Conley J R farmer, Adams twp S
Cruickshanks Scott, farmer, Winfield twp.
Campbell J C, farmer, Adams twp S
Cooper J L. farmer,Connoqu«me«siug twp N
Criswell J A. liveryman, Adams twp S
Evans J B, farmer" Forward twp
(iribben James, farmer, Middlesex twp
Glenn Clark, farmer, Brady twp
Hines L A, tanner, Brady twp
llazulett William, carpenter, Butler sth wd
lla'.s'evl ltanev, lartiier, Clinton twp
lluidman J L, laruier, Cherry twp a
llesidence Andrew, farmer. Oakland twp
Harvey Nibloek, farmer, Clinton twp
Hamilton S F, farmer, Venango twp
Leidecker J A, oil prod'r, Butler Ist wd
Loudon John il, farmer, Clay twp
Mi'Candless L L, farmer, Centre twp
MeCollough A W, oil and gas prod'r, But
ler 3d wd
Marks Kobert, farmer, Middlesex twp
McCall Isaiah, farmer, Ciuitou twp
McKissick Robert, farmer, Clay twp
Martin Win T, farmer, Ponn twp
Niece Henry, Justice ol Peaco. llurmony
Neynian W U. farmer, Oakland twp
Orr John, farmer. Mercer twp
Richey A B, coal merchant, Butler 4th wd
RlUart J W. farmer, Donegal two
Rumbaugh W L, farmer, Donegal twp
Sloan W A, farmer, Adams twp S
Sutton Samuel, fanner Clay twp
Shufflin TJ, tank builder, Butler 2d wd
Stuthers James F,plastere , Harrisville boro
Stewart William, farmer, Muddycreek twp
Thompson R J, merchant, Sunbury boro
Vaiioe William, laborer, Zelienople boro
Yariderliu G S, farmer, Venango twp
West Flemmitig, tarmer. Cranberry twp
VValdron U S G, farmer, Forward twp
(Test .1 C. carpenter, Evanu City,
Yeakel Archibold, oil prod'r, Saxonburg
Register's Notices,
The Reginer hereby gives notee that the
following accounts of executors, a 1 miuistr--
tors and guardiaus have been filed in his of
fice according to law, and will be presented
to Court for confirmation aud allowance <>n
Wednesday, the 7th day of Marcn. 1-94,
at 2 o'clock P. M. of said day.
1. Final account of Neal Boyle and El
len J. Boyle, executors of P M Boyle, de
ceased. late of Donegal township.
2 Partial account o! Chas A Morris and
B E Campbell, executors of George Morris,
dec'd. late of Washington township.
3 Final account of Daniel Shauor. exe
cutor of Annie Shanor, dec'd, late ot Frank
lin township.
4 Fmal account of Johu I). Schell, ad
ministrator of John R Benninger, dec'd,
late of Allegheny township.
5. Fiual account ot C M Brown, admin
istrator of John A Duulap. dee d, late of
Mercer township
0 Final account of E H Adams, Jr,
guardian ot Porry G Turner, minor child of
H R Turner, dec'd, late of Parker town
7 Final account of Alfred Miller, ad
ministrator of Elton Gold, dec'd, late of
Clay township.
S" Final and distribution account of Hen
ry Shaffer, executor ot Eva Bloom, dec'd.
late ot Zeli^nople.
9. Final account of James L Reid and
Daniel Con way,executors of Patrick Gagen.
dec'd, late ol Oakland township
10. Final account of Christian G Walter,
executor of Christian Walter, dec'd, late ol
Jackson township.
11 Final account of Lewis V Snyder,
guardian of Mary H. Monnie, minor child
of Alfred Monnie, dec'd, late of Butler
12. Final account of Lewis T. Snyder,
guardian of Andrew Monnie, minor child
of Alfred Monnie, dec'd, late of Butler
13 Final account ot Lewis V Snyder,
guardian of Etta M Monnie, minor child ol
Alfred Monnie, dec'd, late ol Butler boro.
14 Final account of Lewis V Snyder,
guardian of Francis Monnie, minor child of
Alfred Monnie, dec'd, late of Butler boro.
15. Final account of H M Wise, admin
istrator of J S Lnsk, dec'd, late of Butler
1(5 Final and distribution account of W
J McKee and S M Dunlap, executors of
James Dunlap, dee d, late of Butler boro
Notice is hereby given that W. J. Mc-
Kee and S M. Dunlap, executors of James
Dunlap, late of the boro of Bntler, dec'd.
will upon confirmation of their first final
and distribution account petition the Or
phan's Court of Butler county to be dis
charged from their duties as executors of
said estate and that they and their bonds
men be released from bond as executors ot
said estate.
17 Final account of Eli J Moore, Wm
J Kennedy and Wlll Humphrey, executors
of Robert Stew art, dec'd, late ol' Porters
ville boro.
18. Final and distribution account of J
C Miller aud G A Miller, administrators of
Andrew Miller, Sr, dec'd, late of Butler
19. Final account of Rebecca Carnon,
formerly Rebecca McConnell. guardian of
SainuefM McConnell. minor sou of Rich
ard McConnell, dec'd, late of Allegheny
20. Fiual account ot John K. Gilchrist,
guardian of Jatnes A. Midbcrry, minor
child of Geo B Midberrv, dec'd, lute of
Maiion township.
21 Final account of McCallist- r Kuhu.
guardian of James F Landers, minor child
of Michael Landers, dec'd late of Petrolia
22 Final account of McCallister Kuhu.
guardian of Wm Blain, minor child ot
Epnriam Blain, dec'd, late of Butler town
23 Final account of R I) Campbell aud
Eiias Easton, executors of Mary A Gille
land, dec'd, late of Connoquenessing town
24. Final account of Samuel C Turk,
guardian of Birdie Taggart and Ada C Tag -
liart. minor children of C U Taggart, dec'd,
late ot Brady township.
25 Final uccount of 0 0 Bollinger and 0
F Bollinger, executors of John M Bolling
er, dec'd, late of Cherry township.
2G Final aocouutof Mary A Hartley and
D P Hartley, administrators, c t a id 1) ivid
Bartley, dec'd, late of Clay township.
27. Final account of Abraham Moyer
and Frederick Wetgle, administrators ol
Samuel Moyer, dec'd, late of Lancaster
28. Final acount of W I) Brandon, ad
ministrator of the estate of Hugh Wallace,
dec'd, late of Forward township
29 Final account of Mary Reid. admin
istratrix, eta of Mary O'Donnell, dec'd,
late of Oakland township.
The administratrix, Mary Reid, gives
notice that she will make application to
Court for her discharge as administratrix
at the time of presenting the above ac
count for nonfiriuation.
30. Final account of Jacob Keck, admia
i<trat<>r of John Minster, dec'd, late of
Oakland township.
31. Final account of Jacob Keck, admin
istrator ot Joseph Miuster, dec'd, late of
Oakland township
32 Final account of Jacob Keck, admin
istrator of Conrad Miuster, dec'd, late of
Oakland township.
JOUX S. WICK, Register.
STATEMENT Glade Mill Fire In-ur
auce Company. In account with W.
J. Bnrtou, Treasurer, for the vear 1892
and 1893.
Uncollected for the year 1888..$ 13 99
•' 1889.. 751
" " 1890.. 38 44
From former treasurer. Martin.. 8 30
Jan. 13th, to balance 42 70
Am't assessed on Gilleland lire. 875 78
" " Gallery fire... G,939 71
Received from Agents 168 00
Liabilities 8,094 43
1891. Robert Trimble Sec'y $ 11 00
J. L>. Anderson, President. 8 30
Finance Coin's dinner at
Gallery 1 50
Postal cards for Gallery lire C 00
Rooks to See. " " (55
Postage ot Sec. 23
J. D. Anderson, blank pol
icies 23 75
1892 Robert Trimble,services as
Secretary 92 70
Robinson & Carson, print
ing..................... 10 75
Paid on Gallery fire 5,755 50
J. D. Anderson 83 05
8. P. Armstrong, garnishee 248 80
Win. Forquer, attorney 240 20
Jas. Galbreatb, attorney... 5 no
Stamped envelopes 5 74
August Barr lO 00
1893. Robert Trimble, services as
secretary 99 72
John Webber, order 5 45
Overpaid treasurer ... 42 45
Contingencies 1 75
Fred Winters. ........ 3 00
August liarr 140 00
John Miller 30 00
Treasurer's per cent 133 33
Postage ... ......... 10 00
Appraiser's day at Callery. 1 50
Auditors of W. J. Bur
ton's house 3 00
Sec'y day with auditors.. 1 50
Balauce of available nwu •>' in
hands of W, J. Burton 554 4!)
Uncollected o:i (iili 1t i l firo .. 151 80
" " Gallery fire 410 53
Joseph Gilkky, i A dit
W. W.UiLt, S
Grind Your Own Corn Meal, Oyster
Shells and Corn in the $5 Hand Mill.
(F. Wilson's Pat.) Circulars lree.
'•Also Power and Farm Mills. Send for
illustrated circulars and testimonials."
100 i>ir cl. moic made In keeping j/ojillri/.
WILSON BROS., Easton, Pa.
Onr Green Bono Cutter will dou
ble your eptf production
Heat and Cheapeßt in the market.
Circular free.
Cazenovia, N. Y
I * 9 VosSER'S •
has no equal for chapped hands. Hps or
m face, or ny roughit sof tin- skin, ami 0
|1 not exc 11" Ia ■ .'I 'I: •••"■ imk for I In- face
alter shaving. Sold by druggists #t c
\ *«oty-fivc Cents a Bottle.
• «••••••••••«
Butler County
For the Year Ending Jan 1,1894.
Let; ami AiaMMnrat.
; Zi o W'
£ 2 C I
S 5 ?
I h S
Adams I 415 M T<>63 ' - 115 4 2><
Allegheny -.>a9s> 101 l*• 1« 20
Bradv 2107i>s » 127 77
Butter 3J9 . ISI7 3 t«6 9
Buffalo 52-1 t» 186 57
Clay 3133 a 1253 19
Centre 3740.' U><W> >• 64 12
Cherry *1 11*6 K 68 40
Clearfield 28545 833 8' 90 76
Clinton 3510!'' 1404 4- 117 36
Concord -'*'>•»»■ 1153 3 63
Conuoouen'g *' 11 19'- 0! 40! 99
Cranberry 33*U 1."5 : ' 97 lu" 34
Donegal - 1049 it. 272 45
Fairview 308 t> 1234 Jt 15s 38
Forward 361483 1451*3 855 61
Franklin ! 25903 1136 IS 99 89
Jackson 1 3230 1 1292 & g4 Bt>
Jefferson - i 33913- 1356 284 62
Lancaster 28412! 1136 50 226 27
Marion ! 2.>2841< 1011 39 38 40
Mercer 15302' 6'2 08 68 61
Middlesex 37413;' 1496 55 312 99
Mnddycreek 25019!' 000 81! 36 < 0
Oakland 2751*1] l\oo 73 171 00
Parker 272944' 1091 76 106 91
Penn ! 3351141 1340 45 459 11
Slipperyrock 361699 1441; 791 133 02
Summit 297155 1188 62j 213 50
Venan-o | 23530t | 94122 35 50
Washington 30l85t>j 1207 42 153 73
Winfield 277204 j 'IOB 81 278 63
Worth 319858 1279 35 100 37
Butler boro ; 2216220 8864 88; 2406 77
Centreville 91661 i 366 64 180 93
Evans City ' 96218 384 87 463 35
Fairview 36925 147 7 0 92 91
Karns City 26990 -07 9<\ 13 U0
Harmony 106737j 42 95| 93 60
Harrisville 61334 245 33; 407 48
Slillerstown 101440 4U5 62 190 84
Petrolia 4l )-<
Portersville 42260 169 C 456 70
Saxonburg 91819 367 28, 366 46
West Suubury ....' 4-245 168 98 67 83
Zelienople 1 0116 520 46 395 54
Statement Phoning Viuount dae from Collector*.
Year. Districts Name Amount due
-1887 Butler twp. M Dutford $ 38 03
18f>9 Karns City boro, M King 104 19
" Clay twp, J A McMichael 60 43
" Washington tw|.,U Seaton.. 48 35
" Worth, J O McClymonda 38 82
1890 Cherry, J Newman 120 31
" Portersville boro, J Kinser... 31 60
" SlipperyrocK twp, D Dickey 60
1891, Brady twp, John Staff. 90 93
" Concord twp, G W Moaer 197 69
" Karns City boro, M King 85 58
" Millerstown boro, K Jinkins 81 31
" Portersville boro, J Kinser,... 86 33
11 Sunbury boro, J McNaugton 17 48
" Washington twp J F Harp-ar 188 56
" Worth twp, Jos Barron 1 Oo
1890. Butler boro, R C McAboy... 75 27
1892 Allegheny twp, E Parks 384 25
" Connoq'g twp, J Shearer 4 22
" Clearfield tWp, H U Duffy... 44 90
" Concrd twp C Campbell 184 30
■' Cherry twp, Henry Peters 168 56
•' Donegal twp.John Beitzert.. 28 33
" Marion twp, John Vandyke.. 4 10
" Mercer twp, Samuel Coun 44 70
" Muddycreek twp, J Scott (!3 It
" Oak laud twp,Peter Whitmirc 34 15
" I'enu twp, »V 0 Patterson...- 516 23
14 Parker twp, G C H*-pler 139 08
" Venango twp, F McNaiuee... 207 72
" \\ asbiugtou twp, J F llarper 458 12
" Butler born, S Walker 2051 41
" Fairy it w bori, Wm Gibson... 45 63
" Harrisvilte boro, Jus S Pew.. 1 16
" Earns City boro,Jos Meetiling 14 52
" Millerstown bir.E M Jenkins 101 76
• Portersville bor,Jacob Kinser 120 30
*' Saxonburg boro, C Kaabe, 11 87
1893. Adam* twp, M Mar-.ball .... u.B 83
'* Allegheny twp, J Jolly 748 7o
" Brady twp, S F Beaty 473 70
" Butler twp, A Sarver, 279 97
" Butlalo twp, S Westernian... 328 35
" Clay twp. It B Conu 350 80
" Centre twp, T It Hoon 408 34
" Chirry twp, II Sproull 75 90
" Cleartield tA'p, II 11 Huffy 457 63
" Cliutou twp, Wm Harvey 50 71
" Concord twp, C M Campbell 610 Bti
" Conuoq'g twp,Win Anders.m 573 60
" Cranberry twp, E J Cookson 5 79
" Donegal twp, J Itiizerl 378 01
" Fairview twp,D M Thompson 045 07
" Forward twp, Win Pehe 250 97
" Franklin twp, W J Barkley 106 49
'• Jackson twp, J A Eicbert 598 28
" Jetterson twp, Wm Geupiert 206 87
" Lancaster twp, J L Metz 335 98
" Marion twp, Jos Vandyke 468 71
" Mecrer twp, John Orr 32 84
" Middlesex tp.E O Thompson 258 51
" Muddycreek tp Geo Stougton 562 74
" Oakland twp, C ltobb 253 68
" Parker twp, Eli Gibson 266 06
" Penn twp, W G Patterson 1137 92
'• Slipperyrock tp.Paul Keister 3.>8 31
" Summit twp, .1 W Bauidaut' 247 26
" Venango tp.Frauk McNamee 120 53
" Washington twp, 11 Seaton... 555 57
" Worth twp, Joseph Shields.. 128 38
" Butler boro, SY\ alkcr 4721 05
" Fvans City boro,Cyrus Kuox Paid
" Fairview boro, Wm Gibson... 77 84
" Karns City boro, AW
Sclireeongost 75 0£
" Harmouy boro, Fred Weigle 198 32
" Ilarrisville boro, Jos Pew 4 98
" Centreville boro,Jos I testier- 179 48
" Millerstown bor,Fre l ISarn
bart 177 58
" Prospect boro, T II IJoehm... 136 62
" reirolia boro, F M Frilz li? 3 96
" Portersville boro.VV II Dunn Paid
" Saxouburg Imro, H G Muder 152 44
•' Sunbury boro, 11 C Pryor... 101 16
' Zeiieuople, boro, Gej Byer... 47 85
Total amount due from Collectors $21248 77
Wintield twp, August Freebling. overpaid
Mutriium Showing txpnidltucs of Butler
luuut) for I*ll3.
By ain't paid t-»r assessing $ 812 SO
Uew biiilges 2 724 64
'• repairing bridges... 2 276 11
" boiler house 9 7 54
" bridge views 114 90
" Commonwealth 2 357 16
County Cora in lax loner*' Account.
S.T. Marshall's Account.
To arn't rec'd...s2 025 i By bal due
from 1892..$ 940 00
I By 310 days at
| $3.50 per day.loßs 00
$2 025 00
Johu Humphrey's Account,
To arn't rec'd...s2 03- By bal due
from 1892...5! 018 00
I By 301 days at
| $3.50 per day 1064.00
$2 082 00
J. C Kiskaddon's Account.
To arn't rec'd...il 078 I By 308 days at
I $3.50 perday.slo7B.oo
By am't pd A Allen Co. Detective-..$ 300 00
" G E Thomas ... 800 00
'• Isuac Meals Comm. Clerk... 780 00
" Court House Ex 1 813 02
" County Auditors ~64 24
" Constables returns 663 72
Commissioner's Counsel.
To a'u't rec'd..r2so ( o I Bal due 1»J2..5;0 00
1 ei vice* reud'd
j 1893 20 00
Court Crier, K Gilleland $ 78 00
•' 15 L Hockenberry 1-0 00
By ain't pd Court Auditor 31 '0
'• Cierk of Courts 733 21
" Cl iretnont W'k House... 489 42
•' County accounts 336 59
" Dixmont hospital 2 117 82
" District attorney 392 50
•' election and ballots 5 070 37
" freight and drayage 7 55
" inquest 187 75
" inspecting new bridges... 18 00
" Indexing, E I Brugb. 681 25
" " A Kusseil ...... 428 75
" Jury account 7 913 75
" Jury t ommissiouers 224 60
" Janitor T Brown .. . 17 00
" Jail uccouut 415 8!)
" Liinacy costs 243 88
•' Livery hire 88 00
" Millitary enrollment 200 67
" Morgauza costs 12 05
" Notary Public 2 00
•' Printing account 450 47
•' Postage aud expressage... 29 50
" Prothouotary 602 95
" Pennsylvania It School.. 828 54
" Registering - 1 302 20
«• '• births & deaths 16 65
■' Bond damages 261 00
" Register and Recorder... 49 10
" Refunding accouut 8S 99
'• ltoad viewers 2*22 65
" Scalps 162 92
" Soldiers' bunal 120 00
" Slatiouery, ledgers aud
duplicates 1 058 25
" Hheritl'* account 1 767 02
" Steni grapher 1 583 25
Tipstalls' Account.
" F II Monni», 98 days 186 00
" K A Kii zer. 81 days...., 162 Od
" D M Ward, 02ilays 121 00
■' E Erb, 62 day» 124 00
" Truyvliug vxyvuDci 60 20
" TTfrnwiTille Hospital... 20 60
" Wmlern Peniteutiarj..... 2 103 OS
" Warren iloauital I 176 25
ssl 839 28
Ktrntcacat Kkowlnj the Aaosit DIP THE Cosatf
oa Arroant ofWarrra aad DUra>ai HoopltaU
Dn-triet. Am't doe.
Clinton $ 35» 40
Laueasier 22 To
Mercer 91 25
Oakland 52 00
Penn 3? 75
Parker 11» 52
Fairview 126 18
Forward "1 50
Winded 135 25
Karns City 91 2o
Kutler borough 22U 75
Miller»towj 121 5J>
$1517 .0
Jinn S. Wilson Trra*n rer la Iroaal with
Koil<-r to for thr tear IBJIDC
Jaauarjr 1, I>S t.
To am't of Co and State tax rec'd
lor 1892 and previous sl6 151 66
'• of tax rec'4 lor l»y3 41,607 20
" rvc'd of Co CotUQjisMouera 8»7 60
" ol jury fees from Sueriff
Brown 162 96
" oijnry fee* from Clerk
Criswell 32 00
" from retail liquor licenses 450 00
" fines 39 00
" tax on uuseated lands 1,231 To
" rec'd from iwps acd boroa
on ac't ot Dixwont and
Warren Hospitals 1,283 00
" rec'd from Stue Treasurer 8.089 53
" am't in Treas. Jan 2 ,93... 14,138 02
$84,458 76
By am't of warrants redeemed $51,889 38
" of warrants on unseated
lands 740 64
" State tax 10,786 05
" Treas's per cent on State
tax, 1 per cent 108 95
" Paid lor teachers institute 200 00
" Treat's per cent oa 50,000
at 3 per cent 1,500 00
" Treas's per cent ont §2,089-
38 at 1 per cent 20 89
By balance in treasury Jan 1,1894 19,212 85
$84,458 76
Fiaanriil statrmrnt Mtonioft Aiwrta and Lia
bilities January l»t,l-»#4.
Bal in treasury January, 1894 $19,212 So
Balance due Irom colleclors tor 1892
and previous 6,102 80
Bal due from collectors for 1893... 18,010 70
Bal jury fees due Irom ex-Sheriff
Brown 116 00
Bal jury fees due from ex-Steriff
Redic 52 00
Bal jury fess due from ex-Protn'y
Shira 16 00
House and lot 300 00
Bal due county from townships
and boroughs on account of
Warren ona Dixmont hospitals 1,547 10
Total assets $45,417 45
To am,t due Johnatou & Watson for
dockets aad stationery $409 75
We, the undersigued County Commis
sioners of Butler couuty, do certify that the
foregoing statement is a true exhibit of the
receipts aud expenditures ot said county for
the year 1893.
Witness our hands an 1 seals this, the Sth
day of February, 1891.
& £ 11.
This very large stock in this store is to
£0 aud not to stand upon the order ot it's
going, either. Ton who are late buyers
w II reap ihe harvest, in way of DOWN
PRIOES. Now, here's ono lot—a big lot
50 inch
All-Wool Cloth Suitings
known to tho average buyer as Ladieft'
Cloths. The assortment is very large—
about 30 choice colorings—including Ox
ford or black-mixed, Cadet or grey-mixed
and brown-mixed The universal trade
price on this fabric to-day is 50 cants —but
this sale price is
35 cents
a yard. Want to seo samples?
36 inch
AII-Wool Cloth P'aids,
20 cents,
original price 40 cents.
ENS to go on the same basis—
s2 00 ones at SI.OO a yard.
$1.50 ones at 75c a yard.
$1 00 ones at 50c a yard.
And every one who buys at this sale of
of them light enough in texture and color
to be worn late in the spring and between
seasons, will get more for the money and
better value, than was ever sold by this
store—and we think also, bj any other.
The new 1894 printings now on sale
The flue French onus 50 cents a yard.
And a good line of same goods—last seas
on's printing, but choice, nice ones at half
this price, 25c aud 35c.
Enquire of our MAIL OBDKR Depart
ment (and see samples) about the sale of
195 pieces.
Imported Printed
a good, firm cloth 21} inches wide—so cent
at 35 cents.
It will profit you more this year than
ever to trade at these stores.
BoggS &c Buhl,
115 to 121 Federal Street,
C. & D
Take into consideration that money
H«.ve<] in as (rood an money earned
Tbe bent way to Have money is to
buv pood poods at tbe ripbt price.
The only reason that our trade in
increasing constantly is tho fact that
we haudie only goods of first quality
and sell them at very low prices
We have taken unusual care to
provide everything new in Hats and
Furnishing Goods for this season,
und as we have control of many
especially good articles in both lines
we can do you good if you come to
We confidently nay that in justice
to themselves all purchasers 1 should
inspect our goods.
Visit us.
242 S Main street,
Butler, Pa.
Don't miss this great bargain sale,. SI.OO
will do tho work ol $2.00 in both depart
Our stores are small, we must make
room for Spring Goods. We have tbe best
line of muslin underwear in the city.
Odd sizes ol .best makes of corsets at
hall price.
M. F. & M. MARKS,
113 117 S Mam St . Bntur
» vertiiiAg M* m wwcago, *»«!» «»n«i it an I
/llli* at No. 4A, S. Main street, over Frank *
»"» Wo* Store, natter. Pa
l»7 E. Wayne St., office hours. 10 to 12 M. and
l LO j l*. M.
Physician and Surgeon.
100 West Cunningham at.
New Troutman BnUdtuK. Butler, fa.
a. S. I.KAKK. M. D. J. K XANN, At. D
aad Sur- JSye, uu. Mum; and
»eo. Tiiruil.
butler, Pa.
4. J. DONALDSON, Dentist.
Butler, Penu'a.
Artificial Teetu umertea on uie im
proved plan. Uold Pilling a speci. t). Oi£.
over txuiaol'B Uouiinx Store.
is now located in new and elegant rooms .ad
joining nls. lormtr ones. All kin as ol clasp
plates ana inoderen gold work.
"G«s Administered."
Uoia Filling I'alnless Extraction ol Teeth
aud Artuicial leetn wiiboui Hales a specially
Nitrous oxide or Vitalized Air or Local
Auasstueues used.
uuice over Millers Grocery east ol Lowry
office cloiad»VcJni!saiij-s aud luursdays.
Attorney at Law, Office ai JNo. 11, East Jetter
?ou at., isaiier. Fa,
Attorney at Ltw aim Keal Estate Ajjent. Ol
Qce rear ol L. Z. MltcbeU'a office on nurui aide
of lilamond. Butler, Fa.
Atiorney-at-law. Office on second aoor o
Anderson building, near Court House. Butler
t'fiice on second Door Jl the lluselfn clock,
lamond. Butler, fa. boom So. 1.
Office at No. 104 West Diamond St.
Room F., Armory Building. Cutler, Pa,
Office In rooai 15., /rn ory tending. I'l vler
At torncy-at- Law—office In Diamond Block
Butler, Fa.
Office—Between Postofflce and Diamond. Bu
ler. Pa.
office at No. 8. South Diamond, Butler. Pa.
Office second floor, Anderson B1 k. Alain ; St.
near Court Mouse. Butler, Pa.
Att'y at Law—Ofllc# on Bouth Bide,or Diamond
Butler. Pa.
Omen NKAB DIAMOND. Brruiii, PA.
Ia to tbe front once more, bard times
and all, with » brand new store and
an elegant new stock of goods, each
as fYne Gold Watches, Diamonds.
Jewelry, Solid Silver and Plated
Ware at prions that will down tbe
bard times.
C*H and see me at
No. 326 S. Main St., Butler.
THE highest casb prices paid for
bee! and horse hides; also sheep
pelts, tallow and furs of all kinds
Will be home on Friday and Satur
day of each week.
201 Mercer St.,
Butler, Pa.
* I EWIS 98 % LYE
■g* " (FATSHTAU)
TMllnwfnl tad pnrftt I.JI
ma'le. I'nllke other l.j«. It t-cliif
, Dua nowdt-T ao>i i«< In a ran
• wiin rworaW- 111. tij i ■uniMita.
are alwayi f' r n-«. Wlit
matelttmi rtmi.«l l. ird »
lu 30 mlnul'n wiihuiil h<illln(.
|t | t Ihr b.il ti.r <!• :>!'-lug
mw I4[*«. dUufi-rUl.f .lnk«. rl'sru,
WW wa-jjoc butUt'x I alol». liooa elc.
. £ ■*. v'G