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    THE orrizßisr.
•i*acaiPTio*r* AT,e ®"" rosTAfs,s rBK, ' AID:
One year. Inside County *' • *>
One Year, OutslJe County
Payable 1B Advance.
Katan* •» rmtoMee «t B.tLr »» 2d '>•« »atter
FRIDAY. MAY 9,1890.
Popular Vote for Governor. j
As there was no existing rule requiring !
a direct vote on the subject, the Executm ,
Committee, at its late meeting, did no.
feel at liberty to order snch an election.
Stoce then the matter has been freely
canvassed and it is believed a very large
majority of the Republican voters of the
county desire to have an opportunity to
ernress their preferences in this way. in
TtoTof this fact, after consulting with all
the members of the committee wc were
able to consult on the subject, *c have
concluded to invite the Republicans, at the
primaries on the 24th inst. to give express
ion to their preferences for Governor cn
their several ballots, by writing the name
of their choice on their tickets, to be re
turned and counted as the other candi
dates shrfl be counted by the County Con
vention. S. D. BELL, Chairman. .
LEVI M. WISE, ) GET .. 3
Call for the Republican State
I Philadelphia, April 23. 1«90.
The Republican State Convention will ba
held in the Opera Hou?e at Harrisburg, on
"Wednesdav, June 25, 1890, at 10 o clock
ul ii< l niinatii | i' T citn- :
didates for Governor, ueuieuanl Governor
Secretary of Internal Affairs, and for the
transaction of other business.
The attention ot Republicans throughout
the State Is repectfully directed to the
following Permanent Rules for the holding
of State Conventions and the conduct of
the party. _
FIRST, That Delegates to the State Con
vention shall be chosen in the manner in
which candidates for the General Assembly
are nominated. •
SECOND, Hereafter the State Conventions
of the Republican I'artrshull be held not
earlier than the third Wednesday of Au
gust, except in the year of Presidential
election, when it shall be held not more
than thirty days previous to the day fixed
for the National Convention, and except in
Gubernatorial years. At least sixty days
notice shall be given of the date of the
Bute Convention.
THIRD, That we recommend to the
county organizations, that in their rules
they allow the largest freedom in the gen
eral participation in the primaries consist
ent with the preservation of the party
The State Convention of June 30, 1686,
having abolished Senatorial representation.
Delegates to the approaching State Con
vention will be selected according to the
number ot Representatives in the Legislat
ure to which each county or city is entitl
ed under the Representative Apportion
ment law passed by the Legislature of 1887.
By resolution of State Committee
THE oft-repcated remark that a coil of
inch rope is a better anil more reliable
device for ewapinr from a burning building
than seven-eight* of the patented "fire
escapes" in use, was practically illustrated
In New York on Sunday. A tenement
house, provided with the usual '"fire
escape*," took fire. Panic seized the occu
pants, and there would have been a trage
dy, for the flauies stood between them and
the "escapes," had not one of the tenants,
foreseeing jnst sueh an emergency, provid
ed himself with a Btout rope. The womeu
and children were lowered by it to the
street, and the men and boys slid down it
easily and quickly, and everybody wan
waved. New York has a law that every
room in every hotel shall have a rope long
enough to reach the ground. Of course it
is not obeyed
The Political Ou'Jook.
Several more counties held their pri
maries last Saturday. The results on local
matters are of no interest to ns, but as far
•a they .concern the probable nominee for
Governor they are of interest.
In Armstrong county Mr. Delamater
succeeded in electing one delegate in bis
interest, the other one bciug tor Mon
In Clarion Co., a Democratic stronghold,
there were but nineteen votes of a differ
ence between the Delamater and Mon
tooth delegates,in favor of Delamater. It
is always taken for granted that the
' 'machine" will control the minority
counties, but in this case it came near
missing it.
Clinton county elected delegates who
favor Hastings, and Lehigh elected three
Vho will support Montooth:
Lancaster county has a candidate for
Lieutenant-Governor and elected delegates
in his interest, and the delegation is report
ed to be divided on Governor.
THI Republican primaries in the con
gressional district composed of Venango,
Warren, McKean and Cameron counties will
be held tomorrow, and there is a hot fight
there for the nomination for Congress, be
tween Ex-Senator Lee of Venango and Ex
congressman Watson of Warren.
In Venango Co. also, there is quite a
contest for the nomination for State Senate
between "Willis J. Hulings, W. It. Crawford
and Isaac Ash, Esq. who is a native of this
county. Of Mr. Ash, a correspondent of the
Pittsburg Times says: Mr. Ash is an older
man than either of his rivals, and is a law
yer at Oil City with* good practice. Ho had
not the best ol opportunities for education
in his youth,and has been too busy to study
grammer since. He is esteemed a man of
good sense and character, and if he should
get into the Senate, although tho bills he
might approve might not parse according
to Lindley Murray, his votes would proba
blybe cast with good judgment and honest
purpose, anyhow.
It was Mr. Ash, if I don't misreinetnber
an old story, who once paid a unique
tribute to General Grant.
"What was it fellow citizens," he ex
claimed in the course of a public speech,
"what was it that riz General Grant to the
place he has riz tot Murrit, gentlemen,
The Pan-American Congress.
Writing of the International Congress,
which adjourned a few days ago, G. W.
Curtis says: The point that Mr. Blaiue em
phasized was really the important point,
namely, the scheme of international arbi
tration. If that scheme should be approv
ed and ratified formally by the various
American states, the result would justify
the assembling of the congress. Each gov
eminent will now have in its returning
delegates counsellors thoroughly informed
both of the reasons of the propositions and j
of the feeling of the other states. This I
will greatly facilitate the negotiations of
treaties to secure the objects proposed
Moreover, the presence of so large a num |
ber of delegates for so long a time in tin- |
United States must have indirectly an effect j
npon local opinion in their various coun- |
tries. The delegates have seen for them
selves. They are, as we understand, un
usually intelligent uieu, and they have *tn
doubtedly measured our performances by
our assertions. They have seen at close
view the greatest of popular republics.
They have been sitting 111 the capital sim
ultaneously with Congress, and they l.un
becn impressed either like Lord Chatham
by the Continental Congress, or like a lat
•r lord of great distinction in English
public life, who remarked thai nothing
impressed him with our power so much a-
Congress, "for if yon can stand that, YOU
can stand anything." In any -..-cut tliere
is no disappointment. Great resuit< were
not anticipated. Yet if the arbitration
treaty shall be ratified, one grint re-'lt
will have been achieved.
THE most cold blooded thief yet heard
from is the Baltimore negro who stole a
stove with a well kindled fire in it fr« m the
Cfthin of an oyster pungy the other day.
The Directors' Convention.
There is a charm about a contest, and
men will engage in one, even though it
costs them something, and there is no
hope ot profiting by it.
Of the two hundred and eighty-eight di
rectors of the county, two hundred and
thirty nine, many of whom had traveled
several miles over mnddy roads, put in an
appearance in the Court rooui. Tuesday
afternoon. The convention was called to
order at one o'clock by Sup t Russell. D.
B. Donthett, Esq., of Brownsdale was
nominated for Chairman, and elected by
acclamation, and he made an excellent
presiding officer. J. A. Brandon of For
ward twp. and Rev. Imbrie, of Harrisville.
were elected secretaries, and AV. G. Rus
sell and Dr. Hoekenberry, reading clerks,
all without opposition, and they all did
well. Rev. Crowe moved that the list of
directors be corrected, and that the con
vention proceed immediately to the elec
tion of a County Sup't, as many of the di
rectors living in the southern part of the
county wished to leave town on the 3:50
M. N. Greer and C. M. Brown were in
favor of fixing the salary first, but did not
insi>t. and Rev. Croll's motion carried.
G. I>. Swain moved to exclude all but di
rectors and members of the press, a motion
that carried and spectators were invited to
leave the room.
Rev. Imbrie moved that the candidates
be nominated in five minute speeches, but
an amendment providing for no speeches
whatever, simply presenting names and
credentials carried.
Another motion to proceed to fix the
salarv carried, and Pat Burke moved that
it be "fixed at $5 per school. This brought
on a discussion, during which it was stated
that there are 207 schools in the county,
which would have made $1285, not a bit
too much considering the work, but the
motion wiii tmiiiiseil ami ftii amendment
".It ?4 ooper school, the old rate, earned.
Then the convention proceeded to elect
the County Sup't.
F. M. Campbell nominated S. M. Meals
and presented his credentials, Thos. Hay
did the same for N. C. McCollough, J. A.
Brandon the same for M. A. Sutton. Reu
ben Shanor the same for F. W. Magee.
Kev. lireaden the same for S. J. Christley,
and J. C. C'.aisford the sauie for H. H.
The candidates being all nominated, a
rira roce vote was taken which resulted as
follows: Cbiistley 40, Elliot 34, Meals 36,
Magee 40, McCullough 40, Sutton 38; by
which it will be seen that the directors of
the county were very evenly divided on
first choice. No time was lost in taking
ballot No. 2, which resulted as follows:
Christley 56, Elliott 29, Meals 32, Magee
43, McCollough 40, Sutton 38.
Ballot No. 3 was begun immediately al
ter No. 2 was announced and resulted as
follws: Christley 72, Elliot 17, Meals 24,
Magee 52. McCollough 48, Sutton 26.
After this ballot was announced quite a
number of directors left the room to make
tbeir trains.
Ballot No. 4 was then taken but before
the result was announced the Millerstown
delegation changed their votes from Elliott
to McCollough and the result_ was as fol
lows: —Christley 95, Meals 17. Magee 56,
McCollough 51. Sutton 8.
Friends of Messrs. Elliott, Meals and
.Sttttou then withdrew their names, and
ballot No. 5 resulted as follows: Christley
95, Magee 48, McCollough 70.
Mr. Reuben Shanor then withdrew Prof.
Magee, and the 6th and last ballot was
Christley 103, McCollough 112, and Prof.
McCollough was declared elected by the
President of the convention.
Nearly all of Magee's friends voted for
Met'ollough. Prof. MeCollough being call
upon and introduced, thanked the conven
tion. promised to do his best and praised
his competitors. Theu the convention ad
journed to the sidewalk, where the candi
dates for county and other offices met
them, and made time pass as agreeably as
possible till they started for their homes.
We think that the next legislature should
pass .in act giving school directors pay for
one day and traveling expenses, for attend
ing to "this bit of public business.
Awful Fire In Quebec.
Government insane asylum at this place
was destroyed by fire io-day. There were
in the institution when the fire broke out
1,300 lunatics. It is believed that 200 of
these have perished.
A long lino of gaunt towers and a mass
of blazing debris reflected in the wild eyes
of the maniacs is all that is left of the luna
tic asylum, and tho horrible sights that
were witi.essed during the destruction of
the building will never be forgotten by the
spectators, though to the lunatics it. was a
time of supreme glee, and in their delight
they disported themselves amid flames and
waved their arms in turbulent satisfaction
at the ruin that was being wrought. Not
until the walls tumbled over their heads
were their maniacal screams silenced.
There were incarcerated in the asylum
1,300 lunatics, for the place was more like
a prison than a hospital, and this evening
not more than 1,100 had been accounted
for. But many had escaped into fields
and woods. The number of dead is now
purely a matter of conjecture and is not
likely to ever be ascertained, since no oth
er record is kept than the asylum books,
and these were destroyed in the lire. Tak
ing into consideration all the evidence
from firemen, half-sane inmates, the Sis
ters in charge, bystanders and personal
observation, it is a conservative estimate
to say that 100 victims met their death in
the flames, although some assert that the
number is 200.
A Card.
To the Republicans of Butler Co.:
Whereas certain unprincipled and de
signing persons have put in circulation a
report to the effect that 1 belong to the
Third party, I take this way of informing
the voters that the report is entirely false,
and solemnly affirm before God that 1 have
never voted the Third party ticket in my
The whole thing is an electioneering
scheme to hurt me, and favor somebody
else. 1 invite investigation in regard to
my standing in society, but 1 request vot
ers not to believe every falsehood that
may be started. The person who cannot
present his own claims, without misrepre
senting others is unworthy of tho confi
dence of decent people.
Signed: J. P. DAVIS,
Of Brady twp.
Candidate for Register <5: Recorder.
THE govcrment of Brazil notifies the
country at largo that it "cannot permit"
tho circulation of false reports affecting its
stability and credit. But alas, reportorial
liars never wait for a government permit.
"La NONA" is said to follow la grippe.
Every one attacked falls asleep and re
mains for days iu a comatose condition.
IN 1880 there were in the United States
twenty cities with a population each of
100,000 or over. Judging by conservative
local estimates, the census of 1890 will
show as many as thirty, and probably
thirty-five cities each having at least ICK),-
000 inhabitants.
SKNATOR .1. B. BUCK dropped dead in
the Baltimore and Potomac station at
Washington last Saturday evening. He
had just got off the train from New York.
The sudden event caused a great sensation
among his collagues.
Tin: labor demonstrations of May Ist in
Paris, Berlin and Vienna we-e suppressed
by tin.- police and military.
THE international copyright bill was de
feated in the House at Washington,Eriday,
by a vote of 121 to 93.
Ar the meeting of the Pardon Board,
Eriday, the applications of the Nicely
brothers, of Somerset Co., and that W. H.
Smith, of Allegheny Co., all of whom are
under sentence of death for murder, were
STEW A UT —At his home in Perry twp.
Lawrence Co., May Ist, 1890, Matthew
Stewart, aged 90 years.
lie was an uncle of Alex. Stewart, Esq ,
of Wbitestown.
I LY'l LE—Friday, April 25, IM9O, at her
home in Harmony, Charity Ly tie, aged
j 88 years.
NORItIS—At his home in Tarcntum, Sun
-1 day morning, •ay 4, 1890, James 11.
N orris, aged about 47 years.
I!i' was a native of Clinton twp. this
i co,. it}', and moved to Tarentum about
Hi: e years ago. His death was caused by
—At his home iu Winfield twp.
Thursday, May l<t, 1890, Henry Keasey,
I aged about 80 years.
We are authorized to announce the fol
lowing gentlemen as candidates for the
offices under which their names appear,
subject to the Republican primary of But
ler county, on
Saturday, May 24th, 1890.
from 1 to 7 p. M.
Ot Butler.
Of Millerstown.
Of Zelienople.
Of Butler.
Of Adams twp.
Of Butler.
(2 to nominate.)
Of Zelienople.
Of Earns City.
Of Butler.
Of Franklin twp.
Of Brady Twp.
Of Oakland Twp.
Of Muddycreek Twp.
Of Forward Twp.
Of Donegal twp.
Jams# H. GIBSON,
Of Washington Twp.
Of Oakland Twp.
Of Marion twp.
Of Brady Twp
Of Butler.
Of Butler.
Of Butler.
Of Centreville.
01 Buffalo Twp.
Of Butler Twp.
Of Concord Two.
Of But'.r. (formerly of Clay Twp.)
(2 to nominate.)
Of Connoquenessing Twp.
I. S. P. DKWO'.FK,
Of Slipperyrock Twp.
Of Clinton Twp.
Of Summit Twp.
Of Concord Twp v
Of Allegeny Twp.
Of Fairview Twp.
Of Buffalo Twp.
Of Cherry Twp.
Of Butler.
Of Clinton Twp.
Of Butler.
Of Franklin twp.
Of Mercer twp.
Of Butler.
(2 to nominate.)
Of Franklin twp.
Of Penn twp.
Of Muddy creek twp.
Of Slipperyrock twp.
Of Butler, (formerly of Fairview twp.)
Of Cherry twp.
Of Butler.
A Card.
To the Rrj>ublirau Electors of Butler Co:
Owing to the severe illness of my wife,
I may not be able to make much, if any,
further canvas of the county for nomina
tion for County Treasurer. For the very
Mattering encouragement already given
me in the canvass I have made,
I feel very thankful to my friend*,
and should I not be able to meet with them
further, yet I most confidently trust that
their good help and zeal in my behalf will
not abate, but lead on to success.
May 7, 1890. Buffalo tp.
A Card.
To the Republicans of Jtutler County:
Whereas, on account of sickness in-my
family, I am prevented from canvassing
the county as I would like to; yet to all
whom 1 have met and those 1 have not
met I would say that 1 am still in the field
as a candidate. It has been reported in
part of the county that I had withdrawn
from the contest; such is not the case, but
is a malicious falsehood.
Clinton Twp.
Candidate for Co. Commissioner.
Catarrh Cured
Catarrh is a very prevalent disease, with dis
tressing and offensive symptoms. Hood's Sar
saparllla gives ready relief and speedy core, as M
purifies the blood and tones np the whole system.
M I suffered with catarrh 15 years. I took Hood's
Rarsapartlla and now I am not troubled any
with catarrh, and my general health is much
better." I. W. LILLIS, Chicago, 111.
" I suffered with catarrh six or eight years;
triad many wonderful cures, inhalers. etc.. apaad*
lng nearly one hundred dollars without benefit.
I Tried iifftod'i SarsaparlMa and was greatly im
proved." M. A. AUBEY, Worcester, Maes
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggist*. $1; tlx for IS. Made
only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Hw.
100 Doses One Dollar .
A woman was arrested at Beaver Falls,
last Thursday, tor a murder committed in
York state. Nearly two yeas ago.
At Tarentmn, last Thnsday, John
Atkinson, employed in the bos factory at
the plate glass works, met with a mishap
that will lay him off for some time. He
was doiug some work with a broad as.
when it slipped off the handle and struck
him on the right leg between the ankle and
knee, cutting through the muscle and
severing a leader.
Boarding tramps has cost the county of
Franklin, SIOO,OOO in the past twenty
years, and the grand jury recommend that
all tramps committed to jail be put to
Mrs. Hannah Crissman of Parker wa"
found dead in her bed on Monday morning
of last week.
Census Supervisor Oliver, of one of the
Allegheny Co. districts, needs 360 enu
merators and has applicators from but
160 districts. Those willing to work in his
district are busy,and the unwilling are not
anxious to make SSO for two weeks work.
A man at Connellsville was rooting
around a lot of old stones when he unearth
ed something like 300 eggs. On taking
them home and placing them in a warm
place, he made the remarkable discovery
that, they were snake eggs, and nearly
every one turned out a real live reptile'
but be dispatched them belore they could
do any barm. The man who found the
eggs is not giv<*n to drink.
An old man in Armstrong county had
SSOO in a bank in Kittauning. Because he
could draw no interest on it he drew it out
in gold and buried it where he could keep
an eye on it. But he made a mistake. A
tramp had watched the planting operation
and next morning, when the frugal old
gentleman went to see if his gold was still
safe, he discovered that some one had
"been there since he'd been gone,, and the
money had disappeared.
"William Mong, found guilty of burglary
b} r a Clarion county jury last week, was
sentenced to an imprisonment of seven
years and four months In the Western
Penitentiary. In that institution he will
join his father and brother and two of his
relatives, named Hidinger, convicted of
aiding in the attempt to rob old man
Wagner in Forest county, last year.
Mrs. Chas. Anton, wife of the "Double
X" cough-drop man of Pittsburg gave birth
to twins, Monday, one of which weighs
one pound and the other three-quarters of
a pound.
The Board of Pardons has granted a par
dou in the case of Charles Laribee, who
was convicted of murder in \ enango
county several years ago and his sentence
commuted to imprisnment for life. It
will be remembered that Laribee shot a
colored man named Williams while they
were out hunting in the uroods near Oil
City. Laribee claiming that the darkey
wanted to commit suicide and implored
him to shoot him, and that they were both
under the influence of liquor. His good
behivior since went far toward granting
the pardon with the Board.
In Armstrong Co. D. B. Heiner received
the nomination for Congress, S. B-
Cochrane and P. W. McKee for Assembly,
Hay Foster for Treasurer, B. S Slaymaker
for Register and Recorder, D. S. Henry
for Prothonotary, Darwin Phelps and
H.C.Fiscus for County Commissioners.
Ok the 5,936 ministers in the 213 Pres
byteries that have voted on Revision,
5,653 favor it, and the Confession of Faith
of that church will probably be revised.
THE Democratic State Convention will
be held at Scranton, July 2d.
The Register hereby gives notice that! the
following accounts or Executors, Administra
tors and Guardians have been Hied In Ills office
according to law, and will be presented to
cour' for confirmation anl allowance on
Wednesday, the till day ot June A. 1)., ltsuo, at
3 o'clock p. m. of said day.
1. Final account of Thomas J. Whltmlre, ad
ministrator or William Whltmlre. dee'd, late of
Oakland Twp.
2. Final account of William Harbison, ex
ecutor of James List, dee'd. late ot Adams Twp.
3. Final account of Joshua A. Kelly .executor
of Martha Jane Kelly, dee'd, late of Parker Tp.
4. Final account of W. C. McCandless, guar
dian of J. Lawrence McCandless, minor child of
l>r. Joslah McCandless, dee'd. late of Centre
5. Final account of W. C. McCandless, guar
dian of Mrs. Laura K. Kirkpatrlck. formerly
Laura K. McCandless. m.nor child ol Dr. Joslali
McCandless, dee'd, late of Centre Twp.
0. Final account of John M. Conway, guar
dian ol Henry B. Kinker, minor child of Joseph
Itlnker, dee'd. late of Cherry Twp.
7. Final account of Jaines Markel, adminis
trator of C. T. A. or Christian Markel, dee'd,
late of Allegheny Twp.
8. First and llnal account of John Kuautl.
guardian or (leorge Winter, minor child of
John Winter, dee d, late of Jackson Twp.
a. Final account of A. M. Chrlstley, adminis
trator or Mary Thompson, dee'd. late of Cherry
10. Final account of Hiram Knox, guardian «t
the est-te of Hlratn Knox; guardian of the
estate of Henry ISarkey, dee'd, minor child o(
Henry llarkey. dee'd, late of Kvans City, Pa.
11. Final account ol Kobert McKlnney and A.
K. McKlnney, executors of C'. A. McKlnney,
dee d, late of Coiinoqueuessing Twp.
12. Finai account of S .I.Crowe, guardian of
Jane £. Crowe, minor child of Alfred Dean
Crowe, dee'd.
13. Final account of Antl'ouy Thoma. admin
istrator of the estate of Grace Thoma. dee'd,
late of Summit Twp.
H. First and tlnal account of P. J. Qullter. ad
ministrator of 1). 11. N'., C T. A., of KeV. Patrick
H. own, dee d, late of Clearfield Twp.
15. Partial account of Charles lloHman, ex
ecutor ot Henry .ieverln, dee'd, late of Jeffer
son Twp.
lti. Flual and distribution account of William
Kauflmun, executor of Nicholas KauUman,
dec u. lale ot Worth Twp., as staled by Ills ad
ministrator, John 11. Smith.
IT. Final account ol Alary A. St. Clair, admin
istratrix ot John U. St. Clair, dee'd, lale ot
Franklin Twp.
18. Final account of lteuben and Samuel Uru
ver. executors ot George Gruver. dee d, late of
Centre Tw p.
IV. Partial account of Lyilla Lotz. adminis
tratrix of David Slmms. dee'd, late of Jackson
20. First partial account of W. A. Fleming,
executor of Samuel Sheldon, dee'd, late of
l'aiker Twp.
21. Final account of Kobert N. Emery, execu
tor of William Emery, dee d, late of Cherry Tp.
2S. Final account of Alice O. /.legler, admin
istratrix or Alfred U. Ziegler, deed, late of
Butler Borough.
23. Final account of J. C. Belgliley, executor
of George Belghley, oec'd. late of Conuoque
uesslng Tw p.
24. Final account ot Mrs. Anna J. McCafferty,
administratrix of Cecilia Conway, dee'd, late of
Butler Borough.
25. Final account of David Pierce, executor of
John Pierce, dee d, lale of Butler Twp.
2». Final account of itoberl Fleming, guar
dian of the estate of Geo. A. Fleming, minor
child of Win. Fleming, dee'd. late ot Butfalo Tp.
2'.. Final account of August Koenlgk. execu
tor ol John ti. Michel, dee'd, lale ol Jeilerson
28. Final account of J as. M. Doullietl and
John B. Dodds, executors of David Douthett,
dee d, late of Forward Twp.
2U. Final account of ltobert Gllleland. admin
istrator or Bridget McCatlerty, dec'u, late of
Summll Tw p.
11. A. AY RES. Register.
Road Reports.
Notice Is hereby given that the following road
reports have been confirmed by the Court nisi
and will be preseuted to Court on the tlrst
Wednesday of June, isao. being lUe llli day of
said month, lor confirmation absolutely. If no
exceptions be tiled.
It. D. No. 2, Dec. Session, lssu.
Petition ol inhabitants of Worth Two. tor a
public road to lead from the lower prospect
road, near the residence of Adam l.iese. lo the
upper prospect road, near Mount Union church.
Feb. 22. isao; report of viewers tiled, reporting
llie road as prayed lor necessary, and reporting
the probable cost of making same to be seventy
live dollars and mat said cost should be borne
by the '.ownshlp. No damages assessed. Now,
March 5, IHUO. approved and llx widlh at 33 feet;
notice to be given according lo rules of Court.
lit'Ti.Kit COUNT v, ss.
Certified Irom the record this sth day of May.
Widows' Appraisements.
The following widows' appraisements of per
sonal property and real eßtate. sei apart for the
benefit of widows of decedents, have been Hied
In the office of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court
of Butler county. Pa . ami confirmed nisi:
Widow of James P. McQulstloo $.!oo oo
'■ Thomas I.lndsey <realty) s.fJ 25
•• - Robert Ka.v aoo 00
• Thomas Smith (realty) :mo IJO
•• •• Patrick Mcßrlde 3UO 00
" • Isaac Barr aoo uo
•• Henry 1). Miller 300 IKi
•' " Benjamin Douthett aoo 00
Minor children of J. B. Long 300 55
All persons interested In the above appraise
ments will lake not Ice that they will be pre
sented to the Orphans' Court at Butler. Pa., on
Wednesday, the tth day of June. WJO, and if no
exceptions be uied they will be confirmed abso
lutely by the Court.
m ERbYALIttjgE
Absolutely Pure.
This Powder never vanes. A marvel of
purity, strength and wholesomeness. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and can
not be sold in competition with the multitude
ol low tests, short weight.alumn or phosphate
powders. Sold only in cam.
10# Wall Street N. Y.
Why certainly we are here. Don't yon
remember we told you a year ago we were
going to stay and don't you remember we
told you how we had been working for ten
years to reach the top of the business, and
told you we were nearly there. We told
you we were not certain then whether we
were the largest dealers in our line in this
great state of Pennsylvania. But now we
are the largest. Just think of it right here
in Butler—the largest wholesale and retail
carriago dealers in tbe whole state —well it
is true we have the largest wholesale and
we have the largest retail trade. We carry
the largest stock and sell cheaper than any
house in the state, the amount of business
we do enables us to do so. We do not sit
around doing nothing till customers come
in then size him up and go for all he has
we do a straight forward business and hav
ing all kinds of grades of work we tell you
the quality you are getting every time.
Why just "think we sell the very same top
buggy for $45 that others sell tor $65, ami
we keep also the very best hand-made
buggies—we keep tbe best work kept by
any dealer. We have harness for $6 and
up. also the very best hand-made harness
—in fact we are"the only place you can
get a really good tine harness \ou should
look at our stock of surreys—the best you
ever seen at one place iu your life. We
had them all made for this year's trade
and they are the latest styles, and
the finest work too —and spring wagons,
we have more spring wagons than you
could shake a stick at. Just think of it,
$33 for a spring wagon, also the very best
kind made; and then the best part of it is
you always know just what quality of work
you are getting when you buy from us.
Our rule has always been never misrepre
sent and never try to get rich off one cus
tomer. Remember we keep everything in
our line and pay strict attention. Yon
will always find us here. We cannot
enumerate, but just think of it, the best
collar pads for 50c, horse collars 50c and
up, carts tor $lO up. We ha-e 12 different
kinds, lap robes for $1 that others sell at
$1.50, fly nets cheaper than you could
make them yourself, good kip collars tick
ing face, tufted with hair with pat fastener
on top for $2, —just tbe
collar (only a little better) you
have been paying $2.50 to $3.00 for. Good
hand made team harness —best oak tanned
leather, all complete for $32. You paid
S3B to S4O for the same, only yours hadn't
as good leather. Now do you think this
talk is all true or is it only an advertise
ment. It's quite a picture isn't itt Well,
now neighbor, look nere; If you just come
down and spend one hour looking through
our large stock and don't say its true as
far as it goes only not half told we will
pay you for your time —is not this fair?
Come down, it is only a little distance
ftoin Main St. down to 35 W. Cunningham
St. —where we pay no rent. We want to
sell and get acquainted with you if you
never were here before, and if you have
been here come and see us for we are glad
to meet old friends.
S. B. Martincourt, I
J. M. Lieghner, ji
P. S. We forgot to say we sell about 25
Kramer wagon per month just for variety
and could sell a great many more it they
could make them faster - We have a car
load of 26 on the way now which will be
here about May Bth. if you want one, come
noon, they go off like dynamite. Don't
forget the place. Read tho name again
and start.
A. J. FRANK fc f!0.
pr-physlclans' Prescriptions carefully coui
5 S. Main Street, Butler. Pa.
The subscriber found a newly made suit of
men's clothes ou the bank of the Connoque
nessing Creek, not far from Butler, on April
12th ins!., of which information cau be had
at the CITIZEN office or the tailoring shop of
Mr. Jesse Glenn, and the clothes had by
proving property, paying for this advertise
ment and other charges.
Butler, Pa., April 12, 1890.
Mifflin Street Livery.
W. G. BIEHL, Prop : r.
One square west of Main St., on
Mifflin St. All good, safe horses;
new buggies and carriages. Landaus
for weddings and funerals. Open
day and night. Telephone No 24.
Hotels and Depots,
W. S. Gregg is now running a line
of carriages between the hotels and
depots of the town
Charges reasonable. Telephone
No. 17, or leave orders at Hotel
Good Livery in Connection.
New Livery Stable.
New Slock,
New Rigs.
Horses fed and boarded.
39. W. Jefferson St, Butler, Pa
Notice Is hereby K'ven to the members of the
Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of
Hannahs town and vicinity that ou February Ist
1 HIS*, the votes on the teas question were cnunt
ed by the appointed cwnnutfiee, and the result
w as :» \otes of a majority against gas in Insur
ed buildings, and In consoqueuce o' the above
result the Mrcctors ol flie company, at their
meeting on Saturday. February sth, I*'.<o an
nulled and made void Article is, Section 7, tu
the By-Laws of the Constitution, unanimously,
and substituted in tlie place o( the annulled ar
ticle the following article, viz
If a loss is occasioned by the use of gas or oil
for fuel In dwelling houses or other buildings
the Insured forfeits his or her Insurance.
Further it was adopted by a unanimous vote
of the Board to Insure haystacks, the same as
hay In buildings, wherever the hay may be,
either on the premies of the Insured or other
The Board of Directors hereby notifies all
the members of the company insured using gas
at present to Inform Hie undersigned Secreta
ry at once.
By order o[ the President.
HKNKY lIKCK, Secretary.
DELANO, February 8, fsyo.
508 SmitMield St., for Trees, Seeds, Li'lies
Grape Vines, Hard}* Roses, Cunary B rds,
Gold Fish, etc.
Descriptive Fall Catalouge mailed free.
Store room and dwelling, stable
and other buildings; good location
for country store, near R. R.
Butler, Pa.
Administrators anil Executors of estates
can secure tla-ir receipt books at the CITI
ZEN office.
By virtue of an order and decree ot the Court i
of Common Pleas In anil l«r th»* county of Hut- I
l>-r. IVnn'a. and to me as the committee >f An
drew Albert, lunatic, directed. 1 will offer for j
sale at public vendue on tbe premises, on
Saturday, May 31, A. D. 1890, j
at U o'clock. A. M..of said day. the following
descnt-ed real estate of said lunatti tur the pur
pose of raising money to pay his debts, to wit >
About seventy acres of lan t. more or !>• -s. situ
ate In Centre township, county and >tate afore
said. bounded on north by public road, east by
lands of A. Avery and A. Brewster, south by !
lands of I). <,>. Miller, and 011 the west by lands
ot .1. S. Jones No buildings on tu!s tra.' t. tint
It Is all fenced and under good state of cultlva
tlon. except about ten acres of wojdland. This
Is an excellent tract 01 land, well watered md 1
highly productive. It will b»' sold. Including
the Interest of said Andrew Albert. In an oil
and gas lease, dated May 11. lsv. given to inui
bv G. C. liellis and K. H. Ferguson lor 10 acres
oft the west end thereof, and cn which a rental '
ot one dollar per acre per annum, payable In
quarterly payments iu advance, until opera
tions are commenced, is provided.
ALSO—There will be offered lor sale at pub
11c vendue on the premises, at one o'clock. i\ M.
of same day. to-wit:
Saturday, May 31, 1890,
thirty acres of land, more or less, situate in !
same tow nshlp. county and State, bounded on
the north by lands of J. Johnson, on the east
by lands ot Israel Crammer, on the south by i
lands ot J. s. Jones, and on the west by lands
of S. B. liider. This tract is all under fence,
well watered, and excellent pasture land.
TKKMS OF SALE—These tracts of land will
be sold by {he acre, contents to be ascertained 1
by survey. One-third 01 the purchase inonev J
to be paid on confirmation of sale by the court. ;
and the residue to be paid in one and two j
years troin said contlrmation with interest.and !
to be secured oy bond and mortgage.
JOHN C. MOOKE, Committee or the
estate of Andrew Albert, lunatic.
McCandless P. 0.. liutier Co.. Pa.
Auditor's Notice.
In re the final account of John Ilalstead
and H. H. Halstead. executors of the last
will and testament of Henry Ilalstead, late
of Clinton Twp., deceased.
O. C. No. 17, June Term, 18!)0.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigu
ed, having betn appointed auditor to make
distribution of the balance remaining in the
hands ot the executors in above stated case,
will attend to the duties of his appointment
vt his office in the borongh of Uuiler, Pa.,
on Tuesday, the -'Oth day of May, A. D.,
1890, at 10 o'clock A. M.
Petition in Divcrce.
Mary A Nimao, by her A. D. No. 45, Dec
next friend, Sam. A. Wat- | Term, 1889.
ters, vs Win. Nimno. J
Whereas by decree of the Court of Com
mon Pleas, of liutier county, hearing date
17th day of April, 1890, 1 was appointed
commissioner to take and report testimony
in the above case to the Court at next term.
To all whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby giyen that I will attend
to ihe duties of said ap| ointment at the office
of S. F. Bowser in Butler, Pa., on Thursday
the 22d day ot May, 1890.
Notice in Divorce.
Laura Kepler, by her next) A D No. 48 Dec
friend M A Phillips, vs >T, 1889, petition
Perry C Kepler. J in divorce.
Whereas by decree ot the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Butler Co;, bearing date 17th
day of April, 1890, I was appointed commis
sioner to take and report testimony in the
above case to the Court at next term.
To all whom it may concetti:
Notice is hereby given that I will attend
to the dunes of said appoiutiuentat the office
of S. F. Bowser io Butler, Pa., on Wednes
day, the 21st day of May, lsno.
A. T. SCOTT, Com.
Notice in Divorce.
THOMAS DOUGLASS ) Common Pleas of
vs. [ Butler Co. A. D.
SIDNEY E. Dot GLASS J NO. 5, Sept. T., ISBS.
Two subpoenas in the above case haviug
betn returned N. K. 1., you, the said Sidney
E. Douglass, above defendant, are hereby
required to appear in the said Court ot
Common Pleas, to be held at Butler, Pa., on
Monday, the 2d day of June, 1890, being the
first day of next term of Ci»urt, to answer the
said complaint, and show cause, if any you
have, why a divorce should not be granted
the said Thomas Douglass.
Notice in Divorce.
THOMAS DOUGLASS ") Common Pleas ot
vs. >• Butler Co. A. D.
SIDNEY E. DOUGLASS J No. 5, Sept. T., 1885.
To Sidney Douglas* and all whom it may
Pursuant to my appointment of Court,
bearing date April 17th, 1890, as commision
er to take and report the testimony of plain
tiff to Court, notice is hertby given that I
will attend to the duties of my appointment
on Tuesday, June 3, 18^0,at 10 o'clock A. M.,
at Ihe office of S. F. Bowser in Butler, Pa.
J. W. HUTCHISON, Commissioner.
Orphans' Court Sale.
In re, partition of the real estate ot
Anthony (joldinger, deceased. Orphans'
Court of Butler County, Pa., No. 7, March
Term, 1889.
Pursuant to a decree of the Orphans' Court
ol said County, bearing date April 17, 1890.
the following real estate, late of said de
cedent, wilLbe exposed to public sale on the
premises in Parker Twp., Butler County,
Pa., on
Moi day, May 19th, 1890,
at 1 o'clock p. m., to-wit! All th t certain
messuage and tractenf land, Bituate in the
township aforesaid, bounded on the north by
lands of Harvey N. and Curtis R. Ward, on
the south by lands ot Washington Campbell,
ou the east by lauds of Eli H. and Rob't W.
Shakely, aud on the west by lands of the
Union Oil Company and W. T. Sedwick'*
heirs, containing lUO acres, more or less,
with frame house, barn and outbuiliugx aud
good orchard ot fruit trees thereon; all under
fence and in a good state of cultivation.
TERMS OF SALE. —One-third in hand
ou confirmation of sale by the Court and
execution and delive r y of deed to the pur
chaser, and the balance in two equal annual
payments, in one and two years from date of
the confirmation of sale, with interest on the
whole amount, payable annually, to
be secured bv bond and mortgage
gage ou the premises, ttaid boud aud mort
gage to contain an attorney's commission of
live per cent, as provided by law and rule ol
i ourt for the collection of said deferred pay
by appointment of Court.
Bruin, Butler Co., Fa.
S. F. BOWSER, Att'y.
Auditor's Notice.
Fatton Bell and fln the Court of Common
Margaret Bell vs j Fleas of Butler Co.
Fatrick Gardner '
et al I A. I>. No. 15, Dec T. 'SB
April 7, ls!»0, petition of Fatton Bell for
leave to pay iuto Court $337,(10 amount due
defendants, after payment ot costs of record,
and that au auditor be appointed to report
liens aud distribute fund in Court among
those entitled thereto, presented, and on
due consideration, we direct the fund of
s;«7.iio to be paid into Court aud appoint A.
L. Bowser, Esq. auditor to report liens
against the interest of the defendants and
make distribution of the fund to those enti
tled to the same. BY THE COURT.
To all whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby given that I will attend
to the duties of my appointment in the above
entitled matter on Wednesday, May 14,1890,
at 1 o'clock p.m., at my office in Diamond
Block, Main St., Butler, Fa.
Estate ot George Brown, aee'd,
letters testamentary on the above estate
having been granted l* the uudtrsigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate payment,
aud any having claims against stid estate
wi II present them for settlement.
Greece City, Butler Co., Fa.
Executors' Notice.
WHEREAS, letters of administration have
been granted to the undersigned on the
estate ot S. W. Shannon, of Franklin Twp.,
Butler Co., Pa., all persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate will please
make immediate payment, and any having
claims against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
< Prospect, Fa.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the above named
estate having been granted to the undersigned,
all persons kuowing themselves indebted to it
will phase trake immediate payment, and
any having claims agaiusl it will present
them lor settlement.
McCandless P. O. j
W. D. BRANDON, Att'y.
vr -■ \ "1 know that I am no match for you in wealth, weight or
1 .....
'•/ hoctal position."
"I know how unworthy I am of you, too; hut may I not
|pL ■ hope that .some time—someday— *
i / ' Yes," >he averted, lifting her regal head; "Someday,
\ -X why not now. lam ONLY TOO WILLING"
That you should compare our gools and j rices with those ol any
\S——- ' I : dealer, and then decide whether you do better e'sv where. We are willing
/> - ~ - \ V . because we know that we have the clinch ou every other buyer. We sell for
fj y , \~ V j V \ Ie», becanne we buy for lw?.
-»>- WE \Y AXT YOU -o-
To buy whore you can do best, ami if we can't do better than any other tirm, we are willing to see you go away
but we knowv you ii not; for we can aud will <ij better, because we offer better goods at lower prices. Come and
sample our goods and
WE LL \i vsvi-: y< »« H^ppy
With bargains tuat are at the top notch of cheapncrs and value. Other* may claim to do as well by you, but we
do all we claim, crd perform every promise we make. Are you willing to lend us your ear? We will'pay vol.
bigger interest ou ihe lo:ii than you could get on hard cash. We are better on the trade than wo are on tbe" talk.
But we can tell what we know so that you can understand u->. Are y»u willing? U'e doctlt stretch things when
we say we have tbe krjfest room, largest stock, greatest variety aud sell at lower prices than any house in the
whole county. Al! tbe iate.-t novelties and standard goo .Is will I e found in our 'ate arrivals of spring and summer
styles in mens', boy's and children's fashionable clothing, bats, shirts, underwear, collars, cull's, tics, hosiery
trunks, valises, satchels, umbrellas, overalls, jumper jackets, jewelry, watches, chains. c!>arm<, cuff 'and collar but
tons, t-carf i-;ir and finder rings, breast and lacp pins, brushes, bandinirror-, purses, bill aud pocket books,
combs and hundreds of - tii-r articles yon may stand in of, all of .vhich we gua-aatee to be correct styles,'
choice fabrics, sure tits and lowest pri.-e- We always Ii id people willing and eager to bay iu the cheapest mark
et, and having this sprim.' secured speci 1 bargains in every department, you will fiud us ready and willing ONLY
TOO WILLING—to render promptly, courteously and intelligently any need -d or desired assistance in making
your selections. \V, are ONLY TOO WILLING to show goods and quote prices.no difference whether you
wish to purchase nr i,. ! Come iu at your convenience or earliest opportunity aud fes.-t your eyes upon our im
mense assortment, study our prices aud we'll take our chances on your going away empty handed.
Stand by ibose who stand by you! What does tbit mean?" U means that'we have stood by you for years
You have stood by r.s, br e you willing to continue? It means help for you. Those who waut to sell goods in our
line will have to ne what we are doing, and comedown to our notch. Ifthey do any chin music they'll have to
take tbe tutie from u- l! they march they ii h.ive to take up our step as we lend aud propose to keep on leading,
and others must follow < r fall We arc not making a bluff for trade; that came is played out. We are stating
fact?. The proof lies iu our goods which are leaders i,i every liue. It's all moonshine to talk about bigger or bet
ter bargains thnn we make They can't be made "Love at first sight" must be the fate of everv one who gazes
on our gecds; not only Ucaiire they are handsome but because tbey are cheap in every sense of the word. No.
body can beat ux iu stock. Nobody can beat us <■ n price Buy where you like but see our stock before you buy.
ARE YOU WILLING ? It will be n-oaey i;. your pocket, and that's what we are all after.
With the kindest regards for your very, vely liberal patronag-e in the past, I ara ONLY TOO WILLING
to try to merit the same in the future. I remain as ever yours to please,
Q m *Jas»fcS3 JhSb wm
Champion Clothier, Furnisher and llatter,
No - - Duffy's Block, Butler, Pa.
Dissolution Notice.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween S. I*. Paiuler and John >'ltl •ri under
the tirui name of Painter .S: Sutton at Kuclid,
Butler Co., Pa., is this day mutually dis
solved. *1 he hooks and accounts o' said lirrn
arr in the hands of S. P. Painter for col
lection. All persons owing said firm will
( lease call ou S. P. Painter, E*q., and settle
the same aud a!l persons having claims
against said firm will present the same lor
March .21, 1890. Jons SUTTON.
Administrator's Notice.
letters of administration on the aiiove nam
ed estate having been granted to the under
sigded, all persons knowing themselves Indebt
ed to saiil estate will pie.ise make immediate
payment and any having claims against s ild
estate will present them duly authenticated
for settlement. „ _
c. l". L. MCOUISTION. Butler. Pa.
W. HKNKY WILSON. Sllpperyr'k I'. O.
Administrators. _
Notice Is hereby given that James 1> (Jrahain.
assigneee onieorge M. (irahain. h.is tiled his
final account as assignee in the oflle" of the
Prothonotarv of the Court of Common of
Butler county at M s 1). No. is. Sept. Term.
and that tile same will he ureseuted to said
Court for confirmation and allowance on Wed
nesday, June 4th, l»:io.
JOHN \V. BUOWN. Prothou )tary.
ProtUonotary's Office. May c, l -SO.
Jury Lists for June Term.
List of Grand Jurors drawn this 18th day
of March, A. D., 18&0, to serve as Grand
Jurors at a regular term o. Court, commenc
ing on the "id day of June, A. D., I
Hartley, Elmer, Penn twp. farmer.
Bingham, P. K., Centreville, foun.lryman.
Campbell, S. H , Concord twp, farmer.
Croil, A G, Brady twp, farmer.
Curry, Joseph, Siipperyrock twp, farmer.
Dyke, Graham. Counoquenessing tp, l-iruier.
Elliott, Charles, Bulltr, 2d w, painter.
Fernev, Henry, Butier twp, farmer.
Glenn, Jesse, Butler, 2d w, tailor.
Hildebrand, Peter, Donegal twp, farmer.
Johnston, Moses, Cranberry twp, tanner.
Manny, Joseph, Butler, Ist w, laborer.
McElheny, James, Butler, Ist w, producer.
Osborne, D, Butler, -Ith w, agent.
Pisor, Jacob, Mu>ldycreek twp, firmer.
Kipper, Leonard, Evns City boro, shoe
Roessing, L IS, Butler, ad w, messenger.
Shaulfuer, George, Butler twp, miner.
St Clair, D B, Worth twp, farmer.
Summary, John, Butler, 4th w, teamster.
Thorn, A D, Butler twp, farmer.
Watters, John, Evans City boro. carpenter.
Wormcastle, John L, Slippery roe.; tp, "
Ziegler, llenry, Forward twp, farm r.
List of Petit Jurors drawn tins IS ii day of
March, A. D., to serve as Petit Jurors at a
regular term of Court, comm uciiig on the
9th day of June, A. D., I.VO.
P.artley, W J, Butler twp, farmer.
Bauer, Peter, Summit twp, farmer.
Baker, A H, Centreville boro, laborer.
Brown, Gilbert, Bald Ridge, pumper.
Douthett, W G, Forward twp, farmer.
Ekis, Henry, Ciintou twp. farmer.
Gill, Hugh, Mercer twp, farmer.
Grove, J V, Siipperyroek twp, farmer.
(Jumper, G li, Butler, 4th w, clerk.
Harbison, W L, Middlesex twp, farmer.
Hays, S W, Butler, Ist *, machinist
Hemphill, C B, Millers towu boro, cvpiiiter.
Hyle, Jefferson, Franklin twp, farmer.
Kramer, Wm, Butler, 3d w, livurymau.
Kidd, Robert, Adams twp, farmer.
Leusner, II li, Jetfeison twp, farmer.
Lackey, W J, Oakland twp, blacksmith.
Martin, Thomas, Donegal twp, pumper.
Morrow, Alouz>, " taimir.
Mitchell, W J, But er, 2d w, labor- r.
McClure, Silas, Butler, Ist w, driller.
McCurdy. F'ank, Brady twp, farmer.
Me I loiiald, Thomas, Adams tw p, farmer.
McLaughlin, James, Mercer twp.
Met Tea, W S, Butler, 2d w, m :re'iau .
Pollock, Alex, ( enter twp, tanner.
Ptlugh, George, Franklin twp, tin in:
Kattigan, Frank, Fairview twp,
Kichey, W W, Butler, Ist w, teamster.
Redick, Newton, I'utler, 2 I w, labor r.
Say, John, Venango twp, farmer.
Seatou, W A, Marion twp,
Sloan, Samuel, Ven»ugot.>p, farmer.
Shakley, J C, Parker twp, farmer.
Simpson, Ed, Marion t« ",
Starr, A, Penn twp,
Stark, A F, Saxouburgh b>ro, puuter.
Snow, J <', Butler, 2I », I thort r
Sherman, Casper, Butler, 1- w, raoui t« r.
Showalter, J J, M.ll-boro, p. , .uoer.
Stroup, F I', J! iid liidge, pr > • i • r.
Stevenson, J 1., " produ er.
Thompson, 1) D, Bulier, l»l w, boarding
Troutuiau, J H, Bu 1 r, oi.li w, merchant.
Walter*, Charles, Clinton twp. farmer.
Watson, J N,Centreville boro, marble cutter.
Waller. J A, Butler, 3d w, miller.
Ziegler, A M, Jackson twp, taruier.
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A bright, clean daily paper, coil tuning,
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class continued stories In the best authors.
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alio will contract fur advertising at lumii i_:ea.
An utter impossibility to mention the one-hundredth part ot"
the hirgitins offered.in this pipjr. We will mention three
and ask you to come in and see the others:—
Xo. 1.
Fancy wide Percals the regular price of which is loc at
8c per yard.
No. 2.
Surah Silks that are shown in Pittsburg and other cities
at 75c. with us are -"iOe.
No. 3.
Silk Warp Henrietta* that are positively not priced less
sl.oo are 81 even.
Everything in oar immense stock at lower figures than
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call in and verily the statement we now make, that you can
save money by buying Dress Goods, Carpets and Fancy Goods
Ritter & Ralston s.
Thirty-five Head of Horses.
On Saturday, May 10th, at 10
o'clock A M., I-'lick & Bifkel will
offer for sale it their livery barn, on
Wewt Jefferson street: OJO cur loud
oi the finest Kentucky horses ever
brought to this market, composed of
matched teams, saddlers and drivers.
Special mention of one pair matched
blacks 16j hands These teams j
ure well matched, iioe drivers, show- !
ing tinf action ci the road. The
combined borse.n are all good driver*
and firet clftsn saddlers. Ak-o at the |
sume time and p ace, their entire !
stock of livery horses, buggies, sur- |
reys, carriages, one close carriage, j
two spriug wagons, buck wagons, i
carts,harness,robes, blankets, sleighs,
bells; in (act, everything connected
with a first-class livery stable. Also
th« bus line to depots, consisting of
three bus-es, five horses, harness, one
pair of bobs, baggage wagons, mail |
route from depot to l\ O. iiurn aud [
lease, 40x60, in good repair,in rear of j
Lowry House. Sale positive; rain or j
Brick Livery, W. Jefferson St,
.1 K euros, Auctioneer.
I 'art if wishing to invest money, certain
tn brin}? fair returns, are invited to care
lullv investigate the inducements oik-red
WORKS." The stock consists of 8,000
shares, the par value of which is SSO.
For the further developing of the works,
some of this stock is put on the market.
For prices and particulars inquire of
J.\s. F. BRITTAIN, Dutlcr, Pa.
Ofhce on Diamond.
«» ♦
APC UTCio eauv:iss ri ,r Hie sale or our
nUCII I O Jloi'i.- drawn Nursery sju.-k
limiiuli'rt ruriililcs. One of the largest,
oldest -est M Uhed, and best- Nurseries ID
the country.
Atldre \ T. SMITH, (irncTi >ur*ery.
K<it.iltliilM a «l in linieu, VV.
4 +
UMYIKh -Agent* to solicit orders for our
v * choice and liardy Nursery Stock.
steady Work For Temperate Men.
Salary and expenses or commission if prefer
ed. Write at once, state A£6. Address,
ft. G. Chase & Co." ,'-M !!"•'
w>i L . Writ, it onee r«> I-. 11 »vi - lp4 A I| 11 j
u. r.v IJarrj ,h" «--*er, N Y..IIHIIIL&#
Mt. llop • Nurseries. Kstatlished I*4o.
Xew furniture, new fittings and lir.it
class accommodations. Lively.
S'ortli Killc af Diamon (I. JiutUr, J'a.
No. 88 and 90, S. Main St.,
BUTLER> - - I?^..
Vi- tr .New Court House—formerly Donaldson
• loa-p--;rood accommodations tor travelers.
<iood stabling connected.
fc'ITEN WUI I.EK .V LEfBOLf). Prop'rs.
Meals at;all hours. Open all nlglit.
HreaKlitsl 25 cents.
Dinner 25 cents.
Supper 25 cents.
Lodging 25 cents,
YVillard llotcl
W. 11. REIHING, Prop'r
KUTLER, - 3^^.
Hotel Vogeley
(Strictly First Class.)
J. 11. Fai bkl, Manager. Butler, Pa.
Jordan's Restaurant
All our readers visiting Butler
will do well to go to Sam Jordan's
restaurant for their meals. We serve
lunches, soft drinks, tohacco and
No. 4, S. M«in St., under
Schneideman'a clothing store.
Livery Stable For Sale.
The undersigned will sell
hi* livi-rv stable, in the rear
| fc'l j ol' the Wick Uouse. eonsist
pV s M harness and every thing per
k» ig thereto, and lease the
li irn for a term of years. M.v reason for
lliiif-'is that I wish to devote my attention
to oilier business.