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passed, some candidates will be happy.
Ladies should not fail to examine
our choice assortment of Hamburg
Embroideries and Insertings, Irish
Point Embroidery, Laces. Edgings,
etc., before purchasing elsewhere,
—There are bat nine cases on the
calendar of the Board of Pardons for
its next session.
The Dixon Celluloid Collars and
Caffs, improved patent, at J. F. T.
Stehle's, Butler.
—The Western Penitentiary will be
investigated next.
We still have a good assortment
of Blankets, Flannels, Bed Comforts,
Quilts, Spreads, &c., at lower prices
than ever, at L. STUN & SON'S.
—The office of Sealer of Weights
and Measures is to be abolished.
Send or leave your order for a
Sewing Machine, of any make, at
Grieb's Jewelry store. may3l-tf
As moving day approaches, hus
bands tremble at the thought of the
domestic blizzard.
The best place in Butler to buy
Silks, Cashmeres and Dress Goods of
•11 kinds is at
—The weather prophet frightens
fools, entertains the credulous and sells
his almanac.
—Largest and handsomest line of
Hamburg Embroideries and Insertings
ever bronght to Bntler, from one cent
a yard up to finest qualities at
—Statistics show that the largest
number of marriages are by persons
under 23 years of age. Does this prove
that a* people grow older they become
wi j r!
The Dixon Celluloid Collars and
Cu!T-, improved patent, at J. F. T.
St- .Us'*, Butler.
A bill has been introduced in the
State legislature relating to hawking
and peddling, making it a misdemeanor
to do so without a license.
—Bargains in Table Linens, Crashes,
Tuwclings, Tickings and Sheetings, at
An English chemist has discover
ed the fact that quinine in its purest
state can be produced from petroleum.
—Wards Tally Ho Celluloid Collars
something "new," at J. F. T. Stehle's
—General Grant's portrait will or
nament the new two-cent postage
stamps, which will supercede the
three-cent stamps after the first of July
—Sewing Machine attachments and
repairs of all kinds, at Grieb's Jewelry
store. mav3l-tf.
—A Salmon Creek, Forest county,
lumberman, lately discovered large
hemlock trees, in good preservation,
six feet below the surface. The trees
bare undoubtedly been buried for cen
I—Special clearance sale of all winter
Dress Goods to make room for early
spring goods, soon to arrive, at
—The State Board of Health bill was
defeated in the Senate last Wedaesday
by one vote. If Senator Adams had
waited half an hour before calling the
bill up he would have had the votes of
three other Senators, who came in late,
and his bill would have passed.
—Fresh bread and cakes always on
hand at the City Bakery, Vogely
House block. "
—At the present time there are on
the books of the Pension Office no
fewer than 117 different grades of
pensioners, and some of them are num
bered by scores of thousands each. No
wonder that there are demands for a
large clerical force in this office, and
that pensions have become the current
burden of the Government.
—All the beet makes of Bleached
and Unbleached Sheetings and Muslins,
all widths, at lowest prices, at
—Astronomers have calculated that
the "Star of Bethlehem," a periodical
star, will make its appearance again,
after an abscence of over three
hundred years, before the year J 885,
and it may be looked for at any time.
It will come in the constellation
"Catsiopea," which is near the north
pole, directly opposite the great dip
per, and an excellent spot for observa
tion in this latitude. Its coming is
looked for with great in terest.
—Lunches and meals can be had at
all hours at Morrison's City Bakery,
Yogely House block. "
—The steamship Navarre, which
went down in a gale in the German
Ocean lately, is ahe third steamship
that has foundered at sea within a
month. This time sixty-five lives
were lost. It is evident that were all
ganger of collision removed ships
would yet ape lost at sea. Occasional
ly perhaps, a storm is encountered
which woold send the best ship that
man could build to the bottom, but
nobody will believe that the limit of
improvement in ship building has been
reached so long as vessels go down one
after another in in this way.
—Just received, a choice assortment
of early spring prints in Shirting and
Dress styles at
—The acquittal at Union town, Pa.,
of Dukes, who killed his friend Cap
tain Nntt, leaves a shocking crime un
egpiatel According to ii' B owq
Statement Dukes pooly yiolated the
most sacred rules of hospitality. Next
he insulted and roused to furry the in
jured father of his victim. Finally he
shot him. Dukes pays Jtfutt attached
him and that he fired 'n self-defence
The evidence did not seem to show it,
and the community will agree with the
judge who declared that an altogether
different verdict would have been jijs
.—The latest styles of Celluloid Col
lars and Cuffs at J. F. T. Stehle's,
--Just received, New Hamburg
Embroideries and Inserting*, New
Irish Point Embroidery, Swiss Em
broidery, Laces, Edgings and Trim
mings of all kinds at L. STEIN & SON'S.
—The new style I ostal card with a flap over
the writing is soon to go into general use.
—lt would be interesting to know what they
call murder In Fayette county.
—The Dixmont Investigating Committee
continues its work this week.
—Be careful how you expose yourself to the
weather during the month of March. A cold
might result in serious consequences.
—lhe heirs of the McKinny estate, which is
located in Adams and Cherry twp., agreed to a
partition of the property, Monday.
-The season is far enough advanced to hear
from the captains of the tiasc ball clubs-
What's to he the figure this season lor throwing
a game ?
—Undertakers concur in the opinion that
cremation is uot injurious to their business,
and they are indifferent to the fate of the anti-
Cremation bill introduced at Harrisbuig.
—See Jury Lists for April term in another
place, also trial list for April 16. The trial list
eoutains but nineteen cases and the Smith Case
will be the tirot t iken up that week.
—The Germania Orchestra of this place, as.
sisted by Miss Wallace, of Pittsburgh, will
give a concert in the Court Room on the even
ing of the 29 th inst.
—Fiye million dollars is to be invested in
erecting buildings on twenty acres of ground
at Beaver Falls, and the establishment of
barbed wire works.
—Farmers should look out for the swindlers
who are traveling around buying cattle.
They pay one-third in cash and the balance
in bogus checks.
—A rumor his been current on ttie streets of
Pittsburgh, for some day, tii;it Jay Gould has
designs upon the Puis! n i:!: it Western R R ,
and that the stock is being •leprcciaied in ordw
that he can obtain possess ion of it.
—An exchange complains that too many
ministers tie a matrimonial knot for youthful
runaways, and without a justifiable excuse.
When a clergyman's larder is nearly empty
five or ten dollars may be considered a "justi
fiable excuse."
—A bill supplementary to the act abolish
ing Sealers of Weights and Measures, is now
pending, and will become a law by an almost
unanimous vote of both houses. It makes the
keeping of false weights and measures a crimin
al offense.
—We direct attention to the card of Mr. J.
R. Grieb, who is now East purchasing a stock
of jewelry, silverware, etc., with which to open
up in'the room now occupied by the telegraph
office, on or about the 2nd of April.
—Congress adjourned on the 4th of March,
and all the schemes for the alteration of the
patent laws, trespass upon inventors' rights, ex
tension of defunct patents, all failed. Inven
tors may therefore breathe easy for a year at
least, and go ahead with development* of new
and wonderful discoveries.
—Another Bntler editor has rejected Samivel
Weller Sr's advice regarding vidders —Mr.
Eli Robinson, one of the editors of the Eii<jle
and Mrs. Emily Rodgers, of Harrisburg, were
married last Thursday. We congratulate Eli
and his bride and wish them every happiness.
Senator Greer's bill to prohibit what is
called "treating" is a move in the right di
rection, as the practice is productive of much
drunkenness. Men who want to spend their
money on their fellow-men can, if they wish j
find something better than whisky to invest in.
It is said that while a party of friends were
making the rounds a few days ago of establish
ments were creature comforts are kept in
bottles and sold by the glass, one man, whose
turn it was to "treat," led the crowd into a
furnishing store and asked them what they
would hare. One ordered a shirt collar, an
other took ooffs, a third asked for a scarf pin
which it is to be presumed he took "straight;"
but it is nevertheless related of all the party
that they felt rather sheepish. It is hard to
understand why, unless they held to the old
fiction that good feeling which moyes a man to
spend money on his friends can be expressed
only by the purchase of liquor. Those who
consume strong drinks at bars or give them
to other men know very well that this fiction
is exploded thousands of times every day. Al
though a man can sometimes indicate hospita
ble feeling by inviting his friends to his house
or his hotel and giving them wine, he cannot
gratify the same sentiment by ranging the same
friends before a bar and paying for any liquor
they may simultaneously pour down. It is far
more manly and considerate, if custom requires
spasmodic out lays of money on one's friends, to
treat to shirt collars and scarf pins, for they are
just as cheap, they last longer and, unlike
drinks, they do not usually compel the receiver
to secretly curse the giver.
Interesting Tests Made by the
Government Chemist.
Dr. Edward G. Love, the present Analytical
Chemist for the Government, has recently made
some interesting experiments as to the compar
ative value of baking powders. Dr. Love's
tests were made to determine what brands are
the most economical to use, and as their capaci
ty lies in their leavening power, tests were di
rected solely to ascertain the available gas of
each powder. Dr. Love's report gives the fol
lowing :
Name of the Strength
Baking Powder. Cubic Inches Gas
per each ounce of Powder.
"Royal" (oream tartar powder) 127.4
"Patapsco" (alum powder 125.2
"Rnmford's" (phosphate) fresh 122.5*
"Rumford's" (phosphate) old 32.7*
"Hanford's None Such," fresh 121.6
"Hanford's None Such," old 84.35
"Redhead's" 117.0
"Charm" (alum powder) 116.9*
"Amazon" (alum powder) 111.9*
"Cleveland's" (short weight 2 oz.) 110.8
"Sea Foam" 107.9
"Czar" 106.8
"Dr. Price's" 102.6
"Snow Flake" (Groff's St. Paul) 101.88
"Lewis's" Condensed 98.2
"Congress" yeast 97.5
"C. K. Andrews 4 Co's" (contains alum) "8.17*
"Hecker's" 92.5
"Gillets" 84.2
"Bulk" 80.5
*ln his report, the Government Chemist says :
"1 regard all alum powders as yery unwhole
some. Phosphate and Tartaric Acid povyderg
liberate their to,o freely in process of bak
ing, o» under varying climatic changes surfer
Dr. 11. A. Mott, the former Government
Chemist, after a careful and elaborate examina
tion of the various Baking Powders of com
merce, reported to the Government in favor of
the Itoyal brand.
Prof. Meyerhoflf
Tunes and repairs pianos and organs in Butler
and vicinity. Ilis connection with Messrs. 11.
Kleber & Bro., in Youngstown, 0., whose long
experience in the music business offered him
adantages which are enjoyed by few, enables
him to hold out extraordinary inducements
Old uianos and organs tuned, repaired and pol-.
ished and made as good as new. mr7,3m
Easter Service,
The special sej-vipe for the Easter season, to
be held in the Reformed Church, Butler, Pa.,
will begin on Wednesday the 21stinst.,at
7:30 P. M., and continue each evening, except
ing Saturday evening, closing wi'U the Sunday
evening service, March 25th. Confirmation
and preparatory service to the Lords Supper
will take place on Good Friday at 2 r. M.. The
Lord* Supper will be administered on Easter
Sunday at 10:30, P. V.
many children are punished lor being
uncouth, wilful, and indifferent to in
structions or rewards, simply because
tbey are out of health | An intelligent
lady said of a child of this kind:
,'Mothers should know that if they
would give the little ones moderate
doses of Hop Bitters for two or three
weeks, the children would be all a
parent could desire."
Commonwealth versus—
—VVm. Isaiah, Fmlay and Richard Vensel,
charged with riot —nolle prosequi allowed ou
payment of costs by defendants.
—Richard Vensel et al —Surety of Peace —
defendants ordered to pay costs of prosecution
ami enter into recognizance in S3OO to keep the
peace towards M. MoCrea.
—M. McCrea, A. &B. with intent to kill,
nolle prosequi and prosecutor Isaiah Vensel to
pay all costs.
—Hugh and Michael McCrea —Surety peace.
Mar. 13, 1883. Prosecutors, William and
Richard Vensel ordered to pay all costs, Hugh
McC. discharged, and M. McCrea to enter re
cognizance in S3(X) to keep the peace.
—Mary Metzgar—adultery, defendant called,
and not appearing, her recognizance forfeited.
—Sam e—bigamy —same.
—Seth Stewart—F. & B, defendant called
and not appearing, his recognizance forfeited.
—Ellen Welsh—selling liquor without li
cense, nolle pros, allowed on payment of costs.
—Leroy English —F. & B. case settled and
nolle pros, allowed.
—Chas. Stone —F. & B. case settled —Mer-
cer township to be indemnified.
—James Say—A. &B. with intent to kill—
not guilty and prosecutor, M.J. Black to pay
one half and the defendant to pay other halt' of
the costs.
—Jit". Barrington—larceny—not guilty.
—Joe. Hagan and Thomas Larkins—robbery,
not guilty.
\V. M. Taylor —false pretense, case settled.
—Jerry Malony—false pretense, not guilty.
—J. \V\ Johnson—murder—pleaiis guilty to
murdtr in the second degree— not sentenced.
M. G. Christy, attempting to bias the mind
of a juror. Indictment quashed by the Court
on the ground that there is no responsible pros
ecutor indorsed ou same.
—Wm. Vensel and others, aggravated A. & B.
nolle pros, allowed in payment of all costs by
In the matter of the information of W. W.
McDermott Hgainst John M. Thompson, Esq.,
on Saturday last Mr Thompson appeared be
fore Esq. Walker and was surrendered by his
bail. Thereupon a writ of habeat corpus was
issued and the same m;ule returnable to court
on Saturday next, 24th, iust., for a hearing.
In the matter of the petition of H. L. Wes
terman against Mr. Ihompson, presented to
Court last week, a rule was granted, returna
ble to next Argument Court, for argument.
lu the matter of the petition of Isaac Burr,
against Charles A. Sullivan, Esq., a similar
order for argrment was made at the next Ar
gument Court.
No further tavern licenses have been granted
than those announced last week,
—We have beard both Democrats
and Republicans say that there is
nothing better for a Cough than Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup; this old reliable
remedy never faila to cure a Cough or
Cold at once, and may be obtained at
drug store for 25 cents a bottle.
The publishers of Rullrdge* Monthly offer
twelve valuable rewards in their Monthly for
April, among which are the following :
We will give $20.00 in gold to the person
telling us how many verses there are in the Old
Testament Scriptures by April 10th, 1883.
Should two or more correct answers be receiv
ed, the reward will be divided. The money
will be forwarded to the winner April 10th,
1883. Persons trying for the reward must
send 20 cents in silver (no postage stamps
taken) with their answer, for which they will
receive the May Monthly, in which the name
of and the address of the winner of the reward
and the correct answer will be published. This
may be worth $20.00 to you; cut it out. Ad
Easton, Penna.
A copy of any Butler paper that contains an
account of the execution of the Indian, Samuel
Mohawk ; or of an article then published by
the Rev. G. Bassler concerning said Indian's
conversion to religion. It is thought to have
been poblished in the year 1845, the execution
being in that year, 1845, and may be found in
a copy of the Herald or American of that year
By leaving such paper at the CITIZEN office
will greatly oblige at present. It will be care
fully returned to the owner with thanks.
Butler, March 21, 1883. mar2l-4t.
The Fruits of Merit.
DR. HARTMAN & Co., Osborn, 0—
Gentleman: Please send me a lot of
your books on the "Ills of Life." I
sell a great deal of your Peruna and
Manalin. They are very highly
spoken of in this part of the country.
F. H. BCSSMAN, P. M., Westford Pa.
Bear Sir: I have taken half a
dozen bottles of your Peruna and find
it i 3 doing me great good.
Yours truly, JAMES WYATT,
Steubenville, Ohio.
Prof. MeyerhofT
has handed us the following original manu
script for publication:
WLNCHKSTEK, TENS., NOV. 25th, 1883.
We the undersigned Eexcutive Committee of
the Hoard of Trustees of the Winchester Nor
mal testify that the Faculty of the above school
has been satisfied with Louis Von Meyerhoff's
work as teacher of vocal and instrumental mu
sic: that he tendered to said Faculty his resig
nation on the Bth of Nov., 1880, which we learn
was accepted. His conduct has been that of a
cultivated, high-toned gentlemen'since his con
nection with the Winchester Normal. Each
member of his class speak of him in most re
spectful terms, asserting that his course has
uniformly been courteous, kind, and in strict
accordance with professional dignity.
We sincerely regret the loss of his valuable
services as teacher of music.
It is seldom, as we think, that one so capa
ble to teach can be found.
J. L. BAUCH, > Executive Com,
T. J. GAIN Ed. J
Concord Grapevines.
Fine, Vigorous Vinea, two throe and four
years' old, for salo by tho dozen or thousand at
the lowest prices.
These vines are raisod on tho famoua Mt.
Prospect Vineyards, at Passaic, N. J., where the
well-known Port Grapo Wine in produced that is
so highly esteemed at Dresden and Berlin, and
European Cities to which it is shipped, and that
is so highly esteemed by physicians everywhere.
Passaic, N. J.
Migs N. E. 'White will deliver a lecture on
Temperanoo at Portersville on Friday evening
the 23 inst., and at Prospect in the Lutheran
Church on Saturday evening the 24 inst. All
are invited to attend. The lecture will be
free. 2
Note to Publishers,
We caution publishers against the advertif.
Ing agency of Osgoodby & Co., ol Buflklo, N.
Y.. who have lately been contracting for the
Women's Medical Institute ad's. The firm in
forms us that they are unable to meet all the
demands upon them, and the Woman's Medical
Institute in a letter written by the same person
disavows responsibility lor O.sgoodby 4 Co.V
Insa ranee.
Geo. W. Shaffer, Agent office
with K. Marshall Esq., Brady Block
Butler Pa. maylf-tf
—The latest styles of Celluloid Col
lars and Cuffs at J. F. T. Stehle'e,
—AH heavy winter goods at greatly
reduced prioea at
—Just received at Chas. R. Qrieb'a,
a complete line of Celluloid Collars aud
—We are closing out all Coats and
Dolmans below cost. Call and secure
a bargain before they are all gone.
—Wards Tally Ho Celluloid Collars,
something "new," at J. F. X-
What a Lady of Great Promi
nence Has to Say About
Her Sex.
(Rattan Globe.)
On a recent trip by a representative
of this paper to the city of Haverhill,
Maes., a most important incident occur
red, which cannot fail to be of the
greatest interest to all, aud especially
to our lady readers. The newspaper
man met a lady a trifle past middle age
with luxurious white hair that con
trasted strikingly with piercing black
eyes. She possessed a straight, full
habit, womanly, but commanding,
combined with manners wholly lady
like, and yet pronounced. Any acute
judge of human nature could see at
once that he was in the presence of an
unusual personage—one destined to ac
complish more than most of her sex,
and to exert an influence far reaching
in its power. This lady was Mrs. M.
W. Wingate. Almost from childhood
she has taken a special interest in the
bodily troubles of her sex and has
probably been more successful in re
lieving suffering and saving lives than
any other woman in America. In
deed, she seems to have been to women
what Florence Nightengale and
Dorothy Dix were to the suffering
soldiers. The instances of women who
were in the greatest agony and appar
ently beyond the reach of human aid,
that she has restored to health and
happiness, are almost innumerable,
and it was only natural that the scribe
should become specially interested aud
wish to converse with her more in
"How long have you been engaged
in the practice of medicine Mrs. Win
gate ?"
"For more than 25 years."
"A long time certainly. How did
you happen to enter the field at that
early day when women in the profes
sions were specially frowned down
upon ?"
"I think I must have inherited a
taste from my Father Professor J. C.
Wood, of Harvard college. He was
eminent in the profession, a hard work
er and equally earnest in his recreations.
He hunted considerably and I remem
ber when only nine years old I used
to dissect the birds and animals he had
killed. I felt infatuated with medical
science, even then and the infatuation
has continued up to the present time."
"And did you begin your studies so
early in life 1"
"I can hardly say when I began, for
I can not remember when I did not
read medical literature. You would
scarcely believe it, but I was a slender
girl and did not weigh over 120 pounds
but I used to sit up night after night
until 2 o'clock in the morning poring
over my studies and never dreaming
of the flight of time. It seemed as
though calls for my attendance on the
sick always came unsolicited. I cer
tainly cannot fix the date when I first
began practicing. Of course most of
my patients were women, and the
natural sympaty I felt for my sex has
increased during all these years where
I have been brought so closely in con
tact with them and have learned to an
ticipate their needs and sympathize
with their sufferings. After the open
ing of the Boston Medical College I
appeared before the faculty ; passed ex
amination and received a diploma. I
had practiced for years previous to that
time but thought it desirable to receive
another diploma, which I did without
any effort."
"Your experience with the many and
serious diseases of women having been
so extensive must also be valuable ?
Can you give me some facts regarding
"I find that woman seems born to
suffering, and where she avoids it, it
is by reason of some care on her part
or owing to some special renewirg.pow
er. It is true some women go through
life without unusual suffering, but they
are none the less in danger, for there
are critical periods all along their path
way when the utmost precaution is re
quired. The innumerable complaints
called female weaknesses; the irregu
larities of lile and changes of the sys
tem all indicate the perils hanging
over every woman's career, and which,
unless attended to, may result disas
"But is there no way by which
these terrible troubles can be avoid*
"That has been the problem for
years. The habits of life and the de
mands of fashion are clearly at war
with the health of woman. I have
been, perhaps, unusually successful
in my treatment of their troubles, but
there have been many cases that seem
ed specially stubborn. I recall one in
particular. I had exhausted all the
usual expedients and the results were
not satisfactory. I become worried
over the case and really did not know
what to do, but finally thought I would
try something out of the usual line.
I had heard a certain remedy recom
mended very highly and so I procured
some and made a chemical analysis of
it. I found it wsa perfectly pure, and
that the ingredients were unusually
valuable. So I began giving it to my
patient, changing it, howeyer, into a
bottle of my own. To my great joy it
seemed to have an almost immediate
effect and a complete cure was the re.
suit. Since then I have used it con
stantly in my practice and have cured
every for.-u of female weakness, as well
as displacements, dropsical tumors,
cellu dropsy and all such troubles. I
have also used it with the best of re
sults in cases of pregnancy and gesta
tion. Indeed I have found it of un
told value and benefit
"Have you auy objection to giviug
me tbo name of this remedy of which
you speak ?"
"None, whatever. It is Warner's
Safe Kidney and Liver Cure."
"Why, that ia a proprietary medi
"Certainly, but wbat of that ? I
haye but one end in view in the treat
ment of my patients, namely—their
restoration to health. In the accom
plishment of this end I prescribe what
I believe to be beneficial, no matter
what the professional consequences
may be."
"I notice in the New York papers
that Dootors Hammond, Agnew and
other prominent physicians are taking
a similar stand, Mrs. Wingate."
"Yes, and all the independent think
ers in the profession are bound to do
so. I am, however, on the best of
terms with my professional brethern
as you can see," and the lady produc
ed a beautiful gold medal mounted iu
the form of a badge which had been
presented her by the medical society t
! known as tbe Ensign of the Humble
j Family, of which she is a prominent
member. After examining it closely,
i tbe reporter remarked that the medical
profession evidently were proud of
j what she had done, as she might well
be in the possession of such a medal."
"I am proud of that," she replied,
! "and I was also pleased a short time
since to receive an offer at a large sal
ary to take the professorship in a new
medical college at Walla Walla on tte
Pacific coast. I do not know how
they heardof me out there, but I was
obliged to decline their offer.''
"And so, in your experience with
the diseases of you have found
success, and that Warner's Safe Cure
has been a most efficient remedy."
"Yes, I have had unusual success
aud the remedy of which you speak
has proven to be of great ben
efit. There are, however, some
base imitations of it to be found
in tbe market; these are bad and
should be avoided, but the gen
uine iemedy is one of the very
"And has not the practice of
your profession injured your health?"
"No, I am better now than ever
before in my life. I froze my
limbs last winter, while riding one
cold night to see a patient, and was
obliged to remain indoors for over two
months. Otherwise I am healthy as
you can see by looking at me."
"And may I publish this interview,
Mrs. Wingate ?"
"Yes. If what I told you should be
the means of assisting any woman
who may be suffering, I shall be per
fectly willing to have it published."
0 The SUREST CURE for c
Does a lame back or disordered nrlne tndl- "
® cat o that you &re a victim P THEN DO NOT
E HESITATE; us© Kidney-Wort at once, (drug- g
® gists recommend it) and it will speedily over-
® come the disease and restore healtl y action, C
® I MHS For complaints peculiar >
jz LdUlvOi to your »ex, such, as pain «l
** and weaknesses, Kidney-Wort LJ unsurpassed. »
n aait will act promptly and safely. •
Either Sex. InoonUncn»e, retention of urine, G
2 brick du«t or ropy depoaita, and dull dragging £
O pains, all ipeedily yield to it* curative power.
< ii. BOLD BY AIL PBUOOISTB. Prloe »1. *
FOR 1883.
Nancy Adams, Merchant 14
Jas A Anderson, " IS
Dickey & Co, " 14
CBlrvin, " 14
J J Smith, " 13
E C Park, Merchant 14
Joseph Thomas " 12
J DSchell " 14
J B Craig, " 14
J B Craig, patent medicine 4
Perry Eakin, merchant 14
G W Cramer, merchant 14
J M Flemming " 14
Watson & Ekas " 14
J S Adams " 14
A Guckenheimer A P>ros, distillers 4
EGClntton, merchant 14
G W Eicholtz " 14
G W Robinson " 14
J C Murtland & Co merchant 13
D D Quiglev, merchant.... 14
D Crawford " 14
John A Harding, 1 billiard table
A D Kuhn & Co, merchaut 13
S Markwell " _ 13
8 Markwell, patent medicine 4
It J Anderson, merchant 14
Andrew M Woods " 14
Samuel Snyder " 14
W J Campbell, merchant 14
A F Fleeger " 14
J Coulter '• 14
M J Mcßride, merchant 14
W S McCrea, merchant 14
A G Hendrickson, merchant 14
D B Wilson '• 14
Wm Garvin " 14
Shannon & Book, merchant 13
J II Walker " 14
J II Walker, patent medicine 3
Sample & Elliott, merchants 13
Bard Bros " 13
K Cannon " 14
A W Christy " 112
H C McCoy A Son " 14
R L Wilson " 14
John A Bailey " 14
C Nicklas, merchant 14
Peter Staff " 14
J T & W A Purviance, merchant 13
Joseph Graham, merchant 13
Reisner Bros, merchants 14
W M Durham " ' 14
W M Durham, patent medicine 4
Wm Watson, merchant 13
J M Hawk, merchant 14
Mrs T Williams " 14
N W Krause " 13
W G Hays '• 13
Paul Troutman •' 13
E Ellenberger " 14
George Hnrbinson, roechant 14
L Harkenstein A Co, merchants 11
Wm Laderer, merchant 14
A E Mettz A Son " 13
A E Mettz A Son. patent medicine 4
Lewis Owens, merchant 13
W C Bryaon " 13
H C Beatty " 14
Mrs P Mcßride, merchaut 14
J II Gormerly " 14
Wm Maybolu " 14
A McCandless " 14
Joseph Bailey " 14
W J Marks, merchant 14
Geo M Snyder, " 14
J B Flick " 14
A G Frazier, merchant 14
A G Frazier, patent medicine 4
Ramsey Bros, merchants 14
II Heberling " 14
Wm Humphrey " . 10
Wm Humphrey, patent medicine 4
G W Hicks, merchant 14
J P Robinson " 14
T G Campbell " 14
J A McKallip & Co" 13
J W Orr " 14
D II Sutton, merchant 14
John Glass " 14
II W Koonce " 14
K P Dittmer, merchant 14
II E Wick, merchant 11
G F Kohelmeyer, merchant 14
T A Kerr A Co " 14
I) J Sloan " 14
A Burnett A Sons " 12
Philip Milliard, merchant 14
George Morrow " 14
W J Adaius " 11
John McCorkel " 14
John McCorkel, patent medicine 3
J C McKee & Sou, merchant 14
J L Beatty, " 14
Harper & Gibson " 14
Mifllin Bros " 11
N M Hoover " 14
' N M Hoover, patent medicine 4
It M Harper, merchant .'. 12
G T Green, merchant 14
II *
i •
£ In order to make room for Spring Goods, 1^
j& I will sell everything at a reasonable loss. ?
* I (0) " f
CHARLES R. GRIEB dealer in Hats,
£ Caps and Gents' Furnishing Goods, Main 1^
Street, Butler, Pa.
q I
I »
I £
Butler, Penn'a.
-Ye. Term. }>.| Plaintiff's Attorney. Plaintiff.». I Defrndnxts. | Defendant's Attorney.
CP, 127 June, 1878 Brandon and Cornelius. Common'th for useofCH Deitrick Georee Walter et ai. F M Eastman.
" lti Mar 1880! Black and Crosby. -Cowan A Steele. SH Brown. R P Scott.
AD, 75 " " L Z Mitchell. ! John Crew for use. Jacob Brown. GW Fleeger.
" 47 June " J D McJunkin. David McMillan. Maiseland. ; John M Greer.
" 75 Mar 1881 Thompson and J D McJ. Abraham Martin. {Oakland township. C McCandless.
" 60Dec " L Z Mitchell. (Susannah Hilliard* for use. jWm M Shira. AT Black.
'* 32 Mar 1882 Greer A Riddle. John Maizeland. ; James Walker, et al. J D McJunkin.
" 56 " " Lev McQuistion. Abner McCandless. ;Thomaa A Kerr. G W Fleeger.
" 69 " " R P Scott. John Dickson. Thomas Dickson. jW D Brandon.
" 3 June " Brandon. NY & Pa. Miniag and M'f* Co., Henry Dindinger. L McQuistion.
" 8 " " Thompson and McCandless J M Thompson for use. Samuel Baker et al. .AT Black.
" 10 " " iW D Brandon. John Berg A Co. jA McDonald et al. RP Scott.
19, " " Bredin and Colbert. G W Walter. M J McCullough. )A M Cornelius.
" 381 " " LZ Mitchell. Jas E Moore. |M A Wilson. j John M Greer.
" 66 " " RP Scott. C Eicholtz. H Nagle. jSame.
" 52 Sept " McJunkin and Brandon. Mary E Sailer. [Kittanning Insurance Co. jC McCandless.
" 74 ( ' " .LZ Mitchell. Wm T Ramsey. |H E Wick. |T C Campbell.
" 2 Dec " IJohnM Greer. J B Hill. H B Shakely. |RP Scott.
" 22 " " McCandless and Mitchell. \V A Hogue. Harriet Galbreathet a). IT C Campbell.
" 59 " " :Reiber and Campbell. Adam Ripper. Bnrtrun. |Thompson & Son.
Prothonotary's Office, Mar. 12, 1883. M. N. GREER, Prothonotarv
Ao. Term. IV. | PUUiuiff't Attorney. | Plaintiffs. Defendants. j Defendant's JMorneyT
E D~ 27 June, 1881 GC Pillow. Robert Barron for use. Mayberrv and Warmcaatle. Robinson.
AD, 20 " 1882 Brandon. John H Negley. PAW Railroad Company. Scott.
CP, 739, Mar, 1875 McJunkin and Campbell. R Straw & Co. Harriet Croup. iS? , T? er -
AD, 9 Sept, 1880 Brandon. Cooper Manufacturing Co. Hugh Sproul et al. i Walker.
" 27 June, 1881 Thompson and McC'less. G W Merriman. John Smith. 'J W Reed.
" 54 Dec, " 'Robinson. Commonwealth of Penn'a for use. W H Hoffman et al. Walker.
" 37 Mar. 1882 Thompson and McC'less. Daniel McLafierty et al. John Berg &Co et al. j Brandon.
•' 46 " .Fleeger. Ebenezer Christy, Administrator. John Smith et al. IThompon and Reed.
" 66 " " LZ Mitchell. Ezekiel Dougherty. E A Mortland. McQuistion and Vanderlin
" 7 June, " Bredin. John Burns. Richard Hamilton. Reed, Eastman and Martin
" 3s! "' " -Goucher. Jacob Hepler for use. Wm Gibson et al. McCandless.
48 " " Reed and Sullivan. Oville C Bollinger & wife in rightßobert SHi ml man. McCandless and Forquer
" 56 Sept, " Brandon. . [Francis Croft. David Ziegler et al. McCandless and Lusk.
" 62 " " !Bowser. |P M Boyle. R Jennings. Thompson A Son.
73 " •' McQ Dana and Martin. , Mary A Wilson et al. Alfred Pearce et al. Thompson, S. and Walker
26 Dec, " ILZ Mitchell. John D. Kelly et al. RC Patterson. !AT Black.
42 " " McQuistion and Lyon. J M Leighner et al Ex'rs. Isaac N Beighley. !Thompson & Son.
«« 58] « » ; McCandless and Brandon. Butler Water Co. Borough of Butler. Walker mnd Eastman.
" 60 " "'L Z Mitchell. Icharles Downing et al. Manasses Dugan. McQuistion.
Prothonotary's Offioe, Mar. 19, 1883. GREER, Pro.
This space is reserved for
who is East at present purchasing his Stock of
SPECTACLES, Ac., and who will open up about
the SECOND DAY OF APRIL in the room in
UNION BLOCK now occupied by the Western
Union Telegraph Co., and John Shaffer.
i®-A share of the Public Patronage is
John Gardner & Co, merchant 13 .
R & A Krause " ~ 11
Lewis Weidhause " 14 1
N Gardner, mecliant 13
Wm F Miller, merchant 14
Jacob Keck " 14 ,
A Troutman " 10
Mrs C Koch " 12
II Beihl & Co " 14
Geo Ketterer " 14 ,
L Stein & Son '• 11 .
J L Wuller " 14 .
J I. Wuller, patent medicine 2
B C lluselton. merchant 11 !
Kitter & Ralston " 8
II Schneideman " 12
D H Wuller " 13 .
D H Wuller, patent medicine 2
A 1 Hull', merchant 13
John Scott " 14
I) T Pape " 14 ;
J & B Kemper" 14 ,
John Bickel " 12
H Colbert " 14
Louis Bishop " 14
Bell is & Miller" 12
LiEK Linn " 14
L & E K Linn, patent medicine 3
J W Morrison, merchant 14
Jacob Boos " 14
D L Cleeland " 14
J R Pringle " 14
H C Ileineman " 13
E Gricb " 14
Chas R Grieb " 14
J C ltedick " 13
J C Redick, patent medicine 3
J Niggle & Bro, merchant 13 5
Miller Bros " 14
G Wilson Miller & Bro, merchants 9
Jackson & Mitchell, merchants 14
A & II Reiber " 11
Berg & Cypher " 10
C Roessing, merchant 14
L B Roessing " 12
R J Campbell " 14
Jos Kockenstein '* 14
J G & W Campbell" 11
M Rockenstein " 14
SG Purvis &Co " 10
M C Kockenstein " 14
J N Patterson " 14 <
D A Heck " 14
J FT Stehle '• 14
C Dully " 10
C Stock " 14
A A Weber, 4 billiard tables
Geo C Bulger, 3 billiard tables
C O Kingsbury, merchant 14
J 8 Wilson •' 14
C W Coulter " 14
C W Coulter, patent medicine 3
Thos Wilson & Sons, merchants 11
Bard <fc Son, merchants 12
M L Kelly " 14
M I. Kelly, patent medicine 3
l J P McQuistion, merchant 14
J H Muntz " H
Wm Bingham " 14
ÜberA Son " 14
H C Burchard, merchant 14 i
H C Burchard, patent medicine 4
G P Conway tc Bro, agent merchanta 14
C C Alexander, merchant 14
C C Alexander, patent mcdiciue 3 ,
C Scott, merchant 13
AW Ziegler, merchant.... - 14
A W Zeigler, patent medicire 3
A Latsliaw, merchant 14 ,
Latshaw & Stamm, merchants 12 !
Swain & Bentle " 11 '
Rnslin & Haines " 12
Wise, Lvtle A Haines " 12
A Founnger " 14
II W Lusey " 14
J N Cubbison, merchant 12
T W Morrow " 14
T W Morrow, patent medicine 3
L Steen, merchant 14
Mrs E Black " 13
J E Curry " 14
K L Brown " 14
H Brown " 14
H Brown, patent medicine 3
S B Bingham, merchant 14
H C Black " 12
J C Gaisford, 4 billiard tables
W P Turner, merchant...... - 14
W P Turner, patent medicine 3
Westerman Bros, merchants 8
George Glass " 14
' JTT Frazier " 14
A H Beainus " 14
C F Pierce " .• 13
H C Litzinger " 13
A G Fisher " 14
Hays Bros " 14
M Deiter " 14
C D Aldinger '• 14
C D Aldinger, patent medicine 3
Frederick Schweiger, merchant 14
B Frederick " 14
C Scharbach " 14
W L Campbell " 14
W D Kelly, " 14 i
S Frankle 14 |
Henry Lockhart, 3 billiard tables
W R Riddle, merchant 13
S S Forrester " 13
C C Sullivan " 12
II Young " 14
F Critcblow " 14
J II McLure " 14
J H McLure, patent medicine 3
S E Lanahan, merchant :... 14
II A Klingensmith " 13
R II Kerr " 14
R II Kerr, patent medicine
W Hatchings, 3 billiard tables
John A Erwin, merchant 14
J A Foote " 14
J A Foote, patcut medicine 3
J M Hawk, merchant 14
John Dill " 14
John Dill. 4 billiard tables
E P Chesbrough. merchant 11
Freeman & Marks " 12
J B Killroy «• 12
John Burns " 14
Jas Latzenby " 14
A W Root " 14
J Benedict <& Son " 10
G M Jamison " 14
R J Botner " 14
Wall & Bishop, merchants 13
Barkey & Allen " 12
H C Boggs " 13
B Dunbar " 14
Thos Kersting " 14
Lutz & Dam bach " 13
L Gantz " 14
Theodore Helmbold merchant 10
Theodore Helmbold patent medicine 4
H Seiple merchant 14
GWMaurhoff" 14
E & H Mershora merchant 14
E & II Merehom patent medicine 4
E A Helmbold & Co merchant 12
E A Helmbold & Co patent medicine 4
M A Gerlach merchant 13
; Jno Mechling " 14
Rhodes & Christy " 14
Jas Pry or &Co " 13
P J Russell " 14
P J Russell patent medicine 4
Bredin & Conway merchants 12
A A West merchant 14
A A West patent medicine 3
John Wersn merchant 14
P R Burk " 12
Jno McGuire 1 billiard table
M S Reed merchant 14
M S Reed patent medicine 3
D G Bastian merchant 14
, II Miller " 14
C S Passavant " ... 14
1 Thresse Milliman'* 12
Thresse Milliman patent medicine 4
F G Kline merchant 14
Ifft A Galbach " 12
Jno Dindinger " 11
A Winter " 14
E Zehner " 14
F Sumers " 14
J W Philips " 14
Geo Snyder " 14
All persons interested in the above list will
please take notice that an appeal will he held iu
the Commissioners' office, Butler, Pa., on
Thursday, the sth day of April, ISM 3.
L. M. COCHRAN, Mercantile Appraiser.
Butler, March Oth, 1883.